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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Breeding of fusarium resistant tetraploid durum wheat
Animal feed with low phytic acid, oil burdened and protein laden grain
Soybean variety RJS48001
Remedies for sepsis
Diaryl urea derivatives useful for the treatment of protein kinase dependent diseases
Herbal composition for the treatment of gastric ulcer
Blended cheeses and methods for making such cheeses
Method for preparing consumable vending machine beverage
EPA and/or DHA-containing acidic milks
Cosmetic applicator with axial advance and retraction control
Swallowing function evaluating apparatus
DiamAbrasion system
Frameless stereotactic guidance of medical procedures
Endoscopic image pickup method and magnetic resonance imaging device using the same
Adhesive bandage with display
Digital printing method and a paper or board applicable thereto
Medicated stents for the treatment of vascular disease
Stricture retractor
Implantable device for treating disease states and methods of using same
Compounds having antitumor activity
AMPA receptor potentiators
N-acyl nitrogen heterocycles as ligands of peroxisome proliferator-activated receptors
Pyrrolcarboxamides and pyrrolcarbothioamides
Caspase inhibitors and uses thereof
Small molecule rotamase enzyme inhibitors
Pyrazolones as 11b-HSD1 inhibitors for diabetes
WNT pathway antagonists
Phenylamino isothiazole carboxamidines as MEK inhibitors
Therapeutic compound and treatments
Compounds that abrogate DNA damage induced cell cycle G2 checkpoint and/or augment anti-cancer activity of DNA-damaging treatments
Pharmaceutical composition
Kinase inhibitors
Methods of reducing angiogenesis
Enantiomer (-) of tenatoprazole and the therapeutic use thereof
Compounds for the treatment of inflammatory disorders
2', 5'-oligoadenylate analogs
Polymerizable emulsions for tissue engineering
Polymerizable emulsions for tissue engineering
Use of microchimeric cells in the treatment of malignancy
Deoxo-proline-containing tamandarin and didemnin analogs, dehydro-proline-containing tamandarin and didemnin analogs, and methods of making and using them
Absorption enhancers such as e.g. BHT, BHA or propyl gallate
Penetration of active substances into cells and organs
Adaptive intracavitary brachytherapy applicator
Extracorporeal blood circulating apparatus, closed-type venous reservoir and extracorporeal blood circulating method
Non-coring needles and methods of manufacturing same
Electrode structure and methods for making and using same
Fragrance compositions comprising decamethyltetrasiloxane
Dye composition with a reduced content of starting materials, process for dyeing keratin fibers using the same and device therefor
Direct dye composition comprising at least one insoluble oxygenated compound, and processes using this composition
Dyeing of in particular human keratin materials by dry thermal transfer of a direct anthraquinone dye, composition comprising the said dye and its method of preparation
Auxiliary structure for fitness equipment efficacy
Golf club interchanging connection structure (II)
Golf club head
Golf club head having a displaced crown portion
Injection-molded ball bat
Method of selecting golf club
Adjustable pitching target
Active golf instruction system
Performing Operations; Transporting
Directional microporous diffuser and directional sparging
Shaped body comprising a microporous material and at least one silicon-containing binding agent method for production and use thereof as catalyst in particular in a method for continuous synthesis of methylamines
Method of adding low-pressure gas continuously to supercritical fluid and apparatus therefor
Gas port assembly
Discharge device and air purification device
Expandable processing and expression chamber
Paste composition, and a green sheet, for forming a dielectric layer, and a method for forming a dielectric layer of plasma display panel
Method of producing a nanohole on a structure by removal of projections and anodic oxidation
Surface treatment method of fiber reinforced plastic substrate
Apparatus and method for manufacturing an organic electroluminescence display
Manufacturing method of sinter forged aluminum parts with high strength
Sustained release air freshening device
Guidewire with polymer jacket and method of making
Method for making paper dunnage
Layer by layer self-assembly of large response molecular electro-optic materials by a desilylation strategy
Display device
Superhydrophobic fibers produced by electrospinning and chemical vapor deposition
Super resolution optical disc
Core-shell carbon black pellets and method of forming same
Adhesive composition and tapes and labels derived therefrom
Pitch-based carbon fiber, web and resin molded product containing them
Macroscopic assembly of nanometric filamentary structures and method of preparation thereof
Plastic optical components, optical unit using the same and method of forming inorganic moisture-proof coating on plastic optical components
Image forming apparatus
Line head and image-forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus and control method thereof having main scan length correcting feature
Writing instrument
Cosmetic dispenser
Object detection apparatus and method
Active driven wheel lift identification for an automotive vehicle
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Process and compositions for the disinfection of waters
System for denitrification of treated water from aerobic wastewater treatment systems
Thermally stable compositions including 2,4,8,10-tetranitro-5H-pyrido[3',2':4,5][1,2,3]triazolo[1,2-a]benzotriazo- l-6-ium, inner salt
Method for producing alkyl aromatic compounds
Neutralization of isophorone nitrile synthesis products
Synthesis of taxol enhancers
Expeditious synthesis of DPD
High shear process for the production of acetaldehyde
High shear process for the production of chloral
Synthetic method of optically pure (S)-3-hydroxypyrrolidine
Compounds as PDE IV and TNF inhibitors
Pyridone derivatives having a binding activity to the cannabinoid type 2 receptor
Inhibitors of stearoyl-CoA desaturase
Process for preparing 2-aminothiazole-5-carboxamides useful as kinase inhibitors
Electrophilic aromatic substitution with diacyl imidazolium
Compositions useful as inhibitors of protein kinases
Indole compound
Substituted 1(2H)-phthalazinones and pharmaceutical compositions thereof
Zinc-monocysteine complex and method of using zinc-cysteine complexes
Process for producing metallocene compound
(Meth)acrylic acid esters of unsaturated aminoalcohols and preparation thereof
Use of an additivie for improving the flowability of fines and their reintroduction into a continuous gas-phase (co-) polymerisation of olefins reactor
Metal catalyst for olefin polymerization and co-polymerization with functional monomers
Rheology control agents for coating compositions
Nanoparticulate preparation
Polybutylene terephthalate resin composition for vibration welding
Polycarbosilane and method for producing same
Resin composition for GHz-band electronic component and GHz-band electronic component
Fire-resistant silicone polymer compositions
Fabricating polymers for optical devices
Nanocomposite, nanocomposite electrolyte membrane and fuel using the same
Dispersions stabilized at temperatures of from 4 to 50 degrees celsius by means of a polymer comprising water-soluble units and units with an LCST
Treating agent for forming a protective coating and metallic materials with a protective coating
Inkjet inks comprising multi-layer pigments
Method for manufacturing pigmented inks
Abhesive layer of cross-linked nanoparticles
Wood adhesives containing solid residues of biomass fermentations
Liquid crystal display device
Vegetable oil based dielectric fluid and methods of using same
High temperature filtration control using water based drilling fluid systems comprising water soluble polymers
Recovering materials
Hydrocarbon conversion using molecular sieve SSZ-75
Method for improving the oxidation stability of ashless oil
Refined method for manufacturing ethyl esters from fatty substances of natural origin
Cleanser compositions comprising a gasified candy as a sensory signal
Image and part recognition technology
Method of optimizing amplification in PCR
Method for agglomerating and passivating used material or fines resulting from the production of organohalosilanes
Niobium-based compositions and coatings, niobium oxides and their alloys applied by thermal spraying and their use as an anticorrosive
Solid precursor vaporization system for use in chemical vapor deposition
Two-piece dome with separate RF coils for inductively coupled plasma reactors
Reduced wetting string for ribbon crystal
Method and system for controlling resistivity in ingots made of compensated feedstock silicon
Coordination complexes, and methods for preparing by combinatorial methods, assaying and using the same
Textiles; Paper
Method and system for small scale pumping
Fixed Constructions
Drilling head, method of soil improvement work and apparatus thereof
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Variable displacement compressor
Oil balance system and method for compressors connected in series
Smart control valve for compressors
Conveying member, especially rotor or stator, for conveying a flowable, preferably gaseous medium
Vehicular power transmitting apparatus
Rotary valve arranged in a multi-gas cooker
Arrow insert apparatus
Optical near-field generator and recording and reproduction apparatus
Interferometric endpoint determination in a substrate etching process
Cross-component alignment measurement and calibration
Magnetic tagging of magnetoresistive sensors
Enhanced detection of acousto-photonic emissions in optically turbid media using a photo-refractive crystal-based detection system
Optical nonliner evaluation device and optical switching element
Regenerative hybrid system for position-adaptive sensor applications
Hyper-spectral imaging methods and devices
Control unit for vehicle and total control system therefor
Method and apparatus for distributed sensing of volatiles using a long period fiber grating sensor with modulated plastic coating for environmental monitoring
Chemical sensing apparatus and chemical sensing method
High density fluidic chip design and method of sample injection
Proteomic sample analysis and systems therefor
