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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Waste retrieval and disposal device and method
Method of marketing and advertising component products used in the production of composite products
Food storage drawer and container
Chair-specific adjustment device
Picture anchor and method
Device for mounting wireless device case
Tissue advancement device for tissue boxes
Staple trap for surgical stapler
Feeder belt with padded staples for true multi-fire surgical stapler
Modafinil polymorphic forms
Antitumor medicine
Compounds, pharmaceutical compositions containing same, and methods of use for same
Genipin derivatives and uses thereof
Synthesis of epothilones, intermediates thereto and analogues thereof
Heterocyclic cyclopamine analogs and methods of use thereof
Fused benzene derivative and use
Indolylmaleimide derivatives as PKC inhibitors
Inositol pyrophosphates, and methods of use thereof
Mannose-6-phosphonate compounds for the treatment of inflammatory diseases
Saccharide residue-functional organopolycarbosiloxanes and method for the preparation thereof
Methods of treating dermal ulcers using glucans
Methods and compositions for the treatment of diseases of the eye
Use of somatostatin or one of its analogues for preparing a medicament intended to regulate the ovarian follicular reserve in non-menopausal women
Natriuretic compounds, conjugates, and uses thereof
Interim dental dressing and restorative material
Performing Operations; Transporting
Device for the comminution of material
Composite of sheet metal parts
Method and device for mirrors position adjustment of a solar concentrator
Positioning apparatus with lockable joints and method of use
Positioning fixture
Respiratory face mask dispensed from continuous roll and method for making the same
Preform-heating furnace comprising a member for controlling the movement of a heating means between indexed positions
Thermal spray membrane contact material, contact member and contact part, and apparatuses to which they are applied
Material composition for nano- and micro-lithography
Inorganic monolithic mouldings coated with organic polymers
Dispersion of carbon nanoparticles and core-shell type carbon nanoparticles, and method of preparing the same
Apparatus and method for forming image by detecting thermal print head type
Image forming apparatus
Method and device for printing image
Fusible reactive media
Ink jet recording paper
Method for securing a coloured opaque object
Bumper for manipulator
Vehicle with a leaf spring element for the spring suspension of the vehicle
Antitheft apparatus
Vehicle driving system with adaptive skid control
Traction assembly
Debris guard
Coaxial tube holder
Mechanism for converting reciprocal motion to rotary motion
Energy coil system for vehicles
Inverted airfoil pylon for an aircraft
Taco holder
Stopper for a container neck and a molding machine for molding a plastics material for the purpose of fabricating such a stopper
Container in metal sheet
Reusable, combined multi-part product shipping box and display tray
Combined car jack and lug wrench assembly
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Plasma display apparatus and driving method thereof
Precursor compositions for ceramic products
MAO-B inhibitors useful for treating obesity
Process for the distillation of a mixture of isomeric diisocyanatodiphenylmethanes
Method of forming a dianhydrosugar alcohol
Microwave-assisted extraction of solanesol from potato stems and/or leaves
Process for preparing fluorine-containing norbornene derivative
Method for the production of cyclic ketones
Urea derivatives as calcium channel blockers
Optically active compounds, method for kinetic optical resolution of carboxylic acid derivatives and catalysts therefor
Bicyclic protein kinase inhibitors
Oxabispidine compounds and their use in the treatment of cardiac arrhythmias
Integrated processing of plant biomass
Persephin specific antibodies
Biodegradable oxidized cellulose esters and their uses as microspheres
Radiation curable compositions containing nanosized particles of monoazo laked pigment
Composite ion-exchange membrane
Switchable surfaces
Aqueous coating composition
Modified pigments having improved dispersion properties
Thermal stabilization and processing behavior of block copolymer compositions by blending, applications thereof, and methods of making same
Addition-curable organopolysiloxane resin composition
Liquid detergents comprising anionic, nonionic, and cationic surfactants
Plasmon fluorescence augmentation for chemical and biological testing apparatus
Methods for lyophilizing competent cells
Method for determining the presence of bacteria resistant to cell lysing antibiotics
Coated cutting tool for turning of steel
Fixed Constructions
Safety rail system
Methods of degrading filter cakes in subterranean formations
Water sprays for dust control on mining machines
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Seal assembly and method for flowing hot gas in a turbine
Mounting apparatus for fan
Ejector system for vehicle
Apparatus and method for generating electric power from a subsurface water current
Turbine with constant voltage and frequency output
Method of forming a brush seal
Tension clamp
Quick release connector
LED lighting module using AC power
Holster and locking device
Distance/speed meter and distance/speed measuring method
Distance measuring system and method utilizing infrared radiation and ultrasonic wave
Method and system for synchronising angles
Enhanced hang-timer for console simulation
Environmental characteristic determination
Means, methods, and apparatus to reduce the possibility of a motor vehicle entering a freeway ramp in the wrong direction of travel--towards oncoming traffic
Technique for effective navigation based on user preferences
Neutron-gamma ray tomography
Processing method and system
Moisture and sediment analysis
High throughput screening methods for lubricating oil compositions
Rational evolution of cytokines for higher stability, the cytokines and encoding nucleic acid molecules
Porous materials embedded with nanospecies, methods of fabrication thereof, and methods of use thereof
Use of eukaryotic genes affecting cell cycle control or cell cycle progression for diagnosis and treatment of proliferative diseases
Biomarkers for differentiating between type 1 and type 2 diabetes
Method for the manufacture of a switching device and module for a switching device
Data compression for a waveform data analyzer
Evaluation method of probe mark of probe needle of probe card using imaginary electrode pad and designated determination frame
Probe and method of manufacturing probe
Method and apparatus for determining neighboring routing elements and rerouting traffic in a computer network
Unsynchronous mode brother's keeper bus guardian for a ring networks
Test mode control circuit
Programmable interconnect for reconfigurable system-on-chip
Power saving flip-flop
Semiconductor integrated circuit apparatus and interface test method
Method and system of using a single EJTAG interface for multiple tap controllers
Inline inspection of photovoltaics for electrical defects
Magnetic field sensor
Method and apparatus for signal processing in a satellite positioning system
Markov sequential detector
Navigational aid for diver
Method for improving clinical data quality in positron emission tomography
Lead oxide based photosensitive device and its manufacturing method
Tool string direct electrical connection
Side entry leak protection for downhole tools
Method for determining shale bed boundaries and gamma ray activity with gamma ray instrument
Lens barrel and imaging apparatus
Analog interferometric modulator device with electrostatic actuation and release
Optical scanning apparatus and image displaying apparatus having the same, wherein a light beam having entered a housing from a first optical member enters a scanning mirror without transmitting through a transmission-type optical element, the light beam deflected by the scanning mirror enters a second optical member without transmitting through a transmission-type optical element
Two-element F-.theta. lens used for micro-electro mechanical system (MEMS) laser scanning unit
Auto-stereo three-dimensional images
Peripheral vision helmet
Lens module with focusing mechanism
Waveguide modulator and related modulation method
Apparatus and methods for optical switching using nanoscale optics
Method of forming a polymer dispersed liquid crystal cell, a cell formed by such method and uses of such cell
Display panel and method of manufacturing the same, and transflective liquid crystal display with the same
Liquid crystal display provided with compensation film
Delay-line demodulator
Image stabilizer, lens apparatus and imager apparatus
GrannySnap architecture
Method of characterization, method of characterizing a process operation, and device manufacturing method
Lithographic apparatus, method of controlling a component of a lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
Ophthalmic apparatus
Phase shift mask with two-phase clear feature
Mask blank substrate manufacturing method, mask blank manufacturing method, mask manufacturing method, and mask blank substrate
Image forming apparatus and controlling method
Image forming apparatus having tension-providing mechanism for belt
System for measuring and controlling total color of a mixture of colorants such as toner
Automated detection and notification of the need for service and/or supplies replenishment in a machine
Image forming apparatus that utilizes converted data based on temperature detection
Method, device and computer program for producing a developer mixture in an electrographic developer station
Image forming apparatus, and toner recycle method
Image heating apparatus
Liquid ink resistant photoreceptor
High throughput holographic spectrometer using the multiplexed hologram
Trajectory specification for high capacity air traffic control
Switching regulator having a normal operational mode and a light-load operational mode
Semiconductor integrated circuit having a first power supply region and a second power supply region in which power supply voltage changes
File display system and method thereof
Storage system
Apparatus, method and computer program for correction of multiple bit errors
Inspection support apparatus and inspection support method
Identifying temporal ambiguity in an aggregated log stream
Object relocation guided by data cache miss profile
Magnetic tape write once overwrite protection
Memory module comprising a plurality of memory devices
Storage system and storage control apparatuses with compression and load balancing
Method for reducing memory power consumption
Information processing apparatus having multiple processing units sharing multiple resources
Coordination of multiprocessor operations with shared resources
Serial bus system
Storage system for back-end communications with other storage system
Communication system for devices with UART interfaces
Method and apparatus for varying-radix numeration system
Matching the perception of a digital image data file to a legacy hardcopy
Method and apparatus for mapping the primary operational sequences of an algorithm in a compute unit having an internal random access memory
Printer controller for a high-speed printer
Duplex printer with motorized platen assemblies
Determining the color match between image data and graphics objects
System and method for controlling the usage of digital objects
Adaptable accelerated content streaming
Method and device for transmitting data associated with transmitted information
Wireless system and method for managing logical documents
Communication between processor core partitions with exclusive read or write to descriptor queues for shared memory space
Content display monitor
Method and system for managing programs for Web service system
Behavior recognition using vectors of motion properties based trajectory and movement type
Methods, systems, and products for restoring electronic media
Representing list definitions and instances in a markup language document
Adaptive pattern recognition based controller apparatus and method and human-factored interface therefore
Smartfilter in messaging
Time-domain device noise simulator
Circuit analysis device allowing more accurate analysis of signal propagation delay in circuit representation of a highly abstract level
Development method for integrated circuits, program storage medium for storing the development method for integrated circuits, and concurrent development system, development program, and development method of ASIC and programmable logic device
Method for tuning chipset parameters to achieve optimal performance under varying workload types
Method and apparatus for creating a site-dependent evaluation library
Electronic apparatus with device capable of simultaneously reading and writing and method thereof
Apparatus and methods for communicating with programmable logic devices
Employment method of virtual tape volume
Customizable print media definition
Remote vehicle diagnostic management
Translation of object queries involving inheritence
System and method of verifying the authenticity of dynamically connectable executable images
Method, apparatus, and system for managing, reviewing, comparing and detecting data on a wide area network
Method and simulating by fast Fourier transforms flows in a heterogeneous porous medium
Implementing a graphical program on a programmable hardware element to configure an instrument to perform a measurement function
Resource management for virtualization of graphics adapters
Methods of using geometric constructs for neutronics modeling
Method and apparatus for promoting the selection and use of a transaction card
Automated transaction machine
Multiple persona information cards
System and method for tracking motion of an object image
Gesture detecting method, gesture detecting apparatus, and recording medium
Method for filtering tomographic 3D images after completed reconstruction of volume data
Image analysis apparatus
System and method for three-dimensional video coding
Image processing method and image processing apparatus
Method of reducing blocking artifacts from block-coded digital images and image reproducing apparatus using the same
Billing system and method for determining transportation charges for packages
Numerical calculation device, numerical calculation method, and computer product
Method of transmitting electronic signature during a financial transaction
Remote control device
Electronic alarm
Tracking system
System for detecting an undesirable condition and manipulating an electronic device
Logic circuit and method for controlling display lights of hard disk
Integrated lighting and detector units
Telematics system using image data and method for directing a route by using the same
Plasma display apparatus and driving method thereof
Plasma display panel driving method and plasma display panel apparatus capable of displaying high-quality images with high luminous efficiency
Organic EL display device, and method for driving the organic EL display device
Human interface input acceleration system
Method and apparatus for controlling image-display devices collectively
Method for displaying music score by using computer
Sound synthesis
Disc drive
Disc apparatus
Data storage device with support for wiring structure portion to suppress fluttering
Electrical device cabinet
Data read retry with read timing adjustment for eccentrity of disc in data storage device
Double notched shield and pole structure for stray field reduction in a magnetic head
Magnetic head assembly bonding electrode pad of slider and electrode pad of flexible wiring substrate together by solder
High reliability heater for flying height control
Method and apparatus for recording and/or reproducing data
Optical recording apparatus and method for searching for recording power of the same
High-density recording medium and method and apparatus for controlling data playback thereof
Splitting element, light emitter, and optical pickup apparatus
Optical information recording reproduction device
Optical disk recording system for recording visible images capable of handling "buffer under run" errors
Optical pickup
Programmable resistive memory cell with a programmable resistance layer
Programming matrix
Serial content addressable memory
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory cell matrix with divided write/erase, a method for operating the same, monolithic integrated circuits and systems
Semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor memory device having dummy sense amplifiers and methods of utilizing the same
Repair apparatus for a nuclear reactor shroud
Flexible thin metal film thermal sensing system
Multiphase voltage regulator having coupled inductors with reduced winding resistance
Inductive coupling method for remote powering of sensors
Method and device for maintenance of high-voltage switchgear with voltage
Sensor having switch function, manufacturing method thereof and electronic device having sensor built therein
Structure for stabilizing drive pulses and plasma display device using the same
Lamp with improved lamp profile
Plasma display panel
Plasma display panel
Assemblies for plasma-enhanced treatment of substrates
X-ray source
Vertical CVD apparatus for forming silicon-germanium film
Methods for attaching microfeature dies to external devices
Methods and apparatus for EMI shielding in multi-chip modules
Semiconductor device with integrated resistive element and method of making
Methods and apparatus for depositing a microcrystalline silicon film for photovoltaic device
Method to fabricate gate electrodes
Self-aligned thin-film transistor and method of forming same
Flash memory device
Semiconductor integrated circuit production method and device including preparing a plurality of SOI substrates, grouping SOI substrates having mutual similarities and adjusting their layer thicknesses simultaneously
High-voltage vertical transistor with a multi-gradient drain doping profile
Manufacturing method of redistribution circuit structure
Semiconductor device including a plurality of wiring lines
Hard mask for low-k interlayer dielectric patterning
Highly integrated and reliable DRAM and its manufacture
Photovoltaic module with full utilization of surface area
Near-field nano-imager
Forming floating body RAM using bulk silicon substrate
Image capturing apparatus
Semiconductor device
Thermoelectric conversion element and thermoelectric conversion module
Thermoelectric device with surface conforming heat conductor
Piezoelectric component and method for manufacturing same
Piezoelectric energy harvester
Multi-layer positive electrode structures having a silver-containing layer for miniature cells
Method for compensating state of charge of battery and battery management system using the same
Calculating remaining battery capacity based on battery-side end voltage and device-side end voltage
Positive electrode active material for a non-aqueous electrode cell and non-aqueous electrode cell using the same
Lithium secondary battery and a cap assembly therefor
Apparatus for testing catalysis electrode of fuel cell
Battery with electrolyte containing aluminum salt
Method and apparatus for controlling a fuel cell system having a variable number of parallel-connected modules
Switching device, and testing apparatus
Controlling coupling strength in electromagnetic bus coupling
Circularly polarized low wind load omnidirectional antenna apparatus and method
Multi-band antenna
Film antenna assembly and fabrication method
EM rectifying antenna suitable for use in conjunction with a natural breakdown device
Wavelength division multiplexing methods and apparatus for constructing photonic beamforming networks
First-pulse suppression in a regenerative amplifier
Multi-component wavelength conversion devices and lasers incorporating the same
Electrical service assembly and connecting system for mounting same in building structure wall
Power supply for simultaneously providing operating voltages to a plurality of devices
Charge control circuit, charging device, and connection checking method
System and method of charging a battery in a power management unit
Low power loss uninterruptible power supply
Claw teeth type electric rotary machine and manufacturing method for stators
Rotating electrical machine and alternating-current generator
Rotating electrical machine and hybrid drive unit provided with the same
Rotor of an electrical machine
Commutator, direct-current motor, and method for manufacturing commutator
System and method for providing rotation control in a limited rotation motor system
Electric motor starting device
Digitally tuned, integrated RF filters with enhanced linearity for multi-band radio applications
Suppressed carrier quadrature pulse modulator
Device and method including current measurement and/or amplification
Systems and methods for improving performance in a digital amplifier by adding an ultrasonic signal to an input audio signal
Load inductor sharing
High efficiency amplifier
High-frequency power amplifier improved in size and cost
Band pass filter
Segmented equalizer
Bidirectional level shift circuit and bidirectional bus system
Integrated circuit
High-voltage pulse generating circuit
System for controlling a signal slew rate in a digital device
Digital adaptive feedforward harmonic distortion compensation for digitally controlled power stage
Crystal oscillator
Analog voltage recovery circuit
Blue-noise-modulated sigma-delta analog-to-digital converter
Flash A/D converter
A/D converter and A/D conversion method
System and method for checking and correcting BIOS errors
Method of, and apparatus for, protecting from radio frequency interference
Rake receiver for DS-CDMA UWB system and DS-CDMA receiver having the same
Equalizer filter with dynamically configurable convolution filter
Method and apparatus for reducing modem command and status latency on a digital audio interface within a direct access arrangement circuit
Power control circuitry for a mobile terminal application
Wireless receiver and its demodulating method
System and method for SAP FM demodulation
Balanced and unbalanced electronic circuit and television tuner
Mobile terminal and wireless communication system
Frequency extracting apparatus and signal extracting system employing the same
Method and apparatus for waveform generation
Demodulating a signal by performing consecutive beam splitting
Optical add-drop multiplexer, and optical network equipment using the same
Wireless transmission system and method
System and method for transmitting and receiving wideband speech signals
Method and system for extending coverage of WLAN access points via optically multiplexed connection of access points to sub-stations
Method and system for split-pair reception in twisted-pair communication systems
Method and system for mitigating traffic congestions in a communication network
Point coordinated spread-spectrum wireless local area network
Cryptographic communication apparatus
Controlling use of audio or image content
Connected video and audio
User transparent registration process for secure communication
Method and system of network communication receive load balancing
System and method for parallel connection selection in a communication network
Virtual network management method, virtual network management program, virtual network management system, and virtual network means
Architectures for evolving traditional service provider networks and methods of optimization therefor
Circuit control apparatus and method
Handling hot spots in interconnection networks
Multipurpose television module
Security gateway for online console-based gaming
Encryption apparatus and decryption apparatus
Peer-to-peer license tracking and control
Information-recording apparatus, information reproduction apparatus, information-recording method, information reproduction method and computer program
Method and apparatus for establishing a key agreement protocol
Apparatuses for encoding, decoding, and authenticating data in cipher block chaining messaging authentication code
Method of a public key encryption and a cypher communication both secure against a chosen-ciphertext attack
Method for verifying authorization with extensibility in AAA server
Information processing method, falsification verification method and device, storage medium, and program
Cellular phone
Cellular phone
Apparatus and method for channel-transparent multimedia broadcast messaging
Method for setting up a conference call
Automated electronic telecommunications order translation and processing
Method and apparatus for reproducing AV data in interactive mode, and information storage medium thereof
Television production technique
Video signal processing apparatus
Method, imaging device and camera for producing composite image from merged image signals
Camera system, main frame adapter and head adapter
Virtual program list providing system
Broadcasting signal receiving system
Format conversion apparatus, format conversion method, and image display apparatus and image display method using the format conversion apparatus
Image data decoding method of image vertical blanking interval and a device thereof
Apparatus and method for decoding and computing a discrete cosine transform using a butterfly processor
Interface and related methods facilitating motion compensation in media processing
System and method for decoding CDMA quality channel
Apparatus and method for unifying multiple radio frequency identifications
Lanyard for handheld electronic device
Flat panel speaker and components therefor
Mobile device notification with options
Transmission time difference measurement method and system
Allocation period determination for packet data
Method and system for evaluating a wireless link
Channel partitioning for wireless local area networks
Multi-carrier communications with adaptive cluster configuration and switching
Rechargeable light-emitting diode driver circuit
Auxiliary lighting circuit for high intensity discharge system
Artifact reduction system and method for radiological imaging system
Wired-circuit-board assembly sheet
Connection structure between wired circuit boards
Wiring substrate, semiconductor device, and method of manufacturing the same
Thin flash-hard-drive with two-piece casing
Open-frame solid-state drive housing with intrinsic grounding to protect exposed chips
Circuit device
Strap holding structure
Portable storage device
Case structure for card-type electronic product
Circuit board including stubless signal paths and method of making same
Riser card module
Electronic device
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Maturation of somatic embryos
Inbred corn plant 86ISI27 and seeds thereof
Garden bean named 206999
Switched capacitor power supply for an electronic animal containment system
Inhibition of apoptosis using interleukin-1.beta.-converting enzyme (ICE)/CED-3 family inhibitors
Concentrates of organophosphorous insecticides
Ectoparasite controlling agent for animals
Volatile aldehydes as pest control agents
Effervescent preparation for plants
Methods and compositions to protect crops against plant parasitic nematodes
Pesticidal composition
6-(Nonsubstituted or substituted) phenoxy picolinic acids, process of preparing the same, and agricultural/horticultural germicides containing the same
Method for inhibiting lymphokine production
Cyclic amides
Arylalkyltriazole derivatives and their use as herbicides
Pesticidal 1-arylpyrazoles
Heterocyclyl-substituted phenyl compounds, processes and intermediates for their preparation and their use for controlling harmful fungi and animal pests
Phenyl-substituted cyclic ketoenol
Composition for controlling parasites
Substituted arylsulphonylamino(thio)carbonyl-triazolin(thi)ones as herbicides
5,6-dihydro-(1,4,2)-Dioxazin-substituted (hetero) aryl-(oxy-, imino-, alkyl-)-sulphonylamino(thio)carbonyl-heterocyclyl derivatives, their preparation and their use as herbicides
Composition for extermination of harmful arthropods
Crop-selective herbicide
Enzymes with aminopeptidase activity
Non-hydrogenated canola oil for food applications
Cold-active protease CP70
Bacterial protein with xylanase activity
Calorically dense nutritional composition
Shoe sole with liquid-powered electrical generator
Safety device for furniture
Surveillance system for observing shopping carts
Food cooking apparatus with removable conveyor assembly and serpentine heater providing non-uniform heating
Counter-top electric cooker
MRI apparatus
Miniaturized position sensor having photolithographic coils for tracking a medical probe
Device for monitoring the activity of a person and/or detecting a fall, in particular with a view to providing help in the event of an incident hazardous to life or limb
X-ray imaging system
Biodegradable polylactide nonwovens with improved fluid management properties
Bone substitute composition comprising hydroxyapatite and a method of production therefor
Ergonomic customizeable user/computer interface device
Patient hoist and scale
Agent for treating high-risk impaired glucose tolerance
Anticonvulsant derivatives useful in lowering blood pressure
Therapeutic method for thrombocytopathy treatment
Therapeutic agent for allergic dermatitis
Particle-forming compositions containing fused pyrrolocarbazoles
Methods of administering CRF antagonists
Method for reducing mortality with an angiotensin II antagonist
3-Alkoxyisoxazol-4-yl-substituted 2-amino carboxylic acid compounds
Heteroaryl acetylenic sulfonamide and phosphinic acid amide hydroxamic acid tace inhibitors
Neuroprotective agents having antioxidant and NMDA antagonist activity
Phenanthroline derivatives
Pyrimidin derivatives
Method of treating a patient having precancerous lesions with phenyl purinone derivatives
Pyrimidine derivatives
Compositions for inhibiting airway wall inflammation
17-Azolyl steroids useful as androgren synthesis inhibitors
Methods for treating neurotransmitter-mediated pain syndromes by topically administering an omega fatty acid
Aryl sulfonic acids as FSH antagonists
Pharmaceutical composition for inhibiting the growth of cancers
Thionophosphate derivatives, process for their preparation and pharmaceutical compositions containing them
Angiogenesis--inhibiting protein binding peptides and proteins and methods of use
Combination therapy method for treating chronic hepatitis B
Relaxin analogs and derivatives compositions
Genetic induction of anti-viral immune response and genetic vaccine for filovirus
Methods and compositions for prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis and hyperlipidemia with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
Hydrocolloid wound gel
Serpin enzyme complex receptor-mediated gene transfer
Nucleic acid-containing composition, preparation and use thereof
Sequence alterations using homologous recombination
Transgenic animal models for cardiac hypertrophy and methods of use thereof
Hydrophilically modified curable silicone impression material
Silicone gel containing salicylic acid
Polypeptide with reduced respiratory allergenicity
Use of selected benzotriazole derivatives for protecting human and animal skin and hair from the harmful effects of UV radiation
Free radical polymers based on meadowfoam esters
Therapeutically active compositions
Dosage forms containing apomorphine for ameliorating male erectile dysfunction
Biodegradable low molecular weight triblock poly(lactide-co- glycolide) polyethylene glycol copolymers having reverse thermal gelation properties
Multiblock biodegradable hydrogels for drug delivery and tissue treatment
Absorption-enhancing composition for pantothenic acid derivative
Light-curable polymer material, method for making an elastic intraocular lens, and an elastic intraocular lens
Integrated firefighter safety monitoring and alarm system
Projector, projecting system, system for sensation and method of manufacturing translucent screen
Performing Operations; Transporting
Separation of liquid mixtures comprising formaldehyde, trioxane, alcohol and hemiformal
Breakable gel additive carrier for ionic compositions
High activity catalysts
Preparation of alcohols
Catalyst and its use for the synthesis of polyol polyethers
Ammoxidation catalysts for fluidized/moving bed reactors
Method and catalyst system for producing aromatic carbonates
Process and apparatus for regenerating a particulate catalyst
Isomerization of epoxyalkenes to 2,5-dihydrofurans
Isomerization of epoxyalkenes to 2,5-dihydrofurans
Reactive catalyst compositions for improving water blown polyurethane foam performance
Porous highly fluorinated acidic polymer catalyst
Catalyst composition, catalyst solution and process for preparing optically active epoxide
Process for producing liquid and, optionally, gaseous products from gaseous reactants
Apparatus, system and method for automated execution and analysis of biological and chemical reactions
Robotic containerization system
Wire-cut electric discharge machine
Torch angle setting apparatus
Method and apparatus for plasma processing with control of ion energy distribution at the substrates
Method of detecting abrasion quantity of welding gun electrode and welding method
Laser system for marking or perforating
Apparatus for welding together two components
Method and device for machining a wiring board utilizing light shielding of a laser beam to select a machined tapering
Light intensity converter
Process and apparatus for the continuous welding of guided and abutted strips or plates by means of a laser beam
Laser drilling with optical feedback
Method and system for welding railroad rails
Cutting plotter equipped with device for reading register marks for seal cutting and method for reading register marks using same
Turn broach abnormality sensing apparatus
Method and apparatus for detecting a planarized outer layer of a semiconductor wafer with a confocal optical system
Method of making a composite wood product from wood elements
Plastic lens composition and method for the production thereof
Phenol-novolacs with improved optical properties
Shaft encoder
Media sensors for a printer
Electrographic reproduction apparatus light-emitting device support mechanism
Device for controlling light sources
Thermal printing head, process for producing thermal printing head, recorder, sinter and target
Thermal head
Method for measuring the quantity of light emergent from an optical tip array and image forming apparatus provided with an optical tip array
Optical scanner, scanning lens and image forming apparatus
Substrate with an undercoat for printing purposes
Rubber composition for tire tread
Pneumatic tire having a tread containing dicyclopentadiene/beta-pinene resin
Modular center stack console
Drive control system for hybrid vehicles
Battery remaining capacity measuring apparatus suitable for hybrid car
Drive unit with coolant flow through a space separating an inverter from a casing housing an electric motor
Seat weight measuring apparatus
Switching arrangement for monitoring leakage current
Graphical interface components for in-dash automotive accessories
Rotary connector
Circuit arrangement for functional modules arrangeable in a vehicle
Device with a key-operated lock cylinder and with an electrical switching device, in particular an electronic lock for preventing a vehicle from being driven away
Fifth wheel king pin release mechanism
Scuba air device computer
Boat steering centered indicator
Method of detecting a collision risk and preventing air collisions
Adjustable tuning spring system for vibratory conveyor drives
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Staged combustion of a low heating value fuel gas for driving a gas turbine
Alumino-silicate derivatives
Organic base hydrogenofluorosulphonates, their use in releasing organic bases from their fluorohydrate, method of preparation thereof, compound containing them
Lamp for generating high power ultraviolet radiation
Method for producing protective colloid-free dispersions and dispersion powders
Ceramics for wiring boards and method of producing the same
Corrosion resistant ceramic and a production method thereof
Manufacturing method for a colored zirconia based article in particular an orange/red article and a colored zirconia based decorative article obtained in accordance with such method
Process for making a 1,3,5,7-tetraalkanoyl-1,3,5,7-tetraazacyclooctane
Method of reducing benzaldehyde or benzotrihalide content in a mixture
Process for making intermediate aldehydes
Method of preparing retroviral protease inhibitor intermediates
N-aralkylaminotetralins as ligands for the neuropeptide Y Y5 receptor
Synthesis of 11-aryl-5,6-dihydro-11H-dibenz[b,e]azepines
Process for the preparation of 3-dihalobenzyl-2,4-quinazolinedione derivatives
Synthesis of midodrine HCI from a novel intermediate 1-(2',5'-dimethoxyphenyl)-2-azidoethanone
Amphoteric derivatives of aliphatic polyamines with fatty acids, esters or triglycerides for consumer products and industrial applications
Fluorine-containing macroazo compound
Catalyst compositions for the polymerization of olefins
Process for the continuous production of neopentyl glycol
Anticoagulant agents
N-arylsulfonylamino acid omega-amides
PPAR-.gamma. modulators
Process for producing [2-(arylsulfonyl) ethenyl] benzene derivatives
Substituted .beta. diketones and their use
Pentanoic acid derivatives
Fluoroaliphatic radical-containing anionic sulfonamido compounds
Multireactivity polymercaptans, star polymers and methods of preparation
Process for preparing benzyl-substituted rhodanine derivatives
Z-styryl sulfone anticancer agents
Bi-aromatic compounds bound by a heteroethynylene radical and pharmaceutical and cosmetic compositions containing same
Certain cyclic thio substituted acylaminoacid amide derivatives
Ortho-diphenol compounds, methods and pharmaceutical compositions for inhibiting parp
Heterocyclic carboxamide-containing thiourea inhibitors of herpes viruses containing a substituted phenylenediamine group
Method for production of phenol and acetone by decomposition of cumene hydroperoxide
Process for making 4,4'-diketo-carotenoids
Method for production of aldehydes
Method of making 3,5-dichloro-p-toluoyl chloride
Processes for preparing optically active (S)-.alpha.-aryl propionic acid or ester therof
Preparation of secondary ether fatty acids and esters from their hydroxy fatty acid equivalents
Salicyclic calixarenes and their use as lubricant additives
Partially saponified triglycerides, their methods of manufacture and use as polymer additives
Adamantane derivatives
Compounds as delta opioid agonists
Heterocyclic derivatives and pharmaceutical use thereof
Bicyclic heterocyclic compounds
Method of stabilizing EPDM modified polypropylene by adding piperidine compounds
Substituted 1H-pyridinyl-2-ones as GABAA-.alpha. 2/3 ligands
Imidazole antiproliferative agents
Heterocyclic esters and amides
2,3-benzodiazepine derivatives and their use as AMPA-receptor inhibitors
Antiretroviral tetrahydroimidazo[1,4]benzodiazepin-2(thi) ones
Method for producing triazolinthion derivatives
Process for production of piperidine derivatives
Arylthiazolidinedione derivitives
Compounds and synthesis process
Inhibitors of DP-mediated processes, compositions, and therapeutic methods thereof
Method for enhancing the toughness of cycloaliphatic epoxide-based coatings
7-0-ethers of taxane derivatives
Process for purifying tetrahydrofurans used as starting material for polyether polyols
Compounds and methods for the treatment of cardiovascular, inflammatory and immune disorders
Method for separating contaminants from 3-(2'-Acetoxy-Ethyl-Dihydro-2(3H)-Furanone
Diaminorhodamine derivatives
Antithrombotic quinoxazolines
Aromatic amidine derivatives useful as selective thrombin inhibitors
Pyrrolidinyl and pyrrolinyl ethylamine compounds as kappa agonists
2-alkylidene hydroxycumaranone derivatives
Heterosubstituted pyridine derivatives as PDE4 inhibitors
1,4-Disubstituted cyclohexane derivatives for the treatment of depression
Antagonists of gonadotropin releasing hormone
Imidazole derivatives, preparation and therapeutic application thereof
Naphtho-imidazo pyridine derivatives useful in treating central nervous system disorders
Hemoregulatory compounds
Halide indicators
Substituted 1,2,4-triazolo[3,4-a]phthalazine derivatives as GABA alpha 5 ligands
Process for forming an N-acylated, N,N-containing bicyclic ring from piperazic acid or an ester thereof especially useful as an intermediate in the manufacture of a caspase inhibitor
Tricyclic derivatives and their use as anti-cancer agents
Dioxino derivatives and their use as therapeutic agents
Rapamycin derivatives
Organofunctional cocyclic siloxanes and polymerization thereof
Polymerization catalyst composition containing magnesium, titanium, halogen, and carboxylic acid ester
Process for preparing alendronic acid
Polyketide derivatives and recombinant methods for making same
Antisense inhibition of SHP-2 expression
Process for producing trehalose and sugar alcohols
Determination of steroids by competitive immunoassay
Triterpene derivatives and remedies for liver diseases
Heparin binding peptides
Defective recombinant adenoviruses with inactivated IVa2 gene
Cell transformation vector comprising an HIV-2 packaging site nucleic acid and an HIV-1 GAG protein
Transgenic mouse hepatitis C virus model comprising a hepatitis C viral fragment
Polynucleotides, vectors and host cells encoding LicB from streptococcus pneumonial
Phenylalanyl tRNA synthetase polypeptides from streptococcus pneumoniae
L-lysine-producing corynebacteria and process for the preparation of l-lysine
Essential genes of yeast as targets for antifungal agents, herbicides, insecticides and anti-proliferative drugs
Cytokine signal regulators
Mutants of the Rb and p53 genes and uses thereof
Methods for treating subjects with disorders characterized by expression of tumor rejection antigen precursors
Vesicle transport associated proteins
Pathogenesis of cardiomyopathy
Polynucleotides encoding human sodium bicarbonate cotransporters
Identification of congenital stationary night blindness in dogs
Small peptides having potent anti-angiogenic activity
Production of recombinant proteins in semen
cDNA clone HMTMF81 that encodes a novel human 7-transmembrane receptor
Human peroxisome proliferator activated receptor gamma: compositions and methods
TGF-.beta. type receptor cDNAs encoded products and uses therefor
Tumor necrosis factor receptor polypeptides recombinant P75 (Type II)
Somatic gene therapy to suppress secondary cataract formation following eye surgery
Cystic fibrosis gene
Human interferon-.epsilon.(IFN-.epsilon.), a type I interferon
Genomic sequences for protein production and delivery
Assay for bone alkaline phosphatase
Chitinase chitin-binding fragments
Peptide nucleic acid incorporating a chiral backbone
Solid catalyst component for olefin polymerization and catalyst
Catalyst systems of the Ziegler-Natta type
Titanated chromium-based catalysts to produce polyethylene
Ethylene polymer and processes for obtaining it
Catalyst efficiency for supported metallocene catalyst
Olefin polymerization process with fatty amine additives for improved activity and reduced fouling
Propylene polymer resin made from a high activity catalyst having a broad thermal processing window and articles made therefrom
Preparation of syndiotactic 1, 2-polybutadiene using a chromium-containing catalyst system
Process that produces polymers
VDF thermoplastic copolymer
Macroporous hyperhydroxy polymer and articles made therefrom
Coumarin and quinolinone derivatives for the production of orienting layers for liquid crystals
Process for making quaternized vinylpyridine carboxylate polymers using suspension polymerization
Dispersion product for producting an electrophoretically precipitable dipping varnish
Crosslinked rubber particles, graft copolymer particles and thermoplastic resin composition
Propylene/ethylene block copolymer
Antifouling coating composition
Color improvement of DME-melamine resins
Use of low unsaturated polyether polyols in high resilience slabstock foam applications
Biodegradable polymers, the production thereof and the use thereof for producing biodegradable moldings
Enzymatic treatment of proteinaceous animal by-product materials to impart cohesion and strength
Mixture of epoxy resin, epoxide group-containing P compound, P-modified epoxy resin and polyamine
Conducting organic-inorganic hybrid materials
Electrically conductive electroactive functionalized conjugated polymers, and uses thereof
Tertiary carboxyl-functional polyester derived from cyclohexane dicarboxylic acid and dihydroxymono carboxylic acid
Method of producing an aromatic polyester
Polyether copolymer, solid polymer electrolyte and battery
Water dispersable, isocyanates with enhanced absorbing capacity as paper auxiliary agents
Graft copolmerized compositions
Continuous polymerization process for preparing polyamides from omega-aminonitriles
Surface-protecting film and resin-sealed semiconductor device having said film
Process for producing poly (arylene sulfide)
Process for preparing sulphurous polymers
Process for producing a novel resin for optical materials having excellent color tone and transparency
Amino-functional polyorganosiloxanes, their production and use
Emulsion polymerization using a cocylic silicone
Aminosiloxane-containing compositions
EVA-based foamable composition and process for making biodegradable EVA foam
Fluorine-containing polymer composition
Non-birefringence optical resin material, a production process therefor and a member for a liquid crystal device using the optical resin material
Rubber composition for tire sidewall
Polypropylene/propylene-ethylene copolymer composition and process for the preparation thereof
Modified polyhydroxyalkanoates for production of coatings and films
Polymeric blend compositions of .alpha.-olefin/vinylidene aromatic monomer interpolymers and aromatic polyethers
Addition curing type silicone compositions
Isoindolenineamide dyestuffs
Weatherable coating and stain system for thermoset or thermoplastic composite surfaces
Crosslinked fluoroaliphatic coating composition having oxazoline or oxazine moieties and integrated colloidal silica
Stable waterborne polymer compositions containing poly(alkyleneimines)
Powder-coating compositions containing transfer efficiency-enhancing additives
Paint stripper compositions
Adhesive of polyolefin and polyepoxide for extrusion lamination
Silicone composition and silicone pressure sensitive adhesive
Cyanoacrylate adhesive
Method of making microsphere adhesive
Thermoplastic material for sealing a semiconductor element, semiconductor device sealed by the material, and the process for manufacturing the same
Process for recovery of corn oil from corn germ
Biocompositible cleaning and deodorizing compositions for medical devices
Fully diluted hard surface cleaners containing high concentrations of certain anions
Anti-residue shampoo and liquid toiletry production method
Bleach precursor compositions
Process for forming solid phase controllably releasable fragrance-containing consumable articles
Multifunctional textile auxiliary formulations
Transition metal ammine complexes as activators for peroxide compounds
Metal-corrosion inhibitor and cleaning liquid
Environmentally safe solvent composition
Inhibition of proliferation of cells
Amplifying sequences, vectors comprising these sequences and their uses in compositions for the expression of nucleotide sequences in transfected cells therapeutic and vaccine applications
Natural or synthetic retroelement sequence enabling nucleotide sequence insertion into a eukaryotic cell
Transformation of hereditary material of Brassica plants and cells
Induction of embryogenesis from plant microspores
Primate embryonic stem cells
.beta.-ketoacyl-ACP synthetase II enzymes and genes coding for same
Human p101 polynucleotides
Method of purifying thrombin-like protease enzymes obtained from snake venom
Polypeptides having uroporphyrinogen decarboxylase activity and nucleic acids encoding same
Guava (Psidium guajava) 13-hydroperoxide lyase and uses thereof
Human oxalyl-CoA decarboxylase
Process for the selective preparation of derivatives of monosaccharides and polyols which are partially acylated
Construction of nucleoprotein based assemblies comprising addressable components for nanoscale assembly and nanoprocessors
Process for the resolution of esters of arylalkylcarboxylic acids
Process for the preparation of nootkatone by laccase catalysis
Zymogenic nucleic acid molecules
Method for 3' end-labeling ribonucleic acids
Ion implantation method
Chamber and cleaning process therefor
Method of manufacturing silicon based thin film photoelectric conversion device
Method and apparatus for modifying the profile of narrow, high-aspect-ratio gaps using differential plasma power
Radical-assisted sequential CVD
Method for detecting the transition between different materials in semiconductor structures
Cleaning composition
SOI substrate processing method
Colorless silicon carbide gemstones
Textiles; Paper
Combination surfactant systems for use in carbon dioxide-based cleaning formulations
Silicone coated textile fabrics
Post-dye screen printing
Fixed Constructions
Electromagnetic hammer with mobile ferromagnetic weight
Power window apparatus
Motorized window shade system
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Wind power motor
Electromagnetically controlled valve
Vehicle starter with separate terminals for the motor and the excitation coil
System and method for absorbing the expansion and contraction of internal fluids of a sumergible electric motor
Spindle motor having an etched thrust plate and a process of making the spindle motor by etching of the thrust plate
Brushless spindle DC motor used as an actuator to create radial force
Pipeline transmission method
Overheating protection device for a control device in gas discharge lamps
Method and apparatus for preheating an oven
Humidification control unit and method of manufacturing same
Convection energy generator
Sensor system with dynamic optical corrector
Testing system for measuring and optimising target tracking systems
Imaging system with a two-axis-gimbal mirror scan system apparatus and method
Vibrator for detecting angular velocities about two axes and vibrating gyroscope having the same
Location floor number display device in navigation apparatus
Device for determining the angular position of a rotating member utilizing a magnetic hall effect transducer
Device for determining the angular position of a rotating shaft
Fiber optic sensor
Optical encoder
Sensor housing for UV curing chamber
Bandgap radiation detector
Bolometer including an absorber made of a material having a low deposition-temperature and a low heat-conductivity
Microbridge structure and method for forming the microbridge structure
Pressure sensor component and production method
Method and apparatus for providing diluent gas to exhaust emission analyzer
Method for measuring the volume of liquid and/or solid in a suspension
Method and device for laminar flow on a sensing surface
Infrared, multiple gas analyzer and methods for gas analysis
Method for detecting reactions by means of coincidence analysis
Automatic calibration system for apparatus for measuring variations in thickness of eleongated samples of thin plastic film
Nonlinear harmonics method and system for measuring degradation in protective coatings
Defect analysis in magnetic thin films
Method for measuring particulate and gaseous metals in a fluid stream, device for measuring particulate and gaseous metals in a fluid stream
Light scatter-based immunoassay
Materials and methods for screening human interleukin-4 antagonists/agonists
PH and amine test elements and applications to diagnosis of vaginal infections
Sensor with diaphragm sensor chip
Multi-axis acceleration sensor and manufacturing method thereof
Method and apparatus for determining short circuit conditions using a gang probe circuit tester
Graphical system and method for automatically scaling waveforms in a signal measurement system
Electro-optic sampling oscilloscope
Technique for displaying enveloped waveform
Peak detection circuit
Automatic power turn-on circuit for a battery-powered voltage measurement apparatus
Bulls-eye mid-frequency impedance probe
Integrated circuit package shielding characterization method and apparatus
Voltage and continuity tester
Method for measuring the electrical potential in a semiconductor element
Probe tile and platform for large area wafer probing
Non-contact board inspection probe
Device for measuring and displaying the operating autonomy of a storage battery
Headlight warning system
Magnetoresistive sensor and its manufacturing method
Method for demagnetizing and measuring remanence and coercivity characteristics of a magnetic sample
Coplanar RF probe coil arrangement for multifrequency excitation
Open superconductive magnet having a cryocooler coldhead
Dual mode gradient coil system
Reducing image artifacts caused by patient motion during MR imaging
Time difference of arrival measurement system
Enhanced global navigation satellite system
Target angle estimator for search radars
Automatic storm finding weather radar
Detection system with improved noise tolerance
Position detection element, position detection device, and position input device
GPS receiver with close range wireless communication port
Friend or foe detection system and method and expert system military action advisory system and method
Radar detector arrangement
Semiconductor X-ray photocathodes devices
Line source for gamma camera
Apparatus for predicting earthquakes and other terrestrial events
Non-imaging optical concentrator for use in infrared remote control systems
Method for processing a plurality of micro-machined mirror assemblies
Stereoscopic image display apparatus
Method and apparatus for displaying three-dimensional images
Video display method and video display apparatus
Coaxial drop cable having a mechanically and electronically continuous outer conductor and an associated communications system
System for determining and quantifying the alignment of an object with a coupling eyepiece and a recording apparatus
Probe with tip having micro aperture for detecting or irradiating light, near-field optical microscope, recording/reproduction apparatus, and exposure apparatus using the probe, and method of manufacturing the probe
Apparatus and method for establishing an operating parameter for a power supply device
Internal high voltage generation circuit capable of stably generating internal high voltage and circuit element therefor
Voltage regulation and power switching system
Overvoltage sensing and correction circuitry and method for low dropout voltage regulator
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Match-insensitive low-current bias circuit
Semiconductor memory device having constant voltage circuit
Bias current generating circuits and methods for integrated circuits including bias current generators that increase and decrease with temperature
CMOS voltage reference with a nulling amplifier
Constant current/constant voltage generation circuit with reduced noise upon switching of operation mode
Reference voltage generating circuit with controllable linear temperature coefficient
Low-power start-up circuit for a reference voltage generator
Semiconductor integrated circuit device having an oscillation circuit using reference current source independent from influence of variation of power supply voltage and threshold voltage of transistor
Deflection sensor
Method and apparatus for applying force in force feedback devices using friction
Joystick assembly
Semiconductor chip with protection against analyzing
Synchronous integrated circuit device utilizing an integrated clock/command technique
Method and apparatus to reduce clock jitter of an on-chip clock signal
Device control apparatus for hand-held data processing device
Semiconductor device, semiconductor system, and digital delay circuit
System and method for querying a music database
Trackball for single digit control of wireless terminal
Method and system for customizing a data processing system graphical user interface
Electronic gaming device with deck-mounted touchscreen
Hybrid product term and look-up table-based programmable logic device with improved speed and area efficiency
High performance product term based carry chain scheme
Computational circuit
CODEC for consecutively performing a plurality of algorithms
Controlling the layout of graphics in a television environment
Laser marking apparatus with diode laser matrix
Microelectronic assembly with connection to a buried electrical element, and method for forming same
Image forming apparatus and method of generating gradation pattern
Character generating method and apparatus
System and method for drawing and painting with bitmap brushes
Methods and apparatus for changing a color of an image
PDL operator overloading for line width management
Graphical user interface for image editing
Method and apparatus for sequencing texture updates in a video graphics system
Information processing device
Method and apparatus for generating sub pixel masks in a three dimensional graphic processing system
Three-dimensional polygon display apparatus using progressive polygon data
Framework for segmentation of cylindrical structures using two dimensional hybrid models
System and method for "Stitching" a plurality of reconstructions of three-dimensional surface features of object(s) in a scene defined relative to respective coordinate systems to relate them to a common coordinate system
Systems and methods for generating three dimensional, textured models
High-speed postage meter base
Wireless synchronization of pulsed magnetic EAS systems
Wireless communication system with increased dynamic range
Locating devices
Visual display device
Method and system for improved tablature notation in digital music scores
Method for isolation of optical defect images
Wearable moving display
Flat panel display apparatus with automatic tracking control
Continuous drive AC plasma display device
Process and device for addressing plasma panels
Driving organic thin-film EL display by first zero biasing by short circuiting all pixels and then forward biasing selected pixels and reverse biasing nonselected pixels to prevent crosstalk
EL display device using organic EL element having a printed circuit board
Divided reset for addressing spatial light modulator
Power-saving circuit and method for driving liquid crystal display
Flat panel display device
Method and system of optimizing a digital imaging processing chain
Anti-aliased inking for pen computers
Liquid crystal display apparatus and method of driving the same
System for remotely playing a percussion musical instrument
Adjustable handle mounting mechanism for tremolo devices
On-the-fly note generation and a musical instrument
Music apparatus with automatic pitch arrangement for performance mode
Waveform reproduction apparatus
Optical pickup integrated with optical system
Magnetic tape storage media having RFID transponders
Write current driving circuit
Semiconductor device and method for producing the same
Two bit ROM cell and process for producing same
Integrated circuit devices using fuse elements to generate an output signal that is independent of cut fuse remnants
Output structure of charge-coupled device and method for fabricating the same
Scanning probe microscope
Electrically poorly conductive material for producing an insulation sleeve
Electroactive, energy-storing, highly crosslinked, polysulfide-containing organic polymers and methods for making same
Double foil tape coaxial cable
Solid DC cable
Thermistor device having uninsulated peripheral edge
Resistor having moisture resistant layer
Regulating resistor network, semiconductor device including the resistor network, and method for fabricating the device
Method of making a thick film low value high frequency inductor
Inverter transformer
Switch operating rubber member and switch device
Electrical switch
Self locking knob attachment shaft for program timers
Button lock mechanism for handheld device
Closure resistor assembly for high voltage electrical gear
Undervoltage release device for a molded case circuit breaker
Deflection yoke and cathode-ray tube device
Cathode-ray tube with electron beams of increased current density
CRT having an electron gun with magnetic pieces attached to one of a plurality of electrodes, configured to correct deflection defocusing
Electron-emitting device having large control openings in specified, typically centered, relationship to focus openings
Compensation of space charge in a particle beam system
SEM image enhancement using narrow band detection and color assignment
Organic substance analyzer
Electrode with a helical attachment
Low-pressure discharge lamp
Capacitive coupling starting aid for metal halide lamp
Cold cathode fluorescent display
Automatically sharp field emission cathodes
Push-up pin of a semiconductor element pushing-up device, and a method for separating
Plate-shaped external storage device and method of producing the same
Method of producing a semiconductor device
Method for shaping photoresist mask to improve high aspect ratio ion implantation
Method for selective etching of antireflective coatings
Method of manufacturing semiconductor devices
Stepped photoresist profile and opening formed using the profile
Ultra-thin resist and barrier metal/oxide hard mask for metal etch
High efficiency, low cost, thin film silicon solar cell design and method for making
Method to form a smooth gate polysilicon sidewall in the fabrication of integrated circuits
Fabricating process for polysilicon gate
III-V semiconductor structure and its producing method
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing such a device
Employing an acidic liquid and an abrasive surface to polish a semiconductor topography
Semiconductor substrate processing method
Process for reducing waviness in semiconductor wafers
Polishing polymer surfaces on non-porous CMP pads
Global planarization process for high step DRAM devices via use of HF vapor etching
Removal of dielectric oxides
Cure process for manufacture of low dielectric constant interlevel dielectric layers
Method for manufacturing even dielectric layer
Method of manufacturing capacitor of semiconductor device
Method of manufacturing dielectric film of capacitor in dynamic random access memory
Method to fabricate DRAM capacitor
Method of cleaning semiconductor wafers after CMP planarization
Selective titanium nitride strip
Method of etching a layer in a semiconductor device
Method of fabricating an integrated circuit with ultra-shallow source/drain extensions
Method for forming gate
Use of sacrificial dielectric structure to form semiconductor device with a self-aligned threshold adjust and overlying low-resistance gate
Method of fabricating a split-gate flash memory
Use of silicon germanium and other alloys as the replacement gate for the fabrication of MOSFET
Method for forming raised source and drain
High performance self-aligned silicide process for sub-half-micron semiconductor technologies
Mask for asymmetrical transistor formation with paired transistors
Trench transistor with insulative spacers
Process for fabricating a semiconductor device having assymetric source-drain extension regions
Method of asymmetrically doping a region beneath a gate
Thin film transistor and method of manufacturing the same
Junction field effect transistor and method of producing the same
Compound semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Resin-sealed semiconductor device, circuit member used therefor
Substrate structure of BGA semiconductor package
Low cost thermally enhanced flip chip BGA
Flip chip adaptor package for bare die
Method and assembly for providing improved underchip encapsulation
Production method for a trench capacitor with an insulation collar
Chemical mechanical polishing of polysilicon plug using a silicon nitride stop layer
Method of forming a contact hole of a DRAM
Method of forming a local interconnect with improved etch selectivity of silicon dioxide/silicide
Method of forming a charge storage electrode having a selective hemispherical grains silicon film in a semiconductor device
Method of forming a storage capacitor
Method of fabricating semiconductor devices utilizing in situ passivation of dielectric thin films
Structure for a double wall tub shaped capacitor
Semiconductor memory device prevented from deterioration due to activated hydrogen
Monolithic inductance-enhancing integrated circuits, complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) inductance-enhancing integrated circuits, inductor assemblies, and inductance-multiplying methods
Methods for use in forming a capacitor
Method of manufacturing an inductor
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Group III nitride photonic devices on silicon carbide substrates with conductive buffer interlay structure
Floating gate sidewall structure for the suppression of bird's beak
High-voltage, high performance FETs
MOS transistor that inhibits punchthrough and method for fabricating the same
Method of manufacturing thin film transistor
Method for producing PMOS devices
Methods of forming conductive polysilicon lines and bottom gated thin film transistors, and conductive polysilicon lines and thin film transistors
Methods of forming thin film transistors
Apparatus for applying viscous materials to a lead frame
Fabrication process of a semiconductor device
Integrated circuit package architecture with a variable dispensed compound and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device and tape carrier, and method of manufacturing the same, circuit board, electronic instrument, and tape carrier manufacturing device
Semiconductor device with capacitor formed on substrate and its manufacture method
Method for forming shallow trench isolation
Method of forming a shallow trench isolation
Using epitaxially grown wells for reducing junction capacitances
Method for formation of an air gap in an integrated circuit architecture
Method of fabricating copper damascene
Method of producing semiconductor device comprising insulation layer having improved resistance and semiconductor device produced thereby
Method for forming an integrated circuit interconnect using a dual poly process
Method of forming an electrical connection
Method for enhancing aluminum interconnect properties
Semiconductor device and method of producing the same
Process for fabricating two different gate dielectric thicknesses using a polysilicon mask and chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) planarization
Method of forming complementary type conductive regions on a substrate
Semiconductor device with no step between well regions
Method of fabricating self-aligned contact in embedded DRAM
Methods of fabricating conductive contacts for integrated circuit memory devices using first and second dielectric layers and first and second conductive layers
Method for forming a stacked capacitor
Method for simultaneously forming a storage-capacitor electrode and interconnect
Method of manufacturing dynamic random access memory
Semiconductor memory device, and method for fabricating thereof
Method of fabricating high density multiple states mask ROM cells
Tunneling magnetoresistance element, and magnetic sensor, magnetic head and magnetic memory using the element
Process for preventing the reverse tunneling during programming in split gate flash
Method of fabricating self-aligned stacked gate flash memory cell
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device without arc loss in peripheral circuit region
Compact low power complement FETs
Semiconductor device having semiconductor regions of different conductivity types isolated by field oxide, and method of manufacturing the same
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device having capacitor contact holes
Substrate for mounting electronic part having conductive projections and process for manufacturing the same
Semiconductor package having multi-dies
Printed circuit board with thermal conductive structure
Semiconductor bonding pad
Making solder ball mounting pads on substrates
Field effect transistor with double sided airbridge
Method of attaching a leadframe to singulated semiconductor dice
Electronic component assembly and method of making the same
Ball grid array semiconductor package comprised of two lead frames
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor device using wiring tape
Programmable integrated circuit having metal plate capacitors that provide local switching energy
Semiconductor chip having a low-noise ground line
Compensation structure for a bond wire at high frequency operation
Method to form sidewall polysilicon capacitors
Memory cell that includes a vertical transistor and a trench capacitor
Slot trench isolation for flash EPROM
Method for fabricating ferroelectric random access memory device
Electro optical devices with reduced filter thinning on the edge pixel photosites and method of producing same
High speed CMOS photodetectors with wide range operating region and fixed pattern noise reduction
Device and process for reading a matrix of photonic detectors
Using oxide junction to cut off sub-threshold leakage in CMOS devices
Semiconductor component having a small forward voltage and high blocking ability
Hot carrier transistors utilizing quantum well injector for high current gain
Insulated gate type semiconductor device and process for producing the device
Transistor of SIC
Integrated photovoltaic system
Array of photovoltaic modules for an integrated solar power collector system
Portable solar module cart
Semiconductor device
Method for manufacturing a semiconductor light emitting device
Advanced semiconductor devices fabricated with passivated high aluminum content III-V materials
Group III-V type nitride compound semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Ultrasonic motor
Piezoelectric actuator
DC bias scheme for field induced piezoelectric power generators
Magnetoresistor array
Portable power supply
Antenna switch circuit
Plane type strip-line filter in which strip line is shortened and mode resonator in which two types microwaves are independently resonated
Dielectric filter, dielectric duplexer, and communication device, with non-electrode coupling parts
Transmission line with voltage controlled impedance and length
H-plane hermetic sealed waveguide probe
Power splitter/ combiner circuit, high power amplifier and balun circuit
Glass antenna device for an automobile
Vehicle windowpane antenna apparatus
Motor vehicle body of synthetic plastic with antennas
Biaxially rotational structure
Antenna for radio device and radio device
Stereoscopic antenna
Injection-molded phased array antenna system
Centered longitudinal shunt slot fed by a resonant offset ridge iris
Method and apparatus for producing an antenna reflector, and a structure for such a reflector
Coaxial continuous transverse stub element device antenna array and filter
Composite antenna for duplexer-free duplex operation terminals and method
Antenna configuration for a mobile station
Antenna device and communication apparatus including the same
Compact low phase error antenna for the global positioning system
Self-contained progressive-phase GPS elements and antennas
Dual frequency antenna device
Switch device with AC inlet
Pre-wired universal junction block
Connecting structure for covered wires
Method of fabricating a reverse mesa ridge waveguide type laser diode
System electromagnetic wave-shielding channel parts for forming of an electromagnetic wave-shielding channel system for electrical conductors and a method for the manufacturing of the parts in the system
Overhead electrical power line suspension
Reserve power option for a portable electronic device
Car power supply system
Uninterruptible power system
Uninterruptible power supply
Stator pole teeth for a claw pole stepping motor
Rotor structure
Centrifugal actuator for controlling a switch unit particularly a start winding switch unit for an electric motor
Modular design and manufacture of a stator core
Method for producing conductor bars and stator winding for an electric machine
AC generator stator for vehicle
Drive device for moving a sliding sunroof of a vehicle
Pump having magnetic bearing for pumping blood and the like
Rotating machine
Apparatus and method for dissipating heat from a motor
Shaping a current sense signal by using a controlled slew rate
High-voltage generator including a high-voltage unit
Low noise and energy loss power supply apparatus and voltage converter
Switched reluctance drive with high power factor
SCR protection from stalled motor without current sensing
Method for restarting a synchronous permanent magnet motor still rotating
Phase synchronization circuit with units for setting sweep frequency and control voltage
Ferromagnetic tuning ring for YIG oscillators
Amplifying circuit
Current source bias circuit with hot carrier injection tracking
Adaptive bandwidth stabilization for an integrated circuit amplifier
Semiconductor circuit
High frequency power amplifier
Method and apparatus for improved transition from pulse width modulation to linear control
Radio frequency variable gain amplifier fabricated in complementary metal oxide semiconductor technology
Power amplifier and control circuit thereof
Sound control circuit and method using microcomputer
Area-efficient reconstruction filters, particularly for D/A current-driven converters
Thickness extensional vibration piezoelectric resonator and piezoelectric resonance device
Notch filter incorporating saw devices and a delay line
Circuitry for protecting a N-channel load driving device from reverse voltage condition
Electronic driver circuit that utilizes resonance with load circuitry in combination with timed switching to reduce power consumption
Clamped cascode level shifter circuit
Field effect transistor logic circuit with reduced power consumption
5-volt tolerant 3-volt drive push-pull buffer/driver
Method and apparatus for automatically adjusting noise immunity of an integrated circuit
Semiconductor integrated circuit with driver stabilization using parasitic capacitance
Method and apparatus for reducing charge sharing and the bipolar effect in stacked SOI circuits
Latched time borrowing domino circuit
Wide logic gate implemented in an FPGA configurable logic element
Circular product term allocations scheme for a programmable device
Programmable logic device with redundant circuitry
FPGA configurable by two types of bitstreams
Differential sense amplifier with reduced hold time
Extended frequency range relaxation oscillator with improved linearity
Pulse generation device having integrating circuit having substantially constant charging/discharging ratio
State machine, semiconductor device and electronic equipment
Pulse width modulation circuit
Synchronous clock generator including a delay-locked loop signal loss detector
Method and circuit for temporal cancellation of DC offset
DA conversion apparatus to reduce transient noise upon switching of analog signals
Pre-processing of multiple sample rates sources to simplify and improve multi-channel DAC design
Digitally switched potentiometer having improved linearity and settling time
Error detecting circuit in a line length decoding system
Trellis code modulation decoder structure for advanced digital television receiver
Techniques for converting a plurality of channels continuously in an A/D converter
High rate runlength limited codes for 8-bit ECC symbols
Method and apparatus for heat regulating electronics products
Optical operational amplifier
Network manager for cable television system headends
Output buffer circuit
Systems and methods for converting a stream of complex numbers into a modulated radio power signal
MSK modulator and MSK modulation method of transmitting data at high speed and digital signal generator suitable for MSK modulation
Portable information terminal and information scrolling method for use therewith
Multibeam modulation driver for a hyperacuity printer
Waveform correction using inductance-controllable inductor
Method of operating the channel equalizer in a receiver for DTV signals subject to co-channel NTSC interference
Internet protocol video phone adapter for high bandwidth data access
System for fixing the heating resistance in a cooker plate
LED array employing a lattice relationship
Ceiling fan with a light-sensitive circuit
Converter for correcting resonance frequency between backlit panel assembly of liquid crystal display and transformer of AC inverter
Discharge lamp lightning apparatus and manufacturing method therefor
Air duct in multi-purpose microwave oven
Multilayer wiring substrate for hybrid integrated circuit and method for manufacturing the same
Printed circuit board having a positioning marks for mounting at least one electronic part
Multi-voltage plane, multi-signal plane circuit card with photoimageable dielectric
Mounting system and method for mounting track having barbed rivets
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