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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Tissue decellularization
Increased and sustained in vivo gene expression using a nucleic acid, histone and amphipathic compound composition
Non-imidazole tertiary amines as histamine 3 receptor inhibitors for the treatment of cognitive and sleep disorders, obesity and other CNS disorders
Heat sterilized milk-added coffee beverage and method of suppressing precipitates in same
Tool belt carrier, and pouch constructions
Pneumatic tool with an adjustable clip
Cosmetic case
Head restraint supporting structure
Endoscope and manufacturing method therefor
Methods and apparatus for transpericardial left atrial appendage closure
Cooling system
Combining measurements from breathing rate sensors
Noninvasive blood pressure monitoring system
Apparatus and method for compensating for respiratory and patient motion during treatment
Methods and systems for measuring mechanical property of a vascular wall and method and system for determining health of a vascular structure
Dental pliers
Simple disposable absorbent article having breathable side barriers
Coatings for drug delivery devices comprising hydrolitically stable adducts of poly(ethylene-co-vinyl alcohol) and methods for fabricating the same
Covered stent
Synthesis of calcium phosphates by mechano-chemical process
Wrist brace having continuous loop straps and method of using the same
Reclining element
1H-1,2,4-triazole-3-carboxamide derivatives having cannabinoid-CB.sub.1 receptor agonistic, partial agonistic, inverse agonistic or antagonistic activity
Glycosylated specificity exchangers
Therapeutic compositions that alter the immune response
Recombinant poxvirus for chimeric proteins of the human immunodeficiency virus
Adenovirus vectors for gene therapy
Medical suction valve
Diazabicyclic central nervous system active agents
Binding system
3-dimensional assembly
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method of removing spectator ions from aqueous suspension of solid particles
System and method for selective separation of gaseous mixtures using hollow fibers
Carbonating apparatus
Process for the preparation of molecular sieve adsorbent for selective adsorption of oxygen from air
Membrane filtered pipette tip
Air-isolator fume hood
Tool apparatus for milling machine
Low profile electric sander
Setting tool
Picking tool with changeable end effector
Method for producing SiC fiber-reinforced SiC composite material
Press for producing shaped parts from powder material
Decorative sheet for in-mold decorating injection molding, decorative molding and in-mold decorating injection molding method
Polarizing molded article and process for preparing the same
Organic material-coated semiconductor nanoparticle with excellent durability, and method of manufacturing the same
Thermal barrier coating with modulated grain structure and method therefor
Label making apparatus
Method and apparatus for image forming capable of preventing image quality deterioration induced by heat from an optical deflector
Recording head and recording apparatus
Liquid ejecting apparatus
Electronics apparatus and image forming apparatus
Resin coated flexible substrates for printing high temperature resistant images
File mechanism
Device for the monitoring and wireless signaling of a pressure or a change of pressure in pneumatic tires
Differential anti-pinch capacitive sensor
Power train assembly having a H-drive configuration
Vehicle filing cabinet
Portable cargo container and cover system
Running gear with integral engine supports
Reinforced tonneau cover
Passenger protective device
Adaptive restraint system with retractor pretensioner
Motorcycle steering damper
Bicycle derailleur
Aircraft with a lift system
Stack of bags including front and rear tabs
Drink cup and lid
Rewinding machine and method for the formation of logs of web material with means for severing the web material
Method of integrating telecommunication services with services performed for one or more automatic devices
Elevator control apparatus with side mounted signal generating insert
Water line safety valve
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Semiconductive GaAs wafer and method of making the same
Device for oxygenating sea water
Method for joining ceramic green bodies using a transfer tape and conversion of bonded green body into a ceramic body
Process for the preparation of methylheptenone
Method for producing cyclohexane dicarboxylic acids and the derivatives thereof
Thermally cross-linkable two-photon chromophores
6,13-Bis(thienyl)pentacene compounds
Human derived monocyte attracting purified protein product useful in a method of treating infection and neoplasms in a human body, and the cloning of full length cDNA thereof
Synthetic branched polyisoprenes and process for obtaining them
Heterocycle-bearing onium salts
Food-coating composition, process for preparation thereof and use
Hydrophilic copolysiloxanes and method for the production thereof
Chiral compounds II
Mounting platform for biological growth plate scanner
Binding compounds to DAP12 proteins
Overexpression, purification and characterization of a thermolabile phosphatase
Arrays of probes for positional sequencing by hybridization
Surface plasmon enhanced illumination system
Photonic sensor particles and fabrication methods
Apparatus for electrochemical precision machining
Crystallization apparatus and method; manufacturing method of electronic device, electronic device, and optical modulation element
