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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Lawn mower with deck lift system and/or pump lock-out system
Fishing pole with integrated line tension scale
Solid state light source assisted processing
Padded sports glove having improved flexibility and breathability
Footwear with reversible tongue
Quick release locking mechanism and method, especially for a hidden-type convertible shoe
Methods for displaying decorative ornaments
Method of making a container from a bottle
Open-front, roll-in refrigerated display case
Secure guitar stands and racks therefor
Hygienical shoes with mobile magnet piece
Dry powder inhaler
Image capturing apparatus and endoscope system
Mask assembly
Performing Operations; Transporting
Radon removal from gas
Method for coating spark plug threads with a polytetrafluoroethylene mixutre
Recovery method for an electric appliance
Strip production equipment
Superplastic forming tool
Glued lost foam casting pattern assembly
Heat transfer device for wave soldering
Electrical engine junction box adapter
Method of remanufacturing a compressor
Method of Controlling the direction of rotation of a power tool
Electric cable cutter
Temperature control method and printing machine
Pneumatic rubber tire having annular rubber strip containing electrically conductive bonded to its inner surface
Motor drive device and vehicle
End clip of vehicle wiper blade
Rail-guided transportation system for containers
Vehicle surface preparation apparatus
Fuel charging structure of vehicle
Closure device for a filler pipe of a tank for liquid, tank equipped with such a device
Method and device for packaging and transporting electronic components
Packaging method for packaging containers and lids
Packing machine and film buffer
Combined function wine bottle foil cutter and cork remover
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Multi-wafer rotating disc reactor with inertial planetary drive
Method for manufacturing a multilayer structure on a substrate
Textiles; Paper
Card top assembly for a carding machine
Device for compression crimping
Fixed Constructions
Method and device for attenuating the motion of hydraulic cylinders of mobile work machinery
Illuminated security gate unit
Safety buckle of curtain
Methods relating to maintaining the structural integrity of deviated well bores
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method for operating an internal combustion engine
Engine valve actuation system
Mount for connecting automotive fan motor to housing
Method of controlling a supercharged internal-combustion engine with at least two cylinders and engine using such a method
Control apparatus for internal combustion engine
Combustion chamber for a gas turbine
Control apparatus for internal combustion engine
Adaptive ignition dwell based on ionization feedback
Tie rod for booster and booster comprising such a tie rod
Gear shift lever operating mechanism
Swimming pool cleaning apparatus and parts therefor
Flapper valves with spring tabs
Fuel vapor pipe structure of fuel tank
Converting a lamp for continued operation following a line current failure
Multi-air conditioner
Superconducting magnet system with refrigerator
Humidity control apparatus
Liquefying and storing a gas
Multirod bow stabilizer
Machine and method for allowing different fluid or gas flow rates in different directions in a conduit
Ultrasonic flow velocity meter and ultrasonic transducer thereof
Method of measuring the height of a liquid using a high-frequency line probe
Wireless swimming pool water level system
Hard coat film, and radiation image conversion panel using the same
Out-of-balance measuring device
Vehicle positioning apparatus
Loupe accessory and viewing method
Angular rate sensor and mounting structure of angular rate sensor
Optimizing response interframe space in communication systems
Quality of experience determination for multi-party VoIP conference calls that account for focus degradation effects
Quality of experience determination for multi-party VoIP conference calls that account for focus degradation effects
Optical node configuration apparatus
Terahertz wave modulator based on hole-injection and -transfer
Filtering event log entries
Bundling configuration items into a composite configuration item
Transmittal of blocked message notification
Tag management of information technology services improvement
Communication support system, communication support method, and recording medium
Method for distributing a plurality of data portions
Undoing sent communications
Undoing sent communications
Information processing device, information processing method and program
Client-based authentication
Cryptographic construction for anonymity during interaction for collective outcome
Image forming apparatus configured for consumable replacement in power saving mode
Image processing apparatus that prevents erroneous transmission, method of controlling the same, and storage medium
Protection against rule map update attacks
Low complexity and memory efficient image CODEC
Connector identification through proximity sensing
Binder clip sleeve
Display device using plural gamma curves and driving method thereof
String changing device for Bigsby tailpieces
Bass clarinet with low E tone hole not on the bell
Active vibration noise control apparatus
Audio encoder or decoder apparatus
Dynamic adjustments of tape head wrap angles
Mounting apparatus assembly
Data recording method for storing first data and second data into a tape medium
Magnetic memory and method of manufacturing the same
Physically unclonable function based on the initial logical state of magnetoresistive random-access memory
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and control method thereof
Implementing ECC redundancy using reconfigurable logic blocks
Early data tag to allow data CRC bypass via a speculative memory data return protocol
Structure of a switching device in an array
Method of determining nuclear fusion irradiation coordinates, device for determining nuclear fusion irradiation coordinates, and nuclear fusion device
Paste composition for electrode of solar cell and solar cell including the same
Electroactive particles, and electrodes and batteries comprising the same
Bi-toroidal topology transformer
U-shaped iron core transporting/assembling tank
Multilayer ceramic electronic component having a conductive paste
Dielectric and/or capacitor formation
Illuminated touch keyboard
Pointing stick cursor key and illuminated keyboard therewith
X-ray generating tube, X-ray generating apparatus and X-ray imaging system using the same
DC ion funnels
Anion generating and electron capture dissociation apparatus using cold electrons
Mass spectrometer and mass spectrometry method
Ion trap mass spectrometer and ion trap mass spectrometry method
Light source
Wafer grounding using localized plasma source
Methods of forming serpentine thermal interface material and structures formed thereby
Manufacturing method of semiconductor device
Process for manufacturing solar cell equipped with electrode having mesh structure
Nanowires formed by employing solder nanodots
Semiconductor device and method for forming the same
Etching method using mixed gas and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Method for preparing a coarse-grain crystallized silicon layer
Metallization layers configured for reduced parasitic capacitance
Transistor(s) with different source/drain channel junction characteristics, and methods of fabrication
Integrated platform for fabricating n-type metal oxide semiconductor (NMOS) devices
Uniform gate height for mixed-type non-planar semiconductor devices
Stress memorization techniques for transistor devices
Semiconductor device and a manufacturing method thereof
Semiconductor device having chip embedded in heat spreader and electrically connected to interposer and method of manufacturing the same
Method for producing integrated circuit with smaller grains of tungsten
Methods to prevent filler entrapment in microelectronic device to microelectronic substrate interconnection structures
Semiconductor package resin composition and usage method thereof
Warp correction device and warp correction method for semiconductor element substrate
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Method to improve semiconductor surfaces and polishing
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Semiconductor packages including through electrodes and methods of manufacturing the same
Method for manufacturing a filled cavity between a first and a second surface
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Fuse structure and method of blowing the same
Method for producing optoelectronic semiconductor components, lead frame composite, and optoelectronic semiconductor component
Image sensor unit and image reading device
Semiconductor device
Imaging device and imaging system
Light emitting diodes having zinc oxide fibers over silicon substrates
High efficiency light emitting diode
Nanowire LED structure and method for manufacturing the same
Light emitting panel and manufacturing method of light emitting panel
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Bipolar junction transistors with an air gap in the shallow trench isolation
Trench-gate-type insulated gate bipolar transistor
Elemental semiconductor material contact for high electron mobility transistor
Thin film transistor and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device with group-III nitride compound semiconductor layer on substrate for transistor
Dye-sensitized type solar cell
Solar cell module
Photoelectric conversion element and solar cell
Structure and design of concentrator solar cell assembly receiver substrate
Silicon photovoltaic element and fabrication method
Venting assembly for concentrating photovoltaic system module
Non-parabolic solar concentration to an area of controlled flux density conversion system
Non-parabolic solar concentration to an area of controlled flux density conversion system and method
Light emitting diode
Phosphor LED
Phosphor sheet, light-emitting device having the phosphor sheet and method of manufacturing the same
Angular velocity sensor
Electric contactor having sensitive control
High stability spintronic memory
Electric device with a layer of conductive material contacted by nanowires
Light-emitting element, light-emitting module, light-emitting panel, and light-emitting device
Lithium-ion battery
Electronic device with power indication function and indicating method thereof
Power supply circuit and base station
Battery pack
Electrode active material and secondary battery
Lithium-ion secondary battery
Flat and high-density cathodes for use in electrochemical cells
System and method for minimizing fuel cell degradation after shutdown
Method for making flat antenna
Monopole antenna
Multi-mode multi-band self-realigning power amplifier
Metamaterial magnetic field guide
Multi-chip socket
Board-connecting electrical connector device
High-current plug-in connector for automotive vehicle applications
Electric connector having a lance supported by a resilient support with a slit and disengageable by a jig
Subsea high voltage terminal assembly
Connector and connector device
Integrated package insertion and loading mechanism (iPILM)
Slim-profile hard-disk drive connector
Double-sided USB connector structure having a spring mechanism supporting an insulating body with plurality of terminals on two surfaces of the insulating body
Electrical couplers and methods of using them
Electrical spike connector
Process for forming wire harnesses
Interconnections for axial cables
Wavelength-tunable optical transmission apparatus
Semiconductor laser and method of fabricating the same
Ceramic electrode including a perovskite or spinel structure for an ignition device and method of manufacturing
Method and tool for adjusting cable grips
Fault current limiter with saturated core
Matrix connection device for photovoltaic panels and/or wind turbines
Semiconductor device and battery pack
Charge control device and electronic apparatus using the same
Battery system, method of controlling the same, and energy storage system including the battery system
Electronic device and charging circuit thereof
Charging system
Electric rotating machine with salient poles
Electromagnetic energy conversion through coil and magnet arrays
First-fail-safe electromotive furniture drive
Power supply device
Four-wire electrostatic actuator and stator
Sensorless motor braking system
Method and apparatus for a duty-cycled harmonic injection locked oscillator
Modulating device and modulation method
Package with printed filters
Differential transmission circuit
Non-LUT field-programmable gate arrays
Slew rate control for multiple voltage domains
Low power oversampling with reduced-architecture delay locked loop
Removing deterministic phase errors from fractional-N PLLS
Systems and methods for variable rate coding in a data processing system
Radio preset key assignment method and apparatus
High speed communication
Methods and systems for synchronized infrared real time location
Electromagnetic bandgap structure and method for manufacturing electromagnetic bandgap structure
Portable electronic device capable of expanding transmission distance for near field communication functions
System and method for selectively communicating with an implantable medical device
Devices, methods, and systems for antenna switching based on look-back
Wireless communication device and wireless communication method
Communication apparatus and communication system including the same, and dual polarization signal transmitting and receiving method of communication system
Preamble extensions
Signal tracking and decoding in GNSS
Maintenance of channel usage in a wireless communication system
Method of generating packet, method of transmitting packet, and method of ranging of physical layer transmitter of wireless personal area network system
Method of secure communication, controlled device, and control program
System for calibrating power amplifier
Radio frequency jammer
Frequency scan method for determining the system center frequency for LTE TDD
Wireless station, communication system, and communication method
Communication device
Network synchronization system and information processing device
Estimating available bandwith in cellular networks
Apparatus and method for processing packet for routing and verifying path in domains
Communication unit and method for determining and/or compensating for frequency dependent quadrature mismatch
Traffic control device, traffic control method, and communication system
Method and apparatus for providing a user with charging-related voice service
Method for eliminating redundant connections
Transparent middlebox with graceful connection entry and exit
High-performance routers with multi-stage, multi-layer switching and single-stage shared buffering
Adaptive non-linear interference cancellation for intermodulation distortion
Methods and arrangements for phase tracking in wireless networks
Determination and classification of defense measures in web applications
Method and apparatus for the secure authentication of a web site
Data center access and management settings transfer
Method and apparatus of providing notification services to smartphone devices
Processing circuits of telecommunications devices and related methods
Visually representing and managing access control of resources
Communication system employing subnet or prefix to determine connection to same network segment
Proxy signature scheme
Locator system
Communication device
System, method, and computer readable media for confirmation and verification of shipping address data associated with a transaction
Mobile application using facilitating dedicated communication between specific users
Wireless communications interface
Mobile automatic location identification (ALI) for first responders
Method and system for data usage accounting across multiple communication networks
Single action sensory prompt interface utilising binary state time domain selection protocol
Authentication of phone caller identity
Automated conferencing system and method
Methods and systems of providing status message calling
Method and apparatus of processing caller responses
Information processing apparatus, information processing system, information processing method, and recording medium
Apparatus and method for controlling the apparatus
Information processing system, control method thereof, and non-transitory computer-readable medium with generating authorization information to use a function of the first service and link information to call an input window
System and method for data insertion in video stream
3D video conversion system and method, key frame selection method and apparatus thereof
Stereo image output apparatus and associated method
Method and device to identify motion vector candidates using a scaled motion search
Imaging device and method for high-sensitivity optical scanning and integrated circuit therefor
Image capturing apparatus for prioritizing shooting parameter settings and control method thereof
Image capturing apparatus and image capturing method
Apparatus for adjusting the focus of an image capturing device
Image stabilization techniques for video surveillance systems
Light field image processing
Image stabilization using striped output transformation unit
Publishing key frames of a video content item being viewed by a first user to one or more second viewers
Television signal receiving device and method for determining whether channel includes television program signal
Renderable content partitioning and portability
Video terminal device and method of detecting direction of gaze
Integration of home entertainment devices with a software client for telephony
Audio playing scheme for digital billboard system
Dynamic schedule creation
System and devices for distributing content in a hierarchical manner
Moving picture prediction system
Portable electronic device with enhanced sound reproduction
Ear canal ear bud sound system
Method for processing an audio signal with modeling of the overall response of the electrodynamic loudspeaker
Data sharing apparatus and method
Methods and devices for increasing data throughput by scheduling of power measurements in a wireless communications system
Method and device for maintaining the performance quality of a communication system in the presence of narrow band interference
Aperiodic channel state information reporting method, radio base station apparatus and user terminal
Data offloading method
Method for managing CS IRAT handover from 2G/3G network to LTE network
System and method for providing extending femtocell coverage
Apparatus and method for setting neighbor in mobile communication system
Optimizing the quality of audio within a teleconferencing session via an adaptive codec switching
Methods and devices for providing TFI
Systems and methods for low-overhead wireless beacon timing
Machine type communication support method and apparatus
Radio base station apparatus and control information detection method
Method and apparatus for transceiving data in a radio access system which supports a multi-radio access technology
Push-to-talk capacity enhancement
Method, apparatus and computer-readable medium for improving push-to-talk call setup speed
Notification system using a duplicate start record
Power supply circuit for mobile telecommunications devices
Apparatus and methods of HSPA transmit power control
Locating a victim via a first responder's device
Base station apparatus, communication system, and communication method
Method for transmitting uplink response signals, base station, mobile station and communication system
Method and system for uplink multi-user multiple-input-multiple-output communication in wireless networks
Independent resource request method for initial NAS signalling
Multi sector antenna and mesh network system
Power driver for light emitting diode illumination and control method thereof
LED lamp with variable input power supply
Power supply
Low cost LED driver with integral dimming capability
Fault tolerant LED backlight for an LCD display
Wall configurations for generating uniform field reflection
Semiconductor structures and methods of manufacture
Manufacturing method of substrate, manufacturing method of wiring substrate, glass substrate and wiring substrate
Magnetically controllable fluidic etching process
Manufacturing method for wiring board
Supply line reservoir
Data center rack door
Heat sink for dissipating a thermal load
Cooling circuit with a sufficiently accurately measured heat exchanger
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Sod collector
Apparatus and method for reorienting an egg between vertical and horizontal orientations
Bobbin for tying a fishing fly
Game call assembly system and method
Method of cutting ribs
Game and fish cleaning enclosure
Cutting device and method for cutting material from a container
Ice shaver
Cigarette/cigar cutting and lighter device
LED spotlight illumination system
Cane and grabber
Change saver lamp apparatus
Forearm/wrist/mouse support system
Desk accessory support
Article support stand
Folding article holder
Corner bracket
Connector for linearly connecting twin-column supporting posts of sectional rack
Latch handle for doors and drawers
Buoyant pool chair with adjustable angle of recline
Chair arm hinge
Hinge assembly for folding seat
Adjustable pillow for high back juvenile vehicle seat
Integrally powered modular furniture
Brace for a picture frame
Adjustable picture hanging hook
Frame for installing beverage holder
Beverage container holder
Beverage mixer with pivoting stir stick and cup indentation
Toilet paper dispensing system
Door latch for a dishwasher
Insertion instrument of an endoscope
Endoscope with a working passage
Fully-swallowable endoscopic system
Light source device for endoscopes
Two component dispenser system
Textured ligating band and method of use of same
Methods and devices for obstructing and aspirating lung tissue segments
Medical implant insertion system
Locking element for locking at least two bone screws to an orthopedic device
Intramedullary interlocking fixation device for the distal radius
Atraumatic medical retrieval device
Endoscopic treatment system
Endoscopic camera system integrated with a trocar sleeve
Control systems for biopsy devices
Guide for medical devices
Method of gastrostomy, and an infection preventive cover, kit or catheter kit, and a gastrostomy catheter kit
Microdermabrasion and suction massage apparatus and method
Split rivet bone fastener
Device for repairing a soft-tissue tear and method
Cryogenic surgical system and method of use in removal of tissue
Microporation of tissue for delivery of bioactive agents
Medical instrument
Cardiac ablation system and method for treatment of cardiac arrhythmias and transmyocardial revascularization
Tissue ablation system and method for forming long linear lesion
Surgical device for endoscopic vein harvesting
End-firing microwave ablation instrument with horn reflection device
Flow apparatus for the disruption of occlusions
Process and apparatus for image guided treatment with an integration of X-ray detection and navigation system
Method and an apparatus for performing a visual field test, and computer programs for processing the results thereof
Eye viewing device for large field viewing
Wearable human physiological data sensors and reporting system therefor
Endoscope system
Reducing noise in a technique for diagnosing attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
Torsionally compensated guidewire
Method for monitoring patient using acoustic sensor
Sphygmomanometer cuff capable of blocking blood flow favorably even with small width in wrapping direction
Blood pressure monitor
Blood pressure estimating apparatus
Process and device for determining the pulse transit time and extracorporeal hemotherapeutic arrangement with such a device
Catheter guidance by magnetocardiographic mapping
System and method for predicting human cognitive performance using data from an actigraph
Integrated sensor holder for dental imaging
Ultrasound system for continuous imaging and delivery of an encapsulated agent
Ultrasonic diagnostic imaging system with reduced power consumption and heat generation
Portable ultrasound system with battery backup for efficient shutdown and restart
Tissue motion analysis medical diagnostic ultrasound system and method
Medical ultrasonic imaging method and system for spatial compounding
Dental irrigation device
Apparatus and method for producing a dental prosthetic with a device having a linear rotary bearing
Lubricated disposable prophylaxis angle
Dental prosthesis
Natural implant system
Two-part dental impression tray
Embryo transfer catheter
Device for sow-intra-uterine insemination and embryo transfer
Medication administration system
Disposable diaper
Undergarment protection article and method
System and method for facilitating hemostasis of blood vessel punctures with absorbable sponge
Urinary flow control device and method
Feces control device
Back-loading catheter
Body fluid flow control device
Stent delivery device
Spiraled balloon arrangement for treatment of a tortuous vessel
Surgical suturing instrument and method of use
Multifocal ophthalmic lens
Apparatus for attaching fractured sections of bone
Cervical dowel and insertion tool
Hinge assembly for an orthopedic knee brace and knee brace incorporating the hinge assembly
Device for use in ophthalmologic procedures
Instrument and method for phacoemulsification by direct thermal irradiation
Shock absorbing transport frame
Apparatus and method for tilting the seat of a wheelchair with a low profile linkage
Ambulatory stroller
Vial docking station for sliding reconstitution with diluent container
Ultrasound assembly for use with light activated drugs
Methods and implants for providing radiation to a patient
Thermally-activated microchip chemical delivery devices
Irrigation-aspiration apparatus
Active left-right flow control in a two chamber cardiac prosthesis
Magnetic suspension blood pump
Method of peritoneal dialysis
Management of physiological and psychological state of an individual using biophilic images
Medical regrooming and drug delivery device
Indwelling urethra catheter
Angioplasty catheter system with adjustable balloon length
Introducer needle assembly having a tethered needle shield
Out-patient joint lavage kit and protocol
Surgical system pump and method therefor
Implantable vascular access device
Drug delivery pack
Fluid delivery device with light activated energy source
Tissue penetrating device and methods for using same
Hydraulic syringe and method of manufacture
Safety syringe
Air-cooling device for coil for urinary incontinence treatment
Magnetic stimulation coil and circuit design
Method for alleviating symptoms of certain types of disorders using electromagnetic fields
Wave generation apparatus
Device and method for laser biomodulation in PDT/surgery
Radiation catheters optimized for stepped delivery technique
Illuminating hand-shaking exerciser with triple rotating axle
Home trainer
Rhythmic motion driver
Reformer exercise apparatus
Support rack for disc-like weight members
Dual adjustable pulley weight apparatus
Interactive programmable fitness interface system
Electric treadmill to whose console the weight of the operator is automatically sent
Folding mechanism of a motorized treadmill
Elliptical motion exercise machine
Six bar exercise machine
Pentagonal hexecontahedron dimple pattern on golf balls
Golf ball
Wound golf ball
Solid golf ball
Throwing toy for producing splash effect
Two-piece grommet assembly for a sports racquet
Adjustable golf putter
Counting racket
Measurement of the coefficient of restitution of a golf club
Bath-time amusement device
Pool training device
Fitness apparatus
Portable play tunnel
Binding for a snow-sport device
In-line skate frame equipped with an anti-torsion bar
Apparatus for illuminating a portable electronic device and method for using the same
Video screen indicated position detecting method and device
Video game with split screen and automatic scrolling
Game system with musical waveform storage
System for profiling mobile station activity in a predictive command wireless game system
Road construction board game
Multiple path game board
Method and apparatus for monitoring casinos and gaming
Wearable interactive digital amusement device
Competition water slide
Toy vehicle having center steering circuit and remote controller with toggle function
Projectile firing toy vehicle
Luminescent kite apparatus
Balloon closure device
Place and find toy
Doll head with an attachable doll wig and method of making the same
Doll house
Throwing disc with changeable aerodynamic characteristics
Method of making a personalized stuffed toy
Performing Operations; Transporting
Apparatus for the collection and distribution of liquid in a column
Filter for gaseous media
Argon purification process
Hydrogen-selective silica based membrane
Mixer and process for use
Combined mixing and injecting device for a mold
Bidirectional flow centrifugal microfluidic devices
Hammer crusher
Comminuting apparatus
Method for processing mixed waste, processing plant and buffer silos therefor
In situ formation of magnetite reactive barriers in soil for waste stabilization
Punching, stamping rivet
Concealed low distorting self crimping stud and insertion method
Threading apparatus
Cutting insert for drill
Integrated powered lathe chuck
Helical tooth broach
Structural body and friction stir welding method
Clamping apparatus with datum function
Variable pitch spindle line drilling machine
Method for producing frost glass product
Lap having a layer conformable to curvatures of optical surfaces on lenses and a method for finishing optical surfaces
Grinding device for rounding off edges of an opening in a work piece
Electrical hand tool, in particular angle sander with rotatable maintenance opening
Honing tool used to finish blind bores in workpieces and the method of using such tool
Carrier head for providing a polishing slurry
Chemical mechanical polishing apparatus and method having a soft backed polishing head
Fixed abrasive polishing pad
CMP method for noble metals
Semiconductor wafer grinding method
Method of treating a surface with hard particles using free running rollers
Grinding wheel with segments for preventing one-sided wear
Electric hand power grinder, in particular eccentric grinder
Pad retrieval apparatus for chemical mechanical planarization
Jaw for a jaw chuck
Ratchet wrench and lighting circuit arrangement
Hand held power tool
Suction pad having a patterned attracting surface
Pressed paper cut-in-place die
High volume portable concrete batching and mixing plant having compulsory mixer with overlying supported silo
Process and apparatus for reclaiming the economic components of polluted scrap rubber tires
Dust-free rubber mixer
Mold-thickness adjustment mechanism for toggle type vertical molding machine
Apparatus for vacuum assisted venting
Injection unit of an injection system
Hydrostatic drive system for an injection molding machine and a method for operating such a drive system
Ejector controller of injection molding machine
Apparatus for making a wood-plastic profile
Processing systems for automated manufacture of preforms
Internal weighting for a composite golf club head
Automated tire loading/unloading and compression system and tire transport frame
Tablet rotary compressing press for the manufacture of multi-layered tablets
Manual die set for pressing explosive powder into hollow cylindrical pellets
Liners or bags and method of making them
Erosion control rolls
Printing with sensor-based positioning of printing paper
Translation to rotation conversion in an inkjet printhead
Printer and print medium drive system
Misregistration correction for bidirectional printing with reduced influence of error due to vertical scanning
Compliant imaging surface for offset printing
Ink jet printing system
Satellite droplets used to increase resolution
Method and apparatus for preventing banding defects caused by drop mass variations in an ink jet printer
Printing apparatus and ink-discharge status detection method
Ink jet recording device capable of controlling impact positions of ink droplets
Asymmetric printhead orifice
Method for optimizing driving input signal in an ink jet head using shape memory alloy
Drop-on-demand liquid emission using interconnected dual electrodes as ejection device
Thermal ink jet defect tolerant resistor design
Counter-boring techniques for improved ink-jet printheads
Ink jet recording head and ink jet recording apparatus
Assisted drop-on-demand inkjet printer
Printhead for pen
Liquid discharge head and producing method therefor
Layer with discontinuity over fluid slot
Ink jet recording head, ink jet recording device and head manufacturing method
Liquid-ejecting head, liquid-ejecting method and liquid-ejecting printing apparatus
Grooved tip wiper for cleaning inkjet printheads
Refreshing and recovering ink discharge in a multi-color ink jet recording apparatus
Low profile disposable polymer wicking pad
Ink container with improved ink flow
Anti-bubble shelf in an ink tank
Liquid container, liquid ejection mechanism and liquid ejection apparatus
Method for ink-jet printing
Method and arrangement for color substitution in a multi-color printing device
Ink jet recording apparatus and ink jet recording method
Printer capable of forming an image on a receiver substrate according to type of receiver substrate and a method of assembling the printer
Ink jet printing method
Ink jet printing method
Method and apparatus for sheet finishing capable of performing an effective jogging process
Holding device for a book or binder
Ring binder assembly
Device for dating notes
Fingertip pen/stylus
Removable vehicle wheel ring
Storable trailer hitch
Direct acting air suspension system
Vehicle suspension assembly
Ball joint with dual tapered stud connection
Self powered electric generating space heater
Corner mold and seal system
Clip lock visor
Sun visor for vehicles
Bow system for a truck cover
Folding cargo bay cover for pickup truck
Tonneau cover and loading ramp assembly
Sliding roof cover of a motor vehicle roof and a motor vehicle roof with movable sliding roof covers
Motorcar with an openable hard top
Pop-up trailer
Solid state drag reducing vehicle grille
Electrically variable transmission with selective input split, compound split, neutral and reverse modes
Two-mode input-compound split electromechanical transmission for front wheel drive vehicles
Cone recliner/clutch mechanism
Foot-depositing arrangement
Adjustable slide-out room for mobile living quarters
Releasable handle for a hand powered puller with illumination means
Clutching feature for adjusting device
Headlight for vehicle for producing a low beam and at least one light beam with greater range with safety device for monitoring adjustment of relative position between light source and reflector
Motion actuated light device
All-planar blind-spot proof automobile side-view mirror
Portable vehicle finish protection apparatus
Motor vehicle front end
Inflatable side curtain
Airbag system with a controlled cover configuration
Inflator device ignition of gas generant
Device for tightening a rear seat belt
Safety belt arrangement
Webbing retractor
Pull-down stowage bin restraint
Scraping apparatus for a track idler
Self-contained vehicular jacking system
Hydraulic hose assembly for bicycle
Hydraulic brake device
Braking system for a construction machine
System and method for adaptive brake application and initial skid detection
Cargo control system
Dunnage bag having a mesh ply
Track receiver
Convertible tandem stroller
Stroller with a sensor and a counter
Trailer having tilt and dump functions
Mud flap attachment device
Universal adjustable wrecker body sub-frame and body panel assemblies
Method and apparatus for coupling trailer plates
One piece cab extender mounting and integrated grab handle for a mobile vehicle
Spare tire carrier
Power transmission coupling and power transmission apparatus
Rear suspension system for two-wheeled vehicles
Recumbent bicycle and apparatus for forming same
Upright comfort bicycle with improved safety
Convertible ski-supported vehicle
Buoyancy compensator weight system
Break away counterweight with neutralizing buoyancy offset for diver's safety
Child locator buoy
Ribbon drive pumping with centrifugal contaminant removal
Outboard engine system
Platform-type airship
Method for performing an automated category a takeoff
Aerodynamic lift generating device
Rotor for rotary wing aircraft
Aircraft environment controller
Separate boundary layer engine inlet
Flight deck handling system for landed aircraft
Shock wave modification method, apparatus, and system
Automated packaging system for loading compact discs and booklets into compact disc cases
Application of parts to material
Tamper-evident bag having zipper-protective cover and methods
Perfume container with sound or light generator
Skein support bow
Non-sinking manhole assembly for below ground liquid storage tanks
Device for winding of rolls and winding process
Method and device for contact-free guidance of sheets
Apparatus for accumulating and transporting stacks of paper sheets and the like
Electronic length control wire pay-off system and method
Sheet conveying apparatus, sheet feeding apparatus, and image forming apparatus
Reel spool and stand assembly for coiled tubing injector system
Knockdown, changeable reel system and method
Lifting device
Jack with urethane brake
Load bearing attachment apparatus for a multipurpose loader bucket
Fuel line coupling system
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Device for recovery of hydrogen
Blade and spring fiber chopper
Purification of phenyl ester salts
Maternally transcribed protein
Decolorizable ink composition and ink jet printer using the ink composition
Utility lighter
Mud motor
Textiles; Paper
Sewing machine with a light barrier
Fixed Constructions
Superstructure points device
Expansion joint
Quick stop deployment system and method
Pavement drain
Traffic control flare holder
Protective system for airport runway and taxiway light fixtures
Animal droppings collector
Retaining wall assembly
Cylindrical steel core caisson
Loader boom reinforcement
Mounting bracket for railing
Fascia installation apparatus
Apparatus for handling, lifting and supporting construction panels
Fence post protector
Fence corner and stretch post assembly
Device for pulling a planted post from the ground
Clutch handle
Door lock for a railroad car
Linear compression latch
Latch apparatus
Shipping container seal
Slam bolt lock
Latch device for trunk lid of vehicle trunk room
Vehicle door handle
Closing assembly for suitcases, bags and similar
Spring-loaded camlock
Storage element
Abrasive body
Handling of tube sections in a rig for subsoil drilling
Turbine for down-hole drilling
Grit surface cable products
Method for excavating a tunnel rock face by drilling a pattern of lifter and line holes
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Actuator crank arm design for variable nozzle turbocharger
Method of positioning turbine stage arrays, particularly for aircraft engines
Turbine blade with rub tolerant cooling construction
Molded rubber jacket with fabric reinforcement for valve stem seal
Outboard engine with improved oil return path
Fuel delivery system for a marine propulsion device
Flat gasket
Regenerative fuel pump flow chamber
Plant for utilizing the energy in waves
Hermetic type compressor
Apparatus and method for controlling the operation of a linear compressor using a suction/discharge pressure difference storing unit
Double acting simplex plunger pump with bi-directional valves
Water-powered sump pump
Geared feed pump having a platelike cover element and an indented end cap
Gear-wheel pump, in particular for a high-pressure fuel pump
Scroll compressor having step portions for reducing leakage of fluid
Scroll compressor
Scroll compressor having wraps of varying thickness
Hydristor control means
Scroll compressor with controlled fluid venting
Feeding aggregate for fuel
Magnetically driven axial-flow pump
Stator blade and stator blade cascade for axial-flow compressor
Heat dissipation fan structure
Turbo machines
Structure of an acid/base resistance pump
Device for fixing a fan-blade assembly onto a motor shaft
Pump section for fuel pump
Driving fit rivet made of aluminum
Sealing spring fastener with closed cavity
Device for making detachable tube-joint
Foil journal bearing utilizing semi-active dampers
Asymmetric angular contact bearing
Sliding of polycrystallized glass
Sealing system for shaft-mounted speed reducers
Pivot bearing
Device for clamping a shaft
Telescopic mechanical transmission with angular adjustment for assembly
Vehicle driveshaft
Torsion spring for counter balancing weights particularly in sectional doors
Hydraulically damping elastomeric bearing
Fluid-filled active elastic engine mount
Liquid-sealing type vibration isolating apparatus
Pneumatic spring system
Endless belt for power transmitting
Toroidal type continuously variable transmission and method for manufacturing trunnion
Toroidal continuously variable transmission
Planetary gear transmission with variable ratio
Pump drive apparatus
Method and apparatus to transfer torque at a nominally constant speed to a dynamoelectric machine from a variable speed engine
Differential gearing
Pinion shaft for differential assembly
Locking differential with clutch activated by magnetorheological fluid
Limited slip differential having magnetorheological fluid brake
Hydraulic control apparatus for a vehicular automatic transmission
Control device for an automatic automobile transmission
Method for controlling the automatic gearbox of a motor vehicle during spontaneous release of the accelerator pedal
Hydraulic system
Turbine rotor-stator leaf seal and related method
Electromagnetic valve
Solenoid valve with a manual control pushbutton
Positioning and anti-movement support stake including marking means for underground pipes
Brake tube connector
Universal conduit body and system
Hose thread protector and splash guard
Universal swivel mount
Pumpkin/fruit display stand
Backlight device
Chasing rope light
Christmas decorative lighting assembly
Lampshade frame with segmented ribs to achieve both an erect and collapsed state
Light cooler
Lamp assembly with vaned lamp collar
Method and apparatus using B-spline reflective surface and curved lens to render it difficult to see reflector through lens
Vehicle lamp
Solid state light with solar shielded heatsink
Collimating lamp
Safety catch device for a gas burner
Regulating device for an air ratio-regulated burner
Child-proof safety device for eclipse lighter
Decorative humidifier and fountain combination
Mobile ballistic missile detection and defense system
Chemical preconcentrator with integral thermal flow sensor
Infrared thermometer
Optical power generator system condition status indicator and methods of indicating same
Temperature sensing apparatus
System and method for calibrating a thermocouple sensor
Tubular-waveguide gas sample chamber for optical spectrometer, and related methods
Aggregate dilatometer device and methods of testing
Grid interposer
Wide dynamic range continuous wave (CW) Doppler receiver
Objective arrangements
Laser indicator having rounded lens to widen a laser beam
Stabilizing system for an image-producing means
Illumination optical system and projector using same
Latching system for connector assemblies
Device for interconnecting two optical fibers with axial retention means and an unlocking key
Optical connector
Multilayer optical fiber coupler
Optical module for receiving and transmitting light signal in optical communication
Light emitter control system
Optical fiber guide module and a method for making the same
Optical connector device for holding optical fiber cord
Compact optical transceiver integrated module using silicon optical bench
Cluster integration approach to optical transceiver arrays and fiber bundles
Canal or pipe system as well as process for installation of a cable or empty pipe into a canal or pipe system
Illuminating device and liquid-crystal display apparatus
Lens cover assembly for a folding camera
Method for calibrating a projector with a camera
Light source apparatus, light source lamp unit and projector
Optical device as well as projector unit and rear projector system using the same
Assembling device
Timekeeping device
Apparatus for cooling a laptop computer
Expandable port replicator for computer underside docking
PCI expansion adapter with PC card slot and electronic apparatus provided with the same
Peripheral with expansion connector attachable to host
Auditing public health
Automated diagnostic system and method including alternative symptoms
Card connector with low profile ejector mechanism
Card connector having overstroke for card mounting position
Method of effecting multiple wagers on a sports or other event
Secure improved remote gaming system
System and method for inferring mental representations of individuals by successive comparison of items
Human sized manikin for training of auscultation
Interactive education system for teaching patient care
Apparatus for information display in programmable and reprogrammable spherical devices
Variable multi-dimensional apodization control for ultrasonic transducers
Process for the manufacture of a plasma panel
Oven and process for manufacturing an envelope for use in a display tube
Methods of making bondable contacts and a tool for making such contacts
Battery holder for housing flat battery
Jumper cable system
Electrical connector having printed circuit board
Socket for a printed board
Header assembly for mounting to a circuit substrate and having ground shields therewithin
Electrical connector with integrated PCB assembly
CPU socket having separate retention member
Modular jack and its attaching structure
Method for producing an electric connector and a connector produced according to this method
Slide contact electrical connector
Plug blade structure with a shallow recess and a reinforced guide slot for forming an insulating layer
Electrical connector
Matching male and female connector assembly
Female terminal
Electrical connector assembly and electrical connector for it
Electrical plug-and-socket connector having connectable socket housings
Locking jack cover system
Waterproof connector and method for assembling same
Modular electrical connector
Waterproof connector
Quick-release appliance cord assembly
Electrical plug connector half
Connector-shaking prevention structure
Positioning mechanism for an electrical connector
Connector fitting structure
Modular jack connector having filtering device
Network converter and base applied in universal serial bus
Adjustable light display assembly
Housing with integrally molded connectors
Screwless terminal
Electrical connecting configuration
Equipment mounting racks and cabinets
Spring-loaded mechanism to access passenger interface units
Electrical wiring system
Cable bundle clamp
Illuminating module for a display apparatus
Crossbar bracket assembly for speakers and monitors
Electroluminescent supplementary-lighting device having three-dimensional configuration
Electroluminescent lighting device
Electric-component holding head
Card connector for PC cards
Storage compartment with universal mounting capability
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