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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Vaccine for veterinary and human medicine prophylaxis and therapy
Poultry defeathering apparatus
Collapsible bench or seating with canopy
Seat belt buckle positioning system
Apparatus and method for hanging supplemental sets of curtains
Food grater
Insertion shape detecting probe
Instrumentation and methods for use in implanting a cervical disc replacement device
Sphincter treatment apparatus
Surgical manipulator for a telerobotic system
Ophthalmic apparatus
Hybrid spectral domain optical coherence tomography line scanning laser ophthalmoscope
Monitoring device, method and system
Method of whitening teeth, tooth whitening composition and tooth whitening set
Diaper changing systems
Sanitary napkin having pluralities of projections and elastic members
Dietary fiber delivery system
Hydrolyzed milk proteins
Combination of anti-EP-CAM antibody with a chemotherapeutic agent
Medicaments for chemotherapeutic treatment of disease
Apparatus for the delivery of drugs or gene therapy into a patient's vasculature and methods of use
Clamp mandrel fixture and a method of using the same to minimize coating defects
Methods for manufacturing a coated stent-balloon assembly
Device for treating a medical liquid
Non-invasive device for measuring blood temperature in a circuit for the extracorporeal circulation of blood, and equipment provided with this device
Magnetic therapy device
Self-contained real-time gait therapy device
Leg exercise device
Leg exercise device for use with an office chair
Golf swing training device
Method and apparatus for playing a blackjack game with side wagers
Performing Operations; Transporting
Water treatment for an aircraft
Underwater filtration operator
Air bypass system for gas turbine inlet
Wick systems for complexed gas technology
Method of separating carbon dioxide from gas mixture using biopolymer
Directional microporous diffuser and directional sparging
Air freshener device and methods for controlling an amount of evaporated scented material emitted from the air freshener device
Actively cooled exothermic reactor
Pre-chamber reactor
Desulfurisation of fuel
Hydroprocessing process
Pill crusher and pill pouch
Apparatus for forming thin film and method for forming the same
Fabricating perpendicular write elements in perpendicular magnetic recording heads
Method and apparatus for removing contamination from substrate
Linear sliding gate valve for a metallurgical vessel
Methods of making nanoprisms
Method for manufacturing nickel nanoparticles
Cutter holder
Tube end milling head
Selective soldering bath
Clamping apparatus for releasably fixing a pallet
Collapsible pump jack
Terminal portion of a robotic pick-up element provided with vacuum suction cups
Visual monitoring device for rotary press
Apparatus for imprinting lines on direct-expanded food products having complex shapes with improved dimensional quality
Bell-nozzle blow-molding or stretch-blow-molding plant for making thermoplastic containers and mold therefor
Method and device for processing preforms
Weight free tire balancing system
Transfer apparatus having gimbal mechanism and transfer method using the transfer apparatus
Modular printer with a print media drying housing
Liquid ejection head, liquid ejection apparatus and image forming apparatus
System and method for insulating solid ink printheads
Solid ink stick with reliably encoded data
Printing system and method
Printer operable as a plurality of kinds of devices and control method therefor
Apparatus or method for applying a solvent
Packaging and applicator device comprising a support and a distribution member, and a method of applying a product with such a device
Method and apparatus for creating a topographically patterned substrate
Dynamically adjustable panhard bar
Powered actuating device for a closure panel of a vehicle
Hybrid vehicle having an electric generator engine and an auxiliary accelerator engine
Vehicle seat with a seat tilt adjustment combined with a fold flat mechanism with a return function
Headrest device
Bus with improved constructions
Gripping device and method of providing a gripping device
Air bag device for rear-end collision mounted on vehicle
Airbags formed with efficient use of materials and methods of forming such airbags
Seat belt buckle positioner
One-way clutch and electric parking brake device using the same
Dual mode wheelchair
Motor vehicle body whose underbody area is associated with reinforcing struts
Mirror mounting with integral rain gutter
Vehicle with coordinated Ackerman and differential steering
Adjustable seat cushion
