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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Electrical connection member with outer insulating film member and inner inclined spring member
Human Necessities
Modulating and measuring cellular adhesion
Use of Bridge-1 and activators and inhibitors thereof in the treatment of insulin deficiency and diabetes
Observation method of biological tissue
Remodeling device for aneurysms
Expandable structures for deployment in interior body regions
Powered surgical instruments
Defining tooth-moving appliances computationally
Elastic disposal means
Close fitting leakage resistant feminine hygiene pad
Polycationic peptide coatings and methods of coating implantable medical devices
Cellular transplant stent
Ordered polymer system and intraocular lens
Thermal grill for heating articles
Corneal incision apparatus and blade case for storing blade unit to be mounted in the corneal incision apparatus
Epicatechin for hypertension treatment
Heteroaryl-pyrazole derivatives as cannabinoid CB1 receptor antagonists
Synthesis of epothilones, intermediates thereto, analogues and uses thereof
Compositions and methods for inhibiting squamous cell carcinoma
Polymeric structured gels
Thickened hair colourant and bleaching compositions
Process for the controlled production of organic particles
Inactivating device for virus, bacteria, etc. and air conditioner using the same
Device for generating aqueous chlorine dioxide solutions
Echogenic strands and spacers therein
Detecting access disconnect using needle sleeve
Fluid control device
Delivery system and method for interstitial radiation therapy
Use of di-or oligosaccharide polyester in hair styling products
Calf extension training device
Adjustable-weight exercise apparatus and method
Barbell holder
Performance measuring device for golf club
Weighted end cap for lacrosse stick
Ball toss toy
Exercise device with adaptive curved track motion
Systems for determining the position of a punching bag
Wagering game with unilateral player selection for developing a group
Performing Operations; Transporting
Systems and methods for creation of conducting networks of magnetic particles through dynamic self-assembly process
Filter column module
Membrane leaf packet with reinforced fold
System for forming janus particles
Adsorbent and adsorbent bed for materials capture and separation processes
Ammonia-based hydrogen generation apparatus and method for using same
Electrostatic filter cartridge for a tower air cleaner
Steel strip coated with zirconia
Composition for forming insulating film, method for producing same, silica-based insulating film, and method for forming same
Method for using receiver medium having adjustable properties
Method for coating electrical cable
Method for performing wash cycles in a dishwasher
Honing method and honing control device
Device and process for producing pellets from a plastic melt
Tire forming mold
Method for producing a coated composite component
Molded plastic container and preform having insert-molded RFID tag
Method for closing a molded bottle cap
Solid ink stick fabrication by extrusion, roll forming and swaging
Fiber and resin composite reinforcement
Recordable optical recording media
Stabilized inorganic nanoparticle, stabilized inorganic nanoparticle material, method for producing stabilized inorganic nanoparticle, and method for using stabilized inorganic nanoparticle
Board consisting of a derived timber product and method for the production thereof
Engine start controlling apparatus and method for hybrid vehicle
Communication float
Workpiece conveying apparatus of machine tool
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Nanoparticles comprising calcium phosphate and ethylene imine compositions and methods of production thereof
Ozone generator retrofit apparatus for jetted tubs, spas, and other water circulation facilities
Transparent glass-ceramic armor
Method of obtaining 2-amino-6-alkyl-amino-4,5,6,7-tetrahydrobenzothiazoles
Iron-containing material suitable for use as hydrogenation catalyst
Compounds having lysophosphatidic acid receptor antagonism and uses thereof
Bis(formylphenyl)alkane and novel polynuclear phenol derived from the same
Hydrogenation processes
Process for extracting natural gas liquids from natural gas
Tetrahydroisoquinoline-and tetrahydrobenzazepine derivatives as igf-1 r inhibitors
Hydrazonopyrazole derivatives and their use as therapeutics
7, 8 and 9-substituted tetracycline compounds
S-omeprazole magnesium
Primary explosives
Substituted 8-[6-amino-3pyridyl]xanthines
Compounds for the treatment of multi-drug resistant bacterial infections
Synthetic binding pairs comprising cucurbituril derivatives and polyammonium compounds and uses thereof
Caspase inhibitors and uses thereof
Water-soluble macromonomers containing terminal unsaturation and a process for the preparation thereof
Ink receptive particle, material for recording, recording apparatus and ink receptive particle storage cartridge
Method of controlling oil-absorbing properties of a silicone rubber powder
Sulfonate functional organopolysiloxanes
Use of a kinked rigid-rod polyarylene, and articles made from said kinked rigid-rod polyarylene
Resin for composite structures
Self-dispersing waxes as polymer suspension aids
Colour stabilised polyolefins
Micellar drug delivery systems for hydrophobic drugs
Stabilized ester compositions and their use in film-forming compositions
Color enhancing shampoo composition
Heterocyclic compound and organic light-emitting device
Liquid crystal composition, liquid crystal display having the liquid crystal composition, and manufacturing method of the liquid crystal display
Rapid tooling system and methods for manufacturing abrasive articles
Aircraft de-/anti-icer
Method of treating a formation using deformable proppants
Lubricant composition for resin conveyor and method for using same
Bleaching compositions
Fructan biosynthetic enzymes
Identification and quantification of a plurality of biological (micro)organisms or their components
Method of producing an exogenous protein in the egg of a chicken
La1--the genome of a lactobacillus strain
Compositions and methods for IL-13 biomarkers
Multiplexed assay and probes for identification of HPV types
Oligonucleotides for detecting human papilloma virus in a test sample
Methods for detecting inflammatory bowel disease
HBV variants detection and application
Fe-based alloy having corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance and preparation method thereof
Probe storage container, prober apparatus, probe arranging method and manufacturing method of probe storage container
Method for manufacturing a stainless steel product and a stainless steel product manufactured by the method
Method for manufacturing probe structure of probe card
Crystallization method and crystallization apparatus
Textiles; Paper
Stitchbonded fabric with a slit substrate
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Blade clearance arrangement
Turbomachine rotor blade and a turbomachine rotor
Compressor unloading valve
Wind energy plant with a pitch bearing
Variable displacement compressor
Compressor and compressor housing
Suction jet pump with ribs for guiding the flow of fuel
Bicycle transmission system
Hydrogen storage tank and its manufacturing method
Radiant tube heater and burner assembly for use therein
Method for controlling a communication between two areas by electrowetting, a device including areas isolatable from each other and method for making such a device
Method and apparatus for managing denitration catalyst
Real time oil reservoir evaluation using nanotechnology
Diagnostic testing process
Target substance capturing molecule
Helical pixilated photoresist
Bleachable materials for lithography
Method for removing resist pattern and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Perpendicular magnetic recording medium and method of manufacturing the same
Powder dispenser, notably for pelletizer and method for making nuclear fuel pellets
Reuse method of radioactive waste salt and the apparatus thereof
Thick porous anodic alumina films and nanowire arrays grown on a solid substrate
Capacitors including interacting separators and surfactants
Printing bead spacers on flat panel display substrates
Inspection method and inspection device, repairing method and repairing device for organic electroluminescence panel
Integrated circuit including a memory fabricated using self-aligned processing
High power LED package and fabrication method thereof
Etching method and manufacturing method of semiconductor device
Manufacturing method of liquid crystal display
Methods of fabricating MEMS devices having overlying support structures
Passivation planarization
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Method of manufacturing P-type ZnO semiconductor layer using atomic layer deposition and thin film transistor including the P-type ZnO semiconductor layer
Method of fabricating image sensor having inner lens
Nanostructures formed of branched nanowhiskers and methods of producing the same
Realizing N-face III-nitride semiconductors by nitridation treatment
Method, system, program product for bonding two circuitry-including substrates and related stage
Method for plasma processing over wide pressure range
Semiconductor having optimized insulation structure and process for producing the semiconductor
Methods for forming wiring and manufacturing thin film transistor and droplet discharging method
Strain-silicon CMOS using etch-stop layer and method of manufacture
Method of producing a semiconductor interconnect architecture including generation of metal holes by via mutation
Method for electroless depositing a material on a surface of a wafer
Holding jig, semiconductor wafer grinding method, semiconductor wafer protecting structure and semiconductor wafer grinding method and semiconductor chip fabrication method using the structure
Substrate for manufacturing semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Contact hole structures and contact structures and fabrication methods thereof
Fluorine doped carbon films produced by modification by radicals
Substrate processing apparatus
Luminescent device
Complex membrane for electrochemical device, manufacturing method and electrochemical device having the same
Method and apparatus for internal hydration of a fuel cell system
Microstructures and methods of fabrication thereof
Fuel cell, using oxidoreductase type enzymes in the cathodic compartment and possibly in the anodic compartment
Universal magnetic power supply adaptor
Electronic part and circuit substrate
Connector for inserting wiring board, and method for manufacturing the same
Cover structure for portable electronic devices
Communications patching devices that include integrated electronic static discharge circuits and related methods
Connector with projecting function
Cable plug with folding retention member
Connecting device having a build-in digital television tuner
Converter with position adjustable plug
Labeling assembly
Method of manufacturing a substrate and method of crystal display panel having the same
Heat radiation substrate having metal core and method of manufacturing the same
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
For higher basidiomycetes mushrooms grown (as one cell biomass) in submerged cultures
Methods for generating doubled haploid plants
Soybean cultivar 922411274
Inbred corn plant FBLL
Inbred corn plant 17QFB1 and seeds thereof
Soybean cultivar S38-T8
Soybean variety 92B75
Enhanced termiticide and method for treating termites
Method, apparatus and compositions for inhibiting the human scent tracking ability of mosquitoes in environmentally defined three dimensional spaces
Anti-neoplastic, anti-viral or anti-retroviral spermine derivatives
Wood preservatives
Substituted phenyluracils
2-(Pyrazolyloxy) -pyridin-3-ylacetic acid derivatives, agents containing the same and use thereof against noxious fungi and animal parasites
Oxime derivative and bactericide containing the same as active ingredient
Antitumor dibenzofluorene derivatives
Triazole compounds and methods of making same
Azole compounds, their production and use
Composition for laying hens containing calcium L-pidolate
Self-adhering friction reducing liner and method of use
Warmer-holder for body applied liquids
Electronically controlled roaster oven with digital control assembly
Method for calibrating a radiation detection system
Porphyrin compounds for imaging tissue oxygen
Design of a calibration phantom for in vivo measurement of stable lead or radioactivity in bone
Adhesive bandage
Disposable body fluids absorbent article
Use of stain masking backsheets in absorbent articles
Elastic absorbent structures
Inhibition of lipoprotein oxidation
Methods for the treatment of tinnitus and other disorders using R(-)ketoptofen
Method for treating inflammatory diseases by administering a thrombin inhibitor
Methods for treating psychosis associated with cocaine addiction with glucocorticoid receptor antagonists
Compositions containing natural lycopene and natural tocopherol
Methoxy capped alkoxylated glycerin compounds
Cyclic amine derivatives and their use as drugs
Compositions and method for treatment of cough
Carboxylic acid amides, pharmaceutical compositions containing these compounds and their use
Anticonvulsant derivatives useful in reducing blood glucose levels
Analgesic use of podophyllotoxin for treating pain conditions in female genital organs
Method to treat pain utilizing benzimidazole NMDA/NR2B antagonists
Modulation of in vivo glutamine and glycine levels in the treatment of autism
Polyhydroxyalkylpyrazine derivatives, their preparation and the medicaments comprising them
Inhibitors of multidrug transporters
Chemical compounds
Morpholinone and morpholine derivatives and uses thereof
Compositions, methods and kits for treating rheumatoid arthritis
Compounds with progesterone-antagonistic and antiestrogenic action to be used together for female contraception
Antibacterial compositions with synergistic effect, drugs and remedies for digestive diseases containing the same, process for the production thereof and preparations associated therewith
Water-soluble prodrugs of propofol for treatment of migrane
Method of blocking free radical processes which result in mediated pathology without deleterious pro-oxidant side reactions
Acid end group poly(d,l-lactide-co-glycolide) copolymers high glycolide content
Method and simultaneously enhancing analgesic potency and attenuating dependence liability caused by morphine and other bimodally-acting opioid agonists
1, 2, 4-benzotriazine oxides as radiosensitizers and selective cytotoxic agents
Methods of treating viral infections with benzimidazoles
Methods and compositions using (-) norcisapride in combination with proton pump inhibitors or H2 receptor antagonists
Nude mouse model for the growth and treatment of human neurally-derived tumors
Poly(ethylene glycol) derivatives with proximal reactive groups
Degradable heterobifunctional poly(ethylene glycol) acrylates and gels and conjugates derived therefrom
Dental bridges comprising fiber reinforced frameworks with fiber or particulate reinforced veneers
Dental material comprising porous glass ceramics, porous glass ceramics, processes and use
Target therapies for treating common viral infections
Process for the preparation of a formulation of dihydroartemisinin for the control of wide spectrum of malaria
Glial cell line-derived neurotrophic factor
Personal care article with layer of monomer-grafted polyolefin and unmodified PEO
Performing Operations; Transporting
Manufacturing and process control methods
Preparation of organic acids
Process for obtaining light olefins by the dehydrogenation of the corresponding paraffins
Catalysts and processes using them
Preparation of 1,2-dichloroethane
Process for the preparation of aryl ketones generating reduced amounts of toxic byproducts
Phosphonite ligands, catalyst compositions and hydroformylation process utilizing same
Use a catalyst system comprising nickel palladium or platinum and imidazoline-2-ylidene or imidazolidine-2-ylidene in stille coupling reactions
Mixed-bed type sugar solution refining system and regeneration method for such apparatus
Gas phase polymerization process
Porous surface compositions and methods of retaining biological samples on said surface
Electrode wire for electrical discharge machining apparatus
Method for drilling hollow components
Device and method for laser marking
Spinning mirror laser system with focused beam
Patterned laser zone texture
Method for drilling circular holes with a laser beam
Method and system for controlling weld geometry features for improved fatigue performance of fabricated structures
Process and apparatus for the production of virgin polymer substitutes
Thermoplastic compositions for durable goods applications
Magnetic prepreg, its manufacturing method and printed wiring board employing the prepreg
Method of storing products and storage system
Optical scanning apparatus and image forming apparatus and electrophotographic printer using such scanning apparatus
Additive for inkjet printing, recording solution, method for preventing discoloration and fading of image, and recording sheet
Oil extended rubber and rubber composition
Self suppression wire for airbag ignitors and self suppression wire cable
Rotation detector for multi-rotation body having detection window
System for stellar inertial attitude determination
Method and device for induction sealing
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method for producing formaldehyde from methanol
Methods of preparing cationic layer compounds, cationic layer compounds prepared thereby, and methods of use therefor
Method of etching transparent solid material with laser beam
Transparent layered product and glass article using the same
Radiation-curable coating compositions, coated optical fiber, radiation-curable matrix forming material and ribbon assembly
Method for production of esterified product and apparatus therefor
Polymerization of poly(glycidyl nitrate) from high purity glycidyl nitrate synthesized from glycerol
F18-labeled thia fatty acids and methods of making and using the same
Uncatalyzed fluorination of 240fa
Hydro-fluorination of chlorinated hydrocarbons
Nitration of aromatic hydrocarbons
Preparation of nitrobiphenyls
Process for producing trifluoromethylbenzylamines
Fluorene-containing polymers and compounds useful in the preparation thereof
.beta.2- adrenergic receptor agonists
Phthalic acid diamide derivatives fluorine-containing aniline compounds as starting material, agricultural and horticultural insecticides, and a method for application of the insecticides
Chiral amino alcohols and process for preparation of same
Calcium receptor active compounds
Method of producing dicarboxylic acids suitable for synthesis of polymers or polyamides
Reduced dipeptide analogues as calcium channel antagonitsts
Antipicornaviral compounds and methods for their use and preparation
Preparation of trifluorobenzoic acids
Compounds which inhibit tryptase activity
Synthesis of vinyl carbonates for use in producing vinyl carbamates
Curable coating compositions containing carbamate functional reactive additives
One-component thermoset coating compositions
Process for halohydrin preparation
3-aryl-2-hydroxypropionic acid derivative III
Sulphonamide derivatives
Substituted 3,3-diamino-2-propenenitriles, their preparation and use
Heterocyclic aromatic oxazole compounds and use thereof
Composition of and method for polysulfides having a reduced odor level
Aromatic sulfonyl alpha-hydroxy hydroxamic acid compounds
Hydroxyphenyl derivatives with HIV integrase inhibitory properties
Crystalline 1.alpha., 24(S)-dihydroxyvitamin D2 and method of purification thereof
Peroxyketals derived from cyclic beta-keto esters
Method for etherifying a benzyl alcohol, resulting products and applications
Curable composition
Process for the preparation of 2-hydroxyalkyl halophenones
Method for producing phthalic anhydride by means of catalytic vapor-phase oxidation of o-xylol/naphthalene mixtures
Process for preparing and purifying complex esters
Additives with reduced residual tin content and thermoplastic compositions containing the same
Method and device for obtaining isobutenes from conjugated hydrocarbons
Thermodynamically stable form of (R)-3-[[(4-fluorophenyl) sulphonyl]amino]-1,2,3,4-tetrahydro-9H-carbazole-9-propanoic acid (ramatroban)
Phthalimido arylpiperazines useful in the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia
4-hydroxy-4-phenylpiperidine derivatives and pharmaceuticals containing the same
Method of making chlorofluoroethers
Branched alkoxy-substituted 2-aminopyridines as NOS inhibitors
Phenethyl-thiourea compounds and use
Phenylalanine derivatives
Method for preparing 4-hydroquinolines and/or tautomeric compounds
Method of making metal 8-quinolinolato complexes
Oxy substituted 4-carboxyamino-2-methyl-1,2,3,4-tetrahydroquinolines
Polycyclic indanylimidazoles with alpha2 adrenergic activity
Anilide compounds and drugs containing the same
Cycloalkenyl substituted compounds
Coproduction of a cyclic lactam and a cyclic amine
Method for simultaneously producing a cyclic lactam and a cyclic amine
Catalysts for asymmetric addition of organozinc regents to aldehydes and method for preparation
Process for the direct oxidation of olefins to olefin oxides
Taxane anticancer agents
Manufacture of fatty acid esters of sorbitan as surfactants
Process for the preparation of .alpha.-methylene-.gamma.-butyrolactone and .alpha.-acetoxymethyl-.gamma.-butyrolactone
Oxazolidinone antibacterial agents having a thiocarbonyl functionality
Enantiomeric compounds for treatment of cardiac arrhythmias and methods of use
Brefeldin A derivatives
Tetrahydroquinoline derivatives as glycine antagonists
Catalyst and method for amide formation
Cyclic AMP-specific phosphodiesterase inhibitors
3-cyclopropyl and 3-cyclobutyl pyrrolidine modulators of chemokine receptor activity
Phthalamide compounds
Imidazopyridines for the treatment of neurological disorders
Aminoalkyl substituted 9H-phridino[2,3-b] indole and 9H-pyrimidino[4,5-b] indole derivatives
Process for the preparation of 2-amino-5,8-dimethoxy(1,2,4)triazolo(1,5c)pyrimidine
Salts of an optically-active sulfoxide derivative
Aminometyl oxooxazolidinyl benzene derivatives
Process for the preparation of antitumor agents
Farnesyl protein transferase inhibitors
Molybdated dispersants from heteropoly acids
Metallocene compounds for the polymerization of ethylenically unsaturated monomers
Polmerization catalysts
Phenol-free phosphite stabilizers
Process for the preparation of aromatic phosphonites and aromatic phosphinites and the products made by the process thereof
Water soluble prodrugs of azole compounds
2-phenyl substituted imidazotriazinones as phosphodiesterase inhibitors
Benzylglycosylamides as inhibitors of smooth muscle cell proliferation
Antiparasitic agents
Process to prepare pyrimidine nucleosides
Non-nucleotide containing nucleic acid
Aminoaklanoyl-linked conjugates of 2',5'-oligoadenylate and antiviral uses thereof
Process for purifying hepatitis B viral surface antigen comprising pres2 peptide
Suppression of specific classes of soybean seed protein genes
11 cby genomic sequence
Taxol resistance associated gene
Murine 4-1BB gene
Protein called EPIL/placentin, process for the preparation of this protein and pharmaceutical composition containing such, DNA coding for said protein
Human metabotropic glutamate receptor subtype mGluR6 protein
Anti-.gamma.-H2A antibody, fusion proteins thereof and method and kit for determining DNA double-stranded breaks
Benzyl compounds which inhibit leukocyte adhesion mediated by VLA-4
Nonionic cellulose ether with improved thickening properties
Polysaccharide-based thermoplastic material, process for preparing the same and method of use thereof
Protected functionalized heterotelechelic polymers and processes for preparing the same
Reduced oxidation state transition metal compounds useful as olefin polymerization catalysts
Syndiotactic vinylidene aromatic polymerization process
Process for producing a polymer by polymerization of a monomer having an ethylenic double bond
Stabilization of aqueous emulsion polymers
Method for production of porous cross-linked polymer
Continuous bulk polymerization process
High-molecular-weight polypropylene having a broad molecular-weight distribution
Preparation of allylic copolymers of broad molecular weight distributions
Porous co-polymer particles, process for preparing the same and use of the same
Block copolymers interpolymerized with in situ polystyrene and process for preparation thereof
Polymers with high vinyl end segments
Emulsible polyolefin wax
Molecular weight reduction of olefin copolymers using low-sulfur oils
Process for reducing cohesiveness of polyallylamine polymer gels during drying
Functionalized polymers
Reduction of free formaldehyde in aldehyde resins
Aqueous polymer dispersions
Method of improving stability of aromatic polycarbodiimides
Moisture-curable polyurethane compositions
Method and compositions for spray molding polyurethane three dimensional objects
Catalyst and method for the production of polytetrahydrofuran
Allyl pendent homo- and co-polymeric systems
Process to control the molecular weight and polydispersity of substituted polyphenols and polyaromatic amines by enzymatic synthesis in organic solvents, microemulsions, and biphasic systems
Resin preheating for steam precipitation jet polycarbonate resin isolation
Process to control the molecular weight and polydispersity of substituted polyphenols and polyaromatic amines by enzymatic synthesis in organic solvents, microemulsions, and biphasic systems
Method for producing polyamides from amino carboxylic acid compounds
Polymerization catalyst ligands, catalytic metal complexes and compositions and processes using and method of making same
High temperature elastomers from linear poly(silarylene-siloxane-acetylene)
Biodegradable polymer compositions, methods for making same and articles therefrom
Fluorosilicone primer free of volatile organic compounds
Reactor grade copolyesters for shrink film applications
Method for degassification of high internal phase emulsion components
Method for producing expandable styrene polymers
Stabilized thermoplastic polymer composition
Stabilizer for food contact and medical grade PVC
Combination crosslinking agent for vulcanization of silicone rubber under normal pressure
Rubber composition for tire casings based on silicas containing a reinforcing additive based on a functionalized polyorganosiloxane and on an organosilane compound
Resin composition
Highly filled polymer composition with improved properties
Preceramic additives as fire retardants for plastics
Poly(phenylene ether)-polyamide resin blends, method, and articles made therefrom
Thermoplastic silicone elastomers from compatibilized polyamide resins
Thermoplastic silicone elastomers formed from nylon resins
Pavement patch material
Fluoropolymer powder coatings from modified thermoplastic vinylidene fluoride based resins
Polyvinylidene fluoride weather resistant coating compositions including polymethyl methacrylate
Graft copolymers, method for preparing same, compositions containing said copolymers, and use thereof for preparing pigment dispersions in aqueous and/or organic media
Powder coating composition
Cationic electrodeposition coating composition
Thermoscattering materials and devices
Photochromic polymerizable composition
ClpP plastid promoter sequence
Juvenile hormone or one of its agonists as a chemical ligand to control gene expression in plants by receptor mediated transactivation
Chimeric gene for the transformation of plants
Compositions and methods for production of male-sterile plants
17867 a novel human aminopeptidase
High level expression of human cyclooxygenase-2
Conversion of a watson-crick DNA to a hoogsteen-paired duplex
Method for purifying phthalides
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Fastening element, such as a short-shanked T-stud or self-piercing rivet, and feeder for the fastening element
Food grilling system for oven cavity with byproduct removal
Load-cell mounting assembly
Assays and probes with enzyme labels
Optical object detection having circuitry applying logarithmic function to the average of filtered output
Flexibly interfaceable portable computing device
Optical unit for detecting object and coordinate input apparatus using same
Shaken idiophone
Large-size drum frame with fixing lugs
Drum practice pads and drum pad musical instruments
Automatic accompaniment apparatus displaying the number of bars in an insert pattern
Electronic musical instrument
Hybrid musical instrument equipped with status register for quickly changing sound source and parameters for electronic tones
Analyzer used for plural physical quantitied, method used therein and musical instrument equipped with the analyzer
Customizable software-based digital wavetable synthesizer
Apparatus for and method of inputting music-performance control data
Electromagnetic compatibilty (EMC) shield
Ultra thin wall primary cable for automotive service
Flexible power and control cable for high noise environments
Pneumatic foot switch assembly
Gas insulating switchgear
Two-stage self adjusting trip latch
HV connector with heat transfer device for X-ray tube
Method for management of daughter ion spectra over several generations
Multi-layer conductor pad for reducing solder voiding
Mounting structure of integrated circuit device having high effect of buffering stress and high reliability of connection by solder, and method of mounting the same
Enhanced plated-through hole and via contact design
Printed wiring board for semiconductor plastic package
Modular, miniaturized switchgear
Protective junction box
High-capacity multicompartment electrical wiring trunking
Pedestal structure for housing electrical power connections and other equipment
Fast-switching comparator with hysteresis
Optical scanning system and method capable of receiving inputs from a user
Induction hardening coil for a crankshaft
High frequency heating apparatus
Very high power microwave-induced plasma
Gas flow for plasma arc torch
Flexible printed circuit board
Integrated cable management and equipment mounting device
EMI shielded vent panel and method
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