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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Electrified cooler system
Transcription factor decoys
Length adjusting device
Structure of back clip of tool box
Ladder safety device having a building clamp assembly and a ladder hook assembly
Tip-based computer controlled system for a hand-held dental delivery device
Fluorinated derivatives of 3-hydroxypyridin-4-ones
Heterocyclic ring and carbocyclic derivative
Kinase modulating compounds, compositions containing the same and use thereof
Modulation of ghrelin levels and ghrelin/unacylated ghrelin ratio using unacylated ghrelin
Compositions and methods for diagnosis and treatment of hepatic cancers
Targeting microRNAs for metabolic disorders
Peptide inhibitors of nicotinic acetylcholine receptor
Exercise assembly
Exercise machine with power supplier
Exercise roller
Pacing system with feedback based adjustments
System and method for capturing exercise data
Golf club shaft
Handle-dampening lacrosse stick
Skateboard truck with dynamic action angle
Multiplayer game platform for toys fleet controlled by mobile electronic device
Casino game system and method of use
System and method of providing an integrated wagering and interactive media platform
Interactive toy figurine
Performing Operations; Transporting
Gravity fluid/water filter system
Exhaust gas purification apparatus for internal combustion engine
Method and apparatus for catalyzing seawater aeration basins
Treatment of natural gas to remove contaminants
Desalination apparatus and process
Heavy metal removal
Additive safety and injection system
Printing liquid solution arrays for inorganic combinatorial libraries
Promoted, attrition resistant, silica supported precipitated iron catalyst
Electronic fine dust separator
Shower head
Substrate transport roller
Coating methods and a coated substrate
Method and device for coating a series of support bodies
Method of coating pipes or pipe sections
System and method of pointillist painting
Sorting and bagging apparatus and method
Method for cleaning paint from a paint applicator
Cleanability assessment of sublimate from lithography materials
Press forming method for steel plate
Press system and vacuum port assembly therefor
Synthesis of nanoparticles using ethanol
Key cutting machine
Flange bolt cutter
Ultrasonic jointing method
Pure Ar gas shielded welding MIG flux-cored wire and MIG arc welding method
Method for retrofitting a gas turbine power plant
High speed barrel polishing device
Alignment and adjustment clamp
Mixer drum driving device with an auxiliary hydraulic pump to rotate a mixer drum
Method of making sandwich-like product starting with extruded profile
Method of making sandwich-like product starting with extruded profile
Nozzle mouthpiece for an injection molding nozzle, injection molding nozzle and injection molding tool
Process for the production of storage-stable epoxy prepregs, and composites produced therefrom, based on epoxides and acids amenable to free-radical polymerisation
Optical display panel production method and optical display panel production system
Adhesive composition for polarizing plate, polarizing plate including the same and optical display including the same
Process of making artificial rocks out of expended plastic bottles and metal cans
Bicycle wheels with asymmetric carbon fiber rims
Thermal dissipation system of an electric vehicle
Cooling air intake device for vehicle
Working machine
Loading module configured to accommodate two vehicles
Vehicular lighting system having clevis
Early warning of vehicle deceleration
Systems and methods for removable vehicle seat sensor
Active knee protection system
Gas generating system movable divider
Wiper device, in particular a motor vehicle windshield wiper device
Device and method for regulating an energy recovery in a pedal-driven vehicle
Hybrid work machine
Keg trolley
Steering column support construction
Steering apparatus
Aerodynamic control system and method
Bicycle saddle with a T-shaped channel
Foldable vehicle for carrying a golf bag
Bicycle on-board device and related support and mounting method
Apparatus and methods for hypersonic stochastic switch
Aircraft wheel driving system
Disc-shaped turbo-jet aircraft
Overhead accommodations for aircraft
Green waste bundling device
Tamper evident container
Devices and methods for collecting and hauling materials
Helical escalator system
Levitation air plate
Manufacturing system for processing a web
Sheet storage apparatus and image forming apparatus
Pallet return in moving walkways
Battery powered work machine, and battery powered forklift
Polymeric precursors for producing graphene nanoribbons and methods for preparing them
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method for producing silicon using microwave, and microwave reduction furnace
Method for preparation of an alane-etherate complex and alane
Water treatment control apparatus and water treatment system
Porous mullite bodies having improved thermal stability
Carbon-carbon composites including isotropic carbon encapsulating layer and methods of forming the same
Stable silicoaluminophosphate catalysts for conversion of alkyl halides to olefins
Process for making molecular sieves
Olefin oligomerization process
Method for oligomerising alkenes using the ITQ-39 zeolite
Lipophilic polyalkylenepolyamines by homogeneously catalyzed alcohol amination
Mixed metal oxide catalysts
Salt of pyrrolidin-3-yl acetic acid derivative and crystals thereof
Mono quaternary ammonium salts and methods for modulating neuronal nicotinic acetylcholine receptors
Salt of bicyclic aromatic anions for Li-ion batteries
Cyclic carbonate monomers and polymers prepared therefrom
Azaindole derivatives as multi kinase inhibitors
Processes for the preparation of pesticidal compounds
Triazolinthione derivatives
Substituted triazolopyridines and methods of use thereof
Fused heterocyclic compounds and their use
Crystalline form of (R)-7-chloro-N-(quinuclidin-3-yl)benzo[b]thiophene-2-carboxamide hydrochloride monohydrate
Substituted imidazoquinolines, imidazopyridines, and imidazonaphthyridines
Keto-imidazopyridine derivatives as RORc modulators
Pyrrolopyrrolone derivatives and their use as BET inhibitors
Hexahydropyrano[3,4-d][1,3]thiazin-2-amine compounds
Anti-inflammatory macrolides
Materials and methods for assay of anti-hepatitis C virus (HCV) antibodies
ABC terpenoid transporters and methods of using the same
Low viscosity filler composition of boron nitride particles of spherical geometry and process
Polyorganosiloxane latex, graft copolymer using the same, thermoplastic resin composition, and molded body
Rubber composition comprising a thiazoline derivative
Rubber composition comprising a thermoplastic filler and compatibilizer
Functional materials with reversible crosslinking
Use of a latently reactive adhesive film for adhesive bonding of eloxated aluminum to plastic
Etching material
Mobilization of heavy oil
Process for the recovery of bitumen from an oil sand
Selective hydrogenation catalyst and methods of making and using same
Genetically enhanced cyanobacteria for the production of a first chemical compound harbouring Zn.sup.2+, Co.sup.2+ or Ni.sup.2+ -inducible promoters
Universal bioreactors and methods of use
Compositions and methods for modulating myeloid derived suppressor cells
Metabolic gene mesenchymal signatures and uses thereof
Nucleic acid sequence segment for enhancing protein expression
Composition and methods for the production of L-homoalanine
Fungal endoglucanases, their production and use
High-throughput antibody humanization
Methods and kits using extended rhodamine dyes
7xxx series aluminum alloy member excellent in stress corrosion cracking resistance and method for manufacturing the same
Al-based alloy sputtering target and Cu-based alloy sputtering target
Fabrication system and a fabrication method of a light emitting device
Method for depositing a first metallic layer onto non-conductive polymers
Textiles; Paper
Down-proof double-layer fabric
Dust mite killing carpet
Filter device for washing machine
Steam iron and burn prevention apparatus
Chemical compounds
Fixed Constructions
Patch system and method for oil boom
Scupper door systems
Domestic-water supply and withdrawal system for a washstand and sampling valve for such a system
Urine splash guard
Building block for wall construction
Protective barrier and a method for its use
Board-free roof jack clip and method of use
Apparatus and method for cooling selected portions of swimming pool water
Handcuff apparatus
Lock assembly
Ladder security bracket and safety system
Drill pipe handling apparatus having improved pipe gripping mechanism
Rig with tong assembly with floating jaw and remote control
Hydrostatic setting tool
Intensifier ram blowout preventer
System and method for sampling assembly with outer layer of rings
Modular securing device for ROV and diver mate-able subsea applications
System and method for accessing subterranean deposits
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Turbine airfoil with an internal cooling system having trip strips with reduced pressure drop
Torsion assembly for controllably providing torque to a camshaft
Electric motor driven simple planetary cam phaser
External exhaust guiding flow chambers for multiple catalyst architecture
Aftertreatment system for internal combustion engines
Method and apparatus to recover exhaust gas recirculation coolers
Arrangement of catalyzed TEG systems
Control apparatus for optimizing the regeneration of an aftertreatment device
Charge air cooling system
Controlling fresh air and exhaust gas flow in turbocharged internal combustion engine
Compressor blade mounting arrangement
CAES plant using steam injection and bottoming cycle expander
Exhaust gas recirculation system for an internal combustion engine and method for operating same
Method and system for pre-ignition control
Semi-isothermal compression engines with separate combustors and expanders, and associated systems and methods
Replaceable thrust generating structures attached to an air vehicle
Method for plausibilizing a rail pressure sensor value
Tank venting system and method for diagnosing same
Rotary-type carburetor
Engine cold start warmup method
Wind turbine flange connection
Yawing system comprising a preload mechanism
Variable displacement swash plate type compressor
Scroll compressor with a shunt pulsation trap
Travel control valve
Anchoring sleeve
Protective guide for cables and bracket used for the protective guide
Spooling machine
Bearing configuration with two-row polygonal bearing
Centrifugal brake for overspeed protection
Disc brake for a commercial vehicle
Continuously variable transmission and an infinitely variable transmission variator drive
Method for damping vehicle drive train vibrations
Synchronizer engagement relative speed-based force profile
V-belt continuously variable transmission
Continuously variable transmission
Balancing and control valves
Wire management article
Swivel wrist mount
LED lamp and LED lighting assembly
Tubular LED lamp with flexible circuit board
Electric candle with illuminating panel
Backlight module
Retroreflective articles and devices having viscoelastic lightguide
Method for controlling NOx concentration in exhaust gas in combustion facility using pulverized coal
Automotive air conditioner and expansion valve
Heat exchanger unit
Heat exchanger for cooling charge air
Barrel and an electromagnetic projectile launching system
Multi-position stock assembly for stabilizing a stock during adjustment along a buffer tube
Universal firearm scope lens cover
Method and device for determining the absolute position of a movable body
Method and system for optical coherence tomography including obtaining at least two two-dimensional images of an object in three-dimensional space
Targeting assembly
Hybrid road network and grid based spatial-temporal indexing under missing road links
Testing apparatus for touch panel and method for using the same
Electromagnetic flow meter and magnetic excitation control method
Feeding device having a double-disk feed having a separated drive and method for operating such a feeding device
Sensor for remotely powered underwater acoustic sensor networks (RPUASN)
Method and system for characterizing light emitting devices
Vertical pressure sensitive structure
Purge/sampling system for a vessel, the corresponding vessel and cleaning method using said purge/sampling system
Sample processing system
Laser scanning microscope system
Optical apparatus and method for fluorescence measurement of analytes comprising backscattering detection
Method of producing an un-distorted dark field strain map at high spatial resolution through dark field electron holography
Security scanning device
Gold ion beam drilled nanopores modified with thiolated DNA origamis
High throughput biochemical detection using single molecule fingerprinting arrays
Chemically reactive enzyme immobilization
Method for the spectral identification of microorganisms
Device and methods for the detection of cervical disease
Loop de-coupling capsule for hosting ultra-sensitive experiments in a logging sonde
Bistable force and/or acceleration sensor
Mapping circuits
Current tests for I/O interface connectors
Inserting bypass structures at tap points to reduce latch dependency during scan testing
Reverse energy flow in solar and other power generation systems for theft detection, panel identification and diagnostic purposes
Diamond nitrogen vacancy sensor with common RF and magnetic fields generator
Method and apparatus for the detection of objects using electromagnetic wave attenuation patterns
Device and method for reading out X-ray information stored in a fluorescent storage layer
Geological medium exploration
Wing for wide tow of geophysical survey sources
Method for determining a position of a water/cement boundary between pipes in a hydrocarbon well
Energy recovery layer in an electrowetting display
Electrowetting element with photosensor
Head up display
Retroreflecting optical construction
Hollow light duct bend
Fiber optic sensing apparatus with an improved fiber-affixing device
Close-up optical scanning for a portable device
Headwear with treatment pads
Corneal remodelling contact lenses and methods of treating refractive error using corneal remodelling
Magneto-optical crystal assembly for broadband temperature stable polarization rotation
Liquid crystal display and method of manufacturing the same
Liquid crystal device and electronic apparatus including a plurality of microlenses separated by a liquid crystal layer
Exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
Patterning process and resist composition
Image forming apparatus comprising determination processing portion for detecting property information of photoconductor
Image forming apparatus forming toner image on surface layer portion of image conveying portion
Methods and systems configured to detect and guarantee identity for the purpose of data protection and access control
Head-up display
Method and apparatus for providing a regulated output voltage via a voltage regulator based on multiple voltage references
Vehicle pedal device
Electronic system in which USB device can inform occurrence of event to host device without receiving status request from host device
Chopped-fibers with axial property gradient for molded parts
Mobile terminal
Mobile terminal
Multiprocessor having runtime adjustable clock and clock dependent power supply
Latency-based power mode units for controlling power modes of processor cores, and related methods and systems
Low power idle signaling for gigabit media independent interfaces operating in legacy modes
Detecting an abnormal subsequence in a data sequence
Cloud alert to replica
Recovering data from microslices in a dispersed storage network
Data bus network interface module and method therefor
Performance and energy efficiency while using large pages
Maintaining command order of address translation cache misses and subsequent hits
Memory management method
Apparatus and method for allocating virtual memory addresses to continuous physical addresses
Memory managing apparatus and image processing apparatus
Compacting dispersed storage space
Concurrent virtual tape usage
Method for assigning addresses to memory devices
Mobile trigger web workflow
Site flow optimization
Methods and systems for preparing extensible markup language (XML) documents and for responding to XML requests
System and method for exporting data to web-based applications
Online information system with continuous scrolling and advertisements
Cross-hierarchy interconnect adjustment for power recovery
Online information system with continuous scrolling and advertisements
Dynamic bi-phrases for statistical machine translation
Resource reconciliation based on external factors
Limiting the rendering of instances of recursive elements in view output
System and method for determining query aspects at appropriate category levels
Producing visualizations of elements in works of literature
Document order management via relaxed node indexing
Repetitive data block deleting system and method
Spreadsheet data transfer objects
Reducing lock occurrences in server/database systems
Suggesting media content based on an image capture
Document classification system, document classification method, and document classification program
Presenting information for containers in search results
ETL tool interface for remote mainframes
Dynamic fault model generation for diagnostics simulation and pattern generation
Integrated circuit with power network aware metal fill
Secure and mobile biometric authentication for electronic health record management
Always-available embedded theft reaction subsystem
Gesture enabled telepresence robot and system
Dynamic tactile interface
Activating and using device with a grip switch
Input device
Multi-function touch pen and electronic device with multi-function touch pen
Touch panel and display with the same
Display device and manufacturing method thereof
Touch apparatus
Touch sensing with mobile sensors
Touch window
Sensor electrode path error diagnosis
Display device
Storage processing apparatus, computer-readable recording medium storing program for controlling storage, and storage system
Dynamic filtering in application search
Category classification processing device and method
Information-processing apparatus, method, system, computer-readable medium and method for automatically recording or recommending content
Server and method for providing survey of broadcasting program
Method and apparatus for vending a containerized liquid product utilizing an automatic self-service refill system
Compact C-multiplier
Mobile device search optimizer
Method and apparatus for performance efficient ISA virtualization using dynamic partial binary translation
Schedulers with load-store queue awareness
Automated and heuristically managed solution to quantify CPU and path length cost of instructions added, changed or removed by a service team
Context-specific view of a hierarchical data structure
Conditional stack frame allocation
Information processing apparatus and installation method
Automated compiler specialization for global optimization
Instruction set extension concealment in data centers
Network resource management system utilizing physical network identification for load balancing
Server-side failover between dedicated VNIC servers
System and process to recommend cloud service cloud configuration based on service similarity
Tasks.sub.--RCU detection of tickless user mode execution as a quiescent state
Image forming apparatus
Encoding information in multiple patterned layers
Card reader and control method of card reader
Methods and systems for automated selection of regions of an image for secondary finishing and generation of mask image of same
Autogenerating video from text
Method and system for rectifying distorted fingerprint
Image processor
Image processing using a bilateral grid
Toll image review gamification
Method and system to detect objects in multimedia using non-textural information within segmented region
Facilitating communication between event attendees based on event starting time
Systems and methods for generating lead intelligence
Tax data management and reporting system
Spatio-temporal color luminance dithering techniques
Automatic ball blower
Apparatus for assessing or mitigating insurance risk
System and method of providing wagering opportunities based on gameplay
Sinkhole detector
Locating an object based on charging/response time
Wearable device that indicates the passage of time as a tactile sensation moving across the surface of a person's skin
Modular communicator for use in life critical network
Vehicle monitoring and identification system
Mobile communication device
Visual teaching tool and method for determining the result of digit multiplication based-on diagram rotation and transition path
Data diagnostic evaluation device
Medical attachment device tracking system and method of use thereof
Systems and methods for computer-based testing
Limited view dynamic message sign for traffic information
Luminance compensation apparatus for organic light emitting diode panel
Electro-optical device and driving method of the same
Liquid crystal display device
Method of displaying an image and display apparatus performing the method
Display application and perspective views of virtual space
Protective system
Systems and methods for quantifying a sound into dynamic pitch-based graphs
Piano keyboard with key touch point detection
Electromagnetic pickup for stringed instruments
Decoding parameters for Viterbi search
Visual voice search
Sample-and-hold circuit and capacitive sensing device that includes the sample-and-hold circuit
Polymer compositions, polymer films, polymer gels, polymer foams, and electronic devices containing such films, gels and foams
Power converter in resonance power transmission system, and resonance power transmission apparatus
Highly porous separator foil
Electro-mechanical energy harvesting switch
Keyboard equipped with multipoint press positions
Three phase vacuum interrupter switch for high voltage distribution systems
Slot motor, slot motor cover, slot motor--arc plate assembly, and methods of operation
Radiation generating apparatus and radiation imaging apparatus
Optimized HID arc tube geometry
Fabricating method for high voltage semiconductor power switching device
Complex compounds having tetradentate ligands and the use thereof in the opto-electronic field
Method and apparatus for forming metal oxide film
Co-fabrication of non-planar semiconductor devices having different threshold voltages
Tone inverted directed self-assembly (DSA) fin patterning
Trench formation with CD less than 10nm for replacement fin growth
Methods for fabricating integrated circuits including back-end-of-the-line interconnect structures
Methods to reduce debonding forces on flexible semiconductor films disposed on vapor-releasing adhesives
Fabrication of III-V-on-insulator platforms for semiconductor devices
Wiring bond pad structures
Strain detection structures for bonded wafers and chips
Method and system for thermomechanically decoupling heatsink
Semiconductor device
Tungsten separation
Fingerprint identification device
Semiconductor device and forming method
Post growth defect reduction for heteroepitaxial materials
Asymmetric III-V MOSFET on silicon substrate
Lateral bipolar junction transistors on a silicon-on-insulator substrate with a thin device layer thickness
Method for improved fin profile
High transmittance thin film solar panel
Glass unit
Solar cell apparatus and method of fabricating the same
Method and apparatus for fabricating light emitting apparatus
Systems, methods and/or devices for providing LED lighting
Doped metal-insulator-transition latch circuitry
Wireless power transmitter for supporting multiple charging schemes
Storage module and method for manufacturing storage module
Magnetic pulse welding in medical power manufacturing
3V class spinel complex oxides as cathode active materials for lithium secondary batteries, method for preparing the same by carbonate coprecipitation, and lithium secondary batteries using the same
Aqueous metal surface treatment agent for lithium ion secondary battery
Direct liquid fuel cell having ammonia borane or derivatives thereof as fuel
Fuel cell system and operation method thereof
On-chip vertical three dimensional microstrip line with characteristic impedance tuning technique and design structures
Electrical plug connector with plug-in connection and cable outlet member
Coaxial alignment instrument adapter
Electrical tongue connector with good shielding and improved contact performance
Electronic device comprising an electronic connector and a flexible printed circuit
Electric lamp with pin safety arrangement
Tool-less coaxial cable connector
Current amplification to improve optical amplifier performance
System for inserting and removing cables
Electronic device and motherboard and protecting circuit of electronic device
Method and apparatus for protecting an intermediate circuit capacitor in a power converter
Solar-powered lighting device and charging system
In-vehicle-mounted charging device
Horizontal linear vibrator
Planar motor and processing apparatus and using the same
Circulating dielectric oil cooling system for canned bearings and canned electronics
Electric storage device for vehicle deployment
Method and device for suppressing high-voltage electricity
Communication method, communication system, and magnetic resonance apparatus
Stable differential crystal oscillator with active super diodes
PLL circuit and control method thereof
Filter for data rate conversion using feedback with a different frequency
Package-aware state-based leakage power reduction
Reconfigurable integrated circuit device
De-glitch circuit and de-glitch method and short circuit protection device
CMOS image sensor with sigma-delta type analog-to-digital conversion
Method and device for displaying supplemental information while rendering a playlist
Receiving apparatus that receives packet signal
Communication device and display incorporating antennas between display pixels
Protective implement for electronic devices
Protective case capable of enhancing light prompting effect and manufacturing method for same
Apparatus and method for detecting optical line fault in passive optical network
Method and system for determining and controlling power of optical transmitter of optical network unit for time and wavelength division multiplexing passive optical network
Interconnection apparatus and method using terahertz waves
Upstream (US) transient impairment localization and detection within communication systems
Wireless communication device, wireless communication system, and transmission-data control method
Base station and cell assignment method
Two-dimensional (2D) burst marker (BM) to identify data start and stop
Data frame generation circuit and data frame generation method
Hybrid orthogonal/non-orthogonal multiple access for radio signal transmission and reception
Adaptive demodulation method and apparatus using an artificial neural network to improve data recovery in high speed channels
Two-dimensional (2D) decision feedback equalizer (DFE) slicer within communication systems
Image processing apparatus and control method thereof
Transmitting terminal, receiving terminal, ID numbering device, and key transmission method
System interconnect dynamic scaling handshake using spare bit-lane
Multi-dimensional encryption
Method and apparatus for providing end-to-end security for distributed computations
Power supply apparatus, method of controlling power supply, and base station apparatus
Phone case capable of measuring distance to object
Scanning-type projection device
Distributed database management system
Prediction of a focal plane with progressive through-focus scans
Intrusion detection
Selectively addressing transponders
System and method for providing wireless control on an electronic device
Methods and an apparatus for carrier aggregation
Insulated metal substrate
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Dispenser of substances for agricultural uses
Method and apparatus for harvesting crops wherein crops are cleaned at remote site
Bale processor
Irrigation system and method
Upstream engaging fluid switch for serial conveying
Collection device
Unit for the transfer and distribution of a liquid and method of manufacturing the same
Game call
Apparatus for encrusting a filling material
Manual cookie press
Nozzle arrangement, nozzle holder and device for extruding dough materials
Nighttime glove
Disposable glove for a glove donning system
Head restraint for a passenger of a vehicle
Handheld personal aid
Ergonomic wax pen
Bite valve
Mascara product sampler
Device for assembling separable toothbrush elements
Supporting structures of modular furniture
Decorative, adjustable, protective, cover frame for electronic equipment and furniture
Attachment of furniture safety cushion via elastomeric carrier loop
Ergonomic chair
Chair, in particular office chair
Preloaded spring arrangement, in particular for spring loading office chair synchronizing mechanisms
Chair cover
Slipcover wrapping technique
Slide rail-type metal foldable chair
Chair backrest
Adjustable non-biased positioning mechanism
Saddle seat for chair or stool
Child-carrying and diaper changing cart
Mailbox signal device
Device for hanging objects on a vertical support
Juice blender
Hygiene device
Endoscope fill bar
Passage-travelling device
Dual action aspiration biopsy needle
Dispenser for mixing then dispensing multiple components
Cam action vertebral spreader
Surgical apparatus and method
Devices and methods for performing vascular anastomosis
Vascular bypass grafting instrument and method
Methods for bypassing total or near-total obstructions in arteries or other anatomical conduits
Methods, systems, and kits for lung volume reduction
Intraluminal catheter with expandable tubular open-walled element
Systems and methods for delivering agents into targeted tissue of a living being
Forceps for dissecting free tissue in body cavities
Needle design and manufacturing method for medical applications
Bridging/non-bridging external bone fixator
Bone alignment and fixation device and installation method, using bowed strut attachment structure
Spinal osteosynthesis device
Three-hooked device for fixing spinal column
Non-metal spacers for intramedullary nail
Slaphammer tool
Cryo-temperature monitoring
Ablation methods and medical apparatus using same
Glove dispenser
Differential spectroscopic imaging of the human retina
Method and system for the detection of heart disease
System and method for controlling in vivo camera capture and display rate
Apparatus and method for monitoring respiration with a pulse oximeter
System and method for the measurement of cardiac output
Breathing apparatus and method for operation thereof for examining pulmonary mechanics of a respiratory system
Measurement of pain
Method and apparatus for fetal audio stimulation
Cooling device and computed tomography apparatus employing same
Pharyngometer with detachable wavetube
Imaging ultrasound transducer temperature control system and method using feedback
Diagnostic ultrasound system cart with laterally articulating control panel
Adjustable flow probe
Ultrasound array transducer for catheter use
Ultrasonic probe
Scanning probe
Apparatus and method for the processing of solid materials, including hard tissues
Curing system
Orthodontic appliance with contoured retaining guide
Dental magnetic attachment
Disposable absorbent articles with reduced occlusion tendency
Master package
Urinary incontinence treatment apparatus
Blood vessel graft and graft introducer
Longitudinally flexible stent
Self-expanding stent with enhanced delivery precision and stent delivery system
Channeled vascular stent apparatus and method
Vascular inducing implants
Stent-graft-membrane and method of making the same
Biodegradable surgical implants
Stent and catheter assembly and method for treating bifurcations
Percutaneous mitral annuloplasty with hemodynamic monitoring
Method of bone cement preparation
Shoulder brace, and methods of use
Switch-style drain assembly for urine collection container
Ostomy pouches
Ostomy bag with coupling
Inflatable thermal blanket
Open core heat exchange catheter, system and method
Infant thermal support device
Device for upper extremity elevation
Vertical support for crutches
Modular CPR assist device
Air bubble massage bathtub mat system
Connector with a coupling system and a port system
Discharging container with a filter and a bottle stopper for use in the container
Infant nipple attachment
Platelet gel manufacturer for use in a closed corporeal circuit
Low shrinkage dental composite
Compositions and kits for compounding pharmaceuticals
Stent treatment apparatus and method
Device for driving blood pumps
Cardiac assist method and apparatus
Apparatus and methods for entering cavities of the body
System for determining blood flow rate in a vessel using diverted flow measurements
Blood processing systems and methods that employ an in-line leukofilter mounted in a restraining fixture
Brain fluid ion concentration modification for treating neurological disorders
Manometer CO2 detector combination
Intravascular catheter with multiple axial fibers
Short catheter
Nosebleed lip pack
Ambulatory IV dolly
Valve for intravenous-line flow-control system
Flow control system and valve for controlling a fluid flow
Arrangement in electronically controlled injection devices
Method, device and catheter for in vivo determining blood properties such as blood viscosity
Illuminator for photodynamic therapy and diagnosis which produces substantially uniform intensity visible light
Brachytherapy needle with impedance measurement apparatus and methods of use
Implant with cavities containing therapeutic agents
Brachytherapy systems and methods
Apparatus for slowly and safely descending from a high-rise building
Foot exercise device
Exercise apparatus
Handy weight for exercising
Weightbench dumbbell support apparatus
Leg exercise machine comprising two footrests capable of horizontal and vertical motions at the same time
Stepping exerciser having simplified support
Aquatic propulsion device
Golf ball dimples
Two piece distance golf ball
Metal base ball bat
Iron golf club and golf club set
Grip sleeve for golf club shaft
Golf hole insert
Measurement of the coefficient of restitution of a golf club
Racquet sport game and shuttlecock for use therewith
Climbing rocks with full outer grip
Sports game system
Golf putt training apparatus
Ski pole handle
Sporting rod member using solid road
Auxiliary skis
Template assembly and method for marking field lines on a football playing surface
Tool free system for adjusting the mounting location of an engagement member
Wheel-chair accessible billiard table
Multi-format poker game
Stock simulation engine for an options trading game
Game display method, recording medium, and game display apparatus
Electronic gaming method using coded input data
Method of displaying message in an interactive computer process during the times of heightened user interest
Poker combined with craps
Method of playing game and gaming device comprising a primary gaming unit and a pinball-type game
Puzzle device and method of using
Inflatable recreational device
Flying disc
Soft-bodied drink and wet doll
Performing Operations; Transporting
Supernatant liquid collector with balance weight forming function and centrifugal apparatus using the same
Assembly and method for separating gas from flowing liquids
Method and device for joining screens
Self-supporting pleated filter
Combined system for removing contaminants from gas effluents
Regenerative carbon dioxide (CO2) removal system
Process of removing carbon dioxide from a chlor/alkali plant tail gas stream
Pressure swing adsorption process with controlled internal depressurization flow
Gas separation membrane and method of producing the same
Adsorbent for moisture removal from fluorine-containing fluids
Adapters for mounting containers on a shaker
Thermokinetic mixer and method of using
Moving aerator for immersed membranes
Flotation machine and method for improving flotation effect
Mixing device for mixing liquid, flowable or powdery materials
Vapor lead-through system for a rotary evaporator, and a rotary evaporator
Separation device for unburned carbon in fly ash and separation method
Pump and grinder assembly for use with a steam producing device
Magnetically fastenable magnetic wedge separator
Electrode self-cleaning mechanism for electro-kinetic air transporter conditioner devices
System and method for quick disconnect centrifuge unit
Fluidic nozzle
Dispenser for flowable media
Headlamp cleaner and injection control method
Paint atomizer bell with ionization ring
Foam water delivery port
HVLP spray gun
Two-fluid cleaning jet nozzle, cleaning equipment and method of fabricating semiconductor device employing the same
Multiple function dispenser
Non-chemical aerosol dispenser
Apparatus and method for development
"S" shaped cast in wire
Rotatable cutting tool
Pipe beveller tool
Cutting tool and cutting insert therefor
Die bonding apparatus
Method and apparatus for machine tooling, such as friction stir welder
Method for forming sputter target assemblies
Method of making a mold for patterned surface articles
Device for the beam guiding of a laser beam
Method for producing weld points on a substrate and guide for implementing said method
Method and apparatus for applying solder to an element on a substrate
Method for forming solder connections on a circuitized substrate
Coded and electronically tagged welding wire
Method for production of heat exchanger
Turbine blade or vane and process for producing a turbine blade or vane
Compound machining device and friction stir bonding method
Friction stir welding method
Break away barrier and method for using same
Auto feed system for compressed propellant tools and pressure compensating valve therefore
Sharpener assembly for a food slicer and related method
Holder for flat workpieces, particularly semiconductor wafers
Processing jig
Apparatus for aligning a surface of an active retainer ring with a wafer surface for chemical mechanical polishing
Chemical mechanical polishing endpoinat detection
Method and apparatus for monitoring a polishing condition of a surface of a wafer in a polishing process
Apparatus for producing polishing solution and apparatus for feeding the same
Width adjustable sharpener
Method and apparatus for uniformly planarizing a microelectronic substrate
Clamping device for the removably fastening a part upon a shaft
Dual-grinding method for bar blades and grinding disc for carrying out said method
Any angle magnetic welding clamp assembly
Adjustable C-clamp
Supply mechanism and nail magazine for connected nails in nailing machine
Setting tool for fastening elements
Kit and case for storing and transporting a concrete finishing tool
Automotive tool tray and support assembly
Robot blade for semiconductor processing equipment
Clamp pieces for lower frame assembly of blanking tool
Rotary cutting bit with material-deflecting ledge
Eyeglass lens forming apparatus with sensor
Movable vacuum forming apparatus for pressing and vacuum press apparatus
Molding apparatus
Composite ferrule of connector for optical fibers, and method of manufacturing the same
Movement apparatus for the injection assembly of a moulding machine for plastics
Nozzle cap
Self-contained frameless rotating mold support
Hydraulic press apparatus with improved control of the oleo-dynamic circuit thereof
Extruder driving apparatus
Intermeshing element mixer
Multi-parison/dual cavity wheel blowmolds
Heat bonding method and heat bonding device
Plastic encapsulation of optoelectronic devices for optical coupling
Device for infeeding a web
Inkjet recording apparatus
Scanning printing apparatus and printing method used therein
Ink ejection device and driving method therefor
Measuring pen-to-paper spacing
Liquid ejection method and liquid ejection head therefor
Ink-jet head, method of manufacture thereof, and ink-jet printer
Recording liquid feed path, recording liquid container, and recording liquid feed device having same, as well as surface modifying method for the recording liquid feed device
Ink cartridge in which ink supply bag held fast to housing
Load and feed apparatus for solid ink
Printing device
Ink jet recording method, ink jet recording device, image processing method, program, and storage medium
Thermal printer method of operation for compact disks and other media
Print control device and method of printing using the device
Adapter for mailpiece preparation assembly
Method and apparatus for direct printing on a lenticular foil
Tape-shaped label printing device
Method of printing and layered intermediate used in inkjet printing
Ink jet recording medium
Method and apparatus for making booklets
Hand-held vessel
Anti-friction bearing interposable at the crossing-over point between two spokes of a bicycle wheel
Tire with fluorescent tread and tread wear indicators
Bumper with hitch
Coupling system and method of use thereof
Ball hitch
Hangers for trailer heights adjustment
Heavy duty vehicle frame
Self-leveling dual spring rate strut
Transverse strut for a twist-beam axle of a motor vehicle
Ventilation system for a bus
Hot air purge system
Device for determining the temperature in the interior of a vehicle
Method for circulating an air flow in a passenger compartment by soft diffusion and device therefor
Opening and closing device for pull-cable type sunroof
Cover for golf cart
Front-end structure of a vehicle
Double-isolated, symmetric, high-damped mount system
Vehicular power-transmission control system
System for a hybrid vehicle; hybrid vehicle operated by the system and device for power
Vehicle powered by a battery
Electrical connection module for use on a vehicle
System and method for braking an electric drive vehicle on a low Mu surface
Vehicle seat assembly
Bar actuator for retractable headrest
Vehicle seat assembly with energy managing member
Seat frame structure and method for forming
Instrument panel and center stack assembly
Cup holder for an automobile
Rope tension device
Device for automatic correction of the orientation of a motor-vehicle headlamp in elevation
Automotive warning light
Vehicle accessory-mounting assembly
Structure mounting roof molding on vehicle
Detachable attachment clamp, in particular for electric wire harnesses on vehicles
Bumper for a vehicle
Extendible bumper system and method of control
Gas generator
Lighted exterior mirror system
Automobile seat belt structure and assist apparatus thereof
Rearward displacement prevention mechanism for vehicle control pedals
Retractable tethering device for curtain airbag
Rear tether retractor for an inflatable cushion
Passenger side module with two airbags
Air bag device
Offset mounting system for assembling driver side airbag modules
Airbag door and method for making same
Airbag retainer
Leak detection enhancing insert for an airbag inflator assembly
Soft-start piston actuator
Assembly including illuminated step pad
Auto-locking end cap
Loading system for the cargo space of a motor vehicle
All-terrain vehicle ladder support bracket
Vehicle motion control device with throttle opening amount adjustment
Control command modification to minimize saturation effects for controlled force application
Automatic set and release hand brake pneumatic circuit design II/automatic application function
Brake by wire system with BTSI based vehicle operation control
Hydraulic brake system for vehicles
Unidirectional stability choke for a brake control valve
Method and apparatus for an anti-spin regulation (ASR) for a vehicle
Method and device for rugulating the braking moment of a braking force regulator on at least one wheel of a motor vehicle
Center beam car with deep upper beam structure
Railcar anchor and load snugger arrangement
Durable medical equipment hand truck
Utility cart
Method and device for transporting a container having a threaded fitting
Ladder dolly
Drive-by-wire steering systems having steering wheel return mechanism
Vehicle body structure
Orifice sealing physical barrier
Bulkhead locking construction
Supporting structure of an operator cab for a work machine
Electric power steering apparatus
Tracked compact utility loader
Elastic crawler and method of producing the same
Core bar of elastic body track shoe
Land vehicle with lever steering
Simplified training wheel-to-frame mounting assembly bicycle
Motorcycle with window screen structure
Steering damper system
Indicator for a bicycle suspension system for indicating travel of the suspension system
Hand-powered vehicle
Manpower-driven cycle with rower mechanism
Snow vehicle
Simplified pedal-to-crank mounting assembly cycle
Device at a system for handling cargo
Inflating device for balancing jackets for diving activities equipped with horseshoe-shaped inflatable chamber
Large capacity boat lift
Spot marker buoy
Internal combustion engine control unit for jet propulsion type watercraft
Engine control for watercraft
Variable size blended wing body aircraft
Modular integrated self-contained cargo deployment/retrieval system
Simplified buoyancy system for avoiding aircraft crashes
Floatation system including life raft
Composite flapping flexure
Air vehicle
Aircraft spiralling mechanism
Mounting arrangement for a gas turbine engine
Variable spacer for a separation system of a launch vehicle
Paintball container tube loading stand
Gripping means for handling blood plasma containers
Method and device for unpacking a stack in a sleeve
Solar powered lighted mailbox
Plastic container with snap lid and a sealing web located on the inside of the container
Stackable and nestable container
Extendable basket and kit
Indicia for containers
Security envelope detectable for foreign substances
Packaged supply of individual doses of a personal care product
Closet storage device
Closure arrangement with tear guide for allowing access to zipper flanges in a package
Carton with finger holes
Container consisting of a plurality of plates
Child-proof package for pharmaceutical products
Gas storage and delivery system for pressurized containers
Actuator and tube overcap assembly
Material activator for material dispensing bin
Automatic refuse container latch
Rear-load transfer system
Crossover conveyor chain device
Drive and tensioning station of a chain scraper conveyor
Sediment control system for fluid containment basins
Pneumatic conveying
Method of pneumatically conveying non-free flowing paste
Paper cassette, printer for use with paper cassette, and paper supplying method
Method of winding sheet web coated with pressure-sensitive adhesive
Turning bar assembly for use with a moving web
Bank-note processing device
Supply device for a machine working cardboard sheets
Paper feeder
Paper feeding apparatus and image forming apparatus
Sheet-like object sorter, and discharged paper processing device for image-forming apparatus employing the same
Device for gathering flat articles into stacks and for further processing the stacks
Booklet-forming machine and method
Jaw cylinder in jaw folder
Transverse folding apparatus
Method and apparatus for creasing a product folded along a fold line
Unitary hose support
Adjustable coarse alignment tooling for packaged semiconductor devices
Group controlled elevator control system for controlling a plurality of elevators
Easy open device for beverage cans
Beverage dispenser
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method for reducing trace impurities from a reactive fluid using preconditioned ultra-low emission carbon material
Method for cutting a glass duct, such as a gas chromatography column, a glass fiber, and the like, and device for practicing this method
Roll retainer and fiber chopper
Method for the production of a unique soil adjuvant for horticultural and agronomic use
Water base pigment ink for ink-jet recording and recording apparatus
Method and apparatus for two-step barrier layer polishing
Method for making a novelty candle
Roller for metal strip transfer in a continuous annealing furnace
Textiles; Paper
Tiltable web former support
System and method for authenticating manufactured articles provided with magnetic marking and method for marking such articles
Fixed Constructions
Method and apparatus for a railroad crosstie made from used tires
Moveable tailpiece for attachment to a curb forming machine for producing low curb profiles
Method of forming, installing and a system for attaching a pre-fabricated pavement slab to a subbase and the pre-fabricated pavement slab so formed
Temporary raised pavement marker (TRPM) applicator machine for automatically applying pavement markers to road surfaces
Double-cross barricade
Tactile indicators for the visually impaired and method of installation thereof
Modular fiber log erosion and sediment control barrier
Method of constructing the foundation and support structure for elevated transportation systems
Grooved retaining wall block and system
Method and device for detaching or cutting out an embedded manhole frame
Implement coupling assembly
Fixing element adapted to be manually pushed into position for fixing insulating strips or plates on a solid substructure
Apparatus for screeding concrete and other materials
Wall mount bracket for well tanks
One-man, light-pole erecting and lowering apparatus
Lattice insert
Water-resistant slam-latch
Door latch mechanism and associated components for a self-cleaning oven
Cover-locking device for optical disk drive
Sliding door handle having an integral push button locking mechanism
Window and sliding glass door having push button locking mechanism
Door grip arrangement for a vehicle door
Linear connector of plastic material for joining hollow spacing profiles and hollow bar profiles of multiple insulating glasses
Extending ladder and associated manufacturing methods
Ball valve
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Rotary machine with reduced axial thrust loads
Seal assemblies
Turbocharger bearing lubrication system
Three dimensional blade
Stator of a variable-geometry axial turbine for aeronautical applications
Cambered vane for use in turbochargers
Ceramic matrix composite gas turbine vane
Aerofoil for an axial flow turbomachine
Turbine housing for high exhaust temperature
Easily controlled exhaust pipe
Microwave regenerated diesel particulate trap
Air valve mechanism for two-cycle engine
Carburetor valve assembly
Hysteresis reduction in an exhaust gas recirculation valve
Modular fuel injector having a surface treatment on an impact surface of an electromagnetic actuator and having an integral filter and dynamic adjustment assembly
Nozzles suitable for use with fluid injectors
Supersonic injector for gaseous fuel engine
Fuel injector producing non-symmetrical conical fuel distribution
Variable displacement pump
Electric oil pump control device
Recess on tip of hybrid scroll compressor wrap to compensate for uneven thermal expansion
Scroll-type fluid machine having an outer chamber and an inner chamber
Gear and a fluid machine with a pair of gears
Diagnostic system for a compressor
Scroll compressor having a deflectable bearing housing for shaft alignment
Pitot tube insert
Apparatus and method for controlling a pump system
Method and apparatus of detecting low flow/cavitation in a centrifugal pump
High-speed turbo pump
Vacuum pumps
Bi-directional incoming air flow fan
Inflation/deflation device having spring biased value
Vacuum pump
Two-piece safety mechanism for ceiling fans
Impeller shaft assembly system
Toggling fastening device
Fastener collation strip and debris exhaust mechanism
Adapter for hanger bolts
Clamp and fixing method for tubular object
Spring fastener of highly improved pulling force
Retail store information display device
Girt or purlin retainer and method of using same
Retaining element for cap screws
Pressure roller for fixing device
Bearing structure
Rolling bearing unit
Linear motion guide unit with separator between any two adjoining rollers
Tapered roller bearing
Fastening cage segment ends for sheet-metal cage for rolling-contact bearings
Angular contact ball bearing and spindle device
Constant velocity ball joint as a counter track joint
Constant velocity fixed ball joint as a counter track joint
Floating caliper for a disk brake, and disk brake
Fluid-filled vibration-damping device and method of controlling the same
Smart isolation mounts with continuous structural elements featuring vibration energy management
Continuously variable transmission
Family of multi-speed transmission mechanisms having two input clutches
Family of multi-speed transmission mechanisms with three input clutches and three planetary gearsets
Family of multi-speed transmission mechanisms having three planetary gear sets and five torque-transmitting mechanisms
Family of multi-speed transmission mechanisms having three planetary gearsets and five torque-transmitting mechanisms
Vehicle transmission with progressive stepping
Transfer case with tubular output shaft
Engine restart and vehicle start control apparatus in transmission unit
Method for applying a projection to a metal layer of a cylinder-head gasket, and cylinder-head gasket
Spiral wound cylinder head gasket
Seal assemblies
Mechanical sealing device
Valve seat
Annular sealing device having a positive stop means for use in a valve member
Endoscope stopcock with a detent device
Stabilizer elbow lock
Ring seal and retainer assembly
Method and apparatus for assembling couplings for transferring fluids
Quick coupling ball-and-socket joint for pipes
Flexible slide joint
Sway brace fitting
Tubular member coupling device
Coupling housing and quick-connect coupling for hoses and pipes in motor vehicles in the form of a composite structure
Device for connecting a branch pipe on a fluid-transporting piping system
Quick connector with automatic release
Device and method for ducts sealing
Process for sealing or reducing holes, and connecting holes with a tube end
Mounting bracket
Stand, in particular for surgical microscopes
Camera gimbal
Security buckle for harnessing display sets
Apparatus for mounting a receiver mast and associated method
Regulated pump
Incandescent lamp for motor vehicle headlamps
Anti-slip fluorescent electronic energy-saving lamp
LED bulb
Vehicle headlamp unit and vehicle headlight with the headlamp unit
Extendible assembly-type lamp shade structure
Projection-type vehicular headlamp having reduced dazzling effect
Exploding-like firework light
Dual mode switch mechanism for flashlights
Luminaire having a mock light source for improved source brightness control and method
Light diffusion sheet and backlight unit using the same
Candle holder and a method of securing a candle
LED nightlight
Top light source device
Display device
Plane-like lighting units and display equipment provided therewith
Catalytic combuster
Split damper housing
Substrate holder with deep annular groove to prevent edge heat loss
Cooling tower support grid
Method for facilitating firearms training via the internet
Dart board
Housing for intrinsically-safe electronics
Thermogravimetry apparatus
Radiation thermometer and radiation sensor with several sensor elements, method for determining temperature
Apparatus for calibration of temperature sensors
Locking system and method for rotary closure assembly
Spectroscopic measurement of the chemical constituents of a CMP slurry
System and method for electronically altering ultrasound scan line origin for a three-dimensional ultrasound system
Capillary column sealing technique
Contact pin module and testing device provided with the same
Biplane ultrasonic imaging
Ultrasonic receiving apparatus and ultrasonic receiving method
Dual mode data imaging product
Resistant surface reflector
Plug portion for an optical plug connection
Connector mounting with pass-through slot and diverging angle facet
Thermally and mechanically stable low-cost high thermal conductivity structure for single-mode fiber coupling to laser diode
Connector assembly with multi-part housing
Optical unit with increased reliability
Cable guiding fins
Lens securing device for a pair of eyeglasses
Three-way eyeglasses retainer
Method of assembling an interchangeable lens eyeglass system with bifocal segment
Progressive addition lenses
Method for the manufacture of a spectacle lens, spectacle lens and spectacle lens family
Composite ophthalmic lens and method for obtaining same
Eyeglasses and method of making same for the treatment of low-vision
Multifocal contact lens and method of making the same
Methods for designing multifocal ophthalmic lenses
Apparatus and method for avoiding ocular muscular fatigue
Scrolling color sequential illumination system
Flash unit for a camera
Lightbank with releasable support rod mounts
Light source device and projection type display capable of enclosing fragment herein in case of burst of discharge lamp during lighting
Reduction of moire effect in pixelated rear-projection displays
Focal-plane shutter for camera
Flow rate regulator to reduce variation in temperature of water drawn from a mixing device
Cooling fan controller and liquid crystal projector
Flow rate control valve
Fitting structure for knobs
Detachable hand-held computer handle
Personal digital assistant with a foldable memory card adapter
Printing system, printing method, and ink tank
Printer controlling device, printer controlling method, and computer product
Method for invisible embedded data using yellow glyphs
Reader for a high information capacity SAW identification tag and method of use thereof
Data carrier having a communication resonant circuit and having means for changing the resonant frequency of this resonant circuit in either sense
Voice annotations for smart cards
High speed scanning arrangements
Reflection cowl for a bar-code scanner
Apparatus and method for reading indicia using charge coupled device and scanning laser beam technology
Method and apparatus for rapid and precision detection of omnidirectional postnet barcode location
Automated unmanned rental system and method
Shape-adaptive projector system
Method and system for representing chemical structural formulae
Size adjustable coin escalator for use in gaming apparatus
Tube for holding coins
Premium arcade game machine and the gaming method thereof
Method and apparatus for aggregating gaming event participation
Player identification using biometric data in a gaming environment
Service providing method
Multiple-use smart card with security features and method
Method and device for the production of security elements for electronic article surveillance and corresponding security element
Electronic keyboard instructor
Quick exchange infinity mirror display apparatus and method
Electric connecting elements for piezoelectric plates
Magnetic tape unit
Write protect switch for card connector
Shipping and/or display package for disc and method for manufacturing same
Circuit configuration and method for authenticating the content of a memory area
Plug-in module, carrier plate and relay arrangement
System for installation, maintenance and removal of minienvironment components
Apparatus and method for filling high aspect ratio via holes in electronic substrates
Printed-circuit board connector
Shielding connector
Female connectors for use with male electrodes
Clasper for a signal connector
Insulator coring and contact configuration to prevent pin stubbing in the throat of tuning fork socket connector contacts
Modular connector assembly
Electrical connector with positioning members
Waterproof connector
Electrical plug connector
Card connector device having daughter board retainer
Electrical connector with conductive plastic features
Communication equipment shelf system and shielded cable assembly for use in same
Connector assembly
Electrical connector
Aircraft high performance external fixed and ground supply free plug connectors and its assembly
Towing connector
Multi directional swiveling outlet adaptor
Die for waterproof molding
Fitting with improved continuity
Coupler for cable trough
Cable retainer for sided structure
Winding cores with stratification motion
Spherical mounting system for three axis adjustment of light projector assembly in a projection television
Temporary surveillance system
Temporary surveillance system
Optical device for projection system
Vertical cable management ring with pivotable section
Display enclosure having thin speaker
Apparatus and method for shielding a circuit from electromagnetic interference
System and method for connecting a power converter to a land grid array socket
Pluggable planar board
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