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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Hydraulic control system for tree cutting saw
Plant wetting method and apparatus
Synergistic and residual pesticidal compositions containing plant essential oils with enzyme inhibitors
Fluid filled body padding for fall protection
Waterproofed breathable sole for shoes and method for the manufacture thereof
Support structure of a portable keyboard
Patient positioning device
Transportation and storage cart
Self-heating food and beverage container made from a thermally conductive polymer composition
Portable folding toilet seat for backpacking, camping and travel
Window washing system
Surgical stapler
Method of measuring the stress or relaxation level of a mammal
Device for measuring inspiratory strength
Human airway clearing tool
Flexible non-contact wound treatment device
Gastrointestinal compositions
Sanitary panty
Protective undergarment
Composition for coating an implantable prosthesis
Endovascular prostethic devices having hook and loop structures
Ophthalmic drug delivery device
Bioactive spinal implant material and method of manufacture thereof
Intervertebral implant
Pain relieving pressure maintenance apparatus and method
Compounds and methods for the treatment of urogenital disorders
Regulation of NAD(P)H oxidase growth and transcription in melanoma cells
Compositions and methods for hepatoprotection and treatment of cholestasis
Substituted pyrrolines as kinase inhibitors
Pharmaceutical compositions for treating and saving and the method for the preparation thereof
Myeloma cell and ovarian cancer cell surface glycoproteins, antibodies thereto, and uses thereof
Polymeric-matrix brachytherapy sources
Therapy for functional dyspepsia
Skin cleansing compositions
Composition of the dyeing of human hair
Polyanionic polymers which enhance fusogenicity
Peritoneal dialysis catheter and insertion method
Systems and methods for enhancing blood circulation
Exchange method for emboli containment
Sensor system including port body
Hair conditioning compositions and their use in hair coloring compositions
Wrist, hand and finger exercise device method of use and method of manufacture
Multi-piece solid golf ball
Golf ball
Golf putter and method for manufacturing the golf putter
Board for gliding over snow with improved shovel and tail turn-up
Gaming device having an element and element group selection and elimination bonus scheme
Performing Operations; Transporting
Water purifier
Liquid/solid separator and method
Recyclable air filter
Air filtering device
Selective separation of fluid compounds utilizing a membrane separation process
Solvent-resistant microporous polybenzimidazole membranes and modules
Water aerator and method of using same
Supported catalyst systems
Method for reclamation of precious metals from circuit board scrap
Solid bowl helical conveyor centrifuge with a pressurized housing
Centrifugal separator with scraper or piston for discharging solids
Sprayed in place pipe lining apparatus and method thereof
Coating apparatus and method for applying coating solution on web
Beverage flow line cleaner with safety indicator and method of use
Apparatus and method for opening and closing stacked hydroforming dies
Method and apparatus for casting aluminum by casting mold
Coupling tube for a screwdriver head
Electronic package having controlled height stand-off solder joint
Dispensing tip positioning and storing apparatus
Hair clipping device with rotating bladeset having multiple cutting edges
Router height adjustment apparatus
Method for producing a throttle valve unit with integrated throttle valve
Method of producing an optical recording medium
Post mold cooling apparatus and method having transverse movement
Inorganic matrix compositions and composites incorporating the matrix composition
Zippered bag and a method for manufacturing same
Fusible interlining
Tablecloth and device for fixing the skirt of said tablecloth
Composite preform structural panel having electrically conductive stitching
Methods of thermal lamination
Durable supports for labeling and relabeling objects
Printable magnetic laminate having frangible coating for cleanly separable elements
Powdery single-layer film laminate and process for production the same
Bellows with molded panels
Backlash reduction
Recording apparatus
Ink cartridge with motive means
Liquid emission device
Feed guidance and identification for ink stick
Pagewidth inkjet printer having buffered printing control
Process and apparatus for forming images
Printing cartridge with capacitive sensors for identification of characteristics
Dual navigation control computer keyboard
Dry developing method
Low profile chassis and suspension
Self-aligning mounting bracket and system for mounting a planar structure to a fixed structure
Access device
Master cylinder bleeding tool
Vehicle brake control system
Combined baby car seat and stroller
Systems packaged within flat vehicle chassis
Composite joint configuration
Remote operated vehicles
VTOL aircraft external load drag reduction system
Aircraft control system
System and method for bandoliering syringes
Bale dewiring system
Packing box
Air bladder packing system and process for using the same
Maintaining fluidized beds of cohesive particles using vibrating fluids
Folding ramp
Finisher for an image forming apparatus
Automatic rotating media stripper carriage for a printer and method for maintaining a printer
Device for processing continuously formed goods
Multi faceted retriever
Tool for pulling nails and other protrusions
Refrigerator having a beverage dispenser and a display device
Method for assembling a case on a cushion
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method and apparatus for the production of nitrogen trifluoride
Combined methane decomposition and ammonia formation cell
Method for producing complex metal oxide powder
Method of manufacturing optical element with lens-barrel
Process for producing catalysts comprising nanosize metal particles on a porous support, in particular for the gas-phase oxidation of ethylene and acetic acid to give vinyl acetate
Antiviral pyrimidinedione derivatives and process for the preparation thereof
Phosphine compounds, transition metal complexes with the compounds contained as ligands therein, and asymmetric synthesis catalysts containing the complexes
Modified oligonucleotides, their preparation and their use
Multifunctional single chain glycoprotein hormones comprising three or more .beta. subunits
Human CD28 specific monoclonal antibodies for antigen-non-specific activation of T-lymphocytes
Modified polybenzimidazole (PBI) membranes for enhanced polymer electrochemical cells
Material for forming resin suitable for cutting, molded resin product as raw material for model, and method for manufacturing model
Polycarbonate resin composition
Aqueous binder formulation for metal and ceramic feedstock for injection molding and aqueous coating composition
Filter aid used in alluviation
DNA encoding hyaluronan synthase from Pasteurella multocida and methods of use
Method for screening using an OAT1 transporter protein
Amino polyol amine oxidase polynucleotides and related polypeptides and methods of use
Genes integrating signal transduction pathways
Constitutive plant promoters
Methods and compositions for identifying morphogenic protein analogs using morphogenic protein responsive inhibitory elements
NADH oxidase from lactobacillus
Nucleotide sequences encoding the pfkA gene
Process for the enzymatic preparation of enantiomer-enriched .beta.-amino acids
Modified chitin-binding domain and use thereof
Methods and compositions using stearoyl-CoA desaturase to identify triglyceride reducing therapeutic agents
Composition for detecting .beta.-1,3-glucan
Nanoparticles having oligonucleotides attached thereto and uses therefor
Polyvalent display libraries
Textiles; Paper
Method for forming composites of sub-arrays of single-wall carbon nanotubes
Method and device for forming a longitudinal fiber web
Bobbin case tool and method of use
Washing machine
Arrangement for mixing flows in papermaking process
Method and a machine for the manufacture of a fiber web
Fixed Constructions
Rail mount
Method and apparatus for utility waste and venting systems
Sink mounting device and system
Foldable support structure with hinged wall members
Adjustable fence rail mounting clip
Braking device for garage doors and the like
Ladder with leg brace
Force-balanced roller-cone bits, systems, drilling methods, and design methods
Method and system for accessing a subterranean zone from a limited surface area
Xanthan gels in brines and methods of using such xanthan gels in subterranean formations
Recyclable foamed fracturing fluids and methods of using the same
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Displacement shift valve and pumping apparatus and methods using such a valve
Internal combustion engine with steam expansion stroke
Stub axle
Split-cycle engine with dwell piston motion
Apparatus and method for start-delay warning of an LPI engine
Homogenous charge compression ignition and barrel engines
Intake manifold with variable runner area
Electric pump
Pump priming apparatus
Apparatus for coupling force-activated actuators
Propeller shaft
Hydrostatic transmission
Hydraulic control system of a six-speed automatic transmission for a vehicle
Continuously variable stepped transmission
Valve for inflatable objects
Slide device for automotive seat
Operation of a hydrogen storage and supply system
Plug-in light
Burner system and method for mixing a plurality of solid fuels
Single-coil twin-fan variable-air-volume (VAV) system for energy-efficient conditioning of independent fresh and return air streams
Insertable thermotic module for self-heating can
Binary refrigeration unit
Mechanism for gas operated gun
System and method of planar positioning
Method for determining and locating measurement system errors in computed tomography caused by interfering objects
Alternating aperture phase-shift mask fabrication method
System and method for characterizing a textured surface
Apparatus for plating solution analysis
Method for evaluating a welded part
Optical module and method for manufacturing the same
Variable-shape reflection mirror and method of manufacturing the same
Method of producing micro structure, method of producing liquid discharge head, and liquid discharge head by the same
Apparatus for forming image, process cartridge and process for regenerating the same
Liquid electrophotographic inks or toners having reduced odors
Data-processing system
Methods and apparatus for a casino game
Method and apparatus for improving performance on multiple-choice exams
Lighting device and display device using the lighting device
Production method of image-forming apparatus, and image-forming apparatus produced by the production method
Method of fabricating a microelectronic die
Method of fabricating a semiconductor device having a groove formed in a resin layer
Solvent vapor infiltration of organic materials into nanostructures
Self-aligned silicide (salicide) process for low resistivity contacts to thin film silicon-on-insulator and bulk MOSFETS and for shallow junctions
Strained Si/SiGe structures by ion implantation
Dry etching method and semiconductor device manufacturing method
Ball grid array package and process for manufacturing same
Battery with bifunctional electrolyte
Safety electrical outlet
HDMI connector
Electrical couplings and components
Method of manufacturing a piezoelectric vibrator unit
Method for mounting parts
Expired Patents Due To Time
Radiator assembly
Lamination type heat exchanger with pipe joint
High performance heat exchanger and method
Automotive vehicle climate control system
Down hole pulling tool and method of use
Well production apparatus
Universal cementing plug
Dual pump gravity separation system
Method and apparatus for hydrocarbon production and reservoir water disposal
Insoluble salt control system and method
Methods for treating underground formations
Compositions for use in well construction, repair and/or abandonment
Method and compositions for reducing the permeabilities of subterranean zones
Method for optimizing acid injection rate in carbonate acidizing process
Hydraulic sand removal tool
Method of cleaning a well bore prior to installing a water based fluid system
Wye block having automatically aligned guide structure
Underwater installation and method for building of an underwater installation
Well head system
Casing differential pressure based control method for gas-producing wells
Heavy-duty logging and perforating cablehead for coiled tubing and method for releasing wireline tool
Composition for protecting a horse's hoof and method
EDC draft force based ride controller
Position sensor drive arrangement
Manually operable drilling tool with dual impacting function
Air supply and exhaust system for pneumatic tool
Rotational energy storage device and tools incorporating same
Hydrostatic penetration device and tool for the same
Excavating tool
Enhancement of drill bit seismics through selection of events monitored at the drill bit
Method and apparatus for drilling boreholes in earth formations (drilling liner systems)
Water pressure post-hole digger
Hardfacing rock bit cones for erosion protection
Dual-seal drill bit pressure communication system
Surface geometry for non-planar drill inserts
Reduced residual tensile stress superabrasive cutters for earth boring and drill bits so equipped
Mechanism for correct steering in reverse
Mid-wheel drive wheelchair
Control system and method for a hybrid electric vehicle
Drive-line damping control for an electric vehicle
Device for transverse displacement of a vehicle and a vehicle provided therewith
Power transmission and pedal force sensing system for an electric bicycle
Driving system for a working vehicle
Steering cylinder to axle housing retention system
Apparatus and method for attenuating tube waves in a borehole
Silencer cartridge
Sound attenuating relocatable partition wall panel
Ladder leveling accessory
Portable tree stand assembly having seat and platform with position adjustment arrangement
Elevator rescue system
Method and apparatus for installing elevator car and counterweight guide rails
Structure for arranging parking-brake lever
Detachable fluid cooling system for bicycle disc brake
Vehicle braking system and braking method using a plurality of two-state actuators
Automatic shoe clearance adjustment device for drum brakes
Compact electric asymmetry brake
Lock bolt with modified end cap for slack adjuster
Composite brake drum and method for producing same
Brake bleeder check valve
Braking hydraulic pressure control apparatus and method of use for vehicle
Foldable suitcase having retractable handle device
Power transmission apparatus of working machine
Power transmission unit with hydraulic clutch dependent on rotational speed
Actuating device for the actuation, in particular pneumatic actuation of a friction clutch
Package conveying surface with liner
Coin discrimination apparatus and method
Body handling and assembly system
Device for transferring cigarette portions
Cleaning device for a curved conveyor belt
Structure with idle rollers for guide walls of goods conveyors
Support device
Tape drive conveyor system with twisted conformation
Conveyor belt connector and method
Module having a retaining member for use in a modular conveyor mat
Apron-conveyor chain
Conveyor chain unit and conveyor chain
Cigarette lighter holder
Tear tape with holographic image
Storage container for recorded media
Golf club locking device
Saddle hanger card device
Folded cardboard article for packaging western spurs
Clamping member and a holder for retaining articles
Roll dispenser package
Product housing stacked body of wet tissues
Electrostatic discharge-free container for insulating articles
Method and apparatus for feeding and tabbing intermixed pieces of mail
Extraction and scanning system
Method for operating a roller bar screen
Filter device and method of operating same
Apparel accessories rack
Rack for holding a gliding board
Hanger apparatus and method of mounting the same
Multiple clothesline hanger holder device
Shelving stand
Shelving system
Logging carriage apparatus
Bottle having a hanging tool
Triple seal container with protrusion
Personal organizer case system
Two-part storage container
Garbage container
Release strip for tubular containers and methods and apparatus of applying same
Venting means
Paint tray liner with cover
Combined merchandise container and display device
Multi-compartment container
Structure of a water bottle-straw assembly
Fastener injector system and method
Single copy newspaper dispenser
Device for dispensing articles of value and magazine therefor
Method and apparatus for improved regulation of flow of particulate matter
Carbonated and non-carbonated water source and water pressure booster
Pistol-shaped cap for use in dispensing personal protection defensive substances
Pumpless dispenser for viscous food products
Double ended aerosol dispenser for liquid products
Hot beverage dispensing system
Child resistant overcap with safety collar and containing a child resistant slip collar for screw-on pump sprayers
Articulated piston pump
Portable liquid container showing improved pouring capabilities
Reversible pill counting device
Systems for controlling the superheat of the metal exiting the CIG apparatus in an electroslag refining process
Combination cap hanger and cap brim curving device
Dress or clothing form
Garment hanger
Inhaler carrier device
System for attaching a golf bag to a golf car
Basket for bicycles
Food and beverage holder for use in motor vehicles
Sheet-or-tissue dispenser-box holder for clinic, vehicle, factory or household applications
Utility bag system
Back chest
Fixing machine
Method and apparatus for .mu.BGA removal and reattach
Method and tool for imprinting a pattern in a solder
Solder bump measuring method and apparatus
Method for brazing aluminum tube assemblies
Pb-In-Sn tall C-4 for fatigue enhancement
Method and apparatus for soldering ball grid array modules to substrates
Method for positioning the bond head in a wire bonding machine
Automated fluxless soldering using inert gas
Envelope with outside coupon flap
Heat-retaining food carton
Partition for a box
Easy-open composite container with a membrane-type closure
Paper-sided composite lid
Beverage container
Two way mailer for simple sealer
Insulated cup and method of manufacture
Range and drop calculator for use with telescopic gun sights
Automated teller machine
Sheet dispensing mechanism
Method and apparatus for printing a billing statement to provide supplementary product sales
Smart card personalization in a multistation environment
Age verification device
Value data charging method and system for implementing the same
Optical device for reading and decoding bars of different reflectivity arranged in accordance with a barcode and adjoining one another
Card reader
Document routing mechanism
Capacitive data card and reader thereof
Data compression method using multiple base number systems
Wireless programming or programmable thermostat mobile unit for multiple separate controller or programmable fixed units and programming transmission method
Air conditioning and heating environmental control sensing system
Energy recycling air handling system
Covering level with rails for railway tracks
Apparatus for creating a multi-colored illuminated waterfall or water fountain
Fuel Injector
Spray nozzle, and also spray boom provided therewith
Pressurized cyclist water spraying apparatus
Rotor nozzle
Dispenser head for garden watering sprinkler
Spray device with nozzle and valve
Coating system fluid supply cylinder with improved flushability
Method and device for granulating and comminuting liquid slags
Ball mill, a method for preparing fine metal powder, and fine metal powder prepared by the method
Grinding device for dried spices and herbs
Jet mill
Chaft cutter for comminuting haulm behind the grain-separator devices of a combine harvester
Photographic 120-size film roll
Dual-bearing reel centrifugal braking device
Counterweighted wire-coiling head
Coupling device for transmitting torque
Sound-absorbing material and a cable reel including the same
Umbrella wire-winding device
Elastic yarn winder and method for using same
Method and device for winding yarn onto a conical spool body
Roll winder and process of operating same
Apparatus for conveying photosensitive material
Expanding shaft
Reel for winding photosensitive film
Method for assigning a target to a missile
Infrared seeker head for target seeking missile
Semi-buoyant vehicle with aerodynamic lift capability
Lead compensated engines-only flight control system
Hybrid ice protection system for use on roughness-sensitive airfoils
Satellite architecture with deployable electrical equipment
Attitude control of spinning spacecraft with counterspun controls platform
Cable-tubing organizer system for medical care environments
Positive-lock-and-release device for camera mounting
Adjustable pedestal
Plate-shaped fastener
Clamp assembly for pick-up truck topper
Bracket system for motorized and crank operated shades
Remote controller holder
Quick release bracket for showcasing compact disk cases
Portable hook hanging system for attachment to vertical objects
Book stand
Collapsible adjustable fishing rod support assembly
Large airborne stabilization/vibration isolation system
Load equalization support system
Cushioning device for a computer component
Placement ring assembly having cushioned knockout assembly
Ice cube having a slidable cover
Squeeze clamp for flexible tubing
Air distribution device with a shutter of the drum type, in particular for a motor vehicle
Fluid dispensing valve and method
Geometric lockout coupler
Stop valve
Fuel enrichment system
Device and method for fluid aeration via gas forced through a liquid within an orifice of a pressure chamber
Mechanical wet air generator
Humidifier capable of sending forth fragrance
Spacecraft antenna vibration control damper
Spacecraft antenna vibration control damper
Method of manufacturing stabilizer for motor vehicles
Compression spring formed of an elastic body
3 point vacuum chuck with non-resilient support members
Sheet material work bench
Work bench including a vise
Precision clamping device
Grip set for an adjustable vice
Thickness measurement apparatus
Apparatus for processing flexible, sheet-like products
Conveniently operated sheet-handling device
Blow tube for a sheet-stacking apparatus
De-curling print media in a digital instant printing camera
Device for delivering, depositing, and aligning sheets in a stack container
Board game kit
Three-dimensional puzzle
Simple chess-type board game for two, three, and four players
Chess game apparatus
Play strategy for a computer opponent in a electronic card game
Method of playing a wagering card game based on suits only
Apparatus and method of playing a poem completion game
Pressure balanced finger seal
Radial lip seal with integral splash lip
Seal assembly for annular hydraulic cylinder
Fiber optical connector seal
Locking chuck
Roll-resistant hydraulic suspension system, kit and method for load handling vehicles
Roller skate
In-line roller skate
Apparatus for practicing aerial snowboard maneuvers
Snowboot binding
Combined trolley and seat
Multi-purpose support structure with an extendable handle and retractable wheels
Push device of a stroller
Reversible high ground clearance steering axle
Wheel suspension for a motor vehicle
Lightweight folding bicycle
Folding base for a kick stand
Robust adjustable rotary positioning mechanism
Snowboard binding
Boot-retaining unit of a disengageable ski binding
Folding release device for a stroller
Convertible jogging stroller and trailer
Mounting mechanism for inflatable restraint system
Covering for an air bag retaining device of a motor vehicle
Gas bag restraint system for vehicle occupants
Vehicle occupant restraint apparatus
Air bag apparatus
Activation controlling apparatus for passive safety device
Rear impact occupant protection system
Method of controlling an active occupant-head protection system in a vehicle
Airbag inflator and an airbag apparatus
Variable output inflator for an air bag
Gas generator with cooling device
Initiator for air bag inflator
Method of folding airbag for front passenger
System for frame leveling and stabilizing a forklift
Tow shield and underskirt device
Instrument panel structure
Load limiting device for a seat belt
Slide hatch for bulk carrier
Object in particular office binder and method for the manufacture thereof
Integrity seal form/label combination for robotics systems
Method and apparatus for credit card maintenance
Coupling device for connecting an implement to a working machine
Quick connect/disconnect coaxial hose assembly
Heating duct
Straight hole drilling system
Push/pull door latch
Animal waste scooping and disposal device
Pet waste retriever
Deployable cargo rack for pickup truck
Cargo box drop-down gate assembly
Expandable, removable trailer enclosure support
Portable storage apparatus for motor vehicle
Door trim panel for a motor vehicle
Trim panel assembly and plastic interior trim panel for use therein
Center mounted tailgate
Tailgate lowering mechanism
Seat riser fold and tumble mechanism with roller
Device for mounting and dismounting vehicle seat
Storable exterior seat for a vehicle
Flattable seat structure of automobile
Motorcycle windshield mount
Automobile windshield molding and the method of producing the same
Vehicle top accessory
Rear door structure for a vehicle
Hinge system
Vehicle closure panel having an intrusion beam as primary structure
Aerodynamically responsive vehicular undercarriage safety spoiler system
Apparatus for transferring impact energy from a tire and wheel assembly of a motor vehicle to a sill
Rear structure of a unitized motor vehicle body and method for it manufacture
Vehicular clothing protector
Cross-beam and disposition thereof in an automobile vehicle
Sliding roof apparatus
Vehicle sunshade device
Vehicle seat
Device for fixing a child seat to the seat of a motor vehicle
Vehicular child safety seat
Horizontal swivelling angle positioning means for a chair
Ergonomic footrests for ergonomic chairs
Chair, especially an office chair
Retractor for a seat belt
Dumping bed liner for pickup truck
Method of installation of cuttable mine support
Cutting bit insert configured in a polygonal pyramid shape and having a ring mounted in surrounding relationship with the insert
Nutcover and hubcap locking system
Bicycle wheel
Vehicle wheel hub mounting system
Method for coordinating braking forces between connected units of a vehicle train
Fluid pressure boosting device and brake pressure boosting system employing the device
Four-piston brake fluid pressure controller with diaphragm
Brake control apparatus
Anti-skid or anti-slip braking system that suppresses interference signals at a mains frequency
Means and method for removing debris from the drive wheel of a track-driven vehicle
Endless drive track system with reinforcing brace and method
Vertical media storage system
Desk system having stanchion supported overhead storage cabinet
Convertible surgical equipment and appliance support system
Sensorless motor driving circuit having a comparative phase lock loop arrangement
Method and apparatus for detecting the end of life of a print cartridge for a thermal ink jet printer
Scanning an inkjet test pattern for different calibration adjustments
Ink jet printer
Apparatus and method for cleaning a recording material conveying member using blade member and ink absorber
Ink-jet recording apparatus and recovery process method of the same
High frequency ultrasonic cleaning of ink jet printhead cartridges
Multi-fluidic cleaning for ink jet print heads
Flexible frame onsert capping system for inkjet printheads
Ink jet recording apparatus with dedicated wiping members
Apparatus for rotating a print head to increase printing resolution
Serial recording apparatus
Method to utilize a fixed element print head to print various dot spacings
Method and apparatus for balancing colorant usage
Ink droplet eject apparatus and method
Latch for an ink cartridge
Electrode assembly, and method for producing, used in recording process
Liquid discharging head, method of manufacturing the liquid discharging head, head cartridge carrying the liquid discharging head thereon and liquid discharging apparatus
Ink jet print head modules with common ink supply
High durability pressure control bladder for use in an ink delivery system
Printer and ink cartridge attached thereto
Ink-jet cartridge for an ink jet printer having air ingestion control
Hot-melt type ink jet printer having heating and cooling arrangement
Ink-jet recording device
Ink jet recording method using two liquids
Apparatus and method for image fusing
Sports spectacles
Parallel test method
Protective glasses with built-in corrective lenses
Assembly including mutually cooperating and interfitting projections for releasable engagement of an auxiliary glasses frame to a pair of spectacles
Chemiluminescent eyeglass frame
Eye covering
Clip-on eyewear with biased temple arms
Pearlescent contact lens
High refractive index glasses, multifocal corrective lenses containing same
Method of designing and fitting multifocal lenses taking into account material properties of the lenses
Optic system for viewing and for photographing the inside of an eye
Measuring convergence alignment of a projection system
Elemental semiconductor mirror
Mirror system for tractor trailers
Sensor assembly with dual reflectors to offset sensor
Light guide plate for point source
Light conductive plate , surface light source device, and reflection type liquid-crystal display
Internally lighted globe
Audio amplifier having illuminated cover plate
Structure of a screwdriver
Driving tool with illuminating capability
Stainless steel airport light support apparatus and method
Dual lamp illumination system and projection system incorporating same
Folding plastic skeleton
Chain shaped lamp
Laser light
Automatic shutoff system
Light, especially tail light, for a motor vehicle
Halogen motion detection security light positioning system
Glowing electric light assembly
Pressure activated flashing bicycle pedal
Oleophobic laminated articles, assemblies of use, and methods
Trough reflector and lens coupler for lightguide illumination system
Dust distributor for asphalt mixing machine
Machine for continuous processing of flowable materials
Bar having an integral cocktail mixer
Device for adjusting the minutes hand of a watch with at least a minutes and a seconds hand
Infrared thermometer comprising optical aiming system
X-ray diagnostic system preferable to two dimensional x-ray detection
Side seal tamper indicating bag
Folded thermoplastic bag structure
Miniature golf bag travel organizer
Tip-over dischargeable bulk bag
Bearing for automobile pulleys
Sinusoidal viscous interface for attenuation of vibration for ball and roller bearings
Hydrodynamic bearing
Dynamic groove bearing comprising a porous lubricant reservoir
Cylindrical roller bearing
Long-lived rotary ball bearing for reciprocating applications and method of lubricating same
Method of constructing a self-aligned, rigid spherical bearing assembly
Rolling bearing unit with track surface for ensuring proper positioning of lip seal during assembly
Solid cage for roller bearings
Apparatus for retaining an attenuator element
Fiber optic connector containing a curable adhesive composition
Quick-connect fiber optic connector
Optical connector, method of making the same, and ferrule for optical connector
Strain relief apparatus for optical connector
CD uniformity by active control of developer temperature
Interface system
Adjustment of printing position deviation during bidirectional printing
Thermal printing mechanism
Key top element, push button switch element and method for manufacturing same
Paper guide system in a print on demand digital camera system
Tape-shaped label printing device
Human Necessities
Wheelchair with aerobic attachment
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew