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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Model of infantile spasm syndrome
Non-antibiotic intervention of chlamydial infection
Nanoparticles for protein drug delivery
Nanoparticles for protein drug delivery
Nanoparticles for protein drug delivery
Compositions useful as inhibitors of protein kinases
Dressing substrate
Phenylbenzoic acid derivatives, processes for the preparation thereof, pharmaceutical compositions comprising them, and therapeutic uses thereof
Glucagon receptor antagonists, preparation and therapeutic uses
Deloxiglumide and proton pump inhibitor combination in the treatment of gastrointestinal disorders
Chroman-derived compounds for the treatment of cancer
Substituted thiophenes
Broadspectrum 2-amino-benzoxazole sulfonamide HIV protease inhibitors
Potentiators of insulin secretion
Process to prepare pioglitazone via several novel intermediates
Treatments for neuropathy
Sulphoximine-substituted quinazoline derivatives as immuno-modulators, their preparation and use as medicaments
2-aminobenzoxazole carboxamides as 5HT3 modulators
Therapeutic pyrazoloquinoline urea derivatives
Tyrosinase activity inhibitor and ameliorant for facial blood flow
Purine Derivatives and methods of use thereof
Modulation of C-reactive protein expression
Binding compounds, immunogenic compounds and peptidomimetics
Amino acid and peptide conjugates of amiloride and methods of use thereof
Treatment of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
Intracorporeal medicaments for photodynamic treatment of disease
UV irradiator
Performing Operations; Transporting
Exhaust gas purifying catalyst and exhaust gas purifying method
Nano-linked metallocene catalyst compositions and their polymer products
System concept for mills and classifiers with magnetic bearing spindle drives
Laser annealing apparatus and semiconductor device manufacturing method
Laser processing apparatus and laser processing method as well as debris extraction mechanism and debris extraction method
Rubber composition for inner liner and tire comprising the same
Power supply system provided with a plurality of power supplies, and vehicle provided with such power supply system
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Electrochemical preparation of sterically hindered amines
Direct and selective production of ethanol from acetic acid utilizing a platinum/tin catalyst
Multifunctional anionic surfactants
Carboxylic acid derivatives, their preparation and use
Process for producing propylene oxide
Method of producing proanthocyanidin-containing material
4-aminopyrrolopyrimidines as kinase inhibitors
Dye for photoelectronic device, photoanode comprising the dye and photoelectronic device employing the photoanode
Diphosphines and metal complexes
Epoxy compounds and method for production of the same
Fluorogenic enzyme substrates and methods of preparation
Treatment of inflammatory diseases including psoriasis
RNA antagonist compounds for the modulation of PIK3CA expression
Construct capable of release in closed circular form from a larger nucleotide sequence permitting site specific expression and/or developmentally regulated expression of selected genetic sequences
Characterization of granulocytic Ehrlichia and methods of use
Linear polyethylenimine-sterol conjugates for gene delivery
T-cell membrane protein (TIRC7) and peptides derived therefrom
Nociceptin-based analgesics
Photoacid generators for the synthesis of oligo-DNA in a polymer matrix
Resin composition and molded article comprising the same
Thermoplastic molding materials based on polyesters and styrene copolymers
Thermally controlled particulate core migration within polymer matrix
Mold compositions with high adhesion to metal substrates
Preparation of functionalized cationic polymers and their application in personal care
Body fluid compatible and biocompatible resin
Organic superacids, polymers derived from organic superacids, and methods of making and using the same
Pigments and polymer composites formed thereof
Polymers for separation of biomolecules by capillary electrophoresis
Polymer containing calcium sulfate particles for bone augmentation
Organopolysiloxane and curable silicone composition that contains aforementioned organopolysiloxane
Vinyl-cis-polybutadiene rubber and butadiene rubber composition using the same
Pigment ink for ink jet recording
Lubricant compositions, condom products and methods of making same
Lubricating compositions
Detergent compositions
Liquid detergent composition
Organic waste treatment apparatus
Nucleotide sequences mediating plant male fertility and method of using same
Stem cell populations and methods of use
Phytases and methods of making and using them
Bacillus licheniformis chromosome-encoded endoglucanase
Collision detection device which uses variation of an inductance of a coil
Optical coding device by plasmon effect and authentication method using the device
Writing data creation method and charged particle beam writing apparatus
Carbon tube for electron beam application
Cell voltage detection device and cell system using the same
Method for calibrating a power amplifier and device using the same
System and method for measuring a capacitance by transferring charge from a fixed source
Device mounted apparatus, test head, and electronic device test system
Apparatus for testing integrated circuitry
Medical x-ray detection device including an active optical signal emitter
Positron emission tomography imaging system, detector, data processing apparatus, computer readable program product having positron emission tomography imaging program for user terminal, and method for positron emission tomography diagnosis
Systems and methods for calibrating functional magnetic resonance imaging of living tissue
Method for establishing a portion of a boring tool path
DC/DC converter control circuit, and power supply apparatus, light emitting apparatus and electronic device using the same
Variable-output current-load-independent negative-voltage regulator
Buck-boost switching regulator and control method thereof
Built-in self-calibration (BISC) technique for regulation circuits used in non-volatile memory
Alarm engineering aiding system
Semi-hollow body for stringed instruments
String alignment peg
Method, medium, and system classifying music themes using music titles
Composite transformer
Transceiver connector with integrated magnetics
Method for coding two-dimensional field emission structures
Method for coding field emission structures
System and method for balancing concentric circular field emission structures
Capsule medical apparatus and current-carrying control method
Energy management and power distribution method and system
Drop-in light emitting diode (LED) module, reflector, and flashlight including same
Electric charged particle beam microscope and microscopy
Radio frequency ion guide
Method and apparatus for mass spectrometric analysis
Surface emitting laser manufacturing method, surface emitting laser array manufacturing method, surface emitting laser, surface emitting laser array, and optical apparatus including surface emitting laser array
Process for making multi-crystalline silicon thin-film solar cells
Method of producing a thin semiconductor chip
Method for fabricating a sealed cavity microstructure
Display substrate and method for manufacturing the same
Using multiple coulomb islands to reduce voltage stress
Solid-state image pickup device, method for making same, and image pickup apparatus
Artificially tilted via connection
Method for removing bubbles from adhesive layer of semiconductor chip package
Methods of reducing CD loss in a microelectromechanical device
Stacking semiconductor device and production method thereof
High temperature processing compatible metal gate electrode for pFETS and methods for fabrication
Manufacturing method of semiconductor device
Flat-panel display semiconductor process for efficient manufacturing
IC card and booking-account system using the IC card
Method for fabricating a capacitor
Method of growing GaN using CVD and HVPE
Manufacturing method of semiconductor substrate and semiconductor device
Method of producing a strained layer
Manufacturing method of semiconductor device
Method of forming a cross-section hourglass shaped channel region for charge carrier mobility modification
Self-aligned dielectric cap
Image sensor and method for manufacturing the same
High performance schottky-barrier-source asymmetric MOSFETs
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the device
Method of manufacturing integrated circuits including a FET with a gate spacer and a fin
Methods of making a molecular detection chip having a metal oxide silicon field effect transistor on sidewalls of a micro-fluid channel
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Integrated circuit fabrication process using a compression cap layer in forming a silicide with minimal post-laser annealing dopant deactivation
Planar array contact memory cards
Planar array contact memory cards
Fabrication of a CMOS structure with a high-k dielectric layer oxidizing an aluminum layer in PFET region
High dielectric constant materials
Through substrate via including variable sidewall profile
Dicing die-bonding film
Method for fabricating last level copper-to-C4 connection with interfacial cap structure
Semiconductor apparatus
Method to generate airgaps with a template first scheme and a self aligned blockout mask
Method and structure to protect FETs from plasma damage during FEOL processing
Residue free patterned layer formation method applicable to CMOS structures
Package structure of integrated circuit device and manufacturing method thereof
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Roll-to-roll fabricated encapsulated semiconductor circuit devices
Dual-sided chip attached modules
Lead frame mount for circuit component
Semiconductor device capable of suppressing warping in a wafer state and manufacturing method thereof
Semiconductor chip and manufacturing method thereof
Stack package and stack packaging method
Binary sinusoidal sub-wavelength gratings as alignment marks
Low base resistance bipolar junction transistor array
Complementary MISFET semiconductor device having an atomic density ratio aluminum/lanthanum (Al/La) in the gate insulating layer of PMIS is larger than that of the NMIS
Method of enhancing hole mobility
Semiconductor circuit and method of fabricating the same
Integrated circuit including force-filled resistivity changing material
LED backlight device and LCD device
Hybrid orientation semiconductor structure with reduced boundary defects and method of forming same
Structure of thin film transistor array
Semiconductor device and a method for manufacturing the same
Dislocation removal from a group III-V film grown on a semiconductor substrate
Efficient transistor structure
Solid-state imaging device and camera having the same
Apparatus for using a well current source to effect a dynamic threshold voltage of a MOS transistor
Magnetoresistive sensor with tunnel barrier and method
Systems and methods for biasing high fill-factor sensor arrays and the like
Systems and methods for biasing high fill-factor sensor arrays and the like
Gallium nitride semiconductor device
Display device
Far ultraviolet with high luminance emitting high-purity hexagonal boron nitride monocrystalline powder and method of manufacturing the same
Electric power generator based on photon-phonon interactions in a photonic crystal
Dual oxide stress liner
Method for making an anti-reflection film of a solar cell
Method for manufacturing solar cell
Organic light emitting display device and manufacturing the same
Field-effect transistor
Piezoelectric vibration element and piezoelectric device
Quartz crystal element made of double-rotation Y-cut quartz crystal plate
Switching device
Organic thin film transistor, method of manufacturing the same, and biosensor using the transistor
Thin film transistor substrate and method for fabricating the same
Light-emitting device and method of manufacturing light-emitting device
Organic light emitting display, method of fabricating the same, and mobile display including the organic light emitting display
Compact tuner for high power microwave source
Power supply equipment for simultaneously providing operating voltages to a plurality of devices
Electrical devices using electromagnetic rotors
High power-density static-field ac conduction motor
Drive apparatus for a washing machine
High precision motor and its machining and assembling method
Brushless type of vehicular AC generator
Fan speed control system
Heat-exchange cooling device and power supply circuit driver used therefore
Class H drive
Electric signal outputting apparatus with a switching part, an impedance matching part, and an auxiliary switching part
Clock frequency dividing circuit
Clock signal generating and distributing apparatus
Amplifiers with negative capacitance circuits
RF amplifier system for neutralizing internal capacitance in a cavity
Readout circuit for touch panel
Active back-end termination circuit
Driving circuit with impedence calibration and pre-emphasis functionalities
High speed clock signal duty cycle adjustment
Oscillation circuit, test apparatus and electronic device
Apparatus and methods for a high-voltage latch
Self-calibration of continuous-time filters and systems comprising such filters
Signal detecting apparatus, signal receiving apparatus, and signal detecting method
Envelope detector for high speed applications
Techniques for canceling offsets in differential circuits
Voltage detecting circuit
Circuit and design structure for synchronizing multiple digital signals
Timing vernier using a delay locked loop
Method and circuit for controlling clock frequency of an electronic circuit with noise mitigation
Illumination control apparatus using a pulsating waves
AC illumination apparatus with amplitude partitioning
Method for preventing overheating of microwave oven
Microwave chamber
Interposer and method for manufacturing the same
High performance chip carrier substrate
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Impatiens plants and methods of reproduction
High Pigment Beet
Inbred corn line ZS02234
Inbred maize line NP2213
Inbred corn plant 4SCQ3 and seeds thereof
Inbred corn plant 01HF13 and seeds thereof
Soybean cultivar LRR969242
Insulator for mounting electric fence conductors
Chimeric mammals with human hematopoietic cells
Carrying case and a method of making thereof
Expandable chamber having combined occupant support and heating
Voltage transformer type water heating unit
Apparatus and method for heated food delivery
Vacuum cleaner tube with electrical conductors
Non-invasive sensor capable of determining optical parameters in a sample having multiple layers
Direct conversion digital x-ray detector with inherent high voltage protection for static and dynamic imaging
Charcoal poultice
Fast blooming surfactants for use in fluid transport webs
Fibrous articles having odor adsorbtion ability and method of making same
Tropane analogs and methods for inhibition of monoamine transport
Polynucleotide compositions
Fracture resistant superabsorbent polymers
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method and device for producing polyurethanes containing filling materials
Acoustic transducer
Determination of characteristics of material
Laser cut saw blades
Apparatus for electric discharge machining
Method for the partial fusion of objects
Laser machining device
Laser illumination apparatus with beam dividing and combining performances
Welded stator winding splice joint for rotary electric machines and method of forming the same
Method of producing a cutting tool insert using laser cutting and ion etching
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Implosion-resistant cathode ray tube envelope
Process for the adiabatic preparation of 3,4-dichloronitrobenzene
Process for preparing aromatic amines in the presence of palladaphosphacyclobutane catalysts
Functionalized cyclopentene-derived oligomer mixtures, their preparation and their use
Stable aromatic amine composition, a process for preparing color stable aromatic amines, and the production of light colored aromatic amine-based polyether polyols
Process for purifying aqueous tertiary amine and alkanolamine solutions
Phenyl acetamides as sPLA2 inhibitors
Therapeutic compound-fatty acid conjugates
Process for the preparation of 5-perfluoroalkyl substituted benzotriazole UV absorbers
Process for the production of malononitrile
.alpha.-chloronitriles production method
Substituted ureas as cell adhesion inhibitors
Diureides and their use
Perfluoro-n-alkylsulfonic acid derivatives
Composition containing at least one sulfinic derivative and potassium carbonate
Trans olefinic glucokinase activators
Process for the purification of cyclopropanecarboxaldehyde
Methanol plant retrofit
Vapor phase carbonylation process using group 5 metal promoted iridium catalyst
Method for continuous production of (meth)acrylic alkyl esters
Process for chromatographic separation of a C5-C8 feed or an intermediate feed into three effluents, respectively rich in straight chain, mono-branched and multi-branched paraffins
Method for producing lactams
Process for the preparation of .epsilon.-caprolactam
Certain fused pyrrolecarboxamides; a new class of GABA brain receptor
1-alkoxy-polyallkyl-piperidine derivatives and their use as polymerization regulators
Method for preparing 4-(3-pyridinyl)-1h-imidazole and the intermediates used
Endothelin receptor antagonists
Pyrazoline derivatives, their preparation and application as medicaments
Isoquinolinamine and phthalazinamine derivatives: corticotropin-releasing factor receptor CRF1 specific ligands
Method for producing high melting point crystals of phenoxypropionic acid derivative
Method for producing triazolinethione derivatives
Method for making a tetraketimine
Sultams: Solid phase and other synthesis of anti-HIV compounds and compositions
Dewatering and purification of crude pyrrolidine
Separation of 2,5-dihydrofuran from water by extractive distillation
Preparation of 3-substituted-4-arylquinolin-2-one derivatives
Photochromic naphthopyrans
Asymmetric conjugate addition reaction
Process for the production of trifluoromethyltropanone cyanohydrin
Method for producing carbonyl diimidazoles
Method for preparing ketones
Process and intermediates useful to produce vitamin D analogs
Method for epoxidation of 3-methylenecyclopropanes
Process for the preparation of a paclitaxel C-4 methyl carbonate analog
Water soluble tri-substituted 1,2-dioxetane compounds having increased storage stability, synthetic processes and intermediates
Process of use in converting the 4"(S)-OH functional group of the cladinose unit of an azamacrolide to 4"(R)-NH2
Ketoaldonic acids having formed stereogenic centers of R configuration: methods and compositions
Synthesis, deprotection, analysis and purification of RNA and ribozymes
Enhanced transport with a plastid membrane transport protein
Nucleic acids encoding signal transduction inhibitors of allergic reactions
Corticotropin releasing factor receptor 2 deficient mice and uses thereof
Alkenyl-co-maleimide/diene rubber copolymers and applications
Method for the production of block copolymers by retarded anionic polymerization
Catalyzing cationic resin and blocked polyisocyanate with bismuth carboxylate
Amide-type polymer/silicone polymer blends and processes of making the same
Thermoplastic blend comprising poly(arylene ether) and polyamide
Fuel composition for gasoline powered vehicle and method
Method for transforming plants
Nucleic acid molecules encoding starch phosphorylase from maize
Correction of wafer temperature drift in a plasma reactor based upon continuous wafer temperature measurements using and in-situ wafer temperature optical probe
Textiles; Paper
Top coating for synthetic leathers
Fixed Constructions
Snow melting attachment for a snow blower
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Gravitational energy system (momentum turbine)
Mounting structure of rotary shaft of rotary electric machinery
Rotor shaft for a rotary machine and rotary machine provided with a rotor shaft of this kind
Hybrid foil-magnetic bearing
Seal having a sealing member between support members with peripheral channels for receiving elongate articles
Low profile adapter for variable size heat shrink tubing joint
Object inspection and/or modification system and method
Method and arrangement for controlling a dynamic scale
Method for the selective detection of gasses and gas sensor for carrying out this method
Transgenic model for heart failure
Monitoring materials
Millimeter wave imaging apparatus
Confocal measurement and diagnostic system
Shielding of light transmitter/receiver against high-power radio-frequency radiation
Adapter plate for use with cable adapters
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Extreme-UV scanning wafer and reticle stages
Holder assembly system and method in an emitted energy system for photolithography
Transmitter receiver
Electronic whiteboard system and method
Cleaning sheet for cleaning bill identification unit
Method and system using a computer for creating music
Plasma display panel including a component provided between front and back plates thereof
Fallboard arrangement for keyboard instrument
Stringed instrument with folding neck
String instrument with protective string cap
Universal audio communications and control system and method
Method and system for composing electronic music and generating graphical information
Method and apparatus for facilitating group musical interaction over a network
Educational music instrument for children
Music event timing and delivery in a non-realtime environment
Tone generating method and device
Compressed audio data format and file system structures
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Method and apparatus for cleaning a tip of a probe of a probe-based measuring instrument
Dynamic collimators
Vibration resistant overhead electrical cable
Semiconductor surge absorber, electrical-electronic apparatus, and power module using the same
Electrical device with display and switch arrangement
Water-resistant switching device
Mechanism for interrupting current flow through two electrical cables
Microwave field emitter array limiter
Plasma display panel
Field emission display having a multi-layered barrier structure
Spacer for image-forming apparatus
Color cathode ray tube having a low dynamic focus
Cathode ray tube
Glass funnel with a nearly rectangular cross-sectioned parabolic region especially for a television tube
Field emission display having reduced optical sensitivity and method
Pinhole detector for electron intensity distribution
Determining defect depth and contour information in wafer structures using multiple SEM images
Plasma system with a balanced source
Discharge electrode, RF plasma generation apparatus using the same, and power supply method
Metal halide discharge lamp, lighting device for metal halide discharge lamp, and illuminating apparatus using metal halide discharge lamp
Gaseous discharge panel and manufacturing method therefor
Temperature processing module
Proper choice of the encapsulant volumetric CTE for different PGBA substrates
Semiconductor die attachment method and apparatus
Apparatus and method for producing a chip-substrate connection
Optimized decoupling capacitor using lithographic dummy filler
Device isolation structure and device isolation method for a semiconductor power integrated circuit
Wiring board, wiring board fabrication method, and semiconductor package
Semiconductor device having improved pad coupled to wiring on semiconductor substrate
Body-tied-to-source partially depleted SOI MOSFET
MOSFET with high dielectric constant gate insulator and minimum overlap capacitance
Effective diffusion barrier
Semiconductor device including dislocation in merged SOI/DRAM chips
Semiconductor isolation region bounded by a trench and covered with an oxide to improve planarization
Method for making cost-effective embedded DRAM structures compatible with logic circuit processing
Semiconductor package configuration based on lead frame having recessed and shouldered portions for flash prevention
Semiconductor device having first and second sealing resins
Lamp electronic ballast with a piezoelectric cooling fan
IC package structure for achieving better heat dissipation
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Process for producing BGA type semiconductor device, TAB tape for BGA type semiconductor device, and BGA type semiconductor device
Process for manufacturing an integrated circuit comprising an array of memory cells
Method and apparatus for reducing interconnect resistance using an interconnect well
Semiconductor module
Plasma damage detector and plasma damage evaluation method
High voltage electrostatic discharge protection circuit
ESD protection circuit triggered by diode
MOS gate Schottky tunnel transistor and an integrated circuit using the same
Manufacturing method for solar cell arrangements
Photosensor, and radiation detection apparatus and system
CMOS sensor with shallow and deep regions
High breakdown voltage semiconductor device having trenched film connected to electrodes
Memory circuitry with spaced conductive lines of different elevational thickness
Semiconductor photo-detector, semiconductor photo-detection device, and production methods thereof
Two-terminal cell-interconnected-circuits using mechanically-stacked photovoltaic cells for line-focus concentrator arrays
Method of using a wide wavelength range high efficiency avalanche light detector with negative feedback
Layered arrangement and component containing the latter
Piezoelectric transformer having increased voltage output
Piezoelectric transformer
Lattice-shaped circuit board
Bus bars for poke-through floor fitting
Apparatus box to be arranged along a wireway, in particular for electrical apparatus
Grommet and method of installing said grommet on a panel
Cable entry system
Rotor with adhesive filled grooves fastening interior permanent magnets
High efficiency alternating and direct current electrostatic motor
Infrared camera
Electric heating device
Electroluminescent lamp controller
Method and apparatus for controllably generating sparks in an ignition system or the like
Operational method and electronic ballast for a discharge lamp comprising dielectrically impeded discharges
Automatic cooking compensation apparatus of microwave oven and method thereof
Printed circuit assembly with flexible support
Column grid array connector
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