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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Pet-at-rest systems
Ornidazole and related compounds for use as herbicides
Method of improving aging appearance of skin by modulation of WIPI-1
Apparatus and method for cleaning a poultry carcass
Multilayered sugar free isomalt confectionery and methods of making same
Vacuum food preservation system
Hand operated fruit squeezer
Hat accessory
Mobile device and peripheral hardware attachment case
Table top with a plurality of closely spaced depressions
Wall fastener for wireless transmission module
Chair system
Bodily cushion assembly
Base seat structure for supporting chip card
Lid for a drink cup
Support assembly
Splash guard for sink
Surgical aimer
System for guiding a medical instrument in a patient body
System for stethoscope head disinfection
Diagnosis of asthma
Cavity-filling biopsy site markers
Hand tool for dentistry and dental prosthetics
Water sports ear plug
Disposable diaper having excellent migration speed and satisfactory feeling
Intestinal sleeve
Method and apparatus for hip replacement
Apparatus and method for identifying tibia bone rotation in knee implant surgery
Intervertebral disc endoprosthesis
Total knee arthroplasty system and method
Vacuum chamber and apparatus for loading material into a stent strut
Dual-penetration sex toy for heterosexual couples
Multiple lumen heat exchange catheters
Method, device and system for modulating an activity of brown adipose tissue in a vertebrate subject
Massage device
High frequency chest wall oscillation apparatus
Use of bucillamine in the treatment of gout
Radiolabeled amino acids for diagnostic imaging
Agent for suppressing expression of dominant mutant gene
Hypoallergenic polypeptides for the treatment of house dust mite allergy
Cyclic peptide and conjugate thereof for binding to keratinocytes
Anti-mucin antibodies for early detection and treatment of pancreatic cancer
Detection of early-stage pancreatic adenocarcinoma
Column geometry to maximize elution efficiencies for molybdenum-99
Method of three-dimensionally culturing chondrocytes
Polymerizable composition for ophthalmic and medical use and antimicrobial composition obtained by polymerizing the polymerizable composition
Infusion pump cassette with anti-free-flow valve mechanism
System and apparatus for modeling pressures generated during an injection procedure
Liquid infusion apparatus
Ocular iontophoresis device
Game apparatus
Training devices for trajectory-based sports
Method and apparatus for virtual location-based services
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method for treatment of water comprising non-polar compounds
Exhaust gas purification filter, and method for producing same
Ozone generator
Absorber and absorbent article
Techniques and droplet actuator designs for reducing bubble formation
Vane electrostatic precipitator
Continuous loading and unloading centrifuge
Centrifugal separator with shaft sealing mechanism for a centrifugal separation bowl rotatable within a casing
Device and method for removing suspended-material particles
System for dispensing a fluid product packaged in a bottle
Method and device for winding hot-rolled strip
Sheet loading system with first and second transfer feeders
Diaphragm chuck and machine tool
Apparatus for feeding crimp terminals on a carrier strip into a crimping press
Method for producing golf club head with ultra-thin crown
Brazed diamond tools and methods for making the same
Manufacturing method and apparatus for composite body of continuous sheet associated with absorbent article and manufacturing method for absorbent article
Rigid film having high puncture resistance and tear propagation resistance
Touch screen, electronic equipment and method of preventing light leakage of a touch screen
Arrays of long nanostructures in semiconductor materials and methods thereof
Structural member formed from a solid lineal profile
Coating method
Image forming apparatus
Printable coating
Method for the production of security elements having mutually registered designs
Pneumatic tire
Z-fold convertible top supporting retractable quarter window
Motor unit and grill shutter driving device including the same
Radiator support bracket assembly
Non-rail-bound vehicle
Wall rail platform and system
Seat lock apparatus
Locking device
Integrated gas detection and vehicle telematics system
Blow molded energy absorber and systems and methods of making and using the same
Vehicle door including compartment for dispensable paper products
Fuel supply control device and control method for engine
Run-through switch rods
Strengthened side rails for container
Vehicle body lower structure
Pickup truck storage compartments with exterior access doors
Driver's cab suspension device with roll stabilizing means
Steering system with dynamic slip reduction
Steering system for turning multiple sets of steerable wheels
Marine survival pod
Filling assembly, gasket for use in said filling assembly, and a method for filling liquid
Container and vending machine
Method of packaging a fragile item
Method for producing multi-compartment packages
Waterproof closure system
Easy open package for snack bars
Dual-cup assembly
Media storage assembly
Bin having inner liner within outer shell
Cartridge for medication dispensing apparatus having roll-rotating drum
Ice luge apparatus, systems, and methods for chilled beverage dispensing
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Clamping and contacting device for thin silicon rods
System to process effluent brine and interface rag from an oil dehydration/desalting system
Waste sludge dewatering
Process for converting a solid biomass material
Polyureas made from aminocrotonates
Process for the catalytic production of unsaturated aldehydes
Process for separating aryl carboxylic acids
Method for producing unsaturated acid and/or unsaturated acid ester
Method for providing oxygen free regeneration gas for natural gas dryers
Method for preparing alcohol carbonate using rare earth oxides as catalysts
VEGFR3 inhibitors
Imidazo[4,5-b]pyridine derivatives as ALK and JAK modulators for the treatment of proliferative disorders
Production of 6'-O-sialyllactose and intermediates
Non-antagonistic EGFR-binding molecules and immunoconjugates thereof
Antibody-binding protein-drug conjugate and methods of use
Curable composition, cured product and laminate
Polymers derived from renewably resourced lysinol
Tagged polymers and methods of use
Molded article comprising polypropylene resin composition
Reinforcing additives for composite materials
Low molecular weight phosphorus-containing polyacrylic acids and use thereof as dispersants
Ink set having mix color gloss uniformity
Radiation-curable, electrically conductive coating mixture
Effect pigments
Photobase generators as latent ionic crosslinkers for acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesives
Soil fixation, dust suppression and water retention
Liquid crystal blue phase
High solids content methods and slurries
Solvent extraction process for removal of naphthenic acids and calcium from low asphaltic crude oil
Textile cleaning composition comprising a supercritical noble gas
Molecular engineering of a floral inducer for crop improvement
Cellulase enzyme mixtures for depilling and uses thereof
Compositions, methods, and kits for isolating and analyzing nucleic acids using an anion exchange material
Compositions and methods for identifying and differentiating viral components of multivalent shipping fever vaccines
Sustainable process for reclaiming precious metals and base metals from e-waste
Method and device for applying or embedding particles onto or into a layer applied by plasma coating
Closed-space annealing process for production of CIGS thin-films
Method of carrying out post-treatment to sprayed coating and agent used for the same
Architecture of high temperature electrolyser, with high target production per electrolysis cell and limited cell degradation rate
Method for synthesizing fluorine compound by electrolysis and electrode therefor
Templated growth of porous or non-porous castings
Textiles; Paper
Apparatus and method for closed-loop control of creped tissue paper structure
Fixed Constructions
High strength, integrally pre-stressed monoblock concrete crosstie with optimal geometry for use in ballasted railways
Portable passenger boarding ramp assembly
Concrete deck tie-off anchor point and system
Fixture support for membrane roof
Gas distribution assembly
Flashing and joiner for window installations
Insulated window assembly
Systems and methods for detecting phases in multiphase borehole fluids
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Flexible support structure for a geared architecture gas turbine engine
Conversion of kinetic into electric energy utilizing the universal principles of gravity and magnetism
Variable volume combustion chamber system
Internal combustion engine with supercharger
Method and device for carrying out an onboard diagnosis
Exhaust-gas cooling module for an internal combustion engine
Airborne wind energy conversion system with ground generator and unorthodox power capture or transfer
Adhesive-coated dowel
Telescopic rail device and muffle comprising said telescopic rail device
Method of making a bearing ring, a bearing ring and a bearing
Phenolic bearing cage with self-lubricating coating and method of manufacturing phenolic bearing cage with self-lubricating coating
Flanged bearing ring and method for producing such a flanged bearing ring
Power transmission apparatus
Infinitely variable transmissions, continuously variable transmissions, methods, assemblies, subassemblies, and components therefor
Servo-automated transmission
Radial shaft seal
Methods and apparatus for intravenous tubing
Light-emitting arrangement with adapted wavelength converter
Lighting device and methods of making the same
Method for decorating an exterior light fixture
Aviation obstruction lighting
Light fixtures and processes for use thereof
Backlight tile system
Edge-lit light fixture incorporating a downlight and having a uniform external appearance
Gas turbine diffuser with flow separator
Device for dispensing an amount of liquid at a removal station
System and method for heat rejection in a solar power collection system
Method for operating fuel supply system for marine structure having reliquefaction apparatus and high-pressure natural gas injection engine
Drying method and profile
Top wafer rotation and support
Apparatus, systems and methods for loading moonclips
3D laser measuring device
Computing device and method for measuring widths of measured parts
Automatic monitoring and alarming device based on large strain of power transmission tower
Apparatus and method for measuring the quantity and optical parameters of a liquid in a container using the principle of optical low coherence reflectometry
Traffic-volume prediction device and method
Navigation system
Device capable of showing both navigation and safe driving warning information
Lapel adapter for physiological sensor pod
Ultrasonic transducer for use in a fluid medium
Mass flow meter configured with computational modeling for use with different fluids
Optical measurement probe, and optical measurement device provided with the same
Calibration of photoelectromagnetic sensor in a laser source
Spatially resolved diffusive reflectance spectroscopy apparatus and method for use thereof
Evaluation of the relief of a tire surface by active stereovision
X-ray imaging apparatus
Molecularly imprinted conducting polymer film based aqueous amino acid sensors
Method, system and device of multicast functionality in an energy portal
Device for measuring a supply voltage in electric vehicles
Diagnostics for a programmable logic controller
Transmitting apparatus, receiving apparatus, radio communication system, and radio communication method
Test board
Magnetic element control device, magnetic element control method and magnetic detection device
High resolution high contrast MRI for flowing media
Radiation imaging apparatus and radiation imaging system
Detection of ionising radiation
Method for processing borehole seismic data
Methods for improved active ranging and target well magnetization
Variable magnification optical system and imaging apparatus
Zoom lens and imaging apparatus
Obstacle sensor and robot cleaner having the same
Circuits for controlling display apparatus
Display device
Colored photosensitive composition
Terahertz scanning reflectometer
Laser light source
Optical semiconductor element having ring modulators
Electro-optic modulator having ridge waveguide structure
Display with column spacer structures for enhanced light leakage and pooling resistance
Tunable optical frequency converter based on a doppler vibration mirror
Projection control apparatus and projection control method
Workout cycle employed in a time measurement portable device
Method and apparatus for controlling automatic interworking of multiple devices
Combinational cooling pad structure with flash drive storage
Coordinated testing
Implementing enhanced data caching and takeover of non-owned storage devices in dual storage device controller configuration with data in write cache
Storage management system for preserving consistency of remote copy data
Cache swizzle with inline transposition
Work system and information processing method
Method and system for generating 3D seating maps
Method and apparatus for promotion of users in rules-based virtual worlds
Methods and apparatus for enhanced overlay state maintenance
Location-based communications
Migration of logical partitions between two devices
Data localization service made available by a web browser
Method and system for generating new entries in natural language dictionary
Automatic consistent sampling for data analysis
System and method for analyzing sequential data access efficiency
Vehicle navigation system
Multiple instance database auto-configuration for high availability
Selective database replication
Electronic document processing with automatic generation of links to cited references
Process-aware code migration
Social network for enabling the physical sharing of documents
Methods, systems, or apparatuses, to process, create, or transmit one or more messages relating to goods or services
System and method for domain adaptation in question answering
Web acceleration based on hints derived from crowd sourcing
Methodology for preventing functional failure caused by CDM ESD
Piracy prevention and usage control system using access-controlled encrypted data containers
Mobile computing system for providing high-security execution environment
Cross platform discovery and communication over a local network
Content generation for interactive video projection systems
Computer equipment comprising a trackball and method for driving the computer equipment
Dynamic tactile interface
Determining user handedness and orientation using a touchscreen device
Touch substrate, method of manufacturing the same and display device having the same
Graphical interface data fragment operations for data visualization
Information management apparatus and storage medium storing information management program
System and method for in-place data migration
Magnetic disk device
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program
Data processing apparatus
Computing device and method of pairing accessories
Real-time identification of data candidates for classification based compression
Method and system for determining confidence in answer for search
System and method for categorizing answers such as URLs
Data duplication detection system and method for controlling data duplication detection system
Global weak pattern history table filtering
Usage-based program slicing
System and method for server customization
Software pipelining at runtime
Selective speculative class-based optimization
Apparatus and method for extracting restriction condition
Methods and apparatus for controlling affinity for execution entities
Readable matrix code
Dimensioning system
Wafer slip detection during CMP processing
Drug solution inspection device and drug solution inspection method
Biometric information registration device and biometric information registration method
Nail region detection method, program, storage medium, and nail region detection device
External depth map transformation method for conversion of two-dimensional images to stereoscopic images
System and method for 3D imaging using structured light illumination
Method and apparatus for detecting and processing specific pattern from image
Incremental image clustering
Ergonomic man-machine interface incorporating adaptive pattern recognition based control system
Systems and methods for generating and using a digital pass
Method and mechanism for performing both server-side and client-side rendering of visual data
Pattern representation images for business intelligence dashboard objects
System and method of report rendering
Low-latency virtual reality display system
Recognition apparatus, method, and computer program product
Determining alert criteria in a network environment
Notifications and live updates for braille displays
Method and apparatus for content-based reduction of display power
Input device with a display configured for dynamic display of key labels
Information processing apparatus, server apparatus, information processing method
Electric stringed musical instrument and method of designing the same
Foot pedal
Electronic musical instrument
Voice quality conversion system, voice quality conversion device, voice quality conversion method, vocal tract information generation device, and vocal tract information generation method
Voice controllable interactive communication display system and method
Topographic feedforward system
Hard disk support and electronic device using the hard disk support
Pass-through tape access in a disk storage environment
Minimization of VCM-resolution switching induced position error transients
Resistive memory element based on oxygen-doped amorphous carbon
Compressing data from multiple reads for error control management in memory systems
Bipolar logic gates on MOS-based memory chips
Element and photovoltaic cell
Flame-retardant resin composition and electric wire using same
Immobilized heteropoly acids and the use of the same electrode stabilization and enhancement
Single crystal high dielectric constant material and method for making same
Variable capacitor
Grease for electrical contact and slide electricity structure, power switch, vacuum circuit breaker, vacuum insulated switchgear, and vacuum-insulated switchgear assembling method
Switch for preventing inrush current shock and cutting off standby power
Self-aligned process to fabricate a memory cell array with a surrounding-gate access transistor
