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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Method of processing fish and a fish processing plant
Sliding tarpaulin for hauling material
Spindle drive for a lumbar support in the backrest structure of a motor vehicle seat
Wall mount cabinet system
Applicator distributor of a pasty product
Endoscope hand assist device
Variably flexible insertion device and method for variably flexing an insertion device
Insertion assisting tool for endoscope and endoscope operating method
Endoscope light intensity controller
Methods and devices for endoscopic treatment of organs
Adjustable cap and lancing device and method of use
Spacer for use in arthroplasty on a knee joint
Distraction device used for osteogenesis
Intervertebral implant for the lumbosacral joint
Dynamic stabilization connecting member with floating core, compression spacer and over-mold
Polyaxial bone screw with uploaded threaded shank and method of assembly and use
Skeletal flexible/rigid rod for treating skeletal curvature
Handpiece for tissue treatment
Method for diagnosing a disease state using ocular characteristics
Non-contact ultrasonic tonometer
Opthalmology photographing apparatus
Electronic auscultation device
Gadolinium containing prussian blue nanoparticles as nontoxic MRI contrast agents having high relaxivity
Sleep state measuring apparatus and sleep state measuring method
Suckback prevention device for single use high-speed turbine dental drill handpiece
Method for reconstruction of teeth
Tooth implant
Organ manipulator having suction member supported with freedom to move relative to its support
Disposable wearing article
Coatings including dexamethasone derivatives and analogs and olimus drugs
Sling anchor system
Ciliated stent-like-system
Implant delivery device
Prosthetic heart valves with flexible leaflets
Osteochondral implant procedure
Retention structure for in situ formation of an intervertebral prosthesis
Lower leg prosthesis with improved roll over
Hydrotherapy jet
Dietary supplement and a method to enhance sleep and lucid dreaming
Compositions containing inclusion complexes
Combinations of vasoactive agents and their use in the treatment of sexual dysfunctions
Method and composition for cutaneous treatment of herpes simplex infections
Chimeric proteins, their preparation and pharmaceutical compositions containing them
Ovo vaccination of Campylobacter in avian species
Antibodies to Apo-2 receptor polypeptides
Taste modified hard confectionery compositions containing functional ingredients
Antimicrobial solid surface materials containing chitosan-metal complexes
Lactic acid polymer and process for producing the same
Methods, devices and systems for counterpulsation of blood flow to and from the circulatory system
Fluid connection device, system and method for continuously taking fluid microsamples using this device
Implantable device for the treatment of obesity
Platform cannula for guiding the expansion of expandable bodies and method of use
Intravascular filter with debris entrapment mechanism
Low profile instrument access device
Multi-purpose tubing apparatus
Single port device with multi-lumen cap
Needle assembly for use in delivering precise dosages of proteinaceous pharmaceutical compositions and methods for use of same
Electric stepper
Stationary exercise apparatus
Golf club head
Visual and tactile confirmation golf grip and system
Sports equipment stick with truss construction
Bunt guard
Apparatus for operating roller imbedded in a shoe up and down
Interlocking shoe structure
Techniques for use with computerized games having cards
Network gaming system
Method and apparatus for a wagering game having a game outcome determined from a player selected indicia set
Performing Operations; Transporting
Modified amine-aldehyde resins and uses thereof in separation processes
Separating agent for an enantiomeric isomer
Apparatus for inhibiting fines carryover
Thermal shock resistant soot filter
Particulate filter
Flexible size adjustable filter element with end-cap
Catalytic purification device
Method of decomposing nitrogen dioxide
Production of one or more useful products from lesser value halogenated materials
Systems and methods of microfluidic membraneless exchange using filtration of extraction outlet streams
Agitation/deaeration device
Apparatus for producing microbubble liquid and device for atomizing air bubbles using the same
Disposable cup with a rotating spoon
Ultraviolet and/or ozone-generating disinfection device
Titanium dioxide based photocatalytic composites and derived products on a metakaolin support
Porous bodies and methods
Method and apparatus for cleaning and surface conditioning objects using plasma
Method and apparatus for cleaning and surface conditioning objects using plasma
Apparatus and method for cleaning a driver used in disk drive manufacturing
Indexable drill
Metal cutting system for effective coolant delivery
Cutting tool
Abrasive air blast system with air cooler for blast nozzle and air dryer for storage tank
Method for molding an integral joint
Gravimetric blender with power hopper cover
Vertical type injection molding machine
Apparatus and method for inflation extrusion molding of pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet
Foaming methods for making cellular thermoplastic materials
Adjustable steering column utilizing a sleeve and a method of forming a filler with a sleeve
Manufacturing method for pneumatic tire
Integrated circuit placement system
Deflection device including gas flow restriction device
Printhead having ejection nozzles with displaceable fluid chambers
Jet directionality control using printhead nozzle
Modular inkjet printhead assembly
External particle mitigation without exceeding drooling limitations
Heat element configuration for a reservoir heater
Melt plate for use in a solid ink jet printer
Installing fluid container in fluid ejection device
Printing system having coupled media cartridge and drive mechanism
Coloring material recording device, coloring material recording program, and image forming apparatus
Inkjet printing apparatus and method of predicting
System, method and apparatus for fabricating a c-aperture or E-antenna plasmonic near field source for thermal assisted recording applications
Animated novelty device
Adjustable spring pad
Reconfigurable pallet
Recreational vehicle ramp and storage lift
Vehicle ceiling structure
Method and apparatus to prioritize input acceleration and clutch synchronization performance in neutral for a hybrid powertrain system
System and method for controlling a ventilation unit of a vehicle
Turbine airfoil cooling system with diffusion film cooling hole having flow restriction rib
Turbine airfoil cooling system with curved diffusion film cooling hole
Bag with adjustable strap adapted to be carried on shoulders or back
Transport device, overlap feed sign detection device, and computer readable medium
Mail doubles detection and correction system
Sheet feeding device and image forming apparatus
Sheet finishing apparatus and control method
Conveying apparatus
Sheet conveying device and image forming apparatus
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Use of a nozzle for manufacturing sodium percarbonate
Stable aqueous dispersions of precipitated silica
Treatment device for cooling and magnetically treating liquid within a container and associated methods
Method of treating water by ballasted flocculation/settling, which includes a continuous measurement of the ballast, and corresponding installation
Floating aquatic plant culture systems and associated methods
Colloidal sealant composition
Architectural stone composition and method of use
Mineral binder and process for producing same
Degradation of TATP, TNT, and RDX using mechanically alloyed metals
Compositions and methods for modifying a surface suited for semiconductor fabrication
Enhanced bonding layers on titanium materials
Hierarchical chromonic structures
Sucrose inversion process
Method for producing titanium metal
System and process for fabricating photovoltaic cell
Plasma processing apparatus
Plasma apparatus and plasma processing method
Electroplating method for depositing continuous thin layers of indium or gallium rich materials
Plasma processing apparatus and semiconductor device manufactured by the same apparatus
Process for the preparation of a catalytic specie using electro-deposition
Textiles; Paper
Method for producing hosiery with aloe finish
Roll body for a press roll
Fixed Constructions
Portable wheel step
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Turbine for power generation in a drill string
Vane pump with coated vanes
Axial fan
Impeller arrangement
Thermal shield at casing joint
Impeller and cooling fan incorporating the same
Feeding film cooling holes from seal slots
Valve for controlling fluids
Wind turbine with liquid medium distribution system
Wind-power water supply pump
Fuel pump for internal combustion engine
Gas compressor with a pressure bypass valve being formed in a compressed gas passage or an oil separation space
Gas turbine having a peripheral ring segment including a recirculation channel
Axial flow pump
Outdoor unit of air conditioner
Self-sealing fasteners
Device and method for mounting objects on a vehicle wall
Fuser member and fuser member surface layer
Fluid dynamic bearing device
Retained roller assembly
Fluid-filled type vibration damping device
Self-pumping hydropneumatic spring strut
Torque transmission structure, traction drive transmission device, and steering device for vehicle
Differential for vehicle
Continuously variable belt transmission for a vehicle
Gate valve and semiconductor manufacturing apparatus
Butterfly valves having sleeve inserts
Valve for use in connection with oil production and gas production
Shut-off system for large conduit cross-sections, having a swing flap
Holding device for a shower attachment
Device for connecting two duct elements and a baffle in an aircraft air conditioning system
Gas supply coupling for a water heater
Delineator extraction system
LED illuminator
LED lighting device
Fluorescent light fixture retrofit kit
Vehicular lighting fixture
Tiled illumination assembly and related methods
Surface light source device, lighting device and image display device
Light redirecting films and film systems
Rotary valve arranged in multi-gas cooker
System and method for temperature measurement
Method for determining whether a liquid is properly stirred
Method for specifically detecting analyte using photocurrent, and electrode, measuring cell and measuring device for use therein
Magnetic sensor, production method of the same, and target substance detecting apparatus and biosensor kit using the same
Systems and methods for mirror mounting with minimized distortion
Multifocal lens having a progressive optical power region and a discontinuity
Camera module with premolded lens housing and method of manufacture
Portable electronic device with micro-projecting module
Method for marking a material and resulting marked material
Device for helping a toddler learn to walk
Systems and methods for improved health care compliance
Method and apparatus for group learning via sequential explanation templates
Method for manufacturing liquid discharge head
Polymer-supported metal complex catalyst
Method for producing a giant magnetostrictive alloy
Substrate transfer apparatus and method for controlling down flow
Large area substrate processing system with between chamber platform
Phosphors and lighting apparatus using the same
Process for producing connector and connector produced by the same process
Watertight electric connection device including two conjugated connection members
Substrate fixing member and electronic device
Electronic type removal preventing connector
Socket with an easily operated cover
Connector structure, plug connector, receptacle connector and electronic device
Electrical connection bar and adapted connection device
Universal serial bus (USB) connector retaining device and arrangement
Expired Patents Due To Time
Footwear sole
Shoe bottom
Shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Business card holder
Golf club travel bag
Contact lens case
Eyeglass holder
Single-stack hardware box
Double-stack hardware box
Tool box
Backpack bag
Umbrella shade
Cleaning brush having back-to-back planar and concave heads
Toothbrush handle
Folding brush
Task chair
Massage chair
Conference chair
Stadium bed
Oval dining table
Furniture server
Metal shelving device
Display unit
Furniture base
Furniture storage unit
Stacked shelf cart for storage and transport
Display fixture component
Corner desk
Storage cabinet with patterned door
Deodorizing and sanitizing toilet plunger container
Picture frame
Skirt hanger
Barbecue grill
Bacon cooker
Baking pan
Tray holder with hand grips
Wall and ceiling speaker bracket
Drapery hardware bracket
Door handleset
Door handleset
Door handleset
Door hinge on a modular storage shed
Linkage assembly for use with push button latch and lock operating assemblies
Slotted arrow quarter turn latch
Remote activation padlock with window
Combination padlock
Portions of a clamp bracket assembly for use with push button latch and lock operating assemblies
Low profile cable tie
Bubble bottle and bubble wand
Wet wipe dispenser
Display package
Package case
Reusable transparent packaging
Transparent packaging bag
Door handleset
Bathroom accessory
Above-tub wall-mounted bath toy container
Soap dispenser
Hand/stand mixer
Human Necessities
Portable authentication device and method using iris patterns
Automatic-on hearing aids
Production of animal feed
Display hook back for pegboard
Mobile robots and their control system
Catheter for delivering electromagnetic energy for enhanced permeation of substances
Bio-electic interface adapter with twelve-lead ECG capability and provision for defibrillation
Patient monitor for determining a probability that a patient has acute cardiac ischemia
Apparatus and methods for detecting and processing EMG signals
Bioelectrical impedence measuring method and body composition measuring apparatus
Living body measuring apparatus with built-in weight meter
System and method for mapping a surface
Image guidance for coronary stent deployment
Intramuscular stimulation apparatus and method
Dispensing method using indirect coupling
Pulmonary artery catheter for left and right atrial recording
Electrotransort device comprising blades
Method and system for endotracheal/esophageal stimulation prior to and during a medical procedure
Implantable medical device with single bit upset error detection and correction
Performing Operations; Transporting
Biologically-inspired multi-segmented robot
Robot alignment system and method
Apparatus for taking out molded products
Method and apparatus for data manipulation and system control in a selective deposition modeling system
Wireless interaction with memory associated with a replaceable module for office equipment
Systems and methods for printing shipping labels for recycling printing device replaceable components
Method and device for detecting a rough road section
Method for detecting a locked axle on a locomotive AC traction motor
Method for installing and removing automatic lift-type mobile facility, method of automatic lift-type power generation, and automatic lift-type mobile facility
Distributed radio telephone for use in a vehicle
Smart airbag system
Mobile security system with cellular transceiver, position reporting and remote actuation
Brake booster control device and method of controlling the same
Apparatus, method and system for a wireless communication and local positioning system in an automated, industrial and/or manufacturing environment
Powder container and image forming apparatus using same
Guide mechanism, paper feed control method, and image-forming device
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Crystalline frap complex
Textiles; Paper
Process and apparatus for control of a component of a textile machine with a plurality of similar, adjacent workstations
Simultaneous injection method and system for a self-balancing rotatable apparatus
Fixed Constructions
Target excavation surface setting device for excavation machine, recording medium therefor and display unit
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Apparatus for monitoring gas turbine engine operation
Method for determining a turbine pump RPM profile
Method and apparatus for continuous prediction, monitoring and control of compressor health via detection of precursors to rotating stall and surge
Method coordinating operating behavior of motor vehicle device
Device for thermally processing a gas stream, and method for same
Method for determining fluid flow characteristic curves of heat-dissipating system
Calibration of multi-axis accelerometer in vehicle navigation system
Sightseeing guide system
Vehicle navigation network, apparatus and method for use in a mobile telecommunication system
Portable GPS velosity/distance meter
Modular data sensing and logging system
Internal clock generating circuitry having testing function
Ratio testing
Method and apparatus for testing a circuit
Event based semiconductor test system
Method and system for improving a transistor model
LSI verification method, LSI verification apparatus, and recording medium
Multiple error and fault diagnosis based on Xlists
Method to improve a testability analysis of a hierarchical design
Designing integrated circuits to reduce temperature induced electromigration effects
Method and apparatus for improving fault test coverage for an integrated circuit
Remote battery plant monitoring system
Camera finder device
Camera incorporating real-image finder
Lens cap transmission apparatus with close-up and start-up functions
Imaging system and method
Photographing lens system
Shake reduction camera
Method and apparatus for application of proximity correction with relative segmentation
Image reading-out apparatus
Method of controlling an AC voltage applied to an electrifier
Method and system for increasing flash rate in a document reproduction system
Method and device for generating and adjusting temperature values in a fixing roller of a toner image fixing unit
Cleaning web advancement and drive control mechanism
Cleaning brush for electrostatographic imaging apparatus and apparatus containing same
Toner recycling device and method, and image forming apparatus and method using the toner recycling device
Stable adaptive control using critic designs
Control system for controlling safety-critical processes
Method and apparatus for integration of real-time tool data and in-line metrology for fault detection in an advanced process control (APC) framework
Offset regulation device
Transmitter with software for determining when to initiate diagnostics
Process protection system
System and method for installing an auditable secure network
High gain local clock buffer for a mesh clock distribution utilizing a gain enhanced split driver clock buffer
Post-manufacture signal delay adjustment to solve noise-induced delay variations
Mobile computer with audio interrupt system
Method and system for performing problem determination procedures in hierarchically organized computer systems
Storage unit subsystem
System and method for handling temporary errors on a redundant array of independent tapes (RAIT)
Method for managing primary and secondary storage devices in an intelligent backup and restoring system
Computer system for dynamically scaling busses during operation
Data management method for backup memory
System and method to support out-band storage subsystem management via SCSI bus when operating power to a computer system is off
Debugging data processing systems
System and method for reducing disk chatter from disk-based data storage systems
Method and apparatus for accessing memory
Microcomputer including flash memory overwritable during operation and operating method thereof
Information recording and reproduction apparatus
Apparatus for associating cache memories with processors within a multiprocessor data processing system
Mechanism for high performance transfer of speculative request data between levels of cache hierarchy
Data processor and data processor system having multiple modes of address indexing and operation
Using current recovery mechanisms to implement dynamic mapping operations
Method and apparatus for allocating data and instructions within a shared cache
Port prioritization scheme
Data management for multi-bit-per-cell memories
Closed-loop node membership monitor for network clusters
Arbitrating command requests in a parallel multi-threaded processing system
Redundant peripheral device subsystem
Digital signal processor and method for prioritized access by multiple core processors to shared device
System and method for distributing output queue space
Apparatus for processing memory access requests
Universal resource access controller
Computer system for processing system management interrupt requests
Asochronous centralized multi-channel DMA controller
Selectively coupling an upstream terminal to a USB hub circuit in accordance with a video sync signal
Apparatus for swapping, adding or removing a processor in an operating computer system
Manufacturing testing of hot-plug circuits on a computer backplane
Method and apparatus for performing selective data reads from a memory
Communicating with devices over a bus and negotiating the transfer rate over the same
Method for calculating the heart rate variability for being applied in an ECG monitor, and ECG monitor comprising an appropriate calculation program
Parallel system and method for performing fast fourier transform
System for the facilitation of supporting multiple concurrent languages through the use of semantic knowledge representation
Data replication for front office automation
Synchronization of databases with record sanitizing and intelligent comparison
Product identifier, catalog and locator system and method
Binary data search method for selecting from among candidate data, and apparatus therefor
Look-ahead tree structure
Data file processing
Information processing apparatus for managing data according to mode
System for finding, identifying, tracking, and correcting personal information in diverse databases
Map information providing system and map information searching method
Apparatus and methodology for submitting search oueries
Determining trends using text mining
Method and apparatus for automated cancellation of orders for securities
Software based methodology for the storage and retrieval of diverse information
Gene expression and evaluation system using a filter table with a gene expression database
Method for selecting node variables in a binary decision tree structure
Web page accessing of data bases and mainframes
Sampling for database systems
Method of configuring integrated circuits using greedy algorithm for partitioning of N points in P isothetic rectangles
Method for estimating porosity of hardmacs
In-place method for inserting repeater buffers in an integrated circuit
Method for designing layout of semiconductor device, storage medium having stored thereon program for executing the layout designing method, and semiconductor device
Method and apparatus for optimal critical netlist area selection
Global routing determination method and storage medium
Cell interconnect delay library for integrated circuit design
Circuit synthesis method
Classification of the variables in a system of simultaneous equations described by hardware description languages
Timing driven interconnect analysis
Method for determining the desired decoupling components for power distribution systems
Web-based mining of statistical data
Method and system for content-based document security, routing, and action execution
Protected storage of core data secrets
Nested strong loader apparatus and method
Keypad structure
Method for switching a plurality of key functions allocated to a special key
System for data transmission to recording device
Command queue control device
Method and apparatus for generating an audio signature for a data item
Apparatus and method for carrying out data linkage among a plurality of applications
Support for summary tables in a database system that does not otherwise support summary tables
Persistent state database for operating system services
Method and apparatus for performing multiplication/addition operations
Apparatus and method for saturating data in register
Data processing system and method for performing enhanced pipelined operations on instructions for normal and specific functions
Input/output system with mask register bit control of memory mapped access to individual input/output pins
Method frame storage using multiple memory circuits
Information processing apparatus provided with branch history with plurality of designation ways
Software producing method, processor, processing method and recording medium
User centric program product distribution
Method and apparatus for identifying a computer through bios scanning
Method of remote booting of a client computer in a LAN
Electronic equipment
Method and system for supporting multiple operating systems on the same disk running on different computers at the same time
File loader in information processing system of multiprocessor configuration
System for downloading computer software with broadcasting program
Method and system for calculating interconnect moments and delay
Instruction execution mechanism
Method and system for managing semaphores in an object-oriented multi-tasking computer system
Method and system for event notification between software application program objects
Data carrying device and systems for use therewith
Methods for identifying partial periodic patterns of infrequent events in an event sequences
Multiple size reductions for image segmentation
Line direction deciding device, image inclination detecting device and image inclination correcting device
Object recognition with occurrence histograms
Machine learning method
Image retrieval by comparing wavelet encoded database images with input shapes
Matching geometric objects
Methods for automatically verifying the performance of a virtual robot
Genetic programming problem solver with automatically defined stores loops and recursions
Method of assessing environmental load and apparatus of doing the same
Method of numerical times series prediction based on non-numerical time series
System and method for analyzing different scenarios for operating and designing equipment
Operational system for operating on client defined rules
Service advertisements in wireless local networks
Contest server
Financial management system including an offset payment process
Removing noise caused by artifacts from a digital image signal
Method of automatically analyzing patterns
Picture decoding method and apparatus
Quality priority image storage and communication
Image predictive coding method
System and method for employing digital postage marks as part of value-added services in a mailing system
Method for estimating a life of apparatus under narrow-band random stress variation
Gambling chip recognition system
Radio communication device and message display method thereof
Mobile phones producing an image using image templates
Method and system for mapping traffic congestion
Method and apparatus for providing time-variant geographical information and a user device therefor
Navigation system, navigation information providing server, and navigation server
Interface repository browser and editor
Active noise reduction audiometric headphones
Information processing for retrieving coded audiovisual data
Server based speech recognition user interface for wireless devices
Network interactive user interface using speech recognition and natural language processing
Reduced length infinite impulse response weighting
Digital-signal playback apparatus
Method and apparatus of Viterbi detection for trellis-code
Method for selecting a robotic mechanism best suited to perform a job from multiple robotic mechanisms in a storage library
System of sharing objects having a plurality of contents
System and method for editing video information
Picture image recording device
Information recording medium, method for recording information, and method for reproduction information
Technique for updating a content addressable memory
System and method for handling a power supply interruption in a non-volatile memory
Semiconductor integrated circuit and design method and manufacturing method of the same
Asynchronous request/synchronous data dynamic random access memory
Method and apparatus for configuring a memory device and a memory channel using configuration space registers
Electrical fault detection circuit with dual-mode power supply
Method and apparatus for automatic calibration of critical dimension metrology tool
Apparatus and method for conditioning polysilicon circuit elements
Switchable low-pass superconductive filter
Planar filter and filter system using a magnetic tuning member to provide permittivity adjustment
Automatic gain control device and method for base band signaling in communications
Overload distortion protection for a wideband receiver
Parallel oversampled decimator filter
Filter for time division multiplex filtering of a plurality of data trains, and operating methods therefor
Burst error and additional random bit error correction in a memory
Modified Reed-Solomon multiplication
System and method for remote convenience function control utilizing near isotropic receiving antenna system
Power-saving mode for portable communication devices
Cellular handset with adjustable analog to digital conversion
Method and device for echo suppression
Radio communication device and transmission power control method for radio communication device
Mobile communication system with down-link frame numbering
Encoder for multiplexing blocks of error protected bits with blocks of unprotected bits
Receiver-driven layered error correction multicast over heterogeneous packet networks
Incremental redundancy radio link protocol
Network event correlation system using formally specified models of protocol behavior
Processes and apparatuses for managing network devices
Separately powered network interface for reporting the activity states of a network connected client
Method and apparatus to detect lost buffers with a descriptor based queue
Over the air service provisioning (OTASP) method in mobile communication system
Electronic mail alerting system and method with user options
Vehicle computer system
Methods and apparatus for redirecting network cache traffic
Methods and elements to reduce the number of quieries to a foreign network element
Method and system for hosting applications
Methods, systems and computer program products for cache management using admittance control
Apparatus and method for demonstrating and confirming the status of a digital certificates and other data
Method and apparatus for image authentication
Apparatus and method of controlling a voice controlled operation
Telephone call optimizer
Communication device having radio unit for performing radio communication
Method and system for optimizing bandwidth cost via caching and other network transmission delaying techniques
Tandem access control processor connected to the public switched telephone network for controlling features
Method and system for processing a telephone call
Information processing system
Transcoding for consumer set-top storage application
Apparatus and method of displaying electronic preview guide
Bi-directional remote control unit and method of using the same
Method and apparatus for providing a calendar-based planner in an electronic program guide for broadcast events
Process for controlling access to a domestic network and device implementing the process
Internet download enhancement system
Information reproducing system, information recording/reproducing system, and recording medium applicable to the system
Method and system for providing multiple services per trigger
Method for controlling the access authorizations of telecommunication devices at cooperation stations
Method of providing a digital mobile phone with data communication services
PCS pocket phone/microcell communication over-air protocol
Authentication methods
Method and arrangement for transferring special cell information in a cellular system
System and method for mobile controlled direct mode wireless local calling
Method and apparatus to transmit audio into the human ear
Acoustical transducer with reduced parasitic capacitance
Method for fitting a universal hearing device shell and conformal tip in an ear canal
Head tracking with limited angle output
Manufacturing system with feeder/programming/buffer system
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew
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