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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Pharmaceutical composition
Synergistic and residual pesticidal compositions containing plant essential oils
Analogs of thalidomide as potential angiogenesis inhibitors
Fused tri and tetra-cyclic pyrazole kinase inhibitors
Remedies or preventives for urinary frequency or urinary incontinence and morphinan derivatives having nitrogen-containing heterocyclic group
Low dose estrogen interrupted hormone replacement therapy
Cosmetic composition, method of cosmetic treatment and preparation of a composition for promoting the growth and/or preventing or delaying the loss of hair
Methods and compositions for delivery of pharmaceutical agents
Hemoactive compositions and methods for their manufacture and use
Collector with fastening devices for fastening mirror shells
Performing Operations; Transporting
Thermal printer, thermal printing method and thermosensitive recording material
Laser emitter and laser scanning device
Display device, instrument panel, automotive vehicle and method for controlling instrument panel
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Thyronamine derivatives and analogs and methods of use thereof
Preparation of amides of retinoic acid via mixed anhydride and mixed carbonate intermediates
Synthesis of isotopically labeled R- or S-[.sup.13C, .sup.2H] glycerols
Sulfonamide inhibitors of aspartyl protease
Method for producing acrolein and/or acrylic acid
Process for production of a composition useful as a fuel
Composition of vinyl ether group-containing (meth) acrylic ester and production method thereof
Analogs of dictyostatin, intermediates therefor and methods of synthesis thereof
Method for the catalytic production of hydrocodone and hydromorphone
3-B-D-ribofuranosylthiazolo [4,5-d] pyrimidine nucleosides and uses thereof
Tumor-specific promotor and use thereof
Propylene polymer, and resin composition and molded product thereof
Method of crosslinking intrinsically conductive polymers or intrinsically conductive polymer precursors and the articles obtained therefrom
Method for photo-curing polymerizable compositions
Method for obtaining coating compositions having reduced VOC
Additive for viscoelastic fluid
Aqueous cleaning/treatment composition for fibrous substrates
Pentafluorobutane composition and cleaning solvent composition
Unactivated ungulate oocytes to produce a cloned ungulate by nuclear transfer
Method and apparatus for optically measuring the topography of nearly planar periodic structures
Microscope using quantum-mechanically entangled photons
Temperature compensated and self-calibrated current sensor using reference current
Motion detector module
Apparatus and methods for scanning conoscopic holography measurements
Process photometer
Input circuit for an integrated circuit
Ball measuring apparatus
Method and apparatus for radiation detection in a high temperature environment
Optical apparatus such as digital still camera, video camera, and interchangeable lens
Lens barrel and lens system
Image display device and method
In-line optical isolator
Optical fiber and optical transmission line and optical communication system including such optical fiber
Optical device
Wavelength cross connect with per port performance characteristics
Flat panel display with black matrix and method of fabricating thereof
Liquid crystal display device and method of fabricating the same
Liquid crystal display device and process for producing same
In-plane field type transflective liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal display apparatus having alignment control for brightness and response
Lithographic apparatus, device manufacturing method, device manufactured thereby, and controllable patterning device utilizing a spatial light modulator with distributed digital to analog conversion
Spatial light modulator, lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
System for authenticating modules installed in machines, such as printing apparatus
Image forming apparatus, drum unit, image forming module, and method of insertion and removal of a damper into and from an image carrier drum
Developer recovering mechanism and image forming apparatus
Watch movement
Servo system for a two-dimensional micro-electromechanical system (MEMS)-based scanner and method therefor
LED driving apparatus
Display apparatus and control method thereof
Semiconductor device capable of detecting an open bonding wire using weak current
DC-DC converter with clamping capacitor and output winding for reduced output voltage ripple
Switching power supply apparatus
Wireless communication apparatus, wireless communication system employing the same and control method thereof
Color image processing device and color image processing method
Printhead, head cartridge having the printhead, printing apparatus using the printhead, and printhead element substrate
Electronic system and method for display using a decoder and arbiter to selectively allow access to a shared memory
Touch screen panel with integral wiring traces
Printing system and devices used therefor
Information processing apparatus and method for processing externally transmitted data, and information processing program
Print device and program product for supporting print by reference methods
Method for setting dominant color using spatial coherency
Object detection apparatus, object detection method and computer program product
Endoscope image filing system and endoscope image filing method
Banknote identifying machine and banknote identifying method
Machine for inspecting glass bottles
Method of and apparatus for extracting watermark from repeatedly watermarked data
Serial storage of ink and its properties
Infrared biometric finger sensor and associated methods
Producing smooth motion compensated frames by combining multiple interpolation results
Image processor for character recognition
Parallel processing for a first and second image data from one input image
Image forming apparatus and image forming method
Encoder rate control
Image processing apparatus and image processing method including adjustment of coded data to specified target size