Method and machine for identifying a chemical compound
Energy flow measurement in gas pipelines
Apparatus for and method of calculating many-body problem
Ion-detecting microspheres
Methods for diagnosis and prognostic of psychiatric diseases
Method for screening agents capable of treating obesity
Buffer circuit, amplifier circuit, and test apparatus
No dead time data acquisition
Apparatus for determining diameter of parabolic antenna and method therefor
Carrier tray for use with prober
Multi-stream pro-active rate adaptation for robust video transmission
Network analyzer, network analyzing method, automatic corrector, correcting method, program, and recording medium
Pusher assemblies for use in microfeature device testing, systems with pusher assemblies, and methods for using such pusher assemblies
Methods and systems providing an adaptive threshold for a beam sharpened pulse radar
Radar microsensor for detection, tracking, and classification
Device for detecting the position of a mobile element to which it is coupled and related mobile element
Determination of point of sand production initiation in wellbores using residual deformation characteristics and real time monitoring of sand production
Zoom lens
Lens barrel and photographing apparatus
Small mechanical optical shutter with non-imaging concentrating optics
High speed, high efficiency optical pattern generator using rotating optical elements
Methods and apparatus for processing a large area pulsed laser beam to create apertures through microlens arrays
Reflective LCD projection system using wide-angle cartesian polarizing beam splitter and color separation and recombination prisms
Waveguide sensor for sensing
Quasi PM fused coupler devices and methods for forming the same
Embedded channels, embedded waveguides and methods of manufacturing and using the same
Polymer optical waveguide and method for manufacturing the same
Distributed feedback laser array
Composite structures for storing thermal energy
Driving unit for optical pick-up including lens
Reflection-transmission type liquid crystal display device and method for manufacturing the same
Liquid crystal display apparatus using switching devices and a method of manufacturing the same
Image blur correction apparatus, lens apparatus and image pickup apparatus
AF lens position determination systems and methods and anti-dazzling screens thereof
Techniques for transmitting personal data and metadata among computing devices
Imaging apparatus, imaging method, and waterproof housing
Water proof case for digital camera
Software upgrades in a lithographic apparatus
Image capturing apparatus, image capturing method, image capturing program, image recording output system and image recording output method
Method and system for overlay control using dual metrology sampling
Development apparatus and development method
Edge exposure apparatus, coating and developing apparatus, edge exposure method and coating and developing method, and storage medium
Method and system of lithography using masks having gray-tone features
Photosensitive compound, photosensitive composition, method for resist pattern formation, and process for device production
Image forming system and control method that change sequence of image formation based on fixation method
Image forming apparatus and image forming method
Fixing apparatus and image processing apparatus
Photoreceptor layer having phosphorus-containing lubricant
Method for preparing an electrophotographic photoreceptor
Electronic device and data storage medium
Communication system comprising a controller system and a master control means connected via a multipole connection means
Thermal management of extruder of molding system, amongst other things
Adaptive controller with mode tracking and parametric estimation for digital power converters
Constant current regulator with current sensing circuit loop
Digital compensator design method and digital compensator for a switching mode power supply
Portable computer
Precision diagnostic method for the failure protection and predictive maintenance of a vacuum pump and a precision diagnostic system therefor
Video game with venture capital funding voting
NICAM processing method
Method for calculating high-resolution wafer parameter profiles
Resource authoring incorporating ontology
System and method of identifying individuals of influence
Robot device, movement method of robot device, and program
Method for tracking characteristics in joined assemblies
Method and system for monitoring apparatus
Method and apparatus for managing internet transactions
Image-forming system with a graphical user interface having an interconnection architecture
Image processing device, image processing system, computer readable recording medium, and image processing method
Traffic information providing system
Nuclear magnetic resonance assembly of chemical entities
Method and system for efficient package delivery and storage
Method and system for internet protocol address concatenation
Integrated online job recruitment system
System and method for holding and deleting requests in a job queue
System and method for storing of print job data
Method and system for ground glass nodule (GGN) segmentation with shape analysis
Organ-specific backprojection
Surface inspection device and method
Image processing method and image processing apparatus for correcting for color shift occurring in color image data
System and method for making a correction to a plurality of images
Moving image decoder
System and method of registering field of view
Variance-based event clustering for automatically classifying images
System and method for coding and retrieval of a CAD drawing from a database
Computer architecture and process of patient generation, evolution, and simulation for computer based testing system
Systems and methods for delivering advertisements
Auction negotiation support systems and methods
Digital file marketplace
Real estate commission bid system
Computer-implemented trading in freight derivatives and techniques therefor
Methods and systems for exchanging and/or transferring various forms of value
System and method for developing and implementing intellectual property marketing
Systems and methods of beamforming in radio frequency identification applications
Methods, systems and devices for detecting and locating ferromagnetic objects
Device for detection of surface condition data
Method and system for integrating a passive sensor array with a mattress for patient monitoring
System and method for ergonomic tracking for individual physical exertion
Thin emergency exit indication and warning device
Functional and anatomical delivery simulator
Organic electro-luminescence device, driving method thereof and electronic apparatus
Method for prolonging life span of planar light source generating apparatus
Electron emission display and driving method
Driving method of plasma display panel and plasma display
Data signal line driving method, data signal line driving circuit, and display device using the same
Mobile device customizer
Image display method, program, image display apparatus and image display system
On the fly hardware based interdigitation
Texture mapping method and apparatus for computer implemented graphical image processing
Signal processing for cross-flanged spatialized distortion
Speech processing device and method, and program for recognition of out-of-vocabulary words in continuous speech
Rotating disk type storage unit with reduced vibration
Optical disk device
Single-sided triple layer optical disc
Flexible cable positioning structure and magnetic disk drive
Completely circumferential motor bracket shroud for motor hub flange outside diameter for hard disk drive
Recording medium, method of configuring control information thereof, recording and reproducing method using the same, and apparatus thereof
Thin shield structure for reduced protrusion in a magnetoresistive head
Head support device and disk device having the same
Perpendicular magnetic recording medium and manufacturing of the same
Adhesion layer for thin film magnetic recording medium
Optical information recording method and optical information regeneration recorder, and signal processing circuit, and recording reproduction program and information recording medium
Using PRML read channel ADC for blank/defect and ripple detection
Circuit for detecting recorded area
Holographic optical accessing system
Method and apparatus for optical information recording capable of precisely controlling laser light emission
Information recording method and apparatus, information reproducing method and apparatus, and recording medium
Lens driving mechanism and image pickup device
Optical disk device
Information recording carrier and information reproducing apparatus for the same
Optical information recording medium, recording/reproducing method, and recording/reproducing device
Nano data writing and reading apparatus using cantilever structure and fabrication method thereof
2T/2C ferroelectric random access memory with complementary bit-line loads
Hit ahead hierarchical scalable priority encoding logic and circuits
Memory module and register with minimized routing path
X-ray filter arrangement and x-ray filter therefor
Systems and methods for improving the ability of a power delivery system to withstand multiple failure events
Thermally activated electrical interrupt switch
Electronic emission device, electron emission display device having the same, and method of manufacturing the electron emission device
Plasma display panel
Image sensor with a plurality of pixels, pixel circuit and method
Discrete nano-textured structures in biomolecular arrays, and method of use
Wafer-level chip-scale package of image sensor and method of manufacturing the same
Solid-state imaging device and method for manufacturing the same
High energy implant photodiode stack
Rapid patterning of nanostructures
Pitch reduced patterns relative to photolithography features
Process for fabricating films of uniform properties on semiconductor devices
Wet etch processing
Strained semiconductor power device and method
Electromagnetic shield formation for integrated circuit die package
Aerodynamic shapes for wafer structures to reduce damage caused by cleaning processes
Method for forming transistor of semiconductor device
Method of fabricating semiconductor memory device in which an oxide film fills a trench in a semiconductor substrate
Integrated circuit devices having a stress buffer spacer and methods of fabricating the same
Apparatus and method for reducing gate leakage in deep sub-micron MOS transistors using semi-rectifying contacts
Quad flat no-lead (QFN) packages
Electronic device and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor package module without a solder ball and method of manufacturing the semiconductor package module
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device and method of producing the same
Microelectronic component assemblies and microelectronic component lead frame structures
Semiconductor device including main substrate and sub substrates
Noise reduction method for imaging devices
Inspection system with material identification
Light emitting device with high light extraction efficiency
Semiconductor transistor (DMOS) device for use as a power amplifier
Semiconductor device and semiconductor system
Solid-state imaging device and method for manufacturing same
CMOS image sensor
Light emitting diode package
Light emitting diode
Transducer with shield
Piezoelectric actuator, method of manufacturing same, and liquid ejection head
Light-emitting device and electronic apparatus
Fuel cell system
Thermal management of fast charging high capacity batteries
Channel member for providing fuel gas to separators forming a plurality of fuel gas fields on one surface
Process for producing spherical carbon material
Ionic conductor, process for production thereof, and electrochemical device
Spacer element for a fuel cell stack
Fuel cartridge for fuel cell and fuel cell with the fuel cartridge
Fuel cell system
Current bus and power lead assemblies for solid oxide fuel cell generators
Antenna for use in earphone and earphone with integrated antenna
Receptacle RF connector having interferential engagement between contact terminal and housing
Circuit board assembly with staggered cable arrangement
Dual-interface electrical connector with anti-crosstalk means therebetween
Tamper resistant mechanism with circuit interrupter
Multi-port connector for integrating transmission interfaces of displayport and USB
Cable assembly adapted for mounting to panel
Card connector
Tamper-evident connector
IC socket
Modular plugs and outlets having enhanced performance contacts
Electrical connector assembly with shorting contacts
Electronic apparatus in which an conductive layer on an outer surface of a housing is electrically connected to a conductive member in the housing
Pin grid array socket having a base with interior standoffs and hightening peripheral walls
Cable assembly with improved termination disposition
Cable assembly having outer cover robustly supported
Pulse oscillating type solid laser unit and laser process unit
Pump laser integrated vertical external cavity surface emitting laser
Widely tunable twin guide laser structure
Mobile, transportable, electrostatic chuck for wafers made of semiconductor material
Battery management system and driving method thereof
Multi-component charging station with surge protector
Vehicle battery state of charge indicator
Brushless motor
Inverter type AC generator with a zero-crossing detection circuit used to provide a synchronized operation and method of operating the same
Receiving apparatus and receiving method
Demodulator, diversity receiver, and demodulation method
Correlation method for monitoring power amplifier
Rail-to-rail operational amplifier capable of reducing current consumption
Amplifier circuit with internal zeros
Magnetic logic device
Sensor device
Complementary signal generating circuit
Semiconductor device having driver with temperature detection
Bus switch with level shifting
Fine clock resolution digital phase locked loop apparatus
Channelized analog-to-digital converter
D/A converter
Chirped surface acoustic wave (SAW) correlator/expander
Extending orthogonal frequency division multiplexed wireless local area networks using direct sequence spread spectrum/complementary code keying
Local oscillator leakage relocation
Method and apparatus for on-chip measurement of power amplifier AM/AM and AM/PM non-linearity
Selectable capacitance circuit
Squelch detector
Bit-loading method and system for a DMT transceiver
Configuring a transmission mode between devices
Overlapped block motion compression for variable size blocks in the context of MCTF scalable video coders
Wavelength division multiplex (WDM) transmission system
Optical transport system and device
System and method for reducing spurious emissions in a wireless communication device including a testing apparatus
Communication terminal device, communication system, communication method, and program
Method for concatenated convolutional encoding and interleaving
Station side communication device
Method and system for a variable spreading factor Walsh Hadamard transform engine
Wireless digital audio/video playback system
Transmitting apparatus of OFDM system and method thereof
Orthogonal frequency multi-carrier transmission device and transmission method
Interoperability verification for implementation according to communication standard
Optical wavelength add-drop multiplexer
Multiple bit rate optical communication method, optical network unit and optical line terminal
Time-division multiplexing/demultiplexing system and method
Communication systems
Methods of synchronizing subscriber stations to communications networks
Digital watermark embedding apparatus and digital watermark detection apparatus
Accelerated media coding for robust low-delay video streaming over time-varying and bandwidth limited channels
Multicast communication path calculation method and multicast communication path calculation apparatus
Conferencing systems with enhanced capabilities
Network traffic capture and replay with transaction integrity and scaling
Method of performing adaptive connection admission control in consideration of input call states in differentiated service network
Method and apparatus for providing quality of service level in broadband communications systems
Overcoming access latency inefficiency in memories for packet switched networks
Method and system for supporting efficient and cache-friendly TCP session lookup operations based on canonicalization tags
Two stage queue arbitration
Programmable bit rates in a constant bandwidth TDM switch
Communication sessions for a computer network
Network with distributed authentication control
Method and device for provision and efficient utilization of resources for generating and outputting information in packet-oriented networks
Translator for IP networks, network system using the translator, and IP network coupling method therefor
IP telephone system, IP telephone apparatus and calling method
Technique for implementing a multi-service packet and optical/TDM virtual private cross-connect
Technique for improving multiple-channel multi-tone transmissions
Narrowband gain control of receiver with digital post filtering
Frequency measurement system for low modulation index digital FM/PM communication
Method for inputting and searching information about an object in a remote database
Apparatus and method for performing RC4 ciphering
Wireless communication system, transmitter and receiver used therefor, and wireless communication method
Cellular phone
Method of managing personal data about users of voice services and an application server for executing the method
Method and system for presenting billing information according to a customer-defined hierarchal structure
Apparatus, system, and method for disposing of a call
Telecommunications service negotiation
Multimedia augmented conference bridge
Geographical call routing for a non-emergency calling service
Duplex detection imaging system and method
Image forming apparatus capable of efficiently controlling light radiation to read an image
Interpolation method for captured color image data
White balance correction in digital camera images
Camera module and electronic apparatus
Lens shifting structure for image capturing apparatus
Electric dust-proof device
Front-end signal processing circuit and imaging device
Imaging apparatus and zoom lens with a shift lens group
Photographing apparatus with improved system initialization and movement of optical system
Portable telephone capable of recording a composite image
Solid-state honeycomb type image pickup apparatus using a complementary color filter and signal processing method therefor
File reproduction apparatus, file reproduction method, file reproduction method program and recording medium for recording file reproduction method program
Information storage medium having data structure for being reproduced adaptively according to player profile information, method for reproducing AV data in interactive mode
Video interlacing using object motion estimation
MPEG field data-driven display
Decoding method and decoding apparatus
Information processing apparatus and method, recording medium, and program
Identification of replay segments
Video coding using wavelet transform of pixel array formed with motion information
Recording medium for data including concealment data and recording/reproducing method for such data
Device for image detecting objects, people or similar in the area surrounding a vehicle
Digital audio device
Totally implantable hearing system
Interference rejection in wireless receivers
Network system for interworking W-LAN and 3G mobile communication network through RoF link and authentication method according to interworking in the network system
Applying wireless network connection profiles using windows management instrumentation
Operating device for an electrical appliance having a control panel and subadjacent sensor element and method of operating such an operating device
Electronic flash unit and manufacturing method thereof
Lamp driving circuit and display apparatus having the same
Apparatus for delivering harmonic inductive power
Coffee maker and microwave oven and method for controlling the same
Processes for forming a support and organic electroluminescence element including the support
Aerodynamic lens
Electrical connector with pressed push arms each having an upwardly tapered guiding face with an edge behind a ledge of an inner surface of a side wall of the housing
Apparatus and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Electrically insulating body, and electronic device