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Method for forming superactive deactivation-resistant junction with laser anneal and multiple implants
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor integrated circuit device
Methods of forming replacement fins for a FinFET semiconductor device by performing a replacement growth process
Methods of fabricating nonvolatile memory devices and related devices
Semiconductor die having lead wires formed over a circuit in a shielded area
Semiconductor device and method of forming thereof
Self-aligned via fuse
Semiconductor device manufacturing method for suppresing wiring material from being diffused into insulating film, storage medium and semiconductor device
Stacked-die multi-processor
Semiconductor device having diffusion barrier to reduce back channel leakage
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and method of manufacturing the same
High temperature GaN based super semiconductor and fabrication process
Bipolar junction transistors with reduced base-collector junction capacitance
High voltage laterally diffused metal oxide semiconductor
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating semiconductor device
Film-forming material
Optical semiconductor element and method of manufacturing the same
Piezoelectric vibration module and vibration generating apparatus including the same
Carbon nanotube semiconductor devices and deterministic nanofabrication methods
High temperature membrane electrode assembly with high power density and corresponding method of making
Power supply apparatus
Manufacturing of high capacity prismatic lithium-ion alloy anodes
Compositions, layerings, electrodes and methods for making
Secondary battery
Layered materials with improved magnesium intercalation for rechargeable magnesium ion cells
Ammonia or hydrazine injection into fuel cell systems
Micro-strip crosstalk compensation using stubs
Antenna for vehicle
Snap attachment for reflector mounting
Electric connector and fixer used therefor
Electrical plug connector
Universal DC power adaptor
Circuit-terminal connecting device
Connector and mating connector connectable to the same
Optical amplification device and method of controlling optical module
Optical pumping apparatus for few-mode fiber amplification
Ultrasonic wireless power transmitter and receiver apparatuses, and method for wireless charging thereof
Portable electrical energy source with increased power supply efficiency
AC adapter and electronic apparatus unit
Power supply system for electric vehicle and control method thereof
Charging circuit and method for preventing charging power supply from reversely connecting
Integrated self-contained plenum module
Oscillator circuit
Apparatus and method for preventing acoustic shock of portable terminal
Wide supply range high speed low-to-high level shifter
Sub-rate low-swing data receiver
Power supply noise cancelling circuit and power supply noise cancelling method
Optocoupler arrangement and input and/or output module
Inter-vehicle communication apparatus and method using visible light communication
Receiver, apparatus, and methods for wirelessly receiving data from a power infrastructure
Communication system with frequency synthesis mechanism and method of operation thereof
Methods and apparatus for improving remote NFC device detection using an oscillator circuit
Apparatus and method for estimating channel in wireless communication system
Blind CRS detection
System for network flow visualization through network devices within network topology
Base station and communication control method
Transaction middleware based application level transaction instance tracking across a composite application
Communication system
Methods and apparatus for improving call performance by enabling uplink transmissions during poor downlink radio conditions
Caller name authentication to prevent caller identity spoofing
System and method for suggesting discussion topics in a social network
VLAN bridging path for virtual machines in MVRP environment without administrator intervention
Methods, apparatus, and systems for coding with constrained interleaving
Polar modulator
Method of managing and mitigating security risks through planning
Synchronizing between host and management co-processor for network access control
Cloaking with footprints to provide location privacy protection in location-based services
Method for associating an image-forming device, a mobile device, and a user
Mobile activity status tracker
Cell phone case for selectively blocking sound and video input
Two-way passive acoustic concentrator for a mobile phone
Communication device
Evaluation of voice communications
Identification of public safety answering platform next generation 911 media support
Mobile device access of location specific images from a remote database
Conference call authentication utilizing passcodes personal to users
Callee rejection information for rejected voice calls
Image processing apparatus, method, and program product determining show-through of image formed on translucent print medium
Three-dimensional image capture apparatus
Camera module and electronic device
Image pickup device and focal plane shutter
Electronic device
Method of using AV devices and AV device system
Capturing event information using a digital video camera
Memory card reader device having television broadcast signal reception function
Video retargeting
Encoding apparatus, method of controlling thereof, and computer program
Systems and methods for establishing communication between an interpreter and a service recipient
Apparatus and method for playback of multiple panoramic videos with control codes
Systems and methods using optical communication for commissioning of network nodes
Dimming LED driver circuit with dynamically controlled resonant tank gain
Cooking hob with rotary driving means and cooking vessel usable with said hob
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Aquarium cleaning system
Drosophila melanogaster p70S6 kinase
Processing of implantable animal tissues for dry storage
Organosiloxane containing modified groups in agricultural compositions
Pesticidal compositions containing menthyl salicylate
Stabilized isothiazolone compositions and methods of stabilization of isothiazolone
Passive space insect repellant strip
System for controlling microbial fouling
Pest repellent
Micro-encapsulated pepper-mustard composition and methods of using the same
Frozen sushi ingredients for roll cores
Continuous roe separating apparatus
Adjustable timing mechanism for shrimp processing machine cutter assembly
Meat tenderizer with force limiting apparatus and orthogonal blade set
Antimicrobial and antiviral compositions and treatments for food surfaces
Beverage topping
Methods for treating cholesterol-containing foodstuffs using live ciliates
Lactobacillus helveticus bacterium having high capability of producing tripeptide, fermented milk product, and process for preparing the same
Process for the preparation of materials with a high content of long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids
Process for molding frozen ice confectionery compositions into articles
Process for preparation of animal feed from food waste
Method of making high protein savory seasoning bits
Use of modified ingredients and feed to improve performance and/or utilization of animals
Bacterial strain, processed plant extracts, compositions containing same, processes for their preparation and their therapeutic and industrial applications
Bacterial strain, processed plant extracts, compositions containing same, processes for their preparation and their therapeutic and industrial applications
Enzymes mixture obtained from Penicillium funiculosum
Instant rice nectar
Control apparatus and methods for popping popcorn
Plant extracts for the treatment of increased bone resorption
Quality fruit juice beverages having extended quality shelf-life and methods of making the same
Cut resistant fabric
Knife-stab-resistant composite
Apparatus and method for manufacturing a shoe upper
Molding of fasteners and other features
Carpet extractor with dual nozzles for dual brushrolls
Method of apparatus for air and liquid vacuuming
Apparatus and method for separating particles from a cyclonic fluid flow
Modular endoscope valve assembly and method
Electronic endoscope having reduced diameter
Flow of fluid through a lumen device from smaller-caliber end to larger-caliber end
Device for detecting infectious agents
Time-integrated sampler of bodily fluid
Advanced wound site management systems and methods
Loader for surgical suturing instrument
Dual function suturing apparatus and method
Medical anastomosis apparatus
Method for treating fecal incontinence
Vaso-occlusive member assembly with multiple detaching points
Apparatus and method for the treatment of an occluded lumen
Device for removal of calculi
Therapy apparatus for the shock wave treatment of a patient
Devices and methods for preventing distal embolization using flow reversal in arteries having collateral blood flow
Methods for enhancing fluid flow through an obstructed vascular site, and systems and kits for use in practicing the same
Control grip assembly
Angled rotary tissue cutting instrument with flexible inner member
Clamp for an external bone fixation device
Device for rotational stabilization of bone segments
