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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Maize variety hybrid X00A038
Maize variety hybrid X90A808
Device for dispensing bark beetle pheromone in a controlled manner
Quinazoline compounds and methods of use thereof
Triazole compounds useful as protein kinase inhibitors
Substituted amidine compounds for combating animal pests
Outside wrap post coupler accommodating beam rivet
Surgical instrument for injecting a drug into prostate tissue
Invasive ablation probe with non-coring distal tip
Methods for nonablative photorejuvenation
Radiation imaging system and method for detecting positional deviation
Bifurcated stent and delivery system
Hip resurfacing implant
Intervertebral device and method of use
Systems, devices, and methods for mechanically reducing and fixing bone fractures
Brace for arm or elbow region including angularly-displaced muscle/tendon engaging portions
Therapeutic shoe
Pillow with mechanism for simulated respiration
Orthopaedic device
Sterilising apparatus
Omega-3 fatty acids for osteoarthritis
Process for the preparation of eletriptan
Compounds for treatment or prevention of inflammation, an inflammatory disease, or an immune or an autoimmune disorder
Crystalline salts of thieno[3,2-c]pyridine kinase inhibitors with improved cpy safety profile
Hemiasterlin derivatives and uses thereof in the treatment of cancer
Crystalline form F of imatinib mesylate
Bicyclic organic compounds suitable for the treatment of inflammatory or allergic conditions
Pyrrolo-pyridine, pyrrolo-pyrimidine and related heterocyclic compounds
Spirolactam derivatives and uses of same
Selective reduction and derivatization of engineered proteins comprising at least one non-native cysteine
Transthyretin variants
Glycopegylated erythropoietin
Immunogenic compounds comprising peptides of IL1.beta.
Nucleic acids and proteins from Streptococcus pneumoniae
Antagonists of IL-6
S. aureus polypeptides and antibodies
dsRNA induced specific and non-specific immunity in crustaceans and other invertebrates and biodelivery vehicles for use therein
Cooling sensation agent composition and sensory stimulation agent composition
Compositions for achieving a therapeutic effect in an anatomical structure
Substrates comprising switchable ferromagnetic nanoparticles
Water insoluble polymer matrix for drug delivery
Targeted delivery of therapeutic agents with lyophilized matrices
Taste-masking solid preparation of pioglitazone
Multilayer drug delivery system with barrier against reservoir material flow
Severable support for a stent and method of coating
Catheter mounted automatic vessel occlusion and fluid dispersion devices
Infusion pump assembly
Syringe accessory device
Skin securable drug delivery device with a shock absorbing protective shield
Mechanism for injection device
Background reduction system including louver
Compositions for dyeing keratin fibers
Position specifying system, position specifying method, and computer readable medium
Azeotropic and azeotrope-like compositions of E-1,1,1,4,4,5,5,5-octafluoro-2-pentene
Feedback-based golf swing training aid
Golf green slope reading aid
Card game
Gaming device having multiple symbols at a single symbol position
Exchanging virtual rewards for computing resources
Gaming device and method of providing an adjusted paytable for a number of future plays of a game
Performing Operations; Transporting
Filter element, in particular for filtering exhaust gases of an internal combustion engine
Filter having a drainage connection
Self-supporting insulating end cone liner and pollution control device
Vandium traps for catalytic cracking processes and preparation thereof
Method for producing vanadium traps by means of impregnation and resulting vanadium trap
Device for separating ferromagnetic particles from a suspension
Mobile cleaning device and method
Laser processing apparatus and method
Radiation-shielding assemblies and methods of using the same
Method for the manufacture of a composite article
Contoured flat mold
Mold structures, and method of transfer of fine structures
Method for manufacturing an injection-molded object
Injection mold having an elastic member located between a fastening member and a mold core
Injection molding apparatus with heat insulation assembly
Apparatus and method for handling a container product
Coating solution, and gas barrier film, gas barrier laminate and gas barrier multilayer film, using the coating solution, and their manufacturing methods
Manufacturing method and manufacturing apparatus of insulation cap
Glass fiber product
Printer for a mobile device
UV-sensitive lithographic printing plate precursor with benzoxazole derivative and analogues thereof as sensitizer
Aluminum substrates and lithographic printing plate precursors
Painting apparatus
Vehicle air system assemblies with aircap assemblies
Mechanic's light
Vehicular headlamp having a columnar light guide
Alarm apparatus and alarming method
Methods of configuring and using a wireless communications device
Foldable watercraft fin
Salvage suit for shipwrecks
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method and apparatus for preventing native oxide regrowth
Retinoid prodrug compound
Process for preparing bis(thiohydrazide amides)
Process for preparing divinylarene dioxides
Heterocyclic compounds and their uses
7-(1H-pyrazol-4-yl)-1,6-naphthyridine compounds as Syk inhibitors
Substituted pyrrolo[2,3-d]pyrimidines as inhibitors of protein kinases
Thienyl-and furanyl-isoquinolinones and methods for using them
Thienopyrimidines having Mnk1/Mnk2 inhibiting activity for pharmaceutical compositions
Therapy-enhancing glucan
Metal removing agent and metal removing filter
Fluorinated ether compounds and methods of using the same
Catalyst compositions comprising support materials having an improved particle-size distribution
Control of the melt flow rate of polyolefin mixtures recovered from post-consumer durable goods
Composite hydrogels for delivery of biologically active materials
Reactive liquid ceramic binder resin
Polyurethane-based photochromic optical materials
Bio-based foam from natural oils
Dispersion for applying a metal layer
Saponified fatty acids as breakers for viscoelastic surfactant-gelled fluids
Poly (hydroxycarboxylic acid) amide salt derivative and lubricating composition containing it
Microbial detection assembly
Fungal PepC inhibitor
Bacterium that can perform complete dechlorination of trichloroethene and the method to dechlorinate soils or ground water contaminated with trichloroethene using the bacterium
Dual-terminal amide hydrogelling agent
Allorestricted peptide-specific T cells
Production of quinone derived compounds in oleaginous yeast and fungi
Mutant insulin degrading enzyme and methods of use
Nucleic acid isothermal amplification method
Process for producing optically active succinimide derivatives and intermediates thereof
PLKS as modifiers of the beta catenin pathway and methods of use
Amplification of TRP1 for specific detection of Phytophthora ramorum
Method for the detection and/or identification of a microorganism
Process and device for producing pig iron or liquid steel precursors
Stainless steel anodes for alkaline water electrolysis and methods of making
Textiles; Paper
Electrospinning in a controlled gaseous environment
Fixed Constructions
Water draining pipe and draining method thereof
Vertical concrete form with removable forming panels
Surface wind disrupters and barriers
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Magnetic flux power generation based on oscilating movement
Free ball bearing, support table, carrying equipment, and turntable
Torsional vibration damper
Light emitting device and projector
Light-emitting device and illumination device
LED engine of finned boxes for heat transfer
Hybrid source lighting system
LED lighting module and lighting device comprised thereof
Light guide plate with adjustable illumination angle, illumination device with adjustable illumination angle, and method for adjusting illumination angle thereof
Method for operating a jamming laser in a DIRCM system in a manner that is safe for eyes
Illumination apparatus and method for obtaining illuminance with high uniformity by controlling a plurality of minute mirrors of a digital mirror device
High throughput thermally tempered microreactor devices and methods
System and method of closed carton inspection
