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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Pet leash incorporating compartments for storage and pet care ancillary supplies
Cat toilet seat and training system
Method and apparatus for automatically dispensing wet pet food
Horse leg and hoof support stand
Electrified bird repellent track
Fumigation methods
Biostatic neutralizing composition for aqueous fluids
Plant growth regulator
Method for treatment of diseases
Sulfamide piperazine derivatives as protein tyrosine kinase inhibitors and pharmaceutical use therof
Detoxifier herbal formulation
Method and installation for killing poultry
Method for reducing sunburn damage in plants
Particles of aerated ice confection products for frozen ice drinks
Women's garment
Shade device
Luggage with crushable, resilient portions and methods for manufacturing it
Nail polish curing device
Cosmetics container
Method and apparatus for curling hair
Shelving connector
Multipurpose support device and method
Child seat with harness strap pad
Pop-up monitor with double rack gear structure
Container for drinking drinks
Method for brewing a beverage
Package structure
Clothing wipe
Nozzle of dust blower
Endoscope apparatus
Handle for actuating a device
Electromagnetic apparatus and method for nerve localization during spinal surgery
Dynamic fixation device and method of use
Press-on link for surgical screws
System and method for analyzing a patient status for congestive heart failure for use in automated patient care
Focusing electromagnetic radiation within a turbid medium using ultrasonic modulation
System for evaluating infant movement using gesture recognition
X-ray pose recovery
Ultrasound imaging device and method for clutter filtering
Orthodontic device
Absorbent article
Liquid-pervious sheet and method of making the same
Waterproof hand-held electric breast massager
Molecular imaging vial transport container and fluid injection system interface
Topical application of AMPK activators for pharmacological prevention of chronic pain
Calcium carbonate microstructures useful in encapsulation applications and a process for the preparation thereof
Use of glutamate, glutamate derivatives or metabolites, glutamate analogues or mixtures thereof for the manufacture of a composition for the treatment of osteoporosis
Compositions and methods for inhibiting gastric acid secretion using derivatives of small dicarboxylic acids in combination with PPI
Compositions and methods for inhibiting cytochrome P450
Method of providing an anti-ulcer treatment with extracts and isolated flavonoids from Euphorbia cuneata
Compositions, methods of use, and methods of treatment
Nanoparticles comprising a non-ionizable polymer and an Amine-functionalized methacrylate copolymer
Dietary supplement containing phospholipid-DHA derived from eggs
Cobalamin acquisition protein and use thereof
Method for purifying bee venom on mass scale
Lung cancer therapy using an engineered respiratory syncytial virus
4-amino-4-oxobutanoyl peptides as inhibitors of viral replication
Modified Cpn10 and PRR signalling
Conjugated proteins
Therapeutic agent for infections, and treatment method using same
Medicinal agent for preventing exacerbation of malignant tumor, comprising combination of natriuretic peptide receptor GC-A and GC-B agonists
Glucagon-like peptide-1 glycopeptides
Dendritic cell modulation in post-ischemic wounds
Vaccine composition
Replikin-based compounds for prevention and treatment of influenza and methods of differentiating infectivity and lethality in influenza
Methods of stimulating protective immunity employing Dengue viral antigens
Antibodies to insulin-like growth factor I receptor
Method of treatment of tumors that are resistant to EGFR antibody therapies by EGFR antibody cytotoxic agent conjugate
Oral drug delivery system
Supramolecular functionalization of graphitic nanoparticles for drug delivery
Water soluble fullerene formulations and methods of use thereof
Dental fillers including a phosphorus-containing surface treatment, and compositions and methods thereof
Topical composition comprising transformed bacteria expressing a compound of interest
Liquid infusion apparatus
Continuous feed hypodermic syringe with self contained cartridge dispenser
Medical injection device
Systems and methods to synchronize commands sent to a multi-electrode lead (MEL) with a portion of a cardiac pacing cycle
Selectable boost converter and charge pump for compliance voltage generation in an implantable stimulator device
System and method for providing event summary information using an encoded ECG waveform
Particular quinone direct dyes, dye composition comprising at least one such dye, implementation process therefor and use thereof
Range of motion exercise therapy band
Rehabilitation or exercising chair device
Recumbent fitness equipment with synchronized pedals and armrests and a seat adjustment device
Golf putter grip pattern
Wrist training device for a golf swing and putting stroke
Binding systems for boards and skis
Measuring apparatus for golf club
Performing Operations; Transporting
Quick change filter cloth
Organic-inorganic porous membrane and a method for preparing the same
Cyclone separator
Fresh air line
Cylinder arrangement and method of use for energy recovery with seawater desalination
Heat exchanger and method for heat exchanging
Formation and encapsulation of molecular bilayer and monolayer membranes
Fluid pulse generator for cleaning passageways
Low energy slag and cement production
Method for producing nanocapsules in the absence of an organic solvent, and nanocapsules produced thereby
Scavenger supports and the use thereof in a process for the extraction of metals
Hydroprocessing and apparatus relating thereto
Feeder channel for mud shaker
Rolling forming method of wheel disc
Method for manufacturing metallic nanowires using ionic liquids
Self-aligning automatically driving drill apparatus
Forming body for sealing an object to be welded, more particularly a pipe
Heat sink and method for manufacturing
Machining apparatus with chip shield
Machining system
Vacuum-grooved membrane abrasive polishing wafer workholder
Stave hone assembly for use with rotating shafts
Grinding stone, manufacturing method of grinding stone, and manufacturing apparatus of grinding stone
Chucking device and chucking method
Apparatus and method for enabling rapid configuration and reconfiguration of a robotic assemblage
Thin safety razor
Adjustment mechanism of mold system having electrically adjusting and positioning functions
Method of co-extruding, co-extrusion die, and extruded articles made therefrom
Method for fabricating a funnel
Device for roll-sealing sheets
Image forming apparatus and method which controls a power of adsorption which holds a printing medium
Method for improving self-assembled polymer features
Tire chain and method of modifying a tire chain
Bike dragger
Sun visor
In-wheel motor drive assembly
Vehicle with combination body, tailgate, and conveyor assembly
Floating dock mover
Interior automotive panels and method of making thereof
Wire harness routing structural part
Sinusoidal crush can assembly
Dual function tow hook
Handrail locking mechanism
Bicycle rack
Wiper blade
Parking lock control device for vehicle and control method
Telematic method and apparatus with integrated power source
Systems and methods for supplying gaseous fuel to an engine
Power distribution method for electric vehicle driven by two power sources
Skirt access
Spoke clip for electroluminescent wire display
Foot-powered scooters having enhanced stability, turning and control
Adjustable planing device for pontoon boats
Rigging, rigging terminals, and methods of assembling rigging and rigging terminals for a sailboat
Offshore marine anchor
Offshore marine anchor
Mooring system for floating arctic vessel
Highly efficient supersonic laminar flow wing structure
Tank opening-closing device
Pressure tank
Container having metal outer frame for supporting L-shaped tracks
Tool box
Packaging for plumbing fixtures
Lid lifting device for residential use
Round bale mover
Apparatus for actuating a lift plate of a media tray
Manufacturing device for composite bodies of continuous sheet-like members
Image forming apparatus
Method and apparatus for determining actual and potential failure of hydraulic lifts
Pivoting stirrup system
Pad structure
Method for the production of composite materials
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Ozone generation system and method for operating ozone generation system
Plaster patching compositions and methods for making and using same
Two stage oxygenate conversion reactor with improved selectivity
Production of isoprene from iso-butanol
Simultaneous dehydration and skeletal isomerisation of isobutanol on acid catalysts
Process for the production of chlorinated propenes
Method for producing monocyclic aromatic hydrocarbons
Cu-mediated annulation for the production of 1-amino-2-naphthalenecarboxylic acid derivatives
Process for synthesis of syn azido epdxide and its use as intermediate for the synthesis of amprenavir and saquinavir
Preparation of nitriles from ethylenically unsaturated compounds
Process for the preparation of 2-phenyl-1,3-propanediol
Hydrogenation catalysts having an amorphous support
Inhibitors and methods of inhibiting bacterial and viral pathogens
Process for removing acetone from a stream comprising acetone, methyl acetate and methyl iodide
Purification of succinic acid from the fermentation broth containing ammonium succinate
Processes for making acrylic-type monomers and products made therefrom
Crystalline solid and amorphous forms of (-)-halofenate and methods related thereto
Process for the preparation of dihydropyrrole derivatives
Crystals of laquinimod sodium and improved process for the manufacture thereof
Cyclic peptidomimetic compounds as immunomodulators
Heterocyclic compounds as pesticides
Substituted phenylazole derivatives
Compounds and compositions for the treatment of parasitic diseases
Process for the preparation of sitagliptin and intermediate compounds
Substituted phenyl hexahydropyrano[3,4-d][1,3]thiazin-2-amine compounds
Method for producing monosilane and tetraalkoxysilane
Prognostic signature for colorectal cancer recurrence
Detection of nucleic acid sequence differences using the ligase detection reaction with addressable arrays
Affinity matured CRIg variants
Purification method of azacyclohexapeptide or its salt
Small peptide specific for lung cancer and application thereof
Cysteine-free efficient Technetium (Tc) or Rhenium (Re) chelating peptide tags and their use
Antimicrobial peptides
Polymer material having high capacity for hydrogen storage and preparation method thereof
Organic-inorganic complex and composition for forming same
Preparation for initiating radical reactions
Solar cells with a barrier layer based on polysilazane
Method for applying a first metal onto a second metal, an isolator or semiconductor substrate, and the respective binding units
Mounted optical component, method for the production thereof and use of same
Chemical bleaching for improved performance of recycled lamp phosphors
Use of lanthanide complexes for optical marking of products
Diesel fuel production process employing direct and indirect coal liquefaction
Process and apparatus for the utilization of the enthalpy of a syngas by additional and post-gasification of renewable fuels
Neutralizing RNA aptamers
Means for inducing apoximis in cultivated plants having sexual reproduction and use thereof for the production of completely or partially apomictic plants
Modulation of flowering time and growth cessation in hardwood trees
Method for increasing plant yield by expressing a nucleic acid encoding an ornithine decarboxylase polypeptide and plants expressing the same
Method for inducing pluripotency in human somatic cells with PRDM14 or NFRKB
Human multipotent embryonic stem cell-like progenitor cells
Nucleic acid construct comprising nucleic acid derived from genome of hepatitis C virus of genotype 1B, hepatitis C virus genome-replicating cells transfected with the same, and method for producing infectious hepatitis C virus particles
Method for generating human milk oligosaccharides (HMOs) or precursors thereof
Enzymatical modification of cell glycosylation using serum albumin and divalent cations
Method and device for operating a fermentation plant
Process for preparing methacrylic acid or methacrylic esters
Method for producing L-lactic acid by lactic acid bacterium under presence of pentose and cellooligosaccharides
High throughput system for isolation, growth, and detection of lipid inclusions in bacteria
Screening tool for anti-inflammatory drug discovery comprising the FPR2/ALX gene promoter
Magnesium alloys for hydrogen storage
Palladium-based alloys for use in the body and suitable for MRI imaging
Electrochemical processing of clathrate hydrates
Method for manufacturing a molding core
Thiazole compounds as additives in electrolyte solutions in electrochemical cells and batteries
Zinc thin films plating chemistry and methods
Method for producing group III nitride single crystal
Textiles; Paper
Process for the preparation of hyperbranched hollow fibers
Composite elastomeric yarns and fabric
Knitting loom
Fixed Constructions
Base frame for an offshore platform and method for installing such a base frame
Mechanical system for connecting a wearing part and a support thereof, and method for implementing said system
Two piece moveable hose retractor for a faucet
Flush toilet with built-in unclogging system and related methods
Controller for vacuum suction type urine collector
Device for deterring birds from landing
T-post fence attachment system
Cassette-vibration isolation device
Key blank, key and cylinder lock with reduced costs
Integrated lock and latch device for sliding windows
Hinge structure with male shaft position adjustability
Insulating glazing
Modular door assembly
Device for a fluid operated valve body and method for operation of the valve body
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Hydrodynamic energy generation system with neutralized pressure pump
Structure for gas turbine casing
Method for producing a compressor blade by forging and uniaxially stretching
Variable altitude wind-powered generator system
Wind turbine and associated control method
Pump control device, oil well with device and method
Liquid piston arrangement with plate exchanger for the quasi-isothermal compression and expansion of gases
Automatically extensible telescopic apparatus
Bearing system
Suspension strut bearing
Bearing preload structure of machine tool
Spring seat member and spring assembly equipped with same
Speed reducer
Gear change transmission having axially adjusting countershafts
Multi speed transmission
Shift switching device
Leakage free pipe fitting of quick connection for reverse osmosis membrane (RO) water treatment unit of household
Tube cap
Modular weighted base bicycle stand
Article security systems and devices
Wall hanging mechanism
Method and device for supplying liquids to analysis units and liquid handling systems
Compact searchlight utilizing the concept of merging into a single beam the beams of multiple sources of concentrated light
Lighting fixture mounting post
Lamp having outer shell to radiate heat of light source
Asymmetric area lighting lens
LED lighting lamp
Heat transfer apparatus for heating and cooling a room
Refrigerant passage change-over valve and air conditioner using the same
Tunnel oven air leakage controller, system and method
Heat exchanger folded from a single metal sheet and having two separate chambers
Magazine and firearm with positional adjustment of magazine spring
Selectively calibrated work piece cutting guide
Hydroelectric turbine testing method
Inspection device for inspecting foreign matter
Preparing hapten-specific antibodies and their application for immunodiagnostics and research
Position independent testing of circuits
Transitioning through idle 1, 2 and sequence 1 machine states
Method and system for power saving and state retention in an electronic device including a variation table having a plurality of flags
Method and apparatus for on-demand power management
Reducing power consumption while synchronizing a plurality of compute nodes during execution of a parallel application
Low power zigbee device and low power wake-up method
End-to-end cyclic redundancy check protection for high integrity fiber transfers
Debugging for multiple errors in a microprocessor environment
Storage system and snapshot data preparation method in storage system
Performing mode switching in an unbounded transactional memory (UTM) system
Microcomputer with address translation circuit
Transparent autonomic data replication improving access performance for a storage area network aware file system
Application pre-launch to reduce user interface latency
Device, system, and method of memory allocation
System, method and computer program product for generating a consistent point in time copy of data
Distributed processing system, distributed processing method and image processing apparatus
Media boot loader
Document management device and document management method
Method and system alerting an entity to design changes impacting the manufacture of a semiconductor device in a virtual fab environment
Methods and apparatus for providing flexible timing-driven routing trees
Methods and systems for layout and routing using alternating aperture phase shift masks
Secure synchronization and sharing of secrets
Worm detection by trending fan out
Techniques for providing a personal identification security feature to a portable computing device
Mobile terminal device, control method thereof, program, and semiconductor device
Wireless communicating apparatus and control method of the same
Graphical user interface for 3-dimensional view of a data collection based on an attribute of the data
Apparatus for providing multiple screens and method of dynamically configuring multiple screens
System administration discussions indexed by system components
Method and system for laying out paginated content for viewing--continuation
Protected media path and refusal response enabler
Card dispensing apparatuses and associated methods of operation
Structure for predictive decoding
Testing a context-free language compiler
Computer readable storage medium that stores a test specifications creating program, test specifications creating apparatus and test specifications creating method
Data value coherence in computer systems
Debugger for virtual intermediate language operations
System for portion of a day out of office notification
Software development apparatus for model that requires security
System and method for priority-based selection of applications for termination
Grid project modeling, simulation, display, and scheduling
Data delivery system, data delivery method, and computer program product
Method and system for automatic interpretation of computer tomography scan data
Anti-counterfeiting opto-thermal watermark for electronics
Filtering user interface for a data summary table
Forgery-proof digital sound recording device
Disc changer device
Optical disk motor and disc driving device installing the optical disk motor
VSAM smart reorganization
Method of fabricating a metal oxide
Byproducts treating device and a facility for manufacturing semiconductor devices having the byproducts treating device
Semiconductor device including accelerometer devices
MEMS element and oscillator
System and method for assigning code blocks to constituent decoder units in a turbo decoding system having parallel decoding units
Universal serial bus (USB) flash drive having locking pins and locking grooves for locking swivel cap
Authentication of entitlement authorization in conditional access systems
Associating first and second watermarks with audio or video content
Digital rights management apparatus and method
Methods and apparatus for robust embedded data
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Transgenic sugar beet plant expressing cp4/epsps enzyme activity
Strain manipulation and improvement in the edible seaweed Porphyra
Method and apparatus for separating solid material from water used to flush livestock flush lanes
Lentiviral vectors
Genetic sequences related to Alzheimer's Disease
Inhibition of inflammation using interleukin-1.beta.-converting enzyme (ICE)/CED-3 family inhibitors
Protein-induced morphogenesis in liver tissue
Microemulsion aerosol composition
Animal attractant, repellant and training scent product and method
Control of arthropods in animals
O-aryl dithiazole dioxides
Pesticidal compositions containing peppermint oil
Method of and apparatus for applying and distributing a charge of a particulate material onto a top surface of a substrate, such as a pizza batter
Method for producing a fat mixture
Method and apparatus for producing tofu
Preparation of food products
Filter system
Chewy confectionery product
Composite food composition comprising a gel and process for its preparation
Grain processing method and transgenic plants useful therein
Process for preparation of nutritional supplement for animals
Stable emulsions and dry powders of mixtures of fat-soluble vitamins, their preparations and use
Continuous hydrolysis process for preparing 2-hydroxy-4-methylthiobutanoic acid or salts thereof
Composition for use in adding an additive to a liquid
.beta.-glucan process, additive and food product
Adrenergically-mediated weight loss product
Food products containing betaine
Therapeutic agents
Bechamel sauce
Method for treating an item during travel of the item along a treating trough
Method and apparatus for extrusion of expanding water holding products such as foodstuff particles or feeding stuff pellets
Multi-layer protective fabrics
Membrane circuit board switch with a pressure regulating reservoir
Image graphic adhesive system using a non-tacky adhesive
Method for washing items
Floor mat system for supporting heavy loads
Cyclone separator
Apparatus for harvesting cartilage
Methods and devices for fastening bulging or herniated intervertebral discs
Surgical needle for implanting a tape
Anastomosis device having improved tissue presentation
Embolic device composed of a linear sequence of miniature beads
Spinal surgery guidance platform
Instruments for stabilization of bony structures
Clot capture coil and method of using the same
Surgical clamp having replaceable pad
Non-contaminant rechargeable, powered and manual dermatome
Measuring the concentration of a substance
Adjustable tip for a lancet device and method
Biocompatible oral bandage, application and method of manufacture
Water-decomposable absorbent article for pantyliners, sanitary napkins, incontinence pads, disposable diapers and the like
Absorbent article with back sheet, and method for manufacturing the back sheet
Microstructured surface film assembly for liquid acquisition and transport
Adhesive printing process for disposable absorbent articles
Gravure roll printing process for adhesive application for disposable absorbent articles
System and process for making a disposable absorbent garment such as a diaper training pants
Method for improving strength of elastic strand
Elastic tab laminate
Emboli capturing device
Vascular device having articulation region and methods of use
Device and method for fixing, compressing or shaping (parts) of the body
System and method for controlling patient temperature
Dyeing composition for keratinous fibres with a direct cationic coloring agent and a surfactant
Compositions with low irritancy
Use of betel leaf extract to induce IFN-gamma production from human peripheral blood T cells and as a Th1 type immunomodulator
Method for treatment of chronic idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP)
Method and compositions for maintaining glomerular filtration rate while inhibiting extracellular matrix accumulation
Antimicrobial activity of gemfibrozil and related compounds and derivatives and metabolites thereof
2-adamantanemethanamine compounds for treating abnormalities in glutamatergic transmission
Crytalline form of (s)-2 ethoxy -3-[4-(2-{4- methanesulfonyloxyphenyl} ethoxy)phenyl]propanoic acid
N,N'-bis(2-hydroxybenzyl)ethylenediamine-N,N'-diacetic acid in iron chelating therapy
Various thiol complexes, processes for their synthesis and clinical applications
Inhibitors of epoxide hydrolases for the treatment of hypertension
Prostanoic acid derivatives as agents for lowering intraocular pressure
Method of treating neurodegenerative diseases
Ophthalmic histamine compositions and uses thereof
Isoxazole derivatives to be used as phosphodiesterase VII inhibitors
3-cyclopropylmethoxy-4-difluoromethoxy-N-(3,5-dichloropyrid-4-yl)benzamide in the treatment of multiple sclerosis
Treatment and compounds
Morpholinone and morpholine derivatives and uses thereof
Method of prostaglandin synthesis
Medicament for treating obesity and improving lipid metabolism
Medicament for the treatment of diabetes
Non-peptide bradykinin receptor antagonists for use in treating ophthalmic diseases and disorders
Pyrrolidine modulators of CCR5 chemokine receptor activity
Compositions for the inhibition of exoprotein production from Gram positive bacteria
2-O-(9z,12z-octadecadienoyl)-3-O-[.alpha.-D-galactopyranosyl-(1"-6')-O-.alp ha.-D-galactopyranosyl]glycerol and pharmaceutical composition containing the same
Immunosuppressive agents
Methods for treating glaucoma
Methods and compositions for treating inflammatory response
Method of treating cancer in patients having a deficiency in p53 tumor suppressor gene
Treatment of demyelinating autoimmune disease with ordered peptides
Delivery of polynucleotides by secretory gland expression
Protection and enhancement of erythropoietin-responsive cells, tissues and organs
Use of MP52 or MP121 for treating and preventing diseases of the nervous system
Interferon-.beta. variants and conjugates
Adenoviral vectors encoding a cytokine and a conditionally lethal gene
Formulations for administering calcitonin and processes for preparing the same
Insoluble compositions for controlling blood glucose
Conjugate vaccine for Neisseria meningitidis
Aqueous solven encapsulation method, apparatus and microcapsules
Invasive bacterial vectors for expressing alphavirus replicons
Retroviral protease inhibiting compounds
.alpha.-hydroxy fatty acid derivatives and external compositions containing the same
Stabilized pharmaceutically effective composition and pharmaceutical formulation comprising the same
Methods for treatment of inflammatory diseases
Stable compositions comprising levosimendan and alginic acid
Use of emu oil and its various fractions as a carrier for antifungal, antibacterial, and antiviral medications and preparations
In vivo production and delivery of insulinotropin for gene therapy
High viscosity embolizing compositions
Cocaine receptor binding ligands
Stable, electrostatically sprayable topical compositions
Analgesic and refreshing herbal composition and a process for preparing the same
Aqueous dispersion of water-insoluble organic UV filter substances
Topical compositions with a reversible photochromic ingredient
Treatment regime for skin
Microcapsules with an aqueous core containing at least one water-soluble cosmetic or dermatological active principle and cosmetic or dermatological compositions containing them
Oil-in-water emulsion containing tretinoin
Cosmetic or dermatological composition in an aqueous medium comprising a film-forming oligomer and rigid, non-film forming nanometric particles and uses thereof
Granulates for cosmetic and pharmaceutical preparations
Polyether siloxane copolymer network compositions
Optically-active nanoparticles for use in therapeutic and diagnostic methods
Drug delivery system for enhanced bioavailability of hydrophobic active ingredients
Modulated release from biocompatible polymers
Compliant tissue sealants
Composition containing hydroxypropylmethylcellulose and/or ethylcellulose as disintegrants and process for producing it
Composition with sustained release of levodopa and carbidopa
Stable gabapentin containing more than 20 ppm of chlorine ion
Antibacterial medicinal compositions
Immediate release gastrointestinal drug delivery system
Encapsulated unsaturated fatty acid substance and method for producing the same
Self-emulsifying formulation for lipophilic compounds
Sildenafil citrate chewing gum formulations and methods of using the same
Estradiol-containing patch for transdermal application of hormones
Contact lens packaging solutions
Absorbent article with silicone compound layer
Germicidal ceramics, method for producing the same, and sterilizing method using the same
Block copolymer based hot melt adhesive for bonding lotion coated substrates
Use of microorganisms for processing bioprosthetic tissue
Resorbable barrier micro-membranes for attenuation of scar tissue during healing
Catheter member with bondable layer
Optical bubble detection system
Enteral pharmaceutical preparation
Anti-irritant compositions containing a cyclic nucleotide
Collagen production promoter composition
Process for the extraction of an active principle from yeast for the treatment of wrinkles and cosmetic compositions thereof
Non-aqueous scrub comprising water soluble carbohydrates
Musical toy with electrical generator
Performing Operations; Transporting
Fuel reforming apparatus
System for the conduction of liquid media, as well as filtering device for use in such a system
Suspended runoff water filter
Electroinertial gas cleaner
Flue gas cleaner
Aerosol separator; and method
Gas separation apparatus
Oxide gas absorbing arrangement and method
Self-retaining absorbent unit
Resin material for gas separation base and process for producing the same
Method for recovering aluminum vapor and aluminum suboxide from off-gases during production of aluminum by carbothermic reduction of alumina
Process for the absorption of sulfur oxides and the production of ammonium sulfate
Process and apparatus for removing carbon monoxide from a gas stream
Land-based desalination using positively buoyant or negatively buoyant/assisted buoyancy hydrate
Abatement of semiconductor processing gases
Selective removing method of carbon monoxide
Disposable dialysis cassette
Chlorination apparatus for controlling material dissolution rate
Nanotechnology for engineering the performance of substances
Process for making particulate compositions
Molecular sieve adsorbent for gas purification and preparation thereof
Method for removal of radionuclide contaminants from groundwater
Zeolite bed leach septic system and method for wastewater treatment
Method for the separation of molecules in the gas phase by adsorption by means of agglomerated solid inorganic adsorbents with a narrow and calibrated mesopore distribution
Process for producing acid sensitive liquid composition containing a carbonate
Capillary column including porous silica gel having continuous throughpores and mesopores
Materials eliminating cannabinoids and columns for the elimination of cannabinoids with the use of the same
Method of making biocompatible polymeric adsorbing material for purification of physiological fluids of organism
Process for the preparation of catalytic systems for the oxidative dehydrogenation of alkylaromatics or paraffins
Catalytic converter comprising perovskite-type metal oxide catalyst
Oxidation of ethane to acetic acid and ethylene using molybdenum and vanadium based catalysts
Process for the oxidation of cyclohexanone to .epsilon.-caprolactone
Process for increasing carbon monoxide hydrogenation activity of catalysts via low temperature oxidation with water, steam or mixture thereof
Fischer-Tropsch catalyst enhancement
Molded catalyst for production of triethylenediamine, method for its production, and method for producing triethylenediamine
Catalyst that contains a zeolite that is high in an element of group VB and its use in hydrorefining and hydrocracking of hydrocarbon fractions
Self-assembled monolayer and method of making
Process for increasing molecular weight in polyolefins using Ziegler-Natta catalysts and lithium compounds
Catalyst of mixed fluorosulfonic acids
Process for preparing water-soluble catalysts
Preparation of cyclopentadienyl or indenyl titanium trihalides
Photocatalyst-supporting body and photocatalytic apparatus
Antimicrobial synthetic ion exchange resins
Apparatus and method for low flux photocatalytic pollution control
Sample carrier for the IR spectroscopy of sample liquids
Disposable preselected-volume, capillary pipette device having an integrally-formed bulbous end and method of taking blood samples using the device
Method for modifying the dispersion characteristics of metal organic-prestabilized or pre-treated nanometal colloids
Process for coating on printing cylinders
Method of producing high gloss paper
Method of making a coated article including DLC and FAS
Method for multi-layered coating of substrates
Fluorine containing carbon film and method for depositing same
Apparatus for sorting and counting spherical objects
Method and apparatus for cleaning semiconductor device and method of fabricating semiconductor device
Production of high strength aluminum alloy foils
Method for producing powder compact and method for manufacturing magnet
Alloy and method for producing objects therefrom
Method for preparing metal powder
Fabrication of micron-sized parts from conductive materials by silicon electric-discharge machining
Electrochemical process to sever metal fibers
Welding gun and methods conducted using the same
Method of magnetic pulse welding an end fitting to a driveshaft tube of a vehicular driveshaft
Laser edge treatment of sliders
Laser welding method and apparatus
Cube corner laser beam retroreflector apparatus for a laser equipped machine tool
Method for processing ceramic green sheet and laser beam machine used therefor
Method and apparatus for drilling printed wiring boards
Apparatus having line source of radiant energy for exposing a substrate
Processing head for a laser engraving or cutting device
Method for the laser machining of organic materials
Nickel-base braze material and braze repair method
Boom control system
Method and apparatus for welding and control
Apparatus to control output of a welding machine
Separate exciter windings for weld and auxiliary power
Method for fixing a ceramic component in a metallic support
Heat treatment of weld repaired gas turbine engine components
Method and apparatus for using across wafer back pressure differentials to influence the performance of chemical mechanical polishing
Method of cleaning a substrate surface using a frozen material
Polishing method
Removable electrode
Control method for quality factors of the surface of whole wood
Method for producing and magazining micro-components
Sproutless pre-packaged molding for component encapsulation
Coupled fluid injection with same power source
Multiple coat metal pipe and its fabrication method
Multiple coat metal pipe and its fabrication method
Profiled extruded slider devices and methods
Gear extruder having gas vent ports
Tissue regeneration matrices by solid free-form fabrication techniques
Method and device for manufacturing three-dimensional bodies
Thermoplastic resin and fiberglass fabric composite and method
Roofing material with encapsulated fibrous mat
Application of methylenediphenyldiisocyanate for producing gypsum/wood fiber board
Adhesive transparent resin and a composite including the same
Heat sealable coating for manual and electronic marking and process for heat sealing the image
Heat shrinkable barrier bags with anti block additives
Desiccant barrier container
Replacement for plasticized polyvinyl chloride
Retroreflective article and method
Process for making elastically stretchable composite sheet
Color shifting film
In-line construction of prismatic labels
Scintillator panel and radiation image sensor
Non-c-axis oriented bismuth-layered perovskite ferroelectric structure epitaxially grown on buffered silicon
Method and device for decorating containers
Scanner cartridge and information processing apparatus
Process for the region-wise transfer of the decorative layer of a transfer foil onto a substrate and a transfer foil suitable therefor
Color image-forming method and transfer sheet used for the method
Recording material and production method thereof
Porous coating pigment and a method for its production
Recyclable image-recording medium, surface of which has specified saturated swelling amount
Process for producing transfer printing paper
Dissolution type thermal transfer film for three dimensional patterns and method for manufacturing the same
Method and kit for making marble patterned glass articles
Prepaints and methods of preparing paints from the prepaints
Pneumatic tire designing method
Air desiccant system and method for automotive climate control
Pedal displacement sensor
Method for manufacturing air spoiler for automotive vehicle
Method for monitoring that cigarettes groups are complete and that the cigarettes are filled
Coated board, a process for its manufacture, and containers and packaging formed therefrom
Surface micromachining using a thick release process
Thermally driven micro-pump buried in a silicon substrate and method for fabricating the same
High-speed MEMS switch with high-resonance-frequency beam
Method of fabricating a microelectronic device package with an integral window
System for assembling substrates to bonding zones provided with cavities
Monolithic integration of a MOSFET with a MEMS device
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Ozone storage method and ozone storage apparatus
Treatment of a combustible gas stream
Process for producing free hydroxylamine aqueous solution
Bimodal acetic acid manufacture
Method of solubilizing carbon nanotubes in organic solutions
Fabrication of molecular nanosystems
Method for producing iron oxide pigments from waste acid resulting from TiO2 production
Perchlorate removal methods
Water purification process
Biological fluidized bed apparatus
Wastewater treatment system for small flow applications
Transparent lithium zinc magnesium orthosilicate glass-ceramics
Method of reducing the amount of lithium in glass production
Fine hollow glass sphere and method for preparing the same
Process for producing a conductive coating on glass or on enamelled steel and substrates coated by this process
Article with antifogging film and process for producing same
Fast curing primary optical fiber coating
Glazing set mounted on an automobile containing a colored glass
Brake unit having a nonmetallic brake disc of ceramic and a hub of a different material
Liquid-phase-sintered SiC shaped bodies with improved fracture toughness and a high electric resistance
Method of forming a shaped body of brittle ultra fine particles with mechanical impact force and without heating
Suspension adhesive for bonding and sealing components in a light source
Brazeable metallizations for diamond components
Ready to use spackle/repair product containing dryness indicator
Use of aqueous polymer dispersions for modifying mineral coatings for concrete moldings
Method of manufacturing a sintered structure on a substrate
Fast-drying rendering and coating composition
Silicon resin aqueous emulsion for damp-proofing building materials
Method for continuously proceeding organic material and an apparatus for conducting the same method
Method of preserving photosensitive composition
Catalytic production of olefins at high methanol partial pressures
Olefin oligomerization catalysts, their production and use
Method for the removal of excess amounts of water-soluble amines from mannich condensation products
Mannich bases and further compounds based on alkyldipropylenetriamines
Bis-o-aminophenols and o-aminophenolcarboxylic acids and process for preparing the same
Aminoacrylic acid derivatives and process for producing the same
Matrix metalloproteinase inhibitors and method of using same
2-Pyridysilane, processes for producing and using the same
Process for the manufacture of arylsulfonyl chloride
Method of producing alkanesulfonic acid
Substantive water-soluble 2-hydroxy sulfobetaines of cinnamidoalkylamines
2'-Substituted 1,1'-biphenyl-2-carboxamides, processes for their preparation, their use as medicaments, and pharmaceutical preparations comprising them
Resorcinol production from the hydrolysis of meta-phenylenediamine
Vitamin D derivatives with phosphorus atoms in the side chains
Precursors of 3-alkoxyalkanols and processes for the preparation of 3-alkoxyalkanols
Synthetic endogenous cannabinoids analogues and uses thereof
Fluoromonomers and method of production, and new fluoropolymers produced therefrom
Non-hazardous oxidative neutralization of aldehydes
Stabilization of perfluoroalkyl alkyl ketones
Process for the preparation of new antidiabetic agents
Compounds having activity as inhibitors of cytochrome P450RAI
Method for producing cyclopropanecarboxylates
Cinnamic esters
Continuous process for producing carbonic acid diaryl ester
Ester compounds, polymers, resist compositions and patterning process
Method for producing .epsilon.-caprolactam and reactor for the method
Process for producing 1H-3-aminopyrrolidine and derivatives thereof
Antipicornaviral compounds and compositions, their pharmaceutical uses, and materials for their synthesis
Prostaglandin agonists
3-Methylidenyl-2-indolinone modulators of protein kinase
Opiate compounds, methods of making and methods of use
Single isomer methylphenidate and resolution process
Gem-substituted .alpha.v.beta.3 antagonists
Pharmaceutical compositions incorporating aryl substituted olefinic amine compounds
Polymerization of olefins
Methods for the treatment of neurodegenerative disorders using substituted phenanthridinone derivatives
Cyclic delocalized cations connected by spacer groups
Benzothiepine derivatives, their production and use
Method of treatment using arylalkylpyridazinones
Process for preparation of 2-phenyl acetic acid derivatives
Piperazine derivatives inhibiting human immunodeficiency virus replication
Nitrile derivatives that inhibit cathepsin K
Tetralone derivatives
Process for making taxane derivatives
Process for the preparation of a-methylenelactones and a-substituted hydrocarbylidene lactones
Process for preparing hydroxychomanones and cis-aminochromanols
Method of producing geranylgeraniol
Polymorphic forms of 6-[4-(1-cyclohexyl-1H-tetrazol-5-yl)butoxy]-3,4-dihydro-2(1H)-quinolinone
Heterocyclo-alkylsulfonyl pyrazole derivatives as anti-inflammatory/analgesic agents
Inhibitors of caspases
Amino pyrazole derivatives useful for the treatment of obesity and other disorders
Indazole compounds and pharmaceutical compositions for inhibiting protein kinases, and methods for their use
Benzofurane derivatives
Anti-cancer compounds
Substituted 1-(4-piperidyl)-3-(aryl) isothioureas their preparation and their therapeutic application
Epothilone derivatives and their synthesis and use
Process for the preparation of thiazolidinedione derivatives
Oxazolidinone combinatorial libraries, compositions and methods of preparation
6-substituted pyrazolo [3,4-d] pyrimidin-4-ones useful as cyclin dependent kinase inhibitors
Hexahydropyrazolo[4,3,-c]pyridine metabolites
Diazabicyclooctane derivatives and therapeutic uses thereof
CRF receptor antagonists and methods relating thereto
Antibacterial cephalosporins
Indolo[2,1-b] quinazole-6, 12-dione antimalarial compounds and methods of treating malaria therewith
Tricyclic carbapenem compounds
Immobilized palladium complexes
Metallocycle metallocenes and their use
Polysiloxane, method of manufacturing same, silicon-containing alicyclic compound, and radiation-sensitive resin composition
Cyclic silazanes
Vitamin D, derivatives and remedies for inflammatory respiratory diseases containing the same
Triarylphosphine oxide derivatives containing fluorine substituent and preparing method thereof
NKT cell activators containing .alpha.-glycosylceramides
Glycosylated polyamines and methods of use therefor
Cell-free synthesis of polyketides
Synthesis of stable quinone and photoreactive ketone phosphoramidite reagents for solid phase synthesis of photoreactive-oligomer conjugates
Processes for the synthesis of oligonucleotide compounds
Base protecting groups and synthons for oligonucleotide synthesis
Purines and pyrimidines linked to a quencher
2'modified oligonucleotides
Ligand-DNA composition for capture and detection of contaminants on a solid surface
Homogeneous detection of a target through nucleic acid ligand-ligand beacon interaction
Antibodies that specifically react with seroreactive regions on HPV 16 proteins E1 and E2
Methods for detecting human immunodeficiency virus nucleic acid
Retrovirus from the HIV group and its use
Retrovirus from the HIV group and its use
Alphavirus RNA replicon systems
Equine rhinovirus 1 proteins
T-lymphotrophic virus
Metal chelate-labelled peptides
Pseudomonas exotoxin-myelin basic protein chimeric proteins
Recombinant polypeptides and peptides, nucleic acids coding for the same and use of these polypetides and peptides in the diagnostic of tuberculosis
Regulated gene expression in yeast and method of use
Antiviral ricin-like proteins
Mammalian milk growth factor
Gene therapy for the treatment of solid tumors using recombinant adeno-associated virus vectors
Genes and proteins controlling cholesterol synthesis
Steroid/thyroid hormone receptor-related gene which is inappropriately expressed in human hepatocellular carcinoma and which is a retinoic acid receptor
Growth hormone secretagogue receptor family
von Willebrand factor (vWF)-containing preparation, process for preparing vWF-containing preparations, and use of such preparations
Peptides having biological activity
Tumor antigens and CTL clones isolated by a novel procedure
Antifungal and antibacterial peptides
Secreted protein HEMCM42
Human transporter proteins and polynucleotides encoding the same
Four-helical bundle protein zsig81
Compositions and methods for the therapy and diagnosis of lung cancer
Genomic sequence of the 5-lipoxygenase-activating protein (FLAP), polymorphic markers thereof and methods for detection of asthma
Method for identifying or isolating a molecule and molecules identified thereby
RAS/P21 transgenic mouse
Anti-.alpha.v.beta.3 recombinant human antibodies and nucleic acids encoding same
Immunoassay method employing monoclonal antibody reactive to human iNOS
Fused polypeptides
Production of agglomerates of inogatran and the compound inogatran anhydrate
Pharmaceutical compositions comprising quinapril magnesium
Method for production of cellulose derivatives and the resulting products
Process for modifying starchy materials in the dry phase
Synthetic constructs encoding syndecan
Process for the controlled radical polymerization or copolymerization of ethylene under high pressure in the presence of initiating free radicals and of controlling indoline nitroxide radicals
Process for producing polymers
Olefin polymerization catalyst and method for polymerizing olefin using the same
MVTR resin produced with post-titanated Cr/Si/Ti catalyst
Polymers, the process for their preparation and the invert latexes containing them
Modified polytetrafluoroethylene fine powder and method for the production of the same
Method and composition of a hydrophilic polymer dispersion containing an inorganic flocculant to be used for the treatment of waste water
Polymer based on a conjugated diene and a dienophilic component
Latex based on hydrophobic polymers core/shell structures film forming at low temperature without coalescent agent
Photopolymerizable flexographic printing elements comprising SIS/SBS mixtures as binder for the production of flexographic printing plates
Aqueous copolymers, a process for their preparation and their use in coating compositions
Vinyl aromatic-(vinyl aromatic-co-acrylic) block copolymers prepared by stabilized free radical polymerization
Photoresist monomer, polymer thereof and photoresist composition containing it
Water-soluble polymeric adhesion promoter and production method
Intermediate medium for transferring a toner image from an imaging medium to a final receiving material
Isocyanate compositions containing d-limonene
Liquid urethane compositions for textile coatings
Carbamate-functional resins having improved adhesion, method of making the same, and method of improving intercoat adhesion
Crystallized epoxy resins, their production method, and curable compositions comprising them
Polyoxyalkylenepolyols and process for producing ring-opened polymer
Accelerator for the production of polyamides from aminonitriles
Polyimide containing crosslinkable group and process for producing the same
Organopolysiloxane materials which can be cross-linked by cleaving alcohols into elastomers
Spherical crosslinked organic particles suspensions and methods of preparing spherical crosslinked organic particles and suspensions
Process for making particulate compositions
Blends of poly(1,3-propylene 2,6-naphthalate)
Polymer blend
Hydrofluorocarbon compositions
Composition for optical materials
Flame retardant anti-drip polyamide compositions
Photochromic organic resin composition
Viscosity-stabilizer-containing natural rubber latex and natural rubber and a production process thereof
Thermoplastic resin composition
Non halogen, organic or inorganic flame retardants in thermoplastic polymer blends
Organosilicon compounds
Stabilized halogen-containing polymers
Halogen containing polymer compounds containing modified zeolite stabilizers
Thermoplastic molding compositions based on acrylonitrile-styrene-acrylate polymers
Thermoplastic olefin elastomer composition for powder molding, powder for powder molding, and molded object
Polypropylene composition, process for preparing the same, and polymerization catalyst therefor
Rubber composition
Melt-processible poly (tetrafluoroethylene)
Thioxanthone dyes with improved solubility
Alkaline aqueous solutions and use thereof in processes for dyeing cellulosic textile materials
Emulsion of water soluble dyes in a lipophilic carrier
Methods for production of organic pigments for printing inks
Pigment ink set
Abherent compsition
Coating compositions, coated substrates and methods for inhibiting sound transmission through a substrate
Powder coating compositions
Method for hardening powder coatings
Primerless latex paint with tannin blocking
Low temperature die attaching material for BOC packages
Luminescent nanophase binder systems for UV and VUV applications
Rare earth activated alkali earth metal fluorohalide stimulable phosphor, preparation method thereof and radiation image conversion panel
Passivation for cleaning a material
Multilayer cholesteric pigments
STN liquid-crystal display
Chemical mechanical polishing slurry
Stabilized slurry compositions
Reducing aluminum compound precipitation following subterranean formation acidizing
Method for reducing the naphthenic acid content of crude oil and fractions
Hydrocarbon recovery in a fischer-tropsch process
Integrated bitumen production and gas conversion
Desulfurization process and novel bimetallic sorbent systems for same
Regenerable adsorbent for removing sulfur species from hydrocarbon fluids
Process for effecting deep HDS of hydrocarbon feedstocks
System for removing particulate and aerosol from a gas stream
Continuous process for making an aqueous hydrocarbon fuel
Method of converting heavy oil residuum to a useful fuel
Process for removing sulfur compounds from gas and liquid hydrocarbon streams
Coal binder compositions and methods
Lubricant compositions comprising thiophosphoric acid esters and dithiophosphoric acid esters
Low phosphorous engine oil composition and additive compositions
Engines lubricated with vegetable oil lubricants
Pivot assembly bearing
Surfactant combination containing alkylsulfate and alkylbenzenesulfonate anionic surfactants
Liquid cleaning compositions comprising fluoroalkyl sulfonate
Shelf stable, aqueous hydrogen peroxide containing carpet cleaning and treatment compositions
Polymer removal
Processing compositions and methods of using same
Rinse-added fabric care compositions comprising low molecular weight linear and cyclic polyamines
Alkylpolyglucosides containing disinfectant compositions active against pseudomonas microorganism
Controlled delivery system for fabric care products
Liquid protectant composition
Immobilized microbial consortium useful for rapid and reliable BOD estimation
Encryption of traits using split gene sequences and engineered genetic elements
Fast and exhaustive method for selecting a prey polypeptide interacting with a bait polypeptide of interest: application to the construction of maps of interactors polypeptides
Gene silencing methods
Methods for identifying anti-cancer drug targets
Isolated human drug-metabolizing proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human drug-metabolizing proteins, and uses thereof
Polynucleotide encoding hCDS1, a human cell-cycle checkpoint kinase
Nuclear tyrosine kinase Rak
Sperm associated protein kinase polypeptides, corresponding nucleic acids, and methods of use
Nucleic acid-free thermostable enzymes and methods of production thereof
ATP synthase subunits
Polynucleotides encoding mammalian DNA-dependent ATPase A polypeptides
Heparanase specific molecular probes and their use in research and medical applications
Preparation of pancreatic procarboxypeptidase B, isoforms and muteins thereof and their use
Factor IX antihemophilic factor with increased clotting activity
Mammalian TNF- .alpha. convertase
Ketoreductase gene and protein from yeast
Electrochemical-sensor design
Nucleic acid probes and method for detecting Ureaplasma urealyticum
Automated detection apparatus with a conveying means for test columns
Target amplification of nucleic acid with mutant RNA polymerase
Method of detecting sulphate-reducing bacteria
Multiplex amplification and analysis of selected STR loci
Anchored strand displacement amplification on an electronically addressable microchip
Protein expression profiling
Methods for HIV sequencing and genotyping
Method for the manufacture of steel products of a precipitation hardened martensitic steel, steel products obtained with such method and use of said steel products
Non-oriented magnetic steel sheet having low iron loss and high magnetic flux density and manufacturing method therefor
TiO2 containing product including rutile, pseudo-brookite and ilmenite
Master alloy for modification and grain refining of hypoeutectic and eutectic Al-Si foundry alloys
Nickel-base superalloys and articles formed therefrom
Weldable anti-corrosive aluminium-magnesium alloy containing a high amount of magnesium, especially for use in aviation
Surface treated rolling bearing and manufacturing method thereof
Formed article of amorphous alloy having hardened surface and method for production thereof
Abrasion resistant copper alloy, copper alloy powder for build-up cladding, and engine cylinder head
Use of gaseous silicon hydrides as a reducing agent to remove re-sputtered silicon oxide
Method of etching an object, method of repairing pattern, nitride pattern and semiconductor device
Chemical vapor deposition process for depositing titanium nitride films from an organo-metallic compound
Silicon nitride furnace tube low temperature cycle purge for attenuated particle formation
Method for low temperature chemical vapor deposition of low-k films using selected cyclosiloxane and ozone gases for semiconductor applications
Method of depositing organosillicate layers
Susceptor designs for silicon carbide thin films
Platform for supporting a semiconductor substrate and method of supporting a substrate during rapid high temperature processing
Low temperature, high quality silicon dioxide thin films deposited using tetramethylsilane (TMS) for stress control and coverage applications
Surface modification method for an aluminum substrate
Phosphate conversion coating
Cathode arrangement
Surface-treated copper foil, method of producing the surface-treated copper foil, and copper-clad laminate employing the surface-treated copper foil
Adhesive bonding process for aluminum alloy bodies including hypophosphorous acid anodizing
Methods for electrocoating a metallic substrate with a primer-surfacer and articles produced thereby
Electrodeposition painting systems and methods
Anode for plating a semiconductor wafer
Seed layer repair method
Method of removing Ti film and apparatus
Method for the formation of semiconductor layer
Overlay shift correction for the deposition of epitaxial silicon layer and post-epitaxial silicon layers in a semiconductor device
Semiconductor thin-film formation process, and amorphous silicon solar-cell device
Textiles; Paper
Dispersant slurries for making spandex
Continuous and/or discontinuous three-component polymer fibers for making non-woven fabric, and process for the realization thereof
Dyed sheath/core fibers and methods of making same
Composition for oxidation dyeing of keratin fibers and dyeing processes using these compositions
Water-based magenta ink composition and method of ink-jet recording
Security paper
Method for foam casting using three-dimensional molds
Papermachine clothing
Wet web transfer belt
Fixed Constructions
Wellbores utilizing fiber optic-based sensors and operating devices
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Muffler made of a titanium alloy
Air cleaner resonator mounting system and cover
Valve for controlling fluids
Supply line alignment apparatus for supply column
Protective-door handle
Automatic door for molten metal holding furnace
Balance with a tiltable operator console
Method and system for optically testing a detector
Heat detector with a limited angle of vision
Method of monitoring redox of blood plasma using ESR and method of estimating progress of dialysis
Remote trace gas detection and analysis
Cytological and histological fixature composition and methods of use
Machine vision method for the inspection of a material for defects
Systems and method for determining source of abrasion in film equipment
Multiplexed capillary electrophoresis system with rotatable photodetector
Capillary array electrophoresis apparatus
Methods and apparatus for cell analysis
Blood control and system for erythrocyte sedimentation measurement
Visual blood glucose test strip
Agglutination assay method and element in a dry system
Endometriosis-specific secretory protein
Method of detecting colon cancer
Methods to identify compounds that affect the expression level of the syntaxin-1 A encoding gene
Biochemical analysis apparatus
Cartridge-based analytical instrument with optical detector
Method and apparatus for automatically opening and closing vial lids
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device utilizing semiconductor testing equipment
Method and apparatus for fabricating electronic device
Polymer filaments used as a thermoluminescent dosimeter
Rework procedure for the microlens element of a CMOS image sensor
Fluorescent yellow retroreflective sheeting
Method of manufacturing liquid crystal display panel
Method of forming a thin film transistor array panel using photolithography techniques
Electro-optical device and manufacturing method thereof
Process for orienting rod-like liquid crystal molecules
High chloride emulsion doped with combination of metal complexes
Dispersions of ionic liquids for photothermographic systems and methods of making such systems
Ionic liquids as coupler solvents in photothermographic systems
Photothermographic material
Transparent label with enhanced sharpness
Color photographic element containing a fragmentable electron donor for improved photographic response
Color photographic silver halide material
Color photographic element comprising a multifunctional dye-forming coupler
Half-tone phase shift mask having a stepped aperture
Reticle blanks for charged-particle-beam microlithography and methods for making same
Method to planarize semiconductor surface
Pattern formation method and pattern formation material
Integrated circuit manufacture
Surface position detecting system and method having an optimum value
Proximity effect correction methods
Photosensitive copper paste and method of forming copper pattern using the same
Fixing device using an inverter circuit for induction heating
Electrophotographic photosensitive member and apparatus using same
Micro-serrated particles for use in color toner and method of making same
Optical coupling assembly for image sensing operator input device
Part-overlaminated label
Key for musical instrument
Method and apparatus for producing a waveform based on a style-of-rendition module
Methods and apparatus for rendering an optically encoded medium unreadable and tamper-resistant
Black plate-shaped ferrite composite particles with magnet oplumbite structure and magnetic recording medium using the same
Perpendicular magnetic recording media with reduced-noise soft magnetic underlayer
Preparation of optical information recording disc and dye solution
Electrically programmable resistance cross point memory
Method of forming a phase-change memory cell using silicon on insulator low electrode in charcogenide elements
Redundancy mapping in a multichip semiconductor package
Container for storing and shipping radioactive materials
Shielded cable
Method and system for illuminating a mechanical rotary push-button switch
Motor control center relay reset mechanism
Method for increasing emission through a potential barrier
Particle-optic illuminating and imaging system with a condenser-objective single field lens
Method and apparatus for scanning transmission electron microscopy
Reactive Ion Etching chamber design for flip chip interconnections
Plasma etching installation
Inductively coupled plasma etching apparatus
Vacuum plasma processor apparatus and method
Method of manufacturing a matrix for cathode-ray tube
Method of forming a film in a chamber and positioning a substitute in a chamber
Chip photoelectric sensor assembly and method for making same
Method for manufacturing a compound semiconductor device
Method of anisotropic etching of silicon
Method of manufacturing capacitor of semiconductor device using an amorphous TaON
Method of etching titanium nitride
Method of etching polycrystalline silicon film by using two consecutive dry-etching processes
Method for processing wafer by applying layer to protect the backside during a tempering step and removing contaminated portions of the layer
Method for mounting electronic elements
Surface mount devices with solder
Process for the production of a semiconductor device having better interface adhesion between dielectric layers
Method for forming contact hole
Method of encapsulating a circuit assembly
Multilayer contact electrode for compound semiconductors and production method thereof
Mounting method of semiconductor element
Method for growing ZnO based oxide semiconductor layer and method for manufacturing semiconductor light emitting device using the same
Group-III nitride semiconductor light-emitting device and manufacturing method for the same
Method for crystallizing amorphous silicon and fabricating thin film transistor using crystallized silicon
Method for forming ultra-shallow junction by boron plasma doping
High resolution dopant/impurity incorporation in semiconductors via a scanned atomic force probe
Advanced fabrication technique to form ultra thin gate dielectric using a sacrificial polysilicon seed layer
Method of fabricating a semiconductor device having a metal oxide high-k gate insulator by localized laser irradiation and a device thereby formed
Method of fabricating T-shaped recessed polysilicon gate transistors
Intrinsic dual gate oxide MOSFET using a damascene gate process
Lanthanum oxide-based gate dielectrics for integrated circuit field effect transistors
MFOS memory transistor & method of fabricating same
Memory transistor and method of fabricating same
Method for forming gate electrode of semiconductor device
Method for heat treatment of silicon wafer and silicon wafer heat-treated by the method
Method of fabricating thin film transistor flat panel display
Method of making recessed source drains to reduce fringing capacitance
Fabrication method of thin film transistor substrate for X-ray detector
Method of fabricating a nickel/platinum monsilicide film
Semiconductor apparatus, method of fabricating thereof, fabricating apparatus, circuit board, and electronic device
Method for manufacturing circuit devices
Cluster tool for fabricating semiconductor device
Chuck plate of ashing equipment for fabricating semiconductor devices and chuck assembly comprising the same
Method for depositing an undoped silicate glass layer
Method of fabricating a shallow trench isolation
Method for high aspect ratio gap fill using sequential HDP-CVD
Surface roughness improvement of SIMOX substrates by controlling orientation of angle of starting material
Method of forming a body contact using BOX modification
SOI film formed by laser annealing
Method of making a semiconductor device with a low permittivity region
Semiconductor devices and methods of manufacturing the same
Anti-spacer structure for self-aligned independent gate implantation
Method for manufacturing a semiconductor integrated circuit of triple well structure
Fabrication method for a memory device
Method of fabricating capacitor-under-bit line (CUB) DRAM
Method for fabricating semiconductor device
Method of manufacturing a flash memory device
Method and structure for high-voltage device with self-aligned graded junctions
Method for forming a CMOS circuit of GaAS/Ge on Si substrate
Twin MONOS cell fabrication method and array organization
Salicide integrated solution for embedded virtual-ground memory
Use of a capping layer to reduce particle evolution during sputter pre-clean procedures
Polishing of conductive layers in fabrication of integrated circuits
Method of forming an aluminum film for use in manufacturing a semiconductor device
Method for forming incompletely landed via with attenuated contact resistance
Method to fabricate dish-free copper interconnects
Non-metallic barrier formations for copper damascene type interconnects
Methods of forming conductive interconnects
Method for etching organic film, method for fabricating semiconductor device and pattern formation method
Method of forming metal/dielectric multi-layered interconnects
Method for manufacturing a semiconductor device
Process for manufacturing semiconductor integrated circuit device
Method for fabricating bitlines
Method of fabricating a conductive path in a semiconductor device
Method, structure and process flow to reduce line-line capacitance with low-K material
Method for fabricating a memory cell array
Method for fabricating hollow package with a solid-state image device
High frequency gallium arsenide MMIC die coating method
Method of forming a bond pad and structure thereof
Method for transverse hybrid loc package
Interposers including upwardly protruding dams, semiconductor device assemblies including the interposers, and methods
Semiconductor wafer and fabrication method of a semiconductor chip
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Method to calibrate the wafer transfer for oxide etcher (with clamp)
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor structure having stacked semiconductor devices
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor structure having stacked semiconductor devices
Photoelectric conversion apparatus
Heterojunction bipolar transistor (HBT) fabrication using a selectively deposited silicon germanium (SiGe)
Semiconductor device
Very low voltage actuated thyristor with centrally-located offset buried region
LDMOS device with self-aligned RESURF region and method of fabrication
Group III nitride compound semiconductor device
Integral charge well for QWIP FPA'S
Low cost high solar flux photovoltaic concentrator receiver
Photoelectric conversion device and process for producing photoelectric conversion device
Packaging of light-emitting diode
Process for producing a light-emitting and/or a light-receiving semiconductor body
Superconducting joint between multifilamentary superconducting wires
Neodymium gallate surface barrier for melt-processed YBa2Cu3Ox conductor with nickel sheath
Piezoelectric body
Organic electroluminescence device and method of its manufacture
Electricity storage/discharge device with low internal resistance current collector structure
Plate-shaped battery and battery apparatus
Polymer electrolyte fuel cell stack
Battery adapter device
Enclosed cell and sealer
Positive active material for rechargeable lithium battery and method of preparing same
Battery paste
Gas diffusion substrates
Fuel cell, separator for the same and method for distributing gas in fuel cell
Mass transport for ternary reaction optimization in a proton exchange membrane fuel cell assembly and stack assembly
Solid oxide fuel operating with an excess of fuel
Biological fuel cell and methods
Manifold and sealing assembly for fuel cell stack
Receptacle with contact points for switch
Adapter wire harness for installing different autosound components into different vehicles
Method for producing an electrically conductive connection by laser radiation
Method of oxidizing strain-compensated superlattice of group III-V semiconductor
System for holding a heat shrinkable tube during a heat shrinking operation
Method for impregnating conductor bars for the stator winding of an electrical machine
Knitted two-dimensional heating element
Circuit board, battery pack, and method of manufacturing circuit board
Printed substrate board
Solder stop for an electrical connection and method therefor
Multilayer printed circuit board and method of making the same
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