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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Spreader for forests
Vegetation treatment
Glyphosate-tolerant wheat genotypes
MSCA1 nucleotide sequences impacting plant male fertility and method of using same
Soybean cultivar BK1011572
Optimizing glycan processing in plants
Soybean cultivar OW1011829
Soybean cultivar WN1012862
Fishfarming pen
Platelet preservation package comprising a short to ultra-short acting antiplatelet agent and anticoagulant
Biocide compositions comprising derivatives of pyroglutamic acid
Aptamer modulators of complement protein C3 and biologically active proteolytic products thereof
Use of statins as anticonvulsants, antiepileptics and neuroprotectors
HCV inhibitor and therapeutic agent combinations
Patches, formulations, and associated methods for transdermal delivery of alprazolam and other drugs
Herbicide triazolylpyridine ketones
Toxic phenolic compound removal by selective binding of phenolic compounds using smart polymers
Enzymatic oil-degumming method
Extraction device and method for extracting ingredients from a biological sample
Survival bracelet
Disposable or reusable convertible shopping bag/backpack
Harness for a handheld power equipment
Convertible step stool
Dental patient seating apparatus with head rest and tool staging arm and related methods
Support structure for tablet display apparatus
Modular raceway system for electrical components
Magnetic mount
Sip cup for persons with dysphagia
Machine to fast cook raw food stuff including dry-goods such as pasta on demand
Adjustable food press
Glass and window cleaning apparatus
Access assembly
Port device including retractable endoscope cleaner
Access assembly with dual anchor and seal capabilities
Systems and methods of anchoring surgical wires, catheters, and other medical objects
Method and apparatus for meniscal repair
Self-locking tourniquet and automated timer
Tissue tensioning devices and related methods
Cortical, anti-migration, facet dowel for fusion of facet joints in the spine and devices for setting the same in place
Inexpensive device and method for connecting a camera to a scope for photographing scoped objects
Imaging control apparatus for capturing tomogram of fundus, imaging apparatus, imaging control method, program, and storage medium
Imaging adaptor for camera
Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus, positional information acquiring method, and computer program product
Scanning dental ultrasonography probe
Systems and methods for reconditioning implants in situ
Fastening zone configurations for outer covers of absorbent articles
Intergluteal perspiration pad
Male incontinence protector
Implantable device system
Implantable joint assembly featuring debris entrapment chamber subassemblies along with opposing magnetic fields generated between articulating implant components in order to minimize frictional force and associated wear
Device for treatment of premature ejaculation or stimulation of a male organ
Apparatus and method for securing uvula
Pyrido[4,3-B]indoles and methods of use
Compositions comprising amphetamin and lisdexamfetamine
Hair growth and/or regrowth compositions
Chemical compounds
Isoxazolines as inhibitors of fatty acid amide hydrolase
Pyrimidinedione anti-viral compounds
Cyclopropyl-fused-1,3-thiazepines as BACE1 and/or BACE2 inhibitors
Bioabsorbable substrates and systems that controllably release antimicrobial metal ions
Populations of pancreatic progenitor cells and methods of isolating and using same
Method and system for harvesting micro organisms
Hyperlipemia-ameliorating agent, anemia-ameliorating composition, uric-acid-level-reducing composition, and food or beverage
Neuregulins for prevention and treatment of damage from acute assault on vascular and neuronal tissue and as regulators of neuronal stem cell migration
Pegylated C-peptide
Fusion protein capable of binding VEGF-A and TNF-alpha
Sustained release preparation of pro-insulin C-peptide
Mucosal vaccines with chitosan adjuvant and meningococcal antigens
Use of saccharides cross-reactive with Bacillus anthracis spore glycoprotein as a vaccine against anthrax
Treatment of cancer or pre-malignant conditions using anti-CD40 antibodies
Wave composition containing a bisulfite compound, a sulfate compound, and a phenol
Alcohol-resistant metoprolol-containing extended-release oral dosage forms
ABT-263 capsule
Pharmaceutical composition containing coated, floating particles
Fragranced water-sensitive film
Wound support for use in vacuum therapy of wounds
Wound dressing for negative-pressure therapy
Pressure control arrangement for a breast pump system
Device, system, and method for targeted delivery of anti-inflammatory medicaments to a mammalian subject
Intravenous catheter securement device
Sealing cap for a body fluid container and a blood collection device
Systems and methods for applying signals, including contralesional signals, to neural populations
Integral tank in frame
Elliptical trainer
Endless belt arm exercise device with braking mechanism
Interchangeable balance dome cover apparatus
Football training aid
Golf club head
Apparatuses for improving throwing technique and methods of using same
Putting training device
Skateboard with one or more user maneuverable trucks
Board game teaching healthy eating habits
Football simulation table game device
Reverse swing oscillating amusement ride
System, method, and apparatus for interactive play
Printable facial mask and printable facial mask system with enhanced peripheral visibility
Performing Operations; Transporting
Use of fruit skin extracts as corrosion inhibitors and process for producing same
Garnet extraction system and method for using the same
Process and apparatus for recovery of dichlorohydrins via codistillation
Filtering device, in particular air filter
Induced-draft injection systems and methods
Portable gas scrubber with sensor
Process for producing purified natural gas
Process for the removal of carbon dioxide from a gas
Layered electrodeionization device with discreet cation chamber
Apparatus and method for electrokinetic in-situ leaching remediation of soil
Reclaiming method
Reactor vessels with pressure and heat transfer features for producing hydrogen-based fuels and structural elements, and associated systems and methods
System and process for injecting catalyst and/or additives into a fluidized catalytic cracking unit
Method and apparatus for generating hydrogen from metal
Process for reformation of hydrogen-containing fluids in a cyclic flow reactor
Carbon dioxide separation and recovery apparatus
Roller mill
Systems and methods to analyze materials of a suspension by means of dielectrophoresis
Portable electric mist supply apparatus for liquid cosmetics
Systems and methods for measuring, monitoring and controlling ozone concentration
Coating agent for tapping screw, method for preparing the coating agent, method for forming coating layer on the periphery of tapping screw using the coating agent, and tapping screw having coating layer formed from the coating agent
Methods for depositing antireflective coating compositions
Screen panel
Descaling system for heat exchange equipment
Systems and methods for processing solar substrates
Concurrent disposal and consolidation of dredged sediment using horizontal drains and vacuum loading
Press with variable rigidity
Casting shroud, manipulation device for this shroud, and device for driving a valve
Method of compacting a first powder material and a second powder material
Motorized cutter, motorized cutter with wheels, and cutting method
Laser maintenance tool
Oil pulse tool
Support material removing method
Abrasive article with array of composite polishing pads
Cat 40 tool holder wrench
Torsion assembly with wireless displayers for simultaneously receiving torsion datum and displaying thereon
Utility marker setter
Mixer truck with drum rotation unevenness determination
Method for the production of heavily inclined surfaces in layers
Method for making shapeable microcellular poly lactic acid articles
Detachable threaded rod for use in a mold
Transport device and transport method for container treatment plant as well as blow molding machine
Hand-held machine press apparatus
Engineered top infeed hopper system with side-mounted cutting device
Helmet designs utilizing foam structures having graded properties
Bonding of substrates including metal-dielectric patterns with metal raised above dielectric and structures so formed
Ultrasonic welding device
Liquid discharge head, method of manufacturing liquid discharge head, and image forming device
Liquid-jet recording apparatus including multi-nozzle inkjet head for high-speed printing
Method of detecting residual quantity of ink, printing device, program and storage medium
Printing form
Pad with internal chamber and opening mechanism
Graphene structures with enhanced stability and composite materials formed therefrom
Resin syrup, artificial marble containing a hardened form of the resin syrup, and a production method for the same
Tubeless-type, spoked wheel for vehicles, in particular for motor-cycles
Overmolding steel wheel
Leaf spring arrangement
Collapsible sunshade
Rotatable side window visor and glare shield
Seat back latch for motor vehicle
Tailor welded seat and components
Vehicular accessory system
Continuously variable transmission for vehicle
Transmission ratio variable device
Utility tray
Bicycle frame
High-speed marine vessel having aerodynamically suspended cabin or cockpit
In-line staged horizontal takeoff vehicles and related methods
Countermeasure technique using an appropriate fluid spray against infrared heat seeking missile
Closed loop channel for parachute
Noise barrier structure with sound-absorbing and sound-redirecting properties, and high performance sound absorber for use in such structure
Nozzle for use in a non-overflow liquid delivery system
Support stand for disposal bags
Hypodermic needle containment system
Package for pharmaceutical products
Computer case and stand with integrated pillow
Hypodermic needle containment system
Beverages dispenser and a method for dispensing beverages
Container protector
Mandrel cupping assembly
Sheet conveying device, image reading device, and image forming apparatus
Multifunction pet waste scooper
Ring lift device
Hydraulic jack with locking
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Methods and systems for generating hydrogen and separating carbon dioxide
Method of preparing crystalline titanium dioxide powder, method of preparing a negative active material, negative active material, and rechargebale lithium battery
Method for recovering suspended solids from residual effluents
Micro-engineered poly-fiber geo-composite articles and methods of manufacturing the same
Process for the direct amination of secondary alcohols with ammonia to give primary amines
Multiple vapor feeds for hydrogenation process to produce alcohol
Ethanol manufacturing process over catalyst having improved radial crush strength
Process for removing aldehydes from ethanol reaction mixture
Vapor separation in alcohol production
Recovering ethanol with sidestreams to regulate C.sub.3+ alcohols concentrations
Process to recover alcohol from an ethyl acetate residue stream
Treatment of recycle gas from acid hydrogenation
Process for controlling a reboiler during alcohol recovery and reduced ester formation
Process to recover alcohol with reduced water from overhead of acid column
Method for hydroformylation of unsaturated compounds
Dipeptide acetylene conjugates and a method for photocleavage of double strand DNA by dipeptide acetylene conjugates
Adamantyl benzamide derivatives
Quinolinyl glucagon receptor modulators
Single reaction vessel process for synthesis of salts of DNP
Compounds for the inhibition of integrins and use thereof
Hepatitis C virus inhibitors
Synthesis of an antiviral compound
TRPV4 antagonists
Cyclic inhibitors of 11.beta.-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase 1 based on the 1,3-oxazinan-2-one structure
Naphthyridine derivative
Process for the preparation of perfluoroalkylcyano- or perfluoroalkylcyanofluoroborates
Process for preparing dihydridodicyanoborate salts
Separating cyclic siloxanes from short-chain siloxanes having terminal hydroxyl groups
Phosphonium ionic liquids, salts, compositions, methods of making and devices formed there from
HPIV-2 variants and their medical applications
Transducible polypeptides for modifying metabolism
Human serum albumin linkers and conjugates thereof
Protein-based assays for screening of the IgE-receptor interaction
Microcrystalline Y receptor agonists
Multicoordinated metal complexes for use in metathesis reactions
Copolymers, method for producing them and their use for treating surfaces
Polymerization of monomers using fluorinated propylene solvents
Cellular elastomer with little tendency toward creep at high temperatures
Method for fabricating energy plastic masterbatch and plastic product derived therefrom
Inhibitor and method for preventing silica-based scale
Resin composition and molded article
Polylactic acid based film
Method of preparing a substrate with a composition including an organoborane initiator
Composition for forming film
Process for producing fluorescent substance and fluorescent substance produced thereby
Pressure-sensitive adhesive composition, pressure-sensitive adhesive and optical film
Lubricant for compression refrigerating machine and refrigerating apparatus using the same
Device for compensating deviations from a coaxial arrangement of components of a regulating organ to control the gas pressure of a coke oven chamber
Method for converting waste plastic to lower-molecular weight hydrocarbons, particularly hydrocarbon fuel materials, and the hydrocarbon material produced thereby
Process and system improvement for improving and recuperating waste, heavy and extra heavy hydrocarbons
Method of formulating a fuel composition
Methods and systems for producing synthetic fuel
Thermochemically produced ethanol compositions
Surface cleaning compostion of colloidal alkali carbonates suspended in fatty acids
Composition and method for removing photoresist and bottom anti-reflective coating for a semiconductor substrate
Human waste treatment system and method
Method for producing tooth
Ex vivo progenitor and stem cell expansion and differentiation for use in the treatment of disease of the nervous system
Organophosphorus hydrolase
Modification of xylanases to increase thermophilicity, thermostability and alkalophilicity
Method to increase the production of extracellular polymeric substances (EPS) in a Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans culture by the inhibition of enzymes of tricarboxilic acid cycle
Process for producing poly-.gamma.-glutamic acid having high optical purity
Method for producing acyloxypyranone compound, method for producing alkyne compound, and method for producing dihydrofuran compound
Method for producing hyaluronic acid
Thermal fractionation of biomass of non-lignocellulosic origin for multiple high-quality biofuels
Colorimetric substrates, colorimetric sensors, and methods of use
Systems and methods for processing algae cultivation fluid
Liver cancer methods and compositions
Identification of beta-papillomavirus DNA by type-specific reverse hybridization
Method and apparatus for electroplating on SOI and bulk semiconductor wafers
Use of diazonium salts for the formation of thick layers on at least one surface of a substrate
Method for identifying HLA complexes associated with adverse drug reactions
Textiles; Paper
Machine and method for sewing, embroidering, quilting and/or the like
Bulk and stiffness enhancement in papermaking
Fixed Constructions
Traffic cone
Wall panel assembly, methods of manufacture and uses thereof
Protective coatings for controlled corrosion resistance
Storm shelter
Diamond bonded construction with reattached diamond body
Coiled umbilical tubing
In situ process to recover methane gas from hydrates
System to harvest energy in a wellbore
Trench box dewatering system
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Hydraulic module including a pump housing with surface-connected pump elements
Camshaft adjuster
Exhaust device for an internal combustion engine
Rotary engine
Electrical generator apparatus, particularly for use on a vehicle roadway
Jet engine, in particular a jet engine for an aircraft
Anti-fire seal assembly and nacelle comprising such a seal
Adjustable throttle bore restrictor
Power supply control for spark plug of internal combustion engine
Turbine assembly
Speed control for diaphragm pump
Dampened hydraulic pilot control arrangement for a spool valve
Bicycle transmission shift control apparatus
Elastic ring bearing
Compliant bearing mount
Method for predefining a rotational speed of a drive machine of a drive system
Brake pad assembly and method for collecting brake particles
Centrifugal pendulum mechanism
Virtually oil-free shock absorber having high dissipative capacity
Device for the transmission of torque from a driving shaft to a driven shaft
Transmission with reverse drive assembly
Valve arrangement of a blind flange valve
Aperture-shaped variable valve
Connecting structure of a faucet body and a control valve
Connecting assembly and methods for using the same
In-line pressure balanced expansion joint for piping and ducting systems with circular cross section and internally located tie rods
Heatable media line
Safety valve of low-pressure gas pipe
Active flow high pressure pipe plug apparatus and method
Seat slide locking apparatus
Lighting module for mounting onto a rail having an electrical contact
Illuminated curtain wall
Adjustable, modular lighting fixture
Partitioned heatsink for improved cooling of an LED bulb
Combination LED lamp and heat sink structure
LED-based light engine having thermally insulated zones
360-degree projection LED bulb structure
Solid state lighting device
Lightweight solid state lighting panel
Catalyzed hot gas heating system for pipes
Secondary coolant finned coil
High performance freezer having cylindrical cabinet
Cryogenic storage device
Recuperated isothermal melter and related methods
Archery cable guard and string stop
Game table systems and methods
Reusable distraction device simulator
Nursing platform with integrated weighing means
Longitudinal resonating mode inertial mass sensing systems
Method and system for particles analysis in microstructure devices by isolating particles
Methods for detecting dithio-containing proteins using quenched fluorophores conjugated to peptides via linkers containing dithio groups
Method and apparatus for conversion of multiple analyte cation types to a single analyte anion type via ion/ion charge inversion
Multi-dimensional gas chromatography chip with modulator
Heated reaction chamber for processing a biochip and method for controlling said reaction chamber
Reagent for blood cell counting and blood analysis method
Immunoassay methods
Anaylte detection system using an oscillating magnetic field
Method for diagnosing immunoglobulin A nephropathy and TGBM nephropathy
High throughput hot testing method and system for high-brightness light-emitting diodes
Reflective mask blank for EUV lithography
Method to print contact holes at high resolution
Process for preparing a polymeric relief structure
Electrophotographic photoreceptor, method for preparing the electrophotographic photoreceptor, and image forming method and apparatus and process cartridge using the electrophotographic photoreceptor
Cyan toner containing compound having azo skeleton
Timepiece case and timepiece incorporating the same
Light emitting diode driver
Web substrates having wide color gamut indicia printed thereon
Medical device tracking system and apparatus
Wireless transaction medium having combined magnetic stripe and radio frequency communications
Amplifying radio frequency signals
Systems and methods for risk triggering values
Device, system, and method for simulating blood flow
Backlight device and display apparatus
Stringed instrument hand rest
Variable mechanical acoustic resonance component for musical instrument using defined resonance index
Lock for musical instrument stand
Measuring apparatus, drawing apparatus, and article manufacturing method
Through hole forming method
Electron emission element and method for manufacturing the same
Charged particle device
Scanning electron microscope
Drawing apparatus and method of manufacturing article by controlling drawing on shot region side of boundary of shot regions
Spin-torque based memory device with read and write current paths modulated with a non-linear shunt resistor
Graphene barrier layers for interconnects and methods for forming the same
Method of fabricating MEMS transistors on far back end of line
Method of manufacturing solar cell with two exposed surfaces of arc layer disposed at different levels
High-throughput assembly of series interconnected solar cells
Combinatorial methods for making CIGS solar cells
Localized implant into active region for enhanced stress
Methods for forming crystalline thin-film photovoltaic structures
Overburden removal for pore fill integration approach
Methods for manufacturing high dielectric constant films
High-rate chemical vapor etch of silicon substrates
Conductive via hole and method for forming conductive via hole
High-k transistors with low threshold voltage
Photo-semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Methods of fabricating non-planar transistors including current enhancing structures
Junction field-effect transistor with raised source and drain regions formed by selective epitaxy
Method of manufacturing semiconductor devices
Group III nitrides on nanopatterned substrates
System and method for forming an aluminum fuse for compatibility with copper BEOL interconnect scheme
Raised silicide contact
SiCOH hardmask with graded transition layers
Method of making thermally enhanced semiconductor assembly with bump/base/flange heat spreader and build-up circuitry
Safe handling of low energy, high dose arsenic, phosphorus, and boron implanted wafers
Interconnect structures and methods of manufacturing of interconnect structures
Structure and method of high-performance extremely thin silicon on insulator complementary metal--oxide--semiconductor transistors with dual stress buried insulators
High threshold voltage NMOS transistors for low power IC technology
Method of eDRAM DT strap formation in FinFET device structure
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Self-sealed fluidic channels for a nanopore array
Voltage contrast inspection of deep trench isolation
Robust isolation for thin-box ETSOI MOSFETS
Diode structure and method for FINFET technologies
Magnetic memory element
High aspect ratio and reduced undercut trench etch process for a semiconductor substrate
Processes and structures for IC fabrication
Array substrate for fringe field switching mode liquid crystal display and method of manufacturing the same
Rotated channel semiconductor field effect transistor
Metal oxide semiconductor (MOS) device with locally thickened gate oxide
Semiconductor device
Mask and method of manufacturing array substrate using the same
Trench type power transistor device with super junction
Group III nitride semiconductor optical device
Self-aligned contact employing a dielectric metal oxide spacer
Trench silicide contact with low interface resistance
Semiconductor device having display device
Semiconductor device, method for manufacturing the semiconductor device, and method for controlling the semiconductor device
Double diffused metal oxide semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Continuously scalable width and height semiconductor fins
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and manufacturing method thereof
Non-volatile memory device and method for fabricating the same
Spalling methods to form multi-junction photovoltaic structure
AC LED device and its manufacturing process for general lighting applications
Arrangement of solid state light sources and lamp using same
Semiconductor light emitting device
Light emitting device and electronic device
Waste heat thermoelectric generator with auxiliary burner
Method for obtaining electrical energy from the kinetic energy of waves
Semiconducting compounds and devices incorporating same
Light emitting element and electronic device using the same
Emissive aryl-heteroaryl compounds
Protection circuit assembly and battery pack having the same
Battery pack
Temperature dependent ionic gate
Quenching system
Non-aqueous electrolyte battery and positive electrode, and method for manufacturing the same
Binder for electrode of lithium rechargeable battery and electrode for rechargeable battery comprising the same
Current collector plates of bulk-solidifying amorphous alloys
Indirect internal reforming solid oxide fuel cell and method for shutting down the same
Pump and fuel cell system having a pump
Fuel cell system and driving method thereof
Solid oxide fuel cell system performing different restart operations depending on operation temperature
Burn-in socket with improved terminals
Method for improving connector enclosure adhesion
Electrical connector
Method for arranging a plurality of wires in pipe
Electrical junction box
Electric motor having an output shaft rotatably supported by a housing and working machine including the same
Rotating electric machine
Spindle motor
Motor and method of manufacturing the same
Capacitive keyswitch technologies
Damper circuit for switched dimming
Method and system for driving organic LED's
Semiconductor structures and methods of manufacture
Printed circuit board and method for manufacturing the same
Crosstalk reduction between signal layers in a multilayered package by variable-width mesh plane structures
Electrical switchgear cabinet
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Tool for planting flower bulbs and ornamentals
Side-by-side three-point hitch
Vehicle hitch link
Automatic device for all-purpose coupling of agricultural implements and the like
Internal seed knockout assembly
Crop header with draper canvas
Triplex trim mower with laterally adjustable cutting units
Metering edge for axially arranged rotary separator
Vegetation support consisting of a mat of entangled organic fibers
Flexible flail edging guide
Apparata and methods for submerged plant stem cutting
Cattle stanchion apparatus
Apparatus and method for animal testing and training
Egg-laying tank for home aquarium with egg protection arrangement
Fishing rod with fishline laid through it
Fragranced rice hull air fresheners
Automated deer scarecrow
Apparatus for heating and controlling the process temperature in a tunnel pasteurizer
Apparatus for producing a vinegared rice rolled in dried laver (Norimaki), or other roll foodstuff
Cut-resistant antimicrobial yarn and article of wearing apparel made therefrom
Wig foundation with contoured front hairline
Mounting adapter for mounting a protector to a helmet or like
Clasp for securing a strap end
Side release buckle
Medical alert key tag
Casino chip
Personal computer storage and security case
Microwavable hair curler
Golf bag for carrying clubs during play
Cellular phones
Arm scrubbing system
Bristle sub-assemblies having parallel pairs of bristles; and methods
Brush tufting
Portable stand for a laptop computer
Storage rack having locking beam-to-column connection
Interlocking bookends
Modular worktops, method of assembly, and method of use therefor
Multipurpose rack
Media presentation system
Position sensor holder and cover for motor drive unit
Stadium seat
Mattress replacement having air fluidized sections
Institutional bedding with integral pillow and mattress
Heel pressure management apparatus and method
Folding collapsible chair, and folding collapsible rod member connecting structure for the chair
Support frame device for connecting a seat portion to an upright post
Arm rest mouse pad
Combination worksurface and armrest for a seating unit
Baby walker positioning foot member
Refrigerated speed rail apparatus
Rack for storing product
Device for storing, transporting and displaying miniature figures
Jewelry box having attached segmented lid member
Reach-in refrigerated cooler
Flexible clip
Child's feeding bowl
Pouring spout for mounting on a container
Long handled condiment dispenser
Butter dish
Rotation cup
Luminescent container with quick-charging power source
Commemorative book tiles
Covering for flower pot and floral grouping
Container with integral module for heating or cooling the contents and method for its manufacture
Bucket handle
Body squeegee
Folded web product dispensing system
Combined high pressure cleaning and suction appliance
System for supporting a towel
Agitator motor projection system for vacuum cleaner
Device for discharging a pasty two-component mixture
Anesthesia induction chamber for small animals
Belt for fixing pelvis
Hyperbaric chamber accessories
Automatic wheelchair restraining device
Multipositioning system seat
Seat mounting assembly
Hydraulic control apparatus for a hospital bed
Viewing direction modifying device and method
Method of training and rehabilitating brain function using hemi-lenses
Medicament distribution system and automatic dispenser for such system
Method and device for sterilizing and filling packing containers
Method and package for storing a pressurized container containing a drug
Film welded reservoir bag for breathing circuit and method of making the same
Vehicle fire extinguisher system
Golf club with hosel liner
Golf club carrying rack unit
Golf swing improving system
Sports practice net
Snowboard with transitioning convex/concave curvature
Signal input device applicable to controllers for game machines
Video game apparatus having direction pointing marks and player object displayed on game screen
Techniques and apparatus for entertainment sites, amusement parks and other information and/or entertainment dispensing sites
Interactive gaming server and online community forum
Pet lover's board game
Method of conducting simultaneous gameplay using stackable game pieces
Roulette table
Installation for amusement park, installation referred to as roller coaster
Performing Operations; Transporting
Filter for subterranean wells
Dual deck dewatering screen
Continuous mixing plant
Pushbutton controlled sprinkler
Media dispenser with snap action joint and method for mounting a reservoir
Feed device for the glue melt tank of an adhesive dispenser
Aerosol spray texture apparatus for a particulate containing material
System and method for capturing ferrous articles from food waste systems
Ultra-low particle semiconductor cleaner
Substrate treating apparatus and substrate treating method
Recirculation-enhanced subsurface reagent delivery system
Extrusion die
Roller mount with three-axis freedom
Payoff device for a reeless package
Base forming
Base forming
Rimfire cartridge and production process therefor
One-piece flywheel having outer ring gear portion, and process of manufacturing the same
Reinforced ceramic shell mold and related processes
Aluminum alloy die casting method
Method of recovering and refining filler from a lost wax composition
Sealing riser sleeve
Bainitically hardened brake disk
Flex drive tool
Tool holder and tool holder attachment mechanism
Supported shear with reversible linear drive and in-feed table therefor
Apparatus and method for reducing bow and warp in silicon wafers sliced by a wire saw
Use of silver-copper-palladium brazing alloys
System and method to control solder reflow furnace with wafer surface characterization
Method of forming an electronic package with a solder seal
Soldering device
Method and apparatus for cutting pieces from, and welding pieces into, sheet metal
Non-conductive and self-leveling leadframe clamp insert for wirebonding integrated circuits
Apparatus for joining electrically conductive materials
Ball suction head
Method and apparatus for wire-bonding for electric components
Light pinpointing device for a robot
Method for making punches using multi-layer ceramic technology
Elbow attachment
Two screws double-stroke and screw differential-motion mechanism applied in standard mechanical interface
Two-ended screwdriver bits
Hinge pin remover and starter
Cross-lock tweezers with cup to hold pearls, or the like
Tool and method for installing and/or removing fasteners
Decorative equipment piece used as a handle
Combination of tool box with fuel tank
Wearing ring for a cable guidance tube of a robot
Multiple purpose tool
Device for portioning foodstuffs, in particular ground meat, to be packed in trays or the like
Method and apparatus for forming concrete products
Ingot support device for slicing silicon
Semiconductor manufacturing equipment
Mold for producing partially expanded bodies with a PVC-based embryo cellular structure
Extrusion die membrane assembly
Rotating disk extruder
Mold for injection molding multilayer preforms
Card straightener
Gas permeable hard contact lens and method of producing it
Bindery compactor/baler
Apparatus for forming the carton blank
Wet lithographic imaging with metal-based printing members
Printing machine with a finger protector
Solder printing apparatus
Method and apparatus for printing zone print media edge detection
Printing apparatus and printing method
Printer for continuous paper
Media feeding system
Bidirectional printing capable of recording one pixel with one of dot-sizes
Ink jet plate maker and proofer apparatus and method
Digital ink jet printing apparatus and method
Printing apparatus and print control method
Assisted drop-on-demand inkjet printer using deformable micro-acuator
Electrostatic mechnically actuated fluid micro-metering device
Ink-jet print head, production method thereof, and printing apparatus with the ink-jet print head
Method of making a printing apparatus
Ink jet recording apparatus
Method and apparatus for preventing nozzle clogging in ink jet printing apparatus
Detection of non-firing printhead nozzles by optical scanning of a test pattern
Ink jet printer provided with an improved cleaning unit
Ink jet printing device and circuit
Vacuum system for continuous ink jet printers
Device for determining a quantity of consumable product contained in at least one reservoir and a document printing device equipped with such an improvement
Composite printing band and method of making same
Ink jet printing process
Conveyor device for bookbinding machines
Apparatus and method for improved patch for business forms with integrated cards
Doll bookmark
Shipping container reusable as a hanging file folder container
File folder and method
Wheel for a track travel moving body, moving body provided with same, rail and travelling equipment using rail
Vehicle wheel with a tubeless pneumatic tire and a one-piece rim having an emergency rolling surface and a process for mounting the tire on the rim
Bicycle hub for disc brake
Vehicle tire having unidirectional pattern with mirror image patterns of outer parts being circumferentially shifted
Low tire pressure light indicator
Pneumatic tire
Tire with reversed carcass ply turnup configuration
Continuous folded belt and splice therefor
Tow bar assembly
Ball clamp trailer coupler
Driving mechanism of a track traveling vehicle
Integrated front lower shock mount, axle spacer and caster wedge
Vehicle suspension system
Active suspension system
Cylinder for improving the handling of a vehicle in turns
Suspension system for a vehicle
Automotive air conditioner
Air conditioning apparatus with air-temperature adjustment
Cockpit module assembly including air conditioner for vehicle
Air conditioning apparatus for vehicle
Refrigerating cycle with a by-pass line
Automotive air conditioning system
A/C clutch short engagement control method at engine start without lock-up sensor
Apparatus and method for measuring infiltration flow rate
Plastic replacement window with extension for vehicles
Folding cover for pickup truck bed
Luggage panel opening and closing device
Rear windscreen for convertibles
Fuel door assembly
Combination instrument
Vehicle seat
Vehicle seat interlock
Reduction gear for vehicle seat
Vehicle seat equipped with a device providing protection against impacts from the rear
Passenger sleeper seat
Method of manufacturing a backrest structure for a vehicle seat and backrest structure obtained by this method
Illuminating device for a display
Clamping support for securing rearview mirrors on motor vehicles
Low vibration mirror assembly
Vehicle wastewater drainage system
Pressure relief nipple for RV hook-up
Bumper bar and method for manufacturing the same
Roll bar protection system for motor vehicles
Carpet-integrated foot cushion configured as a passive restraint component in a vehicle
Seat belt mounted airbag apparatus
Airbag system for front passenger's seat
Gas bag restraint system
Steering wheel with inserted airbag module
Device for indicating an airbag module position
Webbing retractor
Immobilization system for watercraft
Carrier for a motorcycle
Wheelchair braking system
Hydraulic actuator assembly with integral damper/accumulator
Wheel control state display apparatus
Load dependent braking pressure regulating device for railway vehicles
Solenoid coil structure and interconnection
Brake system
Pneumatic actuator for railroad car covers
Rail road loading apparatus and method
Range basket caddy
Holder for flexible collection bags
Bearing with built-in encoder
variable capacity hydraulic pump
Hydraulic power-assisted steering
Fifth wheel coupler
Directional annular elastic track
Track spike
Vehicle having an intake passageway and an exhaust passageway
Lightweight bicycle fork
Rear brake assembly for a scooter
Bicycle's power train
Occupant propelled land vehicle
Telescoping and rolling cover assembly for a barge
Rail mounted chair assembly for boats
Marine pipelay system
Snorkel tube holder
Slip inhibiting boat propeller
Variable-pitch boat propeller with easy-change vanes
Flying vehicle with lift generators
System for the yaw control of an aircraft
Flow blocking exhaust nozzle
Rotary landing gear assembly
Helicopter tail boom with venting for alleviation and control of tail boom aerodynamic loads and method thereof
Monitor lift apparatus
Towing apparatus
Satellite, satellite control method and satellite communication system
Swirling, impinging sheet injector
Reduced shock separation fastener
Replacement cap and pressurizing mechanism for bottle
Dispensing device, in particular for filling machine feeder, and feeder equipped with same
Packaging system
Device for packaging products in containers sealed with stretchable plastic film
Modular label dispensing apparatus
Plastic pallet
Combination bottle hook and wrench
Bag with spout
Storage assembly including a lid with an egress barrier
Integral injected container and top
Metering spout-cover assembly for paint vessels and the like
Self-closing lid apparatus
Three-piece corrugated paperboard container
Solder ball container
Method of packing a semiconductor manufacturing apparatus to be carried into a clean room
Unit dose blister package with keyhole assisted opening feature
Tubular bag-type packing
Dispenser and dispensing method for a multiphase composition
Envelope having non-adhesive applied label
Flexible container
Twin tower wafer boat loading system and method
Coated endless belt
Conveyor belt with microcoil springwire sensor
Device for the alignment of tube segments
Apparatus for adjusting pitch of picker
Web stabilizer
Edge drive for photosensitive media
Discharged sheet stacking apparatus and image forming apparatus having such stacking apparatus
Reversing shuttle feeder
Process and equipment for realizing packs of interfolded laminar articles
Method for identifying the spinning position of a cop
Coiled tubing handling system and methods
Auxiliary safety lift device for elevator
Arrangement in a lifting device
Chain hoist with overload prevent device
Bottled water delivery system
Device for supplying water to a refrigerator icemaker
Fuel dispensing system with discharge rate control
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method for measuring water and wastewater parameters
Synthetic fused silica member, method for producing the same and optical member for excimer laser
Gas assisted atomizing devices and methods of making gas-assisted atomizing devices
Thermally actuated release mechanism
Gas generating eject motor
Malodorant compositions, related non-lethal weapon systems, and methods of their use
Ink jet printing method using a pigmented ink
Aqueous quaternary ammonium hydroxide as a screening mask cleaner
Method for assessing quality of a coating process and assembly therefor
Remote plasma mixer
Auxiliary gasline-heating unit in chemical vapor deposition
Textiles; Paper
Synthetic fiber crimper, method of crimping and crimped fiber produced therefrom
Insertion gripper for a rapier loom
Decorative internally-lighted and position-sustaining ribbon
Sewing needle structure for stitching a hidden nylon zipper
Sewing machines having multiple-individually controllable needle bars
Penetration type washing machine, method for controlling the same, and tub cover for the same
Internal motor drive liquid carbon dioxide agitation system
Steam iron with capillary device
Electrothermal ironing board
Web calendering method and apparatus
Fixed Constructions
Road finisher having a laying beam with automatically adjustable extendable beams
Measuring the energy absorbing capacity of a substrate
Apparatus for lifting and supporting a foundation under tension and compression
Support bracket for sheet piling-supported modular wall system
Working device with mass balancing at the crank mechanism
Piering device having a threaded shaft and helical plate
Finish dirt scraper with improved damping device
Apparatus for transporting loosened particulate material using fluid under pressure
Construction machinery
Hydraulic control mechanism for a mobile machine tool, especially a wheel loader, for damping longitudinal oscillations
Well pipe
Single-end wall tie
Light-transmitting building construction element
Acoustic board
Wall system, in particular exhibition halls
Stacking connector for partitions
Coupling apparatus with parallel members joined by an elastic or spring element pivotally interfacing a drywall and curtain wall mullion
Insulated concrete forming system
Ceiling module perimeter seal
Compression relief section
Folded ridge cover and method of fabrication
Siding and porch ceiling attachment system
Insulated concrete wall
Post removal device
Door lock assembly
Lock apparatus for a door
Security door lock with remote control
Child safety lock
Bolt lock with protective cover
Multi-panel door with an auxiliary drive mechanism
Spacer for insulated windows having a lengthened thermal path
Accessory device for ladders
Device for fitting an oil pipe stiffening sleeve on a support structure
Wear resistant well pump rod and method for making same
Deep ocean riser positioning system and method of running casing
Riser moving and guiding using shuttle plates
Drilling system
Completion valve assembly
Flexible swage
System and method for communication hydraulic control to a wireline retrievable downhole device
Packer insert for sealing on multiple items in the wellbore
Gate valve actuator override mechanism
Method and apparatus to remove coiled tubing deployed equipment in high sand applications
Method and apparatus for gas lift system for oil and gas wells
Fiber optic pressure sensor for DC pressure and temperature
Method and apparatus for continuously testing a well
Determining stress parameters of formations from multi-mode velocity data
Steered-head ram drilling tool
Mine roof support crib having only two or three planes, and method
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Complex teeth-type gas compressor
Rotary piston machines
Mounting structure of compressor for vehicle air conditioner to vehicle
Abradable seal having improved properties
Thermal control passages for horizontal split-line flanges of gas turbine engine casings
Interchangeable turbine diaphragm halves and related support system
Turbine or system with internal evaporative blade cooling
Gas turbine plant
Multi-fuel, combined cycle power plant
Control device for a variable valve timing mechanism of an engine
Roller rocker arm assembly
Variable timing poppet valve apparatus
Exhaust valve actuator for a two cycle engine
Device for operating a gas exchange valve of an internal combustion engine
Pressure relief valve
Method and apparatus for reducing oxides of nitrogen in the exhaust gas of an internal combustion engine
Engine water pump control system
Air scavenging two-stroke cycle engine
Super charged two-stroke or four-stroke internal combustion engine
Exhaust gas recirculation system in an internal combustion engine
Forced purge wave rotor
Method and device for determining the gas intake in an internal combustion engine
Control system for a direct injection engine of spark ignition type
Air-fuel ratio control apparatus for exhaust gas from internal combustion engine
Electrically controlled throttle control system
Butterfly valve body
Methods and apparatus for reducing thermal stresses in an augmentor
Returnless fuel system pressure valve with two-way parasitic flow orifice
Common rail system for internal combustion engines
Hydraulic pump
Device and method for controlling displacement of variable displacement compressor
Apparatus and method for protecting motor of inverter refrigerator
Oil lift system
Cooling and heating cycle apparatus and refrigerant cycle apparatus
Internal gear pump having a shaft seal
Displacement type fluid machine
Optimized radial compliance for a scroll compressor
Ceiling fan assembly and method for assembling same
Quick install blade arms for ceiling fans
Inverter ducting for dual fan concept
Blade assembly for fan apparatus
Liquid-gas ejector
Multi-stage jet pump arrangement for a vacuum apparatus
Operation method for a pumping-ejection apparatus and multiple-stage pumping-ejection apparatus for realizing the same
Diaphragm actuator
Corner moulding and improved corner construction
Attachment member for fixing a perforated component to a support
Method and device for checking screwed connections
Securing spaced elements to one another
Rod end bearing
Tripod head
Spacer for liner motion apparatus and liner motion apparatus provided with spacer
Linear guide for roller bearings
Synthetic resin crown shaped retainer for ball bearing
Mechanical coupling for cooperating rotatable members
Intermediate disk for a motor vehicle
Method of and apparatus for actuating an adjustable torque transmitting system in the power train of a motor vehicle
Disc brake to be opened by torque
Indexable spindle locking device
Brake monitoring system
Liquid filled vibration isolator
Fluid-filled vibration damping device having pneumatically oscillated cylindrical member
Hydraulically damped bearing
Stroke dependent damping
Vibration damping system using a hydraulic damper with a field responsive fluid control
Flow-control valve and damper
Self-locking flexplate
Hydrostatic gear unit
Adjustaby sizeable ring seal
Brush seals with bristles arranged at an angle
Seal ring using gas curtain
Expansion valve
Control solenoid of solenoid valve, in particular for the control of watering systems
High-efficiency pumping and distribution system incorporating a self-balancing, modulating control valve
Stationary clamping device for flexible conduit
Thrust and torque resistant pipe joint
Segmented, ball jointed support
Illumination method and device
Grape-type light bulb strings
Implement and system for remotely affixing and removing decorations and other objects
Universally positionable climate controlled light enclosure
Vehicle light assembly including a diffuser surface structure
High efficiency flat illuminator for liquid crystal micro-display
Gas turbine engine fuel injector
Mobile armored incinerator
Windjet turbine
Method for preventing corrosion of a furnace
Combustion chamber for a gas turbine
Interchangeable combustor chute
Servocontrolled valve for air-conditioning systems known as four pipe systems
Catalytic combustion heater
Thermoelectric cooling device using heat pipe for conducting and radiating
Refrigeration system with variable sub-cooling
Pulse tube refrigerator
Method and apparatus for rapid ice production
Optic level sensing system for use in a refrigerator
Refrigerator with a freezer compartment
System and method for producing high purity argon
Method and device for evaporating liquid oxygen
Cryogenic nitrogen production system using a single brazement
Method for extracting xenon
Interruptible thermal bridge system
Firearm automatic locking system and method
Safety for sporting pellet or air rifles
Spiral cam mechanism for rifle sight adjustment
Radiative countermeasures method
Missile fin locking and unlocking mechanism including a mechanical force amplifier
Method and device for a fin-stabilized base-bleed shell
Device and a measuring method for measuring the extension or contracting properties of filamentous specimens
Apparatus for securing a level and a structural component to one another
Vortex flow sensor
Non-iterative method for obtaining mass flow rate
Vortex flow sensor
Fluid level sensor without moving parts
Method of preventing leakage of a fluid along and through an insulating jacket of a thermocouple
Temperature sensing device for metering fluids
Method for designing a load cell
Hermetic packaging for semiconductor pressure sensors
Inspection method and device for non-destructive analysis of a container material
Method and apparatus for detecting the location of a leak in a pipe
Seal for a liquid chromatography column
Portable gas chromatograph mass spectrometer for on-site chemical analyses
Housing for a flammable gas detector
Acceleration sensor
Soil probing device with optical data transmission
Sensor system for determining relative displacement of an object using an activation member
Scanned retinal display with exit pupil selected based on viewer's eye position
Use of a laser to fusion-splice optical components of substantially different cross-sectional areas
Fiber optic connector device
High-density optical connectors
Optical connector
Connector adapter
Auxiliary eyewear with laterally distant magnets on lens retaining mechanisms
Portable liquid crystal display device
Accessory, apparatus to which the accessory is connected, accessory system, and lens adapter system composed of optical apparatus and a plurality of lens adapters
Camera adapter for enabling microscopic and macroscopic photography
Image forming optical system employing a reflective type spatial light modulator
Developing device and photosensitive material processing method
Control system for adjustable pedal assembly
High performance notebook PC cooling system
Computer game and procedure of aligning objects in a field and applications of the procedure
Method and apparatus for inputting coordinates
Credit card embossing system, embosser and indent imprinter, and method of operation
Method and system for controlling contactless IC cards
Illumination system for use in imaging moving articles
Optical symbol scanner with low angle illumination
Prepayment wristband and computer debit system
Note holding and dispensing device with cassette
Paper sheet manipulating apparatus and paper sheet transaction apparatus
Carton dispensing machine
System and method of requesting and dispensing negotiable instruments via a portable hand-held dispenser
Picture frame light string display
Device for elimination of hydrogen
Ignition coil for internal combustion engines
Plasma assisted processing chamber with separate control of species density
Method of cleaning a semiconductor device processing chamber after a copper etch process
Apparatus for underfilling semiconductor devices
Method and apparatus for epoxy loc die attachment
Substrate treatment device
Controlled environment enclosure and mechanical interface
Heat sink with enhanced heat spreading and compliant interface for better heat transfer
Automated semiconductor identification system
Method of forming multi-chip module having an integral capacitor element
Method for making positive grids and lead-acid cells and batteries using such grids
Combination wire cutter, wire stripper, and punch-down tool
Shielded x-ray source, method of shielding an x-ray source, and magnetic surgical system with shielded x-ray source
Screen printing apparatus for printing layers having different thicknesses
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