Apparatus with abnormality determination function and method for determining abnormality
Nucleic acid extraction kit, nucleic acid extraction method, and nucleic acid extraction apparatus
RBM3 as a marker for malignant melanoma prognosis
System for testing motherboard performance
Apparatus and method for protection switching for mesh topolgy
Method and apparatus for providing signature based predictive maintenance in communication networks
Methods and apparatus to utilize route aggregation for exchanging routes in a communication network
Methods and apparatus for improved program acquisition for use with MPEG-2 based systems
Detection system, semiconductor device, and data processing device
Determining sea conditions in marine seismic spreads
Light head structure with adjustable focal length and lighting device thereof
Microscope slide separation devices and methods
Digital binary MEMS wavefront control
Optical apparatus and imaging apparatus
Glare management of reflective and thermoreflective surfaces
Coated plastic cladding optical fiber and optical fiber cable
Voice coil motor
Liquid crystal display with a plurality of liquid crystal display modules
Liquid crystal panel substrate with light-shielding film in a pixel region, liquid crystal panel, and electronic equipment and projection type display device both using the same to reduce light leakage
Image capture apparatus and method
Transmission screen for interactive board
Lithographic apparatus and method involving a ring to cover a gap between a substrate and a substrate table
Exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
Actuator system, lithographic apparatus, method of controlling the position of a component and device manufacturing method
Photosensitive resin composition, photosensitive resin cured matter, photosensitive resin film, photosensitive resin film cured matter and optical waveguide obtained by using the same
Cyanine dyes and lithographic printing plate precursors comprising such dyes
Image forming apparatus
Printing system, job processing method, storage medium, and printing apparatus
Image forming apparatus, and control method and control program thereof
Power supply circuit for supplying power to electronic device such as image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus operable in modes using a fixing device with/without a glossing device
Fixing device and image formation device
Laser printer cleaning cartridge device and method
Talking watch device
Computer system with security apparatus
Rolling code security system
Light source driving apparatus
LED (Light-Emitting Diode) output power adjusting device and method thereof
Semiconductor device having boosting circuit
Data storage device carrier assembly
Mounting apparatus for PCI card
Portable electronic device with buffered internal electronic module
Information processing apparatus and information processing method
Print image matching parameter extraction and rendering on display devices
Secure key management
Short term policy creation and execution of policy executed between communication events of a radio access technology within a coexistence manager hardware/software implementation
Power amplifier insensitive to load impedance changes
Image forming apparatus for detecting index data of document data, and control method and program product for the same
Apparatus for acquiring a diagnostic index for body fat
Medical image diagnosis apparatus and image processing apparatus and method
System and method for stereo-view multiple animal behavior characterization
Event classification method using lit candle detection
Event classification method using light source detection
Method and system for enhanced image alignment
Fast implementation of context selection of significance map
DVC as generic file format for plenoptic camera
Method and apparatus for automatically tuning a parameter of an image enhancement algorithm based on an attribute of an original image
Detecting recurring events in consumer image collections
System for detecting and identifying traffic law violators and issuing citations
System and method for monitoring ensilage of fodder
Camera security system
Control of traffic signal due to obstructed view
Vehicle locator
Folded focal length optics for an optical movement sensor
Structural support for a stringed musical instrument and method of utilizing the same for fabrication of a musical instrument
Circuits to process music digitally with high fidelity
Active type acoustic control system
Disk drive device provided with lubricant-filled fluid dynamic bearing
Close loop method for measuring head SNR and media SNR
Disk drive writing a sync mark seam in a bootstrap spiral track
Optical disc device
Optical storage system having differential phase detector
Timing loop with large pull-in range
Disk drive performing in-drive spiral track writing
Apparatus and method for providing a tracking servo control when reproducing optical information
Film for producing a sheet for a multilayer optical recording medium
Write driver circuit for MRAM, MRAM and layout structure thereof
Single-polycrystalline silicon electrically erasable and programmable memory device of varied gate oxide thickness, using PIP or MIM coupling capacitor for cell size reduction and simultaneous VPP and VNN for write voltage reduction
Universal timing waveforms sets to improve random access read and write speed of memories
Word line driving signal control circuit, semiconductor memory apparatus having the same, and word line driving method
Semiconductor device and control method therefor
Data output circuit of semiconductor memory apparatus
Portable X-ray detector with grid sensing unit and X-ray imaging system for automatic exposure setting for the portable X-ray detector
Fugitive viscosity and stability modifiers for carbon nanotube compositions
Photoelectric conversion element comprising binuclear ruthenium complex dye having a substituted bipyridyl group, and photochemical cell
Side button structure for electronic device
Thermal fuse
Multichip package structure and light bulb of using the same
Lamp part fixing by shape memory alloy in the discharge tube of fluorescent lamps
Fluorescent lamp assembly with improved run-up
Ultrafast electron diffraction device
Semiconductor device
Method for synthesising semiconductor quantum dots
Methods for manufacturing high dielectric constant films
Method of forming semiconductor device
Transistors with uniaxial stress channels
Method for fabricating high-gain MOSFETs with asymmetric source/drain doping for analog and RF applications
Semiconductor package and method of fabricating the same
Dual-depth self-aligned isolation structure for a back gate electrode
Organic electronic packages having hermetically sealed edges and methods of manufacturing such packages
Optical device and semiconductor wafer
Group III nitride semiconductor light-emitting device
Strained semiconductor materials, devices and methods therefore
Semiconductor device
GaN high voltage HFET with passivation plus gate dielectric multilayer structure
Transistor channel mobility using alternate gate dielectric materials
Photovoltaic cell comprising contact regions doped through a lamina
Solar cell and method for Manufacturing the same
Light recapturing system and method
Proton conductive hybrid material, and catalyst layer for fuel cell using the same
Method of setting conditions for film deposition, photovoltaic device, and production process, production apparatus and test method for same
Photovoltaic device
Light source having light emitting diode
Use of ionomeric silicone thermoplastic elastomers in electronic devices
Method for depositing oxide films on textured metal pipes
In via formed phase change memory cell with recessed pillar heater
Organic light-emitting display device and method of manufacturing the same
Secondary battery
Battery pack
Dish shaped and pressure equalizing electrodes for electrochemical batteries
Hydrocarbon reforming catalyst, method of preparing the same and fuel cell including the hydrocarbon reforming catalyst
Battery-cell module structure of battery
Systems and processes for operating fuel cell systems
Electromagnetic coupler and communication apparatus using the same
Force arrangement for radio frequency filters
Mobile communication base station antenna
Safety socket with protective door
Method and apparatus for locking a network cable in a jack
Cable assembly with a floating connector
Night light electrical end plate
Anti-lightning automatic switch for a satellite television receiver
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Modular energy storage device for a high voltage electrical power system
Universal charger
Battery pack and method of charging battery pack
Charging status display circuit and electronic device using the same
Switched reluctance motor
Assembly for generating electrical and thermal energy
Controller and controlling method for power converter
Power supply circuit with a control terminal for different functional modes of operation
Low-noise, temperature-insensitive, voltage or current input, analog front end architecture
System and method for effectively performing a clock signal distribution procedure
Restoring output common-mode of amplifier via capacitive coupling
Power conversion circuit and electronic device with power conversion circuit
Marchand balun circuit
Op-R, a solid state filter
Filter circuit and communication apparatus
Method and apparatus for performing blind signal separation in an OFDM MIMO system
Phase-locked loop (PLL) fail-over circuit technique and method to mitigate effects of single-event transients
Data compression apparatus by a plurality of types of algorithms and a method
Remote-control method and emitter cooperated with personal communication device
Method, system, and apparatus for optical communication
Non-contact transmission of optical signals
Method and apparatus for transmitting data using visible light communication
Compact radiofrequency coupler
Systems and methods for echo cancellation and echo suppression
Cooperative communications techniques
Portable satellite data communication device and related method
Portable terminal device
Techniques for detection of signals in multiple-input multiple-output communication systems
Mobile communication devices with an analog frequency modulation (FM) receiver and recording capability
Methods and apparatus for conducting financial transactions
HSDPA system with reduced inter-user interference
Method for suppression of OFDM energy spectral density for minimization of out of band emission or utilization of fractured spectrum
Endpoint-to-endpoint communications status monitoring
System and method for voice and data communication
Inter-cluster communications technique for event and health status communications
Network monitor and control method thereof
Method and system for symmetric routing
Quality of service and flow control architecture for a passive optical network
Receiving apparatus for digital broadcasting signal and receiving/recording/reproducing apparatus thereof
Transmission device with function of packetizing and transmitting
System and method of providing multimedia communication services
Methods, devices, systems, and computer program products for registration of multi-mode communications devices
Method and apparatus for reducing the contribution of noise to digitally sampled signals
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program
Full digital bang bang frequency detector with no data pattern dependency
3D camera phone
Selecting a message greeting for an unavailable party based upon contextual data associated with a contacting party
Methods, systems, and products for processing communications
Directed notifications
Services related to conference calls
Image processing device and image processing method
Three color neutral axis control in a printing device
Video decoder plus a discrete cosine transform unit
Information processing device, information processing method, program, and data structure
Three-dimensional recording and display system using near- and distal-focused images
Video signal processing apparatus, enhancement gain generating method, and enhanced gain generating program
Imaging apparatus and program
Flexible wiring board mounting structure of an image shake correcting apparatus
Focus detection apparatus, image pickup device, and electronic camera
Image recording/reproducing apparatus, control method thereof, program and storage medium
System for video frame synchronization using sub-frame memories
Linear time code receiver
Determining availability of video data units
Image processing apparatus
Wireless controlled pet toy dispenser with camera
Computerized information collection and training method and apparatus
Image sensing apparatus that estimates dark current and control method therefor
Image processing device and method for image correction
Information signal processing method and apparatus, and computer program product
Information processing apparatus and method, program and recorded medium with improved retrieval
Apparatus and method for locating RFID tag
Method of automatically fitting hearing aid
Method and system for mapping HARQ-ACK bits
LTE baseband receiver and method for operating same
Method for communication using carrier switching in mobile communication system supporting multiple carrier
Wireless communication systems with femto nodes
Method and apparatus for transmitting signals segmentation
Burst size signaling and partition rule
Transmitting system and method of transmitting digital broadcast signal in transmitting system
Electrically heatable sheet of glass, method for production thereof and also window
Temperature-stabilized current regulation driver
Lighting control system with improved efficiency
Time-delayed power switching device and methods of use
Method for the transparent coating of a substrate with plasma at atmospheric pressure
Method of preparation of multifunctional technical textile by plasma-treatment
Flexible printed circuit board
Computer mini-card connection assembly
Die mounting substrate and method of fabricating the same
Chip card holding mechanism and portable electronic device
Compact folded configuration for integrated circuit packaging
Moisture resistant cord plate for a photovoltaic module
Heatsink with substance embedded to suppress electromagnetic interference
Expired Patents Due To Time
Sports bra
Backpack in the shape of a whale
Warmup suit
Footwear upper
Sandal upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Baton holder
Decorative backpack
Tool pouch
Football carrying case
Hexagonal basket bottom
X-shaped dual shoulder strap for a golf bag
Water source attachable animal cleaning brush
Brush with callus remover
Combined toothbrush, toothpaste dispenser and cap
Embossment pattern for absorbent paper products
Car seat base
Combined backpack and seat
Pair of side structures for furniture
Ornamental coat rack
Robe hook
Human Necessities
Rack console assembly
Combined power and data transmission arrangement accommodating all electrical needs of a number of independently operable medical apparatuses in a medical workstation
System and method for augmentation of endoscopic surgery
Implantable medical sensor system
Methods and apparatus for detecting the rejection of transplanted tissue
Method and apparatus for electronically imaging a tooth through transillumination by light
Chemical signal-impermeable mask
Method and apparatus for measuring optical reflectivity and imaging through a scattering medium
Applicator for pulsoxymetric sensor with torque limiter
Electrode for measuring biomedical signal and electrode support device for measuring a biomedical signal
Quick-placement electroencephalogram (EEG) electrode
Electrical impedance tomography method
Synchronized K-space sampling in magnetic resonance angiography
Digital-to-film radiographic image conversion
Autoacceptertube delivery system with a robotic interface
Time apparatus for alerting at times for taking medicines
Single pass lead and method of use
Method of prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis and article of manufacture therefor
Medical device telemetry receiver having improved noise discrimination
Defibrillator interface capable of generating video images
Radiotherapy treatment using medical axis transformation
Performing Operations; Transporting
Wide field of view and high speed scanning microscopy
Method of calibrating an automated placement machine
Multi-beam exposure unit
Exposure method and device
Portable compact disc player
Vehicle height adjust control apparatus and method
Electronic controlled suspension system using wheel speed
System for temporarily increasing maximum road speed of a vehicle driven by an internal combustion engine
Compact, low-cost semiconductor device for receiving arbitrary input parameters and driving selected display devices, and methods
Electric double layer capacitor
Vehicular vision system with a wide angle lens including a diffractive element
Headrest video camera
Vehicle computer system with wireless internet connectivity
Process and device for controlling a vehicle brake system
Method for detecting fault of vehicle motion sensors
Method and system for determining condition of road
Method of improving ABS control behavior
Circuit configuration for controlling electric or electromechanical consumers
Microprocessor system for safety-critical control systems
Exact stability integration in network designs
Multiple printer system with a route setting device for printed sheets
Articulated boom monitoring system
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Preform including a barrier layer preventing hydrogen from diffusing into optical fiber manufactured from said perform, and a method of preparing such a preform
Athermalized codoped optical waveguide device
Magnetic head having a slider made of a glass-ceramic
Timing circuit for high voltage testing
Loading system for electric arc furnaces
Textiles; Paper
Embroidery data creating device
Article counter with improved light beam coverage
Fixed Constructions
Features of main control computer for a power machine
Modular furniture wall system and method for telecommunications equipment and wire management in an open office architecture
Information processing unit and information processing related units
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Control apparatus for electromagnetic actuator
Hydraulic control system of automatic transmission
Shift on the go transmission system
Internal natural light delivery system
High efficiency lighting system having a remote light source
Liquid crystal display having stoppers on back light or outer frame or having particular features of the low voltage wiring
System for the measurement of the cut length of moving articles
Method for bakery product measurement
Enhanced thickness calibration and shading correction for automatic X-ray inspection
Apparatus and computer program for generating a feedback code
Position detecting apparatus for semiconductor wafer
Interferometers utilizing polarization preserving optical systems
Optical fiber gyroscope
Internet based geographic location referencing system and method
System for determining time or direction for prayer
Communicatory navigation system
Vehicle-use map data processing device and method
Vehicle-use data processing system, on-vehicle terminal device constituting such system, and navigation device
Map display device and a recording medium
Topography measuring device
Birefringent fiber grating sensor and detection system
Method and apparatus for processing spectrum in spectral measurement
High throughput optical scanner
Variable torque rate simulated test joint
Method and apparatus for the automatic inspection of optically transmissive objects having a lens portion
Method for forming a calibration line in an infrared gas analyzer
Blood fluid characteristics analysis instrument
Sample inspection system
Detection of foreign fibres and foreign materials based on an absorption measurement of light and corresponding detection method
Surface topography enhancement
System and method for arithmetic operations for electronic package inspection
Non-contact electrical conduction measurement for insulating films
Smart debug interface circuit
Pattern generator for use in a semiconductor test device
Method and apparatus for testing field programmable gate arrays
Methods and apparatus for facilitating scan testing of circuitry
Scannable fuse latches
Integrated circuit tester having pattern generator controlled data bus
Device for regulating variation of delay time for data transfer between logic circuits
Calibrating test equipment
Method for diagnosing bridging faults in integrated circuits
Demodulator for a multi-pair gigabit transceiver
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Analog test access port and method therefor
Spin valve sensor having improved interface between pinning layer and pinned layer structure
Seed layer for a nickel oxide pinning layer for increasing the magnetoresistance of a spin valve sensor
Error compensation for device tracking systems employing electromagnetic fields
Segmented k-space method for three-dimensional MR imaging
Mobile communication apparatus
Automatic curve sensor calibration method for an automotive CW/ICC system
Ultrasonic ranging system and method for improving accuracy thereof
Multiple ultrasound image registration system, method and transducer
Cellular radio location system
System for determination of faulty circuit boards in ultrasound imaging machines
Apparatus and method for trend analysis in graphical information involving spatial data
Apparatus and method for correcting for capacitance variations in hydrophones
Method of monitoring quality of seismic data processing and method of processing vertical seismic profile data
Optical element made from fluoride single crystal, method for manufacturing optical element, method for calculating birefringence of optical element and method for determining direction of minimum birefringence of optical element
Scanning optical system
Image-forming optical system and viewing optical system
Optical system
Panoramic night vision goggles
Method for mounting rod lenses in an endoscope, and endoscope having such rod lenses
Image display apparatus
Micro-electromechanical based bistable color display sheets
Torsional micro-mechanical mirror system
Light deflection device and array thereof
Process for fabricating an optical mirror array
Optical scanning device
Rotary body for a polygonal mirror type scanner and method of machining the same
Array lens, lighting optical system, optical unit and imaging apparatus
Tapered waveguide for optical dispersion compensation
Wavelength selective optical routers
Fibre bragg grating with offset equivalent mirror plane and method for its manufacture
Integrated optical power splitter and manufacturing method therefor
Optical demultiplex circuit
Optical drop circuit having group delay compensation
Apparatus for manufacturing long-period fiber gratings and apparatus for manufacturing two-band long-period fiber gratings using the same
Optical wavelength division multiplexer/demultiplexer having preformed passively aligned optics
Fiber distribution frame
Transceive module with EMI shielding
Fiber optic cable wall mount housing
Fiber optic splice enclosure
Sealed equipment box having an access for a cable
Cylindrical mount for adjustable optical components
Autofocus process and system with fast multi-region sampling
Magnification viewer
Electro-optic apodization having backward compatibility and discrimination capabilities for optical disk drives
Electronic timepiece
Liquid crystal optical element and liquid crystal device incorporating same
Liquid crystal display device and method for producing the same
Liquid crystal display device with double-layered structure for gate line and/or data line
Method of manufacturing a display device including a peripheral circuit area and a pixel area on the same substrate
Liquid-crystal display device
Optical communication system having a liquid crystal routing switch
Spatial light modulator and display with picture elements having electrically floating electrodes
Comb generating optical cavity that includes an optical amplifier and an optical modulator
Image modifiers for use in photography
Image recording apparatus and application device thereof
Magnetically recordable photographic film recording method and system therefor and camera-laboratory system
Camera used with light source type detecting circuit
Method for handling user and producer film unit customization data and system
Apparatus for projection patterning of large substrates using limited-travel precision x-y stage
Method and apparatus for automatically generating schedules for wafer processing within a multichamber semiconductor wafer processing tool
Image to paper registration utilizing differential transfer
Method and apparatus for adaptive black solid area estimation in a xerographic apparatus
Data processing system having separable data-processing devices and a deactivable power-saving function
Color electrophotographic apparatus having a split toner reservoir
Modular electrophotographic color printer
Tandem-type image forming apparatus operating in color mode and monochrome mode
