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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Plant UDP-glucose epimerases
Soybean variety XB11F04
Anti-tumor composition
Esters of 5-aminolevulinic acid and their use as photosensitizing compounds in photochemotherapy
C7 carbonate taxane compositions
Method of inhibiting lipofibroblast to myofibroblast transdifferentiation
Antagonists of MCP-1 function and methods of use thereof
C(14) estrogenic compounds
Method of stimulation hair growth
Plant extracts and alkaloids having antitussive activity
Multi-layer golf ball with a thin, castable outer layer
Performing Operations; Transporting
Composition for scavenging sulfur compounds from fluids
Doped titanium oxides
Epoxy resin composition, surface treatment method, liquid-jet recording head and liquid-jet recording apparatus
Hand-held laser welder remote control console
Method for developing multilayer imageable elements
Vehicle rearview mirror system with protocol detection
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Process for the production of 1,5-dinitronaphthalene
Modafinil polymorphic forms
Process and intermediates for the preparation of 3-(amino)-3-cyclobutylmethyl-2-hydroxy-propionamide or salts thereof
Control of CO.sub.2 emissions from a fischer-tropsch facility by use of dual functional syngas conversion
Process for the production of sulfonic esters
Method for producing bisphenol catalysts and bisphenols
Felxible method for the common production of formic acid, a carboxylic acid having at least two carbon atoms, and/or the derivatives of the same
Fluorine-containing cyclic esters, fluorine-containing cyclic alcohols, and their production processes
Crystal forms of atorvastatin hemi-calcium and processes for their preparation as well as novel processes for preparing other forms
Process for preparing phosphites and transition metal complexes
Metal complexes produced by Maillard Reaction products
Method for sulphonylating a hydroxylated organic compound
Highly sulfated derivatives of K5 polysaccharide and their preparation
Antibody having a T-cell receptor-like specificity, yet higher affinity, and the use of same in the detection and treatment of cancer, viral infection and autoimmune disease
Recovery of antimony catalyst residues from bromination reaction mixtures
Alpha-olefin/propylene copolymers and their use
Alpha-olefin/propylene copolymers and their use
Cyclic olefin addition copolymer and process for producing same, crosslinking composition, crosslinked product and process for producing same, and optically transparent material and application thereof
Water-absorbent agent, method for production thereof, and water-absorbent composition
One-part polyurethane resin composition, method of preparing the same, and method of preparing a paint composition having the same
Method for making amine-terminated polyarylene polyethers
Compositions of crosslinkable polyurethanes
Niobium based paints and coatings, its oxides and anticorrosive use
Highly active .beta.-nucleating additive for polypropylene
Toner binder and process for producing the same
Coating compositions
Fatty acids, soaps, surfactant systems, and consumer products based thereon
Process for preparing detergent compositions having high bulk density
Damp cleansing wipe
Biological control of postharvest decay of fruit using strains of Metschnikowia species
Hyaluronan synthase gene and uses thereof
Process for in vitro creation of recombinant polynucleotide sequences by oriented ligation
Mutant carbamoylphosphate synthetase and method for producing compounds derived from carbamoylphosphate
Spatially directed ejection of cells from a carrier fluid
Procedure for the determination of triglyceride contained in low density lipoprotein
Management system, apparatus, and method, exposure apparatus, and control method therefor
Position detecting method and apparatus, exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
Dual-differential interferometry for silicon device damage detection
Wavelength determining apparatus and method
Birefringent Mach-Zehnder interferometer
Laser processing method and apparatus
Method for classifying and arranging metallic paint colors
Beam splitting apparatus, transmittance measurement apparatus, and exposure apparatus
Real-time infrared chemical imaging spectroscopic apparatus
Birefringence measurement of large-format samples
Sensor utilizing attenuated total reflection
Optical array device and methods of use thereof for screening, analysis and manipulation of particles
Material characterization system
Arrangement for testing battery while under load and charging
Light-controlled electrokinetic assembly of particles near surfaces
Temperature adjustment apparatus, exposure apparatus having the same, and device fabricating method
Multiple voltage level detection circuit
LSI testing apparatus for testing an electronic device
Test apparatus for testing integrated modules and method for operating a test apparatus
Circuit and method for determining at least one voltage, current and/or power value for an integrated circuit
Object detecting device
Radar altimeter
Method for analyzing MRI diffusion data
Method for determining an acceleration factor of a parallel image acquisition in magnetic resonance imaging
Precision optical wedge light beam scanner
Display apparatus with a multi-layer absorption, conduction and protection film
Optical attentuator system
Lens barrel having cam-cylinder with cam-groove and varying wall thickness, lens barrel having guide-cylinder with varying wall thickness, and lens barrel having the cam-cylinder and the guide-cylinder
Zoom lens and imaging device
Optical element, optical deflection element, optical multiplexing element, and scanning apparatus
Color combining optical system, projection-type display optical system, projection-type image display apparatus, and image display system
Production method of microlens array, liquid crystal display device and production method thereof, and projector
Projection display system using a diffuse reflecting polarizer
Imaging lens system
Lens system and optical device having the same
Liquid crystal display device
Backlighting system for an LCD
Electro-optic lens having multiple responsive regions of a variable degree of light transmission, method of fabrication thereof and method of operation thereof
Light reflector and a liquid crystal display device
Transflective LCD device
Liquid crystal display device
Electrochromic display device and electrodeposition-type display device
Scanning exposure apparatus
Exposure apparatus and method
Positioning apparatus and method for manufacturing same
Biometric keyless entry system
Method and apparatus for trimming current limit and frequency to maintain a constant maximum power
Safety barrier for limiting current and voltage
Image processing apparatus and method of same
Print engine/controller with half-toner/compositor
Image processing apparatus, a reader controller, and a method for controlling the reader controller
Method and system for online creation and ordering of customized material for printing
Method, data structure and apparatus for identifying resources prior to printing
Image processing apparatus and method
Arrangement in a pulse amplifier
Method and apparatus for improving page description language (PDL) efficiency by recognition and removal of redundant constructs
Bookmarking and placemarking a displayed document in a computer system
Driving device and information processing device for a data storage medium
Active region determination for line generation in regionalized rasterizer displays
Graphics plotting apparatus
Combined sensor
Test device and test module
Brightness adjusting apparatus of reflective type liquid crystal display device and program of game machine
Signal dividing circuit and semiconductor device
Information processing apparatus, program and coordinate input method
Peripheral device of a programmable controller and monitoring method of the peripheral device
Theme aware management using fusion
System and method for dynamic control of file size
System and method for providing vector editing of bitmap images
Method for color management on a display device
Keyboard musical instrument equipped with automatic top board spacer
Automatic player musical instrument for exactly reproducing performance and automatic player incorporated therein
Disk drive using servo in data technique
Linear sliding tape scanner and method for using same
Using an external spiral servo writer to write spiral reference patterns to a disk to facilitate writing product servo bursts to the disk
Method for nonsequentially writing reference spiral servo patterns to a disk to compensate for disk expansion
Method for reducing disk thermal expansion effects while writing reference spiral servo patterns to a disk of a disk drive
Methods for limiting channel control values to thereby improve servo-demodulation robustness
Method and apparatus for measuring magnetic write width of magnetic head using burst pattern
Method and apparatus for determining modulated, amplitude ramping RRO harmonics in multi-screw clamped HDD disk/spind assembly
Apparatus and method for image optimization of samples in a scanning electron microscope
Gapped amorphous metal-based magnetic core
Multi-purpose condensate switch
Plastic pan float switch and mounting system assembly
Switch and method for manufacturing the same
Torque motor
Electron-emitting device and image display apparatus using the same
Thin film transistor, organic electroluminescence display device and manufacturing method of the same
Halogen lamp with infrared reflective coating and halogen lamp with reflecting mirror and infrared reflective coating
Restricted getter
Plasma display panel
Electron beam source and electron beam exposure apparatus employing the electron beam source
Method and apparatus for aerodynamic ion focusing
MFIS ferroelectric memory array on SOI and method of making same
Method for fabricating semiconductor laser element and the same laser element
Compound semiconductor, method for producing the same, semiconductor light-emitting device and method for fabricating the same
Micro-machined electromechanical system (MEMS) accelerometer device having arcuately shaped flexures
Solid-state electric device
Method of forming a high-voltage/high-power die package
Method for manufacturing a semiconductor thin film
Method of plating nonconductor product
Integration of ultra low K dielectric in a semiconductor fabrication process
Method and apparatus for removing material from chamber and wafer surfaces by high temperature hydrogen-containing plasma
Method and apparatus for forming improved metal interconnects
Chemical processing method, and method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Method of fabricating semiconductor device
Gapfill process using a combination of spin-on-glass deposition and chemical vapor deposition techniques
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Stacked type semiconductor device
Method and system for providing backside voltage contrast for silicon on insulator devices
Method for forming a semiconductor structure with improved smaller forward voltage loss and higher blocking capability
Manufacturing method of thin film transistor
Rectification chip terminal structure
Stacked land grid array package
Socket and package power/ground bar apparatus that increases current carrying capacity resulting in higher IC power delivery
Using external radiators with electroosmotic pumps for cooling integrated circuits
High performance multi-chip flip chip package
Dual-damascene interconnects without an etch stop layer by alternating ILDs
Electroless nickel immersion gold semiconductor flip chip package
Semiconductor package with crossing conductor assembly and method of manufacture
Multi-level conductive lines with reduced pitch
Semiconductor-on-insulator constructions
Integrated semiconductor memory with a selection transistor formed at a ridge
Semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor storage device
Gallium nitride based compound semiconductor light-emitting device
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device for power MOS transistor module
Semiconductor memory with vertical charge-trapping memory cells and fabrication
Semiconductor photodetector with internal reflector
Photodetector integratable light coupling apparatus
Amplifying solid-state image pickup device
Photo-responsive organic field effect transistor
Electronic phase shifter with enhanced phase shift performance
Multi-band multi-layered chip antenna using double coupling feeding
Microstrip line type planar array antenna
Dielectric substrate with selectively controlled effective permittivity and loss tangent
Antenna with dynamically variable operating band
Wireless communication method and antenna system for determining direction of arrival information to form a three-dimensional beam used by a transceiver
Calibration method and radio apparatus
Antenna device commonly used for two frequencies
Optical transmission systems including optical amplifiers and methods of use therein
Apparatus and method for gain-spectrum-tilt compensation in long-wavelength band dispersion-compensating hybrid fiber amplifier
Double pass optical amplifier with unidirectional compensation of chromatic dispersion and obstruction of backscattering
Junction box assembly with connectivity assurance
Generator control circuit having alarm controller
Liquid cooling arrangement for electric machines
Wind-driven power station
Voltage-controlled oscillator having a bandpass filter
Multiplier circuit with offset compensation and quadricorrelator
Circuits and methods of temperature compensation for refresh oscillator
IGFET and tuning circuit
Adjustable transmission line stub including a conductive fluid
Method for configuring button keys on a membrane
Input apparatus using multidimensional electrodes to define key functions and the encoding method thereof
Speech synthesizer
Image reading system, image reading apparatus, information processing apparatus, control method of image reading apparatus, control method of information processing apparatus and computer readable storage medium
Electrophotographic apparatus and electrophotograph image processing method
Image reading apparatus and method of setting reading position
Method and apparatus for driving plasma display panel
Method and apparatus to measure video quality on any display device with any image size starting from a know display type and size
Fully integrated solid state imager and camera display
Solid-state image pickup apparatus, its driving method, and camera system
Integrated enclosure for video surveillance camera
Image-capture apparatus including light-guiding element having inclined surface
Optical apparatus including image pick-up device and interchangeable lens with controller for controlling change of aperture
Apparatus for correction based upon detecting a camera shaking
Method and device for focusing a camera utilizing filters contained in a processor
System for controlling video and motion picture cameras
Image pickup apparatus having plural pixels arranged two-dimensionally, and selective addition of different pixel color signals to control spatial color arrangement
Digital camera with a plurality of media for recording captured images
Electronic endoscope apparatus adaptable to endoscopes equipped with imaging device with different pixel density
Imaging apparatus
Method and apparatus for high-speed broadband illuminant discrimination
Wafer bake system and method for operating the same
Light emitting device
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Easy lift levered shovel
Device for stabilizing the two lower steering arms of a tractor
Terrain following hitch
Feed mixer having third auger and method for using
Fish attracting or repelling device comprising diode array
Dripping object holder
Capture bag
Dental jewelry
Electric toothbrush and method combining bristle and pulsed liquid irrigation cleansing to oral cavity
Adjustable book holder
Panel fastening system for modular office furniture
Universal cantilever support bracket
Automatic piston lock mechanism
Mounting receptacle for records and cassettes
Portable easel with adjustable board support
Drawer light fixture for those having vision difficulties
Folding trailer with bed support mechanism operated from a standing position
Ergonomic arm support
Office chair armrest device
Collapsible fishing chair with detachable floats
Tailgate seat
Child support device with slidable seat element
Apparatus for creating an ornamental lighting display
Zero clearance bracket and headrail
Nighttime toilet seat position indicator
Method for testing visual function capable of guaranteeing validity thereof
X-ray diagnostic apparatus with a beam transmitter and beam receiver mounted opposite one another on a curved holder
Dental magnetic attachment and its fixing method including spacer
Dental prophylaxis angle
Backflow prevention system in suctioning apparatus
Pellet-forming mold for dental filling materials
Method of and apparatus for ligating orthodontic appliances
Orthodontic elastomeric ligature with slippery coating and method of making same
Implant delivery system
Set of dental implants and dental implant used therefor
Alignment system for splicing of polarization-maintaining single mode optical fiber
Device for facilitating the loading of stretcher undercarriages into ambulances
Wheelchair docking device
Ramp assembly with lifting levers
Power safety barrier for wheelchair lift
Chair for handicapped individuals
Incline anti-rollback system for wheelchairs
Bubble humidifier with valve inlet for supplying liquid therein
Miniature peristaltic pump
Apparatus for making resilient handle grips
Step-in snowboard binding
Multiple blade skate
Safety athletic pole
Pole for skiing and trekking
Metal sports board
Safety rotatable snowboard boot binding
Card game and method of play
Protective housing for discarded playing cards
Method of playing chess
Folding board game having pop-up features
System for administering an interactive transaction in a lottery game
Drop slot game machine
Slot-type gaming machine with variable drop zone symbols
Three-dimensional maze game
Puzzle toy
Puzzle and method of assembly
Performing Operations; Transporting
Spray tower for cooling, moistening and/or purifying gas
Multiple component in-line paint mixing system
Method and apparatus for controlled mixing of fluids
Module forming part of a static mixer arrangement for a plastically flowable material to be mixed having a critical dwell time
Fender spray shield
Spherical eductor atomizer
Tool for rebuilding housing of transfer cases
Rivet drill-out guide
Indexable milling insert
Method of forming a drive surface on an eccentric pin
Slotted component and method of manufacture thereof
Abradable seal having a cut pattern
Workpiece support device
Column and Z-axis slide mounting arrangement for a vertical cutting metal-working machine
Parallel mechanism machining device
Flower like rosette cutting device
Workpiece clamping tool
Work device and its moveable claw
Tool combination with an ilumination device
Apparatus for supporting a sheet material along its peripheral edges
Mounting apparatus for electronic parts
Removable side wall system for a casting mould
Cutting drum with percussive bits
Apparatus for manufacturing a rubber-metal plate composite
Clamping apparatus for a tiebarless injection moulding machine
Apparatus for deploying an airbag through a hard panel
Hot runner coinjection distributor block arrangement
Injection molding apparatus having mold cores with reverse taper
Sliding ring non-return valve
Apparatus for embossing paint rollers
Sleeve for receiving a sensor, connected to the bumper of an automobile
Contact lenses bearing marks
Apparatus for filling the cavities of cells and laminated substrates with a fluid
Apparatus and method using ultrasonic energy to fix ink to print media
Method and apparatus for printing on gelatin coated media
Continuous ink jet system having non-circular orifices
Ink jet recording apparatus
Ink jetting device having metal electrodes with minimal electrical connections
Liquid jet recording method and apparatus and recording head therefor
Hydroxyalkylated high performance curable polymers
Independent servicing of multiple inkjet printheads
Print head capping device having an inclined cap
Method of exchanging waste ink pack of ink jet recording apparatus
Ink jet recording apparatus and waste ink tank thereof
Printing system with air accumulation control means enabling a semipermanent printhead without air purge
Liquid container for an ink jet recording apparatus
Ink jet cartridge, ink jet apparatus and ink container
Electrical and fluidic interface for an ink supply
Ink-jet recording device and pump used therein
Liquid collection
Carriage random vibration
Apparatus and method for enhancing image resolution using multi-level data generated by halftone processor
Image forming apparatus having a control electrode support structure for fine adjustment of the control electrode in a region of the gates
Printer head device and printer image processing system having the same
Method of compensating for the failure of a dot generating unit in a printing system
Dot recording method and dot recording device
Print engine chassis for supporting a vacuum imaging drum
Ink aerosol control for large format printer
Modular printer
Method, apparatus, and program for printing using modified print attributes
Dual technology printer
Special service mailing assembly with label, tracking area and receipt and a method for preparing a mailpiece for delivery
Card including instructions for making a product and method of making such card
Label having an invisible bar code applied thereon
Protective notebook
Bolt action ring binder assembly
Side-knock type mechanical pencil
Double chuck type mechanical pencil
Writing implement having an ergonomic grip
Writing implement
Sealing device for bearing arrangements and arrangement for sealing of a bearing device
Transportable container
Nestable flat bed cart
Suspension for stroller
Ball hitch with lock assembly
Bumper for utility vehicle
Stowable ball mount trailer hitch
Independent suspension system with improved vertical alignment and range of travel
Structure for supporting fluid pressure cylinders used to control pivoting of vehicle axles
Air suspension override system
Anti-jacking leveling valve
Self-pumping hydropneumatic shock strut with internal level regulation
Shock absorbing elastic block and shock absorber using the same
Body protector assembly for a vehicle
Visor with pivoting vanity mirror assembly
Tailgate of car
Sport-utility vehicle top
Vehicle fluid tank
Vehicle impact responsive multiple bladder seating and headrest system and method
Sliding console system
Storage structure for head rest
Combination air spring and shock absorber
Seat device for a vehicle
Boat trailer carrier for over car dolly
Illuminated car locator
Plastic rearview mirror mount
Apparatus for use in mounting a tubular structure on a vehicle fender
Vehicle mounted storage unit
Device for transforming the interior of a van or a sport utility vehicle into a work vehicle
Cabling arrangement intended for motorized vehicle and similar
Damped crash attenuator
System and method for sensing vehicle door edge movement
Energy absorbing structure of vehicular door
Inflatable knee bolster
Safety device for an airbag-system
Method of folding air bag
Inflatable curtain with two inflatable members
Variable output air bag module with PAV heat sink
Seat belt usage indicating system
Seat belt adjuster
Adjustable running board
Tool box and top cover for truck box
Annular sealing element
Control system for a vehicle braking system
Braking control system for vehicle
Braking system
Quick assembling and disassembling device
Method of detecting temperature of brake fluid and method of controlling brake fluid pressure
Coefficient of friction peak estimation apparatus
Control apparatus for a brake system
Compensator assembly in a hydraulic control unit for vehicular brake systems
Electronic braking-force-distribution method
Method for operating an electromechanical brake system
Reversible portable winch with bidirectional ratchet teeth
Bucket-transport wheelbarrow
Busing cart
Nestable platter cart
Mobile carrier for augmentative communication device
File cabinet dolly with open frame
Automotive vehicle body structure demonstrating a controlled reaction load
Assembly of interior parts at front portion of automobile
Automobile body frame
Vehicle steering mechanism
Plastic bed liner retainer for a pickup truck
Adaptor structure for towing a trailer having a pintle eye behind a truck having a fifth wheel mount
System for automatically controlling weight distribution among truck axles
Track assembly for a wheeled vehicle
Crawler undercarriage
Track belt for snowmobile
Traction stud for a snowmobile belt made of a non-metal material
Tractor stand
Adjustable height seat support
Motorcycle fairing
Bicycle rear suspension system providing relative rearward motion of rear axle
Four-wheel, human powered cycle
Break away counter weight assembly with neutralizing buoyancy offset for diver's safety
Life jacket having deployable balloon
Integrated external electric drive propulsion module arrangement for surface ships
Centrifugal air flow control
Gyroplane rotor with double-plate hub and external pitch control
Aeroplane cabin lighting arrangement
Transport cradle for a skid-supported helicopter
Apparatus for releasably connecting first and second structures together
Front opening container latch
Method and apparatus for securing a crate fastener to a crate panel
Composite container for liquids
Trash container transporting system
Escrow storage device
Article feeding apparatus
Cart loading system and method for library-like materials
Adjustable reclaiming device for moving bulk material
Device for feeding blanks on a packing machine
Paper discharging mechanism for an image processing apparatus
Sheet-size and stacking direction adjustable accumulator with removable ramps and method
Apparatus and method for sorting mail
Feeder apparatus for documents and the like
Arrangement for depositing sheets output by an office machine
Gripper arm assembly
Apparatus for removal of vault lids and other heavy covers
Manhole cover removing tool
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Electrochromic element
Textiles; Paper
Corrugating joint and syphon system
System for finishing surface of a web of paper having an improved continuous finishing belt
Fixed Constructions
Two-stage paving screed extension
Screeding apparatus
Attachable road cutting apparatus
Inertial barrier module
Crash barrier and barrier elements
Culvert end guard
Drilling vessel with moveable substructure
Sliding-resistant bottom-founded offshore structures
Material handling assembly for machines and thumb assembly thereof
Electronic faucet
Pump totalizer system
Duct hanger device
Process for using an illuminating box to assist in installing tile
Fence system
Over-center toggle latch with integral safety switch
Fold-down handle device
Fastening plate for a metal fitting means, preferably to fasten a hinge arm to a supporting wall of a piece of furniture
Downhole packer with element extrusion-limiting device
Miner guidance using laser and image analysis
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Single piece yoke stroking device for bent axis type hydraulic pumps and variable motors
Vane pump
Entrapped separator plate for scroll compressor
Rotary machine
Variable geometry turbine
Shrink ring for turbine with bleeding
Method of transporting a steam turbine and a device for aiding the transportation of a steam turbine
Steam turbine
Shut-off device for pipes
Carburetor throttle and choke control mechanism
Diaphragm-type carburetor
Electric fuel pump which is self-filling at low fuel levels in a fuel tank
Reciprocating pumps with linear motor driver
Oscillation-type compressor
Valve arrangement at the discharge chamber of a variable displacement compressor
Compressor intercooler unloader arrangement
Closed-typed electrically-driven compressor
Displacement pump of the diaphragm type having fixed geometry flow control means
Submersible pump controller for differentiating fluids
Hydraulic alternating volumetric pumping system
Fluid flow device with improved cooling system and method for cooling a vacuum pump
Fluid pump
Capacity modulation for scroll compressors
Scroll compressor with structure for preventing reverse rotation
Rubber impeller pump
Method to control out pumping from a sewage pump station
Assembly for suspending an object from a surface
Electric fan apparatus, connector connection structure, and intermediate terminal
Illuminated controls for air moving products
Fluid compressor with airflow manifold that includes means for discharging particulated matter from the compressor and method
Hermetically sealed pump with non-wetted motor
Blower wheel with center disc having roughened blade engaging surface
Centrifugal compressor and diffuser for centrifugal compressor
Toggle bolt assembly with bolt centering spacer
Calibrated gusset plate
Component retaining legs
Wedge plug tubing connector
Expansion joint for thermoplastic rail systems
Locking gimbal ring assembly
Method for monitoring and controlling the operation of rotary drums borne on sliding blocks and a sliding block bearing therefor
Temperature indicator for a semi-fluid synthetic grease filled axle
Linear bearing
Linear motion guide apparatus employing a roller train
Linear guide device
Slide bearing having a bearing block and a bearing cap
Rolling bearing
Cylindrical roller bearing
Shaft coupling with axial alignment
High energy spring for vibratory devices
Valve seal structured to prevent circumferential slippage
Fluid control assembly with flange spacer
Duct system and method
Tube joint
Machine and method for preventing flange leakage
Device for coupling an appliance to a cartridge of pressurized fluid
Rotationally orientable fluid handling devices
Compact low-profile camera device
Air pump moisture damage protection system for an article display case
Reconfigurable decorative star apparatus
Low-temperature theatrical lighting system
Lamp for vehicle
Lighting apparatus
Structure of water drain in vehicle lamp
Battery operated picture light
Swing arm lamp with display unit
Lighting assembly having above water and underwater operational capabilities
Accessory reflector unit for reflector lamps and illumination system using the reflector unit
Increased efficiency light fixture, reflector, and method
Combustion assembly for a furnace and method of use
Candle having reconfigurable shape
Rotary burner for solid fuel
Method and apparatus to restrain objects
Continuous on-line smokeless bake-out process for a rotary oxidizer
Radiation thermometer and method for adjusting the same
Method of junction temperature determination and control utilizing heat flow
X-ray apparatus with elements for automatically precisely positioning components relative to one another during assembly
Wheel bearing assembly with integral sensor element for detecting rotary or angular movements
Thermopile sensor for radiation thermometer or motion detector
Attachment structure of semiconductor device socket
Reflecting mirror and film and television receiver
Overmolded fiber optic connector ferrule capillary having octagonal collar
Fiber optic connector
Connector for a fiber optic cable
Fiber optic lighting system connector coupling medium
Splice module for use in fiber optic cable alignment and splicing devices
Optical subassembly for use in fiber optic data transmission and reception
Interchangeable miniature-film magazine
Holder for dental sensors
System and method for notifying itinerants of film development
Photosensitive material processing apparatus
Substrate processing apparatus and substrate processing method
Original carrying apparatus for scanning original being moved
Manual control device for a watch
Crown switching mechanism
Method for communicating with a portable data medium
Method and apparatus for a progressive jackpot determinant
Toilet training system
Linerless postage stamps with cancellation ink absorbing particles
Vertical media storage system
Lamp and method of producing same
Positioning apparatus for substrates to be processed
Particulate objects conveying apparatus for conveying particles of a predetermined size
Multi-tap pad mount connector
Connector for battery terminal post
Lever action battery terminal apparatus
Card edge connector assembly with ejectors for linear installation/ejection and the associated printed circuit board for use therewith
Impedance controlled interconnection device
High-density electrical interconnect system
Device and method for protecting pins of an electrical component
Shielded electrical connector
Multi-port receptacle connector unit
Connector for engaging end region of circuit substrate
Flexible circuit connector
Electrical connector having slide clip attachment
Solderable metallized plastic contact
Electrical contact
Electrical connector
Electronic equipment with removable battery terminal
Spacer for modular jack assembly
Electrical connector
Waterproof connector and waterproof rubber member
Electrical connector having first and second connector members and locking structure therefor
Cable wafer connector with integrated strain relief
Strain relief system and method for securing cables to a carrier
Insulation displacement connection connector
Metal shield and cable arrangement for an electric connector
Electrical connector with a locking mechanism
Cable connector
Electrical connector with passive clip
Lever-type connector
Connector locking structure
Universal charge port connector for electric vehicles
Land grid array connector having a floating housing
Connector having a shielding member
Modular jack receptacle including a removable interface
Socket-type multipolar electrical connector
Coding arrangement
High frequency cable connector having low self-inductance ground return paths
Electrical connector with seizure screw
Reliably assembly for high density connector
Method and apparatus for capping and grounding an electrical connector to prevent leakage of electromagnetic interference
Connecting structure for interengaging metallic shielding members
High speed interface converter module
Grounding plate for orientationless squib connector assembly for automotive air bag assemblies
Electrical connector
Adapter for dual circuit track lighting system
Jack, reproducing apparatus and data communication system
Card connecting adapter
Apparatus and method for installing non-bridged telecommunication access lines
Conductor-connecting element for connecting electrical conductors to insulation-displacement contacts
Mobile phone connector and the art of assembly of contacts and a housing
Connector and a method for assembling the connector
Electrical connector with an o-ring
Cable inlet
Electrical connection box and a method for manufacturing such an electrical connection box
System and method for automatically delivering messages to a telecommunications device
High efficiency liquid crystal display projection system
Enhanced telecommunications cabinet assembly having movable wiring interconnect management tray removably supporting modular interconnect panels
Sucking pipette for picking up electric components
Terminal blades mounted on flexible substrates
Zif socket
Socket connector
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew
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