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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Plant watering system
Plant trellis system
Means of converting a trolling diver to enable the distribution of fish attracting scent in WaterSurrounding a lure
Mounting fixture and method for using same
Portable hand washing station
Commode/toilet seat
Fully articulable shower curtain rod
Hygienic wiping device
Portable floor sweeper
Rotating cleaning device
Swivel mop with revolving dehydration function
Fluid system for cleaning machine
Quantitative method for the therapeutic treatment of sleep disorders
Specimen positioning system for imaging machines
Method and apparatus for estimating a physiological parameter
Medical leads with frequency independent magnetic resonance imaging protection
Performing Operations; Transporting
Unit for cleaning an interior space of a shaving head of a shaver
Rivet-fitting tool
Constant velocity joint and method of making
Power tool, in particular a portable power tool
Component mounting apparatus
Set of jaw crusher shims
Valve assembly with exchangeable valve member and a tool set for exchanging the valve member
Processing machine
Device and method to accurately and easily assemble glass slides
Apparatus and method for describing, planning and automatically programming complex finishing tasks
Thermal transfer laminate film, thermal transfer sheet, and image-forming apparatus
Optical disk drawing apparatus
Vehicle door structure having a lock mechanism and slide door
Fixed Constructions
Method for producing a basin integrated in a receiving plane, receiving plane for carrying out the method and monobloc assembly obtained by the method
Adjustable universal screed guide/control joint clip system
Quick deploy fire shelter
Folding portable device, hinge mechanism for the device, and method of opening the device
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
System and method for a volumetric efficiency model for all air induction configurations
Anchor point apparatus
Dropping model electrostatic levitation furnace
Firearm conversion system and method
Device and method for determining an optical property of a mask
Positioning apparatus, exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method
Method for the contactless measurement of three-dimensional objects with two layers by single-view backlit shadowgraphy
Apparatus and method for measuring displacement of a curved surface using dual laser beams
Compact gas sensor using high reflectance terahertz mirror and related system and method
Method of providing a navigational route for a vehicle navigation system
Obstacle avoidance system and method
Method for detecting objects with a pivotable sensor device
Position detecting method and apparatus
System and method for detecting shakes and percussive impacts and for protecting portable electronic devices when pre-specified shake patterns and percussive impact levels are detected
System and method for measuring a fuel level in a vehicle fuel tank
Position detection method, exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method
Metal nano-void photonic crystal for enhanced raman spectroscopy
Method to minimize instrument differences in color management functions
Optical methods and systems for detecting a constituent in a gas containing oxygen in harsh environments
Surface inspection method and surface inspection apparatus
Nondestructive method of measuring a region within an ultra-hard polycrystalline construction
Method of non-targeted complex sample analysis
Self-contained underwater velocimetry apparatus
Test system and failure parsing method thereof
System and method for system-on-chip interconnect verification
Methods and apparatuses for generating a random sequence of commands for a semiconductor device
On-chip stuck-at fault detector and detection method
Method and apparatus for real time clock (RTC) brownout detection
Radar device and method for adjusting among radar sites
Low cost short range radar
Radar transponder operation with compensation for distortion due to amplitude modulation
Device for determining and monitoring the level of a medium in a container
Present position estimation method, positioning method, program, and mobile terminal
Method and spread spectrum software receiver for satellite navigation
Method of and system for determining distances between loudspeakers
Self-referencing radar pulse detector
Flexural wave attenuation
Wide angle lens
Zoom lens
Zoom lens, imaging apparatus, and personal data assistant
Image processor allowing shooting at close range
Use of a focusing vortex lens as the objective in spiral phase contrast microscopy
Adaptor for microscope and microscope apparatus (microscope-use adaptor and microscope device)
Examination apparatus with multiple image acquisition devices
Telescope having a focus display
Electrophoretic display sheet, electrophoretic display device and electronic apparatus
Display element
Post-release adjustment of interferometric modulator reflectivity
Light guide unit and display device having the same
MEMS display
Display device particles, process for producing the same, image-display medium, and image-forming device
Optical illumination system for creating a line beam
Rear projection type display apparatus
Fiber coating processing and slitting for non-confined light leakage
Optical transmission module, connecting part, and electronic device having optical transmission module
Camera module
Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus including the same
Dynamically variable metamaterial lens and method
Light guide including optical scattering elements and a method of manufacture
Display device with stack of polarizers having wavelength distributions of extinction coefficient of absorption axes
Liquid crystal display device switchable between reflective mode and transmissive mode by employing active reflective polarizer
Substrate for a reflection type liquid crystal display apparatus, reflection type liquid crystal display apparatus using the same, and liquid crystal projector apparatus using the same
Dual sided liquid crystal display device viewable from one side in a reflection mode and the other side in a transmission mode
Liquid crystal display device with a pair of discotic liquid crystal compensating films
Liquid crystal display
Apparatus and method for attaching substrates
Curable electrolyte
Fabrication method for quasi-phase-matched waveguides
Lens barrel and imaging apparatus
Symmetrical projection screen
Exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method utilizing data filtering
Exposure apparatus, setting method, and exposure method having the same
Color reproduction error minimization method and device
Printing control apparatus, printing control method, and program
Image forming apparatus
Electrophotographic printer
Soft failure detection in a network of devices
Smart developer cycle up
Discorotron assembly with titanium shield with integrated grid mounting and electrical connection
Developer station with smoothing device and method for operating a developer station
Image forming apparatus and recording medium
Waste toner collecting device and image forming apparatus incorporating the same
Method for operating a fuel supply system of a motor vehicle
Programmable clock control architecture for at-speed testing
Storage system adapted for receiving a plurality of hard disk drives of different dimensions
Microarchitecture controller for thin-film thermoelectric cooling
System and method for optimizing power consumption in a mobile environment
Server side logic unit testing
Methods and apparatus for handling errors involving virtual machines
Automated microcode detected error index generation
Providing increased availability of I/O drawers during concurrent I/O hub repair
Method and apparatus for seamless management for disaster recovery
Remote firmware recovery
Adaptive prevention of data loss during continuous event tracing with limited buffer size
One-good-pair operation in dual-pair mode
Apparatus and methods for updating mobile device virus pattern data
System and method for securely replicating a configuration database of a security appliance
Method and system for detecting synchronization errors in programs
Cache memory systems and methods thereof
Methods and apparatus for automated generation of abbreviated instruction set and configurable processor architecture
System for enhancing the memory bandwidth available through a memory module
Method of mirroring data between clustered NAS systems
Storage system and method for copying data to plurality of sites
Remote copy system
Identifier associated with memory locations for managing memory accesses
Storage system for checking data coincidence between a cache memory and a disk drive
Remote copy system maintaining consistency
Device, especially an automation apparatus, with a file index structure stored in files
Managing a buffer for media processing
Configuration management apparatus and method
Logging changes to blocks in a non-volatile memory
Invalidating translation lookaside buffer entries in a virtual machine (VM) system
Context-exchange mechanism for accumulating and propagating contextual information between applications
Method and apparatus for attaching multiple slave devices to a single bus controller interface while supporting command pipelining
Managing memory resident objects to optimize a runtime environment
Synchronization and scheduling of a dual master serial channel
Buffer device, buffer arrangement method, and information processing apparatus
Storage control device, and control method for storage control device
USB web launcher using keyboard scancodes
Method and system for controlling information of logical division in a storage controller
Power control by a multi-port bridge device
Dynamic logical data channel assignment using time-grouped allocations
Memory allocation and access method and device using the same
Information processing method and instruction generating method
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and computer product
System and method for independent room security management
Systems and methods for controlling appliances via a network
Method and appartus for monitor and notification in a network
Method and system for modifying script portions of requests for remote resources
System and method for accessing busy IP network resources
System for processing data retrieved from an information service layer
Content delivery method and communication terminal apparatus
Email recovery method and system
Electronic image processing system
Message processing control in a publish/subscribe system
STB messaging system
Method and system for down-converting an electromagnetic signal, and transforms for same, and aperture relationships
Method and system for publishing an electronic file attached to an electronic mail message
Methods and apparatus to perform file transfers in distributed file systems
Change of subscriber information in a multi-chassis network access environment
Selecting email signatures
System and program for access control
Processing call requests with respect to objects
Facilitating DHCP diagnostics in telecommunication networks
Enhanced network elements and a method for configuring the enhanced network element via a trusted configuration device
Information processing apparatus and grouping method
Three-dimensional networking structure
Reading and writing a memory element within a programmable processing element in a plurality of modes
Method and apparatus for controlling an electric vehicle function
System and method for hyping media recommendations in a media recommendation system
Audio playback apparatus
System and method for real-time validation of structured data files
Audio buffers with audio effects
Systems and methods for notifying multiple systems and applications of changes to data attributes
Form output control apparatus, form output control method, and computer readable program
Method and apparatus for parallel validation of documents
Products and processes for vending a plurality of products via defined groups
Method and apparatus for schema validation
System and method for identifying and reducing costs of information technology actions in real time
Probabilistic regression suites for functional verification
Data processing apparatus, data processing server, data processing system, method of controlling data processing apparatus, method of controlling data processing server, computer program, and computer readable storage medium
Computer-assisted modelling method for the behavior of a steel volume having a volumetric surface
Standard text method, system, and program product for configuring and publishing text to multiple applications
System for displaying additional information added to an electronic document
Extracting and grouping opinions from text documents
System and method for automating association of retail items to support shopping proposals
Prefetching remote files on local disk space
Systems, device, and methods for searching
Program and method for file access control in a storage system
Broadcast network platform system
File sharing system in cooperation with a search engine
Sheaf data model
Internet user-accessible database
System, method and apparatus for assembling and mining life science data
File sharing system and file sharing method
Systems and methods for providing victim location information during an emergency situation
Method and system to synchronize account names across a plurality of security systems
Attribute rule enforcer for a directory
Associative temporal search of electronic files
Methods and arrangement for active malicious web pages discovery
Desktop, stream-based, information management system
Systems and methods for managing identities in a database system
Communication device, communication system and method for managing access authority data
System and method for performing transistor-level static performance analysis using cell-level static analysis tools
Implementing APS voltage level activation with secondary chip in stacked-chip technology
Method of generating wiring routes with matching delay in the presence of process variation
Design structure for dynamically selecting compiled instructions
Electrically driven optical proximity correction
Method and system for creating and programming an adaptive computing engine
Systems, methods, and media for block-based assertion generation, qualification and analysis
Method and system for generating a layout for an integrated electronic circuit
Instruction encoding in a hardware simulation accelerator
Vehicle inventory management system and method
Scaled exponential smoothing for real time histogram
Valve control synchronization and error detection in an electronic valve actuation engine system
Method, apparatus, and program product for enabling access to flexibly redacted content
Method to detect SYN flood attack
Method of updating content for an automated display device
Instant messaging real-time buddy list lookup
Single-chip multi-media card/secure digital (MMC/SD) controller reading power-on boot code from integrated flash memory for user storage
VM network traffic monitoring and filtering on the host
Systems and methods for collaboration between computers
Use of graphical information to control processes
Active matrix panel
Display apparatus, source driver and dispaly panel
Dynamic toolbar for markup language document
Apparatus and method for transmitting image
Postage server system and method
Print system, information processing apparatus, printing apparatus, printing method, and program
Document processing system using imbedded metadata and method using the same
Data compression and decompression unit
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, information processing program, and mobile terminal device
Optimization of extensible markup language path language (XPATH) expressions in a database management system configured to accept extensible markup language (XML) queries
Controlling model editing and merging
Apparatus and method for replicating data in file system
Device management system and method for managing device management object
Methods and systems for restoring file systems
Mechanism for converting one type of mirror to another type of mirror on a storage system without transferring data
Updating compressed read-only memory file system (CRAMFS) images
Changing documents to include changes made to schemas
Method and system for data dispatch
News feed browser
Method and device for providing cards
Information processing method, information processing apparatus, computer program and storage medium
Computer system, central unit, and program execution method
Method and apparatus for booting a processing system
Branch target address cache including address type tag bit
Efficient branch trace messaging with hardware debug features
Validating function calls in source code
Blocking of nested loops having feedback or feedforward indexes
Automatic content completion of valid values for method argument variables
Method and apparatus for optimizing web services binding
System and/or method for implementing efficient techniques for testing common information model providers
Programming toolkit for developing case management software applications
Program, recording medium, and device for installing software
Virtual computer systems and computer virtualization programs
Interface including task page mechanism with index register between host and an intelligent memory interfacing multitask controller
Facilitating scheduling of jobs by decoupling job scheduling algorithm from recorded resource usage and allowing independent manipulation of recorded resource usage space
Finite impulse response (FIR) filter compiler for estimating cost of implementing a filter
Method of analyzing nutrition for a canine or feline animal
Leakage path simulation system and leakage path simulation method
Printer with multimedia server
Copy machine with image rotation and back surface reading based on memory capacity required
Image forming apparatus and method for remote job editing
System and method for embedding dispersed miniature security marks
