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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Plant MYB transcription factor homologs
Maize variety hybrid X18A643
Maize variety hybrid X85A667
Glyphosate-tolerant wheat genotypes
Maize variety hybrid X08B813
Compositions based on cupric salts, cupric salts and their use for controlling phytopathogens
Fungicidal mixtures based on carbamate derivatives and insecticides
Antimicrobial compounds
Serine/threonine kinase inhibitors
Compounds and compositions as TRK inhibitors
Pyrazolopyrimidine JAK inhibitor compounds and methods
Anti-obesity agent and anti-obesity food
Microencapsulate and process for the manufacture thereof
Placemat having an integrated napkin ring and method of making and using the same
MRI thermometry combined with hyperpolarisation device using photons with orbital angular momentum
Dermis-derived cells for tissue engineering applications
Benzamide derivatives and uses related thereto
Tetrazole derivatives and methods of treatment of metabolic-related disorders thereof
Aminothiazole derivative
Pharmaceutical compositions as inhibitors of dipeptidyl peptidase-IV (DDP-IV)
Oxopiperazine-azetidine amides and oxodiazepine-azetidine amides as monoacylglycerol lipase inhibitors
Extract obtained from orchidaceae plants, method for producing the extract, and external agent for skin comprising the extract
Use of Vitex agnus castus extracts for preparing a medicament
Pharmaceutical composition for treating nephropathy and healthy food comprising herb extracts
Compositions and method for enhancing insulin activity
Processes for preparing protease inhibitors of hepatitis C virus
Processes and intermediates
Pharmaceutical being used for treating cancer and fibrosis disease and the composition and uses thereof
Fibroblast growth factor receptor-derived peptides binding to NCAM
Method of diagnosing and treating oxidative stress-impaired wound healing
Recombinant factor VIII having enhanced stability following mutation at the A1-C2 domain interface
Thermostabilization of proteins
Fusion antibodies for HIV therapy
Peptide vaccines against group A streptococci
Attenuated live vaccines for aquatic animals
Klebsiella antigens
Method of generating an immune response in a subject using fusion proteins comprising CD4 minimal modules and HIV Tat scaffold polypeptides that are capable of binding to the HIV envelope and exposing cryptic neutralization epitopes
Anti-EpCAM antibodies
Process to thicken aqueous compositions by means of organophosphate polymers
Tooth whitening compositions and methods
Aminoglycoside and fosfomycin combination for treatment of ventilator associated pneumonia (VAP) and ventilator associated tracheal (VAT) bronchitis
Aerosol formulation of aminoglycoside and fosfomycin combination for treatment of ventilator associated pneumonia (VAP) and ventilator associated tracheal (VAT) bronchitis
Prednisolone salt formulations
Methods, devices and systems for transmission between an implanted device and an external device
Pacing catheter with stent electrode
Azinone-substituted azepino[b]indole and pyrido-pyrrolo-azepine MCH-1 antagonists, methods of making, and use thereof
Benzoxazepines as inhibitors of PI3K/mTOR and methods of their use and manufacture
Method for capture carbon and storage (CCS process) from coal fuel gas and the storage as biofuels: oil, gasoline, biodiesel, jet fuel, ethanol, and methane
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method for UV photolytic separation of pollutant gases from an emission stream
Crosslinked polymer-carbon sorbent for removal of heavy metals, toxic materials and carbon dioxide
Nozzle reactor and method of use
Process for preparing a Ni/Sn supported catalyst for the selective hydrogenation of polyunsaturated hydrocarbons
Methods for modulating the release rate of a drug-coated stent
Methods of preparing high density powder metallurgy parts by iron based infiltration
Method for producing crystalline particles and method for producing crystallographically oriented ceramic
Nonwoven fabric and process for producing the same
Nanoporous foamed active compound-containing preparations based on pharmaceutically acceptable thermoplastically workable polymers
Polymeric indicators for detecting the presence of metabolic byproducts from microorganisms
Vented plastic film and method of making
Thermal marking system
Road surface friction coefficient estimating device and road surface friction coefficient estimating method
Switch controlled battery charging and powering system for electric vehicles
Driver assistance system for a vehicle
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Metal recovery from hydroconverted heavy effluent
Production of distillate fuels from an integrated municipal solid waste/triglyceride conversion process
Amphiphilic oxalamide organogelators designed for gelation of organic solvents, water and hydrocarbon commercial fuels
Nuclear receptor binding agents
Process for producing ethanol over catalysts containing platinum and palladium
Catalysts comprising secondary noble metals and process for producing ethanol
Polymorphs of N-malonyl-bis(N'-methyl-N'-thiobenzoylhydrazide)
Process for preparation of optically active compounds using transfer hydrogenation
Dye-sensitized solar cell, photoelectric conversion element, and dye for use in the solar cell and the element
Method for producing aminobiphenylene
Method for producing 2,2-difluoroethylamine derivatives by imine hydrogenation
Macrocyclic lactone derivatives for the treatment of cancer
Method for preparing (3S,4S)-4-((R)-2-(benzyloxy)tridecyl)-3-hexyl-2-oxetanone and novel intermediate used therefor
Pyrrolyl substituted dihydroindol-2-one derivatives, preparation methods and uses thereof
Imidazo [4,5-C]quinoline derivatives and their use in the treatment of tumors and/or inflammation
Methods for preparing pyrimidine derivatives useful as protein kinase inhibitors
Process for preparation of 1,2-diamino-cyclohexane-platinum (II) complexes
Stress-related polypeptides and methods of use in plants
Method and composition for altering a B cell mediated pathology
Viral capsid proteins and any peptides or compositions thereof for the treatment of pathologic disorders
Fertilization prediction and promotion
Methods for making polyolefin products having different shear thinning properties and haze
Crosslinked polymers containing biomass derived materials
Catalyst systems for the catalytic oligomerization of olefinic monomers
Fiber or foil from polymers with high T.sub.g and process for their manufacture
Rubber tyre composition containing a diester plasticizer
Polysiloxane resin composition
Non-foaming detergent and preparation method thereof
System for measuring and analyzing properties of water and sediment samples
Lactobacillus helveticus strains for producing hypotensive peptides
Inhibitor for the formation of gamma-secretase complex
Mitochondrial function-improving agent
Expression vectors encoding epitopes of target-associated antigens and methods for their design
Plant membrane bound O-acyl transferase (MBOAT) family protein sequences and their uses for altering fatty acid compositions
Reverse micelles based on phytosterols and acylglycerols and therapeutic uses thereof
Infectious plant viral vector and an artificial bipartite plant viral vector an infectious plant viral vector and an artificial bipartite plant viral vector
Thermostable chimeric nucleic acid polymerases and uses thereof
Phospholipases, nucleic acids encoding them and methods for making and using them
Polypeptides having feruloyl esterase activity and nucleic acids encoding the same
Variant Hypocrea jercorina CBH1 cellulases
Halohydrin epoxidase
Process for fractionation of lignocellulosic biomass
Genes useful for the industrial production of citric acid
Device and method for identifying microbes and counting microbes and determining antimicrobial sensitivity
MicroRNAs (miRNA) as biomarkers for diagnosing different grades of gliomas and pathways of glioma progression
Methods, compositions, and systems for the identification of species-specific or developmental stage-specific insecticides
Nucleic acid quantification method and microchip for nucleic acid amplification reaction
Molecular scaffolds for HIV-1 epitopes
Compositions and methods for treating nuclear fuel
System for photolithographic synthesis of polymer arrays
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Kaman vortex street generator
Power split device and method
Self-calibrated alignment and overlay target and measurement
Rotary position encoder
Radiological image detection cassette
System for managing electrical power distribution between infrastructure and electric vehicles
Method for defect determination in fine concave-convex pattern and method for defect determination on patterned medium
Method and apparatus for using optical feedback to detect fiber breakdown during surgical laser procedures
Defect inspecting method and defect inspecting apparatus
Substrate of target substance detection element to be used in apparatus for detecting target substance by utilizing surface plasmon resonance and detection element and detection apparatus using same
Vascular endothelial growth factor C (VEGF-C) protein and gene, mutants thereof, and uses thereof
Molecular targets and compounds, and methods to identify the same, useful in the treatment of bone and joint degenerative diseases
Biological substance analyzing method, and biological substance analyzing cell, biological substance analyzing chip, and biological substance analyzing apparatus employed in the biological substance analyzing method
Cathepsin E as a marker of colon cancer
Method and a kit for determining human or animal blood on a surface
Transformer within wafer test probe
Apparatus and methods for mapping a wired network
Apparatus for employing low ohmic alloy conductors and method for simplifying current drain data retrieval
Clock phase shift detector
Signaling in a cluster
Shared weighted fair queuing (WFQ) shaper
Method and system for providing assistance data for A-GPS location of handsets in wireless networks
Identifying invalid seismic data
Correction of truncations in MR imaging
Electromagnetic logging between borehole and surface
Method for determining spatial distribution of fluid injected into subsurface rock formations
Apparatus and methods for measuring formation characteristics
Light source for stereoscopic display
Fiber optic cable assembly
Fabrication method of optical wiring board and optical printed circuit board
Optical transmission module, electronic instrument, method for assembling optical transmission module, and optical transmission method
Lens barrel and manufacturing method of the same
Dynamic optical countermeasures for ground level threats to an aircraft
Optical isolation created by indirect interband photonic transitions
Stereoscopic display
Stereoscopic imaging apparatus
Photographic stitching device
Color photographic silver halide paper and use
Power supply apparatus and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus with movable pressing member
Developer supply device and image forming apparatus having the same
Image forming apparatus
Belt drive apparatus and image forming apparatus
Color electrophotographic image forming apparatus
X-ray imaging apparatus and method of X-ray imaging
Systems, devices, and methods for automation and energy management
Protective cover for laptop computer
Card reader having communicating function
Method of data placement and control in block-divided distributed parity disk array
Storage system and data guarantee method
Image input/output device, information processing method, and storage medium
Information processing apparatus and information notification method therefor, and control program
CRC format automatic detection and setting
Apparatus for thread-safe handlers for checkpoints and restarts
Storage-efficient and collision-free hash-based packet processing architecture and method
Management computer, power supply control method and computer system
Methods and apparatus for responding to a request cluster
Wide area distributed storage system for checking erasure of worm files
Anchor for database synchronization excluding uncommitted transaction modifications
Memory storage using a look-up table
Apparatus and method for controlling memory allocation for variable size packets
Disk array apparatus including controller that executes control to move data between storage areas based on a data protection level
Power reduction for processor front-end by caching decoded instructions
Management of devices connected to infiniband ports
Fault-tolerant computer and method of controlling data transmission
Time multiplexed bidirectional bus
Method and apparatus for facilitating granting of a permission regarding a stored element
Systems, methods and computer program products for integrating advertising within web content
Distribution contents forming method, contents distributing method and apparatus, and code converting method
Method for distributing content to a user station
Method and apparatus for electronic postcard communication
Computer system with a packet transfer device using a hash value for transferring a content request
Determining a bisection bandwidth for a multi-node data communications network
Methods of providing published content
Interactive recording and playback for network conferencing
Method for remote interrogation of SNMP agents
Content display monitor
Management system selectively monitoring and storing additional performance data only when detecting addition or removal of resources
Audio server
Information processing system, server apparatus, information processing apparatus, and control method thereof
Cooperative embedded agents
Processing in pipelined computing units with data line and circuit configuration rule signal line
Browser sensitive web content delivery
Dynamically configurable lists for including multiple content types
Abstraction control solution
Enhancing investigation of variability by inclusion of similar objects with known differences to the original ones
Audio source system and method
Diagnostic report improvement utilizing unobtrusive workflow logging
Integrated search engine devices having pipelined search and tree maintenance sub-engines therein that support variable tree height
Priority differentiated subtree locking
Systems and methods for interoperable multimedia content descriptions
Heap dump acquiring method
Method and apparatus for repeat execution of delay analysis in circuit design
Metrology for GST film thickness and phase
Reproducing apparatus, reproducing method and reproducing program
Failure handling and debugging with causalities
Method and apparatus for selectively switching IC ports to card slots through the use of three switches per switch group
Information playback apparatus and information playback method with use of vendor ID comparison
Operation apparatus for on-board devices in automobile
Method and machine for navigation system calibration
Computer mouse and method thereof
Display device and driving method thereof
Advanced touch control of a file browser via finger angle using a high dimensional touchpad (HDTP) touch user interface
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
Data transfer device, image processing apparatus, and recording medium
Image display apparatus and method of controlling the same
Automated transport control system
Auto quota
Two-way and multi-master synchronization over web syndications
File server for translating user identifier
Video game terminal and security activation arrangement
Method and apparatus for performing improved group floating-point operations
Quick deployment method
Apparatus and method for reducing power consumption on simultaneous multi-threading systems
Segmenting human hairs and faces
Mobile architecture using cloud for data mining application
Method and system for modeling subjects from a depth map
Generation of a disparity result with low latency
Method for removing color noise and image-capturing device that uses this method
Image processing using an adaptation rate
Systems and methods for imaging multiple sides of objects
Image adjusting circuit and image adjusting method
Method and system for scalable multi-user interactive visualization
Contrast enhancement
High-performance closed-form single-scan calculation of oblong-shape rotation angles from image data of arbitrary size and location using running sums
Method and device for determining a leak in a system component and/or for determining a state of a system component
Input signal power sensing sentry
Ventilator-initiated prompt regarding Auto-PEEP detection during volume ventilation of non-triggering patient
Desktop computer employing network indicator lights
Method and apparatus for providing queue delay overload control
Method for transmitting channel quality indicator
Sleep mode power saving in a wireless communication device
Redundancy shift register circuit for driver circuit in active matrix type liquid crystal display device
Backlight apparatus and display apparatus including the same
Automatically modifying presentation of mobile-device content
Antialiasing of two-dimensional vector images
Rotating device
Accumulator for non-return to zero (NRZ) linear feedback shift register (LFSR) in controller for disk drive
Writing data to a storage medium
Enabling partial write during a tape skew
Information erasing device and information erasing method
Information storage medium, reproducing method, and recording method
Multi-bit resistance measurement
Semiconductor device
Global bit select circuit with write around capability
Content addressable memory with base-three numeral system
Data storing method for a non-volatile memory cell array having an error correction code
Semiconductor device having redundant bit line provided to replace defective bit line
Row address control circuit semiconductor memory device including the same and method of controlling row address
Delay locked loop implementation in a synchronous dynamic random access memory
Underwater remote surface inspection method and apparatus for reactor constituting member
Methods and apparatuses for producing isotopes in nuclear fuel assembly water rods
Drawing apparatus, method of manufacturing article, and processing apparatus
Anisotropic conductive adhesive
Magnetically-sensitive switch and electronic device with magnetically-sensitive switch
LED illumination device and conduction structure thereof
High aspect ratio sample holder
Scanning electron microscope and inspection method using same
Mass distribution measuring method and mass distribution measuring apparatus
Transparent polarized light-emitting device
Single junction type cigs thin film solar cell and method for manufacturing the thin film solar cell
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Layout design method and semiconductor integrated circuit
Method of processing silicon and glass substrates using a laser peeling technique
Method for metal deposition using hydrogen plasma
Image transfer process employing a hard mask layer
Methods and devices for high accuracy deposition on a continuously moving substrate
Interconnect structures and methods for back end of the line integration
Semiconductor dice including at least one blind hole, wafers including such semiconductor dice, and intermediate products made while forming at least one blind hole in a substrate
Method and apparatus for integrated-circuit battery devices
Semiconductor devices structures including an isolation structure
Through silicon via repair
Methods of manufacturing a semiconductor device having a node array
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Multi-chip package with pillar connection
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing thereof
Adhesive sheet for producing semiconductor device
High-k dielectric and silicon nitride box region
Low cost anti-fuse structure
Semiconductor device including phase change material and method of manufacturing same
Package and high frequency terminal structure for the same
Linear voltage-controlled current source
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor device with zener diode and method for manufacturing same
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Silicon surface texturing method for reducing surface reflectance
Ultrasonic oscillating device with a detachable ultrasonic oscillating assembly
Stage drive device
Battery with multilayer electrode
Battery pack
Electrode for battery and method for manufacturing thereof
Electrode for fuel cell, membrane-electrode assembly including same, and fuel cell system including same
Reaction container and fuel cell system equipped with same
Fuel cell using organic fuel
Transmitter beamforming steering matrix processing and storage
Pivot radar
Tracer wire connector kits
Hybrid bi-directional DC contactor and method of controlling thereof
Electrostatic discharge conducting pathway having a noise filter spark gap
Battery pack and battery pack system
Series motor with permanent magnet
Rotating electrical machine
Electromotive coil with improved conductor packing ratio
Motor with rotor case having coupling component
Apparatus and method for detecting a change in output voltage of an isolated power converter
Slew rate edge enhancer
Piezoelectric vibrator manufacturing method, piezoelectric vibrator, oscillator, electronic device, and radio-controlled timepiece
Semiconductor device
Dynamic feedback-controlled output driver with minimum slew rate variation from process, temperature and supply
Gate drive circuit and power semiconductor module
Method and apparatus for offset estimation in mobile communication system
System and method of calibrating a phase-locked loop while maintaining lock
Local oscillator
Access control apparatus, access control system, processor, access control method, memory access control apparatus, memory access control system, and memory access control method
System and method for error correction in high definition TV signal
Error detection and correction for encoded data
Method and apparatus to perform error control
Method and apparatus for precomputation and pipelined selection of branch metrics in a reduced state Viterbi detector
System and method for high performance coherent peak compression estimation
Electronic apparatus capable of reducing power consumption, control method therefor, and storage medium
Reduced power-consumption receivers
Mobile phone and incoming alerting system
Portable telephone, imaging system employing portable telephone and imaging method
Communication apparatus and method
Tunable antenna with a conductive, physical component co-located with the antenna
Transcoding system using encoding history information
Light reception device and method for controlling the same
Communications system and memory card
Systems and methods for connecting radio systems
Method and apparatus for scheduling and synchronizing a multimedia broadcast/multicast service
Systems and method for orthogonal frequency divisional multiplexing
Network protection switching
Remote node for wavelength-division-multiplexed passive optical network
Sending apparatus, receiving apparatus, and transmission system
Method for performing ranging in wireless communication system supporting two wireless communication schemes
Methods and apparatus for conducting financial transactions
Wireless communication transceiver and mode-switch device thereof
Methods and apparatus for varying reduced transmission resources
Method of implementing packet-based resource allocation and persistent resource allocation in a wireless communication system
System and method for cloud computing
Method and apparatus for routing calls to an alternative endpoint during network disruptions
Methods and apparatus to perform jamming based on signal and interference in peer-to-peer networks
Multiradio-database systems and methods
Wireless repeater implementing multi-parameter gain management
Adjustable transmitter power for high speed links with constant bit error rate
Random number verification method and random number verification apparatus
Dynamically publishing directory information for a plurality of interactive voice response systems
Communication device
SIM-centric mobile commerce system for deployment in a legacy network infrastructure
Optimizing identification of public safety answering platform next generation 911 media support
Methods, systems, and products for exchanging health care communications
System and method for processing vehicle communications
Source selection for conference bridges
E-mail to phone number resolution for mobile to mobile, mobile to landline, and PC to mobile communications
Image processing apparatus, control method of image processing apparatus and program
Image reading apparatus, moving body fixing structure, and electronic equipment
Image reading apparatus
Color-coded backlighted single camera three-dimensional defocusing particle image velocimetry system
Pixel array and image processing apparatus for image-capturing
Image capture unit with changeable image capture direction
Back panel for a portable electronic device with different camera lens options
Remote control apparatus, electric apparatus and communication system
Electronic apparatus, electronic apparatus control device and electronic apparatus control method
Video recording and playback apparatus
Parental control for HDD title recording
Apparatus, method, and computer program for processing information
Apparatus for decoding residual data based on bit plane and method thereof
Video transmission method and device
Camera apparatus
Television image golf green fall line synthesizer
Apparatus and method of processing substrate containing mark and method of manufacturing device
Apparatus and method for recording partial encryption of broadcast program
Haptic chair sound enhancing system with audiovisual display
Voice input device, method of producing the same, and information processing system
Method and apparatus for creating spatialized sound
Angle-dependent operating device or method for generating a pseudo-stereophonic audio signal
Device manufacturing using the device's embedded wireless technology
Content-based handover method and system
Device, system, and method for broadcasting predefined reference maps for wireless communication
Apparatus and method for estimating map size in a broadband wireless communication system
Apparatus and method for allocating resources using codebook in a broadband wireless communication system
Simulation system, simulation apparatus, and simulation method
Method, computer programs and a use for automatic identification and classification of land uses
Antenna system comprising an electrically small antenna for reception of UHF band channel signals
Phosphor-containing LED light bulb
Light emitting device, light emitting system comprising the same, and method of fabricating thereof
DC power supply unit and LED lighting apparatus
Printed circuit board and method of manufacturing the same
Circuit manufacturing and design techniques for reference plane voids with strip segment
Mounted circuit card assembly
Dye-based circuit mount testing
Housing for attachment to a flat panel display
Electronic device including a front bezel operable to secure the device together
Electronic apparatus
Air duct and electronic device having the same
EMI shield apparatus and electronic device with same
Expired Patents Due To Time
Bubble covered brassiere
Swimsuit with arm flotation members
Jacket with pouch
Baby bootie
Footwear outsole
Seat belt clip
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Case for reeds of wind instruments
Key tag
Boat bumper key float
Knife holder for tool belt
Convertible zipper wallet
Card holder
Convertible pillow bag
Article carrier
Equipment case
Multi-purpose tray
Reusable container half
Hand-held cleaning device
Hand-held cleaning device
Multi-purpose brush
Rotary electric hair brush motor unit
Human Necessities
Power takeoff control switches
Method and apparatus for providing autoguidance for multiple agricultural machines
System for setting operating parameters of a harvesting machine
Time-resolved optical backscattering tomographic image reconstruction in scattering turbid media
Method and apparatus for noninvasive measurement of carotenoids and related chemical substances in biological tissue
Electrocardiograph leadwire assembly
Electrodes apron for ECG
Differentiating normal living myocardial tissue, injured living myocardial tissue, and infarcted myocardial tissue in vivo using magnetic resonance imaging
Optical contour digitizer
Method and system for the computerized radiographic analysis of bone
Exposure compensation for digital radiography systems using spatial look-up tables
Separate and combined multi-modality diagnostic imaging system
Apparatus and method for automatically determining stimulation parameters
Computer-assisted surgery planner and intra-operative guidance system
Sentinel node identification using non-isotope means
Electronic apparatus and method for treating human pain through application of an electrical stimulus in combination with application of a magnetic field
Implantable expandable multicontact electrodes
Apparatus and method for adjunct (add-on) therapy of partial complex epilepsy, generalized epilepsy and involuntary movement disorders utilizing an external stimulator
Methods and apparatus for detecting and treating medical conditions of the heart
Method of making ultrasonically welded, staked of swaged components in an implantable medical device
Performing Operations; Transporting
Blockless fiber optic attenuators and attenuation systems employing dispersion controlled polymers
Device for determining the resistive torque of a rotating item of equipment, system for monitoring the operation of an electric motor and system for regulating the operating parameters of a centrifuge incorporating such a device
Tuned transducer, and methods and systems for tuning a transducer
Method and device for the opto-electrical scanning of packets, especially cigarette packets
Method of applying the radial return method to the anisotropic hardening rule of plasticity to sheet metal forming processes
Optical assembly with improved dimensional stability
Work transport control method
Thermal graphic pen and method of use
Recording apparatus with automatic paper discharge and fixing roller temperature control features
Vehicle characteristic change system and method
Method and arrangement for automatically determining the differential gear ratio
Controller for hybrid vehicle wherein one and the other of front and rear wheels are respectively driven by engine and electric motor
Bidirectional DC/DC converter with a step-up mode in one direction and a step-down mode in the other direction
Method and apparatus for transmitting digital data from a measurement station of an occupant protection system in a motor vehicle to an air bag control unit
Vehicle stability control apparatus
Vehicle yaw control based on yaw rate estimate
Method of improving the control behavior of an antilocking system
Method software product and apparatus for suppressing high-frequency oscillations in the steered axles of a vehicle
Adaptive mass expulsion attitude control system
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Fluorinated rare earth doped glass and glass-ceramic articles
Glass microspheres for use in films and projection screen displays and methods
Dielectric ceramic, method for producing the same, laminated ceramic electronic element, and method for producing the same
DNA-binding proteins of the zinc-finger class
Reflecting cholesteric LCD having viewer side layer which either scatters or transmits light depending on angle
Method of making a nest of cuts
Fixed Constructions
Steam generation system for injecting steam into oil wells
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Automatic engine power control system for motor vehicles having a power control element
Ignition system and method of programming an ignition system
Disk drive motor
Shift lever position logic
Method/system for resetting the value of a control parameter indicative of gross combine weight of vehicles to a default value thereof
Process to evaluate start-up for an automatic gearbox
Speed change ratio controller for continuously variable transmission
Fiber-optic device for illuminating a light permeable information-bearing medium, such as a traffic, information or advertising sign
Linear illumination device and image reading apparatus using the same
Scale-inhibiting heating element and method of making same
Fluid heater
Electric heater with heat sink members
Day and night sighting system
Rapid and accurate thin film measurement of individual layers in a multi-layered or patterned sample
Optical profile sensor
System and method for rapid shape digitizing and adaptive mesh generation
Three dimensional information measurement method and apparatus
Route engineering technique
System for suppression of relative intensity noise in a fiber optic gyroscope
Apparatus and method for isolated photobleaching fiber optic rotation sensor coils
Vehicle positioning and data integrating method and system thereof
Apparatus and method for navigation and medium for providing the method
Navigation system for a vehicle, especially a land craft
Position recognition device
Method and apparatus for detecting faults in a resolver
Measuring probe comprising at least one optic fiber, and a measuring device and installation comprising at least one such probe
Optical fiber sensor system
Predictive failure monitoring system for a mass flow controller
Optical filtering device
Device for color matching or color measurement
Interferometer having a micromirror
Nip pressure sensing system
Method and apparatus for measuring polarization mode dispersion of optical devices
Double beam spectrometer
Fiber optic probe for attenuated total internal reflection spectrophotometry
Distributed optical fiber sensor with controlled response
Apparatus for surface inspection
Backside contamination inspection device
System and method for circuit repair
Apparatus and method for inspecting leads of an IC
Pixel-correlated, digital X-ray imaging system
Coded aperture imaging
Method for registering a vehicle deceleration or acceleration
Blocked pitot-static monitor
Continuous monitoring system
Semiconductor integrated circuit, method for designing the same, and storage medium where design program for semiconductor integrated circuit is stored
System and method for generating test program code simultaneously with data produced by ATPG or simulation pattern capture program
Method and apparatus for diagnosing failure occurrence position
Device for supervising a high voltage converter station
Magnetic-resistance device, and magnetic head employing such a device
Method for navigation of moving platform by using satellite data supplemented by satellite-calibrated baro data
Method for determining horizontal geophone orientation in ocean bottom cables
Sonic data logging system
Method for automatically forming a model simulating the stratigraphic structure of an underground zone
Zoom lens system having a camera shake compensating function
Zoom lens
Optical system
Optical integrator rod
Confocal microscope
Reflective micro-display system
Retrofittable tubular intermediary element
Microscope with table device
Laser microscope
Apparatus for dynamic control of light direction in a broad field of view
Illumination optical system and projection-type display apparatus
Apparatus for displaying an image suspended in space
Stereoscopic image display apparatus
Reflector, reflective polarizing plate and reflective liquid crystal display
Method of spectrally tuning a filter
Single mode optical fiber having multi-step core structure and method of fabricating the same
Fiber optic image transfer assembly and method of using
Arrangement of optical fiber segments for minimizing effect of nonlinearities
Single-transverse-mode 1.times.N multi-mode interferometer type semiconductor laser device
Optical recirculation depolarizer and method of depolarizing light
Optical add/drop multiplexer
Waveguide grating router having a predetermined composite amplitude spectrum
Dense wavelength division multiplexer which includes a dense optical channel comb filter
Reconfigurable wavelength division multiplex add/drop device using micromirrors
Optical switch
Fiber optic header for an edge emitting laser
Active alignment photonics assembly
Dry core optical fiber cables for premises applications and methods of manufacture
Moisture-resistant cable including zeolite
Multifiber cabling system
Lens barrel
Binocular telescopic magnifying spectacles
Compact image display system for eyeglasses or other head-borne frames
Technique for measuring the Vpi-AC of a mach-zehnder modulator
Protective coating materials for electrochromic devices
Electro-optic modulator with improved harmonic performance
Methods of customizing the physical size and shape of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) electronic displays
Liquid crystal display device and manufacturing method thereof
Liquid crystal injector for a liquid crystal display and method thereof having a stand with furrows
Vertical alignment liquid crystal display device having planarized substrate surface
Reflective liquid crystal device
Bragg modulator
Second harmonic wave-generating element
Rotary engaging lens and mount assemblage
Camera with film-door-lock indicator
Imaging apparatus and method
Film information writing device, film information reading device and film information handling device
Photographic processing apparatus
Lens assembly and eccentricity adjustment apparatus thereof
Method of controlling a production process and recycle of photo film cartridge or lens-fitted photo film unit
Printing apparatus of photosensitive microcapsule type and image processing system using the same
Exposure method, exposure apparatus, and mask
Exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
Amplitude mask, and apparatus and method for manufacturing long period grating filter using the same
Two-sided image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus and method of controlling same
Image forming apparatus, and recycle processing apparatus for recycling image forming unit
Electrophotographic photosensitive member with sound absorbing member
Image-forming apparatus
Method of multicolor electrophotographic printing with unipolar toner
Automatic cleaning method for electrifier, and image forming apparatus
Electrophotographic recording apparatus having a charging roller with a surface layer comprising a resin and a hardener
AC corona charging arrangement with current--limiting capacitor
Developing apparatus
Developing apparatus having welded-together accommodating and developing containers
Toner charging system for atom imaging process
Developing roller with a coating layer, developer restricting mechanism and developing device incorporating same
Squeegee apparatus of liquid electrophotographic printer
Image forming apparatus for forming a more uniform image
Image forming apparatus in which whether transfer member should be constant-current-controlled or constant-voltage-controlled is selected depending on thickness of transfer material
Electrophotographic apparatus
Method of cleaning ink remaining on photoreceptor web when error occurs in printer
Fixing apparatus
Cooling device for image forming apparatus
Automatically correctable clock
Method and apparatus for controlling a solar-powered radio-controlled timepiece when a storage element is inadequately charged
Optimization of simulation run-times based on fuzzy-controlled input values
Constructing applications in distributed control systems using components having built-in behaviors
System for adapting an automatic screw machine control achieve computer numeric control
Method and apparatus for detecting machining flaws, especially caused by grinding machines
Process for preparing an area plan having a cellular structure and comprising a unit moving automatically and positioned in said area using sensors based on wave reflection
Guidance system using changeable signs
Programmable supervisory circuit and applications therefor
Auxiliary resonant commutated pole three-point or multipoint converter
Methods and system for optically correlating ultrashort optical waveforms
Encapsulation of public key cryptography standard number 7 into a secured document
System and method for executing a request from a client application
X-Y grid tree tuning method
Method and apparatus for synchronizing a control signal
Method for operating an input device and a laptop computer
Modular desktop computer having enhanced serviceability
Apparatus for managing heat in a computer environment or the like
Heat sink structure adapted for use in a computer
Computer system management apparatus and method
Processor power consumption estimating system, processor power consumption estimating method, and storage medium storing program for executing the processor power consumption estimating method
Fault resilient/fault tolerant computing
Recovery of file systems after modification failure
Intelligent backup and restoring system and method for implementing the same
Device and method for backing up internal information and storage medium having internal information backup control program stored thereon
System and method for providing hot spare redundancy and recovery for a very large database management system
Computer system capable of restarting system using disk image of arbitrary snapshot
Fault simulation method and apparatus, and storage medium storing fault simulation program
Method for providing remote software technical support
Tracking and managing failure-susceptible operations in a computer system
Debug system allowing programmable selection of alternate debug mechanisms such as debug handler, SMI, or JTAG
System for configuring and input/output board in a computer
Method and apparatus for implementing non-temporal stores
Inclusion map for accelerated cache flush
Main memory control apparatus for use in a memory having non-cacheable address space allocated to DMA accesses
Bus interface unit having multipurpose transaction buffer
Combined Instruction and address caching system using independent buses
Protocol for distributing fresh content among networked cache servers
Request interceptor in network nodes for determining local storage of file image satisfying predetermined criteria
Address translation unit supporting variable page sizes
User specifiable allocation of memory for processes in a multiprocessor computer having a non-uniform memory architecture
Method and apparatus for virtual address translation
Cache management for a multi-threaded processor
Tamper resistant methods and apparatus
Method and system for un-tagged command queuing
System and method to manipulate information in an audio decoder
Server and terminal emulator for persistent connection to a legacy host system with file transfer
Server and terminal emulator for persistent connection to a legacy host system with direct OS/390 host interface
Server and terminal emulator for persistent connection to a legacy host system with direct As/400 host interface
Method and computer program product for interconnecting software drivers in kernel mode
Device and method for controlling data storage device in data processing system
Multimedia arbiter and method using fixed round-robin slots for real-time agents and a timed priority slot for non-real-time agents
Memory coherency in a processor-to-bus cycle in a multi-processor system
Method for improving interrupt response time
Method for distributing interrupts in a multi-processor system
Controller with automatic generation of linked list of data transfer descriptors for sequential commands, with linked list being used for execution of sequential data transfers
Apparatus and method for handling universal serial bus control transfers
State information managing method and system embodying the same
Universal serial bus compatible peripheral device and universal serial bus controller which automatically switches between connection and disconnection of computer
Method for the hot swap and add of input/output platforms and devices
Method for reducing electromagnetic interference (EMI) in a universal serial bus transmission system
System and method for electrically isolating a device from higher voltage devices
Device and method for continuously polling for communication bus type termination
Externally provided control of an I2C bus
Mechanism for dynamically adapting the complexity of a microprocessor
Apparatus and methods for connecting modules using remote switching
Mechanism for efficient data access and communication in parallel computations on an emulated spatial lattice
Method of reproducing variable graphics in a variable imaging system
Background advertising system
System and method for providing multiple language capability in computer-based applications
Overlapping subdocuments in a vector space search process
Access mechanism for parallel status update for multiple servers
System and method for implementing selectively index enabled multi-column lists in a computer system
Web browser row control
Multiple sequence alignment system and method
System and method for reducing compile time in a top down rule based system using rule heuristics based upon the predicted resulting data flow
Method and apparatus for incremental refresh of summary tables in a database system
Method for merging multiple knowledge bases into one optimized and compressed knowledge base
Relational database management of multi-dimensional data
Summarization apparatus and method
Method of providing information from query results stored as source code files
Method and apparatus of synchronizing two computer systems supporting multiple synchronization techniques
Method for designing LSI circuit pattern
Buffering tree analysis in mapped design
Delay analysis result display device
Method and system for generating a programming bitstream including identification bits
Apparatus for supporting equipment operability evaluation
Infrastructure for an open digital services marketplace
Method and apparatus for defragmenting a storage device using a copy function in the device control logic
Printer and control method for obtaining printer status
Interactive cable television system with frame server
SDRAM address translator
Digital multiply-accumulate circuit that can operate on both integer and floating point numbers simultaneously
Floating point arithmetic logic unit leading zero count using fast approximate rounding
Fast 2-input 32-bit domino adder
Adder and multiplier circuits employing logic gates having discrete, weighted inputs and methods of performing combinatorial operations therewith
Digital signal processor and digital signal processing system incorporating same
System and method for floating-computation for numbers in delimited floating point representation
Method for manipulating a stack pointer with post increment/decrement operation
Apparatus and method for reducing power consumption in a data processor executing an application code
Methods and apparatus for updating a nonvolatile memory
Processor with enhanced instruction set
Apparatus and method for processing data with a plurality of flag groups
Decomposition of instructions into branch and sequential code sections
Branch instruction having different field lengths for unconditional and conditional displacements
Computer system having a multi-pointer branch instruction and method
Method and apparatus for using static branch predictions hints with dynamically translated code traces to improve performance
Processor pipeline including replay
Instruction result labeling in a counterflow pipeline processor
System and method using selection logic units to define stack orders
Microprocessor having a context save unit for saving context independent from interrupt requests
Scenario presentation tool
DSP code swapping with continuous DSP execution
Program correcting method and system
Method for replace-block loading in a multiprocessor system
System and process for load an operating system of an information processing device
Client--server system with central application management allowing an administrator to configure end user applications by executing them in the context of users and groups
File distribution system and method thereof
Method for loading a program
Control of switching in a telecommunication network
Interpreter for stack-based languages
Method and apparatus for identifying indirect messaging relationships between software entities
Component extensible parallel execution of multiple threads assembled from program components specified with partial inter-component sequence information
Methodology for emulation of multi-threaded processes in a single-threaded operating system
System for multitasking management employing context controller having event vector selection by priority encoding of contex events
System for building optimal commit trees in a distributed transaction processing system
Efficient handling of a large register file for context switching
Ordered ole file structure
Method for client-server communications through a minimal interface
Method and apparatus for deferred throwing of exceptions in C++
Method for fencing a member of a group of processes in a distributed processing environment
Information print system and image processing apparatus
Device for communicating with a portable data medium
Personal identification system using multiple parameters having low cross-correlation
Confusion set based method and system for correcting misrecognized words appearing in documents generated by an optical character recognition technique
Optical scanner alignment indicator method and apparatus
Method and arrangement for pattern recognition on the basis of statistics
Semiconductor integrated circuit device comprising a memory array and a processing circuit
Method and apparatus for querying a user knowledge profile
Current-type fuzzy processor
System and method for forecasting intermittent demand
Method for production management and production management system using the same
Drug document production system
Object oriented mail server framework mechanism
Network that provides applications collaboration
Self-contained payment system with circulating digital vouchers
System and method for multi-currency transactions
Open network payment system for providing for real-time authorization of payment and purchase transactions
Trusted agents for open electronic commerce where the transfer of electronic merchandise or electronic money is provisional until the transaction is finalized
System for exchanging user information among users
Computerized indenture plan allocation determination management and reporting system
Multiple transform utilization and applications for secure digital watermarking
Device and method for decompressing compressed video image
Method and apparatus for rapid down-scaling of color images directly from sensor color filter array space
Method and apparatus for the non-invasive imaging of anatomic tissue structures
System and method for selectively noise-filtering digital images
Medical diagnostic method for the two-dimensional imaging of structures
Image processing system
Method and system for automated detection of clustered microcalcifications from digital mammograms
Sprite-based video coding system with automatic segmentation integrated into coding and sprite building processes
Object identification in a moving video image
Compression of stereoscopic images
Image coding apparatus and method, and image decoding apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for run-length encoding of multi-colored images
System and method for minimizing clock cycles lost to overhead data in a video decoder
Two channel HVQ (hierarchical vector quantization) compression
Table-based compression with embedded coding
System for compressing video data using bi-orthogonal wavelet coding having a DSP for adjusting compression ratios to maintain a constant data flow rate of the compressed data
Motion-compensated coder with motion vector accuracy controlled, a decoder, a method of motion-compensated coding, and a method of decoding
Video coder/decoder
Image forming apparatus and system for changing a parameter value of a plurality of images by a predetermined amount
Variable bitrate video coding method and corresponding video coder
Method and apparatus for encoding a contour of an object in a video signal by employing a vertex coding technique
Method and system for tracking manually repaired mailpieces or the like
Method for controlling independent secure transactions by means of a single apparatus
Radio mobile terminal provided with an additional reader of chip cards
Jury paging system
Clamping device for handheld electronic devices
Selective call receiver
Image monitor apparatus and a method
Display control apparatus and method
Circularly symmetric, zero redundancy, planar array having broad frequency range applications
Morphological pure speech detection using valley percentage
Voice output apparatus and a method thereof
Unsupervised speech model adaptation using reliable information among N-best strings
System and method for speech recognition by aerodynamics and acoustics
Two-staged cohort selection for speaker verification system
Confusion set-base method and apparatus for pruning a predetermined arrangement of indexed identifiers
System and method for identifying an unidentified person using an ambiguity-resolution criterion
Method and apparatus for transmitting and utilizing analog encoded information
Method and apparatus for detecting bad data packets received by a mobile telephone using decoded speech parameters
Input data format autodetection systems and methods
Method for coding speech containing noise-like speech periods and/or having background noise
Speech coding apparatus, linear prediction coefficient analyzing apparatus and noise reducing apparatus
Method and device for instantly changing the speed of a speech
Magneto-optical recording and reproducing apparatus and method
Method for loading data on a tape at a center of the tape, and a tape for implementing the method
Information management apparatus
Data storage tape cartridge with misinsertion notch and library notch
Drum motor controller using microcomputer for intermittent slow VTR
Reel drive mechanism for a cassette tape player
Door opener for magnetic tape data cartridge
Read only input system providing control information encoded in a bar code label for automated data storage library
Data cartridge loading and unloading apparatus and method of use
Disk cartridge and disk cartridge apparatus
Image processing apparatus and method
Method of enhanced data compression rate for a CD player
Method and apparatus for cartridge ejection and overwrite protection
Low profile spindle motor
Disk driving apparatus for reliably centering a meter-layer optical disk on which information is recorded
Method for superimposing and detecting additional information signal, method for detecting additional information signal, device for detecting additional information signal, and device for recording information signal
Disk apparatus, and recording/reproduction method therefor
Enhanced adaptive and selective ISI cancellation for a read channel in storage technologies
Optical disk device
Error recovery using alternate headers in a disc drive
Method for testing quality of an optical disk medium
Disk defect management method and disk recording and reproducing apparatus
Sled motor mounting structure and sliding feed mechanism provided with the sled motor mounting structure
Disk drive capable of autonomously evaluating and adapting the frequency response of its servo control system
Controlling a media master writing machine to produce curvilinear servo sector patterns
High speed gain stage with DC offset cancellation for servo demodulator circuit
Disk drive with textured slider contact region
Cartridge case for a disk-shaped recording medium with particular lid configuration
Disc cartridge
Cartridge housing formed to protect disk-shaped medium from dust-particles
Plastic clamp with hub and platter for use in disc drive
Composite data cartridge drive belt
Magnetic recording and reproducing apparatus with a rotary head cylinder unit supported with a predetermined pressure
Disk drive
Device for fixing actuator and cover in hard disk drive
Recording/reproducing apparatus for compressed data
Selective recall and preservation of continuously recorded data
Video CD reproduction controlling device and its controlling method
Image processing apparatus responsive to single input for image reproduction and printing
Apparatus for recording data on magnetic record medium
Apparatus for recording and/or reproducing information and/or from optical information record disk
Magnetic disc apparatus
Thin film magnetic head with a plurality of engaged thin-film coils and method of manufacturing the same
Multi-tapped coil having tapped segments cascaded for amplification for improving signal-to-noise ratio
Method and system for providing a write head having a conforming pole structure
Thin-film magnetic head and method of manufacturing the magnetic head
Disk drive suspension with hybrid leads
Head position signal demodulator and head positioning unit using the demodulator
Circuit and method for determining the position of a read head for a magnetic disk drive device
Multipurpose optical disc having different formats on opposing sides
Memory card recording/reproducing with two light sources and a light value matrix
Method and device for recording an optical information carrier
Optical reproduction method and optical information apparatus
Tracking system for optical storage media
Optical head for reproducing or recording a compact or similar disk
Magnetically stable magnetoresistive memory element
Stabilized magnetic memory cell
Column decode circuits and apparatus
Dram array with gridded sense amplifier power source for enhanced column repair
Destructive read type memory circuit, restoring circuit for the same and sense amplifier
Five-transistor SRAM cell
Architectures for high-capacity content-addressable holographic databases
Data memory device having an exclusive-or function and method of reading data therefrom
Nonvolatile memory
Semiconductor memory device capable of reducing the effect of crosstalk noise between main bit lines and virtual main grounding lines
System and method for detecting flash memory threshold voltages
Automated reference cell trimming verify
Dynamic memory cell programming voltage
Method for erasing flash electrically erasable programmable read-only memory (EEPROM)
One-time programmable logic cell
Column redundancy circuitry with reduced time delay
Apparatus and method for efficiently correcting defects in memory circuits
Programmed circuit in a semiconductor device
Semiconductor memory device having redundancy memory circuit
Optimized built-in self-test method and apparatus for random access memories
Semiconductor memory device having program circuit
Semiconductor memory device having burn-in mode operation stably accelerated
Semiconductor memory device having improved cell array layout
Decoder connection configuration for memory chips with long bit lines
Semiconductor integrated circuit having power-supply circuits for producing internal supply voltages
Temperature-compensated bias generator
Method and apparatus for translating signals
Efficient back bias (VBB) detection and control scheme for low voltage drams
Dynamic random access memory device having a divided precharge control scheme
LSI device with memory and logics mounted thereon
Phase control circuit, semiconductor device and semiconductor memory
Method and circuit for sending a signal in a semiconductor device during a setup time
Burst mode flash memory
CAS latency control circuit
Delayed locked loop implementation in a synchronous dynamic random access memory
Set of two memories on the same monolithic integrated circuit
Semiconductor memory device including sense amplifier circuit differing in drivability between data write mode and data read mode
High-speed sense amplifier of a semi-conductor memory device
Current conveyor and method for readout of MTJ memories
Current sense amplifier
Memory access with plural memories written with the same data
Semiconductor memory device with fast input/output line precharge scheme and method of precharging input/output lines thereof
Data input/output circuit for performing high speed memory data read operation
Synchronous dynamic random-access memory
Synchronous SRAM having global write enable
Address generating circuit of semiconductor memory device
Boiling water type nuclear reactor core and operation method thereof
Magnetic element with improved field response and fabricating method thereof
Apparatus for altering the magnetic state of a permanent magnet
Switched-mode regulator for an electromagnet
Multilayer ceramic capacitor
Fibril composite electrode for electrochemical capacitors
Air insulated switchgear with operating device for effect circuit breaker
Single transistor cell, method for manufacturing the same, memory circuit composed of single transistor cells, and method for driving the same
Low temperature co-fired ceramic with improved registration
Heat sink retention components and system
Multi-layer metallization capacitive structure for reduction of the simultaneous switching noise in integrated circuits
Heat sink for rectifier
Electronic control apparatus
Oxide superconducting wire, method of preparing the same, and method of handling the same
Protection device for protecting an electrical component and method of assembling a battery with a protection device and an electrical component
Use of sectorized polarization diversity as a means of increasing capacity in cellular wireless systems
Multi-stage optical commutator
Optical amplifier having a substantially flat gain spectrum
Lasers, optical amplifiers, and amplification methods
Laser diode array
Method and device for operating a laser diode
Semiconductor laser device
Gain-coupling type distributed feedback semiconductor laser and method for producing the same
Discrete wavelength liquid crystal tuned external cavity diode laser
Circuit breaker switchboard, single row group mounted
Switchgear assembly with front accessible slide-in fixed power switch
Path switching method, path switching apparatus and nodes of UPSR
Circuit arrangement for providing a unit recognizing system combined with energy supply
Energy transfer unit, charge unit, and power supply unit
Overload protection for a switch mode power supply
Power supply for electronic thermostat
Indirect calculation of bus voltage for voltage source inverter
Power supply with air core transformer and seperated power supplies for high dynamic range
System and method for compressing a transmitted signal to achieve narrow and very narrow band frequency or phase modulation
Active radio frequency mixer circuit with feedback
Methods of suppressing reference oscillator harmonic interference and related receivers
Broadband double-balanced frequency mixer
Antenna selector switch
Lower sideband modulation distortion cancellation
Extended feedback circuit for impedance matching and voltage isolation
Switch circuit having protection function to interrupt input of control signal
Clock input control circuit
Data transmission system and error correcting method applicable to the same
Programmable signal decoder
Call related information reception using sigma/delta modulation
Bitmap index compression
Cryoelectronic receiver front end for mobile radio systems
Power adapter with integral radio frequency port
Sequential detection system and method with adaptive bias
Broadband implementation of supplemental code channel carrier phase offsets
Spread spectrum pulse position modulation communication system
Method for accessing a cell using two pilot channels in a CDMA communication system of an asynchronous or quasi-synchronous mode
Apparatus and method for code tracking in an IS-95 spread spectrum communications system
Optical-fiber-amplifier measuring apparatus
Signal light monitor and optical amplifier using the same
Media converter
Signal light outputting apparatus and optical transmission system having signal light outputting apparatus
Opto-electronic frequency divider circuit and method of operating same
Quasi-distributed amplification in a fiber optic soliton signal transmission system
Method and device for extracting a timing signal
System and method for reducing interference generated by a CDMA communications device
Fade margin measurement in a radio system
Process for adjusting the transmission and reception chains of the paths by a base station of a system for radio communication between mobiles
Method to mitigate the near-far fext problem
Digital automatic gain control method and device for use in communication terminal of mobile radio communication system
Wireless telecommunications system that mitigates the effect of multipath fading
Dual phased-array payload concept
CDMA receiver with antenna array adaptively controlled with combined errors of despread multipath components
Communication method and apparatus using data compression
System for satellite to airship to gateway/customer premise equipment, and airship to airship, high data rate relay
Method and system for asymmetric satellite communications for local area networks
Telecommunications system across national borders
Method for propagation delay control
Self configuring multi-dwelling satellite receiver system
Audio decoder with an adaptive frequency domain downmixer
All-optical time-division demultiplexing circuit and all-optical TDM-WDM conversion circuit
Distributed precomputation of network signal paths with table-based link capacity control
Reconfigurable ring transmission network with multiplexing in wave length for semi-permanent links
Apparatus and method for limiting data bursts in ATM switch utilizing shared bus
Demultiplexing with clocked optical receivers
Network architectures with transparent transport capabilities
Automatic path selection for fiber-optic transmission networks
Decoding with partial state information on a convolutionally encoded channel
Demodulating digital video broadcast signals
Automatic network topology analysis
End-user oriented performance monitoring system for interactive end-to-end data communications
Wireless interface for standard modems
Method of dynamically routing to a well known address in a network
System and method for improving CSMA/CD network performance during collisions
Quality of service control mechanism and apparatus
Internet protocol virtual private network realization using multi-protocol label switching tunnels
Virtual network architecture
Method and system for message transfer session management
Multimedia processing system with controller exclusively operating on extracted control signals
Broadband any point to any point switch matrix
Method of scheduling higher and lower priority data packets
Adaptive bandwidth sharing
Method for transparently determining and setting an optimal minimum required TCP window size
Method and apparatus for establishing TDD/TTY service over vocoded channels
System and host arrangement for transmission of electronic mail
Inter-network bridge connector provided for dynamically prioritizing frame transmission adaptive to current network transmission-state
Fibre channel fabric
Transmission/reception unit with bidirectional equalization
Encoding a clock signal and a data signal into a single signal for distribution in a signal forwarding device
System and method for bit loading with optimal margin assignment
Method and apparatus for checking security vulnerability of networked devices
Computer security using virus probing
Network interface that prevents MAC or IP address spoofing of a management station by making a management station address register unchangeable by software
System and method for web server user authentication
Two-tier authentication system where clients first authenticate with independent service providers and then automatically exchange messages with a client controller to gain network access
Apparatus and method for performing traffic redirection in a distributed system using a portion metric
System uses network mainframe and servers for processing of checks to minimize system usage interruptions
Data processor with bit unstuffing instruction set extension
Method and apparatus for dynamic processing of data communications of various types
Method and device for data transmission and reception using transmission pause state as reception timing
State machine for selectively performing an operation on a single or a plurality of registers depending upon the register address specified in a packet
Automatic called party locator over internet
Method for providing an internet protocol address with a domain name server
Apparatus and a method for selecting an access router's protocol of a plurality of the protocols for transferring a packet in a communication system
Flexible wideband architecture for use in radio communications systems
Subscriber line tester
Telephone line testing device
Memory sharing method for integrated digital cordless telephone and radio paging receiver
Partitioning of display for calling party numbers
Portable telephone set
User interface for text message creation
Intercommunication method between portable units in TDMA cordless telephone system
Telephone activated emergency response system
Method for improved automatic message accounting in telephony
Internet telephony call pricing center
Method and system for affinity group telephone service
Method for providing supplementary services to a mobile station by sending DTMF tones to a remote party of an active call
Telephone transaction processing as a part of a call transport
Methods in computer simulation of telephony systems
Method of and system for providing network-initiated multilingual operator assistance
Integrating a voice messaging function card over a public branch exchange (PBX) backplane
Data processing apparatus and a method for controlling the apparatus
Image reading apparatus having a partition module between an image sensor module and a heat source
Image reading device with a built-in shielding device and related image scanning method
Transmission device
Image processing method and an image processing apparatus
Image processing system operable at high speed
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus and an image forming method thereof
Image processing device and image processing method
Image scanner having brightness compensation function via output adjustment
Method of generating gradation-corrected image data, method of generating gradation-corrected halftone dot percentage data, method of generating gradation-corrected threshold data, image output apparatus, and method of calculating amount of exposure
Method and system for compressing data in a multi-channel image processing system
Color matching accuracy inside and outside the gamut
Color transformation method under two different conditions
Method for imager device color calibration utilizing light-emitting diodes or other spectral light sources
Digital processing of scanned negative films
Image processing apparatus
Power management controller for computer system
Image pickup apparatus having image information compressing function
Reserved recording method for broadcasting programs
Communication terminal apparatus and communication conference system
Simulcast WEB page delivery using a 3D user interface system
System for supplying data steams
Method and synthesizing a predicted image, video coding device and video coding method
Picture reproducing apparatus and picture reproducing method
Interleaved strip data storage system for video processing
Device for demultiplexing information encoded according to a MPEG standard
Communication of dynamic dependencies along media streams
Apparatus and method for reproducing a video signal according to a video signal recording mode of a digital video disk and a television mode
Grounding configuration for telecommununications equipment
Method of establishing logical connections in a synchronous digital communications network, as well as network elements and management system
System (IWF) for the bidirectional connection of an ELAN and a CLS wide-area network
Inverse multiplexing of digital data
System supporting variable bandwidth asynchronous transfer mode network access for wireline and wireless communications
Frame relay-to-ATM interface circuit and method of operation
ATM cell scheduler which uses a heap memory and associates timestamps with each channel
Adaptive time slot scheduling apparatus and method for end-points in an ATM network
Multipoint digital simultaneous voice and data system
Voice processing system
Program unit, particularly for digital, data-compressed video distribution signals
Controlling access to resources in a connectionless network using a ticket message containing reserved network resource allocation information
Method and apparatus for inter-domain alarm correlation
Method and apparatus for implementing software objects in an intelligent communication network to process and control communication traffic
Redundant call processing
Apparatus and method for inter-network communication
Local routing system and method
Access platform for internet-based telephony
Pager having voice synthesis capability and method for using the same
Call set-up for fixed wireless communications system
Method and apparatus for automatically determining an ISP local access number based on device location
Peak current reduction in a cordless telephone handset
Mobile communication system and mobile communication apparatus in which wait time is extended
Accelerated scanning of cellular channels by cellular radiotelephones
Zone selection method for mobile radio communication system
Method and apparatus for variable and fixed forward link rate control in a mobile radio communications system
Method and system for determining an estimate of a transmission time of a packet
Method for determining when a communication unit is located within a preferred zone
Enhanced handoff signaling for high speed data and multimedia
Systems and methods for fast terminal synchronization in a wireless communication system
Method and system for improving network resource utilization in a cellular communication system
Piezoelectric acoustic device
Peritympanic hearing instrument
Television having a device for preventing vibration of speaker
Horn loaded pleated ribbon high frequency acoustic transducer with substantially uniform coupling
Mobile X-ray unit
Circuit substrate including printed circuit board having heat-shielding portion
Method and apparatus for registration control during processing of a workpiece particularly during producing images on substrates in preparing printed circuit boards
External fuse access for PC card
Electronic assembly circuit board guide apparatus
Modular power supply chassis employing a bus bar assembly
Structure and method for mounting a circuit module
Cooling arrangement comprising for a heat source a heat sink movable on an external sink
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