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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Mulch plate apparatus with adjustable handle mechanism
Plant sheet and manufacturing method for plant sheet
Submersible farm
Tobacco taster
T-shirt with rolled sleeves
Impact-dispersing protective undergarments
Footwear with an upper having at least one glued element
Combination waist pack which unfolds providing a garment and a protective accessory providing comfort and protection to combined parts of a person for use in outdoor sports and recreation
Lumbar support device
Roof clamp
Window treatment for arch-shaped window
Beneficiated water system
Robot cleaner
Eye muscle trainer
Fundus camera
Support mat for a trauma patient
Anti-pinch point devices for imaging platforms
Performing Operations; Transporting
Apparatus for producing carbonated water and method for producing carbonated water using the same
Bubble generator
Crushing or cutting device
Dispensing assembly
Nozzle for soldering apparatus
Rotary flaring tool and method of use
Apparatus and methods for filament crimping and manufacturing
Cable tightening device with a base having a lower cost of fabrication
Electric drill
Nickel-based braze alloy compositions and related processes and articles
Device and method for control of a printer or copier through controlling signals
Image forming apparatus and image forming method
Method of manufacturing an inkjet head through the anodic bonding of silicon members
Liquid droplet ejection head and image forming apparatus
Liquid ejection head and image forming apparatus
Method for controlling light emitting portion for liquid container and printing apparatus
Transport system for solid ink for cooperation with melt head in a printer
Inkjet recording apparatus and inkjet recording method
Liquid droplet deposition method and liquid droplet deposition apparatus
Method and arrangement for increasing safety when handling a wheel
Adjustable trailer coupling system
Suspension deflection system
Seal water catch for recreational vehicle
Vehicle drive control apparatus and method
Vehicle with a rollover-protection system
Railway wagon
Baby stroller frame
Assembly comprising at least one drive wheel and a fairing for a heavy goods vehicle, and the corresponding heavy goods vehicle
Motorcycle with grab bar attached to body frame below seat
Watercraft stabilization system
Non-streaking drainmast
Telescoping conveyor mechanisms that cooperate with packaging systems having clippers and related methods
Product packaging with collapsible protective lid
Food dispenser with pump for dispensing from a plurality of sources
Merchandise housing container
Venting valve-type closure for beverage container
Lock ring for a watthour meter application
Member for removably connecting at least one vertical guide and slide wall above a conveyor, the vertical guide and slide wall, and guide and slide means for said wall
Page separators to aid page turning
System, method, and program for stacking multi-thickness sheets of media
Gatherer stitcher having a stitching station
Printing system and control method thereof
Paper conveyance apparatus
Cable storage device
System for dispensing hot and cold beverages from liquid concentrates
Textiles; Paper
Apparatus on a spinning preparation machine for monitoring at least one sliver
Clothes washing machine with an integrated arrangement of electromagnetic valves
Fixed Constructions
Sidewalk grader apparatus and method
System to support and service yard hydrants
Floor panels with edge connectors
Floor panels with edge connectors
Key ring tool
Door closer
Vehicle window seal
Vessel for well intervention
Passive vertical drilling motor stabilization
Resettable actuator for downhole tool
Bore head for microbore operation
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Stirling engine
Drive apparatus, drive system, and drive method
Variable engine valve actuation system having common rail
Engine and motorcycle
Rotary valves and valve seal assemblies
Hybrid catalyst system for exhaust emissions reduction
Particle filter regeneration method with catalytic combustion device and filtration installation using such a method
Arrangement for cooling exhaust gas and charge air
Systems and methods of reducing NO.sub.x emissions in gas turbine systems and internal combustion engines
Rotary compressor and expander, and rotary engine using the same
Crankshaft beam piston engine or machine
Two-stroke internal combustion engine
Intake and exhaust tuning system
Spark ignition and fuel injector system for an internal combustion engine
Power equipment apparatus having engine with electric starter motor and manual starter mechanism
System and method for automated execution of bolted joints
Bearing unit
Semispherical shoe and manufacturing method therefor
Clutch disk arrangement for a multi-disk clutch
Feed screw device
Hydraulic power transmission device
Method for adjusting an automatic transmission ratio
Sprial cam clutch actuation system for two-speed transfer case
Valve assembly having a flat beam spring-energized seal mechanism
Canter element controlled combination manifold, valve and filter module system
Method for restricting fluid flow in a passageway
LCD apparatus
Intrinsically safe flashlight
Adornment for article of clothing and accessories
Liquid crystal display device
Ventilation/illumination duct, ventilation/illumination system using the ventilation/illumination duct, and control method for the ventilation/illumination system
Vapor augmented heatsink with multi-wick structure
Baffle for sealed combustion chamber
Delay units and methods of making the same
Mechanochemical sensor
Device for use in rating engine deposits
Method and apparatus for testing a gear-driven fuel pump on a fuel injected IC engine
Method for verifying the functionality of the components of a diesel particulate filter system
Test cell for applying a shear stress to a test specimen
Acceleration sensor
Data transmission apparatus and method
Modular fiber optic connector system
Selective system for blocking glare in a specific location of a user's field of vision
Light masking for a segmented display system
Devices and methods for electronically controlling imaging
Deflection lever
System LSI architecture and method for controlling the clock of a data processing system through the use of instructions
Logical zone table generation process and apparatus
Backup power supply device for a storage device
Analysis of pipelined networks
Bit level programming interface in a content addressable memory
Parity bit system for a CAM
Method and apparatus for selecting enqueued data access operations for execution in a disk drive data storage device
Data pre-fetch system and method for a cache memory
Active tracking and retrieval of shared memory resource information
Subsystem and method of organizing multiplexed data
Unified memory system for multiple processors and method for controlling the same
Memory access device and method using address translation history table
System and method that provides for the efficient and effective sanitizing of disk storage units and the like
Interface card including selectable data transmission route modes including first transmission route mode via memory buffer and second transmission route mode not via memory buffer
Apparatus and methods for keyboard data normalization
Configuring queues based on a given parameter
Methods and apparatus for reducing receive interrupts via paced ingress indication
Method and system for displaying changes of source code
Grouping and nesting hierarchical namespaces
Method and system for creating and employing an operating system having selected functionality
Methods and systems for preparing extensible markup language (XML) documents and for responding to XML requests
System and method for animated character photo-editing interface and cross-platform education icon
Method of generating a test pattern for simulating and/or testing the layout of an integrated circuit
Efficient command delivery and data transfer
Write control sequencer for optical read/write and DVD combination integrated circuit
Display device and OSD controlling method for the same
Stall control
Method and apparatus for renewing software in a software-operated machine
Compiler for parallel computer
Optimization apparatus that decreases delays in pipeline processing of loop and computer-readable storage medium storing optimization program
System for preventing periodic load balancing if processor associated with lightest local run queue has benefited from idle processor load balancing within a determined time period
Apparatus for supporting a logically partitioned computer system
Intelligent system for automatically recognizing objects at a point of sale (POS) station by omni-directional imaging of the objects using a complex of coplanar illumination and imaging subsystems
Systems and methods for reading indicium
Methods and systems for in-line RFID transponder assembly
Remote instruction system and method thereof
Servo track writer clockhead radius jig
Method for fabricating a magnetic head including a read sensor
Series connected TC unit type ferroelectric RAM and test method thereof
System and method for generating forward error correction based alarms
Turbo decoding apparatus and interleave-deinterleave apparatus
Record and related method for storing encoded information using overt code characteristics to identify covert code characteristics
Method and apparatus for remotely accessing a password-protected service in a data communication system
