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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Method and apparatus for component plan analysis under uncertainty
Human Necessities
V-shaped weed cutting garden tool and edge trimmer
Fog removal system
Guzmania hybrid named `TINTO`
Animal waste handling system
Conveyor oven with doors and sensors and mehod of operating same
Deodorant stain protector for clothing
Collapsible shoe and replaceable straps and methods for making and using same
Buckle for restraint belts, particularly for car safety seats for children
Hair drying system
Eyeliner application aid
Holster clip for a concealed item
Device with fastening assembly
Support mechanism for the leg bottom section of a bed
Cover opening-closing device and multi-function printer with the same
Computer case protecting apparatus
Chairs with flexible spring backrest
Mattress cover
Carrier for infant car seat
Personalized mailbox flag system
Pitting apparatus
Mop agitator
Nozzle assembly with one piece body
Stair vacuum device
Remote-controlled actuator
Surgical stapling apparatus including a drive beam
Messaging to remote patients in a networked health-monitoring system
Messaging to remote patients in a networked health-monitoring system
Medical viewing system and method for detecting and enhancing static structures in noisy images using motion of the image acquisition means
Apparatus and methods for in vivo imaging
Apparatus and methods for treating sleep apnea
Extraocular device
Methods and systems for cardiac remodeling via resynchronization
Pressure sensing for feedback control of post-MI remodeling control pacing
Protective helmet for air extraction from snow
Performing Operations; Transporting
Digital drop patterning device and method
Cleaning system for an electric shaver
Extrusion press device
Methods and systems involving soldering
Lever jig and connector apparatus
Lever jig and connector apparatus
Automatic universal joint assembly method and apparatus
Double clamp vise
Socket set
Vehicle for the transport of construction materials in hard to reach areas
Edge separation equipment and operating method thereof
Liquid discharge head
Image forming apparatus including liquid ejection head
Photographic printing method, manufacturing method of photographic printed material, and printing apparatus
Thermal printer and cutter
Image forming apparatus for forming an image in an accurate position
Rubber composition and pneumatic tire using same
Wake-up controller and a method therefor for power control over peripheral circuitry based upon slots of a data field
Trailer towing device for a tractor vehicle
Thrust bearing and suspension for vehicle
Drive system for a sliding roof or a window opener
System for connecting batteries for an electric vehicle and associated set of batteries
Head and neck protection apparatus for vehicle
Direction indicator
Vehicle bumper
Vehicle steering wheel, gas bag module for a vehicle steering wheel
Vehicle authorization method and system
Screen wiper arrangement
Running gear for a rail vehicle with a transversally decoupling motor suspension
Guided vehicle
Dashboard crossbeam comprising at least two sections attached to each other by welding
Motor vehicle interior trim, dashboard and vehicle comprising such a trim
Suspension system
Passenger ship of which the superstructure is equipped with at least one arch
High-altitude, aerial network for the production and distribution of liquid-hydrogen
Pressure fuselage of an aircraft with dome-shaped pressure bulkhead
Packaging and filling machine
Full aperture beverage end
Dispensing container for probiotics
Fizz retaining device for beverage containers
Removable module service seat
Bag-in-box container and method of constructing the same
Locking cap apparatus and related methods
Multi-compartment vessel
High speed servo laner
Support system for digital tablet devices
Support element system for elevators
Gripping device
Center expanding chuck
Apparatus and methods for deploying equipment at a wellsite
Electronics module for a fuel dispensing unit
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Polycrystalline silicon portion and method for breaking a silicon body
Method of making a molded glass article
Nucleotide sequences mediating male fertility and method of using same
Textiles; Paper
Circular knitting machine with mounting arrangement for sinker cams
Sewing machine accessory for circular sewing
Washing machine and method of controlling a washing machine
Fixed Constructions
Laminate countertop insert and template
Standing seam metal panel roof recover
Photovoltaic device and method
System and method for suppression of unwanted noise in ground test facilities
Support apparatus for wellbore tools
Security surround device with cord lock
Seat post bicycle lock
Locking mechanism for a housing and lock suitable therefor
Automatic window repositioning to relieve vehicle passenger cabin wind pressure pulsation
System for repositioning a coiled tubing tensioner
Tunable hydraulic stimulator
Corrosion barrier cap system
Systems, spacer devices and methods for aligning multi-well modular templates and associated wells
Method and apparatus for generating seismic pulses to map subterranean fractures
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Exhaust manifold
Electric heating catalyst
Exhaust system
External-combustion, closed-cycle thermal engine
Control apparatus for internal combustion engine
Method of adapting an internal combustion engine to the quality of the fuel used
Cylinder head cooling system
Metal gaskets for cylinder heads, and methods for manufacturing same
Thermoacoustic engine
Engine apparatus and method for reducing a side load on a flying object
Gas mixer, gas mixing system, gas engine
Hydraulic engine with infinity drive
Wave responsive electrical generator
Piston bores and methods of manufacturing piston bores for a series progressive divider valve
Cartridge EGR valve assembly
Unpowered apparatus for preventing backflow
Key for gas cylinders
Liquid flow controller and precision dispense apparatus and system
Mounting device for fan
Reinforcing structure and electronic device using the same
Collapsible camping lantern
LED lamp tube
Polarizer and light-emitting device
Data center container with cooling system
Firearm suppressor
Firearm barrel having cartridge chamber preparation facilitating efficient cartridge case extraction and protection against premature bolt failure
Bow stabilizer with camera attachment feature
Fuze safing system
Three-dimensional shape measuring method and apparatus for the same
Method and assembly for confocal, chromatic, interferometric and spectroscopic scanning of optical, multi-layer data memories
Frequency modulated micro gyro
Mounting device for phantom, method for quality monitoring of a particle therapy system, and particle therapy system
Flow meter system and method for measuring an amount of liquid in a largely gaseous multiphase flow
Color camera computed tomography imaging spectrometer for improved spatial-spectral image accuracy
Glass container wall thickness measurement using fluorescence
Structure for a phase locked loop with adjustable voltage based on temperature
Evaluation method for rolling bearing part
On-line analyzer for VOCs and method of using the same
Distance estimation based on image contrast
Foreign matter inspection apparatus and foreign matter inspection method
Photoacoustic detector with long term drift compensation
Thermal conductivity detector and gas chromatograph using same
Wireless interface for audiometers
Current measuring device for measuring the electrical current flowing in an electrical conductor electrically isolated from the current measuring device
Method and apparatus for simulating electrical characteristics of a coated segment of a pipeline
Sensor device and display apparatus
Display device
Contacting component, method of producing the same, and test tool having the contacting component
Computer program product, apparatus and method for monitoring network and regulating packets on a network path
Multicast network monitoring method and multicast network system to which the method is applied
Memory model for functional verification of multi-processor systems
Test handler, method for loading and manufacturing packaged chips, and method for transferring test trays
Method of inspecting pattern and inspecting instrument
Signal output device, signal output control method, program and recording medium
Robust low-frequency spread-spectrum navigation system
Method of source number estimation and its application in method of direction of arrival estimation
Design structure for alpha particle sensor in SOI technology and structure thereof
Downlink based on pump noise
Local coil arrangement with magnetic field sensor and magnetic resonance system with such a local coil arrangement
Volume coil for MRI system
Zoom lens
Lens drive unit, lens barrel, and image forming device
Electrophoretic display device and method for fabricating the same
Light scanning unit and image forming apparatus using the same
Optical fiber array
Optical fiber mounting waveguide device and method for fabricating same
Shared slab AWG circuits and systems
Apparatus for assembling lens module
Lens barrel
Camera module
Progressive reading and intermediate distance lens defined by employment of a zernike expansion
Multilevel optical phase modulator
Reflection type display apparatus
Liquid crystal device
Optical modulation system
Liquid crystal display apparatus
Positioning apparatus for preventing deformation of diffuser plate of the backlight assembly
Transflective LCD device and fabrication method thereof
Backlight assembly, display apparatus having the same and method for assembling the same
Display substrate having a TFT liquid crystal display region surrounded by a seal region having a cell-gap compensating part with a dummy pattern formed from the same layer as a pixel electrode of the TFT
Display substrate and display device having the same
Thin film transistor array panel and method for manufacturing the same
Liquid crystal display device, method for fabricating the same, and portable telephone using the same
Electronic apparatus with a flexible printed circuit and a transparent conductive layer
Focusing device that adjusts focus based on a measured luminance value and method for the same
Methods of processing using silicate-free developer compositions
Image forming apparatus with an image bearing member that rotates with the same speed as an intermediate transfer member
Developing device, process cartridge and image forming apparatus to inhibit the increase of the rate of uncharged toner during prolonged operation
Image forming apparatus having toner density control
Reversible eccentric actuator widens optical sensor setting latitude
Fusing unit and image forming apparatus having the same
Method for wavelength mismatch compensation in a holographic storage system
Power converter with monotonic turn-on for pre-charged output capacitor
Control circuit and method for a power converter
Transparent cover with access to multi-way navigation assembly
Bag computer with interior access coupling
Managing power in a parallel computer
Selecting between high availability redundant power supply modes for powering a computer system
Power mode control method and circuitry
Data collecting apparatus and gateway apparatus
Automatic software fault diagnosis by exploiting application signatures
Method, system, and product for providing extended error handling capability in host bridges
Storage control apparatus and failure recovery method for storage control apparatus
Testing data transfer time of disk drives in consumer electronics devices
Power-aware RAM processing
Information processing system, information processing method and program
Simultaneous pipelined read with multiple level cache for improved system performance using flash technology
System and method for connecting gaming devices to a network for remote play
Enforcement of cache coherency policies using process synchronization services
Data management system, data processing system, and computer-readable medium having on which data management program is recorded
Data processing system having a channel adapter shared by multiple operating systems
Translator software for monitoring, automation, testing and control
Method and apparatus for a unified storage system
Storage system with automated resource allocation
Multi-frame display system with semantic image arrangement
Image processing apparatus and image processing apparatus controlling method
Method and apparatus for providing symmetrical output data for a double data rate DRAM
Print structure, printing method and reading method for medium surface with print-formed dot pattern
Method, components and system for tracking and controlling end user privacy
Method and apparatus for providing a web page to a call member
Relay node communication interface transmitting update packet to higher node by executing chain indivisibility instructions upon receiving data change notification from lower node
System and method for optimizing data traffic in signaling stream of IP multimedia subsystem service
Data processing apparatus, data input control method thereof, information processing device, and program for implementing the method
Method and apparatus for adaptive services networking
Intelligent information retrieval system using hierarchically classified preferences
Negotiation and validation of a client in a video conference
Method and apparatus for updating applications on a mobile device via device synchronization
Method and apparatus for a distributable globe graphical object
On-demand media streaming from a user's own library to a receiving device of the user
Maintaining session states within virtual machine environments
System and method for bulk processing of semi-structured result streams from multiple resources
Authentication and authorization for simple network management protocol (SNMP)
Network equipment system
Modular distributed mobile data applications
Movable tap finite impulse response filter
System and method for selecting multiple sites using weighted bands
Schema for sharing relational database types
Quota enforcement with transacted file systems
Backup executability judging system
Apparatus and method for counting exercise repetitions
System and method for dynamically simulating devices at a computing device
Method and apparatus to use physical design information to detect IR drop prone test patterns
Method and apparatus for deriving signal activities for power analysis and optimization
Method of performing a finite element analysis of a composite structure
System for and method of verifying IC authenticity
Decision tree representation of a function
Method and apparatus for substrate noise analysis using substrate tile model and tile grid
System and method to optimize semiconductor power by integration of physical design timing and product performance measurements
Computer based CAE FSI models for simulating the physical behavior of diapers, diaper materials, and/or diaper machines during diaper manufacturing processes
Computer program products for determining stopping powers of design structures with respect to a traveling particle
Accurately modeling an asynchronous interface using expanded logic elements
Methods for producing equivalent field-programmable gate arrays and structured application-specific integrated circuits
Fast dual-V.sub.dd buffer insertion and buffered tree construction for power minimization
System and method for maintaining and providing personal information in real time
Evaluation support apparatus and method for evaluation of recyclability/environmental load
Method and apparatus for the manufacture of a surface on a gas turbine blade
Diagnosis method for solenoid valve based on noise detection
Method for retransmission of use authorization information
Data processing apparatus
Storage device and method of setting configuration information of same
Apparatus, computer program product, and system for completing a plurality of chained list DMA commands that include a fenced list DMA command element
Distributed hardware state management in virtual machines
System for efficient performance monitoring of a large number of simultaneous events
Mouse with tilt wheel encoding mechanism
Thin image display apparatus
Writing device for color electronic paper
Multilayered task supporting apparatus and method for supporting multilayered task
Extensible command execution for entity data model platform
Method and system for assembling pallets for stock orders
System and method for providing private inference control
Method and apparatus for exchanging data with a database
Information retrieval using query-document pair information
Computer method and apparatus for graphical inquiry specification with progressive summary
Relay apparatus, relay method and program therefor
Networked processor for a pipeline architecture
Branch lookahead prefetch for microprocessors
Method and apparatus for assigning thread priority in a processor or the like
Processing apparatus for storing branch history information in predecode instruction cache
Hierarchical state programming with a markup language
Method and apparatus for editing and viewing device layout, and computer program product
Personalized installation files
Tree-to-graph folding procedure for systems engineering requirements
Method of partially copying first and last private arrays for parallelized loops based on array data flow
Graphical functions
Printer controller for a pagewidth printhead having halftoner and compositor unit
Terminal having illumination and exposure control
Removal of relatively unimportant shapes from a set of shapes
Convertible back counter / teller station document processor
System for creating microscopic digital montage images
Apparatus of compressing image data and a method thereof
Video decoding with reduced IDCT calculations
Symbol recognition method
Method and apparatus for internet on-line insurance policy service
Blood glucose monitoring system
Token based new digital cash protocols with combined blind digital signature and pseudonym authentication
Method and system for similar auction identification
Intelligent trust management method and system
Method and system for a deferred variable annuity with lifetime benefit payments as a function of a predetermined time-based withdrawal percent table
Method and system for using risk tolerance and life goal preferences and rankings to enhance financial projections
Systems and methods for settling an allocation of an amount between transaction accounts
System and method for using social networks to facilitate business processes
Height control device
Battery authentication in a wireless communication device
Road congestion detection by distributed vehicle-to-vehicle communication systems
Secure notification messaging systems and methods using authentication indicia
Radar collison warning system for rooftop mounted cargo
Instructional device and method for guitar or other stringed instrument
Instructional device and method for piano or other musical keyboard
Display device and backlight for display device
Image to painting
Electrophoretic display device and driving method therefor
Methods and systems of pixel illumination
Method and apparatus for driving data in liquid crystal display panel
Apparatus and method for visualization of music using note extraction
Servo control in tape drives
Optical disc apparatus
Disc recording medium, disc drive apparatus, and reproduction method
Information processing apparatus and method, program and recording medium
Library apparatus and transporting mechanism therefor
Method for producing glass substrate for information storage medium, and information storage medium
Self-spinning disk bulk erasure for hard disk assembly
Disk drive initializing position feedforward compensation with velocity feedforward compensation
Magnetic recording medium having a cobalt-based alloy film for high density recording and magnetic storage device using same
Recording disk with antiferromagnetically coupled multilayer ferromagnetic island disposed in trench between discrete tracks
Optical disc recording and reproducing apparatus
Apparatus comprising a pickup providing three beams for reading data from or writing data to an optical storage medium, and respective optical storage medium
Optical pickup and optical drive
Write-once information recording medium and coloring matter material therefor
Spatial correlation of reference cells in resistive memory array
Variable sized soft memory macros in structured cell arrays, and related methods
Apparatus and method for determining a memory state of a resistive n-level memory cell and memory device
Method and apparatus for testing a memory chip using a common node for multiple inputs and outputs
Postamble timing for DDR memories
Semiconductor memory device having a sense amplifier circuit with decreased offset
Cable with offset filler
Green technologies: the killer application of EMI-free on-chip inductor
Vertical parallel plate capacitor structures
Panel operator structure for electronic equipment
Electronic apparatus
Key sheet and pushbutton switch
Electrode mount, arc tube, low-pressure mercury vapor discharge lamp, compact self-ballasted fluorescent lamp and method of manufacturing the arc tube
Plasma display panel, and substrate assembly of plasma display panel
Semiconductor substrate with islands of diamond and resulting devices
Semiconductor wafer processing to increase the usable planar surface area
Semiconductor substrate of GaAs and semiconductor device
Semiconductor device assembly having a stress-relieving buffer layer
Semiconductor device and fabrication method thereof
Insulating film material, multilayer interconnection structure, method for manufacturing same, and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Semiconductor device including a silicide layer and a dielectric layer
Semiconductor device and oscillator
Substrate and manufacturing method of the same, and semiconductor device and manufacturing method of the same
Permutable switching network with enhanced interconnectivity for multicasting signals
Semiconductor on insulator apparatus
Non-volatile memory device for 2-bit operation and method of fabricating the same
Semiconductor device with isolation using impurity
Filter, color filter array, method of manufacturing the color filter array, and image sensor
Light source device, light source module, and method of making the light source device
Bistable resistance value acquisition device, manufacturing method thereof, metal oxide thin film, and manufacturing method thereof
Memory device and semiconductor device
Band engineered high-K tunnel oxides for non-volatile memory
Integral topside vacuum package
Rear electrode structure for use in photovoltaic device such as CIGS/CIS photovoltaic device and method of making same
Solar cell assembly
Selective links in silicon hetero-junction bipolar transistors using carbon doping and method of forming same
Large force and displacement piezoelectric MEMS lateral actuation
Piezoelectric/electrostrictive membrane sensor
Device and method for influencing vibration of a planar element
Systems and methods for collecting solar energy for conversion to electrical energy with piezoelectric generators
Waveguide forming apparatus, dielectric waveguide forming apparatus, pin structure, and high frequency circuit
Modem card with balanced antenna
Antenna design for an attached accessory
Electronic device
Radio frequency identification tag antenna using proximity coupling for attaching to metal
Signal processing circuit and communication device using the same
Asymmetrically thinned active array TR module and antenna architecture
Laser oscillator
Surface emitting laser
Surface-emitting type semiconductor laser
Integrated semiconductor optical device
Audio apparatus having tuner unit and digital reproducing unit
Device housing and apparatus for making the device housing
Gas discharge lamp power supply
Electrical apparatus with current dampening device
Multi-component charging station with surge protector
Industrial truck with a charger
Method for encapsulating permanent magnets of a rotor of a generator and rotor of a generator
Direct-drive built-in motor with special sensor attachment
Passive magnetic bearing configurations
Power converter transformer for suppressing conduction EMI and power supply having its transformer
Flyback power supply with forced primary regulation
Brushless electric machine and apparatus using the same
Floating well circuit operable in a failsafe condition and a tolerant condition
Piezoelectric oscillator and method for manufacturing the same
Modulating circuit
System and method for reducing interference in an orthogonal frequency division modulation system
Amplifier circuit having first amplifying section and second amplifying section
Phase shifter
Resonator having an output electrode underneath first and second electrode arms
Data transmitting device and data receiving device
Dual gate transistor keeper dynamic logic
Background offset cancellation scheme for continuous time gm-C filters
Phase-locked-loop circuit having a pre-calibration function and method of pre-calibrating the same
Compression of sampled data in a data acquisition system
A/D conversion circuit for use with low-potential and high-potential power supplies
Data conversion circuitry having successive approximation circuitry and method therefor
Forward error correction decoders
Error correcting decoding for convolutional and recursive systematic convolutional encoded sequences
DTV transmitter and method of coding main and enhanced data in DTV transmitter
Method and apparatus for detecting spreading-code synchronization for spectrum spreading signals
Method and system for reducing channel interference in a frame-synchronized wireless communication system
System and method for adaptively controlling receiver gain switch points
Error calculation circuit for mixer
Semiconductor device
Modem card configured to compensate for power supply
Method and apparatus for adaptive up-scaling for spatially scalable coding
Method and system for electrochemical impedance spectroscopy
Optical receiver including a system and method of controlling gain of an optical amplifier
Phase monitor apparatus, phase control apparatus and methods thereof for optical DQPSK receiver
Mobile phone and ambient noise filtering method used in the mobile phone
Unified STTD/CLTD dedicated pilot processing
Method for selecting receiver mode of mobile terminal with two receivers
Wireless communication system, relay station device and base station device
Method for transmitting message during PTT call service in mobile communication terminal
Wireless communication system with diversity/MIMO array branch decoupling
Method and apparatus for acquiring code group in asynchronous wideband code division multiple access system using receiver diversity
Optical switch and optical crossconnect apparatus
Base station apparatus and radio communication method
Method and circuit for differential clock pulse compensation between two clock-pulse systems
Method for monitoring the state of a device in a network and device for carrying out said monitoring
Message processing
Testing and error recovery across multiple switching fabrics
Packet transfer apparatus
Controller and adapters to enable unlike device integration
Method for transmitting and receiving a message using a mobile communication terminal
Methods and apparatus for providing receivers for use in superposition coded multi-user systems
System, method, and service for performing unified broadcast encryption and traitor tracing for digital content
Method and system to provide security implementation for storage devices
Receiver and method for channel estimation for multicarrier communication systems
Admission control method and admission control system
Distributed presence management in peer-to-peer networks
Mesh network communication systems and methods
Stable hash-based mapping computation for a dynamically varying target set
Cross-connect using ethernet multiplexors for a simple metro ethernet network
System and method for fault tolerant TCP offload
Connection management for data networks
Tandem free operation over packet networks
Global minimum-based MLD demapping for soft-output MIMO detection
High data rate closed loop MIMO scheme combining transmit diversity and data multiplexing
Methods, apparatus, and systems for determining 1T state metric differences in an nT implementation of a viterbi decoder
Conditionally input saturated Viterbi detector
Method for transmitting encrypted user data objects
Method of QAM soft demapping
Data streaming for non-DMA digital computing devices
Data security in wireless network system
Alternative design for quantum cryptographic entangling probe
Optimization methods for the insertion, protection, and detection of digital watermarks in digital data
Method and system for securing e-mail transmissions
Method and apparatus for configuration management of computer system
Mobile communication terminal including an aromatic unit for emanating a fragrance
Folding portable electronic device
Selectively adding a third party to a collect call
Method and system for automatic call filtering based on user selectable parameters
Image reading apparatus, personalizing method, program, and storage medium
Image outputting system and computer-readable medium for outputting image
Printer controller having JPEG and EDRL circuitry
Method for the characterization of a digital image and the applications thereof
Moving picture coding program, program storage medium, and coding apparatus
Image capture apparatus with noise removal using high frequency signal extraction
Digital camera method therefor for initiating dust removal operations responsive to live view operation states
Print apparatus and printer control method
Digital camera with left- or right-handed operation
Mobile telephone device
DVD playback over multi-room by copying to HDD
Apparatus, method, and computer program for processing information
Method, medium, and apparatus predicting direct mode motion of a multi-angle moving picture
Image encoding device and image decoding device
Method and system for subband encoding and decoding of an overcomplete representation of the data structure
Copy protection method and system for digital media
Coordination method and mobile terminal
Information processing system, information processing method, receiving apparatus, receiving method, data generating unit, data generating method, and program
Multimedia optical disc storing both video titles provided with AV functions and video titles with no such functions which can instantly distinguish between such kinds of titles, and a reproduction apparatus and reproduction method for such disc
Protective material for acoustic transmission
Apparatus for fault detection for parallelly transmitted audio signals and apparatus for delay difference detection and adjustment for parallelly transmitted audio signals
Multichannel spectral mapping audio apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for creating a multi-dimensional communication space for use in a binaural audio system
Location updating in communications networks
Wireless mobile image messaging
System and method for continuous broadcast service from non-geostationary orbits
Mobile communication terminal for service type signaling
Intersystem base station handover
Portable electronic device capable of receiving distributed contents, content information server, and content list providing method for content distribution system and recording medium recording program for providing content list
Multi-lamps instant start electronic ballast
Lamp-lighting apparatus
Concrete radiography
Elastic conductive resin, and electronic device including elastic conductive bumps made of the elastic conductive resin
Structure and method to gain substantial reliability improvements in lead-free BGAs assembled with lead-bearing solders
Method for manufacturing electronic parts device and resin composition for electronic parts encapsulation
Backdrop for wall-mounted flat panel display installation and method
Flat-panel display apparatus
System for attaching electronic components to molded interconnection devices
Electric equipment assembly and outdoor unit of air conditioner provided with the same
Electronic device
Disk array device
Method of obtaining enhanced localized thermal interface regions by particle stacking
Anti-electromagnetic interference corner shield unit for a shielding device
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
General purpose combined harvester and thresher
Waxy wheat starch types having waxy proteins in granule
Auxinic analogues of indole-3- acetic acid
Variable stiffness shaft
Apparatus for volatilizing and dispensing a chemical into a room environment
Solutions for the preservation of tissues
Method and apparatus for cryopreservation
Apparatus for putting into contact a defined quantity of a treatment material with an aqueous solution to be treated and process for treating an aqueous solution
Synergistic biocide composition
Herbicidal 1,2,4,6-thiatriazines
Synergistically active herbicidal mixtures
Enhanced antimicrobial composition
Antioxidant compositions extracted from a wastewater from olive oil production
Ultrasonic full-width sheeter
Fish processing machine with a fish meat recovery unit and methods for extracting additional meat from a waste body part of a fish
Products comprising an isothiocyanate preservative system and methods of their use
Freeze-dried foods and process for producing the same
Method and arrangement for processing cocoa mass; resulting products
Method for manufacturing a decorative food
Lollipop holder
Method for processing oilseed material
Method for production of maltose and a limit dextrin, the limit dextrin, and use of the limit dextrin
Nutrient rich, low fat, high fiber, carrot product, and process of making
Pomegranate extracts and methods of using thereof
Low calorie nut butters
Use of an extract from the leaves of Olea Europea as an antiradical
Garments which facilitate the drainage of lymphatic fluid from the breast area of the human female
Nursing garment
Method of forming brassieres underwires
Retroreflective article having a colored layer containing a dye covalently bonded to a polymer
Training harness
Automated swinging device
Vacuum cleaner
Optical adaptor for highy precision endoscope
Apparatus and method for disinfecting an endoscope
Medical inspection device
Biopsy needle, method for fabricating, and apparatus for operating the same
Surgical stabilizer
Device to permit offpump beating heart coronary bypass surgery
Thermal securing anastomosis systems
Mesh tip myocardial implant
Limb protection sleeve for matching tourniquet cuff
Pressure tourniquet with ultrasound window and method of use
Stent aneurysm treatment system and method
Surgical plate with pawl and process for repair of a broken bone
Inflatable devices for separating layers of tissue, and methods of using
Therapy apparatus with a source of acoustic waves
Apparatus for removal of esophageal coins and similarly shaped objects
Perfusion filter catheter
Surgical instrument for extracting tissue ingrowth from a permeable member of an implanted catheter
Electrosurgical cutting instrument
Multiple angle needle guide
Obstetrical vacuum extractor cup with force measuring capabilities
Method for treating orthopedic fractures with a fixation member
Bone screw threaded plug closure with central set screw
Expandable hip implant
Surgical tubular-shafted instrument
Electrosurgical pencil
Durable fiber optic diffuser tip and method of making same
Support apparatus for endoscopic surgery
Hand-held non-contact tonometer
Testing and/or setting device for a photodynamic diagnosis or therapy system, or for training on such a system
Cleaning system for infrared ATR glucose measurement system (II)
Method and system for evaluating cardiac ischemia
Electrode and method for measuring muscle activity in the pharyngeal airways
Incremental varus/valgus and flexion/extension measuring instrument
Inertial orientation tracker having gradual automatic drift compensation for tracking human head and other similarly sized body
Personal event monitor with linear omnidirectional response
Sample collection assembly for collection of a bulk and drop sample
Non-invasive measuring device with different operating modes
Contrast agent imaging with suppression of nonlinear tissue response
Control panel for intravascular ultrasonic imaging system
Three transducer catheter
Method of forming tooth restoration
Antimicrobial tympanostomy tube
Three-dimensional pocket garment
Multiple stage coating of elastic strands with adhesive
Microbicide treated polymeric materials
Deployable recoverable vascular filter and methods for use
Methods and apparatus for the subcutaneous delivery of acoustic vibrations
Stent and stent delivery assembly and method of use
Method of making a kink resistant stent-graft
Stent and catheter assembly and method for treating bifurcations
Staplebutton radiopaque marker
System and method for endovascular aneurysm repair in conjuction with vascular stabilization
Corneal implant and method of manufacture
Method of forming a temporary implant
Hip prosthesis
Total knee joint comprising an insert movable relative to a tenon
Radial head implant system including modular implant and modular radial head locking instrument
Filling transfer apparatus for bone cement
Upper limb prosthesis
Shuttle lock
Prosthetic sleeve with air outlet valve
Articulated rod for a hip support
Universal ankle splint
Posterior ankle splint shaper
Foot lift assist
Method for treating tremors
Ice pack with expandable opening
Wound shaper sleeve with varying wall parameter
Massaging apparatus using inflatable bladders
Automatically modulating acupressure device
Adjustable massaging exerciser worn on wrist
Heat and pressure-formed flexible containers
Teething gel applicator with cutter, and burstable ampule and method of making the same
Method of preparation and composition of a water soluble extract of the plant species uncaria for enhancing immune, anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor and DNA repair processes of warm blooded animals
Assay for D-serine transport antagonist and use for treating psychosis
Composition for and method of topical administration to effect changes in subcutaneous adipose tissue
Method and compositions for treatment of fungal nail disease
Lipid dispersions and methods of use
Method for lowering blood glucose
Immunophilin-binding agents prevent glutamate neurotoxicity associated with vascular stroke and neurodegenerative diseases
Multi-vitamin and mineral supplement
Method for producing a synthetic antigen presenting transformed Drosophila cell
ARPE-19 as a platform cell line for encapsulated cell-based delivery
Co-administration of interleukin-3 mutant polypeptides with CSF'S for multi-lineage hematopoietic cell production
CML Therapy
Stimulation of host defense mechanisms against viral challenges
Combination of a somatostatin analogue and a rapamycin
Method for inhibiting angiogenesis and tumors with the isolated NC1 .alpha.1 chain monomer of type IV collagen
Human manganese superoxide dismutase DNA, its expression and method of recovering human manganese superoxide dismutase
Compositions and methods for vaccines comprising .alpha.-galactosyl epitopes
Cosolvent formulations
Methods and compositions for increasing the target-specific toxicity of a chemotherapy drug
Method of coupling polysaccharides to proteins
Fusion protein delivery system and uses thereof
MR signal-emitting coatings
Emulsion comprising a hydrophilic thickening compound and a lipophilic thickening copolymer, compositions and products comprising the emulsion, and uses thereof
Foamable dental fluoride composition
Compositions containing stabilized ascorbic acid and related methods
Antiperspirant formulations
Photochromic tanning and sunscreen lotion
Cosmetic compositions
Detergent mixtures containing ester quats, chitosan and/or chitosan derivatives and protein hydrolyzates
Prebrushing liquid oral composition
Insoluble s-triazine derivatives and their use as UV filters
Agents and method for producing semi-permanent colorations of keratin fibers
Hair treatment method involving fixing active compounds to reactive sites
Hydrophilic ampholytic polymer
Cosmetic composition in anhydrous form comprising a dispersion of a surface-stabilized polymer particles
Personal washing compositions
Cosmetic formulations containing extracts from Phyllanthus emblica and Centella asiatica and/or Bacopa monnieri
Detergent compositions comprising powders of rice hulls
Soluble form osmotic dose delivery system
Omega-hydrofluoroalkyl ethers, precursor carboxylic acids and derivatives thereof, and their preparation and application
Hydrogel compositions useful for the sustained release of macromolecules and methods of making same
Aerosol compositions
Stable aqueous dispersions including cationic lipids
Clump-free liquid dispersible powder compositions and process for making the same
Method and apparatus for formulating microspheres and microcapsules
Method of making ibuprofen and narcotic analgesic composition
Method of forming adhesive patch for applying medication to the skin
Collagen hemostatic fibers
Non-irritating antimicrobial coating for medical implants and a process for preparing same
Injectable intraocular lens
Thromboresistant coating method
Bioresorbable material and method for producing the same
On line blood processing system for obtaining for storage a blood suspension having a reduced residual leukocyte population
Dynamically compliant catheter
Method and apparatus for brachytherapy treatment of prostate disease
Anchoring system for a medical article
Embolic coil hydraulic deployment system
Stiffening member in a rapid exchange dilation catheter
Nasal irrigation system
Microporous drug delivery system
Syringe assembly
Single-use syringe
Drug delivery system for implantable cardiac device
Use of ultrasounds for the treatment of decompression sickness
Focused ultrasound ablation devices having malleable handle shafts and methods of using the same
Heat dissipating arrangement for a resistance unit in an exercise device
Weight lifting simulator
Leg exercise machine
Jaw exercising device
Recumbent total body exerciser
Variable stride elliptical exercise apparatus
Golf ball
Solid golf ball
Multi-piece golf ball
Thread-wound golf ball
Golf club shaft grip assembly
Martial arts training device
Bowler's dual position wrist and finger control device
Apparatus and method for controlling and stabilizing the swing mechanics of a golfer
Golfer's swing tracer
Injection molded, rigidized bladder with varying wall thickness for manufacturing composite shafts
Game machine audio device and information recording medium
Video game transparency control system for images
Game system, game machine, game data distribution machine, network system and information storage medium
Fishing game device
Water slide
Coil features for toys and dolls
Magnetic impulse reaction driven toys
RF identification system for use in toys
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method and apparatus for the recovery of non-solvent type fills from gelatin capsules
Method and device for continuous filtration of liquids
Extended area filter basket assembly and filter bag therefor
Floated fuel strainer assembly for a fuel tank
Integrated fuel pump and fuel filter with fuel-water separation
Intake air cleaning apparatus
High temperature cyclone outlet tube
Multipurpose single external seal filter assembly for metallic and ceramic tube filters with integral locking means
Low noise air cleaner
Porous ceramic filter
Easy-attach air-duct filter frame
Cassette filter
Process for cooling, demonomerizing and dedusting gas from a polymer drier
Apparatus for controlling polymerized teos build-up in vacuum pump lines
High temperature pressure swing adsorption system for separation of oxygen-containing gas mixtures
Gas separation using organic-vapor-resistant membranes
Gas separation using C3+ hydrocarbon-resistant membranes
Rotor-type dehumidifier, starting method for rotor-type dehumidifier and an electronic device mounting the rotor-type dehumidifier
Selective permeability energy recovery device
Device and method for combined purification and compression of hydrogen containing CO and the use thereof in fuel cell assemblies
Method for reducing the amount of perfluorocompound gas contained in exhaust emissions from plasma processing
Exhaust gas purifier and method for internal combustion engine
Shipboard wastewater treatment system
Treating a liquid with a gas
Industrial lagoon treatment
Apparatus and method for using fiducial marks on a microarray substrate
Reactor with acoustic cavitation
Photoelectrochemical device containing a quantum confined group IV semiconductor nanoparticle
Process for granule production
Apparatus for adding oil or other liquids to a dry bulk powder
Synthesis of a carbon-based catalyst from sludge
Self-regenerative process for contaminant removal from liquid and supercritical CO2 fluid streams
Regeneration of spent zeolite compositions
Catalyst for manufacturing hydrogen or synthesis gas and manufacturing method of hydrogen or synthesis gas
Catalyst for purifying an exhaust gas
Process for manufacture of an attrition resistant catalyst
Supported double metal cyanide catalysts, method for producing them, and their use for producing polyether alcohols
Noble metal containing low acidic hydrocracking catalysts
Catalyzed compositions and methods for use in vehicle surface anti-icing and other applications
Biofilm growth device
Self-resealing closure for containers
Method and partitioning blood using polyesters
Cell component recovery method
Biochannel assay for hybridization with biomaterial
Medical specimen tote
Microarray storage device for use in an automated microarray handling system
Apparatus and methods for magnetic separation
Device for air cleaning
Coaxial-drive centrifuge providing tilt control relative to centrifugal force
Extracorporeal blood processing methods and apparatus
Vehicle powder coating system
Apparatus for moistening envelope flaps
Apparatus for lubricating the exterior surface of an item as a strip of material
Loading hose for use in a paper machine doctor or coating device
Film forming apparatus and film forming method
Coating method for forming a thin, stable and uniform film
Polymer surface coating made by coalescing a polymer particulate with a coalescing agent
Process for an interior trim part face-side coating
Radiation cured island coating system
Preservative steel plate having high resistance weldability, corrosion resistance and press formability for automobile fuel tanks
Process for manufacturing metal sheet gaskets coated with elastomer
In-situ generation of p-xylyiene from liquid precursors
Drive arrangement for an extracting device, especially for exhaust gases from motor vehicles
Dark spin rinse/dry
Method and device for cleaning objects
Pipeline cleaning method and apparatus
System for controlling vibration of a dynamic surface
Method for producing a two chamber pressure pack
Method for cleaning or decoring a casting
Method of producing R-Fe-B permanent magnet, and lubricant agent and release agent for use in shaping the same
Method for producing a sintered porous bearing and the sintered porous bearing
Ultrastable cell component for aluminum production cells and method
Fabrication process for high density powder composite hardfacing rod
High-strength aluminum alloy clad material for heat exchangers exhibiting excellent corrosion resistance
Bonding apparatus
Solder alloy composition
Solder alloy and soldered bond
Device for producing material having optically varying effects and method of producing the same
Phase adjusting method and recess machining apparatus and method
Grinding apparatus for forming grooves on a workpiece and a method for dressing a grindstone used in the apparatus
Method and apparatus for supporting a polishing pad during chemical-mechanical planarization of microelectronic substrates
Belt grinder with pivotable grinding unit and opposite supporting tables at different working heights
Method and apparatus for finishing surfaces
Utility wafer for chemical mechanical polishing
Wafer transfer station for a chemical mechanical polisher
Carrier head with controllable edge pressure
Method of chemical mechanical polishing with edge control
Abrasion method of semiconductor device
Abrasive system
Methods for predicting polishing parameters of polishing pads, and methods and machines for planarizing microelectronic substrate assemblies in mechanical or chemical-mechanical planarization
Slider processing apparatus, load applying apparatus and auxiliary device for processing slider
Method and apparatus for endpointing planarization of a microelectronic substrate
Method for conditioning polishing surface
Polishing pad and polishing device
Method and apparatus for rejuvenating a CMP chemical solution
Method for planarizing photoresist
Method for polishing a substrate using a CMP slurry
Method and apparatus for polishing a metal film
Method and apparatus for transferring semiconductor substrates using an input module
Method and apparatus for chemical mechanical polishing
Apparatus and methods for conditioning polishing pads in mechanical and/or chemical-mechanical planarization of microelectronic device substrate assemblies
Chemical mechanical polishing conditioner
Apparatus and method for conditioning a fixed abrasive polishing pad in a chemical mechanical planarization process
Process and rotary point crush truer for dressing grinding wheels with profiled working surfaces
Laminated glass substrate structure and its manufacture
Apparatus and methods for recovering abrasive from an abrasive-laden fluid for use with abrasive jet cutting systems
Composite constructions having ordered microstructures
Polishing pads and planarizing machines for mechanical or chemical-mechanical planarization of microelectronic-device substrate assemblies, and methods for making and using such pads and machines
Polymeric polishing pad having improved surface layer and method of making same
Abrasive member, abrasive disc provided with same, and polishing process
Method and apparatus for endpoint detection for chemical mechanical polishing
Back-up pad for abrasive articles and method of making
Repeatable preset torquing force vise handle for producing repeatable clamping force in a vise
Pulp mold and molding means for manufacturing the same
Composite ceramic article and method of making
Method of molding artificial ceramic fiber construction panels
Precision cutting apparatus and cutting method using the same
Process for producing polyester composition
Process for the production of resin pellet
Process and device for manufacturing polyurethane foam moldings
Process for micro-texturing a mold
Ultrasonic injection molding
Reducing no emissions from an engine by on-demand generation of ammonia for selective catalytic reduction
Method of fabricating a filament wound vessel
Reformed crosslinked polyethylene articles
Barrier electrode for treating surfaces of electrically conductive or non-conductive materials and arrangement of such barrier electrodes
Device for curing an adhesive between two layers of an information carrier
Article having uneven surface, production process for the article, and composition for the process
Method and apparatus for constructing an end portion of a food sauce dispensing cartridge
Method of applying adhesive to a patterned web and application unit for selectively applying such adhesive
Substrate coupling method
Toughening of ceramic composites by transformation weakening of interphases
V-ribbed power transmission belt
Multilayered polymer structure for medical products
Coating material containing perfluore poly ether structure
Process of preparing a paper like sheet of plastic material
Premium hand wrap multi-layer film products
Easily tearable film
Composite roofing shingle
Composite sheet steel, in particular, for protecting vehicles against shots
Composite articles including fluoropolymers and non-fluorinated polymers and method for making the same
Method and apparatus for dispensing viscous material
Printing ink-decorated packaging material for aseptic packages, and a method of producing the same
Laser ablatable material and its use
Hot stamping foil and process
Reversible thermosensitive recording medium, card, label, disk, disk cartridge, tape cassette, method of producing the recording medium, and method of recording and erasing images using the same
Ink-jet printable material for thermal transfer
Ink jet recording element
Thermally transferred sheet
Dye-donor element containing transferable protection overcoat
Process to manufacture a back-adhering material for an inner book
Method of manufacturing an index divider sheet assembly
Method of forming heat activated transfer for improved adhesion and reduced bleedthrough
Edge decorated articles and method of making same using hot stamping foils
Process for making pictorial reproductions
High modulus composites
Method of reducing corrosion with electrical charge
Reduced noise automotive ventilation system
Vehicle ventilation system
Bent glass sheet for vehicles
Parking lock for a vehicle having an electrical drive, and an electrical drive for a vehicle
Multiple-speed chain driving device
Device for driving a sprocket of a bicycle
Apparatus for removing a propeller assembly from and for opening in the bottom of a swimming vessel
Marine propulsion apparatus with dual driveshafts extending from a forward end of an engine
Marine motor drive assembly
Dual electric motor stern drive with forward rudder control
Method for fabricating locally reinforced metallic microfeature
Method for fabricating MEMS variable capacitor with stabilized electrostatic drive
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method for reducing the redox potential of substances
Carbon nanotubes on a substrate
Systems for purification of boron trichloride
Method of increasing retention in papermaking using colloidal borosilicates
Method of increasing drainage in papermaking using colloidal borosilicates
Doped lithium manganese oxide compounds and methods of preparing same
Low temperature synthesis of Li4Mn5O12 cathodes for lithium batteries
Device for electroactivating fluids and preparations consisting of electroactivated fluids
Method for improving the biological properties of aqueous liquids and edible oils and for improving combustion
Construction of a water treatment reservoir for a domestic water treatment appliance
Decontamination reactor system and method of using same
Enhanced biomass digestion through intermittent injection of propane
Method of making spinner discs for rotary fiberization processes
Barium borosilicate glass and glass ceramic composition
Method for making an embossed plasma display back panel
Method of manufacturing a substrate for displays and a substrate for displays manufactured by same
Method of making stabilized negative thermal expansion optical waveguide substrate and a glass-ceramic substrate
Alumina ceramic composition
Methods of producing carbon-carbon parts having filamentized composite fiber substrates
Gas diffusion electron, process for producing an electrode an carbonizable composite
Substrate with a photocatalytic coating based on titanium dioxide and organic dispersions based on titanium dioxide
Process for converting well drill cuttings into raw materials for the production of cement, and cement compositions obtained therefrom
Method and apparatus for fermentation of organic waste material
Method for manufacturing of black powder and black powder substitute
Flowable solid propellant
Cool burning gas generating composition
Liquid monopropellants for passive vehicle occupant restraint systems
Alkyl allyl amines and low voc hair styling compositions using same
Process for the isolation of 1,3-propanediol from fermentation broth
Silver halide photographic light sensitive material and hydrazine compound employed in it
Low color and low haze formulations of sodium o-phenylphenate
Indanyl derivatives
Solid phase synthesis of heterocycles
Gene encoding a protein having asymmetric hydrolase activity for 4-substituted 1,4-dihydropyridine derivatives and its expression product
Photographic material containing a novel hydrazide type
Heterocyclic thioethers as additives for lubricants
Direct preparation of pyrrolo[3,4-C]pyrroles
Products comprising trihydroxystilbenes and derivatives thereof and methods for their manufacture and use
Organic electroluminescent materials and device made from such materials
Photoinitiator mixtures and compositions with alkylphenylbisacylphosphine oxides
Nanoparticles having oligonucleotides attached thereto and uses therefor
Eukaryotic disulfide bond-forming proteins and related molecules and methods
Method, kits and compositions pertaining to detection complexes
Carboxyl terminal of papillomavirus L1 region is not required for formation of virus-like particles
Expression of heterologous proteins
Transferrin receptor genes
Compounds isolated from M. vaccae and their use in modulation of immune responses
Regulatory gene for clavulanic acid biosynthesis
Promoters for expressing genes in a fungal cell
Exonuclease-mediated nucleic acid reassembly in directed evolution
Method of enhancing expression of MHC class I molecules bearing endogenous peptides
Nucleic acid molecules encoding potassium channel interactors and uses therefor
Methods of immunoassay for human CDC6
Antibodies produced against cytokine suppressive anti-inflammatory drug binding proteins
Extension of a protein-protein interaction surface to inactive the function of a cellular protein
Prognostic compositions for prostate cancer and methods of use thereof
Vascular endothelial growth factor C (VEGF-C) protein and gene, mutants thereof, and uses thereof
Methods of using multivariant IL-3 hematopoiesis fusion protein
Thyroid stimulating hormone superagonists
Parathyroid hormone-related peptide analogs
Axor10, a g-protein coupled receptor
Isolated mammalian dendritic cell genes; related reagents
Characterization of individual polymer molecules based on monomer-interface interactions
MDK1 polypeptides
Efficient culture of stem cells for the production of hemoglobin
Copolymer-1 improvements on compositions of copolymers
Graphitic nanotubes in luminescence assays
Methylated, SMD homologous peptides, reactive with the antibodies from sera of living beings affected with systemic lupus erythematosus
Catalyst component, catalyst for olefin polymerization and process for producing olefin polymer
Metallocene catalyst and catalyst system for producing polypropylene blend of iso and syndio-tactic polypropylene
Activated and conjugated polystyrene substrate
Metal surface treatment agents, methods of treating metal surfaces and pre-coated steel substrates
High molecular weight polyols, process for preparation and use thereof
Prepreg and laminated board
Process for patterning poly(arylenevinylene) polymer films by irradiation with light
Partially conjugated polymers with spiro centers and their use as electro-luminescent materials
Acid functional polymers based on benzocyclobutene
Electroluminescent devices having naphthylanthracene-based polymers
Materials and method of charge dissipation in space vehicles
Composite shaped articles comprising vulcanized elastomers autogenously bonded to polyamide/polyether thermoplastic elastomers
Method for surface-coating synthetic resins
Method of imparting water resistance to molded polysaccharide
Compositions of pentafluoropropane and dichlorotrifluoroethane
Electrically conductive and semi-conductive polymers
Organic and inorganic complex compound and switch using same
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating it, and semiconductor sealing resin composition
Resin binder composition for non-contact fixing process
Sealer from asphalt and pitch
Sterically stabilized second-order nonlinear optical chromophores and devices incorporating the same
Loaded latex compositions with dye and stabilizer
Lustrous interference pigments with black absorption color
Method of making a conductive micro-powder resin
Durable protected optical coatings
Method of coating fuser member with thermoplastic containing zinc oxide and aminosiloxane
Process for the preparation of pigment compositions
Coating compounds based on silanes containing epoxide groups
Composition of organofluorine-functional silanes and/or siloxanes, process for preparing it and its use
Method of treating metals using ureido silanes and multi-silyl-functional silanes in admixture
Composition for mechanical chemical polishing of layers in an insulating material based on a polymer with a low dielectric constant
Chemical mechanical polishing method useful for copper substrates
Silicone composition and electrically conductive silicone adhesive formed therefrom
Release article and adhesive article comprising the release article
Method for making high-efficacy and long life electroluminescent phophor
Method of preparing barium fluorohalide phosphor
Optical film, optical member and optical element
Method for reducing mechanical vibration in metal constructions
Chemical mechanical polishing methods using low pH slurry mixtures
Air conditioning and refrigeration system using a sulfur containing polar compound
Absorbent refrigerant composition
Pelletization of petroleum resids
Hydrocracking process
Fuel dispersants with enhanced lubricity
Process for preparing a corrosion inhibitor/metal passivator additive for lubricant, grease and fuel applications from waste refinery streams
Flame retardant hydraulic oil containing a synthetic ester formed by reaction of a polyol and a mixture of carboxylic acids including oleic acid and isostearic acid
Compositions for extending seal life, and lubricants and functional fluids containing the same
Granular detergent composition containing secondary (2,3) alkyl sulfate surfactant and a bleach/bleach activator system
Thickened liquid dishwashing detergent compositions containing organic diamines
Multi-phase clear fabric softening composition
Clear soap bar comprising metal catalyst sodium cocoyl isethionate
Plastics compatible detergent composition and method of cleaning plastics comprising reverse polyoxyalkylene block co-polymer
Cleaning compound additive and method
Multiphase cleaning composition containing naphthalene sulfonic acid/formaldehyde condensate
Method of polishing a semiconductor wafer
Method for producing tenside granulates with a higher bulk density
Pourable transparent/translucent liquid detergent composition with suspended particles
Composition for selective etching of oxides over metals
Solution for cleaning metallized microelectronic workpieces and methods of using same
Thickened microemulsion cleaning compositions comprising Xanthum gum
Detergent composition in the form of a solid detergent containing surfactant and bleaching peroxide
Anti-lime scale cleaning composition comprising polyoxyethylene oxide polycarboxylic acid copolymer
Domestic care product
.alpha.-amylase and .alpha.-amylase variants
Process for the production of alcoholic beverages using maltseed
Targeting gene expression to living tissue using jet injection
Molecule that homologizes genotype and phenotype and utilization thereof
Compositions and methods for non-targeted activation of endogenous genes
Over-expression of proteins
Genetically modified CD34-negative adherently growing stem cells and their use in gene therapy
Protection of pancreatic .beta.-cells during islet isolation and assessment of islet viability and candidate diabetes drugs after islet isolation
Neuroepithelial stem cells and glial-restricted intermediate precursors
Beta-1,3-galactosyltransferase homolog, ZNSSP6
Human HSET motor proteins and methods for their use
Mouse aspartic secretase-2(mASP-2)
ECB deacylase mutants
YfiI pseudouridine synthase
Process for the preparation of L-amino acids by fermentation and nucleotide sequences coding for the accDA gene
Production of biotin
Microbial conversion of 2-methylquinoxaline
Production of ammonium acrylate
Preparation process of diglyceride
Microelectronic unit forming methods and materials
Gravity responsive NADH oxidase of the plasma membrane
Method and test kit for measuring concentration of a cleaning agent in a wash liquor
Nucleic acid amplification with direct sequencing
Compositions and methods for enhancing hybridization and priming specificity
Complexity management and analysis of genomic DNA
Electrochemical detection of nucleic acid hybridization
Molecular torches
Catalytic nucleic acid-based diagnostic methods
Computer-aided nucleic acid sequencing
Multiplex assay for nucleic acids employing transponders
Process for the inhibition control in the production of grain-oriented electrical sheets
Process for the inhibition control in the production of grain-oriented electrical sheets
Method for production of aluminum
Converting zinc chloride to zinc oxide during the hydrometallurgical processing of flue dust
Brazeable 6XXX alloy with B-rated or better machinability
Thermal spray material comprising Al-Si alloy powder and a structure having a coating of the same
Fully-stabilized steel for porcelain enameling
High-strength, damage-resistant rail having hardness distribution of excellent damage-resistance at its head top portion
Suspension arm and load beam for a disk drive
Method for making a composite metal product
Vacuum arc evaporator
Hybrid coil design for ionized deposition
Method for fabricating a semiconductor device in a magnetron sputtering system
Sputtering installation with two longitudinally placed magnetrons
Ionization sputtering apparatus
Methods and apparatus for forming and maintaining high vacuum environments
Plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition (CVD) method to fill a trench in a semiconductor substrate
Wafer processing with water vapor pumping
Apparatus and methods for upgraded substrate processing system with microwave plasma source
Process for whisker-free aqueous electroless tin plating
Process for providing a highly reflective coating to the interior walls of microchannels
Composition and process for treating metal surfaces
Process for coating and/or touching up coatings on metal surfaces
Method for phosphatizing iron and steel
Iron aluminide coating and method of applying an iron aluminide coating
Thermal spraying composite material containing molybdenum boride and a coat formed by thermal spraying
Roughened bond coat and method for producing using a slurry
Method for pickling mettalic surface, pickling solutions therefor, and process for regenerating spent pickling solutions
Process for producing high-purity nitrogen trifluoride gas
Method of detecting a short incident during electrochemical processing and a system therefor
Slurry for coating non-carbon metal-based anodes for metal production cells
Electroforming cell
Powered lift for ECP chamber
Methods and apparatus for forming a copper interconnect
Technique for manufacturing electronic parts
Plant and process for the electrolytic dissolution by oxidation of a metal
Process of controlling grain growth in metal films
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor component and plating tool therefor
Apparatus and method for plating wafers, substrates and other articles
Single crystal material auxiliary melting apparatus and single crystal material melting method
Method for preparing high temperature superconductor
Textiles; Paper
Synthetic fiber forming apparatus for spinning synthetic fibers
Cellulosic materials having composite crystalline structure
Soft, flexible disposable wipe with embossing
Process for producing a nonwoven fabric
Method for the continuous cooking of chemical pulp
Process for upgrading of thermomechanical pulp to higher quality pulp
Twin fabric forming section blade mounting
Air knife assisted sheet transfer
Press section
Beam structure in a pulp machine/paper machine/board machine or in a paper/board finishing device
Chemically modified pulp fiber
Method and apparatus for making inner packaging container having anti-electrostatic characteristics, using paper making process
Fixed Constructions
Rollable baffle and ridge vent
Oil well pipe
Balanced ventilation doors
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Fuel cell system having scroll type compressor and regenerator
Magnetic apparatus for treating fluid fuels
Flexible boot assembly for a constant velocity joint
Shaft coupling
Automatic transmission
Drive transmission for vehicles
Differential gear apparatus adapted to couple with a pinion mechanism of a wheeled vehicle
Temperature based differential lock control
Variable speed pulley assembly
Adjustable pulley for fluid-operated transmissions
Infinitely variable speed transmission
System/method for synchronized shifting of a manually shifted transmission
Method for combustion engine control
Controller for an automatic transmission
Control device of automatic transmission
Control device of automatic transmission
Closed-throttle downshift clutch control for an automatic transmission
Hydraulic tensioner with pressure relief valve
Quarter turn quick connect fitting
Christmas bulb socket
Game accessory power supply connector
Mounting for a cooking surface
Method for ventilating an internal space by rotating air flow
Air diffuser with air flow regulator
Vent screen and hood assembly
Micro-bolometer cell structure
Hematological reference control composition containing leukocyte analogs, methods of making, and uses thereof
Multiple laser diode electromagnetic radiation source in multiple electrophoresis channel systems
Rapid parallel determination of non-volatile analytes in complex combinatorial samples
Nitrogen dioxide gas sensing method, nitrogen dioxide gas sensor element, and nitrogen dioxide gas sensor using the same
Straight line defect detection
Method of treating an exhaust sensor and a product thereof
Microfabricated capillary electrophoresis chip and method for simultaneously detecting multiple redox labels
Device for coulometric determination of water by the Karl Fischer method
Toxin detector
Generic signalling mechanism for detection of analytes
Biospecific, two photon excitation, fluorescence detection and device
Methods and compositions for release of CD3430 cells from affinity matrices
Immunological process for PSA determination
Peptides which enhance transport across tissues and methods of identifying and using the same
Semiconductor device and method of anodization for the semiconductor device
Process of making an integrated circuit using parallel scan paths
Illumination aperture filter design using superposition
Method for fabricating grating pattern
Color filters for displays
Expandable strain relief for flexible cable-like members
Optically transparent polymeric solid electrolyte
Method for manufacturing fringe field switching mode liquid crystal display
Method for fabricating TFT array and devices formed
Method of manufacturing an active matrix substrate
Photographic material having enhanced light absorption
High speed radiographic film and imaging assembly
Silver halide photographic element, imaging process, and compound
Method and apparatus for processing silver halide color photographic light-sensitive material
Method for repairing the shifter layer of an alternating phase shift mask
Layout designing method of a display device
Aqueous photosolder resist composition
Priming composition for bonding photoresists on substrates
Exposing method in which different kinds of aligning and exposing apparatuses are used
Method for predicting pattern width on semiconductor wafer and method for correcting mask pattern therethrough
Using a dummy frame pattern to improve CD control of VSB E-beam exposure system and the proximity effect of laser beam exposure system and Gaussian E-beam exposure system
Method for controlling photoresist baking processes
Method of defining a mask pattern for a photoresist layer in semiconductor fabrication
Method of removing a photo-resist layer on a semiconductor wafer
Electrostatic printing of a metallic toner applied to solid phase crystallization and silicidation
Long life photoreceptor
Method of forming toner image on image transfer sheet, method of fire fixing image on heat-resistant solid surface, developer and toner image bearing transfer sheet
Pulse wave diagnosing device
Card connector having a guide portion
Memory card, and receptacle for same
Remote gaming device
Method and apparatus for team play of slot machines
Method of manufacturing a surgical model
Tamperproof window seurable informational article
Magnetic recording media having CrMo underlayers
Thicker optical recording layers comprising a tetra dye having a metallized azo dianionic dye with cationic dye counterions
Information-bearing discs and methods of fabrication
Device having magnetoresistive material
Electrode interface for high-dielectric-constant materials
Method of making an electrolytic capacitor having a conductive polymer formed on the inner surface of micropores of the anodes
Fiber spacers in large area vacuum displays and method for manufacture of same
Extraction grid for field emission displays and method
Enhanced resist strip in a dielectric etcher using downstream plasma
Parallel-plate electrode reactor having an inductive antenna coupling power through a parallel plate electrode
Method for fabricating a microelectronic fabrication having formed therein a redistribution structure
Mechanism for dispensing liquid onto an integrated circuit wafer with minimized back-splash
Resist film baking method
Semiconductor inspection apparatus and method of specifying attributes of dies on wafer in semiconductor inspection apparatus
Paste application method for die bonding
Silicon thin-film, integrated solar cell, module, and methods of manufacturing the same
Method of forming on a semiconductor substrate a capacitor electrode having hemispherical grains
Long-wavelength VCSELs and method of manufacturing same
Formation of low thermal budget shallow abrupt junctions for semiconductor devices
Dual amorphization process optimized to reduce gate line over-melt
Self-aligned LDD formation with one-step implantation for transistor formation
Method to differentiate source/drain doping by using oxide slivers
Method for controlling an implant profile in the channel of a transistor
Method for fabricating MOS device with halo implanted region
Method for forming a semiconductor device
Method of forming ohmic conductive components in a single chamber process
Method for forming semiconductor device having low parasite capacitance using air gap and self-aligned contact plug
Single step etched moat
Method and system for modifying and densifying a porous film
Plasma process for selectively etching oxide using fluoropropane or fluoropropylene
Dielectric films from organohydridosiloxane resins with high organic content
Thermally annealed wafers having improved internal gettering
Method for manufacturing bipolar devices
Flow process for producing non-volatile memories with differentiated removal of the sacrificial oxide
Nickel silicide stripping after nickel silicide formation
Method of manufacturing EEPROM memory points
Semiconductor TFT, producing method thereof, semiconductor TFT array substrate and liquid crystal display using the same
Heatsink and fabrication method thereof
Self stop aluminum pad for copper process
DRAM having a cup-shaped storage node electrode recessed within an insulating layer
Reduction of orientation dependent oxidation for vertical sidewalls of semiconductor substrates
Oxide/nitride etching having high selectivity to photoresist
Method of manufacturing floating gate of flash memory
Method to form non-volatile memory cells
Semiconductor device, active matrix substrate, method of manufacturing the semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the active matrix substrate
Dynamic threshold voltage device and methods for fabricating dynamic threshold voltage devices
Methodology for control of short channel effects in MOS transistors
Tunable gate linewidth reduction process
Collimated sputtering of semiconductor and other films
Method for forming flip chip bump and UBM for high speed copper interconnect chip using electroless plating method
Method for processing a semiconductor substrate having a copper surface disposed thereon and structure formed
Employing an acidic liquid and an abrasive surface to polish a semiconductor topography
Semiconductor processing methods of forming an oxynitride film on a silicon substrate
Method of forming ONO flash memory devices using low energy nitrogen implantation
Method to improve resistance uniformity and repeatability for low energy ion implantation
Formation of a vertical junction through process simulation based optimization of implant doses and energies
Method for reducing gate oxide effective thickness and leakage current
Hydrogenated silicon carbide as a liner for self-aligning contact vias
Method and device for compensating wafer bias in a plasma processing chamber
Method of forming MOSFET gate electrodes having reduced depletion region growth sensitivity to applied electric field
Method of gate doping by ion implantation
Method and structure for stacked DRAM capacitors and FETs for embedded DRAM circuits
Method for coupling to semiconductor device in an integrated circuit having edge-defined, sub-lithographic conductors
High yield performance semiconductor process flow for NAND flash memory products
Method for forming a non-volatile memory cell that eliminates substrate trenching
Method for making a diffused back-side layer on a bonded-wafer with a thick bond oxide
Disposable sidewall spacer process for integrated circuits
Integrated circuit processing with improved gate electrode fabrication
Method of forming pattern
Process for manufacturing a SOI wafer with buried oxide regions without cusps
Method of fabricating an SOI wafer by hydrogen ion delamination without independent bonding heat treatment
Method of manufacturing a vertical-channel MOSFET
Structure comprising a thin layer of material made up of conductive zones and insulating zones and a method of manufacturing such a structure
Elimination of walkout in high voltage trench isolated devices
Channel stop ion implantation method for CMOS integrated circuits
Process for realizing trench structures
Method for forming a semiconductor device with an opening in a dielectric layer
CVD/PVD/CVD/PVD fill process
Method for making a semiconductor device having a low-k dielectric layer
Planarization method on a damascene structure
Dual damascene method employing sacrificial via fill layer
Production of a semiconductor device having a P-well
Method of making integrated circuit with closely spaced components
Method of making alternative to dual gate oxide for MOSFETs
Multi-part lead frame with dissimilar materials and method of manufacturing
Structure of merged vertical capacitor inside spiral conductor for RF and mixed-signal applications
Method of forming top metal contact to antifuse
Dielectric-based anti-fuse cell with polysilicon contact plug and method for its manufacture
Semiconductor memory device manufacturing method with fuse cutting performance improved
Method for enhancing the adhesion of copper deposited by chemical vapor deposition
Semiconductor device and method of fabricating same
Accurate self-aligned resistor structure and method of making the same
Self-aligned resistor and local interconnect
Use of an etch to reduce the thickness and around the edges of a resist mask during the creation of a memory cell
Solid-state imaging device and manufacturing method therefor
Edge termination for silicon power devices
Blocking of boron diffusion through the emitter-emitter poly interface in PNP HBTs through use of a SiC layer at the top of the emitter epi layer
Forming a conductive structure in a semiconductor device
Semiconductor device allowing electrical writing and erasing of information and method of manufacturing the same
Low and high voltage CMOS devices and process for fabricating same
Method for forming semiconductor device having a gate in the trench
VDMOS transistor protected against over-voltages between source and gate
Process of forming deposited film, process of producing semiconductor element substrate, and process of producing photovoltaic element
Light-emitting semiconductor device using gallium nitride group compound
Semiconductor light emitting device
Electroluminescent device with improved hole transport layer
Self-doped microphase separated block copolymer electrolyte
Dual terminal battery for modular power supply and power supply
Container having a hermetic seal
Method for removing acidic impurities in a solid electrolyte
Method of producing an electrode for non-aqueous electrolyte battery
Additives for rechargeable alkaline manganese dioxide cells
Carbon fiber electrode for a secondary cell
Fuel cell system with annular sealing assembly
Direct antifreeze cooled fuel cell power plant system
Planar fuel cell utilizing nail current collectors for increased active surface area
Electrochemical apparatus with reactant micro-channels
Fuel cell stack with fastening means including support members and flanges
High speed modular electrical connector and receptacle for use therein
Mobile backup kit assembly
Flexible circuit board connecting structure
Plug connector
Electrical connector position assurance device
Connector device, and electronic device and plug using the same
Electrical connector having connected grounding plate and grounding pins
Cable connector assembly device with improved latching means
Remotely illuminated electronic connector for improving viewing of status indicators
Battery connector with a switch
Connector fitting structure
Arrangement with two half-plugs for securing in a wall
Vertical and right angle modular outlets
Insulation-displacement connector
Pressure contact connector
Eyelet terminal with captive bolt
Terminal assembly providing a space for inserting a cable
Solderless connector for a coaxial microcable
Micro miniature electrical connector and method of manufacture
Cable end connector reliably positioning a shell
Splice absorbing connector having a plurality of sub-housings stuck together
Electrical outlet cover plate
Method to increase compressive creep capabilities of high voltage coil insulation
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