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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Paired single disc opener unit
Exit gate with cow push bar for milking parlor
Corpse treatment device
Commercial tomato strainer attachment
Component brush system
Adjustable bed frame
Coffee maker brew basket
Mobile or portable apparatus with pressurized gas supply for preparing beverages or similar products
Shower curtain fastening system
Complex type cleaner
Pulse oximetry SpO2 determination
Bone implant
Hospital bed
Single pass telescoping cardiac lead for the left heart
Technique for adjusting the locus of excitation of electrically excitable tissue
Forced deceleration algorithm for synchronization of atrial cardioversion shock and technique for the implementation
Performing Operations; Transporting
Filler material finishing tool
Mixing apparatus and method for the repair of can ends
Planetary gear replacement method
Protective sleeve cover for printing roll
Group cutting sleeve and method
Simultaneous, multi-layer pad printing transfer apparatus and method for flat and bulging pads
Deformable pad for pad printing
Cleaning apparatus for cylinder surfaces of a printing machine and spray nozzle for such a cleaning apparatus
Cogeneration system, operation controller for cogeneration facility, and operation program for cogeneration facility
Method for reproducing a wiper blade, device for carrying out said method and wiper blade produced according to said method
Escutcheon for making a steering wheel spoke appear symmetric about a vertical plane through the steering wheel axis when a vehicle is being steered in a straight line
Marine safety ladder
Cable tie
Cap opening apparatus
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Vacuum valve for an I.S. machine
Electrode assembly for non-equilibrium plasma treatment
Textiles; Paper
Apparatus on a spinning preparation machine for monitoring fibre material
Fixed Constructions
Compact security shelter device for motorcycles, bicycles, four-wheelers and other small personal transportation vehicles
Panel with glue and covering, and method and device for the production thereof
Floor panels with edge connectors
Floor panels with edge connectors
Planking system and method
Glass panel arrangement
Insulation batt having integral baffle vent
Foldable hinge
Hinge structure
Turn/tilt closure
Automatic door bottom and sill assemblage
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Stirling engine
Vehicle exhaust aftertreatment system
Multi-stage turbocharging system with efficient bypass
Radial axis, spherical based rotary machines
External combustion engine
Fuel delivery system
Fuel system, especially of the common rail type, for an internal combustion engine
Non-equilibrium plasma discharge type ignition device
Control coupling for changing the feeding speed of feeding members in a delimbing and cutting apparatus
Feeding system for plasma melting-furnace
CO.sub.2 refrigeration circuit with sub-cooling of the liquid refrigerant against the receiver flash gas and method for operating the same
Lint filter assembly of laundry dryer
Clothes drying machine
Laundry dryer and method for controlling drying course of the same
Framing layout tape
Generating vehicle traffic data from raw location data for mobile units
Edge level with side magnets and velcro(hook and loop fastener)
Method for determining the instantaneous temperature of a medium
Gearbox simulation test bench
Sensor comprising a modular connection
Photoacoustic spectroscopy system and technique for remote sensing of explosives and toxic chemicals
Humidity sensor having humidity sensitive film and method for manufacturing the same
Method of measuring transverse sensitivity of sensor for detecting acceleration and acceleration measuring method
Method and apparatus for monitoring and controlling boundary scan enabled devices
Cam mechanism of a photographing lens
Lens barrel incorporating the advancing/retracting mechanism
Method, device, system and recording medium for detecting improper cartridge, and cartridge
Image forming apparatus, image forming method, and fixing unit
Developing apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Toner supply kit
Developer supply and recovery system used with wet electro-photographic image forming apparatus, and method thereof
Developing liquid coating device, developing device including the same and image forming apparatus including the developing device
Cleaning device and image forming apparatus using the cleaning device
Image forming apparatus with two cleaning electric fields for transferring developer from a developer charging device onto an image bearing member
Process cartridge and image forming apparatus
Method and system for analyzing operational parameter data for diagnostics and repairs
Operating lever device
Prediction analysis apparatus and program storage medium therefor
System and method for power saving delay locked loop control by selectively locking delay interval
System and method for selecting a frequency and voltage combination from a table using a selection field and a read-only limit field
Method and system to surpress speculative execution of instructions in a microprocessor
Providing parity in a RAID sub-system using non-volatile memory
ACPI name space validation
Method and apparatus for optimized parallel testing and access of electronic circuits
Compare circuit and method for content addressable memory (CAM) device
Method for snooping raid 1 read transactions by a storage device
Cache programmable to partition ways to agents and/or local/remote blocks
Method of creating a plurality of partitions on removable device
Method and apparatus for data duplexing in storage unit system
Hot plug circuit for enclosure management systems used to manage sub-systems and method thereof
Method and apparatus for efficient messaging between memories across a PCI bus
Method of establishing a secure tunnel through a proxy server between a user device and a secure server
Storage control device with a plurality of channel control sections
IP pool management utilizing an IP pool MIB
System and method for synchronizing objects between two devices
Method and system of remote diagnostic, control and information collection using a dynamic linked library of multiple formats and multiple protocols with restriction on protocol
Methods and apparatus for remote execution of an application over the internet
Locating potentially identical objects across multiple computers based on stochastic partitioning of workload
Integrated target masking
Method and apparatus for communicating network quality of service policy information to a plurality of policy enforcement points
Systems and methods for adaptive medical decision support
Signal interpretation engine
Method of designing polynomials for controlling the slewing of adaptive digital films
Reducing and controlling sizes of model-based recognizers
Process for indexing, storage and comparison of multimedia documents
Location based services bridge to external data sources
Efficient implementation of multiple clock domain accesses to diffused memories in structured ASICs
Universal gates for ICs and transformation of netlists for their implementation
Method for designing semiconductor integrated circuit
Method and apparatus for pre-computing and using multiple placement cost attributes to quantify the quality of a placement configuration within a partitioned region
Mask-programmable logic device with building block architecture
Method and apparatus for optimizing fragmentation of boundaries for optical proximity correction (OPC) purposes
Method and apparatus for routing
Dynamic metrology sampling methods, and system for performing same
Print system and information processing apparatus
Animated indicators that reflect function activity or state of objects data or processes
Quantum computation with quantum dots and terahertz cavity quantum electrodynamics
Method and apparatus to correct leading one prediction
Wireless and powerless sensor and interrogator
System and method for allocating data in a hierarchical organization of data
Select-free dynamic instruction scheduling
Method for the synchronized start-up of a numerical control
Dyadic DSP instruction predecode signal selective multiplexing data from input buses to first and second plurality of functional blocks to execute main and sub operations
Ternary content addressable memory based multi-dimensional multi-way branch selector and method of operating same
Method and device for implementing a downloadable software delivery system
Control system and method for currency exchange and merchandise sales
Automated system for analyzing charges and credits of banks and other financial institutions
Document services management including availability reporting of document distribution services
System and method for offering multiple products
System and method for providing educational content over a network
Multi-panel billboard accessory
Smart elevator system and method
Voice control system for operating home electrical appliances
Error-correction memory architecture for testing production errors
Thin membrane alignment method using patterned nanomagnets
Method to form a conductive device
Method of forming a conductive device using conductive resin-base materials
Monitoring and control system
Checksum engine and a method of operation thereof
Emoticon input method and apparatus
Cordless and wireless telephone docking station with land line interface and switching mode
Radio with duplexer bypass capability
Identification based operational modification of a portable electronic device
In-house TV to TV channel peeking
Secure and reliable document delivery
Wireless communication components and methods for multiple system communications
Cellular telephone, personal digital assistant with dual lines for simultaneous uses
Multiple wireless microphone speakerphone system and method
Process and system for video on demand
Base station control equipment, mobile station equipment, and radio communication system
Locating packet-switched mobile terminals using network initiated artificial cell hops
Method of making a flanged body
Manufacturing method for imprinting stamper
Component built-in wiring board and manufacturing method of component built-in wiring board
Expired Patents Due To Time
Wafer out-of-pocket detector and susceptor leveling tool
Thin film deposition apparatus
Method and apparatus for controlling polymerized teos build-up in vacuum pump lines
Apparatus for coating diamond-like networks onto particles
Chemical vapor deposition apparatus
Compounds with substituted cyclic hydrocarbon moieties linked by secondary or tertiary oxycarbonyl containing moiety providing reworkable cured thermosets
Method for cleaning a process chamber used for manufacturing substrates during nonproduction intervals
Process for removing multiple coating film or adhering substance from substrate
Modification of diffusion coating grain structure by nitriding
Nickel-free phosphating process
Cryogenic refrigerant and refrigerator using the same
Rolling bearing
Method for producing ultrafine-grained materials using repetitive corrugation and straightening
Method and apparatus to access optimum strength during processing of precipitation strengthened alloys
Method for controlling the behavior of a steel in an H2S medium
Method of manufacturing ferritic stainless FeCrA1-steel strips
Short-pulse high-peak laser shock peening
Processes for producing fcc metals
Enhanced energetic composites
Method of setting heat-sealing conditions
Method of preventing adhesion of aquatic organisms in structures in water
Machine and process for placing and bonding elastic members in a relaxed state to a moving substrate web
Method for electrostatic thermal bonding of a pair of glass substrates by utilizing a silicon thin film
Method of assembling and bonding premolded skins
Process of applying filament netting for pest control of vegetation
Composite panel and method of making the same
Bioprosthetic conduits
Method of decorating a polyethylene splash guard
Method of laminating a flexible circuit to a substrate
Method and apparatus for forming airfoil structures
Process for continuous production of membrane-electrode composites
Web material having spliced joints and a method for coating a web material having spliced joints
Production of insulating varnishes and multilayer printed circuit boards using these varnishes
Apparatus for wafer treatment for the manufacture of semiconductor devices
Plasma processing apparatus and plasma processing method
Process and apparatus for recovery of lithium in a helminthoid evaporator
Method for de-inking paper pulp from recycled paper
Low density resilient webs and methods of making such webs
Coated web printing paper with cold-set suitability
Press section of a paper machine, in particular for printing paper qualities
Process for draining or smoothing a fibrous pulp web
Drying screen and process for using the same
Paper making machine and method for web transfer
Apparatus for dewatering a pulp web
Profile bar assembly for a headbox in a paper-making machine
Liquid purifying distillation process
Process for removing impurities from petroleum products
Method and apparatus to improve the uniformity of ion beam deposited films in an ion beam sputtering system
Method and apparatus for ionized physical vapor deposition
Method for inductively-coupled-plasma-enhanced ionized physical-vapor deposition
Step coverage and overhang improvement by pedestal bias voltage modulation
Electrochemical stain prevention apparatus of submerged structure and process for producing submerged structure used in this apparatus
Apparatus and method for electroplating rotogravure cylinder using ultrasonic energy
Ringless-collector conductor roll
Pin contact mechanism for plating pin grid arrays
Electrochemical sensor with gelled membrane and method of making
Methods and reagents for gel electrophoresis
Method and apparatus for electrodeionization of water using mixed bed and single phase ion exchange materials in the diluting compartment
Electrical contacting system for an electrophoretic dip painting plant for motor vehicle bodies
Manipulation of solid, semi-solid or liquid materials
Water treating apparatus with electro-chemistry process
Method for forming ceramic coatings by micro-arc oxidation of reactive metals
Pulse-modulated DC electrochemical coating process and apparatus
High aspect ratio, microstructure-covered, macroscopic surfaces
Apparatus and method for electrolytically depositing a metal on a microelectronic workpiece
Apparatus and method for plating wafers, substrates and other articles
Electrodeposition bath for wear-resistant zinc articles
Method of producing high quality oxide for electrolytic capacitors
Process for preparing beta lactam compound
Process for preparing silver compounds
Treatment for contaminated media
Filtration system for concentrating radioactive debris
Oxygenated water cooler
Tapered flocculation water treatment
Device for filtering and separating flow media
Filter array with connector for successive backwash
Drinking water filter
Single use system for preparing autologous plasma and fibrin gel
Fluid handling apparatus and flow control assembly therefor
Treatment of water
Method for fluid delivery in a dialysis clinic
Method and device for parallel chromatography
Use of protein-polysaccharide complex in removal of contaminants
Method of purifying flue gas waste slurries for use in gypsum production
Process for removal and stabilization of arsenic and selenium from aqueous streams and slurries
Systems and methods for estimating platelet counts using a spleen mobilization function
Filtration method and filtration apparatus
Zinc oxide fluid treatment
Electrolytic solution for lithium cell and method for producing same
Process and apparatus for purifying methyl tert-butyl ether contaminated water
Method of reducing the possibility of transmission of spongiform encephalopathy diseases by blood products
Method for metallizing at least one printed circuit board or at least one pressed screen and at least one hybrid
Method of fabricating a substrate
Process for treating brass components to substantially eliminate leachabale lead
Ketone-containing working fluid for refrigerating cycle equipment and refrigerating cycle equipment having the same
Kit for use in the conditioning of dental cavities
Scorch extending curing/crosslinking compositions
Ammonium thiosulfate complex of gold or silver and an amine
Composition for generating chlorine dioxide
Ferrielectric liquid crystal compound
3,3'-difluorobiphenyl derivatives, liquid crystal compositions, and liquid crystal display elements
Photoluminescent phosphor powders, methods for making phosphor powders and devices incorporating same
Conductive polymer composite materials and methods of making same
Conductive polymer compositions containing fibrillated fibers and devices
Electrically conductive paste and electronic element
Lead free conductive composites for electrical interconnections
Method for preparing light-absorbing polymeric compositions
Selectively reflective shaped articles
Chromene compound
Process for tinting a resin having a large refractivity index and optical material tinted by the process
Toric axis alignment machine and method
Method of making a gyricon display using magnetic latching
Method for high supercoiled DNA content microspheres
Process for the preparation of a mixture of cellulosic fibers and microfibers
Process for filling the edge joints of insulating glass panels
Method for producing composite golf club shafts
Method of forming low density strand foams
Method for increasing the anti-wettability of a body
Method of manufacture for textured surface panels and panel products made therefrom
Method of manufacturing fibreboard from wood chips using isocyanate as binder
Method of making a multicomponent fiber and nonwoven web containing the same
Methods for making unmodified polyvinyl alcohol fibers
Extrusion apparatus and method for orienting plastic material by using an extrusion apparatus
Method of device having biostable elastomeric polymers having quaternary carbons
Method of making an electrolytic capacitor cover
Injection molding fibers embedded in polyurethane with hindered amine
Heat distribution ceramic processing method
Method for the manufacture of multilayer film
Process for producing hollow resin molded article
Plasma-generating electrode device, an electrode-embedded article, and a method of manufacturing thereof
Molybdenum disilicide composites
Process for preparing aluminum titanate powder and sintered body
Apparatus for conducting gas through material to be sintered
Telescopic dross pot
Porous metal material, and method for manufacturing same
Binder removal
Lead-free and cadmium-free white metal casting alloy
Self-contained assaying apparatus
Chemical analyzing apparatus
Device for analyzing fluid samples
Micro sensor device
Photoluminescent sensors of chemical analytes
Easy eject pipette tip
Reagent package
Machine for opening blood segments
Method for producing fine spherical particles of carbonate or hydroxide of nickel, cobalt or copper
Silica coated carbon blacks
Bismuth-containing catalysts
Hydrated aluminum compounds, their preparation and use thereof
Process for producing alumina particles having high dispersibility and plasticity
Method of imaging cell death in vivo
Methods of delivering oxygen with emulsions
Pharmaceutical compositions and devices for their administration
Wet appliable, instant protection sunscreen and makeup and method of use
Fine ultraviolet screening particles, process for preparing the same, and cosmetic preparation
Using without emulsions as thickeners in cosmetic and pharmaceutical formulations
Lipcolor composition
Use of isoparaffin extenders for clear gel cosmetic compounds
Cosmetic sticks containing triglyceride gellants having improved high temperature texture and phase stability
Thickening latex, manufacturing process and cosmetic applications
Malodor counteractant compositions and method for preparing and using same
Removal of biologically active agents
Anion exchange resin-containing tablets
Agent for potentiating the effect of interleukin-8
Therapeutic agent and treatment for canine intractable dermatitis
Adenovirus vectors specific for cells expressing androgen receptor and methods of use thereof
Cell surface molecule-induced macrophage activation
Dietary supplementation with, and methods for administration of yeast-derived selenium product
Tissue equivalents
Monoclonal antibody specific to polypeptide which induces interferon-gamma production
Modified binding molecules specific for T lymphocytes and their use as in vivo immune modulators in animals
Antibody conjugates
Compositions and methods for the prevention and diagnosis of Lyme disease
Method of stimulating T cells
Utilization of natural algae extracts for making a product intended to prevent and care for diseases of the skin
Whitening cosmetics containing solvent-fractionated extracts of ramulus mori extract
Anti-fungal compositions with prolonged activity
Herbal composition for the treatment of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, bronchitis and respiratory disorders and a process for preparing the same
Method for producing high activity extracts from harpagophytum procumbens
Water-soluble extract from olives
Prostate formula
Causative agent of the mystery swine disease, vaccine compositions and diagnostics kits
Induction of cytotoxic T-lymphocyte responses
Surface antigen
Ryegrass pollen allergen
Impeding the extraction of active ingredients out of tablets
Antimicrobial wipes which provide improved residual benefit versus gram negative bacteria
Nail polish kits
Composition and method for the treatment of skin
Composition for external use
Cosmetic compositions containing polysaccharide/protein complexes
Absorbable E-caprolactone polymers and medical devices
Drain treatment product and method of use
Antimicrobial structures
Medicinal preparation containing a lipophilic inert gas
System and methods for local delivery of an agent
Supplemented and unsupplemented tissue sealants, methods of their production and use
Intra-articular preparation for the treatment of arthropathy
Device and method for treatment of dysmenorrhea
Nasally administrable compositions
Anti-nausea compositions and methods
System for the treatment of wounds
Pharmaceutical oral patch for controlled release of pharmaceutical agents in the oral cavity
Lipid-conjugated polyamide compounds and related compositions and methods thereof
Materials and methods for making improved liposome compositions
Lozenge and method of making
Solid pharmaceutical compositions comprising a cyclosporin and an anionic surfactant
Fast dissolving compositions having analgesic activity
Therapeutic uses of abarelix
Effervescent bath tablet, method of preparing it, and the use thereof
Sustained release tablet formulation to treat Parkinson's disease
Controlled release lipoic acid
Formulations of balsalazide and its derivatives
Use of biologically active glass as a drug delivery system
Skin color improver
Butorphanol sustained release formulations
Thrombolytic agents and methods of treatment for thrombosis
Bioadhesive microspheres and their use as drug delivery and imaging systems
Oral dosage for the controlled release of analgesic
Particles with modified physicochemical properties, their preparation and uses
Method of producing a sustained-release preparation
Intrauterine chemical necrosing method and composition
Antistaling process and agent
Gluten-derived colloidal dispersions, edible coatings therefrom and method of making
Method for making improved garlic product
Method and apparatus for processing an aerated confectionery foam rope
Process for preparing hypoallergenic foods
Refined vegetable oils and extracts thereof
Waterless process and system for making dehydrated potato products
Use of silicone for manufacturing confectionery moulds and baking receptacles in general
Processes for the production of noodles by machines
Gelatinized cereal product containing oligosaccharide
Pourable dessert liquid product
Methods for producing cooked sweetpotato products and compositions thereof
Production of electroless Co(P) with designed coercivity
Process for manufacturing a catalytic material
Metal paste and production process of metal film
Magnetic recording medium, method of fabricating magnetic recording medium, and magnetic storage
Particulate coating apparatus and method
Method of particle coating
Coating cylinder bores with ultra thin solid lubricant phase
Brake band having an improved initial friction coefficient
Coating and developing apparatus, complex apparatus and processing method in coating and developing apparatus
Gas injection methods for a LPCVD furnace
Method for chemical vapor infiltration of refractory substances, especially carbon and silicon carbide
Method comprising removal of material from a diamond film
Process and installation for covering a surface of a substrate with a layer of a fluid material
Preparation and method for applying an anti-slip layer to a surface and product provided with an anti-slip layer
Treatment of fibrous substrates to impart repellency, stain resistance, and soil resistance
Multilayer coating method and production method of thermally developable photosensitive material using the same
Paper having a melt-stable lactide polymer coating and process for manufacture thereof
Production method of a recording sheet
Compositions and methods to protect calcitic and/or siliceous surfaces
Method and composition for coating pre-sized paper with a mixture of a polyacid and a polybase
Hydrophobic precipitated silica
Film forming apparatus, substrate conveying apparatus, film forming method, and substrate conveying method
Method for applying a coating by means of plasma spraying while simultaneously applying a continuous laser beam
Method to prepare the production of structured metal coatings using proteins
Methods of preventing post-etch corrosion of an aluminum neodymium-containing layer
Ferrielectric liquid crystal compound
Multi-purpose vehicle ornament
Pyrolytic boron nitride container and manufacture thereof
Low-odor single element equipment grip
Multi-layer compositions comprising a fluoropolymer
In-line coating and curing a continuously moving welded tube with an organic polymer
Hollow reinforcing members and composites containing the same
Identification card strip assembly
Adhesives having a microreplicated topography and methods of making and using same
Earthen liner with clay seam cover
Recording medium and method of manufacturing the same
Repeating series of tiles
Concrete including a plurality of fiber rings
Formable heavy density honeycomb
Integral sound absorber and water deflector door panel
Creped nonwoven materials
Surface decoration having a 3-dimensional effect, and method of producing a surface decoration having a 3-dimensional effect, as well as utilization of a decoration having a 3-dimensional effect
Omega spray pattern
Circuit board and method of manufacturing the same
Electromagnetically shielding bonding film, and shielding assembly and display device using such film
Ink-jet media
Composite, metal matrix material part with a high rigidity and high stability in a longitudinal direction
Method of manufacture of a plastic component which is insensitive to the elements, and a plastic component so manufactured
Article made of plastics material, a method of manufacture, and a molding composition
Fiberboard and manufacturing method thereof
Gel-coated materials with increased flame retardancy
Transmission imaging display material with biaxially oriented polyolefin sheet
2-oxetanone sizing agents made from linoleic acid and their use in paper
Electroconductive glass laminate
Blended adhesives and articles incorporating the same
Transfer substrate and transfer seal
Carbon fiber-reinforced resin composition
Ribbon assemblies and radiation-curable ink compositions for use in forming the ribbon assemblies
Micro-diastrophic synthetic polymeric fibers for reinforcing matrix materials
Use of high temperature insulation for ceramic matrix composites in gas turbines
Curable resin composition, multilayer printed circuit board manufactured by using the composition, and method for the production thereof
Fluorochemical copolymer and fluorochemical copolymer compositions useful for imparting repellency properties to a substrate
Process for the production of zeolite membranes supported on porous glass and a zeolite membrane so produced
Gemstones and decorative objects comprising a substrate and an optical interference film
Method for making transparent glass-ceramics with high temperature dimensional stability
Biaxially oriented polyester films and their production methods
Composite material machining tools
Sliding material having excellent abrasion resistance
Rolled copper foil for flexible printed circuit and method of manufacturing the same
Glazing covered ferrite core electrode terminal of a surface mounting inductor
Method and composition for diffusion alloying of ferrous materials
Automobile air freshener
Process and an apparatus for polymerization of olefin monomers
Gas distribution system for a two-zone fluidized bed reactor
System for sealing a cyclone leg
Catalytic reactor
Reduction of toxic substances in waste gas emissions
Method for absorbing gaseous oxidizable or reducible constituents through a membrane
Process for producing aerogel
Catalytic reactor and process for exothermic gas phase reactions
Human Necessities
Taste masked liquid suspensions
Performing Operations; Transporting
Device for the depuration and sanitization of air
Method for manufacturing transition metal carbides and/or transition metal carbonitrides and use thereof together with novel transition metal xerogels
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew