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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Removable corn header snout
Stable cable system and method
Attachment for fence system and method of use
Pet shovel
Animal waste collection apparatus and method of use
Elastomeric cover for the weighted head of a jig-type fishing lure
Combination scoop and mold press for dough fishing bait
Flying insect trap
Steamatory, method of use, and manufacture
Systems with cooperating reruckers for producing encased products and related rerucker assemblies
Cap which utilizes an airfoil effect for inducing cooling
Outdoor table organizer assembly
Exhibiting rack
Infant head cradle with controlled head movement
Showcase with insulated wall separating the machine room from the cooling components
Bag rack system
Bed sheet for multiple length mattresses
Food pan having elastomeric heat and scratch resistant protective flange gasket
Body scrubber
Systems and methods for hernia repair
Access assembly with translating lumens
Systems and techniques for minimally invasive gastrointestinal procedures
Skeletal adjustment device
Use of a support device
Ultrasonic diagnosis apparatus and ultrasonic diagnosis method
Hand-held ultrasound imaging device and techniques
Absorbent article
Stimulation aid device
Restraining glove
Foldable wheelchair
Articulated and/or jointed bed
Carbon dioxide-based bi-level CPAP control
Insertion device for an insertion set and method of using the same
Infusion apparatuses and methods of use
Pressure washer wand having a nozzle selector
Leg-stretching exercise apparatus
Elevated reclining exercise chair
Golf ball with adjustable tackiness
Golf club holding assembly
Bunting practice bat
Apparatus for kicking exercise
Gaming machine
Video poker game system and method
Tournament qualification and characteristics in a gaming system
System and method for an interactive lottery game over a network
Gaming device having two card readers
Progressive resistance exercise device
Performing Operations; Transporting
Fluid treatment arrangements with sets of fluid treatment elements and methods for making and using them
Composite membrane including coating of polyalkylene oxide and triazine compounds
Horizontal-flow hydration apparatus
Mixing device for mixing water and water vapor in a diversion station
System for dissolving gases in fuel
Paint producing method and paint producing system
Method and apparatus for continuous processing of whole muscle meat products
Pollen separator
Method for separating rich ore particles from agglomerates which contain said rich ore particles of value and magnetizable particles attached thereto, especially Fe.sub.3O.sub.4
Spray gun having mechanism for internally swirling and breaking up a fluid
Sprayer having water-tight function
System and method for cooling a nozzle
Method for controlling drug loading in a medical device
Multi-slot applicator with automatic closing function
Apparatus and method for internally lining an elongate member
Tilt roller grader with plurality of jacks
Inclined chute sorter
Burring apparatus with scrap removing capability
Pipe expansion method
Tool post assembly for quick displacement of a tool of a machine tool
Tool holder and cutting tool
Portable post driving apparatus
Oil pulse tool
Coplanar alignment apparatus for rotary spindles
Paint brush with detachable head
Cutting machine for cutting mats
Building material mixer
Injection mold
Injection molding system having a digital displacement pump
Work transfer apparatus for press machine, and work transfer unit
Multi-drive printed product processing device with verified feedback control
Printing apparatus
Printing apparatus and printing method
Wristwatch keyboard
Hydraulic excavator
Linear permanent magnet driving system and permanent magnet driving and magnetic suspension roadway system
Scooter with an integral lifting and loading system
Apparatus and system for securing an item to a vehicle
Vehicle safety seat
Retractable limb guard
Airbag module case
Valve device and airbag comprising such a valve device, and method for operating such a valve device
Vehicle cargo rack
Method for controlling a rolling or coasting function of a vehicle
Collapsible, transportable cart for building materials
Vehicle floor assembly with insert
Sealed aft cavity drag reducer
Vehicular steering apparatus
Lift axle suspension systems incorporating compression coil springs
Apparatus for walking and resting upon the water
Window for aircraft with microstructure as a sunscreen
Turbojet nacelle and method for controlling separation in a turbojet nacelle
Multiple liquid dispenser
Modular case and method of forming the same
Closure cap comprising a seal gasket
Multiple-use dispenser for articles contained in blister-type packages
Mobile device vessel
Foldable cover
Case assembly and method for covering and protecting a portable device
Retrofit for floating roof tanks
Shaft positioning device
Vernier adjustor for conveyor systems
Apparatus and method for passive dust control in a transfer chute
Device for gripping a blow-moulding container preform
Control apparatus for controlling stapling and image forming apparatus for controlling stapling
Hydraulic elevator system
Lifting and rotating water reservoir with attached water bottle for dispensing of water from water cooler
Textiles; Paper
Device for attaching a flexible clothing in a textile machine
Sewing machine and control method for driving the same
Fixed Constructions
Cartridge unit and trap for sewer gas and odor containment
Splatter reduction system
Custom coffered surface layout, fabrication, and installation methods and processes
Sliding and locking energy-efficient wall assembly
Strength enhancing insert assemblies
Photovoltaic panel mounting system
Building roof fascia, coping and/or solar panel connector arrangement
Temporary railing system
Laser-marked multi-component assemblies, kits, and related methods
Tower mounting apparatus
Structural display having adjustable mounting widths for use in a retail environment
Method of constructing prefabricated steel reinforced concrete (PSRC) column using angle steels and PSRC column using angle steels
Stiffening of an air beam
Sports pitch rainwater harvesting systems suitable for use in developing countries
Entrance gate for an automatic parking garage having mechanism for centering a vehicle on the entrance gate
Security assembly for attachment to an object
Deformable slat system
Flexible directional drilling apparatus and related methods
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method for braking a rotor of a turbine engine and a turning gear for driving the rotor of a turbine engine
Industrial turbine blade with platform cooling
Continuously variable valve actuation apparatus for an internal combustion engine
Fuel-pressure waveform detector
Bearing device
Hybrid drive for an aircraft
Combined heat, ice, power, and steam system
Lower costs and increased power density in stirling cycle machines
High-speed jet noise reduction via fluidic injection
Electrostatic air charging system for an internal combustion engine
Evaporated fuel treatment apparatus
Bi-fuel engine
Pump and pump control circuit apparatus and method
Inflating pump with auxiliary knotting functions
Impeller for water pump
Built-in electric air pump for use in inflatable products
First-stage pilot valve
Freewheel structure
Hydrodynamic bearing apparatus and spindle motor having the same
Friction clutch and method to reduce drag loss in friction clutch
Vehicle driving system and control method for vehicle driving system
Controller for rotation and movement motion
Pulley tensioner for an oil wet belt drive
Medical connector
Method and apparatus for automatic fluid shut-off
Gate valve
High pressure inlet regulator
Quick release connector with a ring anti-drop cover
Closure for a pipeline pig sender or receiver
Fastening device for bicycle seat pad and seat tube using the same
Method for liquefaction of natural gas offshore
Flashing screwing structure
Flashlight lamp rotation structure
Track-mounted decorative lighting apparatus
Light emitting device and illumination apparatus
Holder of lighting device
Illuminated eyeglasses
Lamp unit and lighting fixture
Laminar liquid motion display
Planar light-emitting device
Combustion efficiency control system for a laminar burner system
Tubular system for electrochemical compressor
Acoustic power transmitting unit for thermoacoustic systems
Insulated and refrigerated beverage transport line
Freeze dryer slot door actuator and method
Rotatable targeting assembly having weapons integrated direction and rate control
1911 handgun disassembly tool and method of making same
Ride height gauge for RC cars
Digital cumulative spectrum analysis apparatus and method for direction finding and location
Water detection device
Dual opposing fiber brushing
Automated aseptic sampling workstation and sample collection devices therefore
Jitter digitizer
Method of fabricating a compliant membrane probe
Chrono-stratigraphic and tectono-stratigraphic interpretation on seismic volumes
Multi-channel optical module
Photonic assembly for optical fibers
Rotary glasses
Glasses with safety device and three-dimensional glasses with safety device
Heat dissipation module and projection apparatus
Image forming apparatus for projecting an image to guide an individual
3-D image night light gun
On-demand storage system energy savings
Reducing energy consumption in a computing cluster
Anomaly detection based on directional data
Controlling apparatus, method for controlling apparatus and information processing apparatus
Condition detection and reporting in complex systems
Power failure management in components of storage area network
Method and system for providing immunity to computers
