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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Partitioned planter
Buoyant fishing device
Supply device for hanging elements
Smoking article and method of manufacturing a smoking article
Tandem wind breaker
Collapsible hat
Amenities case
Free ball bearing, bearing unit, support table carrying equipment, and turntable
Retention device for data storage module
Sliding cabinet drawer kit with drawer shield and method of installation
Seat backrest auto back-up unit
Modular molded sleigh bed
Mechanised bed for automatically straightening bedclothes
Lift chair
Lounge chair equipped for face down lounging
Cup holder support apparatus
Child carrier
Dart and accessories display shelf
Straw for wine
Urinal for boys
Convertible sink
Active wedge for surgical stapler
Orthopedic surgical pin positioning device
Spinal implant apparatuses and methods of implanting and using same
Tissue sealing method
Interactive home vision monitoring systems
Method and system for self regulation of sensor component contact pressure
Embeddable modules for measuring blood glucose levels
Circulatory monitoring systems and methods
Self-ligating orthodontic bracket
In vivo device for assisting and improving diastolic ventricular function
Device to store and inject corneal graft
Biologic diarthrodial joint
Instrumentation for properly seating an artificial intervertebral disc in an intervertebral space
Vascular stent
Intraoral appliance for cleaning teeth
Dual chamber nursing bottle
Propellant pillow
Endotracheal tube holder
Airway assembly for tracheal intubation
Method and system for brain entertainment
Bifurcated stent delivery system
Pen injection device and method of using same
Transfer sets for therapy optimization
Percutaneous catheter anchoring device
Needle safety mechanism
Medical implant with safety feature
Customization of irregular arrays
Multi-function exercise machine suitable for home use
System and method for training human subjects to improve off-axis neuromuscular control of the lower limbs
Putter head
Golf club head and golf shoe cleaner
Street board
Wagering game control of a motion capable chair
Intelligent screen selection
Modular inflatable scene
Performing Operations; Transporting
Two part resilient combination bottom support and relief valve end seal assembly for fluid filters
Vented alarm apparatus for use with a pool skimmer basket
Oil filter arrangement
Oxygen concentrator
Hydrogen purification membranes, components and fuel processing systems containing the same
Land based or floating wastewater evaporator
Flexible spray nozzle for high pressure washers
Aerosol-generating apparatus, film-forming apparatus, and aerosol-generating method
Mask for use in evaporation coating process
Sorting mined material
Method of washing eggs
Method and system for introducing fluid into an airstream
Method and equipment for flatness control in cooling a stainless steel strip
Method for cooling a hot strip wound to a hot strip bundle, a device for cooling a hot strip, a control and/or a regulation device and metal strip
Surface treating apparatus and method
Easy assembled ratchet wrench
Foldable handle retainer
Wiresaw apparatus and method for continuous removal of magnetic impurties during wiresaw cutting
Method and device for granulating thermoplastic material
Systems and methods for forming non-pneumatic tires
Method and installation for applying foil material onto successive sheets
Method of making a composite fibre component with thermoplastic stiffening elements
Device for servicing an ink jet print head on a hand held printer
Portable spreadable food dispenser system
Removing residues in magnetic head fabrication
Tire run-flat removal and installation machine
Control method for a coupling in the powertrain of a motor vehicle
Hybrid drive device
Powered surfboard
Coated power rail
Room lamp for motor vehicle
Drive controller for cargo handling vehicle
Method for using a bicycle tire inner tube to make a tie down strap
Wedge shape safety stop
Straw trapper for wheelbarrow
Street paddle for skateboards
Ballast structure for reducing water-mixing in ships
Ice recovery device
Sail system
Methods and devices for delivering fluid to a reservoir of a fluid delivery device
Air cushion manufacturing machine
Dripless container
Safety container with safety locking part
Personal item organizer
Soft blister tray with side dispenser
Gondola carriage assembly
Apparatus for stacking flat articles on-edge
Lifting hook with backstop
Screw-driven vertically-elevating cab
Fluid dispensing system with thermal control
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Removing viruses from drinking water
Artificial stone and manufacturing method thereof
Nitrogen-containing alloy and method for producing phosphor using same
Fuel gas purification apparatus, power generation system, and fuel synthesis system
Device for forming a film by deposition from a plasma
Package for an electronic device
Anode-cathode power distribution systems and methods of using the same for electrochemical reduction
Method for electrokinetic decontamination of a porous solid medium
Textiles; Paper
Fire retardant fabrics and methods for making the same
Fixed Constructions
Top-down method for constructing below-grade structures
Safety line anchor securable to roof drain
Method for repairing at least a portion of an acoustic panel
Modular roof panels
Radiant insulating, venting and moisture control assembly
Steep roof assist
Secure adjustable roof rack
Combination lock incorporating combination
Gate latch pull cable
Framing for panels
Rock drilling machine and axial bearing module
Mines and tunnels for use in treating subsurface hydrocarbon containing formations
System, method and apparatus for enhancing wellbore treatment fluid flexibility
System and method for downhole communication
Pile driver
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Mechanical valve clearance compensation element with two-part adjusting bolts
Internal combustion engine heat transfer system
Oil pan structure and separator for partitioning oil pan
Method for controlling the temperature of an injector of an injection system for injecting fuel into the combustion chamber of an internal combustion engine
Dual stage pump having intermittent mid-shift load supports
Hydraulic motor or pump
Wheel bearing arrangement with sensor stop
Active and semi-active ride control with energy recovery
Height-adjustable actuation device
Transmission auxiliary unit shift inhibitor
Cranium stand
Laser signaling buoy and method of using
Nacelle of a wind turbine comprising aviation obstruction lights
Projection street lamp
Light tube holder for receiving LED tube or fluorescent tube
Fuel nozzle having swirl duct and method for producing a fuel nozzle
Aid for loading a solid fuel boiler coupled with an accumulation system
Transient operation of oxy/fuel combustion system
Dual-fluid heat exchanger
Gun magazine-clip finger-tip supplemental-release tool
Systems and methods for virtual machine thread tracing
Cooperative geolocation based on inter-vehicular communication
Acoustic sensor system, acoustic signature simulator, and electrical distribution system
Methods to characterize sag in fluids
Signal measuring device and signal measuring method
Laser dazing pistol shaped optical distractor and searchlight
Optical fiber connector with positioning members
Optical communication bus network for avionic equipment
Engagement assembly for connecting reflector and connecting rod
Glasses with stem locks
Projection display apparatus and actuation control method thereof
Synchronizing a seismic data acquisition network
Apparatus and method detecting a robot slip
Electrohydraulic pressure control arrangement and method for pressure control
Method and apparatus for efficiently coordinating data center cooling units
Floor mounted pedal with position sensor
Motherboard with delay circuit
Storage apparatus
Energy-efficient polling loop
State recovery and lockstep execution restart in a system with multiprocessor pairing
Debug card and method for diagnosing faults
Determining each stall reason for each stalled instruction within a group of instructions during a pipeline stall
Storage system and control method for the same
Data storage control on storage devices
Direct memory address for solid-state drives
Semiconductor memory having a short effective word line cycle time and method for reading data from a semiconductor memory of this type
Dynamic mode transitions for cache instructions
Information storage apparatus, information storage method, and electronic device
Snapshot based replication
Methods, apparatus and computer programs for data communication efficiency
Detection of duplicate memory pages across guest operating systems on a shared host
Method for distributing a list of updated content to a user station from a distribution server wherein the user station may defer installing the update
Method and apparatus for performing refresh operations in high-density memories
Method, system and apparatus for handling events for partitions in a socket with sub-socket partitioning
Systems and methods for eliminating single points of failure for storage subsystems
Managing data movement in a cell broadband engine processor
Method and apparatus for processing timestamp using signature information on physical layer
Method and apparatus for updating applications on a mobile device via device synchronization
Video conferencing using white board
Method for utilizing heterogeneous storage systems by cooperating with server side storage software
Tagging the seen/not-seen status of a real time message
Method for reduction of disk space usage of electronic messages in a network
Method and apparatus for last message notification
Virtual universe avatar activities review
Web advertising method
Data processing system using matching engine and routing switch
Mailing list expansion trace
Switch fabric service hosting
Multi-application follow-up
System and method for interruption management
System and method for automatic configuration and management of home network devices
Communication routing
Determining time varying thresholds for monitored metrics
Business process utilizing systems, devices and methods engendering cooperation among service providers to maximize end user satisfaction
Managing capacities and structures in stochastic networks
Index compression in a database system
System and method for identifying digital files
Systems and methods for collaboratively annotating electronic documents
Systems, methods and computer readable media for creating and updating electronic documents
Target advertisement in a broadcast system
System and method for dynamic search result formatting
Page turning in electronic document readers
Fan control method and medium storing fan control program
Systems and methods for efficient development of a rule-based system using crowd-sourcing
System to create and use test plans usable in validating a real world model in software of a safety instrumented system architecture for safety instrumented systems in a facility
Detection of irregularity in food manufacturing by using conversion pattern
Light unit with light output pattern synthesized from multiple light sources
Method and apparatus for context-indexed network resource sections
Increasing the relevancy of media content
Speech translation apparatus, method and program that generates insertion sentence explaining recognized emotion types
Cluster-wide read-copy update system and method
Automated browser history sorting based upon location
Clustering streaming graphs
Sequenced query processing in data processing system
System and method for structured news release generation and distribution
Federation of multi-level master data management systems
XBRL flat table mapping system and method
Circuitry having programmable power rails, architectures, apparatuses, and systems including the same, and methods and algorithms for programming and/or configuring power rails in an integrated circuit
Timing refinement re-routing
Manufacturing management using tool operating data
Method and apparatus for inserting a removable visible watermark in an image and method and apparatus for removing such watermarks
Creating rules for the administration of end-user license agreements
Method for operating an installation using data protected against unauthorized use
Seamless multiple format metadata abstraction
Display apparatus and information update method thereof
System, method and computer program product for monitoring memory access
Indicating pending asynchronous updates in a graphical user interface (GUI)
System and method for a hierarchical buffer system for a shared data bus
GUI for goal programming and goal weighting in optimization based applications
Graphic user interface and software for processing large size signal data samples in a small buffer using automatically adjusted decimation ratio
Display device and display method
System for preparing data
Trend analysis in content identification based on fingerprinting
Search and computing engine
Information presenting apparatus, information presenting method and computer-readable recording medium
Alignment of multiple liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry runs
Processing queries on hierarchical markup data using shared hierarchical markup trees
Display of information in computing devices
Managing user ratings in a web services environment
Improving results from search providers using a browsing-time relevancy factor
Status notification system, status notification device, status monitoring device, status detector, method for status notification, and storage medium including status notification program
Portable light weight LDAP directory server and database
Method and apparatus to implement software to hardware thread priority
Method and system for managing non-compliant objects
System and method for reconciling software source code
Verification of information-flow downgraders
Handling debugger breakpoints in a shared instruction system
Embedding software developer comments in source code of computer programs