Contourable spinal staple with centralized and unilateral prongs
Anterior cervical plating system
Locking device for intramedullary pin fixation
Self-guided pedical screw
Moxa cauterizing device and method of forming moxa sinker for the cauterizing device
Thermal cautery surgical forceps
PMR catheter and associated methods
Electrosurgical instrument
Electrosurgical working end for transecting and sealing tissue
Ribbed electrodes and methods for their use
Medical device with improved wire guide access
Myocardial revascularization through the endocardial surface using a laser
Laser depilation apparatus
Wound treatment method and device with combination of ultrasound and laser energy
Apparatus for tissue treatment
Light-activated hair treatment and removal device
Interactive computer-assisted surgical system and method thereof
Simplified stereotactic apparatus and methods
Stereotactic frame
Cardiac function comprising implantation of embryonic stem cell in which differentiation has been initiated
Multiple-link cable management apparatus
Optical noninvasive blood pressure sensor and method
Apparatus and method for reproducibly modifying localized absorption and scattering coefficients at a tissue measurement site during optical sampling
Implantable device for in-vivo intracranial and cerebrospinal fluid pressure monitoring
Nerve stimulator needle guidance system
Method for assessing pulmonary stress and breathing apparatus employing the method
Method for evaluating skin health
Method and apparatus for measuring heat flow
Cavity measurement device and method of assembly
Flashback blood collection needle
Additive preparation and method of use thereof
Wireless medical stethoscope
Method and apparatus for recovery and parametric display of contrast agents in ultrasound imaging
Ultrasonic system and method employing non-integer harmonic echo signals for imaging
System and method for ultrasonic harmonic imaging for therapy guidance and monitoring
Method of making high-strength dental restorations
Denture set
In-office tooth whitening
Intraoral diffusion type administration device incorporated in removable dental restoration
Sterilization cassette and method
Self-use dental instrument
Ankle wrapping system
Support relief hosiery
Intake/distribution material for personal care products
Methods of making materials having shape-memory
Method of applying curved leg elastics using pucks with curved surfaces
Tampon applicator with rounded recess
Sanitary tampon of small fiber agglomerations
Packaged, partially hydrated prosthetic disc nucleus
Internal graft prosthesis and delivery system
Prosthesis and method for deployment within a body lumen
Radially-expandable stent and delivery system
Stent with dual support structure
Conical stent
Balloon yielded delivery system and endovascular graft design for easy deployment
Balloon with reversed cones
Method for sputtering tini shape-memory alloys
Endobutton continuous loop for bone-tendon-bone
Graft ligament anchor and method for attaching a graft ligament to a bone
Intraocular lens that may accommodate automatically
Intraocular lens having a design for controlling its axial displacement after implantation
Diaphragm based spontaneous inflation inhibitor in a pump for an inflatable prosthesis
Bio-adhesive composition, method for adhering objects to bone
Artificial spinal disc
Instrument system for the operative correction of vertebral displacements
Lifting mechanism for a traction device
Custom molded orthopedic impression shirt, kit and method
Portable apparatus for applying traction forces to a human or animal body
Metatarsal fracture neutralizer
Articulated upper extremity splint to immobilize and support an injured limb
Inflatable catheter for selective organ heating and cooling and method of using the same
Twist housing apparatus for instilling a medication into an eye
Intraocular electrode
Device for glaucoma treatment and methods thereof
Conically shaped phaco tip
Angularly adjustable traction apparatus
Sex aid
Chest brace and method of using same
Stable peroxide dental compositions
Method of treating disorders of the eye
Carboplatin analogs for cancer treatment
Fibrate-statin combinations with reduced fed-fasted effects
Synthetic soil-extract materials and medicaments for human immunodeficiency viruses based thereon
Composition and method for treatment of inflammation and pain in mammals
Methods for selectively stimulating proliferation of T cells
Pulsatile acidification wave demineralization process for producing osteoinductive bone; and osteoinductive bone produced thereby
Method for treatment and prevention of physiological shock
Suppression of proteolytic activity by dysfunctional protease formation
Oncofetal antigen specific T-lymphocyte mediated immune response: manipulation and uses of oncofetal antigen specific CD4, CD8 cytotoxic and suppressor T cells and interleukin-10
Regressive behavioral disorder diagnosis
2-methyl-3-butenyl-1-pyrophosphoric acid salts and agents for treating lymphocytes
Methods for treating pervasive development disorders
Inactivated vaccine against feline calicivirosis
Stabilized protein particles for inducing cellular immune responses
Methods for increasing a cytotoxic T lymphocyte response in vivo
Influenza vaccine composition with chitosan adjuvant
Compositions and methods for treating hyperimmune response in the eye
Method for identifying a compound to be tested for an ability to reduce immune rejection by determining Stat4 and Stat6 proteins
Composition with azelaic acid
Process for preparing a pharmaceutical composition
Topical clonidine preparation
Prolonged anesthesia in joints and body spaces
Cell type specific gene transfer using retroviral vectors containing antibody-envelope fusion proteins and wild-type envelope fusion proteins
Acid-labile and enzymatically divisible dye compounds for diagnosis with near infrared light and for therapy
Chlorin and bacteriochlorin-based aminophenyl DTPA and N2S2 conjugates for MR contrast media and radiopharmaceuticals
Methods of inhibiting clot formation
Non-steroidal compounds for steroid receptors and uses relating thereto
Ternary ligand complexes useful as radiopharmaceuticals
Extrudable multiphase composition comprising a lamellar phase and an isotropic phase
Extrudable multiphase composition comprising lamellar phase inducing structurant in each phase
Skin care cosmetic compositions containing carboxymethylates of branched alcohols and/or ethoxylates thereof
Stable hydroalcoholic compositions
Dye composition for keratinous fibers
Composition for washing keratin materials, based on a detergent surfactant, a dialkyldiallylammonium homopolymer and an acrylic terpolymer
Taste masking of phenolics using citrus flavors
Suspending clear cleansing formulation
High efficacy antiperspirant stick
Composition in the form of an oil-in-water emulsion containing cellulose fibrils, and its uses, especially cosmetic uses
Process for increasing the persistence of at least one cosmetic effect and/or care effect of a cosmetic composition, cosmetic composition and use thereof
Method for use in cataract surgery
Uniform drug delivery therapy
Oral osmotic controlled drug delivery system for a sparingly soluble drug
Method and apparatus for liposome production
Method for administering camptothecins via injection of pharmaceutical composition comprising coated particles of a camptothecin
Phytochemicals for promoting weight loss
Immediate release eplerenone compositions
Manufacturing process of microcapsules for sustained release of water soluble peptides
Absorbent articles providing skin health benefits
Absorbent articles having a lotion resistant adhesive
Valve and a method of using a valve
Ultraviolet processing apparatus and ultraviolet processing method
Fluid irradiation system with lamp having an external drive coil
Chemical indicator for determining the adequacy of a liquid sterilization process
Biomaterials for bone replacements
Injectable implants for tissue augmentation and restoration
Porous tissue scaffoldings for the repair or regeneration of tissue
Biomedical implant material and method of producing the same
Semi-automatic coating system methods for coating medical devices
Self-deploying axial-flow pump introduced intravascularly for temporary cardiac support
Extracorporeal circuit for peripheral vein fluid removal
Method to produce nasal and oral cannula apnea detection devices
Method to produce nasal and oral cannula breathing detection devices
Cannula and method of manufacture and use
Harmonic flow catheter
Micro catheter and guidewire system having improved pushability and control
Coating medical device surfaces for delivering gas-supersaturated fluids
Variable shape guide apparatus
Guide wire torque device
Catheter securing device and bite block
Flash chamber with a self closing valve for use with a catheter
Monitoring and displaying pressurization data
Microneedle structure and production method therefor
Adapter and syringe for front-loading medical fluid injector
Single use syringe
Mascara containing film-forming polymers
Plant-based anti-perspiration cosmetic
Iron oxide and silicon dioxide-titanium dioxide mixed oxide
Cosmetic preparation, surface-hydrophobized silica-coated metal oxide particles, sol of silica-coated metal oxide, and processes for producing these
Inertization of waste material contaminated with heavy metals
Hip exerciser
Standing push/pull exercise machine and method of using the same
Folding mechanism for an exercise treadmill
Exercise apparatus
System of impact measurement and display
Phyllotaxis-based dimple patterns
Golf ball
Multi-piece solid golf ball
String clip positioning device of a racket string stretcher
Golf putter with removable and reorientable striking member
Golf putting aid and brace member therefor
Golf putter head
Golf club head
Hollow golf club
Lacrosse stick lace system
Bat weight and protector
Multishutter camera system
Interactive method and apparatus for tracking and analyzing a golf swing
Composite landing surface for sports
Bowling ball retrieving device
Method of assisting selection of action and program product and game system using same
Method and apparatus for monitoring casinos and gaming
Ball selector and display device for use with gaming devices
Electronic amusement device and method for operating same
Rotatable and pivotable amusement apparatus
Amusement ride with pivotable motion base
Performing Operations; Transporting
Microchannel laminated mass exchanger and method of making
Method for separation of optical isomers
Process for separation in a simulated moving bed of at least one component in columns that have a suitable length to diameter ratio
Heated inclined separation pressure vessel
Filter-replacement cassette
Flow through drain filter for a stormwater or wastewater catch basin
Filter cartridge with concentric circuit rings for data transmission
Drain valve for fuel filter water separator
Recycle filter cartridge and pressure vessel
Surface bonded entangled fibrous web and method of making and using
Supplemental filter for an electronic component
Heat-resistant and regeneratable filter body with flow paths and process for producing the filter body
Filtration module including unitary filter cartridge-bowl construction
Filter arrangement and methods
Adsorption apparatus
Modular pressure swing adsorption apparatus with clearance-type valve seals
Two stage flash for hydrocarbon removal
Process for producing ammonium thiosulfate
Method and apparatus for processing polluted gas containing harmful substances
Exhaust gas treatment process
Modular biofilter unit and method of use
Polymer enhanced diafiltration: filtration using PGA
Methods of running and washing spiral wound membrane modules
Dispersions of silicalite and zeolite nanoparticles in nonpolar solvents
Additive for stabilizing water-containing fuels and a fuel stabilized with this additive
Method for preparing microparticles having a selected polymer molecular weight
Automated chemical synthesizer
Biochip and method for fabricating the same
Frozen tissue microarrayer
Carbonitride coated component of semiconductor processing equipment and method of manufacturing thereof
Fluid dynamic ozone generating assembly
Pressure vessel with composite sleeve
Porous materials and methods for forming the same
Synthetic crystalline aluminosilicate zeolite having the tschortnerite framework topology and uses thereof
Adsorption powder for removing mercury from high temperature, high moisture gas streams
Visual differentiation of adsorbent-loaded media
Packing agent for reversed phase liquid chromatography and production process thereof
Trioctahedral phyllosilicates 2:1 of a stevensite or kerolite type modified post-synthesis, method of preparation and use in catalysis
Process and apparatus for preparing heterogeneous catalysts
System for hydrogen generation
Method and device for hot isostatic pressing
Reduction of carbonyl compounds by a silane in the presence of a zinc catalyst
Process for the laminar bonding of materials
Conversion of nitrogen oxides in the presence of a catalyst supported on a mesh-like structure
Process for preparing high surface area triple layered perovskites
Process for performing endothermic catalytic reactions
Method and apparatus for frequency thermal control
Microfluidic devices and systems
Specimen plate lid and method of using
Microfabricated injector and capillary array assembly for high-resolution and high throughput separation
Assembly comprising stacked pipette cone refills
Method and device for recovering fine sand from a floating dredger
Method and rinsing equipment for the cleaning of especially filter plates in an electro-filter
Centrifuge housing with oil fill port
Entraining device for a centrifugal separator
Method and assembly for separating solids from gaseous phase
Automatic coating apparatus
Integrated air flow booth and methods
Electrostatic liquid dispensing apparatus and method
Machine for making cushioning dunnage product, stock material for feeding such machine and method
Gapped bedplate for uniform carpet back coating
Method of controlling the amount of coating applied on a moving material web
Pasting machine for an active paste for a lead battery
Method and device for the automated application of a bead of adhesive
Bonding electrochemical cell components
Coating film formation method
Method for multi-layered coating of substrates
Tannin stain inhibitor comprising an aluminate salt complexing agent
Method of coating bare, untreated metal substrates
Mitigation of radiation induced surface contamination
Process and device for producing a steel strip or sheet
Alkaline, refractory ceramic hollow item
Iron-based powders for powder metallurgy
Method and apparatus for metal processing
Sintered alloy and method for the hardening treatment thereof
Liquid feeder for electrodischarge machining
Connection structure for metallic members and connecting method therefor
Method of texturing and agent therefor
Sander assembly having adjustable sander member
Polishing head with removable subcarrier
Method and apparatus for chemical-mechanical planarization of microelectronic substrates with selected planarizing liquids
Method for reducing dishing effects during a chemical mechanical polishing process
Surface preparation device
Method of modeling and controlling the endpoint of chemical mechanical polishing operations performed on a process layer, and system for accomplishing same
Method for controlling a selected temperature of a planarizing surface of a polish pad.
Graded grain size diamond layer
Substrate polishing article
Grinding stone
Method and steam press for the production of boards of ligneous material
Method of manufacturing chipboards, fibre boards and the like boards
Method and apparatus for making ceramic cores and other articles
Method for making aerated concrete blocks having at least one passageway drilled therein
Process for producing semiconductor article
Chemical treatments for fibers and wire-coated composite strands for molding fiber-reinforced thermoplastic composite articles
Method of recovering and recycling magnetic powder from rare earth bond magnet
Molded and laminated curved surface composites
Rotational moulding process of ethylene polymers or copolymers having a controlled particle size and morphology
Methods and apparatus for molding composite materials
Structure and method for molding optical disks
Method apparatus for ejector set-up
Apparatus and method of making two component fibers or continuous filaments using flexible tube inserts
Method of forming a profile on a foam rod
Extrusion die for biodegradable material with die orifice modifying device and flow control device
Method for manufacturing pattern-through soap
Method of making a combination speaker grill and automotive interior trim panel
Method of making a combination speaker grill and automative interior trim panel
Uniaxially shrinkable biaxially oriented polypropylene film and method for use as tobacco pack overwrap
Synthetic resin film covered heat insulating/sound absorbing material of inorganic fibers and a method of producing the same
Butt splicing of elastomeric sheets
Golf club shaft
Retroreflective cube corner sheeting, molds therefore, and methods of making the same
Method of forming an improved support member for a fabric and film forming device
Method and system for extrusion embossing
Polyolefin-tie material free barrier carton with polyethylene terephthalate product contact layer
Gas-tight laminating film and packaging material produced therefrom
Bioriented polyethylene film with a high water vapor transmission rate
Stretched film of thermoplastic resin
Two-component, heat-sealable films
Matte surface film with improved matte appearance
Polyester film with a high oxygen barrier, the use of the film and process for its production
Windshield for head-up display system
Packing material with high printability and recyclability, and method for its production
Pleated nonwoven products and methods of constructing such products
Prefabricated laminated wood member
Heat-sensitive lithographic printing plate
Thermal digital lithographic printing plate
Method of producing lithographic printing plate, lithographic printing plate precursor and method of forming images
Method of fabricating micromachined ink feed channels for an inkjet printhead
Method of producing a printing ink-decorated packaging material, in particular for aseptic packages
Method for forming an image
Recording material for ink jet printing and method for making the same
Ink-jet media overcoat layers
Ink-jet media
Photographic quality inkjet printable coatings
Method for producing aluminum support for lithographic printing plate
Color shifting film with patterned fluorescent and non-fluorescent colorants
Air vent for ventilation systems
Composite weatherstrip having a friction reducing surface coating on a hard bearing layer
Vehicle clutch engagement condition determining apparatus and gear shift control apparatus utilizing the same determining apparatus
Drivetrain with hybrid transfer case
Transfer case for hybrid vehicle
Vehicle drive unit
Device for generating electrical energy, having a fuel cell
Dual purpose floor mat
Intermediate steering shaft for motor vehicle
Bicycle hub transmission with a guiding member for a sun gear
Chain guide apparatus for bicycle
Packaging material
Recloseable pouch with reinforced handle and method of making same
Method of covering a flower pot
Microelectromechanical mirror and mirror array
Method to remove metal and silicon oxide during gas-phase sacrificial oxide etch
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method and apparatus for producing nitric oxide
Scaly silica particles and hardenable composition containing them
Process for producing ammonia with ultra-low metals content
Method for preparing suspensions and powders based in indium tin oxide and the use thereof
Positive electrode for non-aqueous electrolyte cell and manufacturing method of the same
Process for the production of yellow iron oxide
Cooling tower water cleaning system
Diamond electrodes
Process for the removal of oxidizing agents
Point-of-use water treatment system
Gloss pigments comprising an absorbent low-refractive coating
Process for producing amorphous material containing single crystal or polycrystal and material produced
Coating material and process for the production of functional coatings
Oxide film, laminate and methods for their production
Transparent electrically conductive oxide film for an electronic apparatus and related method
Chemically reinforced glass manufacture method, information recording medium glass substrate manufacture method, information recording medium manufacture method, and chemical reinforcement device
Method and arrangement in connection with optical fiber coating
Method of manufacturing optical medium
Crystallized glass composition, sintered crystallized glass compact, and circuit substrate using the same
Glass and glass tube for encapsulating semiconductors
Technology and methodology for the production of high quality polymer filler and super-pozzolan from fly ash
Crosslinkable polymer composition
Thermally and structurally stable noncombustible paper
Powder for magnetic ferrite, magnetic ferrite, multilayer ferrite components and production method thereof
Target for transparent electroconductive film, transparent electroconductive material, transparent electroconductive glass, and transparent electroconductive film
Multi-component material for uncooled thermal imaging and graphical method for the determination thereof
Material for measuring static and dynamic physical parameters
Piezoelectric ceramic composition, and high power output transformer made of the same composition
Titanium diboride sintered body with silicon nitride as a sintering aid
Method of fabricating ceramic matrix composites employing a vacuum mold procedure
Control process for impregnating porous parts and apparatus therefor
Night glow glaze for ceramics
Method of making reactive multilayer foil and resulting product
Pyrotechnic compositions generating non-toxic gases based on ammonium perchlorate
Process of preparing discotic liquid crystalline compounds
Electroluminescent systems with polynulcear metal complexes
High-boiling electrolyte solvent
Brominated materials
Organometallic luminescent materials and organic electroluminescent device containing same
Silicon compound, method for making the same, and electroluminescent device using the same
Vaccines comprising synthetic genes
Molecularly cloned acquired immunodeficiency syndrome polypeptides and their methods of use
Rotavirus enterotoxin adjuvant
Protein production in Aureobasidium pullulans
Compositions and methods for fumonisin detoxification
Cellubrevin homologs
Motor proteins and methods for their use
Polynucleotides encoding activators of caspases
Methods for production of growth-promoting proteins and peptides for kidney epithelial cells
C peptide for improved preparation of insulin and insulin analogs
Nucleic acids encoding mGLuR/CaR chimera
Human metabotropic glutamate receptor
Biological materials and methods useful in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases
Tumor necrosis factor receptor homologs and nucleic acids encoding the same
Human BMP-7 promoter and method for exploring bone-related substance by using the same
Methods and compositions for transforming cells
Methods for detecting human tissue factor inhibitor
Oryzacystatin-I applications and methods
Noninvasive detection of colorectal cancer and other gastrointestinal pathology
Anti-C5 monoclonal antibodies
Method increasing the delayed-type hypersensitivity response by infusing LFA-1-specific antibodies
Production of chitosan-and chitin-like exopolymers
Photo-reactive benzocyclobutenones and polymers thereform for self-photocuring, photo-crosslinking and photopatterning without catalysts
Initiating system for solid polyester granule manufacture
Coating agent with a macromer unit for the production of multi-layered coatings
Liquid epoxy resin composition and semiconductor device
Polymer, binder resin, composition for ionically conductive polymer electrolyte, and secondary battery
Inks and other compositions incorporating low viscosity, radiation curable, polyester urethane oligomer
Carboxyl-functional polyester epoxy resin powder coatings based on 1,3-propanediol
Method for depositing electrically conducting polymer films via electrochemical deposition of precursor polymers
Optical lens in transparent organic polymer material with high refractive index and high Abbe number
Film-forming compositions having improved scratch resistance
Polysilazane/polysiloxane block copolymers
Process of making polyurethane fiber or film
Fluororesin films, laminate produced by using the same, and process for producing laminate
Kogation reducing ink
Electrically conductive flexible compositions, and materials and methods for making same
Films comprising metallocene catalyzed plastomer and ethylene/alkyl (meth)acrylate copolymer
Wire and a process for its production
Polymer composition for power molding, power thereof, foamed object, and process for producing foamed object
Conductive fluoropolymers
Process for producing a shaped body made of biodegradable material
Halogen free triazines, bismaleimide/epoxy polymers, prepregs made therefrom for circuit boards and resin coated articles, and use
Method for producing aqueous solutions of cationic diarylmethane colorants and triarylmethane colorants
Durable fluorescent organic pigments and methods of making
Process for preparing green pigment composition containing no halogen
Effect pigments with improved colorant adhesion
Surface treated carbon black having improved dispersability in rubber and compositions of rubber therefrom having improved processability, rheological and dynamic mechanical properties
Ink, aqueous ink for ink-jet recording, ink set, ink cartridge, recording unit, image-recording apparatus, color-image-recording apparatus, ink-jet recording process and bleeding reducing method
Recording ink, method for ink jet recording, method for producing color filter, color filter, method for producing liquid crystal display panel, liquid crystal display panel, and yellow ink
Coatings for polymeric substrates
Stripping composition which can be used in particular in the construction and yachting field
Stable gelled surface polish
Chemical mechanical polishing slurry and method for using same
Pressure-sensitive adhesive tape and process for producing the same
Removal of wellbore residues
Asphalt and resin production to integration of solvent deasphalting and gasification
Method for desulfurizing gasoline or diesel fuel for use in an internal combustion engine
Process for reducing fouling in coking processes
Light oil composition
Polyalkene alcohol-polyalkoxylates and their use in fuels and lubricants
Fischer-Tropsch wastewater utilization
Long-life lubricating oil with wear prevention capability
Dispersed hydrated sodium borate compositions having improved properties in lubricating oil compositions
Power transmission fluids with improved extreme pressure lubrication characteristics and oxidation resistance
Biodegradable vegetable oil compositions
Transparent clear candle shell
Cleaning agent for a semi-conductor substrate
Dry composition and method for removing adhesives from smooth surfaces
Process for aerobic culture using sintered metal membrane
Cell lysis device
Preparing organoclay-enzyme complexes using a quaternary ionic compound and mineral
Solid phase technique for selectively isolating nucleic acids
Cloning and copying on surfaces
Regulation of endogenous gene expression in cells using zinc finger proteins
Yeast transformation cassette
Genetically modified plants having modulated brassinosteroid signaling
Method and apparatus for selectively targeting specific cells within a mixed cell population
MurD protein and gene of Staphylococcus aureus
Methods for producing highly phosphorylated lysosomal hydrolases
22438, 23553, 25278, and 26212 novel human sulfatases
Process for the preparation of acidic lipase
16835, a novel human phospholipase C family member and uses thereof
Methods for forming recombined nucleic acids
Recombinantly producing levodione reductase
