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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Soybean variety 95R51
Method of synthesizing S-allyl-cysteine analogues and their therapeutic application in treating myocardial infarction
Substituted 6,6-fused nitrogenous heterocyclic compounds and uses thereof
Compounds useful as inhibitors of ATR kinase
Use of allopurinol for the treatment of hand foot skin reaction
Fused pyrimidine-dione derivatives as TRPA1 modulators
Coffee brewing method
Dehydrated avocado in pieces
Electric grilling appliance
Autonomous in-vivo device
Apparatus for non-invasive cancerous tissue diagnosis and tomography using terahertz imaging
Implant for tissue engineering
Methods of producing mesoporous drug delivery implants
Bis(thio-hydrazide amide) formulation
Bradykinin B1 antagonists
Phenoxy-azetidine derivatives as sphingosine 1-phosphate (S1P) receptor modulators
Indolecarboxylic acid derivative having PGD2 receptor antagonistic activity
Substituted biaryl compounds for inflammation and immune-related uses
Substituted piperazines as CB1 antagonists
Acylpiperazinones and their use as pharmaceuticals
Method of treating demyelination diseases
15, 16-methylene-17-(1'-propenyl)-17,3'-oxidoestra-4-en-3-one derivative, use thereof, and medicament containing said derivative
Medicinal applications of benzoic acid hydrazones synthesized on the basis of steroidal tigogenin
Compositions for treatment of inflammatory diseases
Transparent xyloglucan/chitosan gel and a process for the preparation thereof
Combination treatment with strontium for the prophylaxis and/or treatment of cartilage and/or bone conditions
Natural preservative alternatives and compositions containing same
Demibodies: dimerization-activated therapeutic agents
Cross-linkable glycoproteins and methods of making the same
Compositions and methods for enhancing drug delivery across and into epithelial tissues
Human recombinant monoclonal antibody that specifically binds to VCAM-1 and inhibits adhesion and transmigration between leukocytes and endothelial cells
Therapeutic compositions comprising hyaluronan and therapeutic antibodies as well as methods of treatment
Isoflavones for treating mucopolysaccharidoses
Materials and methods for treatment of respiratory allergic diseases
Endohedral fullerenes having enclosed therein one or more ozone molecules, and their use as a UV-absorbing agent
Stabilization of body-care and household products
Antiviral drugs for treatment of arenavirus infection
Performing Operations; Transporting
Process for removing mercaptans from a gas stream comprising natural gas on an inert gas
Barium containing granules for sorption applications
Ammonia flame cracker system, method and apparatus
Oxidative dehydrogenation of propane
Porous bodies and methods
Process for production of water-absorbing articles
Substrates with biopassive coating
Redispersible polymer powder composition
High-throughput printing of semiconductor precursor layer from chalcogenide microflake particles
Manufacturing method of laser processed parts and protective sheet for laser processing
Negative coefficient thermal expansion engineered particles for composite fabrication
Manipulation apparatus for system that removes material from a surface of a structure
Modified flux system
Systems for rating a stick electrode
Mould system for changing the depth of a cardboard-based container
Method of controlling a screw in a two-stage injection unit and a system for implementing the method
Crystallized silicon-containing material with hierarchical and organized porosity
Packaging articles, films and methods that promote or preserve the desirable color of meat
Lignocellulose materials having good mechanical properties
Polysaccharide-based pigments and fillers
Increased bulk density powders and polymers containing them
Transparent electroconductive laminate and transparent touch panel
Thermometric carbon composites
High pressure food package and system
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Process for preparing monobasic pyrophosphate materials
Method and apparatus for converting carbon monoxide and water into carbon dioxide and hydrogen, with removal of one or more products
Graphite material and method for manufacturing the same
Ammonia synthesis process
Combined solid waste, carbon dioxide quicklime sparging, brine water, and reverse osmosis/ion exchange processes for the production of soda chemicals
Infrared absorbing filter and lens module having same
Chemical reactors with annularly positioned delivery and removal devices, and associated systems and methods
Homogeneous catalysts for biodiesel production
Process for the production of bio-naphtha from complex mixtures of natural occurring fats and oils
Substituted aniline derivatives
System and method for preparing liquid fuels
Isoprenoid compounds, their isolation and use
Orthoester derivatives of crown ethers as carriers for pharmaceutical and diagnostic compositions
Substituted hydroxamic acids and uses thereof
Process for the preparation of strontium ranelate
Glycine transporter inhibiting substances
Method of preparing sitagliptin and intermediates used therein
N-phenyl imidazole carboxamide inhibitors of 3-phosphoinositide-dependent protein kinase-1
Functionalized cyanine having a silane linker arm, a method of preparing thereof and uses thereof
Phosphoramide compound, method for producing the same, ligand, complex, catalyst and method for producing optically active alcohol
Method for isolating and purifying nucleic acids
Aptamer and detection method for C-reactive protein
Detection of nucleic acid sequence differences using the ligase detection reaction with addressable arrays
Probe set and method for identifying HLA allele
Cold active enzyme and method thereof
Peptide conjugates and fluorescence detection methods for intracellular caspase assay
Blocking mesothelin peptide fragments
Polymerization catalyst compositions containing metallocene complexes and polymers produced by using the same
Process for producing polyether polyol and process for producing rigid foamed synthetic resin using same
Non-veining urethane resins for foundry sand casting
Use of oligomeric carbodiimides as stabilizers
Polycarbonate compositions having antistatic enhancers, method of preparing, and articles comprising the same
Optical acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive composition and optical acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive tape
Block copolymer oil return agents
Weighted elastomers, cement compositions comprising weighted elastomers, and methods of use
Method of producing alkyl esters from vegetable or animal oil and an aliphatic monoalcohol with fixed-bed hot purification
Intelligent multifunctional medical device apparatus and components
Extracellular polyhydroxyalkanoates produced by genetically engineered microorganisms
Modified promoter
Insect resistant protein and insect-resistance gene encoding the insect-resistant protein
Polypeptides having xylanase activity and polynucleotides encoding same
Nucleic acid molecules and their use in plant sterility
Extract of E. coli cells having mutation in ribosomal protein S12, and method for producing protein in cell-free system using the extract
Detecting PAX2 for the diagnosis of breast cancer
Solubilization and purification of a target protein fused to a mutant maltose-binding protein
Thermostable proteins and methods of making and using thereof
Methods for predicting responsiveness of a cancer cell to an anti-IGFR1 antibody by analysis of mutations in PIK3CA
Bioassay method, bioassay device, and bioassay substrate
Neutron shielding material, method of manufacturing the same, and cask for spent fuel
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method and device for controlling a steam power plant
Method and apparatus for harnessing hydro-kinetic energy
Device for converting wave energy into electricity
Blade configurations for wind power converting apparatus
Locking device for the rotor of wind turbines
Infrastructure for driving and assisting take-off of airfoils for tropospheric aeolian generator
Shift lock assembly
Method and system for appraising the wear of axles of a robot arm
Technique for acoustic data analysis
Position detecting device and position detecting method
Methods and systems for implementing an iterated extended Kalman filter within a navigation system
Fecal sample collection and processing apparatus and method
Method for diagnosing cancer using lectin
Screening method for GPCR ligands
Methods for isolation of antibody binding to cells
Diagnostic assay for spongiform encephalopathies
Screening method for test specimen
Input power measuring device
Measuring alternating current flowing through an electricity supply distribution unit
Test probe
Apparatus and method for inspecting circuit of substrate
System and method for determining physical status of switch elements
Semiconductor device and method of performing electrical test on same
Battery monitor
Low noise magnetic field sensor using a lateral spin transfer
Method for determining the distance between a transmitter and a receiver
Flat panel detector incorporating silk layer(s)
Laser induced thermal imaging apparatus and fabricating method of organic light emitting diode using the same
Security system for containers
Vehicle remote control apparatus and system
Vehicle periphery display control system
Voltage stabilizing circuit
Device throttling system from neighboring device
Method and apparatus for dynamically controlling power management in a distributed system
Fault management system in multistage copy configuration
Restarting method using a snapshot
Method, apparatus and program product for a point-in-time recovery of a computing system
Retroactive verbose logging
Memory cache bank prediction
System and method for batched indexing of network documents
Memory hub with internal cache and/or memory access prediction
Recording medium, method and apparatus for recording on recordable recording medium, and method for managing backup files of the same
Storage system and snapshot management method
Control device of a storage system comprising storage devices of a plurality of types
Interactive service device metering systems
Disk array device and method for controlling disk array device
Method of repeating data transmission between network devices by timing a first predetermined period after previous first data transmission
Accelerated reception of spatial-to-temporal translated data
Distributing tasks in data communications
Data communication system and data communication method
Communicating via a connection between a streaming server and a client without breaking the connection
System and method for facilitating expedited delivery of media content
Method apparatus and business system for online communications with online and offline recipients
Email analysis using fuzzy matching of text
Method and apparatus for transparent selection of alternate network interfaces in a message passing interface ("MPI") implementation
Relay program, communication processing program, and firewall system
Method for altering link weights in a communication network to provide traffic information for improved forecasting
Content display monitor
Statistical information collecting system and apparatus thereof
Method for implementing an internet protocol (IP) charging and rating middleware platform and gateway system
Routing data packets with hint bit for each six orthogonal directions in three dimensional torus computer system set to avoid nodes in problem list
Integrated server platform for the autonomous provisioning of device services
Reset device for a computer system
Failure determining apparatus and method for hydraulic pressure control circuit
Stream data processing system and stream data processing method
Method and apparatus for data management
System and method for accessing content from selected sources via a document processing device
System and method for collaborative lesson planning
Search by document type and relevance
Keyword usage score based on frequency impulse and frequency weight
Method and apparatus for managing multiple data flows in a content search system
Method and system for distributing clock signals on non-Manhattan semiconductor integrated circuits
Redundancy structures and methods in a programmable logic device
Method to analyze an analog circuit design with a verification program
Method for producing a mask for the lithographic projection of a pattern onto a substrate
Command-language-based functional engineering change order (ECO) implementation
Weft knitting machine with density adjusting function, knitting method, and knitting program
Disease simulation system and method
System and method for controlling the speed of a gas turbine engine
Systems and methods to distribute content over a network
Method and apparatus for pipelined processing of data packets
Analyzing the behavior of a storage system
Recording device control apparatus
System for supplying power for peripheral devices
Alternative user-interface
Serial transmission system with a return signal generator from the farthest terminal to synchronize return signals/data from the farthest terminal with any specified intervening terminals
Keyboard apparatus integrated with combined touch input module
Rotation sensing device and portable electronic device having the same
Smart mouse system and method of use
Electro-optical device and electronic apparatus
Systems and methods for structured variable resolution information dissemination and discovery
System for managing data on memory device using file system
Digital implementation of fractional exponentiation
Electronic key information system
Method in pipelined data processing
Storage control system and boot control system
User mode device driver interface
Customization of option ROM images
Debugging prototyped system solutions in solution builder wizard environment
Update system capable of updating software across multiple FLASH chips
System and method for active configuration management
Method and system for identifying lens aberration sensitive patterns in an integrated circuit chip
Analog divider
Representing reflective areas in a product image
Method and apparatus for determining investment manager skill
Method and automatic control for regulating a multiple-stage industrial production controlling random chained stress, application to noise and value at risk control of a clearing house
Method and apparatus for finance-based scheduling of construction projects
Automated banking machine and system
Bid positioning system
System for funding, analyzing and managing life insurance policies funded with annuities
Financial information display system
Adaptive matching program and system for corporate meeting planners and hospitality providers
Integration of graphical application content into the graphical scene of another application
Apparatus, systems and methods for accepting payment at a sales device
Directed graph approach for constructing a tree representation of an access control list
Position information acquisition apparatus and method of controlling the same
Intruder identifying method, intruder identifying device and intruder identifying sensor device
Charging merchandise items
Capacitive proximity alarm circuit and system
Roll-lock snap-on current transformer
Control circuit for indicator light
Electrophoretic display device and method of driving same
Method of forming an image based on a plurality of image frames, image processing system and digital camera
System for transforming and displaying coordinate datum
Electronic apparatus
Luminance correction system for organic light emitting display
Plectrum sleeve
Method for analyzing fundamental frequency information and voice conversion method and system implementing said analysis method
Method, system and device for automatic recognition of limited speech
Global boundary-centric feature extraction and associated discontinuity metrics
Optical disk drive comprising dust removing apparatus
Electronic unit loading mechanism and disk array device
Optical disc apparatus
Method of producing a perpendicular magnetic recording medium and perpendicular magnetic recording medium
Method and system for correcting soft errors in memory circuit
Method of correcting sensitivity and matrix image sensor for implementing this method
Radiation resistant clothing
Push button cap mounting details
Power management circuit and electronic device
Energy saving switch for and process for conserving energy while operating a water heater
Plasma display panel and multi-plasma display panel
Charged particle beam writing apparatus and device production method
Distributed bragg reflector for reflecting light of multiple wavelengths from an LED
Collector-radiator structure for an electrohydrodynamic cooling system
Method and system for large scale manufacture of thin film photovoltaic devices using multi-chamber configuration
Spacer protection and electrical connection for array device
Method for making a perpendicular thermally-assisted recording (TAR) magnetic recording disk having a carbon segregant
Method to selectively grow phase change material inside a via hole
Microelectronic assembly with impedance controlled wirebond and reference wirebond
Method for sidewall spacer line doubling using atomic layer deposition of a titanium oxide
Method for fabricating semiconductor device with buried gate
Structure and method for detecting defects in BEOL processing
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Methods of fabrication of package assemblies for optically interactive electronic devices and package assemblies therefor
Semiconductor device
Interposer based capacitors for semiconductor packaging
Method of manufacturing semiconductor memory device
Plasma processing apparatus and method thereof
Display device and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor substrate and semiconductor device
Semiconductor device with low resistance SiC-metal contact
Circuit structure of package carrier and multi-chip package
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Non-volatile memory devices, methods of manufacturing and methods of operating the same
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and method for manufacturing same
Semiconductor with power generating photovoltaic layer
Electrode for dye sensitized solar cell, method of manufacturing the same, and dye sensitized solar cell using the electrode
Solid state imaging device and method for manufacturing the same
Adjustable solar power generation apparatus
Display device and method for manufacturing the same
Optoelectronic device and method of fabricating the same
Benzopyrene compound and organic light-emitting element containing the same
Piezoelectric devices including electrode-less vibrating portions
Methods, systems, and devices for mechanical motion amplification
Variable impedance memory element structures, methods of manufacture, and memory devices containing the same
Method for producing semiconductor device
Polysilicon layer, method of preparing the polysilicon layer, thin film transistor using the polysilicon layer, and organic light emitting display device including the thin film transistor
Solar bracelet
Annular device with battery cover
Battery module with partitioning wall therein
Method for preparing metal catalyst and electrode
Assembly of bifurcation and trifurcation bipolar plate to design fuel cell stack
Differential signal crosstalk reduction
Controlling spatial properties in an excimer ring amplifier
Voltage adjustment system
Sliding conductor transmission cable
Recharging or connection tray for portable electronic devices
Motor stator
Motor with encoder and encoder for motor
Electrodynamic linear oscillating motor
Stage apparatus
Systems and methods for transmission of electric power to downhole equipment
Oscillator circuit
Semiconductor device
System for controlling photomultiplier gain drift and associated method
Piezoelectric-on-semiconductor micromechanical resonators with linear acoustic bandgap tethers
Programmable logic device with performance variation compensation
Fault tolerant integrated circuit architecture
Delay measuring circuit and delay measuring method
Sense amplifier-type latch circuits with static bias current for enhanced operating frequency
Semiconductor memory apparatus
Method of detecting and correcting a prescribed set of error events based on error detecting code
Overlapping sub-matrix based LDPC (low density parity check) decoder
Bit distributor for multicarrier communication systems employing adaptive bit loading for multiple spatial streams and methods
Apparatuses and methods for rate conversion and fractional delay calculation using a coefficient look up table
Method and apparatus for adjusting power control setpoint in a wireless communication system
Method and system for transmit power control in a multiple-input multiple-output wireless communication system
Cellular communication terminals and methods that sense terminal movement for cursor control
Pass-thru for client authentication
Specifying security protocols and policy constraints in distributed systems
Modular cryptographic device providing enhanced communication control features and related methods
Buckling mechanism
3D glasses driving method and 3D glasses and 3D image providing display apparatus using the same
Integrated portable in-situ microscope
Radio frequency identification device operating methods, radio frequency identification device configuration methods, and radio frequency identification devices
Determining approximate locations of network devices that are inaccessible to GPS signals
System and method for determining a nearest network resource using GPS coordinates
Methods and apparatus for soft-decision based inter-radio access technology handover triggering
Satellite broadcast communication method and system
Method and apparatus for fast link setup in a wireless communication system
Telecommunications services apparatus
Light emitting device
Power management circuit and liquid crystal display using same
Control circuit for light emitting diode arrangements
Feed forward imbalance corrector circuit
Electrical appliance having a lighting device having light emitting diodes
Printed circuit board
Portable device
Method of attaching a high power surface mount transistor to a printed circuit board
Multilayer portable device case and method therefor
Shell assembly and assembly method thereof
Multifunction semiconductor storage device and a method for booting-up computer host
Expired Patents Due To Time
Shoulder strap repositioner for vehicle seat belt assembly
Human Necessities
Tractor with monitoring system
Game trail monitoring device and method
Notebook computer and wrist support
Systems and methods for calibrating laser ablations
Method and apparatus for positioning a device in a body
Monitoring constituents of an animal organ using discrete radiation
Fetal sensor which self-inflates using capillary force
Diagnostic tomographic laser imaging apparatus
Quantitative magnetoencephalogram system and method
Automatic scan prescription for tomographic imaging
Magnetic resonance apparatus for intraoperative imaging
Digitally measuring scopes using a high resolution encoder
Methods and apparatus for controlling X-ray angiographic image acquisition
Methods and apparatus for cable interconnection verification
Method and apparatus for inducing the permeation of medication into internal tissue
Space-filling cochlear electrode
Electrotransport device electrode assembly having lower initial resistance
Method and apparatus for determining atrial lead dislocation
Remote monitoring of implantable cochlear stimulator
Miniature x-ray source with flexible probe
Method and apparatus for photopyrolitically removing a contaminant
Heightened realism for computer-controlled units in real-time simulation
Performing Operations; Transporting
High temperature molten metal reactor and waste treatment method
Hand-held control device
Pseudo-3D stereoscopic images and output device
Cassette casing for thermal transfer printing dye ribbon
Steering apparatus for re-inkable belt
Thermal printing method and apparatus having groups of separately drive heating elements in the thermal head
Image forming apparatus
Method of driving optical output media in an optical writing apparatus
Image formation method for forming electrostatic latent image on photosensitive belt with laser beam and image formation apparatus of the same
Two point power control for dual laser diodes using microprocessor based controllers
Color printer and exposure head therefor
Tape printing and editing assembly
Media handling system for duplex printing
Method of controlling emergency brake applications by two-way end of train devices using existing electronic air brake equipment
Multiple speed vehicle seat memory control apparatus
Impact monitor
Lightweight electrochromic mirror
Device for positioning integrated circuit components that require specific spatial orientation
Loan repay enforcement system
Vehicle communication system and method for vehicles capable of automatic storing of vehicle identification code
Process for determining abnormality of detection in a distance sensor for a vehicle
Vehicle active brake control with bank angle compensation
Method for controlling the valve characteristic
Power margin indicator for a rotary-wing aircraft, especially a helicopter
Method and system for the control and management of an airport
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Elliptical core fiber with axially decreasing aspect ratio and method
Dielectric ceramic composition and laminated ceramic parts
Liquid crystal display device
Electrochromic materials with enhanced ultraviolet stability
Liquid feed vaporization system and gas injection device
Fixed Constructions
Control board for controlling and monitoring usage of water
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Exciter controlled by FADEC system
Method and apparatus for optimizing NOx emissions in a gas turbine
Fault diagnostic device and method
Determinate positioner assembly
Hybrid fiber optic lighting distribution system
Method of mutually aligning bodies and position-measuring sensor therefor
Reflectance method for evaluating the surface characteristics of opaque materials
Component position verification using a probe apparatus
Method for determining a geometry of a raw cylinder head casting and device for carrying out same
Thin, horizontal-plane hall sensors for read-heads in magnetic recording
Seismic sensor with interferometric sensing apparatus
Infrared scanning interferometry apparatus and method
Route search method
Rangefinder apparatus
Autocorrelation of ultrashort electromagnetic pulses
Process for evaluating the signal of an infrared thermometer, and infrared thermometer
Lens testing system
Photoreflectance spectral analysis of semiconductor laser structures
Apparatus and method for rapid spectrophotometric pre-test screen of specimen for a blood analyzer
Illuminating means for refractometer
System using on-line liquid characterization apparatus
X-ray interferometer
Method and arrangement for detecting X-rays
Method of characterizing events in acquired waveform data from a metallic transmission cable
Digital storage oscilloscope with simultaneous primary measurement and derived parameter display on common time axis and method therefor
Method for defining instantaneous value of current of pulse-controlled inductive load
Arrangement in a subscriber line interface circuit
Method and system for transforming scan-based sequential circuits with multiple skewed capture events into combinational circuits for more efficient automatic test pattern generation
Boundary-scan method using object-oriented programming language
Boundary scan latch configuration for generalized scan designs
Electronic circuit testing methods and apparatus
LSI defective automatic analysis system and analyzing method therefor
Method and apparatus for the functional verification of digital electronic systems
Spin valve head with diffusion barrier
Contrast detection and guided reconstruction in contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance angiography
Block adjustment of synchronizing signal for phase-coded signal tracking
System and method of determining a mobile station's position using directable beams
Confocal coded aperture imaging
Optical devices having improved temperature stability
Light beam scanning system
Projection lenses having reduced lateral color for use with pixelized panels
Zoom lens device with zooming position detector
Image pickup lens system and camera equipped with the same
Reflective fly's eye condenser for EUV lithography
Projection exposure apparatus and method
Head or face mounted image display apparatus
Laser microscope and a pattern inspection apparatus using such laser microscope
Apparatus for direct optical fiber through-lens illumination of microscopy or observational objects
Optical system for day and night use
Array-type exposing device and flat type display incorporating light modulator and driving method thereof
Planar lightwave circuit-based optical switches using micromirrors in trenches
Phase-shifting point diffraction interferometer grating designs
Opto-mechanical controlled variable RF/microwave delay element and method
Optical beam scanning device
Single aspherical lens for de-astigmatism, collimation, and circulation of laser beams
Multi-mode stereoscopic imaging system
Wavelength-division multiplexed M.times.N.times.M cross-connect switch using active microring resonators
Method and apparatus for arbitrary spectral shaping of an optical pulse
Array waveguide diffraction grating optical multiplexer/demultiplexer
Fiber Bragg gratings in chalcogenide or chalcohalide based infrared optical fibers
Waveguide grating router
Optical transmitting member-holding structure
Splice holder with tilted mounting feature
Cable control apparatus for limiting the movement of optical fibers
Direct-coupled multimode WDM optical data links with monolithically-integrated multiple-channel VCSEL and photodetector
Universal chassis for CATV headends or telecommunications company central office for optical electronic equipment
Optical fiber cord, ribbon cord using the same and ribbon cord branch line
Optical fiber tube for a decorative light
Optical fiber ribbon having differentially enhanced matrix to ink adhesion
Fiber optic cable having a component with an absorptive polymer coating and a method of making the cable
Composite cable for access networks
Optical fiber composite ground wire and method using steel tube
Variable focal length lens barrel
Acousto-optic devices having an acoustic attenuator structure
Seal for electrochromic devices
Method for producing a liquid crystal panel
Fiberoptic reflective variable attenuator and on-off switch
Electro-optical device
Optics arrangement including light source arrangement for an active matrix liquid crystal image generator
Liquid crystal panel structure with micro-lens array and projector using the micro-lens array
Liquid crystal display in which at least one pixel includes both a transmissive region and a reflective region
Multiple domain-divided twisted nematic liquid crystal display with compensation film
Tilted liquid crystal alignment produced by ion beam treatment on the alignment layer using a voltage less than 200v
Transmission type liquid crystal display having an organic interlayer elements film between pixel electrodes and switching
Structure of liquid crystal display device for easy assembly and easy disassembly
Liquid crystal apparatus
Liquid crystal substrate with optical modulation region having different alignment control forces
Lithium niobate single-crystal and photo-functional device
Exposure control apparatus for a camera
Photo film take-up spool and shaft
Data-projection device for disposable cameras
Camera adapted for films provided with magnetic storage portions
Photo film pack for self-developing photo film units with light-shielding cover sheet, and instant camera
Scanning type exposure device having individually adjustable optical modules and method of manufacturing same
Scanning type exposure method
Compact high resolution panoramic viewing system
Memory alteration system for camera and its control method
Digital camera, having a flash unit, which determines proper flash duration through an assessment of image luminance and, where needed, a preliminary flash emission
Non-invasive system and method for diagnosing potential malfunctions of semiconductor equipment components
Projection exposure apparatus for transferring mask pattern onto photosensitive substrate
System for aligning rectangular wafers
Image forming device, image forming process, and pattern forming process, and photosensitive material used therein
Apparatus and method of removing photoreceptor belt for electrophotographic printer
Web cross-track force monitoring mechanism
Web cleaning device for removing contaminants from a moving surface in a printer apparatus
Accessory for use in copying bound materials
Image forming apparatus having power and control signal transfer to a revolver without contacting the revolver
Developing apparatus including a seal member sandwiched between a developer bearing member and a leakage preventing member
Developing device
Developer cartridge with a groove receiving a projection from an image forming apparatus
Developing device
Method and apparatus for forming a uniform layer of liquid developer
Liquid image forming apparatus and method thereof
Image forming apparatus, method therefor and recording medium
Fixation roller for liquid electrophotographic printer and transferring apparatus adopting the same
Electromagnetic induction heating device and image recording device using the same
Image recording apparatus
High-resolution large-field-of-view three-dimensional hologram display system and method thereof
Motion effector controller for use in a virtual reality system
Real-time planner for design
Process control system using a process control strategy distributed among multiple control elements
Method and apparatus for providing tactile sensations using an interface device
Apparatus for working a workpiece, as well as methods to be used with such an apparatus
System for control and resource allocation for the manufacture of a product
Method and device for decoupling of the behavior of an aircraft, particularly a helicopter
Pharmacy benefit management system and method of using same
Validity checking
Software distribution system and software utilization scheme for improving security and user convenience
Connecting structure for the signal lines of the liquid crystal display screen of a notebook computer
Personal data assistant with remote control capabilities
Apparatus for preventing electromagnetic interference between a portable computer and a docking station
Smart modular electronic machine
Low profile computer or communications network interconnecting device and housing therefor
Method and apparatus for tolerating power outages of variable duration in a multi-processor system
Nonvolatile power management apparatus for integrated circuit application
Onboard information processing apparatus and automobile
Method and apparatus for identifying and repairing mismatched data
Coalescing raid commands accessing contiguous data in write-through mode
Method and apparatus for providing failure detection and recovery with predetermined degree of replication for distributed applications in a network
Data storage system
System and method for monitoring high speed data bus
Detection of hot points in a non-uniform memory access machine
Instrumentation device for a machine with non-uniform memory access
System and method for testing an application program
Method and apparatus for relative addressing of tiled data
Methods and apparatus for prioritization of access to external devices
Combined associative processor and random access memory architecture
Prefetch circuity for prefetching variable size data
Method and system for utilizing virtual memory in an embedded system
Deallocation with cache update protocol (L2 evictions)
Computer system with storage device mapping input/output processor
System for implementing a graphic address remapping table as a virtual register file in system memory
Method and apparatus for user side scheduling in a multiprocessor operating system program that implements distributive scheduling of processes
Electronic data processing circuit
Method to share memory in a single chip multiprocessor system
Polling and displaying updated audio disk track number in a portable computer
System and method for reducing data traffic between a processor and a system controller in a data processing system
Interrupt control for multiple programs communicating with a common interrupt by associating programs to GP registers, defining interrupt register, polling GP registers, and invoking callback routine associated with defined interrupt register
Dynamically varying interrupt bundle size
Transmission right managing method and communication system
Method and apparatus for deferring transactions on a host bus having a third party agent
Data server for high speed data transfer over an SCSI bus
Inter-processor data transfer management
Dual PCI bridge docking
Device and method for communication between asynchronous computer buses using an adapter
Bus system for use with information processing apparatus
Method and system for providing peer-to-peer control in an expanded slot environment using a bridge as an agent for controlling peripheral device
Method of expanding bus loading capacity
Multi-agent pseudo-differential signaling scheme
Method and apparatus for operating a synchronous strobe bus
System bus interface controlling at least one slave device by exchanging three control signals
Command within asynchronous packet for controlling
Information processing system
On-line menu updating for an electronic book
Network based data acquisition system
Modem for maintaining connection during loss of controller synchronism
Data processing system and method for recovering from system crashes
Method and apparatus for dynamic CPU reconfiguration in a system employing logical processors
Method and apparatus for passing data among processor complex stages of a pipelined processing engine
Method and apparatus for compression using reversible wavelet transforms and an embedded codestream
Tone detection using discrete fourier transform techniques
System for transforming and exchanging data between distributed heterogeneous computer systems
Digital electrical computer apparatus, and methods for making and using the same, for template building, loading, and viewing
Method and apparatus for automatic construction of hierarchical transduction models for language translation
Method and apparatus for virtualizing file access operations and other I/O operations
Apparatus for implementing universal resource locator (URL) aliases in a web browser and method therefor
Browsing session recording playback and editing system for generating user defined paths and allowing users to mark the priority of items in the paths
Systems, methods and computer program products for assigning, generating and delivering content to intranet users
Methods and apparatus for building attribute transition probability models for use in pre-fetching resources
Web interface and method for displaying directory information
Method and system for controlling the conversion of a file from an input format to an output format
Bitmap segmentation
Software, method and apparatus for efficient categorization and recommendation of subjects according to multidimensional semantics
Self-evolving database and method of using same
System and method for selectively preparing customized reports of query explain data
System and method for obtaining improved search results and for decreasing network loading
Method and system for network delivery of content associated with physical audio media
Automatically associating archived multimedia content with current textual content
Guide-based internet directory system and method
Associated image retrieving apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for synchronization and scheduling of multiple data streams and real time tasks
Method and system for auditing a test database against a reference database
Electrical parameter evaluation system, electrical parameter evaluation method, and computer-readable recording medium for recording electrical parameter evaluation program
Constrained register sharing technique for low power VLSI design
Layout designing method for semiconductor integrated circuits
Mapping heterogeneous logic elements in a programmable logic device
Waveform manipulation in time warp simulation
Three-dimensional power modeling table having dual output capacitance indices
Method and system for selectively disabling simulation model instrumentation
Method and system for instrumenting simulation models
Reusable modules for complex integrated circuit devices
Time-frequency method and apparatus for simulating the initial transient response of quartz oscillators
Corrosion analysis system and method
Method and system for measuring equivalent series resistance of capacitors and method for decoupling power distribution systems
System and method for providing soft audio and soft modem copy protection for hardware interfaces and software code
Storage device capacity management
Method for selectively restricting access to computer systems
On-line transaction processing system for security trading
Electronic computing apparatus having arithmetic processing function and arithmetic processing method
Digitizer stylus with memory for storing handwriting data
Printer and interface unit, printing system, and method for setting communication parameters in printer
Saturation detection in floating point to integer conversions
Physical random number generator, method of generating physical random numbers and physical random number storing medium
FOD (first-one-detector) circuit
Data processing device having a variable length code processing mechanism
Method and system for compressing reduced instruction set computer (RISC) executable code through instruction set expansion
Unified multi-function operation scheduler for out-of-order execution in a superscaler processor
Dynamically typed register architecture
Information processing apparatus with reduced power consumption
Power reduction for multiple-instruction-word processors by modification of instruction words
Constant reconstructing processor that execute an instruction using an operand divided between instructions
Apparatus for sampling instruction execution information in a processor pipeline
Pipeline throughput via parallel out-of-order execution of adds and moves in a supplemental integer execution unit
Apparatus and method for automatic software release notification
User centric source control
Method of providing persistency for transient objects in object oriented technology
Object mechanism and method for coupling together processes to define a desired processing environment in an object oriented framework
Method and apparatus for distributing templates in a component system
Computer system including a memory access controller for using non-system memory storage resources during system boot time
Dynamic discovery of wireless peripherals
Remote resource management system for automatically downloading required files from application server depending on contents of selected files on requesting computer
Method and computer program product for adaptive inlining in a computer system
Software upgrades by conversion automation
Computer system where giving and receiving a data between programs are controlled
Flexible event sharing, batching, and state consistency mechanisms for interactive applications
Real-time scheduler method and apparatus
Operating system having shared personality neutral resources
Dynamic routing for performance partitioning in a data processing network
Electrophotographic printer
Data corruption detection apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for analyzing data files derived from emission spectra from fluorophore tagged nucleotides
Method for laser printing MICR encoded negotiable instruments from graphic images
System and method for fingerprint data verification
Apparatus and method for detecting concealed objects in computed tomography data
Finger imaging apparatus
Pattern extraction apparatus
Method and apparatus for morphological clustering having multiple dilation and erosion of switchable grid data cells
Computer program and system for credit card companies for recording and processing bonus credits issued to card users
Digital active advertising
Interaction of a wireless telephone with a transaction unit
Hotel check-out system
Identification by a central computer of a wireless telephone functioning as a transaction device
System, method and article of manufacture for a tuned user application experience
System and method for facilitating the valuation and purchase of information
Evaluation and decision making systems
On-line directory service
Method for locating application records in an interactive-services database
Multiresolution image processing and storage on a single chip
Method for circuit design on a spherical semiconductor having critical dimensions
Fast DCT apparatus
Method for simulating collisions
Special effect system, image processing method, and symmetrical image generating method
Non-integer scaling of raster images with image quality enhancement
Image processing apparatus and method
Zone segmentation for image display
Method for content-based temporal segmentation of video
Image processing apparatus for shading correction
Multi resolution color correction using wavelet transforms
Method and apparatus for sharpening a grayscale image
Pathology dependent viewing of processed dental radiographic film having authentication data
Transformation of digital images
System and method for detecting and analyzing a queue
Imaging device orientation information through analysis of test images
Motion compensation of an image sequence using optimal polyline tracking
Blocking signature detection for identification of JPEG images
Reversible DCT for lossless-lossy compression
Data encoder/decoder for a high speed serial link
Image compression
Picture coding apparatus and method thereof
Apparatus and method for encoding multiple video programs
Dynamic image processing apparatus and method
Method and system for printing a mail list in presort order on multiple printers
Method of authenticating negotiable instruments
Server for reconfiguring control of a subset of devices on one or more kiosks
Application protocol data unit management facility
Data communication system
Electronic apparatus capable of automatically switching notification devices
Acoustic highway monitor
FM multiple signal receivable navigation apparatus
Teaching method and system
Method and apparatus for master-slave control in a educational classroom communication network
Teaching method and apparatus of unmanned vehicle traveling course
Method for paging software wavetable synthesis samples
Audio reader
Extracting formant-based source-filter data for coding and synthesis employing cost function and inverse filtering
Selection of decoys for non-vocabulary utterances rejection
User-cued speech recognition
Pattern recognition system
Matching algorithm for isolated speech recognition
Marking and deferring correction of misrecognition errors
Speech recognition over packet networks
Network universal spoken language vocabulary
System and method for efficiently implementing a masking function in a psycho-acoustic modeler
Phase control apparatus for video cassette recorder
Cartridge insertion/discharge opening structure of recording/reproduction unit for library apparatus, and library apparatus
Disk player
CD changing device
Mass storage peripheral device with operating circuitry and programs located remotely therefrom
Disk storage device
Disk rotation control apparatus with deceleration means
Disk drive device and method of setting rotational speed thereof
Data coding method of an optical disk
Demodulation of DVD codewords using dependency-sorted tables for duplicate/dependent and unique/non-dependent mappings
Thin film magnetic data transfer transducer
Preliminary search method for minimizing drop down phenomenon of hard disk drive
Disk head assembly with multiple read and/or write transducers for improved performance
Method and apparatus utilizing field ratioing demodulation techniques for a null-type servo pattern
Disk drive with seek profile selection based on a queued vs. non-queued environment
Magnetic discs with raised features in the clamping area
Disk drive having anti-wobbling mechanism
Magnetic recording and/or reproducing apparatus
Video processing system with real time program duration compression and expansion
Method and apparatus for performing patterned read and write operations
Hard disk equipped with a memory for storing file allocation table (FAT) information
Measurement apparatus for use in recording unit provided with control means for controlling write and read parameters
Disc device
Disk drive which efficiently stores zone parameter sets for a plurality of disk surfaces
Method and apparatus for improving a thermal response of a magnetoresistive element
Low-noise toroidal thin film head with solenoidal coil
Magnetoresistance effect film and magnetoresistance effect type head
Thin film MR head and method of making wherein pole trim takes place at the wafer level
Flexure limiter with snagging feature
Perpendicular thin-film magnetic head
Magnetic head assembly, having a spring arm configured for removable attachment to a carriage arm
Integrated 3D limiters for microactuators
Tape head azimuth adjustment
Slider with deposited roughened surface structure
Optical disk signal processing method and optical disk device
Data recording apparatus and method
Optical recording medium using land/groove recording
Optical disk, recording method and apparatus for canceling intercode interference
Method of determining a distance to be moved by an optical pick-up
Optical pickup position control device
Method for the correction of a tracking error signal during optical scanning of a recording medium in the form of a disc
Objective lens driving device and optical disc apparatus using the same
Optical disk apparatus compatible with different types of mediums
Semiconductor laser and optical disk device using the laser
Phase-change type medium for use in high density recording
Tracking mechanism and method using probes for information recording/reproducing apparatus
Clock-based transparent refresh mechanisms for DRAMS
Semiconductor memory device and its refresh address signal generating method adapted to reduce power consumption during refresh operation
CBR refresh control for the redundancy array
Semiconductor device
Dual slope sense clock generator
Wide database architecture
Semiconductor memory device
Device for reading analog nonvolatile memory cells, in particular flash cells
Multiple signal detection circuit
Content addressable memory cells and words
Increased content addressable memory (CAM) density and performance
Data programming method for a nonvolatile semiconductor storage
EEPROM device having a constant data writing duration
Semiconductor memory with floating gate type FET
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
Method of avoiding disturbance during the step of programming and erasing an electrically programmable, semiconductor non-volatile storage device
Method and circuit of erasing a flash memory
Segmented column memory device voltage steering technique
Flash EEPROM with on-chip erase source voltage generator
Method and device for analog programming of non-volatile memory cells
Semiconductor memory device having an address exchanging circuit
Semiconductor device having semiconductor memory circuit to be tested, method of testing semiconductor memory circuit and read circuit for semiconductor memory circuit
Signal transmission and reception device for new wiring system
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Apparatus for generating reference voltage in ferroelectric memory device
Booster circuit and semiconductor memory device having the same
Semiconductor memory device having pull-down function for non-selected bit lines
Memory system having a unidirectional bus and method for communicating therewith
Feedback driver for memory array bitline
Timing circuit for a burst-mode address counter
Semiconductor integrated circuit capable of rapidly rewriting data into memory cells
Embedded input logic in a high input impedance strobed CMOS differential sense amplifier
Semiconductor memory device and system
Semiconductor device
Circuit and method for masking a dormant memory cell
Circuit and method for reading a non-volatile memory
Self-timed address decoder for register file and compare circuit of a multi-port cam
Spray lines for a pressurizer of a pressured water reactor
Gap structure for nuclear reactor vessel
Anti-radiation device for containers used to ship radioactive materials
Electronic component having a tin alloy plating film
Noise suppressing apparatus
Electronic component having gaps between conductive thin films
Capacitor with dual electric layer
Electrode assembly and electric double layer capacitor having the electrode assembly
Arcing fault detection system
Microcolumn assembly using laser spot welding
Laminate substrate having joining layer of photoimageable material
Thermal board used for bonding wires in semiconductor manufacturing process
Electrostatic chuck having replaceable dielectric cover
Stacking layers containing enclosed IC chips
Gel structure for combined EMI shielding and thermal control of microelectronic assemblies
Card assembly of power device in plastic package with external heat sink soldered to the internal heat sink
Flexible printed circuit board unit having electronic parts mounted thereon
Semiconductor multi-chip module
Organic electroluminescence element, its manufacturing method, and display device using organic electroluminescence element
Antenna system for two-way UHF underground radio system
Communication system, a primary radio station, a secondary radio station, and a communication method
Laser assembly system and method
Twisted blade tangential fan for excimer laser
Cryogenically-cooled solid-state lasers
High power multiwavelength light source
High stability soliton source
Electron tube type unidirectional optical amplifier
Self-pulsation type semiconductor laser
Optical wavelength conversion system
Optical wavelength conversion apparatus and method
Optical transmission device and method for driving laser diode
Optical transmission device and method for driving laser diode
Index optical waveguide semiconductor laser
Laser diode for digital versatile disks and method of fabricating the same
Narrow spectral width high-power distributed feedback semiconductor lasers
Semiconductor laser array stack package & method of fabrication
Method and system to deter theft of cable television service
Method and apparatus for adaptive configuration and control in a network of electronic circuit breakers
Low capacitance surge protector for high speed data transmission
Controller for a Graetz switch bridge rectifier for an alternator
Dual output DC-DC power supply
AC adaptor with power consumption reduction in unused state
Self clamping zero voltage switching DC transformers
Converter with continuous current flowing through secondary windings
Radio receiver and radio transmitter
Method and apparatus for rejecting image signals in a receiver
Method and apparatus for leveling and equalizing the audio output of an audio or audio-visual system
Voice signal processor
Method for supporting 11/2 cycle data paths via PLL based clock system
Horizontal electron-beam deflector, automatic frequency controller, and video signal receiver
Microprocessor having built-in CRC section and method for performing CRC operations using the same
Method and apparatus for generating cyclical redundancy code
Error correction code calculator
Loss resilient code with double heavy tailed series of redundant layers
Forward-link traffic/paging-channel de-interleaving for communication systems based on closed-form expressions
Encoding/decoding system using 16-QAM modulation encoded in multi-level blocks
Impedance matching for a dual band power amplifier
Method and apparatus for strong signal suppression in multi-carrier signals
Radio telephone receiver with quick quiescent mode
High power wireless telephone with over-voltage protection disabling circuit
Optical transmission device and optical transmission system employing the same
Optical WDM ring network
Method and apparatus compensating for effects of digital loss insertion in signal transmission between modems
Electronic circuit with a screening case to attenuate high-frequency interference
Method for determining hand-off candidates in a neighbor set in a CDMA communication system
Method and device for echo cancellation using power estimation in a residual signal
Method and system for controlling a pilot measurement request order (PMRO)
Digital signal processing apparatus for frequency de-hopping
Antenna system for a cellular telephone network
Method of directing a call to a mobile telephone in a dual mode cellular satellite communication network
Communication method, transmitter, receiver, wherein subcarriers are used to transmit digital header and message data in a cellular radio communications system
Spectrum spread communication system
Receiver for receiving text-based multiplex broadcasts and storing text-based data
Multi-station audio distribution apparatus
Resource pooling system and method in communication systems
Apparatus and method for providing computer display data from a computer system to a remote display device
Method and system for hit-less switching
Operation and maintenance of clock distribution networks having redundancy
Unframed isochronous shaping method to reduce delay and delay variation in a CBR transmission system
Architectural arrangement for bandwidth management in large central offices
Transmission blocker for mobile radio stations and method for preventing transmission activities of a mobile radio station
Failsafe asynchronous data transfer corruption indicator
MLSE implementation using a general purpose DSP and shared hardware for a GSM application
Encoding mode control method and decoding mode determining apparatus
Data receiving apparatus and method
Conference aiding system and computer memory product for relating an object to a file on a display screen
Headend provisioning agent
Process for communicating over an optical bus simultaneously supporting different bit rates
Process and device for validating/invalidating a message sent over an information transmission network by means of a response in a communication frame
Architecture for a dual segment dual speed repeater
Scalable logical LAN
Switcher for spanning subnetworks
Method of managing transmission buffer memory and ATM communication device using the method
Client-based dynamic switching of streaming servers for fault-tolerance and load balancing
Apparatus and method for terminating a data transfer in a network switch in response to a detected collision
Bandwidth control in a packet-based data system
Wireless network system and wireless communication apparatus of the same
Route selection for path balancing in connection-oriented packet switching networks
Logical switch set
Intelligent router for remote internet access
Data switch
Method and apparatus for determining optimal paths among objects of a communications network
Messaging application having a plurality of interfacing capabilities
Parallel decision feedback equalizer
Method and apparatus for coding and communicating data in noisy environment
Two-mode demodulating apparatus
Method and apparatus for converting a wideband if signal to a complex (quadrature) baseband signal
HTU-C clocking from a single source
Communication method, base station and terminal apparatus
Concurrent server and method of operation having client-server affinity using exchanged client and server keys
Efficient, secure multicasting with minimal knowledge
Distributed network computing system for data exchange/conversion between terminals
Computer system, program product and method of communicating internetworking data over a master-slave communication link
Method and apparatus for creating and using dynamic universal resource locators
Methods and apparatus for determining, verifying, and rediscovering network IP addresses
Network communication system
Mobile IP mobility agent standby protocol
Circuit for detecting reception errors in an asynchronous transmission
Process and apparatus for synchronizing the block counter in an RDS radio data receiver
Pattern matching apparatus
Private key validity and validation
Rotational hinge damping mechanism
Mobile terminal provided with display controlling function by detecting insertion of earphone jack
Phone displaying alternative functionality menu
Caller ID device with a power saving function
Wireless communications assembly with variable audio characteristics based on ambient acoustic environment
Method and apparatus for independent gain control of a microphone and speaker for a speakerphone mode and a non-speakerphone audio mode of a computer system
Telephone system having a callback capability and method for connecting a recipient of a message to a caller
Dynamic associative group pickup
Method of readily reading a received message and mobile telephone using the same
Method and systems for providing audio and video telephone communications using a personal computer and a television
Method for automatically establishing a wireless link between a wireless modem and a communication device
Two line voice/data switch
Digital facility simulator with CODEC emulation
VSDL multiple service provider interface
Subaccount direct billing method and apparatus
Method for providing equal access dialing for pre-paid telecommunication services
Method to trap a called number in a telecommunications network
Communication line test apparatus for a mobile radio system
Service providing customized information to queuing customers
Automated system for accessing speech-based information
Interactive information transaction processing system with universal telephony gateway capabilities
High capacity multimedia messaging exchanges
Internet telephony signal conversion
Electronic camera accessory and image composition system
Time-division still picture television system
Image reading apparatus
Scanner having a unit for identifying a type of film holding unit
Dynamic realtime protocol for facsimile and the like
Film image reader with function of writing image entry-time conditions on magnetic recording section for reutilization thereof
Navigation system for handheld scanner
Transmission device
Facsimile apparatus that detects print failure to retain data in memory
Telecommunication network having at least one facsimile machine, the network having an identification means for identifying and verifying an identity of a registered user and a content of a facsimile message
Data transmission apparatus having abbreviated dialing function
Multi-function peripheral device
Method and apparatus for combining a plurality of images at random stitch points without incurring a visible seam
Method of generating enlarged image signal by the use of field memory
Apparatus and method utilizing a single image memory having a luminance region for storing luminance data, a chromatic region for storing chromatic data, a character region for storing character data, and a pattern region for storing pattern data
Image reading device
Image forming apparatus
Error-distributing image conversion method
Apparatus for reflection infrared surface defect correction and product therefrom
Image reading apparatus and image sensor chip thererfor
Method and apparatus for color correction
Picture signal encoding apparatus and picture signal decoding apparatus
Method of automatically adjusting a CRT color monitor screen and a CRT color monitor
Vertical timing signal generating circuit
Noise reduction signal processing circuit and display apparatus
Spatial referenced photography
Digital broadcasting receiving apparatus
Digital automatic gain control (AGC) circuit
Image reproducing apparatus capable of changing reproducing speed
Video signal transmission device, video signal output device, video signal reception device, video signal duplication control system, information superimposing/extraction device, and image recording medium
Selective messaging via on-screen display
Computer control of a video cassette recorder using wireless communication and a vertical blanking interval triggering
Multi-point video conferencing system and method for implementing the same
Video conference reservation system and storage media for storing therein video conference reservation program
TV conference system and terminal equipment for use in the same
Television/internet system having multiple data stream connections
Video teleconferencing for networked workstations
Re-timing of video program bearing streams transmitted by an asynchronous communication link
Motion estimation system and methods
Hybrid video compression/decompression system
Processing apparatus for use in reducing visible artifacts in the display of statistically compressed and then decompressed digital motion pictures
Video processing for storage or transmission
HDTV video frame synchronizer that provides clean digital video without variable delay
Pulse generator for a voltage controlled oscillator
Method and arrangement for generating program clock reference values (PCRS) in MPEG bitstreams
Pixel shifting image sensor with a different number of images sensed in each mode
Thin video display with superluminescent or laser diodes
Stop motion video apparatus including improved dynamic range
Image and sound recording/reproducing apparatus
Method and apparatus for local provisioning of telecommunications network interface unit
Rate-based flow control protocol on an ethernet-over-ring communications network
System and method for implementing user-to-user data transfer services
System, method and article of manufacture for providing a customer interface in a hybrid network
System and method for automatically identifying and analyzing currently active channels in an ATM network
Packet-Transmission control method and packet-transmission control apparatus
Trouble releasing system and method for ATM logic IP subnetwork
System for transferring STM calls through ATM network by converting the STM calls to ATM and vice versa at the edge nodes of ATM network
Methods and systems for a loop-type network using a spare communications path
Data frame switch
Short packet circuit emulation
Network communication device
Method and system for processing an HDLC message
Automatic person-following communication system
Comparative path replacement
Method and apparatus for providing advice of charge parameters for mobile radio telephone calls
Telecommunications system with wide area internetwork control
Method and system for detecting the state of dialing a codenumber
Method for storing an application's transaction data in a wireless messaging system
Method and system for automatic configuration of fixed cellular terminals
Automatic reassignment of a telephone number of a wireless terminal based on location of the wireless terminal
Utilization of integrated base stations in the cellular radio system
System for limiting the transmitted power of a mobile communication means
Radiotelephone adapted to the identity of its user
Method and apparatus for network initiated parameter updating
Digital mobile communication system
Method for reducing messaging for inter-VLR location updates
Idle handoff controlling method in cellular communication system
Channel assignment based on uplink interference level and channel quality measurements with a forward and backward reassignment step
System and method for use of override keys for location services
Method of setting the persistence of a mobile station in a cellular mobile radio network
Proximity-based registration in a communication system
System and method for a previously activated mobile station to challenge network mobile station knowledge during over the air activation
Method for categorization of multiple providers in a wireless communications service environment
Controlling interference in a cell of a wireless telecommunications system
Headphone device
Passive vibroacoustic attenuator for structural acoustic control
Piezoelectric transducers
Apparatus for creating 3D audio imaging over headphones using binaural synthesis
Method and system for channel balancing and room tuning for a multichannel audio surround sound speaker system
Pulsed high voltage power supply radiography system having a one to one correspondence between low voltage input pulses and high voltage output pulses
Enhanced sensor
Component mounting apparatus
Apparatus and method of adapting a rectifier module to enhance cooling
Electronic control unit
Hot plug cartridge assembly
Electromechanical emissions grounding device for ultra high speed processors
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