System and method for evaluating adherence to a standardized process
Power-aware workload allocation in performance-managed computing environments
Schedule virtual interface allowing resynchronization requests for lock tokens before attachment of a scheduling element triggered by an unlock request
Hardware device for processing the tasks of an algorithm in parallel
Method and system to identify conflicts in scheduling data center changes to assets utilizing task type plugin with conflict detection logic corresponding to the change request
Adaptive business process automation
Diabetes care management system
Radio frequency transponder
Recognition of encoded information on documents
Multi-modal one-dimensional barcodes
Multiple hash scheme for use in a pattern matching accelerator
System and method for dynamically configuring user interface components of a collaborative space based on mapping rules and user roles
Method and apparatus for tracking an intent
Method and system for providing surveys
Multi-user remote health monitoring system with biometrics support
System and method for managing and evaluating network commodities purchasing
System and method for exhibiting at least visual content in one or more physical retail stores
Computer system, message monitoring method and associated message transmission method
Presenting offers to users of wireless devices
Persistent sales agent for complex online transactions
Method of analyzing a sale process for an entity
Method and system for improved online auction
System for searching and solving for insurance products
Symmetric and interlocked regional traffic light control method
Self-exploration therapeutic assembly and method of use
Stock market simulation teaching aid
Teaching apparatus
Voice amplification assembly
Apparatus and method for automatic extraction of important events in audio signals
Model restructuring for client and server based automatic speech recognition
Information communication using majority logic for machine control signals extracted from audible sound signals
Optical recording apparatus with limiting members for the flexible cable
Method of operating memory controller and memory system including the memory controller
Method of forming micro-electrical-mechanical structure (MEMS)
Controlling and mitigating dropped communications
Connector for connection with flat connecting objects
Coaxial connector
Card edge connector with improved board-retaining member and assembly of the same
Architecture and control of Reed-Solomon list decoding
Receiver and integrated AM-FM/IQ demodulators for gigabit-rate data detection
System and methods for monitoring the context associated with a mobile communication device
Transmitting apparatus, receiving apparatus and method
Method of determining profiles for widget channel viewers
Link analysis tool for security information handling system
Hybrid role mining
Mobile device having a plate in a gap between sliding bodies
Protective frame for mobile communication device
Wireless control system and method
Devices, systems and methods for location based billing
Method and system for delivering a voice mail notification to a subscriber using cellular phone network
Wireless communications during a wireless communications device reboot
Apparatus and method for parental control using V-Chip plus+ and master password
Retrofit inline antenna power monitor system and method
Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving feedback information for inter-cell cooperative transmission in wireless communication cellular system
Mobile terminal device and data transfer control program
System and method for IMSI list based VLR resilience
Methods and apparatus for RF channel selection in a multi-frequency network
Light strip and a method for making the same
Expired Patents Due To Time
Safety harness for restraining a child in a car carrier
Foot scrubber device
Toddler bed
Gravity feed shelf for a merchandiser
Organizer panel
Rack for supporting discs or the like
Display stand in the shape of a Christmas tree
Compact disk box
Arm support
Children's play space
Chair arm
Lumbar region of a chair back
Seat back
Travel headrest
Decorated window shade
Toy storage window cover
Window valance
Shower curtain ring
Electric coffee maker
Storage tray with cover
Pint container tote
Lid with a window
Knob for an article of cookware
Bread pan
Barbecue fork
Barbecue cooking device
Multi-purpose Africa-America cooking container
Culinary sifter
Steam generating base for laundry iron
Bucket storage organizer with lid and seat
Bench top for dental office
Bottle opener
Orbital sanding or polishing tool
Metal-working hammer
Glass panel removal blade
Surfaces for a cutting tool hole
Screwdriver bit
Phaco tip wrench
Wall brace
Shelf-fixing bracket
High roller stringing block
Installation bracket for venetian blind
Portable cooler valve activator
Drywall tape mud applicator
Pipe clip
Spring clip
Flat-topped bumper and sheet member with a plurality of such bumpers
Bottle for rinse agents
Combined bottle and cap
Perfume bottle
Container with handle
Cream and deodorant dispenser container
Display carton
Single layer pepper box with tray
Package for individual product packages
Packaging for food products such as confectionery products
Spoon blank with detachable spoons
Star-shaped package
Dispenser head
Flip-cap closure
Table clock
Protector for a wristwatch
Tape measure housing
Cover for quality control testing of an iontophoretic sampling system
Moisture analyzer
Iris reader
Warning lanterns for carriageway
Expansion bracelet
Miniature tablet
Decorative hydroponic plant box
Lighthouse lawn ornament
Banner support device
Christmas tree light decoration
Truck bed box
Truck bed side rail cleat
Hose powered watercraft
Combined truck and boat
Sand motorcycle
Bicycle training aid
Power unit for bicycle
Kickstand rest
Vehicle tire
Ball hitch stem
Automobile rearview mirror
Rim for an automotive vehicle wheel
Front face of a wheel
Automotive wheel
Front face of a wheel
Protective wheel mask for spraying vehicle tires
Vehicle canopy
Sunroof for automotive vehicle
Console for van vehicles
Electric connector
Pin connector with recesses for receiving ribbed towers of a socket connector
Visual latching indicator for an electrical bushing and terminator
Cover for an electrical connection
Finger grip knob front element for an electrical control and signaling unit
Audio visual recorder/player
Optical disc player
Digital video disc player
Digital videodisk player
Multimedia speaker
Miniature microphone housing and switch
Computer generated icon for a display screen
Icon for a computer display
Computer icon for a display panel
Internet personal access device
Personal computer
Computer mouse
Computer mouse cover
Portion of an electronic computer with a camera
Computer front bezel
Keyboard cover
Centrally disposed joystick for a circular keypad
Television set
Monitor television
Deployable monitor
Cellular cordless telephone
Bean bag phone
Audio equipment
Microphone holder
Tape cartridge
Digital music cartridge
Compressor assembly
Fountain pump set
Cab structure for a forestry swing machine
Combined tool and battery box
Upstanding open air cooler
Waterproof case for a camera
Underwater viewing monitor
Compact combination camera
Liquid crystal projector
Facsimile machine
Electronic copier
Electronic copier
Cleaning cartridge
Photosensitive drum for printer
Shelving system
Video camera with digital video disk player
Swim goggles
Eyeglass components
Eyeglass earstem
Toy gun
Ink cartridge for printer
Ink tank for printer
Ink tank holder for printer
Fluid container
Paper feeder for printer
Combined wire stand and card
Business card display holder
Pneumatic hardwood flooring nailer
Alarm with perpetual calendar suitable for traveler
Adjustable scribing template
Hand-held marking device
Perforated grip for a writing instrument
Information containing attachment for the rear surface of a wristwatch
Stethoscope identification tag
Stethoscope identification tag
Towelette dispenser
Dispenser for disinfectant wipes
Game apparatus
Toy motorcycle
Toy water rocket
Musical computer toy
Stuffed toy
Leg press and calf raise exercise machine
Housing for an exercise machine
Basketball backboard
Golf club head
Wood-type golf club head
Golf ball putter
Iron-type golf club head
Set of golf club head
Golf club head
Golf club headcover
Roof cap for playground deck
Golf tent
Shrouded aerial bomb
Fishing tackle box
Waste treatment plant
Spray head
Faucet with pull-out spout
Faucet with pull-out spout
Faucet handle body
Faucet handle
Quick-disconnect elbow
Water closet
Caricature toilet and water tank
Toilet for use in recreational vehicles and boats
Mouth-shaped urinal
Paper towel holder
Paper towel holder
Tumbler holder
Container and dispenser for liquid
Modular fireplace
Air cleaner
Automotive overalls air freshener for attachment to rear view mirror
Ceiling fan
Gale fan
Ventilation grill
Ceiling fan motor housing or similar article
Ceiling fan motor housing
Kindling grate for fireplace
Blood pressure monitor
Massager for treating cutaneous and subcutaneous tissue
Medicament dispenser
Sampling arrangement
Cellulite handle
Eye wash station
Sterilization indicator for a hydrogen peroxide plasma sterilization process
Pipette tip
Chromatography vial
Sucking nozzle for medical and dental use
Strip holder
Console for surgical procedures
Cabinet and container for housing medical waste
Surgical staple remover
Variable width retractor arm clamp
Nostril dilator
Spinous process punch
External breast prostheses sleeve
Surgical shoe
Heating pad for neck
Cap for a pharmaceutical container
Absorbent article
Scalp massager
Structural member
Edging block
Window frame extrusion
Concrete anchor including an elliptical base
Landscape timber
Railing profile element
Candle stand
Game light
Swivel lantern with tripod
Outdoor lamp
Double wall lamp
Wall lamp
Eight-sided lantern
Lamp base
Halogen torchiere floor lamp
Table lamp
Square concrete bollard luminaire
Bracket light
Halogen motion detection security light positioning system
Light reflector
Flood light shroud
Substance applicator container
Applicator pad
Hot steam brush
Eyelash curler
Hair attachment
Safety razor handle
Lipstick case
Lipstick case
Cosmetics container
Massage device
Protective helmet
Stand mixer
Vegetable slicer
Burial casket
Cremation urn
Human Necessities
Seed coatings
Downdraft fan system for riding lawnmower
Lawn mower wheel mechanism
Combine header height control
Draper belt tensioning mechanism for a harvesting platform
Bagging machine
Raised border system
Method and machine for changing agricultural mulch
Foot operated cutting device
Plant-growing method and apparatus
Winding device, and a vessel incorporating advantages of a flower-arranging vase, a flower-pot, and an artificial-flower basket
Helichrysum plant named `Harvest Sun II`
Grandiflora rose plant named `JAColpur`
Phlox plant named `Barten`
Phlox plant named `Barnine`
Phlox plant named `Bartwelve`
Phlox plant named `Bareleven`
Leatherleaf fern plant named `Underhill`
Blueberry plant named `Jewel`
Carnation plant named `Kowipa`
Vinca plant named `Wojo's Jem`
Miniature rose plant named `Savanade`
Anthurium plant named `Happy Love`
Anthurium plant named `Sacha`
Anthurium plant named `Red Queen`
Anthurium plant named `Venus`
Anthurium plant named `Mars`
Agastache plant named `Red Fortune`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Empire Riviera`
Chrysanthemum plant name `Yobeth`
Crank bait fishing lure
Biodegradable pesticide delivery system
Apparatus and method for trapping and monitoring mice and insects
Portable electric vacuum wired to terminate and dispose of pests
Reusable pesticide bait station
Electronically actuated animal trap
Cake removal utensil
Portable combination hydro cooling and forced refrigerated air cooling unit
Non-damage transport system by ice condensation
Ostomy undergarment
Flexible support stay
Drop crotch pants
Protective chaps for construction work
Padded shoulder protection device
Device for the protection of objects or body parts against vibrations, in particular a vibration-damping glove or antivibration glove
Hat device
Adjustable headwear for a child
Padding with embedded fastener for use in a helmet
Sole for a cross-country, trail or telemark ski-boot
Footwear system for hunting
Footgear sole and sandal
Shoe insert
Seat belt buckle
Touch fasteners their manufacture and products incorporating them
Surface fastener made of fiber and method for manufacturing the same
Ornamental jewelry catch
Positive locking jewelry safety latch
Adjustable jewelry
Pinless articulated band
Telescoping handle
Method for color identification of cosmetic products
Universal strap lock
Musical toothbrush
Light emitting electric toothbrush
Bottle and nipple brush
Just right brush
Brushhead for use in an acoustic toothbrush
Multi-purpose scrub mop
Overhead suspended table and acoustic dome
Under floor storage system for building
Handheld device having modifiable handgrip configuration
Clamp for mounting storage accessories
Shooting harness
Surgical table apparatus
Bedding or seating product with edge support
Multi-zone support
Therapeutic pillow
Sitting pad
Joint of a foldable bed for babies
Bed attachable crib
Food quality enhancing refrigeration system
Non-compression cascade refrigeration system for closed refrigerated spaces
Sleeve having a detachable upper portion and a skirt portion
Sleeping bag pillow
Expandable and spill-proof container and method for disposing of liquids
Wiping sheet
Floor coating application device
Medical work station with devices disposed in a double ceiling or a double floor of an operating room
Hand-held stent crimping device
Female urinary device
Cremation container foldable into compact configuration for shipping
Surgical stretcher
Bed having massage device
Dropping apparatus for automatic tablet sorting and counting machine
Arrangement for degerming webs of packing foil
Support structure for attachment to automotive cigarette lighter receptacle
Ski slope obstacle injury protecting system
Boxing glove with inflatable wrist cuff
Performing Operations; Transporting
Excavation assembly, apparatus and method of operating the same
System for compressing contaminated gas
Nox reduction system utilizing pulsed hydrocarbon injection
Process and apparatus for separation of stable isotope compound
Plug and mandrel bar for seamless steel pipe rolling operation for manufacturing seamless steel pipe
Method of and rolling mill train for producing bar-shaped rolled products
Method and device for producing a Y-fitting from a metal tube by hydroforming
Method for producing multilayer thin-walled bellows
Method and apparatus for manufacturing expanded mesh sheet and battery using this expanded mesh sheet
Pressing device for joining workpieces
Pipe fitting
Tangential thread rolling head
Method of manufacturing a shaft with surfaces thereof modified
Power-driven hand-held tubing cutter
Metal cutting shear with inner bolt support for indexable blade insert
Reusable hard tooling for article consolidation and consolidation method
Cover-plate expansion assembly method
Method for producing high efficiency heat sinks
Method of forming a stator assembly for rotary machine
Precision assembly table and method
Apparatus for removing carrier film from a semiconductor die
Circular saw with bevel angle adjustment mechanism
Method and device for a flexible liner for a cementitious vault wall
Extruded polymer foam with filler particles and method
Doctoring apparatus
Method of forming noise-damping material with ultra-thin viscoelastic layer
Process for manufacturing an electromagnetic interference shielding superplastic alloy foil cladded outer shell product
Sandwich structure
Trailer guard
Method and apparatus for detecting excessive pressure in a refrigerant fluid in the condenser of an air conditioning and heating installation
Slide out room with flush floor
Anti-theft device for vehicles
Swivelling anchor for storage net and method of installing same
Wiper blade
Curtain-style vehicle laundry device
Vehicle washing machine
Check valve
Hydraulic system for forklift
Surface cleaning machine with multiple control positions
Vehicle door assembly line
Lockable quick release apparatus
Safety sleeve elastic device
Method of making a perforated metal sheet
Core compartment valve cooling valve scheduling
Modular deployable antenna
Apparatus and method for banding wrapped silverware
Flexible tissue handling apparatus
Controlled environment sealing apparatus and method
Siding sorting and packing arrangement
Packaging process
Apparatus for automatic plug removal and method therefor
Display apparatus having a pivotal message card holder
Bridle bit
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method of making a glass fiber preform with adjusting a spacing while increasing acceleration of a starting glass powder
Making mineral fibers including adjustment of the position of a stream of glass and a rotor
Strand positioning apparatus
Vacuum degassing apparatus for molten glass and method to rise vacuum degassing apparatus temperature
Vacuum system for an I.S. machine
Producing a glass object having an encodable layer
Heterocyclic substituted acylaminothiazoles, their preparation and pharmaceutical compositions containing them
Refining process and apparatus
Textiles; Paper
Apparatus and related method for applying moisture to cotton during a ginning operation
Method and apparatus for depositing particulate material in a fibrous web
Method of and apparatus for producing a yarn on a pot-spinning machine
Uniform yarn delivery method and apparatus for knitting machine
Power transmission apparatus of washing machines
Washing machine
Fixed Constructions
Reinforced pole with apparatus and method for anchoring
Universal anchor system
Rear mounted plow
Ice scraper having non-rotary tools with shielded cutting inserts
Water collection pan for unit masonry wall systems and drainage system incorporating same
Arm with simplified attachment removable unit for construction equipment
Flow rate control device in a hydraulic excavator
Automatic toilet flushing system
Portable waste odor collection apparatus
Rain chute
Suspended deck structure
Multifunctional building
Prefabricated self-supporting building structure
Method for reconfiguring a wall panel system
Floor system
Shielding canopy
Method for concrete building system using composite panels with highly insulative plastic connector
Method of making a tubular coupler for concrete reinforcing bars
Off-ridge roof vent
Top-hung window
Hydrodynamic roof water intake and waste disposal device
Apparatus for removing snow from rooftops
Relating to panel coupling assemblies
Panel attachment system
Baseboard molding with passage for running electrical conduit therethrough
Earth anchoring system
Retractable load-bearing cover
Lock core assembly for a cylindrical lock
Decorative door guard system
Zipper lock assembly for an article with a zipper having two pull tabs
Anti-theft security case
Hinge system for a portable computer
Power liftgate device
Tensioning device for the cable pull of a window opener
Storm door cylinder lock
Aluminium section member assembly with a thermal bridge gap for window and door frames
Device for holding glass panes
Arrangement for fastening a piston-cylinder arrangement and method for replacing sealings therein
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Dual-cylinder expander engine and combustion method with two expansion strokes per cycle
Shim removing tool
Material selection and conditioning to avoid brittleness caused by nitriding
Molecular kinetic energy conversion device
Method and apparatus for catalyst temperature control
Acoustically-enhanced intake/exhaust system and method for internal combustion engines
Method and apparatus for regulating a supercharged internal combustion engine
Multiple nozzle ejector for wastegated turbomachinery
Gas turbine exhaust recirculation method and apparatus
Gas-turbine construction
Method and apparatus for reducing the temperature of air entering a compressor of a turbojet engine by variably injecting fluid into the incoming air
Method for regulating a gas turbo-generator set
Method and device for monitoring the functioning of two exhaust-gas turbochargers
Method and apparatus for fault recognition in an internal combustion engine
Wall construction for a combustion chamber or a nozzle of a high performance propulsion plant
Ocean thermal gradient hydraulic power plant
Method for manufacturing piston of variable-capacity type compressor
Suction accumulator pre-charged with oil
Air conditioner
Compressor economizer circuit with check valve
Adaptive hot gas bypass control for centrifugal chillers
Tool-less fastener for computer connections
Method for manufacturing pre-loaded double-row rolling bearing unit
Flashlight and recharging system therefor
Method and device for acoustic modulation of a flame produced by a hybrid burner
Tangentially aligned pre-mixing combustion chamber for a gas turbine
Air conditioner
Heating and cooling unit
Absorption cooling apparatus
Refrigerating air-conditioning system for reducing and reusing waste energy
Protection system for refrigerant identification detector
Explosion preventing apparatus for refrigerating machines using inflammable refrigerant
Joule-Thomson cooler
Dilution refrigerator
Detachable cryogenic refrigerator expander
Method of constructing a large elongate fluid-confining internal structure surrounded by an external structure
Cryogenic distillation system for air separation
Integrated apparatus for generating power and/or oxygen enriched fluid and process for the operation thereof
Apparatus for treating material webs
Grain dryer heat exchanger
Air dispensing and heating floor drying apparatus
Drying apparatus for coffee beans and similar crops
Method of lumber preparation to improve drying and development of a new engineered wood composite
Safety device for firearms
Calibration system for use with measuring systems
Coordinate measuring machine guideway composite structure and method of manufacture
Laser tool for generating perpendicular lines of light on floor
Surveying spike for use on vertical surfaces
Pencil-type plumb-bob device
Method and apparatus for a zero-point stabilization of an exaust gas sensor
Motion compensated prediction interframe coding system
Channel letters
Plastic locket for a hang tag
Point-of-purchase advertising by a cantilevered display mechanism and related methods
Optical disk drive unit with a sealing type bearing member
Manufacturing process of thin film magnetic head sliders
Method for manufacturing magnetic head suspension assembly with head IC chip
System for processing wafers and cleaning wafer-handling implements
Semiconductor chip connection components with adhesives and methods of making same
Microelectronic connections with liquid conductive elements
Method for producing biaxially aligned super conducting ceramics
Method for electrical grounding of vehicular components
Method and tool that removes an electrical connecting block from a telecommunications board
EMI/RFI shield assembly cover removal tool
Method for creating a joint between the exciter poles and the pole casing of an electric machine
Electric motor having electrostatic shield arrangement
Apparatus and method for determining whether a vehicle is located in a spot beam
Work holder assembly
Socket for engaging bump leads on a microelectronic device and methods therefor
Apparatus for aligning device interconnections
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