Developer container for an image forming apparatus and method of conveying a developer
Developer-carrying member, and developing device and image forming apparatus including the member
Transfer roller cleaning apparatus of liquid electrophotographic printer
Color image forming apparatus and belt unit and image forming unit thereof
Polyimide and doped metal oxide fuser components
Roll fusing apparatus including a fusing nip force controlling assembly
Electrophotographic image forming apparatus, electrophotographic image forming system, and process cartridge
Metronome with clock display
Coherent population trapping-based frequency standard having a reduced magnitude of total a.c. stark shift
Electronic control system for a machine
Automatic monitoring of tool status
Numerically controlled machine tool and method
Object-oriented programmable industrial controller with distributed interface architecture
Monitoring system for semiconductor device fabrication facility
Direct-current stabilization power supply device
Computer network security system and method having unilateral enforceable security policy provision
Implementation of role/group permission association using object access type
Computer chip set for computer mother board referencing various clock rates
Method and apparatus for routing 1 of N signals
Photonic clock distribution method and apparatus for electronic systems
Apparatus for securing a laptop computer
Computer with interchangeable covers and method for configuring a computer chassis
Computer system housing for attenuating electromagnetic inferference (EMI)
Security control for computer power supply subsystem
State machine with a dynamic clock gating function
Personal information device and method for downloading reprogramming data from a computer to the personal information device via the PCMCIA port or through a docking station with baud rate conversion means
Processor having a clock driven CPU with static design
Automated application fail-over for coordinating applications with DBMS availability
Apparatus and method for downloading core file in a network device
Replacement of error messages with non-error messages
System and method for reconstructing data associated with protected storage volume stored in multiple modules of back-up mass data storage facility
Method and apparatus for correct and complete transactions in a fault tolerant distributed database system
Process and apparatus for initializing a computer from power up
Power fault protection in a computer system having multiple power supplies
Transitioning between redundant computer systems on a network
State machine and communication terminal
Concurrent hardware-software co-simulation
Methods for performing diagnostic functions in a multiprocessor data processing system having a serial diagnostic bus
Process for determining the start- up time of a data processing system
Apparatus for spatial and temporal sampling in a computer memory system
End-to-end response time measurement for computer programs using starting and ending queues
System and method for improved program launch time
Method for identifying and correcting errors in a central processing unit
Debuggin client server programs from third party workstations
System and method for remotely analyzing the execution of computer programs
Multi-tier debugging
Software fault location
System and method for accessing data between a host bus and a system memory bus where the system memory bus has a data path that is twice the width of the data path for the host bus
Increasing the memory performance of flash memory devices by writing sectors simultaneously to multiple flash memory devices
Facsimile apparatus using a memory device with reloadable memory block having variable data occupancy rate
Memory addressing system and method therefor
Method of processing memory transactions in a computer system having dual system memories and memory controllers
Paging processing system in virtual storage device and paging processing method thereof
Processor-cache protocol using simple commands to implement a range of cache configurations
Victimization of clean data blocks
Flexible cache-coherency mechanism
Method of creating an internally consistent copy of an actively updated data set without specialized caching hardware
Method and apparatus for executing variable delay system bus operations of differing type or character without dead lock using shared buffers
Fault tolerant redundant bus bridge systems and methods
Method and system for pre-fetch cache interrogation using snoop port
Data processing system for processing vector data and method therefor
Pipelined data cache with multiple ports and processor with load/store unit selecting only load or store operations for concurrent processing
Shared cache structure for temporal and non-temporal information using indicative bits
Data transfer controller, microcomputer and data processing system
System and method for accessing information decrypted in multiple-byte blocks
Bus data analyzer including a modular bus interface
Method and apparatus of arbitrating requests to a multi-banked memory using bank selects
System and method for concurrently requesting input/output and memory address space while maintaining order of data sent and returned therefrom
Method for providing specific knowledge of a structure of parameter blocks to an intelligent direct memory access controller
Host controller interface descriptor fetching unit
Host adapter capable of simultaneously transmitting and receiving data of multiple contexts between a computer bus and peripheral bus
Method for transmitting a digital audio signal
Host adapter integrated circuit having autoaccess pause
Memory cards with symmetrical pinout for back-to-back mounting in computer system
Method for the hot add of a network adapter on a system including a statically loaded adapter driver
Backplane slot arrangement for use with single or multiple width circuit boards
Write only bus with whole and half bus mode operation
Arbitration methods to avoid deadlock and livelock when performing transactions across a bridge
Method and apparatus for device interaction by protocol
Endianness checking for platform-independent device drivers
Programmable digital signal processor integrated circuit device and method for designing custom circuits from same
Execution paradigm for accessing hierarchical data using an object framework
Orthogonal converting apparatus
Method and apparatus for processing standard generalized markup language (SGML) and converting between SGML and plain text using a prototype and document type definition
System, method and article of manufacture for creating a filtered information summary based on multiple profiles of each single user
System and method for incremental change synchronization between multiple copies of data
System for ranking the relevance of information objects accessed by computer users
Methods and apparatus for generating and using safe constraint queries
Linguistic search system
Information search and retrieval with geographical coordinates
Method and system for improved database disaster recovery
Method for computer network operation providing basis for usage fees
Database display and search method
Motionless camera orientation system distortion correcting sensing element
Methods and apparatuses for creating a collection of media
Method and apparatus for fast and random access of variable sized records stored in a partitioned format
Computer based system for imaging and analyzing a process system and indicating values of specific design changes
Semiconductor integrated circuit layout method
Method for optimizing routing mesh segment width
Distributed static timing analysis
Apparatus for optimization of circuit design
Hardware simulator instrumentation
Electromigration resistant power distribution network
Detection method of illegal access to computer system
Print system managing the security of a printer shared on a network
Security switching device
System for changing modalities
Optical detecting apparatus and coordinate inputting apparatus using the detecting apparatus
Data management system
Method for updating wallpaper for computer display
Method and device relating to a user unit
Programmable integrated analog input/output circuit with distributed matching memory array
Data storage system with outboard physical data transfer operation utilizing data path distinct from host
Providing local printing on a thin client
Apparatus for supporting multiple video resources
Data rate synchronization by frame rate adjustment
Data processing apparatus adapted for data transfer between circuit units operating with different clock cycles
Arithmetic circuit using a booth algorithm
Scheme for arithmetic operations in finite field and group operations over elliptic curves realizing improved computational speed
Commutator circuit
SIMD data processing extended precision arithmetic operand format
Method and apparatus for performing vector operation using separate multiplication on odd and even data elements of source vectors
Computer system having a single pointer branch instruction and method
System and method for eliminating a ring transition while executing in protected mode
System for fetching unit instructions and multi instructions from memories of different bit widths and converting unit instructions to multi instructions by adding NOP instructions
Microcode scan unit for scanning microcode instructions using predecode data
Bank register circuit for a multiply accumulate circuit
Data processing circuit with gating of clocking signals to various elements of the circuit
Comprehensive redundant load elimination for architectures supporting control and data speculation
Method and system for object oriented notification
Method of monitoring the correct execution of software programs
Text object compilation method and system
Computer manufacturing system architecture with enhanced software distribution functions
Simultaneous installation and configuration of programs and components into a network of server and client computers
Method and a mechanism for synchronized updating of interoperating software
Pointer analysis by type inference for programs with structured memory objects and potentially inconsistent memory object accesses
Method of, system for, and computer program product for providing global value numbering
System and method for profile-based, on-the-fly optimization of library code
Patching environment for modifying a Java virtual machine and method
Synchronization procedure in a routing node
Object linking and embedding over a computer network
Method and apparatus for providing inter-application program communication using a common view and metadata
Method for configuring at runtime, identifying and using a plurality of remote procedure call endpoints on a single server process
Apparatus and method for computer job workload distribution
Platform-independent device drivers
Defining characteristics between processing systems
Border-less clock free two-dimensional barcode and method for printing and reading the same
Image collation device
Information reproducing device for reproducing multimedia information recorded in the form of optically readable code pattern, and information recording medium storing multimedia information in the same form
Method and apparatus for extracting ruled lines or region surrounding ruled lines
Method and apparatus for pen-based faxing
Method and apparatus for extended depth of field imaging
Apparatus, method and medium for enhancing the throughput of a wafer processing facility using a multi-slot cool down chamber and a priority transfer scheme
Facilitating internet commerce through internetworked auctions
System and method for authenticating electronic transactions using biometric certificates
Positive identification display device and scanner for low cost collection and display of graphic and text data in a secure manner
Method and system for remote delivery of retail banking services
System for selectively printing messages and adding inserts to merchant statements
Voice mail based billing delivery system
Fully-automated system for tax reporting, payment and refund
Method and apparatus for generating segmentation scorecards for evaluating credit risk of bank card applicants
Method and apparatus for logo hiding in images
Apparatus and method for reconstruction of volumetric images in a helical scanning cone-beam computed tomography system
Document editing system and method
Embedding information in three-dimensional geometric model
System and method for restoring, describing and graphically displaying noise-corrupted boundaries in tomography images
Second order LMS tap update algorithm with high tracking capability
Automatic image enhancement of halftone and continuous tone images
X-ray imaging apparatus and recording medium therefor
Camera calibration apparatus
Transformation and selective inverse transformation of large digital images
Video signal recording apparatus, video signal regenerating apparatus, image coding apparatus and image decoding apparatus
Postage metering system and method for a single vault dispensing postage to a plurality of printers
Method and apparatus for determining a predetermined pattern on an original based on visible and invisible information on the original
Cassette for a rotary rolled coin dispenser
Content providing system
Security cage for game machine and game machine using the same
Virtual card personalization system
Radio selective call receiver and method for storing received message
Agent based instruction system and method
Multipurpose learning device
Adjustable in-hull transducer assembly
Active control source cancellation and active control Helmholtz resonator absorption of axial fan rotor-stator interaction noise
Without losing words of voice activate transmitting device for two way radio
Background noise/speech classification method
Identification of unit overlap regions for concatenative speech synthesis system
Phonemic unit dictionary based on shifted portions of source codebook vectors, for text-to-speech synthesis
Method and apparatus for speech recognition using second order statistics and linear estimation of cepstral coefficients
Speech coding with variable model order linear prediction
Cartridge-loading apparatus with tilting bias coil assembly
Disc slip preventing spacer ring apparatus and method of use
Disc loading apparatus with movable clamper
Disk drive load ramp for protecting the actuator heads
Apparatus for judging optical disk
Apparatus for discriminating optical recording media of different thicknesses from each other and reproducing information therefrom
Apparatus for reproducing program data recorded on an optical disc at a multiple velocity
Removable type magnetic recording/reproducing device
Disk type recording medium having zones with address information recorded in grooves and recording and reproducing device therefor
Synchronous/asynchronous data detection apparatus for use in a magnetic recording/playback system
Optical disk format having a continuous recording area formed of alternating land and groove revolutions, optical disk drive apparatus, and optical disk tracking method
Optical disk with a groove for defining serial data modulated into a signal using phase and frequency modulation
MEEPR4 sampled amplitude read channel for disk storage systems
Method and apparatus for reading and writing gray code servo data to magnetic medium using synchronous detection
Rotational storage device
Polymer bumps for trace and shock protection
Disc drive head suspension with single-point contact feature for ramp load/unload
Latent illuminance discrimination marker with reflective layer for data storage cartridges
Apparatus having a rewritable display portion
Removable electronic subassembly with a compressible shock absorbing device
Reproduction device and method for coordinating a variable reproduction of video images
Method and apparatus for editing video files
Video signal processing device and method, image synthesizing device, and editing device
Disk-assisted editing for recorded video material
Cards used for disk reproduction apparatus
Apparatus for address translation to selectively improve data transfer rates on a disk storage device
Magnetic recording/reproducing apparatus
Disk drive enclosure optimized for mixed slim and half high drive size
Disc player
Memory unit having a plurality of heads controlled by a minimum number of connection lines
Technique for optimizing MR-bias current
Circuit for reproducing data and apparatus for reading data out of a magnetic disc based on calculated frequency cut off
Method and apparatus for recording digital signal
By-pass write drivers for high-performance data recording
Merged magnetic head that includes a write head with single-sided notched first pole piece
Magnetoresistive element and its manufacturing method
System for biasing a synthetic free layer in a magnetoresistance sensor
Magnetic disk drive having a relaying flexible printed circuit sheet
Gimbal-level piezoelectric microactuator
Optical disc and optical disc apparatus for forming wobbled tracks
Optical head with a phase plate for different types of disks
Optical recording medium having substrate of dual transparent layers
Electronic memory with disturb prevention function
Nonvolatile ferroelectric random access memory device with segmented plate line scheme and a method for driving a plate line segment therein
Semiconductor memory device having function of supplying stable power supply voltage
Sensing of memory cell via a plateline
Dynamic RAM, semiconductor storage device, and semiconductor integrated circuit device
DRAM hidden row access method and apparatus
Semiconductor memory device permitting time required for writing data to be reduced
Latching CAM data in a flash memory device
Semiconductor memory having improved register array access speed
Programmable impedance device
Apparatus and method to characterize the threshold distribution in an NROM virtual ground array
Low voltage single CMOS electrically erasable read-only memory
Nonvolatile memory cell structure for integration with semiconductor logic devices and method of using same
Semiconductor integrated circuit device, memory module and storage device
EPROM circuit with error correction
Circuit that prevents illegal transformation of data in a non-volatile memory and a method for the same
Flash memory with copy and transfer function
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory and program verification method in which number of write operation can be reduced in program verification operation
Electrically erasable and programmable nonvolatile semiconductor memory
Nonvolatile writeable memory with preemption pin
Semiconductor memory circuit and redundancy control method
Semiconductor memory device with redundant row substitution architecture and a method of driving a row thereof
Semiconductor memory capable of relieving a defective memory cell by exchanging addresses
Test method for high speed memory devices in which limit conditions for the clock are defined
Method and apparatus for testing cells in a memory device with compressed data and for replacing defective cells
Method and apparatus for measuring subthreshold current in a memory array
Field effect transistor with controlled body bias
Cache memories using DRAM cells with high-speed data path
Integrated circuit power-up controllers, integrated circuit power-up circuits, and integrated circuit power-up methods
Apparatus and method for performing data read operation in DDR SDRAM
Self-timed memory reset circuitry
Semiconductor memory
Method and system for processing pipelined memory commands
Semiconductor memory device having test mode
Semiconductor memory device and write data masking method thereof
Semiconductor device having delay circuit for receiving read instruction signal
Storage device and a control method of the storage device
Core spray upper T-box to reactor vessel attachment
Ultrasensitive surveillance of sensors and processes
Method of jacketing
Method and means for variably attenuating radiation
Thin-film component
Capacitor, formed of a dielectric body having a high dielectric constant
Ultracapacitor current collector
Time delay device
High-voltage switch gear protection circuit
Charged-particle-beam microlithographic exposure apparatus and reticles for use with same
Ferroelectric memory device structure useful for preventing hydrogen line degradation
Quality management system and recording medium
Package for semiconductor power device and method for assembling the same
Heat sink assembly with cam lock
Transverse mountable heat sink for use in an electronic device
Heat sink for chip stacking applications
Wiring substrate used for a resin-sealing type semiconductor device and a resin-sealing type semiconductor device structure using such a wiring substrate
Integrated electrical overload protection device and method of formation
Gallium nitride based compound semiconductor laser and method of forming the same
Compact waveguide "T" switch
Replaceable antenna for a radio device
Polarization diversity phased array cellular base station and associated methods
Long-wavelength optical fiber amplifier
Gain control unit and optical amplifier having temperature compensating function
Surface emitting semiconductor laser device and process for producing the same
Strongly complex coupled DFB laser series
Bus holdup circuit for a distributed power system and method of operation thereof
Simplified current share circuit
Monitoring system for a power distribution system and a method of operation thereof
Electrical power network modelling method
Synchronous frame regulation to extract a positive sequence component of a line voltage
Controller of power supplying apparatus with short circuit preventing means
Inter-bay bipolar DC bus link
Power supply device with externally disconnectable "Y" capacitors
Charge-pump closely coupled to switching converter
Step-up power supply circuit and integrated circuit device
Switching power supply unit having sub-switching element and time constant circuit
Exchanging converter having a zero-voltage switching control circuit for driving an output voltage filter capacitor to partially feed back storage energy to an input side of the transformer or storage inductor
Apparatus and methods for space-vector domain control in uninterruptible power supplies
Controller for power supply and method of operation thereof
Multistage rotating speed control circuit for DC motor
Method and apparatus for detecting data in magnetic recording using decision feedback
Radio communication apparatus
Loudspeaker-dependent audio compression
Rapid acquisition dispersive channel receiver integrated circuit
Multiplierless digital filtering
Method for adaptive kalman filtering in dynamic systems
Insulated gate type semiconductor apparatus with a control circuit
Optical switch with controlled voltage output
Complementary methods for interleaving and deinterleaving data frames and corresponding forward error correcting devices in a transmitter and receiver
Data transmission device
Punctured serial concatenated convolutional coding system and method for low-earth-orbit satellite data communication
Method and apparatus for correlation-sensitive adaptive sequence detection
Frequency-shaped pseudo-random chopper stabilization circuit and method for delta-sigma modulator
Power-saving mode for portable communication devices
Fine estimation of multipath delays in spread-spectrum signals
Code division multiplex communications system
Partial decorrelation for a coherent multicode code division multiple access receiver
Test method for a network element of an optical communication system and network element therefor with test module
Optical signal transmission apparatus and optical signal transmission method
Optically modulated laser beam transceiver
Feed forward optical frequency/phase demodulator
Optical amplifier
Optical network
Article comprising means for optical pulse reshaping
Optical regeneration for optical-fiber transmission systems for non-soliton signals
Optical transmission line monitoring apparatus
Device and method for detecting PCM upstream digital impairments in a communication network
System and method for probability based lock detection
Method and system for providing an estimate of the signal strength of a received signal
Apparatus, and associated method for controlling service degradation performance of communications in a radio communication system
Echo canceler employing segment-based reinitialization
Startup protocol for high throughput communications systems
Adaptable and controllable multi-channel data link
Method and apparatus for receiving a radio frequency signal using a plurality of antennas
High bandwidth delivery and internet access for airborne passengers
Method and apparatus for on-board testing of a communication satellite
Multiplexer/demultiplexer structures and methods
Signaling protocol for satellite direct radio broadcast system
Use of reference phone in point-to-point satellite communication system
Communications apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for analyzing base station timing
Apparatus for receiving broadcasting signals
Method and system for collecting data over a 1394 network to support analysis of consumer behavior, marketing and customer support
Process for transmitting data packets from mobile stations to base stations in mobile radio systems operated on the time multiplex system
Transmission device and system having the same
Trunk transmission network
Communication method transmitting apparatus and receiving apparatus
Method and apparatus for combining a Trellis coding scheme with a pre-coding scheme for data signals
Mobile communication system
Serial/parallel GHZ transceiver with pseudo-random built in self test pattern generator
Wiring method and apparatus for distributed control network
Self-routing multicast network architecture
Error information reporting system for an error monitoring system
Adding links simultaneously to a multilink bundle using bandwidth allocation protocol
Seamless roaming among multiple networks including seamless transitioning between multiple devices
System for independent powering of a computer system
Token ring speed detection
Automatic loop segment failure isolation
Spanning tree with fast link-failure convergence
Method and apparatus for using ATM queues for segmentation and reassembly of data frames
High-speed routing control system
Network access control method, and device and system for implementing this method
Method and apparatus for measuring flow capacity of and determining the optimal window size of a communications network
Memory based buffering for a UART or a parallel UART like interface
Telecommunications round-robin message delivery
Message store and forward system
Port redundancy and backpressure translation table apparatus
Distortion compensating device
Remote access-controlled communication
Method and protocol for synchronized transfer-window based firewall traversal
Process and system for initializing a serial link between two integrated circuits comprising a parallel-serial port using two clocks with different frequencies
Vault controller dispatcher and methods of operation for handling interaction between browser sessions and vault processes in electronic business systems
Publish and subscribe data processing with ability to specify a local publication/subscription
Telecommunication subscriber connection using a domain name system
Process for transmitting a digitized signal according to OFDM type multicarrier modulation, transmitter and receiver for the implementation of the said process
Low computation idle transmission method for DSL modems
Data transformation apparatus and data transformation method
Auto-escrowable and auto-certifiable cryptosystems
Pseudorandom noise sequence generator
Secure processing for authentication of a wireless communications device
Portable telephone having a removable covering
Portable telephone handset construction
Device for protecting a microphone from external disturbances
Telephone technician's remote assist apparatus and method
Automatic area code detector and dialer
Combination telephone and voice-mail transceiver
Computer-controlled paging and telephone communication system and method
Telephone set with a detachable cordless control and display panel
Telephone handset off switchhook and call holding alert system
Digital access arrangement circuitry and method for connecting to phone lines having a DC holding circuit with switchable time constants
System and method for implementing flexible calling plans
Personal desktop router
Multiple terminal message indicator for a telecommunications network
Apparatus and method for computer telephone integration in packet switched telephone networks
Network telephony interface systems between data network telephony and plain old telephone service including CTI enhancement
Method for detecting document size
Image modifiers for use in scanning photographic images
Image reading device
Image forming apparatus having a mode in which an order of a plurality of read images to be printed can be changed
Dithered image compression system
Image processing method and apparatus employing block error diffusion
Solid state imaging apparatus for imaging a two dimensional optical image having a number of integration circuits
Analog current mode assisted differential to single-ended read-out channel operable with an active pixel sensor
Transport packet stream separating circuit in which packet can be discarded on error
Image signal input apparatus
Circuit for moire suppression
Apparatus and method for detecting an NTSC signal in an HDTV transmission signal
Digital camera recording a reduced image synthesized with a character image of the image picking-up information
Imaging apparatus
Electronic apparatus having thin film transistors
Film source video detection
System and apparatus to provide a backchannel for a receiver terminal in a conference
Method and apparatus for controlling participant input in a conferencing environment
Bi-directional telecommunication link in a cable television system
Cable communication system and method for management
Method and apparatus for providing television signals to multiple viewing systems on a network
Method and apparatus for packet loss recovery with standard-based packet video
Trick play reproduction of MPEG encoded signals
Picture encoding apparatus
Transcoding of a data stream
Motion determining apparatus, method thereof, and picture information converting apparatus
Apparatus for recording digital picture signal
Image sensing device
Apparatus and method for controlling video display blanking signals
Image reproduction apparatus and method
Digital television camera apparatus provided with camera head unit and camera control unit, independently
Virtual studio position sensing system
Apparatus with A/D converter for processing television signal
Equipment protection system
Method system and apparatus for telecommunications control
Method and system for storing and retrieving information in a communications node
Backpressure responsive multicast queue
Transferring Identifier information in a telecommunications system
Real-time hardware method and apparatus for reducing queue processing
Communication system and method of operation for interfacing a private branch exchange with an asynchronous transmission mode voice and data network to provide seamless communication routing
Packet delay estimation in high speed packet switches
System and method for telephone number verification and identification
Network switch with dynamic backpressure per port
Method for making a continuing call in an intelligent network call
Emergency telephone call notification service system and method
Interaction handler for telephone subscriber services
Method for providing at least one service to users of a telecommunication network, service control facility and server node
Network with efficient message routing
Method and apparatus for enabling data transmission between a mobile network and a fixed network having different data rates
Mobile station and network having hierarchical index for cell broadcast service
Mobile communication system
Method combining entries from multiple neighbor cell lists to obtain an updated list for a subscriber device
Speech quality measurement based on radio link parameters and objective measurement of received speech signals
Cellular system and frequency carrier allocation method
Method and apparatus for selecting a wireless communication site
Method and apparatus for mitigating interference in a communication system
Telecommunications system, mobile terminal and method of registration of a terminal with a telecommunications network
Control of handoff in CDMA cellular systems
Allocating idle time to a mobile station
Adjustable holder for an acoustic pick-up device
Multiple pressure gradient sensor
Hearing aid fitting system
Adjustable high-speed audio transducer protection circuit
Electrostatic transducer with nonplanar configured diaphragm
Internal target radiator using a betatron
Integrated substrate with enhanced thermal characteristics
Chip removal and replacement system
Ceramic electronic part and mounting structure for the same
Electronic appliance
Mounting system to support electrical components in a stacked relationship to one another
Modular electronics packaging system
Magazine for enclosing a plurality of circuit boards
Box design for maximum heat dissipation
Protective structure
Housing configuration for a printed circuit board equipped with components
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