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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Obtaining information about brain activity
Cardiac activation sequence monitoring for ischemia detection
Physiological data collection system
Self-adhering electrodes and methods of making the same
ECG triggered heart and arterial magnetic resonance imaging
Blood glucose level information processing apparatus, blood glucose level information processing method and blood glucose level information processing program
Adjustable transcutaneous energy transfer system
Analyzing waves of electrocardiogram during CPR using fourier series and optimization strategies
Convex cup internal receiver unit for a cochlear implant
Performing Operations; Transporting
Apparatus and method for adjusting parameter of impedance control
Motor grader wheel slip control for cut to grade
Traction control system using torque sensor for adaptive engine throttle control
Method and system for increasing alignment target contrast
Thickness measuring system for measuring a thickness of a plate-shaped member
Safety based road map navigation
Packing container, method of packing optical probe, laser system, and checking method
Integrating sphere photometer and measuring method of the same
Referencing of the beating spectra of frequency combs
Foreign matter inspection apparatus and foreign matter inspection method
Method and apparatus for inspecting substrates
Sample module with sample stream supported and spaced from window, for X-ray analysis system
Method for estimating a blood sugar condition
Phase identification system and method
Method and apparatus for correlating and suppressing performance alerts in internet protocol networks
Electrically conductive shield for superconducting electromagnet system
Voltage leakage detection for serially connected electrical nodes in a seismic surveying system
System and technique to suppress the acquisition of torque noise on a multi-component streamer
Methods of range selection for positioning marine seismic equipment
Objective-type dark-field illumination device for microfluidic channel
Light guide device and manufacturing method thereof
Liquid crystal display apparatus
Display device including light guide and light extraction unit with liquid crystal
Liquid crystal display
Exposure apparatus and device fabrication method
Imaging apparatus
Electric power control on a plurality of information processing apparatuses
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus and control method thereof
Developer supply device having side seal members to prevent toner leakage, and image forming apparatus having the same
Powder container having an opening on an end of the container body, the opening facing the longitudinal direction of the container
Endless fixing belt having base, heat generation, electrode, elastic, and parting layers, and fixing apparatus having such endless fixing belt
Heating device having high degree of freedom in design, and image forming apparatus
Fixing unit and image forming apparatus
Electrophotographic image forming apparatus with removed developer accommodating container for receiving developer cleaned from an image bearing member
Holographic security device having diffractive image generating structures
Method and device for operation scheduling for energy storage equipment
Invariant object recognition
Flat panel display
Laptop computer
Serial advanced technology attachment DIMM
Docking station for electronic device
Front cover and manufacturing method
Portable computer having detachable wireless keyboard
Supporting mechanism for electronic device
Mounting apparatus for PCI card
Computer casing
Electronic device with heat dissipation apparatus
Sliding mode AGC controller and method
Hybrid optical disk drive, method of operating the same, and electronic system adopting the hybrid optical disk drive
Storage device with identification information
Assigning or creating a resource in a storage system
Semiconductor memory device and method of reading data from and writing data into a plurality of storage units
Effective memory clustering to minimize page fault and optimize memory utilization
Security erase of a delete file and of sectors not currently assigned to a file
Snapshot based replication
Method of constructing replication environment and storage system
Extent migration for tiered storage architecture
Flash memory system and defragmentation method
Pseudo multi-master I2C operation in a blade server chassis
Multimedia signal latency management by skipping
SAS expander with non-blocking virtual PHY architecture
Inter-queue anti-starvation mechanism with dynamic deadlock avoidance in a retry based pipeline
High density, low jitter, synchronous USB expansion
