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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Crop gathering conveyor with overlappable gathering elements for a header of an agricultural harvesting machine
Cis-acting regulatory elements from Tripsacum dactyloides
Leash anchor and container support
Assembly for and a method of feeding and milking animals, a feed platform, a milking pre-treatment device, a milking post-treatment device, a cleaning device, a separation device and a milking system all suitable for use in such an assembly
Finger mounted insect dissuasion device and method of use
Tenderization of meat
Batting pad for protecting a batter's hand
Hair enhancing apparatus
Reversible umbrella
Device which can prevent a pull rod of suitcase from being automatically ejected out
Support for hunting implements and accessories
Temporary clamping structure for electronics
Cold formed latch wire
Vision improving system for a head restraint
Modular storage system for logistical management of operational units
Anti-sweep assembly and apparatus
Plastic drink-through cup lid with fold-back tab
Spot cleaner
Vessel harvesting apparatus and method
System and method for controlling pressure in a surgical tourniquet
Tubular torque transmitting system for medical device
Micro-burst ultrasonic power delivery
Transverse connector with cam activated engagers
Measurement and analysis of trends in physiological and/or health data
Microscopic dynamic mechanical analyzer
Systems and methods for determining pressure and spacing relating to anatomical structures
Thermo-reversible polymer for intralumenal implant
Drainage devices and methods
Tubular graft construct
Bifurcation stent assembly
Implantation system for annuloplasty rings
Apparatuses and methods for heart valve repair
Method and apparatus for use of a non-invasive expandable implant
Prosthetic leg having electronically controlled prosthetic knee with regenerative braking feature
Transportable contaminated remains pouch
Articulated bed
Use of CXCL6 chemokine in the prevention or repair of cartilage defects
Diagnosis and treatment of human dormancy-related sequellae
Allergen from house-dust mites
26199, 33530, 33949, 47148, 50226, 58764, 62113, 32144, 32235, 23565, 13305, 14911, 86216, 25206, and 8843 molecules and uses therefor
Serpentine transmembrane antigens expressed in human cancers and uses thereof
PSCA: prostate stem cell antigen and uses thereof in pancreatic cancer
Treatment with anti-ErbB2 antibodies and chemotherapeutic agents
Wet-skin treatment compositions using specific gum and acrylate systems for enhanced rheology
Delivery of antidepressants through an inhalation route
Method and device for monitoring and improving patient-ventilator interaction
Variable expansion force stent
Wipe comprising a pathogen selective antimicrobial
Electric heat therapy apparatus
Process for washing colored keratinous fibers with a composition comprising at least one nonionic surfactant and method for protecting the color
Dye composition for keratin fibers, with a cationic direct dye and a substantive polymer
Composition for dyeing keratin fibers, comprising at least one diamino-N,N-dihydropyrazolone derivative, at least one coupler and at least one associative polyurethane polymer
Weight-training machine having independent power generating function and stack for the machine
Stationary exercise device
Stationary exerciser
Methods and apparatus for advertising in gaming device
Performing Operations; Transporting
Hydrophilic mixed matrix material having reversible water absorbing properties
EIP pack for separating oil from water
Dust collection unit for vacuum cleaner
Nozzle and filter-type dust collector
Apparatus and method for CO.sub.2 recovery
Process for treating compression ignition engine exhaust gas
Micro fluid chip
Systems and methods using external heater systems in microfluidic devices
Microproportioning system
Electrostatic Dust Collector
Microfluidic device and method of locally concentrating electrically charged substances in a microfluidic device
Blasting method and apparatus
Coating process method and coating process apparatus
Paint tray
Stent mounting device and a method of using the same to coat a stent
Apparatuses and methods for maskless mesoscale material deposition
Method for predicting and optimizing chip performance in cured thermoset coatings
Reflective conductive composite film
Gear roll-forming apparatus
Profile mother pipe for hydraulic bulging, hydraulic bulging apparatus using the same, hydraulic bulging method, and hydraulic bulged product
Multi-layer coating having excellent adhesion and sliding properties and production method thereof
Casting steel strip
Fixture for drilling pocket holes in workpieces of different thicknesses
Precision turning process for hatted brake rotor
Punching and/or perforating equipment for continuous forms
Extensible pole saw having separable sections
Mounting carrier and method of mounting a mounting carrier on a connecting carrier
Method for inserting fasteners
Apparatus for assembling flexible molding main body part and cover part as molding
Systems and methods for the automated fabrication of trusses
Device for receiving and separating chips and cooling liquid discharged from machine tools (sealing)
Machining center with improved draw bar alignment
Grinding element for mounting in a groove
Adhesive-based reconfigurable pallet system for assembly lines
Asymmetric wrench and fastener system
Adjustable exhaust assembly for pneumatic fasteners
Percussion device
Decorative articles with portions in relief and methods of making same
Injection molding machine with vertical plasticizing unit
Control system for an injection molding machine and a method for controlling the injection molding machine
Method for producing bottle-shaped container mainly made of polyethylene terephthalate resin
In-mold finished neck on a continuous extrusion blow molder
Method and apparatus for crystallizing the neck finish of a molded plastic article
Forming phase alignment device in formed sheet manufacturing apparatus
Automatic plant and method for producing tires
Vacuum heat insulator and apparatus using the same
CaCO.sub.3/SiO.sub.2.nH.sub.2O nanocomposite particles and SiO.sub.2.nH.sub.2O hollow-structures nanomaterials and synthesizing method