Device and method for detecting blurring of an image
Method for selecting representative endmember components from spectral data
Computerized deformation analyzer
Method and device for the generation of 3-D images
Wireless children's safety light in a security system
Device, system and method of detection of input unit disconnection
Racing control system
Skills based routing method and system for call center
Property supervisory control system
Method for intelligent parking/pollution and surveillance control system
Liquid crystal display and method for driving the same
Display device method of driving same and electronic device mounting same
Microdisplay for portable communication systems
Method for performing image editing
Image display system
Method and apparatus for synchronizing processing of multiple asynchronous client queues on a graphics controller device
Data transfer apparatus head cleaning
Apparatus for reproducing data from optical storage medium using multiple detector
Waveguide multilayer holographic data storage
Locating information on an optical media disc to maximize the rate of transfer
Semiconductor device and method for controlling operation thereof
Semiconductor device and method of generating a reference voltage therefor
Non volatile data storage through dielectric breakdown
Apparatus and methods for providing redundancy in integrated circuits
DRAM memory cell arrangement
Key sheet and manufacturing method for key sheet
Corrector for correcting first-order chromatic aberrations of the first degree
Low-pressure mercury lamp having a spiral arc tube and method for assembling the same
Ion source with uniformity of radial distribution of ion beam intensity
Plasma stabilization method and plasma apparatus
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Multi-elevation singulation of device laminates in wafer scale and substrate processing
Method of forming a contact in a flash memory device
Wiring board having connecting wiring between electrode plane and connecting pad
High frequency semiconductor device
Selective plating of package terminals
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Flex tape architecture for integrated circuit signal ingress/egress
Multi-part lead frame
Method and system to enhance differential dynamic range and signal/noise in CMOS range finding systems using differential sensors
Solid state image pickup device and camera
Semiconductor device employing buried insulating layer and method of fabricating the same
Method and apparatus for self-assembly of functional blocks on a substrate facilitated by electrode pairs
Interfacial layer for use with high k dielectric materials
Capacitor structures, and DRAM arrays
Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
Rake shaped fan
Antenna configuration change
Method and apparatus for improving dynamic range in a communication system
Communication system, device and method
Compact broadband antenna with constant radiation pattern
Phase shifters for beamforming applications
Electronic component comprising an electrically conductive connection consisting of carbon nanotubes and a method for producing the same
Spark plug and method for manufacturing the spark plug
Arrangement for energy conditioning
Apparatus, system, and method for maximizing power system holdup time during loss of input power
Radially clamped ball and socket series and phase connector
Low cost precision linear actuator and control system
Power buffering for rotating media storage devices
Spur mitigation techniques
Method and arrangement for detecting a random access channel preamble using multiple antenna reception in a communication system
Demodulator and address information extractor
Active polyphase inverter filter for quadrature signal generation
Programmable logic enabled dynamic offset cancellation
Method, arrangement and device for controlling predistortion
Off-chip LC circuit for lowest ground and VDD impedance for power amplifier
Integrated circuit device
Clock switching device and clock switching method
Apparatus and methods for programmable logic devices with improved performance characteristics
Timer facility for high frequency processors with minimum dependency of processor frequency modes
Differential line receiver
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Phase adjustment method and circuit for DLL-based serial data link transceivers
Data converters for programmable logic
DSV control apparatus and DSV control method
Process and device for generating pulses for the transmission of a pulsed signal of the ultra wideband type
At-command analyzing method
Automatic impedance matching compensation for a serial point to point link
Method and apparatus for transforming moving picture coding system
Optical ring network with selective signal regeneration and wavelength conversion
Optical down-converter using universal frequency translation technology
Optical receiving station, optical communication system, and dispersion controlling method
Optical waveform for use in a DWDM optical network and systems for generating and processing same
Method and system for providing zero detect and auto-mute
Cell selection techniques for frequency division multiple access systems
Communication device with multiple communicators
Apparatus and method for estimating a channel condition of a forward link in a mobile communication system
In-band wireless communication network backhaul
Application prioritization policy engine
Optical pulse position modulation discriminator
Linearization of amplifiers using baseband detection and non-baseband pre-distortion
Method and apparatus for encrypting/decrypting data using timed-release keys
Methods for aggregating cells transported in a bonded group
Method and apparatus for remote network management over ethernet connections
Data slice control device and control method
Synchronization symbol re-insertion for a decision feedback equalizer combined with a trellis decoder
Soft decision decoder, and log likelihood ratio calculator and method thereof for enhanced performance in soft decision decoding