Multitrack curve-tilting vehicle, and method for tilting a vehicle
Lid structure of reagent container
Method and manufacture, refurbishment, and repair of non-moldable polyurethane/polyurea conveyor belt covers and related products
Paper supply device and image forming apparatus having the same
Systems and methods for sway control
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Stable high-temperature borohydride formulation
Method for wastewater treatment
Apparatus for wastewater treatment using nitrogen/phosphorus removal and floatation separation
Method of pelletizing friction material and method of manufacturing preliminarily formed material for friction material
Non-aqueous pigment dispersions using dispersion synergists
Non-aqueous pigment dispersions using dispersion synergists
Pre-polymer formulations for liquid crystal displays
Method of smoking/burning type volume reduction treatment and apparatus therefor
Ultra-low carbon stainless steel
High-strength, high-conductivity copper alloy wire excellent in resistance to stress relaxation
Energy absorbent material
System and method for electrochemical mechanical polishing
MBE growth of p-type nitride semiconductor materials
Textiles; Paper
Method and arrangement in a paper machine or the like close to a moving web to be dried and usually supported against a wire, sealing device and paper machine
Method and apparatus for controlling cross-machine direction (CD) controller settings to improve CD control performance in a web making machine
Papermaking machine for forming tissue employing an air press
Fixed Constructions
Rail fixing device
Underground structure cover
Frame and corresponding roadway device
Flat panel display mounting device
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Dewatering apparatus
Conveying device
Spiral air induction
Liquid pump with multiple chambers and control apparatus
High speed aerospace generator resilient mount, combined centering spring and squeeze film damper
Fluid dynamic bearing, motor and storage disk device
Magnetic drive for a valve
Brace or pipe clamp
Connector for joining with agricultural drip tape
Connector having offset radius grooves
Lighting fixture with EMI/RFI electrically conductive shielding grid
Adjustable utility light and methods of use thereof
Push button release for luminaires in a track lighting system
LED lamp with improved heat sink
Lamp unit of vehicle headlamp
Method of calibration of digital X-ray apparatus and its embodiments
Hydrogel-driven micropump
Optical energy director using conic of rotation (CoR) optical surfaces and systems of matched CoRs in the claims
Modular solid-state laser platform based on coaxial package and corresponding assembly process
Optical transmission device and electronic equipment with use thereof
Device for installing suction jig for eyeglass lens and method for determining suction jig installation position
Illuminating unit and projection-type image display apparatus employing the same
Water control fixture having bypass valve
Apparatus, system, and method for sorting purchase items
Method and apparatus for identifying a set of multiple items on a conveyor system with multiread transponders
Remote system override
Currency validator
Dispensing system for dispensing warm wet wipes
Apparatus and method for training using a human interaction simulator
Subliminal or near-subliminal conditioning using diffuse visual stimuli
Nonaqueous conductive nanoink composition
Carbon nanotube array element and method for producing the same
Plasma etching equipment
Baffle plate, apparatus for producing the same, method of producing the same, and gas processing apparatus containing baffle plate
Rechargeable battery and method for fabricating the same
Interposer with electrical contact button and method
Electrical connector arrangement for knife contacts
Cable assembly having connector with interior framework
USB device insulation sheath and method of insulating a USB device
Socket with latching unit
Memory card connector
Electrical connector having individual shell
All-in-one card connector
Electrical printed circuit board with a screwless terminal connection
Coaxial cable connector with external clip
Method of making master for manufacturing optical disc and method of manufacturing optical disc
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Method of sequestering carbon dioxide with spiral fertilization
Animal chew
Biocidal and agrochemical suspensions
Antimicrobial agents, antimicrobial resin compositions, and articles having antimicrobial activity
Laminate having anti-bacterial and mildewproofing actions
Insect control by insect growth regulators broadcast by volatilization
Use of viral proteins for controlling the cotton boll weevil and other insect pests
Method of using a mold to make heart-shaped cake or bread
Method for the contact printing of cellulose food casings
Food casing
Cold water disinfection of foods
Process for obtaining a dehydrated food composition containing live probiotic lactic acid bacteria
Preparation of chocolate products with limonene to reduce fat content
Candy-coated raisins and method for producing same
Process of producing chewing gum base in particle form and product thereof
Frozen food product
Method of converting organic waste by thermophilic fermentation
Coded tracer for animal feeds
Preserving agent and preserving method
Coated popcorn bars and methods for forming
Capsule containing plant extracts and microencapsulated essential oils
Softgel capsule containing Dha and antioxidants
Enteral formula or nutritional supplement containing arachidonic and docosahexaenoic acids
Chemical composition for aiding the absorption, binding and elimination of undigested fat
Spiral meat slicing method
Comestible poultry product and means and method for preparation for cooking
Method for killing bacteria in meat
Starch products having hot or cold water dispersibility and hot or cold swelling viscosity
Method of making a tacked coiled food product
Artificial tree
Locker room sanitary mat system
Rubber coated rug underlay without scrim
Animal eye protector
Skin treatment with adhesion enhancement properties
Method of making a memorial for preservation of remains of deceased individual
Fingernail hardening treatment
Oral care compositions comprising coenzyme Q10
Method of using a novel phosphodiesterase in pharmaceutical screeing to identify compounds for treatment of neoplasia
Phenylalanine hydroxylase gene variants, and amino acid and pterin homeostasis, in the definition, detection, treatment and prevention of psychotic, mood and personality disorders
Immine response modifier compounds for treatment of TH2 mediated and related diseases
Method of medical management for lower urinary tract symptoms and benign prostatic hyperplasia
Composition and method of treating cancer with tannic acid and tannin complexes
Antiflatulent composition
Composition and method for increasing insulin activity
Pharmaceutical composition comprising at least tyrosine and an iron compound for treating parkinson's disease or depression
Treatment for dry mouth employing carbamide peroxide
Method of treating HIV by a topical composition
Methods and compositions for the treatment of sexual dysfunction in humans and animals
Method for reducing absorption of dietary oxalate using enzymes and microbes
Adeno-associated virus vectors for expression of factor VIII by target cells
Pharmaceutical compositions containing chondroitinase and uses therefor
Inhibitors of alternative alleles of genes encoding products that mediate cell response to environmental changes
Aerosol formulation containing P134a and particulate medicament
Contraceptive method employing buccal delivery of steroidal active agents
High fibre, low calorie, dietary composition
Breast-enhancing, herbal compositions and methods of using same
Composition for enhanced uptake of polar drugs from the colon
Anti-endoglin monoclonal antibodies and their use in antiangiogenic therapy
Biopolymer-bound nitric oxide-releasing compositions, pharmaceutical compositions incorporating same and methods of treating biological disorders using same
Mammalian homologous recombination activating sequences and method of identification and their use thereof
Gas or air filled polymeric microballoons
Gastrin receptor-avid peptide conjugates
Fine zinc oxide particles, process for producing the same, and use thereof
Use of a two-phase composition for make-up removal of transfer-free make-up compositions
Photostabilized sunscreen compositions comprising dibenzoylmethane compounds
Powdered base material treated with organic silicon compounds and their method for producing
Conditioning shampoo compositions having improved silicone deposition
Elastomeric silicone terpolymer
Herbal formulation useful as a therapeutic and cosmetic applications for the treatment of general skin disorders
Method of administration of sildenafil to produce instantaneous response for the treatment of erectile dysfunction
Sublingual buccal effervescent
Controlled delay release device
Biological implants of semipermeable amphiphilic membranes
Controlled, phased-release suppository and its method of production
Temperature-sensitive liposomal formulation
Formulation and use of carotenoids in treatment of cancer
Ortho ester lipids
Comestible capsules having flavored coatings
Magnetically responsive compositions for carrying biologically active substances and methods of production and use
Medical adhesive
Tissue sealant containing fibrinogen, thrombin and carboxymethyl cellulose or salt thereof
Titanium molybdenum hafnium alloy
Surface-treatment of silicone medical devices comprising an intermediate carbon coating and graft polymerization
Isolation of precursor cells from hematopoietic and nonhematopoietic tissues and their use in vivo bone and cartilage regeneration
Low silicone glass prefillable syringe
Blood-compatible composition and medical device using same
Hemofiltration system and method
Protein kinase molecules and uses therefor
Cyanide recovery by solvent extraction
Method of manufacturing a golf ball
Performing Operations; Transporting
Apparatus and method for inline removal of impurities from wet chemicals
Method of oil separation
Liquid mixture separation system
Process for producing paraffin-containing foam regulators
Urea synthesis apparatus
Process for removing HCI from fluids with novel adsorbent
Apparatus and methods for reducing carbon dioxide content of an air stream
Method and apparatus for treating the atmosphere
In-transit water treatment system
Application of microcapsules as latent heat accumulators
Active microchannel heat exchanger
Container for holding high purity isopropyl alcohol
Composite materials for membrane reactors
Combination of getter materials and device for containing the same
Arsenic filtering media
Deodorant composition, deodorizer and filter each containing the same, and method of deodorization
Cast membrane structures for sample prepartion
Purification device having a porous body for purifying pollutants from an exhaust gas stream
Phenolic resin purification
Method of purifying photoacid generators for use in photoresist compositions
Chelate-forming fiber, process for preparing the same, and use thereof
Structured materials for purification of liquid streams and method of making and using same
Apparatus for chemical and physical processes
Solid phase extraction plate with silica disks
Method for coating a plurality of fluid layers onto a substrate
Methods for coating substrates
Method of coating a substrate in carbon dioxide with a carbon-dioxide insoluble material
Processes for drying and curing primer coating compositions
Shock hardened flooring
Process of making a bit body and mold therefor
Mo-W material for formation of wiring, Mo-W target and method for production thereof, and Mo-W wiring thin film
One-step synthesis and consolidation of nanophase materials
Hold-down system for compacting press
Apparatus and method of sintering elements by infrared heating
Method of manufacturing of a mechanical face seal
Laser shock peened gas turbine engine seal teeth
Method of producing brazeable aluminum material
Nickel-chromium-based brazing alloys
Welding torch with a contact socket and a feed device
Photosensitive composition for sandblasting and photosensitive film comprising the same
Apparatus and method for continuous formation of composites having filler and thermoactive materials and products made by the method
Form of synthetic rubber
Method of producing a plastic pulley with a metal insert
Method of fabricating electro-mechanical devices by multilayer deposition
Method for forming a headrest
Method to improve pour-in place molding technology
Method for encapsulating with plastic a lead frame with chips
Method for forming polymeric patterns, relief images and colored polymeric bodies using digital light processing technology
Graded index polymer optical fibers and process for manufacture thereof
Molded wood composites having improved horizontal contact nesting profile
Polyester film having a high oxygen barrier and improved adhesion to metal layers its use and process for its production
Explosion barrier
Rough surface packaging element
Positive photosensitive composition, positive photosensitive lithographic printing plate and method for forming a positive image
Fabrication process for acoustic lens array for use in ink printing
Use of inorganic particles and method for making and identifying a substrate or an article
Ink jet recording medium
Recording medium and recording method for using the same
Image receptor medium
Printable heat transfer material having cold release properties
Method of obtaining a simulated etching of a deep acid etch
Stepped glass sheet
Methods for manufacturing packaging board
Water bottle cap
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Tin oxide particles
Fluid jet cavitation method and system for efficient decontamination of liquids
Corrosion inhibition method suitable for use in potable water
In-line, in-pool water purification system
Method an device for introducing oxygen into water or aqueous solutions
Oxidation resistance coating system for refractory metals
Method for producing corrosion resistant refractories
Method of making a hollow, interiorly coated glass body and a glass tube as a semi-finished product for forming the glass body
MnMgCuZn ferrite material
Electroconductive ceramic material
Methods for removing organics from green structures during firing
Production of corrosion-resistant ceramic members
Method of controlling infiltration of complex-shaped ceramic-metal composite articles and the products produced thereby
1,4-disubstituted 2,6-difluorobenzene compounds, and a liquid-crystalline medium
Silver halide photographic light-sensitive material
Photoresist cross-linking monomers, photoresist polymers and photoresist compositions comprising the same
Spin-transition parent compounds
Nucleic acid mediated electron transfer
Swine vesicular disease virus and mutant strains and preparation process and use thereof
Non-toxic immunogens derived from a retroviral regulatory protein antibodies preparation process and pharmaceutical compositions comprising them
Anti-herpesviral agents and assays therefor
Haemophilus adhesion proteins
Myeloid cell leukemia associated gene mcl-1
Method of screening for compounds that dissolve paired helical filaments
Mutated forms of the ataxia-telangiectasia gene and method to screen for a partial A-T phenotype
Use of antibodies against MxA or MxB to determine levels of type I interferons in vivo
Therapeutic agents as cytokine antagonists and agonists
Endothelial specific expression regulated by EPCR control elements
Oral administration of immunoglobulins for treating autoimmune hearing loss
Methods and reagents for quantitation of HLA-DR expression on peripheral blood cells
Detection, quantitation and classification of ras proteins in body fluids and tissues
Thermal transfer compositions, articles, and graphic articles made with same
Graft resin, process for the production thereof and use thereof
Coating agent, the manufacture and uses thereof
Polyester resin impregnating and coating solutions and their use
Polyester, stretch blow molded product formed thereof and method for producing polyester
Perfluoropolyether-modified aminosilane, surface treating agent, and aminosilane-coated article
Process for materials for aligning liquid crystals and liquid crystal optical elements
Premix compositions of polyol, blowing agent, and optionally additives having improved storage stability
Binder solution and electrode-forming composition for non-aqueous-type battery
Unsaturated polyester resin composition, molding using the same, and production process thereof
Polymer composition and process for treating leather and fur skins
Coil coating compositions with low temperature flexibility and improved stain resistance
Surface-treated metal plate and metal surface treating fluid
Pressure sensitive adhesive tape
Low-voltage excited pink phosphor
Low-voltage excited white phosphor
Flame-resistant flexible resin compositions for electrical cable coatings
Mammalian CDP-diacylglycerol synthase
Synthetic mammalian sulphamidase and genetic sequences encoding same
Modified polyurethane membrane sensors and analytical methods
Interaction trap assay, reagents and uses thereof
Diagnostics based on tetrazolium compounds
ATP eliminator and the process for determining biological cells
Methods of identifying anti-viral agents
Method and kits for detection of fragile X specific, GC-rich DNA sequences
Detection of nucleic acid sequences
Method for controlling the extension of an oligonucleotide
Method and composition for detecting the presence of a nucleic acid sequence in a sample
Methods for identifying methylation patterns in a CpG-containing nucleic acid
Method of screening agents as candidates for drugs or sources of drugs
Tagged extendable primers and extension products
Photon reducing agents and compositions for fluorescence assays
Melt-reducing facility and method of operation thereof
Method and apparatus for smelting iron ore
Waste recovery system
Carbon or low-alloy steel with improved machinability and process of manufacture of that steel
Nickel-iron base wear resistant alloy
Coated turning insert and method of making it
Cobalt free high speed steels
Method of making titanium boronitride coatings using ion beam assisted deposition
Method for nucleation and deposition of diamond using hot-filament DC plasma
Diamond-like nanocomposite compositions
Thermal processing system with supplemental resistive heater and shielded optical pyrometry
Method of chemical vapor deposition in a vacuum plasma processor responsive to a pulsed microwave source
Fluxing process for galvanization of steel
Water-based liquid treatment for aluminum and its alloys
Compositions for corrosion inhibition of ferrous metals
Textiles; Paper
Omega spray pattern and method therefor
Entangled nonwoven fabrics and methods for forming the same
Textile lubricants with improved resistance to slinging
Cloth for textile printing, and textile printing process using the cloth and print obtained thereby
Corrosion resistant coated metal strand
Nonwoven fabric for separator of non-aqueous electrolyte battery and non-aqueous electrolyte battery using the same
Fixed Constructions
Surface water filtration apparatus
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Exhaust gas system suitable for retrofitting exhaust gas catalytic converters in motorcycles
Device and method for thermal protection of a surface against a thermally and mechanically aggressive environment
Fuel-reforming sheet and method of manufacture thereof
Apparatus for carrying out electrochemiluminescence test measurements
Devices and method for performing blood coagulation assays by piezoelectric sensing
Continuously regenerated and integrated suppressor and detector for suppressed ion chromatography and method
Sampling vessel for obtaining a cooling curve of molten metals
Vitro assay system using a human cell line for testing the effectiveness of anti-papilloma viral agents
Non-invasive methods to detect prostate cancer
Hematology control and system for multi-parameter hematology measurements
Method and apparatus for locating arrays with periodic structures relative to composite images
Phase mask for manufacturing diffraction grating, and method of manufacture
Color filter image array optoelectronic microelectronic fabrication with three dimensional color filter layer and method for fabrication thereof
Photodeposition method for fabricating a three-dimensional, patterned polymer microstructure
Process for the production of optical components with coupled optical waveguides and optical components produced by said method
Radiation-sensitive emulsion, light-sensitive silver halide photographic film material and radiographic intensifying screen-film combination
Photographic addenda
Method for processing silver halide photographic material
Silver halide photographic light-sensitive material
Photographic transmission display materials with biaxially oriented polyolefin sheet
Rapidly processable and directly viewable radiographic film with visually adaptive contrast
Image forming method
Methods for producing segmented reticles
Photocurable resin composition
Photoresist compositions comprising blends of photoacid generators
Chemical amplification resist compositions and process for the formation of resist patterns
Positive photosensitive composition
Chemically amplified resist compositions and process for the formation of resist patterns
Optimization of space width for hybrid photoresist
Method for fabricating semiconductor devices
Method for automatically determining adjustments for stepping photolithography exposures
Photolithographic mask and apparatus and method of use thereof
Photoresist developer and method
Liquid electrophotographic development sheet
Imaging members containing arylene ether alcohol polymers
Photoconductor for electrophotography and method of manufacturing the same
Electrophotographic photoconductor and electrophotographic apparatus
Photoreceptor with poly (vinylbenzyl alcohol)
Toner, method of producing the toner, image formation method using the toner, and toner container
Method of making an electrophotographic toner surface treated with metal oxide
Polymer toner and method of production thereof
Magneto-optical recording medium
Coating apparatus and coating method
Method of manufacturing multi-layer metal capacitor
Method for forming contact hole by dry etching
Method of forming an intermetal dielectric layer
Organic electroluminescent device
Alkaline secondary battery
Phosphonate additives for nonaqueous electrolyte in rechargeable cells
Solid electrolytic moldings, electrode moldings, and electrochemical elements including a polybutadiene block copolymer
Carbon-air fuel cell
Nickel-hydrogen secondary battery
Mercury-free primary alkaline cell
High capacity/high discharge rate rechargeable positive electrode
Internal reforming fuel cell assembly with simplified fuel feed
End plate assembly having a two-phase fluid-filled bladder and method for compressing a fuel cell stack
Paraelectric gas flow accelerator
Producing a metallic layer on the surface of a detail for shielding against electromagnetic radiation
Methods and apparatus for applying liquid fluoropolymer solutions to substrates
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