Textiles; Paper
Process for sizing paper
Fixed Constructions
Screeding apparatus
Mounting device for a flat screen display panel
Centralised security closure
Apparatus and method for modified horizontal directional drilling assembly
Hydraulic motor arrangement and method of operating a hydraulic motor
Recovery head with track seal
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Gas turbine engine structure
Exhaust device including a resin muffler cover and muffler protector
Spiral pertaining to a turbo-machine
Impeller for a pump
Ceiling fan lighting system
High-performance ball socket
Single thrust bearing fluid dynamic bearing motor
Connection between components
Electromagnetic brake for a multiple-ratio power transmission in a vehicle powertrain
Torque limiter
Motor-operated valve assembly
Multiple function wall cover plate
Vehicular headlamp
Controller and glow plug for controlling energization modes
Optical inclination sensor
Rotation angle detecting device
Sensing apparatus and method
Method for measuring a thickness of a coating
Integrated nanotube sensor
Measurement instrument for inspecting painted bodywork parts, the instrument being provided with an anti-damage device
Method and apparatus for enhanced evanescent field exposure in an optical fiber resonator for spectroscopic detection and measurement of trace species
Method and apparatus for characterizing a recess located on a surface of a substrate
Detection and treatment of cancers of the colon
Protein arrays and methods and systems for producing the same
Inspection apparatus to break the oxide of an electrode by fritting phenomenon
Network system capable of selecting optimal route according to type of transmitted data
Time division polling scheme for network management systems
Deformation sensor and method for detecting a deformation
MRI method and apparatus using PPA image reconstruction
Sensor and magnetic field apparatus suitable for use in for unilateral nuclear magnetic resonance and method for making same
Hydraulic oscillator for use in a transmitter valve
Zoom lens system and image pickup apparatus including the zoom lens system
Micro-electro mechanical light modulator device
Display medium, display device and display method
Outer rear-view mirror unit for a motor-vehicle with shape memory actuating means
Optical transmission system and dispersion compensation method for optical transmission system as well as simulation equipments
Method for cutting liquid crystal display panel
Liquid crystal display device and liquid crystal orientation method
In-plane switching liquid crystal display with wavy electrodes having varying trough lengths
Versatile stand-mounted wide area lighting apparatus
Exposure apparatus and device fabrication method
Stage device, exposure apparatus using the unit, and device manufacturing method
Resistless lithography method for fabricating fine structures
Apparatus and device unit for use in the apparatus
Image forming device
Fixing device
Induction heating fixing device and image forming apparatus
Method and apparatus for recording hologram, method and apparatus for reproducing hologram, and information retaining body
Digitally controlled luminaire system
Load tap change monitoring system and method
DC/DC converter
Casing for notebook computer
Method and apparatus for calibration of a color printer
Using embedded links for modifying printing attributes in a graphical user interface
Image forming apparatus capable of outputting a confirmation copy of at least one individually selected sheet of a plurality of sheets of a copy to be made, and method corresponding thereto
Biometric safeguard method for use with a smartcard
Magnetic resonance spectroscopy using a conformal voxel
Active night vision image intensity balancing system
Image processing apparatus, image forming apparatus and color image determination method thereof
Classification of humans into multiple age categories from digital images
Imaging method and system for health monitoring and personal security
Real-time imaging and analysis system
Automatic contrast enhancement
Serial storage of ink and its properties
Method of recognizing and indexing documents
Apparatus generating 3-dimensional image from 2-dimensional image and method thereof
Image decoding unit, image encoding/ decoding devices using image decoding unit, and method thereof
Method and apparatus for generating and interfacing with a haptic virtual reality environment
Communication apparatus and communication method
Data processing apparatus, intrusion sensor and antitheft apparatus
Techniques to configure a remote control
Wireless asset monitoring and security system using user identification tags
Reconfigurable and replaceable RFID antenna network
RFID transducer alignment system
Method for self-diagnosis of a system
Non-invasive, low cost method and apparatus for the transmission, display and detection of internal computer status
Secure notification messaging systems and methods using authentication indicia
Current source circuit, display device using the same and driving method thereof
Method and apparatus for adjusting dot clock signal
Two-button mouse input using a stylus
Scrambling method of music sequence data for incompatible sound generator
Thin film coil and method of forming the same, and thin film magnetic head and method of manufacturing the same
Random vibration and shock compensator using a disturbance observer
Focus operation for an optical disk device
Method, optical disk drive and calibration system for modifying a 2T write strategy to improve recording quality
Apparatus and method for reproducing record for optical recording medium
Low-k spacer structure for flash memory
Non-volatile memory device with a programming current control scheme
Resistive semiconductor element based on a solid-state ion conductor
Negatively biasing deselected memory cells
Performing multiple read operations via a single read command
Method for isolating a failure site in a wordline in a memory array
Programmable logic device memory blocks with adjustable timing
Semiconductor memory and method for manufacturing the same
Reducing DQ pin capacitance in a memory device
Semiconductor device
Method for making high-performance RF integrated circuits
Fusible electric slide switch
Active matrix organic electro-luminescent display panel having partition rib and patterned anode, cathode and organic light emitting layer
Light emitting device
Semiconductor device and its manufacturing method
Method of fabricating liquid crystal display device
Gallium-nitride based light emitting diode structure and fabrication thereof
Integrated optoelectronic silicon biosensor for the detection of biomolecules labeled with chromophore groups or nanoparticles
High brightness light emitting diode
Low resistance T-shaped ridge structure
Etchant with selectivity for doped silicon dioxide over undoped silicon dioxide and silicon nitride, processes which employ the etchant, and structures formed thereby
Method of depositing low k barrier layers
Electronic assemblies having a low processing temperature
Wafer level chip scale packaging structure and method of fabricating the same
Thermally enhanced metal capped BGA package
Method and apparatus for manufacture and inspection of semiconductor device
Method of fabricating a semiconductor device utilizing crystallization of semiconductor region with laser beam
Methods for producing uniform large-grained and grain boundary location manipulated polycrystalline thin film semiconductors using sequential lateral solidification
Semiconductor device having capacitors for reducing power source noise
Methods for selective integration of airgaps and devices made by such methods
Semiconductor image sensor module, method for manufacturing the same as well as camera and method for manufacturing the same
Semiconductor chip assembly with precision-formed metal pillar
Multi-layer electrode and method of forming the same
Adhesion by plasma conditioning of semiconductor chip
Method and apparatus for pixel signal binning and interpolation in column circuits of a sensor circuit
Integrated circuit structures for increasing resistance to single event upset
Semiconductor device and electronic device
Surface emitting device, manufacturing method thereof and projection display device using the same
Bipolar transistor
Radiation emitting semiconductor component with luminescent conversion element
Light emitting element and method of making same
Surface acoustic wave device and method for fabricating the same
Perylene derivative synthesis process, perylene derivative and organic EL device
Battery pack apparatus with control section
Adhesive composition-supporting separator for battery and electrode/separator laminate obtained by using the same
Membrane electrode assembly of fuel cell
Polymer electrolyte fuel cell
Polymer composition for encapsulation of electrode particles
Electrodes with adjustable gas permeability, and method of producing such electrodes
Architectural hierarchy of control for a fuel processor
Fuel cell system utilizing control of operating current to adjust moisture content within fuel cell
Multiband planar built-in radio antenna with inverted-L main and parasitic radiators
Electrical connection device
Electrical connector having a pull tab
Board mounting structure
Keyed modular connection system and associated adapter cable
Integrated performance monitoring, performance maintenance, and failure detection for photonic regenerators
Snubber circuit
Moving apparatus, exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method
Circuit and method for trimming integrated circuits
Offset local oscillator without using frequency divider
High precision continuous time g.sub.mC BPF tuning
Signal determining apparatus including amplifier circuit with variable response speed
Power amplifying apparatus
Method and circuit for controlling amplification
Open loop subcarrier synchronization system
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Lock-detection circuit and PLL circuit using same
Delay generator with symmetric signal paths
Cascade-type variable-order delta-sigma modulator
Transmitter image suppression in TDD transceivers
System and method of space-time equalization to mitigate effects of fading and scintillation for wireless communication
Optical signal receiver, and method for controlling identification point for binarization processing performed thereby
Detection of disconnection in an optical transmission line
Wireless communication and wireless communication apparatus
System and method for wireless communication using a management server and access points
Communication signal equalization systems and methods
Label selection for end-to-end label-switched traffic through a communications network
Method for controlling switching in bidirectional line-switched ring
Programmable pre-emphasis circuit for serial ATA
Frame synchronization in multi-cell systems with a data interface
Wireless communication device and method for over-the-air application service
