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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Introgression of festuca mairei drought tolerant genome into lolium perenne plants
Benzimidazole derivatives
3-trifluoromethyl-pyrazine-2-carboxylic acid amide derivatives as HDL-cholesterol raising agents
Electronic percussion instrument presenting pad chain performance
Performing Operations; Transporting
Multifunctional biomaterials as scaffolds for electronic, optical, magnetic, semiconducting, and biotechnological applications
Exposure head and an image forming apparatus
Management system
Electronic key system and method
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Conversion of fluorocarbons
High shear oxidation of cyclohexane
Method for producing methacrolein and/or methacrylic acid
Small molecule inhibitors of MDM2 and the uses thereof
Pyridone derivatives having a binding activity to the cannabinoid type 2 receptor
Ionic liquids
Dibenzorylenetetracarboximides as infrared absorbers
Glycogen synthase kinase-3 inhibitors
Hyaluronic acid-methotrexate conjugate
Expression enhancing intron sequences
Production of polyunsaturated fatty acids, novel biosynthesis genes, and novel plant expression constructs
Glyphosate-N-acetyltransferase (GAT) genes
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Wind power nozzle with optimized intake length
POD launched unmanned air vehicle
Displacement measurement system and method thereof
Stage with displacement magnification mechanism for measuring
Inspecting system and inspecting method
Tilt sensor
Laser distance measuring device
Process for manufacturing a microstructured optical fibre and method and system for on-line control of a microstructured optical fibre
Fuel property detection apparatus
Pulsed-multiline excitation for color-blind fluorescence detection
Spectral near-field optical tomography
Transgenic animals for analyzing CYP3A4 cytochrome P450 gene regulation
Electromagnetic wave generation source searching method and current probe used therefor
Wafer level balanced capacitance design for magnetic heads
MEMS probe fabrication on a reusable substrate for probe card application
Mobile terminal
Method for localizing remote devices, using acoustical and electromagnetic waves
Metal-organic scintillator crystals for X-ray, gamma ray, and neutron detection
System and method implementing inherently conducting polymers for downhole applications
Method for operating a hybrid medical imaging unit comprising a first imaging device of high spatial resolution and a second nuclear medicine imaging device of high sensitivity
RF coil and MRI system
Apparatus and method for removing anisotropy effect from directional resistivity measurements
Objective lens for optical pick-up
Method, apparatus and media for displaying information
Electro-optical display systems
Optical scanning apparatus, image forming apparatus, and scanning-line-change correcting method
Illumination optical system and image projector using same
Optical device stabilizer
Engaging member, lens driving mechanism, imaging apparatus, and manufacturing method of engaging member
Dynamic optical grating device and associated method for modulating light
Liquid crystal display panel and methods of manufacturing the same
Liquid crystal display device
Transflective liquid crystal display devices and fabrication methods thereof
Liquid crystal display device and method of aligning liquid crystal molecules utilized thereby
Lens drive device, image pickup device and lens drive method
Lithographic apparatus, excimer laser and device manufacturing method
Circuit arrangement and method for operating a high-pressure discharge lamp
Low dropout regulator compensation circuit using a load current tracking zero circuit
Fastener for external keypad for portable electronic device
Multi-sectioned arms for portable electronic devices
Portable memory device
Image-processing device, recording medium, and method
Speckle interference laser tracking
Chargeable wireless mouse attachable to a computer host via a wireless signal receiver having a charging plate
Touch sensor
Information processing device and method, and data communication system for acquiring document data from electronic paper
Transimpedance amplifier input stage mixer
Document processing apparatus, method and program for variable printing with document file dividing
Tiled prefetched and cached depth buffer
Artists' color display system
Signal process and system
Model simplification apparatus and program
System and method for securing and displaying items for merchandising
Security device for constraining an article having an elongate element
4Less--Xtaless, capless, indless, dioless TSOC design of SOC or 4Free--Xtalfree, capfree, indfree, diofree TSOC design of SOC
Method and system for providing data management in data monitoring system
Illuminated wind indicator
System and method for managing restaurant customers and placing orders
LED signal light
Stylus-based addressing structures for displays
Liquid crystal display device
Electroded polymer substrate with embedded wires for an electronic display
Image projection apparatus
Remote control with a single control button
On-screen colour selection
Touch wake for electronic devices
Method for the display of standardized large-format internet pages with for example HTML protocol on hand-held devices with a mobile radio connection
Optical disk player
Finding touchdown frequency for a head in a disk drive
Suspension assembly having a read head clamp
Deterioration detection method of composite magnetic head and magnetic disk inspection apparatus
Method and system for fluid mediated disk activation and deactivation
Differential phase detector
Data reproducing apparatus for improving data recording efficiency
Hard-disk drive
Slider with an air bearing surface and related topography
Apparatus for controlling servo signal gains of an optical disc drive and method of the same
Offset compensator and optical disc drive using the same
Optical disc apparatus and tracking control method
Method and system for modulation coding and synchronization
Hologram optical device, and compatible optical pickup having the hologram optical device and optical information storage medium system employing the compatible optical pickup
Reproducing signal measuring method, signal reproducing apparatus, and optical recording medium
Method and apparatus for immediately writing or reading files on a disc-like recording medium having control information on defect management
System and method for controlling data recording process of optical recording medium in sequential writing
Optical pickup and optical information processing apparatus
Semiconductor device and driving method of the same
Dynamic random access memory based content addressable storage element with concurrent read and compare
Method for operating one-time programmable read-only memory
Information recording and reproducing device
Precise tRCD measurement in a semiconductor memory device
Variable attenuator
Position detection
Saturated reactor of direct current thyristor valve
Movable contact unit and method of manufacturing the same
Waterproof push button switch
Annular multi-instruction switch
Lower turn per inch (TPI) electrodes in ceramic metal halide (CMH) lamps
Reticle image generation using polarizers and metamaterial filters
Method and apparatus for modifying a ribbon-shaped ion beam
Method for correcting astigmatism in electron emission spectromicroscopy imaging
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Isolated CMOS transistors
Liquid crystal display device and manufacturing method therefor
IC interconnect for high current
Dual triggered silicon controlled rectifier
Fuse link structures using film stress for programming and methods of manufacture
Method and structures for improving substrate loss and linearity in SOI substrates
Micro movable device
Photoelectric conversion device and imaging device
Image sensor and method for manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor structure
Semiconductor device
Organic memory device with a charge storage layer and method of manufacture
Semiconductor memory device and write method of the same
Three-terminal two-junction photovoltaic cells and method of use
Optical assemblies for transmitting and manipulating optical beams
Light concentrating modules, systems and methods
Solar cell receiver having an insulated bypass diode
Side-emitting LED package and manufacturing method of the same
Organic thin film transistors
Contour resonator
Programmable resistance memory element
Microwave scanning system and miniaturized microwave antenna
Broadband neodymium-ytterbium-silica doped amplified spontaneous emission optical fiber source by spectral filtered reinjected signals
Method for controlling an opening leaf of a vehicle with an anti-trap function
Communication system and communication apparatus
Electronic device
Three-phase square-wave permanent magnet brushless DC motor
Lead frame connector
Encoder assembly
Internal split field generator
Motor driving system and method
Electric motor, method for correcting sensor output for the same, and control circuit
Electric driver unit
Armature winding switch module and switching device thereof
Charge domain filter circuit
Clock frequency division methods and circuits
Green technology: green circuit and device designs of green chip
Varactor-free amplitude controlled oscillator(ACO) for system on chip and system on card Xtaless clock SOC
Wideband active circuit with feedback structure
Photonic D/A
D/A conversion circuit and semiconductor device
Synchronous multi-clock protocol converter
Method of compensating for clipping in input scanners
Image processing apparatus, image forming apparatus, and image processing method
Apparatus and control method for image reading, image forming apparatus
Method for upsampling color correction tables, an apparatus for creating an upsampled color corretion table, and a program for upsampling color correction tables
Image forming device and method for controlling toner temperature on photoreceptor when a toner image is exposed to light
Image display apparatus and signal processing apparatus
Solid-state image-pickup device, method for driving solid-state image-pickup device, and image-pickup apparatus
Reproduction system
Gamma correction apparatus
Image processing device, method, and storage medium
Plural-view device
CMOS imager with integrated circuitry
Event management for camera systems
Image capturing apparatus, control method therefor, and program
Flicker correction apparatus, flicker correction method, and image sensing apparatus
Solid-state image pickup device and control method thereof, and camera
Method for acquiring data by means of an image sensor
Driving support device, driving support method and computer program
Adaptive video telephone system
Image processing apparatus and image processing method for correcting image data associated with a defective pixel
LED fluorescent lamp
Supervision of an illumination device
High performance resonant element
Semiconductor device including wiring excellent in impedance matching, and method for designing the same
Side switch for a contact exposed on an edge of a circuit board and method
Semiconductor device having semiconductor structure bodies on upper and lower surfaces thereof, and method of manufacturing the same
Printed circuit board and semiconductor memory module using the same
Electronics housing with open conductor track regions and a contact partner formed as a clip
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Hand-worn warning device and method
Safety helmet system
Methods and apparatus for tailoring spectroscopic calibration models
Magnetic position measurement system with field containment means
Internally grounded feedthrough filter capacitor with improved ground plane design for human implant and other applications
Toy having enclosed antenna
Performing Operations; Transporting
Power tools having separable brush holder segments
Robot and method for controlling motor speed of the robot
Ballast system for a fluorescent lamp
Control unit and method for controlling motor for use in printer, and storage medium storing control program
Magnetostrictive linear displacement transducer for a vehicle steering system
Automotive control panel
Driving force control system for front-and-rear wheel drive vehicles
Automatically deployable and stowable display monitor
Circuit connection assembly for vehicle wire harness
Remote vehicle function control system using data bus adaptor cartridge and associated methods
Electromagnetic valve
Remote adjustment device and method
Induction drive for induction driven conveyor including a virtual continuous magnetic body and method of driving induction driven conveyor including a virtual continuous magnetic body
Conductive equipotential landing pads formed on the underside of a MEMS device
Method for applying or removing material
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Perovskite-containing composite material, method of manufacturing said material, electronic component and module
EL lamp with increased phosphor density
Method for optical excitation of fluorophore marked DNA and RNA
Thin amorphous fluorocarbon films
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method and device for controlling an electrical load
Drive system
Smart light bulb
Display device including a light guide with movable element for emitting visible light when excited by ultraviolet radiation
Repository and monitoring system therefor
Linear motor
Coating thickness gauge with automated zero adjustment and/or calibration
AC magnetic tracker for operation close to metallic objects
Group notification system and method for implementing and indicating the proximity of individuals or groups to other individuals or groups
Information retrieval system
Arrangement for determining the complex transmission function of a measuring device
Measuring apparatus and method which delivers a signal indicative of a measured value to an external signal device via a signal line
Magnetic bi-dimensional position sensor
Transmitting photoelectric sensor array
Capacitance level measurement circuit and system
Fluid container sensor
Pyroelectric conversion system
System for remote powering and communication with a network of addressable, multichannel sensing modules
Tactile sensor apparatus and methods
Method and apparatus for detecting radiation
Test structures and methods for inspection of semiconductor integrated circuits
Apparatus monitoring the deposition of a liquid-to-pasty medium on a substrate
Method and apparatus for determining fan speed
Electrical continuity enhancement for sockets/contactors
Wafer testing interposer for a conventional package
Application and test methodology for use with compression land grid array connectors
Interposer and methods for fabricating same
Method for fabricating an interconnect for making temporary electrical connections to semiconductor components
Probe stylus
Self-scrub buckling beam probe
Integrated compliant probe for wafer level test and burn-in
Inner component board assembly for an electric utility meter
Three-phase voltage sensor with active crosstalk cancellation
Cost effective measurement of high currents
Power sensor for RF power amplifier
Jitter detector, phase difference detector and jitter detecting method
Signal processing apparatus
Methods and systems for automated emissions measuring
Non-destructive testing of passive components
Method and apparatus for inspecting electronic components
Location of fault on series-compensated power transmission lines
Method for monitoring defects in polysilicon gates in semiconductor devices responsive to illumination by incident light
Multiple axis magnetic test for open integrated circuit pins
Area efficient clock inverting circuit for design for testability
Magnetic resonance imaging of semiconductor devices
IC testing apparatus
Integrated electric motor monitor
Indicating method of battery life and electronic device
Magnetic detector having magnetic field sensing device centrally aligned with magnetic field generator
Magnetic field sensing device
Magnetic field measurement apparatus
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
Method and system for processing magnetic resonance signals to remove transient spike noise
Gradient coil system for use in MRI apparatus with unique wiring arrangement
Device for homogenizing a magnetic field
High order shimming of MRI magnetic fields using regularization
Methods and apparatus for measuring flow velocity in a wellbore using NMR and applications using same
Intermolecular multiple-quantum coherence MR imaging in humans
Method and apparatus for reducing artifacts in echo planar imaging
Diffusion-weighted imaging method and apparatus for fast pulse sequence with MPG pulses
Method and apparatus to reduce the effects of maxwell terms and other perturbation magnetic fields in MR images
Method of correcting linear field inhomogeneities in a magnetic resonance apparatus
Technique for programming a programmable device while coupled to another component in a circuit
Method and apparatus for reading two dimensional identification symbols using radar techniques
Transponder apparatus
Self calibration of transponder apparatus
Aperture synthesis radiometer and method of controlling same
Method for distributing location-relevant information using a network
Radar signature evaluation apparatus
Cryogenic, high-resolution x-ray detector with high count rate capability
Radiation image pickup device and radiation image pickup system
Automated calibration adjustment for film dosimetry
Method and apparatus for resolving the position and identity of buried conductive bodies
Electromagnetic induction coil sensor
Temperature compensation for ground piercing metal detector
Method and system for determining depth distribution of radiation-emitting material located in a source medium and radiation detector system for use therein
Magneto-optical microscope magnetometer
Electro-optical device
Radiation image read-out method and apparatus
Image reading apparatus
Method and apparatus for recording and reading out radiation images
Radiation image readout apparatus
Photomask ESD protection and an anti-ESD pod with such protection
Movable barrier operator having force and position learning capability
Power supply system provided with photovoltaic generator
Low-voltage current mirror circuit
Method and system for multiple bias current generator circuits that start each other
Reference voltage generator
Low voltage band gap circuit and method
Reference current circuit and reference voltage circuit
Stretching, shortening, and/or removing a clock cycle
Clock control circuit
Method and apparatus for reducing power consumption
Reset circuit and method therefor
Power saving circuit for wireless pointer
Automatic protection switching
Power management strategy to support hot swapping of system blades during run time
Keyboard with interchangeable connection function and hot keys
Text entry on portable device
Pointing device
Anti-deciphering contacts
Encoding/decoding apparatus for orientation interpolator node data
Method and apparatus for motion activated control of an electronic device
Device for monitoring an enclosure, in particular the hold of an aircraft
System and method for transmitting a triggered alarm
Electronic tether
Method and apparatus for displaying alarm information
Security sensor having disturbance detecting capability
System for detecting intruders
Radio selective call receiver in which message non-reception period is managed
Paging receiver that displays visual symbols
Smart wireless fire site notifying device
Remote-control-signal-receiving device
High end police radar detector system
Parked vehicle location finder
Plasma display panel, display apparatus using the same and driving method thereof
Electronic device and driving method
Snap on flexible printed circuit connector
Information carrier, device for encoding, method for encoding, device for decoding and method for decoding
Motor shaft having an integral heat pipe
Prefetch architectures for data and time signals in an integrated circuit and methods therefor
Semiconductor memory device
Write-once read-many electrical memory element of a conjugated polymer or oligomer
Semiconductor integrated circuit and nonvolatile memory element
Scalable two transistor memory device
Antifuse programming method
Integrated circuit configuration for testing transistors, and a semiconductor wafer having such a circuit configuration
Configuration for testing a plurality of memory chips on a wafer
Semiconductor device and method for testing semiconductor device
Particulate curing system
Passive component
Surface mounted resistor
Resistor with resistance alloy plate having roughened interface surface
Foil wound low profile L-C power processor
Bead inductor
Electric appliance
Microcomponent of the microinductor or microtransformer type
Ignition coil
Speaker comprising ring magnet
Switch unit with membrane type, flexible printed circuitry
Vacuum switch including vacuum-measurement devices, switchgear using the vacuum switch, and operation method thereof
Rectifier assembly for automotive alternators
Microelectromechanical (MEMS) switch using stepped actuation electrodes
Push-in type fuse
Display device
Flat panel display with reduced display dead space
Image-forming apparatus and method of manufacture therefor
Shadow mask support frame for a cathode-ray display tube
Display device and cathode ray tube
Beam forming region for electron gun
Cathode-ray tube
Cathode ray tube with funnel cone thickness variations
Technique for manufacturing an electrostatic element for steering a charged particle beam
Device and method for suppressing space charge induced aberrations in charged-particle projection lithography systems
Charged-particle-beam microlithography apparatus, reticles, and methods for reducing proximity effects, and device-manufacturing methods comprising same
Method and apparatus for low energy ion implantation
Hollow cathode array for plasma generation
Apparatus for elimination of plasma lighting inside a gas line in a strong RF field
Dose monitor for plasma doping system
CRT socket with insulating interfit between focus and signal contacts
Electric light bulb with base held by positioning ring having elastic pieces and weld pieces
Compact-type metal halide discharge lamp
Seal for ceramic metal halide discharge lamp
Fluorescent lamp having a single composite phosphor layer
Amalgam retainer
Conductive focus waffle
Chip size image sensor bumped package
Semiconductor wafer having regular or irregular chip pattern and dicing method for the same
Optimized reachthrough implant for simultaneously forming an MOS capacitor
Low-pin-count chip package and manufacturing method thereof
Semiconductor device and semiconductor module
Integrated circuit devices including connection components mechanically and electrically attached to semiconductor dice
Circuit, method of adhering an integrated circuit device to a substrate, and method of forming a circuit
Bumpless flip chip assembly with solder via
Electronic circuit device having adhesion-reinforcing pattern on a circuit board for flip-chip mounting an IC chip
Use of nitrides for flip-chip encapsulation
Ball grid assembly with solder columns
Integrated circuit and method
Container capacitor structure and method of formation thereof
Integrated inorganic/organic complementary thin-film transistor circuit and a method for its production
High performance bipolar transistor architecture
Titanium nitride metal interconnection system and method of forming the same
Conformal atomic liner layer in an integrated circuit interconnect
Semiconductor package with molded substrate and recessed input/output terminals
Semiconductor device utilizing a side wall to prevent deterioration between electrode pad and barrier layer
Semiconductor device and a method of manufacturing the same
Double gated electronic device and method of forming the same
Bipolar transistor with a box-type germanium profile that lies outside of the emitter-base depletion region
Asymmetric high voltage silicon on insulator device design for input output circuits
Thin film transistor
Post-silicidation implant for introducing recombination center in body of SOI MOSFET
Non-volatile semiconductor memory cell utilizing trapped charge generated by channel-initiated secondary electron injection
Differential negative resistance HBT and process for fabricating the same
Damascene MIM capacitor with a curvilinear surface structure
Semiconductor device and method of fabricating same
MOSFETs with differing gate dielectrics and method of formation
Split-gate flash memory cell with a tip in the middle of the floating gate
High dielectric constant metal oxide gate dielectrics
Self-aligned split-gate flash memory cell having a single-side tip-shaped floating-gate structure and its contactless flash memory arrays
Method and apparatus for making and using an improved fiducial for an integrated circuit
Circuit and method for an open bit line memory cell with a vertical transistor and trench plate trench capacitor
Method and semiconductor structure for implementing dual plane body contacts for silicon-on-insulator (SOI) transistors
Intermetal dielectric layer for integrated circuits
Shapes-based migration of aluminum designs to copper damascene
Semiconductor device
Vacuum sealed package for semiconductor chip
Semiconductor component having a chip carrier with openings for making contact
Device for sealing and cooling multi-chip modules
Semiconductor package having heat sink attached to substrate
Thermal enhanced ball grid array package
Thermally stable cascode
Semiconductor package for power JFET having copper plate for source and ribbon contact for gate
Lead frame device and method for producing the same
Land grid array stiffener use with flexible chip carriers
Structure and method for mounting semiconductor devices
Packaging structure for ball grid array
Semiconductor device having a plurality of stacked wiring boards
Arrangement for improving the ESD protection in a CMOS buffer
NAND type flash memory device having dummy region
Photoelectric conversion device and image sensor
CMOS active pixel for improving sensitivity
Solid-state image pickup device
Integrated circuit structure having a charge injection barrier
Electronically erasable memory cell using CMOS technology
Depletion type MOS semiconductor device and MOS power IC
MOSFET having a low aspect ratio between the gate and the source/drain
Metal oxide semiconductor device having contoured channel region and elevated source and drain regions
Semiconductor device having a thick oxide layer under gate side walls and method for manufacturing the same
Output stage ESD protection for an integrated circuit
High voltage MOS transistor with up-retro well
Dual-gate resurf superjunction lateral DMOSFET
Integrated series schottky and FET to allow negative drain voltage
MSM device and method of manufacturing same
Method of fabricating an array substrate for an x-ray detector
Semiconductor light-emitting element and method of manufacturing the same
Piezoelectric/electrostrictive element driving circuit
Switched resonant power conversion electronics
Piezo actuator with multi-layer conductive film, and method for making same
Driving apparatus
Conductive liquid crystal device, and organic electroluminescence device
Light emitting device
Organic electroluminescence device, its manufacturing method and board for display device used therefor
Charger capable of converting multiple power sources
Process and device for bonding two millimeter elements
Circularly polarized wave generator using a dielectric plate as a 90.degree. phase shifter
Dielectric filter, antenna duplexer, and communications appliance
Temperature compensated high power bandpass filter
Antenna duplexer
Superconductor filter and radio transmitter-receiver
Coaxial resonator, and dielectric filter and dielectric duplexer comprising same
Absorptive circuit element, absorptive low-pass filter and manufacturing method of the filter
Two-sided printed circuit anti-symmetric balun
180.degree. phase shift circuit having an improved isolation characteristic
Dielectric resonance device, dielectric filter, composite dielectric filter device, dielectric duplexer, and communication apparatus
Transmitting and receiving apparatus for satellite communication via dual-polarized signals
Closed loop antenna tuning system
Rotary electric machine with stacked brush
Ring tongue lug retainer molded case circuit breaker
Semiconductor emission apparatus
Spark plug with iridium-based alloy chip
Converter system having converter modules connected by a DC intermediate circuit, and method for operating such a system
Power supply network apparatus
Voltage detection controlled shunt and voltage division circuit for a charging device
Charging device of mobile phone suitable for mobile phones of various types
Device for controlling power distribution to subsystems
Permanent magnet rotary machine and electric vehicle using the same
Actuating drive with an electric motor and control electronics
Electric rotating machine and method of connecting feeding lead wires thereto
Electric device grounding system
Cooling apparatus for an XY gantry
Brushless motor having water draining portion
Motor housing having simplified cover plate and brush base
Automotive alternator
Cooling arrangement of vehicle rotary electric machine
Fet sensing programmable active droop for power supplies
Sensorless vector control apparatus and method thereof
Method and system of reducing turn-off loss and noise in a switched reluctance motor drive
Drive circuit of brushless motor
Brushless motor
Brushless-motor driver in PWM mode
Permanent magnet brushless electric motor system and method of using same
Voltage-limiting regulator for use with an AC generator having DC-excited fields
Frequency multiplier without spurious oscillation
Frequency multiplier based on exclusive-or gate and frequency divider
Tunable, distributed, voltage-controlled oscillator
Mixer driver circuit
xDSL feedback class C-AB driver
Circuit configuration for controlling the operating point of a power amplifier
RF power amplifier with distributed bias circuit
Gain compensation circuit for CMOS amplifiers
Predistortion-based amplifier, transmitter and envelope detector
TOI and power compression bias network
Saturation prevention and amplifier distortion reduction
Low-voltage, broadband operational amplifier
Active control system and amplifiers including damping loops and power supplies with over-voltage protection pre-regulators
Circuits and methods for output impedance matching in switched mode circuits
Fast saturation recovery operational amplifier input stage
Amplifier with suppression of harmonics
Low-distortion transimpedance amplifier structures and methods
LVDS current steering input buffer
Dynamic slew-rate booster for CMOS-opamps
Method of operating a solid state power amplifying device
Area-efficient reconstruction filters, particularly for current-driven D/A converters
Polyphase filter and receiver using the same
Multilayered LC filter
LC filter circuit and laminated type LC filter
Electronic component, in particular a component operating with surface acoustic waves
Power module
High-speed clock buffer that has a substantially reduced crowbar current
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Methods and apparatus for full I/O functionality and blocking of backdrive current
Semiconductor integrated circuit device with voltage interface circuit
Conditional clock gate that reduces data dependent loading on a clock network
NMOS precharge domino logic
Semiconductor device
FPGA lookup table with speed read decoder
System power control output circuit for programmable logic devices
Pre-charged sample and hold
Minimum pulse width detection and regeneration circuit
Apparatus and method for obtaining stable delays for clock signals
Circuit with FET transistor pair
Dual mode charge pump
Interleaved feedforward VCO and PLL
Method for adjusting the center frequency of a phase locked loop
Digital self-calibration of a digital-to-analog converter
High precision SAR converter using resistor strip with auto zeroing function
Photonic analog to digital conversion based on temporal and spatial oversampling techniques
System and method for simultaneously encoding data in multiple formats and at different bit rates
System for communicating over a transmission line
Low noise, reduced swing differential output buffer design
Voltage mode bidirectional port with data channel used for synchronization
Apparatus and method for acquisition of an incoming data stream
Electroluminescent device and shield therefor
Power/energy management control system
Electronic ballast for high-intensity discharge lamps
Plasma valve
Wiring circuit substrate and manufacturing method thereof
Noise removing filter for electronic equipment with a ferrite flanged core
High-frequency module
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