Screening for antibiotics
Detection of hypertension using immunoreactive metabolic products
Therapeutic and diagnostic uses of protein tyrosine phosphatase TC-PTP
Nucleic acids encoding .alpha.-1,3 fucosyltransferases and expression systems for making and expressing them
Isolated human kinase proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human kinase proteins, and uses thereof
Accelerating identification of single nucleotide polymorphisms and alignment of clones in genomic sequencing
Two-step hybridization and capture of a polynucleotide
Molecular torches
Pyrophosphorolysis activated polymerization (PAP): application to allele-specific amplification and nucleic acid sequence determination
DNA assay for the prediction of autoimmune diabetes
Assay of transcription sites by multi-fluor fish
Methods of screening for Crohn's disease using TNF microsatellite alleles
Process for producing nodular cast iron, and casting produced using this process
Cooling gas injection nozzle for a vacuum heat treating furnace
Apparatus for distilling molten baths
High purity gallium for preparation of compound semiconductor, and method and apparatus for purifying the same
Process of manufacturing high strength aluminum foil
Protecting a surface of a nickel-based article with a corrosion-resistant aluminum-alloy layer
Apparatus and method for pulsed laser deposition of materials on wires and pipes
Method of manufacturing an oxide epitaxially strained lattice film
Method of producing amorphous silicon for hard mask and waveguide applications
Deposition apparatus
Apparatus and method for making free standing diamond
Method of forming graded thin films using alternating pulses of vapor phase reactants
Methodology for in-situ doping of aluminum coatings
Method of manufacturing a non-single-crystal thin film solar cell
Method for treating carbon film, carbon film and component with carbon film
Silicon oxide co-deposition/etching process
Method and apparatus for detecting the endpoint of a chamber cleaning
Surface sealing showerhead for vapor deposition reactor having integrated flow diverters
RF powered plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition reactor and methods of effecting plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition
Use of inductively-coupled plasma in plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition reactor to improve film-to-wall adhesion following in-situ plasma clean
Method of producing the plated molded articles by non-electrode plating, and the resin compositions for that use
Electroless gold plated electronic components and method of producing the same
Electroless plating method and electroless plating solution
Refractory metal coated articles for use in molten metal environments
Anticorrosive plastic packaging materials
Control of patterned etching in semiconductor features
Hydrogen generation by electrolysis of aqueous organic solutions
Bipolar cell for the production of aluminium with carbon cathodes
Surface-treated copper foil, method of producing the surface-treated copper foil, and copper-clad laminate employing the surface-treated copper foil
Low defect density silicon carbide
Method of growing GaN films with a low density of structural defects using an interlayer
Electrohydrodynamically patterned colloidal crystals
Textiles; Paper
Paper machine fabric
Process and apparatus for forming a stabilized absorbent web
Multi-chamber process and apparatus for forming a stabilized absorbent web
Method for restoring original color to bleached regions of nylon carpets
Method for the production of precleaned pulp
Softened comminution pulp
Creped wiping product containing binder fibers
Device in a paper machine for transfer of the web from the former section to the press section
Device for conveying and guiding a lead-in strip of a web in a paper machine
Apparatus and method for chemically loading fibers in a fiber suspension
Fixed Constructions
Road surface marking tape for temporary use and a method of such use
Composite metal and plastic fencing and method therefor
Apparatus and method for recycling drilling slurry
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Diamond-coated sliding part
High temperature composite structure and method of manufacturing same
Device for the continuous further transport of air
Method of manufacturing fluid pump
One piece differential bearing adjuster lock and fastener
Sealing assembly for constant velocity joint
Constant velocity joint of tripod type
Tripot constant velocity joint having ball modules
Torsion damping mechanism with auxiliary mass
Low noise silent chain
Hydro mechanical transmission planetary carrier support system
Hydromechanical transmission
High bias differential lock
Differential transmission device in particular for a motor vehicle
Shifting device for the gearbox of a motor vehicle
Control system for vehicular automatic transmission
Method for controlling a motor vehicle drive and a motor vehicle drive that is controlled using the method
Shift control system of hydraulic continuously variable transmission for vehicle
Belt installation tool
Integrated fluid injection air mixing system
Fume recovery methods
Low noise duct system
Air handling system duct closure and heat trap
Variable height liner system
Dart with rotary flight and light means
In situ heat induced antigen recovery and staining apparatus and method
Apparatus for process line testing
Device for detecting biochemical or chemical substances by fluorescence excitation
Colorimetric and fluorimetric analysis of carbohydrates
Phase transition analyzer
Chemical sensor and coating for same
Device for detecting an end point of electro-plating and method thereof
Device for measuring combustible-gas concentration in an exhaust gas
Apparatus for detecting concentration of nitrogen oxide
Increased throughput analysis of small compounds using multiple temporally spaced injections
Electrophoresis method, electrophoresis device, and marker sample used for the same
Assaying and storing labelled analytes
Use of isocyanates for assaying nucleophilic functions in the form of traces in wet medium
Mass spectrometric multivariate analysis
Test element storage device
Rapid assay strip and method of rapid competitive assay
Process for immunochromatography with colloidal particles
Kits for early detection of heart disease
Compositions and methods for early detection of heart disease
Immunoassay for measuring human C-peptide and kit therefor
Reagent and method for the permeabilization and identification of erythrocytes
Immunoassay for the detection of amphetamines, methamphetamines and methylenedioxy designer amphetamines
Extended organic cobalt and nickel magnetic complexes
Tunable bragg grating and devices employing the same
Method of fabricating liquid crystal display device having shorting bars
Silver halide photographic emulsion and silver halide photographic light-sensitive material containing the same
Light-sensitive silver halide photographic element
Method for producing grains of aliphatic acid silver salt and thermally processed image recording material
Silver salt photothermographic dry imaging material and image recording method thereof
Color photographic element comprising a common chromogenic coupler
Coating method for modifying adhesion of thin films to substrates
Multiple exposure device formation
Silver halide photographic lightsensitive material
Imaging element containing a blocked photographically useful compound
Color photographic print material
Direct photographic bleach-fixing replenishment using ferrous bleach-fixing precursor composition
Acoustic/ultrasonic agitation to reduce microbubbles in developer
Apparatus and method for forming features on a substrate
Tapered ion implantation with femtosecond laser ablation to remove printable alternating phase shift features
Method of forming a circuitry fabrication mask having a subtractive alternating phase shift region
Phase shift mask and system and method for making the same
Mask design and method for controlled profile fabrication
Method for fabricating continuous space variant attenuating lithography mask for fabrication of devices with three-dimensional structures and microelectronics
Reticles including support frame for charged-particle-beam microlithography, and methods for making same
Method and apparatus for etching photomasks
Photosensitive resin composition and process for forming pattern
Resist compositions with polymers having pendant groups containing plural acid labile moieties
Package of photosensitive planographic printing plates and photosensitive planographic printing plate
Method of actinically imaging a semiconductor
Chemical feature doubling process
Resist residue remover
Side alignment mark
Charge-imparting member
Image receiving sheet
Photoreceptor, method of evaluating the photoreceptor, method of producing the photoreceptor, and image formation apparatus using the photoreceptor
Electrophotographic photosensitive member and image forming apparatus
Method for producing toner
Developer for electrostatic image development
Charge control agent and toner for developing electrostatic images
Toner formulations
Circuit board riser
Electromagnetic coupler socket
Creating summaries along with indicators, and automatically positioned tabs
Decision analysis system and method for evaluating patient candidacy for a therapeutic procedure
Gaming system with individualized centrally generated random number generator seeds
Game machines and method of upgrading game machines
Gaming machine
Periodic pyramid: chemistry puzzle and teaching device
Instructional plan generating and monitoring system
Uniform motivation for multiple computer-assisted training systems
Display board and production method therefor
Information recording media and information recording drive
Magneto-optical recording medium
Label for non-circular optical discs
Non-homogeneous laminate material for suspension with flexure motion limiter
Magnetic recording medium comprising a lower layer containing specific flat acicular .alpha.-iron oxide powder
Magnetic recording medium
Magnetic recording medium and magnetic recording apparatus using the same
Magnetic storage medium
Magnetic storage medium
Method of making low cost integrated out-of-plane micro-device structures
Device and method for coating substrates in a vacuum utilizing an absorber electrode
Method of applying a shielding film to a light source bulb
Solution processing apparatus and method
Device for etching the backside of wafer
Method and arrangement for drying substrates after treatment in a liquid
Ultrascaled MIS transistors fabricated using silicon-on-lattice-matched insulator approach
Process for adhering an oxide of silicon to a diamond surface having non-diamond carbon thereon
GaN-based devices using thick (Ga, Al, In)N base layers
Method for reworking metal layers on integrated circuit bond pads
Plating method and apparatus that creates a differential between additive disposed on a top surface and a cavity surface of a workpiece using an external influence
Method for forming conductor members, manufacturing method of semiconductor element and manufacturing method of thin-film magnetic head
Use of silicon containing imaging layer to define sub-resolution gate structures
Method of high density plasma metal etching
Etching methods, methods of removing portions of material, and methods of forming silicon nitride spacers
Method for fabricating a MOSFET device
Method of manufacturing MOS transistor with fluorine implantation at a low energy
Tunnel diode layout for an EEPROM cell for protecting the tunnel diode region
Methods of wafer level fabrication and assembly of chip scale packages
Apparatus and method for fabricating buried and flat metal features
Process for filling apertures in a circuit board or chip carrier
Method for mounting a semiconductor chip on a carrier layer and device for carrying out the method
Method for molding semiconductor package having a ceramic substrate
Chip carriers with enhanced wire bondability
Dual level contacts and method for forming
Patterned conductor layer pasivation method with dimensionally stabilized planarization
Methods for forming conductive structures and structures regarding same
Method of depositing diffusion barrier for copper interconnect in integrated circuit
Process to create robust contacts and interconnects
Process for depositing layers on a semiconductor wafer
Utilization of disappearing silicon hard mask for fabrication of semiconductor structures
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device including metal contact and capacitor
Substrate material for mounting a semiconductor device, substrate for mounting a semiconductor device, semiconductor device, and method of producing the same
Lead frame type plastic ball grid array package with pre-assembled ball type contacts
Method and apparatus for reducing IC die mass and thickness while improving strength characteristics
Capacitance elements and method of manufacturing the same
Method for increasing inductance of on-chip inductors and related structure
Method for fabricating a low temperature polysilicon thin film transistor incorporating channel passivation step
Method of fabricating a thin-film transistor
MOS transistor with reduced floating body effect
Dual damascene process using self-assembled monolayer
Thin film formation process by clearing the implanted layer with laser radiation
Method of fusion for heteroepitaxial layers and overgrowth thereon
Method for manufacturing SOI wafer including heat treatment in an oxidizing atmosphere
Method for depositing a tungsten silicide layer
Salicide method for producing a semiconductor device using silicon/amorphous silicon/metal structure
Gate-controlled, graded-extension device for deep sub-micron ultra-high-performance devices
Method of forming a MOSFET device featuring a dual salicide process
Method of minimizing leakage current and improving breakdown voltage of polycrystalline memory thin films
Method of fabricating self-aligned silicide
Semiconductor substrate and method of manufacturing the same
Method for removing native oxide
Method of removing polymer residues after tungsten etch back
Method of forming silicon nitride on a substrate
Method of fabricating semiconductor device having ferroelectric capacitor
Methods for forming dielectric materials and methods for forming semiconductor devices
Method for selectively oxidizing a silicon/metal composite film stack
Method to fabricate thin insulating film
Method for fabricating a self-aligned emitter in a bipolar transistor
Trench-gate semiconductor devices and their manufacture
Methods of making microelectronic assemblies using bonding stage and bonding stage therefor
Method of manufacturing semiconductor chips
Method for fabricating local metal interconnections with low contact resistance and gate electrodes with improved electrical conductivity
Pre-treatment of low-k dielectric for prevention of photoresist poisoning
Method of forming metal layer(s) and/or antireflective coating layer(s) on an integrated circuit
Single damascene method for RF IC passive component integration in copper interconnect process
Dual-mask etch of dual-poly gate in CMOS processing
Process flow for sacrificial collar scheme with vertical nitride mask
Method of fabricating memory cell
Method of manufacturing a flash memory having a select transistor
Method of reducing dark current for an image sensor device via use of a polysilicon pad
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device having ferro-dielectric material film
Method for fabricating multi-layered substrates
Linerless shallow trench isolation method
High voltage oxidation method for highly reliable flash memory devices
Method for fabricating a memory cell configuration
Cover cap for semiconductor wafer devices
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Packaged device adapter assembly
Semiconductor device comprising a socket and method for forming same
Method of manufacturing LOC semiconductor assembled with room temperature adhesive
Method of making electrically isolated power semiconductor package
Integrated circuit chip and method for fabricating the same
Semiconductor package having substrate with laser-formed aperture through solder mask layer
Method of making a contact and via structure
Method for forming an integrated circuit device
Integrated ESD protection method and system
Light irradiating device manufacturing method
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device having a two-layered electrode structure
Method of manufacturing an image sensor
Optimized low leakage diodes, including photodiodes
C implants for improved SiGe bipolar yield
Edge termination for silicon power devices
Field effect transistor and method of fabrication
Method to reduce variation in LDD series resistance
Method of fabricating TDMOS device using self-align technique
Method for fabricating a semiconductor device having an elevated source/drain scheme
Method of fabricating trench-gated power MOSFET
Production method of photoelectric conversion device, and photoelectric conversion device produced by the method
Integrated circuit memory cell having a small active area and method of forming same
Organic electroluminescence device and organic light emitting medium
Visible light emitting diodes fabricated from soluble semiconducting polymers
Organic electroluminescent device and process for producing the same
Positive electrode material and secondary battery using the same
Lithium secondary cell
Secondary battery
High performance battery and current collector therefor
Sintered cadmium negative electrode for alkaline storage battery and method for producing thereof
Electrode for nonaqueous electrolyte battery
Fuel cell having an air electrode with decreased shrinkage and increased conductivity
Auxiliary convective fuel cell stacks for fuel cell power generation systems
Method and device for filling a fuel cell stack
Coaxial connector with selector switch
Method for forming fine pitch contacts and fine pitch contacts obtained thereby
Connector assembly for flexible circuits
Ball grid array connector having improved contact configuration
Method for making a vertical-cavity surface emitting laser with improved current confinement
Battery module for compact electric appliance for coping with deformation of the battery
Endoscopic camera system with automatic non-mechanical focus
Styrene-maleic anhydride copolymer and epoxy resin blend crosslinked with multifunctional amine compounds
Semiconductor device having a thermoset-containing dielectric material and methods for fabricating the same
Multi-purpose finish for printed wiring boards and method of manufacture of such boards
Assembly of an electrical connector and a pick-up cap
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