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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Excavation system and method
Wildlife feeder
Live animal trap
Apparatus and method for maintaining cooked food in a ready-to-use condition
Reclosable container and method of manufacture
Adjustable, reusable rigging
Precious stone ring
Hair styling attachment and hair styling device having such an attachment
Cosmetic product distribution case
Molded plastic mascara brush
Electric toothbrushes
Disposable cushioning systems
Configurable modular shower surround features
Shoulder support for shower accessories
Outsole grid cleaner
Central vacuum cleaner control, unit and system with contaminant sensor
Shunt barrier in pulse oximeter sensor
Medical examination table
Casket enclosure and methods for making and using the same
Lifting column with patient support table
Apparatus and method for non-invasively measuring caridac output
Trans-septal/trans-myocardial ventricular pacing lead
Performing Operations; Transporting
Repulsion ring
Apparatus for performing ground vibration tests on airplanes
Sampling apparatus and method
Reversible attachment mechanisms process
Double ballize camshaft assembly process
Method for precision casting of metallic components with thin passage ducts
Method of manufacturing a steering column
Well screen fabrication
Vehicle side glass setting apparatus
Two-section tool joint
Hand tool for engaging a push-lock fitting
Servo press line operation method and servo press line operation control device
Registering printing sleeve segments
Method for handling printing plates
System for coating a printing material with a fluid
Tire for heavy vehicle
Construction machine
Generator driving device, hybrid vehicle, and control method for generator driving device
Speed ratio shift control device for vehicle, proximate the steering wheel
Force assist arrangement for a slidable coupling
Fork with integrated braking system
Unmanned vehicle launch and recovery system
Collapsible catamaran
Adjustable filling and sealing apparatus
Apparatus and method for resorting piece goods assortments
Poly phase drive and drive controller system
Adjustable item transport
Actively regulated electromechanical controller for fork lift truck
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method for fabricating a glass substrate, magnetic disk, and method for fabricating the same
System of components for preparing oligonucleotides
Textiles; Paper
Device for maintaining the crimping of textile fibers or filaments during subsequent setting
Process for manufacturing a shaping camisole and garment made thereby
Embroidery data processing apparatus, embroidery sewing machine and computer-readable recording medium with recorded embroidery data processing program
Fixed Constructions
Reverse molded panel
Plank precision spacing device
Health booth
Variable shear line lock cylinder
Padlock with key retention or non-retention (and snap-lock) facility
Method and apparatus for securing equipment at a workstation
Actuating system and folding panel assembly
Hinge device
Automobile frontal collision location detection for coordinated activation of safety systems
Cutter geometry for increased bit life and bits incorporating the same
Centralizer for tubular elements
Dual point adjustable depth air sparging well system
Method of cementing using polymeric retarder
Casing make-up and running tool adapted for fluid and cement control
Phase-controlled well flow control and associated methods
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Bent axis dual yoke hydromodule
Camshaft having a tuned mass damper
System and method for determining a camshaft position in a variable valve timing engine
Electromagnet mounting and control system for a variable camshaft phaser containing magneto-rheological fluid
System of a fuel cell and an internal-combustion engine
Supercharged tube of a vehicle air intake structure
System and method for mode transition for a two-stage series sequential turbocharger
Fuel cooler
Intake manifold for an internal combustion engine provided with metallic reinforcement brackets for fastening the fuel common rail
Circuit arrangement and method for operating an injector arrangement
Plasma ignition device
Mooring of multiple arrays of buoy-like WECs
Hydraulic system having regeneration modulation
Compressor and/or expander device
Gear and electric power steering device
Accessory clips and mounting apparatus using same
Method for drying lumber, method of impregnating lumber with chemicals, and drying apparatus
Assault vehicle
Multiple dart blow gun projectile holder
Armored cab for vehicles
Trim installation square device
Relative range camera calibration
Unmapped terrain navigational system
Method and apparatus for determining vehicle operating conditions and providing a warning or intervention in response to the conditions
Pressure sensor element and pressure sensor
Tire action force detecting device
Seal section assembly mechanical face seal integrity verification tool
Container for accommodating media, and method for the production and verification of the leakproofness of said container
Process for conducting adherence tests for a coating on a substrate
Method and ultrasonic sensor for determining the height of objects disposed on a conveying device
Method of designing probe from polynucleotide group comprising plurality of polynucleotides
Capacitive sensor with stress relief that compensates for package stress
Methods and apparatus for extending semiconductor chip testing with boundary scan registers
Semiconductor integrated circuit having a number of data output pins capable of selectively providing output signals and test method thereof
Bird deterrent for sailboat
Control system and method of controlling an injection molding machine
Robot and multiple robot control method
Method of dynamic economic dispatch
Vehicle hand control apparatus
Information processing apparatus, power supply control method for plural information processing apparatuses, and storage medium therefore
System for controlling power to a system part using a control unit and wherein the power to the control unit is controlled using a power controller
Method of generating sinusoidal signal
Overclock detection
Method of providing a simulated off condition in a computing device wherein the device is able to run applications while in an off state
Method for controlling power supply to function modules selectively based on function modules necessary for predetermined program execution in mobile device
Identifying a code library from the subset of base pointers that caused a failure generating instruction to be executed
Simultaneously multithreaded processing and single event failure detection method
Digital data error insertion methods and apparatus
LDPC (Low Density Parity Check) coded modulation symbol decoding using non-Gray code maps for improved performance
System and method for data phase of memory and power efficient mechanism for fast table lookup
Method and apparatus to avoid collisions between row activate and column read or column write commands
Mostly concurrent garbage collection
System and method for sharing memory by heterogeneous processors
System and methods for accelerated data storage and retrieval
Method for software controllable dynamically lockable cache line replacement system
Apparatus and methods for reduction of coherent noise in a digital signal averager
Controlling method, computer system, and processing program of booting up a computer
Method and apparatus for increasing TCP/IP server responsiveness
Server-side control objects for processing client-side user interface elements
Network routing utilizing a product code
Iterative architecture for hierarchical scheduling
Machine post-launch configuration and option upgrade
User programming system using web server for private branch exchange
Method and apparatus for building metadata driven software development kit
Organizing, editing, and rendering digital ink
Manufacturing design and process analysis system
Language transference rule producing apparatus, language transferring apparatus method, and program recording medium
Authentication architecture
Geometric model database for use in ubiquitous computing
Impact checking technique
Electronic circuit designing method and apparatus, and storage medium
Method of implementing polishing uniformity and modifying layout data
Display program, display method and display device
Method and system for dynamically allocating computer system resources
System and method of adjusting display characteristics of a displayable data file using an ergonomic computer input device
Binary dependency database
Method of obfuscating computer instruction streams
Method and apparatus for efficient matrix multiplication in a direct sequence CDMA system
Combined trimming and skiving of stock
Computer programming language statement building and information tool with non obstructing passive assist window
Method and system for providing a virus-immune, rule-based cross-platform software system
Detecting termination and providing information related to termination of a computer system process
Circuit layout and semiconductor substrate for photosensitive chip
Methods and apparatus for scheduling operation of a data source
System and method for transmitting information regarding supplies and suppliers for image forming equipment
Enhancing utility and diversifying model risk in a portfolio optimization framework
Method and apparatus for implementing financial transactions
System and method for providing financial services to high net worth individuals
Display device and electronic appliance for use in combination therewith
Method and apparatus to prevent ghosting in a recycled road sign
Repeatably displaceable emanating element display
Handling of speech recognition in a declarative markup language
Structure of optical disc cartridge
Memory channel self test
Method for calculating power flow solution of a power transmission network that includes interline power flow controller (IPFC)
Method for a random-based decision-making process
Method and apparatus for encoding, transmitting and decoding a digital message
Authentication and security in wireless communication system
Method and system for authentication using infrastructureless certificates
Mobile entertainment and communication device
Folding information processor
Enhanced uplink rate selection by a communication device during soft handoff
Coding system and decoding system
Program guide system for recording television programs
Method and apparatus for managing personal cache in a wireless network
Timing method for mobile station in wireless communication system and related devices
Control method capable of reducing call dropped rate of mobile station in wireless communication system, control circuit and mobile station thereof
Method for enhanced short message service
Mobile station, base station, communications system, and communication method
Method for manufacturing a quartz crystal resonator, quartz crystal unit and quartz crystal oscillator
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Vehicle mounted travel surface and weather condition monitoring system
Device and method for automatic identification of sound patterns made by animals
Methods and apparatus for non-invasively identifying conditions of eggs via multi-wavelength spectral comparison
Wrist-carried information device
Electronic picture viewing apparatus
Method and system for determining pupiltary distant and element height
Color identifying device
Smaller electrolytic capacitors for implantable defibrillators
Performing Operations; Transporting
Manufacture of fluid ejection device
Calibration methods for placement machines incorporating on-head linescan sensing
Microlens array, method of manufacturing the same, and optical device and electronic apparatus using the same
Method and apparatus for display of imaging parameters
Method for setting quantity of light of light-emitting element array
Drive circuit and LED head incorporating the drive circuit
Exposure apparatus
Ideographic keyboard and method
Printable electrode structures for displays
Vehicle vent through an opening in a radio antenna base
Vehicle slide door power supply apparatus and method of supplying power to vehicle slide door
Child seat alarm
Electrochromic mirror
System and method for acquiring and displaying vehicular information
Electrochromic transparency incorporating security system
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Machine readable code to trigger data collection
Fixed Constructions
Method for the generation of an electrical signal sensor device for executing the method and the use of the sensor device
Security apparatus for electronic article surveillance tag
Portable computer with an unlatching member movable in either of two opposite directions to permit opening of a computer lid
Method and apparatus for suppressing drillstring vibrations
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Engine idling stop signal display apparatus
Electronic message delivery system
Device to take in fumes and cool the roof of electric furnaces
Optical position measuring device with a beam splitter
Loop powered radar rangefinder
Positionable multiple detector system for spectrophotomer, ellipsometer, polarimeter and systems, and methodology of use
Method and apparatus for optically scanning a vehicle wheel
Combination thermal wave and optical spectroscopy measurement system
Rheo-optical indexer and method of screening and characterizing arrays of materials
Measuring device for the quality control of printed products
Apparatus for spectroscopic analysis of a fluid medium by attenuated reflection
Apparatus and method for measuring spectral property of fluorescent sample
Bearing with wireless self-powered sensor unit
Method for measuring the velocity of particles in a fluid medium in motion
Multicolor display element
Apparatus and method for package level burn-in test in semiconductor device
Magnetic resistance element having four magnetization states and a magnetic device using the same
Determining location information using sampled data containing location-determining signals and noise
Immersion object detection system and method
Kinematic analysis of conically scanned environmental properties
High resolution 3-D imaging range finder
Each area automatic selection receiver for emergency radio signal
Position measurement system and method using cone math calibration
Low cost system built-in-test for CW radar
"On aircraft" elevation boresight correction procedure for the E-3 antenna
High reflection mirror
Digital camera optical system with field lens
Infrared optical system for infrared cameras
Image pickup system
Optical element and picture taking system including the optical element
Integrated optoelectronic devices having pop-up mirrors therein and methods of forming and operating same
Frequency tunable resonant scanner with auxiliary arms
Image pickup apparatus
Light-scanning optical system and image-forming apparatus using it
Multi-person stereo display system
Augmented retinal display with view tracking and data positioning
Head-mounted projection display system
Near field optical recording/reproducing device
Reflectors and transflectors
Polarization conversion system for projection displays resistant to damage from heat and light
Color light filter and process of manufacturing a color light filter
Free-space optical wavelength routing element based on stepwise controlled tilting mirrors
Wavelength selective cross-connect switch using a MEMS shutter array
Versatile optical switching for wavelength-division multiplexed system
Bi-directional wavelength-selective optical data apparatus
Light-switching device
Electrophoretic display device
Thin film ferroelectric light modulators
Traveling wave, linearized reflection modulator
Display unit for chip cards with folded sheet a method for manufacturing such a display unit
Liquid crystal display
Liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal display
Closed loop LCD heater system
Liquid crystal display device with low dispersion LC and high dispersion compensator
Liquid crystal display apparatus having liquid crystal display element immersed in cooling medium
Multilayer non metallic reflecting flakes for cosmetics and sunscreens
Liquid crystal cell for use in coherent beams
Color liquid crystal display device
Multiple light source color balancing system within a liquid crystal flat panel display
Liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal display panel having wide viewing angle and method of fabricating the same
CGA optical parametric oscillator
Optical system with reduced color shift
Video karaoke system and method of use
Microlithographic illumination system with depolarizer
Exposure apparatus and air-conditioning apparatus for use with exposure apparatus
Projection exposure device
Phase-shift-moire focus monitor
Position transducer and exposure apparatus with same
Referencing mechanism for an imaging apparatus
Communication device
Mobile wireless communication devices for receiving spread spectrum signals and methods therefor
HVAC network verification system
Method for controlling a multi-state process in a computer system
Method and apparatus for digital analysis and signal conditioning in a turbine generator silo combustor
Method and apparatus for extending processing mask/filtering, and displaying alarm information for a hierarchically categorizing alarm monitoring system
Semiconductor memory device and voltage level control method thereof
Smart cover for a handheld computer
Portable computer with detachable battery pack
Computer with exchangeable front bezel
Hot swap drawer assembly
Cage assembly for front service access and method of use
Processor power delivery system
Securing device and electronic appliance assembly applying the same
Method and system for sharing images using a digital media frame
Method and apparatus for implementing run-length compression
Method and system for three-dimensional topographical modeling
Capacitive position sensor
Key input device
Coordinate input apparatus operable with conductor such as finger and non-conductor such as pen
Coordinate data input apparatus, coordinate data input method, and storage medium storing coordinate information input program
Graphical user interface for selection of options within mutually exclusive subsets
Segmented gain controller
Virtual printer with asynchronous job and device status
System and method for persistence vector based rate assignment
Data processing apparatus capable of communicating with output apparatus and its data processing method
Programmable auditron for multifunctional printing system
Printing system, printing control method, data processing apparatus and method, and storage medium therefor
Chain of custody business form with automated wireless data logging feature
Method and apparatus for identification of objects
Bar code verification and printing system
System and method for preparing customized printed products over a communications network
Frame buffer memory for graphic processing
Data stream splitting and storage in graphics data processing
Static and dynamic video resizing
Multi-processor graphics accelerator
Method and apparatus to display objects in a computer system
Method of constructing three-dimensional image such as three-dimensional image obtained when internal parts are observed through a hole
Vision system computer modeling apparatus including interaction with real scenes with respect to perspective and spatial relationship as measured in real-time
Device for controlling quality of reproduction of motion picture and method for controlling the same
Method for animating 3-D computer generated characters
Numerical analysis mesh generating method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for adjusting the display scale of an image
Image enhancement method and apparatus for internet printing
Curve edition system, curve-loop detecting system, curve-loop removing system
Method and apparatus for truncated decoding
Video encoder and method for adjusting quantization step in real time
Vehicle detection system
Proximity card detection system
Remote control locator system
Programmable universal locating system
Panic alert for cellular telephone
Fire department station zoned alerting control system
Ultrasonic wireless pen position determination system and method
Remote control for interactive television
Device for informing a motor vehicle driver
Manuscript input data processing device
Targeted information display
Image display using wobbling
Display device
Active driving circuit for display panel
Method for using a spatial light modulator
Liquid crystal display device having an improved gray-scale voltage generating circuit
Liquid crystal display device
Data driving circuit for liquid crystal display
Display apparatus
Large-area, active-backlight display
Multiplexed display element sequential color LCD panel
Graphic method
Graphical user interface providing consistent behavior for the dragging and dropping of content objects
Method and apparatus for locking a plurality of display synchronization signals
Integrated circuit for graphics processing including configurable display interface and method therefore
Semiconductor device for display control
Digital sound-signal broadcaster
Apparatus and method for processing audio signals recorded on a medium
Barrel stave projector-stave attachment
Method and apparatus for high density recording of data on a disk, and recording medium produced thereby
Tape drive unit and recording medium
Mechanism for loading disk into disk drive apparatus with shifted oblique guiding surfaces
Disc clamp mechanism for disc apparatus
Dual head disk drive unit for differing recording densities
Device for encoding n-bit source words into corresponding m-bit channel words and decoding m-bit channel words into corresponding n-bit source words
Integrated-disk drive having an intelligent electronic circuit mounted as part of the disk
Over molded disc snubber
Hard diskdrive mobile rack cooling arrangement
Multi-dimensionally oriented magnetic field information storage system
Signal processing apparatus and signal processing method
Head media interface for stiction control
Contact planar magnetoresistive head
Apparatus, system and method for writing information onto magnetic media field of the invention
Narrow track resolution magneto-optic read head
Magnetic resistance effect type thin-film magnetic head and method for manufacturing the same
Inertial latch for mobile and small disc drives
Disk drive comprising a plastic molded crash stop with embedded magnet for latching an actuator arm
Latch for disc drives
Pitch and roll attitude control for sliders in a disk drive
Head lifter and method of operation
Head controlling device in a disk apparatus
Disk drive head suspension assembly with microactuator
Tape transfer with laterally moving head
Servo control method and information storage device
Head slider having pads that do not direct dust across the float patterns
Magneto-optic head with burnishing feature
Capped polymeric load/unload pads
Optical heads manufacturable in wafer form
Method and apparatus for writing data in a disk drive
Method and apparatus for determining the provenance of a data carrying disc
Hologram recording apparatus and method therefor
Optical recording medium having groove and land tracks, and method of manufacturing the same
Apparatus and method for accessing data tracks on an optical disk
Magnetic memory coincident thermal pulse data storage
Method of controlling a memory cell refresh circuit using charge sharing
Full stress open digit line memory device
Semiconductor device
Circuit configuration for an integrated semiconductor memory with column access
Semiconductor memory device capable of switching output data width
Semiconductor memory
Reduction of standby current
Semiconductor memory device having error correction function for data reading during refresh operation
Semiconductor storage device
Mixed mode multi-level indicator
Content addressable memory device with reduced power consumption
Method of adjusting program voltage in non-volatile memories, and process for fabricating a non-volatile memory device
Electronically rewritable non-volatile semiconductor memory device
Drain bias for non-volatile memory
Reading circuit for a memory cell
Sense amplifier circuit and method for nonvolatile memory devices
Architecture and scheme for a non-strobed read sequence
Sensing circuit for memory cells
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device with initialization circuit and control method thereof
Wordline decoder for flash memory
Voltage boost circuit using supply voltage detection to compensate for supply voltage variations in read mode voltage
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
Method of erasing a non-volatile memory
Nonvolatile memory system
Semiconductor memory device adopting redundancy system
Fault-tolerant neighborhood-disjoint address logic for solid state memory
Semiconductor memory capable of debugging an incorrect write to or an incorrect erase from the same
Static semiconductor memory device capable of accurately detecting failure in standby mode
Memory module and computer system comprising a memory module
Semiconductor storage device
Two stage low voltage ferroelectric boost circuit
Reference voltage generator permitting stable operation
Semiconductor memory unit in which power consumption can be restricted
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory having a voltage selection circuit
Block redundancy in ultra low power memory circuits
Redundant circuit and method for replacing defective memory cells in a memory device
Semiconductor integrated circuit device having bidirectional data transfer between a main memory unit and an auxiliary
Semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor memory device having clock generator for controlling memory and method of generating clock signal
Dynamic random access memory device and process for controlling a read access of such a memory
Optically programmable address logic for solid state diode-based memory
Method for selecting one or a bank of memory devices
Semiconductor memory device
Adaptive surge suppressor
Magnetoresistive device having a highly smooth metal reflective layer
Magnetic tunneling structure having ferromagnetic layers of different crystallographic structure
Solid state electrolytic capacitor and lead frame therefor
Display screen switch
Power distribution unit for electrical devices
High-speed current-limiting switch
Dynamic driving vacuum fluorescent display
Method of selectively forming local interconnects using design rules
Laser irradiation method, laser irradiation apparatus, and semiconductor device
Layered ceramic/metallic assembly, and an electrostatic chuck using such an assembly
Wirebonded microelectronic packages including heat dissipation devices for heat removal from active surfaces thereof
High performance heat sink configurations for use in high density packaging applications
Clamshell heatsink
Heat sink mounting assembly
Electrical device allowing for increased device densities
Multichip module substrates with buried discrete capacitors and components and methods for making
Combination circuit board and segmented conductive bus substrate
Shared 5 volt tolerant ESD protection circuit for low voltage CMOS process
Vertical cavity apparatus with tunnel junction
Non-aqueous electrolyte
Multi-feed reflector antenna
Method and a device for pointing and positioning a multisatellite antenna
Antenna device and radio communication card module having antenna device
Dual band built-in antenna device and mobile wireless terminal equipped therewith
Capacitively coupled plated antenna
Laminate pattern antenna and wireless communication device equipped therewith
Drooping helix antenna
Antenna receiving system and method
Multi-mode square horn with cavity-suppressed higher-order modes
Antenna system and method for manufacturing the same
Slot array antenna having a feed port formed at the center of the rear surface of the plate-like structure
Source antennas for transmitting/receiving electromagnetic waves for satellite telecommunications systems
Phased array antenna and method of manufacturing method
Antenna device having a learning function and capable of searching and memorizing wireless bands
Phased array antenna beamformer
Adjustable length antenna system for RF transponders
Wideband optical amplifier and wideband variable wavelength optical source
Discharge device for pulsed laser
Temperature tuning an optical amplifier
Gas discharge laser with pulse multiplier
Excimer laser device
Surface emitting laser device with monolithically integrated monitor photodetector
Optical source driver with bias circuit for controlling output overshoot
Method and apparatus to select optimal operating conditions in a digital wavelength stabilized control system
Multi-wavelength laser light source
Optical amplification and light emitting element
Semiconductor laser element
Mounting substrate and heat sink for high-power diode laser bars
Apparatus and method for representing protection device trip response
Power supply device having two AC power inputs
Voltage control apparatus for vehicle AC generator
Controlling operation of an AC/DC converter
Systems and methods for inverter waveform smoothing
Power converter with adjustable output voltage
Control circuit for synchronous rectifiers in DC/DC converters to reduce body diode conduction losses
DC/DC converter having a piezoelectric transformer and rectification-smoothing circuit
Three-level inverter controller reducing commutation loop inductance
Adaptive compensation of dead time for inverter and converter
Controlled resistivity boron nitride electrostatic chuck apparatus for retaining a semiconductor wafer and method of fabricating the same
Tracking power supply controlling
Current-feedback amplifier exhibiting reduced distortion
Power saturation control of class C bipolar amplifiers
Variable-gain circuit
Dynamic RF amplifier bias control for digital wireless communications devices
Semiconductor logic circuit device of low current consumption
Low latency, low power deserializer
Method and apparatus for suppressing tones induced by cyclic dynamic element matching (DEM) algorithms
Enhanced noise-shaped quasi-dynamic-element-matching technique
Analog-to-digital converter having gamma-corrected reference voltages
Method and apparatus for a folding analog-to-digital converter (ADC) having a coarse decoder with reduced complexity
Low power cyclic A/D converter
Method of detecting short-circuits of keyboard Matrix
Adaptive sigma-delta modulation with one-bit quantization
Device for compressing/decompressing bit strings
Multi-mode communication device
Frequency hopping system for intermittent transmission
Pilot symbols
Satellite optical communication beam acquisition techniques
System and method for optical heterodyne detection of an optical signal
Generation of high-speed digital optical signals
Methods and devices based on brillouin selective sideband amplification
Dynamic controller for a multi-channel optical amplifier
Method and apparatus for converting electrical signals and optical signals for bidirectional communication over a single optical fiber
Method and apparatus for determining characteristics of components of a communication channel under load
Receiver method and apparatus with complex pilot filter
Radio communication system with multiple and simultaneous encoding technique
CDMA mobile telecommunication method and system
Optical multiplexing/demultiplexing apparatus and optical multiplexing/demultiplexing method
Optical polarization encoder
Dynamically assignable optical signal access control apparatus
Cross connect apparatus capable of reducing workload of operator
Transmitter of a mobile station in a CDMA communications system and method therefor
Method and apparatus for assigning agent-led chat sessions hosted by a communication center to available agents based on message load and agent skill-set
Method and apparatus in a network switch for handling link failure and link recovery in a trunked data path
Network access device monitoring
Mobile internet communication protocol
Route updating in ad-hoc networks
High availability spanning tree with rapid reconfiguration with alternate port selection
System and method of operation for managing data communication between physical layer devices and ATM layer devices
Path detection in a distributed network
Method and apparatus for data sharing between two different blocks in an integrated circuit
Method and apparatus for rapidly reconfiguring computer networks using a spanning tree algorithm
Congestion notification from router
Connection splitting: an efficient way of reducing call blocking in ATM
Method and apparatus for per traffic flow buffer management
Distributed speech coder pool system with front-end idle mode processing for voice-over-IP communications
RF modem utilizing saw resonator and correlator and communications transceiver constructed therefrom
Reduced peak-to-average amplitude multichannel link
System and method for assessing the security posture of a network and having a graphical user interface
Method and apparatus for adaptive prioritization of multiple information types in highly congested communication devices
Multiple protocol interface and method for use in a communications system
Methods and systems for an improved reliability packet network
System for bypassing a server to achieve higher throughput between data network and data storage system
ATM cell compression device and ATM cell recovery device, ATM cell compression recovery device, ATM cell compression recovery system, and ATM cell compression recovery method
Hitless switching system of ATM switch apparatus in which discard priority control is stopped
Network data routing protection cycles for automatic protection switching
Transmission method and transmission apparatus for transmitting signals on the basis of a OFDM/TDMA-system in a GSM/system
Methods and systems for multiplexing of multiple users for enhanced capacity radiocommunications
DS256 synchronous digital interface
Storing and retrieving digital camera images via a user-completed proof sheet
Image reading device
Signal processing apparatus
Picture signal processing apparatus and method
Transmission mechanism for optical scanner
Camera with digital image pickup element
Facsimile communication devices, communication systems and facsimile communication methods
Image processing apparatus and method
Color balance adjusting device
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, image processing program recording medium, color adjustment method, color adjustment device, and color adjustment control program recording medium
Active pixel sensor with capacitorless correlated double sampling
Illumination intensity correcting circuit
Method and device for noise reduction
Camera including a macro mode alarm device
Image stabilizing apparatus using bit-plane matching and image stabilizing method using the same
Device for receiving displaying and simultaneously recording television images via buffer
Analog video tagging and encoding system
Method and apparatus for automatically scaling processor resource usage during video conferencing
Camera mounted two-way wireless personal video/audio communication system
Navigable telepresence method and system utilizing an array of cameras
Wireless hand-held digital camera
Method of transmitting streams of video data, in multi-length frames, at a single average bit rate
Apparatus and method for demultiplexing multiplexed data
Display device and display device correction system
Electrical patching system
Strictly non-blocking wavelength division multiplexed (WDM) cross-connect device
System and method to provide survivability for broadcast video and interactive IP-based services on cable access networks
System and method for providing enhanced services for a telecommunication call
Facsimile device for providing a user-to-user signaling function and a method for transferring and receiving facsimile data by using the same
Channel allocation method and radio system using a combination of TDMA and CDMA
Random access in a mobile telecommunications system
Miniature broadband acoustic transducer
Circuit arrangement
Interconnect structure for interconnecting electronic modules
Printed circuit board attachment structure
Electronic assembly having a heat pipe that conducts heat from a semiconductor die
Heat transfer apparatus
Cooling system for electronic equipment cabinets
Industrial power supply modules
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