Method and apparatus for preventing unauthorized data from being transferred
Information processing unit
Information processing unit
Information processing unit
Information processing unit
Information processing unit
Image processing apparatus
Image input system
System and method for processing a multi-colour image
Composite color frame identifier system and method
Digital windowing for video sync separation
Image processing apparatus and method
Video signal transmitting/receiving system
Upgradable on-screen display system
Method and apparatus for synchronizing audio recordings with digital still frame images
Method and apparatus for preliminary erasing parts of a bitstream recorded on a storage medium, and corresponding storage medium
Deinterlacing apparatus and method
System and method for predictive motion estimation using a global motion predictor
Virtual communication device configuring method and apparatus
Radio tag and system
Node position measuring system
Method for analyzing data transmission throughput in a wireless LAN
Handover resource optimization
Hearing aid fitting
Compact modular in-the-ear hearing aid
System and method for reducing flicker of compact gas discharge lamps at low lamp light output level
Basic halogen convertor IC
Electronic circuit apparatus and method for stacking electronic circuit units
Component mounting substrate and structure
Techniques for attaching a heatsink to a circuit board using anchors which install from an underside of the circuit board
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Micro-invasive method for painless detection of analytes in extra-cellular space
Medical instruments and techniques for treatment of gastro-esophageal reflux disease
Trajectory storage apparatus and method for surgical navigation system
Ocular examination system
Method for recording and transmitting a multi-channel ECG and an arrangement as a portable recorder for carrying out this procedure
Magneto-acoustic imaging
Lever coil sensor for respiratory and cardiac motion
Methods and apparatus for compensating computed tomographic channel ganging artifacts
Detector for an X-ray computed tomography apparatus
Enhanced digital detector and system and method incorporating same
Method and apparatus for radiographic imaging having an antidiffusion grid
Angle independent ultrasound volume flow measurement
Method and apparatus for skin absorption enhancement
Electro-acupuncture method to relieve pre-menstrual syndrome
IV fluid warming system with detection of presence and alignment of cassette
Combination ICD and pacemaker system having integrated distal electrode
Implanted medical device telemetry using integrated microelectromechanical filtering
Apparatus and method for bioelectric stimulation, healing acceleration and pain relief
Method and device for locating and mapping nerves
Gastric treatment and diagnosis device and method
Event marker alignment by inclusion of event marker transmission latency in the real-time data stream
Implantable medical stimulation device having reconfigurable memory
Correlated histogram representation of Monte Carlo derived medical accelerator photon-output phase space
Patient positioning system employing surface photogrammetry and portal imaging
Information processing system
Performing Operations; Transporting
Sensor array for rapid materials characterization
Sensor array-based system and method for rapid materials characterization
Method and system for remote control of mobile robot
Process for producing an article having a predetermined surface shape and optical waveguide element
Light fiber comprising continuous outer cladding and method of making
Method and device for obtaining calibration data of mechanical press, and load display device for mechanical press
Method and device for preventing limit values from being exceeded in sheet-fed printing machines
Dynamic technique for using corrective actions on vehicles undergoing excessive turns
Vehicle engine torque control with engine drag control mode
Deceleration control for automatic automotive speed control apparatus
Vehicle rollover sensing using angular rate sensors
Supply of data to motor vehicles
Method of operating a transfer system having carriers for work pieces
Robust determination of hand-wheel position
Vehicle recorder system
Tactile feedback control for steer-by-wire systems
Method and apparatus for accurately determining the position of satellites in geosynchronous orbits
Automated library system with retrieving and respositing robot
Recording medium conveyance method and apparatus for an image forming apparatus, and an image forming apparatus thereof
Horizontal reference marker
Microelectromechanical device with moving element
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Optical fiber and method of manufacturing the same
Dispersion-managed optical fiber, method of manufacturing the same, optical communication system including the same and optical fiber preform therefor
Crystalline farnesyl protein transferase compositions and methods for use
Fixed Constructions
Control system for use on construction equipment
Extraction controller for mining--extraction machines
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
System and process for detection of weak cylinders in a diesel engine
System and method for real-time electronic engine control
Furnace diagnostic system
Method of generating an error map for calibration of a robot or multi-axis machining center
Method for fabrication of an all fiber polarization retardation device
Navigation system with route designating device
Map display apparatus and display method therefor
Scaled quadrature pulse signal generator
Mass flowmeter methods, apparatus, and computer program products using correlation-measure-based status determination
Method and apparatus for detecting and isolating a rupture in fluid distribution system
Image encoder method
Optical member inspecting apparatus and method of inspection thereof
Dynamic test fixture for a vehicle exhaust system capable of twelve DOF
Method for characterizing complex fluids and appliances resulting from said method
Method for the analysis of abnormal particle populations
Dynamic calibration method
Hydrogen sensor apparatus and method of fabrication
Defect integrated processing apparatus and method thereof
Pulsed X-ray reflectometer
X-ray fluorescence analyzer
Method and apparatus for visualizing elastic wave propagation in a solid substance
Method and apparatus for determining lipid rancidity
Models and technique for automated fault isolation of open defects in logic
Fault insertion method, boundary scan cells, and integrated circuit for use therewith
Event tester architecture for mixed signal testing
High-speed failure capture apparatus and method for automatic test equipment
Nuclear magnetic resonance apparatus and method
GPS airborne target geolocating method
System for the spatial allocation of at least one transponder to the cells of a detection area, base station, and transponder
Method and apparatus for separating signals transmitted over a waveguide
Position updating method for a mobile terminal equipped with a positioning receiver
Method of stacking seismic traces
Methods, systems and computer program products for generating weather forecasts from a multi-model superensemble
Optical fibre with optimized ratio of effective area to dispersion scope for optical fibre transmission system with wavelength multiplexing
Multimode optical fiber with a higher order mode removing function
Optical fiber having a chromatic dispersion slope that is shallow
High contrast front projection display panel and a method of making a high contrast front projection display panel
Polarization transformer
Electrical testing of waveguides
Optical transmitter/receiver module and method of manufacturing the same
Planar-type polarization independent optical isolator
Optical fiber tap with integral reflecting surface and method of making same
Optical signal processing method and optical signal processing apparatus
Fiberoptic polarizer and method of making the same
Retro-reflective multi-port filter device with triple-fiber ferrule
Compensation of polarization mode dispersion of a grating written in an optical fiber
1.times.2 optical wavelength router
Arcuate fiber routing using stepped grooves
Structure for retaining optical fiber
Fiber-optic cable routing and bend limiting device and system
Optical fiber arrays having an interface characteristic
Cable exit trough with cover
Optical fiber distribution frame with connector modules
Lens drive and lens shutter unit
Active optical MMI waveguide device
Acousto-optic devices utilizing longitudinal acoustic waves
Variable chirp optical modulator
Toad having enhanced extinction ratio of the switching window
Camera having mechanically linked zoom lens, retractable flash device and variable flash angle
Film pre-exposed apparatus and method
Luminous function display device for a camera
Finger actuated device having a proximity detector
Photometry device
Camera with built-in electronic flash and electronic flash device
System for calculating exposure energy
Apparatus and method of correcting layout pattern data, method of manufacturing semiconductor devices and recording medium
Gloss control method and apparatus with disposable toner cartridges containing clear toners
Process for the double-sided printing and/or coating of a substrate
Precedent job status comfirmable user interface and information processing apparatus
Developing device with a contact-enabling mechanism
Process cartridge and image forming apparatus using the same
Image forming system
Upgradeable and easily serviceable imaging systems with a removable module and methods for using the same
Developer container, developer amount detecting system, process cartridge, developing device, and image forming apparatus
Developing apparatus featuring an end of a regulating member coupled to a supporting member of the apparatus, regulating member, and method for assembling the same
Printer or copier system having re-employable container for consumables and method for the employment of the container
Liquid xerographic developability sensor
Electrophotographic image printing apparatus using liquid developer
Fixing device having shortened standby period
Electrophotography photosensitive body
Method for chemical addition utilizing adaptive optimization
Process control method and process control apparatus
Animation device for graphic or plastic representations
Control method and apparatus for plate material processing machine
Machining apparatus
Servo-amplifier for a multiaxis driving control system
Modular automated assembly system
System and method for scheduling the movement of wafers in a wafer-processing tool
Device and method for calculating required quantity of material
Monitoring system for monitoring processing equipment
Automated diagnosis of printer systems using Bayesian networks
Automated data storage library with wireless robotic positioning system
Thermal management in a system
Market data domain and enterprise system implemented by a master entitlement processor
Critical path adaptive power control
Input clock delayed by a plurality of elements that are connected to logic circuitry to produce a clock frequency having a rational multiple less than one
Receiver rate converter phase calculation apparatus and method
Directional microphone utilizing spaced apart omni-directional microphones
Portable pen-based information terminal apparatus
Device and method for noninvasive, user replacement of an inoperable boot program
System and method for signaling and detecting request for power over ethernet
Optimizing performance of a clocked system by adjusting clock control settings and clock frequency
Semiconductor integrated circuit employing power management device and power management method for the semiconductor integrated circuit
Data processing apparatus
Circuit and method for reducing power consumption in an instruction cache
Method and apparatus for identifying and repairing mismatched data
Method and apparatus for providing fault-tolerant addresses for nodes in a clustered system
Communication error reporting mechanism in a multiprocessing computer system
Detection and exploitation of cache redundancies
Technique for generating single-bit error-correcting, two-bit burst error-detecting codes
Method and apparatus for protecting user data during power failures in a data processing system
DRAM auto-swapping device
System recovery by restoring hardware state on non-identical systems
Fault control and restoration in a data communication system
Method and apparatus for transferring data between a primary storage system and a secondary storage system using a bridge volume
Method for testing a controller with random constraints
Redundant array of inexpensive disks controller
System and method for using a page tracking buffer to reduce main memory latency in a computer system
Method and apparatus for allocating free memory
System and method for prefetching data using a hardware prefetch mechanism
Method and apparatus for automatically detecting whether a board level cache is implemented with Mcache
Partitioned cache memory with switchable access paths
Spatial footprint prediction
Multilevel cache system coherence with memory selectively configured as cache or direct access memory and direct memory access
Information processing system device control method, information processing system device and software storage medium
Serial interface unit
Apparatus, system, and method for reducing bus contention during consecutive read-write operations
Information processing device enabling floating interrupt to be pending and a method executing an interrupt condition change instruction
Dynamically configurable memory bus and scalability ports via hardware monitored bus utilizations
Method and apparatus for avoiding data bus grant starvation in a non-fair, prioritized arbiter for a split bus system with independent address and data bus grants
Write command verification across a PCI bus system
Hot plug control of MP based computer system
Methods, systems and computer program products for logically segmenting devices on a universal serial bus
Method of sending data streams using a refetchable first-in-first-out memory which is read in a sequence that backs-up
SCSI phase status register for use in reducing instructions executed by an on-chip sequencer in asserting a SCSI acknowledge signal and method
Electronic mail system with mail content class designation
Analyzing, indexing and seeking of streaming information
Discrete cosine transform method and apparatus
Automatic bilingual translation memory system
Method and apparatus for enhanced performance caching for path names
Method for estimating the elapsed time required for a log apply process
Method for creating and playing back a smart bookmark that automatically retrieves a requested Web page through a plurality of intermediate Web pages
System, method and article of manufacture for providing an attribute system with primitive support of dynamic and evolvable roles in support of fluid and integrative application development
System and methods for exchanging messages between a client and a server for synchronizing datasets
Multikeyed table implementable on a personal digital assistant
Method and apparatus for dynamically representing aggregated and segmented data views using view element sets
Method to compress linguistic structures
Technique to avoid processing well clustered LOB's during reorganization of a LOB table space
Technique for providing a universal query for multiple different databases
System and method for facilitating a windows based content manifestation environment within a WWW browser
Method and system for providing a visual search directory
System and method for accessing external memory using hash functions in a resource limited device
Structured-text cataloging method, structured-text searching method, and portable medium used in the methods
System and method for obtaining and displaying an interactive electronic representation of a conventional static media object
Method and apparatus for managing metadata in a database management system
Method and apparatus for profile score threshold setting and updating
Increasing efficiency of indexing random-access files composed of fixed-length data blocks by embedding a file index therein
Method and apparatus for indentifying accesses to a repository of logical objects stored on a storage system based upon information identifying accesses to physical storage locations
Method of estimating an amount of changed data over plurality of intervals of time measurements
Distributed computer database system and method employing intelligent agents
System and method for indexing electronic text
Method for searching a digital rights management package
Optimal dissimilarity method for choosing distinctive items of information from a large body of information
Systems, methods and computer program products for tailoring web page content in hypertext markup language format for display within pervasive computing devices using extensible markup language tools
Image retrieval apparatus and method, and computer-readable memory therefor
Computer aided maintenance and repair information system for equipment subject to regulatory compliance
Method and apparatus for use of an application state storage system in interacting with on-line services
Simplified-file hyper text protocol
System and method for record and playback of collaborative Web browsing session
Tagging for demultiplexing in a network traffic server
Database for designing integrated circuit device, and method for designing integrated circuit device
Reusable configuration tool
Method and apparatus for locating constants in combinational circuits
System and method for translating a report file of one logic device to a constraints file of another logic device
Processor system and method for integrating computerized quality design tools
System and method of bolus-chasing angiography with adaptive real-time computed tomography (CT)
Method for sourcing three level data from a two level tester pin faster than the maximum rate of a tester
Method and system for facilitating interaction between image and non-image sections displayed on an image review station such as an ultrasound image review station
System for detecting over-clocking uses a reference signal thereafter preventing over-clocking by reducing clock rate
Extended keyboard support in a run time environment for keys not recognizable on standard or non-standard keyboards
Method and apparatus for improved interaction with an application program according to data types and actions performed by the application program
System and methods for spacing, storing and recognizing electronic representations of handwriting printing and drawings
Magnetic disk, method of accessing magnetic disk device, and recording medium storing disk access control program for magnetic disk device
Fiber channel connection storage controller
Storage subsystem with management site changing function
Transferring data from disk storage directly to a peripheral device
Portable electronic device having a log-structured file system in flash memory
Data processing apparatus and method in which a logical device control program analyzes an inputted job, and storage medium storing a program therefor
Low-latency circuit for synchronizing data transfers between clock domains derived from a common clock
Accumulation saturation by means of feedback
Method and apparatus for generating a fast multiply accumulator
Multiplier circuit for reducing the number of necessary elements without sacrificing high speed capability
Apparatus and method for endpoint control and plasma monitoring
Arithmetic device
Shared dependency checking for status flags
Method and system for speculatively issuing instructions
System and method for fast data transfers in an electronic network
System bus read data transfers with bus utilization based data ordering
Method of determining the timing for reclaiming a remote object
System and method for creating validation rules used to confirm input data
Cross-platform program, system, and method having a system independent registry for use on operating systems irrespective of a registry equivalent
Software for seamless interconnectivity between active program modules on integrated arrangement of CD drive, data server, and PC hard disk drive
Apparatus and method for incremental updating of archive files
Replacing a unique identifier in a cloned computer system using program module that runs only once during the next boot sequence
Initial program load in data processing network
Automatic reduction of data noise in installation packages for a computer system
Method and apparatus for performing a software upgrade of a router while the router is online
Power reduction for multiple-instruction-word processors with proxy NOP instructions
Method and apparatus for maintaining translated routine stack in a binary translation environment
Method and apparatus for conducting a transaction between homogeneous and/or heterogeneous transaction processing systems using asynchronous pull of a transaction transfer
Universal communication mechanism for applications running in a multitasking environment
Method and system for providing on-line interactivity over a server-client network
Method and apparatus for thread switching within a multithreaded processor
Method for reducing processor interrupt load
Method and apparatus for fast processing of selected packetized data requests
Data processing system having plurality of processors and executing series of processings in prescribed order
Recording apparatus
Error clipping for vector error diffusion
Method and apparatus for reading and verifying holograms
Method for imaging fingerprints and concealing latent fingerprints
Detection of wafer fragments in a wafer processing apparatus
Address recognition apparatus and method
Class specific classifier
Signal analysis system and method for determining a closest vector from a vector collection to an input signal
Method and circuit for performing the integrity diagnostic of an artificial neural network
Method for utilizing a knowledge-based system
Method for mapping alterations in system state to knowledge base objects in a persistent repository-resident knowledge base
Design and hardware synthesis of adaptive weighted fuzzy mean image filter
Method and apparatus for informing analysis result of database
Method and apparatus for processing attached E-mail data and storage medium for processing program for attached data
Push banking system and method
Cellular telephone-based transaction processing
System and method for monitoring lighting systems
System, methods and software for dynamically regulating and enforcing open account payments and for dynamic updating of credit ratings
Systems, methods and computer program products for linking transactions by multiple web site servers to web site visitors
Automated on-line commerce method and apparatus utilizing a shopping server verifying product information on product selection
Method for distributing a periodical
Data integrity in smartcard transactions
Gel electrophoresis image combining for improved dynamic range
Information processing apparatus, method and memory medium therefor
Interpolating operation method and apparatus for image signals
Image display method, image processing system, and recording medium
Method and apparatus for re-classifying color image pixels classified by single channel segmentation
Method for tracing organ motion and removing artifacts for computed tomography imaging systems
Inspection system with specimen preview
Method for automatically detecting digital images that are undesirable for placing in albums
Creating high resolution images
Method for localizing and isolating an errant process step
Method for combining the computer models of two surfaces in 3-D space
Method for combining the computer models of two surfaces in 3-D space
Method and apparatus for qualitative spatiotemporal data processing
Image processing in HSI color space using adaptive noise filtering
Curvature based system for the segmentation and analysis of cardiac magnetic resonance images
Video image compression/decompression apparatus and method
Approximate string matching system and process for lossless data compression
Error reduction in transformed digital data
Apparatus and method for encoding images and medium in which image encoding program has been recorded
Hierarchical foveation based on wavelets
Method for recovering compressed motion picture for eliminating blocking artifacts and ring effects and apparatus therefor
Image encoder, image encoding method, image decoder, image decoding method, and distribution media
Quantizing method and device for video compression
Quick check vehicle diagnostics
Image capture device with steganographic data embedding
Digital signature providing non-repudiation based on biological indicia
Electronic information vending machine and method
Telephone accessory communications device
Method and system for selecting traffic information services receivable by at least one mobile receiver
System and method for providing directions using a communication network
Interactive training application
Method, system, and apparatus for medical device training
Goal based educational system with support for dynamic characteristics tuning using a spread sheet object
Pharmaceutical pill recognition and verification system
Waveform data generation method and apparatus capable of switching between real-time generation and non-real-time generation
Method of detecting silence in a packetized voice stream
Training of text-to-speech systems
Segmentation approach for speech recognition systems
Smart training and smart scoring in SD speech recognition system with user defined vocabulary
Method and system for generating semi-literal transcripts for speech recognition systems
Pattern recognition apparatus
Method and apparatus for transcribing multiple files into a single document
Speech recognition control of remotely controllable devices in a home network environment
System and method for dyslexia detection by analyzing spoken and written words
Voice verification system
Audio signal processing
Automatic detection of non-stationarity in speech signals
Optical disc copy management system
Prototype-based virtual in-line sparing
Signal processor and signal processing method
Automatic video summarization using a measure of shot importance and a frame-packing method
Enabling accurate demodulation of a DVD bit stream using devices including a SYNC window generator controlled by a read channel bit counter
Hit result register file used in a CAM
Method for increasing the equivalent computational precision in an analog associative memory
High speed programmer system
Buffered redundancy circuits for integrated circuit memory devices
Test and observe mode for embedded memory
On-chip circuit and method for testing memory devices
Testable read-only memory for data memory redundant logic
Testing apparatus for semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor memory device with fast masking process in burst write mode
Semiconductor memory device having a refresh operation
Method and system for generating thermal-mechanical limits for the operation of nuclear fuel rods
Apparatus for modifying coordinates
System and method for monitoring and controlling gas plasma processes
Incorporation of critical dimension measurements as disturbances to lithography overlay run to run controller
Method and apparatus for the integration of sensor data from a process tool in an advanced process control (APC) framework
Memory embedded semiconductor integrated circuit and a method for designing the same
Method and apparatus for steering mobile platform beams
Raman-amplified optical transmission system
Electrical distribution system and method of monitoring and/or controlling same
Dual-mode modulation systems and methods including oversampling of narrow bandwidth signals and DC offset compensation
Coherent adaptive calibration system and method
Wireless communication transceiver having a dual mode of operation
Receiver portion of a telephone
Dynamic range compressor-limiter and low-level expander with look-ahead for maximizing and stabilizing voice level in telecommunication applications
Method and apparatus for filtering measurements used in a generalized positioning system
Passband equalizers with filter coefficients calculated from modulated carrier signals
Television tuner employing micro-electro-mechanically-switched tuning matrix
Method and apparatus for programmable adjustment of computer system bus parameters
Synchronous counter
Adaptive quantization in a pulse-amplitude modulated system
Method and apparatus for suppression of jitter in data transmission systems
Circuit and method for convolutional interleaving using a single modulo operation
Digital transmission system and method
Fast floating-point truncation to integer form
FM transmitter
Stereo broadcasting receiving device
Telephony system
Interference reduction for direct conversion receivers
Wrist-worn cellular phone device having multi-sectioned keypad
Voice-switching device and method for multiple receivers
Method of power control for a wireless communication system having multiple information rates
Digital power control system for a multi-carrier transmitter
System and method of controlling transmission electric power in a CDMA base station
System and method for coverage and interference prediction and tradeoff
Measurement radio system for producing operating information for traffic radios
Architecture for dependability enhancement of wireless base stations
Monitor and control system for satellite communication networks and the like
Method and apparatus for providing a time-division multiplexing (TDM) interface among a high-speed data stream and multiple processors
Time synchronization system for industrial control network using global reference pulses
Object-oriented type information managing system and a method for controlling messages between objects in the system
System for processing protocol for internet services employing serial line and ATM network
Interface between standard terminal equipment unit and high speed wireless link
System and method for processing wireless files based on filename extension
Memory apparatus and method for multicast devices
Method and apparatus for providing reliable communications in an intelligent network
Link aggregation path selection method
Shared memory based network switch and the network constructed with the same
ATM communication system interconnect/termination unit
Switch fabric with path redundancy
Multimedia and multirate switching method and apparatus
Fast training of equalizers in discrete multi-tone (DMT) systems
PCS signal separation in a one dimensional channel
Amplifier with a fan-out variable in time
Method and apparatus for rotating the phase of a complex signal
Demodulating method and receiver apparatus
Transceiver with variable width cyclic prefix
Method of sending and receiving information and system using such method
Packet header compression using division remainders
Access control via properties system
TCP communication speed improving system
Viewing an information set originated from a distribution media and updating using a remote server
Signalling link capacity in a cellular communications system
Method and system for defining an efficient and reliable meshing of CP-CP sessions in an advanced peer to peer network
Method and system for identifying embedded addressing information in a packet for translation between disparate addressing systems
Method of address resolution for the transfer of synchronous transfer mode calls through multiple domains in a broadband data network
Hybrid/fiber coax video and telephony communication system with poly-phase filtering
DSL post-synchronization auto baud
Method and apparatus for carrier phase tracking
Method and apparatus for providing interoperability between key recovery and non-key recovery systems
Keyless encryption of messages using challenge response
Radio apparatus, especially a mobile telephone
Network interface device with disconnectable half-ringer
Mobile telephone shoulder rest
Bypass for telephone system splitter
Associating dial numbers with call origination schemes
Mobile information terminal equipment and portable electronic apparatus
Printing caller ID
Voice recompression method and apparatus
System for the remote notification and retrieval of electronically stored messages
Integrated transmitter, LAN communication equipment, telephone communication apparatus and communication method using integrated transmitter
Method and apparatus for reducing transmission errors in digital subscriber line (DSL) communication systems
System and method for call record search and call record verification for network certification
Establishing and managing communications over telecommunication networks
System and method for billing communications services provisioned on demand in converging telecommunications network
Method for providing telecommunications service pricing
Call processing system utilizing subscriber services and preferences
Method and apparatus for providing pre-pay and post-pay communication services using the same integrated
Signature device for home phoneline network devices
System and method for processing ported calls
Skill-value queuing in a call center
System for automatically routing calls to call center agents in an agent surplus condition based on service levels
System and method for notification upon successful message delivery
Busy line display method
Method and apparatus for establishing communications with a remote node on a switched network based on hypertext calling received from a packet network
System for controlling the effect of transmitting a document across a packet based network
Method for repeating a scan operation in a network
Removal of fixed pattern noise and other fixed patterns from media signals
Image editing system and image forming system
Stereoscopic image encoding
Mathematical model for gray scale and contrast enhancement of a digital image
Program guide system with real-time data sources
Method and apparatus for recording and reproducing electronic watermark information, and recording medium
Signal distribution system with integrated IR signal control
Method and systems for scalable representation of multimedia data for progressive asynchronous transmission
Method and system for deterring electronic video piracy through image rearrangement
Method and apparatus for coding moving picture image
Verification of image data
Picture signal encoding method and apparatus, picture signal decoding method and apparatus and recording medium
Method, system and apparatus for transmitting, receiving, and reproducing a digital broadcast signal
Apparatus and methods for multiplexing, recording and controlling the display of image data, and recording medium therefor
Telecommunications wiring device
Multiple connection method and device for subscriber access network
Service provision in a telecommunications network
Telecommunications network and method for routing incoming calls for MTC services
Private circuit provision in a telecommunications network
Universal mobile telecommunications system
Method and apparatus supporting short message services in a wireless number portability environment
Cellular network having a concentrated base transceiver station and a plurality of remote transceivers
Radio receiver with power saving during synchronization retries
Paging network optimization utilizing handoff statistics
Method and apparatus for the self engineering of adaptive channel allocation
Method of ciphering data transmission, and cellular radio system
Method and apparatus for coordinating transmission of short messages with hard handoff searches in a wireless communications system
Event manager for use in fraud detection
System and method for variably delaying access requests in wireless communications system
Method for optimizing a number of communication links
Method of handoff within a telecommunications system containing digital base stations with different spectral capabilities
Wireless centrex conference call adding a party
Cabin communication system
Electroacoustic transducer with diaphragm securing structure and method
Air flow control device for loudspeaker
Method and apparatus for reducing switching noise of a digital volume control
Automatic optioning method for printed circuit boards
Processing an audio bitstream signal
Local loop telecommunication repeater housings employing thermal collection, transfer and distribution via solid thermal conduction
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