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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Ergonomic planar grading hand tool
Midmount mower apparatus with raiseable and accessible mower deck
Animal food and treat dispenser
Apparatus and method for rotating avian enclosures
Methods for treating cardiac hypertrophy by administering IFN-.gamma.
Dry powders of metal-containing compounds
System and method for making casingless sausage
Production of capsules and particles for improvement of food products
Soft drink replacer
Golf tee holder
Process for producing a toothbrush
Airtight blast resistant cargo container
Enclosure box attachment apparatus, system, and method
Sheet member holder
Multi-functional infant-carrying device
Closet storage system
Appliance mounting apparatus
Enclosed rotisserie with added convenience
Extraluminal balloon dissection
Clotting cascade initiating apparatus and methods of use and methods of closing wounds
Vascular suction cannula, dilator and surgical stapler
Medical appliance for bridging and stabilizing spaced apart bone segments having a bone screw locking system
Devices and techniques for treating glaucoma
Device and method for the manipulation of organs
Disposable absorbent articles having multiple absorbent core components including replaceable components
Absorbent articles having removable components
Stent with channel(s) for containing and delivering biologically active material and method for manufacturing the same
Guidewire loaded stent for delivery through a catheter
Method of making a bifurcated stent with improved side branch aperture
Transplant material and method for fabricating the same
Attachment of absorbable tissue scaffolds to fixation devices
Artificial intervertebral disc
Gold-containing chemotherapeutic agents
Therapeutic/edible compositions comprising herbal ingredients and methods for treating hyperglycemia
Exendins, exendin agonists, and methods for their use
Methods of treatment with erythropoietin and albumin fusion protein
Method for restoring a fat-pad
Treatment of diabetes
Use of calmodulin to promote bone regeneration
Therapeutic treatments using the direct application of antimicrobial metal compositions
Cosmetic preparation of active substances with a synergistically increased radical protection factor
Apparatus for equalizing air pressure in air respiratory system
Method and device for filtering body fluid
Hygienic treatments of body structures
Fire escape device
Cellulite reducing bench
Climbing tree stand
Multi-layered core golf ball
Golf putter
Grip for a sports pole, and a sports pole having such grip
Obstacle on a bowling lane
Casino bonus game using player input
Compact motion mechanism for an animated doll
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method for separating fluids
Apparatus for directing fluids through a filter system
Feed spacers for filtration membrane modules
Preparation of olefins, particularly of propylene, by dehydrogenation
Halogen substituted catalyst system for olefin polymerization
Catalytic reactor with integral evaporator
Engine fuel injection control system
Method and system for utilizing waste
Separator with bearing lubrication arrangement
Rotary atomizing head type coater
Patching resins for insulating tapes
Vibrating screen with a loading pan
Method and installation for making a workpiece comprising at least a tubular section
Valve integrally associated with microfluidic liquid transport assembly
Strip casting
Method and apparatus for preparing a metal or metal-alloy product for a casting process
Rotating machine, approximately in the form of a hand drill, a percussion drill, a drill hammer or a battery screwdriver
Cooling apparatus having low profile extrusion and method of manufacture therefor
Assembly machine for hand-held adhesive label dispensers
Apparatus of sealing wafer backside for full-face processing
Dustless sander
Truing method and apparatus
Removal tool for locking nut, bolt and clip systems and assemblies
Process for making a reinforced fibrous absorbent member
Method and apparatus for prototyping a three-dimensional object
Apparatus and method for molding articles
Copper foil for printed-wiring board and copper-clad laminate using copper foil for printed-wiring board
Nonwoven webs treated with fixed mobile materials
Microencapsulation of magnetic material using heat stabilization
Pressure sensitively adhesive polyacrylates
Separable layer of bonding material, laminate and method for making same
Multiple page-range printer settings
Lower cutter for compact printer and cutting device including the same
Modular commercial printer
Inkjet ink and inkjet recording method
Thermal ink ejection actuator
Multi-nozzle ink jet head
Ink jet recording head and ink discharge method
Print head for a pagewidth printer incorporating a replicated nozzle arrangement pattern
Printhead capping arrangement
Thermal transfer ribbon with end of ribbon markers
Combination money clip and transmitting and receiving device
Motorcycle tire having tread including two different rubber compounds
Automotive HVAC system and method of operating same utilizing evaporator freezing
Motor vehicle body equipped with retaining means for limiting door intrusion inside the passenger compartment upon lateral impact
Hybrid vehicle
Torque transfer coupling with magnetorheological clutch actuator
Wheel lights
Vibration-proof structure for metallic electrical packaging case
Safety arrangement for a motor vehicle
Automotive outboard air bag system
Anti-lock brake equipment solenoid valve
Pneumatic brake booster, particularly for a motor vehicle
Crawler tractor
Suspension for bicycle seat and handlebar support
Seal assembly for a bicycle bottom bracket
Telescoping boat tower apparatus
Boat washing and towing device
Structure for fastening shipboard-protecting fender
Air intake structure for a small watercraft
Dual compartment beverage container
Hoisting device
Drive system for escalators and pedestrian conveyors
Web winding apparatus having traveling, gimbaled cinch roller and winding method
Sheet conveying apparatus, sheet post-processing apparatus, and image forming apparatus provided with sheet conveying apparatus and image forming apparatus
Sheet conveying device and image forming apparatus including the same
Sheet conveyance apparatus, image forming apparatus, and method for estimating duration of a rotary member
Method and apparatus for overlapping sheets in a sheet feeder and providing the overlapped sheets to a printing press
Mine transportation management system and method using separate ore vessels and transport vehicles managed via communication signals
Cover lift mechanism
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Precipitated calcium carbonate
Method of manufacturing large capacity preforms by MCVD
Hi-temp explosive binder
Under-neutralized alkylxylene sulfonic acid composition for enhanced oil recovery processes
Treating vitamin D responsive diseases
Pyrazole compounds useful as protein kinase inhibitors
Angiotensin converting enzyme homolog and therapeutic and diagnostic uses therefor
Direct encapsulation of biomacromolecules in surfactant templated mesoporous and nanoporous materials
IR reflective pigment compositions
Phase change ink printing process
Fire retardant
Deep conversion combining the demetallization and the conversion of crudes, residues, or heavy oils into light liquids with pure or impure oxygenated compounds
Methods of use of compounds which inhibit the stem cell signaling pathway
Cells for drug discovery
Recombinant adenoviral vector and methods of use
Methionyl tRNA synthetase polypeptides from Staphylococcus aureus
Subfamily of RNA helicases which are modulators of the fidelity of translation termination and uses thereof
Hydrogen production using hydrogenase-containing oxygenic photosynthetic organisms
Process for the preparation of polymeric condensates and their use
Reclaimed magnesium desulfurization agent
Supplying solid feed materials for a direct smelting process
Calcium fluoride crystal and method and apparatus for using the same
Textiles; Paper
Yarn feeder of weft knitting machine and method of feeding yarn for weft knitting machine
Sewing machine
Paper pulp refiner control system and method using active hydrostatic bearings
System for conveying shredded pulp to an ozone reactor
High support double layer forming fabric
Fixed Constructions
Pavement ramp edge making
Means and method for constructing a fully precast top arch overfilled system
Ventilated interlocking translucent blocks
End termination of tension leg
Cutting element orientation or geometry for improved drill bits
Self sealing expandable inflatable packers
Liquid carbon dioxide cleaning of wellbores and near-wellbore areas
Method and system for removing fluid from a subterranean zone using an enlarged cavity
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Propulsion linearizing mechanism
Turbine installation, especially steam turbine installation
Control apparatus for an internal combustion engine and control method thereof
Exhaust emission purification device for internal combustion engine
Method for the control of an internal combustion engine combined with a gas-dynamic pressure wave machine
Fuel injection control device for internal combustion engine
Combustion-engined setting tool with volumetric metering of gaseous fuel
Nested core gas turbine engine
Cylinder block for an internal combustion engine having a locally thickened end wall
Fuel injection control device of internal combustion engine
Fluent control valve
Scroll type fluid machinery
Bearing insert with controlled endplay
Bearing structure
Hydraulic active boom suspension for a telehandler
Torque converter
Tensioner lever
Bonded PTFE radial shaft seal
Low torque ball valve seat
Proportional valve
Ultra-low permeation hose and method of manufacture
Holding device
Seat suspension shock absorber
Fluid transfer system
Lamp housing containing an integrated LED support structure
Mounting member with snap in swivel member
Multiple source collimated beam luminaire
Evaporative burner
Method and apparatus for adding reducing agent to secondary overfire air stream
Outlets for a pyrolytic waste treatment system
Sample temperature regulator
Phobic barrier meniscus separation and containment
Bow grip assembly
Method and arrangement for positioning a sensor head for measuring while object is moving
Physical quantity detecting device having second lead conductors connected to the electrodes and extending to the circumference of the substrate
Method and apparatus for sensing seat occupant weight
Method and device for tracking the edge of a web
Universal connecting device that designates an operational mode
Channel-less separation of bioparticles on a bioelectronic chip by dielectrophoresis
Inspection method and apparatus for determining incipient mechanical failure
Automated capillary liquid chromatography small volume analysis system
Rapid classification of biological components
Assay for rapid detection of human activated protein C and highly specific monoclonal antibody therefor
Acceleration sensor
Dynamic quantity sensor
Dye combinations for image enhancement filters for color video displays
Fiber optical connector
Advanced micro-optics solar energy collection system
Camera and optical apparatus
Operator supported remote camera positioning and control system with variable cross-sectional flexural rigidity
Method for transmitting signals in a projection system and projection system which applies such method
Instant-on projector
Producing low k inter-layer dielectric films using Si-containing resists
E-beam curable resist and process for e-beam curing the resist
Non-resolving mask tiling method for flare reduction
Liquid developer, method of manufacturing the liquid developer, and image forming method and apparatus
Grayscale security microprinting for identification cards
Security tag and process for making same
Wireless payment processing system
Planar laser illumination and imaging (PLIIM) based camera system for producing high-resolution 3-D images of moving 3-D objects
Coin collection system for a gaming machine
Cartridge for dispensing pill - or capsule-form medications in desired doses
Gaming device with bonus scheme having multiple symbol movement and associated awards
Device for suspending a recorder and method for using the same
Fluid mixing apparatus adapter bucket
Thick film compositions containing pyrochlore-related compounds
Heat treatment of iron-based components
Method for manufacturing fluorescent lamp using lead wire holding block
Methods of manufacturing electron-emitting device, electron source, and image forming apparatus
Recycling method and manufacturing method for an image display apparatus
Cleaning method for a semiconductor device manufacturing apparatus
Fabrication of a waveguide taper through ion implantation
Ion beam source with gas introduced directly into deposition/vacuum chamber
Method of fabrication of stacked semiconductor devices
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing
Ion implantation to modulate amorphous carbon stress
Composite dielectric forming methods and composite dielectrics
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Forming a contact in a thin-film device
Method for manufacturing a ruthenium film for a semiconductor device
Electrolytic capacitor and method of producing the same
Method and apparatus for controlling a fuel cell system
Hydrophilic side-chain polymer electrolyte membranes
Fuel cell power plant used as reformate generator
Fuel cell, polyelectrolyte and ion-exchange resin used for same
Fluorescent lamp tube seat
Coaxial cable connector with improved shielding
Coaxial connector for a printed circuit card
Method of producing a piezoelectric element
Detachable breakaway power supply source
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Hilling spade
Subsoiling machine
Tractor implement height holding device
Foot-operated parking brake for walk-behind power tool
Lawnmower raking attachment
Vegetable harvester
Reel pickup tine
Reel tine assembly
Control apparatus for rotatable gearbox on crop harvester
Materials for growing algae and artificial fishing banks
Container and tag assembly
Milking machines and use thereof
Feed dish for animal cages
Method of restraining an animal within an animal squeeze, and an animal squeeze
Curry comb and method of manufacture
Heating apparatus
Gravity deer feeder with baffles
Rotary livestock feeder with feed rate gauge
Piglet milk-feed delivery system
Filamentary rattle banding collar
Mechanical clicking weight
Method and apparatus for catching fleas
Apparatus for providing a slow release of a compressed gas and an insect trap incorporating same
Mouse trap cocking device
Scent pellet and method
Ladder stand stabilizing device
Bucket assembly for holding and cutting dry spaghetti and method for cutting dry spaghetti
Apparatus for continuous manufacture of multi-colored and/or multi-flavored food product
Shoe with stability element
Athletic shoe
Lockable tie down strap
Fastening device with tape, method of manufacturing the same and product to which the fastening device is attached
Method and apparatus for application of slider mechanism to recloseable flexible packaging
Clasp device for sheet materials
Lightening multiple-fold automatic umbrella with control module
Combination cooler/carrier and umbrella
Hermetically sealed cosmetic compact case
Receiving bag of jack
Device for the styling and drying of hair
Variable-configuration hair dryer and nozzle
Cosmetic mask
Paint brush protection sheath
Bathtub brush
Tooth polishing brush
Folding table
Integrated tie for fastening the upholstery of a vehicle seat cushion and/or seatback, and relative fabrication method
Elastomeric hoop attachment device
Bed with suspended platform
Merchandising display structure
Lighting fixture display
Splash/slosh guard for drinking vessels
Camping flatware
Floral sleeve having a decorative pattern
Implement for holding and/or coring vegetables and/or fruits during preparation of the same
Beverage preparer, in particular coffee machine
Disposable foil container
Smokeless barbecue grill
Grilling appliance
Fire starting apparatus
Insulated food storage housing assembly
Innovative structure of brush
Vacuum cleaner with electrostatically charged components
Floor structure for use on ice and the method of using the same
Xyphoid access for cardiac surgical procedures
Method and apparatus for combining injury-mediated therapy and drug delivery
Cancer treatment method
Surgical drape with attachable fluid collection pouch
Container for interdental cleaner
Animal lift and transport apparatus
Shock resistant packaging for a prosthetic heart valve
Method and apparatus of inserting occluder(s) in heart valve prostheses
Apparatus for establishing and maintaining a positive atmospheric pressure surgical field
Mid-wheel drive power wheelchair
Compounding assembly for nutritional fluids
Formulation for inhalation
Polarized gas accumulators and heating jackets and associated gas collection and thaw methods and polarized gas products
Aqueous emulsions of crystalline polymers for coating seeds
Method of making a guiding catheter
Method of and apparatus for automatically coating the human body
Integrated physiologic sensor system
Golf bag with handle in unique location and method
Golf cart and partition rack arrangement
Device for regenerating a brake particularly for skates
Simple device producing both action effect and electronic effect
Actuating device
Performing Operations; Transporting
Fuel treatment apparatus
Sludge collecting apparatus
Condensate handling assembly and method
Apparatus and method for regenerating NOx catalyst for diesel engine
Exhaust gas purifying device for engine
Chemical delivery system having purge system utilizing multiple purge techniques
Pipetting system with a pipetting device and at least one pipette tip releasably fastened thereto
Method and apparatus for collecting and removing recyclable containers from a redemption center for transport to a separating facility and separating the containers and their components
Method and apparatus for cleaning a dispense line
Fluid flow control valve
Liquid coater
Coating thickness control
Method for making paint roller with thermo plastic core
Conveyor loading apparatus
Device and process for inspection of objects, particularly beverage bottles
Reject device for a high-speed packing machine
Modular parts washing apparatus and servicing method
Motorized washing and drying apparatus
Wafer processing apparatus, wafer processing method, and semiconductor substrate fabrication method
Treating tank, and substrate treating apparatus having the treating tank
Method and apparatus for manufacturing semiconductor device
Apparatus for jetting a fluid
Machine for removing wrap-around labels or shrink-wraps from bottles or similar devices
Process for storing heterogeneous rubbish in an inert gas
Method to transform a rolling plant
Flatness control apparatus for a hot rolling mill
Tension control method for a rolling stock section
Method for producing superconducting cable and cable produced thereby
Method for manufacturing a dome from an undersized blank
Method and apparatus for joining metal sheets and the like
Double flare gauge and forming tool for tubing
Ram for metal can shaper
Method for forming crank shaft and method for producing crank shaft
Arrangement of an ingate system with feeding reservoir for feeding castings, and a method of making such a system
Method and installation for producing slabs in a continuous casting plant
Method of repairing cylindrical workpieces and lathe therefor
Metal shears with mechanical advantage
Portable work bench
Automated infeed system
Reinforcement strip
Pressure vessel and method of manufacture thereof
High temperature bolting system
Drilling tool with a suction device
Method and apparatus for automatic loading and registration of PCBs
Automatic bar feeding device, especially for CNC lathes
Apparatus and method for forming a basket bottom
Socket wrench having a rotatable handle
Reversible ratcheting power tool with synchronized motor and ratchet control
Pneumatic tool and air deflector boot therefor
Quick release mechanism for socket drive tool
Apparatus for disassembling an injector head
Swaging tool with multiple pushers
Valve spring removal and installation tool
Adjustable pliers
Locking pliers
Electric machine tool
Tool handle
Apparatus for holding and manipulating tools
Multi-component lawn and garden handle
Tool for marking large flat building material sheets
Robot having multi-joint arms movable in horizontal plane
Electric shaver
Profile cutting machine
Apparatus and method for processing palletized containers
Side seal assembly for a conveyorized work supporting table with vacuum holddown
Method and apparatus for cutting a substrate
Engraving apparatus and method
Production of pipes insulated with foams
Pipe structure and method of manufacture
Method of using detachable lines for positioning pipeline repair liner
Apparatus for applying padding, especially acoustically active padding
Method for forming structure suitable for use as a core member
Press machine
Dunnage material and process
Power feeder apparatus for rotary shaft in printing press
Method and device for assembling flexible plates, for example printing plates
Arrangement for determining register deviations of a multicolor rotary printing machine
Device for cleaning screen plate used in screen printing
Apparatus for injecting working liquid into micro-injecting device and method for injecting the working liquid
Stamp pad with rotary lid and articulated hinge
Method and apparatus for stencil printing
System of hinges for pop-ups
High speed envelope packing apparatus
Anti-skid member and tire equipped with the anti-skid member
Wheel carrier for motor vehicle with a tire-inflating system
Miniature combination valve and pressure transducer system
Assembly line of mounted assemblies with means for verification
Tire with simplified crown reinforcement
Rail conversion module for road tractor
Floatation and snow exclusion components for a suspension system for a snowmobile
Magnetic clutch method and apparatus for driving a vehicle air conditioner
Air conditioning installation with activated carbon filter
Connecting structure for connecting radiator and condenser
Electronic fill limit control
Axle driving apparatus
Four-wheel driven vehicle
Cooling apparatus for internal combustion engine
Drive system, especially for a motor vehicle, and method of operating same
Vehicle drive wheel assembly
Modular seat assembly and method of installing the same within a vehicle
Boat trailer guide
Parking guide
Anti-theft steering wheel blocking lock
Drive device for a windscreen wiper
Compact hydraulic motor
Electric brake apparatus for controlling a current provided to a brake motor
Flatbed railcar with a center support partition
Railcar cushioning device with internal elastomeric spring
Top-of-rail lubrication rate control by the hydraulic pulse width modulation method
Shock absorber
Snowmobile steering and ski suspension
Steering attachment with tapered pin and fastener
Vehicle steering apparatus
Working vehicle with semicrawlers
Motorcycle lock
Bulbous grip for rotatable bicycle gear shifter
Brake caliper for a bicycle disk brake
Bicycle brake cable system
Indicator unit for a bicycle shift control device
Bicycle crank system
Vehicle drive wheel assembly
Hybrid air cushion ground effect vehicle
Device by ship for production/test production of oil/gas from a field below seabed level
Watertight and thermally insulating tank with simplified insulating barrier built into the bearing structure of a ship
Articulated tug and barge mobile lightering connection
Concrete module for floating structures and method of construction
Manually operated catamaran vessels, steering apparatus for such vessels and method of steering such vessels
Steering mechanism
Apparatus for launching projectiles from a host aircraft
Air-conditioning system for airplane cabin
Inflatable tubular structure with spiral seam
Structure and a method for housing equipment pieces in space vehicles such as telecommunication satellites
Packaging machine
Drive and bearing device for the twisting disks of the binding device of a waste bale press
Method and apparatus for filling flexible pouches
Method and apparatus for bunching PTPs and for transferring the bunched-PTPs
Device for sealing lids onto packages
Evacuation and closure device in linear construction
High speed labeling machine having a constant tension driving system
Optical device
Modular pallet structure
Reinforced plastic pallets
Hinge-lid packet plus method and device for manufacturing same
Reduced material box design for round objects
Fixing element for an article in a container
Lyophilization apparatus and methods
Reusable container having a protective coating and method for the recovery thereof
Pharmaceutical packaging with separation means
Cushioning material for packaging
Tongue lid pack and blank for pack
Large drums for high-dispersion, high air content solids, and a method for filling them
Manure storage container
Liquid storage system
Waste receptacle with swept debris pick up and features to maximize convenient use of receptacle liners
Spiral conveyor apparatus with automatic flow control
Conveyor system for overcoming the elastic springback in the flaps of an empty box
High speed revolving board singulator with retracting shoe and variable dwell duckers
Material handling apparatus
Bulk materials loading device
Dyeing range unloader
Small diameter gathering shoe for glass fiber forming
Positioning unit for a yarn splicer
Device for pneumatic splicing of threads and yarns to be installed on textile machines
Method and apparatus for operating an elevator drive in different performance modes
Elevator drive machine
Hand rail driving apparatus for escalator
Telescopic boom
Slewing ring brake
Oil circuit of a jack for rising object to preset position rapidly
Straddle arm for fork lift truck
Telescopic platform for receipt of loads
Pail opener and resealer device
Spirit Chiller
Hose handling system and method
Horse restrainer
Animal control halter
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Glass feeder
Manufacturing method for gas discharge type display panel
Modular construction element
Medium dispensing apparatus and a method for the same
Method of producing castings
Autoclave bonding of sputtering target assembly
Radio frequency supply circuit for in situ cleaning of plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition chamber using NF3 or NF3/He mixture
Method of preparing a hearth roll with a coating
Process for preparation of an article made of enameled sheet steel by a direct method
Method for removing a dense ceramic thermal barrier coating from a surface
Method of making oil scraper piston rings
Textiles; Paper
Device for measuring the thickness and/or unevenness of wadding or non-wovens
False twist texturing machine
Process and equipment for bulk-texturing and simultaneous interlacing of thermoplastic yarns, using heating fluids
Seat belt webbing double faced with ribs
Measuring feeding device with brake shoe clamp
Let-off warp beam coupling device
Device for delivering harness elements of a power loom
Knitting machine for and method of knitting high density fabrics
Double face warp knit fabric with two-side effect
Cooling apparatus for knitting components
Method and device for production of knitwear
Reinforced flexible hose
Method and apparatus for sewing and cutting layered cloth
Method for energy efficient control of a dryer of clothes
Feeding of comminuted fibrous material to a pulping process
Seal arrangement for through-air drying papermaking machine
Calender for treatment of a product web
Roll machine and process for operating the same
Fixed Constructions
Soft sandwich board system and method
High efficiency snow thrower
Quick release locking means for a cover
Battery-powered working machine
Single-control mixing valve
Toilet tank fill valve with adjustable standpipe
Bi-directional cleanout with backflow preventer
Metal wall framework and clip
Connection for a lightweight steel frame system
Cladding system and panel for use in such system
Connector assembly for ceiling grid
Modular construction systems
Rebar protection strip
Universal starter shingle
Skylight protector
Adjustable roof membrane
Composite cladding system
Log facade
Clamp assembly for attaching panels to substrate
Carpet remover
Method and apparatus for seismically retrofitting a household chimney
Compact umbrella anchor and method
Memorial plaque with removable marker block
Collapsible shelter/tent with frame locking mechanism
Aisle riser backstops for telescopic seating systems
Power system for extending and retracting a structure
Security lock for portable articles
Bi-fold door lift apparatus
Method and apparatus for automatically driving an open/close body
Housings for automatic door mechanisms, revolving doors, sensor strips, sensor strips with integrated rails, and sliding door drive systems having a fastening system for end caps of the housings, which housings are formed by sections
Double-hung window structure and seals
Hurricane force wind resistance sliding glass door assembly and associated methods
Engineered enhanced inserts for rock drilling bits
Open barrel cage
Pipe gripping device
Selectively locking locator
Shifting apparatus and method for use in tubular strings for selective orientation of tubular strings below the shifting apparatus
Downhole force generator and method
Pull-through tubing string rotator for an oil well
Computer controlled downhole safety valve system
Casing for noise attenuation in a rock drilling rig
Method and apparatus for controlling the permeability of mineral bearing earth formations
Well production apparatus
Method and apparatus for directional boring
Method and apparatus for intersecting downhole wellbore casings
Tool having a tungsten carbide insert
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Thermally compliant liner
Method for operating a gas turbogenerator set
Method of controlling and regulating a power plant, and power plant for implementing the method
Dynamic condensate system
Retainer for rocker arm coupling in an internal combustion engine
Camshaft drive for engine
Sheet metal rocker arm, manufacturing method thereof, cam follower with said rocker arm, and assembling method thereof
Method for regulating the operation of an adjusting device
Control apparatus for varying a rotational or angular phase between two rotational shafts
Camshaft phase controlling device
Shutter valve system for internal combustion engines
Breather baffle
Four-stroke engine
Multi-Fold side branch muffler
Stamp-formed muffler
Lean catalyst and particulate filter control system and method
Extension of exhaust manifold conduit into exhaust pipe
Latent heat storage system for use in a vehicle
Cooling device for internal combustion engines
Cooling device of an engine
Vehicle cooling system with system motor control apparatus
Two stroke engine with displacer
DC centering of free piston machine
Free-piston engine
Composite intake manifold assembly for an internal combustion engine and method for producing same
Fuel direct injection type two cycle internal combustion engine
Separate process engine
Engine starting apparatus
Coal gasification combined cycle power generation plant and an operating method thereof
Piezoelectric chemical ignition device
Gas turbine
Method and apparatus for controlling intake air flow rate of an engine and method for controlling output
Method and apparatus for desulfating a NOx trap
Fuel control system for internal combustion engine
Control equipment for internal combustion engines
Methods for avoiding bucking oscillations during acceleration of vehicles
Throttle control for internal combustion engine having failure detection function
Combustion chamber system having an improved configuration with squish areas
Acoustic igniter and ignition method for propellant liquid rocket engine
Motor vehicle intake muffler duct
Internal ram fuel delivery
Anti-rotation mechanism for a high pressure fuel supply pipe in a common rail fuel system
Fuel injection valve for the cylinder injection
Pilot valve controlled three-way fuel injection control valve assembly
Spring motor for generating constant torque
Servovalve having a trapezoidal drive
Off-setting rate of pressure rise in a fluid system
Directional-control valve
Driver, fastener and forming tool
Silent damper with anti-rattle shaft
Dust cover mounting structure
Spindle drive unit
Lock-up piston in a torque converter
Method and apparatus
Fluid supply system in vehicles
Pressure relief system for chemical storage tanks
Safety gas valve
Method of fixing a plurality of lower members each having reference bore for installing upper member, and fixing jigs
Staked dual valve assembly
Valve manifold box and method of making same
Valve system with differentiated flow rates to be combined into batteries
Solenoid valve with permanent magnet
Insulated marine pipe apparatus and method of installation
Bearing protector device
Device for draining fluid from a container
Lubrication system
System and method for controlled delivery of liquefied gases including control aspects
Illuminated sign
Method of improving the performance of a cyclone furnace for difficult to burn materials, and improved cyclone furnace thereof
Process for melting down combustion residues into slag
Refuse incinerating oven
Gas flow arrestor
Air modulated carburetor with axially moveable fuel injector tip and swirler assembly responsive to fuel pressure
Burner and process for operating gas turbines with minimal NOx emissions
Transportable vending cart with wood-fired oven
Structure of an oven
Refrigerant pipe unit for room air-conditioner
Air-conditioning control information display method and air-conditioning controller
Air conditioning system
Compact indoor unit of an air conditioner
System and method for controlling temperature and humidity
Air conditioning system
Air Conditioning system and method for operating the same
Baffles for water heaters
Bi-directional refrigerant expansion and metering valve
Refrigerator damper control and lighting assembly housing
Process for separating a multi-component pressurizied feed stream using distillation
Drying apparatus for bulk materials
Bake carbon flue straightener
Distributing/collecting tank for the at least dual flow evaporator of a motor vehicle air conditioning system
Self-enclosing heat exchangers
Counterbalance weight device
Weaponry sight device
Method and system for determining the probable location of a contact
Optopyrotechnic demolition installation
Voltage-protected semiconductor bridge igniter elements
Electromechanical dimensioning device
Vibrating gyroscope with elastic vibration isolator
Compact device for metering gas at variable pressure
Fluid level measuring device
Fluid pressure testing
Apparatus and method for testing thrust bearings
Method of detection of output fluctuation in internal combustion engine
Tissue chuck
Method and apparatus for field fluid sampling and dissolved gas analysis
Apparatus for studying the effects of flow fields imposed on a material during processing
Portable universal friction testing machine and method
Gasket adhesion test grip tool
Apparatus and methods for performing acoustical measurements
Method of resonant life cycle comparison inspection by serial number
Apparatus and method for testing leaf springs
Method of making a flow cell for light absorption measurement of small volume samples
Acceleration sensor with ring-shaped movable electrode
Manipulation of micromechanical objects
Method for compressing wire mesh grip to facilitate installation on cables
Method and system for fast probe failure determination
Flow control valve
Merchandising markers accomodating anti-theft sensor
Cartridge holder
Method for the production of a magnetic head
Method for producing a varistor based on a metal oxide and a varistor produced using this method
Plasma processing apparatus
Substrate processing method and apparatus
Vapor assisted rotary drying method and apparatus
Method for ashing
Method of forming connector structure for a ball-grid array
Clean box, clean transfer method and apparatus therefor
Alignment fixture
Heat sink
Folded fin heat sink and a heat exchanger employing the heat sink
Stackable heat sink for electronic components
Method of assembling a ground fault interrupter wiring device
Structure of a wire winding box
Method of securing magnets of revolving electric machine
Holographic transparent speaker
Electronic component- mounting apparatus and component-feeding device therefor
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