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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Performing Operations; Transporting
Plasma powder welding device and its welding method
Method for producing seal-welded connections between a stamped grid and a plastic component
Self-contained locking trigger assembly and systems which incorporate the assembly
Thermal printer assembly
Method of operating an active obstacle warning system
Systems and method for picking and placing of nanoscale objects utilizing differences in chemical and physical binding forces
Device for detecting rotation angle and torque
Dynamic interferometer controlling direction of input beam
Reference signal for stitching of interferometric profiles
Attitude determination system and method
Inverse synthetic aperture radar-based covert system for human identification
Chamber sensor port, chamber and electron beam processor
State space wavefront reconstructor for an adaptive optics control
Apparatus and process for measuring light intensities
Structure determination of materials using electron microscopy
Color evaluation apparatus and method
Apparatus and method for measuring spatially varying bidirectional reflectance distribution function
Organometallic compound vaporizing/feeding system
Non-iterative algebraic reconstruction technique for tomosynthesis
Electromagnetic protection test and surveillance system
System with functional and selector circuits connected by mode lead
Semiconductor device having a connection inspecting circuit for inspecting connections of power source terminals and grounding terminals, and inspection method for the same
System for evaluating probing networks
Systems and method for testing and recording temperatures of a CPU
Measurement value output device, measurement value monitoring device, current value output device and current monitoring device
Method for fringe field compensation of an actively shielded superconducting NMR magnet
Method and system for in-air ultrasonic acoustical detection and characterization
Zoom lens and image taking system
Transflective electrophoretic display
Optical scanning apparatus
Miniature circulator devices and methods for making the same
Aberration correction optical system
Diffracting optical element, and optical system and optical apparatus having the same
Optical film with co-continuous phases
Fiber-optic flow cell and method relating thereto
Optical waveguide termination with vertical and horizontal mode shaping
Waveguide structures and methods
Epitaxial growth for waveguide tapering
Simplified gain flattening and tap device
Optical filter having coupled whispering-gallery-mode resonators
Optical switch with 3D waveguides
Optical systems and athermalized optical component apparatuses and methods for use therein
Imaging lens system
Liquid crystal display device
Fast response in-plane-switching pi-cell liquid crystal displays
Optical AND gate and waveform shaping device
Lithographic apparatus, device manufacturing method, and device manufactured thereby
Vibration-attenuation devices having low lateral stiffness, and exposure apparatus comprising same
Enhanced lithographic displacement measurement system
Light weight head mounted image display device
Analog chronograph timepiece having plural motors
Method for closing and opening a container
Step down circuit for an LED flashlight
Low-voltage curvature-compensated bandgap reference
Providing a partial column defect map for a full frame image sensor
Interface surface printer
Printing device which operates with at least three brightness steps and methods to be executed therewith for determining printing parameters
Printer priority bidding scheme
Method of digital processing for digital cinema projection of tone scale and color
Image region filling by exemplar-based inpainting
System and method for extracting reflection and transparency layers from multiple images
Authentication device using anatomical information and method thereof
Electrostatic discharge protection of a capacitive type fingerprint sensing array
Method and system of contrast management of images using SIMD instructions and saturation arithmetic
Method and system for extracting information from images in similar surrounding color
Image processing based on degree of white-background likeliness
Image interpolation method and apparatus thereof
Separation system for Multiple Raster Content (MRC) representation of documents
Automatic visibility improvement method for digital image
Producing and encoding rate-distortion information allowing optimal transcoding of compressed digital image
Appearance inspection apparatus and method in which plural threads are processed in parallel
3D navigation techniques
Security element for electronic surveillance of articles
Article surveillance unit and assemblies therewith
Bandwidth allocation system
Ferroelectric liquid crystal apparatus and method for driving the same
Interface device for sensing position and orientation and outputting force to a user
System and method for driving a flat panel display and associated driver circuit
Display panel driver
Graphics and video integration with alpha and video blending
Image processing method and apparatus
Modular scroll wheel with integral detent-engaging spring tab
Magnetic recording system which eliminates skew angle effect
Adjusting track density over disk radius by changing slope of spiral tracks used to servo write a disk drive
Method and apparatus for high fly write detection using stored amplitude values
Two-part flow conditioning apparatus for a disc drive
Apparatus and associated methodology of imparting content protection to optically recorded data for secure reproduction
Multilayered structures comprising magnetic nano-oxide layers for current perpendicular to plane GMR heads
Pole structure to relieve adjacent track writing
Disk drive modifying a rotational position optimization algorithm based on motor capability of a VCM
Method and apparatus for applying adaptive non-linear repeatable runout compensation in a disk drive
Magnetic media and process of making thereof
Optical disk device recording data on a recordable or rewritable optical disk by setting a recording velocity and a recording power for each of zones on an optical disk
Optical disk device
Information recording and/or reproducing apparatus, information recording and/or reproducing method, and phase-change recording medium for use in the apparatus and the methods
Disk, disk device and track center detection method
Optical recording medium with high density track pitch and optical disk drive for recording and playback of the same
Optical recording medium with high density track pitch and optical disk drive for recording and playback of the same
Easy axis magnetic amplifier
Semiconductor memory and its driving method
Magnitude comparator based content addressable memory for search and sorting
Content addressable memory (CAM) devices having multi-block error detection logic and entry selective error correction logic therein
Memory device
Readout circuit, solid state image pickup device using the same circuit, and camera system using the same
Semiconductor memory having dummy regions in memory cell array
Phase detector for all-digital phase locked and delay locked loops
Maximum extended load line limit analysis for a boiling water nuclear reactor
Spring contact system for EMI filtered hermetic seals for active implantable medical devices
Power-switching mechanism for electronic device
Sensor and method for detecting a patient's movement via position and occlusion
Micro-electromechanical actuators
Method and an apparatus of an inspection system using an electron beam
Floating mode ion source
Power delivery using an integrated heat spreader
Copper diffusion deterrent interface
Bond pad rerouting element and stacked semiconductor device assemblies including the rerouting element
Thin film transistors of a thin film transistor liquid crystal display and method for fabricating the same
Electrostatic discharge protection
Active matrix type display device and method of manufacturing the same
High-voltage lateral transistor with a multi-layered extended drain structure
Integrated transistor circuitry
Electromagnetic coupler flexible circuit with a curved coupling portion
Built-in antenna for radio communication terminal
Detector for electromagnetic radiation and a method of detecting electromagnetic radiation
Effectively balanced dipole microstrip antenna
Electromagnetic phase shifter using perturbation controlled by piezoelectric transducer and pha array antenna formed therefrom
Wireless signal processing methods and apparatuses including directions of arrival estimation
Harmonic generator, method for driving harmonic generator, image-displaying apparatus, image-forming apparatus, optical storage apparatus that employs harmonic generator
Controlling laser polarization
High power semiconductor laser device
Plug and circuitry for grounding an element
Alignment apparatus and exposure apparatus using the same
Picking and supplying circuit for discharging direct current
Vibration type actuator drive controller and method of controlling drive speed of vibration type actuator
Simplified method of detection by spheres when there is a low signal to noise ratio
Operational amplifier with self control circuit for realizing high slew rate throughout full operating range
Electromagnetic interference filter
Method for tuning a radio filter, a radio filter and a system comprising such a radio filter
Compare, select, sort, and median-filter apparatus in programmable logic devices and associated methods
Reversible logic elements operating in a synchronous mode
Clock control circuit and method
Clock recovery circuit and communication device
Input circuit, display device and information display apparatus
Low phase noise MOS LC oscillator
Method to efficiently generate the row and column index for half rate interleaver in GSM
Method of generating Huffman code length information
Macroblock level intrarefresh technique for encoded video
Method for separating image sequences stored on supports such as motion-picture film, video tape or such like
Non-parametric matched filter receiver for wireless communication systems
Method of assigning a spreading sequence to a user of a telecommunications network
Hybrid mobile switching center for combined GSM/IS-41 communication
Pilot signals for synchronization and/or channel estimation
Communication system preforming control of information between a terminal device and a network side device including buffer management
Method for using a pre-configured TDM switch and traffic discard to facilitate UPSR selection
Method and apparatus for detecting robbed bit location in PCM modems and the like
Priority forwarding in a communication system
Video steganography
Multiplexer, multimedia communication apparatus and time stamp generation method
Packet transferring apparatus
Circuit and method for reducing noise interference in digital differential input receivers
System and method for aligning internal transmit and receive clocks
Method for providing a phone conversation recording service
Close-out test system
Power line communications method
Imaging forming apparatus capable of repeatedly reading out and printing stored image data
Text and image quality enhancement
Image signal conversion apparatus, method and display for image signal conversion based on selected pixel data
System for correcting display device and method for correcting the same
Detection and correction of asymmetric transient signals
Image sensing apparatus, control, and method of designing an optical system therefor
Multipoint autofocus system
Method and apparatus for processing image
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and storage medium
Frame compression using differential codes and an escape code
Sealed, waterproof digital electronic camera system and method of fabricating and communicating with same
Method of coding and decoding image
Apparatus for assisting video compression in a computer system
Control of multidirectional antenna structure in a primary station for use in a radio communication network
Unified paging
Binaural signal processing techniques
Heat plate, heating element, belt type fixing device and image forming apparatus
Plasma pyrolysis, gasification and vitrification of organic material
Microprocessor controlled portable heating system
Emergency ballast for compact fluorescent lamp with battery heater
Optimized record technique selection in radiography and fluoroscopy applications
Composite thermal interface devices and methods for integrated circuit heat transfer
Expired Patents Due To Time
Mud applicator and pneumatic accessory tool for use therewith
Sun tan applicator and container
Method and apparatus for repairing plastic parts
Adaptable refill, a collection of writing instruments capable of incorporating same as well as a method for refilling
Glue gun nozzle and method of installing carpeting
Product dispensing cover
Folder binder
Loose-leaf binder
Pocket, especially for use with loose-leaf ring binders
Stud mounted fastener for routing wire
Pivot structure for vehicle wiper device
Furniture system in particular a kitchen furniture system
Driving device for a windshield wiper, especially for vehicle window panes
Locking device for projection television lens assembly
Releasable fastener assembly for preferred use in a vehicle
Anchoring mechanism for a guide post
Tool having an accessory receiver
System for coupling a shaft and a blind, hollow member, particularly for epicyclic reduction gears
Adjustment riser
Underground storage vault
Non-clogging debris and sediment removal facility
Connection system for hoses, expansion joints and actuators
Automatic wicket for a hydraulic structure
Inhibiting acid mine drainage by displacing oxygen in rock heap
Apparatus for movement along an underground passage and method using same
Jack-up platform having a submerged tank and methods for installing and raising the tank
Spar fairing
Cutting tool assembly and cutting insert therefor
Indexible cutting insert for end mills
Face-milling method and apparatus
Positive feed tool having a clutch
Tool with control of a fluid axis using reference information from other tool axes
Cutting insert
Apparatus for extracting chips from slots cut into a substrate
Multiple automobile transport system
Vehicular cargo anchor
Screw fixing plug and combination of the same with a screw
Temporary fastener with projecting tool-guide bushing
Threaded anchor
Screw fastener with multiple threaded portions
Push pin
Tape feeders and systems using the same
Apparatus for inverting container means
Attachable frame and wheels for lifting and moving a container
Cargo transportation vehicle
Robot-based dispensing station
Container handling device and method
Seal assembly for an intershaft seal in a gas turbine engine
Gas turbine cooling moving blades
Preferentially cooled turbine shroud
Nozzle box
Gas turbine stator vane structure and unit for constituting same
Turbine pack and method for adapting a turbine pack
High torque actuation system for an active rotor control system
Electronic self-powered propeller governor
Gas turbine cooling blade
Gas turbine moving blade platform
Rotor blade for a bearingless rotor of a helicopter
Adjustable propeller unit which can be hydraulically reversed
Axial flow fan
Air circulator fan
Ceiling fan downrod
Method and apparatus for oscillatingly elevating fluid
Continuously variable transmission
Pressure gauge of a bicycle tire pump with accurate indication
Variable displacement compressor and displacement control valve system for use therein
Two-stage centrifugal compressor
Multistage vacuum pump assembly
Contraction machine
Pump unit for a hydraulic brake system
Pump assembly including integrated adapter
Positive displacement pump rotatable in opposite directions
Scroll-type fluid apparatus in which a discharge valve has a reduced rigidity and uniform distribution of bending stress
Unequal injection ports for scroll compressors
Compresser with lubricating oil control
Mold section and die ribs for tire curing mold
Tire vulcanizing equipment
Device for filtering plastics in injection molding machines
Mold assembly for injection molding flat-type heat sinks
Conversion manifold for multiple injection unit injection molding machine
Die clamp assembly
Center gating injection molding apparatus with removable hetero-molding tools
Compression molding system, apparatus and method
Seepage system for an injection molding apparatus
Swing arm stabilizing cage
Blow mold for making a carrying case with inserted nameplate
Apparatus for forming hollow article
Water jacket apparatus for injection molding systems
Combustion process for burning a fuel
combustion wick for liquid fuel combustion appliance
Active safety switch for gas burner
Oxy-fuel ignitor
Pliable mouthpiece large animal speculum
Apparatus and method for bovine overdenture
Continuous use orthodontic cooling appliance
Custom fitting variable dimension dental impression tray, product and method
Filter for spray ducts of dental or surgical handpieces
Anchoring element
Dental composition and artificial tooth with the use of dental composition
Integrated target system
System and method for stimulating night vision goggles
System and method for establishing a data session and a voice session for training a user on a computer program
Educational mathematical apparatus
Infant toy for drawing colored picture
Method and apparatus for aligning an integrated circuit chip
Rotatable docking station for an electronic device
Reorientable electrical outlet
Contact arrangement
Electric plug connector
Electrical connector
Guiding mechanism for guiding flat cable between two traveling modules
Floating connector assembly
Detachable computer lock
Circuit breaking device
Electrical plug socket retainer
Connector with interlocking jaws
Transmission line connectors and assemblies thereof
Electrical connection arrangement and method for making electrical connection
Shell for an electrical or an optical connector
Removable rear connector for a circular electrical plug
Vertical probe housing
Fitting detecting connector
Cable assembly with insulation displacement contacts for grounding
Mounting bracket and power bus for a connector block
Board lock
Method for adjusting differential thermal expansion between an electrical socket and a circuit board
Waterproof connector and method assembling of the same
Waterproof connector
Plug connector having additional power plug for transmitting high rated power
Screened electrical plug connection
Assembly of shielded connectors and a board having plated holes
Electrical connection box
Arrangement for coded and uncoded plug-in modules and device for connecting external lines using the arrangement
Surface-mountable modular electrical connector assemblies having co-planar terminals
Communication connector assembly with crosstalk compensation
Device for coding plug receptacles
Electric connection box
Connection spring for electrical connections
Female metal terminal that stably connects with male metal terminal
Electrical plug blades
Contact pieces for use in an electric connector and method of making the same
Marine drive transmission
Outboard Motor
Method and apparatus for use an electron gun employing a thermionic source of electrons
Yo-yo and method for its manufacture
Yo-yo including adjustable weight system
Kit for tops
Toy with personalized voice message and system for remote recording of message
Vehicle with spring motor operable in running and rewind modes
Heat-activated toy
Chemical mechanical polisher
Automatic lapping method and a lapping apparatus using the same
Method for cleaning a computer mouse device
Polishing apparatus
Ultrasonic transducer slurry dispenser
Method of double-side lapping a wafer and an apparatus therefor
Apparatus for finishing the edge of a sheet of glass
Workpiece carrier and polishing apparatus having workpiece carrier
Polishing apparatus
Wafer polishing apparatus with retainer ring
Surface polishing apparatus and method of taking out workpiece
Slurry delivery system for a metal polisher
Drill for composite materials
Abrasing tool
Polycrystalline diamond compact cutter with improved cutting by preventing chip build up
Tools with abrasive segments
Machine readable tag
Cash till manifold having a sixth coin bin for a coin sorter
Ceiling grille for air conditioner of recreational vehicle
Vent apparatus
Combine crop conveyor with improved feed drum chain guides
Goal directed user interface
Computer gaming system
Shooting game apparatus, method of performing shooting game, and computer-readable recording medium storing shooting game program
On-line game playing with advertising
Interchangeable martial arts weapons system
Universal joint coupling in particular arranged on a universal joint shaft of an eccentric worm machine
Apparatus for damping vibrations
Torque limiting coupling for a driveline
Apparatus for damping vibrations
Elastomer coupling having cylindrical surface hubs
Arrangement for relative adjustment of rotation angle of a control shaft of an internal combustion engine
Plastic pin and method of making same
Golfing game with undulating surface
Extension apparatus for golf club
Apparatus for developing golf swing
Instrumented sports apparatus and feedback method
Adjustable golf swing training apparatus
Correlated set of golf club irons
Golf club
Coated golf club component
Three piece golf ball
Removable basketball backboard cover
Hydraulic tensioner with a hydraulically controlled rack
Belt tensioner for motor vehicle
Auto tensioner
Modular unitized differential
Electric tool knob control apparatus
Multiple-speed transmission for motor vehicles
Frictional roller type continuously variable transmission
Power roller bearing of toroidal type continuously variable transmission and method of manufacturing power roller bearing of toroidal type continuously variable transmission
Stroller having an upper body exercise propulsion mechanism
Elliptical exercise methods and apparatus
Apparatus for assisting and training a child to walk
Exercise device
Weightlifting apparatus for exercising the triceps
Adjustable dumbbell
Multi-piece tubular barbell bar
Sliding exerciser
Push and pull simulating exerciser
Constant velocity universal joint for therapy devices
Insulating roll
Toner supply roll including cylindrical polyurethane sponge structure having helical protrusions on its outer surface
Method and device for folding sheet piles
Method for imparting a food additive and package for same
Automatic centrifugal machine employing a link arm mechanism
Centrifugal separator with vortex disruption vanes
Brachytherapy device assembly and method of use
Combination of a capsule for brachytherapy and a guidewire
Compositions methods and devices for embryo implantation for in vitro fertilization
Access catheter and method for maintaining separation between a falloposcope and a tubal wall
Arthroscopic component joining system
Direct vision subcutaneous tissue retractor and method for use
Tissue retractor adapted for the attachment of an auxiliary element
Research data collection and analysis
Chord propagation velocity measurement system and method for an ultrasound imaging system
Doppler ultrasound method and apparatus for monitoring blood flow
Flow estimation using an ultrasonically modulated contrast agent
Blood-pressure monitoring apparatus
Method and system for detecting estrus in swine
Tactile sensory testing device
Method for detection on auditory evoked potentials using a point optimized variance ratio
Impact-damped biopsy instrument
Cassette and applicator for biological and chemical sample collection
Male connector with a continuous surface for a guide wire, and method therefor
Forward head posture measuring device
Vacuum massager
Auxiliary device fastened with a back massaging chair for enhancing massaging effect
Portable message device
Thumb wrist splint and method
Foot protector for sand soccer
Extracorporeal blood processing methods and apparatus
Method of forming a flexible applicator for inserting an article into a mammalian body cavity
Tip for liquefracture handpiece
Vibrator appliance particularly useful for dialysis
Dual-filled twin bag, a package and a method for forming a package for administering a solution
Portable pump apparatus for continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis and a method for providing same
Ophthalmic insert and method for sustained release of medication to the eye
Arterial aspiration
Reinforced edge exchange catheter
Irradiation catheter and method of use
Syringe and tip cap assembly
Syringe/plunger coupling
Injection system, pump system for use therein and method of use of pumping system
Vascular access device
Laparoscopic tool and method
Catheter advancing single-handed soft passer
Device for fixing subcutaneous catheters
Check valve, in particular for use in an implantable artificial bladder
Syringe handle
In-line retractable safety medical needle assembly
Precise instilation eye dropper tip
Ostomy appliance faceplate with concealed coupling ring flange
Male incontinence diaper
Disposable wearing article
Method and apparatus for drug and gene delivery
Kink-resistant braided catheter with distal side holes
Angiography catheter with sections having different mechanical properties
Dual valve, flexible expandable sheath and method
Articulated apparatus for telemanipulator system
Laser method for restoring accommodative potential
Universal implant blank for modifying corneal curvature and methods of modifying corneal curvature therewith
Laser apparatus for subsurface cutaneous treatment
Systems and methods for controlling tissue ablation using multiple temperature sensing elements
Medical instruments and techniques for treatment of gastro-esophageal reflux disease
Apparatus and process for catheter ablation
Adjustable electrocautery surgical apparatus
Grooved slider electrode for a resectoscope
Electrosurgical instrument
Device for external fixation of a fractured radius
Sacral implant system
Intramedullary nail
Elastic loaded retractable pin device for cranial bone attachment
Threaded drill/IM rod
Gauge for measuring the profile of bone openings
Guide sleeve for offset vertebrae
Medical marking devices and methods for their use
Applicator for setting a surgical needle
Pelvic floor reconstruction
Surgical fastener for joining adjacent bone portions
Apparatus for lamellar keratoplasty
Triple pointed micro knife
Lancing device having a releasable connector
Vascular sheath with puncture site closure apparatus and methods of use
Isoelastic suture material and device
Feeding system and apparatus for infants
Cooling/heating pad and system
Method for deploying an endovascular graft having a bifurcation
Articulating bifurcation graft
Transmyocardial implant with compliance collar
Polycarbonate-polyurethane dispersions for thromobo-resistant coatings
Bioprosthetic heart valve implantation device
Sutureless cuff for heart valves
Single chamber mechanical heart
Segmented scleral band for treatment of presbyopia and other eye disorders
Lens conversion system for teledioptic or difractive configurations
Corrective intraocular lens system and intraocular lenses and lens handling device therefor
Accomodating intraocular lens
Otologic prostheses
In vitro production of transplantable cartilage tissue cohesive cartilage produced thereby, and method for the surgical repair of cartilage damage
Modular shoulder prosthesis system
Modular humeral prosthesis and method
Prosthetic implant
Method and apparatus for segmental bone replacement
Prosthetic foot providing plantar flexion and controlled dorsiflexion
Lower limb prosthesis with an injection molded flanged shin portion
Prosthetic foot simulating toe rotation
Adrenomedullin receptor polynucleotides
Detergent compositions comprising alpha combination of .alpha.-amylases for malodor stripping
Formulations for dyeing keratin fibers comprising a pyrazolotriazole coupler and oxidation base
Esterified triclosan derivatives as improved textile antimicrobial agents
Process for producing aluminum oxide beads
Method of manufacturing a lithium battery
Overbased magnesium deposit control additive for residual fuel oils
Abrasive article method of making same and abrading apparatus
Filter screen assembly for mounting over an air intake opening
Sleeve filter
Pleated air filter and method for producing same
Apparatus for separating fiber material from an air stream
Method for bio-refining waste organic material to produce denatured and sterile nutrient products
Refining of tantalum and tantalum scrap with carbon
Method for producing titanium-based carbonitride alloys free from binder phase surface layer
Thermal fatigue and shock-resistant material for earth-boring bits
Method for forming titanium anisotropic metal particles
System and method for minimizing slag carryover during the production of steel
Pyrolysis of halogenated organic hazardous wastes with direct reduction of iron oxides
Producing liquid iron having a low sulfur content
Activated magnesium metal
Method and apparatus for recovering a gas from a gas mixture
Ozone purification process
Selective removal of nitrogen from natural gas by pressure swing adsorption
Method and apparatus for the purification of waste gas of a drying apparatus
Device for improving the quality of indoor air
Subsea multiphase fluid separating system and method
Filter system
Apparatus for cleaning an airstream
Fast drying biocidal preservative composition
Flowable cushioning media including lubricated spherical objects
Dispersible water soluble polymers
Coating compositions, method of forming hydrophilic films, and hydrophilic film-coated articles
Coating solutions for use in forming bismuth-based ferroelectric thin films, and ferroelectric thin films, ferroelectric capacitors and ferroelectric memories formed with said coating solutions, as well as processes for production thereof
Pigment composition
Very high solids TiO2 slurries
Hydrous clay slurry mixture containing a silane-treated clay
Ferrophosphorus alloys and their use in cement composites
Gypsum-rich Portland cement
Silicon seed crystal, method of manufacturing the same, and method of manufacturing silicon monocrystal through use of the seed crystal
Method for producing low defect silicon single crystal doped with nitrogen
Mass production of silicon dioxide film by liquid phase deposition method
Heat shield assembly for crystal puller
Support beam in a paper machine
Device for applying liquids on a substrate
Power feeding apparatus having an adjustable feed width
Robot based sealant dispenser
Plasma processing system
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