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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Apparatus and method for controlling lighting in plant factory
Vehicle pet safety enclosure and portable kennel
Apparatus for providing fresh water to fowl and method of making the same
Fishing reel and drive mechanism therefor
Insect trap and monitor
Varmint and intruder deterrent system
Phagodeterrent compounds of fungal origin
4-substituted 1-phenylpyrazole-3-carboxylic acid derivatives as agents against abiotic plant stress
Poultry processing apparatus
Electronic cigarette and electronic cigarette device
Wearable blanket-like article for providing warmth and comfort
Breast shaping and lifting support garment
Circular cut diamond
Foot base for assistive device
System and method for manufacturing custom-fit three-dimensional artificial nails
Backpack with a pillow and extendible sleeping mat
Height adjustable support assembly
Portable personal support
Infant rails for a couch
Furniture having removable arm sections
Folding book holder for chair
Firearm holster mounting system for vehicles
Child containment device with mattress retaining mechanism
Goods feeding device
Foldable multi-shelf stand
Winding apparatus for covering openings in wall portions
Pillow and pillowcase therefore
Multi-purpose cooking device through heating of a water bath
Portable barbecue grill
Fryer with perforated cover
Mop trolley with a central mop sprayer and mop rest
Eyelash measuring device
Surgical cutting device and method for its use
Surgical cutting device and method for its use
Remote center of motion mechanism and method of use
Restricted wedge suture anchor and method for soft tissue repair
Anastomosis composite gasket
Visual obturator with tip openings
Bone anchoring device
Medical devices for clearing a surgical site
Error detection in critical repeating data in a wireless sensor system
Methods for ultrasound visualization of a vessel with location and cycle information
Method for recording magnetic resonance image data when using a ventilation apparatus
Dual chamber volume measurement apparatus and methods of making and using the same
Systems and methods for bioluminescent computed tomographic reconstruction
Methods and apparatus for acute or chronic delivery or substances or apparatus to extravascular treatment sites
Multi-position abutment with angular ball attachment for dental implants
Sock with integrally knit support
Pet diaper and clothing component system
Computer aided implantation of body implants
Combinatorial therapy for treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee
Bandaging material
Methods of treating cancer using a combination of an immunomodulatory compound and an artemisinin or a derivative thereof
Pyrrolidine derivatives
Infant formula with probiotics and milk fat globule membrane components
Skin treatment for promoting hair growth
Variants of plasminogen and plasmin
Use of Listeria vaccine vectors to reverse vaccine unresponsiveness in parasitically infected individuals
Immunization against Clostridium difficile disease
Method of treating ischemic disorders
Entrapment of radionuclides in nanoparticle compositions
Polysilicone base for scar treatment
Process for preparing microparticles
Biodegradable particle and method for producing the same
Use of iminocyclitols as inhibitors of bacterial adherence to epithelial cells
Electronic cigarette device, electronic cigarette and atomizing device thereof
Applicator for applying a fluid to a surface
Intravenous line coupling apparatus
Systems and methods for monitoring contact with patient's catheter assembly
Medical hand and arm protection apparatus and method of protection
Apparatus for treating and/or preventing diseases and functional disorders of external genital organs
Neurostimulator interconnection apparatus, system, and method
Bilateral auditory prosthesis systems and methods
Cardiac stimulation with hemodynamic sensor guard
Low profile package for an implantable device
Data/power transfer over a communication link
Method for programming implantable device
Method and apparatus for acne treatment using low intensity light therapy
Fire suppression apparatus and method for using the same in an enclosed compartment
Methods and compositions for oxidizing bisphenol A
Jaw and facial muscle exercising device
Weight lifting machine
Endless belt multi-function training system
Fitness device
Exercise device
Golf balls including a crosslinked thermoplastic polyurethane cover layer having improved scuff resistance
Locking golf bag
Self-supporting pocket molding device for lacrosse sticks
Martial arts training apparatus
Systems and methods for visualizing and analyzing impact forces
Tennis training device
Method and apparatus for providing a mirror-world based digital board game service
Gaming table apparatus
Magnet-mounted parts and magnet toy including same
Performing Operations; Transporting
Systems and methods for processing sylvinite and carnallite ores
Pot lid apparatus including automatic stirrer and vent control
System for stirring or storing paints with roller drive arrangement
Nickel/lanthana catalyst for producing syngas
Coating process of Zero-PGM catalysts and methods thereof
Cone crusher having an arrangement for measuring a position of a crushing shell
Method of high shear comminution of solids
Device for ejecting droplets of an electrically conductive fluid, vapor suppressing means for use in said device and a method for suppressing vapor of an electrically conductive fluid
Push button for a pressurised-product dispensing system
Paint cup for spray gun
Double-sealant tube structure for caulking gun
Handheld powdering device
Escort based sorting system for mail sorting centers
Mail sorting system
Method to improve detection of thin walled polyethylene terephthalate containers for recycling including those containing liquids
Method and apparatus for cleaning flow control elements
Mineral-releasing compost and method of using the same for soil remediation
Hot-pressing apparatus
Containment of molten aluminum using non-wetting materials
Method for processing a thin cylindrical work
Methods, systems, and apparatuses for laser shock peening metal materials
Method for manufacturing golf club head
Pb-free solder paste
Vacuum carriers for substrate bonding
Machine tool for rotary machining
Angle grinder
Blade honing apparatus and cutting apparatus incorporating same
Ratcheting torque wrench head
Pneumatic ratchet wrench
Hand tool for removing a fly-screen from a window frame
Tool to manipulate items within a truck bed
Multiple rotary knife for longitudinal splitting of webs
Injection molding machine
Gemstone production from CVD diamond plate
Method for forming a glass-plastic composite
Conicity correction for rubber component extrusion
Method for processing transluscent rigid substrate laminate and method for manufacturing plate shaped product
Method of manufacturing an ejection orifice member
Printing apparatus and printing method
Adjustable wheel cover for aluminum alloy rim
Anti-rollback control via grade information for hybrid and conventional vehicles
Fuel tank affixing structure for construction machine
Data extraction method
Drive device for an individual wheel of a motor vehicle
Hybrid vehicle driving system, hybrid vehicle, and driving method
Pneumatic powertrain for an automotive vehicle
Manually propelled vehicle
Seat apparatus for a child's ride-on vehicle
Convertible car seat and stroller
Cargo strap launching device
Lock assembly
Intermodal transport platform
Airbag and airbag device provided with the airbag
Truck bed storage device
Tire inflator
Vacuum brake booster vacuum enhancer
Method for controlling regenerative braking in an electric vehicle
Hybrid vehicle control device
Video information delivery and display system and video information delivery and display method
Modular customizable cart
Structural component for a motor vehicle
Vehicle instrument panel reinforcement
Convertible pickup truck cargo box system
Method and device for reducing unwanted excitations at a steering wheel
Free-wheeling, free-steering, foldable multi-stage tricycle with a single-motion release mechanism
Drive assembly of an electric bicycle
Wheeled cart
Rudder propeller
Opener cap
Package bag and method for filling and packing liquid material to be packed
Folding box
Case for electronic tablet
Tray for transporting horticultural containers
Cargo container for an aircraft
Cattle chute transporting system
Acceleration tube for hydraulic cutting system
Interval adjustment device and transport device using same
Storage apparatus
Device for feeding granulate and filler material to an extruder screw of an extruder
Device and method for separating product parts of a multi-part product
Passenger conveyor with movable lateral panel members
Spray dispenser and method for using
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Catalyst for generating hydrogen and method for generating hydrogen
Desalination unit for the production of potable water from sub-soil brine
Large-scale electricity-less disinfection of fluent water
Process for sewage water purification
Apparatus, systems, and methods for water treatment
Air cloud particle suspension dredge
Method and apparatus for machining strengthened glass and articles produced thereby
Material based on alumina, with a multiscale structure, comprising an aluminium phosphate binder with good mechanical strength, and process for its preparation
Antibodies against epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) and uses thereof
Process for producing graphene/SiC composite material and graphene/SiC composite material obtained thereby
Textiles; Paper
Apparatus and method for knitting fabric using elastic yarns
Fixed Constructions
Power-driven hand tool
Longwall equipment with a hydrostatic tube balance thereon for determining the height position of individual elements of the longwall equipment
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Wind-powered vessel for removal of carbon dioxide from seawater
Agricultural access systems and methods
Vehicular lamp
Bi-substituted rare earth iron garnet single crystal, method of manufacturing the same, and optical device
Process, system and software arrangement for determining at least one location in a sample using an optical coherence tomography
Speckle reduction in optical coherence tomography by path length encoded angular compounding
Method for assisting an aircraft to rejoin a flight plan by interception of a flight segment close to the aircraft
Navigation apparatus and computer program
Information processing method, apparatus, and program
Intelligent powered mobility for infants and special needs children
Radiographic apparatus
Microfluidic liquid stream configuration system
Dosage and administration for preventing cardiotoxicity in treatment with ERBB2-targeted immunoliposomes comprising anthracycline chemotherapeutic agents
Optical lens, mold set for manufacturing the optical lens, and method of manufacturing the optical lens
Purging of fiber optic conduits in subterranean wells
Photoelectric conversion device, photoelectric conversion module and method of manufacturing photoelectric conversion device
Anti-vibration actuator and lens unit/camera equipped therewith
Position controller for optical element
Frame linked 2D/3D camera system
Image forming apparatus and printing control method
Image forming apparatus having control unit
Image forming apparatus
Developer supply device, process cartridge, and image forming apparatus
Gain scheduling approach for fuser control to reduce inter-cycle time
Image forming apparatus, cartridge, and cleaning device
Process cartridge and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
System and method to control data center air handling systems
System and method of optimization for vending platforms
User authentication via evoked potential in electroencephalographic signals
System and method for optimizing use of plug-in air conditioners and portable heaters
Power state transition initiation control of memory interconnect based on early warning signal, memory response time, and wakeup delay
Protection of data on failing storage devices
Network system
Information processing apparatus, method, and computer program product for self-diagnosis for utilizing multiple diagnostic devices, each having exclusive access to a resource
Information flow enforcement for RISC-style assembly code in the presence of timing-related covert channels and multi-threading
Error detection and communication of an error location in multi-processor data processing system having processors operating in Lockstep
Detecting soft errors via selective re-execution
Power distribution network performance data presentation system and method
Fair and dynamic disk input/output bandwidth distribution
Dynamic processor bandwidth allocation in response to environmental conditions
System and method for creating ordering points
Address generation for multiple access of memory
Storage system and control method for the same
Selecting a target number of pages for allocation to a partition
System and method for information assurance based on thermal analysis techniques
Method, system and computer program product for enhanced shared store buffer management scheme with limited resources for optimized performance
Self-testing, monitoring and diagnostics in grouped circuitry modules
Method for spatial filtering of electromagnetic survey data
Initiating an alternative communication channel for receiving streaming content
Media content device and system
Methods and apparatus for making a hypermedium interactive
Systems and methods for selecting buffering time for media data
Systems and methods for identifying non-terrorists using social networking
System and method for transmission of data
Separable URL gaming system
Load balancer having band control function and setting method thereof
Communication in multiprocessor using proxy sockets
Visual media viewing system and method
Communication system, communication apparatus, communication method, storage medium, and package medium
Electronic messaging system and method
Systems and methods for encapsulation based session initiation protocol through network address translation
Decoupling TCP/IP processing in system area networks with call filtering
Data consistency within a federation infrastructure
Content management across shared, mobile file systems
System and method to identify, rank, and audit network provided configurables
System and method for email notification
Communication terminal, and destination-address right/wrong determining method and program thereof
Device, time, and location based notification content transfer and presentment system and method
System and method for reproducing information stored on a data recording medium in an interactive networked environment
Method and system for splicing remote direct memory access (RDMA) transactions in an RDMA-aware system
Telecommunication and multimedia management method and apparatus
Scheduling data delivery to manage device resources
Method and apparatus for annotating a line-based document
Method and apparatus for electronic literary macrame component referencing
Guiding-tour system and apparatus
Method and system for creating and implementing dynamic graphic media
Handheld electronic device and associated method enabling spell checking in a text disambiguation environment
Managing workflow communication in a distributed storage system
Visually manipulating instance collections
System and method for remote usage modeling
Information managing method, information managing system, server apparatus, and recording medium
Apparatus and system for communicating with multiple data stores
Overlapping experiments
Method and apparatus for supporting different authentication credentials
Method for merging document clusters
Systems and methods for data upload and download
System and method for updating a table-of-contents in a frameset
Normalizing records
Method for diffusion based cell placement migration
Supporting system, design supporting method, and computer-readable recording medium recorded with design supporting program
Self-disabling simulation models using limits on assertions
Modeling system-level effects of soft errors
Method and apparatus for determination of the life consumption of individual components in a fossil fuelled power generating installation, in particular in a gas and steam turbine installation
Fashion design method, system and apparatus
Methods and apparatuses for processing digital objects
Distributed virtual machine architecture
Method and apparatus for storing broadcast program
Method for providing scratch registers for use by a virtual-machine monitor
Method and system for displaying a plurality of discrete files in a compound file
Content playback apparatus, content playback method and storage medium
System and method for controlling a clutch fill event
Method and device for editing composite content file and reproduction apparatus
Printing medium conveying apparatus and printing medium conveying method
System and method for monitoring the condition of a conveyor belt
Method and system for optimizing containers in a block
Dynamic restoration of message object search indexes
Method for navigating large image sets using sort orders
Identity based network mapping
Systems and methods for accelerated loading of operating systems and application programs
Module specification language and meta-module
Framework for testing API of a software application
Systems and methods for risk analysis and updating of software
System and method for in situ display of a virtual wheel on a wheeled vehicle
Video processing apparatus and video processing method thereof
Apparatus and method for identifying a name corresponding to a face or voice using a database
Using biometrics as an encryption key
Neuronal measurement tool
System and method for analyzing and marking film
Method for segmenting image data for detecting a liver
Image reconstruction device, image reconstruction method, image reconstruction program, and CT apparatus
Multi-resolutional texture analysis fingerprint liveness systems and methods
Matching object and reference pattern images using search window size widths and heights to predict object collision
System and method to automatically establish preferred area for image-wise watermark
Image capturing device and usage method thereof
Pattern noise correction for pseudo projections
Document processing apparatus and program
Image-based code
Imaging system performance measurement
Method, apparatus, and system for reducing blurring of an image using multiple filtered images
Method for edge matching in film and image processing
System and method for analyzing and improving business performance
System and method for processing trip requests
Embedded media recommendations
Planning a supply of items to a first location associated with a supply chain from one or more second locations associated with the supply chain
Lens order system, lens order method, lens order program and recording medium storing the lens order program
Co-branded internet service provider and retailer internet service site with retailer-offered incentives for member use
Method and system for conducting an auction over a network
System and method for selection of payment systems from a payment system directory to process a transaction
Method and system for saving money with a group of mobile devices
Method and apparatus for authenticating financial transactions
System and method for providing reduced insurance premiums
Monitoring system for determining and communicating a cost of insurance
Mortgage payment insurance method and system
System and method for trading order priority levels in an electronic trading environment
Modeling financial instruments using bid and ask prices
Methods, systems, and computer readable media for facilitating the exchange of reciprocal deposits
Health care financing
Method and apparatus for leisure and entertainment merchandising
System, method, and computer program product for providing an association between a first participant and a second participant in a social network
Imaging method and device with dual reading scanner
Systems and methods for socially-based correction of tilted images
Multi-function card handling apparatus and methods of operation
Communication protocol improvement to recover data from a continuous glucose monitor
Pilf resistant packaging system
Animal weight monitoring system
Vehicle rim alert system and method
Obstacle avoidance path computing apparatus, obstacle avoidance path computing method, and obstacle avoidance control system equipped with obstacle avoidance path computing system
Voice modulation recognition in a radio-to-SIP adapter
Storage medium with separate image and data tracks
Spindle motor having clamping device
Disabling portions of memory with defects
Neutron-driven element transmuter
Including fiducial markers in radiation therapy planning to facilitate real-time position monitoring during treatment delivery
Purification of nanocrystals for thermoelectric, solar, and electronic applications
Suction device for vacuum-lifting multiple types of workpieces
Increasing the efficiency of solar cells by transfer of solder
Carbon material and electricity storage device
Voice, data and RF integrated circuit with off-chip power amplifier and methods for use therewith
Ultra-short pulse laser system and method for producing femtosecond or picosecond pulses
System and method of calibrating power-on gating window for a time-to-digital converter (TDC) of a digital phase locked loop (DPLL)
Circuits and methods for clock and data recovery
Method and system of providing a high speed Tomlinson-Harashima Precoder
Method and system for dynamically adjusting forward error correction (FEC) rate to adapt for time varying network impairments in video streaming applications over IP networks
Multi-code LDPC (low density parity check) decoder
Communication system and its method
Method and apparatus for spreading signal acquisition and tracking
High accuracy programmable gain amplifier
Radio receiver circuit, radio transceiver circuit and calibration method thereof
Down-converter and calibration method thereof
Contactless smart SIM
Portable electronic device and method for managing icons thereof
Data transmission system and transmission code generating method for the same
System and method for optimizing the selection of ghost channels in mitigating polarization hole burning
Measuring apparatus, measuring method, recording medium, and test apparatus
Radio communication terminal apparatus, display method in radio communication terminal apparatus and radio communication network system
Communication terminals and mobile communication system including the same
Test apparatus
Wireless security system
Multimode transceiver for use with multiple antennas and method for use therewith
Physical layer repeater with selective use of higher layer functions based on network operating conditions
Leveraging coherent distributed space-time codes for noncoherent communication in relay networks via training
Radio base station, relay station, and relay method
Bandwidth efficient wireless network modem
Transmitting sports and entertainment data to wireless hand held devices over a telecommunications network
Multicast path management and protection
Method, system, program, and readable storage medium for providing service quality guarantee to network service
Adaptive network flow analysis
Systems and method for orthogonal frequency divisional multiplexing
Zero correlation zone based preamble for oversampled OFDM networks in URWIN
Frame and signalling pattern structure for multi-carrier systems
Network system, optical line terminating apparatus, and optical network apparatus
Service handover method, optical network system, handover equipment and PE equipment in an OVPN
Companded transmit path for wireless communication
Synchronization of nodes on a network
In-band flow control methods for communications systems
Header compression of multimedia data transmitted over a wireless communication system
Embedding data in and detecting embedded data from video objects
Method of generating message authentication code using stream cipher and authentication/encryption and authentication/decryption methods using stream cipher
Radio communication system, receiver, receiving method, transmitter, transmitting method, and device for and method of calculating delay times for multi-carrier transmission
Adaptive joint source and channel coding scheme for H.264 video multicasting over wireless networks
Network relay having dynamically selectable receive and transmit channel intervals and method of operating the same
Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving a channel measurement reports in wireless communication system
Wireless communication apparatus and wireless communication method using variable transmission rate
Methods and systems for adaptive effective CINR reporting in a wireless communication system
Allocating bandwidth in a resilient packet ring network by P controller
Packet relay apparatus and packet relay method
Serial attached SCSI broadcast primitive processor filtering for loop architectures
Load-aware network path configuration
Method and apparatus for managing admission and routing in multi-hop 802.11 networks taking into consideration traffic shaping at intermediate hops
Method for managing under-run and a device having under-run management capabilities
IP telephone system, IP telephone apparatus and communications method
Device, system and method for cryptographic key exchange
Systems and methods for digital delayed array transmitter architecture with beam steering capability for high data rate
AGC control for MIMO systems
Robust burst detection and acquisition system and method
Device-side inline pattern matching and policy enforcement
Deployable secure communication system
Single loop frequency and phase detection
Method and system for generating a secret key from joint randomness
Broadcast encryption with dual tree sizes
Storage apparatus and data management method for changing keys of a logical volume and common resource
Data verification using signature
System and method for authenticating documents
Wireless millimeter wave communication system
Convertible headset ring for wireless communication
Access to internal replaceable component
Terminal apparatus
Mobile terminal
Virtual gateway node for dual-mode wireless phones
Tilting mechanism and electronic apparatus
System and method for auto-reversing loop polarity of U interface
Method and radio communication network for detecting the presence of fraudulent subscriber identity modules
Integrated services user part (ISUP) /session initiation protocol (SIP) gateway for unlicensed mobile access (UMA) emergency services call flow
Wireless electronic couponing technique
Method and apparatus for monitoring telephonic members and providing directory assistance
Dynamically configurable IP based wireless device and wireless networks
Mobile electronic device and method for displaying characters on a bluetooth device
Network element routing service
Activity normalization for video encoding
System and method for simultaneous network recording and playback of digital television programs
Moving picture data edition device and moving picture data edition method
Moving picture encoding device, fade scene detection device and storage medium
Intra prediction circuit device applied to the H.264 video coding standard
Managing multiview streaming video data composed of frames
Meta data enhanced television programming
Simultaneously reproducing broadcast and replay content on a display
System and a method for transmitting and receiving a program with improved efficiency
Information processing device, information processing method, and computer program
Client-server based interactive television program guide system with remote server recording
Dynamic image encoding device and method
Method for motion search between video frames with multiple blocks
Optical record/playback apparatus and control method thereof
Handheld electronic device having offset sound openings
Audio player plush
Steerable acoustic waveguide
Earphone speaker with ESD protection
Earphone device, sound tube forming a part of earphone device and sound generating apparatus
Diaphragm for an electroacoustic transducer, and electroacoustic transducer
Method and apparatus for determining sound standard for input sound signal
Center for a mobile communication system performing diversity handover
Method and apparatus for high rate packet data transmission
Combined base transceiver station and base station controller optimized assignment of frame offsets
TBF bi-directional optimization for TCP
Fast handover method using candidate CoAs
Method and apparatus for handover in mobile communication network including satellite network
Dynamic pattern elimination based compression method for text-based signaling protocols
User equipment capability handling in long-term evolution systems
Data communications between short-range enabled wireless devices over networks and proximity marketing to such devices
Communications system, communications processing method, and nodes
Cellular systems with distributed antennas
Protocol assisted switched diversity of antennas
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Impatiens plants and methods of reproduction
Production of transgenic impatiens
Aiolos gene
Inhibition of apoptosis using interleukin-1.beta.-converting enzyme (ICE)/CED-3 family inhibitors
Solid water-soluble or water-dispersible compositions
Slime remover and slime preventing/removing agent
Fungicidal mixtures
Herbicidal 2-pyrazolyl-6-aryloxypyri(mi)dines
Process for the biocidal finishing of plastic materials
Method of separating and recovering proteins from a protein solution
Method for supplying bioavailable methionine to a cow
Electron source for food treating apparatus and method
Assembly for cable conduits of workstation furniture
Combination baby bottle and baby wipes container with integral warmer
Biometric sensor and method for its production
Pliable contact bandage
Modular bandage
Absorbent article
Methods for reducing intraocular pressure using A3 adenosine receptor antagonists
Compositions containing and methods of using 1-aminoindan and derivatives thereof and process for preparing optically active 1-aminoindan derivatives
Urea derivatives as HIV aspartyl protease inhibitors
Calcium formate for use as a dietary supplement
Treatment of depression with kappa receptor antagonists
Spiro compounds as inhibitors of fibrinogen-dependent platelet aggregation
Method of treating the syndrome of coronary heart disease risk factors in humans
Method of treatment with a combination of a PDE4 inhibitor and a leukotriene antagonist
Use of tetrandrine and its derivatives to treat malaria
Pharmaceutical compositions containing cinchonine dichlorhydrate
IgE antibody production inhibitors and autoimmune diseases inhibitors
Pyrimidine compounds useful in treating cytokine mediated diseases
Polymorphic forms of an antidiabetic agent: process for their preparation and a pharmaceutical composition containing them
Pyrimidine derivatives
Estrogenic compounds as anti-mitotic agents
Phenidate drug formulations having diminished abuse potential
Treatment of anti-depression drug-induced sexual dysfunction with apomorphine
Combination therapy to treat hepatitis B virus
Esmolol formulation
Use of crosslinked copolymers of monoethylenically unsaturated carboxylic acids as stabilizer in oil-in-water emulsions
Polypeptide variants
Oligonucleotide-folate conjugates
Bridged aromatic substituted amine ligands with donor atoms
Adhesive for use in the oral environment having color-changing capabilities
Cationic 4-hydroxyindoles, their use for the oxidation dyeing of keratinous fibers, dyeing compositions, and methods of dyeing
Phosphated castor oil and derivatives
Stable formulation containing fumagillin
Preparations comprising a fluorocarbon or highly fluorinated compound and a lipophilic/fluorophilic organic compound, and their uses
Coating bituminous substrates
Partial fatty acid oxidation inhibitors in the treatment of congestive heart failure
Composition and method for inhibiting uptake of biguanide antimicrobials by hydrogels
Foldable ophthalmic and otorhinolaryngological device materials
Aqueous foaming compositions, foam compositions, and preparation of foam compositions
Golf ball covers including polyurethane and optical brighteners
Performing Operations; Transporting
Catalyst support material having high oxygen storage capacity and method of preparation thereof
Method for producing shell catalysts for the catalytic vapor-phase oxidation of aromatic hydrocarbons and catalysts obtained in such a manner
Noble metal containing hydrogenation catalyst for selective hydrogenation of 1, 4 butynediol to 1, 4 butenediol, and a process for the preparation thereof
Catalyst composition and processes therefor and therewith
Double metal cyanide catalysts for the production of polyther polyols
Process for the preparation of a catalyst composite
Mono-and di-derivatives of cyclodextrins, synthesis thereof and purification and use thereof in support
Process for preparing cycloalkanone
Catalyst carrier body with exposed heat-radiating surfaces
Process for making a catalyst composition
Heat/pressure fusing wire to terminal apparatus and method
Apparatus and method using rotational indexing for laser marking IC packages carried in trays
Apparatus for determining the position of the focal point in a laser machining system
Laser beam position control apparatus for a CNC laser equipped machine tool
Underwater maintenance repair device and method
Pneumatic inductor and method of electrical connector delivery and organization
Laser lap welding process of welding together overlapped plated steel sheets
Light guide for laser welding
Method of coating an emissive element
Engine driven welder with field current boost
Engine exhaust heated welding rod drying oven
Fusion-welded nanotube surface signal probe and method of attaching nanotube to probe holder
Ultrasound assisted continuous process for making polymer blends and copolymers
Extrusion freeform fabrication of soybean oil-based composites by direct deposition
Recycling of articles comprising hydroxy-phenoxyether polymers
Chromogenic light filter and controls
Laser search peening for exfoliation corrosion detection
Space photovoltaic power generation method and system
Solar concentrator
Microdevice and its production method
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method for preparing a contact mass
Solid oxidizer with dissolution indicator
Pre-heating and load lock pedestal material for high temperature CVD liquid crystal and flat panel display applications
Glass composition, stem and bulb for lamps
Water soluble glass composition
Preparing copolymers of carboxylic acid, aromatic vinyl compound and hydrophobic polyalkylene oxide
Synthetic aggregate and method of producing the same
Process for making clay spheroids
Low solids, high strength multi-use gelled adhesives and adhesive mastics
Preparation of cyclopropylethyne and intermediates for preparation of cyclopropylethyne
Process for the production of an isomer of xylenes in three stages: separation, isomerization in the presence of a catalyst based on an EUO zeolite and transalkylation
Preparation of 245fa
Adiabatic process for producing dinitrotoluene
Phenoxy-and thiophenoxy acrylic acid compounds as herbicides
Ruthenium complexes and their use in asymmetric hydrogenation
Processes for producing optically active 2-amino-1-phenylethanol derivatives
Synthesis of (R) and (S) -aminocarnitine and their derivatives starting from D- and L-aspartic acid
Process for producing gabapentin or pharmaceutical grade
Selective retinoid agonists
Aromatic derivatives with HIV integrase inhibitory properties
Process for producing bromo-aromatic condensed ring compound
Phosgene-free process for preparing carbamates
Cyanohydrin ethers and esters as high-sensitivity enzyme substrates
Preventing undesired odor in and/or purifying alkanediols
Thiourea and benzamide compounds, compositions and methods of treating or preventing inflammatory diseases and atherosclerosis
Process for inhibiting the emission of hydrogen sulfide and/or mercaptans from sulfurized organic compounds
Urea derivatives
Prostacyclin derivatives
Methods for the preparation of 4-chlorophthalic anhydride
Halogenated triphenylethylene derivatives as selective estrogen receptor modulators
Process for producing phenyl esters using palladium-based catalysts
Process for the synthesis of an aliphatic cyclic amine
N-protected synthesis method for use in making porphyrins
Process for the production of amorphous atorvastatin calcium
Compounds with activity on muscarinic receptors
Azo amino acids derivatives
Method for production of 1,3-disubtituted 2-nitroguanidines
Amidocarboxylic acid derivatives
Quinoline and quinoxaline compounds which inhibit platelet-derived growth factor and/or p56lck tyrosine kinases
Bicyclic inhibitors of protein farnesyl transferase
Synthesis of histamine dihydrochloride
Hydrolysis of [R(R*,R*)]-2-(4-fluorophenyl)-.beta.,.delta.-dihydroxy-5-(1-methylethyl)-3 -phenyl-4-[(phenylamino) carbonyl]-1H-pyrrole-1-heptanoic acid esters with calcium hydroxide
Inhibitors of p38
Methods for making 2-(.omega.-alkoxycarbonylalkanoyl)-4-butanolide, ester of .omega.-hydroxy-(.omega.-3)-ketoaliphatic acid, and derivatives thereof
Synthetic methods for polyphenols
Polymerizable sulfur-containing (meth) acrylate, polymerizable composition and optical lens
Farnesyl protein transferase inhibitors
Pyrazole compositions useful as inhibitors of ERK
Substituted imidazoles as dual histamine H1 and H3 agonists or antagonists
Cyclic amino acid compounds pharmaceutical compositions comprising same and methods for inhibiting .beta.-amyloid peptide release and/or its synthesis by use of such compounds
Aliphatic hydroxy substituted piperidyl diaryl pyrrole derivatives as antiprotozoal agents
Cyclic compounds useful in the treatment of dyslipidaemia, atherosclerosis and diabetes, pharamaceutical compositions and preparation process
Oxazepine derivatives and medicine containing the same
HIV protease inhibitors
Intermediates for the synthesis of debromohymenialdisine and process thereof
Process for the preparation of 3, 4-alkylenedioxythiophene-2,5-dicarboxylic acid derivatives
Synthesis of quinobenzoxazine analogues with topoisomerase II and quadruplex interactions for use as antineoplastic agents
Oil soluble molybdenum compositions
Lubricant composition
Transition metal compound, addition polymerization catalyst component, addition polymerization catalyst and process for production of olefin polymer
Perfluoropolyether-modified aminosilane, surface treating agent and coated article
Blocked mercaptosilane coupling agents for filled rubbers
Method for the production of phosphonomethylglycine
Linear or cyclic aminophosphonates as pH markers in phosphorus 31 NMR spectroscopy
Erythromycin a compounds and process for preparing the same
Base-modified enzymatic nucleic acid
Synthetic ribonucleic acids with RNAse activity
Process of preparation of flumethasone 21-acetate, or flumethasone and its 17-carboxyl androsten analogue
Retrovirus from the HIV group and its use
Plant genes and uses thereof
Seed-preferred promoters from end genes
Rice ubiquitin-derived promoters
Mammalian cytokine-like factor-7
Calcium channel compositions and methods
Antibodies that specifically bind ACT-4-L-h-1 ligand
Anti-inflammatory peptides derived from C-reactive protein
Tumor antigen protein, gene thereof, and utilization thereof
Fatty acid synthase mRNA binding protein
Sid-polyamide fusions: a potent method of regulating gene expression
Transgenically produced non-secreted proteins
Anti-CCR5 antibodies and kits comprising same
Malto-oligosaccharide derived glycosides
Acetoacetylated saccharides and process of making the same
Esterified polysaccharide products and B-lactone ring opened ketene dimer products containing the compositions, and process of making the same
Three coordinate aluminum catalyst activator composition
Polymerization catalyst compositions and processes to produce polymers and bimodal polymers
Polymerization catalyst systems, their use, their products and articles thereof
Polymer particles
Method for producing a tetrafluoroethylene/perfluoro(alkyl vinyl ether) type copolymer
Aqueous copolymer dispersion, its method of production and its use
Bridged metallocenes for olefin copolymerization
Preparation of a stable composition of radically copolymerisable monomers which contains at least one monomer having urea function(s)
Phosphonate copolymer and methods of use
Thermoplastic molding composition having improved dimensional stability and low gloss
Antistatic resin composition
Process for preparing extrusion grade ABS polymer
Cross-linkable polymers, method for the production thereof, and shaped bodies made of cross-linked polymers
Reactive silica particles, process for manufacturing the same, use of the same
Method for preparing living polymer in the presence of phosphazenium salt
Modified particles, catalyst for olefin polymerization, and process of producing olefin polymer
Curable fluoropolyether rubber compositions
Method of preparing co-polymer particles
Treatment agents for textiles, method of producing same and their use
Aqueous polyurethane gel, process for producing the same, and use thereof
Allophanates of polymeric MDI
Rigid polyurethane foams
Radiation curable resin composition
Diyne-containing (co)polymer, processes for producing the same, and cured film
Processes of making polymers containing pendant cyclic anhydride groups with nickel-ligand catalyst
Highly branched polycondensates
Process for producing aliphatic polyester excellent in stability
Zero-heel polyester process
Articles comprising novel polymeric blue anthraquinone-derivative colorants
Multi-component polymeric networks containing poly(ethylene glycol)
Process for the production of polyamide-6 from epsilon-caprolactam
Phase change solid imaging material
Copolymers containing polyamide blocks and polyether blocks based on ethoxylated amines
Heat-stable, corrosion-inhibiting polyorganosiloxane resins
Crosslinked phenoxyphosphazene compounds, process for the preparation thereof, flame retardants, flame-retardant resin compositions, and moldings of flame-retardant resins
Aqueous silicone dispersion, crosslinkable into transparent elastomer
Method for forming a finely divided polymerizate
Synthetic thermoplastic resin extruded foams and methods for producing the same
Crosslinked foam of ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer and acid copolymer
Conductive polymer compositions and methods of manufacture thereof
Latent mercaptan as a heat stabilizer
Flame retardation of polymeric compositions
Process for imparting improved whiteness to polyolefin resins
Flame-resistant polycarbonate ABS blends
Silica reinforced rubber composition which contains non-silane coupling agent and article of manufacture, including a tire, having at least one component comprised of such rubber composition
Method for manufacturing high opacity, durable pigment
Process for producing blends of syndiotactic 1,2-polybutadiene and rubbery elastomers
Compatibilized polymer blends formed using a multifunctional agent
Compositions of elastomeric ethylene/(meth)acrylic (acid) ester copolymer and polylactone or polyether
Colorless, highly transparent polyamide blends with improved stress cracking resistance
Detecting reagent for double-stranded nucleic acid and double-stranded nucleic acid detecting method
Titanyl phthalocyanine crystal and production method of the same, and electrophotosensitive material and production method of the same
Inks comprising linear Asbs`A` block copolymers of alkylene oxide and siloxane
Coextrusion binder based on cografted metallocene polyethylene
Blends of aqueous dispersions of fluoropolymers and aqueous dispersions of ethylene/acid or ionomeric copolymers
Flowable glanulates
Exterior coating, composition used for such coatings and method for obtaining same
Aqueous two-component polyurethane systems with increased impact resistance and good stability properties, method for producing same and their use
Adhesive of thiirane and oxirane-containing compound and oxirane-containing compound
Fluorescent carbazole derivative
Lubricant for dual clutch transmission
Admixture composition for mixing with lubricant
Marine lubricant for two-stroke engine
Composition comprising halogenated oil
Lubricant containing molybdenum and polymeric dispersant
Recovery of polyunsaturated fatty acids from urea adducts
Viscosity enhanced ophthalmic solution, having a detergent action on contact lenses
Bleaching activator
Fabric bleaching composition
Methods and reagents for preserving RNA in cell and tissue samples
Targeted manipulation of genes in plants
Promoter sequence of 3-phosphoglycerate kinase gene 2 of lactic acid-producing fungus rhizopus oryzae and a method of expressing a gene of interest in fungal species
Method for improving productivity of higher plants
Cyclin-selective ubiquitin carrier polypeptides
Inhibitors for urokinase receptor
Polyhydroxybutyrate polymerase
Composition and device for detecting leukocytes in urine
Nucleic acid assays
Pickling agent for the chemical conversion coating of heat exchanger, method of pickling heat exchanger
Textiles; Paper
Method and apparatus for fading a dyed textile material
Fixed Constructions
Process for manufacturing composite thermal insulating systems by means of an organic adhesive of filler material
Solar battery module
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Catalytically active structure
Switch attachment structure
Optoelectronic module
Electronic balance/scale
Thermal infrared detector
Gas detection apparatus using a combined infrared source and high temperature bolometer
Infrared spectrophotometer employing sweep diffraction grating
Method and apparatus for detecting water on a surface of an object
Analysis of semiconductor surfaces by secondary ion mass spectrometry and methods
Acceleration detector with spring biased rotor
Detection apparatus and method using digitally encoded serial data
Compton scatter imaging instrument
Accurate image reconstruction for DOI-PET system
Electro optic converter having a passive waveguide and exhibiting impedance mismatch
Optical sensor and optical unit
Resist composition excellent in flame resistance
Portable electronic device
Position sensor and circuit for optical encoder
Detection of position and motion of sub-pixel images
Keyboard musical instrument having height controllable pedals
Hi-hat cymbal stand
String clamping and tuning system for musical instrument
Strings for musical instruments
Upper pivot support for a guitar
Music search by interactive graphical specification with audio feedback
Exterior structure for electronic keyboard instrument
Optical probe for proximity field
Charge-reading circuit protected against overloads coming from charges with undesirable polarity
Scanning electron microscope
Flexible conductor of high strength and light weight
Flat shield harness and method for manufacturing the same
Three-core cable
Dielectric ceramic composition and method for manufacturing the same
Timer knob
Cover for vehicle control switch
In-line flow switch assembly including magnetic sensitive plunger and microswitch actuator
Manual operator for interlock
Plasma reactor with overhead RF electrode tuned to the plasma
Plasma processing apparatus and plasma processing method
Mass spectrometer system including a double ion guide interface and method of operation
Ball grid array semiconductor package with exposed base layer
Connection of a junction to an electrical conductor track on a plate
Semiconductor device and process for fabricating the same
Substrate design of a chip using a generic substrate design
Circuit device board, semiconductor component, and method of making the same
Radiation detecting apparatus
Photovoltaic panel and method of producing same
Shield connector
Electrical connector system
Structure for accommodating elongated electric wires in a protector, and method and system for providing a parallel array of elongated wires
Aerial conductor suspension clamp
Optical power meter derived from common-mode voltage of optical transimpedance amplifier
System and method for controlling an induction heating process
Induction cooking hob with induction heaters having power supplied by generators
Speed cooking oven and control apparatus
Microwave oven with a convection heater and airflow mechanism to optimize convection cooking
Built-in microwave oven
Midplane configuration featuring surface contact connectors
Multi-layer printed circuit board and method of making same
Multi-layer circuit board and method of manufacturing same
Rotary seal for EMI-impermeable enclosure
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