Motherboard for supporting expansion card or serial advanced technology attachment dual in-line memory module through same expansion slot
I2C multi-slot circuit system and method for transmitting I2C signals
Method and apparatus for estimating usage of print substance in a printer
Insertion of sounds into audio content according to pattern
Peer computer system
Transferring a conference session between client devices
Disassociating and freeing managed connections based on usage patterns
Protocol independent server replacement and replication in a storage area network
Media content at the end of a communication
Email thread monitoring and automatic forwarding of related email messages
Method and system for link-triggered link-translating proxying
Four dimensional (4D) information distribution system and method
System and method for application alert tracking in an Internet protocol television system
Vehicle-mounted communication system
System and method for generating user contexts for targeted advertising
Obfuscating identity of a source entity affiliated with a communique in accordance with conditional directive provided by a receiving entity
Method for transparently exchanging data packets
Method and system for multicast statistic collection
Method and system to proactively identify degraded network performance
Apparatus and method for providing computing resources
Porting of information technology structures
Generating visualization output of event correlation information
Group variable selection in spatiotemporal modeling
Pattern matching device and method using non-deterministic finite automaton
Scalable relational database replication
Systems, methods, and media for correlating objects according to relationships
Multiple contexts in a redirect on write file system
Consolidating session information for a cluster of sessions in a coupled session environment
Techniques for personalized and adaptive search services
Broadcast network platform system
System and method for document management
Location based apps ranking for mobile wireless computing and communicating devices
Synchronization of artifacts across different domains
Compact model for device/circuit/chip leakage current (IDDQ) calculation including process induced uplift factors
Equivalent circuit simulation system and method
Air pollution sampling system and method thereof
Monitor and control system and method for server model
Dynamically adjustable floor tile for a data center
Individualized digital media delivery systems
Apparatus and method for producing device identifiers for serially interconnected devices of mixed type
Information processing apparatus capable of communicating with an image forming apparatus having a web browser
Management of recording medium storage when outputting print job log information
Automated destacking device and method
Automatic meta-data sharing of existing media to create streamable collections
Logging and analyzing computer user's context data
Pairing computation device, pairing computation method, and pairing computation program
Method and apparatus for performing multiply-add operations on packed data
Data parallel function call for determining if called routine is data parallel
Data parallel function call for determining if called routine is data parallel
Emulation apparatus, emulator generating method and emulator executing method
Image processing apparatus, method of managing image output, and storage medium
Apparatuses and methods for switching between printing apparatuses
Laser oscillating mirror support for color printer
Printing method and information processing apparatus for transmitting printing instruction to printing apparatus for causing the printing apparatus to perform recording using a transparent recording material
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
Adjusting display format in electronic device
System and method for linking real-world objects and object representations by pointing
Adaptive face recognition using online learning
Method and apparatus for navigating a therapeutic device to a location
Process of correcting an image provided on a support which is subsequently submitted to a deformation process
Image matting
Image encoding apparatus and method, image decoding apparatus and method, and program
Method of recording images and data for retrieving these images
Image processing method and program for determining whether sabotage has occurred to an image
Creating scheduled events in an electronic calendar
System for managing loading operations of haul vehicles
Method and apparatus combining control theory and business performance management
Public health surveillance system
Method for providing a user with a web-based service for accessing and collecting health records
Predicting future performance of multiple workers on crowdsourcing tasks and selecting repeated crowdsourcing workers
Pegboard stocking and resetting system
Entertainment layer overlaid on online transactions
Multiple criteria buying and selling model
Knowledge based method and system for local commerce
Life insurance cooperative
Method of and system for capturing interest earned on the monetary value of transferred monetary rights managed on an internet-based monetary rights transfer (MRT) network supported by a real-time gross settlement (RTGS) system
Adaptive closed loop investment decision engine
System and method for dynamically managing a financial account
Method and apparatus for payment processing using debit-based electronic funds transfer and disbursement processing using addendum-based electronic data interchange
Electronic system for selecting the best card from a collection of consumer credit, debit and discount cards
Electronic lockbox using digitally originated checks
Patient voice check-in system
Intelligent alarms
Method and apparatus for a cryptographically-assisted commercial network system designed to facilitate and support expert-based commerce
Speech search device and speech search method
Transport speed adjustment device, transport speed adjustment method and transport speed adjustment program for adjusting transport speed of tape medium
ACQ in the presence of baseline pop
Information processing device, information recording medium, information processing method, and program
Disk drive device rotationally driving recording disk
Characterizing magnetic recording parameters of a disk drive by evaluating track profile of dual microtracks
Disk drive compensating for asymmetry of magnetoresistive read element
Magnetic head and magnetic recording system
Optical disk apparatus and its reproducing method
Adjusting VGA analog gain for misaligned servo sectors in a disk drive
Device and method for writing data to an optical disc
Optical pickup and optical information storage medium system using the same
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device with a resistance adjusting circuit and an operation method thereof
Method and apparatus of probabilistic programming multi-level memory in cluster states of bi-stable elements
Quaternary content addressable memory cell having one transistor pull-down stack
Multiple level cell memory device with single bit per cell, re-mappable memory block
Row driver circuit for NAND memories including a decoupling inverter
Semiconductor memory device and method of programming the same
Semiconductor memory device and method of operation the same
Compact neutron generator for medical and commercial isotope production, fission product purification and controlled gamma reactions for direct electric power generation
Fluid cooled electrical capacitor and methods of making and using
Wavelength-tunable light source apparatus
Surface emitting laser and image forming apparatus
Semiconductor device
Ion diffusing apparatus and ion generating cartridge
Electrostatic discharge protector
Video apparatus and video circuit for improving video signal quality
Asymmetric switch forward converter
Power converter and fuel cell system including the same
Phase locked loop, CDR circuit, and receiving circuit
Pulse generator of UWB system
Link adaptation method and apparatus in wireless communication system
Method and an arrangement for determining an admission control threshold
System and method for managing communication of a moveable entity for energy conservation
Detection of transmission in collocated wireless devices
Method for forming an ad hoc network
Optical communication card and optical transmission device
Changing parameters in a telecommunications system
Methods and apparatus for combining signals from multiple diversity sources
System and method for the simultaneous reception of FLO and FLO-EV data
Signal processing for independently produced signals
Isolation distance calculation method and apparatus for avoidance of interference signal in wireless communication repeater system
Contact detection based radio channel selection apparatus and method
Adjustable transmitter for privacy protection of content broadcast from a transmitting device to a receiving device
Regulating broadcast overhead messages within a wireless communications network
Information processing apparatus and signal transmission method
Transparent clocks in access networks
Signal quality estimation for OFDMA systems
Maintenance of high-speed channels by inserting channel maintenance data in a mobile data network to avoid channel type switching
Method and device for adjusting transmission of transport network data
Method and apparatus for discovery and tracking of location of networked devices
System and method for communication session correlation
