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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Maize variety hybrid X6K291
Transgenic animals for analyzing CYP3A4 cytochrome P450 gene regulation
Biomarkers for diabetes, obesity, and/or hypertension
Chemical compounds
Topical formulations for treatment of neuropathy
Method for stimulating the immune system
5-cycloalkyl- or 5-heterocyclyl-nicotinamides
Substituted cycloalcano[e and d] pyrazolo [1,5-a]pyrimidines/antagonists of serotonin 5-HT6 receptors and methods for production and the use thereof
Pyrazole derivatives
Stabilized composition comprising at least one adrenergic compound
Particles of aerated ice confection products for frozen ice drinks
Vehicle seat and method for moving the vehicle seat in a vehicle cabin
In-vivo sensing device and method for producing same
Absorbent article containing structured fibers
Methods for decreasing cartilage damage in dogs
Method for decreasing cartilage damage in dogs
Anti-viral drugs for treatment of arenavirus infection
Azabicycloalkane-indole and azabicycloalkane-pyrrolo-pyridine MCH-1 antagonists, methods of making, and use thereof
Preventive or remedy for glaucoma
Oxopiperazine derivatives for the treatment of pain and epilepsy
Use of quinazoline derivatives for the treatment of viral diseases
Compositions and methods of treatment for inflammatory diseases
Quinolone derivative or pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof
Slimming cosmetic composition containing a substance inducing the production of IL-6
Therapeutic ribonucleases
Affinity peptides toward BMP-2
Rheumatoid arthritis T cell vaccine
3-hydroxyisothiazole 1-oxide derivatives
CA IX-specific inhibitors
Humanized monoclonal antibodies to hepatocyte growth factor
Cancer imaging and treatment
Water-soluble or water-swellable polymers on the basis of salts of acryloyldimethyltaurine acid or the derivatives thereof, the production thereof and the use thereof as thickener, stabilizer and consistency agents
Continuous process for microspheres production by using expanded fluids
Physical conditioning system, device and method
Method for treating intervertebral discs
Distributed compression amplitude mapping for a neural stimulation system
Distributed compression amplitude mapping for a cochlear stimulation system
Addressing recurrent atrial fibrillation
Connector assembly for connecting a lead and an implantable medical device
Process for making up the lips
Performing Operations; Transporting
Redox gas sweetening solutions
Composite oxide for exhaust gas purifying catalyst and exhaust gas purifying catalyst, and diesel exhaust gas purifying filter
Manufacture method for forming antique color on metal surface
Modified flux system in cored electrode
Rigid biofiber thermoplastic composite and articles made therefrom
Metallurgically bonded stainless steel
Resin dispersion and resin particle
Ceramic green body and method for producing the same
Flat textile structures with self-cleaning and water-repellent surface
Silicone rubber composition for optical sheet, and optical sheet
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Bayer process for producing alumina trihydrate, said process comprising a step in which the supersaturated liquor is filtered at high temperature before decomposition
Process for preparing a compound of formula CF.sub.3CHFCH.sub.2X, wherin X is Cl or F, from 1243zf
Process for the purification of benzphetamine hydrochloride
Process and apparatus for azeotropic recovery of dichlorohydrins
Radiofluorinated compounds and their preparation
Method for the preparation of 1-acetyl-6-amino-3,3-dimethyl-2,3-dihydroindole
Methods for oligomerizing olefins with chromium pyridine ether catalysts
Process for the sulfinylation of a pyrazole derivative
Benzoxazoles and oxazolopyridines being useful as janus kinases inhibitors
Styrenyl 1,2,4-oxadiazole compounds
AHCY hydrolase inhibitors for treatment of hyper homocysteinemia
Dye for a dye-sensitised solar cell, and a solar cell comprising the same
Borate esters, boron-comprising dopants, and methods of fabricating boron-comprising dopants
High shear process for dextrose production
IL-12/p40 binding proteins
Variant sucrose transporter polypeptides that enable faster sucrose utilization in bacteria
Genes of an otitis media isolate of nontypeable Haemophilus influenzae
Genome shuffling method for autogamous plants utilizing dominant male sterility obtained by gene engineering technique, and recurrent selection breeding system based on the genome shuffling method
Boron transporter
Streptococcus uberis adhesion molecule
Method for producing phosphate-bridged nucleoside conjugates
Chemically patterned hydrogels, manufacture and use thereof
Modified polyvinyllactams
Zwitterionic/amphiphilic pentablock copolymers and coatings therefrom
Methods of making oligomers, coating compositions containing them, and coated articles
Retardation film, and organic EL display device and liquid crystal display device using the same
Polyester having renewable 1,3-propanediol
Simplified production of nylon-6
Method for producing porous silicon molded bodies
Method of contacting hydrocarbon-bearing formations with fluorinated ether compositions
Esterification of biodiesel feedstock with solid heterogeneous catalyst
Phl p 5a derivatives having reduced allergeneity and retained T-cell reactivity
Systems and methods for cultivating, harvesting and processing biomass
Dual targeting of MIR-208 and MIR-499 in the treatment of cardiac disorders
Polypeptides having beta-glucosidase activity and polynucleotides encoding same
Polypeptides having expansin activity and polynucleotides encoding same
Polypeptides having beta-glucosidase activity and polynucleotides encoding same
Genes encoding Z,Z-farnesyl diphosphate synthase and a sesquiterpene synthase with multiple products and uses thereof
Differentiation of stem cells into dopaminergic cells
Fetal pulmonary cells and uses thereof
Polynucleotide encoding UDP-glucuronyl transferase
Textiles; Paper
Purification method for carbon material containing carbon nanotubes, carbon material produced by the same method, and resin molding, fiber, heat sink, slider, material for field electron emission source, conduction aid for electrode, catalyst support
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Power generation hydraulic system
Ballistic plate and method of fabrication thereof
Monitoring motion of a crusher
Navigation system, route search method, and storage medium
Methods and apparatuses for measuring biological processes using mid-infrared spectroscopy
3D scanner
Method for calculating hydrogen temperature during vehicle fueling
Charged particle beam device and method for correcting position with respect to charged particle beam
Ethylene oxide sterilization indicator compositions
High throughput directed evolution by rational mutagenesis
Combining measurements from different sensors
Optical microlabels: shapes and reflectors
Method for sulfur-based corrosion testing
Central processing unit test system
Packet processing in a wireless network
Programmable logic device, information processing device and programmable logic device control method
System and method for coordinate mapping onto airport diagrams
Optical waveguides in image sensors
Plastic optical fiber and manufacturing method thereof, and optical transmission system
Apparatus for manufacturing optical fiber Bragg grating, optical fiber, and mid-infrared optical fiber laser
Flexible optical waveguide film, optical transceiver module, multi-channel optical transceiver module, and method of manufacturing flexible optical waveguide film
Silicon semiconductor based high-speed ring optical modulator
Method and apparatus for capturing multiple images at different image foci
Camera behind a photoluminescent light source
Color adjustment for camera
Digital camera
Drum removal apparatus and methods
Printing system
Image forming apparatus developing unit and computer system
Image forming apparatus and control method thereof
Image forming apparatus and control method for processing print requests in a print queue
Image forming apparatus having endless belt
Color image forming apparatus and color image forming method
Image forming apparatus including developer electric field transport apparatus
Imaging apparatus and improved toner therefor
Cooling structure and image forming apparatus provided with the same
Toner for electrostatic image developments
Analog watch
Visitor management systems and methods
Switching adapter control method for adaptive mobile power systems
Method and apparatus for managing power in a processing system with multiple partitions
Using highly skewed clocks for application based tracing and application based normalization of processor clocks in an SMP environment
Method for charging data processing apparatus having two separate units
Saving system context in the event of power loss
Test apparatus and electronic device for generating test signal by using repeated interval in a test instruction stream
Apparatus, system and method for detection of mismatches in continuous remote copy using metadata
Method and apparatus for hardware awareness of data types
Information processing apparatus and method, program, and program recording medium
System and method for managing a consistency among volumes in a continuous data protection environment
Method for performing bioinformatics analysis program and bioinformatics analysis platform
Instruction processing method for verifying basic instruction arrangement in VLIW instruction for variable length VLIW processor
Client-side virtual radio station
Data transmission device, method and program for providing a unified transmission method in multi-destination delivery
Methods for enhancing SDP preconditions signalling for IP multimedia sessions
System and method for managing multiple stack environments
System for providing on-demand media streaming from a user's own library to a receiving device of the user
Instant messaging with caller identification
Device model agent
System, method, and computer program product for centralized management of an INFINIBAND distributed system area network
Method of authentication processing during a single sign on transaction via a content transform proxy service
Efficient intra-domain routing in packet-switched networks
Method and apparatus for modifying remote devices monitored by a monitoring system
Learning belief distributions for game moves
High speed and high throughput digital communications processor with efficient cooperation between programmable processing components
Graph-based negotiation system with encapsulated constraint solver
Methods, computer-readable media, and data structures for building an authoritative database of digital audio identifier elements and identifying media items
View templates for HTML source documents
Techniques for file system translation
B-tree compression using normalized index keys
Web page editing system with database drill-down
Metadata in JPEG 2000 file format
Information processing
Method, system, and program for data synchronization between a primary storage device and a secondary storage device by determining whether a first identifier and a second identifier match, where a unique identifier is associated with each portion of data
Document processing apparatus for searching documents, control method therefor, program for implementing the method, and storage medium storing the program
Transistor-level timing analysis using embedded simulation
Systems, methods, and computer-readable media for adjusting layout database hierarchies for more efficient database processing and storage
System and method for checking equivalence between descriptions
Method of creating a netlist for an FPGA and an ASIC
Method and system for problem case packaging
Recording medium, recording medium reading/writing apparatus, and method of using recording medium
System and method for video access from notes or summaries
Apparatus and method for searching for a video clip
Method for sharing a data store across event management frameworks and system comprising same
Setting attributes of jobs and documents in a layered structure
Method and device for controlling information display output and input device
Roll stability control system for an automotive vehicle using coordinated control of anti-roll bar and brakes
System and method for optimally customizable and adaptive personalized information display for information associated with managing a chaotic event
Method and system for evaluating media-playing sets
Document management network system for managing original document information and additional information
Color management system that supports legacy and advanced color management applications
Color management system that supports legacy and advanced color management applications
Common analog interface for multiple processor cores
Information processing device with branch history restoration
Methods for enhancing type reconstruction
Methods and systems of thermal simulation for fire analysis of objects
Processor system, task control method on computer system, computer program
Method, computer and computer system for monitoring performance
Method for dynamically enabling the expansion of a computer operating system
Structure of the farnesoid X receptor ligand binding domain and methods of use therefor
Stereoscopic image generating device and stereoscopic image delivery method
Active night vision image intensity balancing system
Closely-spaced multiple targets detection using a regional window as a discriminant function
System and method for facilitating cardiac intervention
Conversion method, apparatus and computer program for converting a digital image obtained by a scanner
Image inspecting apparatus, image inspecting method, control program and computer-readable storage medium
Method and apparatus for detecting an image of a reflective object
Digital watermark embedding apparatus, method and program, and digital watermark detection apparatus, method and program
Digital watermark detection method and apparatus
Tunnel detecting device for vehicle and light control device for vehicle
Image processing and display scheme for rendering an image at high speed
Image display control apparatus, image display apparatus, image displaying method and program thereof
Signal-transmitting system, data-transmitting apparatus and data-receiving apparatus
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, program, and storage medium
Edge enhancement system and method and imaging system
Method and apparatus for detecting corner
Fixed-weight recurrent neural network controller with fixed long-term and adaptive short-term memory
E-commerce development intranet portal
Investment allocation system, analysis module and method thereof
Computer-based right distribution system with reserve pricing
Method and system for traffic resource allocation
Display device with faster changing side image
Local-dimming method, light source apparatus performing the local-dimming method and display apparatus having the light source apparatus
Field sequential color display device with red, green, blue and white light sources
Liquid crystal display device and method of driving the same
Apparatus, method, and computer program product for speech recognition
Time scaling of multi-channel audio signals
Apparatus for recording dye based recordable DVD media and process for recording the same
Optical system for collimating elliptical light beam and optical device using the same
Method of automatically pausing optical pickup in DVD-RAM disc drive
Disk discriminating method and disk discriminating apparatus
Optical disk face discriminating system and optical disk drive
Tracing discrete spiral path relative to optical disc
Conditioning operations for memory cells
Integrated circuit for setting a memory cell based on a reset current distribution
Method for programming phase-change memory and method for reading date from the same
Measuring circuit and reading method for memory cells
Memory based computation systems and methods of using the same
Methods and apparatus for low-density parity check decoding using hardware-sharing and serial sum-product architecture
Distributed write data drivers for burst access memories
Semiconductor memory, system, and operating method of semiconductor memory
Enameled insulated wire and manufacturing method thereof
Pressure balanced spool poppet valves with printed actuator coils
Medium voltage circuit breaker arrangement
Ballast for fluorescent emergency lighting
Method, a processor, and a system for tracking a focus of a beam
Charged particle beam apparatus
Detection device comprising a rugged test with dual transistor
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Conformal metallization process for the fabrication of semiconductor laser devices
Forming features on a substrate having varying feature densities
Vertical SOI bipolar junction transistor and manufacturing method thereof
Method for three-dimensional packaging of electronic devices
Three dimensional structure memory
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Hybrid integrated circuits and their methods of fabrication
Techniques for modular chip fabrication
Semiconductor electronic component and semiconductor device using the same
Air gap-containing interconnect structure having photo-patternable low k material
Power module package
Semiconductor device and its manufacturing method
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Circuit board, method of manufacturing circuit board, display, and electronic unit
High frequency field-effect transistor
Shift register memory
Semiconductor memory device and method of manufacturing the same
Tunneling magnetoresistance sensor
Backside only contact thin-film solar cells and devices, systems and methods of fabricating same, and products produced by processes thereof
Power semiconductor device
Second contact schottky metal layer to improve GaN schottky diode performance
Light receiving and emitting device
Method and device for cadmium-free solar cells
Organic light-emitting display device
Organic electroluminescent element and method for manufacturing the same
Electronic apparatus and electronic apparatus charging system
Secondary battery
Adjustable multi-band antenna and methods
Solid-state suspension laser with separate excitation and extraction
Lubrication structure of generator motor and generator motor
Spindle motor with sleeve holder including cylindrical part, seating part, and coupling part
Base assembly for motor and fan motor including the same
System and method for energizing an electric motor auxiliary winding and electric motor
Clock recovery circuit and a memory device employing the same
Techniques on input transformer to push the OP1dB higher in power amplifier design
Method and system for a fast-switching phase-locked loop using a direct digital frequency synthesizer
Digital broadcasting system and method of processing data in digital broadcasting system
Modulator, demodulator and modulator-demodulator
Capacitive multiplication in a phase locked loop
Demodulation of a digitally frequency-modulated analog received signal by evaluation of the time intervals between the zero crossings
Letter input structure using morse code and input method of the same
Low complexity transcoding between videostreams using different entropy coding
Optical receiving device and optical receiving method
Apparatus and method for commissioning an optical transmission system
Light emitting element driving device
Selectable frequency EMR emitter
Wireless communications system and method using transmission timing control
Method for measuring flow noise of water over a hydrophone
Transmission power control method and apparatus for mobile communication system
Communication system
Method and system for distributing digital audio and video to an analog wireless device
Coded/non-coded program audience measurement system
Remote service testing system
Dynamic mapping of broadcast resources
Apparatus for estimating frequency offset from received signal and method for the same
Type dependency modulation method with type control
Video conferencing system
Locating hardware faults in a data communications network of a parallel computer
Self-healing containers
Apparatus and method for configuring data plane behavior on network forwarding elements
Full mesh status monitor
Cyclical-transmission-schedule reservation technique
System and method for caching called number information
Hierarchical packet scheduler using hole-filling and multiple packet buffering
System for reordering sequenced based packets in a switching network
Network monitoring and intellectual property protection device, system and method
Integrating multimedia capabilities with legacy networks
Complex maximum likelihood range estimator in a multipath environment
Method and program for user authentication in a network storage system
Providing accurate time-based counters for scaling operating frequencies of microprocessors
Optimization methods for the insertion, projection, and detection of digital watermarks in digital data
Establishing mutual authentication and secure channels in devices without previous credentials
Displaying customized images on a wireless device
Slide module for a slide type electronic device
Method and system for collecting contemporaneous information relating to a critical event
Region-wide messaging system and methods including validation of transactions
Systems, methods, and apparatus to enable backup wireless devices
Method and system for improving client server transmission over fading channel with wireless location and authentication technology via electromagnetic radiation
Dynamic selection and scheduling of radio frequency communications
Data recording and reproduction apparatus
Reproduction apparatus connected to a monitor apparatus and remote controlling method thereof
Method of determining reference picture, method of compensating for motion and apparatus therefor
Intra estimation chroma mode 0 sub-block dependent prediction
Scalable filtering table
Viewing limit apparatus, viewing limit system, and viewing limit program
Accelerating video decoding using a graphics processing unit
Processing system for portable electronic apparatus, portable electronic apparatus, and processing apparatus for portable electronic apparatus
System and method for brokering mobile service providers
System and method for brokering mobile service providers
Environment aware message delivery
Hierarchical data collection network supporting packetized voice communications among wireless terminals and telephones
Multimode wireless device system provision validation and acquisition method and apparatus
Heating control device and method thereof
Backup lighting apparatus
Apparatus and method for heating plastic preforms
Apparatus and method using patterned array with separated islands
Conductive pattern formation
Multi-point latch mechanism with a single control
IGBT packaging and cooling using PCM and liquid
Expired Patents Due To Time
Method and apparatus for controlling electrical appliances by remote control transmitters
Vehicle rearview mirror display system
Illuminatable traffic sign
Method of determining the first sector on a recording medium
Method and apparatus for reduced complexity entropy coding
Partitioned DC balanced (0,6) 16B/18B transmission code with error correction
Dual rate transmission scheme and apparatus using the same
Serial-to-parallel converter
Linearity error compensator
Pipelined oversampling A/D converter
Digital-to analog converter accurately testable without complicated circuit configuration, semiconductor integrated circuit device using the same and testing method thereof
Method and apparatus for extending the spurious free dynamic range of a digital-to-analog converter
Multiple level quantizer
Neural-flash analog-to-digital converter using weighted current similation
Low-voltage analog-to-digital converter
Analog-to-digital converter system having enhanced digital self-calibration
Multiple process product interface detection for a low power radar level transmitter
Pulse doppler target detecting device
Method and apparatus for detecting road circumstances around a traveling vehicle and a recording medium for storing a related software program
Doppler complex FFT police radar with direction sensing capability
Three-dimensionally designed display radar
Radar and like systems and method for improving image quality
Enhanced differential GNSS carrier-smoothed code processing using dual frequency measurements
Compact GPS tracker and customized mapping system
Method and apparatus for automatic and autonomous assignment of PRN codes to a multiplicity of pseudolites
Multiple-beam electronic scanning antenna
Dual mode switched beam antenna
System and method for improved trunking efficiency through sector overlap
Integrated interferometer and instantaneous frequency measurement device and method
Broadband patch/slot antenna
Reconfigurable microstrip antenna array geometry which utilizes micro-electro-mechanical system (MEMS) switches
Multifunction printed-circuit antenna
Dual band antenna for radio terminal
Wireless handset
Multiple frequency band branch antennas for wireless communicators
Dual band antenna for cellular communications
Double pole limit switch having an actuator as a pole
Conformal load bearing antenna structure
Dual-feed system for a multifunction, conformal, loadearing structure excitation antenna
Pane antenna for automobiles
Lightweight antenna assembly comprising a whip antenna and a helical antenna mounted on a top end of the whip antenna
Multiple beam antenna system for simultaneously receiving multiple satellite signals
Dielectric resonator antenna for a mobile communication
Radar antenna feed arrangement
Antenna configuration
Waveguide antenna apparatus
Broadband fan cone direction finding antenna and array
Variable beamwidth antenna systems
Integrated transmitter or receiver device
Low-windload satellite antenna
Antenna control system
Artificial potted flower and plant radio and television antenna
Antenna support structure
Elastically deformable antenna reflector for a spacecraft, and spacecraft including such a reflector
Virtual display screen system
Method for driving AC-type plasma display panel
Active matrix type liquid crystal display system and driving method therefor
System for producing a liquid crystal driving signal
Multifunctional digital indicator
Method of displaying a high-resolution digital color image on a low-resolution dot-matrix display with high fidelity
Apparatus for performing various on-screen display functions and methods for each function
"Frame-rate modulation method and apparatus to generate flexible grayscale shading for super twisted nematic displays using stored brightness-level waveforms"
Computer input device
Free-floating multi-axis controller
System integrated 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional input device
Computer mouse with enhance control button (s)
Computer keyboard having full-sized keys suitable for touch typing and thumb operable space key also acting as a shift key
Touch operation information output device
Method of and system for driving AC plasma display panel
Multistream switch-based video editing architecture
CATV transmission center apparatus, subscriber terminal device, CATV distribution system, and method of distributing program
Home network, browser based, command and control
Object-oriented tag browser
Remote control transmission apparatus
System controller for analyzer
Motion user interface
Stereoscopic display system
Method and apparatus for three-dimensional input entry
Method of using a hybrid error metric for multi-resolution mesh generation
Ole for design and modeling
Transform, lighting and rasterization system embodied on a single semiconductor platform
Computer generated watercolor
Printer and method of correcting color registration error thereof
Electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Control electrode cleaning device
Recording apparatus
Image recording apparatus with plural print heads
Color image forming apparatus having means for correcting deviations between scanning light beams accurately and in real time
Adjustment of a laser diode output power compensator
Dual forward and reverse test points for amplifiers
Radio-communication video terminal device
Multi-point conference system and conference terminal device
Military range scoring system
Headrest and seat video imaging apparatus
Infra-red video key
Image sensing apparatus with a moving image mode and a still image mode
High resolution, high speed digital camera
Multipoint autofocus system having a line sensor
Solid-state imaging device, method of driving solid-state imaging device, camera device, and camera system
Method of encoding picture data and apparatus therefor
Method and apparatus for providing and receiving broadcaster information
Internet information displaying apparatus
Identifying patterns in closed caption script
Method for color in chromatophoric displays
Receiver with channel surfing mode
Color misconvergence measurement using a common monochrome image
Apparatus and method for controlled sealing between bezel and CRT
LCD having TFT formed at an intersection of data and capacitor lines
Liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal display apparatus
Liquid crystal display panels including alignment patterns and related methods
Color liquid crystal display
Liquid crystal display device having electrodes connected at a location close to an outside edge of a contact hole
LCD having contact areas between electrode pads and corresponding wiring patterns equal to one another
Ferroelectric liquid crystal light doubler with temperature and voltage controlled tilt angle
Polarizing system for motion visual depth effects
System for contact imaging both sides of a substrate
Method and apparatus for recording order information
Projection exposure apparatus and exposure method
Laser-based three dimensional tracking system
Automated inspection system for metallic surfaces
Organic crystalline films for optical applications and related methods of fabrication
Optical computational system
Spectral bio-imaging of the eye
High temperature thin film property measurement system and method
Scanning unit for an optical position measuring system
Wafer alignment system
Portable scanning spectrophotometer
Optical inspection system for the manufacture of banded cigarette paper
Match filter apparatus and method for remote ultrasonic determination of thin material properties
Hologram observation method and hologram observation apparatus
Optical coherence tomography have plural reference beams of differing modulations
Control unit of image forming device
Network control method and system
Color table look-up using compressed image data
Method and system for capturing images from a video tape for the purpose of creating a motion card
Method and apparatus for generating halftone images by evolutionary screen dot contours
Image processing device
Apparatus for reading an image and method of extracting an image
Communication terminal device having copying function
System, method, program, and print pattern for performing registration calibration for printers by measuring density
Scanner system having color misregistration correction function
Image reading apparatus having line sensors arranged in specific order and with different or same interval between adjacent line sensors
Color image information processing system, using color image information to which achromatic color information is appended, and input device and output device employed in same
Image processing apparatus and method
Method for producing a hologram and a display device using the same
Manufacturing method for a hologram and a related exposure apparatus
WDM ring transmission system
Telecommunication system having frequency-dividing optical components for the parallel processing of optical pulses
Architecture repartitioning to simplify outside-plant component of fiber-based access system
Automatic delay compensation for generating NRZ signals from RZ signals in communications networks
Operation of optical modulators
Light beam deflection apparatus
Multi-beam scanning device and image forming system and method using the same
Optical scanning apparatus with improved design flexibility
Optical scanning system
Light deflection element and display apparatus using same
Optical switching device, picture display and projection apparatus
Faraday rotation variable attenuator
Use of Chirped Quasi-phase-matched materials in chirped pulse amplification systems
Multiple window dense wavelength divison multiplexed communications link with optical amplification and dispersion compensation
Optical filter, manufacturing method thereof, and optical amplifier equipped with said optical filter
Computerized intelligent optical amplifier for multi-channel optical networks
Controller which controls a variable optical attenuator to control the power level of a wavelength-multiplexed optical signal when the number of channels are varied
Computer supported video microscope
Polarization preserving optical systems
Optical system for observing device having image-vibration compensation system
Projection optical system and exposure apparatus
Doubly telecentric lens and imaging system for multiwell plates
Cam follower and lens barrel
Process for the correction of non-rotationally-symmetrical image errors
Gimballed optical mount
Finder prism
Efficient run length limited code with short interleaved constraint
Magnetic recording control system for disk storage drive
Disk drive with staggered calibration bursts that are disposably located in data regions and method of using the same for calibrating a read head
Digital signal recording apparatus, and related method
Voice recording/playback apparatus for producing a noise level of a voice output unit in a voice recording mode
Recording information reproducing apparatus for increasing an amplitude of a high frequency component of the reproduced signal
Data Storage
Video tape recording apparatus
Disk drive employing method of spinning down its spindle motor to reduce the time required for subsequently spinning it up
Multi-task operating system for a disc drive
Magnetic recording/reproduction apparatus including a first chassis onto which a tape cassette is received and a second chassis having a rotary head cylinder thereon
High precision cartridge transferring robot for library apparatus
Cartridge forced exit station for a library apparatus
Logic deck mechanism for portable audio
Cassette mounting device having lock lever spring disposed in cassette holder
Thin-film magnetic head having improved magnetic pole structure
Disc cartridge with slippery film to reduce friction and vent to discharge dust
Magnetic head with bonded balls having a capillary mark
Thin film magnetic head and manufacturing method thereof
Thin film magnetic head having non-linear tapered rails
Split ring attachment of a head gimbal assembly to an actuator
Device for locking and unlocking a disc drive actuator having locking elements separate from unlocking elements
Method of and apparatus for unlocking an actuator in a disk storage apparatus
Return path geometry to enhance uniformity of force on a linear actuator
Disc drive actuation system having an injection molded magnetic micro-actuator with metal beam inserts and its method of fabrication
Contact planar magnetoresistive head
MR sensor with blunt contiguous junction and slow-milling-rate read gap
CPP Magnetoresistive device with reduced edge effect and method for making same
Magnetoresistive device and magnetoresistive head
Arc fault circuit interrupter without DC supply
Method and apparatus for the monitoring of electric lines
Method and apparatus for distributing alternating electrical current to motors via a direct current bus
Electrical contactor and method for controlling same
Voltage unit bus clip
Method and apparatus for supplying a chucking voltage to an electrostatic chuck within a semiconductor wafer processing system
Multi-layer metal capacitor
Conductive paste and ceramic electronic part including the same
Capacitor network
Ultracapacitor separator
Electric double layer capacitor using polarizable electrode of single particle layer
Electrochemical device
Carbon fabric supercapacitor structure
Ergonomic laptop display positioning supports
Hinge assembly for a portable computer
Portable apparatus removable top cover covering functional component
Noise reduction back cover for computer devices
Parallel cooling of high power devices in a serially cooled evironment
Circuit board and computer system for enhanced cooling
Method and apparatus for electrical and mechanical attachment, and electromagnetic interference and thermal management of high speed, high density VLSI modules
High temperature ground connection
Slim media jack
Computer system and enclosure thereof
Electronic package with stacked connections
Interconnect layout pattern for integrated circuit packages and the like
Semiconductor device socket, assembly and methods
Switching power supply circuit
Synchronous rectifier flyback circuit for zero voltage switching
Circuit configuration and method for producing a constant output voltage in converters
Three-switch add/subtract DC to DC converter
Plant for transmitting electric power including bidirectionally controlled thyristors (BCT)
Compact multiple output power supply
System with choke in parallel with A/C power line for load conditioning
Rectifying/smoothing circuit and double-ended converter
Buck and boost switched capacitor gain stage with optional shared rest state
Commutation circuit for arresting and dissipating energy reflected from a magnetic pulse compression network
Twelve-phase transformer configuration
Semiconductor memory device with hierarchical bit line architecture
Semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor memory device and data output buffer thereof
Ferroelectric memory devices which utilize boosted plate line voltages to improve reading reliability and methods of operating same
Non-volatile semiconductor integrated memory device
Ferroelectric memory
Ferroelectric memory device and method of reading data therefrom
Electrically addressable volatile non-volatile molecular-based switching devices
Asymmetric memory cell for single-ended sensing
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and method of manufacturing the same
High density flash memory architecture with columnar substrate coding
Defective address data storage circuit for nonvolatile semiconductor memory device having redundant function and method of writing defective address data
Synchronous multilevel non-volatile memory and related reading method
Sensing circuit for semiconductor device and sensing method using the same
Circuit and method for pre-erasing/erasing flash memory array
Non-volatile semiconductor memory IC
APDE scheme for flash memory application
One chip semiconductor integrated circuit device having two modes of data write operation and bits setting operation
Control input timing-independent dynamic multiplexer circuit
Plural memory banks device that can simultaneously read from or write to all of the memory banks during testing
Memory cell array for performing a comparison
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Bias generator for a four transistor load less memory cell
Semiconductor memory device
Voltage phase generator with increased driving capacity
Semiconductor integrated circuit having a unit cell including NMOS and PMOS transistors
Data strobe signal generator of semiconductor device using toggled pull-up and pull-down signals
RAM configurable redundancy
Test device
Boosted sensing ground circuit
Semiconductor memories
Semiconductor memory device
Circuit for resetting a pair of data buses of a semiconductor memory device
Sense amplifier for low voltage memory arrays
Hierarchical dynamic memory array architecture using read amplifiers separate from bit line sense amplifiers
Memory device
Word line decoder for dual-port cache memory
Word-line driving circuit and semiconductor memory device
Memory device having row decoder
Semiconductor memory device having a plurality of transfer gates and improved word line and column select timing for high speed write operations
Interface for synchronous semiconductor memories
Integrated circuit device with built-in self timing control circuit
Clock control circuit with an input stop circuit
Force page paging scheme for microcontrollers of various sizes using data random access memory
Apparatus suitable for searching objects in water
System and method for finding the direction of a wave source using an array of sensors
Method and device for projectile measurements
Event monitoring device
Device and method for tracking time zone changes in communications devices
Watch case fitted with control means
Illuminating, visual, time indicating device
Semiconductor testing apparatus
Method and apparatus for retiming test signals
Electrochemical timer
Information providing and collecting apparatus and recording medium
Magneto-optical recording medium
Error-tolerant target-sector search using previous N sector ID for high-speed CD
Optical format compatible recording and/or playback device
Optical disc apparatus capable of multiple write sessions in a single track
Disk driving device capable of formatting a finalized rewritable disk
Signal recording/reproducing device and fault control method for signal recording area
Digital recording method, digital disk, digital disk recording device, and digital disk reproducing device
Equalizer for optical reproducing apparatus, using partial response method
Disk apparatus including an inner cover and an outer cover with latching portions
Power transmitting mechanism for disk apparatus
Optical pickup having an objective lens compatible with a plurality of optical disk formats
Disc device having disc in balance correcting arrangements
Disk player including a disk chucking mechanism and plate separator device
System for recording digital information in a pulse-length modulation format
Disc cartridge
Bi-orthogonal code division multiple access system
Distributed digital cross-connect system and method
Method and system for data transmission in a ring network
Flow control method for networks
Asynchronous transfer mode traffic shapers
ATM cell scheduling method and apparatus
Network element delay allocation for efficient use of network resources
Plural-line terminating apparatus and OAM processing method thereof
Method and apparatus for providing 10Base-T/100Base-TX link assurance
Medium access control (MAC) protocol for wireless ATM
Method and system for loop prevention in telecommunications
Systems and method for use in a dual mode satellite communications system
Radiocommunication apparatus, and radiocommunication system
Forward-link traffic/paging-channel interleaving for communication systems based on closed-form expressions
Forward-link sync-channel interleaving/de-interleaving for communication systems based on closed-form expressions
Adaptive radio communications system
Method for retransmitting a data packet in a packet network
Telecommunications system
Method for the transmission of information in a universal transmission network
Communications between the public switched telephone network and packetized data networks
Voice extensions in a call-in center employing virtual restructuring for computer telephony integrated functionality
Technique for distributing highways in exchange
Network interface apparatus for transmitting a data packet
ATM switching system
Traffic policing in broadband networks
Asynchronous transfer mode (ATM) based very-high-bit-rate digital (VDSL) subscriber line communication system and method
ATM based VDSL communication system for providing video and data alarm services
Data transmission system in which cell retransmission can be avoided
Method and system for enhancing communications efficiency in data communications networks wherein broadcast occurs
Data transmission system and method
System for inverse multiplexing analog channels
ATM access interface: hardware based quick response flow control
Multi-protocol packet translator
ATM video telephone terminal interworking with ISDN
Method and apparatus for facilitating an interface to a digital signal processor
Network system, transmitting device and receiving device
Time multiplexing/demultiplexing method
CW far-UV laser system with two active resonators
Control system for wavelength stabilization of a laser source
Laser with heat transfer system and method
Laser system and method for beam enhancement
Selective emitter pumped rare earth laser
Coaxial laser pulser with solid dielectrics
Supersonic and subsonic laser with RF discharge excitation
Transmitter and receiver for spread-spectrum communication
Method for the transfer of a digital data signal from a transmitter to a receiver
Spread spectrum receiver with multi-path correction
Method and apparatus for adaptive pre-demodulation pulse shaping
Apparatus for color component compression
Video encoding apparatus and video decoding apparatus
Method and apparatus for controlling a target amount of code and for compressing video data
Image coding and decoding using mapping coefficients corresponding to class information of pixel blocks
Motion vector processing circuit
Motion estimation processor for a digital video encoder
Video memory management for MPEG video decode and display system
Method and apparatus for resolving spectral inversion ambiguities in coded data
Transmit diversity method, systems, and terminals using scramble coding
Device and method for precoding data signals for PCM transmission
Feher keying (KF) modualtion and transceivers including clock shaping processors
Method and device for setup of clipping noise of a multicarrier modulation
Method and apparatus for adaptively classifying a multi-level signal
Method and apparatus for symbol timing recovery of a vestigial sideband television signal
Apparatus and method of demodulating coded signal under OFDM transmission
Estimation of frequency offsets in OFDM communication systems
System for wireless serial transmission of encoded information
Methods of synchronizing a personal handy-phone system station and phase lock loops
Autobaud rate detection and adjustment
Methods of reactor system pressure control by reactor core power modulation
Method of handling a nuclear reactor and an apparatus used in the handling method
Encoder test apparatus and method
Variable current CT scanning
X-ray diagnostic apparatus including a CT system and a system for producing radiographs
Scalable multislice imaging system
Wafer chamber having a gas curtain for extreme-UV lithography
Illumination system particularly for EUV lithography
Apparatus and method for planning a stereotactic surgical procedure using coordinated fluoroscopy
Method of processing images for material recognition by X-rays
Method and apparatus of automatically selecting bragg reflections, method and system of automatically determining crystallographic orientation
X-ray CT apparatus and image diagnostic apparatus
Planispherical parallax-free X-ray imager based on the gas electron multiplier
X-ray image forming method and x-ray image forming system
Exposure control for digital radiography systems using charge build-up in sensor array pixels
X-ray examination apparatus including exposure control
Scanning beam x-ray source and assembly
Bearing assembly including rotating element and magnetic bearings
Electron beam multistage accelerator
X-ray-tube target assembly and method for making
X-ray examination apparatus having an adjustable X-ray filter
X-ray labeling tape
Controller for use with communications systems for converting a voice message to a text message
Multi-functional personal telecommunications apparatus
Authentication system for a communication network
Systems and methods for extracting switch data
Incoming telephone call filter utilizing a duplicitous caller-ID recognition method and apparatus
System and method for providing call processing services using call independent building blocks
System and method for entering call outcome records in a computer database in an outbound predictive dialing application
Communication apparatus with stored sets of destination and communication mode information that automatically selects a stored set for a second communication
Capacitively coupled ring detector with power provided across isolation barrier
Communication interface having combined shaping of receive response and synthesized matching terminating impedances for different frequency bands and a design method therefor
Method and apparatus for controlling the input impedance of an analog front end circuit of a data communications equipment (DCE) device
Echo canceller having improved non-linear processor
Portable remote terminal apparatus
Earphone-microphone adapter
Enhanced scrambling of slowly changing video signals
Method for improved authentication for cellular phone transmissions
System for providing secure remote command execution network
Wireless speaker circuit
Qsound surround synthesis from stereo
5-2-5 Matrix system
Off-line feedback path modeling circuitry and method for off-line feedback path modeling
Process and device for focusing acoustic waves
Method and circuit for the amplification of input signals of a hearing aid
Panel-form loudspeakers
Embedding and detecting a watermark in images
Enhanced interactive video with object tracking and hyperlinking
Meat imaging system for palatability yield prediction
Image input device and method for providing scanning artifact detection
Method and device for recognizing non-unrolled fingerprints
Method of storing medical image information recorded in sheet shaped recording medium
Method and system for detection of suspicious lesions in digital mammograms using a combination of spiculation and density signals
Dynamic control and decision making method and apparatus
Recording apparatus
Color image processor
Segmented rotor for an electric machine
High efficiency motor for low velocity, high volume fan and other applications
Method and device for compensating for magnetic pull in a discoidal machine
Surface acoustic wave element and electronic circuit using the same
Control circuit and method for piezoelectric transformer
Method for diagnosing a short circuit at a capacitive actuator
Thickness extensional vibration piezoelectric resonator and piezoelectric resonance apparatus
Vibration wave apparatus
Vibration actuator
Piezoelectric vibrating member and its producing process
Piezoelectrically controlled active wear
One-shot high-output piezoid power supply
Inertial/audio unit and construction
High-volume production, low cost piezoelectric transducer using low-shrink solder of bismuth or antimony alloy
Thin film piezoelectric device
Shielded spark plug electrode
Electron tube having a semiconductor cathode with lower and higher bandgap layers
Resonant microcavity display
Display system having anion generation means
Lamp envelope with integrated optics
Large area spacer-less field emissive display package
Anti-light-reflective film, method for manufacturing the same, and EL device
Electroluminescent lamps having improved interfacial adhesion
Organic electroluminescent device having a protective covering comprising organic and inorganic layers
Organic light emitting device using diamond film
Organic electroluminescent device
Sealing structure for organic light emitting devices
Electron tube
Plasma display device with heat dissipation channels
Capacitive glow starting of ceramic high intensity discharge devices
Microwave plasma generator with the short cross-sectional side of the resonator parallel to the chamber axis
Ferroelectric flat panel displays
Low-noise drive circuit for electroluminescent lamp, and electroluminescent lamp assembly comprising same
Method for controlling an alternating plasma display panel incorporating ionization
Plug-in fluorescent lighting system
Luminescent control by sensing wind speed
Dual-use electronic transceiver set for wireless data networks
Circuit configuration for operating at least one discharge lamp
Discharge lamp circuit with dual ignition coils
Neon sign transformer module and receptacle
Dimmable backlight system
Methods and apparatus for controlling the intensity of a fluorescent lamp
Apparatus using double focusing type fly-back transformer
High phase order cycloconverting generator and drive means
Hysteresis control in switched reluctance motors
Motor controller
Motor protection for a powered door system
Powered sliding device for vehicle slide door
Method for automatically determining range of movement of an electromechanical actuator
Electronic architecture for controlling a motor vehicle seat
Look-ahead closed-loop thermal management
Method and apparatus for tuning control system parameters
Servo-articulated modules and robotic assemblies incorporating them
Method of controlling a rotary electrical machine, a servo-control system for implementing the method, and a rotary machine fitted with such a system
Thermal booster battery system
Primary battery having a built-in controller to extend battery run time
Method for sequentially charging batteries in situ
Battery state monitoring circuit and battery device
Smart battery with maintenance and testing functions, communications, and display
Battery capacity measurement apparatus, taking into consideration a gassing voltage that changes relative to temperature
Charge/discharge controlling semiconductor device
Control apparatus for a synchronous generator system and a hybrid-type electric vehicle using it
Transformerless DC-to-AC power converter and method
DC-DC converter capable of soft starting function by slowly raising reference voltage
Non-insulating DC--DC converter
Zero voltage switching active reset power converters
Method and apparatus for control of a power transistor in a digital voltage regulator
Selective dual input low dropout linear regulator
Power MOSFET switching dead time control method and apparatus
Maximum duty ratio setting circuit for a DC-DC converter
Fixed frequency switching regulator with improved dynamic response
Low dropout voltage reference
Current generator for delivering a reference current of which the value is proportional to the absolute temperature
Dual-rated current transformer circuit having at least two input circuits
Converter with continuous currents flowing through secondary windings
Electronic wire sorter
Electronic wall-stud sensor display
Plug construction having positive and negative poles for circuit testing on vehicles
IC tester simultaneously testing plural ICS
IC testing apparatus
Electronic circuit for automatic DC offset compensation for a linear displacement sensor
Ferromagnetic-ball sensor using a magnetic field detection element
Sensor module for use in system for inspecting in-service gas distribution mains
Process for determining the thickness of a layer of electroconductive material deposited on a body
Test material analysis using offset scanning meandering windings
Eddy current flexible field probe deployed through a loading platform
NMR spectroscopy of large proteins
Optimized MRI gradient system for providing minimum-duration gradient pulses
System and method of phase sensitive MRI reconstruction using partial k-space data and including a network
High power flexible leads for DAS NMR
In-room MRI display terminal and remote control system
Magnet structure, particularly for nuclear magnetic resonance imaging machines
Electrical apparatus having components disposed inside and outside of a high-frequency shielded room
High power, multiple-frequency transmit-receive switch in magnetic resonance imaging
System for operating MR gradient coil to produce pulses of different amplitudes and slew-rates
Method to detect defective capacitors in circuit and meters for that
Double-speed tester and method of use thereof for testing microelectronic devices
Crosstalk test unit and method of calibration
Method and apparatus for thickness measurement using microwaves
In-situ backgrind wafer thickness monitor
Apparatus and method for detecting electrical resistance change in connectors to a remote mounted sensor
Bridge sensor linearization circuit and method
Microcircuit testing device
Touch-signal probe
High Resolution analytical probe station
Silicided silicon microtips for scanning probe microscopy
Method for determining the hot carrier lifetime of a transistor
System and method for testing power supplies
Configuration eprom with programmable logic
Programmable logic device
Reduced area product-term array
CMOS waveshaping buffer
Output driver circuit with well-controlled output impedance
Circuit for dynamic switching of a buffer threshold
Emitter follower output with programmable current
Circuit arrangement for monitoring a clock-timed load
Expandable analog current sorter based on magnitude
Low level input voltage comparator
Infinite sample-and-hold circuit
Sample and hold circuit and method therefor
Current detection circuit
CMOS off-chip driver circuit
Frequency multiplication circuit
Power-on-reset circuit
Power-on circuit built in IC
Differential charge pump and filter with common-mode voltage control
Device for the generation of a drive signal phase-shifted with respect to an external synchronization
Duty-ratio correction circuit and clock generation circuit
Flip-flop having gated inverter feedback structure with embedded preset/clear logic
Flip flops
Differencing non-overlapped dual-output amplifier circuit
Delay time compensation circuit for clock buffer
Pulse generator with improved high speed performance for generating a constant pulse width
Circuit configuration for producing complementary signals
Auto zero circuitry and associated method
Adaptive-load inverters and methods
Voltage level converter circuit improved in operation reliability
Frequency doubler and method of doubling frequency
Analog multiplier with thermally compensated gain
CMOS circuit
Method and apparatus to drive the coil of a magnetic write head
Threshold element
Semiconductor device for outputting a reference voltage, a crystal oscillator device comprising the same, and a method of producing the crystal oscillator device
Method of constructing a fuse for a semiconductor device and circuit using same
CVF current reference with standby mode
High efficiency CMOS pump circuit
Substrate bias voltage generating circuit for use in a semiconductor device
Charge pump circuit simple in construction and free from trouble even at low voltage
Current mirror circuit
Back bias voltage level sensing circuit
Error reduction in quadrature polyphase filters with low open loop gain operational amplifiers
Adaptive linear amplifier without output power loss
Driving circuits for switch mode RF power amplifiers
Differential circuit with reverse isolation
Variable gain amplifier having a maximum attenuation-factor limiting resistor
Signal amplifier with fast recovery time response, efficient output driver and DC offset cancellation capability
Power sensing apparatus for power amplifiers
Radio frequency low noise amplifier fabricated in complementary metal oxide semiconductor technology
Phase locked loop having direct digital synthesizer dividers and improved phase detector
System for limiting if variation in phase locked loops
Dual edge-triggered phase detector and phase locked loop using same
Voltage controlled oscillator power supply and temperature compensation circuit
Stage having controlled variable resistance load circuit for use in voltage controlled ring oscillator
Voltage or current controlled multivibrator oscillator circuit
Oscillator with cross-coupling by diodes
Quadrature current frequency modulation oscillator
Contactless IC card system
Printed circuit board with capacitors connected between ground layer and power layer patterns
Filter and tuning element
Resonator filter having a frequency regulating means with at least one turn
Frequency multiplier capable of taking out efficiently and stably harmonics higher than fourth order
Tuning device and method of manufacturing the same
High-frequency circuit on a single-crystal dielectric substrate with a through hole in a different substrate
Deflection yoke
Proportional actuator for proportional control devices
Method and apparatus for operating a cylinder valve with an electromagnetic actuator without pole face contacting
Open magnet with floor mount
Plastic-bonded ring magnet
Wire wound electronic component
Multi-layer transformer apparatus and method
Inductor coil structure
Safety device for electric circuit
Plastic thermistor and thermosensitive device comprising the same
Magnetoresisitive sensor and manufacturing method therefor
Semiconductor component with piezoresistive measuring shunts
Straight-line potentiometer
Delayed reset mode model for electronic identification systems
Transponder for transmitting processed data to a base station over large distances and at a high data transfer rate
Prescription compliance device and method of using device
System power supply control for interface circuit
Entering detecting system for vehicles
Vehicle guidance assembly and method
Restraint deployment control with central and frontal crash sensing
Voice warning system for automobiles
Integrated individual sensor control in a security system
Self-locating remote monitoring systems
Self service sales and security system
Communications system and method with A/D converter
Foil/ink composite inductor
System for remote monitoring of personnel
Sensor for sight impaired individuals
Motion sensor
Magnetic steering wheel movement sensing device
Soil moisture monitoring device
Smoke detector test device and method for manufacture
Detection of sub-cycle, self-clearing faults
Electric power system protection and control system
Power line meter/monitor with LED display
Small weapon decoy for military use
Portable gas detection and/or monitoring apparatus for a hostile environment
Radio paging receiver
Method and apparatus for providing a predictable upper bound for a channel search time of a portable subscriber unit
Driver circuit and method of operating the same
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