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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Multipurpose gardening tool
Egg incubation transport system and methods regarding same
Reusable line connector
Fishing rig
Fishing system with remote monitoring capablity
Device for separating banana pulp from its peel
Nose cover
Modular neck protection device
Clasp, accessory bracelet, and timepiece
Adjustable sized jewelry
Methods and devices for applying solid nail coatings to mammalian and artificial nails
Frames for futon sofa beds and methods of securing slats therein
Portable and foldable bed
Hammock device for infants
Kitchen utensil with a suction base mechanism
Snow removal device and kit
O'brush grill cleaner
Glove/mitten eraser
Noise canceling microphone with acoustically tuned ports
Sleep appliance
Sleep appliance
High surface area chemical/biological air-purifying filter
Adapter for use in an aerosol delivery system
Flat wire helix electrode used in screw-in cardiac stimulation leads
Apparatus and applicator patch for transdermal substance delivery
Synchronized atrial anti-tachy pacing system and method
Respiratory mask assembly
Performing Operations; Transporting
Cleaning/drying apparatus and cleaning/drying method
Press forming die set and method
Method of attaching rail pulls to existing kitchen or bathroom cabinets having previously installed knobs or pulls
Machine tool bed having fluid channel
Reciprocatory saw
Screw fastening machine
Cutting device
Rolls and cylinders with a steel core for offset presses
Integrated vehicle motion control system
System and method for managing construction machinery
Master cylinder of brake
Vehicle motion control device
Adjustable steering column assembly
Dispenser and apparatus and method of filling a dispenser
Medicine dispensing/packaging apparatus
Method and apparatus for applying flexible sleeving
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Plasma torch for making synthetic silica
Textiles; Paper
Apparatus at a spinning preparation machine in which a clothed, rapidly rotating roller is located opposite at least one component at a spacing
Yarn feeding device for knitting machines, particularly for circular knitting machines
Toroidal cloth
Method for operating a steam generator in a fabric treatment appliance
Ironingboard adustable in height
Fixed Constructions
Disposable drain filter
Universal toilet tank lever
Water conservation apparatus
Roof membrane and roof system using the membrane to simulate a standing seam metal roof
Mounting apparatus for lighting and lighting accessories
Airbag arrangement and tools
Floor panel with the tongue more elastic than the locking element
Preform, hydroforming method, and hydroformed product
Overhead doors and associated track, guide, and bracket assemblies for use with same
Method for automatically opening door and device for automatically opening and closing door
Vehicle window regulator having a floating window carrier
System and method for forming a coiled tubing connection
Wrenching tong
Retrievable bridge plug
Casing patch
System for cyclic injection and production from a well
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Steam generation plant and method for operation and retrofitting of a steam generation plant
Systems and methods for managing camshaft torsional loading
Pushrod engine with multiple independent lash adjusters for each pushrod
Monitoring of exhaust gas oxygen sensor performance
Cylinder and piston assemblies for opposed piston engines
Apparatus and method for determining date of gas turbine washing
Ceramic regenerator for a gas turbine engine
Adjustable seating furniture
Vehicle transmission
Cartridge of water supply valve
Tubular expansion device and method of fabrication
Heat pump system and heat pump operation method
Apparatus and methods for creating sparkling water from the atmosphere
Water carryover avoidance method
Method and device for producing ice droplets on demand
Barrel link for a semi-automatic weapon
Ambidextrous charging handle for a firearm
Artillery projectile extractor
Shooting device for air guns and paintball guns
Slingshot pouch
Pressure impulse mitigation
Method for measuring rotation angle of bonded wafer
Barometric floor level indicator
Measuring arrangement for determining the constituents of a sample taken from a crop stream
Fluidic volume dispense verification tool
Device for the determination of flow parameters for a fluid and method for operating such a device
Pressure distribution sensor utilizing electromagnetic coupling
Pressure sensing device for harsh environments
Method and system for detecting air pressure neutrality in air containment zones
Knife holder for a microtome
Photoacoustic spectroscopy system and technique for remote sensing of explosives and toxic chemicals
Radiation sources and compact radiation scanning systems
Electric potential difference detection method and scanning probe microscope
Differential termination and attenuator network for a measurement probe having an automated common mode termination voltage generator
Point of play terminal
Multilevel signal interface testing with binary test apparatus by emulation of multilevel signals
Thermosetting adhesive for optical use, optical isolator element made with the adhesive, and optical isolator
Non-circular, mechanically variable optical attenuator
Polymeric optical waveguide film
Radiation-curable composition, optical waveguide and method for formation thereof
Polymeric optical waveguide film, polymeric optical waveguide module and method of manufacturing polymeric optical waveguide film
Optical modulator and method of manufacturing same
Method, system and software program for correcting positional color misalignment
Fixing apparatus
Control system and method for mitigating transients in a machine due to occasional maintenance or service
Method and apparatus for image forming capable of effectively preventing toner adhesion on a density sensor by generating an electric field according to a visible image
Imaging devices including document finishing capability
Process cartridge and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Remanufacturing method for process cartridge
Image forming apparatus including a rotary member having a shaped cross section drive connecting member
Image forming apparatus using an ordered set of first, second and charging AC peak to peak voltages
Image forming apparatus, method of adjusting developing unit of the apparatus, developing unit, and storage medium
Buffed toner metering blade for use with an imaging apparatus
Image forming apparatus and image forming method
Image heating apparatus
Electronic equipment operating component function setting system
Apparatus for operating a distribution chute for changing ores and coals into a furnace
Efficient optical network design using multi-granular optical cross-connects with wavelength band switching
Dynamic protection circuit
Electric power distribution center having a plurality of ASICS each with a voltage to frequency converter that use an RMS current value
Electric device and method for operating an electric device
Protecting decrypted compressed content and decrypted decompressed content at a digital rights management client
Test system and method for testing memory circuits
Debugging breakpoints on pluggable components
Semiconductor memory and method of testing the same
System and method for fault-tolerant synchronization of replica updates for fixed persistent consistency point image consumption
Method and system for estimating weights of mailpieces
Evaluation device for control unit, simulator, and evaluation system
Memory and power efficient mechanism for fast table lookup
Storage system
Remote copy control method
Method and apparatus for data relocation between storage subsystems
Method for bus capacitance reduction
Translation lookaside buffer-based memory system and method for use in a computer having a plurality of processor element
Memory hub and method for memory sequencing
Assuring genuineness of data stored on a storage device
Flash memory programming
Memory module indicator device
Processor memory having a dedicated port
Method and apparatus for backup and recovery system using storage based journaling
Method, system, and program for managing requests to an Input/Output device
Communication registers for processing elements
System and method for backing up and restoring data
Memory management system having a linked list processor
Metasearching a plurality of queries and consolidating results
Correlating high-speed serial interface data and FIFO status signals in programmable logic devices
Storage system
Semiconductor integrated circuit having changeable bus width of external data signal
Universal serial bus device having logical circuit for conversive and immediate host reset operation
Sport performance systems for measuring athletic performance, and associated methods
Information processing apparatus, information distribution apparatus, information processing system, network monitoring apparatus and network monitoring program
Transactional data communications for process control systems
Timekeeping apparatus providing premises-automation-related function through a network
Method and apparatus for dynamic connection service category changes
Method and system for prioritizing network services
Cascading network apparatus for scalability
Apparatus and methods for filtering content based on accessibility to a user
Apparatus and method for distributing electronic messages to a wireless data processing device using a multi-tiered queuing architecture
System using mobile proxy for intercepting mobile IP message and performing protocol translation to support multiple communication protocols between mobile networks
Communication apparatus, communication method, communication system, program, and storage medium
System and method for listening to teams in a race event
Peer to peer software distribution system
Apparatus and method for providing data service in a wireless system
Message transfer method and apparatus
Enforcing a communication architecture in a communication network
Remote power control system
Method to suspend-and-resume across various operational environment contexts
Method of sequentially selecting bootable memory module for booting
Digital audio compensation
Centralized control and management system for automobiles
Providing time sensitivity to an inference engine
Multilingual conversation assist system
Method for user verification and authentication and multimedia processing for interactive database management and method for viewing the multimedia
Apparatus and method for managing state of external apparatus
Linked value replication
Querying an object for properties
System and method for shared directory management
Method and system for usage analyzer that determines user accessed sources, indexes data subsets, and associated metadata, processing implicit queries based on potential interest to users
Recipient controlled contact directories
Method for modeling and viewing real world objects in a network model at real world times
Power supply control device and method for mobile robot
Control system simulation, testing, and operator training
Method for producing a high-strength ceramic dental prosthesis
Reordering unrelated transactions from an ordered interface
Multimode controller for intelligent and "dumb" flash cards
Card connection adaptor
Sliding window packet management systems
Anomaly detection in data perspectives
Connected support entitlement system and method of operation
Remote unblocking with a security agent
Providing predictable scheduling of programs using repeating precomputed schedules on discretely scheduled and/or multiprocessor operating systems
Microcomputer for apparatus control and vehicle-mounted electronic control unit incorporating microcomputer
Apparatus and method for a data storage device with a plurality of randomly located data
Method and apparatus for identifying software components for use in an object-oriented programming system
Compressed file patcher
Electrical design rule checking expert traverser system
Language extension for light weight threading in a JVM
ASP.NET HTTP runtime
Palette-based image compression method, system and data file
Authentication system by fingerprint
Color conversion definition correcting method, color conversion definition correcting apparatus, and color conversion definition correcting program storage medium
Method for implementing a navigation key function in a mobile communication terminal based on fingerprint recognition
Method, system, and computer program product for control of platen movement during a live scan
Method and apparatus for recording of electronic handwriting
Objectification of surface test methods through image processing
Image display method and image display apparatus
Apparatus for and method of monitoring particulate material in a fluid
Methods and apparatuses for detecting classifying and measuring spot defects in an image of an object
Tracking semantic objects in vector image sequences
Pattern recognition method and apparatus
Image reading system and method for radiography with preregistration and post-registration options
Method and system for compositing images to produce a cropped image
N-dimensional filter and method for n-dimensionally filtering an original image pixel
Methods and apparatus for transform coefficient filtering
System and method for image compression, storage, and retrieval
System and method for pairing providers with consumers of online goods and services
Automated banking machine apparatus and system
System and method for online creation and integration of service of process functions
System and method for managing sponsorships
System and method for using psychological significance pattern information for matching with target information
Method and apparatus for facilitating the sale of subscriptions to periodicals
Speed-monitoring radar-activated brake light
Authentication method and system
Food-product preparation kit, food-product preparation apparatus, and methods of use
Animated artificial flower
Identification tag and releasable attachment clip
Method and system for defining a sequence of sound modules for synthesis of a speech signal in a tonal language
Method and apparatus to perform speech recognition over a data channel
Computer motherboard architecture with integrated DSP for continuous and command and control speech processing
Disc centering device
Optical pickup actuator with improved damping effect with end of suspension wire movably inserted into groove of wire holder
Superconducting articles, and methods for forming and using same
Method for production of a pole face of a metallic closing element of an electromagnet
Method for producing piezoelectric actuator and method for producing ink-jet head
Method of forming CMOS transistors with dual-metal silicide formed through the contact openings
Receiver for high rate digital communication system
Decision feedback equalizing device
Transition encoded dynamic bus circuit
Method of error control coding and decoding of messages in a packet-based data transmission system
System and method for obscuring unwanted ambient noise and handset and central office equipment incorporating the same
Transmission method, transmitter, reception method, and receiver
Wireless communication system
Method and system for setting user preference satellite radio music selections in a mobile vehicle
Interconnection circuit between two loop antennas embedded in a wristband of a wrist-carried wireless instrument
Folding communication terminal and display control method therefor
Spread spectrum clock generator
Sending transmission format information on dedicated channels
Method and apparatus for downlink joint detection in a communication system
Method and transceiver for through-air optical communications
Interconnecting processing units of a stored program controlled system using space division multiplexed free space optics
Optical communications system and method of protecting an optical route
Sound processing method and apparatus
Technique of detecting the propagation environment of radio wave
Repeater and method for automatically setting output signal level of repeater
Portable terminal with display capability based on tilt angle
Audio source selection circuit
Bi-directional single fiber optic link for data and radio frequency transmissions
Method and system for efficiently passing the silence or unused status of a DSO channel through a DsO switch matrix and a data switch
Method and apparatus for multi-session time-slot multiplexing
Predistortion amplifier
Data transmission system and data transmitter/receiver for use therein, and method thereof
Multi-dimensional fractional number of bits modulation scheme
Protecting content from unauthorized reproduction
Simplified method and related device for authentication of DVD system
System and method for electronic transmission, storage, and retrieval of authenticated electronic original documents
Mobile phone, analysis device included therein, and analysis method
Tunable parasitic resonators
Band pass filter and method of filtering for a base station in a wireless communication system
Interchangeable covering additions to a mobile communication device for display and key reorientation
Sliding type mobile telephone terminal
Alert muting method through indirect contact for portable devices
Apparatus and method for performing a dialing operation using a phone book of a mobile communication terminal
Customer responding system, computer terminal, customer responding method and recording medium
Method and system for interfacing systems unified messaging with legacy systems located behind corporate firewalls
Home network telephone answering system and method for same
Voice messaging system caller ring bypass control
Multimedia adapter for headset amplifier
Automated information access via the telephone line
System and method for determining an optimal threshold for increasing telephone line capacity and for evaluating line management policies
Apparatus, method, media and signals for controlling a wireless communication appliance
Selecting wireless devices
Method and system for transmitting data between personal communication devices
Call routing control using call routing scripts
Television schedule system and method of operation for multiple program occurences
Device and method for motion video encoding reducing image degradation in data transmission without deteriorating coding efficiency
System and method for piggybacking data across an open data channel of a wireless device
Method for detecting traffic data
Geographical position extension in messaging for a terminal node
Aircraft base station for wireless devices
Method for managing multicast group in mobile communication system
Method and apparatus for load sharing in wireless access networks based on dynamic transmission power adjustment of access points
Method of system access to a wireless network
Microphone array sound source location system with imaging overlay
Structure around a speaker unit and applied electric or electronic apparatus thereof
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Apparatus for mounting an electrical heater through a water tank drain plug opening
Apparatus and method for the remote production of customized clothing
Systems and methods for guiding movable electrode elements within multiple-electrodes structures
Optical imaging of deep anatomic structures
Living body inspecting apparatus and noninvasive blood analyzer using the same
System for the creation of patient specific templates for epileptiform activity detection
Reduced field-of-view method for cine magnetic resonance imaging
Method and apparatus for compensating for image retention in an amorphous silicon imaging detector
Method and apparatus for reducing artifacts in images reconstructed from image data acquired by a computed tomography system
Techniques for selective activation of neurons in the brain, spinal cord parenchyma or peripheral nerve
Implantable cardiac stimulating device with optimized demand
Cardiac rhythm management system with user interface for threshold test
Cardiac rhythm management system promoting a trial pacing
Apparatus and method for delivering a low energy therapeutic pulse to a patient
Method for collecting data pertinent to predictors of heart arrhythmias using an animal test subject
Pulsed electromagnetic energy treatment apparatus and method
Radiotherapy stent
System and method for calculating fluence contributions from a source plane
Miniature x-ray source
Performing Operations; Transporting
Rapid manufacturing of molds for forming drill bits
Remote control system for biped locomotion robot
High precision vision guided positioning device
Edge-reinforced seamed belts
Display panel filter connection to a display panel
Vending machine for the production of customized photos and artcards including a set of instructions for a manipulation of an image
Steganography using dynamic codes
Path correction for lane change analysis
Method for regulating speed and distance during passing maneuvers
Braking device for an electrically-powered car that uses a load of an electrical motor as a braking force
Grade speed control and method for railway freight vehicle
Automobile computer control system for limiting the usage of wireless telephones on moving automobiles
Method and device for forming a deployment criterion for a restraint system
Control apparatus of occupant protection device
Auxiliary acceleration sensor device for an air bag system
Method and system for an in-vehicle computer architecture
Vehicle deceleration control apparatus and control method thereof
Sheet processing apparatus with control of sheet conveyance based on skew amount, control method, image forming apparatus, and storage medium
Fixed Constructions
Optimum oil-well casing heating
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Gas turbine aeroengine control system
Apparatus and method for determining engine static timing errors and overall system bandwidth
Imageable seam intermediate transfer belt having toner particle-sized kerf gap
Radioisotope based x-ray residual stress analysis apparatus
Predicting broadband noise from a stator vane of a gas turbine engine
Image redirection and optical path folding
GPS controlled marine speedometer unit with multiple operational modes
Built-in self-test arrangement for integrated circuit memory devices
Phase alignment for vector and coherent signal processing
Positioning system using packet radio to determine position and to obtain information relative to a position
Method for positioning with low geometrical dilution of position (GDOP)
Method for selecting a signal, and a cellular radio system
Seismic sensor units
Zoom lens system
Compact zoom lens and a camera using the zoom lens
Objective lens for endoscope
Eyeglass display lens system employing off-axis optical design
VCSEL field correction
Method and system for splitting or combining optical signal
Optical switch
Bushing for securing the position of the protective jacket of a jacketed fiber
Optical communication device and slip ring unit for an electronic component-mounting apparatus
Modular layered splice holder
Panel for managing jumper storage
Method and apparatus for joining underwater cable
Lens barrel
MMI thermo-optic coupler
Electrically adjustable diffraction grating
Method for forming a ferroelectric domain-inverted structure
All optical inverter/amplifier
Dual film image and electronic image capture camera with self-timer
Camera with means for superimposing images on exposures
Head movement feature in camera employing film with magnetic memory portion
Static screen for animated images
Camera capable of detecting an abnormality
External flash control system
Camera having a data imprinting device
Recording apparatus and method for handling different types of recording medium
Image forming apparatus having staple processing section
Color image formation apparatus using a liquid developer and color image formation method using a liquid developer
Image forming apparatus having humidity detection and toner concentration adjusting according to detected humidity
Image developing device using a toner as a developer
Waste bottle with overflow chamber
Electrophotographic development system with induction charged toner
Method and apparatus of controlling image fixing temperature of image forming unit in a printer
Xerographic fusing apparatus with multiple heating elements
Detector in ultrasonic holography
Display illumination for an electronic device
Method for generating control parameters from a response signal of a controlled system and system for adaptive setting of a PID controller
Electronic apparatus power supply control method and recording medium
Statistically qualified neuro-analytic failure detection method and system
Coilless AC/DC power supply device
Integrated circuit
Log based data architecture for a transactional message queuing system
Memory system having flexible bus structure and method
Graphical interface for object-relational query builder
Method and system for using dynamically generated code to perform index record retrieval in certain circumstances in a relational database manager
Concurrency control for transactions that update base tables of a materialized view using different types of locks
Method and data processing system for detecting patterns in SQL to allow optimized use of multi-column indexes
Program-listing appendix
Method and system for using associative metadata
Digital library system
Method for dynamic presentation of the contents topically rich capsule overviews corresponding to the plurality of documents, resolving co-referentiality in document segments
Method and device for classification using iterative information retrieval techniques
Caching of distributed dynamic SQL statements in a multiple node RDBMS
Plan-per-tuple optimizing of database queries with user-defined functions
Database system with methodology providing improved cost estimates for query strategies
Methods and/or systems for selecting data sets
Selectivity estimation in spatial databases
Method and apparatus for designing a manufacturing process for sheet metal parts
Control method
Digital comparator
Method and system for using dynamically generated code to perform record management layer functions in a relational database manager
Method and system for memory allocation in a multiprocessing environment
Real-time opto-electronic image processor
Method, apparatus and storage medium configured to analyze predictive accuracy of a trained neural network
Multi-user system for creating and maintaining a medical-decision-making knowledge base
Method for allocating lot priority by ranking lots as a function of budget queue time in a manufacturing control system
Method and system of confidence scoring
Apparatus for improving the signal to noise ratio in wireless communication systems through message pooling
Rendering objects having multiple volumes and embedded geometries using minimal depth information
System and apparatus for single subpixel elimination with local error compensation in an high addressable error diffusion process
Video coding and video decoding apparatus
Device and methods for transposing matrix of video signal and T.V. receiver employing the same
Method of segmenting a radiation image into direct exposure area and diagnostically relevant area
Apparatus for and method of processing image and information recording medium
Methods and apparatus for identifying marking process and modifying image data based on image spatial characteristics
Analyzing an acquired arrangement of object locations
Method and apparatus for detecting independent motion in three-dimensional scenes
Sample refinement method of multiple mode probability density estimation
Rotated read-out of JPEG compressed images
Method and apparatus of image processing, and data storage media
Method for non-uniform quantization in a resolution hierarchy by transmission of break points of a nonlinearity
Method and apparatus for image compression
Accelerated signal encoding and reconstruction using pixon method
Video decoder using bi-orthogonal wavelet coding
Computer system for realizing coding function having improved error resilience
Control system and method for controlling at least one function of an object and access control and driving authorization device for a motor vehicle
Method and apparatus for compiling audio/video information from remote sites into a final video program
Information communication terminal with charging management function
Apparatus, method and system having reduced power consumption in a multi-carrier wireline environment
System and method for remote communication of traffic monitoring device data
Media access in a media library
Disk rotating device
Media stabilization for laser servowriting
Reproducing and recording apparatus, decoding apparatus, recording apparatus, reproducing and recording method, decoding method and recording method
Apparatus and method of forming evaluation signal used in adjusting focus bias and adjusting skew of disk drive
Pickup guide mechanism
Disk cartridge
Direction identifier for recording of trick play signals on a record carrier
Video processing system with real time program duration compression and expansion
Information storage system capable of recording and playing back a plurality of still pictures
Method and device for storing audio-centered information by a table-of-contents mechanism and a file-based access mechanism
Method and apparatus for playing an MPEG data file backward
Optical disc recording apparatus, computer-readable recording medium recording a file management program, and optical disc
Signal operational circuit for a multi-beam pick-up device
Objective lens used with high density optical recording medium
Optical pickup
Pickup device
Optical recording medium and optical disk device
Ferroelectric memory device
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Echo clock generating circuit of semiconductor memory device and method thereof
Memory apparatus including programmable non-volatile multi-bit memory cell, and apparatus and method for demarcating memory states of the cell
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device having structure storing multivalued data and data storage system comprising the nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
Method and data processing system for data lookups
Method and apparatus for writing to memory cells
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device and data programming method
Flash memory device capable of minimizing a substrate voltage bouncing and a program method thereof
Method for operating non-volatile memory cells
Row redundancy circuit using a fuse box independent of banks
Semiconductor device, semiconductor memory device and test-mode entry method
Method of testing a memory array
Integrated semiconductor memory with redundant units for memory cells
Architecture and package orientation for high speed memory devices
Write circuit for a semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor memory device
Clock synchronization semiconductor memory device
PLD with on-chip memory having a shadow register
Dual threshold voltage sense amplifier
System and method for tracking sensing speed by an equalization pulse for a high density flash memory device
Data outputting circuit for semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor memory device having pipe register operating at high speed
Semiconductor integrated circuit and method for controlling the same
Semiconductor memory device
Static random access memory circuits
Reduced in-core instrument patterns for pressurized water reactors
Fuel assembly for a boiling water reactor
Core catcher cooling by heat pipe
Wavelength division multiplexing erbium doped fiber amplifier which outputs constant power per channel and amplifying method thereof
Optical fiber amplifier with oscillating pump energy
Integrated modular optical amplifier
Semiconductor laser with tunable gain spectrum
Temperature-corrected wavelength monitoring and control apparatus
Array type laser diode
Inverter apparatus with active current limiting and smoothing circuit
Three-level soft-switched converters
Speed control circuit of a direct current motor
MDG method for output signal generation
Filter configuration and slope detector for quadrature amplitude modulated signals
Reconfigurable radio frequency communication system
Automatic frequency controller and demodulator unit
Time interpolating direct digital synthesizer
Phase locked loop
Method and arrangement for controlling the operation of mobile communication equipment in a power-off state
Portable cellular phone base station
Smart antenna receiver using pilot signal in CDMA mobile communication system and signal receiving method therefor
High data rate spread-spectrum system and method
Terminal control device and method for soft-handoff between terminals having different frequencies
Method and measurement configuration for measuring the characteristics of radio channels
Method for the parameterization of a reception means as well as a corresponding reception means and radio station
Using an RF repeater in CDMA applications to combat interference caused by a non-collocated radio
System and method for transmitting data
Method for implementing a terminal-to-terminal call with an optimal use of radio resources in a mobile satellite system
Method for managing communication modes for an aircraft
Asymmetric multiple access protocol for a communication system
Wireless spread spectrum ground link-based aircraft data communication system for engine event reporting
Multistream in-band on-channel systems
System and method for modeling simulcast delay spread and optimizing launch delays
Apparatus and method for synchronizing an SCDMA upstream or any other type upstream to an MCNS downstream or any other type downstream with a different clock rate than the upstream
Method and system for digital signal transmission
System and method for multipoint-to-multipoint multicasting
Protocol for critical security applications
Adaptive processor schedulor and method for reservation protocol message processing
Method for accessing a communication medium
Probing device
Circuit to integrate a host processor with special packet-handling logic for use with a DSL modem
Digital packet network for the local access loop
Quadrature amplitude modulation signal demodulation circuit having improved interference detection circuit
System and method for performing time domain equalization
Poly-path time domain equalization
Method and circuit arrangement to reduce a DC-offset
Symbol alignment method
Wireless enumeration
Host connect gateway for communications between interactive voice response platforms and customer host computing applications
System and method for facilitating inter-nodal protocol agreement in a telecommunications
Multiple instance single value identifiers environmental control communication method and system
Network and communication access systems
Method and protocol for distributed network address translation
Methods and apparatus for providing non-uniform de-multiplexing in a multi-carrier wide band CDMA system
Latching mechanisms for rotatable and/or translatable members on portable communication devices
Caller ID equipment which displays location of caller
Answering machine apparatus adapted for use with a telephone coupled to a telephone line having a telephone number associated therewith
Digital wireless local loop fax/data interface
Method and apparatus for screening telephone calls
Method for optimizing stability of a line interface circuit in a telecommunications network
Call waiting feature for a telephone line connected to the internet
Method and apparatus for eliminating nuisance signals in multi-party calls
Voice call processing methods
Minimum interruption cycle time threshold for reserve call center agents
Telecommunication system with call diversion
Method and system for call signaling in telephone calls over a packet-switched network
Method for simultaneously controlling multiple devices using a single communication channel
Method and apparatus that processes a video signal to generate a random number generator seed
Method and apparatus for providing image and video coding with iterative post-processing using a variable image model parameter
Video and audio coding method, coding apparatus, and coding program recording medium
Information transmitter device and transmitting method
System and method for providing an enhanced audio quality telecommunication session
Protection architecture for virtual channel connections (VCCS) in a telecommunications network
Method and apparatus for controlling traffic flows in a packet-switched network
Process for maintaining the microsynchronous operation of double information-processing units
Semi-permanent virtual paths for carrying virtual channels
Method and configuration for the network-wide analysis of connections in telecommunications networks
Method for controlling telecommunication services
Wide area paging system having automatic service area log-in
Method and arrangement in a mobile communications system
Method for providing performance features for mobile subscribers via a communications network
Automatic call to page conversion in a radio communication system
Data transmission in a mobile network
Dynamic sectorization in a CDMA cellular system employing centralized base-station architecture
Terminal and authorization card for a subscriber, telecommunications network, and method for modifying a service profile assigned to the subscriber
Method and apparatus for backhauling data in a communication system
Method to allow seamless service to mobile subscribers across various mobile switching centers supporting multiple intersystem standards
IP base GSM inter-MSC handover
Method for automatically assisting unaided voice communication
CDMA base station assisted soft handoff
Systems and methods for fast terminal synchronization in a wireless communication system
Signal processing circuit and method for increasing speech intelligibility
Actively control sound transducer
Electric heating ribbon with multiple coating sections attached to ribbon
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