Administering incident pools for event and alert analysis
Checkpoint debugging using mirrored virtual machines
USB testing apparatus and method
Information processing apparatus that records logs, and control method and storage medium therefor
Decoding apparatus and decoding method
States for breakout appliance in a mobile data network
Content search system having multiple pipelines
Inter-thread communication with software security
Address-based hazard resolution for managing read/write operations in a memory cache
Data segment version numbers in distributed shared memory
Defragmentation of data storage pools
SCSI reservation status information on a SAN disk
Dynamically altering a pipeline controller mode based on resource availability
Dynamically managing available data storage within an automated data storage system
Power management of a spare DRAM on a buffered DIMM by issuing a power on/off command to the DRAM device
Store-to-load forwarding mechanism for processor runahead mode operation
Data communication efficiency
Customization of a bus adapter card
Management of low-paging space conditions in an operating system
Creation of logical units via borrowing of alternative storage and subsequent movement of the logical units to desired storage
Concretization of abstracted traces
System and method for enabling users to interact in a virtual space
Remote exam viewing system
Platform independent information handling system, communication method, and computer program product thereof
System and method of managing real-time communications using context-based awareness states
Methods and apparatus for increasing the efficiency of electronic data storage and transmission
System and method for transmission of data
Self-adjusting application heartbeat management
Collaborative information management
Handling of data transfer in a LAN-free environment
Techniques for evaluating and managing cloud networks
Provisioning and commissioning a communications network with a virtual network operations center and interface
Notice of restored malfunctioning links
Selecting a primary-secondary host pair for mirroring virtual machines
Client device configuration with hooks
Packing signed word elements from two source registers to saturated signed byte elements in destination register
Systems and methods for secure transaction management and electronic rights protection
Data library optimization
Bootstrapping in information access systems
Word correction in a multi-touch environment
System and method for conducting a game
Structured requirements management
Method and module for creating a relational database schema from an ontology
System to build, analyze and manage a computer generated risk assessment model and perform layer of protection analysis using a real world model in software of a safety instrumented system architecture
Enabling a support service to provide automated problem resolution based on real time chat analytics
Method enabling collaborative editing of object in content data, computer system, and computer program product
Deduplication of data object over multiple passes
Cross-domain clusterability evaluation for cross-guided data clustering based on alignment between data domains
Providing access to data with user defined table functions
Retrieval device, retrieval system, retrieval method, and computer program for retrieving a document file stored in a storage device
Ordering content in social networking applications
Transforming hierarchical language data into relational form
Data access method and configuration management database system
Method for implementing persistent file pre-allocation
Method for synthesizing soft error tolerant combinational circuits
Method and infrastructure for cycle-reproducible simulation on large scale digital circuits on a coordinated set of field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs)
Early design cycle optimzation
Method and apparatus for receiving optical signal, processing and conveying electrical signal pertaining to power consumption data
Methods and apparatus for managing cash items
System, method and program for managing firewalls
Removal of program licensed to user
Multi-source switching in a television system displaying source indicators
Method and system for providing preemptive response routing
Information processing terminal, information processing method, and program product
Information processing unit, content providing server, information processing method and content providing method
Reorganizing table-based data objects
Methods, systems, and computer program products for managing batch operations in an enterprise data integration platform environment
Multiplex classification for tabular data compression
Generating conditional functional dependencies
Computer system performance analysis
Hierarchical ranking of facial attributes
Method and system for evaluating data
System and method for monitoring usage of a user device
Authentication information change facility
Embedded device and state display control
Method to compute an approximation to the reciprocal of the square root of a floating point number in IEEE format
Automated interactive multi-objective optimization-based system design tool
Method for facilitating transactions between thin-clients and message format service (MFS)-based information management system (IMS) applications
Method of operating a data processing system
Melding of mediation flow service component architecture (SCA) components
Configuration of componentized software applications
Specifying data occurrence in SOA based environments
Generating a service component architecture (SCA) module with service oriented architecture (SOA) model elements
Computer method and apparatus for debugging in a dynamic computer language
Method for managing hardware resources within a simultaneous multi-threaded processing system
Method and system for securely installing patches for an operating system
Method and system for virtualizing connection end-points in distributed, component based applications at runtime
Loader module, and method for loading program code into a memory
Software reuse utilizing naive group annotation of incomplete software descriptions employing a self-reporting element
Managing firmware on a system board
File conversion device, file conversion method, and file conversion program
setjmp/longjmp for speculative execution frameworks
Methods and arrangements for unified program analysis
Relocating guest machine using proxy tool having multiple virtual machines where one virtual machines provides host route for relocation
Dynamic network adapter queue pair allocation
Accelerated execution for emulated environments
Schedule virtual interface by requesting locken tokens differently from a virtual interface context depending on the location of a scheduling element
Equal duration and equal fetch operations sub-context switch interval based fetch operation scheduling utilizing fetch error rate based logic for switching between plurality of sorting algorithms
Cartridge for storing biosample plates and use in automated data storage systems
Acquisition of a user expression and a context of the expression
Method for determining harmful multimedia content using multimedia content playback characteristics
Predictive growth burn rate in development pipeline
Brand analysis using interactions with search result items
Method for programming a patient care device
System for intelligent medical device network
Rebate transaction system
Inventory sales system and method
System and method for managing tax-deferred retirement accounts
Using a force-based paradigm for managing operational fulfillment
Method for statistical comparison of occupations by skill sets and other relevant attributes
Automated stock transactions regarding athletes transitioning between competitive levels
ATM that allows a user to select a desired transaction by touch dragging a displayed icon that represents the desired transaction
Distribution of digital content
Enablement of social networking based on asset ownership
Automated account reconciliation method
Gumball machine that dispenses multiple gumballs
Error reporting and technical support customization for computing devices
Devices and related methods for teaching languages to young children
Acoustic scoring unit implemented on a single FPGA or ASIC
Optical disk apparatus
Systems for fastening a head stack to a hard drive base assembly
Optical device
Method of continuously producing electronic film components
Electrical connector
USB connector and connecting device with USB connector
Universal serial bus connector perpendicularly mounted on a printed circuit board
Toy car USB memory storage device
Cable connector assembly with an improved light pipe
Mounting component, electronic device, and mounting method
Coaxial cable connector
Method of manufacturing a stacked foil sheet device
Coaxial probe
Coaxial connector
Storage device
Token-based security for links to media streams
Method and apparatus for detecting signal using cyclo-stationary characterisitics
Synchronizing user sessions in a session environment having multiple web services
Environmental imaging
Personal identification number security enhancement
System and method for managing superior/subordinate interactions
Method of user-authenticated quantum key distribution
System and method for distributing advertisements in an internet protocol television system
Method for detecting a viewing apparatus
Method and apparatus for browsing using alternative linkbases
Expired Patents Due To Time
Tube-shaped snack food
3-section filled food product
Portion of a footwear sole
Combined shoe bottom and periphery
Boot sole
Removable tread device for footwear
Golf shoe spike
Sandal upper
Footwear upper
Golfer's sun umbrella with permeable screen center canopy and contrasting color light impermeable border and openwork tie with tee pocket
Key shaped clip design for permitting key rings to be attached thereto
Storage container for digital camera accessories
Golf bag
Contact lens holder
Jewelry display case
Carrying and storage case
Multi-use integrated briefcase and garment carrier
Luggage wheel and wheel housing
Toothbrush handle
Toothpaste dispensing toothbrush
Scrub brush
Brush with cover handle
Paint roller frame
Paint brush
Paint brush
Secure pinch-grip hanger
Convertible bench and table assembly
Child's rocking chair
Airline seat
Chaise lounge
Connected chairs
Bath bench
Checkstand counter
Hub for holding recorded media
Carpet sample display stand
Umbrella support stand
Stand with hangers for suspending articles
Ready to assemble modular storage unit
Display and storage rack
Death care merchandise display unit
Set of tables
Table leg
Sleeve for a height adjustable arm rest unit
Back for a seating unit
Seat bottom
Gland plate for cabinet top panel
Top cover plate for cabinet
Towel dispenser
Mirror cabinet
Window blind apparatus
Window covering head rail
Floor mat border
Anchored beach blanket assembly
Storage rack
Electric water kettle
Microwave oven
Foodstuffs cooking plate
Tea ball
Cereal bowl, shelf and cover assembly
Insulated food tray one-third-high wall
Beverage cooler
Pint container tote
Fruit-wedge-like perforation pattern for a perforated spoon
Automotive hinge pin tool
Ratchet wrench
Socket tool
Bottle opener
Shoe for a circular saw
Spiral cutting tool with handle
Square drive wrench having offset head
Square drive wrench having angled head
Eccentric gripping clamp
Tool handle cover
Tack tool
Utility knife
Utility knife
Letter opener in the form of a dollar sign symbol
Knurled handle for fluid applicator having reduced tip
Lighted knife handle
Strap clip
Mop head
Lint roller sponge mop combination
Brush head
Paint brush
Surface pattern for an absorbent article
Mobile table with stools
Racing high chair
Swing seat
Seating unit
Flexible chair
Chair having a horse-shaped back
Ergonomic chair
Towel ring
Towel rack
Towel bar
Towel bar
Towel bar
Lighted mirror cabinet
Bedroom wardrobe
Bathroom cabinet
Paint can attachment
Flower stand
Chair frame
Chair arm
Chair armrest
Support stanchion
Symmetrical drawer organizer
Back cover for a seating unit
Cushion seating area
Pillow for hospital patients
Triangular backup cushion seat
Sunburst window blind
Floor mat
Bartop mat
Coffee maker
Drinking glass
Insulated food tray bulk condiment holders
Food container
Replica cooler
Cookware handle
Stand for a roasting pan
Burner grate
Universal holder/adaptor for beverage container receptacles
Food preparation and storage device
Pruning shears
Replaceable blade for weed cutters
Disk rake
Oval-shaped shower curtain ring
Spiral cutting tool
Hand tool
Cartridge cutting, puncturing, and sealing tool
Utility knife
Tool handle
Bracket for hanging decorative panels
Bilge pump mounting bracket
Positioning bracket
Combined electrical wire holder and test probe guide
Mount for a support
Mount for handset holder
Shower curtain hook
Utility clip
Ratchet wrench
Portable electric drill
Right angle attachment for a rotary power tool
Device for reloading ink ribbon cartridges
Roofing material removal tool
Adhesive back hanger
Wheel device
Drum hanging bracket
Cable management fanning array
Cable management ring
Holder for gasoline refill container
Swiveling chain clip
Door closer cover
Push/pull latch
Ultra-slim lock
Key handle applique
Tab and latch combination for securing window screens to a window frame
Gravity latch
Lock for stereotactic instrument
Die cast key
Cord fastener
Magnetic aligning spring snap fastener
Cord fastener
Vent stop for window
Bottle with pump
Set of interlocking bottles
Combined tottle and cap
Container dome
Mouthwash container
Container with handle
Sample bottle
Two-part bottle
Packaging for a bottle
Packaged food carton
Engine case with removable insert
Container for food products
Pill holder and dispenser
Container for food products
Container for shoe care products
Spoon blank with detachable spoons
Display carton
Presentation box
Compressed fabric article package having a simulated tractor/semitrailer shape
Compressed fabric article package having a simulated van shape
Compressed fabric article package having a simulated fish shape
Pre-cut gift wrap
Bottle stopper
Rectangular stackable container including triple sealed rim
Trigger pump having ergonomic features
Railroad alarm clock
Analog timepiece
Chronograph timepiece
Watch casing and bezel
Watch casing and bezel
Watch casing and bezel
Watch casing and bezel
Watch dial for use in a watch case
SAE and metric measuring tape with fractional markings for a tape measure
SPA chemistry monitor
Fluid pressure cylinder tube
Indicating device
Electric meter drawout case
Measuring spoons
Measuring tape
Pressure transmitter with single inlet base and economy housing
Pressure transmitter with dual inlet base and single compartment housing
Pressure transmitter with single inlet base and dual compartment housing
Pressure transmitter with single inlet base and single compartment housing
Pressure transmitter with dual inlet base and dual compartment housing
Kitchen scale
Rear trailer signal light
Hollow square urban terrorism traffic barricade
Electromagnetic sound generator
Chime housing
Plate for a fire alarm repeater box
Wearable electric field presence detector
Fire detection system
Faceted reflector
Gem design
Double-sided jewelry setting
Jewelry arrangement
Precious stone
Ring or earring
Magnetic ring
Composition of twisted springs
Card holder
Religious toy figurine
Flower pot
Card holder
Ornamental bird design
Guardian angel
Novelty skeleton figure
Key handle latch plate
Holiday stocking
Medical monitor chassis
Article conveyor chain link
Retractable hook for hanging wheels from a vehicle raised for service
Exterior surface configuration of a vehicle
Vehicle with sculptured surfaces
Utility vehicle
Automobile body
Surface configuration of a vehicle and/or toy
Incline bicycle
Baby walker
Bicycle steering unit
Utility vehicle body
Utility vehicle
Rear bumper for a vehicle
Steering column shroud with tilt release lever
Shift input module for automated transmission
Instrument panel of a truck vehicle
Tire rim protector
Receiver mounted umbrella stand and tray
Golf cart bra
Dashboard for a vehicle
Vehicle-wheel front face
Wheel nut cover
Magnetic arm ornament for door of motor vehicle
Motorcycle luggage rack
Fifth-wheel hitch handle
Radiator grill for a vehicle
Laser projector housing
Battery pack
Rechargeable battery pack with vibrator and speaker for handheld electronic games
Battery pack
Surge protector
Electrical connector
Inserting clamp with cord protector
Holder for a packing piece for a cable lead through
Lamp dimmer
Environmentally sealed electrical connector housing
Radio controlled model speed controller housing component
Circuit card cage
Digital audio player
Combined radio, cassette and CD player
Integrated multimedia information system combined with DVD player
Disc player
Editing player combined with converter for recording media
Disc player
Combined digital audio disc player and tape recorder
Loudspeaker enclosure
Speaker box
Speaker box
Computer with integral monitor
Easy access tower computer
Storage device
Housing for arithmetic and control unit
Music mouse
Computer mouse
Ergonomic mouse
Computer front bezel
Computer front bezel
Portion of a display screen with an icon image
Wireless communication device
Ink-jet printer with scanner
Printer for electric cash register
Enclosure for a direct access storage device expansion unit for a data processing system
Memory card reader
Controller for game machine
Low end appliance server bezel
Computer faceplate
Computer printer
Icon for a computer display
Computer generated image for a display panel or screen
Remote tuner for internet-based radio
Base transceiver station for mobile network
Television tuner with ports for peripheral appliance
Cellular phone
Cellular telephone
Portable phone
Wireless telephone
Portable communication device
Internet phone
Information appliance
Transmitter for wireless communication apparatus
Push-button matrix
Cradle for a cellular telephone
Universal mount for wireless phones
Multiple monitor video editing device
Television set
Television set
Retractable monitor
Support arm for a video tape recorder
Compact disc
Agent icon for a display screen of a programmed computer system
Work vehicle body
Display panel for power machine
Vacuum cleaner
Upright deep cleaning machine
Cleaning fluid tank for carpet extractor
Carpet cleaner extractor base
Nozzle base for a vacuum cleaner
Extractor base
Upper handle portion of a vacuum cleaner
Underwater viewing monitor housing
Waterproof case for a camera
Camera and motion sensor housing
Compact photographic apparatus
Combined monitor and electronic still camera
Video camera with video tape recorder
Image projector
Handle and front panel portion of a paper feed cassette
Electronic copier
Eye glasses
Spectacles-shaped display
Eyeglasses with 3-D display panel
Spotting scope
Sight glass
Collapsible eye wear
Safety glasses
Noisemaking horn
Violin body
Guitar and other stringed instruments pick holder
Electronic guitar simulator
Currency bills evaluating and counting device
Ink cartridge for printer
Scanner cartridge for printer
Inkjet printer with photographic media supply tray, fixed sheet feeder, and window access door
Laser beam printer
Shift tray unit
Tape dispenser cartridge
Rack for folders and the like
Bulbous grip for a writing instrument
Magnet mounted pencil holder
Pen with cap
Double writing instrument
Topographic display
Seven principle motivational guide
Model of lighted panel devices
Confectionary pen
Vending machine island
Vehicle display sign
Hanging sign
Decorative table top amusement device
Game machine
Balloon support stand
Shell for a skipping toy
Wheel for children's ride-on vehicles
Water gun amusement device
Character toy
Decorative doll
Hand-held electronic football game
Hand-held electronic soccer game
Holder for cards, dice and tiles
Soft toy
Roughened surface ergonomic ski pole
Variable pitch divot repairer
Stationary exercise cycle
Weightlifting plate
Prone torso exerciser
Adjustment lever for exercise machine
Golf ball interior component having a plurality of protuberances
Ball for playing soccer (football)
Golf putter head
Golf club head cover
In-line roller skate
Practice device for bowling
Swimming oar
Set of bow cam wheels
Bow riser
Rifle handgrip with thumb rest
Fishing rod roller guide
Salt platform
Liquid filter cartridge pack
Face plate for plumbing fixture
Shower head
Hand held shower head
Shower head dial ring
Shower head
Air pump
Manifold for electromagnetic valves
Float valve for a toilet cistern
Valve handle and bracket
Toilet bowl skirt
Paper holder
Ornamentation for a fixture
Cover for fixture on a bathroom wall
Air conditioner
Contamination control breather
Electric liquid vaporizer bottle
Automatic spray deodorizer
Automobile air freshener
Combined ceiling fan and light fixture
Fan blade
Turbine blade
Sterilization indicator for sterilization process
Container for use with an automatic analyzer
Handpiece for a surgical tool
Otoscopic accessory
Monofilament holder
Surgical needle holder
Curette tip
Container for infusion and other liquids
Portable medical pumping unit with belt clip
Knee joint
End cap for a spinal implant
Medicated feminine pad
Panty liner
Mini sanitary pad
Knee pillow
Hip bandage
Panel connecting and finishing strip
Window frame extrusion
Container and candle embedded therein
End cap for light fixtures
Light emitting diode
Game light
Fluorescent working light
Six-sided lantern
Four-sided lantern
Six-sided tapered lantern
Table lamp
Light fixture
Wallwasher luminaire
Lighting instrument
Support frame of a table lamp
Desk lamp
Glass shade
Lighting fixture back plate
Lighting fixture arm
Arm for lighting fixture
Arm for lighting fixture
Lamp shade
Cigarette lighter case with digital clock
Eyelash applique
Adjustable hair dryer
Hair roller
Hair accessory
Nail cutter
Sports headgear
Cover for a nasal inhaler
Nasal respiration mask
Anti-wave cap
Housing for a retractable animal leash
Pet toy
Food processor housing
Base for blender
Portable cash box
Human Necessities
Method for splicing drip irrigation hoses using splicing means internal to the hoses
Bromeliad plant named `GUZ 207`
Grape plant named `Sugraeighteen`
Impatiens plant named `Fify Lav`
Kalanchoe plant named `Katharina`
Kalanchoe plant named `Rosemary`
Delphinium plant named `West End Blue`
Variety of petunia named `Trumpet Neon Rose`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Allison`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Empire Concerto`
Device and method for the surgical anastomasis of tubular structures
Detachable embolic coil assembly using interlocking clasps and method of use
Locking safety needle protection system
Performing Operations; Transporting
Process for the preparation of styrene derivatives extended at the double bond by ethylene and having a double bond remaining in the extension chain formed and new styrene derivatives extended with ethylene
Froth system for continuous manufacture of polyurethane foam slab-stocks
Pulsed ion beam source
Earth-based vehicle
Brake apparatus for a bicycle
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Nitrosated and nitrosylated compounds, and compositions and their use for treating respiratory disorders
Lubricants containing ashless antiwear-dispersant additive having viscosity index improver credit
Stabilized phosphate ester-based functional fluid compositions
Textiles; Paper
Tufting machine with self-aligning gauging modules
Fixed Constructions
Step lighting
Method of and device for production of hydrocarbons
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Secondary containment flexible underground piping system
Rifle sling support apparatus
Digital sports watch casing
System for transmitting and receiving combination of compressed digital information and embedded strobe bit between computer and external device through parallel printer port of computer
Graphic processing apparatus utilizing improved data transfer to reduce memory size
Planarization of a gate electrode for improved gate patterning over non-planar active area isolation
Saw filter with specified electrode dimensions
Image signal recording and reproducing system with use of bandwidth compression coding
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew