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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Sprouted seed grain growing and harvesting apparatus and method
Electric fence converter
Telescopable strut for turkey decoy
Pack for lump-form or granular material
Removable band for visor
Segment positioning belt
Toy bank and online method thereof
Hooded dryer accessory system
Computer case
Portable variable-position headboard apparatus
Packaging and display system
Partition mount
Cooking rack with pivoting supports
Vacuum cleaner with enhanced maneuverability
Moisture-detecting shaft for use with an electro-mechanical surgical device
Method and apparatus for endoscopic repair of the lower esophageal sphincter
Insertion device for an insertion set and method of using the same
Device for anchoring a trocar
Devices and methods for tissue apposition
Wireless interventional device and a system for wireless energy transmission
Pleated bag for interventional pullback systems
System and method for predicting patient health within a patient management system
Dental prosthesis
Systems and methods for prosthetic knee
Vertebral body replacement and method of use
External fixation apparatus with angularly adjustable drill guiding and pin clamping means
Flexible spirally-rolled polymer tube for monitoring and treatment of brain injuries
Power injector syringe assembly
Flexible disposable surgical port
Dual sealing system for use with a probe
Sports training machine and control method thereof
Swim fin
Method and apparatus for operating a mobile gaming system
Interactive spectator features for gaming environments
Community gaming system outcome indicators
Device embedded in gaming machine handle
Performing Operations; Transporting
Utilizing ionic liquids for hydrofluorocarbon separation
Electrodeionization apparatus
Cooling tower and method of constructing same
System and process for inhibitor injection
Method and process for dry discharge in a pressurized pretreatment reactor
Pulper having a supply chamber and a displacement chamber
Eddy current separator
Vacuum pump suction filter meant for collecting impurities from function
Method and apparatus for measuring isoelectric point using field effect transistor
Liquid treatment module
Three-phase separator having an overflow outlet for one phase and a centripetal pump for another phase
Spray device
Coating die and coating apparatus comprising the same
Method for coating with coating liquid, coating apparatuses for use therein, and method for designing the same
Apparatus and method for separating materials using air
In-situ cleaning assembly
Method and device for manufacturing a cable comprising two layers of the in situ compound type
Device and method for adjusting an edger
Forming a control line protector by metal pressing operation
Freight car yoke molding apparatus and method
Cutting apparatus
Bonded abrasive article and method of use
Universal radio frequency shield removal
Hook pose detecting equipment and crane
Device for loosening and untying knots
Retractable device for holding containers, and a container-processor installation fitted with such devices
Scratch-off ticket ink removal device
Robot for harsh outdoor environment
Tool for cutting ceiling tile grid stock and method of cutting using the tool
Injection molding system including a melt filter, the filter being located before first instance of melt accumulation
Apparatus for manufacturing thermoformed plastic articles
Intermittent rotating machine for filling capsules with pharmaceutical products
Ball marking device
Inkjet recording apparatus
Image forming apparatus and image forming method
Ink jet printing apparatus and printing method
Process for manufacturing a perpendicular magnetic recording writer pole with nonmagnetic bevel
Device for preventing slipping of vehicle
System and method to reduce the aerodynamic force on a vehicle
Roller shutter device for regulating the air flow entering into the engine compartment of a motor vehicle
Supply and resetting hydraulic unit for a lifting assembly with two separate simultaneously actuated powered bearings
Seed transporter
Lining of a vehicle part
User interface for a power folding stroller
Collapsible small-scale electric transportation system
Elevated dock
Aquatic exercise device
Method and system for determining an order of fill for a plurality of pills in a multi-dose medicament container
Apparatus for recharging tennis balls and method
Product dispensing container, system and method with priming area
Easy-open can end, method for manufacturing can end, and beverage product filled in can container using the same
Waste collection and disposal device
Carton with interlocking divider
Content-saving systems for sealing opened product tubes and preventing product hardening
Strip for the formation of handles or labels for fruit and vegetable produce bags
Transmission mechanism and surface mount device using the same
Sheet feeding device and image forming apparatus
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method for recovery of rare earths from fluorescent lamps
Compositions comprising a fluorosurfactant and a hydrotrope
Heat transfer compositions
Process to separate lipids from lipid-containing biomass for producing platform chemicals and/or liquid biofuels
Method for extracting hexavalent chromium in a polymer material
Process for the production of titanium salts
System and method for top-down material deposition
Vapor-phase process apparatus, vapor-phase process method, and substrate
Methods and apparatus for manufacturing monocrystalline cast silicon and monocrystalline cast silicon bodies for photovoltaics
Textiles; Paper
Adaptive water level adjustment for an automatic washer
Household-type water-recirculating clothes washing machine with automatic control of the washload weight, and operating method thereof
Fixed Constructions
Variable contour floor system
Emergency extraction line and marine particle skimmer
Tension leg connection system and method
Portable toilet
Over-purlin insulation system for a roof
Casement for a glass window or leaf for a glass door, window or door frame and window system
Deck drainage system
Roller rail for a sliding door and method for actuating a turnout in a roller rail
Value engineered latch system
Dual axis hinge with eccentric connector
Leg levelling
Thermally stable polycrystalline diamond material with gradient structure
System, method and apparatus for conducting earth borehole operations
In situ recovery from a hydrocarbon containing formation
Systems and methods for low emission hydrocarbon recovery
Drilling and fracturing fluid
Imaging subsurface formations while wellbore drilling using beam steering for improved image resolution
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Systems and methods for energy storage and recovery using rapid isothermal gas expansion and compression
Control valve for use in valve timing control apparatus
System for fuel and diluent control
Method and device for controlling an output torque of an automated transmission coupled to an internal combustion engine
Direct fuel-injection engine
System and apparatus for controlling reverse flow in a fluid conduit
Evaporated fuel treatment apparatus and method of detecting failure in control valve
Structural assembly comprising a pump piston and a tappet
Method and apparatus for controlling needle seat load in very high pressure diesel injectors
Method and system for operating a solar steam system
Gas turbine compressor
Retaining nut
Radial joint and process for manufacturing such a radial joint for a motor vehicle
Actuating mechanism
Extended crank system
Locking mechanism for valve device
Tubular threaded seal connection
System for use in a wellbore
Gate valve assembly for installation in pressurized pipes
Compact solar light assembly
LED light string
Imitation candle
Lamp incorporating supporting body for easily mounting to a support
Baton for police
Vehicle headlamp unit having multiple adjacent projection lenses
Burning apparatus for a solid wood-fueled process heating system
Ceramic liner for attaching ceramic fiber refractory insulation
Workstation system
Self-contained electrochemical heat transfer system
EZ-launch two liter pop bottle launcher
Carrying handle for compound archery bow
Compound archery crossbow
Russian roulette beverage dispenser
System for providing protection against an explosive threat
Proximity-sensor support, a compressor, a valve plate and a cooler
Method for manufacturing an ultrasonic transducer
Container with elevating inner wall
Sensor switch for chemical/composition detection
Sample substrate having a divided sample chamber and method of loading thereof
Thermal test apparatus and method
Electronic control and amplification device for a local piezoelectric force measurement probe under a particle beam
Flash device structure
Linear-curvilinear actuating apparatus with rotating joints
USB charging circuit for a computer
Chassis power allocation using expedited power permissions
Techniques for performing storage power management
Optimized power savings in a storage virtualization system
Data processing apparatus, control method, and storage medium
Failure management method and computer
Model-based testing of an application program under test
Method and computer program product for system tuning based on performance measurements and historical problem data and system thereof
Integrated circuit testing with clock manipulation and auto-step features
Determining heavy distinct hitters in a data stream
System and method of securing private health information
Service-oriented architecture component processing model
Bookmarks and watchpoints for selection and presentation of media streams
Search engine providing an option to win the item sought
Frequency domain layout decomposition in double patterning lithography
Computing device and method for automatically checking wiring information
Adjusting capacitance of capacitors without affecting die area
Capacitance modification without affecting die area
Evaluation systems and methods for coordinating software agents
Method, apparatus and system for secure distribution of content
Policy and compliance management for user provisioning systems
Manufacturing method of a memory device to be authenticated
Automatic inference of whitelist-based validation as part of static analysis for security
Electronic device and method for verifying firmware of the electronic device
Method for generating simple object access protocol messages and process engine
Image processing device and image processing method for displaying images in a spiral form
Intranode data communications in a parallel computer
System and method for embedding a view of a virtual space in a banner ad and enabling user interaction with the virtual space within the banner ad
Touch screen keypad layout
Inviting temporary participants to a virtual meeting or other communication session for a fixed duration
Computer-readable medium for providing access to verified personal background data
Method for recording and distributing digital data and related device
Distributed, non-intrusive code review in a development environment
Wide-spectrum type system incorporating representation types, correctness types, coercions, and function overload resolution
Techniques for instantiating and configuring projects
Test case pattern matching
Capturing multi-disk virtual machine images automatically
Integrated exchange of development tool console data
System and method for a non-sequential undo mechanism
Detecting applications in a virtualization environment
Virtual machine and programming language for event processing
Vectorization of program code
Method for evaluating at least one characteristic value
Using appropriate level of code to be executed in runtime environment using metadata describing versions of resources being used by code
Method for managing power of host computer
Thread classification suspension
Multithreaded physics engine with predictive load balancing
Utilizing user-defined workflow policies to automate changes made to composite workflows
Utilizing user-defined workflow policies to automate changes made to composite workflows
Managing events generated from business objects
Card personalization device for producing a portable USB object, associated card, method for detecting the type of card, and use of the cards in a mass mailing method
Gaming machine having hub-less reels
System, method, computer program and data set intended to facilitate the comprehension and/or learning of languages by utilizing modified versions
Safety system for equipment
Cover for display structures
Double wide pole bracket and banner system
Disc cartridge
Storage apparatus, storage controller, and method for managing locations of error correcting code blocks in array
Storing apparatus
Surface-modified ruthenium oxide conductive material, lead-free glass(es), thick film resistor paste(s), and devices made therefrom
High voltage negative active material for a rechargeable lithium battery
Molecular precursors for optoelectronics
Templated metal particles and methods of making
Dielectric fluid composition containing vegetable oils and free of antioxidants
Connector with elastic deformation member
Attachment mechanism for electronic component
Printed board, and car-mounted electric connection box containing the printed board
Electrical connector and electrical connector assembly
Electrical connector
Connector and connector unit
Coaxial connector
Split sector recovery method
Impulse noise mitigation
Method and system for employing a fixed IP address based encryption device in a dynamic IP address based network
Method and apparatus for variable privacy preservation in data mining
Policy applicability determination
Secure block acknowledgement mechanism for use in communication networks
Moving image reproducing apparatus and control method of moving image reproducing apparatus
Smart TV-band white space identifier
Systems and method for determining visual media information
Systems and methods for prioritization of data for intelligent discard in a communication network
Low pressure molding encapsulation of high voltage circuitry
Speaker and portable information terminal
Folded horn enclosure with inter-channel reflex-porting
Expired Patents Due To Time
Apparatus for installing flashover protection covers
Tubing disconnect tool with angled semi-annular heads
Disc brake piston installation tool
Cobalt-base composition and method for diffusion braze repair of superalloy articles
Method for shrink-fitting fire hose
Method for making an extruder sleeve
Method of producing a spiral wound gasket and a device for producing the same
Conveyor belt with improved rod to link attachment
Method of applying a retention ring to a disc rotor assembly
Compressive annealing of superconductive tapes
Method of manufacturing magnetic head elements
Method of manufacturing a thin film magnetic head
Method for decreasing contact resistance
Folded fin forming method, machine and folded fin obtained therefrom
Apparatus for manufacturing long, slender lamina stacks from nonuniform laminae
Electronic component placing apparatus
Apparatus for and method of attaching items to a hang strip
Method for mounting component
Method for mounting wire-wound component on a printed circuit board
Strap spring for attaching heat sinks to circuit boards
Multiple coated substrates
Method for producing printed wiring boards
Full additive process with filled plated through holes
Wire harness and method for manufacturing the same
Method of making wire connecting structure
Method of repairing a cylinder head having cooling water passages
Volumetric infusion pump
Counterweight for hermetic compressors
Method to set slot width in a rotary compressor
Method of making a valve stem
Method for identification and repair of indications in hardware
Method for replacing cracked core spray supply piping in a boiling water reactor
Method of manufacture of heat exchange unit
Bicycle crank and method for manufacturing same
Hydrodynamic bearing arrangement having a structure permitting the removal of entrapped air
Safety knife
Encapsulant removal tool for fiber optic cables
Magnetically latching butterfly knife
System for measuring a motor vehicle wheel position
Laser beam projector power and communication system
Laser extender
Tools for squaring ends of elongated objects
Adjustable tile measuring device
Method of verifying the straightness of the arbor of the table saw
Air purification system and food dehydration unit
Air blower apparatus
Method and device for thermal drying of a solid product in small pieces
Infrared dryer with air purge shutter
Device for coupling an exhaust tube to an exhaust port
Process and apparatus for drying a plurality of dip-coated medicaments
Apparatus for roasting coffee beans
Drying tunnel applicable to fruit and vegetables
Shoe with adjustable upper
Athletic footwear sole construction enabling enhanced energy storage, retrieval and guidance
Athletic shoe with improved sole
Footwear insole insert
Grinding apparatus with flexible plate
Mountaineering snowshoe
Grinding footwear apparatus with storage compartment
Virtual intelligence shoe with a podiatric analysis system
Excavator data acquisition and control system and process
Display method and structure
Methods and assemblies for changing vending machine sign face graphics
Safety warning flag assembly for use with highway trucks
Jardin Gem, a set of identifier stratagems, with accessories
Firearm gripping device
Signaling and support device for fishing
Fishing lure
Fishing lure
Convertible crab trap with quick release hinges
Musical electronic insect killer
Delivery system for fluid material
Termite bait station
Biodegradable plant protector and growth enhancement device and method
Method for uptake of a substance into a seed
Floral sleeve convertible into a decorative skirt
Seedling container and method of making the same
Pivot spring automatic door sealing apparatus
Power actuator for a vehicle window
Safety door assembly, in particular a sterile door
Refrigerator door
Collapsible stage or like structure
Prefabricated arch structure
Forming apparatus and method for thermally insulated concrete wall
Device for shielding a shed entrance
Skylights to accommodate on site adjustments for variations in installations
Hold down device and method
Engineered structural modular units
Composite shingle having shading zones in different planes
Laminated vinyl siding
Beam, that is rectangular in cross-section, in particular made from a hollow section of an extruded light metal alloy, and a construction unit made up of such beams
Method of improving durability of a building, building, far-infrared radiation thermal storage floor heating system, and method of improving soil of building lot
Method and apparatus for constructing a concrete block wall
Concrete form
Wall base
Apparatus for propelling a carriage along the length of purlins of a roof structure
Automatic packaging machine for cardboard box with latching flip top
Device for packaging pipes into a case and taking them out therefrom
Stretch film roll mounting frame
Floral grouping wrapper having a detachable portion
Method for forming a cover about a flower pot
Rectangular inner bag for loading into cylindrical container
Container with dispensing spout and method for making same
Apparatus and method for making pouches
Packaging machine having continuous and intermittent modes
Apparatus for wrapping a load
Apparatus for multifunctional lawn mower and multidirectional shell
Tool with an electric motor as the drive
Grass collector arrangement for a rear discharge mower
Fore and AFT movement of a pickup reel of a crop harvesting header
Hay making machine with improved shaft coupling
Process and device for the automatic introduction of a fiber sliver
Fluid-jet false-twisting method and product
Spinning rotor for open-end spinning machines
Watchband with articulate links
Ecology system for a gas turbine engine
Cooling apparatus for gas turbine moving blade and gas turbine equipped with same
Electrostatic propulsion engine with neutralizing ion source
Vectoring nozzle control system
Apparatus and method of active flutter control
Leaned and swept fan outlet guide vanes
Rocket engine thrust chamber assembly
Method for reducing the pollutant emission of an internal combustion engine
Method and system for monitoring a catalytic converter
Exhaust gas purifying apparatus of internal combustion engine
Air-fuel ratio control system for internal combustion engine
Power control system for a machine
Hydraulic machine comprising dual gerotors
Buoyancy engine for capturing undersea gas
Stirling cycle engine
Master cylinder with hydraulic reaction and selective self-powering
Master cylinder with hydraulic reaction operating with developing pressure
Hydraulic brake system with device for active braking
Body of gas generating material for a vehicle occupant restraint
Energy conversion system
Regenerative subsystem control in a kalina cycle power generation system
Electrochemical engine
Power system with enhanced thermodynamic efficiency and pollution control
Environment controlled WIP cart
Ball grid array package having thermoelectric cooler
Computer enclosure cooling unit
Method and apparatus for condensing both water and a plurality of hydrocarbons entrained in a pressurized gas stream
Cryostat systems
Pulse tube refrigerator
Ice making machine with cool vapor defrost
Method for taking custody of, transporting and installing air conditioner
Freezer/refrigerator vehicle
Temperature control zone for compressor/condenser air intake
Refrigeration system with independent compartment temperature control
Generator power management
Fan casing of window type air conditioner
Desiccant assisted air conditioning system
Box for feeding of inner units of air-conditioning systems
Multiple-dose, flush-through injector
Cooling insert
Air conditioner
Motor, refrigeration machine or heat pump
Industrial gas pipeline letdown liquefaction system
Process and device for recovering high-purity oxygen
Method and device for producing compressed nitrogen
Cryogenic distillation system for air separation
Personalized jewelry
Method of making a glass array plate with closure
Method of making glasses containing spectral modifiers
Apparatus for controlling the sag of a preform in an installation
Low profile bushing for making fibers
Knit article having several spatially overlapping structures made in a continuous knitting process
Low unit weight knitted loop fabric
Double face warp knit fabric with two-side effect
Restraining device employing bundling ties
Tamper-resistant latch assembly for slidable partitions
Door lock assembly having an automatically actuated latch mechanism
Torque-limited key
Lock system enabling user to lock door and extend lock bolt in a single action and push-pull lock with cushioning arrangement for protecting bolt drive components
Tumbler lock with additional rotor locking member
Groove rolling of piping elements
Negative angular forming die and pressing apparatus
Sheet-metal bending press
Coining tool and process of manufacturing same for making connection components
Double vee lockbead for sheet metal forming
Press transfer bar-finger support
Powered crimping tool
Devices and methods for calibration of a thermal gradient spectrometer
Method and system to measure torque per unit current as a function of angle in hard disk drive actuators
Turntable acceleration generating apparatus
Sensing element and method for manufacturing a sensing element
Method of removing siloxanes from silicon compound gases and apparatus therefor, and siloxane content analyzing method and analyzing apparatus
Apparatus for determining odor levels in gas streams
Piezoelectric gas sensing device for detection of a gas species a gaseous environment
Method of measuring a gas component and sensing device for measuring the gas component
Combustion state detecting device for an internal combustion engine
Paint and surface coating air permeability demonstration and testing apparatus
System for determining integrity of a gas-sealed compartment
Integrated multi-element lubrication sensor and lubricant health assessment
On-line viscosity measurement system
Piezoelectric resonator, process for the fabrication thereof including its use as a sensor element for the determination of the concentration of a substance contained in a liquid and/or for the determination of the physical properties of the liquid
Apparatus and method for monitoring hydrogen permeation
AFM with referenced or differential height measurement
Trailing edge acoustic emission sensor and pyroelectric sensor for asperity detection
Method and apparatus for measuring piston ring tension
In situ underground sample analyzing probe
Device metering and measuring quantities of liquid
Rotor aircraft rotor blade with static and dynamic balancing device and balancing process of a blade
Silicon micromachined accelerometer/seismometer and method of making the same
Apparatus and method for binocular measurement system
Spherical shoe proof test
Flow sensor with wide dynamic range
Torque indicator socket
Steering torque detecting device for cable-type steering device
Hand held golf ball compression and sphericity tester
Diffusion sampler and method of use
Device for inspection of pipes
Knob switch device
Automatic shift control device for electronic pneumatic shift system and method for controlling same
External electronic transmission shift system
Cable driven automotive gear lever joint mechanism
Shift lever unit for dual-mode automatic transmission
Systems and methods employing a rotary track for machining and manufacturing
Hand lever device
Pivoting handle assembly having weight compensation
Bicycle cleat
Coupling an accessory to an engine crankshaft
Foil cutter for a corkscrew
Apparatus and method for removing an insulation cover from an insulation covered wire at intermediate portion
Hammer with striking cap
Hub nut fastener for mounting wheel
One-way drive strap wrench
Drill bit for applying torque to a fastener
Tool for cargo strap buckle ratchet winch
Hand-held tool handle
Tool unit clamping apparatus having a locking mechanism with increased gripping force
Method and apparatus for cutting continuous paper web
Method for sawing wafers employing multiple indexing techniques for multiple die dimensions
Bacon slicer system
Paper cutter for photographic processing system
End trimming apparatus for blinds
Device for cutting wire windings
Method and apparatus for moving workpieces
Device for controlling the rotation of a support drum in a paper dispensing apparatus
Punch guide assembly
Apparatus for producing sheets of solid surfacing
Cutting arrangement for cutting paper or sheet webs
Tree felling disc saw with replaceable arcuate teeth
Explosive containment device
Damped spring mechanism for a firearm
Axial piston pump and improved valve plate design therefor
Linear drive
Band controlled valve/actuator
Screw-on pressure medium-actuated working cylinder with closure components for coupling the cylinder tube
Food appliance and a coding system therefor
Mobile grill
Structure of a multi-function cooking utensil
Firebox for vertical hearth barbecue grill
Continuous production two stack baking apparatus
Efficient frying apparatus
Deep fat fryer
Steamer insert, steamer assembly and method
Hand-held cooking utensil
Manual juicer
Press transfer-electrical interconnect
Baling machine having two part ejector ram
Sealing arrangement in hydraulic press
Method and apparatus for preventing pigment buildup during a rotary screen printing process
Screen process printing method and screen printing machine
Traversing contact cleaning roller cleaner
Wet lithographic printing plates
Electrostatic arming apparatus for an explosive projectile
Shock tube initiator tip encased in a non-conductive material
Bellows of a connecting corridor between two hinge-linked vehicles or vehicle parts
Device for suspension of a hollow section rail which opens downward in a suspension crane
Light weight truck bolster
Shock absorbing underframe structure for railroad car
Car and side structure for car and method of manufacturing the same
Well car structure
Movable table unit
Wall shelf amusement device for cats
Worksurface system
Vertically stabilized adjustable shelf bracket assembly
Method and burner for introducing fuel to a kiln
Clip having sloped sides
Device for carrying out high-temperature recycling of heterogenously occurring waste and process for charging thereof
Yarn insertion mechanism
Web based embroidery system and method
Folding and sewing apparatus
Sewing method and sewing machine for releasing a tension thread from a passage formed by a stitch
Sail device
Fender for protecting boat hulls against wear
Device and method for an independent module offshore mobile base
Grid-like construction boat, for use as a tender or trip boat
Marker suitable as a golf fairway marker
Air lock for introducing substrates to and/or removing them from a treatment chamber
Plasma processing apparatus and method of cleaning the apparatus
Bedding articles possessing microbe-inhibiting properties
Nestable pet bed
Pet feeding device
Method and apparatus for the continuous incubation of eggs
Egg incubating tray
Pet carrier with rotatable convex lid
Valve and water heater
Boiler feed water heat energy saver
Ignition inhibiting gas water heater
Device for supplying vapor to the intake air of an internal combustion engine
Engine coolant manifold
Cooling system for internal combustion engine
Device and method for cooling and preheating
Cooling device for a vehicle combustion motor
Driving device for a lawn trimmer
Loop-scavenged two-stroke internal combustion engines
Method for controlling the movement of an armature of an electromagnetic actuator
Valve timing control system for internal combustion engine
Valve timing control system for internal combustion engine
Hydraulically actuated valve deactivating roller follower
Switchable cam follower
Electrical system for an internal combustion engine
Air intake apparatus for internal combustion engine
Internal combustion engine
In-cylinder injection type spark ignition internal combustion engine
Compact internal combustion engine
Engine cover structure
Method for changing the operating mode of a direct-injection otto cycle internal-combustion engine
Method and device for detecting a preinjection in an internal combustion engine
Fuel direct injection spark ignition type internal combustion engine
Induction system for fuel injected engine
Idle air bypass valve silencer
System and method for maintaining a constant throttle deadband
Method and apparatus for controlling the speed of an engine
Method for determining an operating parameter for starting an internal combustion engine
Fuel injection device for internal combustion engines
Fuel dispensing device for an internal combustion engine
Fuel injection device
Injector clamp
Thermal insulating sleeve
Internal combustion engine control according to running time
Engine control apparatus and method having cylinder-charged air quantity correction by intake/exhaust valve operation
Regulating device and method for manufacturing same
Fuel injector assembly having an improved solenoid operated check valve
Compact fuel pump module and final filter
Pressure valve
Evaporative emission system for low engine intake system vacuums
Evaporative emission control system with reduced running losses
Method and device for forming a turbulent fuel-air mixture in the combustion chamber of each cylinder of an internal combustion engine controlled with valve timing
Fuel control system for gas-operated engines
Breather system
Arrangement for ventilation of crankcase gases in an internal-combustion engine
Digital ignition
Ignition coil device for engine
Bow with arrow stabilizing pin and porous arrow
Support members for wafer processing fixtures
Gas cooking apparatus and cooking vessel support for same
Barbecue table
Air extraction apparatus
Firelog with grate
Solar collector and method for manufacture thereof
Bat warmer
Piezo inhaler
Liquid droplet spray device for an inhaler suitable for respiratory therapies
Artificial ventilation mask
Thermal exchange breathing device
Tracheal gas insufflation delivery system for respiration equipment
Strapless respiratory facial mask for customizing to the wearer's face
Perilaryngeal oral airway
Endotracheal tube for use during fiberoptic assisted intubation and with other intubating stylets
Methods and apparatus for optically imaging neuronal tissue and activity
Water soluble lubricant for a condom and a condom spread with said water soluble lubricant
Nasal dilator
Patient mobilizer
Stent delivery system and method of use
Method for treating limb swelling disorders and the like
Magnetic smoking pipe
Golf tee shaped cigar punch and cutter
Precision fit fingernails
Portable folding hairbrush
Ultrasonic hair curling device
Methods for washing cores of cored lettuce heads
Apparatus for removing coated film from plastic bumper of automobile
Dishwasher status indicator
Equipment for conveyance and treatment of garbage in high building
Color changing umbrella
Hanging sun umbrella
Automatic umbrella control mechanism
Configurable umbrella
Screened arbor
Freeze-resistant plumbing system in combination with a backflow preventer
Valve assembly and method for actuation of such a valve assembly
Fuel flow control system
Pressure regulating method and apparatus
Pressure balanced valve assembly
Gas inlet device for a coating system
Shuttle valve for a multipath hydraulic circuit with bypass pressure venting
Continuously operated condensate drain valve
Air valve adapter
Manifold/distributor assembly for combustible gas supplied from a plurality of liquefied-gas cartridges
Method and device for directing water-flow to horizontal floor-drain
Pressure control valve and evaporation fuel discharge control device
Method and apparatus for regulating and terminating fluid flow
Flow control valve
Flapper valve assembly with seat having load bearing shoulder
Valve for testing and draining sprinkler systems
Methods and apparatus for metering flowable material
System and method for shielding an opening of a tube from a liquid
Multi-line fluid connector
Multiport diverter valve
Cock-type melt flow control valve
Rising stem soft seat plug valve
Conveying injector
Thread protector
Liner hose for reconstruction of conduits and pipelines and a method for manufacture thereof
Modular insulated pipe
Method and apparatus for forming a multi-lobed winding for the stator of an alternator
Waste disposal system
Double chamber aerosol container and manufacturing method therefor
Valve component, valve, dispenser, and method of forming a valve
Method and device for filling barrels
Powder filling utilizing vibrofluidization
Asphalt loading safety system control circuit
Combination nozzle and fuel tank fitting for delivering liquefied natural gas and components thereof
Fluid transfer system for photoprocessing materials
Filling device for cartridges
Woodworking machine
Wood pulverizer with improved grates and grate components
Wooden work bench top with full length hydraulic vise
Method and tool for manufacturing a shaped edge, veneer surfaced, furniture top
Courier expressable cargo quilt and method therefor
Siping geometry to delay the onset of rib edge wear in truck tires
Run-flat tire
Disk labeling device
Light control window covering and method of making same
Method and apparatus for a window treatment
Louvered blind controller system
Casting plant and method of producing castings
Multiplex system for maintaining of product temperature in a vehicular distribution process
Freezing and thawing vessel with thermal bridge formed between container and heat exchange member
Pipe stand instrument heater and mounting system
Heat sink
Mechanical assembly for regulating the temperature of an electronic device which incorporates a heat exchanger that contacts an entire planar face on the device except for its corners
Heat sink
Device for injecting pressurized fluids into a multiplate heat exchanger and method of cleaning such an injection device
Heat sink with multi-layer dispersion space
Fancoil assemblies
Tube-block-type heat transfer device and method of making same
Thin and lightweight ballistic resistant garment
Neck protector apparatus
Breathable, waterproof swim diaper and method of manufacture
Swim training apparatus
Tactical vest
Sports activity glove attached to the hand with reusable adhesive
Golf gloves
Powder free neoprene surgical gloves
Ear protector
Curved lens combination for swimming/diving goggles
Protective sports eyeglasses with buffer and shock-absorbing function
Hip-pad for protection of greater trochanter
Flushing device for disposing of human waste with improved drainage properties
Spa cover mounting method and apparatus
System for raising and lowering a liner of a fluid bearing receptacle
Collapsible shower chair
Shower bath apparatus and spray nozzle
Unit for a shower
Shower curtain retaining system
Shower curtain splash accessory
Quick connect mounting apparatus for water spout
Touch pop-up stopper for basin drain
Pivoting hand table
Portable intensive care unit
Patient transport bag
Opener for quick lock couplings on a Fern Scoop.RTM. stretcher
Process and device for treatment of a web, particularly a textile web
Laundry wash-cycle water recovery system
Aircraft engagement assembly for aircraft boarding bridges
Electrostatic air blower
Brush section for an electronic toothbrush
Bath brush
Multi-colored paintbrush handle and the process for manufacturing said handle
Display screen cleaning tool
Pressurizing structure for windshield wiper
Wiper blade
Method and apparatus for removing foreign particles
Vacuum cleaner having a cyclone dust collecting device
Mechanical surface cleaning vehicle for fine particulate removal
Debris suctioning and separating apparatus for use in a surface sweeping vehicle having a mechanical debris elevator
Roller assembly with spring biased axial caster member
Hinged detent
Two-piece deco lever hub
Device for preparation and opening of flock fibers to be supplied to a carder
Feeding carded fiber to an airlay
Process and apparatus for manufacturing a saw-toothed wire
Method and devices for producing a textile fleece
Method and an installation for forming a fiber web by the airlay technique
Fastener having a block with cradle and method
Hat/tie clip accessory
Slidable ratchet tensioning device and tie-down assembly
Dielectric D-ring
Closure system for disposable absorbent article
Human Necessities
Reversely openable bottom end stop of slide fastener
Performing Operations; Transporting
Welding electrode reshaping device
Surface cutting apparatus for hot-rolled steel products
Automated device and method for stripping residual yarn from yarn tube
Textiles; Paper
Method and device for warping with a cone sectional warper
Apparatus for changing the needle boards of a needling machine
Shearing device
Apparatus and method for softening a fabric web material
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Hook with locking means
Method of making a radio frequency identification tag
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