Ink jet head manufacturing method and ink jet head manufactured by the manufacturing method
Droplet ejector and ink-jet printhead using the same
Liquid supply unit and inkjet recording apparatus with liquid supply unit
Liquid storage container, and liquid discharge recording apparatus using the container
Crafting and graphics instruments
Axle journal mounted to axle tube and method of assembly
Tire tread with sipes having tie bars
Pneumatic suspension system for a vehicle
Air conditioner
Air-guiding assembly for reducing wind drag
Operator control station for controlling different work machines
Permanent magnetic levitation apparatus
Permanent magnetic levitation apparatus
Longitudinal seat adjustment device
Head rests
Adjustable rear seat
Glove box assembly exhibiting knee impact force transferring structure with respect to an associated vehicle dash/instrument panel and reinforcing bar
Retractable tarp cover system for truck or trailer bodies
Bumper structure
Airbag system
Air belt and air belt apparatus
Parking brake apparatus for automatic transmission vehicle and method for controlling operation thereof
Brake device of motorcycle
Multi-edge snowboard
Column hole cover
Selectively removable tailgate hinge for a power tailgate
Towable pack carrier
Slow response steering connection assembly
Hydraulic damper integrated into steering rack for attenuating steering nibble
Landing gear noise reduction
Propulsion device
Apparatus and method for reducing aircraft noise and acoustic fatigue
Aviation ground power unit connection system and method incorporating same
Centralized bus interface with single wire secondary distribution
Liquid hydrogen storage tank with reduced tanking losses
Packaging and filling apparatus and packaging material cutting device
Closable opening device for packages of pourable food products
Stopper cylinder
Articulated arm transport device
Paper storage device
Sheet feeding device
Process for winding a web substrate
Recording-medium returning mechanism and a recording apparatus including the same, and medium-returning mechanism and a liquid ejection apparatus including the same
Image recording apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Printing device and method
Rolling wire unwrap device
Pallet arrangement
Hoist assembly
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method for the preparation of metal oxides in nanometric particle form
Process for metals recovery from spent catalyst
Modulators of TNF receptor associated factor (TRAF), their preparation and use
Liquid crystal display device without bad pixel and method for removing bad pixel therefrom
Reactive fine particles
Diffraction-based diagnostic devices
Serum-free medium for producing retroviruses
Accessory functions for use in recombinant AAV virion production
Enhanced growth of adult stem cells with Dkk-1
Isolated/cloned human NT2 cell lines expressing serotonin and GABA
Method for inhibiting transplant rejection
Proteases and methods for producing them
Methods for producing sulphurous fine chemicals by fermentation using metH-coding cornyeform bacteria
Real-time linear detection probes: sensitive 5'-minor groove binder-containing probes for PCR analysis
Production of attenuated respiratory syncytial virus vaccines involving modification of M2 ORF2
Modulators of angiogenesis
Simultaneous detection of metabolic enzyme activity and metabolite levels
Post-termination labeling of nucleic acid fragments and uses thereof
Labeled nucleotide phosphate (NP) probes
Screening methods for the identification of agents that inhibit SIRT1 Tat deacetylase activity
Self-annealing enclosure
Ni based alloy with excellent corrosion resistance to supercritical water environments containing inorganic acids
Tantalum and niobium billets and methods of producing the same
High tensile hot-rolled steel sheet excellent in resistance to scuff on mold and in fatigue characteristics
Method for chemical vapor deposition capable of preventing contamination and enhancing film growth rate
Suspended gas distribution manifold for plasma chamber
Precursor composition, method for manufacturing precursor composition, method for manufacturing ferroelectric film, piezoelectric element, semiconductor device, piezoelectric actuator, ink jet recording head, and ink jet printer
Electro-catalysts for the oxidation of ammonia in alkaline media
Process for recovery of copper from copper-bearing material using pressure leaching, direct electrowinning and solvent/solution extraction
Method of pre-heating a stack for aluminium electrolysis production
Textiles; Paper
Growth of nanostructures with controlled diameter
Method and apparatus for detecting laundry weight of washing machine
Fixed Constructions
Insulated rail for electric transit systems and method of making same
Paving process and machine with feed forward material feed control system
Walkway stones sets; and, methods
Rising security barrier
Energy absorbing bollard system
Placing elements in piles
Excavating tool for hydraulic shovel
Sound attenuation panel comprising a resistive layer with reinforced structural component
Locking system, floorboard comprising such a locking system, as well as method for making floorboards
Security container with linked primary and secondary security features
Disappearing hinging device for windows and doors with wing and swivel wing opening
Hinge device and portable terminal having the same
Pulse width modulated downhole flow control
Method for drilling and casing a wellbore with a pump down cement float
Electro thermal in situ energy storage for intermittent energy sources to recover fuel from hydro carbonaceous earth formations
Delayed tackifying compositions and associated methods involving controlling particulate migration
Method and apparatus for controlling a quantity of a specific gas in a group of gases produced from a given well bore
Slip grip drilling tool
Jack element in communication with an electric motor and or generator
Conductor pipe string deflector and method
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Compressor blade with reduced aerodynamic blade excitation
Dual oil feed structure of cylinder de-activation engine for vehicle
Variable-valve-actuation apparatus for internal combustion engine
Muffler outlet part for a motorcycle muffler
Continuous reforming of diesel fuel for NOx reduction
Exhaust gas control system for internal combustion engine and method for recovering filter thereof
Method and apparatus for a spark-ignited direct injection engine
Valve assembly for a two-stroke engine
Clutched super turbo control strategy
Aircraft engine arrangement
Combustor for a gas turbine
Control device for an internal combustion engine
Air-fuel ratio control system and method for internal combustion engine
Throttle apparatus embedding electronic control unit therein
Water-cooled internal combustion engine
Rocket motor case using plank sections and methods of manufacturing
Fuel vapor treatment apparatus
Air induction system with resonator bypass valve
Coatings for use in fuel injector components
Combustion seal
Wind energy harnessing apparatuses, systems, methods, and improvements
Piezoelectric fluid pump
Electric motor with circulator pump
Rotary axial fan assembly
Shaft assembly and method of manufacture thereof
Speed change gear with dog clutch pawl, and method and device of manufacturing the same
Apparatus for the actuation of clamping elements that can be controlled remotely
Axle driving apparatus
One-way clutch and sprag for the one-way clutch
Hub assembly for a bicycle
Automatic transmission for a motorcycle
Power train of automatic transmission
Power train for automatic transmission
Hydrokinetic coupling apparatus, in particular for motor vehicle
Producing and maintaining a desired bearing preload in a differential mechanism
Closed loop adaptive fluid control system and method
Pressure resistant static and dynamic expeller shaft sealing
Reversible thermally expandable and/or contractible seal assemblies
Fluid flow control valve with high temperature bi-directional shutoff
Pipe casing method and apparatus
Refrigerant gas recycling apparatus for cryogenic cooling device
Light source apparatus and image display apparatus
Adjustable lighting fixture for sloped ceiling
Vehicle lamp
Lighting system
Single lens for LED signal light
Lighting unit for vehicle
Backlight assembly and liquid crystal display device using the same
Light emitting device and liquid crystal device
Bulk material cooler for cooling hot materials to be cooled
Rooftop grease containment system and methods of making and using the same
Vent for tile roofs
Apparatus and method of environmental condition management for electronic equipment
Heat dissipating member
Apparatus and method for launching a vehicle
Probe for thermometry apparatus having light passage features to enable safe insertion
Pressure transducer employing a micro-filter and emulating an infinite tube pressure transducer
Remote radius inspection tool for composite joints
Methods and compositions for evaluation of fertility
Integrin heterodimer and an alpha subunit thereof
Detection of enhanced multiplex signals by surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy
Micro plate treating device and micro plate carrying method
Three phase capacitance-based sensing and actuation
Optical module, optical module substrate and optical coupling structure
Optical connector excellent in maintenance of a connected state
Configurable eyewear
Image processing system, projector, computer-readable medium and image processing method
Illuminating device and projector
Projector and pattern image display method
System for cooling heat emission portions in a projector
Planographic printing plate precursor
Titanyl phthalocyanine photoconductors
Resin composition for toner, and toners
Shift lever apparatus
Bay RAM Five
Systems and methods for dynamic protection from electronic attacks
Information processing apparatus, output system, and output method
Devices and methods for communication in ad-hoc networks
Confidential messages in a group chat
Method and apparatus for controlling data flow by using proxy server
Computer implemented method and system for an anonymous communication and computer program thereof
Method and apparatus of processing social networking-based user input information
Data sharing method and data processing system
Bloom filter index for device discovery
Geospatial based management of configuration profiles
Program for projecting an image onto a character in a game, game machine incorporating the program, and storage medium having the program stored thereon
Method and system for implementing commands
Interactive weather advisory system
Subscription media on demand VII
Cost tracking for virtual control planes
Replicating data
User identification on a touchscreen device
Music diary processor
Method and installation for producing patterned textile labels
System for consumers at the point of purchase/sale to automatically invest funds into a personal money saving program
Story development and sharing architecture: predictive data
Aquatic stabilizer apparatus
Narrowcast media content distribution and display system with content biasing engine
Fabricating method of field emission triodes
Group III-V crystal
Photodiode for multiple wavelength operation
Hybrid substrate technology for high-mobility planar and multiple-gate MOSFETS
Singulating surface-mountable semiconductor devices and fitting external contacts to said devices
Dicing die adhesive film for semiconductor
Terahertz radiating device based on semiconductor coupled quantum wells
Integrated heat spreader with intermetallic layer and method for making
Semiconductor device package with a heat sink and method for fabricating the same
Method, arrangement and electrode for generating an atmospheric pressure glow plasma (APG)
Semiconductor device provided by silicon carbide substrate and method for manufacturing the same
Integrated BEOL thin film resistor
Dielectric interface for group III-V semiconductor device
Method of manufacture of a trench-gate semiconductor device
Nonvolatile semiconductor storage device and its manufacturing method
Integrated circuit underfill package system
Method of forming a stacked semiconductor package
Process for manufacturing a non-volatile memory structure via soft lithography
Chip module and method for producing a chip module
Field effect device including inverted V shaped channel region and method for fabrication thereof
Integrated circuit device and method for manufacturing integrated circuit device
Light emitting device and method of manufacturing the same
Laminate for use as outer covering of battery and secondary battery
Combinatorial methods for preparing electrocatalysts
Fuel cell power plant used as reformate generator
Fuel cell power supply
System and method for recovering thermal energy from a fuel processing system
Parallel stack antifreeze system
Process for solid oxide fuel cell manufacture
Ethernet cable connector and methods of use thereof
Card edge connector
Cable connector retention device
Controlled impedance electrical connector
Connector arrangements on a power supply unit
Conductor connection
Methods and system to facilitate installation and removal of a generator rotor assembly
Electronic device and control device
Radio communication method, radio base station, user terminal and radio communication system
Device discovery management using peer device relationships for device-to-device (D2D) communication
Method for controlling software defined network and apparatus for the same
Pairing method and apparatus for ad-hoc connection in wireless communication terminal
Remote communication system, server apparatus, remote communication method, and program
Selection of message passing collectives in presence of system noise
Method and apparatus for reducing flood traffic in train switches
Port switching method, analysis device, and recording medium
Method, device, and system for supporting content subscription in content network
Message path selection within a network
Network device
Automatic modeling of virtual resources with sizing recommendations
Systems and methods for switching quality factors during inductively coupled communications
Communication system, management apparatus, communication method and computer-readable recording medium
Methods and systems for facilitating data communication
Method and system for realizing virtual network
Terminal apparatus and method of controlling terminal apparatus
Correlation of advertising content to malicious software
Smart migration of overperforming operators of a streaming application to virtual machines in a cloud
Enhanced security for direct link communications
Customized hardware selection for a mobile phone
Bi-directional real-time data connection troubleshooting
Method and computer readable medium for geographic agent routing
Method for implementing and executing communication center routing strategies represented in extensible markup language
Portable terminal and method
Information processing apparatus, image forming apparatus, and processing image selection method
Image processing apparatus for detecting and removing a document wrinkle area in a scanned image
3D scanning apparatus and method using lighting based on smart phone
Image display with full-depth viewing
Concurrent processing of horizontal and vertical transforms
Encoding of video stream based on scene type
Apparatus for transreceiving signals and method for transreceiving signals
Method and apparatus for increasing user engagement with video advertisements and content by summarization
Client-server based interactive television program guide system with remote server recording
Method of manufacturing an image sensor module
Image-capturing apparatus
Imaging device for reducing pressure on data bus bandwidth
Portable camera
Image proccessing device, imaging device, and image processing method
Image capture with addition of accumulation signals for adjacent photodetectors
Method for transmitting and receiving a broadcast signal and a broadcast receiver using the method
Method of and device for encoding an HDR image, method of and device for reconstructing an HDR image and non-transitory storage medium
News production system with dynamic media server allocation
Systems, methods, and apparatus for delivering content
Method and apparatus for reducing color fringing in composite images
Speaker mounting assembly
Sound presentation device
Bone-sealed audio device having insertion part with adhesive and phase-changing material
Microphone preamplifier circuit
Method for managing data communication between a communication device and another device and communication device
Communication control method and communication control apparatus
Smooth transition between predictive and mobile-assisted spectral allocation
Augmenting spectrum sharing using network measurements
Communication apparatus and mobility method for mobile relay of backhaul links
Channel handoff methods in wireless broadcast systems
Mobile communication system, mobile communication method, mobile station, program, and recording medium
Method and apparatus for providing seamless call handoff between networks that use dissimilar transmission methods
Techniques for activating single wire communications
Optimized always-on wireless service using network assistance and keep-alives
Communication device
Systems and methods for enhancing privacy in connection with location-based services
System and method for providing USSD services using cross-operator number
System, apparatus, and method for determining signal quality with multiple access points
Interference-aware scheduling with broadcast/multicast signaling
Method and apparatus of resource sharing for device-to-device and cellular communications
Multi-interface WLAN device with time arbitration messaging
Freeing up mobile network for important phone calls in case of disaster
Wireless speaker for receiving from a mobile phone directions to receive and render a playlist from a content server on the internet
System and method for updating persistent data in a wireless communications device
Lighting system with an interface having a power supply unit and at least one light source module
Systems and method for low level dimming
Induction heating system
Method for forming nanostructured carbons, nanostructured carbons and a substrate having nanostructured carbons formed thereby
Apparatus and method for providing an embedded structure and for providing an electro-optical device including the same
Microchannel heat transfer with liquid metals
Heat dissipation system
Expired Patents Due To Time
Jug with ribbed sides
Tape measure
Combination turkey call
Golf ball dog
Snowman shaped Christmas tree
Shopping cart corral
Portion of a boat
Front face of a vehicle wheel
Vehicle wheel
Detachable solar panel
Heat pipe heat sink assembly
Clock radio
CD player
Video cassette to optical disc dubbing device
Tablet computer seat
Notebook/tablet versatile computer
Display device with a moveable assembly
Reader for a payment device
Portion of an electronic mouse
Finger tip stylus for small keyboard and touch-screen data input
Front cover of a handset
Sound receiving device
Housing for a communication device or similar articles
Air pump
Portion of vacuum cleaner housing
Vacuum cleaner head
Upright vacuum cleaner
Loop cutter
Cutting insert
Linear actuator
Compact disc labeler
Low rider scooter
Balloon with a sound chip
Training stand for athletes while hitting balls
Bocce ball
Faucet spout
Faucet spout
Faucet set
Filter element
Kitchen faucet base
Shower head
Faucet spout
Faucet spout
Bath for a handicapped person
Stethoscope chestpiece
Infant nipple
Hinged handheld acupressure device
Double hung new construction J-channel frame sill for a window
Double hung replacement frame sill for a window
H-mullion for a window
Double hung flush fin replacement frame sill for a window
Ceiling tile
Landscaping block with tubular rope lighting groove for straight or curved edging
Picture window new construction J-channel frame sill
Fuel storage enclosure
Lite tracker with one spot type LED light and six luminary LEDs
Lamp bulb with recessed lens
Light source
Mask sheet for facial pack
Ectoparasite removal comb
Ectoparasite removal comb
Ectoparasite removal comb
Human Necessities
Combination adjustable grader compactor
Turf manicuring drag net apparatus
Method and apparatus for an aerator with differential, steering assist and power lifting
Field marker for implements
Variable payload tractor vehicle with coordinated crop input management system
Sickle cutterbar assembly
Lawn mower having disabling feature
Lawnmower handle assembly
Single pass tobacco harvester and method
Drive system for combine reel bats
Crop lifter for reaping systems of harvesting machines
Wrapping machine
Device and procedure for regulating the bale length of a square baler
V-strap tree stabilizing assembly
Stump grinder apparatus
Method for providing a decorative cover having a cloth-appearing finish for a flower pot
Double Impatiens plant named `Balolepep`
Papaver plant named `Baby Kiss`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Magnet`
Phlox plant named `Fancy Feelings`
Nemesia plant named `Innkapink`
Verbena plant named `Sumverb 06`
Geranium plant named `Sil Onno`
Verbena plant named `Balazrasp`
Gaura lindheimeri plant named `Benso`
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Balceltrop`
Geranium plant named `Balfanvio`
Angelonia plant named `Balangdepi`
Poinsettia plant named `Fisolymp`
Ctenanthe plant named `Amagris`
Verbena plant named `Balwilvio`
Osteospermum plant named `Seitope`
Argyranthemum plant named `Vanilla`
Beaucarnea plant named `Gold Star`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Limit`
Verbena plant named `Balazsilma`
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Balcebscapi`
Verbena plant named `Balazpico`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yomariah`
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Balcelpink`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Coral Fiction`
Cooling pad for pets
Commercial poultry litter having dried citrus peel
Temper evident ear tag system
Target and retrieval device
Method for installing an exercising harness on an animal
Method for controlling the temperature in a climate chamber and climatic device
Hood for artificial lure and baitfish
Multi-purpose fishermen's pliers
Fish bite detector
Mosquito breeding convenience with bio-cycle interrupt and with mid-cycle flush
Insect killer
Pesticide application system
Turkey decoy
BBQ push-cart with retractable supports
Coffee maker
Apparatus for dispensing a quantity of material on a shell
Method of regulating a steam injector
Method of and apparatus for making and processing rod-shaped articles
Cigarette rod product with different densities
Vibrational removal of excess particulate matter
Cigar cutting device
Infant clothing with traction devices
Knitted shirt collar with plastic stays
Single-layer/double-layer cushion cup brassiere with terry loop stitch construction
Woodcarver's apron with lap basin for retaining waste material
Combination cushion, carry device, and garment apparatus
Golf glove and method of forming same
Necktie wearing device
High-elasticity wet suit fabric
Hairpiece and method for attachment
Length adjustment mechanism for a strap
Apparatus and method relating to a quick attachment and release goggle mounting system
Sport helmet face guard
Sole in the form of a midsole, inner sole or insertable sole for a shoe and a shoe with said sole
Shoe with naturally contoured sole
Torsion management outsoles and shoes including such outsoles
Ski boot
Quick-release connector system for footwear with reliable engagement
Thermal imaging fitting system
Breakaway latch plate
Fastening device and method for material having a mesh
Fasteners and methods of making fasteners
Accessory coatable with nail polish
Omega type ornamental chain
Portable umbrella pole door clip
Structure for automatic opening umbrella
Braking cane
Decorated filigree container
Apparatus and method for grooming dreadlocks
Curler for hairstyles and permanent waves
Nail protector
Heat shield for hair dryer
Harness wallet
Flexible brush head for a toothbrush
Infant pacifier cleaning container
Foldable side support arrangement for foldable furniture
Shelf section and method
Corner piece for a soft-sided mattress
Protective apparatus for human backbones
Articulating bed frame
Adjustable wrap for pillow used for supporting baby when nursing
Bedding article
Fabric gripper
Floral wrapper having printed design with shaded and highlighted areas
Collapsible outdoor pillow structure
Puncturing and venting of single serve beverage filter cartridge
Collapsible smoker and oven device
Gravity biased grill wires
Frying pot
Gripping device for a cooking utensil
Deflector arrangements
Dry skin and callus removal device
Signal processing apparatus
Method and device for positioning a patient for the diagnosis of herniated lumbar disc disease
Apparatus for detecting estrus in livestock
Patient support apparatus and method
Rail mounted patient lift
Valve and oscillator for producing a pressure waveform
Cationized hydroxyalkylcellulose and process for producing the same
Elimination of vapor anaesthetics from patients after surgical procedures
Apparatus and method for providing high frequency variable pressure to a patient
Metered dosage inhaler system with variable positive pressure settings
Two-way valve, especially for liquid dispensers
Demand flow control valve
Container valve with tripping device for stationary fire extinguishing plants
Low pressure electro-pneumatic and gate actuator
Performing Operations; Transporting
Honeycomb hydrogen storage structure with restrictive neck
Capillary ring
Traversing contact cleaning roller system
Flushing system for air conditioning drainage pipes
Cleaning of semiconductor processing chambers
Basket assembly fixture
Rolling mill and rolling method
Injector for molten metal supply system
Notched muntin bars having two finishes
Roll grooving apparatus
Sheet-metal formed with spaced projections and manufacturing method of the same
Electromagnetic and/or electrohydraulic forming of a metal plate
Method and apparatus for measuring angle of bend, method of bending, and apparatus for controlling angle of bend
Clutchless wire cutting apparatus
Thread rolling die and process for the production thereof
Press product line
Method and device for moulding a tripod spider
Device for forming an end area of a workpiece
Machine for simultaneously caulking both ends of an object
Method and apparatus for casting straps onto storage battery plates
Complex tool
Brake rotor assembly and method for making same
Folding, straight-line, workpiece guide for a band saw
Circular saw
Method for fixing components to a pipe for circulation of a fluid forming part of a heat exchanger, in particular a condenser of an air-conditioning system
Angled flying lead wire bonding process
Temporary fixing structure for tubular bodies
Velocity flume and method for collecting machining coolant
Machine for chip cutting machining plus cutting tool for such machines
Portable power planer
Flexible manufacturing systems and methods
Saw guide
Bench plane jointer fence
Self adjusting mechanism for locking plier, wrench, or other tool
Ratchet wrench having a direction controller that is assembled easily
Hydraulic unit with increased torque
Reverse apparatus for air impact wrench
Universal crimping tool
Device and method for installing turbine generator stator wedges
Vise-grip or expanding pliers
Nail driver
Multipurpose hand-held implement
Large panel sheathing square
Device for controlling an apparatus
Razor system with worn blade indicator
Shape and envelope cutting system
Cutter knife for left handed and right handed persons
Circular saw with improved corner cutting
Power glide tile cutter
Inlay station with alignment assemblies and transfer tubes
Foam-in-place seal and method
Injection nozzle and method for injection molding
Cooling of extruded and compression molded materials
Device for placing label sleeves onto containers
Bolster-elevating device for a press
Baling press comprising a tiltable compacting container, and method for operating the same
Roofing composite
Laminated, reinforced glass plate
Powder apparatus for printing press
Method of adjusting two rollers that can be placed on each other in a printing unit
Modular printing machine system for printing on sheets
Printing control system
Stamping device
Elongated stamping device
Envelope moistener with temperature adjusting apparatus
Transmitter for monitoring the condition of a tire
Emergency traction apparatus for vehicle tires
Pneumatic radial tires
Advanced refrigeration system
CO2-module for cooling and heating
Vehicle air conditioner with cold accumulator
Cooling of electronics in an electrically driven refrigerant system
Receiver tank for use in refrigeration cycle, heat exchanger with said receiver tank, and condensing apparatus for use in refrigeration cycle
Method of monitoring refrigerant level
Temperature control apparatus and method of determining malfunction
Glass run channel and glass run channel assembly
Fuel feed apparatus
Fill limit control valve assembly having a liquid fuel trap
Fuel feed unit
Hybrid construction equipment
Positive retaining pivot pin
Pivot connector for extendable rooms
Anti-theft device for vehicles
Drive mechanism for a wiper system
Support stand for self-service vehicle washing pump console
Riding tractor for supporting a mower unit
Variable ratio of force-enlargement master cylinder of a braking system
Support structure
Double-walled damping structure
Greaseless door lock
Side bearing with multi-purpose mounting points
Shaft support structure
Vehicle fender and door alignment fixture
Bicycle rider hand attachment and cooperating gear shift actuator and associated methods
Bicycle pedal assembly
Shell joint with an adjustable gas ejection slot
Single point mooring with suspension turret
Method and apparatus for lightning protection
Tri-sponson boat hull and method of making boat hulls
Hold down device for an ultra high molecular weight composite material
Rebuilt double hull tanker and method of rebuilding an existing single hull tanker into a rebuilt double hull tanker
Diving and swimming mask
Pneumatic actuation control system and method of operation
Heat pump
Air inlet for commercial aircraft jet engine nacelle
Method of producing soft packets of cigarettes
Strap reserving control device for a strapping machine
Strapper with improved winder
Apparatus for counting and packing solid foods
Labor saving, high speed, high volume, liquid filling machine, for palletized containers
Device and method for wrapping soft elements
Leaf and debris chute
Goods pallet
Load bearing structure for composite ecological shipping pallet
Beverage can with a protective cover, a blank for a protective cover, as well as a method and device for application of a protective cover to beverage cans
Dispensing lid closure for confections and methods of making and using the closure
Removable tab and method for gaining physical control of an object
Self funnelling drink additive product
Product sorter with transport conveyor
Folding mechanism for a two part endless conveyor
Article conveyor device
Container ramp
Beverage dispenser with cover assembly and method
Beverage dispenser
Riding saddle
Resonant thermal out-of-plane buckle-beam actuator
Direct acting vertical thermal actuator
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method for manufacturing a glass sheet having an uneven surface
Glass feeder operated with oxy-gas combustion
Methods and cement compositions for cementing in subterranean zones
In situ thermal processing of a coal formation leaving one or more selected unprocessed areas
Ecofriendly bio-process for leather processing
Arc resistant high voltage feedthru fitting for a vacuum deposition chamber
Textiles; Paper
Fiber chopper apparatus and method
Method for monitoring weft yarn run/stop conditions
Woven band for attaching onto various portions of users
Method for seaming linking loops on knitted fabrics
Fabric tensioning device for sewing machine
Method and device for producing a nonwoven material
Fabrics for web forming equipment
Device for dewatering a fibrous material web
Method for manufacturing a thermoroll for a paper/board machine or a finishing machine
Device and method preventing evaporation of moisture and heat losses in calendering
Fixed Constructions
Load bearing concrete panel construction
Portable airport traffic barricade
Trencher chain bar and safety guide
Hydraulic system for construction machine
Excavating tooth assembly with rotatable connector pin structure
Water flow control system
Pipe structure of branch pipe line
Concealed retaining channel for storm shutter attachment
Polyhedral fabricated structure and method of constructing the same
Stud wall system and method using a combined bridging and spacing device
Sheet metal stud and composite construction panel and method
Method and apparatus for repairing roof covering
Gutter protection system
Heater arrangement for gutter protector
Brick laying form
Inflatable tent
Collapsible canopy support
Retractable pool shade with support stand
Positive pressure automatic swimming pool cleaning system
Refrigerator door handle
Door lock assembly with free floating paddle
Doorknob lock apparatus operable by combination or key
Padlock arrangement
Hinged security cover for vehicle door hasp
Notebook computer security hook lock assembly
Lock with removable core
Locking structure
Hinge clip and cover for telecommunications equipment
Two motor arrangement for a door operator
Drive unit for doors, especially elevator doors having a non-rectilinear profile
Coin handling assembly and method
Adjustable top holder
Keyed window assembly for garage doors
Control and motorization system
Flexible screen partitions
Mounting attachment and bearing system for an industrial earth-boring cutter
Apparatus for absorbing a shock and method for use of same
Method and device for riser tensioning
Three-dimensional steering tool for controlled downhole extended-reach directional drilling
Fluid controlled adjustable down-hole tool
Core barrel valve assembly
Methods and apparatus for forming a lateral wellbore
Apparatus and methods for forming a lateral wellbore
Drillable bridge plug
Drillable bridge plug
Undulating well bore
Downhole tubing
Liquid addition to steam for enhancing recovery of cyclic steam stimulation or LASER-CSS
Method and apparatus for injecting steam into a geological formation
System and method for quantitatively determining variations of a formation characteristic after an event
Method and apparatus for axial alignment of a mud motor's adjustable housing relative to the orientation sub's internal sleeve in a drill string
Wellhead assembly for communicating with the casing hanger annulus
Cartridge shell and cartridge for blast holes and method of use
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Combustion chamber dynamic pressure transducer tee probe holder and related method
Turbogroup of a power generating plant
Aircraft engine with inter-turbine engine frame
Gas turbine installation and an associated operating method
Engine valve timing apparatus
Engine valve actuator
Internal combustion engine
Apparatus and method for controlling variable valve timing mechanism
Finger lever of a valve train of an internal combustion engine
Fluid cooling device
Vehicle fluid change apparatus and method
Exhaust gas purification device of internal combustion engine
Exhaust gas purifying system
Exhaust system for a motor vehicle
Exhaust emission control device
Fluid reservoir
Multi-zone combustion chamber for combustion rate shaping and emissions control in premixed-charge combustion engines
Combustion chamber structure of in-cylinder fuel injection type engine
Finger follower for a cam-actuated poppet valve in an engine intake manifold assembly
Propane assist converter and regulator
Exhaust gas recirculation valve
Fuel assembly for an engine welder
Variable compression ratio device for internal combustion engine
Four cycle engine for marine drive
Auxiliary equipment in an engine
Intake system of outboard motor
Humidity compensation for combustion control in a gas turbine engine
Process intended for self-ignition control in a four-stroke engine
High efficiency engine with variable compression ratio and charge (VCRC engine)
Electronic control device for internal combustion engine and method of controlling the internal combustion engine
Control system and method for direct-injection spark-ignition engine
EGR control unit and EGR control method
Evaporated fuel processing apparatus for internal combustion engine
Method and apparatus for controlling lean-burn engine based upon predicted performance impact
Control method for starting a direct injection internal combustion engine
Method and device for feedback controlling air-fuel ratio of internal combustion engine
Engine control apparatus for a vehicle
Method and device for varying the supply pressure applied to a high pressure pump and generated by a low pressure pump
Polution control kit
Exhaust system for an internal combustion engine
Sensor arrangement for an integrated pressure management apparatus
Tubular fuel pressure damper mounting method
Fixing device for an injection nozzle
Method and device for powering a motor vehicle electric starting switch with determinable behavior
Device for utlilizing geothermal heat and method for operating the same
Method of manufacturing shoe for compressor
Scroll compressor and refrigerating system using ammonia group refrigerant
Pneumatic actuator
Valve assembly
Pinch clamp
Output power shaft structure for personal watercraft
Clutch shaft stress relief
Torque-transmitting mechanism with a self-returning piston
Power transmission apparatus
Clutch with drum wear clips
Damper disk assembly
Device for balancing out mass forces in internal combustion engines
Method for setting free-state diameter of metal ring
Ball screw shaft with increased vibration frequency and improved vibration dissipation
Transfer gear assembly for transmission
Reverse drive for a small vehicle
Hydrodynamic torque converter
Shifting device for an automatic gearbox in a motor vehicle
Braiding yarn made of expanded graphite
Inwardly opening mechanical vent system
Valve accessory
Valve, particularly solenoid valve
Valve driving apparatus
Vacuum valve with heater
Tube clamp
Method when tanking up using a tanking up valve
Fiber reinforced composite liner for lining an existing conduit and method of manufacture
Installation of cured in place liners with air and steam and installation apparatus
Process for filling compressed gas fuel dispensers which utilizes volume and density calculations
High pressure gas supplying system
Mounting structure for high pressure gas vessels and mounting method
Lightweight cryogenic-compatible pressure vessels for vehicular fuel storage
Feedwater apparatus
Fuel injector for a liquid fuel burner
Combustion apparatus
Venturiless swirl cup
Fastening a CMC combustion chamber in a turbomachine using brazed tabs
Air conditioner
Air conditioner cover
Air conditioner
Thermally controlled solar reflector facet with heat recovery
Vacuum retention method and superconducting machine with vacuum retention
Cooling device with subcooling system
Accumulator with internal desiccant
Refrigerator door dispenser spill shelf drain
Ice maker assembly for a refrigerator
Display apparatus for refrigerator
Process and apparatus for producing high-purity nitrogen by low-temperature fractionation of air
Flexible heat pipe
Heat sink module and an arrangment of heat sink modules
Artillery firing system
Corrosion inhibitor for firearms
Apparatus for loading a cartridge into a cartridge chamber
Compressed gas-powered projectile accelerator
Cable vibraguard
Spear gun having side-by-side spears
Adjustable mount for rifle sight
Weapon aiming
High strength crimp for flares
Igniting device for a propellant charge
Air gauge for measuring the geometry of precision machined fluid passages
Self-centering device for supporting heads or sensors for checking the attitude of vehicle wheels
Piezoelectric touch probe
Apparatus for converting an optical theodolite into a laser theodolite
Magnetic compass structure
Angular velocity measuring apparatus
Inclination sensor
Method of operating an electromagnetic flowmeter
Flow rate measurement method, ultrasonic flow rate meter, flow velocity measurement method, temperature or pressure measurement method, ultrasonic thermometer and ultrasonic pressure gage
Fluid flow meter having an improved sampling channel
Measurement apparatus for measuring physical quantity such as fluid flow
Temperature compensated rotary meter
Level gauge for oil-filled transformers, chokes and tap changers
Direct, non-destructive measurement of recess depth in a wafer
Method of fabricating uncooled IR detector and arrays using colossal magneto-resistive materials and rock salt structure material substrates
Sensor attachment structure for restricting sensor removal
Non-directional load detecting sensor
Device for measuring rotor imbalance
Internal combustion engine simulation and testing
Portal trace detection systems for detection of imbedded particles
Rotational rheometer
Atomic force microscope and driving method therefor
Dielectric wood moisture meter
Insulator positioning structure of gas sensor
Ultrasonic wafer blade vibration detecting
Obtention and analysis of odors from odor emitters
Method for fabricating a test interconnect for bumped semiconductor components
Method for manufacturing magnetoresistive element
Locating device
Apparatus for stripping a coating from an optical fibre
Tow cable termination assembly
Escapement for a timekeeper
Pressure regulator utilizing a disc spring
Pneumatic pressure control device
System and method of adding a currency acceptor to a vending machine
Portable lighted display
Method and apparatus of using a security feature which includes plural patterned microscopic makers for authentication and to prevent counterfeiting of objects
Placard holder
Plastic label holder with integral sign holder
Performance information analyzer and chord detection device associated therewith
Method of forming a magnetic head suspension assembly
Method and apparatus for recording MPEG-compressed video data and compressed audio data on a disk
Magnet and magnetic sensor
Liquid processing apparatus with storage tank having an internal and external tank
Abnormal photoresist line/space profile detection through signal processing of metrology waveform
Device for handling components
Method for producing an electrically conducting connection
Passive spray coolant pump
Cooling of electronics by electrically conducting fluids
Substrate for use in package of semiconductor device, semiconductor package using the substrate, and methods for manufacturing the substrate and the semiconductor package
Method for probing an electrical device having a layer of oxide thereon
Line and method for producing a fiber reinforced line of a wiring arrangement
Method of making a permanent magnet field-type compact DC motor
Delay stage circuitry for a ring oscillator
Anatomic dry athletic toe sock
Communication system
Method for manufacturing condenser microphones
Method and device for mounting electronic component
Method of attaching printed circuits boards within an electronic module housing
Method of producing high-density copper clad multi-layered printed wiring board having highly reliable through hole
Method of manufacturing article having electronic circuit
Snap-in fan tray ejector and handle
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