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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Quantitative sleep analysis method and system
Method of detecting vulnerable atherosclerotic plaque
Method for diagnosing heart disease, predicting sudden death, and analyzing treatment response using multifractal analysis
Anomaly detection based on signal variations
3-in-1 anti-noise radio sound-collection device
System and method for assessment of cardiac electrophysiologic stability and modulation of cardiac oscillations
Skin-applied electrode pads
Electromagnetic interference immune tissue invasive system
Device for performing and verifying a therapeutic treatment and corresponding computer program and control method
Position and orientation determination method and apparatus and storage medium
Technique for suggesting facilities in route navigation
Automated travel planning system
Tidal seepage meter
Method of evaluating ion-exchange film, method of evaluating organic sample and X-ray measuring apparatus
System LSI
Integrated self-optimizing multi-parameter and multi-variable point to multipoint communication system
System and method for wellbore communication
Laminated polymer optical waveguide and process for producing the same
Bragg grating optical fiber
Optical waveguide devices having adjustable waveguide cladding
Method and apparatus for providing adaptive illumination
Zoom and focus control method and system
Sheet conveying apparatus and image forming apparatus
Process cartridge and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Image carrier unit and image forming apparatus
Image position detecting method
Belt apparatus and image forming apparatus having the same
Image forming apparatus
Seal for toner cartridge assembly
Fixation unit, thermal fixation roller, and recording apparatus and its manufacture method
Image forming apparatus, image processing apparatus, image forming method and image processing method for forming/processing a three-dimensional image
Image forming apparatus and process cartridge including flexible member
Sheet feed device and image forming apparatus
System and method for implementing real-time applications based on stochastic compute time algorithms
Auto-locking support structure
Display device and electronic apparatus provided with the same
Prefetching memory objects into a shared cache during garbage collection with a three-finger Cheney scan in a multithreaded processing environment
Mixed enclave operation in a computer network
Ground-based travel portal
Multi-functional network device and a network system
System, method, apparatus and computer program product for operating a web site by electronic mail
System and method for incorporating ad information into an e-mail
Method and apparatus for maintaining a unified view of multiple mailboxes
Method and system to print via email
System and method for composing, processing, and organizing electronic mail message items
System and method for providing language localization for server-based applications with scripts
System and method for managing maintenance of building facilities
Service processor control system and computer-readable recording medium recording service processor control program
Method and system for handling transaction requests from workstations to OLTP enterprise server systems utilizing a common gateway
System and method of synchronizing objects between two devices
Digital filter with protection against overflow oscillation
Integrated multilingual browser
System and method for maintaining and recovering data consistency in a data base page
Document-database access device
System and method of routine navigation
Method and circuits for performing offline circuit trimming
Recognizing signals in design simulation
Modeling gravity and tensor gravity data using poisson's equation for airborne, surface and borehole applications
Method for determining the construction of a mask for the micropatterning of semiconductor substrates by means of photolithography
Optimized filter parameters design for digital IF programmable downconverter
System and method for waveform classification and characterization using multidimensional higher-order statistics
System and method for real-time assignment of jobs to production cells
Method and system for analyzing semiconductor fabrication
Terminal apparatus
Relational database drill-down convention and reporting tool
Data recovery system
Method for adjusting vehicle cockpit devices
Sparse-coefficient functions for reducing computational requirements
Fixed point multiplying apparatus and method using encoded multiplicand
Specifying portions of a graphical program for respective execution by a processor and a programmable hardware element
Combustion state estimating apparatus for internal combustion engine
System and method for statistically comparing and matching plural sets of digital data
System having a rotating optical system and a non-planar prism that are used to obtain print and other hand characteristic information
System and method for finding regions of interest for microscopic digital montage imaging
Color spectral imaging
Methods for estimating probe cell locations in high-density synthetic DNA microarrays
Real time interactive segmentation of pulmonary nodules with control parameters
Methods for measuring microvascular density in tumors
Strapdown system for three-dimensional reconstruction
Method and system for automated grouping of images
Image processing apparatus, image processing system, image processing method, and computer-readable storage medium
Image processing apparatus and method, and storage medium
Watermark embedding and extracting method and embedding hardware structure used in image compression system
Method and apparatus for electronic image processing
Object extraction method, and image sensing apparatus using the method
Digital image storage method
Device and method for encoding DPCM image
Encoding apparatus and encoding method
Position detector and attitude detector
Decoding apparatus, method, and storage medium for inputting and decoding variable-length coded data
System and method for effectively rendering high dynamic range images
System and method to facilitate pattern recognition by deformable matching
System and method for detecting text edges in digital document images
Methods and apparatus for removing compression artifacts in video sequences
Method and system of communication for automated inventory systems
Pay-TV billing, system activation, and E-commerce using a pay-TV receiver
Bar coded bill payment system and method
Dynamically assigning a survey to a respondent
Method and system for determining market demand based on consumer contributions
Integrated, interactive telephone and computer network communications system
Speech synthesizing method and apparatus
Wobble signal detection circuit having a lowpass filter for detecting a wobble signal with reduced sampling noise
Systems for limiting channel control values to thereby improve servo-demodulation robustness
Magnetic resistance device
Disk drive apparatus
Headstack with semi-permanently deformable element for pole-tip recession adjustment
Optical disc reproducing apparatus and tracking servo mechanism for an optical disc
Information reproducing device and information reproducing method
Optical head and disk unit
Optical pickup device with three adhesive parts on two parallel side faces of an optical component
SRAM cell design with high resistor CMOS gate structure for soft error rate improvement
Ferroelectric storage device
Programming verification method of nonvolatile memory cell, semiconductor memory device, and portable electronic apparatus having the semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor memory device with an improved memory cell structure and method of operating the same
Driver circuit for semiconductor storage device and portable electronic apparatus
Method and apparatus for identifying short circuits in an integrated circuit device
Semiconductor memory apparatus with variable contact connections, and a corresponding semiconductor apparatus
Semiconductor memory device
Cell leakage monitoring circuit and monitoring method
Semiconductor memory device with reduced power consumption for refresh operation
Dual-port SRAM in a programmable logic device
Delay locked loop implementation in a synchronous dynamic random access memory
Capacitor with buried electrode
Thin clad diode laser
Resonant cavity device array for WDM application and the fabrication method of the same
Method and apparatus for substantially reducing electrical earth displacement current flow generated by wound components
Wave transformation method and device
Method and arrangement for charging intermediate circuit of frequency converter
Fast acquisition phase locked loop using a current DAC
Method and system for tracking eigenvalues of matrix pencils for signal enumeration
Fractional bit rate encoding in a pulse amplitude modulation communication system
Accurate gain direct modulation (KMOD) using a dual-loop PLL
Class-L power-output amplifier
Noise removal apparatus and an FM receiver
Radio receiver having an adaptive equalizer and method therefor
Method and apparatus for backup power in a communication system
Signal-input status display device for multi-band receiver
Mobile branch exchange
Communication monitoring and controlling for prevention of RF signal interference in information processing device having plural wireless communication units
Weaver image reject mixer with fine resolution frequency step size
Apparatus and methods for tuning antenna impedance using transmitter and receiver parameters
Digital signal coding apparatus
Multi-user receiving method and receiver
Method of predicting wireless signal power
Radio frequency signal attenuation circuitry and gain controlling unit
System for distributing a signal between loudspeaker drivers
Methods and apparatus for connecting family members
System for allocating resources in a communication system
Modular base station with variable communication capacity
Code power measurement for dynamic channel allocation
Multi-packet transport structure and method for sending network data over satellite network
Adaptive bandwidth throttling for network services
Any size and location of concatenated packet data across SONET frames in a SONET signal
Hiding geo-location data through arrangement of objects
Transmission apparatus and a method for transmitting data in a data transmission system
Network for a reconfiguration after a step-by-step repair defects
Packet transmitting apparatus
Method and apparatus for encoding a plurality of pre-defined codes into a search key and for locating a longest matching pre-defined code
Method and apparatus for synchronizing aging operations associated with an address table
Method of and apparatus for directly mapping communications through a router between nodes on different buses within a network of buses
Information transfer method radio terminal and radio gateway device using datalink layer signaling of protocol identifier
Method for mapping translation type in No. 7 gateway signaling network
Distributed switch memory architecture
Switch apparatus
Cache table management device for router and program recording medium thereof
Cluster destination address table--IP routing for clusters
Adaptive service weight assignments for ATM scheduling
Apparatus and method for reordering sequence indicated information units into proper sequence
Spoofing to preserve a communication link
User communication hub for use with an analog phone line
Method and apparatus for allowing selective disposition of an incoming telephone call during an internet session
Apparatus and method of OFDM demodulation
Spatial key trees for key management in wireless environments
Mirror-communication system
Mobile radio communication terminal
Portable electronic equipment and charger for portable electronic equipment
System and method utilizing dynamic beam forming for wireless communication signals
Waterproof transceiver having PTT switch, sound input/output portion and main portion formed into independent units
Portable telephone, control method thereof, and recording medium therefor
In-car telephone system, hands-free unit and portable telephone unit
Hands-free device for operating mobile telephones in motor vehicles with a module-changing mechanism
Systems and methods for audio reminder messages
Method and system for communicating with a quiescent mobile vehicle
Intelligent access control system
Control interface for linking a computer supported telephony application with a PBX switch utilizing CSTA protocols
Method and apparatus for creating search information for recorded digital broadcast streams using change of program identification information
Method and system for correlating data streams
Variable length coding method
Seamless splicing/spot-insertion for MPEG-2 digital video/audio stream
Methods and arrangements for handling concentric mosaic image data
Network management method, wireless transmission method and wireless transmission apparatus
Acknowledging missed messages broadcast on a control channel
Method of performing handover by using different handover parameters for different traffic and user classes in a communication network
CDMA wireless base station
Smart ringer
Foldable headphones
Low cost broad range loudspeaker and system
Power delivery apparatus, systems, and methods
Board unit
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Protective second boot for connectable components, for preventing accidents involving drivelines incorporating shafts with universal joints or the like
Precision taxidermy and field-use micro cutting system
Method for making a heat-shrinkable film containing a layer of crystalline polyamides
Push-in underwire bra
Absorbent pad for torso area beneath breasts
Female connector fabric
Magnetically coupled mannequin joint
Method of making injection molded ceramic cup
Method of imparting a graphic design to a substrate
Endoscope capable of varying hardness of flexible part of insertion unit thereof
Healing device applied to persistent wounds, fistulas, pancreatitis, varicose ulcers, and other medical or veterinary pathologies of a patient
Method and apparatus for tissue dissection
Myocardial stabilizer
Apparatus, kit and methods for puncture site closure
Stapling apparatus and method for heart valve replacement
Tissue separation cannula and method
Vaso-occlusion apparatus having a manipulable mechanical detachment joint and a method for using the apparatus
Method and apparatus for medial tibial osteotomy
Minimization of transport of cancer cells
Minimally invasive medical retrieval device
Attachment with one or more sensors for precise position determination of endoscopes
Surgical and pharmaceutical site access guide and methods
Bladder control insertion apparatus and method
Apparatus for preventing loss of a composition during a medical procedure
Distraction apparatus
Implant for fixing bone fragments after an osteotomy
Device for releasably securing objects to bones
Fixation element
Surgical devices assembled using heat bondable materials
Surgical smoke evacuation system with replaceable filter cartridge module and accumulated filter usage display
Automatic activation of electrosurgical generator bipolar output
Method for electrosurgical treatment of submucosal tissue
Deflectable catheter with ergonomic handle
Catheterdistal assembly with pull wires
Ultrasound and laser face-lift and bulbous lysing device
Laser-driven acoustic ablation catheter
Endoluminal prostheses having position indicating markers
Enhanced interstitial fluid collection
System and method for providing normalized voice feedback from an individual patient in an automated collection and analysis patient care system
Method and apparatus for measuring continuous blood flow at low power
Respiratory function monitor
Thermal and stress mapping of body lumens
Apparatus and method for visualizing ultrasonic images
Ultrasonic imaging device with integral display
Multiple angle needle guide
Fibrous plug for sucking tube
Nasal support device for domestic mammals and method
Method for opening a packaging device and retrieving an interlabial absorbent article placed therein
Tampon containing a medicinal liquid imparted from a tampon irrigation syringe
Method of making a slitted or particulate absorbent material
Infrared treated tampon applicators
Apparatus with reagents for detection of medical conditions
Integrated vascular device having thrombectomy element and vascular filter and methods of use
Stent delivery system having stent securement apparatus
Disposable delivery device for endoluminal prostheses
Flexible stent
Chamber for applying therapeutic substances to an implant device
Transmyocardial revascularization system and method of use
Method for manufacturing intraluminal device
Method of making expanded polytetrafluoroethylene products
Device and method for ligament reconstruction
Breast implant with position lock
Intrastromal corneal modification
Injectors for intraocular lenses
Middle ear prosthesis
Method of making biodegradable implant material and products made therefrom
Prosthetic bone filler and process for the production of the same
Modular system for shaft prostheses
Complete knee joint prosthesis
Orthotic joint and method
Surgical barrier device incorporating an inflatable thermal blanket with a surgical drape to provide thermal control and surgical access
Removal of tissue
Method and system for laser treatment of refractive errors using offset imaging
Corneal surgical apparatus
Flow regulating implant, method of manufacture, and delivery device
Phacoemulsification device and method for using dual loop frequency and power control
Adult sexual apparatus
Fingertip massager
Compressing device for pneumatic massager
Method of making and using a flexible, multiple-compartment drug container
Use of 1-substituted isatins to dye fibers containing keratin
Use of silicon compounds to dye human keratin fibers; novel compounds and compositions containing them
Methods for disinfecting wastes
Braided polyester suture and implantable medical device
Electron beam sterilization of biological tissues
Liquid decontamination method and apparatus
Integrated cleaning sterilization process
Guidewires having a vapor deposited primer coat
Catheter with protective covering
Medical device for delivering a therapeutic substance and method therefor
Insufflator assembly
Treatment accessory for an endoscope
Guiding introducers for use in the treatment of accessory pathways around the mitral valve using a retrograde approach
Operating device for a stylet unit
Apparatus and method for the treatment of the gastrointestinal tract
Method and connection unit for sterile transfer of solution via a connector
Unitary molded elastomer conduit for use with a medical infusion pump
Multi-diameter multi-purpose cannula connector
Implantable drug infusion device having a flow regulator
Auto-injection device
Ejection device for the high-pressure ejection of a liquid
Bi-directional clamping guard for needle stick protection
Needle arrangement
Appliance for medical treatment
Use of magnetic particles in the focal delivery of cells
Earth magnetic-field augmenters
Low attenuation guide wire for intravascular radiation delivery
Physical exercising apparatus
Oral lip and chin muscle rehabilitating device
Stretching and exercise apparatus
Chin and neck exerciser with a vibrator
Multi-function exercise machine
Weight lighting machine
Golf ball having a core which includes polyurethane rubber
Golf putter
Putter golf club with rearwardly positioned shaft
Metallic hollow golf club head
Metallic hollow golf club head
Golf putter head
Golf putter having a negatively contoured ball-striking surface
Golf ball tee-up device
Multi-mode vibration absorbing device for implements
Racket with damping element in neck area
Bonding apparatus for modular shafts
Basketball training device
Wheel attachment
Character movement control in a competition video game
System for adjusting the response characteristic of an electronic game input device
Video game apparatus and memory medium used therefor
Network game system, a network game server, a network game client, a player selection program, a medium storing a player selection program, and a medium storing a player information collection program
Video gaming device having multiple stacking features
Electronic activity center
Toy assembly having toy pieces that are slidable along a slender track member
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method for separating objective component
Method for solvent extraction with near-equal density solutions
Process for separation by settling in a plurality of distinct zones
Modular multi-stage water filter apparatus
Ceramic filter and method of filtrating molten metal using the same
Filter assembly
Baghouse, long filter assembly and method of installation
Filter media configuration
Process and apparatus for removing hydrogen and/or carbon monoxide from an air stream
Process and apparatus for strongly reducing the coke dust in the effluents during the decoking of the hydrocarbon cracking ovens for the production of olefins
Exhaust system and vacuum processing apparatus
Control valve with axial sealing
Process for the removal of gas contaminants from a product gas using polyethylene glycols
Electrochemical purification of chlorine
Flue gas treating process and system
Oxidation-resistant metal foil, its use and method for its production
Fluid driven pumps and apparatus employing such pumps
Process for treating waste water containing copper
Method for filtering at optimized fluid velocity
Well designs for electrokinetic remediation
Filtration membrane module
Membrane module for a membrane separation system, its use and process for producing the same
Device for filtering a liquid and method for disinfecting such a device
Process and apparatus for treating biosolids from wastewater treatment
Phosphor Materials
Method for grafting a substituted difluoromethyl group
Ionic conduction device
Compact fuel gas reformer assemblage
Method for granulation and granulator
Hydrotreating hydrocarbon feeds
Ion exchange resin
Collection container assembly
Electrodynamically focused thermal cycling device
Process for working up resh or shredder light fractions, with CaCO3
Method of producing a grinding roll
Device for air cleaning
Doctoring device
Method for manufacturing paint roller
Method for producing platelet-shaped interference pigments
Method of cleaning of a polymer containing aluminum on a silicon wafer
Cleaning method
Aerosol surface processing
Method and system for bioremediation of hydrocarbon contaminated water
Method for preparing high performance ferrous materials
Rhenium-coated tungsten-based alloy and composite articles and method therefor
Cutter changing systems and methods for internal crankshaft miller
Use of a cleaning process, a cleaning process, a connection process and a workpiece pair
Brazing filler metal superior in corrosion resistance and heat resistance, and EGR cooler brazed with said brazing filler metal
Flux compositions for brazing aluminum, their films and brazing method
Process for cutting coked metal molded parts
Machine for drilling oil holes in crankshafts
Automatic tool changing device for machine tools
Speed adjusting device for a drill press
Method and apparatus for manufacture of quartz oscillator
Device for superfinishing treated surfaces
Method and apparatus for polishing electrical probes
Direct drive water-driven rotary tool
Method of polishing stainless steel laminate press plates to a nondirectional finish
Reamer with adjustable expansion/contraction, and bore finishing machine comprising the same
Device for finishing curved work piece surfaces using a grinding belt
Variable pressure plate CMP carrier
Polishing apparatus
Submerge chemical-mechanical polishing
Chemical mechanical polishing methods
Apparatus and methods for conditioning polishing pads in mechanical and/or chemical-mechanical planarization of microelectronic-device substrate assemblies
Method for using recycled aluminum oxide ceramics in industrial applications
Method and apparatus for increasing-chemical-polishing selectivity
Metal-resis bond grindstone and method for manufacturing the same
Combination lens edger, polisher, and safety beveler, tool therefor, and use thereof
Chemical mechanical polishing tool components with improved corrosion resistance
Vacuum chuck for holding thin sheet material
Method of making composite ratchet wrench
Ergonomic mop method
Method of making engineered mouldings
Method for providing more uniform density in the manufacture of lightweight structural fiberboard panels
Outer-diameter blade, inner-diameter blade, core drill and processing machines using same ones
Method and apparatus for making an extrusion product, and an extrusion product
Extrusion method, extruder and extruded product
Low pressure injection molding of metal and ceramic powders using soft tooling
Tire assembling and vulcanization
Apparatus and method for forming micro spike liners and a micro spike liner formed thereby
Method for injection molding of plastic products having excellent transcription properties
Injection molding form and process for producing hollow parts
Method for producing molded article of thermoplastic resin
Resonating injection molding machine and process for its operation
Method for forming multilayer sheets and extrusion die therefor
Method and apparatus for producing open containers from foam sheeting
Method of producing a wound insulating pipe
Vehicle assembly line-side heat activation of a "ready-to-install" window fixing adhesive for attachment of a vehicle window to a vehicle
Process for fiberglass molding using a vacuum
Tire configuration control method, holding apparatus for post cure inflation, and post cure inflation apparatus
Cutting, scoring and perforating die set and method
Cushioning conversion machine
Bevel bonding method
Support device for a computer mouse
Acoustic liner manufacture
Zwitter-ion and ionene golf ball forming compositions and methods
Erasable image forming material
Method of placing markings on a polymer plastic grave marker
Electroluminescent sign
Device for locking and unlocking two mechanical members by means of a bistable elastic element
Medium/heavy duty motor-vehicle tires provided with a tread of the universal type
Motor-vehicle heating and/or air-conditioning device, with compact motor-driven fan unit
Transfer case with four-wheel underdrive operating mode
Control device for hybrid vehicle and method thereof
Air return bulkhead
Bicycle derailleur system with integral flexible seal to protect moving parts from contaminants
Method for the manufacture of a thin film actuated mirror array
Method of producing a thin-film platinum temperature-sensitive resistor for a thin-film microstructure sensor
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Stabilized liquid lime dispersion for sewage treatment
Iron (III)-doped calcium alginate gel sorbents for sorption of arsenate and selenite
Method for treatment of substantially aqueous fluids derived from processing inorganic materials
Process for treating metal-containing acid water
Aerobic biodegradable waste treatment system for large scale animal husbandry operations
Device for chemically etching a fiber probe
Fiber reinforced cellular concrete
Crosslinked cyclohexane derivatives, and liquid-crystalline medium
Method of producing fluorinated compounds
Compositions for dyeing keratin fibers containing para-aminophenols, dyeing process, and para -aminophenols
Compounds useful for perhalogenoalkylation, reagent for implementing these compounds and synthesis method for obtaining these compounds
Process for cleaning bisphenol crystallizer
Process for the treatment of cellulose fibres
[Pyrrole]naphthopyranes, their preparation, and compositions and (co)polymer matrices containing them
Low MFT and high Tg , internally plasticizing, and low voc latex compositions
Process for producing granulated polytetrafluoroethylene powder
Coating composition comprising polyacetoacetate, crosslinker and organosilane
Performance grade asphalt and methods
Yellow reactive dye composition
Ink, color filter, liquid crystal panel, and computer, and process for producing color filter
Process for improving dried film resistivity of a chemically modified carbon black dispersion
Water proof chalk line compositions for use with chalk line devices
Luminescent compound for controlling traveling and method for controlling traveling using the same
Microencapsulated liquid crystal having multidomains induced by the polymer network and method
Aqueous ammonia corrosion inhibitor
Extended engine coolant lifetime through polymeric polycarboxylate secondary silicate stabilization
Conversion of heavy hydrocarbon to aromatics and light olefins
Cold flow improvers for distillate fuel compositions
Pour point depression of heavy cut methyl esters via alkyl methacrylate copolymer
Fuel composition containing an amine compound and an ester
Fire enhancement system
Method for reducing iron ore in a blast furnace
Laser peening at elevated temperatures
Method for heat-treating steel or cast iron components
Steel for induction quenching and machinery structural parts using the same
