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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Irrigation system
Extreme environment surfactant compositions comprising hydrolysis resistant organomodified disiloxane surfactants
Glutamic acid decarboxylase (GAD) based delivery system
Iron-fortified, milk-based, flavored beverages with improved color
Sports equipment bag with integrated stool
Beverage container shelf management system
Endoscopic fluid supply conduit system
Suture anchor installation system and method
Apparatus for performing diagnostic and therapeutic modalities in the biliary tree
Retrieval basket with releasable tip
Variable stiffness heating catheter
Intracorneal lens system having connected lenses
Gap-clearing mechanism for wheelchair
Wall-mounted back massager including wheels
Amino acid conjugates providing for sustained systemic concentrations of GABA analogues
Mandelic acid derivatives and their use as thrombin inhibitors
Tetramerous derivative of indole-3-carbinol with anti-carcinogenic activity and method of synthesis of said derivative
Substituted arylpyrazoles
Pyrazole derivatives and diabetic medicine containing them
Benzimidazole derivatives
Thia-epothilone derivatives for the treatment of cancer
Use of moxaverin for treating erectile dysfunction, forms of dementia or diseases associated to an arteriosclerotic occlusion
Pharmaceutical compositions for treating chronic pain and pain associated with neuropathy
Linked biaryl compounds
Cannabinoid receptor ligands
Treatment of metabolic disorders
Thiazoles as inhibitors of 11.beta.-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase
Triazoles useful as inhibitors of protein kinases
Treating hepatitis C virus infection
Composition for reducing malodor impression on inanimate surfaces
Acupoint patch
Integrin inhibitors for the treatment of eye diseases
18-membered nitrobenzyl- and aminobenzyl-substituted cyclohexadepsipeptides for controlling endoparasites and a process for their preparation
Prostate specific antigens and uses thereof
Purified mammalian cytokine IL-174 polypeptides
Botulinum toxin screening assays
Humanized antibody specific for tumor necrosis factor-alpha
Compositions and methods in cancer associated with altered expression of PRLR
Emulsified cosmetics
Portable sterilizer
Method of loading beneficial agent to a prosthesis by fluid-jet application
Blood product transfer system
Vascular catheter guide wire carrier
Multi-function catheter and use thereof
Abdominal exercise bar accessory and method use
Exercise apparatus for performing a bent-elbow plank position push-up and method of using same
Recumbent therapeutic system
Golf tee
Gaming terminal with transformable cabinet
Domino like card and board game
Performing Operations; Transporting
Transmix prevention lock
Fractal structured nanoagglomerates as filter media
Pleated multi-layer filter media and cartridge
System and method for removing water and siloxanes from gas
Purification of noble gases using online regeneration of getter beds
Exhaust treatment system and method
Membrane and use thereof
Combinational control strategy for fuel processor reactor shift temperature control
Reagent cuvette
Food processor lid
Procedure for reproduction of a photographic picture in an article of glass
Methods of making displays
Method for simultaneously coating and measuring parts using at least one digital camera
Killing microorganisms
Use of copolymers containing sulfonic acid groups, as an additive in detergents and cleansers
Mobile chemical mixing and injection unit and method for using the same
Uniform cavitation for particle removal
Method of cleaning semiconductor surfaces
Method for waste stabilisation and products obtained therefrom
Apparatus for winding an elongate strap onto a winch
Apparatus for machining a workpiece
Drill chuck with adjustment-sleeve lock
Method and apparatus for creating a plasma
Brazing filler metal, assembly method for semiconductor device using same, and semiconductor device
Method for finishing a workpiece
Apparatus and method for lapping slider using floating lapping head
CD repair apparatus
Method for correcting positioning errors in rock drilling, and rock drilling equipment
Handling tool for radioactive sources of logging while drilling devices
Woodworking machine for shaping molding
Imprinting apparatus and method
Continuous mixing and delivery machine for temporarily flowable solid materials
Mobile road or floor saw
Method of forming pattern
Mold for injecting molding preforms
Venting assembly for dip coating apparatus and related processes
Compositions and aqueous dispersions
Cross-linkable siloxane urea copolymers
Reactive hot melt adhesives
Audio device having dense sound enhancing component
Radiation protection material method for production of a radiation protection material and use of the same
Cubic boron nitride/diamond composite layers
Printer structure
Spitting device for inkjet head of image forming apparatus
Print head with thermomechanical actuator
Inkjet printhead nozzle arrangement having non-coincident electrodes
Liquid ejection head, method of manufacturing liquid ejection head, and image forming apparatus
Printer having capping system for printhead assembly
Ink ejection amount measurement method and ink ejection amount measurement system
Print engine controller for receiving dot data
Recording apparatus
Ink jet recording apparatus, nozzle inspection method and program thereof
Liquid ejection apparatus, image forming apparatus and ejection determination method
Image recording apparatus
Apparatus and method for leading together a number of printed webs
Box dispenser
Spring carrier with adjustable spring collar
Caster control apparatus
Hood for a convertible
Automotive heat exchanging system
Transmission for four-wheel drive vehicle and four-wheel drive vehicle
Marine propulsion system and method of operating the same
Light source module
Method for automotive lamp control
Assembly structure of side mirror for automobile
Cover for interior trim component and method of assembling same
System and method for monitoring parking brake release
Master cylinder with fill-up function
Control apparatus for an automatic transmission and related control method
Method for operating a parallel hybrid powertrain
Turbofan powered vehicle with spherical wheels
Mode changeover control system for transmission in motorcycle
Low voltage device for the generation of plasma discharge to operate a supersonic or hypersonic apparatus
Fuel discriminating filler neck cover
Bottle/container coupling system
Blister pump dispenser
System for putting glass plates to target positions
Container for a stack of individually removable paper products
Apparatus for handling sheet products with grip assembly on rails
Medicine supply apparatus
Sheet discharge system
Towel roll holder and dispenser
Image forming apparatus with offset feed roller from separation portion
Method for detecting a configuration of a plurality of lifting devices in a lifting system
Door device of elevator
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Tractable metal oxide sols and nanocomposites therefrom
Sodium carbonate recovery from waste streams and impounded sodium carbonate decahydrate deposits
Microporous diffusion apparatus
Apparatus for converting biological materials into energy resources
Environmental remediation method using ozonophilic bacteria within a liquid coating of bubbles
Crystallized glass, and method for producing crystallized glass
Aqueous dispersion of hydrophobized silicon dioxide powder comprising a dispersing agent
Aloe derived scale inhibitor
Composition useful for making slow release nitrogen free phosphorous, potassium and sulfur oxide glass and a process of making glass therefrom
Explosive material composition and method for preparing the same
Method for the telomerization of non-cyclic olefins
Process for the preparation of propylene and ethylene from a Fischer-Tropsch synthesis product
Purification of bis(thiohydrazide amides)
Linear and branched alcohol ethoxylates for controlling insects
Method for hydrogenation of .alpha., .beta.-unsaturated carbonyl compounds
Vinyl compounds
Selective hydrogenation process employing a sulphurized catalyst
1-(4-Benzyl-piperazin-1-yl)-3-phenyl-propenone derivatives
Heptazine derivatives containing phosphorus, method for the production thereof and use thereof as flame retardants
Energetic ionic liquids
Inhibitor of protein modification products formation
Process for preparing duloxetine and intermediates for use therein
Heteroaryl substituted piperidine derivatives which are L-CPT1 inhibitors
Nitrogenous fused heteroaromatic ring derivative
Methods for treating hepatitis C
Acid-catalyzed dehydrogenation of amine-boranes
Method of purifying moxidectin through crystallization
Method of peptide synthesis of peptides containing a proline residue or hydroxyproline residue at or adjacent to the C-terminal end of the peptide
Methods of indentifying modulators of the FGF receptor
Polymerization process
Oxygen-bridged bimetallic complex, the production thereof and its utilization for polymerization catalysis
Aliphatic polyester copolymer
Process and apparatus for the optimized production of foam in a continuous block slabstock process
Color stable antimicrobial coatings
Flame-retardant polyamide composition
Plasticized functionalized propylene copolymer adhesive composition
Extrudable PVC compositions
Resin composition, molded product from resin composition and method for preparing resin composition
High density ethylene homopolymers and blend compositions
Azo pigment preparation
Colorant compounds
Antifreeze composition comprising benzimidazole and triazine
Gear cutting oil
Intravenous device and method for removing of myoglobin from circulating blood
NMR detection of foreign PAS domain ligands
Group B streptococcus polypeptides nucleic acids and therapeutic compositions and vaccines thereof
T227-1 flanking sequence
Aptamers that bind to listeria surface proteins
Method for the production of ore with green agglomerates containing a proportion of fines
Manufacturing of magnetic recording medium
Method and apparatus for treating a substrate
Apparatus and method for plating semiconductor wafers
Systems and methods for creating crystallographic-orientation controlled poly-silicon films
Textiles; Paper
Method for production of a velvet ribbon with double-sided nap and ribbon weaving machine for carrying out said method
Material compositions for reinforcing ionic polymer composites
Fixed Constructions
Tanks for railway trucks to transport crushed stones, gravel and other materials, particularly for railroad ballast restoring machines, trucks for railroad ballast restoring machines comprising said tanks and process for obtaining said trucks
Traffic control speed bump
Retractable rod and tent
Article of furniture
Hooking device
Transport watercraft
Oil recovery by injection of steam, carbon dioxide and nitrogen
Method of collecting hydrocarbons using a barrier tunnel
Heating tar sands formations while controlling pressure
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Turbine blade with TBC removed from blade tip region
Sound attenuator
Turbine assembly for generating electricity in vehicles
Fuel transfer arrangement
Expander nut
Pulley assembly for maintaining constant position of a bearing outer race relative to a pulley, and method
Self-cleaning flow shut off valve
Compression fitting for a heating and/or sanitary pipe
Medical boom with articulated arms and a base with preconfigured removable modular racks used for storing electronic and utility equipment
Illuminating unit comprising an optical element
Headlight assembly
Temperature controlled reaction vessel
Target support system
Radiation detecting system comprising a plurality of switching elements orientated in the same direction relative to the conversion element
Method and apparatus for inspecting a pattern formed on a substrate
Borehole imaging
Modulated reflectance measurement system using UV probe
Method of immobilizing compound on solid phase support
Kit and method for multi-analyte determination
Method for measuring a property of interconnections and structure for the same
Synthetic aperture radar motion estimation method
Pseudo-random pulse interval generation in navigation-aiding devices
Detector module, detector and computed tomography unit
Radiation imaging apparatus and its driving method and program
System for communicating downhole information through a wellbore to a surface location
Optical element
Zoom lens and image capturing apparatus
Method and device for multistate interferometric light modulation
Particle and device for image display
Methods and apparatus for creating apertures through microlens arrays using curved cradles
Wide-angle glasses-free 3-D image display system without ghosting providing real depth and agreement between accommodation and convergence
Backlighting system for a liquid-crystal display screen and corresponding display device
Coupling structure for optical fibres and process for making it
Sound lighting spectacles
Eyewear having interchangeable lenses/temples
Flat panel display
Method of producing micro-lens-carrying display panel and display unit and exposure system
Color filter panel, manufacturing method thereof and transflective liquid crystal display including the same
Photoconductive metamaterials with tunable index of refraction and frequency
Wavelength conversion devices having multi-component output faces and systems incorporating the same
Tripod for camera
Image pickup apparatus having device for removing foreign substance deposited on surface of optical member
Digital camera, digital camera system, and control program for digital camera system
Colorant-containing curable composition, color filter and production method thereof
Composition for forming organic insulating film and method for forming pattern of organic insulating film using the same
Positive resist composition for immersion exposure and pattern forming method using the same
Electrophotographic recording medium and method of forming image
Photoreceptor overcoat layer masking agent
Readily deinkable toners
Computational music-tempo estimation
Control circuit for fan operating
Device for controlling rotation speed of computer fan
Electric power supply circuit and electronic device
Integrated circuit and method of generating a bias signal for a data signal receiver
Method and apparatus for switching regulator capable of quick feedback from load
Porous light-emitting display with air flow through display, its use in a disk-drive system and method
Compound portable computing device with dual portion keyboards coupled over a transmission link
Method and apparatus for processing digital images
Financial institutions and instruments in a virtual environment
Correction of alignment and linearity errors in a stylus input system
Driver program and transfer method for data
Image forming apparatus
Method of printing a compressed image having bi-level black contone data layers
Image processing device and method thereof
Hand-supportable code symbol reader employing coplanar laser illumination and linear imaging
Display and display system
Transfer tape strap process
Capacitor strap
Arrangement introduced in a hidden receiver-sender delimiter for pneumatics and similars
Image processing for a traffic control system
Image display device
Plasma display apparatus and driving method thereof
Display device
Electro-optical device, method for displaying an image, electronic device, and display structure
Apparatus and method for displaying image
Bass drum system and method
Pitch adjustment device for string instruments
Methods and apparatus for generating a clock signal, for writing servo tracks, and for characterising timing errors in a servo track writer
Perpendicular magnetic recording head for high frequency drive
Systems and methods for detecting flaws on a storage disk
Method of writing pattern in disk, method of following track on disk, and apparatus for writing pattern in disk
Magnetic recording media with ultra-high recording density
Pressure sensor for electronic skin and fabrication method of pressure sensor for electronic skin
Electroconductive composition
Modified electroconductive polymer material and polymer film
Nano-structure enhancements for anisotropic conductive adhesive and thermal interposers
Data erasure apparatus and data erasure method
Transformer and transformer assembly
Device and method for eliminating transformer excitation losses
Common centroid symmetric structure capacitor
Device for protecting data stored in a switching arrangement that consists of electronic components and a processor
Mechanical switch with melting bridge
Fail safe membrane switches
Insulator for cutout switch and fuse assembly
Ion source and mass spectrometer instrument using the same
Method of producing nitride-based semiconductor device, and light-emitting device produced thereby
Dicing/die-bonding film, method of fixing chipped work and semiconductor device
Gallium nitride-based light emitting device having ESD protection capacity and method for manufacturing the same
Electronic substrate manufacturing method
Semiconductor device fabrication method
Nanotip capacitor
JFET with built in back gate in either SOI or bulk silicon
Method and apparatus for applying external coating to grid array packages for increased reliability and performance
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor module for making electrical contact with a connection device via a rewiring device
Semiconductor package, method for manufacturing a semiconductor package, an electronic device, method for manufacturing an electronic device
Bond pads and methods for fabricating the same
Copper bonding or superfine wire with improved bonding and corrosion properties
Protective film structure
Positioning of photodetection events
Configurable clock network for programmable logic device
Spatial information detecting device
Display device
Ferroelectric capacitor and ferroelectric memory
Apparatus for observing an assembled state of components and method of observing an assembled state of components using such apparatus
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Device configuration and method to manufacture trench MOSFET with solderable front metal
Complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor transistor including multiple gate conductive layers and method of manufacturing the same
Structure and method of a strained channel transistor and a second semiconductor component in an integrated circuit
Semiconductor device including field effect transistor for use as a high-speed switching device and a power device
Nanostructured layer and fabrication methods
Method for fabricating a nanoelement field effect transistor with surrounded gate structure
Boron phosphide-based compound semiconductor device, production method thereof and light emitting diode
Diamond enhanced thickness shear mode resonator
Actuator and its control method and lens device
Transistor with large ion-complexes in electrolyte layer
Organic EL device array
Method of selecting replacement indicating voltage for an implantable electrochemical cell
System for updating programmable batteries
Active metal/aqueous electrochemical cells and systems
Fuel cell, fuel cartridge and fuel cell system
Fill plug for electrochemical cell
Electrolyte, battery including electrolyte, and method for manufacturing electrolyte
Fuel cell characteristic recovery method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for humidification of the membrane of a fuel cell
Tracking feed for multi-band operation
High speed wideband differential signal distribution
Antenna for a pen-shaped mobile phone
Antenna for a pen-shaped mobile phone
Mobile terminal for reducing specific absorption rate
Detachable vehicle roof antenna
Electrical plug-and-socket connector for a motor vehicle
Card connector
Method and apparatus for controlling antenna connectivity as a function of antenna orientation
Method of providing generator set standby power
Aircraft system and method of arc fault protection for an aircraft system
Circuit for effective quench heating in superconducting magnets
Method for improved triggering and oscillation suppression of ESD clamping devices
Multiple output voltage regulator
Programmable power adaptor
System for and a ship having a system for connecting of shore power to the ship while docked
Battery safety monitor system
Device and method for controlling a current supply
Stator for an electric machine
Permanent-magnet switched-flux machine
Bobbin-less stepping motor and electronic apparatus
Fixing holder for vibration generating device
Digital FM transmitter with variable frequency complex digital IF
Amplification apparatus
Feed-forward amplifier
Toolless video balun
Power harvesting signal line termination
Method and apparatus for keypad manipulation
Method and system for low-power level-sensitive scan design latch with power-gated logic
Semiconductor integrated circuit and method of production of same
Architecture and interconnect scheme for programmable logic circuits
Level shifting circuit having junction field effect transistors
Semiconductor device for generating power on reset signal
Radiation hard oscillator and differential circuit design
Adaptive bandwidth phase locked loops with current boosting circuits
Analog to digital converter
H.264 CAVLC decoding method based on application-specific instruction-set processor
Decoding method utilizing temporally ambiguous code and apparatus using the same
Circuit with selectable data paths
Method and apparatus for tuning resistors and capacitors
DC level control method, clamp circuit, and imaging apparatus
Image pickup apparatus with storage of original image, first reduced image, second reduced image and thumbnail data
Multiband camera system
Imaging device for adding signals including same color component
Camera support device worn on the body comprising a multifunctional assembly of electrical components
Package for solid image pickup element and solid image pickup device
Image pickup device mounting structure for saving space in an optical device
De-blurring in a digital image system
Digital exposure circuit for an image sensor
Image taking apparatus
Image pickup apparatus and subject ID adding method
Imaging module
Look-ahead system and method for pan and zoom detection in video sequences
Full-bridge and half-bridge compatible driver timing schedule for direct drive backlight system
Microwave oven having a coffee maker
Microwave oven
Computing device
Electronic device and housing
Support structure for flat display panel
Test carriers for storage devices
Server chassis with air flap apparatus
Expired Patents Due To Time
Casting alloys and method of making composite barrels used in extrusion and injection molding
Foodware with ceramic food contacting surface
Laminated magnetic structures with ultra-thin transition metal spacer layers
Magnetic recording medium
Cubic nitride semiconductor device and fabrication method of the same
Method of using a water transport plate
Battery chamber structure for use in electronic device
Battery case
Air depolarized electrochemical cells
Integrated enclosed secondary battery
Battery container
Hydrogen storage alloy
Electrode arrangement and an electrochemical battery produced therefrom and a method for the manufacture thereof
Micro electrochemical energy storage cells
Corrosion inhibiting electrolytic solutions
Light exposure pattern mask with dummy patterns and production method of the same
Clean-enclosure window to protect photolithographic mask
Lithographic mask repair using a scanning tunneling microscope
Mask having an arbitrary complex transmission function
X-ray mask and method of fabricating the same
Color filter, production process thereof, and liquid crystal display panel using the color filter
Photosensitive resin composition useful in fabricating printing plates
Rewritable, heat sensitive, color image recording medium and image recording method using same
Multiple-seam electrostatographic imaging member and method of making electrostatographic imaging member
Cross-linked polyamide anticurl back coating for electrostatographic imaging members
Electrophotographic photosensitive bodies
Photoreceptor with improved overcoat layer
Carrier for electrophotography and developer for electrophotography using the carrier
Electrophotographic toner surface treated with metal oxide
Charge control agent, manufacturing process therefor and toner
Toner and image forming method
Toners and/or toner mixtures
Toner, image forming method and apparatus unit
Amorphous silicon photoreceptor and method for making same
Recording material having a pigment-colored radiation-sensitive layer
Photosensitive composition and a pattern forming process using the same
Thermal color proofing process
Positive type photosensitive resin composition containing an alkali-soluble polymer and a compound which forms an amine compound with irradiation of light
Photosensitive composition containing a cyclic dione polymer
Optical recording medium
Method for making a driographic printing plate involving the use of a heat-sensitive imaging element
Photosensitive resin composition, method for producing photosensitive resin composition, and printing plate material
Photosensitive paste, a plasma display, and a method for the production thereof
Wafer alignment marks protected by photoresist
Polymer overcoat for imaging elements
Photographic processing using biodegradable bleaching agent followed by fixing
Method of making a single part color photographic processing composition in slurry form
Photographic assemblage comprising a silver halide photographic element sealed in a closed vessel
Reflective print material with extruded antistatic layer
Photographic support, silver halide photosensitive photographic material and thermally developable photosensitive photographic material
Color photographic element containing a coupler releasing derivative with at least three heteroatoms with specific hydrophobicity
Photographic element for color imaging
Photographic element, compound, and process
Photographic element, compound, and process
Photographic element, compound, and process
Silver halide color photographic light-sensitive material
Apparatus for performing assays on liquid samples accurately, rapidly and simply
Methods using the staphylococcus aureus glycyl tRNA synthetase crystalline structure
Immunological reagents and diagnostic methods for the detection of human immunodeficiency virus type 2 utilizing multimeric forms of the envelope proteins gp300, p200, and p90/80
Immunoassay for herpes simplex virus
DNA diagnostics based on mass spectrometry
Method for the fluorescent detection of a DNA sequence in real time
DNA sequences related to fragile X syndrome
Arrangement of nucleic acid sequences for comparative genomic hybridization
Expression cloning processes for the discovery characterization, and isolation of genes encoding polypeptides with a predetermined property
Integrated circuit biochip microsystem containing lens
Method of detecting expression of MAB-21
Methods for assessing cardiovascular status and compositions for use thereof
Method of detecting nucleic acids
Genetic test for .alpha.-mannosidosis
Electrochemical denaturation and annealing of nucleic acid
Method of analyzing DNA using contiguous repeats
Multi-loci genomic analysis
Human kallikrein
Human myosin heavy chain-like proteins and method of detecting nucleic acid encoding said proteins
PNA and DNA conjugates and methods for preparation thereof
Amplification and detection of Yersinia enterocolitica
Molecular recognition at surfaces derivatized with self-assembled monolayers
Computer method and apparatus for analyzing mutations in DNA
Essential genes of yeast as targets for antifungal agents, herbicides, insecticides and anti-proliferative drugs
Markers for fusarium head blight (FHB) disease resistance
Pancreas-derived serpin
Solution-based color compensation adjusted for temperature and electronic gains
Genes and genetic elements associated with control of neoplastic transformation in mammalian cells
Method for identifying and quantifying polymers utilizing immunoassay techniques
Method for the detection, identification, enumeration and confirmation of circulating cancer and/or hematologic progenitor cells in whole blood
Methods for detecting, identifying, isolating, and selectively labelling and targeting TH1 lymphocyte by means of the LAG-3 protein
Assay kits for detection and methods of inhibiting IL-17 binding
Polypeptides for binding human factor VIII and fragments of human factor VIII
High-throughput screening assays for modulators of nucleic acid topoisomerases
Composition of immunotoxins and retinoids and use thereof
Linear substituted oligoalkyleneimine libraries
GPR10 as a target for identifying weight modulating compounds
Method for determining the immunocompetence of a mammal and therapies related thereto
Diagnosis and detection of breast cancer and other cancers
Chemical modification of antibodies and antigens
Engineered proteins for analyte sensing
Methods for purifying and assaying a conus .gamma.-carboxylase
Methodology to produce, and purify and assay polypeptides with the proteolytic activity of the HCV NS3 protease
Method for detecting proteases and uses thereof
Method of establishing the presence of specific substances in milk and an implement for applying same
Method for preparing a stabilized blood cell preparation using aged transition metal ion solution
Preparation and stabilization of cells using aged transition metal solutions
Recombinant thrombin receptors and assays using them
Genetic manipulations with recombinant DNA comprising sequences derived from RNA virus
Human vesicle membrane protein-like proteins
Genetically engineered yeast with modified signal peptidase complex
PcrA Helicase of Staphylococcus aureus
Trigger factor expression plasmids
Transformed Pichia expressing the pertactin antigen
DNA sequences encoding growth/differentiation
Spoil-1 protein and nucleic acid molecules and uses therefor
Process for preparing 2,6-diaminopurine-2'-deoxyriboside and 2'-deoxyguanosine
Method for large scale plasmid purification
Method for generating full-length cDNA library from single cells
Nucleotide compounds including a rigid linker
Nucleic acid amplification using modular branched primers
Compositions and methods for analysis of nucleic acids
Transaminase biotransformation process
L-glutamic acid-producing bacterium and method for producing L-glutamic acid
Metabolic controlled fermentation procedure for the manufacture of lovastatin hydroxy acid
Genes controlling phytate metabolism in plants and uses thereof
L-sorbose dehydrogenase and novel L-sorbosone dehydrogenase obtained from gluconobacter oxydans T-100
Kits for amplifying and detecting nucleic acid sequences
Enzymes with xylanase activity from Aspergillus aculeatus
.alpha.-Amylase variants
.alpha.-galactosidase enzyme
Modified subtilisins and detergent compositions containing same
Method and compositions for isolation, diagnosis and treatment of polyanion-binding microorganisms
Human phospholipase A2 and related nucleic acid compounds
Norcardia sp. CKYS2 ((KCTC 0432BP) capable of desulfurizing fossil fuel containing organic sulfur compounds
Protein polysaccharide 0041
Thermal cycler having an automatically positionable lid
Solid state fermentation
Bacterium detector
Vascularized perfused microtissue/micro-organ arrays
Instrument for detection of microorganisms
Sensor device for detecting microorganisms, and method therefor
Cells expressing both human CD4 and a human fusion accessory factor associated with HIV infection
Cell washing device and method
Transcriptional regulation of the human .beta.3-adrenergic receptor gene
Human adenylate cyclase and use therefor
Development of human monoclonal antibodies and uses thereof
Therapeutic compounds
Antisense modulation of CD40 expression
Human cell-lines
Chondrocyte-like cells useful for tissue engineering and methods
Methods and tissue culture media for inducing somatic embryogenesis, agrobacterium-medicated transformation and efficient regeneration of cacao plants
Plastid inner envelope membrane targeting polypeptides, manufacture and use thereof
Enzymes for detergents
Process for integration of a chosen gene on the chromosome of a bacterium obtained by the said process
Streptomyces avermitilis regulatory genes for increased avermectin production
Clinical control materials for detection of bone resorptive markers
Method for enumerating blood cells
White trigger preparations for improving the signal detection in bioluminescent and chemiluminescent reactions
Integrated nucleic acid diagnostic device
Monitoring and/or prognostic of antibody-mediated autoimmune diseases
Solid phase immunoassay with carriers matching the shape of sample wells
Devices and methods for separating cellular components of blood from liquid portion of blood
Method to detect proteins
Ferroelectric thin film, manufacturing method thereof and device incorporating the same
Method of correcting temperature of semiconductor substrate
Burn-in method for microwave semiconductor transistor
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof including a probe test step and a burn-in test step
Method for providing cooperative run-to-run control for multi-product and multi-process semiconductor fabrication
Method and device for test vector analysis
Determination of the thickness of a denuded zone in a silicon wafer
Method of fabricating field emission arrays to optimize the size of grid openings and to minimize the occurrence of electrical shorts
Mask for area forming selective grating and selective area growth and method for fabricating semiconductor device by utilizing the same
Method for manufacturing semiconductor light emitting device
Method of making small gaps for small electrical/mechanical devices
Method for producing silicon solar cell
Semiconductor chip mounting apparatus capable of preventing connected portion between semiconductor chip and substrate from thermal stress and method thereof
Wafer level packaging method and devices formed
Quick turn around fabrication process for packaging substrates and high density cards
Method of producing lead frame having uneven surfaces
Method of fabricating semiconductor device
Semiconductor device with high reliability of connection between projective electrode of semiconductor element and conductive wire of substrate and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device fabrication using adhesives
Method for reinforcing a semiconductor device to prevent cracking
Method of manufacturing a single deposition layer metal dynamic random access memory
Custom laser conductor linkage for integrated circuits
Structure of metal-insulator-semiconductor-like multiple-negative-differential-resistance device and fabrication method thereof
Method for crystallizing amorphous silicon thin-film for use in thin-film transistors and thermal annealing apparatus therefor
Method of adjusting the threshold voltage in an SOI CMOS
Method of fabricating a thin film transistor
Method for fabricating semiconductor device
MOS device and method of fabricating the same
Ruthenium silicide diffusion barrier layers and methods of forming same
Method of fabricating a polysilicon-based load circuit for static random-access memory
Method of fabricating a narrow bit line structure
Semiconductor storage device with a capacitor using a ferroelectric substance and fabricating method thereof
Method for dual sidewall oxidation in high density, high performance DRAMS
Method for the production of an integrated semiconductor memory configuration
Rugged metal electrodes for metal-insulator-metal capacitors
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device with reduced masking and without ARC loss in peripheral circuitry region
Electrically erasable programmable read-only memory device and method for fabricating the same
Method for fabricating a non-volatile memory cell
Oxide formation process for manufacturing programmable logic device
Method for manufacturing NOR-type flash memory device
Semiconductor component and method of manufacture
Process for fabricating vertical transistors
Method for manufacturing gate terminal
Method for making level converting circuit, internal potential generating circuit and internal potential generating unit
High density mosfet fabrication method with integrated device scaling
Method of making an IGFET with elevated source/drain regions in close proximity to gate with sloped sidewalls
Manufacture of semiconductor device with salicide electrode
Method of forming ultra-thin oxides with low temperature oxidation
Manufacturing method of MOSFET having salicide structure
Process for manufacturing planar fast recovery diode using reduced number of masking steps
Method for forming capacitor
Structure and method for forming a capacitor dielectric using yttrium barium copper oxide
Fabrication method of a twin-tub capacitor
Capacitor and memory structure and method
Lightly positively doped silicon wafer anodization process
Method for manufacturing integrated structures including removing a sacrificial region
Method of forming planar isolation and substrate contacts in SIMOX-SOI.
Method for producing a semiconductor device
Sub-atmospheric pressure thermal chemical vapor deposition (SACVD) trench isolation method with attenuated surface sensitivity
Divot free shallow trench isolation process
Integration of CMP and wet or dry etching for STI
Semiconductor device with trench isolation structure and fabrication method thereof
Semiconductor processing method of forming field isolation oxide using a polybuffered mask which includes a base nitride layer on the substrate, and other semiconductor processing methods
Process for fabricating integrated circuit devices having thin film transistors
Method for electroplating vias or through holes in substrates having conductors on both sides
Lamination machine and method to laminate a coverlay to a microelectronic package
Method for the fabrication of a doped silicon layer
Structure and method for manufacturing Group III-V composite Schottky contacts enhanced by a sulphur fluoride/phosphorus fluoride layer
Ferroelectric-enhanced tantalum pentoxide for dielectric material applications in CMOS devices
Reduction of surface defects on amorphous silicon grown by a low-temperature, high pressure LPCVD process
Method for forming self-aligned contact
Multiple finger polysilicon gate structure and method of making
Method for forming polycide dual gate
Method of fabricating passivation of gate electrode
CVD-Ti film forming method
Manufacturing method for semiconductor device having contact holes of different structure
Method of forming metal lines
Method of depositing a silicon oxide layer on a semiconductor wafer
Damascene process
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method therefor
Method for forming conductive line
Forming copper interconnects in dielectric materials with low constant dielectrics
Structure of a contact hole in a semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Method of forming metal nitride film by chemical vapor deposition and method of forming metal contact of semiconductor device using the same
Method for forming metal/metal nitride layer
Method of producing multilayer wiring device with offset axises of upper and lower plugs
Aluminum metallization by a barrier metal process
Method of patterning field dielectric regions in a semiconductor device
Interconnect structure in a semiconductor device and method of formation
Semiconductor manufacture method with aluminum wiring layer patterning process
Chemically preventing Cu dendrite formation and growth by double sided scrubbing
Shallow trench isolation process
Semiconductor wafer planarizing device and method for planarizing a surface of semiconductor wafer by polishing it
Methods for forming gate electrodes of semiconductor devices
In situ method for cleaning silicon surface and forming layer thereon in same chamber
Process for the manufacture of passive and active components on the same insulating substrate
Method for forming interconnection structure
Method of patterning semiconductor materials and other brittle materials
Method for etching a poly-silicon layer of a semiconductor wafer
In situ dry cleaning process for poly gate etch
Fabrication method for bottom electrode of capacitor
Lightly nitridation surface for preparing thin-gate oxides
Fabrication process of a semiconductor integrated circuit device
Apparatus and method for manufacturing semiconductors using low dielectric constant materials
Method of fabricating semiconductor device
Method of silicon oxide and silicon glass films deposition
Low temperature method to form low k dielectric
Flame-retarding support inlay with improved adhesion
Dust-removing synthetic resin filter
Meltblown composites and uses thereof
Luminous glass ceramics
Protective filter lens
Method for producing phosphorescent glass artifacts
Use of Lewis acids for the breakdown of gelatinous rare earth compounds in hydrocarbon solutions
Supported catalysts and olefin polymerization processes utilizing same
Supported catalysts and olefin polymerization processes utilizing same
Process for the production of aromatic halogen-amino compounds
Dehydrogenation catalyst and process
Catalyst activation method for selective cat naphtha hydrodesulfurization
Process for the activation of perovskite type oxide
Palladium clusters and their use as catalysts
Catalysts for use in organic compound transformation reactions
Imaging member with multifunctional coupler
Thermosensitive recording material for laser printing and image forming method therefor
Heat-sensitive recording material
Heat-sensitive recording material
Herbicide compositions
Quinoxaline derivatives and herbicidal composition
Substituted cyclohexylaminopyrimidines
Compositions for fracturing subterranean formations
Smokeless two-cycle engine lubricants
Chemical linker compositions
Photoresist ashing residue cleaning agent
High wax content heavy oil remover
High foaming, grease cutting light duty liquid detergent
Alkaline cleaning solution
Bleaching compounds comprising substituted benzoyl caprolactam bleach activators
Nontoxic sanitizing cleanser based on organic acids and methods of using same
Proteolytic enzyme cleaner
Detergent composition
Chemical linker compositions
Silicone composition for bar soap applications
Compositions and methods for the treatment of viral disorders
Tumor necrosis factor inhibitory protein tip B1 and method of using same
Methods for producing nitrosated hemoglobins and therapeutic uses therefor
Method of using secretin for treating autism
Insertion of the Bacillus thuringiensis crystal protein gene into plant colonizing microorganisms and their use
Ketoheterocyclic inhibitors of factor Xa
Method of suppressing immune responses by reducing intracellular content of glutathione in macrophages and monocytes
C-terminal modified oxamyl dipeptides as inhibitors of the ICE/ced-3 family of cysteine proteases
Thymosin .alpha.1 promotes tissue repair, angiogenesis and cell migration
Glycomimetics as selectin antagonists and pharmaceuticals having antiinflammatory activity prepared therefrom
Pyranoside derivatives
Suppression of tumor growth by a mini-E1A gene
Compositions and methods for delivery of genetic material
Gene transfer of E2F-1 to inhibit vascular smooth muscle cell accumulation in vascular tissue
Particles, especially microparticles or nanoparticles, of crosslinked monosaccharides and oligosaccharides, processes for their preparation and cosmetic, pharmaceutical or food compositions in which they are present
Methods for supplying postgastrectomic mineral and methods for treating postgastrectomic syndrome
Osteoblast-specific mitogens and drugs containing such compounds
Isophosphoramide mustard analogs and use thereof
17.beta.-2-oxo-tetrahydrofuranyl)-carbothioic acid ester, -carboxylic acid ester and -carboxylic acid amide androstane derivatives
Nitrosated and nitrosylated steroids compositions, and methods for treating respiratory disorders
Use of metal complexes to treat gastrointestinal infections
Clozapine compositions and uses thereof
Use of diazoxide for the treatment of metabolic syndrome and diabetes complications
Insecticidal dihydrooxadiazine compounds
Arglabin compounds and therapeutic uses thereof
Pyridocarbazole derivatives having cgmp-pde inhibitory activity
Indazole amide compounds as serotoninergic agents
Alkenyl- and alkynl-containing metalloprotease inhibitors
Glutamate (ampa/kainate) receptor antagonists: N-substituted fused azacycloalkylquinoxalinediones
1- (1,2-disubstituted piperidinyl) -4-substituted piperazine derivatives
N-acyl and N-aroyl aralkyl amides as serotonergic agents
Pyrimidine derivative
Phosphonate nucleotide derivatives
Method for treatment of reactive arthritis or bursitis
Synthesis, anti-human immunodeficiency virus, and anti-hepatitis B virus activities of 1,3-oxaselenolane nucleosides
Nitrosated and nitrosylated phosphodiesterase inhibitor compounds, compositions and their uses
HIV inhibiting pyrimidine derivative
Method for combating obesity
Pharmaceutical compositions
Nitrosated and nitrosylated phosphodiesterase inhibitor compounds, compositions and their uses
Tetrahydropyrido compounds
Process for controlling and destroying pathogenic small creatures, in particular insects and worms
Alkoxy-substituted compounds, methods, and compositions for inhibiting PARP activity
Pharmaceutical formulations containing poorly soluble drug substances
(-)-mefloquine to block puringergic receptors and to treat movement or neurodegenerative disorders
Prevention and treatment of cardiovascular pathologies with tamoxifen analogues
Benzothiophene compounds, intermediates, compositions, and methods
N-hdroxy-2-(alkyl, aryl, or heteroaryl, sulfanyl, sulfinyl or sulfonyl)-3-substituted alkyl, aryl or heteroarylamides as matrix metalloproteinase inhibitors
Tetra-substituted phenyl derivatives and processes for their preparation
Hemoregulatory compounds
Phenylalanine derivatives
Preparation and use of ortho-sulfonamido heteroaryl hydroxamic acids as matrix metalloproteinase and tace inhibitors
Anticancer composition comprising a diaminotrifluoromethylpyridine derivative
Cyanoguanidines as cell proliferation inhibitors
Amino-benzocycloalkane derivatives
Dithiazoldioxides and the use thereof as microbicides
Benzothia(oxa)diazol derivatives and their use as endothelin-receptor antagonists
Injectable pharmaceutical composition for treatment and reversal of erectile dysfunction
Fungicidal melithiazole derivatives
Heterocyclic carboxamide-containing thiourea inhibitors of herpes viruses containing phenylenediamine group
Broad spectrum antimicrobial mixtures
Eliminating agent for activated oxygen and free radicals
Methods for treating hyperplasia
Compounds for the treatment of cancer
3-(arylsulfonylamino)-tetrahydropyran-3-carboxylic acid hydroxamides
Cytokine production inhibitors
Substituted tetrahydrofuran analogs of prostaglandins as ocular hypotensives
Stable liquid mineral ascorbate compositions and methods of manufacture and use
Disinfectant and method of making
Amino acid chelates to reduce still births and increase birth weight in non-human animals
Use of triaqua-mu3-oxohexakis-mu-propionatotrichromium (1+), [CR3O(O2CCH2CH3)6(H2O) 3]+, as a nutritional supplement or in treatment of medical conditions
Phenylpropionic acids and esters: compounds and methods for inducing beta-blockade for the treatment of cardiac disorders
Drug for treating diabetic nephrosis
Gamma amino butyric acid analogs and optical isomers
Use of phenylglycine derivatives to decrease neuronal death caused by brain tumors and brain lesions
Endothelin antagonist
Neuropeptide antagonists
Pain reliever and method of use
Benzamidine derivatives and the use thereof as medicaments with LTB4-antagonistic effect
Azulenyl nitrone spin trapping agents, methods of making and using same
.alpha.-(2-hydroxyphenyl) nitrone compounds, pharmaceutical compositions containing the same and methods for treating inflammation
Nicotine addiction treatment
Derivatives of (+)-venlafaxine and methods of preparing and using the same
External preparation of 2-amino-2-(2-(4-octylphenyl)ethyl) propane-1,3-diol or pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof for topical administration
Method for achieving relief from sympathetically mediated pain
Method of treating septic shock
Composition for reducing serum cholesterol levels
Neuroprotective effects of polycyclic phenolic compounds
Method of inhibiting formation of infectious herpes virus particles
Device and method for creating spherical particles of uniform size
Preparation of active ingredient dispersions and apparatus therefor
Method for fluidizing tars
Process for separating polyester from other materials
Process for preparing compact or cellular polyurethane elastomers and isocyanate prepolymers suitable for this purpose
Crosslinked ethylene-olefin copolymer foams
Material based on crosslinked silicone polymer comprising an attached photoinitiator, process for the preparation thereof, hydrophilic polymeric product obtained from this material and process for the preparation thereof, and novel photoinitiators
Method for preparing ceramic articles
Floor finish compositions
Hot melt adhesive compositions for adherence to skin and articles constructed therefrom
Dental root canal filling, retrofilling, and perforation repair material
Oil-based ink for preparing printing plate by ink jet process and method for preparing printing plate by ink jet process
Polymeric compositions
Organophilic phyllosilicates
Process for fabricating couplings and other elements for hot topping and supply for castiron molds, and formulation for producing such couplings and elements
Polyester compositions containing near infrared absorbing materials to improve reheat
Polyolefin concentrates and composition having improved carbon black dispersion
Polycarbonate composition resistant to gamma radiation
Polycarbonate composition resistant to gamma radiation
Nucleation of Polyamides in the presence of hypophosphite
Copolymer binder fibers
Flame-retardant polycarbonate resin composition and its moldings
Polyamide resin composition and fuel tank caps made of the same
Thermally conductive interface pads for electronic devices
Biodegradable nonwovens with improved fluid management properties
Stabilization of paints with spiroindane derivatives
Filled polytetrafluoroethylene granular powder and process for the production thereof
Crosslinkable powder composition which is redispersible in water
Flame retardant insulation compositions having enhanced curability
Process for producing aqueous emulsion
Aqueous painting composition comprising a partially fluorinated non ionic polymeric compound as a thickening additive
Rubber compositions containing organo-nitriles
Pneumatic tire
Non-flammable, thermoplastic moulded materials with improved anti-drip properties
Hard-type high-structure carbon black and rubber composition comprising same
Thickeners based on carboxyl-and carboxamido-containing addition polymers
Thin wall panels
Impact-resistant blend compositions of polycarbonate and polyester resins
Polyurethane-polyacrylate hybrid dispersions containing allophanate groups
Silica particulates
Heterocyclic amine modified siloxanes
Diol latex compositions and modified condensation polymers
Methods of preparing inorganic pigment dispersions
Method and composition for coating pre-sized paper using azetidinium and/or guanidine polymers
Electrically conductive copolymers and their preparation
Curable resin composition and adhesive
Thermosetting coating compositions containing flow modifiers prepared by controlled radical polymerization
Golf ball compositions containing high crystalline acid copolymers and their ionomer derivatives
Vibration dampening and/or isolation vulcanizate having high temperature stability
Compositions containing impact copolymers made from a blend of a homopolymer phase and a rubber phase having a high ethylene content
Compositions having particular utility as stretch wrap cling film
Process for producing blends of syndiotactic 1, 2-polybutadiene and rubbery elastomers with an iron-based catalyst system
Thermoplastic elastomeric block copolymers
Rubber composition containing SBR rubber, softener and a bis benzothiazolyl disulfide vulcanization accelerator
Functionalized chain extended initiators for anionic polymerization
Functionalized polymers
Dispersant comprising indane ring containing polystyrenesulfonic acid compounds
Preparation of hydrogenated product of cyclic olefin ring-opening metathesis polymer
Process for production of chlorinated polyvinyl chloride resin
Graft polymers and use thereof
Production of succinimide copolymers in cyclic carbonate solvent
Melt-mixing thermoplastic and epoxy resin above Tg or Tm of thermoplastic with curing agent
Olefin polymerization
Preparation of multiphase homo- or copolymers of C2-C10-alk-1-enes in one reaction zone
Preparation of homo- and copolymers of alk-1-enes
Syndio-isoblock polymer and process for its preparation
Preparation of sulphonic fluorinated polymer solutions
Low-melting tetrafluoroethylene copolymer
Process for producing polymers or oligomers of controlled molecular weight and end group functionalities
Electrophoresis gels and cross-linking agents for their preparation
Polymer obtained by emulsion polymerization method
High molecular weight, homogeneous, branched copolymers of maleic anhydride and alkyl vinyl ether monomers
Heat shrinkable C2C4C6 terpolymer film
Propylene polymers incorporating macromers
Siloxane dyes, compositions containing same and uses thereof
Silane endcapped moisture curable compositions
Method for making microporous silicone resins with narrow pore-size distributions
Method for preparing polyorganosiloxane resins that contain mono-and tetrafunctional units
Thermoplastic polyurethanes, polyurethane elastic fibers therefrom, and method for producing the fibers
Method for preparing bisphenol A
Method for manufacturing polycarbonate for optical use
Method for manufacturing aromatic carbonates
Resins of amphoteric aldehyde polymers and use of said resins as temporary wet-strength or dry-strength resins for paper
Formulation for the production of 1, 3-bis (4-aminophenoxy) naphthalene and its polymer
Polymers of 1-(bithien-2-yl)-4-aminobenzene
Polyselenophenes, the preparation thereof and the use thereof
Polymers, method of producing the same and use of the same
Method for isolating dihydroxybiphenyl polyethersulfones
NF-AT polypeptides and polynucleotides
Methods for treatment of diabetes using peptide analogues of insulin
Peptide variants of protein A
Fluorescent protein sensors for detection of analytes
Carrier protein having an adjuvant effect, immunogenic complex containing it, process for their preparation, nucleotide sequence and vaccine
Adipocyte-specific protein homologs
Human marco scavenger receptor
Modulators of actin
Human EP3, prostaglandin receptor
Compound delivery using rapidly dissolving collagen film
Prion-free collagen and collagen-derived products and implants for multiple biomedical applications; methods of making thereof
Method for producing a plastic vessel containing an albumin preparation
Modified low density lipoprotein receptor
Monoclonal antibody specific for 20K human growth hormone and a cell line producing the monoclonal antibody
Placental-derived prostate growth factors
Method for evaluating and affecting male fertility
Reactive dyes with a heterocyclic anchor
Chitooligosaccharide derivative
Glycosaminoglycans having high antithrombotic activity
DNA molecules stabilized by modifications of the 3'-terminal phosphodiester linkage
Insulin promoter factor, and uses related thereto
Peptide production as fusion protein in transgenic mammal milk
Translation initiation factor 4AIII and methods of use thereof
Grapevine leafroll virus (type 2) proteins and their uses
Electronically conductive polymer/nucleotide copolymer. preparation method therefor and use thereof
Cationized hydroxyalkylcellulose and process for producing the same
Starch graft copolymer blast media
Long chained beta glucan isolates derived from viscous barley grain, and the process of making
Process for preparing optically active trans-3-substituted glycidic acid ester
Intermediates for the synthesis of debromohymenialdisine and processes thereof
Production of staurosporine derivative using acid isomerization
Cyanine dyes and synthesis methods thereof
Process for preparing derivatives of (halo)amino-1,3,5-triazines by carbonylation
Carboxylic acid derivatives, their preparation and use
Piperidine derivatives
Process for producing piperidinecarbinols
Process for preparing acid salts of .gamma.-(piperidyl)butyric acid
Method for producing 2-sulfonylpyridine derivatives and method for producing 2-{[(2-pyridyl)methyl]thio}-1H-benzimidazole derivatives
Non-peptide peptidomimetics
Method for the production of 2,6-dichloro-5-fluoronicotinonitrile and the chemical compound 3-cyano-2-hydroxy-5-fluoropyride-6-one-monosodium salt its tautomers
Compounds having a plurality of nitrogenous substituents
Production method of optically active amino alcohols
Process for the preparation of paraoxadiazolyphenylboronic acids
Decolorizable dye
Process for producing substituted alkylamines or salts thereof
Process for producing 2-hydroxybenzamide derivatives
Process for the manufacture of substituted triazolinones
Triazolones as apolipoprotein-B synthesis inhibitors
Substituted 3-phenylpyrazoles
Enantioselective synthesis of 3-aminopyrrolidines
Antagonists of gonadotropin releasing hormone
Preparation of ketorolac
Process for the preparation of L-ascorbic acid
Process for the manufacture of 3-N-N-dicyclobutylamino-8-fluoro-3, 4-dihydro-2H-1-benzopyran-5-carboxamide
Method for producing polytetrahydrofuran with low color index
4-Acetoxy-2.alpha.-benzoyloxy-5.beta.,20-epoxy-1.beta.,7.beta.,10.beta.-tri hydroxy-9-oxo-11-taxen-13.alpha.-yl(2R,3S)-3-t-butoxycarbonylamino-3-phenyl -2-hydroxypropionate trihydrate
Process for converting 9-dihydro-13-acetylbaccatin III into taxol and derivatives thereof
Vitamin D analogues
Germanes and doping with germanes
Method for the preparation of copolymers of ethylene/norbornene-type monomers with nickel catalysts
Solid aluminoxane for catalyst carrier, process for preparing the same, and uses thereof
Compounds containing biologically active silicon, which are under solid form
Polyfunctional perhalogenated polyorganosiloxanes and the processes for their preparation
Method for purifying 3-methacryloxypropyldimethylhalosilanes or 3-methacryloxypropyl methyldihalosilanes
Fluorinated organosilicon compounds and process for the preparation thereof
Process for the preparation of cyclopentadienyl metal salt and process for the preparation of derivative of cyclopentadiene using the same
Method and catalyst system for producing
Monoolefinic C5 mononitriles, method for the production and the use thereof
Naphthyloxyacetic acid derivatives and a pharmaceutical composition comprising them as an active ingredient
Silica gel supported bis-cinchona alkaloid derivatives and a preparation method and use thereof
Process for manufacture of chiral succinic acid derivatives
Process for preparing optically active carnitine ester
Loaded ion exchange resins, their preparation and uses
Process for producing N-glycyltyrosine and its crystal structure
Photonitrosation of cyclododecane in chloroform in quasi-anhydrous medium
Intermediates useful in the synthesis of quinoline antibiotics
Manufacturing method for 4-nitrosoaniline from urea and nitrobenzene
Preparation of secondary and tertiary 2-methyl-1, 5-pentanediamines
Method for producing alkyl mercaptans and/or dialkyl monosulfides
Process for hydrogenation of isoalpha acids
Treating methanol containing waste gas streams
Process for the manufacture of citral
Process for the preparation of 1-substituted 2,4-dinitrobenzenes
Process for the preparation of 5-bromo-2-fluorobenzeneboronic acid
Perfluoropropylvinylether purification
Method for producing 1,1,1,3,3-pentafluoropropane
Solvents for use in fluorination reactions
Method for converting n-butane to butenes and BTX
Toluene disproportionation process using a zeolite bound zeolite catalyst
Process for isomerizing aromatic compounds containing eight carbon atoms comprising a recycle
Catalyst based on a molecular sieve and a process for selective hydroisomerisation of long linear and/or slightly branched paraffins using that catalyst
Wet skin adhesive article
Medical pressure-sensitive adhesives with high permeability to water vapor and high adhesive force, and plasters provided therewith
Absorbent article having a breathable, fluid impervious backsheet
Flexible absorbent product
Nitric oxide as an activator of the plant pathogen defense systems
GA 20-oxidase gene sequences
Transgenic plants belonging to the species Cucumis melo
Molecular methods of hybrid seed production
Seed plants characterized by delayed seed dispersal
Methods for effectuating mRNA transfer of genetic information between species and product of the same
Molecular methods of hybrid seed production
Soybean cultivar 943180610333
Soybean cultivar 932311329511218
Soybean cultivar 616906
Stringed instrument having improved neck
Musical instrument cable lock
Angled mouthpiece for wind instrument
Variable pitch percussion instruments
Electronic tone generation system and method
Musical sound signal generation apparatus
Electric guitar tremolo bridge piezo pickup
Solar battery module for optical electrolysis device and optical electrolysis device
Burner and burner/emitter/recuperator assembly for direct energy conversion power sources
Pipeline section of a gas-insulated pipeline
Grounding cover method and apparatus for accessible electronic component
Pedestal closure assembly
Suspension clamps
Clamp for a cable duct
Process for manufacture of a microcircuit board permitting limitation of the mechanical stresses transmitted to the microcircuit and board thus obtained
Metal-stud electrical box
Child resistant electrical receptacle cover
Cable tray with power channel
Device for mounting a cable
Torque limiting socket for twist-on wire connectors
Conduit box assembly for large electric motor
Display substrate electrodes with auxiliary metal layers for enhanced conductivity
Circuit board with terminal accommodating level differences
Foldable pushbutton-input device
Multiple electric switch with single actuating lever
Manually movable switch selector including both a rotary knob and a thumb wheel
Electrical circuit disrupter
Rotary operating-type electronic device
Switch contact mechanism
Tilt switch
EL-combined sheet switch
Switch device
Modular, high-voltage, three phase recloser assembly
Circuit breaker terminal cover with integrated arc chamber vents
Terminal for electric wire welding and welding torch suitable for electric wire welding to the terminal
Resistance welding process and device
Method and apparatus for radiated beam marking of a golf club part and such part
Plasma processing device for circuit supports
Method for plasma brazing
Laser beam temporal and spatial tailoring for laser shock processing
Laser beam machining method and laser beam machine
Process and system for recording welding situation and welding state
Planocentric gear for amperage indicator on welding machine
Device for de-fogging bathroom mirrors
System and method for rapid thermal processing with transitional heater
Rapid heating and cooling vacuum oven
Convection oven
Temperature compensated timing circuit for use in heating appliances
Temperature control for a toaster oven
Control for an electrical appliance
Glass touch cooktop dual element and bridge burner control
Welding sleeve of thermoplastic material with indicator
Method and apparatus for heat treating wires
Defrosting method for a microwave oven using an infrared sensor
Repeat control apparatus, information reproducing apparatus and information recording apparatus
Image signal sensing process including altering charges of capacitances
CMOS imager with light shield
Methods and apparatus for detecting a document on a platen
Steerable and scalable spatial filters
Night vision device and method
Electro optical devices with reduced filter thinning on the edge pixel photosites and method of producing same
Nested fiber optic gyro system
Apparatus and method for imaging a particle beam
High duty cycle pseudo-noise modulated time-of-flight mass spectrometry
Photocharge microscope
Microstructure for infrared detector and method of making same
Bolometer including a reflective layer
Method for fabricating an infrared radiation detector
Integral charge well for a QWIP FPA
Inspection of container mouth using infrared energy emitted by the container bottom
Nuclear level sensing gauge using scintillating fiber bundle
Randoms correction using artificial trigger pulses in a gamma camera system
Miniature ionization gauge utilizing multiple ion collectors
Transport and sterilization carrier for flexible, multiple compartment drug container
Fluorometric detection using visible light
Dosimeter device and method of producing same
Aperture apparatus used for photolithography and method of fabricating the same
Method and apparatus for the real-time characterization of particles suspended within a fluid medium
Scanning system with flexible drive assembly
III-V compound semiconductor luminescent device
Electrostatically operated tunneling transistor
Field effect transistor having dielectrically isolated sources and drains and method for making same
IGBT with reduced forward voltage drop and reduced switching loss
Complementary heterostructure integrated single metal transistor fabrication method
Transistor having main cell and sub-cells
Distributed photodiode structure
Ferroelectric element and method of producing the same
Ferroelectric thin film device and method of producing the same
Method fabricating a DRAM cell with an area equal to four times the used minimum feature
Semiconductor memory and method of fabricating the same
Shielded integrated circuit capacitor connected to a lateral transistor
Method of forming a Ta2O5 dielectric layer, method of forming a capacitor having a Ta2O5 dielectric layer, and capacitor construction
Semiconductor device and method of fabricating same
Semiconductor device and power converter using same
MOS-gated power device having extended trench and doping zone and process for forming same
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device, and semiconductor device
Vertical type insulated gate transistor
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
High-voltage metal-oxide semiconductor
Thin-film device with annular shaped insulation on its gate electrode
Electro-optical device having silicon nitride interlayer insulating film
Semiconductor device having a common substrate bias
Semiconductor device having electrostatic discharge protection element and manufacturing method thereof
Support chips for buffer circuits
Semiconductor device
Analogue misfet with threshold voltage adjuster
Complementary MOS device
Semiconductor device including several transistors and method of manufacturing the same
Insulated gate semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Transistor with minimal junction capacitance and method of fabrication
Semiconductor device including a layer of thermally stable titanium silicide
Passivation of sidewalls of a word line stack
Method for manufacturing a semiconductor material integrated microactuator, in particular for a hard disc mobile read/write head, and a microactuator obtained thereby
Photo detective unit and electric apparatus using the same
Detecting infrared and visible light
Semiconductor device having novel insulating film structure
Integrated circuit with deep trench having multiple slopes
Semiconductor device, semiconductor integrated circuit device, and method of manufacturing same
Semiconductor device
Capacitors with silicized polysilicon shielding in digital CMOS process
PNP lateral bipolar electronic device
Semiconductor device comprising an integrated circuit provided with a ceramic security coating and method of manufacturing such a device
Bipolar power transistors and manufacturing method
Semiconductor device having buried boron and carbon regions
Memory circuit including a semiconductor structure having more usable substrate area
Bonded wafer, process for producing same and substrate
Surface mounted type semiconductor device with wrap-around external leads
Semiconductor device
Method and apparatus for a chip-on-board semiconductor module
Thin leadframe-type semiconductor package having heat sink with recess and exposed surface
Ultra high density integrated circuit semiconductor package and method for fabricating the same
Semiconductor device
Power semiconductor mounting package containing ball grid array
Semiconductor structure exhibiting reduced contact resistance and method for fabrication
Integrated circuits using high aspect ratio vias through a semiconductor wafer and method for forming same
Semiconductor device and process for producing same
Bonding pad and support structure and method for their fabrication
Thermally enhanced quad flat non-lead package of semiconductor
Semiconductor chip package
SRAM with improved Beta ratio
Microturbine power generating system
Switching device and process for external force-actuated driving devices in a motor vehicle
UPS/CPS system
Power supply providing backup AC voltage and method of operation thereof
Step wave power converter
Linear actuator
Micromechanisms with floating pivot
Motor design methods and motors fabricated therefrom
Two-phase stepper motor having two disk stators with salient poles positioned on either side of two disk rotors
Integrated electric drive unit including an electric motor and an electronic control and monitoring module
Brushless motor
Magnetic ring
Thermally self-protected electric motor
Automotive alternator
Rectifier cooling fin arrangement of vehicle AC generator
Motor-driven device having improved water-proofness
Alternator for an automotive vehicle
Brush assembly for an alternator
Brush-holding device
Supporting configuration for the stator of an electric machine, in particular of a turbogenerator
Stacked organic photosensitive optoelectronic devices with a mixed electrical configuration
Stacked organic photosensitive optoelectronic devices with an electrically parallel configuration
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