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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Squirrel house with predator protection
Co-extruded cheese snacks
Hair extension attachment
Article of footwear having an at least partially composite structure
Sports shoe, in particular a ski shoe
Hunting retention system and method
Roller and stopper mechanism for a drawer slide system
Self supporting knock-down display frame device having a multitude of interchangeable parts engaged by an integral frame fastening and frame support device
Seasoning device and method for preparing foods
Push-in suture anchor, insertion tool, and method for inserting a push-in suture anchor
Tissue closure system
Cardan shaft structure with tightness adjustable functions
Compound modulation transfer function for laser surgery and other optical applications
Adhesive wristband without removable release liner
Defining tooth-moving appliances computationally
Light emitting diode light source for curing dental composites
Biofidelic shoulder brace
Compositions and methods for treating NIDDM and other conditions and disorders associated with AMPK regulation
Molecular antigen array
Preventives or remedies for psoriasis containing as the active ingredient IL-6 antagonist
Humanized antibodies
Redirection of cellular immunity by protein tyrosine kinase chimeras
Compositions and methods for modulation of DARPP-32 phosphorylation
Dyestuff for keratin fibers
Sterilising unit
Peritoneal dialysis catheters
Medicant delivery system and method
Multi-beveled point needle and syringe having a multi-beveled point needle
Bleaching device using electro-optical and chemical means, namely in the medical and dental field
Determination of patency of the airway
Golf ball
Golf ball
Multiple material golf club head
Method and system for increasing player participation of a gaming device
Performing Operations; Transporting
Device for a cyclone scrubber
Exhaust gas filter and filtering system
Disposable cartridge air/gas dryer
Method and apparatus for treatment of feedwaters by membrane separation under acidic conditions
Heating tower apparatus and method with isolation of outlet and inlet air
Process for preparing a layered molecular sieve composition
PCR sample handling device
Material deposition on circuit card assemblies
Pulsed pressure cleaning apparatus and process
Method of exchanging a diaphragm device
Two-cavities cutting matrix
Edge-carrying drill, method for the manufacture of the drill, and drilling tool comprising such a drill
Cutting, profiling, and edge-preparing apparatus
Cover for ball-grid array connector
Low-profile capillary for wire bonding
Sanding tool and dust collection system therefor
Fastener tool
Vibration reduction apparatus for power tool and power tool incorporating such apparatus
Hot runner manifold plug for rheological balance in hot runner injection molding
Metal mold for a connected product and method of molding the product
Procedure and machine for multi-component molding
Holding structure and a molding with the same
Method for manufacturing a flexible recloseable container
Fluorinated polymer and amine resin compositions and products formed therefrom
Flame-retardant heat-resistant resin composition and adhesive film comprising the same
Non-offset image forming device with stimulated ink key interface and method
Method of varying a drum profile of a vario drum and vario drum for implementing the method
Image processing method and image processing apparatus
Masonry guiding tool
Split rim for pneumatic tire
Filter window adapter unit
Telescopic sun visor extension sleeve
Sun visor
Hardware to facilitate storing pickup bed cover
Smart airbag for vehicular applications
Wheeled cart for beach fisherman having stabilizing element
Cart for stocking inventory and methods for making same
Mobile conveying vehicle
Methods and apparatus for aerodynamically self-enhancing rotor blades
Steering column bracket
Method of proof testing glass
Tire safety valve and inflation device
Resealable bag for filling with food product (s) and method
Device that makes it possible to lock and unlock, by means of a key, a stopper or cover on a frame
Device for storing and dispensing a free-flowing substance and method of making and using the device
Self-closing dispensing container
Automatic document transportation device
Beverage dispense
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Apparatus for fabricating holey optical fiber
Submergence-induced protein-like factors
Rapid identification of Nocardia farcinica
Formation of combinatorial arrays of materials using solution-based methodologies
Modular transfection systems
Thyroid sodium/iodide symporter and nucleic acid encoding same
Detection of nucleic acid sequence differences using coupled ligase detection and polymerase chain reactions
Plasma immersion ion implantation system including a plasma source having low dissociation and low minimum plasma voltage
Textiles; Paper
Control device for linear knitting machines thread-guide bars
Chemically cross-linked cellulosic fiber and method of making same
Fixed Constructions
Model toy train track
Motorized grain scoop
Multiplex housing with central and peripheral dwelling units
Lockable media storage container
Cancel lever device for a door handle of a motor vehicle
Pulling cord winding apparatus for window shades
Annular isolators for expandable tubulars in wellbores
Inhibiting reflux in a heated well of an in situ conversion system
Methods for increasing production from a wellbore
Assembly of downhole equipment in a wellbore
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Internal combustion engine of compressing and auto-igniting air-fuel mixture and method of controlling such internal combustion engine
Method and device for controlling an internal combustion engine
Set screw with NiTi tip
Karabiner with locking ring
Load adaptive damper with transient air signal restrictor
Gripping devices
Rotating shaft support apparatus and differential gear unit
Ratio control system for an automatic transmission in a vehicle
Bicycle derailleur with a misalignment inhibiting structure
Electrohydraulic control device
Illuminating balloon
Nightlight for phototherapy
Steam-generating combustion system and method for emission control using oxygen enhancement
Ejector refrigeration cycle
Refrigeration system and method of operating the same
Heat exchanger
Structure of attaching a rotation-detecting sensor
Tire pressure detection side receiving circuit and tire monitor system provided therewith
Linker compound, ligand, and producing method thereof
Leptin binding domain compositions and methods thereto
Hepatitis C virus E2 binding protein
Ependymal neural stem cells and method for their isolation
Magnetically attracted inspecting apparatus and method using a fluid bearing
Portable multimedia projection system
Radiation sensitive refractive index changing composition, pattern forming method and optical material
Toner particles and methods of preparing the same
Carrier for developer for developing electrostatic latent image, developer using same and image forming method using same
Switching mode power supply apparatus
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Article transfer system
Controller and method for controlling a control object
Computer-readable recording medium, verification method, and verification device
User initiated and controlled delivery in hybrid mode of electromagnetically transmissible contents to recipients in designated delivery locations or apparatus
Fair quantized congestion notification (FQCN) to mitigate transport control protocol (TCP) throughput collapse in data center networks
Virtual private storage array service for cloud servers
Splitting of processing logics associated with commands of pages in a distributed application
Dynamic blocking of suspicious electronic submissions
Partitioning digital media for consumption
Method and apparatus for setting up gateway for AUTOSAR-based vehicle network
Method and apparatus for providing collaborative context data sensing and communications
Internet search engine preventing virus exchange
Mapping a glyph to character code in obfuscated data
System and method for keyframe analysis and distribution from broadcast television
Image reading device with regulating members maintaining internal cable separation during open and closed position
Situated multi-person user interface
Method and system digital for processing digital content according to a workflow
Encoding and decoding architecture of checkerboard multiplexed image data
Filtering video data in video coding
Blood pressure simulation apparatus with tactile interface
Driver circuit with a common interface for negative temperature coefficient resistor and bi-metallic strip temperature sensing
Methods for creating ground paths for ILS
Electronic device and method of manufacturing the same, chip carrier, circuit board, and electronic instrument
Apparatus for and method of packaging semiconductor devices
Semiconductor device provided with semiconductor circuit made of semiconductor element and method of fabricating the same
Infrared radiation detector
Method of manufacturing liquid crystal display panels
Methods of forming pluralities of capacitors
Shallow trench filled with two or more dielectrics for isolation and coupling for stress control
Semiconductor device
Polymer electrolyte fuel cell and conductive separator for the same
Electrolyte creepage barrier for liquid electrolyte fuel cells
Integral air preheater and start-up heating means for solid oxide fuel cell power generators
Fuel cell and separator structure used therein
Fuel cell system including a catalytically active reactor unit with flow control means
Vanadium/polyhalide redox flow battery
Power storage structure
Flat connector
Board-to-board connector with improved terminal contacts
Electric distribution box and method of assembling the same
Automatic locking electrical outlet
Grounding spring plate for blade server and its mounting structure
Receiver circuit
Channel and noise estimation method and associated apparatus
Autocorrelation-based spectrum sensing for FM signals
Filter network arrangement
Real-time exposure assessment
Generating and communicating source identification information to enable reliable communications
Increasing performance of a streaming application by running experimental permutations
Transmission apparatus and transmission method
Extended messaging platform
System and method of load balancing for ethernet link aggregation
Distortion compensation device and distortion compensation device method
Client and server group SSO with local openID
Firewall packet filtering
Enhancements to enable fast security setup
Method and apparatus for adaptive in-operator load shedding
Energy harvesting mega communication device and media apparatus configured with apparatus for boosting signal reception
Docking station for simultaneously establishing connections from a smartphone to an external display and USB device
Mobile device function selection using position in relation to a user
Method using mobile-phone client side to provide voice option and text prompt and corresponding mobile-phone client side
Communications management and gateway bypassing system
Image processing apparatus with symmetric processors
Adaptive motion resolution for video coding
Forming a stereoscopic video
Three-dimensional image display apparatus
Method and device for controlling subtitle applied to display apparatus
Encoding/decoding apparatus and method for parallel correction of in-loop pixels based on measured complexity, using video parameter
Image processing device, image processing method, and computer program product
Imaging systems, moving bodies, and imaging control methods for remote monitoring of a moving target
Reduction of glare in augmented reality
Flash photography
Photographing apparatus and photographing method for correcting a moving characteristic of an electronic front curtain
Method and device to capture images by emulating a mechanical shutter
Solid-state image pickup device and camera system
Digital broadcast receiving device and station selection method
Media rendering device providing uninterrupted playback of content
Methods and systems for transmitting video messages to mobile communication devices
Conditional access system and smartcard for use in conditional access system
Peer to peer streaming of DVR buffered program data
Method and apparatus for content delivery
Surveillance system capable of saving power
Imaging device and automatic focus adjustment method
Tunable earphone
Speaker impedance measurement
Terrestrial positioning system calibration
Methods and arrangements to communicate environmental information for localization
Varying processes to control transmission characteristics for position determination operations
Method, system and device for configuring radio access bearers in mobile networks with multi-RAB capability
Method and apparatus for handoff between a wireless local area network (WLAN) and a universal mobile telecommunication system (UMTS)
Methods and apparatus for providing enhanced time-to-trigger mechanism to improve UE call performance
Method device and system for controlling handoff
Method for allocating control information in wireless communication system
Mobile terminal and access method for enhanced uplink random access channel
Method for transmitting uplink data, and base station and terminal supporting the same in mobile communication system
System and method for emergency service using telematics
Network listen with self interference cancellation
Method and apparatus for primary synchronization signal detection
Wireless location using signal fingerprinting and other location estimators
Method for allocating wireless resources in a wireless access system, and apparatus therefor
Application notification and service selection using in-band signals
Method and apparatus for improving reception availability on multi-subscriber identity module devices
Access point scheduled peer-to-peer communication
Techniques enabling use of a Wi-Fi direct services (WFDS) application services platform (ASP) for layer 2 services
Centralized communication management via a virtual operator for connecting subscriber calls to host networks
Carbon nanotube sheet heater
Dimming drive circuit of alternating current directly-driven LED module
Dimmable LED lighting circuits, controllers therefor and a method of controlling a dimmable LED lighting circuit
Holding current circuit of LED driving apparatus and operating method thereof
LED driver with inherent current limiting and soft startup capability
Illumination lighting apparatus and method of controlling illumination
Forming of an electric connection of the via type
Wiring board and method of manufacturing the same
Method for interconnecting multi-layer printed circuit board
Method of manufacturing multi-layer wiring board
Waterproof structure for electronic unit
Cooling unit, electronic apparatus, and guide member
Expired Patents Due To Time
Rectangular mint
Supportive sole insert for a shoe
Outsole of a shoe
Sole for footwear
Shoe sole
Sole for footwear
Pull tab
Stress-relieving totem pole pincushion
Golf cleat stem
Footwear upper
Spray pouch
Convex u-shaped pocket with bag portion
Flexible ball bag
Circular saw panel case
Router panel case
Fishing rod holder
Contraceptives carrier
Luggage carrier having patchwork design panels
End wrap dispenser
Umbrella handle
Eyeglasses holder
Case grip
Jewelry box latch
Hair brush
Paint applicator
Camouflage fabric
Combination infant car seat and stroller
Four-legged chair
Bed surface ornamentation
Dining table
Table with receptacle
Table composed on non-contacting compression members and tension members
Chest of drawers
Wine rack
Chest of drawers
Merchandiser with multi-tier shelving
Display frame
Shelving system and cable management system
Corner desk
Tray for a chair leg
Arm for a task chair
Garment hanger
Hanger hoop
Hanger hoop
Garment hanger
Reversible two-sided fitted cushion cover
Medallion tumbler
Handle for a mug
Food package
Coffee maker
Hood for a barbecue grill
Grill with side burners
Thermal insulation cooker
Set of camping flatware
Grill tongs
Container for liquids
Cork extractor
Siphon cap
Chimney charcoal starter
Electric trimmer
Variable-angle reciprocating saw
Lower blade guard for circular saw
Valance bracket for horizontal blinds
Valance bracket for horizontal blinds
Transverse link
Head portion of a ratchet wrench
Ratchet tool driving head
Table base caster
Tool handle body
Body for hand held machine tool
Computer lock
Threaded nut for attaching electrical devices on assembly panels
Flat webbing choke
Connection element for sheet piles
Connection element for sheet piles
Ionic column on pedestal shaped bottle
Packaging including bottle with cap
Fluid product dispenser
Scalpel blade cartridge
Bottle and cap
Bottle with cup
Pump for liquid media
Container for a cosmetic product
Snack food container
Snack food container
Snack food container
Compressed fabric article package having a simulated doughnut shape
Chewing gum tin
Dispenser assembly, tube, cap and plunger
Plastic closure
Spout for beverage can
Cap for cosmetic product
Container lid
Perfume bottle closure device
Pump dispenser
Separation member extrusion
Trash receptacle holder
Surface configuration of a wristwatch
Dual inlet base pressure instrument
Counting device
Counting device
Stem for laser cooling device
Inch-metric screw thread gauge
Tape measure
Network cable testing device
Four-sided rounded edge alarm unit
Emergency signal emitter
Jewelry component
Combined navel ring and logo portion
Combined navel ring and logo portion
Fairy orb
Door handleset
Balanced small basket shopping cart
Tote cart
Ornamental top for golf cart
Motorcycle jack adapter
Pulling apparatus
Surface configuration of a vehicle and toy
ATV trailer
Trainer aircraft
Supersonic aircraft
Snowmobile ski
Tread of a tire
Automobile tire
Tread portion of an automobile tire
Tire for automobile
Tire for automobile
Bulbous end cap for a vehicle running board
Vehicle floor mat
Front face of a vehicle wheel
Surface configuration of a radiator grill for a vehicle
Handhold for electric cart roof
Channeled end cap for a vehicle running board
Car tray
Removable battery terminal connector
Electrical connector
Dimmer switch
Electrical connector
High performance cooling device
Terminal socket
Electrical connector housing
Electrical connector
Clamping connector
Electrical connector
Actuator element for a connecting terminal assembly
Electrical connector
Raceway fitting
SCART connector
Raceway fitting
Interface cable connector
Dimmer switch
Speaker housing
Speaker housing
Speaker housing
Light weight headset for remote hands free connection to mobile phone
Wireless headset
Speaker box
Horizontal microphone array
Audio speaker cabinet
Digital audio disc player
Loud speaker
Speaker box
Audio system enclosure with speaker grills
Case for portable wireless information terminal equipment
Laptop port
Front panel for a computer system unit
Mouse pad
Server appliance case
User interface for computer display
Keyboard with roller
Key arrangement for a handset
Keypad for a handset
Front cover for a handset
Desk stand
Portion of a television set
Cradle for mobile phone
Telephone with time-activated ringer
Telephone device
Key button for a handset
Digital audio disc player for an automobile
Key matrix for a handset
Digital audio disc player for an automobile
Flip stop
Hand portable air compressor
Diaphragm-type process pump for transferring various fluids by moving a diaphragm with compressed air
Hand portable air compressor
Track design
Dishwasher front door and panel
Jewelry cleaning system
Compact refrigerator
Cooling duct for refrigerator
Wood-turning lathe
Camera for cellular phones
Megaphone shaped novelty item with magnification device for viewing images
Writing instrument
Writing and drawing instrument
Tennis ball doll learning aid
Front of a check speller
Sign post
Label sheet
Soft toy vehicle
Electronic game caller
Toy vehicle
Soft toy bed
Segmented, hook joint, hockey stick
Putter head
Golf club head
Skater's support
Teaching aid to chip a golf ball without breaking wrists
Golf divot tool
Swimmer's starting block
Pool slide
Receiver for a gun
Muzzle loader loading tool
Fishing lure with dual spinner arms
Termite detection station
Water pistol
Water sprayer for use in motor cleaning
Combination valve and water hammer arrester
Vegetable spray
Paintball gun regulator
Spray nozzle
Electronic faucet
Water pistol
Water pistol
Foldable chair
Tissue holder
Toilet seat
Magnetic toothbrush holder with removable rinsing cup
Patio heater
Heater housing
Extension for a heating duct
Aerosol dispensing cabinet
Ventilation cover
Blood glucose meter
Oxygen concentrator
Nasal maintenance splint
Needle assembly
Medical needle assembly
Laboratory device
Medical article
Urine collection device
Medical article
Medical back pad
Stucco casing bead
Fence post
Slatwall section
Window component extrusion
Raised pattern garage door panel
Bunker cover
Luminary housing with flag motif
Portable rechargeable battery pack with spotlight
Wall light
Tail light
Tail light
Winker for a motorcycle
Night light
Spark plug light
Surface configuration of a taillight for a vehicle
Lattice pattern for lamp or hangable accessory
Lamp arm
Cigarette packet with hinged lid
Cosmetic product
Container for powdery foundation or the like
Container for powder or the like
Hand held hair blow dryer
Razor cartridge having a dual purpose soap bar
Snorkel's housing
Applicator for a nasal delivery device
Snorkel's top
Profile of an aquarium base
Pet dish
Hand mixer
Motorsports mailbox
Human Necessities
Lawn mower
Ground contact height sensor
Method for building a cotton module on a mobile cotton harvester
Easily removable moistener stand support for a cotton harvester drum
Drive system for combine reel bats
Rotary side cutting unit for mower with bi-directional shock absorber for cutting unit
Method of and a bale press for producing high-density round bales from agricultural harvest products
Scallop edging brick
Dahlia plant named `Oregon`
Spiraea plant named `Sparkling Carpet`
Miniature rose plant named `POULmoon`
Double Impatiens plant named `Balolefro`
Poinsettia plant named `Fispue White`
Calibrachoa plant named `Illumination Blue`
Poinsettia plant named `Fismille`
Double Impatiens plant named `Balolecher`
Citrus tree named `Merav`
Double Impatiens plant named `Balfieblus`
Poinsettia plant named `Duelepink`
Spathiphyllum plant named `Valentino`
Double Impatiens plant named `Balfiesaci`
Lantana plant named `Robpatdee`
Berley dispenser
Secure fishing pole and reel locking assembly
Apparatus for killing insects
Portable electronic apparatus to attract and kill flies in outdoor environments
Sprouting beans refinement apparatus
System for removing a stem from fruit
Peeling apparatus and associated methods
Convertible food bag
Coat construction
Protective garment with glove retaining mechanism
Fitting and comfort system with inflatable liner for helmet
Ski boot
Sports shoe cleats
Belt buckle
Slider for linear slide fastener
Clasp for watch wristband
Golf bag carrying structure
Tool leash device
Tool belt tool tote
Vacuum sweeper roller brush
Partition system including floor channel
Stone-top sink board arrangement
Mounting channel and presentation means for mounting presentation elements
Nesting storage rack for pots, pans and lids
Accordion-type plant cover with attached skirt and methods
Method of containing a botanical item
Steam grill
Cooking machine
Apparatus for toasting bread
Roller shower curtain hook and method of manufacturing same
Wet vacuum
Scrubber head anti-vibration mounting
Wringer basket for wet mops
Dusting mitt
Dust wand cleaning appliance
Pot scrubber
Spike cleaner
Vacuum cleaner with muffled detachable blower exhaust
Sub-suction pipe assembly for vacuum cleaner
Foot rejuvenation shower apparatus
Precooling system for Joule-Thomson probe
Means for attachment of absorbent article for body exudates to undergarment
Heart valve stiffening ring
Molded casket shell and trim therefore
Multi-plane gripping handle
Method and device for determining the existence of leaks in a system with flowing fluid
Swimming goggles
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method for desulfating an NOx accumulator catalytic converter
Flat paint pad apparatus
Paint roller cleaning and reconditioning tool
Method and apparatus for eliminating wafer breakage during wafer transfer by a vacuum pad
Rolling machine
Hydroforming method and hydroforming device
Method and device for expanding tube material
Forming press apparatus
Apparatus for automatic assembling a heat exchanger
Method for producing cylindrical member having spline grooves, and cylindrical member having spline grooves
Target-lens-shape measuring device with eyeglass-lens processing apparatus having the same
Multiple tool device
Injection molded pliers with insert molded dual purpose reinforcing and implement structure
Matingly interfitted tool handle and extension for preventing relative rotation
Attachments for electrical shaver and auxiliary cleaning device useful for electrical shaver
Shaving article for curved and sensitive body surfaces
Vacuum actuated clothes-lint shaver
Wirelaying tool
Method and device for fiber impregnation
Locating system for molding machine clamp frame
Panel cutting apparatus
Cosmetic pencil sharpener
Layout tool for laying out perpendicular lines
Envelope stripping apparatus
Caster structure
Hitch ball locking plate
Refrigeration system
Clip for fixing strips
Restraint device with release mechanism
Wiper device for the windows of motor vehicles
Mirror cleaning system
Semi-truck trailer brake test device, system and method
Method and apparatus for ignition detection
Laser plasma thruster
Banding packing machine
Low thread force cable tie with anchored locking device
Self-chilling portable beverage container assembly, and method
Jack assembly that may be lifted rapidly
Snap connector
Animal pack saddle
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Optical fiber preform having OH barrier and fabrication method thereof
Method of making an optical fiber with an improved UV-curable resin
Textiles; Paper
Supporting disk
Method of and apparatus for making twisted cable and the cable produced thereby
Drum type washing machine with drying function
Appliance spin control and method adaptable to floor structure
Fixed Constructions
Strand bridge
Dispenser and method and valve
Upwardly directed douche on a seat of a toilet bowl
Buck for use with insulated concrete forms
Prefabricated hip roof
Aesthetic, self-aligning shingle for hip, ridge, or rake portion of a roof
Support panel for air handling unit
Door framing apparatus and method of use
Framing layout template
Low cost, light weight, energy-absorbing earthquake brace
Locking folding T-handle door latch
Modular vehicle door lock and latch system and method
Lock device
External door lock mechanism invention
Clip friction hinge with housing
Hinge device
Hinge unit and hinge structure
Continuous extruded frame and movable panel with continuous inextruded hinge extruded within
Double-chain window or door operator
Automatic door assembly and door operator therefor
System for locking a sliding door
Window lifting and lowering apparatus
Adjustable door frame assembly
Blast resistant framework
Snap-fit weatherstripping cover for tilt jamb liners
Method to detect deviations from a wellplan while drilling in the presence of magnetic interference
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Quasi-isothermal Brayton Cycle engine
Swept turbomachinery blade
Steam cooled gas turbine system with regenerative heat exchange
Method and apparatus for processing exhaust gas from an internal combustion engine
Multistep steam power operating method for generating electric power in a cycle and device for the implementation thereof
Gas turbine compressor inlet pressurization system and method for power augmentation