Display device equipped with hard disk drive
Heat dissipating device and supporting element thereof
Heat sink assembly having a fastener assembly for fastening the heat sink to an electronic component
High frequency unit
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Transgenic plants
Inbred maize line <<NP2141>>
PA28 modified transgenic mice
Microinjection methods to transform arthropods with exogenous DNA
Packaged agrochemical composition
Antibacterial compositions containing a solvent, hydrotrope, and surfactant
Substituted cyclohexene-1,2-dicarboxylic acid derivatives and intermediates for their preparation
Substituted 2-oxo-3-alkynoic acids and methods of use thereof
Parasitic mite control on beneficial insects
Hybrid toxin
Transgenic non-human mammals expressing heterologous glycosyltransferase DNA sequences produce oligosaccharides and glycoproteins in their milk
Method of purifying whey of lactic acid fermentation by electrodialysis
Tocotrienols and tocotrienol-like compounds and methods for their use
Process for promoting weight loss in overweight dogs
Automatic popcorn dispenser with microwave oven and method to operate the same
Amino acid compositions and use thereof in immunosuppression
Toothpaste warmer
Household consumable item automatic replenishment system including intelligent refrigerator
Method and apparatus for cooling the exterior of a toaster oven
Switching arrangement
Tomographic acquisition method having two detectors with sighting center distinct from the center of rotation
Ultrasonic nailing and drilling apparatus
Composite nonwoven material fabrication, process and application to absorbent hygienic articles
Cembranoid inhibitors of nicotinic acetylcholine receptors
Method of treatment and pharmaceutical composition
Antioxidant compounds
IL-8 receptor antagonists
Cyclopentane heptan(ene)oic acid, 2-heteroarylalkenyl derivatives as therapeutic agents
Use of 1-(substitutedphenyl)-3-azabicyclo[3.1.0]hexanes for the treatment of chemical dependencies
Methods and compositions for treating urinary incontinence using enantiomerically enriched (R,R)-glycopyrrolate
Pharmaceutical, cosmetic and/or food composition having anti-oxidant properties
Use of aminothiazoles for treating wounds and skin
Analgesic composition and method for using same
Manganese complexes of nitrogen-containing macrocyclic ligands effective as catalysts for dismutating superoxide
Treatment of narcolepsy with immunosuppressants
Synthesis of epothilones, intermediates thereto and analogues thereof
Solid, non-deliquescent formulations of sodium valproate
Dicarboxylic germanium complex and its therapeutic use
Method for treating rheumatoid arthritis with composition containing histone
Factors which interact with oncoproteins
Ocular gene therapy
TGF-.beta.1 to improve neural outcome
Organic compounds
Chemical modification of proteins to improve biocompatibility and bioactivity
Acylated cyclodextrin derivatives
Cyanine dyes and synthesis methods thereof
Selective factor Xa inhibitors
Method of treating alopecia
Benzimidazole derivative, hair growth promoter and external composition for skin using the same
Patient oxygenation using stabilized fluorocarbon emulsions
Ophthalmic and mucosal preparations
Omega-hydrofluoroalkyl ethers, precursor carboxylic acids and derivatives thereof, and their preparation and application
Biocompatible surfaces and a method for their preparation
Pharmaceutical preparations for the targeted treatment of crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis
Pharmaceutical preparations of glutathione and methods of administration thereof
Method and composition for treating substrates for wettability and skin wellness
Electrochemical membrane incinerator
Solid golf ball
Multi-layer golf ball utilizing silicone materials
Transmission mechanism for music box ornament
Performing Operations; Transporting
Nonionic gemini surfactants
Process for the preparation of micro-mesoporous gel
Thermally stable support material and method for making the same
Catalyst and process for purifying streams of materials
Method for producing aliphatic alcohols
Process and apparatus for preparing 1,2-dichloroethane by direct chlorination
Double metal cyanide catalysts for preparing poly-etherpolyols
Highly acidic mesoporous synergistic solid catalyst and its applications
Catalytic composition for the preparation of long-chain alkylaromatic compounds
Catalyst for asymmetric induction
Two-component catalyst for ROMP
Olefin polymerization catalysts containing amine derivatives
Continuous slurry polymerization volatile removal
Motor control apparatus
Electronic component handler
Pumpable/injectable phosphate-bonded ceramics
Hexametaphosphate as an agent for treating wastes, preparing construction materials and stabilizing soils
Methods of remediation of chemical contaminants dispersed in geologic media
EDM electrode for creating a gear tooth form having a tooth shape in a cavity component and method of making an EDM electrode
Parts soldering apparatus and method
Method and apparatus of manufacturing an electronic circuit board
Force-controlled resistance welding device
Method and apparatus for resistive welding
Laser processing apparatus
Laser welding system
Apparatus and method for laser texturing a landing zone and a data zone of a magnetic recording medium
Laser-equipped machine tool cutting head with pressurized counterbalance
Method and device for cutting hollow glass articles by a laser beam
Laser machining apparatus with transverse gas flow
Method to eliminate weld solidification cracking of 312 stainless steel overlay and to minimize the overlay's thermal expansion mismatch with carbon steel or low alloy steel substrate
Method of pipe welding
Welding power supply for pulsed spray welding
Thermistor protection for a wire feed motor
Work unit having an integrally mounted drive unit
Method of controlling an intelligent assist device
Process for manufacturing organic and inorganic compositions, moulded flat or extruded to give complex formation, dimensional stability, added strength, biological resistance, using non toxic resin formulations
Method for improving lubricating surfaces on disks
Vacuum deposition of bus bars onto conductive transparent films
Extruded netting exhibiting stretch and bonding
Acoustical composite headliner
Recording drum arrangement
Controller for handling the supply and discharge of recording media
In-situ fluid jet orifice
Thermal platesetter and color proofer
Thermal printer and resistance data measuring device for thermal head of the same
Color conversion adjustment method
Method and apparatus for light modulation and exposure at high exposure levels with high resolution
Image formation apparatus control by measurement of image patterns having different emission rising characteristics
Image forming apparatus providing polygonal mirror having braking means
Ink composition capable of realizing image possessing excellent rubbing/scratch resistance
Liquid isoprene-butadiene rubber
System to automatically determine wheel position for automotive remote tire monitoring system
Battery control apparatus for hybrid vehicle
Battery control system for electric automobiles
Driving method and driving device for motor
Automatic turn-signal deactivator
Proximity indicating system
Collision protection device for the protection of projecting motor vehicle parts
Controller for a seatbelt tightener
Diagnostics for vehicle deformation sensor system
Air bag deployment trigger sensor with sacrificial waveguide
Seatbelt usage and safety data accounting system
Method for initializing an anti-theft system of a motor vehicle
Method and apparatus for monitoring the position of a machine
Bicycle display unit with backlight
Wireless control and/or measuring system for a cycle
Abuse-tolerant metallic packaging materials for microwave cooking
Dynamic control algorithm and program for power-assisted lift device
Laterally movable gate field effect transistors for microsensors and microactuators
Reduced deformation of micromechanical devices through thermal stabilization
Method for manufacturing semiconductor components having micromechanical structures
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Heating assembly for rapid thermal processing system
Vinyl ether-based optical fiber coatings
Borosilicate glass of greater resistance to chemical attack and applications thereof
Luminous glass ceramics
Yttrium chromite chromia thermistors
Whisker reinforced ceramic cutting tool and composition thereof
Method for producing calcium fulvate from humus material
Process for producing dialklylnaphthalenes
Process for the chlornation of hydrocarbons
Process for the catalytic alkylation of a hydrocarbon feed
Method of manufacturing alkylated diphenylamine compositions and products thereof
Fungicidal trifluoromethylalkylamino-triazolopyrimidines
Process for the production of aromatic amines
Water soluble fullerenes with antiviral activity
Process for the preparation of salts of 1-substituted 2,4-diaminobenzenes
Preparation of cyclohexene carboxylate derivatives
Bicyclic metabotropic glutamate receptor ligands
Fatty acid derivatives and their use as surfactants in detergents and cleaners
Production pyridazine herbicides
Method for separating 6-aminocapronitrile from mixtures containing 6-aminocapronitrile and an imine
Ammoxidation of a mixture of alcohols to a mixture of nitriles to acetonitrile and HCN
Process for preparing amidines
Functionalized photoinitiators, derivatives and macromers therefrom and their use
Urethane compound and process for producing polycyclic aliphatic diisocyanate
Process for the preparation of butane-1,4-diol, .gamma.-butyrolactone and tetrahydrofuran
Mixture of alkyl-phenyl-sulfonates of alkaline earth metals, its application as an additive for lubricating oil, and methods of preparation
Substituted 3-amino-2-hydroxyphenylacetamide derivatives as enzyme inhibitors (II)
1,2-dithiolane derivatives
Inhibitors of protein isoprenyl transferases
Method for the transformation of cis- and trans-cyclododecene oxide into cyclododecanone
Method for preparing oxy-diphthalic anhydrides
Purifying polyunsaturated fatty acid glycerides
Ether compounds and process for producing the same
Preparation of caprolactam
Propionic acid derivatives and applications thereof
PDE IV inhibiting compounds, compositions and methods of treatment
Estrogen agonists/antagonists
Method for esterification of carboxylic or polycarboxylic acid in the presence of supercritical fluids and catalysts therefor
Process for making diaryl pyridines useful as COX-2 inhibitors
Benzimidazole compounds that are vitronectin receptor antagonists
Anilide compounds, including use thereof in ACAT inhibitition
1,3-Benzodiazepin-2-ones and 1,3-Benzoxazepin-2-ones useful as HIV reverse transcriptase inhibitors
Process for the preparation of triazine carbamates
Carboxylated amino-1,3,5-triazines, derivatives thereof and processes for preparing the same
Adhesion receptor antagonists
Synthesizing method for a 3-substituted-3-oxo-2-(2,4-oxazolidinedione-3-yl) propionic acid amide compound
Triazole derivative or salt thereof, preparation process thereof and pharmaceutical containing said compound as an effective ingredient
Polymerizable composition
Process and arrangement for producing tetrahydrofuran
Process for the preparation of 3-substituted 4-cyano-pyrrole compounds
Indolyl derivatives as serotonergic agents
Methods of modulating serine/thereonine protein kinase function with quinazoline-based compounds
Substituted oximes and hydrazones as neurokinin antagonists
Non-peptidyl vasopressin V1a antagonists
Processes for preparing sildenafil
Solid-phase synthesis of codeine from morphine
Economical and convenient procedures for the synthesis of catecholborane
Indium source reagent compositions, and use thereof for deposition of indium-containing films on substrates and ion implantation of indium-doped shallow junction microelectronics structures
Process for manufacturing acrylamidoalkylalkoxysilanes
Intermediate compound (5-[2-hydroxy-5-(1-hydroxy-1-methylethyl)-2-methyl-cyclopentyl]-3-methyl-p enta-2,4-dienyl) triphenylphos-phosphonium salt, for making metabolites of lycopene
Process for preparing ester compounds
Method for producing palatinitol
Process for the purification of roxithromycin
L-benzimidazole nucleosides
Carbopeptoids and carbonucleotoids
16-substituted-4-aza-androstane 5-.alpha.-reductase isozyme 1 inhibitors
Immunization of infants
Characterization of granulocytic ehrlichia and methods of use
.alpha.-amlase mutants
Pesticidal toxins and nucleotide sequences which encode these toxins
Plant promoters
Hybrid cytokines
Retro-inverso thymosin alpha 1 hybrids
DNA encoding a human tubby homolog
Compositions and methods for the treatment and diagnosis of immune disorders
Method for treating nervous system pathophysiologies using glial growth factors
Elisa kit for quantification of C-terminal telopeptides of type I collagen in human serum
Stem cell factor
Specific binding agents
Inhibitors of interleukin-1.beta. Converting enzyme inhibitors
Method for crystallizing maleic acid salt of N-(1(S)-ethoxycarbonyl-3-phenylpropyl)-L-alanyl-L-proline
Peptidomimetic efflux pump inhibitors
Pyrazinone protease inhibitors
Method of peptide synthesis
PNA combinatorial libraries and improved methods of synthesis
MN gene and protein
Form of amphiregulin, methods for producing and using the same and compositions comprising the same
Water soluble prodrugs of hindered alcohols
Process for the preparation of alykl polyglycosides
Process for producing deproteinized natural rubber using protease and anionic surfactant
Silica-filled elastomer composition which can be used for tires
Solid catalyst component for olefin polymerization, catalyst for olefin polymerization, and method for producing olefin polymers
Pipe made of polyethylene resin
Photosensitizers for free radical polymerization initiation resins and method of making the same
Polymerization process
High-rigidity ethylene/propylene block copolymer and process for the production thereof
Method for producing aqueous solution of polymer having phosphorylcholine groups
Suspension polymerization for preparing polyolefins
Polymer bromination process
Blocky chlorinated polyolefins, process for making and use as impact modifier compatibilizer for PVC or CPVC
Soft compounds derived from polypropylene grafted disubstituted ethylene- maleimide copolymers
Modified polypropylenes of improved processability
Low resilience urethane foam
Thickening active H-containing resin with polycarbodiimide
Compact, transparent polyisocyanate polyaddition products
Blocked polyisocyanates with built-in hals stabilizer
Aqueous two-component polyurethane coating compositions
Hydroxy-terminated polyhydroxyalkanoates
Apparatus for manufacturing polycarbonate
Room temperature curable resin
Use of polyamide moulding compounds for manufacturing optical or electro-optical moulded members
Polybenzoxazole resin and precursor thereof
Polysiloxane-polybutylene copolymers
Collagen modulators for use in photoablation eximer laser keratectomy
Dispersion process
Fluoroplastic composites and a process for producing the same
Fluorescent cyanoacrylate adhesive
Method for producing a diffusion barrier and polymeric article having a diffusion barrier
Processes for the rapid preparation of foam materials from high internal phase emulsions at high temperatures and pressures
Insulated wire comprising a flame-retardant polyolefinic resin composition
Binder system method for particular material
Film retardant polyamide resin composition
Water-dilutable coating composition of polyhydroxyl condensation or addition resin, amino resin and blocked acid catalyst
Flame retardant polymer blends, and method for making
Elastomeric composition comprising a blocked mercaptosilane coupling agent and a deblocking agent
Cure-on-demand, moisture-curable compositions having reactive silane functionality
Compositions of linear ultra low density polyethylene and propylene polymers and films therefrom
Polymer mixture for slush molding
Polyolefin resin composition
Non-flammable, thermoplastic molded materials based on polyphenylene ethers
Vinyl chloride resin composition
Polyetherimide resin/polyester resin blends
Sealant and adhesive with damping properties
Aqueous coating compositions
Low dielectric constant porous films
Ultraviolet electroluminescent element and laser luminescent element
Polyalkyl methacrylate copolymers for rheological modification and filtration control for ester and synthetic based drilling fluids
Synergistic mixtures of phosphoric esters with carboxylic acids or carboxylic acid derivatives as asphaltene dispersants
Process for producing a highly paraffinic diesel fuel having a high iso-paraffin to normal paraffin mole ratio
Method of disposing of waste in a coking process
Light-colored sulfur-containing extreme pressure lubricant additives
Water-dispersible metal working fluid
Metal working lubricant composition
Fabric cleaning composition containing zeolite
Laundry pre-treatment or pre-spotting compositions used to improve aqueous laundry processing
Active chlorine preparations containing stabilized optical brighteners
Enzyme granulates comprising an enzyme and an organic disulfide core
Cleaning compositions comprising a specific oxygenase
Composition to be applied to hair or skin
Cleaning agent for food-industry facilities, its use and method of cleaning such facilities using the agent
Glycol-based cleaning solvent
DNA constructs and plants incorporating them
Materials and methods for the modification of plant lignin content
Kojibiose phosphorylase glucosyl-saccharides produced by transglycosylation
Cell cycle regulatory gene
Methods and reagents for preserving RNA in cell and tissue samples
Process for forming a film composed of a nitride of a diffusion barrier material
Multiple implantation and grain growth method
Silicon nitride deposition method
Method of processing films prior to chemical vapor deposition using electron beam processing
Method for high rate deposition of tungsten
Substituted phenylethylene precursor deposition method
Semiconductor device and production thereof
Method and apparatus for depositing tantalum-based thin films with organmetallic precursor
Method of depositing a smooth conformal aluminum film on a refractory metal nitride layer
Method for producing a semiconductor device
Method and apparatus for producing a semiconductor device
Nucleation and deposition of PT films using ultraviolet irradiation
Semiconductor device, manufacturing method, and system
System for measuring the temperature of a semiconductor wafer during thermal processing
Method for switching the properties of perovskite materials used in thin film resistors
Textiles; Paper
Method for producing polymeric fibers with improved anti-static properties and fibers and fabrics produced thereby
Spinning finishes for synthetic filament fibers
Method and device for a paper calender
Device for testing flat materials
Fixed Constructions
Electrical box with fixture support having fitted portion
Handhole compartment
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Master automotive sensor tester
Method and apparatus for space-saving installation of a starter-alternator
Apparatus for regulating the flow of current through a load
Traffic-based energy conversion system
Cover for ceiling fan reversing switch
Load indicating fastener systems method and apparatus
Strain-matched hub for motor/generator
Apparatus and process for manufacturing semiconductor devices, products and precursor structures utilizing sorbent-based fluid storage and dispensing system for reagent delivery
Compact fluorescent lamp and ballast assembly with an air gap for thermal isolation
Process and apparatus for the partitioning and thermal treatment of heterogeneous feedstock
Sealing terminal
System and method for obtaining precise missile range information for semiactive missile systems
Inductance change detection circuit
Combined altitude and height-above-ground indicator for an aircraft
Inclination sensor and surveying instrument using the same
Method and apparatus for a rotation angle sensor
Mercury vibration warning switch
Process for producing infrared emitting device and infrared emitting device produced by the process
Spark plug with pressure sensor
Detection of defects in protective barriers
DC/RF blood cell detector using isolated bridge circuit having automatic amplitude and phase balance components
System for producing paper product including a compact high-resolution under wire water weight sensor array
Process and instrument for moisture measurement
Method for evaluating an output signal of a rotational sensing device
Magnetic field sensing element with processing circuit and input and output side resistors formed from same metal film
Direct connect interconnect for testing semiconductor dice and wafers
Testing apparatus for testing a ball grid array device
Test socket
Temperature compensated closed-loop hall effect current transformer
Method and apparatus using feedback to correct the production of magnitude and phase relationships between two sinusoidal signals for use in a ratio-transformer capacitance bridge
RMS-to-DC converter with balanced multi-tanh triplet squaring cells
Voltage detection circuit
Transient signal detector
Miniature sensor for lubricant analysis
Assembly structure for making integrated circuit chip probe cards
Chip design process for wire bond and flip-chip package
Device for inserting at least one semiconductor component into a receptacle
Method for charging capacitor
TFT and reliability evaluation method thereof
IC device contactor
Contact pressure jig for signal analysis
Circuit and a method for configuring pad connections in an integrated device
Battery emulating power supply
Detector for periodic magnetic field
NMR probe head with integrated remote tuning
Chemometric technique for predicting styrene content in butadiene-styrene resin with an on-line NMR system
Method and system for aiding GPS receivers via a cellular or PCS network
Portable GPS positioning apparatus
Method of enhancing receiver autonomous GPS navigation integrity monitoring and GPS receiver implementing the same
Method of detecting relative direction of motion of a radio frequency (RF) tag
Apparatus for detecting relative velocity
Method for determining object movement data
Three dimensional bistatic imaging radar processing for independent transmitter and receiver flightpaths
Method for monitoring the earth surface
Dual target tracking altimeter
Object detecting device
Radar apparatus
Radio wave receiving apparatus having an improved antenna resolution
Methods and apparatus to position a mobile receiver using downlink signals, part II
Local area multiple object tracking system
Method and apparatus for alerting an operator of a motor vehicle to an incoming radar signal
Waveform diversity for spatial-temporal denial of radar and communication system
Surgical probe apparatus and system
Image reading method and apparatus having a deflecting device
Multi-layer magnetic tag
Electromagnetic gradiometer having a primary detector and a plurality of secondary detectors
Pulse sequence and method for suppression of magneto-acoustic artifacts in NMR data
Method of verifying an extension area sensor controlled, master controller of area sensors, and cover to be used when no slave controller is added
Method for manufacturing thin film actuated mirror array in an optical projection system
Scanned retinal display with exit pupil selected based on viewer's eye position
Fibre optic coupler detector
Integrated resistor for measuring touch position in a liquid crystal display device
Display unit, manufacturing method thereof and electronic device equipped with same
Liquid crystal display driver
Microencapsulated liquid crystal and a method and system for using same
High efficiency, color coding light pipe methods for display applications, utilizing chiral liquid crystal materials
Liquid crystal display and electronic device
Flexible plate liquid crystal display device
Display panel associated with light collecting plate and position adjusting method using microlenses for the display panel
Liquid crystal color shutters that include reflective polarizers that pass color components of light of a first polarization and that reflect a majority of color components of light of a second polarization
Method of manufacturing liquid crystal display device
Thin film transistor, liquid crystal display and fabricating methods thereof
Electron beam image picturing method and image picturing device
Control system for test patch area exposure in a printing machine
Image forming apparatus with intermediate belt mark detection for image registration
Color image forming apparatus having laser scanner control means
Communication abnormality detecting/coping device and vacuum pump remote monitor control device
Position controller
Heater, humidifier or fan including a circuit for controlling the output thereof
Electronic circuit for generating a stable voltage signal for polarizing during a reading step UPROM memory cells operating at low feed voltage
Power supply device
Dynamically boosted current source circuit
Load current control circuitry for power supplies driving a common load for providing a uniform temperature distribution
Battery charging controller
Voltage-controlled current source with variable supply current
Reference voltage generation circuit providing a stable output voltage
Reference voltage generator with monitoring and start up means
Programmable clock signal generation circuits and methods for generating accurate, high frequency, clock signals
Method and apparatus for routing low-skew clock networks
Clock-gating circuit for reducing power consumption
Apparatus for clock signal distribution, with transparent switching capability between two clock distribution units
Delay locked loop for sub-micron single-poly digital CMOS processes
Method and apparatus for clock uncertainty minimization
Capacitive sensing keyboard and pointing device
Backup power-supply device
Voltage supervisory circuit for a multi-rail power supply
Unicode conversion into multiple encodings
Scaleable camera model for the navigation and display of information structures using nested, bounded 3D coordinate spaces
Method and structure for configuring FPGAS
Integrated gaze/manual cursor positioning system
Data entry apparatus having a limited number of character keys and method
Data set user interface control for use in accessing information in a computer
Non-ambiguous graphics selection
Electromagnetic inking digitizer pen and method
Controlling scrolls of a screen image
Computing apparatus having multiple pointing devices
Apparatus and method having improved memory controller request handler
FPGA with a plurality of input reference voltage levels grouped into sets
Shared virtual desktop collaborative application system
Color image forming apparatus timing control
Interrogator for electronic identification system
Method and apparatus for compositing colors of images with memory constraints for storing pixel data
Method and apparatus for indicating curved line on display panel of computer device
Attribute interpolation in 3D graphics
Video hand image three-dimensional computer interface
Method and apparatus for effective level of detail selection
Method for dynamic XY tiled texture caching
Stereoscopic computer graphics moving image generating apparatus
Apparatus and method for applying effects to graphical images
Method and apparatus for geometric model deformation using wires
Computer system for interpolating a value for a pixel
Method and system for encoding rotations and normals in 3D generated scenes
System and method for adjusting color data of pixels in a digital image
Method for the temporal filtering of the noise in an image of a sequence of digital images, and device for carrying out this method
4D KAPPA5 Gaussian noise reduction
General rate N/(N+1) (0, G) code construction for data coding
Object tracking system with non-contact object detection and identification
Method and system of transmitting/receiving service information and receiving apparatus
Heat radiation detection device and presence detection apparatus using same
Remote guard-presence system with adjustable effect and process of using
Chair monitor
Security system for a building complex having multiple units
Fire monitoring system and fire sensor
Weather alert system
Apparatus and methods for generating codes for controlling appliances from a remote controller
Truck traffic monitoring and warning systems and vehicle ramp advisory system
Portable illuminated warning sign
Method and apparatus for effectively displaying musical information with visual display
CRT driving circuit
Multisystem television which is usable as a monitor of a personal computer and a method thereof
Image display with lens array scanning relative to light source array
Field emission display device
System and method for achieving uniform screen brightness within a matrix display
Electroluminescence display device
Display device
Cumulative two phase drive scheme for bistable cholesteric reflective displays
Display device having defect inspection circuit
Semiconductor device with circuit cell array and arrangement on a semiconductor chip
Ergonomic viewable object processor
Methods and apparatus for decoding and displaying multiple images using a common processor
Guitar holder device
Rotor capable of being used as a recording media
Disk drive apparatus motor
Method of varying capacity of head disk drive during manufacturing process by checking head/disk combinations for defects
Video subtitle processing system
Non-timeline, non-linear digital multimedia composition method and system
Method and apparatus for accurately measuring a back-emf voltage on an actuator coil
Bias circuit for series connected decoupling capacitors
Method of making high density semiconductor memory
Semiconductor memory
Method and apparatus for determining the robustness of memory cells to alpha-particle/cosmic ray induced soft errors
Low cost memory tester with high throughput
High-voltage switch circuit
Robust low voltage swing sense amplifier
Flexible automotive electrical conductor of high mechanical strength, and process for the manufacture thereof
Variable resistor having terminal and substrate connected on the opening side of casing
Thermal overload mechanism
Continuous multi-turn coils
High current, low profile inductor
Sealed contact device, a method of producing a sealed contact device, and a sealing method
Switch device
Stable keyswitch
Self-adjusting switch mechanism with anti-adjustment protection
Safety devices for electrical circuits and systems
Coaxial relay
Magnetic switch for a starter
Dual connector strap for a rotary contact circuit breaker
Remote-controlled mechanism with a motor for circuit-breakers
Circuit breaker with arc gas engaging paddles on a trip bar and/or crossbar
Projections on face electrical receptacle for preventing inadvertent tripping of test switch by oversized electrical plug
Toroidal filament for plasma generation
Amorphous-diamond electron emitter
Device for controlling a magnetron filament current based on detected dynamic impedance
Color cathode ray tube with graded shadow mask apertures
Method of fabricating row lines of a field emission array and forming pixel openings therethrough
Field emission device having dielectric focusing layers
Filamentary electron-emission device having self-aligned gate or/and lower conductive/resistive region
Field emission device having floating electrode and conductive particle layer
Projection-microlithography apparatus, masks, and related methods incorporating reticle-distortion measurement and correction
Method and apparatus for controlling electrostatic coupling to plasmas
Coaxial resonator microwave plasma generator
Slotted waveguide structure for generating plasma discharges
Plasma source with multiple magnetic flux sources each having a ferromagnetic core
Mass spectrometry from surfaces
Device and method for ion acceleration
Electric incandescent lamp with sintered glass plate
Apparatus and method for transferring semiconductor die to a carrier
Heater unit for semiconductor processing
Manufacturing method for a capacitor in an integrated memory circuit
Ferroelectric thin film device and method of producing the same
Fabrication of precision high quality facets on molecular beam epitaxy material
Method for patterning semiconductors with high precision, good homogeneity and reproducibility
Method for making electrical contacts and junctions in silicon carbide
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Rapid thermal annealing of doped polycrystalline silicon structures formed in a single-wafer cluster tool
Using H2anneal to improve the electrical characteristics of gate oxide
Method of forming a gate in a stack gate flash EEPROM cell
Methods of forming nonvolatile integrated circuit memory devices having high capacitive coupling ratios
Flash-type nonvolatile semiconductor memory devices for preventing overerasure
Post deposition treatment of dielectric films for interface control
Semiconductor device having reduced polysilicon gate electrode width and method of manufacture thereof
Method of fabricating compound semiconductor devices using lift-off of insulating film
Method for fabricating a self aligned contact plug
Method for fabricating a polycide semiconductor device
Titanium nitride diffusion barrier for use in non-silicon technologies and method
Method of manufacturing semiconductor devices
Method to prevent CMP overpolish
Method for etching
Removal of silicon oxynitride on a capacitor electrode for selective hemispherical grain growth
Method of forming a film having enhanced reflow characteristics at low thermal budget
Methods to form electronic devices
Processing for polishing dissimilar conductive layers in a semiconductor device
Method of manufacturing semiconductor devices and semiconductor device capacitor manufactured thereby
Method for producing an electronic device
Heat treatment method for a silicon wafer and a silicon wafer heat-treated by the method
Ideal oxygen precipitating silicon wafers and oxygen out-diffusion-less process therefor
Method for producing insulated gate thin film semiconductor device
Method and apparatus for applying viscous materials to a lead frame
Method and apparatus for populating an adhesive sheet with particles
Integrated circuit package for flip chip with alignment preform feature and method of forming same
Semiconductor device and method for making the same
Method for attaching a die to a carrier utilizing an electrically nonconductive layer
Resin encapsulated electrode structure of a semiconductor device, mounted semiconductor devices, and semiconductor wafer including multiple electrode structures
Method of forming overmolded chip scale package and resulting product
Method of assembling a semiconductor chip package
Method for forming flip chip package utilizing cone shaped bumps
Method of making electrical connections to integrated circuit
Method of fabricating a capacitor with a low-resistance electrode structure in integrated circuit
Selective transfer of elements from one support to another support
Silicon-on-insulator substrates using low dose implantation
Smoothing method for cleaved films made using thermal treatment
Single electron transistor memory array
Method for forming self-align stop layer for borderless contact process
Method of forming high aspect ratio structures for semiconductor devices
Method for forming a metal capacitor with two metal electrodes
Method for bottom electrode of capacitor
Plasma cleaning process for openings formed in at least one low dielectric constant insulation layer over copper metallization in integrated circuit structures
Damascene structure fabricated using a layer of silicon-based photoresist material
Contact and deep trench patterning
Method of making integrated circuit capacitor including tapered plug
Self aligned contact pad in a semiconductor device and method for forming the same
Method of fabricating a dynamic random access memory capacitor
Semiconductor wafer pretreatment utilizing ultraviolet activated chlorine
Method for fabrication an open can-type stacked capacitor on local topology
Method for fabricating a DRAM cell with a cup shaped storage node
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Methods of forming an SRAM
Method and composition for reducing gate oxide damage during RF sputter clean
Two ball bump
Method for forming a cylindrical capacitor
Fabrication method of capacitor for integrated circuit
Reduced diffusion of a mobile specie from a metal oxide ceramic into the substrate
Semiconductor device and method of manufacture
Method of making a semiconductor device having a grown polysilicon layer
Method to fabricate an intrinsic polycrystalline silicon film
Argon doped epitaxial layers for inhibiting punchthrough within a semiconductor device
Self-aligned extension junction for reduced gate channel
Method for establishing shallow junction in semiconductor device to minimize junction capacitance
Method of forming a silicide layer using an angled pre-amorphization implant
Vertical floating gate transistor with epitaxial channel
Method for forming high density nonvolatile memories with high capacitive-coupling ratio
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device having metal silicide film and metal film in which metal film can be selectively removed
Semiconductor apparatus and manufacturing method therefor
Method of forming junction leakage free metal silicide in a semiconductor wafer by alloying refractory metal
Post-spacer etch surface treatment for improved silicide formation
Method to form transistors and local interconnects using a silicon nitride dummy gate technique
Method for fabricating semiconductor device
Thin film transistor having laminated source and drain regions
Thin film transistors
Vertical trench-gated power MOSFET having stripe geometry and high cell density
Semiconductor device having LDD structure and method for producing the same
Semiconductor device and fabrication method thereof
Thin film semiconductor device
Pillar transistor incorporating a body contact
Production of semiconductor device
Semiconductor carrier and method for manufacturing the same
Modified SOG coater's hot plate to improve SOG film quality
Shallow trench isolation with conductive hard mask for in-line moat/trench width electrical measurements
Trench structure for isolating semiconductor elements and method for forming the same
Methods of forming polished material and methods of forming isolation regions
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing semiconductor device wherein field oxide is protected from overetching
Silicon-on-insulator islands and method for their formation
Method of fabricating shallow trench isolation
Method of manufacturing shallow trench isolation
Modified poly-buffered isolation
Method of formation in a silicon wafer of an insulated well
Method for manufacturing a substrate of a liquid crystal display device
Low temperature deposition of barrier layers
Method for forming dual damascene structures
Method for reducing critical dimension of dual damascene process using spin-on-glass process
Method for forming multi-layered liner on sidewall of node contact opening
Process scheme to form controlled airgaps between interconnect lines to reduce capacitance
Copper diffusion barrier, aluminum wetting layer and improved methods for filling openings in silicon substrates with copper
Practical air dielectric interconnections by post-processing standard CMOS wafers
Method for producing a high-voltage and low-voltage MOS transistor with salicide structure
Process to make complementary silicide metal gates for CMOS technology
Method of fabricating a DRAM access transistor with dual gate oxide technique
Process for forming a high density semiconductor device
Method of forming data storage capacitors in dynamic random access memory cells
Manufacture of high-density pillar memory cell arrangement
Dynamic random access memory
Dynamic random access memory structure
Method of manufacturing a deep trench capacitor
Method of manufacturing bit lines in memory
Memory cell structure of a mask programmable read only memory with ion-implantation stopper films
Semiconductor device with unbreakable testing elements for evaluating components and process of fabrication thereof
SRAM cell
SRAM cell and its fabrication process
CMOS device and method for fabricating the same
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Semiconductor memory device and method for producing same
Semiconductor device having two-layer contact
Wiring board and process for the production thereof
Semiconductor device
Surface mount semiconductor package
Semiconductor device
Screen printable curable conductive material composition
Lead frame structure
Ball grid assembly type semiconductor package having improved chip edge support to prevent chip cracking
Microelectronic component mounting with deformable shell terminals
Method of making a multi-level interconnect having a refractory metal wire and a degassed oxidized, TiN barrier layer
Fuse for semiconductor device and semiconductor device
Reduction of topside movement during temperature cycles
Method of detecting defects in a wiring process
Microwave-frequency hybrid integrated circuit
Overvoltage protection device
High frequency microwave packaging having a dielectric gap
FPGA architecture with offset interconnect lines
Wafer-level chip scale package