Identity vectoring via chained mapping records
DTV data service application and receiver mechanism
Method of assembling electronic components of an electronic system, and system thus obtained
High performance compact thermosiphon with integrated boiler plate
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Material for inverting static electricity method for removing static electricity crop raising house and method for raising crop
Termite control compositions
Hydrophilic polymer blends used to prevent cow skin infections
Pine shoot beetle attractant compositions
Process for the preparation of antimicrobial plastics
Polynucleotides and the proteins encoded thereby, suitable for controlling lamellicorn beetles
Method for forming a filled dough product
Food portion forming
Process for smoking food items
Carbonyl sulphide insecticide
Process for preserving fresh produce
Organoleptic whippable foods with improved temperature stability and improved whipping performance
Multifunctional spread
Coffee system
Feed additives for ruminants
Method and composition to protect an obligate carnivore from a disease of abnormal carbohydrate metabolism
Use of hydroxy acid or a product containing the same in animal feed
Bulk animal feeds containing conjugated linoleic acid
Dietary supplement and method for use as a probiotic, for alleviating the symptons associated with irritable bowel syndrome
Method of producing filled pasta
Process for manufacturing a pasta product
Flavorant compositions
Method of treating wood and treated wood for use in flavoring aqueous food products and resulting products
Nutritional supplement for cardiovascular health
Dietary supplement and method of treatment for diabetic control
Calcium taurate as a dietary supplement
Composition containing readily absorbable calcium and process for producing the same
Method for forming casingless sausages
Preparation and packaging of a multi-layered heat-treated dessert composition
Breathable perspiration pads having odor control
Female connector fabric
Bulletin board accessories and accessory attaching mechanism
Repeating series of carpet tiles, and method for cutting and laying thereof
Surgery plume filter device and method of filtering
Precoated polymeric prosthesis and process for making same
Barrier members including a barrier layer employing polyester polyols
Method for screening compounds regulating the expression of human-inducible nitric oxide synthase
Poly(diallylamine)-based bile acid sequestrants
Depilatory compositions with thixotropic agents
Gallium-containing compounds for the treatment of infections caused by intracellular pathogens and pathogens causing chronic pulmonary infection
Active water
Treatment of autoimmune diseases
Red blood cells loaded with S-nitrosothiol and uses therefor
Porcine cortical cells and their use in treatment of neurological deficits due to neurodegenerative diseases
Compositions and methods for enhancing protein anabolism and detoxification
Composition and methods using myelin-associated glycoprotein (MAG) and inhibitors thereof
Inhibition of smooth muscle cell migration by heme oxygenase I
Stable transglutaminase preparations and processes for their production
Treating tumors using implants comprising combinations of allogeneic cells
Viral nucleotide sequences
Pharmaceutical delivery device and method of preparation therefor
Modification of clostridial toxins for use as transport proteins
Transcytosis vehicles and enchancers for drug delivery
Methods of preparing compositions comprising chemicals capable of transcriptional modulation
Particulate radiopaque contrast agent for diagnostic imaging and microvascular characterization
Method of contrast enhanced magnetic resonance imaging using carbohydrate particles
Cosmetic composition with a lipophilic continuous phase containing a novel pigment
Optical brighteners as bleaching agents
Method and product for promoting hair growth and treating skin conditions
Composition for the cosmetic and/or pharmaceutical treatment of the upper layers of the epidermis by topical application to the skin, and corresponding preparation process
Lecithin-based microemulsions containing proteolytic enzymes and method for permanent enzymic depilation
Ceramide compounds, process of preparation and use
Use of alkyl polyglycosides and/or of O-acylated derivatives of glucose for treating hair loss
Use of a substance P antagonist in a cosmetic composition, and the composition thus obtained
Cosmetic varnish composition based on nitrocellulose and comprising a stabilizer
External skin-care composition
Smear-resistant cosmetic
Cosmetic or dermatological composition containing at least one fluorosilicone with an alkyl chain
Oregano-based therapeutic composition
