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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Horseback riding animal cradle
Apparatus and methods for the illumination of fishing rods
Fishing trigger device
Air conditioner with automatic air filter cleaner
Machine for the production of oil
Disposable and reusable germ screen
Food container with media player
Method for making up the nails and article for the implementation of the method
Television device and stand
Back-scratching and washing device for use in a shower
Footwear cleaner and disinfectant
Dental prosthesis and dental appliance storage box
Beveled toothpick
Tray for a walker
Implantable stimulator
Implanted cardiac device for defibrillation
Insulative structure for MRI compatible leads
Performing Operations; Transporting
Drum coating device
Solution deposition assembly
Apparatus for continuous corrugation of a metallic tube
Method and apparatus for forming flanges during hot-forming
Sealing shrink wrap machine
Method for forming a wheel bearing apparatus
Lift arm assembly
Spin improvement string tool
Production method of rotating device having thrust dynamic pressure generating site on which a thrust pressure pattern is formed and rotating device produced by said production method
Strip casting apparatus for rapid set and change of casting rolls
Miter saw
Apparatus and method for removing a dry tube assembly from a nuclear reactor pressure vessel
Apparatus and method for producing waterproof structural corrugated paperboard
Multi-use dual-engine, variable-power drive
Articulating base water sports tower
Water balloon filler and tier
Dispensing system
Bottle cap
Easy opening packaging for liquid or gel products
Recyclable drum having inwardly folded end portions
Multi-functional video device support accessory
Package for consumer product
Conveyor for printed sheet material with air assisted drop
Sheet feeding apparatus
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Plasma CVD apparatus, method for manufacturing semiconductor film, method for manufacturing thin-film solar cell, and method for cleaning plasma CVD apparatus
Textiles; Paper
Laundry treating appliance with tumble pattern control
Fixed Constructions
Self adjusting latch for a ramp
Snow removal device
Method, system and apparatus for providing water to a heat engine via a dammed water source
Excavating apparatus with swivel mount employing swivel adapter with gear bearings having gears with divergent thickness
Faucet structure
Toilet cleanser and deodorizer dispenser
Universal construction framing connector
Compact climbing tree stand with telescoping footbed and a plurality of utilization modes
Apparatus for a wind resistant and post load re-tensioning system utilizing a composite fabric and attachment apparatus
Multi-pane insulated glass unit assembly incorporating a pet door
Tree stand step
Inserting and extracting underground sensors
Durability of downhole tools
Self centering bore measurement unit
Apparatus and methods for inflow control
Snap mount annular debris barrier
Leak detection in circulated fluid systems for heating subsurface formations
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method for operating post injections of fuel in an internal combustion engine
Method and system for enhancing power output of renewable thermal cycle power plants
System and method of cooling turbine airfoils with sequestered carbon dioxide
Burner system and method for damping such a burner system
Water-cooled heat dissipation system and water tank thereof
Portable cooling device
Modular heat exchanger
Displacement measurement method and apparatus thereof, stage apparatus, and probe microscope
Method and system for notifying a user of a predetermined traffic condition
Assembly with absorbing sensor layer
Method for recording an X-ray image and X-ray system
Estimation of diagnostic markers
System to measure the absorptive capabilities of porous materials used in oil spill remediation
Method and apparatus for micromachines, microstructures, nanomachines and nanostructures
Packet transfer system
Data storage assembly with diamond like carbon antireflective layer
Ultra-thin waveguide with controlled light extraction
Transparent conductive structure applied to a touch panel and method of making the same
Liquid crystal panel
Immersion lithographic apparatus with immersion fluid re-circulating system
Color adjustment for a scanned image
Image forming apparatus
Image forming system
Electrophotographic apparatus having an electrophotgraphic photosensitive member with an amorphous silicon carbide surface layer
Reformer and control method therefor
Method for dynamic determination of the true mass of a non rigid body subject to low frequency noise
Distributed failure recovery in a routed ethernet network
Method and apparatus for addressing actual or predicted failures in a flash-based storage system
Diagnostics for remote computer systems
Storage system using SAS standard back-end communication
Method in a gaming machine for providing data recovery
Disk drive diagnosis apparatus
Content addressable memory having selectively interconnected shift register circuits
Way-selecting translation lookaside buffer
Apparatus, system, and method for virtual machine backup
Providing address range coherency capability to a device
Electrophoretic display controller providing PIP and cursor support
Prefetching data tracks and parity data to use for destaging updated tracks
Resource-conserving technique for as-available data delivery to a mobile device
Apparatus and method for providing multimedia content
System and method for selection of streaming media
Method of providing proximity-based quality for multimedia content
System and method for data packet transmission and reception
Duplicate e-mail content detection and automatic doclink conversion
Method for exchanging data
Automatic connectivity determiner and configurator
Information processing server, remote control system, and remote control method using a tunnel to determine a service on another network and executing the service without using the tunnel
Internet/intranet access mechanism
Preventing messaging queue deadlocks in a DMA environment
Ensuring affinity at all affinity domains by folding at each affinity level possible for a partition spanning multiple nodes
Apparatus and method to optimize revenue realized under multiple service level agreements
Interruptibility awareness service
System and markup language for information extraction from stand-alone devices in webspace
Method and apparatus for geographic-based communications service
Communication system, communication control method, communication control apparatus
Using a genetic algorithm employing an expedited convergence mechanism to at least partially fit a medical implant to a patient using patient feedback
Automatic user identification from button presses recorded in a feature vector
Systems and methods for generating sitelets using information assets
Generating snippet for review on the Internet
Real estate disclosure reporting method
Individual object restore
Methods and systems for acquiring and processing veterinary-related information to facilitate differential diagnosis
Active access monitoring for safer computing environments and systems
Circuit instance variation probability system and method
Method and circuit to generate race condition test data at multiple supply voltages
Swapping ports to change the timing window overlap of adjacent nets
Method and system for power delivery network analysis
Integrated circuits, standard cells, and methods for generating a layout of an integrated circuit
Simulating apparatus for simulating integrated circuit
Simulation device, simulation method, and recording medium storing program
Data center design tool
Dynamic route guidance
Operation unit and program
Policy and compliance management for user provisioning systems
Notification processor that notifies information and position information manager
System and method for reproduction control means for automatically reproducing audio type data recorded in USB device in response to detecting means
Semiconductor device
Apparatus and method for acquiring object image of a pointer
Touch screen and method for compensating sensing capacitance variations and offset variations thereof
Virtual world presentation composition and management
Information processing apparatus for updating a character string displayed on a print setting screen
Image forming apparatus, method of copying a document, and computer product
Balancing loudspeakers for multiple display users
XPath query processing improvements
Processor and method of determining a normalization count
Alignment of multiple liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry runs
Mechanisms to persist hierarchical object relations
Identifying duplicate entries in a historical database
Scaled exponential smoothing
Machine to-machine (M2M) call flow security
Apparatus, method, and program for arithmetic processing
Providing nondeterministic data
Electronic device and method for controlling probe measurements
Register file supporting transactional processing
Creating a test progression plan
Optimizing code generation system with input data integration
Methods and apparatus for authentication of configuration items via configuration item change analysis
Schema specification to improve product consumability on installation, configuration, and/or un-installation activity
System and method for the structuring and interpretation of organic computer programs
Information processing apparatus and firmware updating method
Predicting system performance and capacity using software module performance statistics
Job scheduling with optimization of power consumption
Scheduling jobs in a cluster having multiple computing nodes by constructing multiple sub-cluster based on entry and exit rules
Image processing apparatus and image processing system
Image forming apparatus and image forming system
Method for combining image and imaging product
Mailboxes and mailbox systems enabling enhanced security and logistics, and/or associated methods
Image processing device, image processing method and program
Methods and apparatus for improved motion capture
Method of processing a Radon data based image function and imaging method
Method for embedding messages into structure shapes
Hidden image method and hidden image apparatus
Method and system for determining projections in non-central catadioptric optical systems
Electronic device and method for outputting measurement data
Image processing apparatus, display apparatus, image processing method and image processing program
Client-side watermarking using hybrid I-frames
Reducing noise in digital images
Labeling a video, for modifying a video, and for video processing
Automated on-line business bandwidth planning methodology
Aesthetic profile collection
Method and system to exchange information about diseases
Competition driven health management
Systems and methods for providing individualized financial access
Single tap transactions using a secure element
Single tap transactions using a point-of-sale terminal
Arrangement for guiding user design of comprehensive product solution using on-the-fly data validation
System and method for interactive advertisement augmentation via a called voice connection
Method and system for providing order status information using an update status flag
System and method for analyzing and searching financial instrument data
Method of billing a purchase made over a computer network
Asset-backed convertible security
System and method for encouraging competitive participation in an auction
Determining costs for workflows
Constraint systems and methods for manipulating non-hierarchical objects
Computer method and apparatus providing interactive control and remote identity through in-world proxy
Using a transmission control protocol (TCP) channel to save power for virtual private networks (VPNs) that use user datagram protocol (UDP)
Rotating adaptor for sign
Organic electro-luminescent display apparatus and imaging apparatus including the same
System, method and computer program product for dynamically identifying, selecting and extracting graphical and media objects in frames or scenes rendered by a software application
Display apparatus, display method, and moving body
Method and system for generating online cartoon outputs
Digital video display employing minimal visual conveyance
Method for switching rate and bandwidth scalable audio decoding rate
Signal processing method, apparatus and program
Data reproducing apparatus
Pickup damper and disk drive including the same
Hard disk drive including a micromotion actuator and a damping unit
Drive apparatus, library apparatus, and control method thereof
Methods for closed-loop compensation of ultra-high frequency disturbances in hard disk drives and hard disk drives utilizing same
Apparatus comprising a pickup providing multiple beams
Programming a memory device to increase data reliability
Method of operating nonvolatile memory device
MOSFET fuse and array element
Dynamic electronic correction code feedback to extend memory device lifetime
Semiconductor device having plural banks
Thermal contraction compensation for superconducting and cryo-resistive cables
Sulfur-induced superconductivity in strontium ruthenates
Method for producing crystallographically oriented ceramic
Antenna tuner and method for adjusting antenna impedance
Scanning temporal ultrafast delay and methods and apparatuses therefor
Protection circuit for central processing unit
Ultra low standby consumption in a high power power converter
Method for encoding and/or decoding multimensional and a system comprising such method
Methods and apparatus for measuring and/or using transmitter and/or receiver IQ imbalance information and/or DC offset information
Method and device for coding digital images and method and device for decoding coded digital images
Signal mapping method and communication device
Hybrid radio architecture for repeaters using RF cancellation reference
Supporting a multicast session within a wireless communications network
Methods and apparatus for interoperable satellite radio receivers
Wavelength division multiplexing transmission apparatus for controlling the wavelength of an FBTL optical module, and wavelength control method employed for wavelength division multiplexing transmission apparatus equipped with the FBTL optical module
Coding methods of communicating identifiers in peer discovery in a peer-to-peer network
Frame generation apparatus and method of protecting protocol header information over wideband high frequency wireless system
Radio transmission method, radio reception method, radio transmission apparatus and radio reception apparatus
Digital contents reproducing terminal and method for supporting digital contents transmission/reception between terminals according to personal use scope
Method and system for testing a network switching apparatus
Network processor unit and a method for a network processor unit
System and network for deriving voice channels on a broadband communication line
Bi-directional and reverse directional resource reservation setup protocol
Dispersed high level devices in a network environment
Customer premises equipment border element for voice over internet protocol services
Multiple core network device with core redundancy
System and method for deploying communication services
Two-party private estimation of dataset similarity
Systems and methods for implementing transparent encryption
Computer network intrusion detection
Method, system, and device for providing a market for digital goods
Method and apparatus for the computer-aided classification of measurements for the feature-based positioning of a mobile object in a predetermined region
Single-carrier block transmission with trellis coded modulation (TCM), multi-level coded modulation (MLCM) and bit-interleaved MLCM (BIMLCM)
Apparatus and method for establishing encryption information common to a plurality of communication paths coupling two apparatuses
Systems and methods for implementing security services
Voice authentication system and method using a removable voice ID card
Methods, systems, and products for providing communications services
Systems and methods to enable authentication of the location of access point base stations and/or user equipment
Real time charging of short messages originated by roaming prepaid subscribers
System, method and device for multiuser communication
Methods and systems for transferring voice messages and faxes over a network
Processing of interactive screens for a wireless device
Controlling hold queue position adjustment
Printing control apparatus and method, and printing system
Stereoscopic video delivery
Reproduction apparatus and reproduction method controlling determination of a next clip to be reproduced
Method of indexing multimedia content by creating database records that include location data
Method and system for specifying a selection of content segments stored in different formats
Video processing apparatus and video processing method
Editing apparatus, editing method and program
Video-related meta data engine system and method
Image processing device, image processing method, and program
System and method for introducing virtual zero motion vector candidates in areas of a video sequence involving overlays
Multimedia data reorganization between base layer and enhancement layer
Video decoding apparatus and video decoding method
Camera-based facial recognition or other single/multiparty presence detection as a method of effecting telecom device alerting
Method and apparatus for transmitting and downloading setup information
Method and apparatus for browsing using alternative linkbases
Data acquisition system and transmission control device
Device and method for in-ear sound generation
Offending frequency suppression in hearing aids
Analog space-time relay method and apparatus for a wireless communication relay channel
Method and system for frequency scan using an adaptive measurement interval
Enhancing fragmentation and defragmentation procedures in broadband wireless networks
Method and system for reducing backhaul utilization during base station handoff in wireless networks
Communication system, communication method and radio communication apparatus
Transfer of communication sessions between base stations in wireless networks
Method of transmitting control information for performing HARQ process in wireless communication system supporting plurality of transmission bands
System for registration of communication devices
Terminal apparatus and a method for transmitting feedback information in a wireless communication system
Method of manufacturing rigid-flexible printed circuit board
Method for manufacturing a solar module
Method for making dust cover, electronic device, and method for fixing dust cover to electronic device housing
Hinged electronic device
Power module using sintering die attach and manufacturing method thereof
Wake-up signal test system having a test card for testing wake-up signal output by a platform controller hub of a motherboard
Cooling box for components or circuits
Semiconductor device
Expired Patents Due To Time
Multi-spectral image compression with bounded loss
Method and apparatus for color gamut mapping
Image processing apparatus
Method for determining document background for adjusting the dynamic range of an image of the document
Character recognition system
Apparatus and method for recognizing a nonuniformly sampled pattern
Method and apparatus for compressing and storing data indicative of a full-color image
Process for producing and evaluating a video data stream for video transmission
System and method for segmentation dependent lossy and lossless compression for higher quality
Apparatus and method for encoding/decoding
View synthesis from plural images using a trifocal tensor data structure in a multi-view parallax geometry
Semiconductor optical functional element
Mach-Zehnder modulator
Velocity-matched, traveling-wave electro-optical devices using non-conductive and conductive polymer buffer layers
Optical switch having test ports
Add/drop optical multiplexing device
Integrable fiberoptic coupler and resulting devices and systems
Dispersion compensating device using dispersion compensating fiber module
Optical waveguide crossings
Method of using thin-clad near infrared transparent optical glass fibers as evanescent wave sensors
Optical position detector
Optical filters
Optical wavelength demultiplexer
Telecommunications cable having good adhesion between a protective jacket and strength members
Light guiding apparatus
Radiation-curable liquid resin composition and optical fiber
Temperature compensated long period optical fiber grating filter
Measuring device and its use
Optical waveguide and 1.5 .mu.m-band optical amplifier using same
Device for insertion and or extraction of a cable, particularly an optical transmission cable, into or from a pipe-shaped line
Programmed fiberoptic illuminated display
Editing system and video signal output system
Information storage medium, recording method used therefor and reproducing apparatus
Tiris based bios for protection of "copyrighted" program material
Method and apparatus for recording and/or reproducing data wherein padding data may be added during recording and removed during reproduction
Method and apparatus for recording programs formed of picture and audio data, data recording medium having programs formed of picture and audio data recorded thereon, and method and apparatus for reproducing programs having picture and audio data
Method and apparatus for encoding and decoding digital video data
Sensor block and automatic fill valve for water heater with immersed copper fluid coil
Lens-fitted film unit having a touch sensor
Loading methods for camera frame assemblies subject to static charging during film scrolling
Range finding device for camera
Camera capable of reading/writing information of photo film cassette
Non-uniform development indicator
Method and apparatus comprising process control for scavengeless development in a xerographic printer
Toner reservoir with wiper mechanism for wiping sensitive surface of toner sensor
Fixing device for controlling fixing temperature in a stable manner
Flexible imaging member belt set prevention
Electrophotographic color printing arrangement with inclined photoreceptor path
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus using erase light
Image forming apparatus having a plurality of developing units
Apparatus for driving squeegee roller of liquid electrophotographic printer
Developing device with improved developer circulation and toner density control
Image formation apparatus capable of detecting and correcting positional offsets
Method and apparatus for correcting transfer belt position via stored parameters
Method of printing monochrome and color images onto a surface
Image forming apparatus
Charge supply device for charging bodies in image forming apparatus and the like
Image heating apparatus
Electrostatographic reproduction machine including a dual function fusing belt deskewing and heating assembly
Reproduction machine having a stalling preventing transfer station sheet placement assembly
Interactive learning system
Learning system with student tape auto compile
Method and apparatus for performing broadcast operations
Satellite communications systems using satellites in a zero-drift constellation
System and a method for transfer of a digital information carrying signal
Communication environment with plurality of radio systems
Cellular network having improved method for managing RF channels
Controlling transmitter gain in a wireless telecommunications system
Frequency converter for the application on millimetric radio waves
Automatic wake-up device for radio automatic recognition terminal and communication method using the terminal
Emergency call system
Mobile phone with internal accounting
Call screening in wireless systems
System and method of operation for correctly routing location update service messages in a cellular digital packet data system
Intelligent cell recovery
Method and apparatus for communicating with an object and module used thereby
Apparatus and method for intelligent routing of data between a remote device and a host system
Method and system for providing rural subscriber telephony service using an integrated satellite/cell system
Method and system for locating subscribers in a global telecommunications network
Method for transmitting information between mobile stations and a communication network
Frequency channel selection method for radio communication system
Method and apparatus for intelligent microcell and antenna selection in digital cellular telephone systems
Method for establishing standby periods in a base station and a handset
Cellular communications systems and methods using mobility-characterized registration districts
Handover method, and a cellular radio system
System and method for mobile switching center initiated service negotiation
Automatic cellular phone tracking
Method for prioritizing a communication in a wireless communication system
Controller for use with a radiocommunications system
Communication system that communicates position information of roaming mobile stations
Method of judging whether radio receiver is inside or outside service area, circuit for judging the same, and radio selective-calling receiver including the circuit
System and method for time of arrival positioning measurements based upon network characteristics
Method for transmitting and receiving control plane information using medium access control frame structure for transmitting user information through an associated control channel
Method and apparatus for controlling radio link capacity in a communication system
Dynamic associative terminating extension groups
Man machine interface help search tool
Mobile radiophone apparatus
Method of operating a portable communication device
Telephone apparatus adaptable to different communication systems
Parasitic dual band matching of an internal looped dipole antenna
Method for telephone line interlock and cellular interconnect
Method for providing a dial tone for use in wireless environments
Firmware upgrade method for wireless communications device, and method for supporting firmware upgrade by base station
External control unit with reduced keypad integrated in voice activated vehicular telephone system with call-in-process voice-to-tones and voice to-memory conversion facilities
Communication terminal apparatus and control method thereof
Solid-state non-invasive infrared absorption spectrometer for the generation and capture of thermal gradient spectra from living tissue
Method for determining analytes in body fluids and also a new implantable measurement device
Reflection photodetector and biological information measuring instrument
Multiple lens oxygen sensor for medical electrical lead
Method and system for continuous sweat collection and analysis
Urine sugar detecting device and method of fabricating the same
Medical electrode method of manufacture
High speed sector scanning apparatus having digital electronic control
Radiotherapy machine including magnetic resonance imaging system
Method and apparatus for monitoring a magnetic resonance image during transcranial magnetic stimulation
Coronary magnetic resonance angiography using motion matched acquisition
Flip angle modulated magnetic resonance angiography
Interventional radio frequency coil assembly for magnetic resonance (MR) guided neurosurgery
Quadrature detection coil for interventional MRI
Position confirmation with learn and test functions
Body fat measuring device with LCD driver having terminals commonly used for switch
Acoustic telemetry system and method for monitoring a rejection reaction of a transplanted organ
Recirculating implantable drug delivery system
Continual waveform shape reforming method and apparatus for transchest resistance dynamics
Implantable cardiac stimulator with safe noise mode
Implantable connector for multi-output neurostimulators
Method and apparatus for treating oropharyngeal respiratory and oral motor neuromuscular disorders with electrical stimulation
Implantable system for rehabilitation of a hearing disorder
Control of externally induced current in implantable medical devices
Integrated steroid eluting pacing tip electrode
Bi-directional steerable catheter
Interpretive language architecture for controlling the attributes of a physical chemical or thermodynamic process
On the fly center-finding during substrate handling in a processing system
Electronic classified advertising interface method and instructions with ad replay options
Semiconductor integrated circuit designing system taking insertion of repeaters into consideration and designing method thereof
Method and system for generating free-form surfaces with non uniform rational B-spline (NURBS) boundary gregory patches
System and method for designing a mixed-model manufacturing process
Control apparatus
Method and apparatus for detecting the presence of particles on a wafer holder of semiconductor exposure equipment
Table-driven software architecture for a stitching system
Library for storing data-storage media and having an improved media transporter
Printing apparatus with a cash drawer control function, and a control method therefor
Pre-charged multi-variable rate crop input applicator machine
Method and a multi-functional apparatus for determining the class of a vehicle
Method for detecting an erroneous direction of travel signal
Monitor and remote control via long baseline RTK
Methods for accurately inserting satellite constellations into common orbit planes
Low-noise level landing apparatus and system for helicopters
Override for guidance control system
Running vehicle control method for automatically controlling a plurality of vehicles running on a road
Intelligent public transit system using dual-mode vehicles
Sleep mode for vehicle monitoring system
Method and apparatus for setting automotive performance tuned preferences set differently by a driver
Air bag system as a supplementary restraint system to seat belt apparatus
Occupant type and position detection system
Airbag deployment mode selection system
Methods and apparatus for precision agriculture operations utilizing real time kinematic global positioning system systems
Control system for controlling the behavior of a vehicle based on accurately detected route information
Control method and apparatus using control gain variable with estimated operation of control object
Apparatus and method for manually shifting an automatic transmission
Vehicle and engine control system
Vehicle drive force control device
Control system for internal combustion engines
Method and system for determining an absolute power loss condition in an internal combustion engine
Aviation, terrain and weather display system
Computer-controlled navigation process for a vehicle equipped with a terminal, terminal and traffic information center
Wireless telecommunications system that provides navigational assistance to travelers
Navigation system and a vehicle control system
Map display unit
Maneuver generation program and method
System for providing driving directions with visual cues
Map-based navigation system with overlays
Resonance acoustical profiling system and methods of using same
Biochemical information processing apparatus, biochemical information processing method, and biochemical information recording medium
Distributed diagnostic system
Unsteady signal analyzer and medium for recording unsteady signal analyzer program
External force measuring apparatus
Method and apparatus for measuring power output of one powering a chain driven vehicle
Drive circuit modal filter for a vibrating tube flowmeter
System for removing spurious signatures in motor current signature analysis
Calibration process for shape measurement
Semiconductor device having selectable device type and methods of testing device operation
Method of and apparatus for simulating rolling tire
Adaptable engine tachometer device
Detector for human loss of tracking control
Topography simulation method and system of plasma-assisted etching process
Heightened realism for computer-controlled units in real-time activity simulation
HDL simulation interface for testing and verifying an ASIC model
Presenting an output signal generated by a receiving device in a simulated communication system
LAN emulation server changing over method
Methods and apparatus for determining theme for discourse
Pitch-lag estimation in speech coding
Tone detection using pitch period
Joint quantization of speech subframe voicing metrics and fundamental frequencies
Signal encoding method using first band units as encoding units and second band units for setting an initial value of quantization precision
Synthesis subband filter in MPEG-II audio decoding
System and method for communicating a perceptually encoded speech spectrum signal
System and method for sampling rate transformation in speech recognition
Reading system
Conversation management in speech recognition interfaces
Universal data input and processing device, such as universal point-of-sale device for inputting and processing bar code symbols, document images, and other data
Method and apparatus for providing position-related information to mobile recipients
Method system and article of manufacture for performing real time currency conversion
Apparatus and method for an event rating engine
System and method for automatic access of a remote computer over a network
Verifiable electronic journal for a point of sale device and methods for using the same
Method and system for bidding in electronic auctions using flexible bidder-determined line-item guidelines
Digital active advertising
Secure electronic transactions using a trusted intermediary with archive and verification request services
Digital signature purpose encoding
Automated software metering of digital payloads
System and method for providing fault tolerant transcriptions over an unsecured communication channel
Apparatus for dividing an integer by 2n with over or under approximation
Bit-serial neuroprocessor architecture
Report server caching
System and method for classifying and retrieving information with virtual object hierarchy
Method and apparatus management of multimedia assets
Method and apparatus for providing dynamic help topic titles to a user
Reverse string indexing in a relational database for wildcard searching
System and method for rewriting relational database queries
Method and apparatus for sorting data blocks
Online information delivery system including replicated sites from which information can be delivered
Meta-service activating interface between a customer administrative system and database network elements of a communications network
System and method for generating personalized user profiles and for utilizing the generated user profiles to perform adaptive internet searches
Mapping interface for a distributed server to translate between dissimilar file formats
System and method for switching between databases without disruption to applications
Using a database for program logs
Method and apparatus for archiving hypertext documents
Method for creating archives on removable mass storage media and archive server
Automatic archiving of documents during their transfer between a peripheral device and a processing device
Database backup system ensuring consistency between primary and mirrored backup database copies despite backup interruption
Method and apparatus for generational garbage collection of a heap memory shared by multiple processors
Audio program player including a dynamic program selection controller
Server-side web summary generation and presentation
Analytic network engine and spreadsheet interface system
Method and system for automatically filling forms in an integrated network based transaction environment
Method and apparatus for displaying information on a computer controlled display device
Automatic tagging of documents and exclusion by content
Method for delivering separate design and content in a multimedia publishing system
Computer implemented method for interpolating a value corresponding to a point represented by binary coordinates
Methods and apparatus for implementing weighted median filters
Differentiator in comb filter
Circuit and method for decompressing compressed elliptic curve points
Apparatus and method for efficient arithmetic in finite fields through alternative representation
Circuit for determining multiplicative inverses in certain galois fields
Floating point arithmetic logic unit rounding using at least one least significant bit
Double incrementing, low overhead, adder
Carry skip adder
Semiconductor arithmetic circuit
Processor allocating method/apparatus in multiprocessor system, and medium for storing processor allocating program
Protecting shared resources using mutex striping
System and method for achieving object method transparency in a multi-code execution environment
Method and apparatus for synchronizing information browsing among multiple systems
Method and apparatus for collecting data and storage medium for data collection program
Method and apparatus for providing an expandable, hierarchical index in a hypertextual, client-server environment
System, method and article of manufacture for a mobile communication network utilizing a distributed communication network
Interactive computer network and method of operation
Process for access control to computer-controlled programs usable by several user units at the same time
Method and system for filtering electronic messages
Electronic mail determination method and system and storage medium
Server-based host monitor
Recovery system for system coupling apparatuses, and recording medium recording recovery program
Electronic mail system with advertising
Partial file caching and read range resume system and method
Simplified setting up of a network of server computers preloaded with all computer programs required by a group of client computers
Transparent proxying of event forwarding discriminators
Planned session termination for clients accessing a resource through a server
Client-led network computing system and its method
System and method for resolving fibre channel device addresses on a network using the device's fully qualified domain name
Apparatus and method for providing trusted network security
Initiating a user session at an internet terminal using a smart card
Attachment integrated claims system and operating method therefor
Method and system for managing data while sharing application programs
Generalized control for starting of tasks (processes and threads)
System and method for aligning an initial cache line of data read from an input/output device by a central processing unit
Method and apparatus for the addition and removal of nodes from a common interconnect
IC card reading/writing apparatus and method for allowing use of multiple vendors
High speed dynamic chaining of DMA operations without suspending a DMA controller or incurring race conditions
Computer system, external storage, converter system, and recording medium for converting a serial command and data standard to a parallel one
Computer system for supporting increased PCI master devices without the requiring additional bridge chips
Arbitration system based on requester class and relative priority including transmit descriptor valid bit for a shared resource having multiple requesters
Input manager for a computer application with display icons mapped to a user selectable set of standard keyboard keys
Processor transparent on-the-fly instruction stream decompression
Method and apparatus for throttling high priority memory accesses
Smart card system for use with peripheral devices
Bus segment or bus interface for connection of a subassembly of a programmable controller to a bus
Concurrent maintenance for PCI based DASD subsystem with concurrent maintenance message being communicated between SPCN (system power control network) and I/O adapter using PCI bridge
Computer system employing optimized delayed transaction arbitration technique
Communication link with isochronous and asynchronous priority modes
Management communication bus for networking devices
Computer system with bridge logic that asserts a system management interrupt signal when an address is made to a trapped address and which also completes the cycle to the target address
Source synchronous transfer scheme for a high speed memory interface
Method and apparatus for a low data-rate network to be represented on and controllable by high data-rate home audio/video interoperability (HAVi) network
Method and device for controlling data flow through an IO controller
Controlling a paging policy based on a requestor characteristic
Refresh period control apparatus and method, and computer
Multiport content addressable memory device and timing signals
Method and apparatus for virtual memory mapping and transaction management in an object-oriented database system
Processor/memory device with integrated CPU, main memory, and full width cache and associated method
Computing system with fast data transfer of CPU state related information
Method and apparatus for transferring data in a computer system
Configurable page closing method and apparatus for multi-port host bridges
Storage management system and method for increasing capacity utilization of nonvolatile storage devices using partially filled substitute storage devices for continuing write operations
Distributed-memory multiprocessor computer system with directory-based cache coherency with ambiguous mappings of cached data to main-memory locations
Method and apparatus for preventing unauthorized use in systems having alternative control for avoiding defect areas on recording media
Overlay counter for accelerated graphics port
Data memory apparatus forming memory map having areas with different access speeds
Apparatus and method for storing a device row indicator for use in a subsequent page-miss memory cycle
Translated memory protection apparatus for an advanced microprocessor
Method and apparatus for minimizing pincount needed by external memory control chip for multiprocessors with limited memory size requirements
Selecting cache to fetch in multi-level cache system based on fetch address source and pre-fetching additional data to the cache for future access
Data processor
System for explicitly referencing a register for its current content when performing processor context switch
System, method and medium for managing information
Method and apparatus for configuring variant software for electronic devices
Booting an operating system
Computer system and method for performing multiple tasks
Management of authentication keys in a mobile communication system
Block cipher method
Hard disk password lock
Information management system and apparatus using open network environment, and storage medium storing control program of apparatus and capable of being read by computer
Method and apparatus for secure data communication
System and method for enabling and controlling anonymous file transfer protocol communications
Computer architecture with password-checking bus bridge
Personal computer card power management system
System and method for synchronizing time across a computer cluster
Method and apparatus for precise time synchronization
Time-lag duplexing techniques
Method and apparatus for testing the responsiveness of a network device
Method for mapping environmental resources to memory for program access
Abnormality recovery system
Package blocking method for a storage system having a bus common to a plurality of kinds of groups of packages
Method and apparatus for storage resource reassignment utilizing an indicator to enhance the likelihood of successful reconfiguration
Device and method for repairing a semiconductor memory
Method, software and apparatus for saving, using and recovering data
Method and apparatus for failure recovery in a multi-processor computer system
Computer management system
Method and system for maintaining restricted operating environments for application programs or operating systems
Probeless testing of pad buffers on wafer
Method of forming a scan path network
Parallel signature compression circuit and method for designing the same
Test method for high speed semiconductor devices using a clock modulation technique
Screening for undetected errors in data transmission systems
External storage device and memory access control method thereof
System for finding roots of degree three and degree four error locator polynomials over GF(2M)
Method, system, apparatus, and phone for error control of golay encoded data signals
Convolution decoding terminated by an error detection block code with distributed parity bits
Viterbi decoding method and device thereof
Method and apparatus for assigning signal routes via an interconnect-multiplexer in a PLD
Method and system for software development and software design evaluation server
Method and system for programming firmware over a computer network
Automatically generated objects within extensible object frameworks and links to enterprise resources
Methods and apparatus for linking a program for remote execution
Apparatus and method for providing common behavior across different processing levels in an object oriented framework
Computer system, method, and article of manufacture for visualizing differences between design artifacts and object-oriented code
Presentation of visual program performance data
Method and system for supporting dual conventions for methods that return structures
Software constructs that facilitate partial evaluation of source code
Method and apparatus for the inter-operation of differing architectural and run time conventions
Memory management techniques for on-line replaceable software
Distribution of software updates via a computer network
Data delivery services
Television transmitter, television transmitting method, television receiver and television receiving method
Method and apparatus for routing signals through a cable television signal distribution amplifier
Baby bottle holder
Dish drying tray
Brush scraper
Golf cart
Bulk transport resin bin
Shop crane
Support base for an electric device such as a computer, TV controller, video game machine, or audio or video disc player
Rotatable fluid distributing drive shaft
Agricultural tractor
Dishwasher double door
Vacuum cleaner
Vacuum cleaner head
Machining center
Band saw blade
Router bit
Video camera
Video camera with video tape recorder
Liquid crystal projector
Electronic copier
Bank note sorter
Ink tank for printer
Ink cartridge with printing head for printer
Type font
Tape dispenser with a cutter
In-out paper tray
Combined cellular phone pen and pen holder
Writing instrument
Card with an ornamental rectangle and a machine readable stripe
Transparent card with an opacity gradient
Portable sign
Reflective number set
Rear label for camera
Photo service order kiosk
Simulation game system console
Game board
Game board
Flexible exercise device for supporting the head and neck during situps
Control panel
Housing for an exercise machine
Housing for an exercise machine
Tethered ball
Golf club head
Golf club head
Personal golf analyzer
Golf tool
Playground equipment
Hockey stick weight
Sun shade
Tri-wiggler fishing lure
Pocket-sized water-sterilizer
Faucet-mounted water treatment device
Filter for shower
Shower head dial ring
Pilot valve for solenoid valve
Bathtub faucet
Sanitary faucet
Faucet with pull-out spout
Faucet handle hub
Faucet spout
Water pipe connector
Casing of an indoor air condition unit
Contamination control breather
Hanging dispenser for a volatile substance
Box of aromatics
Fan blade
Snivel inhaler
Magnetic field generating device for use in MRI
Digital auscultatory sphygmomanometer
Indirect ophthalmoscopy lens retaining ring
Massage table
Reagent treatment cartridge
Multi-well reagent cartridge for treating a sample
Reagent cartridge for treating a sample
Urine bag cover
Portion of an adaptor for a medical instrument
Tooth whitening device
Graft connector
Abduction wedge pillow
Carpal tunnel brace
Whirlpool bathtub
Cooling seat and sun tanner mattress
Surface pattern of a seam for a disposable article
Disposable absorbent article
Disposable absorbent article
Concrete anchor including an octagonal base
Face of a retaining wall block
Window frame extrusion
Window frame extrusion
Window frame extrusion
Glider frame for single glider window
Jamb for single hung window
Large sash lift rail for window
Support column
Polymer sliding door
Bus shelter
Profile track for fastening moldings to walls and floors
Compact flashlight
Tubular wall lamp
Vehicle lamp
Bedside reading light
Lamp housing
Lamp housing
Light fixture
Light fixture
Combination sign and rear brake light
Electric lamp
Fluorescent tube
Light fixture
Work light frame
Tiered lamp base
Arm for lighting fixture
Arm for lighting fixture
Liquid and lotion applicator
Hair adornment
Bath toy
Dispenser for hair accessories
Makeup case
Hair adornment
Mailbox tray insert
Chevy.TM. emblem mailbox
Human Necessities
Herbicidal benzofuranyl derived uracils and production thereof
Sock with pocket
Fly closure for garment
Athletic wrist support
Ergonomic hand, wrist and forearm supporter
Protective leg sock
Garment decoration
Free-size fitted item for the head
Headgear ventilation device
Device to facilitate removal of a helmet face mask
Mechanical restoration of a deformed loop structure
Accessory eyeglass case
Toothbrush with audible reminder mechanism
Fitted mattress cover with stretchable knit skirt
Children's foldable portable indoor/outdoor play mat/corral
Infant comfort mattress
Emergency care blanket
Portable elimination device
Shower curtain closure
Radiolucent table extension assembly
Height adjustable toilet seat
Hand check tunnelled mattress cover
Bath lift
Cleaning system for hydromassage baths
Glove or mitt
Performing Operations; Transporting
High-activity catalyst for hydrogen peroxide decomposition
Universal joint for a shower head
Vehicle service ramp
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Processes for preparing indeno[1,2-E][1,3,4]oxadiazine-dicarboxylates
Hydrogenated elastomer primed polyolefin film
Fixed Constructions
Flush valve
Portable combined toilet and waste holding tank
Collapsible and foldable structure
Device for installing lighting in an above-ground swimming pool
Underwater vacuum
Trellis post
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Expandable police baton
Camouflage device for disguising a human silhouette
Machine for cleaning compact disc
Tertiary polyamines as additives to lithium-ion cell electrolytes to provide lithium-ion cell having improved properties
Sustaining chaos by using basin boundary saddles
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