Gas turbine having a cooling air system and a spray air system
Thermal energy reusing system
Gas turbine
Gas turbine system
Method and device for modulation of a flame
Air-fuel ratio control apparatus having sub-feedback control
Small/gross leak check
Method for producing hollow piston for compressor by forging
Micromotors, linear motors and microactuators for controlling flow properties of fluids
Apparatus for setting gaps in hydrodynamic bearing
Elongated self-contained actuator
Method for manufacturing a gear reducer
Hydrostatic continuously variable transmission
Valve manifold
Partition passage and method of installing
Heat-insulated pipe and manufacturing method
Hydrogen storage device and hydrogen storage system
Method and system for localizing and correlating leaks in fluid conveying conduits
Luminous diffused light panel with low energy consumption and limited thickness
Swirled diffusion dump combustor
Methods and apparatus for cooling gas turbine engine combustors
Modular resonators for suppressing combustion instabilities in gas turbine power plants
Waffle cooling
Multi-stage radial axial gas turbine engine combustor
Cooling unit
Thermoelectric assembly sealing member and thermoelectric assembly incorporating same
Refrigeration system pressure control using a gas volume
Method and apparatus for controlling the removal of heat from the condenser in a refrigeration system
Thermoelectric sleeve-type beverage insulator apparatus
Control method for mixed refrigerant based natural gas liquefier
Apparatus for reliquefying compressed vapour
Obtaining argon using a three-column system for the fractionation of air and a crude argon column
Method and means for grain drying optimization
Accumulator module
Safety mechanism for a handgun
Toggle action see through shotgun shell catcher
Measuring tape for handling drywall
Orientation sensor utilizing intra-pattern property measurements
Fugitive emissions detection system and components thereof
Detection systems and methods
Disk drive laser melt bump disk for accurate glide calibration and certification processing
Gas chromatography analysis system
Method for making a probe apparatus for testing integrated circuits
Efficient generation of optimum test data
Method of processing exposure mask-pattern data, simulation using this method, and recording medium
Exposure method and projection exposure apparatus
Electronic controller for scheduling device activation by sensing daylight
Programmable logic controller method, system and apparatus
Method for making integrated circuits having gated clock trees
Receiver deskewing of multiple source synchronous bits from a parallel bus
Standard block architecture for integrated circuit design
Method and system for representing hierarchical extracted resistance-capacitance files of a circuit model
Two pole coupling noise analysis model for submicron integrated circuit design verification
Method and system for hierarchical metal-end, enclosure and exposure checking
Method for generating behavior model description of circuit and apparatus for logic verification
Reverse engineering of integrated circuits
Method and apparatus for analyzing small signal response and noise in nonlinear circuits
Race condition detection and expression
Cell pin extensions for integrated circuits
Method for modifying code sequences and related device
Method and apparatus for managing code test coverage data
Dynamic update of non-upgradeable memory
Loading software files in client-server and object oriented environment
Identification of redundancies and omissions among components of a web based architecture
Uniform mechanism for building containment hierarchies
Assembly for mounting flexible sheet on structure
Stemware identification bracelets and method of use
Sign holder device
Method of forming thin film magnetic recording head with narrow track width performing high density recording at high driving frequency
Apparatus for selective removal of material from wafer alignment marks
Modular semiconductor power device
Method for transporting and installing a semiconductor manufacturing apparatus
Precise positioning device for workpieces
Fixture and method for liquid electrolyte impregnation of a battery cell
Terminal-crimping device
Laser for generating narrow-band radiation
Tool for stripping coaxial cable
Dual action indexing system and method for a die assembly
Method and apparatus for manufacturing AC-generator's stator for vehicle
Apparatus for mounting a flipchip on a work piece
Microfiber dielectrics which facilitate laser via drilling
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew
Design Only
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