Reduction of skin reactions caused by transdermal drug delivery
Dehydrated hydrogels
Peracetic acid card reader and card style sensor
Methods for treating endoleaks during endovascular repair of abdominal aortic aneurysms
Topical compositions containing whey proteins
Performing Operations; Transporting
Filter or catalytic-converter device
Catalytic converter with metal monolith having an integral catalyst
Urea pyrolysis chamber and process for reducing lean-burn engine NOx emissions by selective catalytic reduction
Vacuum-insulated catalytic converter
Plasma-annealed porous polymers
Micro-circuit system with array of functionalized micro-electrodes
Bio-molecule analyzer with photosensitive material and fabrication
Thermal apparatus and process for removing contaminants from oil
Fluidized bed apparatus having spray chamber with pivotal slats
Dumping device of catalyst inside reactor and dumping method using the same
Microvolume liquid handling system
Preparation of polyvinyl alcohol-based magnetic particles for binding biomolecules
Closed loop controllable fluid application system
Method and system for coating a web
Process and device for coating disc-shaped data storage media
Method of drying substrates and use thereof
Process for preparing nonbleeding fluorinated carbon and zinc oxide filler layer for bias charging member
Rust preventive coating and method for forming the same
Housings for parking meters and other outdoor token handling devices and method of making and refurbishing same
Article comprising a substrate having a silicone coating
Steel wire for reinforcement of rubber articles, method of manufacturing the same, and steel cord using the same
Sintered composites containing superabrasive particles
One-step rapid manufacturing of metal and composite parts
Porous metal and method of preparation thereof
Process for the production of ultrafine particles
Gold plated solder material and method of fluxless soldering using solder
Autosampler having gripper with shape memory metal actuator
Liner and preform
Thermoset volatile monomer molding compositions
Product package having reliable openability
Drawing method and drawn material
Skew-toothed belt and method for manufacturing the same
Blends of fluoroelastomer interpolymers with thermo fluoroplastic interpolymers and the use of such blends in hoses
Lead frame material and process for manufacturing the same
Lightweight flywheel containment
Waterproof and water vapour permeable lining
Biaxially oriented laminated polyester film for magnetic recording medium
Copying sheet
Regio-regular functionalized polymeric packaging material
Propylene resin composition, molded articles thereof and propylene resin laminate
Multilayer polyester film
Image transfer sheet and method thereof
Method for making a laminated article
Imaged article on polymeric substrate
Image recording medium and image recording method
Thermal transfer sheet
Basecoated substrate for an inkjet recording sheet
Printing medium, and ink-jet printing process and image-forming process using the same
Ink-jet printing cloth, ink-jet printing process and print
Ink-fouling preventing sheet
Set which can be printed on
Cling films having a microreplicated topography and methods of making and using same
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Process for the treatment of fluoboric electrolyte
Method of making functionalized nanotubes
Low temperature mineralization of alumina
Method for producing iron oxide powder using a particle size and shape controller
Thin film of potassium niobate process for producing the thin film and optical device using the thin film
Honeycomb-shaped cordierite catalyst carrier and method for producing the same
Silicon carbide fibers with boron nitride coatings
Immunoassay for toxic congeners of polychlorinated biphenyls
Gangliosides having fluorescent-tagged ceramide moieties
Ribozymes having 2'-O substituted nucleotides in the flanking sequences
Chelating polymers for labeling of proteins
AAV capsid vehicles for molecular transfer
Human parvovirus B19 proteins and virus-like particles, their production and their use in diagnostic assays and vaccines
Visualization of RNA in living cells
Vibrio cholerae mutants which are soft-agar penetration defective and lack a functional CtxA subunit
Desaturase antigen of Mycobacterium tuberculosis
66 kDa antigen from Borrelia
Borrelia antigen
Modular assembly of antibody genes, antibodies prepared thereby and use
Agouti-related transcript antibodies and methods of use
MSP-5 nucleic acid molecules and uses therefor
Cells and non-human organisms containing predetermined genomic modifications and positive-negative selection methods and vectors for making same
DNA encoding a cytokine
Adenoviral vectors with reduced TNF response and partial E3 region deletion
Low-toxicity human interferon-alpha analogs
Pharmaceutical composition for the treatment or prevention of a malignant tumor
Diagnostic methods and gene therapy using reagents derived from the human metastasis suppressor gene KAI1
Tyrosylprotein sulfotransferases and methods of use thereof
Human receptor tyrosine kinase, KDR
Polynucleotide encoding a histamine receptor
Identification of apolipoprotein H mutations and their diagnostic uses
Methods for determining compounds capable of inhibiting the activities of the Ha-Ras oncongene
Coccidiosis polypeptide and vaccines
Bioprocess for production of dipeptide based compounds
Growth differentiation factor-10
DNA encoding N.gradient.2 CSF-1 (short form) and carboxy truncated fragment thereof
Nucleic acids encoding mutant recombinant hemoglobins containing heme pocket mutations
Compositions and methods for treating thermal injury
Antibodies against E-selectin
Flea protease proteins, nucleic acid molecules, and uses thereof
Methods and compositions to alter the cell surface expression of phosphatidylserine and other clot-promoting plasma membrane phospholipids
Compounds and methods for regulating cell adhesion
Polymer latexes with core-shell morphology
Electronic article having fluoropolymer thin film
High glass transition temperature, ductile, and processable thermoplastic containing conformable ring segments
Polyurethane fibers and films
Unmodified polyvinyl alcohol fibers
Stereolithographic resin composition
Abrasion resistant polymer
Tree resistant cable
Flexible, polyamide-based compositions suitable for extrusion blow moulding
Composite pigment
Gel-based marking system
Coating composition for plastic substrates
Ferroelectric liquid crystal display element and manufacturing method thereof
Gordona sp. CYKS1 (KCTC 0431BP) capable of desulfurizing fossil fuel containing organic sulfur compounds
Method for increasing the charring ratio of coal
Process for making a low-alcohol wine
Apparatus and method for growing anaerobic microorganisms
Isolation of cellular material under microscopic visualization
Fungal compositions for bioremediation
Microorganisms useful for cleavage of organic C-N bonds
Antisense inhibition of Fas mediated signaling
Adenovirus and method of use thereof
Viral vectors and line for gene therapy
Methods of targeting a chromosomal gene sequence in a eukaryotic cell
Micropathological patient replica based on unadulterated whole blood
Lipoxygenase proteins and nucleic acids
Plant glycolysis and respiration enzymes
Leukotriene C4 synthase
Sec A2 from Streptococcus pneumoniae
Platelet-activating factor acetylhydrolase
Aminopeptidase from staphylococcus aureus
Human protease molecules
Human macrophage metalloproteinase
Plant isocitrate dehydrogenase homologs
Microbial strains producing sphingolipid bases
Producing diastereomers of 4-hydroxyproline using 4-hp epimerase from Serratia marcescens or Acinetobacter baumanni
Method for producing pravastatin precursor, ML-236B
Process for preparing FR900482 and compounds analogous thereto
Glycosylated acceptor synthesis catalyzed by glycosyl transferase and nucleotide phosphate sugar-dependent enzyme
Deregulation of glutamine PRPP amidotransferase activity
Protein production process
Gluconobacter suboxydans sorbitol dehydrogenase, genes and methods of use thereof
Pressure sensitive adhesive sheet for detection of microorganism and method for detection of microorganism
Methods for identifying antiviral agents against human herpesviruses
Rapid detection of bacteria liquid cultures
Fluorescence-based high throughput sereening assays for protein kinases and phosphatases
Proportional amplification of mRNA from a linear template in vitro
Efficient linking of nucleic acid segments
Methods and compositions for amplifying detectable signals in specific binding assays
Methods for the detection of nucleic acids
Delineation of individual human chromosomes in metaphase and interphase cells by in situ suppression hybridization
Nucleic acid primers and probes for detecting tumor cells
Detection of M. tuberculosis complex via reverse transcriptase SDA
DNA fragment preparation method for gene expression profiling
Capture of single stranded nucleic acids
CCR5 RNA transcription based amplification assay
Method for detecting chemical interactions between naturally occurring bio-polymers which are non-identical binding partners
Methods for the diagnosis of feline infectious anemia
Methods for using co-regulated genesets to enhance detection and classification of gene expression patterns
Method and apparatus for lithiating alloys
Coating of a discrete selective surface of an article
Gas phase coating process and apparatus for gas-phase coating of workpieces
Method of gap filling
Laser approaches for diamond synthesis
Processing systems with dual ion sources
Thermal barrier coating resistant to sintering
Methods of and compositions for preventing corrosion of metal substrates
Corrosion-free multi-layer conductor
Wear resisting parts for process valves
Single crystal SiC and a method of producing the same
Textiles; Paper
Crimped conjugate fibers containing a nucleating agent
Nonwoven webs having zoned migration of internal additives
Cushion backed carpet
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Composite armor
Rapid method for determining the erythrocyte sedimentation rate in a sample of anticoagulated whole blood
Methods of identifying modulators of the estrogen receptor
Transistor-based molecular detection apparatus and method
Measurement of lesion progression via mapping of chromatin texture features along progression curve
Immunodiagnostic test for enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli infection
Detection of prostate and other cancers by assaying for cancer-specific antigens having linked oligosaccharides which are at least triantennary
Chemiluminescent immunoassay for detection of antibodies to various viruses
Quantitation of analytes in whole blood
Biospecific assay method
Tissue factor based prothrombin time reagent
Method for identifying adrenergic receptor antagonists having good tolerability
Human dopamine receptor and its uses
Color filter for liquid crystal displays
Method for manufacturing a color filter
Photographic silver halide emulsion, photographic light-sensitive material using same emulsion, and method of processing same light-sensitive material
Photothermographic material
Photographic element with porous membrane overcoat
Photoresist comprising blends of photoacid generators
Method for forming a toner image with low toner pile height
Kit for creating flat simulated color photographic prints using xerography
Conformable poly(dimethylsiloxne) coating as intermediate layer for fuser members
Electrophotographic image forming method, electrophotographic image forming apparatus, and processing cartridge and electrophotographic photoreceptor used therein
Electrophotographic photosensitive member process cartridge and electrophotographic apparatus
Electrophotographic toner and image-forming method
Spherical toner particle
Developing agent and image forming apparatus
Toner and method of image formation using the same
Particulate surface treatment process
Toner compositions
Developer compositions and processes
Method and system for pattern analysis, such as for analyzing oligonucleotide primer extension assay products
Laminate for HDD suspension and its manufacture
Method of fabrication of striped magnetoresistive (SMR) and dual stripe magnetoresistive (DSMR) heads with anti-parallel exchange configuration
Magnetic recording medium
Magnetic recording medium
Magnetic recording medium and manufacturing method therefor
Optical information recording medium
Information recording medium
Method for manufacturing an optical disk master using an exposure beam, its exposure apparatus and an optical disk
Solid electrolyte for an electrochemical cell composed of an inorganic metal oxide network encapsulating a liquid electrolyte
Insulating film and method for preparing the same
Encapsulant for leads in an aqueous environment
Resist processing apparatus which measures temperature of heat-sensing substrate and measuring method therein
Multiple frequency processing to minimize manufacturing variability of high aspect ratio micro through-vias
Method for controlling stress in thin film layers deposited over a high density interconnect common circuit base
Method for manufacturing ferroelectric capacitor
Lightly donor doped electrodes for high-dielectric-constant materials
Hydrogen getters and methods for fabricating sealed microelectronic packages employing same
Organic EL element
Method of forming a heterojunction of a carbon nanotube and a different material, method of working a filament of a nanotube
Phosphate additives for nonaqueous electrolyte rechargeable electrochemical cells
Lithium-containing phosphates, method of preparation, and uses thereof
Tubular air depolarized cell
Formed in situ separator for a battery
Hermetic closure seal
Electrode for a lithium battery
Flat cells
Electrochemical cell having electrode additives
Nickel hydroxide active material for use in alkaline storage cell and manufacturing method of the same
Long cycle-life alkali metal battery
Stamped grid having offset horizontal wires
Lightweight metal bipolar plates and methods for making the same
High temperature battery and electrolytes
Method for operating a fuel cell system and fuel cell system
Conduction assist member and manufacturing method of the same
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