Method for adjusting the orientation of a camera installed in a vehicle and system for carrying out this method
Security alarm system
Automatic operator-induced artifact detection in document images
System and method for assisting a visually impaired individual
System and method for predicting physical properties of an aneurysm from a three-dimensional model thereof
System, method, and program for medical image interpretation support
Image display methods and systems with sub-frame intensity compensation
Method of ortho-rectification for high-resolution remote sensing image
Data processing method in embedded block coding with optimized truncation module
Code processing apparatus and code processing method
Method and system for objectively optimizing manufacturing sourcing
Apparatus and method for providing program protection engineering, security management, and report preparation for sensitive and classified projects
Method for secure electronic commercial transaction on-line processing
Ben-suming business system
Multimedia messaging method and system
Media content notification via communications network
Intelligent agents for electronic commerce
Price and risk evaluation system for financial product or its derivatives, dealing system, recording medium storing a price and risk evaluation program, and recording medium storing a dealing program
Real time electronic commerce telecommunication system and method
Systems and methods for providing investment opportunities
Computer-implemented method and system for managing accounting and billing of transactions over public media such as the internet
System and method facilitating management of law related service(s)
Electronic data vault providing biometrically protected electronic signatures
Switching between multiple versions of a software program
Daily life engagement time monitoring method and device
Alarm systems, remote communication devices, and article security methods
Mail delivery tracking system and apparatus
Multi-stage system for verification of container contents
System and method for providing turn-by-turn directions to a moving waypoint
System and method for automatically adjusting traffic light
Emergency vehicle traffic signal preemption system
Early learning book system with internal, electronic media activity, such as lighting and sound activity
Material processing apparatus, material processing method, and material processing program product
Display device and driving method thereof
Method and apparatus for driving capacitive load, and LCD
RGB color conversion palettes
Converting color data to a color palette
System for enhancing live speech with information accessed from the world wide web
Audio device
Recording head
Optical disc recording and reproducing apparatus and disc autochanger
Verification of a tape data storage cartridge
Evaluating distribution of peak signals representing reference track crossings to compensate for thermal expansion when writing spiral tracks to a disk
Control system and method for loading actuator arm of rotating storage device
Disk drive calibrating VCM notch filter by increasing the width and/or the depth of the notch
Circuits, architectures, apparatuses, systems, algorithms and methods and software for automatic gain calibration of a burst signal stream
Gain control for data-dependent detection in magnetic storage read channels
Head design for writing servo patterns on magnetic tape
Hard disc apparatus and head alignment method
Viterbi detection using a correlation metric
Method and apparatus for optimization of data pulse detection slice level
Optical recording medium, optical recording device, and optical recording and reproducing device
Optical disk apparatus
Gain control circuit and optical recording and reproducing device using thereof
Probe storage device
Method for nondestructively reading information in ferroelectric memory elements
Nonvolatile memory cell array architecture for high speed reading
Erase verify for memory devices
Method for classifying memory cells in an integrated circuit
Programming a memory device to increase data reliability
Dynamic mask memory for serial scan testing
Production method for semiconductor storage device and semiconductor storage device
Sense amplifier controlling circuit and controlling method
Memory elements with leakage compensation
Semiconductor device having latency counter
Semiconductor memory device
Partially reconfigurable memory cell arrays
Optimizing SRAM performance over extended voltage or process range using self-timed calibration of local clock generator
Method of stress corrosion cracking mitigation for nuclear power plant structural materials
Wavelength-dispersive X-ray spectrometer
Structural capacitors and components thereof
Multi-layer capacitive transducer
Methods for fabricating circuit boards
Nano-electronic array
High isolation antenna design for reducing frequency coexistence interference
MIMO self-expandable antenna structure
Negative permeability or negative permittivity meta material and surface wave waveguide
Wireless chip
Transmitting/receiving antenna with radiation diversity
Wave absorber and manufacturing method of wave absorber
Active photonic forbidden band antennae
Semiconductor optical amplifier device amplifying external light signal and driving apparatus therefor
Laser device
Electric circuit with protection against overvoltages
Power supply device with system switch circuit
Zero voltage switching coupled inductor boost power converters
Encoder signal analysis system for high-resolution position measurement
Method for receiving an OFDM signal
Systems and methods for signal acquistion in navigational satellite signal receivers
System, apparatus, and method for cancelling interferences of received signals
System and method for implementing a phase detector to support a data transmission procedure
Circuits, architectures, a system and methods for improved clock data recovery
Low-power asynchronous counter and method
Multiple input multiple output (MIMO) transceiver with pooled adaptive digital filtering
Rotary electrostatic encoder
Solid-state image sensing device, imaging method, and imaging apparatus
System and method for cooperation diversity through coding
Methods and apparatus in finite field polynomial implementations
Multi-valued check symbol calculation in error detection and correction
Recording format for information date, information recording/reproducing cording circuit
Apparatus and method for determining a detected punctured position in punctured convolutional codes
Data compression method and apparatus
Mode switched adaptive combinatorial coding/decoding for electrical computers and digital data processing systems
Methods and systems for modifying the statistical distribution of symbols in a coded message
Sample rate conversion by controlled selection of filter outputs
Method and device for decoding a signal
Ternary and higher multi-value digital scramblers/descramblers
Coherent cooperative UWB communication system
Multi-code correlation architecture for use in software-defined radio systems
Controllable mixer
Method and apparatus for automatically correcting receiver oscillator frequency
Swing hinge device for mobile terminal
Software radio transceiver
Motion estimation method utilizing a distance-weighted search sequence
Method for encoding and/or decoding groups of images
Optical receiver and controlling method thereof, and optical transmission system
Optical transmitting device, optical transmission system, optical transmitting method and optical transmission method
System having a signal processor for detection of a signal type
Method and apparatus for reading out an analog sensor output signal
Repeater rise-over-thermal (RoT) value calibration
Ultra wideband waveform generator circuit
Method and system for multisession bluetooth communication using multiple physical (PHY) layers
System and method for a multi-technology control channel for wireless devices
Data transmission in communication system by disabling radiation patterns
Wireless communication system
Intra-premises wireless broadband service using lumped and distributed wireless radiation from cable source input
System and method of routing audio signals to multiple speakers
Communication control apparatus, method and program thereof
Packet transmitting method and device
Telecommunications control device autonomously determining transmission timing and a method therefor
Methods and apparatus for performing protocol data unit header re-synchronization in a communication system
Method of generating lower layer data block in wireless mobile communication system
Communication device
Policer device and bandwidth control
Method of transmitting feedback information in an orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM)/ OFDM access (OFDMA) mobile communication system
Quantum key distribution method and apparatus
Scalar multiplication method with inherent countermeasures
Transmission device, transmission method, and storage medium
Method and data processing device for processing digital data of a signal
Talk group management architecture
Modem for communicating data over a voice channel of a communications system
Method and apparatus for the prediction and optimization in impaired communication systems
Traffic load density measuring system, traffic load density measuring method, transmitter, receiver, and recording medium
Apparatus, system and method capable of decreasing management frame size in wireless networks
Load distributing apparatus and load distributing method
Packet communication device
Determination of network topology using flow-based traffic information
Automatic sequencing based on wireless connectivity
Internet service synchronization method for mobile communication terminal
Information processing apparatus, method and program utilizing a communication adapter
Packet switching
Packet processing apparatus and method
Load balancing for communications within a multiprocessor computer system
Device, system and method of multicast/broadcast communication
Synchronization of secured audiovisual streams
Digital predistortion transmitter
Apparatus, and associated method, for communicating a data block in a multi carrier modulation communication scheme together with an identification sequence superimposed thereon
Intercircuit communications apparatus and method
Receiver circuit and receiving method
Communication system for sending and receiving digital data
Control method and apparatus for receiving optical signal
Decoder with soft decision combining
Method and apparatus for modulating digital signal using equilateral triangular constellation
Computer-readable recording medium recording remote control program, portable terminal device and gateway device
Printing device capable of authorizing printing limitedly according to user level, printing system using the same and printing method thereof
Data transmission controlling method and data transmission system
Method and system for dynamic adjustment of computer security based on network activity of users
Data receiver with clock recovery circuit
Method of managing a mobile multicast key using a foreign group key
Biometric encryption and decryption
Communication system, method of providing information therein and communication device
Adding an additional level of indirection to title key encryption
Techniques for securing content in an untrusted environment
Call notification system, method, computer program and advertising method
Communication device
Portable terminal
System and method for conducting variable voice path assurance tests
Systems and methods for scheduling call center agents using quality data and correlation-based discovery
Methods of managing communications for an in-vehicle telematics system
Method and apparatus for calling name caching in communication networks
Image processing method and image output system
Image-reading apparatus and image-forming apparatus
Image reader
Document illuminator with LED-driven phosphor
Method and system for improved space filling interpolation
Color conversion apparatus and color conversion method
Method and system for toner reproduction curve linearization using least squares solution of monotone spline functions
Method and apparatus to encode and/or decode signal using bandwidth extension technology
Solid-state imaging device, method of driving solid-state imaging device, and camera
Video camera and video camera information recording method for managing a scene as a chapter
Image storing and printing device with replaceable casing
Camera module and method of manufacturing the same
Camera system and power supply for optical recording devices
Apparatus and method for compensating trembling of a portable terminal
Signal processing device
Imaging apparatus in which an enlargement of a live picture displayed is based on a determined in-focus evaluation value
Image sensing apparatus for making an image sensing operation using a mechanical shutter and an electronic shutter and control method
Image sensing apparatus with variable rate zoom (auto zoom) and fastest rate zoom (quick zoom)
Image pickup apparatus for photographing desired area in image with high image quality and control method for controlling the apparatus
Imaging device and imaging method including generation of primary color signals
Information receiving apparatus and control method thereof
Video signal processor capable of suppressing excessive heat generation, method using the same, display device and method using the same
Image pickup apparatus and image pickup method
Method of controlling special playback mode of video signal reproducing apparatus
Recording apparatus for recording data to recording medium with a Plurality of clusters
Recording medium, reproduction device, program, reproduction method, and integrated circuit
Character information generating apparatus and method, character information displaying apparatus and method, digital movie screening method and system, and subtitle display apparatus
Method and apparatus for image scaling
Display apparatus, user terminal, distribution apparatus, control method thereof, computer program and storage medium
Image pickup apparatus and motion vector deciding method
Inspection apparatus
Image processing apparatus and method thereof
Automatic white balance system and automatic white balance control method
Earphone device integrated with microphone
Multichannel spectral mapping audio apparatus and method
Multichannel spectral mapping audio apparatus and method
Multichannel spectral mapping audio apparatus and method
Effect imparting apparatus for controlling two-dimensional sound image localization
Method for controlling multi-mode multi-band mobile communication terminal for hand-over between asynchronous communication network and synchronous communication network and mobile communication system therefor
Method for managing hidden stations in a centrally controlled network
Method for operating wired and wireless phone services interconnectively
Signaling connection admission control in a wireless network
Wireless communication method and wireless communication apparatus
Device, system, and method of coordinating wireless connections
TCP-aware resource allocation in wireless networks
Imaging apparatus using distributed x-ray souces and method thereof
Airflow control system
Appliance with an electrically adaptive adapter to alternatively couple multiple consumer electronic devices
Horizontal drive drawer system and method
Slider support arrangement
Apparatus for mounting a module and enabling heat conduction from the module to the mounting surface
Cooling device for accommodated printed circuit board in a chassis
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Naturally occurring enhancer of metal toxicants in molluscs
Poison bait compositions
Stable hydroalcoholic compositions
Fabric protectants
Compositions and methods for detecting and killing termites
Fungicidal compositions containing N-acetonylbenzamides
Substituted 2-arylimino heterocycles and compositions containing them, for use as progesterone receptor binding agents
2-nitromethylidene/2-cyanimino/2-nitro-imino-pyrrolidines and piperidines, intermediates, and their use as pesticides
Cycloimido-substituted benzofused heterocyclic herbicides
Stabilized composition containing halopropynyl compounds
Controlling agent for agricultural or horticultural bacterial disease
Continuous processes for preparing concentrated aqueous liquid biocidal composition
Antimicrobial composition
Method of killing protozoa
Corn fiber for the production of advanced chemicals and materials: separation of monosaccharides and methods thereof
Suspension for adding a controlled amount of ingredient to a food product
Liquid coffee product
Enzyme-resistant starch for reduced-calorie flour replacer
Frozen dairy products and methods of production
Method of producing a metal nutrient for an animal feed
Method of preparing coated low-fat and fat free-snack food
Control methods for popping popcorn
Process of incorporating konjac paste into a meat to provide a low calorie meat product
Dietary supplements for treating fatigue-related syndromes
Use of nanoscale sterols and sterol esters
Nutritional composition
Diverticulitis-sparing nut-based snack products and method of making
Method of making fragranced gloves
Abrasive brush with filaments having plastic abrasive particles therein
Consumer article security arrangement
Floor mat system for supporting heavy loads
Personal cervical cell collector
Apparatus and methods for removing veins
Methods for forming anastomoses using magnetic force
Endoscopic surgery apparatus
Magazine for a surgical clip applicator
Femoral guide and methods of precisely forming bone tunnels in cruciate ligament reconstruction of the knee
Controlled removal of biological membrane by pyrotechnic charge for transmembrane transport
Breath system appliance with dorsal applicator and scraper
Active load control of ultrasonic surgical instruments
Delivery device
Method and apparatus for spinal fixation
Bipolar electrosurgical instrument for sealing vessels
Method and a device for electro microsurgery in a physiological liquid environment
Deflectable interstitial ablation device
Electrosurgical handpiece for treating tissue
Medical device for applying high energy light and heat for gynecological sterilization procedures
Optical monitor of anatomical movement and uses thereof
Patient monitoring device
Methods and apparatus for sampling and analyzing body fluid
NiTi alloyed guidewires
Methods for obtaining enhanced spectroscopic information from living tissue, noninvasive assessment of skin condition and detection of skin abnormalities
Bone analysis apparatus and method for calibration and quality assurance of an ultrasonic bone analysis apparatus
Assay device
Fatigue monitoring device and method
Medical diagnostic ultrasound system and method for post processing
Method and apparatus for providing real-time calculation and display of tissue deformation in ultrasound imaging
Three-dimensional ultrasonic diagnosis apparatus
Surgical instrument with rotatable shaft
Gypsum casting composition and method of casting
Nasal support device for animals and method
Process of making a bundle of synthetic fibers
Bundles of fibers useful for moving liquids at high fluxes and acquisition/distribution structures that use the bundles
Process for making absorbent articles with single-piece panels
Detectable marks in trim material
Integrated long absorbent article having stepped panty fastening adhesive
Absorbent articles including hidden graphics
Transplant encapsulation in a hydrogel matrix to obscure immune recognition
Process for operating a blood centrifugation unit
Stent-graft deployment apparatus and method
Implant deployment apparatus
Prosthetic tubular aortic conduit and method for manufacturing the same
Methods for implanting cells
Stent installation method using balloon catheter having stepped compliance curve
Stent crimping system
Loop attachment to apertured device
Intraocular lens with improved haptic and method of implanting same
Solution and method for treating autologous tissue for implant operation
Method for promoting regeneration of surface cartilage in a damage joint
Vertebral column replacement body
Endoprosthetic bone joint devices
Joint prosthesis
Anti-reflux valve for collection bags
Flexible multijoint therapeutic pads
Removal of tissue
Neutral buoyancy recovery device
Leg stretching device
Appliance for vibration therapy with motor housing and eccentric head drive
Extracts of celery seed for the prevention and treatment of pain, inflammation and gastrointestinal irritation
Lipase inhibiting polymers
Method for the treatment and prevention of hyperuricemia
Regulation of phospholipase D activity
Composition and method for topically treating Peyronie's Disease, Dupuytren's hand contracture, Ledderhose Fibrosis, erectile dysfunction arising from plaque accumulations, and scarring
Peripherally acting anti-pruritic opiates
Method of treating snakebite and complications resulting therefrom
Method for preventing and treating arthritis, osteo-traumatic pain, and neuralgias with trimebutine
Potassium channel activators
Method for reducing levels of homocysteine and C-reactive protein
Method of treating neurodegenerative disorders
Liposomal prodrugs comprising derivatives of camptothecin and methods of treating cancer using these prodrugs
Treatments for nervous disorders
Olanzapine-N-oxide compositions and methods
15-ketal postaglandins for the treatment of glaucoma or ocular hypertension
11-halo prostaglandins for the treatment of glaucoma or ocular hypertension
Method of improving in-vitro fertilization
Phospholipids of hydroxyeicosatetraenoic acid-like derivatives and methods of use
Treatment of hyperproliferative disorders
Localized use of nitric oxide-adducts to prevent internal tissue damage
Pain relief preparation for use while bathing
Method for treating acne and/or rosacea
Lesion and ulcer medication
Brain-derived alkali-soluble immunoregulatory composition
External preparation for skin
Method and compositions using (+) norcisapride in combination with proton pump inhibitors or H2 receptor antagonist
NF-AT polypeptides and polynucleotides and screening methods for immunosuppressive agents
Methods of treating hypertension and compositions for use therein
Treatment of skeletal disorders
Oral calcitonin pharmaceutical compositions and methods of making the same
Apparatus and method for the local delivery of drugs
Endothelin antagonist and beta receptor blocking agent as combined preparations
Pharmaceutical compositions
Glycolipid complexes and their uses
Polymeric delivery of radionuclides and radiopharmaceuticals
Dental compositions
Dental composite restorative material and method of restoring a tooth
.alpha., .omega.-methacrylate terminated macromonomer compounds
Polymerizable composite material
Nail enamel composition containing light reflecting material
Storage stable tretinoin and 4-hydroxyanisole containing topical composition
Composition for the treatment of pseudofolliculitis barbae and skin irritation and method for the application thereof
Lotionized tissue products containing a pH balance compound for the skin
Cosmetic or dermatological composition forming, on a keratin substrate, a film in cross-linked hybrid material
High efficacy, low residue antiperspirant stick compositions
Therapeutic after-shave care lotion
Use of complexes for the preparation of compositions for the treatment of sensitive skin, preparation process and hypoallergenic compositions
Make-up removing composition
Combined diffusion/osmotic pumping drug delivery system
Saponin preparations and use thereof in iscoms
Pharmaceutical compositions containing tobramycin and xanthan gum
Steroidal liposomes
Pharmaceutical formulations comprised of compacted amoxicillin granulates
CRC-free medicinal aerosol formulations of 1,1,1,2-tetrafluoroethane (134A) with polar adjuvant
Derivatized carbohydrates, compositions comprised thereof and methods of use thereof
Compliant tissue sealants
Relating to organic compounds
Plant extract that inhibits the release of tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNF-alpha)
Process for encapsulating shear sensitive fill masses into capsules and capsules containing shear sensitive fill masses
Capsule based drug delivery system
Vasopressin antagonist formulation and process
Transdermal rate-controlled delivery of Huperzine A for treatment of alzheimer's disease
Antipsoriatic nail polish
Curable compositions
Methods and compositions for the selective modification of nucleic acids
Rapid readout sterilization indicator for liquid peracetic acid sterilization procedures
Flavored cyanoacrylate compositions
Treating degenerative disc disease through transplantion of extracellular nucleus pulposus matrix and autograft nucleus pulposus cells
Plastic based composite and its use
Bone morphogenetic proteins and their use in bone growth
Method of making biodegradable polymeric implants
Portable modular chest drainage system
Surgical/medical irrigator with rechargeable battery pack
Valve and sealing means for hemodialysis access device
Variable stiffness optical fiber shaft
Slideable cannula and method of use
Active delivery device with reduced passive delivery
Tattoo needle pneumatic operating mechanism
Hemostatic valve for a catheter introducer
Disposable syringe assembly
Capacitance-based dose measurements in syringes
Adjustable radiation source
Neutron brachytherapy device and method
Cosmetic composition containing siloxane-based polyamides as thickening agents
Environmentally benign non-toxic fire flooding agents
Swimming simulation system
Bungee pole
Golf balls comprising blends of polyamides and ionomers
Apparatus for soccer training
Golf club head and method of manufacturing the same
Integral molded grip and shaft
Magnetic coupling device on a toy vehicle
Mechanism for animated character
Toy knife
Performing Operations; Transporting
Microchannel laminated mass exchanger and method of making
Method for producing a tubular according filter element
Liquid-tank debris extraction system and method of operation thereof
Modular solvent recovery device
Leukocyte-removing filter material
Chemical filter unit and gas purification system
High efficiency thermally bonded wet laid milk filter
Wound pocket module
Apparatus and method for centralized recovery of volatile organic compounds
Methods of selectively separating CO2 from a multicomponent gaseous stream using CO2 hydrate promoters
Electrochemical oxygen generating system
Acid component-removing agent, method for producing it and method for removing acid components
Mixed powder containing a carbon compound
Abatement of F2 using small particle fluidized bed
Method for producing polymer electrolyte membrane and fuel cell
Automated biological reaction apparatus
Composition based on alkyl polyglycosides and fatty alcohols, and its uses
Superheating atomizing steam with hot FCC feed oil
Air cleaning filter, process for preparing the same, and high-level cleaner
Fischer-tropsch processes using xerogel and aerogel catalysts by destabilizing aqueous colloids
Perovskite-type metal oxide compounds
Microencapsulated lewis acid
Thin-walled honeycomb structure and method for reinforcing the same
Portable congeneration fuel-cell power generator for recreational vehicles
Remotely programmable matrices with memories
Ergonomic return springless manual air displacement pipette
Spin and spray coating process for curved surfaces
Patterned article having alternating hydrophilic and hydrophobic surface regions
Silicone polymer insulation film on semiconductor substrate and method for forming the film
Ultrasound transducers for real time two and three dimensional image acquisition
Method and apparatus for supporting and cleaning a polishing pad for chemical-mechanical planarization of microelectronic substrates
Method of manipulating the chemical properties of water to improve the effectiveness of a desired process
Method of making metal composite materials
Rare-earth alloy powder pressing apparatus and rare-earth alloy powder pressing method
High performance iron-rare earth-boron-refractory-cobalt nanocomposite
Method for producing a magnetic alloy powder
Method for producing a lead-free substrate
High-speed milling machine with rotary table
Method and system for cleaning a chemical mechanical polishing pad
Polishing apparatus with slurry screening
Lapping method and method for manufacturing lapping particles for use in the lapping method
Method and apparatus for wireless transfer of chemical-mechanical planarization measurements
Processing method for a metal surface
Nonwoven abrasive articles and methods
Method and apparatus for cutting high viscosity liquid material
Fire resistant cellulosic materials
Wood preservative for subsequent application
Method and apparatus for making foam/concrete building panels
Vented mold and method for producing a molded article
Composite tooling process for curing materials at elevated temperatures
Method of manufacturing woodgrained member
Embossed, waterproof lining and method of making the same
Method for producing decorative components having an outer elastomeric layer that is integral with an inner foam layer
Multi-shot injection molding arrangement
Resin component
Electromagnetically welded composite and the preparation thereof
System for forming bonded storage disks with low power light assembly
Method and apparatus for selective deposition modeling
Fiber reinforced molded products and processes
Manufacturing method for metallic stamper and metallic stamper and, manufacturing method for optical disk substrate with the use of the stamper and optical disk fabricated by the manufacturing method
Bead wire winding device and winding method
Seamless tubular electrically-semiconductive aromatic polymide film and process for producing the same
Material picking and forming device for an automatic circulating carton opening machine
Method of making three-dimensional laminated structures
Process for heat treating bullets comprising two or more metals or alloys, and bullets made by the method
Composite film and process for its manufacture
Method for making a laminated glass sheet
Conductive, multilayer-structured resin particles and anisotropic conductive adhesives using the same
Modified copolyesters and improved multilayer reflective films
Shrinkable film
Multi-layer articles including UV-absorbing polymeric compositions
Resin composition and laminate
Fine fiber composite web laminates
Method for producing an insulating pack for an insulating part
Production of large-format composite relief printing plates by laser positioning and subsequent image recording by means of a laser
Thermal digital lithographic printing plate
Thermal digital lithographic printing plate
Method of forming a desired pattern
Device for moistening web-shaped material
Thermal transfer image-receiving sheet
Heat transfer sheet and printed matter
Photocrosslinkable latex protective overcoat for imaging elements
Business form
Decorative sheet and process for producing the same
Wood decorative material coated with resin composite film and process for producing the same
Engine control system for hybrid vehicle
Treated, especially painted, sandwich
Semi-automatic shifting system
Device for anchoring a utility device to a sportsboard
Water rescue device and method
Marine propulsion device
Marine propulsion apparatus with adjustable tiller handle
Assembly and method for providing shift control for a marine drive
Propulsion system and method
Self-adhering ice protector
Method for guiding a paper or board web
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Low temperature sensitivity oxygen generating compositions
Partial combustion of hydrogen sulphide
Ultrafine particle silicon dioxide and process for producing the same
Process for preparing a rare earth borate by reacting together at least one rare earth salt, boric acid and a base
Process to produce commercial grade anhydrous hydrogen fluoride (AHF) and uranium oxide from the delfuorination of uranium hexafluoride (UF6)
Process for removing heavy metals from a caustic fluid stream
Method for producing barium titanate powder
Lithium rechargeable battery
Wastewater treatment plant comprising upflow anaerobic reactor, and wastewater treatment method using thereof
Non-lambertian glass diffuser and method of making
Tellurite glasses and optical components
Fluoro glass ceramic showing photostimulable properties
Composite materials based on vegetable materials
Curable slurry for forming ceramic microstructures on a substrate using a mold
Coating for glass substrate for anti-reflective properties with abrasion, chemical and UV resistance
Alkali metal diffusion barrier layer
Admixture and method for optimizing addition of EO/PO superplasticizer to concrete containing smectite clay-containing aggregates
Method for sintering mechanisms
Refractory material based on chromium corundum, a chromium corundum brick and the use of said brick
Manganese-zinc ferrite and making method
Use of a colorant solution containing a stable, at least partially neutralized chromium (III) coordination compound for coloring unglazed ceramic
Substrate containing silicon and a barrier layer which functions as a protective/thermal barrier coating
Liquid fertilizer based on bio-process organic residues
Use of hybrid rumex acetosa L. in production of fertilizer
In-vessel composting process and apparatus
Streptogramins for preparing same by mutasynthesis
Substituted .beta.-alanines
Hypoglycemic and hypolipidemic compounds
Inhibitors of protein tyrosine phosphatase
Dipeptide nitriles
1,2-dithiolane derivatives
Method for purifying acrylic acid
Compounds, their preparation and use
Compositions containing hydroxyeicosatetraenoic acid derivatives and methods of use in treating dry eye disorders
15-Hydroxyeicosatetraenoic acid-related compounds and methods of use
Ethers of polyalkyl or polyalkenyl N-hydroxyalkyl succinimides and fuel compositions containing the same
Light-stabilized organic polymers
Substituted 1H-pyridinyl-2-ones as GABAA alpha 2/3 ligands
Selective electrochemical reduction of halogenated 4-aminopicolinic acids
Method of cleaning fabrics using bleaching compounds comprising substituted benzoyl caprolactam bleach activators
Small molecules useful in the treatment of inflammatory disease
CRF receptor antagonists and methods relating thereto
4,1-benzoxazepines, their analogues, and their use as somatostatin agonists
Phenylaminoalkylcarboxylic acid derivatives and pharmaceutical compositions comprising the same
Epoxy resin and epoxy di (meth)acrylate from hydroxyaliphatic bisphenol
Macrocyclic lactones, compositions, and methods of use
Indane or dihydroindole derivatives
Pyrimidine derivatives and processes for the preparation thereof
Benzimidazole compounds
Bicyclic aryl carboxamides and their therapeutic use
Nitrogenous heterocyclic derivatives and medicine thereof
Substituted 1-(4-aminophenyl)indoles and their use as anti-inflammatory agents
Pyrrolidine and pyrroline derivatives having effects on serotonin related systems
Thiochromanoylpyrazolone derivatives
Substituted AZA- and diazacycloheptane and -cyclooctane
Tricylic delta 3-piperidines as pharmaceuticals
Spiro-quinuclidine derivatives, their preparation and use
Therapeutic agents
Rubber adhesion promoters
Catalyst containing novel transition metal compound for polymerization of olefins
Unsaturated siloxy compounds
2-hydroxymethylcyclopropylidenemethylpurines and -pyrimidines as antiviral agents
2-halogenated derivatives of 5-0 desosaminyl-erythronolide A, their preparation process and their antibiotic use
Estrenes for inducting hypothalamic effects
Papillomavirus truncated L1 protein and fusion protein constructs
YsxC from Staphylococcus aureus
Exonucease-mediated gene assembly in directed evolution
Conformationally stabilized cell adhesion peptides
Method for stimulating CTLs with peptides
FGF Homologs
Treatment of diabetes with synthetic beta cells
Patched-2 polypeptide
Human N-type calcium channel isoform
Methods for inducing a population of T cells to proliferate using agents which recognize TCR/CD3 and ligands which stimulate an accessory molecule on the surface of the T cells
Methods for discovery of vasoactive compounds for the nitric oxide-cyclic GMP signal pathway
Bone stimulating factor
Anti-CCR2 antibodies and methods of use therefor
Selective inhibitors of MMP-12
Redox reversible bipyridyl-osmium complex conjugates
Manufacture of rubber articles
Aqueous binders based on polybutadiene
Process for producing olefin polymer
Supported catalysts with a donor-acceptor interaction
Method for producing copolymers in the presence of a chain transfer agent
Processes to produce organo-aluminoxane compositions
Star polymers and process for producing the same
Polyadducts produced from nonlinear-optically active copolymers and polymerizable nonlinear-optically active monomers
Emulsion polymerization in the presence of a stable free radical
Method for removing volatile matter from polymer solution composition
Process for stripping polymer dispersions
Polyurethane adhesive, method for use in bonding, and use of mixture
Biodegradable polyestreramide and a process of preparing
PMDI wood binders containing hydrophobic diluents
Printable release coatings and stamp constructions
Highly branched polyesters through one-step polymerization process
Curing agents for epoxy compounds, processes for their production and their use
Flame retardant epoxy resin composition
Polymer preparation from boron derivative functional group-containing monomers
Fluorene copolymers and devices made therefrom
Process for producing unsaturated polyester and unsaturated polyester resin composition
Continuous process for producing poly(trimethylene terephthalate)
Lactic acid residue containing polymer composition and product having improved stability, and method for preparation and use thereof
Poly(phenylene ether)-polyvinyl thermosetting resin
Method for producing polyamides
Resin compositions having high solids contents
Polymerization of siloxanes
Method for manufacturing hydrogen-silsesquioxane resin
Poly (aminoorganofunctionaldisiloxanes)
Polyolefin stretch film
Coating compositions containing silylated aroylresorcinols, method, and articles coated therewith
Easily adhesive polyamide film
Foams containing functionalized metal oxide nanoparticles and methods of making same
Fire-retarded polycarbonate resin composition
Copolyester containing 4,4'-biphenyldicarboxylic acid, 1,4-cyclohexanedimethanol and an ultraviolet light absorbing compound and articles made therefrom
UV-light stabilization additive package for solar cell module and laminated glass applications
Conductive polyphenylene ether-polyamide compositions and method for their preparation
Dyes, a process for their preparation and their use
Magnetic recording medium, non-magnetic acicular black iron-based composite particles and process for producing the particles
Coating agent for reducing the soiling process of facades
Washable coloring compositions comprising low molecular-weight styrene-maleic anhydride copolymers
Multi-colored epoxy coating system
Water-dilutable coating compositions
Polyacrylates and their use as degassing agents for paints and coatings
Composition and process for treating hard surfaces
Self-associating low adhesion backsize material
Correction tape having dye migration blocking properties
Vegetable oil based dielectric fluid
High coking value pitch
Apparatus for converting a plastic waste into oil
Two-stage process for converting residua to gasoline blendstocks and light olefins
Caustic extraction of mercaptans (LAW966)
Lubricant additive comprising reaction product of phosphate or phosphite and boronated dispersant
Grease composition for rolling bearing
Electrorheological fluid
Transparent solid detergent composition
Cleansing bar with high levels of liquid and particulate silica
Cleansing bars
Post-foaming shaving gel including poly (ethylene oxide) and polyvinylpyrrolidone in a preferred range of weight ratios
Detergent compositions
Method for applying fragrance to a dryer sheet
Additives for improving acid reactivity and method for controlling acid reactions
Multi-channel electrode arrays
Antisense modulation of BTAK expression
Host cells and methods of producing proteins
Evolution of whole cells and organisms by recursive sequence recombination
Plant steroid 5.alpha.-reductase, det2
Chimeric poxvirus comprising sequences of a retroviral vector component
Ammonia elimination liquid reagent
Dirofilaria and brugia thioredoxin peroxidase type-2 proteins and uses thereof
Mammalian phospholipase A2 nucleotide sequences, low molecular weight amino acid sequences encoded thereby, antisense sequences and nucleotide sequences having internal ribosome binding sites
Chitinase and method for preparing the same
Glucoamylase variants
Recombinant L-N-carbamoylase from Arthrobacter aurescens and method of producing L-amino acids therewith
Method of measuring substance in sample using a redox reaction
Method for the purification of human platelet heparanase
Electrochemical system for determining blood coagulation time
Microfluidic DNA sample preparation method and device
Oligonucleotide tags for sorting and identification
Methods of assaying differential expression
Human Papilloma Virus detection in a nucleic acid amplification process using general primers
Detection of multiple nucleic acid sequences in a fluid sample
Process for direct production of cast iron from fine iron ore and fine coal
Process for the thermal treatment of granulated iron ore prior to the reduction
Magnesium desulfurization agent
Method for the separation and recycling of hot fines in hot briquetting of reduced iron
Aluminum alloy
Brazing sheet and method of making same
Material for magnetostrictive sensors and other applications based on ferrite materials
Oxidation and corrosion resistant austenitic stainless steel including molybdenum
Refractory metal silicide target, method of manufacturing the target, refractory metal silicide thin film, and semiconductor device
Method and device for PVD coating
Methods and apparatus for shallow trench isolation
Method of depositing amorphous silicon based films having controlled conductivity
Method of depositing an aluminum nitride comprising layer over a semiconductor substrate
Mini-batch process chamber
Free floating shield and semiconductor processing system
Method and apparatus for improved chemical vapor deposition processes using tunable temperature controlled gas injectors
Method for fabricating a capacitor for a semiconductor device
Thermal barrier coating
Mask, and method and apparatus for making it
Specific cathode, used for preparing an alkaline metal chlorate and method for making same
Lead electrode
Low temperature self-aligned collar formation
Vertically configured chamber used for multiple processes
Electrochemical system and process for stripping metallic coatings
Material purification
Method for growing crystals having impurities and crystals prepared thereby
Oxidation of silicon on germanium
Textiles; Paper
Flash spinning polymethylpentene process and product
Papermaking belts comprising striated monofilaments
Preparation of composite fibers and diaphragms
Elastic polyurethane fiber and process for producing the same
Continuous monitoring of the coating of a filamentary dielectric material with assistants
Vacuum treatment of asphalt coating
Printed cloth and method of manufacturing the same
Jointless lamellae for a headbox
Method and equipment in a paper/board machine for regulation of the difference of draw
Pulp-forming mold-releasing machine
Fixed Constructions
Vacuum IG unit with transparent spacers
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Hydraulic chain tensioner with directional vent device
Fuel supply amount control apparatus and method for internal combustion engine
Optimization method for a lean capable multi-mode engine
Power transmission belt
Torque modulation shift control system and method
Threaded snap in connector
Valve arrangement for controlling a gas fireplace
Safety lighter with rotary wheel hoods
Method and apparatus for cooling a CVI/CVD furnace
Furnace inducer motor cooling system
Method of coating an inner surface of a weapon barrel
Method of manufacturing a sensor
Gas sensor
Connector for NOx sensor
Automated parallel capillary electrophoresis system with hydrodynamic sample injection
Liquid and solid tissue mimicking material for ultrasound phantoms and method of making the same
Apparatus for measuring the luminescence emitted in a luminescent assay
Method and kit for the detection of retroviral specific antibodies in seronegative individuals
Prostate cancer assays and related methods
Analytical test device for imuno assays and methods of using same
Wear-resistant spring contacts
Method and apparatus for wafer level burn-in
Probe grid for integrated circuit excitation
Method of manufacturing film laminate having exchange anisotropic magnetic field
Transducer motion compensation in medical diagnostic ultrasound extended field of view imaging
High refractive index ophthalmic device materials
Black matrix of resin, method for producing the same, method for producing color filter using the same, and liquid crystal element produced by the same color filter production method
Silver halide photographic material
Thermally developable imaging materials containing polyester polymeric barrier layer
High contrast thermally-developable imaging materials containing barrier layer
Polyolefin base display material with tone enhancing layer
Imaging element including brace and mechanical holding means
Method for forming color image using silver halide color photographic light-sensitive material
Printing and PCB members and methods for producing same
Phase shift mask and making process
Coatings on reflective mask substrates
Mask for electron beam exposure and method of manufacturing semiconductor device using the same
Photosensitive resin composition and patterning method using the same
Reticle for use in exposing semiconductor, method of producing the reticle, and semiconductor device
Photoresist development method employing multiple photoresist developer rinse
Methodology for mitigating formation of t-tops in photoresist
Method for stripping ion implanted photoresist layer
Alignment mark strategy for oxide CMP
Low toner pile height color image reproduction machine
Image forming method and apparatus having a photoreceptor web
Conductive urethane roller
Process for producing electrophotographic photoreceptor, electrophotographic photoreceptor and image-forming apparatus
Toner coagulant processes
Electrostatic-latent-image developing toner and inorganic particles used for such a toner
Device for diabetes management
Method for making cards and cards obtained by this method
Coin ejection guide structure
Method and apparatus for adhering linerless repositionable sheets onto articles
Karaoke apparatus
Magneto-optical recording medium and reproducing device
Optical recording medium
Single transistor cell, method for manufacturing the same, memory circuit composed of single transistors cells, and method for driving the same
Method of manufacturing floating gate memory with substrate band-to-band tunneling induced hot electron injection
Chip socket assembly and chip file assembly for semiconductor chips
Method of making a solid electrolytic capacitor using a conductive polymer film
Electric double layer capacitor
Sputter ion source for boron and other targets
Charged-particle-beam pattern-transfer methods and apparatus including beam-drift measurement and correction, and device manufacturing methods comprising same
Coaxial electromagnet in a magnetron sputtering reactor
Ceramic composition for an apparatus and method for processing a substrate
Post CMP cleaning method using a brush cleaner with torque monitor
Apparatus for spin-coating semiconductor substrate and method of doing the same
Method of controlling feature dimensions based upon etch chemistry concentrations
Integrated electrodeposition and chemical mechanical polishing tool
Controllable oxidation technique for high quality ultrathin gate oxide formation
Method of forming merged self-aligned source and ONO capacitor for split gate non-volatile memory
High-pressure anneal process for integrated circuits
Method for improving the electrical properties of a gate oxide
Controlled oxide growth over polysilicon gates for improved transistor characteristics
Semiconductor wafer and method for fabrication thereof
Method for stripping organic based film
Manufacturing method of semiconductor devices by using dry etching technology
Complexes having tris(pyrazolyl)borate ligands for forming films
Method for improving the sidewall stoichiometry of thin film capacitors
Method for fabricating capacitor and method for fabricating semiconductor device
Method for manufacturing bipolar devices with a self-aligned base-emitter junction
Method for manufacturing semiconductor package containing cylindrical type bump grid array
Method of forming a cover cap for semiconductor wafer devices
Method for molding a bumped wafer
Method and apparatus for forming an underfill adhesive layer
Method of forming a memory cell with self-aligned contacts
Self retained pressure connection
Methods of forming integrated circuitry and integrated circuitry structures
Methods of forming insulating materials between conductive components and methods of forming insulating materials around a conductive component
Metal layer in semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Sidewall oxide process for improved shallow junction formation in support region
Process for lift-off of a layer from a substrate
Method of forming trench isolation
Method of film formation and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Process of forming a capacitor on a substrate
Reduction of reverse short channel effects by deep implantation of neutral dopants
Method of fabricating a bipolar junction transistor using multiple selectively implanted collector regions
Raised silicide source/drain MOS transistors having enlarged source/drain contact regions and method
Semiconductor device and method for forming the same
SOI device with double gate and method for fabricating the same
Semiconductor copper band pad surface protection
Bilayer anti-reflective coating and etch hard mask
Method of endpointing plasma strip process by measuring wafer temperature
Staged aluminum deposition process for filling vias
Method of removing photoresist and reducing native oxide in dual damascene copper process
Method of forming inter-metal interconnection
Method of fabricating direct contact through hole type
Rework method for wafers that trigger WCVD backside alarm
Method of fabrication of a semiconductor device having a double layer type anti-reflective layer
Method of fabricating a borderless via
Process of manufacturing semiconductor device
Damascene process for MOSFET fabrication
Method of making DRAM trench capacitor
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device in which hot carrier resistance can be improved and silicide layer can be formed with high reliability
Method of forming DRAM cell arrangement
Method of manufacturing DRAM capacitor
Merged bipolar and CMOS circuit and method
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor memory device incorporating a capacitor therein
Method of improving edge recess problem of shallow trench isolation
Method for reducing nitride residue in a LOCOS isolation area
Method and structure of high and low K buried oxide for SOI technology
Nitridization of STI sidewalls
Junction isolation
Semiconductor passivation deposition process for interfacial adhesion
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Method of making electrical conductor system for semiconductor device
Silicon-on-insulator structure for electrostatic discharge protection and improved heat dissipation
Method of forming plugs in multi-level interconnect structures by partially removing conductive material from a trench
Interleaved signal trace routing
Semiconductor device and manufacture thereof
Structure for improving low temperature copper reflow in semiconductor features
Use of boron carbide as an etch-stop and barrier layer for copper dual damascene metallization
Reversed damascene process for multiple level metal interconnects
Planar high temperature superconductive integrated circuits for using ion implantation
Method of fabricating SRAM cell having a field region
Integrated semiconductor optic sensor device and corresponding manufacturing process
Active pixel image sensor with shared amplifier read-out
Transistor having a peripherally increased gate insulation thickness and a method of fabricating the same
Thin-film transistor array and method for producing the same
Photoelectric conversion apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
Organic photosensitive optoelectronic devices with transparent electrodes
Electron-conducting layer in organic electroluminescent arrangements
Organic electroluminescent apparatus and method of fabricating the same
Lead battery with acid reservoirs mixed with active material in particles
Lithium ion battery and method for forming the same
Lithium secondary battery
Solid state rechargeable lithium battery, stacking battery, and charging method of the same
Phenyl boron-based compounds as anion receptors for non-aqueous battery electrolytes
Connector in which a FPC is tightly held between a housing and a movable actuator with being connected to the connector
Electrical connector with easily assembled shield
Coaxial connector, coaxial connector assembly and method of fabrication thereof
Terminal structure for a female connector
Low profile electrical connector with resilient latching means
Connector module polarization assembly
Cable bundle connector
Lever-actuated connector and method for forming a connector body
Modular jack assembly having light transmission means with a light indicator
Connector for memory cards
Instrument panel mounting structure
Electrical connector having a single receptacle capable of receiving a plurality of plugs
Lamp socket
Solder ball terminal
Cable TV end connector starter guide
Method for modular laser diode assembly
High density flexible circuit element and communication device using same
Jack assembly
Locking spring for a circuit board ejector
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