Pipeline distribution network systems for transportation of liquefied natural gas
Continuous forming method for TI/TIN film
Sputtering device for coating an essentially flat disk-shaped substrate
Aerosol assisted chemical cleaning method
Wafer support system
Ferroelectric thin films and solutions: compositions
Apparatus for application of a chemical process on a component surface
Method of chemical milling
Electrochemical conversion of anhydrous hydrogen halide to halogen gas using an electrochemical cell
Electrolytic process for producing chlorine dioxide
Method for shutting down an electrolysis cell with a membrane and an oxygen-reducing cathode
Methods of fabricating display screens using electrophoretic deposition
Apparatus and method for selective electrolytic metallization/deposition utilizing a fluid head
Pulse reverse electrodeposition for metallization and planarization of a semiconductor substrates
Process of reworking pin grid array chip carriers
Electropolishing apparatus and method
Electrolytic cleaning of conductive bodies
Method of controlling growth of a semiconductor crystal to automatically transition from taper growth to target diameter growth
Device and a process for monitoring a melt for the production of crystals
Cable assembly for crystal puller
Atomic layer deposition with nitrate containing precursors
Textiles; Paper
Heat setting a tow of synthetic fibers using high pressure dewatering nip
Process for preparing a mineral fibre element comprising a surface coating
Shrink-proof treatment of cellulosic fiber textile
Method for the continuous cooking of pulp in a digester system having a top separator
Method and device for paper web manufacturing
Process for setting a uniform characteristic cross-direction profile for a paper web
Method for regulating basis weight of paper or board in a paper or board machine
Decorative formation of tissue
Device for fastening a roll to a frame of a paper machine
Pressure processing roll
Hydrophilic, humectant, soft, pliable, absorbent paper having wet strength agents
Fixed Constructions
Method for manufacturing an airtight cell for enclosing switching apparatus
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Hydraulic machine
Hardened steel pin, pin and washer fastener, washer for fastener, and pin-making method
Drilling motor coupler
Constant velocity joint
Flexible coupling
Universal joint
Cardan-type joint including supportive compression bars
Method of manufacturing a flat friction ring
Phased continuously variable transmission chain with asymmetrical guide link and modified strut location
Continuously variable transmission apparatus
Transmission with variable ratio utilizing three planetaries, five members, a variable speed pump, and a variable speed motor and associated method for operatively connecting components associated therewith
Support structure for rotation speed sensors
Lubricating mechanism of toroidal continuously variable transmission
Operating apparatus for use in connection with a dual-mode transmission
Hydraulic tensioner
Safety ceiling vent
Damper flap and duct connector assembly
Light activated exhaust fan
Venting apparatus
convertible air and water toy gun
Twisted nock and feather system for archery arrows
Arrow for a crossbow or bow
Scope tester
Solid electrolyte sensor for measuring gaseous anhydrides
Electrophoresis gel container apparatus and method of use thereof
Electrophoresis gels
Method and apparatus for mass injection of sample
Synthetic particles as agglutination reagents
Fluid sample distriution system for test device
Optical single crystal film process for producing the same and optical element comprising the same
Processing system and method for making spherical shaped semiconductor integrated circuits
Method and apparatus for controlling the quality of a photoresist stripper bath
Electronic amusement device and method for enhanced slot machine play
Thin electronic circuit component and method and apparatus for producing the same
Method and apparatus for securing a computer-based game of chance
Image generating device, method thereof, game device and storage medium
Gaming machine with bonus mode
Ornamental liquid color box
Control of the surface roughness of magnetic disk
Organomineral decontamination gel and use thereof for surface decontamination
Nuclear waste separator
Electronically-conductive polymers
Stable magnetorheological fluids
Hermetically-sealed inductively-coupled plasma source structure and method of use
Inductively coupled plasma downstream strip module
Brim and gas escape for non-contact wafer holder
Single ended quartz projection lamp
Multiple station apparatus for liquid source fabrication of thin films
Modular semiconductor workpiece processing tool
Conveying unit and substrate processing unit
Method of manufacture of insulation for use in stator slot wedges
Method of forming a via in a substrate
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