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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Compounds having chromophore and photoreactive groups
Electronic video poker games
Methods and apparatus for managing network linked gambling video games
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method of dielectric film treatment
Workpiece separating device
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method for producing composite insulators by UV-crosslinking silicone rubber
Dinaphto[2,3-a:2'3'-H]phenazines and their use as organic semiconductors
Fixed Constructions
Classroom ballistic barriers
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Hydroelectric turbine cabling system
Composite bi-stable device
Heat conducting slug having multi-step structure and light emitting diode package using the same
Illuminating device including lens arrays and display with illuminating device including lens arrays
Backlight module
Green energy mine defeat system
Firearm target
Hand grenade
Interferometric apparatus with computer-generated hologram for measuring non-spherical surfaces
Fluid or low friction permanent magnet compass
Geomagnetism sensing device
Solar concentrator assembly having a converging element to converge the multiple light beams with different wavelengths from a sunlight splitting element
Method and system for inspecting indirect bandgap semiconductor structure
Differential deflection measurement in structural members
Sensor assembly and method for determining the hydrogen and moisture content of transformer oil
Determination of a material characteristic with the use of second-order photon correlation
Rain sensor
Small volume in vitro analyte sensor
Small volume in vitro analyte sensor
Analyte test instrument having improved versatility
Testing device and method
Method and apparatus for fatigue and viscoelastic property testing of asphalt mixtures using a loaded wheel tester
Apparatus and method for analyzing sample fluids
Method for the early detection of renal disease using proteomics
Method of calibrating and calibration apparatus for a moisture concentration measurement apparatus
Signal processing device and signal processing method
System and method for information verification based on channel awareness
Probe apparatus
Automation testing system for testing a motherboard
Signal sensing device and circuit boards
Semiconductor device
Micro electro mechanical systems sensor module package and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor integrated circuit, magnetic detecting device, electronic compass, and ammeter
Magnetic sensor device
Method and device for magnetic resonance spectroscopic imaging
Phase sensitive low power digital ultrasonic microphone
Portable radiation dosimeter
Device and method for deghosting P-waves
Processing collected survey data
Variable magnification optical system and imaging apparatus
Apparatus to manipulate colloidal particles in a bistable medium
Three-dimensional image display device
Drive system for rotatable optical element
Optical fiber with a low-index core and a core grating
Highly compliant resonant diffraction gratings, and methods and use thereof
Optical semiconductor apparatus
Optical coupling lens and optical communication module having same
Connector optical lens with alignment features
Optical connector and optical module having the same
Shooting headwear
Color filter substrate and fringe-field switching mode liquid crystal display using same
Semiconductor device comprising a second organic film over a third insulating film wherein the second organic film overlaps with a channel formation region and a second conductive film
Tunable optical frequency converter based on an amplitude modulator
Tunable optical frequency converter based on a phase modulator
Interactive projector system and method
Projector and method for operating the projector to display at least two different images
Projection display apparatus
Large-mesh cell-projection electron-beam lithography method
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
Reflective mask and method for manufacturing the same
Planarization over topography with molecular glass materials
Exposure photolithography methods
Composition for photoresist development and method of developing photoresist using the same
Image heating apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Fixing device capable of detecting wrap jam of recording sheet and image forming apparatus
Methods for providing generator stator winding ground fault protection
Variation of an MRI sequence parameter to minimize the variance of a measured value
User interface device and method
Remote-controlled mobile warning sign
Light source driving device, light source driving method, and image display device
DC-DC converter control circuit and DC-DC converter
Parallel resonant converter circuit with current-equalization function
Integrated circuit for controlling an inductive boost converter
Methods and apparatuses for controlling thread contention
Dynamic balancing of power across a plurality of processor domains according to power policy control bias
Customized power rating for computer equipment
Real time instruction tracing compression of RET instructions
Substitution of a target volume of a secondary storage controller for a source volume of a primary storage controller for executing a write operation
Implementing dynamic cache enabling and disabling based upon workload
Protocol for conflicting memory transactions
Reverse mirroring in raid level 1
Allocation enforcement in a multi-tenant cache mechanism
System, and methods for initializing a memory system
Cache system for managing various cache line conditions
Cache management based on physical memory device characteristics
Non-volatile hard disk drive cache system and method
Software performance by identifying and pre-loading data pages
Buffer management strategies for flash-based storage systems
Signal switching circuit and peripheral component interconnect express connector assembly having the signal switching circuit
Synchronized panel technology
Method for testing a browser-based application
Method and system for organizing electronic messages using eye-gaze technology
Name resolution
Shared network response cache
System and method for in-place data migration
Modeling and testing of interactions between components of a software system
Technique for implementing an optical/TDM virtual private network
Computing polychoric and polyserial correlations between random variables using NORTA
Multi-domain machine translation model adaptation
Synchronizing updates across cluster filesystems
Data growth balancing
System and method for an efficient query sort of a data stream with duplicate key values
Processing data in a data warehouse
Document retrieval using internal dictionary-hierarchies to adjust per-subject match results
System and method for conducting searches and displaying search results
Systems and methods using a slideshow generator
Consistent data retrieval in a multi-site computing infrastructure
Offloading projection of fixed and variable length database columns
System and method for documenting evidence
Optimizing storage allocation in a virtual desktop environment
Operator, device and platform independent aggregation, cross-platform translation, enablement and distribution of user activity catalogs
High-level synthesis data generation apparatus, high-level synthesis apparatus, and high-level synthesis data generation method
Apparatus for and a method of making a hierarchical integrated circuit design of an integrated circuit design, a computer program product and a non-transitory tangible computer readable storage medium
Method for computing the quantity of light received by a participating media, and corresponding device
Modeling long-term host-pathogen interactions
Cord and cable identification and tracking system
Secure communication methods
Trusted data relay
Data encryption and smartcard storing encrypted data
Personal identification number security enhancement
Systems, methods and computer program products for a cloud application editor
Low-voltage MEMS shutter assemblies
Applying contextual function to a graphical user interface using peripheral menu tabs
Manipulation of user interface controls
Selective sharing of displayed content in a view presented on a touchscreen of a processing system
Methods, systems, and computer readable media for controlling presentation and selection of objects that are digital images depicting subjects
System, method and computer program product for synchronizing data written to tape including writing an index into a data partition
Identifying redundant data for disk image streaming
Mobile information processing terminal and method therefor, and non-transitory computer-readable storage medium for charging payment of unprinted portion of a print job
Classifying and monitoring database operations based on a cost of recovery
Multicore processor system, computer product, and notification method for updating operating system
Branch target buffer preload table
Automated application generation
Generating a service component architecture (SCA) module with service oriented architecture (SOA) model elements
Method and system for detecting concurrency programming errors in kernel modules and device drivers
Method of providing embedded software development tool for supporting embedded software development environment based on native building, and apparatus thereof
Optimization of software symbol tables
Method and apparatus for increasing task-execution speed
Method and system for code generation and inlining
Dynamically adjusting global heap allocation in multi-thread environment
Optimizing energy use in a data center by workload scheduling and management
Process mapping parallel computing
Information processing apparatus, storage medium, and information processing system
Image forming apparatus, image forming method, and print system
Automatically generating a review rating the performance of a pattern based on pattern deployment, service history and operation of pattern
System and method for identifying a genuine printed document
Electronic device including fingerprint identification sensor, methods for performing user authentication and registering user's fingerprint in electronic device including fingerprint identification sensor, and recording medium recording program for executing the methods
Optimizing the detection of objects in images
Inspecting apparatus and inspecting method of absorbent sheet-like member related to absorbent article
Table grid detection and separation
Method and device for determining image offset and storage medium
Searching images and identifying images with similar facial features
Robust keypoint feature selection for visual search with self matching score
Printing system, image forming apparatus, and method
Simplifying the presentation of a visually complex semantic model within a graphical modeling application
Managing the performance of a data processing system through visualization of performance metrics data via a cognitive map
Audio media mood visualization
Image processing device, image processing method, program, and integrated circuit
3D body modeling, from a single or multiple 3D cameras, in the presence of motion
Sonar imaging
Method for estimating direction of person standing still
Personal security and tracking system
Circularly foldable daisy display stand
Pixel circuits and methods for displaying an image on a display device
Spontaneous light emitting device and driving method thereof
MEMS display pixel control circuits and methods
Transparent display device and electronic equipment with same
Anatomical gestures detection system using radio signals
Virtual instrument playing scheme
Oscillation device
Mash-up service generation apparatus and method based on voice command
Systems and methods for quantizing and dequantizing phase information
Selective interfacing apparatus and method
Reclamation of data on tape cartridge
Dual opposing cantilever pads of suspension flexure
For-test apparatuses and techniques
Methods for extending the effective voltage window of a memory cell
Semiconductor storage device having a voltage generator
Magnetic component apparatus with interconnectable bobbins
Direct current capacitor module
Dye-sensitized solar cell
Thin keyboard command trigger structure
Electrode for dielectric barrier discharge treatment of a substrate
Dual-mode display device and method of manufacturing same
AC gate ion filter method and apparatus
Safety net for a light bulb changer
Method and apparatus for forming a transparent conductive oxide using hydrogen
Wafer edge protection
Manufacturing method of semiconductor device and lithography template
Magnetic trap for cylindrical diamagnetic materials
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Process for producing a double-gate field-effect device having independent gates
Patterning of silicon oxide layers using pulsed laser ablation
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device having doped layer
Laser-initiated exfoliation of group III-nitride films and applications for layer transfer and patterning
Methods for forming three dimensional NAND structures atop a substrate
Deposition of titanium-aluminum layers
Asymmetric spacers
Methods of forming gate structures for semiconductor devices using a replacement gate technique and the resulting devices
Customized alleviation of stresses generated by through-substrate via(S)
Sandwich silicidation for fully silicided gate formation
Electrical test structure for devices employing high-k dielectrics or metal gates
Fabrication of localized SOI on localized thick box lateral epitaxial realignment of deposited non-crystalline film on bulk semiconductor substrates for photonics device integration
Method for producing a semiconductor device
High-K/metal gate stack using capping layer methods, IC and related transistors
Through-vias for wiring layers of semicondutor devices
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Integrated leadframe and bezel structure and device formed from same
Plug via stacked structure, stacked substrate having via stacked structure and manufacturing method thereof
Systems and methods for mitigation of mechanical degradation in high performance electrical circuit packages
Architecture of spare wiring structures for improved engineering change orders
Porous insulation film, and a semiconductor device including such porous insulation film
Embedded flash memory fabricated in standard CMOS process with self-aligned contact
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Radiation detector comprising a circuit for injecting a calibrated quantity of counter-charges
Light-emitting device
Schottky barrier diode and method for manufacturing schottky barrier diode
Semiconductor transistor device and method for manufacturing same
Back-emitting OLED device
Light emitting diode and method for manufacturing same
Light emitting, photovoltaic or other electronic apparatus and system
Semiconductor device and method for forming the same
Passive devices for FinFET integrated circuit technologies
FinFET with backgate, without punchthrough, and with reduced fin height variation
Junction field-effect transistor with raised source and drain regions formed by selective epitaxy
High voltage laterally diffused metal oxide semiconductor
Solar cell
Solar cell and method for manufacturing the same
Collector grid and interconnect structures for photovoltaic arrays and modules
Light emitting element structure
Semiconductor light emitting device and fabrication method thereof
Light emitting, photovoltaic or other electronic apparatus and system
Method for manufacturing light-emitting devices with improved active-region
Piezoelectric device and method for fabricating the same
Polymer materials for organic electroluminescent devices
Dynamic alignment by electrical potential and flow control to single-wall carbon nanotube field effect transistors
Rechargeable battery
Coated electrodes
Solid oxide fuel cell system
Solid oxide fuel cell including a coupling structure
Serpentine delay line structure
Terminal including a plurality of antennas
Mobile terminal
Radiowave absorber and parabolic antenna
Device for connection of a thermocouple to a safety electromagnet and gas tap assembly in a cooking range
Quickly connectable plug and socket for power connection of electrical lighting apparatus
Cable connector
Cable interface connection structure
Spark plug and method of manufacturing spark plug
System and method for controlling a group of photovoltaic generators
Method and apparatus for removal of harmonic noise
Apparatus and method for voltage and current balancing in generation of output power in power generation systems
Bipolar battery control device for adjusting a voltage or capacitance in cells
Apparatus for wireless device charging using radio frequency (RF) energy and device to be wirelessly charged
Portable modular sun-tracking solar energy receiver system
Motor stator automatically assembling method
Apparatus and methods for mitigating electromagnetic emissions
AC-DC flyback converter and loop compensation method thereof
Electromotive furniture drive including a power supply device
Power generator device
Electromagnetic wave generation device and detection device
Semiconductor device
Storage device, memory controller and memory control method
Universal and reconfigurable QC-LDPC encoder
Reducing data transition rates between analog and digital chips
Distortion compensation device and distortion compensation method
Transceiver clock architecture with transmit PLL and receive slave delay lines
System for implementing a radio over fiber transmission in a passive optical network
Apparatus for dual-polarization QAM and optical communications system using the same cross-reference to related application
Method of communicating between base station and terminal based on interference alignment in multi-cell multi-user multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) interference channel and method and apparatus of communication using interference alignment and block successive interference pre-cancellation in multi-user multiple-input multiple-output interference channel
Calibration circuit and methods for calibrating harmonics in a mixer
Communication device and communication method
Encryption device, encryption method, and encryption program
Systems and methods for preventing data remanence in memory
Digital bit insertion for clock recovery
Controlling exposure of sensitive data and operation using process bound security tokens in cloud computing environment
Printer converts print data into one or two dimensional code is capable of carrying out printing again based on the one or two dimensional code
Removing interference in non-orthogonal radio access
Apparatus and methods for group-based reactive service discovery
Chamber apparatus and heating method
Control system for use with one or more building power circuits
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Agricultural earth working apparatus
Depth-limited furrow closing arrangement and method for no-till agricultural seeders
Transversely adjustable concave assembly for a rotary combine
