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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Hybrid drive system and method
High efficiency oven and method of use
Endoscope having disposable illumination and camera module
Apparatus and method for magnetic resonance measurement and mapping of electrical impedance, complex permittivity and complex conductivity as applied to detection and evaluation of sample pathology
Apparatus and method for characterizing optical sources used with human and animal tissues
Methods for establishing parameters for neural stimulation, including via performance of working memory tasks, and associated kits
Performing Operations; Transporting
Optical scanning device and image forming apparatus in which a plurality of scanning optical systems except one include a reflecting mirror
Apparatus, system and method for automated detection of signaling in a print head
Optical scanner and image forming apparatus including same
Optical writing device having a correction value information generating unit, image forming apparatus, and method of controlling optical writing device thereof
Systems and methods for controlling tension in a ribbon spooling assembly
Driver assistance system for a motor vehicle, motor vehicle, and method for operating a driver assistance system
Vehicle collision mitigation system
Hydraulic power steering system
Fixed Constructions
Flow control gate and method
Swept source optical coherence tomography (OCT) method and system
Trailer target placement assist system and method
Route selection system, method and program
Dynamically varied map labeling
Systems and methods for generating an optical pulse
Leak detection in a fluid distribution network
Cytometer with automatic continuous alignment correction
Energy selective X-ray system with low noise
Velocity measuring device and method
Testing of electronic circuits using an active probe integrated circuit
Magnetic resonance method and apparatus to correct image distortions in diffusion-weighted imaging
Portable hand held tank gauge
Method and apparatus for determining formation water saturation during drilling
Tandem telephoto lenses
Lens barrel assembly and photographing apparatus having the same
Method and device for modulating light
Wafer lens, laminated wafer lens, wafer lens cutting method and laminated wafer lens cutting method
Multiple discharge device panel fiber optic fuse state indicator
Symmetrical branching ortho mode transducer (OMT) with enhanced bandwidth
Multi-port adapter block
Lens barrel
Heat treatment apparatus and method for LCD cells
Printed circuit board and liquid crystal display module
Reflective mask
Developing device, image forming apparatus, and method for changing duty ratio
Image forming apparatus for detecting and correcting thickness and area ratio of toner layer
Image forming apparatus, method for performing image correction using the same and computer readable storage medium
Development device, and image forming apparatus and process cartridge incorporating same
Belt unit and image forming apparatus employing same
Sheet cooling apparatus, sheet conveying apparatus and sheet moisturizing apparatus
Heating control device, heating control method, and image forming apparatus
Fixing device having a fixing pad and a pressing pad and image forming apparatus incorporating the same
Recovery toner container and image forming apparatus
Reconfigurable switched-capacitor voltage converter circuit, integrated circuit (IC) chip including the circuit and method of switching voltage on chip
Extended system average interruption duration index (ESAIDI) metric to assess the system reliability impact of distribution automation failures
Audio visual enhancement apparatus
Optimal tracking of cluster-wide shared storage connectivity for graceful error handling
Preventing cascade failures in computer systems
Managing operating system deployment failure
Systems and methods for preventing data loss
Method and system for implementing a test automation results importer
Scheduler for multiprocessor system switch with selective pairing
Computer kiosk and related systems and methods
Grouping related errors in a distributed computing environment
Implementing DRAM command timing adjustments to alleviate DRAM failures
Stream generation
Read disturb effect determination
Validating cache coherency protocol within a processor
Test case result processing
Authentication method
Prediction apparatus, prediction method, and recording medium
Memory order tester for multi-threaded programs
Controlling the placement of data in a storage system
Memory system with efficient data search processing
Physical memory shared among logical partitions in a VLAN
Method and apparatus for supporting target-side security in a cache coherent system
Multi-level data protection for flash memory system
Characterization and optimization of tracks on disks
Concurrent coding of data streams
Providing adaptive bandwidth allocation for a fixed priority arbiter
Autonomic reclamation processing for tapes
System refresh in cache memory
Data cache block deallocate requests in a multi-level cache hierarchy
Transactional memory that performs a TCAM 32-bit lookup operation
Weighted history allocation predictor algorithm in a hybrid cache
Mitigating conflicts for shared cache lines
Efficient management of computer memory using memory page associations and memory
Managing in-line store throughput reduction
Archiving system with partitions of individual archives
Metasearch engine for ordering at least one travel related item returned in combined search and database results using at least one query on multiple unique hosts and at least one database
Multiprocessor computer system with reduced directory requirement
Audio device and method of operating the same
Method and system for the multi-criteria management of presence notifications
Inter-domain replication of service information
Systems and methods for enabling mobile mashups
Method, apparatus, and program for usability analysis of web applications
