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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Soybean variety 92B13
Method and apparatus for performing single-point projection imaging
2-Aminoquinolines as melanin concentrating hormone receptor antagonists
Reagents for intracellular delivery of macromolecules
X-ray computed tomography apparatus
Golf balls comprising chiral diols or chiral cyclic ethers
Controlling sharing of files by portable devices
Performing Operations; Transporting
Soldering iron with wire separator in handle
Non-copper-plated solid wire for carbon dioxide gas shielded arc welding
Thermal printer apparatus
Exposure head and image forming apparatus using the same
Multi-beam scanning optical system, multi-beam scanning optical apparatus, and image forming apparatus
Monitoring device for a motor vehicle
Vehicular lamp with current limiting circuit
Recognition/anti-collision light for aircraft
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Carboranylporphyrins and uses thereof
Catalyst for asymmetric (transfer) hydrogenation
Method for the isomerization of allyl alcohols
Method of producing a cyclohexenone oxime ether lithium salt, products which can be obtained using this method, the use thereof and corresponding plant protection agents
Pharmaceutically active ornithine derivatives, ammonium salts thereof and methods of making same
Stabilization of cardiac troponin I subunits and complexes
Compounds and methods to inhibit or augment an inflammatory response
Polyurea polyrethanes having improved physical properties
Reversible crosslinked polymers, benzylic hydroxyl crosslinkers and method
Low stress conformal coatings of reliability without hermeticity for microelectromechanical system based multichip module encapsulation
Copolymers of tetrahydrofuran, ethylene oxide and an additional cyclic ether
Aqueous emulsion comprising ethylene-vinylester copolymer
Polyester tackifier and adhesive composition
Scale with memory display function
Apparatus for taking up an object space
Vehicle occupant weight estimation apparatus
Standardized sample for characterizing the performance of a scatterometer
Lens evaluation method and lens-evaluating apparatus
Automated fiber optic inspection system
Method of measuring implant profiles using scatterometric techniques
Device and method for in vitro determination of analyte concentrations within body fluids
Distributing fault indications and maintaining and using a data structure indicating faults to route traffic in a packet switching system
Method for locating radioelectric sources using two-channel high resolution radiogoniometer
Low-profile, multi-band antenna module
Image pickup apparatus, radiation image pickup apparatus and radiation image pickup system
Advanced slow-magic angle spinning probe for magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy
Variable-power optical system, projection optical system, and image projection apparatus using the systems
Zoom lens system and image pickup apparatus having zoom lens system
Zoom lens and photographing apparatus having the same
Scanning apparatus
Lenticular optical system
Production method of microlens array, liquid crystal display device and production method thereof, and projector
Connector-integrated type polymer optical waveguide, method and mold for producing the same
Monolithic reconfigurable optical multiplexer systems and methods
Optical wavelength cross connect architectures using wavelength routing elements
Imaging lens
High brightness twisted nematic transflective liquid crystal display
Liquid crystal display device
Scanning exposure apparatus and method
Dual force mode fine stage apparatus
Method, system, and apparatus for management of reaction loads in a lithography system
Stage system, exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method
Method to track using a locator device
Electronic lock system and method for its use with card only mode
Notifying a user that a warning status has occurred in a device
Circuit arrangement for voltage regulation
Personal entertainment device (PED) with double-opening flap
Semiconductor circuit and initialization method
Method and apparatus for bleed-printing and method and apparatus for decorating a paper object
Image capturing method and apparatus and fingerprint collation method and apparatus
Apparatuses and methods for surgical navigation
Method and apparatus for forming and displaying projection image from a plurality of sectional images
Inspection method of photo mask for use in manufacturing semiconductor device
Color image processing apparatus and pattern extracting apparatus
Image processing apparatus
Image coding device and method thereof and image decoding device and method thereof
Electronic check out system
Garage door remote monitoring and actuating system
Safety index
Object tracking
Method and apparatus for the control of multimedia services in networks
Automated administration system for state-based control of a terminal user interface
Driving method for AC-type plasma display panel
Plasma display panel driving method
Light emitting device
Liquid crystal display unit and driving method therefor
Method for flipping pages via electromechanical information browsing device
Method and apparatus for noise reduction using captured images
Method for converting color to monochrome to maintain differentiability
Accelerated data navigation
Method and apparatus for processing video pictures, especially for improving grey scale fidelity portrayal
Adjustable tremolo bridge
Stringed instrument string winder and method of manufacturing the chord winder
Disk drive and disk drive-containing device having selectively controllable spindle motor spin up profiles
Demodulating servo sectors and spiral tracks using common circuitry
Rotary actuator assembly for a rotatable media data storage device
Integrated lead suspension and method of construction
Screw attachment from exterior of disk drive enclosure for motors with mount bracket screw bolt pattern diameter larger than the motor hub outside diameter
Magnetic recording disk drive with laminated media and improved media signal-to-noise ratio
Disk writer and writing method thereof
Inductive write head having high magnetic moment poles and low magnetic moment thin layer in the back gap, and methods for making
Spin filter bottom spin valve head with continuous spacer exchange bias
Writer core structures having improved thermal dissipation properties
Head slider having tilted protrusions for ramp load-unload applications
Slider having a trailing bearing pad adjacent to a recessed area
Slider having plural leading step-level slots
Track jump control apparatus and track jump method
Optical disk recording and reproducing apparatus to control the laser power to an optimal value and enable stable recording and reproducing operations
Structure and method for storing data on optical disks
Deglitching circuits for a radiation-hardened static random access memory based programmable architecture
Magnetic memory, and method for writing the same
Semiconductor memory device
Horizontal memory devices with vertical gates
Semiconductor device
Method and apparatus for multiple row caches per bank
Semiconductor storing device
Selectable clock input
Semiconductor memory
Electrical feedthrough assembly for a sealed housing
Proportional pressure control valve for controlling the pressure level in a hydraulic circuit
Solid electrolytic capacitor, circuit board having built-in solid electrolytic capacitor and methods for manufacturing them
Activating assembly for a power switch assembly
Locking system of a safety switch comprising a reading head and an actuator
Flexible magnetically coupled pushbutton switch
Electron-beam writing device and electron-beam writing method
Positioning device having dynamically isolated frame, and lithographic device provided with such a positioning device
Integrated circuit packages with reduced stress on die and associated substrates, assemblies, and systems
Integrated power module with reduced thermal impedance
Electronic component and semiconductor device, method of fabricating the same, circuit board mounted with the same, and electronic appliance comprising the circuit board
Semiconductor device with layered interconnect structure
Method for making an integrated circuit device with dielectrically isolated tubs and related circuit
Carrier plate for opto-electronic elements having a photodiode with a thickness that absorbs a portion of incident light
Nonvolatile semiconductor storage apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
Memory device having an electron trapping layer in a high-K dielectric gate stack
Formation of arrays of microelectronic elements
Metal oxide compound semiconductor integrated transistor devices with a gate insulator structure
Vibration element and vibration wave driving apparatus
Stacked piezoelectric device
Dielectric filter, dielectric duplexer, and communication apparatus
Line-replaceable transmit/receive unit for multi-band active arrays
Wireless multi-frequency recursive pattern antenna
Adaptive antenna for use in wireless communication systems
Antenna system for satellite communication and method for tracking satellite signal using the same
Surface emitting semiconductor laser and manufacturing method thereof
Characterization of multiple section semiconductor lasers
Semiconductor optical device and method of manufacturing the same
Electronic device and information reproduction system
Digital directional relay
Power circuit device for vehicles and control method thereof
Module winding system for electrical machines and methods of electrical connection
Oscillating device
Quasi-resonant DC-DC converters with reduced body diode loss
Electrical drive apparatus which can be operated via a full-bridge circuit, with a different load depending on the drive direction
Actuator driving device of working machine
AC motor control system using parallel integrated sub systems
Method and apparatus for supplying energy to sensors
Apparatus and method for acquiring phase lock timing recovery in a partial response maximum likelihood (PRML) channel
Circuit and method for switching gains of preamplifier
One-level zero-current-state exclusive or (XOR) gate
Variable gain amplifier
Dynamic to static converter with noise suppression
Architecture and interconnect scheme for programmable logic circuits
Interconnection and input/output resources for programmable logic integrated circuit devices
Pulse width modulation driving apparatus for light emitting diode
Substrate-sensing voltage sensor for voltage comparator with voltage-to-current converters for both reference and input voltages
Phase detection circuit having a substantially linear characteristic curve
Generation of interleaved parity code words having limited running digital sum values
Device for radio communication equipment to reduce electromagnetic energy absorbency of a human body
50% duty-cycle clock generator
Echo cancellation with dynamic latency adjustment
Methods for acquiring seismic data while tripping
System and method for improving transport protocol performance in communication networks having lossy links
Method and apparatus for adjusting packet transmission volume from a source
Reduced complexity DMT/OFDM transceiver
Method and apparatus for channel estimation
Radio frequency local area network
Wireless apparatus having a transceiver equipped to support multiple wireless communication protocols
Method and apparatus for redundant transmission over TDMA optical networks
SS7-Internet gateway access signaling protocol
Auto-detection of ISDN BRI services
Scalable unidirectional routing with zone routing protocol extensions for mobile AD-HOC networks
Method and apparatus for arbitration scheduling with a penalty for a switch fabric
Data packet congestion management technique
Multiple parallel packet routing lookup
System and method for performing layer 3 switching in a network device
CSMA wireless LAN having antenna device and terminal station
Assigning physical channels to time slot sequences in a hybrid time division multiple access/code division multiple access communication system
Methods for changing the bandwidth of a circuit switched channel
Adaptive-weighted packet scheduler for supporting premium service in a communications network
Transporting multiprotocol datagrams
Method and apparatus for network independent initiation of telephony
Frequency offset estimation for communication systems method and device for inter symbol interference
Multiple platform voice processing system with optimized resource allocation
Methods for displaying caller identification information on an integrated display/telephone system capable of displaying images
Prepaid phone service for both wired and wireless telecommunication devices
Method for call answering in a distributed communications system
Technique for providing information assistance while maintaining connection information anonymity
Image input and output method, image input and output apparatus, and image processing system
Photoelectric converting apparatus having amplifiers with different gains for its sensor ad storage units
Optical equipment and it control method, and computer-readable storage medium
System and method for indicating information on an imaging device lens stop
User selection of power-on configuration
Apparatus and method for digital processing of analog television signals
Video signal processing apparatus and method capable of converting an interlace video signal into a non-interlace video signal
Cable television setback decoder automatic control
Method and system for detecting intra-coded pictures and for extracting intra DCT precision and macroblock-level coding parameters from uncompressed digital video
Web-based universal remote control
Method and apparatus for auto-exposure control in the presence of artificial illumination
Proximity-based automatic ID code reconfiguration of wireless input/output systems
Mounting structure of speaker box
Integrating apparatus
Apparatus and method for producing virtual acoustic sound
Heat generator
Heat-generating element, heat-generating substrates, heat-generating substrate manufacturing method, microswitch, and flow sensor
Method and apparatus for a voltage controlled start-up circuit for an electronic ballast
Systems and methods for induction heating of a heatable fuser member using a ferromagnetic layer
Circuit board sub-assemblies, methods for manufacturing same, electronic signal filters including same, and methods, for manufacturing electronic signal filters including same
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Self-propelled vibratory greensroller
Transport system for farm combines and other large vehicles
Support device for a pole
Non-electric perimeter fence
Animal feed processor
Implement for mixing fodder
Spinning reel for fishing having spool support structure
Double bearing type fishing reel
Pest extermination system
Wristband having a protective cover for a watch or the like
Illuminating insert for a carrier for articles such as jack-o-lanterns and the like
Stand for hair dryer
Combination cosmetics package
Dispenser device for dispensing metered doses of viscous material
Sealed lipstick dispenser
Stable propel/repel mechanism
Cosmetic dispenser and method
Load support system
Double strap harness for a guitar
Hands-free drinking system
Multi-position pivoting mount speed square holder
Tool holder
Support and barrier ring
Portable packaging unit for a product such as mascara
Support device for keyboard
Adjustable storable book holder
Pull-out device for a tall cupboard
Drawer slide and drawer incorporating quick-release connection
Longitudinally displaceable column
Inflatable beach chair
Glider seat with slats
Chair control gas spring retainer for chair height reduction
Apparatus for holding a cup in a cup dispenser
Method and system for dispensing an irregularly shaped article for retail sale
Commodity storage apparatus permitting ready supplement of commodities
Display device for sports memorablilia
Deformable safety hook
Umbrella holder
Garment hanger with integral crease-free clamps
Mixing container
Fitting adapted for holding a support member on an upright wall in spaced-apart arrangement
Dispenser for roll material strip without winding core comprising an improved supporting spindle
Method and apparatus for localized dynamic mechano-thermal analysis with scanning probe microscopy
Swivel arm, especially for a surgical microscope stand
Rapid, automatic measurement of the eye's wave aberration
Pupilometer methods and apparatus
Virtual C-arm robotic positioning system for use in radiographic imaging equipment
Helical drive bicycle
Flexible automated specification testing for quality checks
Flashlight with a safety point and method of production thereof
Dispenser and retriever for golf balls
Convertible skateboard/scooter
Skateboard stirrup
Snowboard binding with adjustable-rigidity base
Cubes and tray game set with display means
Math game
Method and kit for retrofitting a pinball machine
Logical game element
Performing Operations; Transporting
Ink filter element for printers
Baffle assembly for a mixing vessel
Method and apparatus for mixing high molecular weight materials with liquids
Process and apparatus for atomizing FCC feed oil
Throat and cone gas injector and gas distribution grid for slurry reactor (LAW646)
Method to recover metal from a metal-containing dross material
Systems and processes for recycling glass fiber waste material into glass fiber product
Flour milling method having a sorting step for raw wheat grains and flour milling system adopting the method
Method and system for preventing incontinent liquid drip
Process for uniformly mixing materials and apparatus therefor
Single chamber spray head with moving nozzle
Targeting of flying insects with insecticides and apparatus for charging liquids
Fluid and air nozzle for headlight cleaning
Monolithic ceramic gas diffuser for injecting gas into a molten metal bath
Cutting tool and method for producing the same
Twist drill having multiple flank surfaces for each cutting edge
Face-milling method and apparatus
Complex cutting-blade tool and machining method using same
Method for manufacturing a brazed metallic honeycomb body
Enhanced pad design for substrate
Method and tooling arrangement for diffusing braze weight pressure in brazing of aerostructure honeycomb sandwich panel
Method of manufacturing core of heat exchanger
Semiconductor eutectic alloy metal (SEAM) technology for fabrication of compliant composite substrates and integration of materials
High temperature refractory joining paste
Welding head
Friction welding process and shielding gas shower for carrying out the process
Polymer with transient liquid phase bondable particles
Electric power operated clamp with spring lock
Method for preparing superalloy castings using a metallurgically bonded tapered plug
Linear guide arrangement
Drill motor vacuum attachment
Combination chamfering and milling tool
Method for drilling circuit boards
Device for momentarily mounting a sliding door to a vehicle body
Quick-release mechanism for screwdriver bits and the like
Driving tool with illuminating capability
Device for centering and gripping, particularly of automobile bodywork parts
Cylinder apparatus
Pneumatic fastener inserter and hopper for same
Nail guns having means for preventing the nail driving operation
Transformable mechanic's creeper
Fluid power gripper
Coupler for connecting workpiece grippers with a manipulating device
Round-shank bit for a coal cutting machine
Mold and molding element for molding an incision in a rubber article
Apparatus for eyeglass lens curing using ultraviolet light
Process for concurrently molding semiconductor chips without void and wire weep and molding die used therein
Hydraulic closing unit
Extrusion calibrator with modular calibrating cassette
Thermoforming apparatus with improved press
Method and apparatus for compacting particulate material
Sheet feeding apparatus and image forming apparatus having such sheet feeding apparatus
Method and system for detecting nonfunctional elements in an ink jet printer
Acoustic ink jet printhead design and method of operation utilizing ink cross-flow
Liquid discharging method, liquid discharging head, and head cartridge and liquid discharging apparatus using said liquid discharging head
Efficient fluid filtering device and an ink jet printhead including the same
Cartridge body for ink jet printer
Storage container for inkjet cartridges having removable capping means and a method for storing inkjet cartridges
Ink filling device for an ink jet print head and ink print head which can be filled therewith
Ink jet printer system and method which preserves ink
Hot melt ink jet printer
Direct electrostatic printing method and apparatus with increased print speed
High speed print method for ink jet recording apparatus and ink jet recording apparatus having high speed print mode
Device for positioning a sheet stack for stapling
Document handler with a staple mode and a moveable stopper
Sheet transport system for an image-forming apparatus including a plural path sheet piling system
Method, device and accessories for the manufacture of booklets
Security element for security paper
Greeting card
Attachment apparatus for securing an electronic device to a loose-leaf support assembly, assemblies including same, and methods
Storage device
Segmented paper lifter with multiple and variable length lever arms
Balancing pen
Chewable device
Automatic bounce device for a center stick in a pen
Ink follower composition for ballpoint pen and ballpoint pen using the same
Device with a mark-holder hopper and a revolver hopper for stamping distinguishing marks on moving parts
Paint bucket with integral grate
Lubricant distributing vanes for unitized wheel hub and bearing assembly
Gooseneck hitch assembly
Trailer safety hitch
Convertible cover assembly for receiver hitch
Thermoplastic elastomer air spring
Striker cap for vehicle suspension system
Spring support arrangement
Vehicle wheel suspension
Vehicle trailer suspension stabilizer and lift system
Apparatus and method for operating an adjustable-width axle assembly of a crop sprayer
Insulated window system for a vehicle
Vehicle sun shade
Cardboard visor core having a formed recess
Sliding door locking device for vehicle
Spoiler sunroof
Sliding roof system and method of operating same
Motor vehicle folding top system
Flexible sheet cover apparatus
Vehicle seat for reversible occupant travel
Interchangeable module system
Seat suspension system controller
Seat arrangement
Sector recliner with single position memory
Child safety seat
Collapsible seat
Vehicle seat provided with a headrest
Vehicle safety collision headrest system
Seat suspension with dual roller assembly
Modular energy absorbing assembly
Side dump body
Rolling floor for a truck or trailer box
Jack dolly
Method of draining fluid from a transportable storage tank
Railcar load tie-down belt winding and storage apparatus
Device for mounting a lighting unit on a vehicle part
Rearward illumination device for outboard motor
Structure of automobile exterior rearview mirror
Display arrangement for a motor vehicle
Low profile compartment for vehicle door
Flat-panel display assembly mountable in a vehicle
Impact energy absorption structure for motor vehicle
Energy absorbing pocket member
Detecting automobile seat occupant by microwave absorption
Air bag apparatus
Apparatus and method for discerning at least one occupant characteristic via absorption of an energy signal
Method for triggering a two-stage air bag gas generator
Method and apparatus for absorbing impact energy
Impact energy absorbing structure in upper vehicle body portion and impact energy absorbing member
Protective cushion for vehicle occupant's head
High thermal efficiency inflator and passive restraints incorporating same
Steering wheel and horn switch assembly for the steering wheel
Airbag cover
Airbag module
Inflatable restraint system with selectable ventilation
Gas bag module for a vehicle occupant restraint system and method for producing a gas bag module
Dual stage pyrotechnic inflator
Belt tensioner with linear drive
Pivotal vehicular load carrying rack
Archery bowholder
Securing device for hydraulic assembly
Braking control system for an automotive vehicle
Braking force control apparatus
Hydraulic vehicle brake system
Hydraulic unit
Method of preventing a vehicle brake system from developing a vaccum in a low-pressure area thereof
Hydraulic control unit for a vehicular brake system having a self-priming pump
Electromotor/pump assembly
Device for controlling brake system of vehicle with care for battery
Hovercraft work platform
Tilting apparatus having actuators, and a tilting bogie having actuators
Dolly and box for use with the dolly
Apparatus and method for truck frame extender
Tubular structural reinforcing member with thermally expansible foaming material
Composite joint configuration
Sideboard bracket
Shopping cart safety brake system
Reduced weight fifth wheel assembly
Main stand structure for motorcycles
Articulated rear fender for bicycles
Extension tube assembly with lengthened life for a bicycle
Suspension system for the front wheel of a motorcycle
Rear suspension system for bicycle
Inflatable dive marker and collection bag
Device for releasably fastening covering panels
Aircraft float and system utilizing the same
Hub for rotor head of rotary-wing aircraft and rotor head with such hub
Actuation system for an active rotor control system
Adaptive pneumatic wing for fixed wing aircraft
Twin engine aircraft
System for deployment and retrieval of airborne towed vehicles
Deployment device for parachutes
Parachute device for helicopters
Whole-spacecraft passive isolation devices
Retractable device, of the light shield type, for an optical instrument such as a space telescope
Trash container system
Forklift attachment for use in the opening of fiber bales
Ring reinforcement for conventional drum
Flexible film washing and dewatering device for food items
Portable container and method of making portable container
Automatically closing stopper for dispensing liquids from deformable containers
Convertible package and bowl type container
Heat retaining container and method of forming same
Collapsible trash bag holder
Article providing apparatus capable of being installed in a smaller site
Take-up frame system and method with force feedback
Transfer apparatus and transfer method for particulate material
Device and module for feeding web-like material
Reel winding device and process for supporting a winding reel
Winding or rewinding machine for forming large-diameter reels of weblike material
Plastic bag dispenser and support mechanism therefore
Device for de-cambering a supporting material
Motor driven delivery buckets
I. D. card output stacker
Paper feeding apparatus for office automation system
Document feeder with variable-speed separator
Office printing apparatus with shingling of sheets in a duplex loop
Wire reel assembly and wire reel therefor
Wire tractor
Method of transferring individual ends of yarns from a beam to individual cones
Ratchet mechanism for a reel
Automatically rewindable wire device
High load capacity hoist ring
Chain elevator
Linear spreader
Expandable lifting devices and valve assemblies for such lifting devices
Method to raise vehicles
Articulated bucket adapted for a fork-lift truck
Container for storing and supplying water under pressure
Microelectromechanical accelerometer for automotive applications
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Light diffuser device
On-line monitor for detecting excessive temperatures of critical components of a turbine
Textiles; Paper
Die head assembly, apparatus, and process for meltblowing a fiberforming thermoplastic polymer
Apparatus for binding thread running through button sewed on garment
Fixed Constructions
Lightweight, portable vibratory screed
Guide barrier system, especially for securing traffic roads
Crowd control barrier
Road marker with collar
Sanitary animal waste collection holder
Multi-purpose water bag assembly wall system and method
Process of installing piles for supporting a structure upon the earth
Device for injecting filling into cracks of wall
Dome tent pole connector
Column and panel concrete fence
Latch unit and assembly, and method of operating a latch unit
Vehicle door latch
Mounting devices with an externally ribbed anchor, in particular for furniture hinges
Drilling quick connectors
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Scroll type compressor and rotation preventing mechanism used in the same
Vacuum pumps
High excursion ring seal
High-pressure turbine stator ring for a turbine engine
Combination of a ceiling fan frame and a motor casing
Pressure compensated turbine nozzle
Ceramic turbine nozzle
Abnormality detector apparatus for a coolant apparatus for cooling an engine
Fan assembly with a fan locking device for an automotive fluid friction fan clutch
Fluid-operated actuator
Linear actuation and vectoring ring support mechanism for axisymmetric vectoring nozzle
Spring assembly
Perfected electromagnetic metering valve for a fuel injector
Fuel injector filter unit having a composite housing
Fuel injection valve and method for the production of a valve needle for a fuel injection valve
Variable flow pump
Control valve in variable displacement compressor and method of manufacture
Air compressor
Gas lift plunger having grooves with increased lift
Method for providing consistent liquid pressure output from an accumulator
Fluid coupling assembly and method
Controllable high volume positive displacement pump
Rotary lobe pumps
Heat exchanging means for a pump motor using a bypass tube within a recirculating water system
Wire diverter for downrods of ceiling fans
Ceiling fixture decoration assembly
Vacuum pumping systems
Speed limited fan
Coolant pump
Thermal barrier for use in a mechanical seal assembly
Sirocco fan
Wave augmented diffuser for centrifugal compressor
Pump casing for sheet metal pump
Automatic pneumatic pump system
Operation method for a gas-liquid ejector
Furniture combination with connector device
Connector, method for connecting structural members with connector and connection structure between structural members
Sleeve for a fastener for an electrical terminal for a railway rail
Tool adjustment system
Sliding unit with sealing means
Hydrodynamic gas bearing structure
Hydrodynamic gas bearing and manufacturing method thereof
Self-stabilizing, true-tilting pad with generally tapered pocket for journal bearing
Cage for rigid ball bearing and associated ball bearing
Shaft locking device for bearing assemblies
Anti-friction helical spring assembly to prevent one end of a spring from rotating during expansion or compression of the spring
Torque-damping anti-vibration device
Fluid-filled vibration-isolator
Pneumatically controlled, active hydraulic anti-vibration support
Vibration dampening mechanism
Gas spring filler valve
Sealing device
Rotary motion feedthrough device
Piston assembly with piston ring support and sealing member
Solenoid valve with an external sleeve armature
Spherical valve
Hot tap fluid blaster apparatus and method of using same
Plug-in rapid-action coupling device
Pipe lap joint with bridged slot
Connector element for tubing or hoses
Fast connector for gardening hose
Tube connecting structure
Connecting piece for profiled pipes, profiled nipples, corrugated tubes or the like elongate articles
Spin welded fluid connector
Twist pin
Support stand
Parts-mounted member and method of mounting parts
Lighting system for theater seating
Decorative light
Swivel nightlight
Suspended luminaire assembly
Fiber optic light source having a dual characteristic fan
Spring clip light fixture connector
Vehicle Lamp
Reflector, method of manufacturing the same, and display device using the reflector
Surface light source device of side light type
Optical plate having reflecting function and transmitting function
Fixed-housing aimable-beam spotlight luminaire
Light guide plate, planer light source unit and reflection-type liquid-crystal display device
Luminaire having a reflector for mixing light from a multi-color array of leds
Chemical irritant dispenser
Shooting range target carrier
Ink supply system
Method for determining the temperature in a thermal processing chamber
Mirror projection system for a scanning lithographic projection apparatus, and lithographic apparatus comprising such a system
Bar code symbol scanning system having a holographic laser scanning disc utilizing maximum light collection surface area thereof and having scanning facets with optimized light collection efficiency
Rotatable mirror assembly for optical path reversal in a laser scanning machine
Fiber splaying pin keeper for fiber optic connector
Data transfer system incorporating optical fiber link module with internal electromagnetic shield
Method for securing spectacle members together
Apparatus and method for manufacturing a progressive multi-focal lens
Progressive addition lenses with varying power profiles
Presbyopia correction contact lens
Optical device, and projection display device including the same
Device for locking the rotatable bezel of watches, especially underwater watches, and for rendering the winding button watertight
Operating means with a seal, for a timepiece
Watch including means allowing the introduction of electric connecting means inside the watch case
Multi-functional documentary clamping holder for computer typewriting
Printer media with bar code identification system
Debit card having scratch-off label strip and method of applying same
Dual-mode data carrier and circuit for such a data carrier with improved mode change-over
Memory card, and receptacle for same
UART with an IC card reading interface and IC card reading system using the same
Magnetic card reader and card taking-in method for magnetic card
Self-service terminal
Method and system for presenting item information using a portable data terminal
Postage meter machine with a chip card write/read unit and method for operating same
Machine data acquistion system and method
Flexible media stacking and accumulating device
Token drop
Bulk pre-measured single hand dispenser
Vending machine
Methods and apparatus for dynamic smartcard synchronization and personalization
Validation method for electronic cash cards and digital identity cards utilizing optical data storage
Holder for swivelling panels or the like
Method and apparatus for an electromagnetic propulsion system
Low power, low cost illuminated keyboards and keypads
Xenon ceramic lamp with integrated compound reflectors
Robot blade for handling of semiconductor substrates
Apparatuses for forming wire bonds from circuitry on a substrate to a semiconductor chip, and methods of forming semiconductor chip assemblies
Multi-color, multi-pulse laser
Electric-component supplying method and apparatus
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