Tree excavator and transplanter
Control of ammonia and phosphorus in milking parlors
Tangle-free lead device for a leash
Nesting structure for northern rough-winged swallows
Artificial honeycomb for beehives
Fishing reel
Fishing lure holder and display for tackle boxes and boats
Farrier hammer
Pizza peel with rotatable blade
Rotary cutter handling system
Ultrasonic forming of confectionery products
Cigarette filter containing dry water and a porphyrin
Garment with integral brassiere
Snowboard binding system
Nitinol impact absorbers
Wearable case for writing materials
Jewelry case with invisible spring hinge
Portable office
Handle structure for adjusting direction
Back lotion applicator
Method of depositing cosmetic pigment material onto surfaces of applicator pads in a pattern, and pigment depositing apparatus
Convertible backpack
Utility wristband
Liquid-reservoir hairbrush system
Nail polish applicator
Portable folding utility table with integral receiving members
Mobile workstation storage device
Lightweight aircraft table top
Method and apparatus for creating and displaying seasonal and sports related characters
Pegboard assembly
Reconfigurable retail merchandising system
Display units and bracket system
Apparatus and method for operating a checkout system having an RF transmitter for communicating to a receiver associated with an intercom system
Cable mount
Eye glasses holder having a body of revolution and a suction cup
Technique for hanging strap from edge of furniture
Weight biased vacuum flask
Foam-forming net for face-washing and preparing method thereof
Battery powered, riding, floor burnishing machine
Self-draining dishwashing caddy
Sheath apparatus for endoscopes and methods for forming same
Endoscope having microscopic and macroscopic magnification
Apparatus for supporting an endoscope
Multiple biopsy device
Surgical retractor assembly
Method for vascular occlusive therapy
Bone cutting and breaking apparatus, and miniaturized cutting head
Method of securing vertebrae
Instrument, instrument set and a method for the introduction of an osteochondral transplant
Tissue removal methods and apparatus
Cannula placement system
External fixator for immobilizing bone fragments, particularly in the area of the wrist
Electrosurgical tonsilar and adenoid electrode
Cluster ablation electrode system
Laser treatment cooling head
Infrared coagulator with disposable tip light guide
Laser irradiation apparatus
Steerable catheter
Minimally light reflective surgical drape
Photothermal structure for biomedical applications, and method therefor
Catheter system and catheter to be used therein
Automatic skin puncturing system
Method and system for predicting human cognitive performance
Unit with an adjustable carrying arrangement
Ultrasound diagnostic apparatus and method for measuring blood flow velocity using doppler effect
Method and apparatus for measuring subcutaneous fat using ultrasonic wave
Imaging probes and catheters for volumetric intraluminal ultrasound imaging
Arrangement for mixing multi-component compositions in particular for dental purposes
Urine absorbent bag
Hoop stent
Segmented balloon delivery system
Stent delivery apparatus and method
Method of magnetically coupling a prosthesis with an ocular implant
Bioprosthetic cardiovascular valve system
Resorbable scaffolds to promote cartilage regeneration
Ramp-shaped intervertebral implant
Modular joint prosthesis with multiple offset humeral head component and method
Exercise device
Appliance to correct tempromandibular joint syndrome and methods of making and use
Indwelling heat exchange heat pipe catheter and method of using same
Eye dropper positioning device
Laser treatment apparatus
Device for photorefractive cornea surgery in higher-order visual disorders
Uniform large area ablation system and method
Collapsible eye wear featuring face contacting pads
Adaptive senso-motor encoder for neuroprostheses
Variable wheelbase personal mobility vehicle
Anti-tip devices for wheeled conveyances including wheelchairs and method related thereto
Carpal tunnel syndrome traction system
Intravaginal set, a method of treatment of prolaps of urogenital organ and urinary stress incontinence in women and an application of a intravaginal set
Preparation of liquid dispersions
Intraluminal stent having coaxial polymer member
Coaxial connector having detachable locking sleeve
Flushable release film with combination wiper
Method for delivering liquid with a container delivery system
Oxygenating apparatus, method for oxygenating a liquid therewith, and applications thereof
Silver implantable medical device
Supplemental heart pump methods and systems for supplementing blood through the heart
Nebulizer apparatus
Drug delivery system including holder and drug container
Automatic respiration under positive airway pressure
Visual inflation pressure indicator and surgical tube including the indicator
Respirator mask
Catheter having a spear shaped tip
Steerable medical catheter with bendable encapsulated metal spring tip fused to polymeric shaft
Deflectable tip guide in guide system
Aortic shunt with spinal perfusion and cooling device
Apparatus and method for introducing an implant
Apparatus for connecting a compatibility liner with a source of perishable therapeutic
Channel switching apparatus
Housing for suturing tools
Portable painkilling system
Drug delivery device
Set with angled needle
Medical injector
Safety syringe
Self-sheathing dental needle
Safety syringe having a restrictively rotatable plunger
Brachytherapy seed deployment system
Brachytherapy treatment planning method and apparatus
Synchronized moving shield for a radiation therapy apparatus
Two-way locking device for height safety apparatus
Air filter device provided with gripping means in the form of a mouthpiece
Treading exerciser with heart beat monitoring capability
Collapsible grappling hook
Golf ball
Low cost, resilient, shear resistant polyurethane elastomers for golf ball covers
Ball racket with damped two part profile
Golf club set
Multipurpose golf club
Metalwood type golf club head having expanded additions to the ball striking club face
Bat structure
Ball barrier assembly
Apparatus for removably interfacing a bicycle to a computer
Martial arts training system
Golf swing plane trainer
Illuminating roller
Handheld case gripper
Game device, method of controlling game machine, information storage medium, and program distribution device and method
Game pad connectable to personal portable terminal
Training game device, control method thereof, and readable storage medium for storing training game programs
Electronic tag game
Method and system for an object architecture for a multi-user game lobby and game session
Board game and method of playing
Method and apparatus for monitoring casinos and gaming
Method and apparatus for monitoring casinos and gaming
Toy top system and related methods
Dispensing amusement device
Model train control system
Compressed air engine and flying object equipped therewith
Pinwheel with a generator
Bubble tumbler
Performing Operations; Transporting
Unibody structure for screen assembly
Tandem shale shaker
Pneumatic comminution and drying system
Centrifuge having a bag arrangement and a method for operating the centrifuge
Free jet centrifuge rotor
Dense medium cyclone separator
Electrically-conductive support rack system and method
Riser tube with slotted ratchet gear for pop-up irrigation sprinklers
Decorative fountain
Kick-starter for sprinkler heads
Ultrasonic cutting system
Apparatus and process for removing drilling fluid from drill cuttings
Pressure screen with scrap separation
Methods for cleaning surfaces substantially free of contaminants
Volume efficient cleaning systems
Method of cleaning returnable bottles
Material transport device
Cam device for removing and tilting the front plate in a vertical mold casting machine
Method and device for producing a metallic hollow body
Method and apparatus for continuous casting
Gripping and maneuvering apparatus
Flush-mount clamping device
Rotatable tool having a replaceable tip at the chip removing free end of the tool
Contour machining head
Cutting insert having improved cutting
Table saw
Work tool transporting and support apparatus
Wedging blade clamp for scroll saw
Method of manufacturing heat transfer tubes
Condensation oven for heat treating a workpiece
Ultrasonic bonding of ink-jet print head components
Wire bonding apparatus and wire bonding method
Structural body
Friction stir welding method, and method for manufacturing car body
Ultrasonic testing of tank car welds
Machine tool
Cabinetmaking system
CMP pad having isolated pockets of continuous porosity and a method for using such pad
Method for controlling polishing time in chemical-mechanical polishing process
Apparatus for polishing wafer and method of doing the same
Method for the production of glass substrates for magnetic recording mediums
Supporting plate for rotating tools for the fine machining of surfaces
Sanding disc
Clamping method and system for fixing workpieces
Air tweezer and sucking pad
Ratcheting open-end wrenches
Speed wrench having a stable biasing structure
Unidirectional ratchet wrench
Joint adapter for a power drill screw driver
Pivoting clamp block
Gripping arrangement
Workpiece gripper
Bar clamp extension
Continuity switch for parts grippers
In-dash compact disc retriever
Pneumatic tool with muffler bypass mechanism
Method and portable apparatus for storing long-handled garden tools prior to use in landscaping
Gripper assembly
Robot manipulator for medical imaging means
Shape cutting apparatus
Continuously operating press utilizing a phenyl-endblocked polydiorganosiloxane-polyphenylorganosiloxane random copolymer fluid
Molding die for use with a sol-gel composition
Mold for resin-sealing of semiconductor devices
Device for manufacturing information carriers by injection moulding
Top mold of an injection molding machine
Sound absorbing structure
Mold nozzle tip lock
Method and apparatus of connection to an electrical film device
Electric injection molding machine
Injection moulding machine with integrated hot channel system
Apparatus for manufacturing expanded polytetrafluoroethylene products
Method of and apparatus for handling tandem containers
Apparatus for attaching fibrous batt to plastic substrate
Tire vulcanizing system
Pneumatic tires
Electric press with dust generation preventing device
Automated mold changing system for concrete product molding machines and methods of constructing and operating the system
Slide locking mechanism
Diaphragm of a diaphragm press for separating liquid and solid substances
Methods of manufacturing reclosable packages; and packages made thereby
Method and apparatus for the production of mailing bags including envelopes
Double tapered article
Flexible packaging for maintaining the efficacy of chemicals
Gasket and gasket tape and method of making and using the same
Method to engrave surface using particle beam
Detachable inking device for a flexographic printing machine, its embodiment, cleaning and use in such a machine
Quick change ink roll
Segmented inking blade configuration at an ink feeding device
Ink jet printer with a piezo printing head for ejecting lactate ink onto an uncoated printing medium
Platen mechanism, a printing device with the platen mechanism, and a method of controlling the printing device
Color printing using a vertical nozzle array head
Method and apparatus for envelope printing with an ink jet printer
Combination of bidirectional- and unidirectional-printing using plural ink types
Ink jet recording apparatus and ink jet recording method
Micro actuator and ink jet printer head manufactured using the same
Hermetic seal in microelectronic devices
Liquid ejecting head, liquid ejecting method, and method for manufacturing liquid ejecting head
Apparatus for using bubble as virtual valve to eject ink and fabricating method thereof
Liquid discharge head unit, head cartridge, and method for manufacturing liquid discharge head unit
Ink jet head substrate, ink jet head, method for manufacturing ink jet head substrate, method for manufacturing ink jet head, method for using ink jet head and ink jet recording apparatus
Color ink-jet head
Print masks for high speed ink jet printing
Rotary wiping assembly for a nozzle plate in an ink jet printer
Focused ink drop detection
Method and apparatus for cleaning fluid ejection cartridge and maintenance station
Ink container, valve unit for ink container, ink jet head cartridge having ink container and ink jet recording apparatus
Drip plate design for a solid ink printer
Ink jet recording apparatus
Image recording apparatus
Image processing apparatus, printing apparatus and storage medium
Gradation reproduction method and gradation-reproduced image
Cleaning device, method and printer with virtually equal wiping condition for different print unit to recording surface distances
Dispensing applicator and method of use
Image forming device
Label printer which handles label stock with and without peelable labels
Application of binding adhesive to pages passing through a printer
Ink bottle set-up device
Value or security product with luminescent security elements and method for the production and use thereof in respect to visual and machine-operated detection of authenticity
Flexible image transfer blanket having non-extensible backing
Stencil printing system using UV-curable ink and having ink supply roll comprised of nonmetallic material
Machine detectable document of value
Security system
Ink follower composition for oil-based ballpoint pens
Apparatus for a hand-held pneumatic impact tool
Holding box for paint-applying roller wet with paint
Storage and dispensing container for viscous fluids, paints and the like, and method of minimizing dripping
Two-piece wheel for a motor vehicle
On/off-road tread
High-transverse-curvature tire, in particular for a two-wheeled vehicle
Apparatus and method for detecting decrease in air-pressure for use in two-wheeled vehicle, and program for judging decompression for use in two-wheeled vehicle
Chain tightening apparatus and method of using the same
Pneumatic tire including self-sealing material and method of manufacturing the same
Pneumatic radial tire
Method of fitting tire for off road motorcycle, and tire for off road motorcycle
Runflat all terrain tire
Automotive beam spring
Suspension assembly related application
Suspension torsion bar with variable rate adjustment arms
Wheel suspension system having an integrated link, spring, and anti-roll bar
Motor drive-control device
Ventilating, heating and air-conditioning device for motor vehicle passenger compartment
Heating and/or air-conditioning installation having at least one de-icing outlet
Sealing structure of weather strip for motor vehicle
Sun visor for vehicle
Vehicle convertible track system
Frame with canvas cover for all-terrain vehicle
Ventilating device for motor vehicle fuel tank
Fuel tank and fuel tank filling arrangement
Two-wheel drive/four-wheel drive switching device for a vehicle
Biomechanical vehicle seat
Holder for a beverage container for upright installation in a motor vehicle
Vehicle mounted article loader apparatus
Vehicle tire tie-down system and method
Article-anchoring device for vehicle and method of producing
Vehicle lighting device using led light source
Golf cart cigar holder
Retaining-spring insert arrangement
Device for protecting vehicle occupants in a motor vehicle
Airbag having back parts with a larger surface than the front part
Protective cushion for vehicle occupant's head
Steering device for a vehicle, especially for a motor vehicle, having an airbag module
Placement structure for head-protecting air bag body
Gas bag module cover assembly and gas bag module
Hood assembly for vehicle
Webbing retractor
Vehicle step apparatus
Automobile disposable wipes
Joint for connecting three levers
Windows washing device for windshield windows
Fault reactive securely stopped vehicle method and apparatus
Electrically actuated brake with vibration damping
Controlled levitation vehicle
Hand truck with selectively moveable arms
Hand truck with electrically operated lifting platform
Cylinder transporter
Runner-mounted personal vehicle
Double-seat frame structure for baby stroller
Steering-column crash system
Shock absorbing type steering shaft
Separable frame for an electric scooter
Restraint system
Variable displacement pump
Field-repair device for a rubber-band track
Vehicle steering stabilizer with detent ramp in rotary plate
Method of synchronizing first and second steering arrangements
Structure of a bicycle for children
Bicycle brake disk with arms connecting an inner annular portion to an outer annular portion and tangent to an effective circle
Box arrangement for watercraft
Underwater explosion protection for watercraft
Water safety and survival system
Secondary thrust arrangement for small watercraft
Rotary wing aircraft with electric pitch control
Flapping-wing flying device
Device and mechanism for transmission of radial forces between the central and end regions of this device
Display apparatus
Hypersonic and orbital vehicles system
Connector assembly
Fill tube control apparatus
System for making aerated concrete blocks having at least one passageway drilled therein
Filling machine
Method for the preservation of an opened drink bottle
Transport drum for liquids
Snap top, easy pouring dispensing cap
Multiple orifice valve
Dispensing container with rotatable lid
Self-deploying carton bottom
Folding collapsible bottle basket
Pallet stacking device
Overpack carton
Storage bag
Shipping container with anti-leak material
Tablet dispenser
Storage container with multiple divided compartments
Wire belt with compound link formation
Conveyor having a chain drive mechanism
Overhead conveyance device and overhead conveyance vehicle
Paper feed unit
Suction transport device of a printing plate
Wire feed mechanism and method used for fabricating electrical connectors
Sheet conveying device and image forming apparatus including the same
Winding device for a textile machine that produces cheeses
Nonconductive extension for electric motor shaft
Illuminated escalator combplate
Telescopic boom routing assembly for transmission lines
Transporter container-loading bridge
Mounting of the bottom bearing ring of a rotating deck or a superstructure of a crane on a mast
Movable electric machinery having a trailing cable extending through a hinged sheave bracket assembly
Vehicle mounted forklift mounting system and a forklift and carrier using the same
Corkscrew spacer
Tapping head for tapping beverages pressurized by gas
Intermediate pressure dispensing method for a carbonated beverage
Micromachine stacked flip chip package fabrication method
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Heat-bendable mirrors
Method and apparatus for burning pyrotechnic compositions
Color ink-jet recording ink set, ink-jet recording method, recording unit, ink-cartridge, ink-jet recording apparatus and bleeding reduction method
Surface mount technology with masked cure
Heat carrier
Heat exchanger tube, a method for making the same, and a cracking furnace or other tubular heat furnaces using the heat exchanger tube
Agent for cleaning hard surfaces
Potentiated disinfectant cleaning solutions and methods of use
Gel purge formulations and methods of cleaning extruders by using the same
Reactive silencer for industrial air channels and its use
Substrate processing pallet and related substrate processing method and machine
Method and composition for polishing by CMP
Process for the wet-chemical surface treatment of a semiconductor wafer
Textiles; Paper
Programmable sewing system having folding tool and electronically controlled pressure pad
Multi-layer paper machine wire with weft binding yarns
Belt for shoe press
Fixed Constructions
Method for control system setup
Transducer arrangement for screed control
Guardrail support, attachment, and positioning block
Self propelled vehicle with a loader
Device and process for excavating and backfilling of soil
Temperature activated valve
Fastening element for fitting parts
Drain sealing device
Method and system for replacing a damaged section of a channel to which an inserted part has previously been affixed
System of elements for the diffusion of sound in rooms deligated to the reproduction of music and speech
Locking device for scaffolding elements
Curved formwork system with varying curvature
Method and apparatus for making concrete buildings
Pry apparatus
Metal fence post
Method of producing a panel fastener
Cover connecting mechanism
Opening and closing device for sliding vehicle door
Insulating glass pane comprising an integrated roller blind device
Foldable blind assembly
Force reducing device and method for adjusting shutter ropes
Door operator unit
Mechanism for locking roll up curtains and the like
Escape ladder
Cutting element geometry for roller cone drill bit
Downhole cleaning tool with shear clutch
Percussive drilling apparatus
Two-step threaded connector having differential thread width
Tensioner/slip-joint assembly
Oil well tubing injection system and method
Multi-gradient drilling method and system
Method and apparatus for in-situ production well testing
Wellhead with ESP cable pack-off for low pressure applications
Method and apparatus for expansion sealing concentric tubular structures
Screen jacket assembly connection and methods of using same
Flexible hose with thrusters for horizontal well drilling
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Rotary internal combustion engine
Fluid displacement pump with backpressure stop
Integral nozzle and shroud
Enhanced fan and fan drive assembly
Cooling system for gas turbine stator nozzles
Valve cleaning assembly
Apparatus for controlling valve timing of internal combustion engine
Internal-combustion engine with hydraulic system for variable operation of the valves and means for compensating variations in volume of the hydraulic fluid
Oil pan with vertical baffles
Engine block structure for reciprocating engine
Engine air-oil separator
Apparatus for gas recirculation in an internal combustion engine
Structure of attaching heat insulator
Internal combustion engine
Cooling apparatus for liquid-cooled internal combustion engine
Electronic control apparatus of internal combustion engine
4-cycle engine
System and method for compression braking within a vehicle having a variable compression ratio engine
Compression ignition engine and control method thereof
Device for controlling an engine equipped with a synchronous mesh-type automatic transmission
Method for controlling an internal combustion engine
Tandem valve type throttle body
Static sealing joint
Intake manifold or distributor with several pipes
Variable delivery pump and common rail fuel system using the same
Valve for controlling fluids
Control unit for controlling a pressure build-up in a pump unit
Valve for metered introduction of evaporated fuel into an intake conduit of an internal combustion engine
Metering device and method for delivering fluid employing a compensating element
Two-cycle internal combustion engine
Oscillation-type compressor
Air compressor
Reciprocating plunger pump with seal mounting support
Double-acting, two-stage pump
Screw compressor with a fluid contracting bypass
Control for progressive cavity pump
Vacuum pump cooling system, and a method of making it
Device for controlling air filling and exhausting of an air cushion
Heat transfer fan
Fan assembly
Housing for a fuel pump driven by an electric motor
Non-dilution air water heater blower
Composite fluid control membrane for windshield washer pump and method of manufacturing same
Balancing clip
Self-tapping insert, insert assembly, and method for mounting the insert
Structure multi-cut type lamp pipe connector componentry
Ball joint with sealing system integrated to the retaining ring
Turbocharger, in particular exhaust-gas turbocharger for an internal combustion engine
Cylindrical roller bearing
Rolling bearing and method of making the same
Crankshaft holding structure for internal combustion engine
Detachable connection of cylindrical hollow shafts
Front-rear and side to side torque transfer module for all-wheel drive vehicles
One-way clutch device
Clutch unit
Lightweight reinforced brake drum and method for making lightweight reinforced brake drum
Fluid clutch
Multi-axis shock and vibration isolation system
Drive assembly with mounting for rotating axle
Family of multi-speed planetary power transmission mechanisms having three planetary gearsets
Parallel hydromechanical underdrive transmission
Speed change control device for tractors
Shift mechanism for motor vehicle transmissions
Electronic control apparatus for vehicle
Control system for automatic vehicle transmissions
Clutch system installed in a transmission
Automatic shift-down apparatus for automatic transmission
Method for determining a shifting step for a discretely shifting transmission of a motor vehicle
Line pressure control device for continuous transmission in vehicle
Seal device
Constant velocity joint vent
Check valve arrangement
On-off switch structure of a gas tank
Protective closure
Water sentry drive unit
Valve coupler for delivering air into a propane tank
Diagnostic system for a valve that can be actuated by a position controller via a drive
Suspension bracket
Hose and clamp assembly
Coupling system with blocking device
Quick-action coupling, especially for plain end pipes
Multi-channel rotary joint
Universal adapter for connectors and valves
Existing pipe cut-off method, existing pipe slitting method, piping structure, and valve insertion method for inserting a valve in a line without stopping passage of water or fluid
Self-covering element
Miniature flashlight
Exterior lighting systems
Surface-mounted decorative trim ceiling fixture
Light fixture with improved sealing features
Method and apparatus for joining and aligning fixtures
Utility flood light
Lighting fixture mounting device and lamp protecting device
Light emitting device
Spread illuminating apparatus with a frame having a spring force
Liquid crystal display
Planar illumination device
Lightning unit
Panel seal for an air handling unit
Solar energy plant
Refrigerant expansion valve having electrically operated inlet shutoff with improved armature dampening
Continuous sintering furnace and use thereof
Door assembly for rotary furnace
Cooling system for electronic packages
Counterflow evaporator for refrigerants
Plate heat exchanger
Heat exchanger
Clip on manifold heat exchanger
Control installation for solid cleaning members circulating in a heat exchanger
Closed bolt firing delayed blowback automatic handgun firearm
Air gun magazine and air gun having said magazine
Telescoping pressure-balanced gas generator launchers for underwater use
Launcher training system
Internal fluid cooled window assembly
Bullet trap
Sintered tungsten liners for shaped charges
Captive soft-point bullet
Arrowhead assembly
Fuze mechanism for a munition
Method of scrapping steel structures
Wireless turntable
Apparatus and method for isolating and measuring movement in a metrology apparatus
Navigation computer intended for a motor vehicle
Magnetic flow sensor probe
Method and apparatus for measuring fluid flow
Geographical displacement sensing unit and monitoring apparatus using the same
Apparatus for liquid level measurement in a container
Temperature measuring system
Mechanical pressure gauge having digital output
Ultra high temperature transducer structure
Method and apparatus for analyzing a drivetrain assembly
Flap test system
Fixture for holding electronic components for vibration testing
Alpha-environmental continuous air monitor inlet
Microcolumn for use in sample extraction
Differential scanning calorimeter having low drift and high response characteristics
Acceleration sensor and acceleration apparatus using acceleration sensor
Feedback circuit for micromachined accelerometer
Enhanced motor velocity measurement using a blend of fixed period and fixed distance techniques
Contact pin holder assembly
Spatially compounded three dimensional ultrasonic images
Ultrasound probe with integrated electronics
Holographic laser scanning system having multiple laser scanning stations for producing a 3-D scanning volume substantially free of spatially and temporally coincident scanning planes
Projecting device for displaying electrical images
System and method for enhancing the realism of a displayed image
Optical device
Optical connector and optical coupling structure
Blind mating high density fiber optic connectors
Dual channel device having two optical sub-assemblies
Multi-mode fiber coupler, system and associated methods
Hermetic package with optical fiber feedthrough
Fiber optic connector
Packing means for small form-factor module
Eyeglass frame with a reversible arm
Operator supported remote camera positioning and control system
Integrated front projection system with enhanced dry erase screen configuration
Focusing projection displays
Focal-plane shutter having resilient stopping members for shutter blades
Pressure reducing valve
Method and system for regulating hydraulic pressure in heavy equipment
Vehicle control device for agricultural vehicles
Portable electronic apparatus having a scanner and a data transmitter
Display connection structure of electronic appliance
Frame structure of computer housing capable of unlocking and positioning
Drive bracket fastening structure
Retainer for retaining interface isolating pieces
Card printing method and apparatus
Visually significant multilevel bar codes
Sheet counting apparatus and method
Method, system and storage medium for viewing product delivery information
Slot machine coin container
Electronic gaming machine with enclosed seating unit
Free long distance calls on slot machines
Produce recognition apparatus and method of obtaining information about produce items
Cardiopulmonary resuscitation mannequin
Optical projection system including projection dome
Apparatus for pop-up display structures
Flag set
Device for transmitting information by means of acoustic signals
Insertable tray for a multiple disc storage container
Active probe for an atomic force microscope and method of use thereof
Scanning system having a deflectable probe tip
Modular distribution assembly
Spacers, display devices containing the same, and methods for making and using the same
Apparatus and method for wet cleaning or etching a flat substrate
Methods and apparatus for positive wafer process status identification during semiconductor wafer processing
Apparatus for manufacturing planar spin-on films
Process for the surface polishing of silicon wafers
Method for selective oxide etching in pre-metal deposition
Single substrate load lock with offset cool module and buffer chamber
SMIF load port interface including smart port door
Deposition apparatus for manufacturing thin film
Unitable terminal fitting, a construction for uniting a plurality of terminal fittings and method for forming a unitable terminal fitting
Modular jack
Electrical connector
Battery holder
High performance communication connector construction
Printed circuit board-connecting connector
Structure of a cable pin
Plug connector having a secondary locking device
Latch and release mechanism for an electrical connector
Connector and method for assembling a connector
Coupling for conductor bars
Multipole connector assembly for low-voltage appliances
Rolling bearing unit
Coaxial plug connector for mounting on a circuit board
Method of manufacturing a wire harness, and a work-performing instruction apparatus therefor
Structure for connecting terminal of shielded cable
Coaxial cable connector
Electrical outlet fixture recessible in a housing
Plug-in module for adjusting motor
Generating unit with engine speed control device
Force sensor
Audio device having the appearance of an animal
Large area plasma source
Component feeder identification and monitoring and component inventory tracking
ZIF socket
Structure of a ball grid array IC socket connection with solder ball
Ball grid array socket connector
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