Information processing apparatus, and control method and storage medium therefor
Methods and apparatus for optimum file transfers in a time-varying network emvironment
Proximity initiated co-browsing sessions
Processing cellular telephone subscription for E-mail threads
Selectable non-interactive entity application proxy method and system
Real-time feedback for policies for computing system management
Method and system for providing data streams in a virtual environment
Application switch system and application switch method
Data replication between software versions
Method and system for partitioning directories
Zoning of devices in a storage area network with LUN masking/mapping
Stateful business application processing in an otherwise stateless service-oriented architecture
Status reporting apparatus, image processing system, and storage medium storing control program
Device management apparatus, device management method, and computer-readable storage medium
Learning and auditory scene analysis in gradient frequency nonlinear oscillator networks
Information processing apparatus, processing method therefor, and non-transitory computer-readable storage medium
Dynamic training for tagging computer code
Robot system and processed object manufacturing method
Adaptive information processing systems, methods, and media for updating product documentation and knowledge base
Dynamically controlling a computer's display
User interface (UI) color scheme generation and management according to visual consistency of visual attributes in the color scheme
System and method for reflective searching of previous search results
Incremental clustering of indexed XML data
Method and system for automatically ranking product reviews according to review helpfulness
Query transformation for masking data within database objects
Information processing apparatus, message classifying method and non-transitory medium for associating series of transactions
Dynamic structure for a multi-tenant database
Transaction processing system, method, and program
Search engine, search system, search method, and search program product
Write instruction datasource for database write procedure
Lockahead for simultaneous readers and writers in a clustered file system
Data integration in service oriented architectures
System and method for reflective searching of previous search results
Fine-grained relational database access-control policy enforcement using reverse queries
Optimized buffer placement based on timing and capacitance assertions
Methodology on developing metal fill as library device
Creating regional routing blockages in integrated circuit design
Estimating power supply of a 3D IC
Scheduling for parallel processing of regionally-constrained placement problem
Apparatus and method for diagnosing fault of multi-sensor of motor
Reconfigurable garment definition and production method
Dynamic speed limit generation
Gathering, storing, and retrieving summary electronic healthcare record information from healthcare providers
Robot control apparatus, robot system, and robot control method
Methodology for design of a manufacturing facility for fabrication of solid state hybrid thin film energy storage and conversion devices
Method of measuring an overlay of an object
Data protection method and device
Method and system of preserving purchased on-demand transportation entertainment services across different journey segments or separate trips
Graphically indicating relevancy of electronic messages
Method for providing multiple formats through XML based EPG schema in terrestrial DMB system
Shared versioned workload partitions
Concurrent array-based queue
Selecting and updating location of virtual keyboard in a GUI layout in response to orientation change of a portable device
Trajectory-estimation apparatus and method based on pen-type optical mouse
Information processing system and electronic pen
Display method and information processing apparatus
Means and circuit to shorten the optical response time of liquid crystal displays
Information display device and document data editing method
User interface system and method
Efficiently sharing user selected information with a set of determined recipients
Display apparatus and display method thereof
Host discovery and handling of ALUA preferences and state transitions
Print system, print server, control method, and storage medium
Monochrome printing system and method for multiple data channels of electrophotographic color printers
System for generating tag layouts
Hybrid vehicle differential element speed control
Categorizing data to perform access control
Method for positioning at least one component, in particular a seat, in or on an aircraft or spacecraft, and aircraft or spacecraft
Discovering pivot type relationships between database objects
Systems and methods for transformation of logical data objects for storage
Selectively allowing changes to a system
Device for evaluating the transverse acceleration of an automobile vehicle and corresponding method
Attribute-based linked tries for rule evaluation
High performance secure data access in a parallel processing system
Accessing and providing access to computer files over a computer network
Interoperability format translation and transformation between IFC architectural design file and simulation file formats
Floating point execution unit with fixed point functionality
Parallel computation of a remainder by division of a sequence of bytes
Random number generation circuit
Handling media streams in a programmable bit processor
Generating debugging extension source code utilizing debugging information
Automatic selection of lowest configuration feature level by functionality exploited
Updating a computer system
Automatic selection of lowest configuration feature level by functionality exploited
Deployment of a software image on multiple targets with streaming technique
Life cycle of a work packet in a software factory
Efficient extraction of software dependencies from program code
Software model skinning
Method for visual manipulations of all kinds of programming objects
Method and system for performing software verification
Verification of hardware configuration
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program
Artifact divider for large scale application builds
Artifact divider for large scale application builds
Diagnosing aliasing violations in a partial program view
Method of sharing and re-using timing models in a chip across multiple voltage domains
Scheduling parallel data tasks
Utilizing a kernel administration hardware thread of a multi-threaded, multi-core compute node of a parallel computer
Processing unexpected messages at a compute node of a parallel computer
Image forming apparatus
Information processing apparatus for generating printing data by different methods, computer readable recording medium and method of controlling the information processing apparatus
Portable handheld device with multi-core image processor
Multi-tracking of video objects
Method of tracking objects
Red eye detection aided by face detection
Image color correction
System and method for indexing object in image
Method and system for image segmentation
Facial coding for emotional interaction analysis
Method and apparatus for encoding and decoding image by using rotational transform
Image processing device for video noise reduction
Activity recognition method
Adaptively assessing object relevance based on dynamic user properties
System and method for prepaid account replenishment
Pervasive symbiotic advertising system and methods therefor
System, method, and computer program for providing an advertising based incentive to a user
Patient cohort matching
Estimating healthcare outcomes for individuals
Red-green-blue to monochrome color conversion
Programmable audio device
Method and device for contactless transmission of electric energy and/or electric signals between a wall and a wing fastened to said wall
Emergency signal intercepting unit
Capacitive-load driving circuit and plasma display apparatus using the same
Liquid crystal display device
Switchable viewing angle display
Method of driving a liquid crystal display device by using polarity reversal of a common voltage
Display device having a reduced number of signal lines
Force feedback system including multi-tasking graphical host environment
Driver for operating multiple display devices
Personal digital assistant, and display control method and display control program thereof
Signal bandwidth extending apparatus
Voice conversion method and system
Optical disc drive having pickup integrated with disc insertion tray
Disk array unit
Sync mark system for two dimensional magnetic recording
Disk reproduction device capable of supplying high current to load driver
Frame correlating content determination
Base for disk driving device
Tape header protection scheme for use in a tape storage subsystem
Data writing method and program for tape drive
Storage system with pattern dependent write
Optical disc recording device and optical disc recording method
Disk drive servo writing from spiral tracks using radial dependent timing feed-forward compensation
Tunnel barrier sensor with multilayer structure
Optical disk device with independent servo layer focus and tracking control on a multilayered disc
Optical information recording medium and optical information recording medium reproducing apparatus
Semiconductor device
Magnetic memory element and non-volatile storage device
Complementary SOI lateral bipolar for SRAM in a CMOS platform
Semiconductor memory device and method of operating the same
8T NVSRAM cell and cell operations
Two phase search content addressable memory with power-gated main-search
Cooling structure for magnet-equipped reactor
Liquid cooled magnetic component with indirect cooling for high frequency and high power applications
Pole tube and actuation magnet having such a pole tube
Rapidly switching dual energy X-ray source
Charged corpuscular ray apparatus
Semiconductor integrated circuit and an operating method thereof, a timing verifying method for a semiconductor integrated circuit and a test method of a semiconductor integrated circuit
Silicon controlled rectifier (SCR) clamp including metal insulator transition (MIT) resistor
Waveguide filter
Multiple-way ring cavity power combiner and divider
Electronic apparatus and method for making the same
Radiation component of miniature antenna
Semiconductor laser
Delay protection circuit and electronic device employing the same
DC branch circuit protecting device
Electrostatic discharge protection circuit
Power feeding device, vehicle equipped with the same, and power feeding method
Electronic cigarette and a wireless charging device for the same
Signal duty detecting apparatus and motor driving apparatus having the same
Control device for rotating electrical machine
Power system having short circuit protection controller
Resonating element, resonator, electronic device, electronic apparatus, and moving body
Compensating for process variation in integrated circuit fabrication
Apparatus and method for body protection from electromagnetic fields
Amplifier performance stabilization through preparatory phase
Power amplification circuits
Trans-capacitance amplifier with picoAmperes input biasing and large output swing
Envelope path processing for envelope tracking amplification stage
Equalization profiles for dynamic equalization of audio data
Feed-forward equalization in a receiver
Adaptive pade filter and transceiver
Semiconductor drive circuit and power conversion apparatus using same
Method and apparatus for reducing crowbar current
Low current single chip oscillator timing circuit
Data encoding in solid state storage devices
Early stop method and apparatus for turbo decoding
Method of communicating signal data in GNSS using LDPC convolution codes and a system thereof
Wireless communication system, remote access device, and base station device
Automatic protocol selection mechanism
Remote control apparatus
Method, apparatus, and computer program product for wireless network discovery based on geographical location
System, audio guidance output control method, transmission device, and reception device
Techniques for wireless communication of proximity based content
Transmission of broadcasts based on recipient location
Session-triggered pushing of group communication data
Group communication sessions in a wireless communication system
Systems and methods for optimizing sounding interval
Relay method of wireless access systems and base station, relay device and replay system thereof
Method and apparatus for content protection and billing for mobile delivery of satellite content
Apparatus and method for selecting spot beam based on traffic demands and channel conditions for multi-spot beam satellite system
Techniques for hierarchical encoding for multicast broadcast services in wireless communication systems
System and method for providing supervised learning to associate profiles in video audiences
Base station device for wireless communication of OFDM signal including a synchronization control unit
Networks adaptive transmission methods for multiple user wireless networks
Communication units and methods for relay-assisted uplink communication
Optical transmission device, scrambling method, and descrambling method
Instructions to perform Groestl hashing
Method of supervising a node in a communication system
Third party charging for SIP sessions
Network monitoring device
Grid router
Systems and methods for resource allocation serving communication requirements and fairness
Smart routing for voice over internet protocol
Data receiving circuit and semiconductor device
Channel estimator for updating channel estimates and carrier frequency offsets
Strong authentication token with acoustic data input
Content data reproduction system and collection system of use history thereof
Using identifier tags and authenticity certificates for detecting counterfeited or stolen brand objects
Method, device and network for authenticating the position of a navigation receiver
Dynamic deskew for bang-bang timing recovery in a communication system
System timing margin improvement of high speed I/O interconnect links by using fine training of phase interpolator
Method and apparatus for switching talking modes automatically
Methods for retrieving content in a unified communications environment
Systems for enabling subscriber monitoring of telecommunications network usage and service plans
Internet phone system and directory search engine using same
Touch pad addressing of voice messages
System, method, and computer readable medium for routing an agent to a preferred communications platform
Peer to peer contact center
Enhanced service levels for call-processing services
Method and system for enhancing collaboration
Managing voice collision in multi-party communications
Illumination system, image reader and image forming device
Linear light source apparatus and image reading apparatus
Image reading device, image forming apparatus, and image reading method
Image forming device, density correction method, and non-transitory computer readable storage medium storing program
Image forming apparatus, image forming method, and integrated circuit
Inter sub-mode decision process in a transcoding operation
Motion vector detection apparatus, motion vector detection method, and computer-readable storage medium
QP adaptive coefficients scanning and application
Playback control methods and systems
Stereoscopic 3D display device
Solid-state imaging apparatus
Controlling the sharpness of a digital image
Apparatus and method for displaying digital broadcasting program information
Ambient light effects based on video via home automation
Methods and systems for generating ambient light effects based on video content
Electronic device, display method, and storage medium
Handheld media and communication device with a detachable projector
Camera resolution modification based on intended printing location
Recording apparatus, imaging and recording apparatus, recording method, and program
Video interpolation method and apparatus with smooth fallback interpolation mode
Video entropy decoding with graceful degradation
Video enhancement internet media experience in converting high definition formats to video formats
Image deblurring method using motion compensation
Information processing apparatus and method
Surveillance video router
3-D controller system for legacy TV
System for combining video data streams into a composite video data stream
Multi-function vibration actuator
Secure remote control of notification operations of communication devices
System and method for employing geographically overlapping autonomous static and mobile wireless networks for asset tracking
Peer device supported location-based service provider check-in
Adaptive calibration of measurements for a wireless radio network
Providing information to a computing device based on known location and user information
Mobility support in a mobile data network
Mobility support in a mobile data network
Transmitter characteristic representation for television white space
Apparatus and method for allocating resource in multi-beam satellite communication
Method and system for coexistence between wireless communication networks
Measurement control for handover from one radio access technology to another
Emergency text messaging
Method for transmitting preamble, synchronization method of wireless node and apparatus thereof
Method and apparatus for estimating reverse link loading in a wireless communication system
Resource selection for transmission of multiple ACK/NACK on PUCCH channel
Method of efficient ranging procedure considering ranging purpose in broadband wireless access system
Method and device for operating in idle mode using identifier type
Methods and apparatuses for initiating multi-mode system selection at user equipment power up
Light emitting diode driver
Junction box
Electronic equipment and expansion apparatus thereof
Thermal connector
Immersion-cooling of selected electronic component(s) mounted to printed circuit board
Expired Patents Due To Time
Reversible dress
Removable cleat for footwear
Shadow box belt buckle
Golf bag divider top
Computer screen and keyboard dusting brush
Multi-brush ultrasonic nail cleaner
Power handle for use in conjunction with an electric toothbrush head
Slotted lounge bicycle saddle
Surface pattern for paper product and package
Split rail bicycle saddle
Laboratory table
Dining table
Storage cabinet
Speaker stand
Display case
Counter top display rack
Modular wall system corner unit
Towel ring
Corner computer desk
Computer loveseat
Chair arm
Chair back
Drawer front
Mirror and frame
Garment hanger
Utility lighter
Decorative plate
Cruet set
Thermal bottle with a tumbler at each extremity
Vacuum bottle
Musical attachment for baby bottle
Insulated french press coffee server
Beverage holder
Can opener
Can opener
Foil cutter
Candle wick cutter
Lineman's socket wrench combination tool for a cable clamp
Flexible draw latch
Parabolic padlock
Clip for x-ray cassettes
Compressed fabric article package having a butterfly shape
Battery package
Package for liquid foodstuffs
Package for dispensing sheets
Bowl for instant noodles
Compressed fabric article package having a tractor-trailer shape
Textured pad trigger lever for pump dispenser
Can top with rotatable tab opening
Bejeweled watch frame
Electrician's square
Automatic tablet bottling machine
Solitaire ring
Finger ring
Dinosaur head
Golf cart
Handle for golf pull-cart
Trolley jack
Floor mat for vehicles
Soft top camper shell for pickup trucks with roof rack
Motorcycle frame
Stretcher wheelchair
Tire tread
Tire tread
Floor mat for vehicles
Front face of a vehicle wheel
Custom wheel
Front face of a vehicle wheel
Car top carrier
Motorcycle exhaust pipes
Floor mat for vehicles
Floor mat for vehicles
Electric charger for radio telephones
Electrical connector housing
Electrical connector housing
Electrical connector
Receptacle connector
Photo-responsive lamp switching apparatus
Remote controller
Visible step neutral bar
Personal digital assistant
Toolbar for a portion of a display screen
Personal digital assistant
Keyboards for computer game only
Image scanner
Front bezel of a computer
Computer enclosure
Computer keyboard support
Computer storage enclosure
Combined layout and icons for a computer screen
Hand held internet browser with folding keyboard
Computer generated image for display panel or screen
Phone connector assembly
Keypad for a handset
Keypad for a handset
Box for a telephone handset
Noise cancellation device for use with recording devices
Centrifugal trash pump
Inflator housing
Video projector
Video projector
Cash dispenser
Ink cartridge for printer
Ink cartridge for printer
Machine for shredding paper currency
Label dispenser
Storage rack
File tray
Character pen
Writing instrument
Retail signage
Clip on sign holder
Video game machine
Game layout mat
Toy capsule
Amusement device
Score display device
Golf ball holder
Golf putter face
Archery bow with vibration damper
Fishing float with attached lure
Shower spray mode selector ring
Shower spray mode selector ring
Profiled pipes
Tissue roll holder
Air conditioner
Soccor ball sports portable fan
Ventilation grill
Front grill for a fan
Outdoor heat exchanger cabinet for an air conditioning unit
Exterior housing for an analytical instrument
Chromatography vial
Assaying device
Needle cover
Cast sock
Paving brick
Open web dissymmetric beam
Century fence post finial
Environmental enclosure for vending machines
Lamp housing
Solar powered lamp
Loop for lighting fixture
Cigarette packet
Combined headband, bows and container
Handle for a woman's razor
Combined multi-composition stick product, such as lip balm, sun screen, deodorant, or glue stick and container therefor
Hair dryer
Flow generator
Dog collar
Pet leash
Cremation Urn Lid with Golf Emblem
Human Necessities
System and method for automated measurement of soil pH
Geranium plant named `Free Cherry Rose`
Hemerocallis plant named `Dance Party`
Flowering crab apple tree named `Morning Princess`
Geranium plant named `Balgalsusi`
Lantana camara plant named `Robpatcow`
Portulaca plant named `Summer Joy Light Pink`
Apple rootstock named `Geneva 16`
Geranium plant named `Fisgren`
Guzmania plant named `Soledo`
Geranium plant named `Fismerk`
Verbena plant named `Spikena`
Double Impatiens plant named `Boddblwhi`
Hemerocallis plant named `Tiger Time`
Geranium plant named `Fislet`
Aster plant named `Pink Milka`
Geranium plant named `Free Dark Red`
Geranium plant named `Fissalm`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Halifax`
Alstroemeria plant named `Loirianj`
Geranium plant named `Balfancori`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Valentin`
Method for making drying more effective
Personal shelter device
Helmet fitting system
Personal protection device
Method of and system for measuring performance during an exercise activity, and an athletic shoe for use in system
Athletic shoe
Head-cleansing cap and method
Height adjustment system
Bed frame
Grill knife and scraper
Stool specimen collector
Toilet seat lifting assembly
Clothes dryer attachment for drying footwear
Bathtub chair lift
Process for disposing of human wastes, a disposable container for collecting human wastes and a container-grinding machine
Hydrotherapy tub coplanar flow
Billiards ball rack
Electronic television program guide with remote product ordering
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method of manufacturing a speed gear
Method of constructing a door
Self squaring accident diagramming template
Window paint scraper
Air-conditioning system for automobiles and its control method
Vehicle speed control system using wireless communications and method for controlling the same
Control apparatus for hybrid vehicle
Power output unit, method of controlling the power output unit, and hybrid vehicle
Holographic object position and type sensing system and method
Anti-lock brake control system having enhanced straightline braking efficiency
Automatic steering system for vehicle
Method and apparatus for reducing drag in marine vessels
Spacecraft magnetic torquer feedback system
Stellar attitude-control systems and methods with weighted measurement-noise covariance matrices
Edge protecting packaging and distribution system for rolled laminar stock
Adjustable-height can opening appliance
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Cytokine designated LERK-6
Bituminous compositions containing linear copolymers
Crystallization and structure determination of Staphylococcus aureus UDP-N-acetylenolpyruvylglucosamine reductase (S. aureus MurB)
Textiles; Paper
Method and apparatus for drying a fiber web
Fixed Constructions
Apparatus and method for snow grooming a terrain park or ski area slopes
Shaft driven trencher
Unified control of a work implement
Bathroom odor withdrawal system
System and method for real time reservoir management
Miniature directional indication instrument
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Optimization method for shifting gears in a lean capable multi-mode engine with a manual transmission
Single phase motor with positive torque parking positions
Laser light referencing tool
Accelerated calibration for electronic compass module
Geographic location referencing system and method
Method and device for generating, merging and updating of destination tracking data
Navigation system
System and method for determining an efficient transportation route
Navigation system
Navigation device with a three dimensional display
Map information display device for navigation apparatus
Orientation sensor utilizing intra-pattern property measurements
Method and system for inputting a weight to a browser in an internet-based shipping system
Process for manufacturing printed circuit boards and process for connecting wires thereto
Method and device for determining the torque exerted on a rotating body which can be rotationally driven around a rotational axis
Method and apparatus for measuring power output and for measuring tension and vibrational frequency of a elongate flexible member
System and method of reducing motion-induced noise in the optical detection of an ultrasound signal in a moving body of material
Method for automatically scaling sampled representations of single-valued and multi-valued waveforms
Enhancing voltmeter functionality
Multi-port programmable tester
Method and apparatus for jitter analysis
Testing memory modules on a solder-side adaptor board attached to a PC motherboard
Connector assembly for testing memory modules from the solder-side of a PC motherboard with forced hot air
Testing and burn-in of IC chips using radio frequency transmission
Auxiliary control with diagnostic capability
System and method for at-speed interconnect tests
Downlink observed time difference measurements
System and method for detecting and displaying wind shear
Space weather prediction system and method
Image display apparatus comprising an internally reflecting ocular optical system
Method and apparatus for controlling operations in a vehicle
Pay per wash laundry system
Electronic control unit for vehicle having reduced circuit scale
Sensor validation apparatus and method
Safety system for guidance control system
System for the secure CD-ROM storage of data
Dynamic heuristic method for detecting computer viruses using decryption exploration and evaluation phases
System and method for controlling access to documents stored on an internal network
Usage characteristic based software customization
Stackable PCI peripheral devices
Bus-powered computer peripheral with supplement battery power to overcome bus-power limit
Microcontroller with auto-alarm device
Circuit for setting computer system bus signals to predetermined states in low power mode
Coverage measurement tool for user defined coverage models
Method and system for low level testing of central electronics complex hardware using Test nano Kernel
Check digit method and system for detection of transposition errors
Method and apparatus for updating firmware
Electronic system and method for implementing functional redundancy checking by comparing signatures having relatively small numbers of signals
Computer in multi-cluster system
Method and apparatus for determining continuity and integrity of a RAMBUS channel in a computer system
Method, system and computer program product for iterative distributed problem solving
Process monitoring system
Method and apparatus for employing network loadable debugging agents, capable of first failure support on retail versions of software products
Microprocessor having an on-chip CPU fetching a debugging routine from a memory in an external debugging device in response to a control signal received through a debugging port
System and method for selectively presenting logical storage units to multiple host operating systems in a networked computing system
System, method and article of manufacture for mobile communication utilizing an interface support framework
File control device
Automated extraction of BIOS identification information for a computer system from any of a plurality of vendors
Memory access system, address converter, and address conversion method capable of reducing a memory access time
Method and apparatus for analyzing a main memory configuration
Programmable address translation system
Data-centric multi-level blocking
Dynamic mechanism to upgrade o state memory-consistent cache lines
System and method providing cache coherency and atomic memory operations in a multiprocessor computer architecture
Method and system for bypassing cache levels when casting out from an upper level cache
Set-associative cache memory having a built-in set prediction array
System and method for on-line, real time, data migration
Translation lookaside buffer (TLB) arrangement wherein the TLB contents retained for a task as swapped out and reloaded when a task is rescheduled
Cache fencing for interpretive environments
Secure enablement of a processing entity
Apparatus and method for transparent USB-to-1394 bridging and video delivery between a host computer system and a remote peripheral device
System for managing multimedia discs, tracks and files on a standalone computer
Computer system and method for sharing a job with other computers on a computer network using IP multicast
System and method for increasing write performance in a fibre channel environment
System and method for concurrently requesting input/output and memory address space while maintaining order of data sent and returned therefrom
Apparatus and method for pipelined memory operations
Methods and apparatus for using interrupt score boarding with intelligent peripheral device
Interrupt request control module with a DSP interrupt vector generator
Method for the management of interrupts in a microprocessor
LSI system capable of reading and writing at high speed
Network device and method of controlling flow of data arranged in frames in a data-based network
System and method for bridging bus segments on a backplane and coupling single board computers to a backplane
System for peer-to-peer mastering over a computer bus
Adding plug-in unit slots to a high capacity bus
Data interface and high-speed communication system using the same
Microprocessing device having programmable wait states
System and method for transmission of information packets between provider and consumer processors
Method for encoding and decoding data according to a protocol specification
Method and apparatus for interleaved exchange in a network mesh
Automatic data collection device that receives data output instruction from data consumer
Dual aspect ratio PE array with no connection switching
Device and method for calculating FFT
Methods for analysis and evaluation of the semantic content of a writing based on vector length
Method for converting a phonetic character string into the text of an Asian language
Virtual network file server
Replica system and method of producing a replica
Document information management system
Configurable disablement of display objects in a browser
Intermediate server having control program for storing content accessed during browsing sessions and playback program for asynchronously replaying browsing sessions
Method and apparatus for a self-service content menu
Dynamic, hierarchical data exchange system
Method and system for suggesting related documents
Installable file system having virtual file system drive, virtual device driver, and virtual disks
Automatic web page thumbnail generation
Method and apparatus for import, transform and export of data
Monitoring and raising alerts for database jobs
Method and system for storage and retrieval of multimedia objects
Auto-parameterization of database queries
Method and computer program product for processing system files using a trigger program
Utilize encoded vector indexes for distinct processing
Data visualization of queries over joins
Compensation for different connection and cursor characteristics among heterogeneous database management systems
Method for determining optimal database materializations using a query optimizer
Associative database model for electronic-based informational assemblies
Generic (database-independent) and dynamically-modifiable schema
Merging materialized view pairs for database workload materialized view selection
Method and system for summarizing topics of documents browsed by a user
Standard database queries within standard request-response protocols
Identifying indexes on materialized views for database workload
Method for interactively creating an information database including preferred information elements, such as preferred-authority, world wide web pages
Content management system
Document searching method for multilingual documents and storage medium therefore
Method and apparatus for minimizing an amount of data communicated between devices and necessary to modify stored electronic documents
Providing for data types of properties according to standard request-response protocols
Shortest path search system
Method and apparatus for the automated generation of programmable interconnect matrices
Computerized method and apparatus for designing wire bond diagrams and locating bond pads for a semiconductor device
Hardware and software co-verification employing deferred synchronization
Method of grid generation
Methods to securely configure an FPGA to accept selected macros
Vehicle systems data storage
System and method for ensuring integrity throughout post-processing
System for detecting tamper events and capturing the time of their occurrence
Digital signaturing method and system for re-creating specialized native files from single wrapped files imported from an open network or residing on a CD-ROM
Script development systems and methods useful therefor
System and method for floating-point computation
Method for partitioning tasks into stateless elements
Online modifications of relations in multidimensional processing
Microcode scalable processor
Methods and apparatus for instruction addressing in indirect VLIW processors
Emulating branch instruction of different instruction set in a mixed instruction stream in a dual mode system
Method and apparatus for disabling a clock signal within a multithreaded processor
Method and system for managing registers in a data processing system supports out-of-order and speculative instruction execution
Cross platform and cross operating system macros
Automatic code generation
Method of mapping GDMO templates and ASN.1 defined types into C++ classes using an object-oriented programming interface
Method and system for specified loading of an operating system
Hotkey for network service boot
Integrated circuit and method for bringing an integrated circuit to execute instructions
Advanced firmware boot sequence x86 computer system that maintains legacy hardware and software compatibility
Data processing method and device
Method for emulating native object oriented foundation classes on a target object oriented programming system using a template library
Method and system for remotely browsing objects
Data processing method, recording medium, and data processing apparatus
System and method for serializing Java objects in a tubular data stream
Methods and apparatus for efficiently transmitting interactive application data between a client and a server using markup language
Long latency interrupt handling and input/output write posting
Method and apparatus for enabling location-independent and location-transparent interaction between a program and a user
Method for enabling interaction with external computer programs from an editor environment
Wireless communication systems, interrogators and methods of communicating within a wireless communication system
Device system for the autonomous generation of useful information
Apparatus and method for communicating with a knowledge base
Deriving statistical device models from worst-case files
Time-triggered portable data objects
Interoperable full-featured web-based and client-side e-mail system
Methods and systems for dynamic cost allocation through task auto assignment
Relevance clause for computed relevance messaging
Integrated production tracking and pay rate calculation system
Computer-based method and system for ordering services
Conditional purchase offer buyer agency system
Content based method for product-peer filtering
Web based system for managing request for proposal and responses
Method and system of electronically logging remote user dietary information, and generating and automatically sending suggested dietary modifications
Computer implemented patient medication review system and process for the managed care, health care and/or pharmacy industry
Message searching system and terminal
System and method for providing prize award results
Method and apparatus for multiplexing separately-authored metadata for insertion into a video data stream
Method and apparatus including system architecture for multimedia communications
Method and apparatus for redundant postage accounting data files
Mailing system having flexible printing of messages
Land vehicle communications system and process for providing information and coordinating vehicle activities
G.P.S. management system
Processional travel control apparatus
Moving body detection system
Distance learning implementation
Apparatus and process for automated payment for the attachment of advertising to a vehicle
Method and apparatus for discourse management
Method and apparatus for performing spoken language translation
Voiceprint identification system
Method and apparatus for storing digital audio and playback thereof
ECC block format for storage device
Serial data transmission apparatus and method with a data checking feature
DVD system for seamless transfer between titles on a DVD disc which minimizes memory consumption
Method for installing a hard drive into a computer and improved components therefor
Architecture for state machine for controlling internal operations of flash memory
On chip data comparator with variable data and compare result compression
Method and apparatus for preserving data coherency in a double data rate SRAM
Method of making conductive bump on wiring board
Integrated circuit module has common function known good integrated circuit die with multiple selectable functions
Guard ring electrostatic chuck
Self align leadframe having resilient carrier positioning means
Intelligent current distribution system for vehicles and method for manufacturing the same
Hybrid Fiber-Coax telecommunication system
Method and apparatus for tracking signals
High speed configuration independent programmable macrocell
Data communication method and the use of the method in a system for remotely reading meters
Method and apparatus for implementing cyclic redundancy check calculation for data communications
Communication processing control apparatus and information processing system having the same
Method and apparatus for decoding multi-channel audio data
Joint multiple program error concealment for digital audio broadcasting and other applications
Error correction and concealment during data transmission
Local area network hub with distributed communication ports and magnetically attachable battery box
System for monitoring and recording motor vehicle operating parameters and other data
Digital data processing system having a data bus and a control bus
System for parsing a packet for conformity with a predetermined protocol using mask and comparison values included in a parsing instruction
Network vaults
Apparatus and method for an authenticated electronic userid
Connection concentrator for distributed object systems
Device for monitoring the periodicity of the messages sent over a multiplexed transmission network with a can-type structure
Data processor with trie traversal instruction set extension
Method and apparatus for managing data
Efficient implementation of lightweight directory access protocol (LDAP) search queries with structured query language (SQL)
Network model for alarm correlation
Media pipeline with multichannel video processing and playback
Memory device having a cyclically configured data memory and having plural data portals for outputting/inputting data
Systems and methods for continually updating and retrieving interactive video information
Data delivery system
Interactive theater and feature presentation system
Framework for progressive hierarchial and adaptive delivery rich media presentations and associated meta data
Methods and circuits for synchronizing streaming data and systems using the same
Apparatus and method for generating a time-multiplexed channel surfing signal at television head-end sites
Image projection system
Method and arrangement for finding information
Method for the operation of a radio system and system to execute the method
Mobile communication system with traffic collection and control for radio base stations
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