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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Down and/or up force adjustment system
Drive train for a header of a harvesting machine
Powered appliance and accessory
Mobile, indoor, sit-and-plant gardening station
Smart bowl system
Decorative member for outdoor use
Self-balancing, load-distributing helmet structure
Casing for leaf blower
Support base for a bed mattress
Mobile merchandising unit
Mop assembly and cart
Multiple chamber suction nozzle configuration
System and method for removing a protective cover from a medical instrument
Adjustment mechanism
Load-controlled device for a patterned skin incision
Flexible electrosurgical electrode for treating tissue
Systems and methods for treating hemorrhoids
Ophthalmic apparatus
Methods and apparatus for transmyocardial direct coronary revascularization
Blood flow control element
Diagnostic devices using thermal noise
Rapid expansion tampon pledget comprising inverted coverstock and pleats
Absorbent article having an absorbent structure secured to a stretchable component of the article
Implantable cardiac prosthesis for mitigating prolapse of a heart valve
Method for reconstructing body lumens
Axially compressible artificial intervertebral disc having limited rotation using a captured ball and socket joint with a solid ball and compression locking post
Air freshener and method
Suction pump
C-channel to O-channel converter for a single operator exchange biliary catheter
Container for delivery of fluid to ophthalmic surgical handpiece
Y-site medical valve
Needleless injection device with pyrotechnic drive
Exercise device with stimulation based on volitional contribution and related methods
Stimulation of the urinary system
Implantable active fixation lead with biodegradable helical tip
Electrode assembly for delivering a therapeutic agent into ocular tissue
Golf ball and method of manufacturing the same
Golf ball which includes fast-chemical-reaction-produced component and method of making same
Golf ball with soft core
Golf club head
Golf putting and chipping training devices
Braking and steering system for a truck, wheeled platform, skateboard or vehicle
Snowboard binding with suspension heel loop
Five card high-low wagering games and methods thereof
Performing Operations; Transporting
Urban runoff water treatment methods and systems
Method and system for regenerating diesel particle filters
Dust and dirt collecting unit for vacuum cleaner
Micromixer apparatus and methods of using same
Pollution control in wood products dryer
System and method for item handling
Method and apparatus for unclogging flow systems
Cleaning system and method of use
Scraper for cleaning tubular members
Transfer press with improved use of space
Method of producing an elastic plate for an ink jet recording head
Quick change assembly for hydroforming punches
Method for making a polycrystalline diamond insert drill bit body
Hole saw slug removal device
Tool holder assembly
Tube cutter having retractable tool device
Method and device for forming a dynamic pressure-generating groove in a fluid dynamic pressure bearing
Method for making a cylinder
Modular rotary anvil
Clamping assembly
Methods and apparatus for electrically and/or chemically-mechanically removing conductive material from a microelectronic substrate
Polishing pad of CMP equipment for polishing a semiconductor wafer
Multi-station disk finishing apparatus and method
Support for sanding apparatus
Attitude control device and precision machining apparatus
Wrench engagement structure
Torque limiting wrench for ultrasonic scaler tip insertion
Multi-purpose trucker's power-puller tool
Bridge inspection robot capable of climbing obstacle
Tool for forming a candle-receiving opening in a fruit or vegetable
Portable cutting apparatus
Apparatus for heating a nozzle with radiant energy
Injection unit for injection molding machines with continuously operating plasticizing unit
Device for forming groove pattern of light-guiding plate and method for forming groove pattern by using the same
Plastic sheet with bending ruled line, and ruled line blade for plastic sheet
Process for production of a bobbin tube for yarn, device for embodiment of such process, bobbin tube obtained and mode of utilization of said bobbin tube
Tempering device for printing presses
Multi-nozzle ink jet head
Composite ink jet printhead and relative manufacturing process
Wide format printer with a plurality of printhead integrated circuits
Inkjet printer spit cup assembly
Ink and fixer fluid compositions having a charged buffer
Printhead module having selectable number of fluid channels
Method of marking or lettering metallic components
Trailer hitch for a motor vehicle
Force connection strut
Interior temperature sensing method and apparatus
Vehicle door insert
Power slide device for vehicle sliding door
Decorative covering for an interior trim component
Method for inhibiting engine stalling in a hybrid vehicle
Joint arrangement for a gear shift mechanism
Seat structure for vehicle
Fender configuration for a vehicle, especially for a motor vehicle
Vehicle air bag module retention system
Passenger side airbag module
Motor vehicle having an electric seat adjuster for a seat and method of using the same
Cap for wiper connector
Vehicle control apparatus
Drive device for railway vehicle
Mobile back-pack
Vehicular snow ski steering keel bar
Articulated-severable snowboard also useable as emergency snowshoes
Utility table and tool storage apparatus for truck beds
Electric power steering apparatus
Tent assembly for use with utility trailers and vehicles
Method of manufacturing a modular corner assembly
Enhanced-comfort cycle saddle construction
Freestyle pegs for motorcycles
Motorcycle with improved thermostat mounting
Front suspension for vehicles with front steerable wheel
Body board
Retractable bumper system and method
Reduced pressure mixing device for marine vessel exhaust gas
Integrated transport system for overhead stowage
Rapid deployment of troops and cargo
Device for adjusting and locking a movable control surface
Apparatus for controlling aircraft ground movement
Seaplane with retractable twin floats
Device and method for on-orbit calibration verification of an infrared sensor
Device for verifying amount of dispensed gasoline and method of use
Method and device for pressurizing containers
Multi-product accumulating and packing system
Modular low cost pallet and shelf assembly
Paint container liner system
Spout assembly for enhancing standing force of flexible container
Air purge valve and filter pump cover employing same
Reclosable container lid
Protective cover for motor vehicle
Thermophoretic protection of reticles
Structure for wound fiber reinforced plastic tubing and method for making
Transport device
Apparatus for deploying and retrieving water sampler
Chemistry; Metallurgy
System and method for forming infrared glass optical components
Anthraquinone dyes
Ink for thermal ink jet printing with high performance at high ejection frequencies
Aqueous glittering color material composition
Modified friction control compositions
Method for two-step hydrocracking of hydrocarbon feedstocks
Single chamber compact fuel processor
Method and composition for using organic, plant-derived, oil-extracted materials in gasoline additives for reduced emissions
Use of percarbamic acids and diacyl percarbamates and precursors therefor
Low thermal expansion Ni-base superalloy
Use of a low-alloyed copper alloy and hollow profile component made therefrom
Vacuum chamber assembly
Device for fixing a gas showerhead or target plate to an electrode in plasma processing systems
Substrate treating apparatus
Electrophoretically deposited hydrophilic coatings for fuel cell diffuser/current collector
Textiles; Paper
Tie yarn for incandescent bodies and the use thereof
Coated paper for printing
Fixed Constructions
Bamboo mat board and method for producing the same
Road mat
Fastener assembly serving as a product, or combined with other components as a product, allows automatic controlled movements in one direction and prevents movements in the opposite direction when forces are applied
Closure device
Flow-measuring valve device and method
Kit for forming an arch or arch section
Combination and key operated padlock with indicator
Pull cord control device for Venetian blind
Step stool tray
Spacer sub
Method for inhibiting or controlling inorganic scale formations
Hydrajet perforation and fracturing tool
Mapping tool for tracking and/or guiding an underground boring tool
Method and device for directional down-hole drilling
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Tensile-stressed microelectromechanical apparatus and tiltable micromirrors formed therefrom
Blowby control system and method for an internal combustion engine
Regeneration control of diesel particulate filter
Apparatus for and method of detecting deterioration of catalyst in internal combustion engine
Exhaust gas cleaner for internal combustion engine with particulate filter having heat-absorbing area
Internal combustion engines
Vortex reducer in the high-pressure compressor of a gas turbine
System for detecting and compensating for aerodynamic instabilities in turbo-jet engines
Control apparatus and method for internal combustion engine
Method and device for managing the vehicle warm-up phase in a cold start situation by controlling a hydraulic retarder
Method of controlling ignition timing in internal combustion engine
Turbine fuel pump
Device for rendering operational a hydraulic actuating device
Propeller shaft assembly with tunable energy absorption feature
Hydraulic system
Cross shaft and cross shaft joint
Actuator for viscous clutch with magnetic oil circulation valve
Continuously variable transmission
Ball screw device and linear motion device
Control apparatus and control method for vehicle
Continuously variable transmission apparatus
Retrofittable severe duty seal for a shaft
Seal arrangement
Non-sliding valve
Methods and apparatus for flange sealing
Backlight system with exchangeable light sources and liquid crystal display using the same
Backlight assembly and liquid crystal display apparatus having the same
Illumination device and display device incorporating the same
Segmented reflector systems and combined reflector and refractor systems
Light emitting panel assemblies
Light guide plate with convergence concavities and method for manufacturing the light guide plate
Brightness enhancement film using a linear arrangement of light concentrators
Light guide plate with nano-particle layer and back light system with same
Light manifold for automotive light module
Charge loss detection and prognostics for multi-modular split systems
System and method for storing a product in a thermally stabilized state
Heat generating expander for heat pump systems
Compressor head, internal discriminator, external discriminator, manifold design for refrigeration recovery apparatus
Shotgun firearm
Firing module
Multiple microelectromechanical (MEM) devices formed on a single substrate and sealed at different pressures and method therefor
Picture hanging tool
Sediment monitoring system for stormwater management facilities
Oil level gauge guide structure
Tool evaluation calibrator and method
Multi-modal fluid condition sensor platform and system therefor
Method of unseating a tire
Method of detecting leakage in a heat exchanger
Modular sampling device
Measuring device and method for reducing measuring errors
Electrostatically oscillated device
Scanning probe microscope and method of operating the same
At-speed scan testing of interface functional logic of an embedded memory or other circuit core
Maintenance system and maintenance method
Scanning unit for a position measuring device
Coordinated pivoting and extending vehicle mirror
Optical coupling lens and optical communication apparatus with same
Optical package
Vertical cavity surface emitting laser module
Electro-optic modulator
Projection type image display device
Control panel support mechanism, control panel assembly, and image forming apparatus
Image forming system and image forming apparatus
Toner bearing member including surface layer containing crosslink reaction product of fluororesin and/or (meth)acrylate compound, developing device, and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus, image forming method, and image forming program
Whole-body humanoid control from upper-body task specifications
Simulation of first power good signal to generate second power good signal by power enabling control circuit for uninterrupted power supplies
Methods and apparatuses for controlling thread contention
Apparatus and medium for associating device with socket
Method and apparatus for implementing variable symbol rate
Synchronizing compute node time bases in a parallel computer
Connected standby sleep state
Method to synchronize a replacement controller's firmware version to the native configuration database version on a simplex array
Replaying architectural execution with a probeless trace capture
Resource planning for data protection validation
Methods and devices for efficiently updating the push down list in a storage device
System and method for processing trace information
Grouping related errors in a distributed computing environment
Portable maintenance aid based preload test unit and stray voltage detector
Software burning system and burning control method
Providing a serial protocol for a bidirectional serial interconnect
Extender storage pool system
Semiconductor storage device and control method thereof
Synchronizing network feeds in high-frequency network events
In-kernel SRCU implementation with reduced OS jitter
Persistent cacheable high volume manufacturing (HVM) initialization code
Method for managing multi-layered data structures in a pipelined memory architecture
Faster tree flattening for a system having non-volatile memory
Split-word memory
Dynamic reuse and reconfiguration of logical data objects in a virtual tape system
Managing storage devices in a cloud storage environment
Information processing apparatus, control method, and program
System and method for caching multimedia data
Contiguous location-based user networks
Method and system for policing events within an online community
Dynamically resizing a networked computing environment to process a workload
Coprocessing module for processing ethernet data and method for use therewith
Storage system
Method for transmitting messages in an MMS-based communication system
Method and system of administrating a peer-to-peer file sharing network
System and method for recording and sharing music
Apparatus for controlling service of network robot system based on remote procedure calls and method thereof
Method and means for a multilayer access control
Method and apparatus for computing over a wide area network
Optimized game server relocation environment
Operating system migration with minimal storage area network reconfiguration
Network resource consolidation and decommissioning analysis
System, method, and computer program for managing services for a service provider at a device within proximity to a location of the service provider, utilizing logic of a centralized environment
Management device in distributing information, management method and medium
Automated deployment of software for managed hardware in a storage area network
High definition and high resolution music and/or video applications and methods of use thereof
Dynamic preloading of web pages
Start control device of power transmission system for vehicle and start control method
Web application code decoupling and user interaction performance
Forecasting hotspots using predictive visual analytics approach
Method of comparing data sequences
Time-division decimation filter bank and time-division decimation filtering method
Text file interface support in an object oriented application
Apparatus, method, and program for supporting processing of character string in document
Query plans with parameter markers in place of object identifiers
Data distributing apparatus, data storing device, and recording medium
Generating a test workload for a database
Analytical synthesis method and otra-based circuit structure
Methods and circuits for optimizing performance and power consumption in a design and circuit employing lower threshold voltage (LVT) devices
Microelectromechanical system design and layout
Apparatus and method for mounting an RF tag on a conveyor trolley
Universal management of user profiles
Method and system for preventing password theft through unauthorized keylogging
Systems and methods for preventing data remanence in memory
Methods, systems, and media for detecting and preventing malcode execution
Remote computer rebooting tool
Enabling access to removable hard disk drives
Data recovery
Reconfigurable modular computing device
Optimizing a user interface for a computing device
Flat or extended architecture using an integrated application and operating system component for computing systems and environments
Apparatus and method for processing broadcast content
Drill down clinical information dashboard
Scene transitions in a zoomable user interface using a zoomable markup language
Method and system for providing isolated detail information about stations which are simultaneously active in an irrigation system
Moving an activity along terminals associated with a physical queue
Double precision approximation of a single precision operation
Method and system for bio-fluid sampling
Driving assistance system for vehicle and vehicle equipped with driving assistance system for vehicle
Method and system for transformation of logical data objects for storage
Notification of a pending digital video recorder deletion event
System and method of generating encryption/decryption keys and encrypting/decrypting a derivative work
Arithmetic device, method, and program product
Apparatus and method for heterogeneous chip multiprocessors via resource allocation and restriction
Event counter checkpointing and restoring
Abstracting business logic into centralized database controls
Apparatus and method of generating multi-level test case from unified modeling language sequence diagram based on multiple condition control flow graph
Using stack data and source code to rank program changes
Method and system for generating verification information and tests for software
Streams debugging within a windowing condition
Streams debugging within a windowing condition
Systems and methods for automatically optimizing high performance computing programming languages
Measuring transaction performance across application asynchronous flows
Sequential cooperation between map and reduce phases to improve data locality
Selectable event reporting for highly virtualized partitioned systems
Information processing device and control method for switching between processing units running operating systems to be associated with a user interface
Systems for generating graphical representations of anticipated products
Store complex checkout apparatus, transaction processing method and program
Data carrier card
Method and apparatus for recording data
Vein image capture apparatus
Method and device to process complex image data
Watermark generating method, broadcast content generating method including the same and watermarking system
Image measuring device, image measuring method, and computer program
Method for detecting a fake finger for fingerprint acquisition software
Image processing device and method
Parked vehicle detection based on edge detection
Image processing apparatus, image processing method
Image compression device, image compression method, integrated circuit, program, and picture display apparatus
Image processing system, image processing method, and program
Auto-focus image system
Image processing apparatus and method, and program
Method and apparatus for providing rapport management
Detecting anomalies in real-time in multiple time series data with automated thresholding
Systems and methods related to delivering targeted advertising to consumers
System and method for interactive advertisement augmentation via a called voice connection
Method and system for auctioning funds using a full-time public network
Weather risk management system
Database for pre-screening potentially litigious patients
Method for aggregating intellectual property and services in an exchange
System and method for a distributed application of a network security system (SDI-SCAM)
Identifying spoken commands by templates of ordered voiced and unvoiced sound intervals
Multiband compressor
Encoding device and encoding method
Apparatus and method for coding signal in a communication system
Methods and systems for automatic enablement or disablement of noise reduction within a communication device
Content addressable memory continuous error detection with interleave parity
Method of manufacturing image forming apparatus
Electric junction box
Grounding clamp apparatus and method
Land grid array package socket
Package with lock mechanism
Connector locking construction
System for monitoring connection pattern of data ports
Method of making an interposer with contact structures
Crimpable wire connector assembly
Non-binary LDPC code decoder
Wireless relay apparatus, wireless receiving apparatus, and decoding method
Control data generation device and method
Short loop connection method
Mobile communication system and access gateway having plural user plane AGWS
Establishing a wireless communications bus and applications thereof
Distributed antenna system
Control station and wireless system
Transmitting device, receiving device, communication system, and method for operating a transmitting device and a receiving device
Device, method, and recording medium
Secure signing method, secure authentication method and IPTV system
Application based intrusion detection
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and computer program
Nonce generation
Automatic synthesis of unit tests for security testing
Authenticated file handles for network file systems
Data security and access tracking in memory
System and method for document isolation
Mobile terminal and keypad manufacturing method thereof
Protective carrying apparatus for a cellular phone and essential personal items
Method and apparatus for security activation in wireless communications network
Method and apparatus for receiving and providing disaster information
Apparatus and method of processing rescue request signal
Mobility call management
System, method and computer program product for activating a cellular phone account
Information sharing system, information sharing method, terminal device and program
Method of establishing a communications connection from a deactivated telematics unit on a motor vehicle
Television control interface with electronic guide
Graphics handling for electronic program guide graphics in an RVU system
Magnetostrictive auditory system
Intelligent location tagging for deterministic device behavior
Method for detecting changes in security level in mobile networks
Mobile terminal having multimedia reproduction controls
Radio communication device, radio communication method, and storage medium
Hybrid access mode dynamic traffic offloading in an H(e)NB cell associated with a closed subscriber group
Notification device for cellular telephone
Cell configuration for self-organized networks with flexible spectrum usage
Radio communication system
Solderless electronics packaging and methods of manufacture
Electronic part mounting substrate and method for producing same
Method of making a circuit board
Expired Patents Due To Time
Molded knee pad
Dusting mitt
Trash can receptacle
Garbage can
Mobile display stand
Ceiling fan blade
Drug reconstitution and injection device
Surgical needle holder with tip guard
Collection assembly
Multi-well platform
Trailing end of a spinal implant
Elbow brace
Knee brace
Ankle brace
Sanitary napkin
Window frame extrusion
Flush fin head for single hung window
Window component extrusion
Picture frame door
Rain forest canopy
Window component for a roof window installation
Swimming pool cofferdam
Above-ground swimming pool
Telephone booth
Open-bottom modular culvert
Flashlight or similar article
Service station dispenser fender
Parabolic projector
Reading light fixture
License plate holder
Column arm for lighting fixture
Candle snuffer
Candle snuffer
Radioactive soap
Combined multi-composition stick product, such as lip balm, sun screen, deodorant, or glue stick and container therefor
Combined multi-composition stick product, such as lip balm, sun screen, deodorant, or glue stick and container therefor
Dental floss container
Combined multi-composition stick product, such as lip balm, sun screen, deodorant, or glue stick and container therefor
Weightlifting glove
Animal feeding bowl
Play mat for pet
Quarter holder and display device suggestive of a U.S. flag
Combined trophy and trophy stand urn
Container for a deceased person or animal
Decorative mailbox
Human Necessities
Operating device for an agricultural machine
Method and apparatus for mapping crop quality
Debris blowing weed trimmer
Drive structure for transversity adjustable harvester row units
Method and apparatus for fine adjustment of moving part sequences in balers
Mound-like tree skirt
Flower stem supporters
Method for providing a flower pot cover with crimped portion
Artificial mulch for seedling establishment
Cage for supporting vegetable plants in garden
Ground stake
Nectarine tree named `Earlihoney`
Dahlia plant named `Bretagne`
Avocado tree named `Alpha Krome`
Bromeliad plant named `GUZ 226`
Strawberry plant `Whitney`
Dracaena plant named `White Jewel`
Guzmania plant named `Copito`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Sirena`
Petunia plant named `White Spice`
Kentucky bluegrass designated `Ba81-227`
Strawberry plant named `Ventura`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Virunga`
Litter for animals and method for producing such litter
Small animal rearing apparatus
Feeding pan for automatic feed dispensers for poultry in general
Bird feeder with removable feed tray
Pet feeding system and method of using same
Cover for animal enclosures such as aquariums
Liquid ornament
Fishing lure
Collapsible support bar and bird hunting apparatus made therewith
Apparatus to roll-up laminar sheets of food material in tubular shape
Chicken-tender-scoring knife assembly
Method of rapidly producing cryogenically frozen dessert particles
Food washing apparatus
Apparatus for continuous roasting of food materials
Portable cigarette smoking apparatus
Garment with removable appendage portion
Medical cooling vest and system employing the same
Body garment
Powder dispensing wrist band device
Woven fabric and method for forming articles therefrom
Collapsible baseball cap
Headguard-protective sports headband
Foot leverage system and method
Consumer-modifiable sandal or slipper
Clasp for a jewelry item
Universal tool handle configured for various extension pole connectors
Suspendable toothbrush
Bottle/nipple cleaning device
Wire management system
Portable nail polish table
Apertured countertop mounting unit
Kit for assembling an audiovisual component storage base with a television turntable
Convertible furniture frame
Hydraulically actuated variable height leg pillow support apparatus
Body support
Bedrail attachments for engineered wood bedrail
Alternating pad
Folding frame device for playpen
Table structure for children's play
Slat wall structure with profile for different shelf support brackets and the like
Gasket for a funnel for a coffee making apparatus
Grill with improved rotary heating elements
Apparatus for cooking meats
Cooler chest with ice-surrounded food compartment
Body dryer with mirror
Method of filling an upright facial tissue carton with tissue and a support member
Toilet grab rail support
Portable spa construction
Water inlet system for dishwasher
Penile clamp for inhibiting incontinence
Method and apparatus for diagnosing and remediating language-based learning impairments
Brush tip for a motorized toothbrush
Anesthesia mask for animals
Laser surgery eye shield
Facial shield, particularly for protection from the sun
Operating apparatus comprising an operating support post with a detachable operating table top
Assembly of a bed and an apparatus for movement support for a person when moving into or out of a bed
Method and apparatus for patient transfer
Dual-pressure blower for positive air pressure device
Monolithic high performance miniature flow control unit
Innovated type of swimming goggles
Swimming goggles
Swimming goggle
Swimming goggles
Swimming goggles with step-less adjustment
Location marker
Performing Operations; Transporting
Device and method for desalinating salt water and method of producing carbon dioxide exhausting means
Auger combustor with fluidized bed
CO2 block press
In-barrel wetting screw charger
Packing with a cross channel structure for a material exchange column with a high specific separation performance
Process and apparatus for disassembling tape cassettes
Apparatus for separating particles from a fluid flow and a valve for introducing bled fluid to a mainstream fluid
Method and apparatus for thin film deposition on large area substrates
Automated packaging
Method for controlling the tension between roll stands of mill trains for steel bars, wire or profiles
Process for manufacturing deflector plate for gas turbin engine combustors
Method and device for forming a hollow metallic workpiece by inner pressure
Air gap insulated exhaust pipe with branch pipe stub and method of manufacturing same
Apparatus and method for annealing container side wall edge for necking
Apparatus for curling shells for beverage containers
Die system for full enclosed die forging
Method and arrangement for operating rotating starting shears
Clamping device for machine tools
Device for stable speed determination in machining
Quick release buffing pad assembly
Burnishing apparatus
Sprinkler tool
Multi purpose valve opening tool
Ratchet driving tool
Tool socket
Hinged socket wrench speed handle
Cable cutter
Ring seal seating tool
Slide hammer
Socket wrench and socket set
Shaft mounted manual cleaning implement
Cutting device
Razor cartridge with painted and drawn retaining clip
Ruler for guiding a blade and for providing shielding protection from the blade for the hand holding the ruler
Utility knife
Brick block and process and apparatus therefor
Dual die chip compactor
Paper embossing system with a flexible counter and method of embossing
Process for making thermoformed low gloss decorative laminate
Open-loop drive control and a method for the open-loop drive control of sheet-fed printing machines
Feeder unit for a sheet-processing machine
Blanket-mounting mechanism of printing press
Method and device for influencing ink-trapping behavior
Ink fountain in a printing machine and method of fixing an ink fountain foil in an ink fountain
Apparatus and method for drying printing composition on a print medium
Seal type composite stencil and plychrome picture forming method
Window measuring device
Aminoalkyllithium compounds containing cyclic amines and polymers therefrom
Refrigeration circuit for vehicular air conditioning system
Closure for an air conditioner collection vessel
Mechanism of returning to neutral for axle driving apparatus
Two-lever shift mechanism for an internal-linkage transfer case
Steering system
Hybrid propulsion system and self-propelled vehicle propelled by this system
Retractable awning for slide-out unit on mobile home, recreational vehicle or the like
Vehicle bumper beam with non-uniform cross section
Vehicle anti-theft device
Lock for a steering wheel of a vehicle
Steering column anti-theft device for motor vehicle
Wiper blade
Brake actuator
Maintenance cart for remote inspection and cleaning of closed track
Cable operated actuator assembly
Steering column for a motor vehicle
Steering apparatus for four-wheeled vehicle
Striker alignment tool
Method for reducing dissipation rate of fluid ejected into boundary layer
Temporary storage barge
Multi-fuel kick back receiver
Articulated boat top assembly
Vibration and drag reduction system for fluid-submersed hulls
Device for stabilizing a ship, especially when rolling
Sailboat rotatable keel appendage
Rub rail
Drone vessel for an ROV
Mobile bridge for accessing aircraft
Nestable containment tray for a hazardous material spill pallet
Web for package blanks
Wheel-activated vehicle restraint system
Process and apparatus for controlling cops of ring spun yarn dependent on a yarn hairiness
Bottle sealing method and apparatus
Holding device for collecting residual contents in a container
Equestrain training device
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method for forming piezoelectric/electrostrictive film element at low temperature using electrophoretric deposition
Pushout mechanism for I.S. machine
Stain-resistant glass making method
Detonator for shock tube connector system
Process for the preparation of an olefin polymer using metallocenes containing specifically substituted indenyl ligands
Use of polymer compositions for coating surfaces, and surface coating comprising such compositions
Apparatus and process to extract heat and to solidify molten material particles
Method and apparatus for depositing a thin film, and semiconductor device having a semiconductor-insulator junction
Manifold for modular gas box system
System for, and method of, removing a component from immersion in a liquid
Liquid gas exchanger
Textiles; Paper
Unit for compacting a bundle of texile fibres drawn in a spinning machine
Method and apparatus for producing textile yarn, and yarn produced thereby
Multipart component for a cut resistant composite yarn and method of making
Independent dosing control system for washing machines
Ironing board cover set and an ironing board top or ironing board using the cover set
Woven fabric
Method of aligning a freely carrying bearing assembly on a cylinder in a fiber-making machine
Calender with magnetic device for adjusting the contact pressure between the rolls
Fixed Constructions
Fluid powered barrier system
Boat dock bumper
Method and apparatus for estimating load bearing capacity of piles
Structure for working unit for bucket excavators and method for manufacturing the same
Technical field
Water delivery and storage system and method
Backflow preventer apparatus and method with integration of shut-off valves
Pullout hand-held shower
Automatic public toilet
Valve set for a vacuum toilet
Rinse fluid valve for a vacuum toilet
Molded wall panel and house construction
Apparatus for securing sheeting
Fixed barrier module
Frame arrangement for a wall panel system
Prefabricated multi-sided building construction system
Adjustable support post
Shingle with integral gutter screen
Raised floor system formed of octagonal panels
Method of insulating an attic cavity and insulated attic cavity
Insulated concrete wall system
Portable outdoor toilet with advertising indicia
Equipment shelter facilities
Parking device for cycles
Collapsible small vehicle enclosure
Small type of seismic shelter case
Lock assembly assembled without a bolt
Truck box paddle handle assembly with rotatable release mechanism
Lockable sash assembly
Vehicle door handle
Cable lock system
High security-restricted key retrofit kit for handcuffs and leg irons
Vehicle door check
Hinge for accommodating a pivoting component
Window lift bracket
Window protection apparatus
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Crank-connecting rod mechanism
Circularly-curved piston engine
Spur gear camshaft drive for an internal combustion engine
Hydraulically-driven valve and hydraulic system using same
Intake air quantity calculating apparatus for an internal combustion engine with a variable valve timing control mechanism
Exhaust silencer for an internal combustion engine and the method of operation
Catalyst deterioration determining apparatus for internal combustion engine, and control method for the apparatus
Silicon carbide (SiC) composite exhaust manifold and method of making it
Cooling device for an internal combustion engine
Carbon black tailgas fueled reciprocating engines
Free piston engine and self-actuated fuel injector therefor
Miniature generator
Multifunctional water injection manifold device and operation method thereof
Vehicle main and auxiliary power units
Method and system for operating valves of a camless internal combustion engine
Piston-cylinder assembly
Cylinder block for internal combustion engine
Axisymmetric, converging-diverging, jet-deflecting turbojet-engine exhaust-nozzle
Annular liquid fueled pulse detonation engine
Multi-component metallic housing for a fluid
Wobble piston and seal assembly for oil free compressor
Actuating means
Reciprocatable axial-to-rotor motor
Helix thruster
Electropneumatic positioner
Mechanism for automatically setting push-pull control cable device in standby/cancel mode
Retaining method for spherical bearing
Regenerative adaptive fluid motor control
Motor vehicle with electronic clutch management system
Bicycle cable connector for splicing two cables in series
Metal composite cable carrier
Reduced backlash translating system
Transfer ring for continuously variable transmission
Transmission gear shift rod control device
Dual-seat valve able to switch in a leak-free manner
Bursting disc assembly retaining ring with a clover leaf cutting pattern and projection
High-pressure hydraulic valve
Insulated tubing
Steam boiler piping
Turbulence inducer for condensate sub-cooling coil
Refrigeration system
Spray cooling system
Method and system for cooling electrical components
Ice transformation detection
Ice machine spray tube
Water tank for ice making machine
Ammonia refrigerator
Method and apparatus for freezing products
Apparatus and method for the cooling of a liquid in a container
Thermodynamic power and cryogenic refrigeration system using low temperature heat source
Dephlegmator system and process
Apparatus for cooling and conditioning of grain
Safety locking device for a firearm
Firing pin control device for a firearm
Perforating devices for use in wells
Launchable flameless expulsion grenade
Aeroballistic diagnostic system
Spinning and exploding projectile
System and method for performing bulge testing of films, coatings and/or layers
Method of measuring film thickness distribution
Three position locking mechanism for a tape measure
Guide attachment for a measuring tape
Tire mounting device
Rotation rate sensor with uncoupled mutually perpendicular primary and secondary oscillations
Self adjusting inclinometer
Device and method for attaching a scale
Fitting for hydraulic flow measurement
Thermal type air flow sensor
Seat occupant detection apparatus
Differential pressure sensor and isolation valve manifold assembly
Parallel type six-axes force-moment measuring apparatus
Aircraft pneumatic system test cart
Diagnosis process of vacuum failure in a vacuum chamber
Portable universal friction testing machine and method
Layered ultrasonic coupler
Method for optimizing drill bit design parameters
Device and method for controlling the interaction of a tip and a sample, notably for atomic force microscopy and nano-indentation
Method of compression bundling of optical fiber
Fiber installation method and apparatus
Temperature control device for thermal medium fluid
Inverse Quantizer
Foldable poster sized card display apparatus having pockets and header
Quick change display apparatus
Debit wristbands
Method of making a balance-compensated rotary actuator based upon track-follow performance of a rotatable test head stack assembly portion
Method for manufacturing a pressure sensitive sensor
Plasma treatment equipment
Controlled bondline thickness attachment mechanism
Process and apparatus for two-stage supercharging of process air for a fuel cell
Safety strap on electrical cord
Ready to wire terminal assembly with vibration resistant clamping screws
Method of making an electric motor stator assembly
Method of making thin film resonator apparatus
High-speed modem synchronized to a remote codec
Subscriber RF telephone system having distributed channel switching capability
Method of manufacturing photodefined integral capacitor with self-aligned dielectric and electrodes
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