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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Method and apparatus for controlling a transfer device, especially for harvested material of a harvesting machine
Calcium fortified beverages
Vegetable oil having elevated stearic acid content
Method for preventing passing off of a brewed beverage
Hat with reversible crown and detachable reversible dual visor
Convertible carrying assembly
Oral care devices
Rail module
Adjustable tree stand
Tissue localizing and separating assembly
Corneal-ablation-amount determining apparatus and a corneal surgery apparatus
Method and apparatus for performing minimally invasive cardiac procedures
Ventricular restoration shaping apparatus and method of use
Port, a container and a method for accessing a port
Method and apparatus for assessing ventricular contractile status
Devices and methods for cervix measurement
Gingival tissue retractor
Implant alignment
Flexible mechanical fastening tab
Individual package of body fluid absorbent article
Compositions useful as inhibitors of ERK
Biocompatible carrier containing L-arginine
Implant having improved fixation to a body lumen and method for implanting the same
Medical device made from self-stiffening composite
Total disc implant
Cervical disc replacement method
Cervical disc replacement
Prosthetic annular coupling socket adaptor with adjustable clamp
Portable lumbar traction device
Inflatable thermal blanket with sterile access
Hospital bed
Multiparticulate formulations of lithium salts for oral administration suitable for once-a-day administration
Peptides for combating the autoantibodies that are responsible for dilatative cardiomyopathy (DCM)
Method of inducing a CTL response
Biologically active, hemagglutinin from type A Clostridium botulinum and methods of use
Neisseria meningitidis antigenic polypeptides, corresponding polynucleotides and protective antibodies
S. aureus fibrinogen binding protein gene
Aerogel powder therapeutic agents
Device and method for securing tracheostomy tube attachments
Occlusion of a vessel
Method and apparatus for treating a desired area in the vascular system of a patient
Tunneler-needle combination for tunneled catheter placement
Apparatus for performing power exercises
Apparatus and methods for exercise machines having balancing loads
Peen conditioning of titanium metal wood golf club heads
Lacrosse head
Object striking implement vibration damping
System and method for playing a multiple-row matching game
Method for operating a video game with backfeeding a video image of a player, and a video game arranged for practicing the method
Performing Operations; Transporting
Adsorbent material and method of preparing an adsorbent material
Snow filter
Liquid filter/heat exchanger unit
Protective filter cover
Filter mounting device for vacuum cleaner
Floating paddlewheel aerator
Process for high shear gas-liquid reactions
Methods and apparatus for localized delivery of scented aerosols
Platinum-ruthenium-palladium fuel cell electrocatalyst
Catalyst for the generation of CO-free hydrogen from methane
Raney catalyst, process for producing it and process for producing a sugar-alcohol using the same
Complex catalyst, process for producing the complex catalyst, and process for producing alcohol derivative with the complex catalyst
Method of making a bimetallic catalyst with higher activity
Water supply device for outdoor activities
Bulk material liquid addition apparatus and method
Solutions and dispersions of organic semiconductors
Methods for calefaction densification of a porous structure
Apparatus and method of separating plastic films from garbage for collection
Gas recovery from landfills using aqueous foam
Bending device for the working rolls of a hot-rolling frame
Swaging die and method of use
Methods for altering residual stresses using mechanically induced liquid cavitation
Electromagnetic die casting
End prep tool and tool centering and mounting system for use therewith
Movable fence for a machine tool
Low temperature solder chip attach structure and process to produce a high temperature interconnection
Counter-mountable cutting board
Methods of manufacturing sliders
Lubricating strip
Load cell deflasher assembly and method
Chop saw
Injection molding system and pellet feeding unit
Electrical injection velocity-pressure switching and pressure holding device
Internally label-sticking mold
Air flow compensation for mold carrier
Uniform pressing apparatus
Method to locally reround plastic pipe
Aircraft trash management system
Machine for punching blanks out of a web of corrugated cardboard and for forming folding lines in said blanks
Method for folding up an air bag
Fusion welding method and welded article
Isocyanate-based laminating adhesives
Metallic porous body
Laminating machine
Curl resistant single substrate label sheet and a method for making same
Composite reinforcing fiber base material, preform and production method for fiber reinforced plastic
Preparation of a flexographic printing plate
Ink jet printhead that includes tilt-compensating ink ejection ports
Printhead assembly incorporating an array of printhead chips on an ink distribution structure
Inkjet printer comprising MEMS temperature sensors
Print assembly for a wide format pagewidth inkjet printer, having a plurality of printhead chips
Pagewidth printhead array with abutting print chips
Ink supply system for a printhead
Printing device and control method thereof
Printing apparatus performing print registration
Liquid discharge detection method and apparatus and ink-jet printer apparatus
Inkjet recording apparatus for controlling recovery operation by managing cap-open state and recovery control method
Magnetic transfer method and magnetic transfer device
Sheet binding system
Structurally supported resilient tire and materials
Hybrid type vehicle drive control device, hybrid type vehicle drive control method, and program therefor
Device at a boat
Ship propulsion system
Vehicular headlamp
Occupant protection device for motor vehicle occupants
Advanced rollover seat belt system for a vehicle
Automotive hydraulic braking system and a hydraulic brake intensifying apparatus for use therein
Method and arrangement for controlling the internal combustion engine of a vehicle
Link-type front suspension device in motorcycle
Method and apparatus for controlling a vehicle
Altitude protection device
Quonset type parachute
Printer for shingled bags and method
Waste disposal system with flexible tubing
Packaging case
Reinforcing clip for a corrugated sleeve
Apparatus for feeding rolls of cut products to a wrapper
Sheet feeding apparatus having an air fluffer
End-board for a core-wound roll product packaging system
Arrow extractor
Tail set crupper
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Dental glass powders
Preform inlet arrangement for an optical fiber drawing furnace, a furnace provided with that kind of inlet arrangement, and a preform equipped to co-operate with that inlet arrangement
Optical glass and optical product using the same
Polycrystalline MgO deposition material having adjusted Si concentration
Use of water-soluble mixed polymers as a flowing medium and/or as a hardening retarder for refractory materials which contain aluminate cement
Dielectric ceramic material
Phenolate-containing formulation with low freezing point
Ester-containing fluid compositions
Method for imparting substantive fragrance and, optionally, anti-static properties to fabrics during washing and/or drying procedure and compositions useful for effecting such processes
Cloning and expression of recombinant adhesive protein MEFP-2 of the blue mussel, Mytilus edulis
Methods for generating polynucleotides having desired characteristics by iterative selection and recombination
Vector for reversible gene integration
Splice variants of CD40-receptor
Gene transfer method
Nucleotide sequences which code for the mdhA gene
Nucleotide sequences coding for the sigM gene
Base-modified nucleotides and their use for polymorphism detection
Gram positive bacteria deprived of HtrA protease activity and their uses
Assay method of a complex of lipoprotein with hemoglobin or hemoglobin analog
Gene expression in ectodermal dysplasia
Transcription factor regulators and methods for screening for same
Method for displaying results of hybridization experiment
Particle analysis assay for biomolecular quantification
Steel for mechanical construction, method of hot-shaping of a part from this steel, and part thus obtained
Multilayer composites and manufacture of same
Textiles; Paper
Carpet weaving loom
Silver-knit material
Method and system for producing a multi-layer, pre-fixed thread or fiber arrangement
Transfer device for an industrial flatwork ironer
Method of manufacturing hollow fiber formed body, fiber formed hollow body, and device for manufacturing the hollow fiber formed body
Strength additives for tissue products
Fixed Constructions
Apparatus for preventing high speed vehicle pursuits and vehicle theft
Portable liquid dispensers
Floor panels with edge connectors
Joist assembly and chord for use in such joist assembly
Fence with plugged openings and methods of plugging same
Doorknob with a lock
Cremone bolt operator
Child safety blind
Ladder support attachment
Well drilling control system
Locking swivel apparatus with replaceable internal gear members
In situ thermal processing of an oil shale formation with a selected property
Composition and method for diversion agents for acid stimulation of subterranean formations
Scale control composition for high scaling environments
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Single-acting cylinder-piston unit of plunger type
Apparatus and methods for coupling axially aligned turbine rotors
Cooling apparatus for engine
Compression ignition engine by air injection from air-only cylinder to adjacent air-fuel cylinder
Control system for internal combustion engine
Portable air blowing working machine
Burner tube and method for mixing air and gas in a gas turbine engine
Gas turbine plant
Manual engine starter
Microwave heat-exchange thruster and method of operating the same
Air compressor with improved hand portability
Air compressor with improved hand portability
Turbocharger compressor wheel having a counterbore treated for enhanced endurance to stress-induced fatigue and configurable to provide a compact axial length
Distributing valve for the load-independent control of a hydraulic consumer in terms of direction and speed
Functional element and panel assembly
Device for fastening tubular objects
Quick-lock nut for a disc-like tool
Shift positioning device for a bicycle transmission
Rolling sliding member and rolling apparatus
Method and apparatus for mutually connecting elongated elements, such as reinforcement rods
Starting apparatus
Oil hydraulic cylinder
Fluid coupling for mobile equipment
Stator blade mounted in a torque converter
Hydraulic drive apparatus
Suspension device for a bed or seat base of the multielement type
Fluid pressure control circuit
Rotation shaft seal
Pressure relief valve
Rotor valve and seal
Membrane gas valve for pulsing a gas
Fitting for measuring and regulating the flow rate of a hydraulic medium through a pipeline
Cap with underside light
LED illuminator
Rabble arm for a furnace
Multi-load thermal regulating system having electronic valve control
Load bank
Absorption refrigerating machine
Floating loop system for cooling integrated motors and inverters using hot liquid refrigerant
Refrigerant cycle system
Coupling for heat transfer member
Ice-making machine with contoured water curtain
Device for conditioning water produced by air conditioning or environmental dehumidification apparatuses or plants
Brazed wick for a heat transfer device
Firearm safety device
Compound archery bow
Hit scoring apparatus for shooting practice
Pyrotechnic microactuators for microsystems
Device and method for attaching a scale element or a protective tape therefor
Vibration type of micro gyro sensor
Capacitive balance leveling device
Locking clips for retaining parallel elongated members
Meter unit having indication part and control part
Multiphase mass flow meter with variable venturi nozzle
Sensor equilibration and calibration system and method
Heat flux comparator
Tension monitoring arrangement and method
Method and device for fluid sampling
Capillary column chromatography process and system
Element correction method of continuously variable transmission belt
Microfluidic device and analyzing method using the same
Real-time system for detecting foreign bodies in food containers using ultrasound
Ultrasonic inspection device for inspecting components at preset angles
Pin detection system
Expression and purification of ATM protein using vaccinia virus
Chemiluminescent compounds and use thereof
Complex formed by N-linked glycoproteins (SIBLINGS)and Factor H
Stress sensor for electronic devices
Method and apparatus for managing actinic intensity transients in a lithography mirror
Light control window
Manufacturing method and apparatus of fiber coupler
Substrate, optical fiber connection end member, optical element housing member, and method of fabrication of an optical module and the substrate
Optical link module
Eyewear with lens hinge
Aspherical spectacle lens
Operator supported remote camera positioning and control system with improved front end assemblies
Noise dampener
Elevator assembly for a projection device
Optical component casing, optical device and projector
Method for integrating micro- and nanoparticles into MEMS and apparatus including the same
Semiconductor manufacturing resolution enhancement system and method for simultaneously patterning different feature types
Electrophotographic photosensitive member, process cartridge and electrophotographic apparatus
Hologram transfer foil
Flow mixer shuttle
Money acceptance method and apparatus
Support for a cartridge for transferring an electronically readable item of information from the cartridge to an electronic circuit
Method and apparatus for maintaining coherency of shared state between local and remote
Cash payment for remote transactions
Paint color card and methods of using the same
Tape cartridge
Magnetic tape cartridge
Method of manufacturing a probe array
Magnetic recording medium and manufacture method therefor
Electrolytic perovskites
Method for producing centralized distribution unit of thin brushless motor for vehicle
Method of manufacturing a key top for a push-button switch
Circuit board and method of manufacturing same
Asymmetrical programming ferroelectric memory transistor
Methods of forming transistor gates
Halogen gettering method for forming field effect transistor (FET) device
Method to remove copper without pattern density effect
Process for chemically mechanically polishing wafers
Polysilicon etching method
Method for forming multi-layer wiring structure
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Method to improve flash forward tunneling voltage (FTV) performance
Megasonic cleaning efficiency using auto-tuning of an RF generator at constant maximum efficiency
Method and structure for double dose gate in a JFET
Methods for fabricating routing elements for multichip modules
Vertical thin film transistor
Battery pack and method of producing the same
High-capacity polymeric Li-ion cell and its production method
Long life thin film battery and method therefor
Snag free cable clamp
Portable storage device
Contacting part for electrical connector
Waterproof connector
Terminal fitting, a connector provided therewith and method of forming a terminal fitting
Connector enabling secure retention of contacts relative to insulator
Terminal-selective card connector
Printed circuit board supporting structure
External power source connecting device for an electric vehicle
Apparatus for manufacturing sub-harness
Apparatus for assembling card edge slots into a substrate
Method for manufacturing stator of motor for washing machines
Method for manufacturing a piezoelectric/electrostrictive film-type actuator
Expired Patents Due To Time
Bottom end stop attaching portions of fastener tapes and a slide fastener chain including the same
Safety belt buckle
Latch sensing seatbelt buckle
Unit of buckle component members and buckle
Machining center in which tool holders have a multiple coupling with a cover
Boiler tube flared-end compression tool
Methods of converting aircraft brake assemblies
Furnace floor
Method for adjusting cable detangler systems
Automatic assembly apparatus and automatic assembly method
Truss table with integrated positioning stops
End module assembly for installation on a vehicle and method for making the same
Method for making a building board
Method for joining together two or several overlaying sheet formed members, and apparatus for carrying out said method and a joint resulting from said method
Anvil assembly for a press for assembling a fastener into a workpiece
Method of mounting a body side molding
Method for manufacturing an electrically conductive metallic strip
Method of assembling an electric motor
Tensioning process for manufacture of superconducting ceramic composite conductors
Method for air-wound coil vacuum pick-up, surface mounting, and adjusting
Method of making a surface mountable electronic device
Electric heater unit and method of manufacture
Method of making a ceramic heater with platinum heating element
Method of producing and electrical switch
Door panel molding installation machine
Vacuum coupling system
Device for on-site mounting of a connector on a coaxial cable
Method of manufacturing a surface mount package
Axial-type electronic component inserting method
Automated application of photovoltaic cells to printed circuit boards
Printed circuit board and method for producing the same
Method for formation of metal wiring
Method for forming push rod for switch
Method of making an electronic contact
Method of making a rocket thrust chamber
Method of producing a built-up heat exchanger and product thereof
Method of manufacturing an integrated steering wheel
Spoke-nipple and a method for its manufacture
Main frame assembly
Dry shaving apparatus
Knife with a non-rotating retractable blade
Protective cover for a carpenter's hand plane
Wall hanging level
Bore centering device
Electronic increment marker
Digital tire caliper
Fractional-decimal vernier
Hair dryer
Dehydration machine
Method and apparatus for removing particles from surface of article
Halogen hair dryer
Device and method for drying joint compound with a supported heated air source
Self-ventilating footwear
Athletic shoe midsole design and construction
Air cushion having support pin structure for shock-absorbing, method for manufacturing the air cushion, and footgear comprising the air cushion
Shock diffusing, performance-oriented shoes
Strike pad assembly
Adjustable orthotic
Footwear attachment
Method and apparatus for determining a material condition
Jewelry display device
Snowfall simulator
Panels with animation and sound
Neon-like display device
Three-dimensional decorative object
Souvenir holder
Externally adjustable coil hammer mainspring assemblies for pistols
Removable trigger lock for firearms
Gun with detachable barrel mounting
Fishing lures and methods of making fishing lures
Fishhook remover and method
Fish hook remover
Module for electrically connecting a daughter card to a back plane
Termite interception and baiting system and method of use thereof
Environmentally safe insect control system
Casing material for stacks and sitting-out areas in mushroom culture
Method and apparatus for enhancing plant growth in greenhouses utilizing landfill gas
Plant protective cover system
Self-watering planting reservoir
Method for the fertilization of soil for cultivated plants
Treatment material pumping system
Multiple cellular confinement assembly for plant propagation
Automatic door opening arrangement
Device for attaching a slideable window pane of a motor vehicle to the control device of a window winder
Decorative molding assembly for a vehicle door frame
Hurricane/storm protection for windows/doors
Modular vehicle door
Gutter guard support
Modular video conference enclosure
Bunker construction
Means for forming both fluid and insect barriers, whereat structural units are adjoined
Easy-to-install roof screen system
Foundation panel and method of assembly
Sealing apparatus for forming a weather seal between a vehicle and a loading dock or the like
Molded plastic stairway and rail structure and method of assembly
Quick release sacrificial shield for window assembly
Mullion anchor and water diverter for storefront framing systems
Interlocking corrugated panel wall cast in-situ
Insulated masonry block and wall
Process for the production of reinforced slabs of stone materials and reinforced slabs of stone material
Laminated composite building component
Asymmetric structural insulated panel
Roofing plate for securing roofing membrane
Front panel positioned in front of a facing construction
Surface mounted grid system
Direct mount ceiling panel grid system
Two unit dry stack masonry wall system
Structural frame element
Reinforcing cage
Frame for forming a housing of a group of air-handling units
Connector node
Supporting element and method for manufacturing the same
Protective bumper railing
Method and apparatus for manufacturing and installing roof tiles
Automatic machine for manufacturing, checking, filling and capping bottles made of thermoplastic material
Bottle sealing apparatus
High speed flip-chip dispensing
Post-processing fitment applicator
Process for closing nets for fruits and the like and net closed by means of said process
Suture package unloading arrangement in a machine for the automated packaging of needles and attached sutures
Foodstuff collating system and method
Method for packaging bulk goods and a container for bulk goods
Method and device for feeding of articles into a moving, rotating transporting device
Rolling crop guide for disc mower conditioners
Power lawn mower with stand-on and sit-down modes
Apparatus and method for supporting a cutting blade on a mower
Quick change blade assembly for a rotary mower
Cotton harvester collection delivery system
Windrow merging machine and method of merging windrows
Preparing textile fibres for testing
Individual-spindle-drive type textile machine
Twisted pair exchange cable manufacturing process and apparatus
Spinning rotor with identification mark
Combined cycle power generating plant and method of supplying cooling steam for gas turbine in same
Method of forming a swirler with as-cast holes
Method for the active damping of combustion oscillation and combustion apparatus
Apparatus and method for active control of oscillations in gas turbine combustors
Fluid flow valve and fluid flow system
Adapter fitting for use with a gas turbine and fluidized-bed furnace
Catalytic arrangement for gas turbine combustor
Compact coupling for microwave-electro-thermal thruster
Rocket engine
Ducted fan gas turbine engine control system
Extendable divergent tail pipe propulsion unit
Exhaust gas purification device for an internal combustion engine
Method for detecting flow-reducing changes in an exhaust-gas catalyst body
Exhaust gas recirculation control system
Air-fuel ration control system for multi-cylinder internal combustion engine
Catalytic method
Exhaust pipe assembly for multi-cylinder internal combustion engine
Integral hub driven gears
Low-loss drive system for a plurality of hydraulic actuators
Fluid control system including a work element and a valve arrangement for selectively supplying pressurized fluid thereto from two pressurized fluid sources
Stirling cycle machine
Reservoir assemblies for hydraulic vehicle braking systems
Integrally mounted pneumatic solenoid valve for wastegate control
Exhaust gas recirculation system
Engine having increased boost at low engine speeds
Charge air systems for turbocharged four-cycle internal combustion engines
Multiple heat exchanging chamber engine
Multi-hole film cooled combuster liner
Efficient thermoelectric controller
High efficiency modular cryocooler with floating piston expander
Refrigerator incorporating stirling cycle cooling and defrosting system
Method and apparatus for recovering and transporting methane mine gas
Cryogenic storage device
Series secondary cooling system
Sub-dew point cooling of electronic systems
Air-conditioning system and method of operating the same
Test for the automated detection of leaks between high and low pressure sides of a refrigeration system
Spray cooling system
Microprocessor controlled demand defrost for a cooled enclosure
Room air conditioner with timer controlled auxiliary power plug
Travel coach air conditioning system
Compact avionics-pod-cooling unit thermal control method and apparatus
Compressor mounting system for an air conditioner
Motor vehicle dehumidifier with drying agent and drying agent regenerative control
Ice cream making apparatus and an agitator for the same
Low cost ice making evaporator
Prevention of oil backflow from a screw compressor in a refrigeration chiller
Self-retaining adsorbent unit
Absorption cooling apparatus
Device for modifying the temperature of a fluid
Cryogenic ultra cold hybrid liquefier
Cryogenic rectification system for producing fuel and high purity methane
Apparatus and method for producing liquid nitrogen
Plant for separation of a gas mixture by distillation
Twin-heart commemorative coin
Method of pressing two mold portions together and controlling an internal gas pressure so as to create a hollow cone for receiving excess molding material
Production of fused silica having high resistance to optical damage
Method for vacuum fusion bonding
Process for improving adhesive attachment
Single- or multiple-feed circular stocking knitting machines
Process for joining several knitted fabrics on a flatbed knitting machine
Golf bag security device
Lock with a fastening cable
Panic exit device mounting plate
Lockout device
Regulator torque isolation system and method
Forging die, and method and apparatus for controlling the same
Method of regulating tension/compression in a multi-frame hot rolling mill, and a corresponding control system
Method and apparatus for processing sheet metal
Method for making a cathode can from metal strip
Flow-forming method and apparatus
Cold pilger rolling tool for producing internally ribbed tubes
Method of rolling finished sections from preliminary sections in reversing roll stand arrangements
Roll stand arrangement for rolling wire
Method for manufacturing piston by forging and forging die
Dental prosthesis support device and method of using same
Device for determining the rotational speed
Device and method for calibration of a multi-axis industrial robot
Time clock breathalyzer combination
Gas chromatograph
Differential particulate mass monitor with intrinsic correction for volatilization losses
Gas sensing element and a method for measuring a specific gas concentration
Combustion state detecting device for an internal combustion engine
Disc drive outgassing system
Method of determining with great accuracy the rate of leakage from the case of an electrical apparatus
Method of testing for a leak with the inner vessel of a double blow molded bottle
Method and equipment for the characterization of suspensions
Glide head using an ion etched air bearing
Method for setting tappet clearance
Method for determining drill collar whirl in a bottom hole assembly and method for determining borehole size
Method and apparatus for testing of sheet material
Method for testing functions of painting apparatus and apparatus for the same
Heat-sensitive type flow sensor
Device for monitoring a predetermined level in a container
Angular velocity sensor
Angular velocity sensing device
Vehicle speed sensor
Method for improving defect detectability with magnetostrictive sensors for piping inspection
Apparatus and method for determining a differential pressure with respect to a remote site
Transducer having temperature compensation
Viscoelasticity measurement apparatus
Material testing machine having a control system for feedback-controlling the operation of a servo system
Gyratory shear press
Mass flow meter
Sensor arrangement for detecting changes in angle
Power line sag monitor
Hall-effect seat belt tension sensor
Apparatus and method for sampling fluid from reactor vessel
Automated substrate processing systems and methods
Vascular phantoms
Broadband vibration sensor apparatus
Transmit motion via flexures
Transmission for use in power trains of motor vehicles
Flow restrictor assembly in transmission clutch control system
Sliding sleeve of a synchronizer assembly for manual transmissions
Modular drive system
Ball roller spindle
Helical and spur gear drive with double crowned pinion tooth surfaces and conjugated gear tooth surfaces
Gearshift device for change-speed gearboxes of motor vehicles
Device for controlling the drive of mechanisms operating separately from one another
Tilt release system for a steering column
Adjustable pedal-pocketed gears
Handle assembly
Clipless bicycle pedal
Control valve devices for automatic transmissions
Automatic electrohydraulically controlled transmission
One-handed childproof medicine bottle opener
Ratchet socket wrench
Ratchet wrench
Ratchet wrench with dual pawl members
Adjustable wrench
Screwdriver pen
Automatic stop device for screw striking machine
Internal rotary tube cutter
Die accelerator
Pipe cutter and method of cutting pipe
Rotary cutoff device and method
Rotatable knife roll
Automatic sectionizer
Quick tool change for punch
Method and arrangement for attaching tooth bits to saw blade body
Reliable and effective line charge system
Mechanism for feeding munition elements to an artillery cannon
Brake booster
Rodless cylinder
Method of making fiber reinforced elastomeric diaphragms and fiber reinforced diaphragms
Piston equipped with piston ring
Brewing unit for automatic beverage dispensers comprising in particular a boiler
Toaster assembly and method for toasting bread products
Toasting apparatus
Collapsible barbecue grill
Rotary drum blancher for cooking food
Tortilla forming machine
Apparatus for cracking nuts at high production rates
Method of operating a stamping press
Tube printer for printing information on the inside of a tube and method of printing
Stencil printer
Multicolor sheet-fed printing press
Continuous image transfer belt and variable image size offset printing system
Variable image size offset printing system and method of printing
Reversible printing blanket
Apparatus for reducing procession of a printing blanket
Sheet unloading apparatus
Method for screen position correcting in screen printing
Method for on the run plate changes in offset web-fed press
Electric impulse cartridge
Gas generator
Trolley wheel
Trolley wheel tread and flange
Aerator pad for fluidizing particulate materials
Autorack railcar structure
Support for a vehicle body on a chassis
Support and related shelf
Bolt-mounted shelf for use with hunters' tree stands
Fabric decoratable furniture system
Folding planter frame
Grain box insert for seeding implement
Buttonhole sewing machine
System and method for controlling the stopping point of a tufting machine at a preset stop step in a carpet stitch pattern
Chain stitch sewing machine including a needle-thread pushing member
Bulkhead structure for personal watercraft
Shielded boat hull of composite material with sealed cover or the like and method of fastening the sealing device
Boat mooring assist apparatus
Floating dock including buoyant wharf modules and method of making such modules
Earthen material integrity sensing device
Place finder bookmark
Modulator for plasma-immersion ion implantation
Method of milking animals
Pet toilet-like water dish and food storage
Livestock feeder
Method and apparatus for providing domestic animals with liquid food
Cat litter container
Device for collecting excrements of pet animals and auxiliary element applied therewith
Apparatus for cleaning and dulling cat's claws
Collar and leash assembly
Natural gas engine with in situ generation of an autoignition product
Hydraulic air-intake governor
Motor block as well as casting mold and casting method for the manufacture thereof
Rotary and reciprocating internal combustion engine and compressor
Free piston internal combustion engine with piston head functioning as a bearing
Two-cycle internal combustion engine with enhanced lubrication
High power density, low emission internal combustion engine
Damping device for movable masses, preferably for electromagnetic systems
Device for adjusting the relative rotational background of camshafts
Multicylinder internal combustion engine with two inlet valves and two outlet valves
Automatic engine block heater connection apparatus
Induction system, especially for use as an induction port of an internal combustion engine
Multi-seal retainer assembly and method for making the same
Engine balance shafts supporting structure
Crankshaft rotation structure for four cycle engine
Method and arrangement for determining the torque of an internal combustion engine having direct gasoline injection
Direct injected cylinder head
Method and apparatus for controlling the actuation of a compression brake
Method and arrangement for controlling an operating variable of a motor vehicle
Fuel injection control apparatus of multicylinder internal combustion engine
High-pressure delivery pump
Fuel recirculation for direct injection fuel system using a high pressure variable venturi pump
Proportional purge solenoid control system
Air assist fuel injector with fuel swirl feature
Fuel treatment devices
Catalyst for reforming fossil fuel
Intake device for a V-type engine
Small-sized boat
Control device for air-fuel radio sensor
Dry-fire prevention mechanism for crossbows
Bowstring release with adjustable trigger
Adjustable stand for an archery bow
Method and apparatus for fabricating elongate crystalline members
Scriber adapter plate
Portable cooking apparatus
Barbecue grill with radiant fire grate
Oven rack
Solar concentrator gap and receiver design
Methods and apparatus for storing chemical compounds in a portable inhaler
Canine scuba diving apparatus
Respirator selection program
Device and method for recovering anaesthetic during the use of inhaled anaesthetics
Mask with integral valve
Treatment method via the pericardial space
Method of assisting in child birth with accessible birth wear
Manual packing device for cigarette tubes, in particular cigarette filter tubes with a variable-length tobacco packing chamber hand filling device for cigarette tubes, particularly filter cigarette tubes, with a tobacco press chamber variable in length
Cigarette with a dual-structure filter
Make your own cigarettes
Decorative artificial fingernails and apparatus for use by children
Credit card shaped grooming device
Hair accessory
Method of avoiding wall particle contamination in depositing films
Device for cleaning lamellar blinds and method for using the same
Automated system for rinsing a fluid line of a medical system
Interior tank cleaning apparatus
Spray cleaner for interior surface of pipeline
Collapsible umbrella with reinforced rib structure
Crutchless leg support system
Convertible cane construction
Collapsible canopy framework and structure with articulating scissor assemblies
Sleeve valve with clean out section
Integrated flow controller module
Ball valve including seat retainer securing means and method for forming the same
Valve assembly
Device and method for removing condensate from gas pressure systems
Valve for LP gas cylinder
Tank for pressurized fluid, in particular for liquefied gas
Universal multi-path control valve system
Valve of vacuum apparatus
Insulating cover for water backflow prevention apparatus
Reduced length pressure compensating liquid flow regulator
High pressure check valve fittings
Valve safety lockout and method for using
Valve with integral flow switch
Safety device for a fuel tank
Recreational water recirculation system with double-shaft pump motor
Fuel supplying apparatus
Multiway valve
Freezeless wall hydrant for delivery of hot or cold water through a single discharge conduit
Undersea hydraulic coupling
Fluid pressure amplifier
Modular control apparatus for water treatment system
CAM operated diverter valve
By-pass solenoid with integral check valve
Manifold solenoid valve driven by serial signals
Lawn and garden chemical dispensing system
Flow duct for the passage of a two-phase flow
Method for repairing a bead lock hose fitting
Apparatus and method for the robotic repairing of an underground pipe junction with removable heating element
Hose used to install loose fill insulation
Non reed interfering suction weft removal
Apparatus and method for forming a winding for a stator of a dynamoelectric machine
Cable tie tensioning and severing tool
Automatic compound shaking machine
Apparatus and method for removing and replacing vehicle hydraulic fluid
Fill limiter for a liquid storage tank
Two-stage ORVR control valve
Integrated vent and fluid transfer fitment
Skirt lifting apparatus and method
Jig system for positioning the placement of multiple cuts in a workpiece
Veneer cutting machine and nose bar device therefor
Shank-type cutter of a hard material
Multifunctional work box
Pneumatic tire having directional tread pattern
Glancing angle deposition of thin films
Apparatus for mounting an electronic component
Equipment for on-site repair of a composite structure with a damaged zone and corresponding method
Device for correcting tape twist in a machine for continuously manufacturing a tape strip folded about a ring
Method and apparatus for surfacing a board-like object
Hole punch reinforcer
Apparatus and method for applying linerless labels
Film-transferring device
Safety system for use with a grain bin
Adjustable bracket for decorative finial
Cellular window covering having seamless cells and method for making same
Skylight shade
Method and apparatus for making image ladened louvered blinds
Ratchet type cam lock for a roller
Curtain barrier assembly
Die casting apparatus for a rotor
Withdrawal elevator mechanism for withdrawal furnace with a center cooling spool to produce DS/SC turbine airfoils
Molding machine and method to prevent a flask from deforming
Strip casting device
Circuit arrangement for actuating an air-conditioning system or automatic air conditioner in a vehicle
Mounting of a heat exchanger in an air conditioner
Multi-pass tube side heat exchanger with removable bundle
Heat sink fan
Heat exchanger system for a boiler having a circulating fluidized bed
Heat exchanger and method for manufacturing the same
Concentric fuel/oil filters and heat exchanger package
Process and apparatus for treating waste
4 zone heating or air conditioning unit for a motor vehicle
System for pumping viscous fluid from a well
Launching tool for objects downhole
Apparatus for dropping articles downhole
Apparatus and method for installing a pipe segment in a well pipe
Vertical pumping system
In situ water and soil remediation method and system
Method for relating multiple oil or gas wells to each other
Separable one-trip perforation and gravel pack system and method
Method and device for facilitating the insertion of a coiled tube into a well and for loosening stuck objects in a well
Method for stabilizing the gas flow in water-bearing natural gas deposits or reservoirs
Pipeline treatment composites
Bare root tree and stump extracting tool
Adjustable elbow pad
Coat incorporating a drag harness
Adjustable garment
Necktie assembly
Golfing glove with improved tee holder
Meditation enhancing article
Tailored garment with integral support unit
Item of clothing
Leg protector
Water pressure toilet plunger
Supplemental tank for use with low flow volume toilet
Automatic hair washer
Automatic hair washer
Protective cover water fixtures
Covered eyewash fountain
Child restraint car bed
Device for transportation of patients
Adhesive trowel
Tooth and gum cleaning tool
Window wiper system for an automotive vehicle
Wiper apparatus with rise-up mechanism
Door closer
Pivotal bearing for door frames
Front water injection for front loading washing machine
Precemented welt
Method of construction of a vault, bearing piece and half-shell for construction of the vault
Vertically stored dock leveler
Water driven cleaning device with double cleaning action
Hydraulic automatic-shock-absorbing hinge device
Fibre processing apparatus
Device and method for collecting the web, and drawing of the latter into the form of a strip, at the output of a carder
Method and apparatus for holding paper currency and credit cards
Composite hook and loop fasteners, and products containing them
Human Necessities
Brush ring
Deck crevice cleaning tool
Performing Operations; Transporting
Multi-purpose tool
Fixed Constructions
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Spring locator for damping device
Fuel injection
Weld stud
Hose clip and a locking member therefor
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