Digital circuit apparatus and method for accelerating preliminary operations for cryptographic processing
Radio equipment using image signals for compensating transmission signals
Communication system with priority data compression
System and method for exchanging awareness information in a network environment
Method and system for controlling packet flow in networks
Communicating constraint information for determining a path subject to such constraints
Deficit-based striping algorithm
Communications network
Apparatus and method to receive and decode incoming data and to handle repeated simultaneous small fragments
Circuit for the decoding of biphase signals
Data communication method and data communication device and semiconductor device
Media resource card with dynamically allocated resource points
Device and method for suppressing echo in telephones
Processing of digital images
VSB reception system with enhanced signal detection for processing supplemental data
Input switch with display and image capturing apparatus using the same
Focusing apparatus, camera and focus position detecting method
Information processing apparatus and method
Program recording apparatus and program recording medium
Method and apparatus for processing motion information
Input-output circuit, recording apparatus and reproduction apparatus for digital video signal
Audiovisual system which uses metadata to allow user-initiated jumps from point to point within multiple audiovisual streams
Radio base station, control method therefor, and program recording medium
Door structure of microwave oven usable as pizza oven
Door structure of microwave oven usable as pizza oven
Disk-drive enclosure having drives in a herringbone pattern to improve airflow and method
Electronic component with a housing package
Optimized thermally conductive plate and attachment method for enhanced thermal performance and reliability of flip chip organic packages
Recyclable protective cover for a heat-conductive medium
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Loosened soil relative to sweeps for energy reduction on chisel plows
Agricultural particulate material delivery system
Attachment for garden rake and method of making same
Tractor drawbar hitch
Rotary conveyor tine stripper with anti-wrap relief and/or notching
Forage compacting apparatus with moisture sensor
Renewable in ground planting apparatus and methods of making and using same
Self-sorting hog facility and method
Feeder assembly for use in a cage
Feed or water dish assembly for animal cages
Dog boot for hunting and other outdoor activities
Weighted animal food dispenser
Retracting leash
Indexed feed dispensing mechanism
Poultry house equipment
Pet fountain
Mount for rigging treble and single-barb fishhooks
Plug for ice hole fishing
Waterproof fly fishing fly tackle box
Combination fishing accessory
Method and apparatus for in-ground subterranean termite detection
Conveyor oven
Apparatus for making pizza
Fluent material applicator
Dental implement with comfit grip
Tobacco product
Apparatus for perforating tubular wrappers of rod-shaped articles
Disposable gas mask
Widow and widower ring and identification system
Stabilizing cane attachment
Card-shaped storage case for articles of daily use and/or consumer articles
Case for different cards
Collapsible hamper & handle
Method for treating hair shape and treating device thereof
Self-applicator for hair coloring
Netted refill container
Flocked cosmetic sampler, method of making and method of use
Cosmetic pot with hidden hinge between cover and base
Oral hygiene travel kit
Laptop computer support with power, data, and voice
Universal shelving
Commodity display board
Shelving system
Information reading apparatus
Perpendicular display rack for peg rack support members
Package for the sale of image-quality printing paper and display of images printed on the paper
Drinking mug with integral straw
Coffee making machine
Coffee filter restraint and flavor system
Cooking vessel with removable trough
Staged rotisserie
Convertible household electric cooking appliance
Handle for cookware
One piece foldable box enclosing a food receptacle
Contraceptive transcervical fallopian tube occlusion devices and methods
Dispensation and disposal container for medical devices
Motor-driven apparatus for the mechanical cleaning of the interdental spaces by dental floss
Method and apparatus for creating a pathway in an animal
Cervical drug delivery system
Rigid shell splint
Anti-snoring device and method of making same
Vehicle incorporating gas storage vessel comprising a polymeric container system for pressurized fluids
Crutch holding device
Sealed confinement appliance, for delivering a substance
Tablet splitting apparatus
Medication dispenser for dispensing flat dosage forms
Suckling nebulizer
Resilient containers for hyperpolarized gases and associated methods
Water dispensing apparatus with filter integrity testing system
Biocompatible material for implants
Method and device for releasing powder
Aerosol air flow control system and method
Portable drag compressor powered mechanical ventilator
Pressure control in CPAP treatment or assisted respiration
Endotracheal tube holder
Tracheal breathing apparatus
Apparatus and methods for assisting cardiopulmonary resuscitation
Nebulizing catheter system and method of use and manufacture
Flexible retainer ring for duck bill valve
Site guard for intravenous sites and other sensitive areas
Crew oxygen mask stowage assembly including selective depressurization valve
Attachment ring assembly for a safety harness and method of attaching an attachment ring to a safety harness
Portable wet chemical fire extinguisher
Anti-theft device
Instant multiple play gaming ticket and validation system
Playing cards provided with a machine-readable code
Performing Operations; Transporting
Device for separating dry solid and liquid by cooling spray
Apparatus and method for generating moisture standards in gases
Dispensing measured quantities of materials for mixing into a larger batch
Encapsulated chemicals for use in controlled time release applications and methods
Method and system for optimizing batch process of preparing solution
Washing liquid distribution system
Pistachio blanks separator
Compression structure of a spray gun
Discharge apparatus for media
Fluid product dispenser with snap-on fixing ring
Fixing element for dispensing a liquid product and dispenser comprising said element
Fountain with a float intermittently moving up and down
Shower head with pulsation variable flow rate
Spray head of a spray paint gun
Integrated color selecting and blending system for airbrushes
Hot melt applicator
Liquid constant rate discharge method and device
Random high pressure water jetting nozzle for cleaning castings
Non-contact wiper and washer assembly for surveillance camera domes
Dry cleaning method for the manufacture of integrated circuits
Method of cleaning container for photographic treatment composition and apparatus therefor
Expanding spline drive for high torque
Method for minimizing thickened ends during the rolling of pipes in a stretch reducing mill
Method and device for monitoring a bearing arrangement
Variable OD coiled tubing strings
Automobile body frame puller attachment
Negative-angle forming die
Plate for the spin drum of a centrifuge with spacers and process for its manufacture
Method of forming a casing for an electrochemical cell
Apparatus and method for isolating a section of tubing
Casting of engine blocks
Casting of engine blocks
Apparatus for casting solder on a moving strip
Roll for the continuous casting of metal strips comprising a cooling circuit
Methods and apparatus for forming solder balls
Surface mounted ergonomic cutter
Radial arm saw speed control cylinder
Wire-saw and method for manufacturing the same
Adhesive sheet for noise and shock absorption, and saw blade making use of it, and manufacturing methods therefor
Method of making an environmental resistant brazed assembly including a wear resistant surface portion
Removing flux residue from reflow furnace using active gaseous solvent
Weld cylinder
Method of connecting electric wires
Method of producing metal composites which can be processed at high temperatures
Method and apparatus for forming solder bumps
Portable, hand-operated working machine
Holder for throw-away tip with sensor
Jack bit for actuating scissor jacks on trailers
Undercut screw and matching bit
Portable power tool with separate pistol-type handle
Screw driving tool
Driving mechanism for pneumatic tools
Electromechanical releasing torque wrench
Internal combustion-engined tool and method of driving a piston of the same
Cartridge for setting devices
Stapler with punching unit
Magnetic marking and positioning system for unfinished metal bars
Cable breakaway assembly
Board trimmer with pre-trimmer near-end saws
Fastener driving apparatus and method
Method of cutting ceramic green block
Two-component dispensing gun
Device and method for controlling pressure in binding media
Method for treating plastic film and a device in a wrapping machine
Sheet fabrication center and methods therefor of optimally fabricating worksheets
Method of applying a slider to a fastener-carrying plastic web
Thermoplastic elastomer composition and process of production thereof and hose using thermoplastic elastomer composition and process of production thereof
Substrate processing apparatus having pressed together supply rolls
Computer-to-plate by ink jet
Detachable inking device for a flexographic printing machine, its embodiment, cleaning and use in such a machine
System and method for synchronous control of rotary presses
Reduced vibration printing press and method
Support device for a printing sleeve
Dry offset rotary printer for labeling wine corks
Plate inserting apparatus in rotary printing press
Multicolor ink transfer arrangement and method
Fountain stamp
Stencil printing machine having sheet clamp guide member for guiding sheet to clamp section of pressure drum
Automated spiral binding machine
Page marking device
Pneumatic tire having a tread containing a metal oxide aerogel
Pneumatic radial tire including sipes
Tire having tread including shoulder grooves
Tire bead breaking wedge and method
Automatic bead release device for tire removal machines, and tire removal machines equipped therewith
Tubeless tire
Amphibious vehicle having an inflatable pontoon
Freezing cycle apparatus
Ventilation device for a fuel tank
Electromagnetic valve for ORVR system
Fuel and reductant delivery system
Dual wheel assembly with variable wheel engagement
Hydrostatic transmission
Shifting apparatus for a vehicle transmission
Module with force hysteresis
Device and method for limiting a backward rolling speed of a motor vehicle
Drive arrangement for a vehicle
Lubricating structure for a hybrid vehicle
Tracked vehicle with drive unit
Electrically controlled rotary holding device
Refrigerated container dispenser and method
Apparatus for occupant classification in a vehicle
Floor mounted retention system
Lockable anti-wobble hitch pin
Rain sensor with bonded chips
Deionized water washing apparatus and method
Master cylinder for use in power trains of motor vehicles
Radial sealed air brake chamber
Brake actuator having tamper resistant clamp closing spring chamber
Control device for the parking lock of a motor vehicle
Road friction coefficient estimating apparatus for vehicle
Traveling-gear mechanism for a transport assembly of a cableway system
Attachable handle for steering wheels
Brake-actuating steering and braking control system for tracked vehicles
Steering system for rear wheels of a trailer
Appliance stabilized by a gyroscope, in particular a two-wheeled robot
Control unit for an electrical-motor-driven power steering apparatus
Combination cooler and beach chair holder for a bicycle
Body incline sensor for a motorcycle
One-way force transmission
Caliper drive for a bicycle ball bearing mechanical disc brake caliper
High speed M-shaped boat hull
Retractable mast for sailboats
Semi-rigid pontoon
Drive-on dry dock
Device for providing information to a scuba diver
Variable volume ratio compound counterlung
Electric air conditioning system for an aircraft
Fluid transfer system
Portable plastic film wrapping system
Binding apparatus
Display packaging for fruits or vegetables
Installation for forming batches of articles
Apparatus and process for dispensing dunnage
Device for aligning a packing material tube with a position mark
Process for sealing a filled sack made of thermoplastic plastic and provided with gussets
End sealing device of packaging system
Apparatus and method for attaching straws to containers
Apparatus for packaging multiple packaging material
Method and apparatus for sealing articles
Methods of making slide-zippered reclosable packages on horizontal form-fill-seal machines
Labelling station for articles, more particularly bottles, in a labelling machine with a quiet, low-wear drive
Multiple label liquid container
Stackable display bins with removable pivotal doors
Paper cup having integral handle
Closure with extended seal member
One piece folded and glued container
Stackable and readily separable carton blank with ease of assembly features
Packages for information storage units
Shipping carton for glass bottles and pulp inserts for use therein and combination thereof
Container cap with liquid-dissolvable additive
Device and method for characterizing and identifying an object
Sealing implement
Article carrier
Connector plate package and method
Angleboard edge protector
Device for storing and dispensing a substance by mating with a container and associated methods
Tablet dispenser
Device for dispensing a product using propellant packaged separately from the product
Box with a hinged lid, for cigarettes
Containers for packaging glass substrates
Container module for intermodal transportation and storage of dry flowable product
Roller for chain and chain equipped with the roller
Differential impulse conveyor with linear motor drive
Conveyor idler
Attitude changing device for electronic chips
Turning device for graphic publishing products in a conveyor line and/or packaging machine
Strip of material with splices and products formed therefrom
Elevated conveyor for sheets
Escalator or moving walkway with support structure
Belt drive back up device for escalator drive
Cleaning device for guides of escalator steps or moving walkway plates
Lift apparatus for transporting packages between two or more floors of a building
Method and system for load measurement in a crane hoist
Crane with a telescopic boom
Beverage dispenser
Oil supply station system
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method of manufacturing a cathode ray tube
Method for roll forming glass sheets
Multi heating zone apparatus and process for making core/clad glass fibers
Flexible duct insulation having improved flame resistance
Insulated pipe
Hydrofluorocarbon refrigerant compositions soluble in lubricating oil
Method and apparatus for removing alkali metal contamination from gas turbine liquid fuels
Apparatus and method for use with a container for storing a substance
Apparatus and method for forming a deposited film by means of plasma CVD
Tooling production
Textiles; Paper
Advanced finish nozzle system
Method of and apparatus for making twisted cable and the cable produced thereby
Double-faced reversible color effect weft knit fabrics and methods for making same
Actuator in a needle-selecting apparatus for a knitting machine
Method for cutting a web feeding tail and a corresponding cutting device
Fixed Constructions
Condensate bypass apparatus
Hydraulic driving device
Water holding and dispersing apparatus
Fluid-impervious barrier/keyway form support apparatus, system and related method
Masonry block
Draft block system
Unitary modular shake-siding panels, and methods for making and using such shake-siding panels
Embankment stairway
Reinforced vinyl siding
Mechanical panel connection
Wood fence post repair device
Protective lock box cover
High security cylinder lock and key
Door lock device provided with means to drive coaxially lock bolt and lock tongue
Walk-in freezer door handle and lock assembly
Closing device
Door gasket mounting structure for a refrigerator
Guide track assemblies and mounting brackets for upward acting doors
Pinch resistant hinge and joint construction for upward acting sectional doors
Two portion frame for supporting doors and the like
Window regulator, particularly for a vehicle quarter panel
Breakout capable sliding door assembly with pivot connection for transmitting load to top rail
Swing door pivot protector
Slat-positioning drum for a venetian blind
Rolling door tensioner
Ladder stabilizer
Superabrasive cutting elements for rotary drag bits configured for scooping a formation
Roller cone drill bit having non-axisymmetric cutting elements oriented to optimize drilling performance
Hole opener with multisized, replaceable arms and cutters
Superabrasive cutter having optimized table thickness and arcuate table-to-substrate interfaces
Arrangement related to riser pipelines
Assembly for drill pipes
Method and apparatus for connecting tubulars using a top drive
Well drilling method and system
Thrust enhancement device for coiled tubing injectors
Methods of downhole testing subterranean formations and associated apparatus therefor
Apparatus and method for the disposition of drilling solids during drilling of subsea oilfield wellbores
Wiper plug delivery apparatus
Seabed analysis
Hydraulically actuated downhole coupler system, especially for combination washover/fishing tool assemblies
Single pilot dual pulse spool valve
Method and apparatus for formation damage removal
Lateral entry guidance system (LEGS)
Method for analyzing a completion system
Directional boring device
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Piston driven rotary engine
Control device for hydraulic pump
Internal combustion engine
Economical eccentric internal combustion engine
Method and apparatus for power augmentation for gas turbine power cycles
Combined cycle power plant
Combination intake and exhaust valve assembly
Valve timing control system for internal combustion engine
Device for relative angular adjustment between two drive-connected elements rotating at the same rotational speed
Internal combustion engine having a variable valve mechanism and control method therefor
Electromagnetic multiple actuator
Lubricating system for internal combustion engine
On-board reductant delivery assembly
Internal combustion engine
Heat exchanger, particularly oil cooler
Integrated turbocharger ejector intercooler with partial isothermal compression
Cold start strategy for direct injected engines
Multi-cylinder internal combustion engine
Cardioid cycle internal combustion engine
Multi pressure mode gas turbine
Partitioned multi-channel combustor
Oil and water supply system for a gas turbine
Fuel control system
Dynamic electronic throttle position feedforward system
Fuel injection system for marine propulsion device
High-pressure fuel pump control device and in-cylinder injection engine control device
System, sensor combination and method for regulating, detecting as well as deciding current fuel-air ratios in combustion engines
Control circuit for controlling at least one solenoid valve for fuel metering in an internal combustion engine
Apparatus for diagnosing failures and fault conditions in a fuel system of an internal combustion engine
Passive engine exhaust flow restriction arrangement
Multiple intake valve engine
Monobloc piston for diesel engines
Regenerator for a heat engine
System and method for controlling the stowage of jet engine thrust reversers
Pre-combustion chamber fuel vaporization and aeration system for internal combustion engines
Method and apparatus for conveying a cryogenically-stored fuel
Fuel vapor treatment system
Exhaust gas regenerator/particulate trap for an internal combustion engine
Fuel injection valve for an internal combustion engine
Fuel injection valve for internal combustion engines
Common rail type fuel injecting device
Control valve for hydraulically oil activated fuel injector
Energy accumulator-supported control of the injection quantities in large diesel engines
Diesel engine emissions reduction by multiple injections having increasing pressure
Method and systems for the automatic control of the cutting off and restarting of the thermal engine of a vehicle during temporary immobilizations thereof
Ignition unit for internal combustion engine
Piston for compressors and method for producing the same
Oil supply device for closed reciprocating compressor
Lubricating system for compressor
Apparatus and method for controlling electric compressor
Hydropneumatic pressure accumulator
Fluid pressure cylinder
Micro valve actuator
Freewheel arrangement, in particular for a guide wheel of a hydrodynamic torque converter
Guiding spring for friction elements and disc brake comprising same
Method for producing brake discs formed of ceramic parts with metal hubs and brake disc produced according to the method
Pressure controlled suspension damper
Method of blanking element for belt for continuously variable transmission
Negative deflection flexible meshing type gear device having passing tooth profile with maximized tooth height
Vehicle transmission
Combined detent and neutral switch mechanism
Connecting rod-piston assembly
Shock actuated responsive mechanism for vertical fluid valve assemblies
Valve apparatus
Piezoelectrically actuated single-stage servovalve
Exhaust valve assembly
Flow control damper
Method and appliance for cooling
Insulated jackets for hot and cold piping systems and for hot and cold air ducting systems and methods of use
Multi-positional mouse pad
Utility belt incorporating a gas storage vessel
Gas control device and method of supplying gas
Material for the controlled vaporization of a liquid cryogen
Steam generator
Furnace with radiant reflectors
Direct gas-fired burner assembly
Method and apparatus for enhancing heat transfer in a combustor liner for a gas turbine
Gas cooking apparatus and cooking vessel support for same
Method and apparatus for protecting a stove control panel from splatter
Method for operating a closed hot-water installation and apparatus to be used therewith
Air conditioner
Solar energy collection panel for heating pools of water
Rotating bed magnetic refrigeration apparatus
Pre-start bearing lubrication system employing an accumulator
Apparatus and method for controlling the temperature of an integrated circuit device
Ice maker and method of making ice
Automatic defrost system for a refrigerating device
Refrigerator for kimchi
Method for controlling the temperature of a refrigerator
Refrigerator and method of operating refrigerator
LNG production in cryogenic natural gas processing plants
Condensers and their monitoring
Cooling apparatus boiling and condensing refrigerant
Heat exchanger assembly
Gun rest
Lacquer bullet gun feeding system
Archery bow attachment
Coupler for mounting a vibration damper to an archery bow
Composite concentric launch canister
Apparatus and method for actuating a weapon accessory by a laser sighting beam
Protective face shield with incorporated laser light
Fabric armor
Projectile stopping device
Pyrotechnic igniter and assembly process for such an igniter
Polymer ballistic tip pellets
Artillery cartridge having an internal conductor arrangement
Glide head assembly and test device utilizing the same
Angular speed sensor device
View around flow indicator
Ultrasonic fluid meter with improved resistance to parasitic ultrasound waves
Flow rate and flow velocity measurement device
Microelectromechanical system sensor assembly
Coriolis mass flow controller and capacitive pick off sensor
High purity chemical container with external level sensor and liquid sump
Piezoelectric sensor
Method for measuring sound absorption power of a theater chair with a human being seated thereon and a dummy sound absorber
Gravity device
Disk-shaped silicon sensor element for a pressure sensor and pressure sensor using such a silicon sensor element
Process and apparatus for determining damage to cyclically moving machine components
Transmission gear life monitor system
Condition based monitoring by vibrational analysis
Early warning water leak detection system
Smoke and clean air generating machine for detecting presence and location of leaks in a fluid system
Method for identifying leaks in a sealed package having a liquid therein
Mobile apparatus and method for testing a container seal
Sensitive and selective method and device for the detection of trace amounts of a substance
Screw action grip with adjustable stiffness and alignment guides
Bituminous pavement fatigue testing device
Apparatus and method for characterizing physical properties of a test piece
Metallurgical sample magazine
Self-washing injection apparatus
Analytical apparatus for measurement of low concentration constituent, method of measurement and calibration using the same
Method of compensating for drift in gas sensing equipment
Apparatus for continuously determining volatile substances dissolved in insulating fluid
Portable breath test simulator
Semiconductor sensor chip and method for producing the chip, and semiconductor sensor and package for assembling the sensor
Airfoil shaped flow angle probe
Environmental test chamber and a carrier for use therein
Compact dual optical and scan modules in bar code readers
Scan data signal processor employing band-pass filter having frequency response characteristics controlled by the depth of focus of the laser scanning beam
Imageable seamed belts having hot melt processable, thermosetting resin and conductive carbon filler adhesive between interlocking seaming members
Regulating insert to be placed in valves, and valve unit
Folding foot pedal for vehicle drive control
Chip card with memory for programs which can be reloaded as a function of the application
Tracking metallic objects by information incorporated therein
Frame kit for PC card, PC card, and method of manufacturing PC Card
System of issuing card and system of certifying the card
Card reader connector with removable extension bracket
Card reader
Optical code scanning reader with laser beams travelling along a minimum of two different optical paths
One piece optical assembly for low cost optical scanner
Bar-code reader and controlling method therefor
Method for authenticating mailpieces
Electromagnetic postal indicia and method of applying same
Secure dispensing magazine for an article dispenser
Collective payment and control system
Automated banking machine enclosure
Order selection debit card and method
Card payment transaction terminal and card payment transaction system
Automatic identification equipment and IC cards
Method and system for executing financial transactions for the visually impaired
Biased ion beam deposition of high density carbon
Single-point bonding apparatus
Sample separating apparatus and method, and substrate manufacturing method
Dry clean method instead of traditional wet clean after metal etch
Brushless multipass silicon wafer cleaning process for post chemical mechanical polishing using immersion
Rhombohedral-phase barium titanate as a piezoelectric transducer
Self-contained obstruction marker
Water resistant wall mount enclosure with pivoting removable cover
Image reading apparatus and image processing apparatus
Passive system for speech enhancement
Surface mounting to an irregular surface
Connecting method and connecting structure of printed circuit boards
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