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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Scraper with rotating blade for engaging a rotating disk
Method of preventing defective germination or rosette formation of seed
Capped skirt for fishing
Advanced isolation gown
Body-worn article functioning as a positioning device allowing patient positioning relative to medical therapy or examination device
Runner assembly for an umbrella frame
Folding, auto-leveling extension table
Griddle for cooking and preparing foods
Toilet seat hinge
Vacuum cleaner with final filtration compartment for reducing noise
Handle with removable disposable surgical blade
Method for mapping heart electrophysiology
Probe using diffuse-reflectance spectroscopy
Flosser device
Swimming goggles
Apparatus for transportation of a disabled person in standing position
Stent for maintaining patency of a body region
Systems and methods for facilitating and/or effectuating development, rehabilitation, restoration, and/or recovery of visual function through neural stimulation
Adjustment of the breakpoint of the rate response curve based on minute ventilation values
Automated external defibrillator with user interface for adult and pediatric applications
Fire suppression system
Performing Operations; Transporting
Slit coater with a standby unit for a nozzle and a coating method using the same
Apparatus and method for cleaning control rod drive mechanism
Rotary apparatus with multiple guides and method of forming
Nose assembly
Metal cutting apparatus and method for damping feed-back vibrations generated thereby
Electrically-operated chuck opening-closing device
Belt-driven indexing tool turret assembly
Method of manufacturing a stent
Fitting aligner
Ratchet screwdriver and connection arrangement
Portable carpentry workshop
Method for feeding a printing forme to a forme cylinder of a printing press
Control system and method, and control unit
Apparatus for automatic delivering of paste food products, particularly ice cream and/or yoghourt
Fuel dispensing unit with on-board refueling vapor recovery detection
Method of packaging using an embossed netting chute
Heat sealer
Wrapping member attaching method and wrapping member attaching device
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Composite mold for molding glass lens
Thin film forming apparatus
Systems for depositing material onto workpieces in reaction chambers and methods for removing byproducts from reaction chambers
Textiles; Paper
Protective case for washing clothes
Combination laundry device and method thereof
Fixed Constructions
Machine with automated linkage positioning system
Push block, scraping device and method for collecting a material
Method of making floor panels with edge connectors
Reinforcing structure for building
Joint profile for a panel
Suspended ceiling construction and retaining clip therefor
Roof edging system
Pre-cast concrete veneer system with insulation layer
Decorative slab corner fastener
Automatically opening hinge assembly for portable electronic devices
Sliding door system
Thermally stable diamond bonded materials and compacts
Borehole liner
Large bore modular production tree for subsea well
Method for growth of a hydraulic fracture along a well bore annulus and creating a permeable well bore annulus
System and method for estimating formation supercharge pressure
Method and apparatus for insulating a resonator downhole
Method for drilling with a wellbore liner
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Thermally driven piston assembly and position control therefor
Pressure equalizing valve seal for spherical rotary valve engine
Combustion engine powered working machine
System for controlling fuel injectors
Engine control device
Supporting structure and a supporting member for a camshaft
Fluid flow control system
Polyoxymethylene as structural support member and propellant
Radial piston pump for common rail injection systems
Starter motor casing
Starter with intermediate gear
Ground source heat pump well field design and control strategy for large tonnage
Device and method for pneumatic valve control
Differential piston
Torque converter transmission
Heating apparatus
Centrifugal rotary device for heating and/or vaporizing liquids
System for supporting energy conversion modules
Air conditioning system
Manufacturing methods for producing particleboard, OSB, MDF and similar board products
Heat pipe with axial and lateral flexibility
Adaptor for device mount
Electro magnetic restraint mechanism
Universal multifunctional cover for quick-acquisition optical sight
Template and method to prepare various fabrics to receive a decorative edging
Coaxial imaging for indentation instruments
Thermal type flowmeter
Method and device for measuring operational density and/or operational sound velocity in a gaseous medium
Method and device for determining the web tension or the web tensile force in a printing substrate web
Method for measuring pressure inside an anatomical fluid system
Micromechanical device and method for producing a micromechanical device
Integrated system for simultaneous inspection and manipulation
Method to provide external observability when embedded firmware detects predefined conditions
Process for testing the tightness of containers
Apparatus for estimating the rate of erosion and methods using the same
Installation and method for testing system of loads of a sample using a packer
Method of making at least one hole in a transparent body and devices made by this method
Fiber optic gyroscope
All optical logic gates
Polymeric optical device having low polarization dependence and method of fabricating the same
Image forming apparatus and driving device for image carrying member with banding suppression
Charging device using a charge roller and image forming apparatus including the same
Method, device, system and recording medium for detecting improper cartridge, and cartridge
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus with bias and integral current control features
Energy management device and architecture with multiple security levels
Service panel with utility controller
Enabling at speed application of test patterns associated with a wide tester interface on a low pin count tester
Method of controlling storage device controlling apparatus, and storage device controlling apparatus
System and method for simultaneous access of the same doubleword in cache storage
Computer storage restoration
Data rewriting apparatus, control method, and recording medium
Method and apparatus for segmenting memory based upon bandwidth of a data communication platform
System and method for employing a process identifier to minimize aliasing in a linear-addressed cache
Address conversion apparatus, address conversion method and computer program
Method and device for transmitting information on a bus system, and a bus system in which different information is uniquely assigned different information identifiers
Use of internal general purpose registers of a processor as a Java virtual machine top of stack and dynamic allocation of the registers according to stack status
Information processing apparatus, and information processing method
System and method for coordinated remote activation of multiple software-based options
System and method for synchronizing objects between two devices
System and method for synchronizing objects between two devices
Apparatus and process for a starting a data processing installation
Updating a BIOS image by replacing a portion of the BIOS image with a portion of another BIOS image
Publishing system for intranet
System and method for automated classification of text by time slicing
Information management system
Story interactive grammar teaching system and method
Method and apparatus to control a beverage or dessert dispenser
Providing a network-based personalized newspaper with personalized content and layout
Parsing with controlled tokenization
Communication system and method of non-intrusive performance data polling
Reviewing cached user-group information in connection with issuing a digital rights management (DRM) license for content
Method and system for transmitting secured electronic documents
Information processing apparatus, system and method, and recording medium
Information management method and information management device
Information manager method and system
Document management apparatus, related document extracting method, and document processing assist method
Design method for integrated circuit having scan function
Hold time error correction method and correction program for integrated circuits
Method to configure and quote component arrays
Method and apparatus for performing technology mapping
Advanced design format library for integrated circuit design synthesis and floorplanning tools
Method of estimating a local average crosstalk voltage for a variable voltage output resistance model
Method of analyzing the time-varying electrical response of a stimulated target substance
Cloud cover assessment: VNIR-SWIR
Jitter estimating apparatus and estimating method
Moving mechanism and stage system in exposure apparatus
Test system for identification and sorting of integrated circuit devices
Method and system for inferring a schema from a hierarchical data structure for use in a spreadsheet
Method and apparatus for providing a dynamic resource role model for subscriber-requester based protocols in a home automation and control system
Enterprise workflow screen based navigational process tool system and method
Method and apparatus for reaction wheel dynamic compensation in long-duration deployment of a large reflector
Predictive speed control for a motor vehicle
High performance carry chain with reduced macrocell logic and fast carry lookahead
Method of predicting dryer steam pressure in paper machine and apparatus for the method
Method for memory optimization in a digital signal processor
System and method for determining methods and properties to be invoked on objects in a graphical program
Control system for plant
Method and system for integrating core banking business processes
Method and system for conducting secure payments over a computer network
Command and control using speech recognition for dental computer connected devices
Method for error detection/correction of multilevel cell memory and multilevel cell memory having error detection/correction function
Method and apparatus for locomotive radio communications, with expansion capability
Methods and a user equipment for identification in a communications network
Method and apparatus for monitoring WDM optical signal
Flexible printed circuit board and foldable cell phone terminal
Multi-carrier communication apparatus
Wireless, ground link-based aircraft data communication method
Multi-node point-to-point satellite communication system employing multiple geo satellites
Method and system for interactive digital radio broadcasting and music distribution
Platform and method for remote attestation of a platform
Cordless telephone system with wireless expansion peripherals
Wireless communication device with an improved antenna structure
Ubiquitous connectivity and control system for remote locations
Method and system for transmitting subscriber-specific information in a telecommunication system
Application program interfaces for electronic program guide data services
Reproduced signal processor
Method for transmitting message in paging channel
GPRS signaling via SMS messages
Light-emitting apparatus and portable communications device having same
Heat dissipation device
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Fish cleaning, bait station, and live well device
Ruminant tissue analysis at packing plants for electronic cattle management and grading meat
Process for fileting fish and machine for performing this process
Shrimp processing apparatus and method
Pop hoppers
Pop dancers
Decorative food and method and apparatus for manufacturing the same
Tobacco flavoring agent
Adhesive pad and method for its production
Method of forming and sealing an air structure having a plurality of air glands and a plurality of air ducts
Device and method for facilitating hemostasis of a biopsy tract
Suture collet
Device for repairing ruptured Achilles tendon
Surgical trephine
Surgical rongeur
Intramedullary nail distal targeting device
Minimal exposure posterior spinal interbody instrumentation and technique
Treatment of in-stent restenosis using cytotoxic radiation
Method and apparatus for hair removal using ultrasonic energy
Forceps stopper for endoscope
Device for moving two objects relative to each other
Fracture fixation system
Kit for sternum fixation in chest surgery
Bone depth resection guide and method
Monitoring of myocardial revascularization
Left atrium ablation catheter
RF ablation apparatus and method using unipolar and bipolar techniques
Puncture instrument for punctured high frequency treatments
Expandable vein ligator catheter having multiple electrode leads
Bronchial stenter
Dynamic cooling of tissue for radiation treatment
Minimally invasive TMR device
Device and method for underskin laser treatments
Removable needle rule
Surgical instrument holder
Hangable container
Ambulatory recorder having wireless data transfer with a multi-plane lens
Peripheral memory patch and access method for use with an implantable medical device
Blood collecting device
Sensor for non-invasive and continuous determination of the duration of arterial pulse waves
Process and devices for determining the instant of injection and the duration of injection in thermodilution measurements
Bi-directional partial re-breathing method
Power-optimized cumulative, sequential statistical method for detection of auditory evoked potentials
Folding card device for evaluating protective sensation
Method and apparatus monitoring the progress of labor
In-vivo apparatus and methods of use for determining the effects of materials, conditions, activities, and lifestyles on blood parameters
Vascular plaque characterization
Forward-scanning ultrasound catheter probe
Apparatus and method for curing materials with radiation
Scanning apparatus fixture for holding impression trays
Fiber-reinforced dental bridge and method of manufacture thereof
Gender specific soft tissue cephalometric analysis for diagnosis and cephalometric treatment planning of facial imbalance
Locking taper attachment system having improved bacterial seal
Method and apparatus for shaping a site for anchoring an implant and to provide bone augementation and shape conformity
Sanitary absorbent article with side barriers against leakage
Sanitary napkin having laterally extensible means for attachment to the undergarment of the wearer
Disposable diaper having stress relaxing structures and fasteners positioned for improved fit
Diapers with moisture detection and process and apparatus for making them
Valve and methods for urinary control
Multiple-sided intraluminal medical device
Implanting stent
Endovascular split-tube bifurcated graft prosthesis and an implantation method for such a prosthesis
Tubular stent consists of non-parallel expansion struts and contralaterally attached diagonal connectors
Stent for vessel
Balloon catheter and stent deploying catheter system
Systems for securing sutures, grafts and soft tissue to bone and periosteum
Intraocular lens with accommodative properties
Intra-ocular lens with resiliently constructed Haptic loops
Inraocular lenses
Bend clip for flexible rotator
Tilting disk heart valve having cavitation reducing contact geometry
Mechanical heart valve assembly with super-elastic lock wire
Spacer with adjustable axial length
Metal implant with anchoring surface
Anti-impingement femoral prostheses
Prosthetic component
Composite bone graft, method of making and using same
Gelastic heel care device and method
Preformed member having raised contact feature and wrist brace using same
Airway opener
Massage machine of chair type
Reflex zone massage stimulator
Massaging device which is designed to be applied to the skin of a person
Carbon dioxide cleaning and separation systems
Nursing bottle with medication dispenser
Transfection system, its preparation and use in somatic gene therapy
Chemically stable translucent apatite glass ceramic
Anti-bacterial liquid binder for use as a pre-application binder with cosmetic powders for eye liners, eye shadows and eyebrow makeup and the method for making same
Decontamination of water by photolytic oxidation/reduction utilizing near blackbody radiation
Dilatation balloons containing polyesteretheramide copolymer
Enhanced radiopacity of peripheral and central catheter tubing
Suction and irrigation handpiece and tip
Cardiac massage apparatus and method
Extracorporeal blood processing methods and apparatus
Implantable heart assist system
Method and kit for transvenously accessing the pericardial space via the right atrium
Everting toroid device for insertion into a body cavity
Multifunctional syringe with safety slide sleeve
Catheter with permeable hydrogel membrane
Catheter having a variable length shaft segment and method of use
Hypodermic needle for percutaneous drug delivery
Fluid delivery device with temperature controlled energy source
Pressure/force computer controlled drug delivery system and the like
5mm injection needle
Device for controlling the penetration depth of a needle, for application to an injection syringe
Electroconvulsive therapy testing and training device
Method of treating cardiovascular disease by angiogenesis
Photodynamic therapy system and method using a phased array raman laser amplifier
Apparatus and method to treat a disease process in a luminal structure
Prostate implant planning engine for radiotherapy
Radioactive therapeutic seed having selective marker configuration
User adjustable weight device with audio or talking capabilities
Method and apparatus for wearing which is impervious to moisture
Hollow solid golf ball
Golf ball and method of arranging dimples thereto
Golf ball and method of manufacturing the same
Medallion gameball
Golf club and method for manufacturing the same
Strike face of a golf club head with integral indicia and border
Positioning and alignment system for golf putters
Golf tee and methods of making the same
Golf putter
Swing set soccer goal net and method for converting a swing set into a soccer goal
Portable soccer golf game
Roller hockey puck
Table tennis apparatus
Adjustable customizable dental appliance with triple composite structure
Controller pack
Game display method, moving direction indicating method, game apparatus and drive simulating apparatus
Electronic trading card
Structure of motion toy
Toy device
Toy vehicles with integral motion sensitive game display
Hugging mechanism
Flying disc toy with displaying panel
Construction building set
Bubble maker toy
Stimulus-responsive novelty device
Electronic toy soldier apparatus
Performing Operations; Transporting
Wastewater treatment apparatus and method
Simulated moving bed block displacement procedure
Sub-soil domestic wastewater treatment apparatus having multiple aeration chambers
Filtering device with rotatable backwash tube
Water washable stainless steel HEPA filter
Multi-stage cyclone system for cleaning air
Filter with integral lift tab
Combined filter device for filtering out particles and gases
Volatile organic compound and particulate filter assembly for purifying a gas stream
Device and method for continuously fractionating a gas by adsorption and in-service testing device
Additive for a fuel to neutralize sulfur dioxide and/or sulfur trioxide in the exhaust gases
Method of manufacturing nickel hypophosphite by the electro-membrane technique
Aeration system apparatus with source of in situ cleaning agent and pressure monitoring connection for submerged diffuser
FCC catalyst comprising coated zeolite particles
Silicon substituted EMC-2 zeolite: LZ-281
Water treating apparatus with electro-chemistry process
Process for beneficiation of mixtures of mineral particles
Reaction-driven centrifugal rotor with outlet chamber entrainment members
Sheet cleaning apparatus with cartridge roller assembly and method of use
Cleaning/buffer apparatus for use in a wafer processing device
Apparatus and method for changing dies
Gripper element for a punch or a die of a punching machine
High speed tool steel
Tool for electrochemical machining
Machine tool with tool changer
Method of cutting of metal materials and non-metal materials in a non-combustible gas atmosphere
Roll grinder with vibration dampening
Method for machining and forming a transcurrent opening in a fiber-reinforced composite material
Quadri-point precision sphere polisher
Method and device for non-circular grinding of cam shapes with concave flanks
Polishing systems, methods of polishing substrates, and methods of preparing liquids for semiconductor fabrication processes
System and method for supplying slurry to a semiconductor processing machine
Surface preparation device
Chemical mechanical polishing conditioner
Abrasive delivery system
Abrasive tool and the method of producing the same
Superabrasive wheel with active bond
Lapping tool
Dressing apparatus for chemical mechanical polishing pad
Method for continuous production for wallboard tape joint compound
Paper web having both bulk and smoothness
Compositions and methods for manufacturing starch-based sheets
Injection moulding machine
Bi-directional check ring for a two-stage injection unit
Method and apparatus for embossing a precision pattern of micro-prismatic elements in a resinous sheet or laminate
Method of and apparatus for laminating disc-shaped substrates
Method and an apparatus for manufacturing side wall of a cup for cupped cake
Cushioning conversion machine and method
Method and apparatus for strip anode wrapping for cathodic protection of tubular members
Method and apparatus for manufacturing metallic sheet covered with thermoplastic resin
Apparatus for additive de-marking of packaged integrated circuits
Decorative glittered articles and method of making same
Method of attaching a decorative facing to an automotive wheel
Method of determining groove angle to give optimum tread wear
Tongue connection
Inter-axle differential assembly for a tandem drive axle set
Mooring system for tanker vessels
Marine jet drive pump preloader for reducing cavitation
Diesel wet exhaust processing system
Multi-speed marine propulsion system with improved automatic shifting strategy based soley on engine speed
Apparatus for pulling cylindrically formed film for a bag maker-packaging machine
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method for reducing the plating of nickel on vessels, piping and cells in an alkali metal hydroxide manufacturing process
Heat-resistant yellow pigment
Bottle specialty water filters
Apparatus for producing electrolytic water
System for removing pollutants from water
Three stage sewage treatment system
Oven for glass article
Single body injector and deposition chamber
Method for controlling of certain second phases in aluminum nitride
Fly ash composites and methods for making same
Settable composition and uses therefor
Emulsion explosive compositions
Substance mixtures containing stabilizers and compounds containing vinyl groups
Macrocyclic ketones as fragrance materials and methods for making same
Separation of alkenes and alkanes
Method for inhibiting polymerization of ethylenically unsaturated hydrocarbons
Coupler for use in oxidative hair dyeing
Method for trioxane isolation
Method for cementing a component to a surface
Thiazine indigo pigments, solid solutions thereof and their preparation
Aqueous ink compositions
Titanium dioxide, preparation and use
Ink compositions
Jet printing ink and ink-jet recording method
Water-based offset lithographic newspaper printing ink
Electrically deposited coating agent
Heating medium and use of the same
Process for reverse gas flow in hydroprocessing reactor systems
Electric arc gasifier method and equipment
Fuel oil composition
Thermochromic candle
Institutional washing process using soil-release polymer
Direct reduced iron hot/cold discharge system
Process for eluting precious metals from activated carbon
Hypereutectic aluminium-silicon alloy product for semi-solid forming
Free-machining steels containing tin antimony and/or arsenic
Reactive sputtering apparatus and process for forming thin film using same
IMP technology with heavy gas sputtering
Method of handling a substrate after sputtering and sputtering apparatus
Multiple station vacuum deposition apparatus for texturing a substrate using a scanning beam
Application of electron field emission from diamond grown by a multiple pulsed laser process
Chemical vapor deposition system including dedicated cleaning gas injection
Substrate support for a thermal processing chamber
Method for enhancing the solderability of a surface
Circulation system for supplying chemical for manufacturing semiconductor devices and circulating method thereof
Large-scale production of anhydrous nitric acid and nitric acid solutions of dinitrogen pentoxide
Process for producing sodium persulfate
Electroactivated material, its preparation and its use in producing cathode components
Wall-covering for electrolytic cells
Cell cover for electrolytic cells
Ion exchange membrane electrolyzer
Electrolysis cell and electrodes
Electrophoretic coloring composition
Method and apparatus for depositing Ni-Fe-W-P alloys
Method and apparatus for the continuous chromium-plating of elongated members
Recycling consistent plating system for electroplating
Crucible for growing macrocrystals
Melt depth control for semiconductor materials grown from a melt
Method for production of silicon single crystal
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor laser device and a crystal growth apparatus for use in a semiconductor laser device
Monolith electroplating process
Textiles; Paper
Dry cleaning methods and compositions
Methods for deep shade dyeing of textile articles containing melamine fibers
Dyeing of textiles
Method of controlling basis weight profile using multi-layer consistency dilution
Apparatus and process for feeding stock to a papermachine
Process and device for mixing stock suspensions
Roll for a paper or board machine
Suction roll for the formation or treatment of a material web, such as in particular a paper, card or textile web
Arrangement in tissue machine
Paper machine with a controllable electro-magnetic clutch
Method and arrangement for calendering a board web
Method and apparatus for controlling a moving paper web
Recycled paper production process which incorporates carbon dioxide
Hydrophilic, humectant, soft, pliable, absorbent paper having wet strength agents and method for its manufacture
Method of using an anionic composite to increase retention and drainage in papermaking
Fixed Constructions
Electrical connection
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Mounting arrangement for outboard motor
Small watercraft
Method and apparatus for recovering sensible heat from a hot exhaust gas
Plug for connection of an electro-fluidic converter
Differential and drive pinion assembly
Variable length shaft assembly having a bearing system
Slidable constant velocity universal joint
Flexible shaft coupling for a power transmission system driven by a central drive unit, especially in aircraft
Flexible vane coupling
Power transmission apparatus
Two part flywheel for a motor vehicle, the two part flywheel having a torsional vibration damper
Powertrain with a multi-speed transmission
Quick-connect burner set for ovens
Child resistant piezo-electric safety lighter
Fan module for clean room applications
Sliding body expanding broadhead
Sample collection device with extraction sleeve
Cation-selective sensor
Measuring device for the electrical measurement of test strips
Sulfur dioxide gas sensor
Method and arrangement for detecting the oxygen content in a gas
Analytical method
Gas sensor with a diagnostic device
Interposer/converter to allow single-sided contact to circuit modules
Method and apparatus for ultrasound imaging using acoustic impedance reconstruction
High-speed ultrasound image improvement using an optical correlator
Protective console unit for electrical or optical connectors
Memory card connector
Coin delivery, storage and dispensing system for coin operated machines and method for same
Gaming chip system
Game machine
Double-beam math balance
Operator training system
Terminal fitment for lead wire connection and high-voltage variable resistor unit with relay terminal fitment
Method of manufacturing laminated ceramic electronic parts
Method for making high k dielectric material with low k dielectric sheathed signal vias
Load controlled rapid assembly clamp ring
Thermally conductive spacer materials and spacer attachment methods for thin cathode ray tube
Method for manufacturing a surface discharge plasma display panel
Method and system for processing substrates using nebulized chemicals created by heated chemical gases
Lithium ion secondary electrochemical cell and a method of preventing the electrochemical dissolution of a copper current collector therein
Terminal clamp for a battery terminal post
Flat-cable-type connector having auxiliary structure to enhance clamping force
Low insertion force connector for microelectronic elements
Shielded electrical connector with a folded wall
Smart card interface arrangements
Socket connector
Electrical socket
Lower surface contact type contact
Electrical connector
Land grid array connector
Electrical connector with over-molded housing member and method of over-molding
Electrical connector having a housing and a retainer
Electrical plug connector
Assembly including a flex circuit and a gas tight chamber
Card edge connector
Interface device for interconnecting portable computers and computer peripheral devices
Cam slide electrical connector
Connector assembly having anti-disortientation device
Apparatus for mounting an external receptacle to a watthour meter socket adapter
Multi-deck electric outlet assembly
Stacked electrical connector
Universal power cord connector assembly for an appliance
Wire connector for a decorative lamp
Connecting terminal
Electrical connector including means for terminating the shield of a high speed cable
Shielding terminal
Method of making a multilayer circuit board having a window exposing an enhanced conductive layer for use as an insulated mounting area
Right angle connector
Tower building-block biased latching system
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew
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