Commutator heat dissipating device for alternators
ESD protection scheme
8 bit per cell non-volatile semiconductor memory structure utilizing trench technology and dielectric floating gate
Method of forming select gate to improve reliability and performance for NAND type flash memory devices
Method to fabricate a new structure with multi-self-aligned for split-gate flash
Non-volatile memory structure and corresponding manufacturing process
SOI MOS field effect transistor
Fabrication of three-dimensional architecture for solid state radiation detectors
CMOS imager with storage capacitor
Glue-free backside illuminated photodiode apparatus and fabrication process
Back illuminated photodetector and method of fabricating the same
Semiconductor circuit and semiconductor device for use in equipment such as a power converting apparatus
Switching device
Field effect transistor with improved driving capability
Method for fabricating a MOSFET device structure which facilitates mitigation of junction capacitance and floating body effects
Heterostructure interband tunneling diode
Gallium nitride-based III-V group compound semiconductor device and method of producing the same
Structure for and method of mounting image taking element on substrate
Semiconductor device
Thermophotovoltaic generator
Solar cell module having a specific front side covering material and a process for the production of said solar cell module
High stability optical encapsulation and packaging for light-emitting diodes in the green, blue, and near UV range
Piezoelectric driving circuit
Piezoelectrical mechanical actuators for use with small actuator distances and arrays
Vibration motors
Semiconducting polymer field effect transistor
Interconnection structure between portable telephone and battery pack
Current interrupt apparatus particularly adapted for use with prismatic electrochemical cells
Dielectric resonant apparatus
Dielectric filter, dielectric duplexer, mounting structure thereof, and communication device
Microwave mixer with baluns having rectangular coaxial transmission lines
Antenna mount for air drag reduction equipment for motor vehicles
Low profile antenna positioner for adjusting elevation and azimuth
Radio frequency antenna
Stretchable antenna for mobile phones
Hybrid printed circuit board shield and antenna
Toroidal antenna
Antenna feeding circuit
Increased propagation speed across integrated circuits
Radio communication device and an antenna system
Multibeam satellite communication antenna
Collapsible folded dipole antenna
Convertible loop/inverted-f antennas and wireless communicators incorporating the same
Planar emitter
Flat dual frequency band antennas for wireless communicators
Electrical wiring construction including a bus bar
Method of fabricating photonic semiconductor device using selective MOVPE
Nitride system semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Electric box extender and supplemental parts
Aerially installed communications cable
Discharge device
Method and apparatus for modifying limit and protection software in a synchronous generator exciter to match the capability of the turbine-generator
DC-to-DC converter capable of preventing overvoltage
Current inrush limiting circuit with fast reset
Multiple power supply unit with improved overcurrent sensitivity
Adaptive charging method for lithium-ion battery cells
Battery charger determining charging conditions depending upon whether a cooling device is provided
Battery charger and battery charging method
Apparatus for charging multiple batteries
Battery charger and charging method
Power supply apparatus with chargeable battery and charge/discharge method
Method and system for remotely supplying power through an automated power adapter to a data processing system
Power supply for providing instantaneous energy during electric utility outage
Method and circuit for maintaining charge in a backup battery
Low cogging torque brushless motor rotor
Self-Starting electric brushless motor having permanent magnet and reluctance poles
Direct gas cooled rotor endwinding ventilation schemes for rotating machines with concentric coil rotors
Stator arrangement of vehicle AC generator
Electronic switching electric motor
Centerpiece structure of brush-less motor and method of manufacturing brush-less motor
Servo motor assembly and method of making same
Lightweight, compact, on-board, electric vehicle battery charger
Fault tolerant electric current regulator
Method and apparatus for switching a well potential in response to an output voltage
PWM regulator with varying operating frequency for reduced EMI
Method and apparatus for regulating an output voltage of a switch mode converter
Power supply apparatus and method of controlling power supply circuit for generating a DC output
Motor start switch
Starting method for brushless DC motor and device for the same
Device for the detection of an angle of rotation of a brushless multi-phase d.c. motor
Driving apparatus for stepping motor
Controller for car AC generator
Method and apparatus for extending a VCO tuning range
Multiple-phase-interpolation LC voltage-controlled oscillator
Digital demodulator
Power amplifier arrangement
Power amplifier
Radio frequency amplifier with reduced intermodulation distortion
Method and apparatus for generating second-order predistortion without third-order distortion
H-bridge power amplifier for a motor
Signal amplifying circuit
Precision controlled RF power detector circuit
Resonator and piezoelectric resonance device with grooved lead terminals thereof
Piezoelectric resonator structures with a bending element performing a voltage controlled switching function
Switching power supply for speeding up turn-off operation of a switching element
Predriver circuit for controlling a power drive circuit
Micropower, minimal area DC sensing power-up reset circuit
Power up detection circuit
Arrangement for supplying circuits with direct currents
Apparatus and method for reducing crosstalk in an integrated circuit which includes a signal bus
Method for topology dependent slew rate control
Domino circuits with high performance and high noise immunity
Input/output interconnect circuit for FPGAs
Dual-function method and circuit for programmable device
Methods for configuring FPGA's having variable grain blocks and shared logic for providing symmetric routing of result output to differently-directed and tristateable interconnect resources
Programmable logic array integrated circuit devices with interleaved logic array blocks
Power on reset circuit with power noise immunity
Low-latency small-swing clocked receiver
Flip-flop circuit with clock signal control function and clock control circuit
Apparatus and method for an improved master-slave flip-flop with non-overlapping clocks
Circuit for the acquisition of binary analog signals
Reduced error asynchronous clock
Precision trim circuit for delay lines
Variable width pulse generator
Unlimited phase tracking delay locked loop
Analog to digital converter
Digital to analog convertor having a DC offset cancelling device and a method thereof
Digital/analog conversion apparatus
Multiple analog to digital converter clock phase alignment technique using varactor diodes
Auto-calibrating resistor string in a data converter
Ping-pong readout
Reference voltage generator using two fine resistor ladders
Stacked digital-to-analog converter and methods of performing digital-to-analog conversion
Sigma-Delta CODEC system
Circuits and methods for gain ranging in an analog modulator and systems using the same
Variable resistor circuit and a digital-to-analog converter
Communications system
Method and apparatus for broadcasting live events to another location and producing a computer simulation of the events at that location
Compressed digital-data interactive program system
Geometrically modulated waves
Driver circuit unit
Circuit for demodulating digital signal undergoing different modulation schemes
Compact optical scanner wherein the platen member length is less than the platen member width
Image information processing apparatus
EEPROM automatic setting method and a function block control method for television
Circuit for clamping pedestal signal
Noise reducer using memory
Focal plane readout unit cell induced pulse diversion circuit and method
Video camera in which an image is constantly focused
Electronic image pickup system for transmitting image data by remote-controlling
System and method for a user interface to input URL addresses from captured video frames
TV receiver having recording/reproducing functions and method of recording/reproducing TV signals
Method for displaying progressive degree of channel setting
Monitor having base with sound reproducing element for providing sound frequencies at self-resonant frequency
Clip attached to a band of a cathode-ray tube
Programmed recording device and method of cable television broadcasting signal
Method and apparatus for displaying textual or graphic data on the screen of television receivers
Imaging display system having at least one scan driving signal generator and may include a block thinning-out signal and/or an entire image scanning signal
Method and circuitry for compressing and decompressing digital video data
Programmable incremental A/D converter for digital camera and image processing
Image data processing apparatus which can combine a plurality of images at different exposures into an image with a wider dynamic range
Image pickup device having interlacing circuitry
.gamma. matching of a video processor by means of three measured currents
Method and apparatus for dynamically grouping communication units in a communication system
Glow plug with ceramic heating element having electrode attached thereto
Electrically heated substrate with multiple ceramic parts each having different volume restivities
Enhanced inverter for powering an EL lamp
Intelligent outdoor lighting control system
Voltage regulating system for electrical loads in a motor vehicle
Pulse ignition apparatus for a discharge lamp
Protected dimming control interface for an electronic ballast
Bi-level output electronic high intensity discharge (HID) ballast system
Electrodeless discharge at atmospheric pressure
Two signal one power plane circuit board
Filling open through holes in a multilayer board
EMI shielding gasket for an electronic system
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