Service continuity within a MBSFN service area of a wireless telecommunication system
Adaptive rate control in a communications system
Distribution of data
Domain gateway control system and method thereof
Communication system and communication control method for requesting cancellation of registration as bad terminal
Method and apparatus for enabling customer premise public branch exchange service feature processing
Methods and apparatus for enhancing the scalability of IMS in VoIP service deployment
Methods, smart cards, and systems for providing portable computer, VoIP, and application services
Access independent common architecture for real-time communications services for networking environments
Cable modem and priority setting method thereof
Signal processing apparatus, information processing apparatus, multilevel coding method, and data transmission method
Serial data transmission system and method
Method and apparatus for performing demapping in wireless communication system
Demodulation of a digitally frequency-modulated analog received signal by evaluation of the time intervals between the zero crossings
Sharing a transmission control protocol port by a plurality of applications
Transmission system, recording apparatus, transmission method, recording method and program
System and method for reducing electromagnetic interference and ground bounce in an information communication system by controlling phase of clock signals among a plurality of information communication devices
Identity based symmetric cryptosystem using secure biometric model
Method and apparatus for providing privacy of user identity and characteristics in a communication system
Line loss tester
Providing alternate caller names in accordance with caller-name preferences
Delivering recallable messages via internet or telephony communicaiton paths
Method and apparatus for providing audio recording
Method and apparatus for providing information associated with embedded hyperlinked images
Method and apparatus for managing contact books
System and method for providing prepaid billing for instant messaging users
Device based telecommunications initiated data fulfillment system
Decoding device, method for controlling decoding device, and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus configured to perform a calibration operation
Image processing device and image forming device
Information processing apparatus and video decoding method of information processing apparatus
Receiver and a transmitter
Monitoring apparatus for television
Testing method for camera
Electronic device having one image sensor and two lens modules
System and method for remotely performing image processing operations with a network server device
Image capturing apparatus, method of controlling the same, and program therefor
Method and apparatus for determining the movement of an optical axis
Apparatus and method for image coding and decoding
Recording system, transmission apparatus, recording apparatus, recording control method, and recording medium
Information processing device, information recording medium manufacturing device, information recording medium, methods thereof, and computer program
Image conversion apparatus and image conversion method
Information recording apparatus, information distribution server, information recording system and information recording method
Imaging/reproducing device
Recording apparatus and control method thereof
HDMI source detection
Apparatus and method for detecting video film with mix mode
Video coder providing implicit coefficient prediction and scan adaptation for image coding and intra coding of video
Auto white balance algorithm using RGB product measure
Apparatus and method for image coding and decoding
Embedded Access Point
Electrostatic speaker
Portable pressurization headphones
Apparel with built-in headphone extension wire device
Positioning method and apparatus
Proactive latency-based end-to-end technology survey and fallback for mobile telephony
Disseminating targeted location-based content to mobile device users
Wireless communication systems and methods
Methods, systems, and products for security systems
User plane location based service using message tunneling to support roaming
Idle mode mobility management in a multi-access system using PMIP
Wireless network system and method for providing same
Method for obtaining synchronization signal in wireless communication system
Throughput for inter-radio access technology handover
System and method for enhancing personal device communication capabilities using modified battery module
Architecture for MANET over Bluetooth
Apparatus and method for monitoring control channel in multi-carrier system
Methods and apparatus for providing fast and power efficient multicast scheme
Method for setting up a channel between femto base stations
Multiple subscription resource access control
Method of transmitting signal in wireless communication system and apparatus thereof
Randomly varying a distribution order or transmission power of control information from a base station
Circuit board with even current distribution
Serial advanced technology attachment dual in-line memory module assembly
Circuit manufacturing and design techniques for reference plane voids with strip segment
Data center with cable management structure
Expansion card mounting apparatus
Mounting apparatus for expansion card
Support and display device using the same
Electronic device for miniaturizing size thereof
Display device
Electronic device with latching module
Electronic device and port connector thereof
Server cabinet
Electronic device with cooler
Electronic device with airflow guiding duct
Fixing device for fixing fans and cooling system having same
Electronic device with heat dissipating assembly
Expired Patents Due To Time
Infant overalls
Smock with interchangeable bib
Hat brim
Combined shoe bottom and periphery
Sport shoe spike
Shoe upper
Cane clip
Floating key ring
Body attachable elastic information display and personal identification band
Cosmetic bag
Golf ball receptacle
Carrier for skis and ski poles
Belt case
Locating block of golf bag
Metal luggage case
Luggage wheel
Toothbrush head with bristles
Retractable grooming brush assembly
Hair brush
Free-standing mirror
Cloths hanger
Garment hanger
Seat for use in row seating
Foldable chair
Lawn chair
Merchandising display
Combined table and refrigerator
Modular rectangular classroom desk
Merchandise display case
Modular merchandiser
Writing table
Chair supported end table
Table leg
Table pedestal
Sleeve for a height adjustable arm rest unit
Locker accessory bag
Extensible rack system
Bathroom tissue cover
Pegable spinner bracket
Roller shade housing
Cushion containing gel or compressible material
Storage container for disc-shaped item of recorded media
Stirring pitcher
Vacuum insulated coffee server with sight gauge
Induction range
Stand mixer
Windowed and zippered cover for a water-dispensing bottle
Handle for cooking vessel
Casting for a barbecue grill
Electronic gas lighter
Cup with lid
Drinking glass
Au jus steak platter
Coaster holder
Food grater
Kitchen utensil spoon
Aircraft clamp installation and removal holder
Gas valve wrench
Multi-function tool
Staple remover and letter opener
Electric clamping device
Knife blade
Folding knife
Twist activated handle for a nail gun
T-Astragal with fliplock flushbolt
Compression latch
Lock keypad
Rail support for storage hooks
Drip hose hanger
Garment hanger
Magnetic snap fastener
Cube clip
Plastic conduit clip
Perfume bottle design
Packaging for fabric goods
Cream and deodorant dispenser container
Bottle carrier
Bubble package
Display apparatus
Container box
Container and dispenser assembly for tool bits
Card-index holder
Foil pan packaging
Grater hat
Footwear sole having wolf track
Outsole of a shoe
Foot bed for a sandal
Footwear upper
Ruffled sock
Male member of snap button for wear
Zipper pull with barrel shape
Side element of a shoe upper
Element for a shoe upper
Key-ring design (narrow)
Backpack with open flaps
Portable drill holster
Measuring tape holder
Retractable leash saddle
Eyeglasses case
Eyeglasses case
Carrying case
Vacuum resealable display and storage case
Hard-sided luggage article
Carrying case
Article carrier
Article carrier
Collapsible container
Shopping basket
Side entry carrier
Hand-held cleaning device
Dishwashing brush
Textile fabric for making bags
Paper toweling
Rocking chair
Utility stool
Modular chair component
Cafe table
Photo frame
Slat wall memorial display unit
Wire tote
Caddy tote basket
Stackable compact video tape holder
Storage rack
Combined storage and automatic retrieval apparatus for recorded media
Stitching pattern applied to a seat
Mealtime lap tray
Dimensional display
Dimensional display
Boot hanger
Surgical pillow
Tilt rod support for a venetian blind
Lidded container
Eclipse casting
Casting for a barbecue grill
Clad baking pan
Lid handle for an article of cookware
Handle for a cooking vessel
Pan handle
Utensil handle
Handle for a utensil
Handle for a utensil
Condiment dispenser
Napkin holder
Condiment mill
Beverage garnish holder
Bottle opener ring
Pruning shears
Adjustable safety utility knife
Pocket knife
Folding knife
Driving tool
Drywall cutout tool
Electrical tool
Pneumatic nailing machine
Impact tool handle
Precise position clamp
Pet toy holder
Equipment bezel plate
Ornamental hanger plate
Hand tool for removing gaskets and remains thereof
Tool for removing price labels from retail shelf
Tap socket
Handle for a pouch
Door closer cover
Steering lock
Electrical and aluminum tubing clamp
End cover for strings
Curve-topped bumper and sheet member with a plurality of such bumpers
End cap for mop or broom handle
Dual fragrance bottle
Container with closure
Perfume bottle with cap
Perfume bottle
Cosmetic bottle
Vodka bottle
Combined squeeze bottle and cap
Combined bottle and cap
Cover cap for a dispensing container
Molded pulp tray
Box with cigarette paper booklets
Container for a volatile substance
Blister package
Cigarette pack container
V-cut innerframe for a hinged lid box
Beverage container top securing device
Paint mixing device
Variable spray nozzle
Nozzle cap for foam-producing pump dispenser
Dispenser head
Twist top closure
Domed display lid for a decorative box
Container holder
Dispenser head
Waste container
Watch casing and bezel
Watch case
Watch casing and bezel
Watch casing and bezel
Watch casing and bezel
Watch face
Wristwatch screen
Wall thermometer
Measuring tape
Measuring spoon set
Tape measure
Tape measurer
Tape measure
Tape measure truck
Identifying unit for detecting the iris
Child monitoring device with strap
Dual function light sensor head
Vehicle parking indicator light
Varying elliptical reflector
Audible signal for alarm
Magnetically actuated position sensor
Faceted reflector
Necklace chain
Necklace chain
Jewelry setting
Fabric rose
Auto racing collectables
Bottle containing ambient air
Macaw sculpture
Hydroponic plant container portion
Lighted Christmas decorations
Truck bed cap
Golf cart
Electric winch
Forklift vehicle
Tunnel hull catamaran landing craft
Surface configuration of a vehicle body and/or toy
Surface configuration of a vehicle body and/or toy
Surface configuration of a vehicle body and/or toy
Bicycle steering boom
Bicycle chain ring
Baby stroller
Front bumper for an automobile
Frontal configuration of a steering wheel for a vehicle
Floor mat
Rim for an automotive vehicle wheel
Segment of a rim for an automotive vehicle wheel
Motor vehicle wheel front face
Motor vehicle wheel front face
Front face of a wheel
Front face of a vehicle wheel
Front face of a vehicle wheel
Front face of a vehicle wheel
Front face of a wheel
Automobile wheel
Hardtop for a vehicle
Trailer hitch protector
Guide pin and bearing for a disc brake
Illuminated neon surface pattern applied to a splashguard
Motorcycle splash guard attachable to a roll bar
Automobile body molding kit
Decorative rocker panel
Segment for a rim for an automotive vehicle wheel
Automobile wheel
Automobile wheel
Front face of a vehicle wheel
Front face of a vehicle wheel
Truck bed cover
Battery pack
Stator of a vehicle alternator
Battery charger and battery thereof
Car shaped battery charger
Lever action battery terminal
Battery terminal connector
Connector housing
Cover for ceiling mounted electrical outlet
Speed controller
Cable management rack
Three-way splice
Electric connector
Electric connector
Controller unit
Combination light switch, clock and date indicator
Portion of heat sink
Communications control console
Video tape player
Digital video disk player for automobile
Digital video disc player
Digital video disc player
Telephone answering machine
Digital audio player
Digital audio player
Tape player
Torch radio
Multimedia speaker
Digital video disc player
Telephone answering machine
Disc player
Disc player
Speaker magnet structure
Miniature microphone housing and switch
Wireless audio/video transmitter and receiver
Computer mainframe
Personal computer
External hard drive
Computer system unit
Programmer for use with implantable medical device
Portion of an operation controller for electronic computers
Multiple screen automatic programming interface
Keyboard with fingerprint sensor
Portion of a computer input device
Computer mouse
Computer mouse
Portion of a computer input device
Computer mouse cover
Graphical user interface for a medical monitor
Computer console end
Portable computer
Computer mouse
Computer mouse
Portion of a base for a joystick controller
Computer front panel
Monitor television receiver
Transceiver unit cover
Communication interface cover
Telecommunications device
Alphanumeric keypad
Telephone receiver shield
Cellular phone holder
Car radio
Telephone base
TV receiver
TV receiver
Touchscreen display terminal
Telephone handset including a support
Telephone handset
Telephone set
Portable radiotelephone set
Base station
Receiving and transmitting equipment for data communication
Base station
Sound regulator
Dial portion of disc player
Editing control unit for audio and video apparatus
Filter element
Rodless cylinder
Gasoline dispensing system
Combine left side panel unit
Front end loader
Combined wet/dry vacuum
Cleaning cloth
Hole saw
Chuck for industrial robot
Digital still camera
Image input device
Digital camera
Video camera with video tape recorder
Video camera with video tape recorder
Closed circuit TV camera housing
Portion of an eyeglass frame
Eyeglass frame
Guitar body
Electronic cash register
Ink cartridge for printer
Ink tank holder for printer
Ink cartridge with printing head for printer
Post-processing apparatus for copying machine
Correction tape dispenser housing
Correction tape dispenser
Stationery organizer
Mini disc magnet
Spur eyelet
Writing instrument
Writing instrument
Clip for a writing instrument
Clip for a writing instrument
Clip for a writing instrument
Pen and note holder
Card and golf club head elongated writing implement display
Extruded hanging board
Visual display system
Electronic display board
Game machine
Toy guitar
Furry toy animal shell
Video game controller
Elliptical striding equipment
Exercise apparatus
Weight stack frame
Multi-combined tossing ball
Golf ball
Putter head
Golf putter head
Golf club putter
Iron-type golf club head
Golf club head
Sole of a golf club head
Slide with integrally formed footing
Double wall slide with integrally formed footing
Positive drive fin
Rod and reel saver
Water filter
Gardening water sprayer
Sprinkler base
Auxiliary faucet
Faucet with pull-out spout
Faucet with pullout spout
Tub and shower faucet body
Faucet escutcheon
Faucet escutcheon
Wall mountable accessory
Soap supplier
Combined mirror and defogger
Warm mist humidifier refinement
Deodorizing apparatus for personal use
Air freshener
Twin window fan with thermostat
Portable fan
Foundation ventilator plug
Housing for surgical sealant applicator system
Anesthesia delivery system
Tongue cleaning device
Tip for a dental flossing device
Strip for blood test
Strip for blood test
Ice pack holder for children
Disposable absorbent article
Locking device
Flashlight radio with manually actuatable generator
Lantern with radio and alarm clock
Battery powered flashlight
Rechargeable swivel lantern
Lava lamp
Icosahedral electric light
Lighting globe
Lamp shade
Lamp glass shade
Clip-on task light
Desk lamp having adjustable task lights and general area lighting
Workplace lighting fixture assembly
Lighting fixture
Lamp housing
Linkable fluorescent lamp with aluminum reflector and crystal lamp cover
Light fixture
Ceiling light
Lighting fixture back plate
Canopy for a lighting fixture
Arm for a lighting fixture
Translucent color filter
Pack sheet for nose
Self applicator tool
Hair dryer
Razor handle
Electric shaver
Hand dryer
Cosmetics container
Pendant having cosmetic receptacle with pivoting cover
Hand held massager with rotatable head
Massage machine
Collapsible pet water dish
Animal feeding and drinking trough with fittings
Animal litter scoop
Electric emulsifiers for cream
Stand mixer
Spill tray
Spill tray
Nestable mailbox
Human Necessities
Mandevilla plant with double flower called `Rita Marie Green`
Mint plant `Cascade Mitcham`
Kalanchoe plant named `Elves Bells`
Dahlia plant named `Lisa Burgundy`
Verbena plant named `Freebie Purple`
Carnation plant named `White Campari`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Centella`
Aglaonema plant named `Jubilee Petite`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yonashville`
Hibiscus plant named `Whirl Wind`
Petunia plant named `Wesarmen`
Kalanchoe plant named `Hillary`
Carnation plant named `Pink Campari`
Three wheel luggage base plate
Backpack vacuum cleaner
Performing Operations; Transporting
Froth system for continuous manufacture of polyurethane foam slab-stocks
Windshield shade assembly for motor vehicles
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Insecticidal triffluormethyl alkane derivatives
Thiophene compounds
Adenosine derivatives and pharmaceutical composition thereof
Fixed Constructions
Soil sampling system with sample container rigidly coupled to drive casing
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Pumping device having inlet and outlet valves adjacent opposed sides of a tube deforming device
Floor register mounting frame
Triaxial normal and shear force sensor
Method for generating anatomical M-mode displays
Some uses of microencapsulation for electric paper
Optical fiber ferrule connector having enhanced provisions for tuning
Optical fiber ferrule connector having enhanced provisions for tuning
Marked contact lens bearing optical marking element
Data stream converter with increased grey levels
Chip card based payment system having an on-card flag for specifying proper completion of a prior card balance replenishment session
Method and apparatus for driving surface discharge plasma display panel
Objective lens driving apparatus for optical disc player
Method of multi-level storage in DRAM and apparatus thereof
RF transistor package with nickel oxide barrier
Lithium ion electrochemical cell
Automatic call back system and method of operation
High definition television receiver
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew