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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Restricted access animal feeder utilizing physical means of restriction
Self contained popcorn popper
Tobacco substitute products
Clothing with elastically extendable region
Recycled bicycle tire foxing tape for footwear and method of making footwear
Unit and method for decorating nails
Drip containing container with tear-away wiper element
Chair stabilizer and method of use
Cushion body, seat, and method of manufacturing the same
Sofa protector and bedding substitute
Cup holder
Grab bar assembly for shower and the like
Dust collector having dust bag-expanding function
Device for transferring a cradle for use with a medical imaging equipment
Synthetic biometric article and method for use of same
Apparatus and method for canting a skier
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method of making an ice dispense agitator
Protected alloy surfaces in microchannel apparatus and catalysts, alumina supported catalysts, catalyst intermediates, and methods of forming catalysts and microchannel apparatus
Masking system for the masking of a crank chamber of an internal combustion engine
Arrangement for cooling a roll
Method for performing vehicle maintenance and repair
Method and system for assembly of lighting fixtures
Door converter assembly for storage containers
Method for producing a functionally gradient component
Portable cutting machine
Method of making optics element
Cutting/chopping board including operator safety means
Vibratory and impact connector for a power tool
Longitudinal seam-structure assembly of aircraft fuselage
Nailing depth adjustable device for a nail gun
System for a multiple track profile wrapping machine
Label application assembly comprising safety means
Electrically conductive pressure roll surfaces for phase-change ink-jet printer for direct on paper printing
Printer having nested media trays
Method for driving a liquid droplet ejecting head and liquid droplet ejecting device
Manufacturing method for piezoelectric body, piezoelectric element, and liquid discharge head
Liquid ejection head and image forming apparatus
Solid ink stick with coded markings and method and apparatus for reading markings
Ink jet recording head, ink jet cartridge with ink jet recording head, and ink jet recording apparatus
Systems and methods for printing multi-layer documents
Recording system having a plurality of controllers arranged respectively for a plurality of recording heads
Method of detecting residual quantity of ink
Theft deterrent shield for electronic device
Pneumatic tire with tread having chamfer located in notch
Motorcycle tire for off-road traveling
Smooth unlatch system and method
Industrial truck with a preassembled axle assembly
Vehicle cargo arrangement
Extendable stabilizer for airbag
Wiper system
Disc golf equipment cart
Non-translating telescopic rake pivot for steering column assembly
Scalable two-piece reinforcement and method for producing same
Excavating machine
Aircraft structure including composite beam and composite panel with metal foil therebetween
Method of controlling an aircraft in flight, especially to reduce wake vortices
System and method for a flyable and roadable vehicle
Multipurpose funnel system
Sterile de-molding apparatus and method
Test unit and method for testing whether a sterilizing packaging unit is effective against recontamination, and container packaging suitable for applying said method
Apparatus for applying indicia to a curved surface
Cup cover
Valve for a recloseable container
Child-resistant package
Structure for air-packing device
Plastic tank for liquids
Pneumatic carrier
Strap dispenser apparatus
Printer with reversible air flow sheet picker
Breakdown reel
Lifting device
Cosmetic receptacle
Device with a quick release mechanism and methods of releasing and re-connecting
Ice bucket dispenser apparatus
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method of rapidly determining the MFR in the high-pressure polymerization ethylene
Textiles; Paper
Knitting needle with ergonomic configuration
Crochet hook with ergonomic configuration
Fixed Constructions
Support structure for a soft ground
Burner for paving apparatus
Energy storage bridge
Method for securing a building structure
Convertible hard side shelter
Footer cleat for insulating concrete form
Service line distribution base
Molded support beam
Standing seam roof assembly
Roof structure with snow guard and method of installing
Connecting structure for steel frame columns and steel frame girders
Intrusion-prevention enclosure
Cylinder lock
Automatic forward movement mechanism, sliding door mechanism, and drawer mechanism
Hinge device
Leverage-type hinge and portable electronic device
Progressive cavity pump (PCP) drive head stuffing box with split seal
Pipeline pig storage rack apparatus
Methods and devices for forming a wellbore with casing
Providing a cleaning tool having a coiled tubing and an electrical pump assembly for cleaning a well
Method for terminating or reducing water flow in a subterranean formation
Pneumatic line deicing system
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Systems and methods for energy storage and recovery using rapid isothermal gas expansion and compression
Method of variable valve timing in an internal combustion engine
Intake port of internal combustion engine
Gas turbine combustion chamber wall with dampening effect on combustion chamber vibrations
Segmented annular combustor
IGCC design and operation for maximum plant output and minimum heat rate
Method of and power plant for generating power by oxyfuel combustion
Auxiliary fluid source for an EGR purge system
Insulated support for electric conductors, finger grip, and method of making same
Oil-lubricated roller bearing assembly
Overrunning bi-directional clutch with controlled locking
Rotation transmission device
System and method for magnetorheological-fluid damping utilizing porous media
Adjustable compliant mechanism
Control apparatus and method for shift-position changing mechanism
Jet-mixing method and jet-mixing apparatus
Purge gas unit and purge gas supply integrated unit
Portable gas powered internal combustion engine arrangement
Adjustable lectern system
Lubrication system for pin connections
Shade for a recessed light fixture
Heat dissipating device for LED light-emitting module
Light-emitting diode lamp
Illumination device
Air intake apparatus
Humidity control system
Power management system for integrated transport refrigeration unit
Modular refrigeration unit and process for assembling a modular refrigeration unit to a cabinet of a refrigeration appliance
Thermal capacitor
Pouch for carrying temperature-sensitive products
Method and apparatus for drying bulk material, especially bark, sawdust, pretreated sludge or a mixture thereof
Heat pipe with hydrophilic layer and/or protective layer
Asymmetric firearm silencer with coaxial elements
Head for a gun support
Cavity-running projectile having a telescoping nose
Vehicle dimensional measuring system
Probe apparatus for measuring an electron state on a sample surface
Measuring liquid flow rate from a nozzle
Ergonomic pneumatic calibration power
Devices for obtaining cylinder samples of natural gas or process gas, and methods therefore
Semiconductor wiring substrate, semiconductor device, method for testing semiconductor device, and method for mounting semiconductor device
Multi-function side detent for vehicular mirror
Fiber connector and adapter
Pressure equalizing equipment housing
Lock mechanism, slide apparatus, and mobile handset apparatus
Privacy ensuring camera enclosure
Stereo projection optical system
Mobile phone with an image projection device
Housing assembly and projection device having the same
Water control fixture having thermostatically controlled bypass valve
DDR clocking
Pulse output function for programmable logic controller with linear frequency change
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program
Diagnosing faults and errors from a data repository using directed graphs
Self-testing circuit in semiconductor memory device
Displaying abnormal and error conditions in system state analysis
WORM proving storage system
Information processing system for updating data in a shared network storage system
Cache flush system and method thereof
Storage device
Storage apparatus
Data storage system recovery from disk failure during system off-line condition
Method and system for providing state change notifications in device drivers
System and method for validating interfaces of dynamically linkable components and real-time process control system incorporating the same
Reassembly of a transmission control protocol (TCP) data stream from payloads of TCP segments of a bidirectional TCP connection
Method and system of remote diagnostic, control and information collection using multiple formats and multiple protocols with verification of formats and protocols
Transmission unit
Systems and methods for target mode connection management in SAS connections
System and method for accessing a document management repository
System and method for denoting and communicating with computer network mobile sites
Apparatus and method for storing data in a proxy cache in a network
Method and apparatus for reducing the number of write operations during route updates in pipelined forwarding engines
Methods and apparatus for directing a resource request
Information processing apparatus for start-up of an operating system using three different initialization modes in a specific sequence
Estimating quality during early synthesis
Method and apparatus for routing
Pass-transistor logic circuit and a method of designing thereof
Semiconductor device, method of generating pattern for semiconductor device, method of manufacturing semiconductor device and device of generating pattern used for semiconductor device
System LSI design support apparatus and a system LSI design support method
Graphical representation of software installation
Method and apparatus for electro-biometric identity recognition
CPU life-extension apparatus and method
Protecting against distributed denial of service attacks
Providing predictable scheduling of programs using repeating precomputed schedules on discretely scheduled and/or multiprocessor operating systems
Method and apparatus for executing a 32-bit application by confining the application to a 32-bit address space subset in a 64-bit processor
Software development environment with design specification verification tool
Method for constructing a process-driven system
System and method for implementing object property grouping
System and method for software licensing
Carrier arrangement with overvoltage protection
Optically readable tag
Encoded information reading terminal with wireless path selection capability
Smart key having portable memory card
Card activated cash dispensing automated banking machine system and method
Disc player
Disk pack balancing station
Circuit and method for testing embedded DRAM circuits through direct access mode
Thermostatic controller with decorative faceplate
Method and apparatus for calculating cyclic redundancy check (CRC) on data using a programmable CRC engine
Data playback equipment for playing back data recorded on a disk medium
Method for providing a secure communication between two devices and application of this method
VPN enrollment protocol gateway
Method and apparatus for communicating credential information within a network device authentication conversation
Operating system extension to provide security for web-based public access services
Broadcast storing and displaying apparatus and video apparatus
Self-assembly of elements using microfluidic traps
Method of manufacturing a device-incorporated substrate
Manufacturing method for single chip COB USB devices with optional embedded LED
Process for making a multilayer circuit board
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Method and apparatus for detection of occlusions
Logic circuits and carry-lookahead circuits
Robot apparatus
Performing Operations; Transporting
Apparatus and method for high pressure NMR spectroscopy
Electrostatic precipitator slow pulse generating circuit
Piezoelectric element, process for producing the same and ink jet recording head
Tire pressure monitor and location identification system and method
Tire inflation pressure monitor and monitoring method
Tire pressure sensing system
Apparatus for kinesthetic signaling to the driver of a motor vehicle
Method and apparatus for after-treatment of hev exhaust
Apparatus and method for controlling power generation for hybrid vehicle
Controller of vehicle propulsion system
Strategy to control battery state of charge based on vehicle velocity
Method and device for optimal torque control of a permanent magnet synchronous motor over an extended speed range
Controlling electric vehicle DC bus voltage ripple under step mode of operation
Retrofit snowplow lighting
Housing with integral gasket components for a rearview mirror actuator assembly
Method and circuit for monitoring a primer circuit in the safety system of a vehicle
Method and apparatus for monitoring seat belt use of rear seat passengers
Anti-theft vehicle system
Windshield wiper system for a motor vehicle and related method
Process and device for automatically supported guidance of aircraft to a parking position
Microelectromechanical structures defined from silicon on insulator wafers
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Chip type varistor and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor ceramic and device using the same
Organic electroluminescent apparatus
Semiconductor device and method and apparatus for manufacturing semiconductor device
Method and device for nondestructive detection of crystal defects
Fixed Constructions
Vehicle door stop safety system
Process for driving an electrochromic element
System for attaching and sealing a gauge housing assembly to the end of an armored insulated electrical conductor
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Engine generator unit
Apparatus and method for extracting energy from a passing train
Motor rotor and its manufacturing method
Magnetic bearing device
Safety float device for air conditioning units
Method and device for detecting edge structures
Capacitive distance sensor
Method and system for providing navigation systems with updated geographic data
System and method for collecting vehicle information
Navigation system with a route exclusion list system
Rotary position sensor using a strain gage
Balanced charge pump capacitive material sensor
Radiation detector, particularly for a computed tomography apparatus
Optical spectrum analyzer wavelength non-linearity measurement system
Leak detector
Scanning electron microscope/energy dispersive spectroscopy sample preparation method and sample produced thereby
Semiconductor sample for transmission electron microscope and method of manufacturing the same
Light source and method for carrying out leak detection inspections
X-ray detector apparatus with reduced thermal expansivity
Active magnetic anomaly sensing system having synchronized transceiver and discriminator
Bulk material analyser for on-conveyor belt analysis
Probe station having multiple enclosures
Split resistor probe and method
Electronic probe for measuring high impedance tri-state logic circuits
Method of detecting tamper of an electric meter
Electro-optic voltage sensor for sensing voltage in an E-field
Voltage measuring instrument with flying capacitor
Apparatus and methods for performing RMS-to-DC conversion utilizing clock dithering
Flat response temperature gauge with a single diode
System for emitting electrical charge from a space object in a space plasma environment using micro-fabricated gated charge emission devices
Stacked via Kelvin resistance test structure for measuring contact anomalies in multi-level metal integrated circuit technologies
Electronic test tag for wireline continuity verification
Electric arc monitoring systems
Arc fault circuit detector device detecting pulse width modulation of arc noise
Apparatus for testing semiconductor wafers including base with contact members and terminal contacts
Integrated defect monitor structures for conductive features on a semiconductor topography and method of use
Method for characterizing delay of frequency translation devices
Method of chip testing of chip leads constrained in dielectric media
Compliant contactor for testing semiconductors
Design of IC package test handler with temperature controller for minimized maintenance
Apparatus for checking an electrical drive
Method for determining the state of charge and loading capacity of an electrical storage battery
Cell voltage measuring device for cell module
Wideband, high dynamic range antenna
Hall sensor for stress and temperature measurements in addition to magnetic field measurement
Gradient coil for MRI apparatus using shielding coil disposed in a high winding density zone
Method and apparatus to embed and retrieve attribute information in magnetic resonance imaging coils
Gradient magnetic field measurement method and MRI apparatus
MR imaging system with interactive image contrast control over a network
Personal location detection system
Multipath propagation detection and avoidance method and system
Wireless communication system and method and system for detection of position of radio mobile station
Pulse-doppler radar apparatus
Cooperative radar system
Precision all-weather target location system
Antenna apparatus and transmission and receiving apparatus using the same
Precision radar altimeter with terrain feature coordinate location capability
Method for determining range of vision
System for communicating among vehicles and a communication system control center
Radiation detector signal pulse clipping
Scintillation detector array for encoding the energy, position, and time coordinates of gamma ray interactions
Imager or particle or radiation detector and method of manufacturing the same
High data rate smart sensor technology
Neutron radiation detector
Method and apparatus for nuclear magnetic resonance measuring while drilling
Image forming sheet, operating apparatus, image forming apparatus without transparent electrode, and image forming method
Electrically actuated optical switch having a surface pivotable Mirror
Enclosure for use in fiber optic management systems
Method of manufacturing liquid crystal display device
Field-effect transistor and fabrication method thereof and image display apparatus
Electro-optical devices in which pixel section and the driver circuit are disposed over the same substrate
Method of overlay measurement in both X and Y directions for photo stitch process
Electronic portable appliance
Voltage regulator
Integrated circuit with improved current mirror impedance and method of operation
Bandgap voltage reference circuit
Tiltable joystick pointing device
Method and apparatus for a single event upset (SEU) tolerant clock splitter
Universal USB power supply unit
Power distribution in a portable device
System and method for reduced standby power consumption in a display device
Bidirectional repeater using high and low threshold detection
Architecture for an input and output device capable of handling various signal characteristics
Device for the regeneration of a clock signal
Method and apparatus for incorporating a multiplier into an FPGA
Keypad with strokes assigned to key for ideographic text input
Securable mousepad with slidable tray and a method of using same
Efficient switched capacitor integrator
Analog W.T.A. circuit reject signal
Methods for simultaneous analog-to-digital conversion and multiplication
Object Identification system with adaptive transceivers and methods of operation
Method and apparatus for acquiring an image for inspection of a flat panel display
Video data encoder and method of encoding video data
Security module and method for securing computerized postal registers against manipulation
Garage door opener system for vehicles using manufacturer-supplied equipment
Reader for use in a radio frequency identification system and method thereof
Passive security device for detecting ferromagnetic objects
Smoke alarm with dual sensing technologies and dual power sources
Bed status information system for hospital beds
Security alarm keypad with message alert
Method and apparatus for automatic recovery of a stolen object
Apparatus for providing thermal alert signal and control method thereof in skin-contact type terminal
Emergency vehicle detection system
Display apparatus
Apparatus and method for testing driving circuit in liquid crystal display
Mode detection circuit of liquid crystal display
Method and apparatus for driving plasma display panel
Plasma display
Liquid crystal display having adjustable effective voltage value for display
Liquid crystal display with picture displaying function for displaying a picture in an aspect ratio different from the normal aspect ratio
Apparatus for aligning multiple projected images in cockpit displays
Sounder device which deflects sound away from a housing
Stator assembly
Method of decoding a stream of channel bits of a signal relating to a binary channel signal into a steam of source bits of a signal relating to a binary source signal
Method and apparatus for sample rate conversion and applicants thereof
Control circuit, and system using same
Method and system for monitoring vibration of robots in an automated storage library
Piezoelectric microactuator for precise head positioning
Nonvolatile octal latch and D-type register
CMOS latch and register circuitry using quantum mechanical tunneling structures
Programmable function device and memory cell therefor
Sense amplifier for use in a semiconductor memory device
Integrated circuit memory devices having programmable output driver circuits therein
Decoder for memories having optimized configuration
Hermetic terminal retainer structure
Electrical control popout actuator mechanism
Chip thermistors
Current limiting device with electrically conductive composite and method of manufacturing the electrically conductive composite
Electrical device and assembly
Multi-part reactive device and method
Inductor device and process of production thereof
Semiconductor device
Transformer with high coupling efficiency
Motionless electromagnetic generator
Chip inductor, chip inductor array and method of manufacturing same
Uniform magnetic force generating magnet
Coil assembly
Contact unit for electromagnetic relays
Circuit breaker cover with screw locating feature
Two-layer cathode for electron gun
Color cathode ray tube with prescribed neck thickness
Magnetic lens for focusing a charged particle beam
Charged-particle-beam microlithography methods exhibiting reduced thermal deformation of mark-defining member
Ion implanter
Metal-halide lamp with ionizable filling and oxygen dispenser to avoid blackening and extend lamp life
High-pressure metal halide discharge lamp
Decorative lamp assembly having a transparent envelope containing inert gas mixtures
Electrode assembly and discharge lamp comprising the same
High pressure discharge lamp having thermal layers manufacturing the same
High frequency ferrite-free electrodeless flourescent lamp with axially uniform plasma
Electrodeless discharge lamp and apparatus to prevent devitrification
Semiconductor light emitting device having a GaN-based semiconductor layer, method for producing the same and method for forming a GaN-based semiconductor layer
Low temperature process for fabricating layered superlattice materials and making electronic devices including same
Electronic compoment to be mounted on a circuit board having electronic circuit device sealed therein and method of manufacturing the same
Transistor circuit, display panel and electronic apparatus
MIS-type semiconductor device having a multi-portion gate electrode
DRAM cell array not requiring a device isolation layer between cells
Minimization-feasible word line structure for DRAM cell
Triple layer pre-metal dielectric structure for CMOS memory devices
Semiconductor topography having improved active device isolation and reduced dopant migration
Semiconductor device having ball-bonded pads
Electronic apparatus
Cool frame for protecting packaged electronic devices
Rectifier device for a dynamo of a motor vehicle
High voltage package for electronic device
Manufacturing methods and construction for integrated circuit packages
Radiused leadframe
Microelectronic mounting with multiple lead deformation using restraining straps
Stress relieving tape bonding interconnect
Stacked semiconductor device
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Recessed bond pad
Semiconductor device
Borderless vias on bottom metal
Alloy barrier layers for semiconductors
Integrated circuit device and semiconductor wafer having test circuit therein
Edge seal ring for copper damascene process and method for fabrication thereof
Circuit structure including a passive element formed within a grid array substrate and method for making the same
Low profile multi-IC chip package connector
Semiconductor integrated circuit having ESD/EOS protection
DRAM cell circuit
Memory structure in ferroelectric nonvolatile memory and readout method therefor
Method for fabricating PLDs including multiple discrete devices formed on a single chip
Color image sensor with embedded microlens array
Field effect transistor with organic semiconductor layer
MMIC folded power amplifier
Contoured nonvolatile memory cell
Ferroelectric transistors using thin film semiconductor gate electrodes
MOS field-effect transistor with auxiliary electrode
Conformal color filter layer above microlens structures in an image sensor die
Dual-metal-trench silicon carbide Schottky pinch rectifier
Visible-blind UV detectors
GaN substrate including wide low-defect region for use in semiconductor element
Ultrasonic method and actuator for inducing motion of an object
Piezoelectric transformer with segmented electrodes
Multi-layer piezoelectric center-drive ceramic transformer
Easily tunable dielectrically loaded resonators
Dielectric filter unit, duplexer, and communication apparatus
Dielectric resonator tuning device
Device with a nonradiative dielectric waveguide with coupling gap
Vertical interconnect between coaxial and rectangular coaxial transmission line via compressible center conductors
Cavity resonator for reducing phase noise of voltage controlled oscillator
Antenna of wireless LAN card
Portable communication device holder and antenna
Dual band wideband adjustable antenna assembly
Lightning protection for an active antenna using patch/microstrip elements
Antenna apparatus and portable radio set
Antenna device and portable radio set
Antenna unit and digital television receiver
Electromagnetic wave transmitter/receiver
Patch antenna utilized in conjunction with an electronic apparatus
Antenna array structure stacked over printed wiring board with beamforming components
Broadband antenna
Multi-beam phase-array antenna device
Compact cylindrical microstrip antenna
Top and side firing spark plug
Planar member for an electrical enclosure
Low profile adapter for variable size tubing
Virtual sensor for window position
Method of battery charge restoration based on estimated battery plate deterioration and/or based on battery state of health
Method and apparatus for providing power to an integrated circuit
Method for varying sampling interval length
Vehicle with supplemental energy storage system for engine cranking
Method and apparatus for sensing the status of a vehicle
Battery charging device
Vehicle battery charger having cooling blower providing improved cooling efficiency
Battery charging apparatus
Electromagnetic device with embedded windings and method for its manufacture
Electric motor rotor
Electric machine, especially a three-phase generator, with an exciter
Small motor with improved connecting structure between coil, riser and varistor
Dynamoelectric machines having rotor windings with turbulated cooling passages
Rotary motor and production method thereof, and laminated core production method thereof
Linear/rotary motor and method of use
Gated multi-phase fixed duty cycle voltage regulator
Multi-phase switching converters and methods
Power unit
Expandable hybrid electric generator and method therefor
Starting of synchronous machine without rotor position or speed measurement
Apparatus and method for compensating dead time of motor
Method and device for driving brushless motors either with independently coupled windings or with star or polygon pre-connected windings using the same I.C.
Device and method for starting a brushless motor
Electronically commutated motor
Control unit for a brushless motor and read/write device including such a control unit
Excitation system for rotating synchronous machines
System and method for closed loop VSWR correction and tuning in RF power amplifiers
System and method for optimal biasing of a telescopic cascode operational transconductance amplifier (OTA)
Method and apparatus for regulating a voltage
Controlled self-oscillation modulator and power conversion system using such a modulator
Break-before-make distortion compensation for a digital amplifier
Common-mode feedback circuit and method
Apparatus for and method of controlling amplifier output offset using body biasing in MOS transistors
Fast saturation recovery operational amplifier input stage
Power amplifier with multilevel power modes
Amplifier having an adjust resistor network
Analog equalization low pass filter structure
Circuit arrangement improving the control characteristics of an attenuator
Broadband tap for extracting energy from transmission lines using impedance transformers
Piezoelectric vibration device and piezoelectric resonance component
Magnetostrictive surface acoustic wave devices with transducers tuned for optimal magnetic anisotropy
D/A converter
Power device driver circuit
Output driver circuit
Linear active resistor and driver circuit incorporating the same
Backwards drivable MOS output driver
High voltage tolerant receivers
High voltage buffer for submicron CMOS
Circuit for reducing rise/fall times for high speed transistor logic
Active pull-up circuit
Precision and fast recovery buffer
Programmable termination for integrated circuits
Domino logic family
Multiplexer for implementing logic functions in a programmable logic device
Field programmable gate array with mask programmed input and output buffers
Method and apparatus for reducing memory resources in a programmable logic device
Method and apparatus for providing a ring oscillator
Structure and method for initializing IC devices during unstable power-up
Small aperture latch for use with a differential clock
Method and apparatus for providing noise immunity for a binary signal path on a chip
Low supply voltage relaxation oscillator having current mirror transistors supply for capacitors
Low impedance clamping buffer for an LC tank VCO
Method and apparatus to produce a random bit sequence
Comparator circuit for positive and negative signals having zero consumption and suitable for devices with single positive power supply
Process for converting an analogue signal into a rectangular signal and device for implementing this process
Apparatus and method for automatic matching of signaling rise time to fall time
Analogue-to-digital conversion using frequency-modulated input or intermediate values
Temperature compensating circuit for a crystal oscillator
Temperature controlled compensated oscillator
Circuit and method for frequency generator control
Controlled slew reference switch for a phase locked loop
Frequency detection method for adjusting a clock signal frequency and a frequency detector circuit for carrying out the method
Method and apparatus for acquiring wide-band pseudorandom noise encoded waveforms
Dual input switched capacitor gain stage
Combined input circuit for analog to digital conversion
Digital to analog conversion apparatus and method with cross-fading between new and old data
Variable pulse PWM DAC method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for oscillation recovery in a delta-sigma A/D converter
Multiple mode analog-to-digital converter employing a single quantizer
Method and apparatus for encoding MB810 line code with the characteristics of minimum bandwidth and DC-free
System and method for compressing data
Output circuit
Voltage tunable active inductorless filter
Monolithic frequency selective component and method of operating same
Method and device for adaptive antenna combining weights
Transponder plot system and method
Digital communications modulator having an interpolator upstream of a linearizer and method therefor
Arrangement for mapping colors between imaging systems and method therefor
Circuit for correction of deflection errors in a television display
LED driver circuit and method
Apparatus and method for monitoring the life of arc lamp bulbs
Circuit arrangement for igniting a lamp
Discharge lamp lighting circuit
Voltage regulated electronic ballast for multiple discharge lamps
Grounding structure for use between surfaces of aligned equipment housing elements
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