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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Algal harvesting system
Rice hybrid HR120001
Cocoa somatic embryogenesis
Manufacturing process and a highly absorbent pad for a cat litter
Combination of 4-{3-[cis-hexahydrocyclopenta[c]pyrrol-2(1H)-yl]propoxy}benzamide and a NMDA receptor antagonist and pharmaceutical compositions containing the same
Heterobicycle-substituted azolyl benzene fungicides
Pyrazolo[1,5-a] pyrimidine compounds as CB1 receptor antagonist
Adsorbent for oral administration, and agent for treating or preventing renal or liver disease
Nourishing oil composition, pomade, composition for promoting hair growth, shampoo, conditioner, hair root stimulator, and methods for making and using the same
Modified polyolefins with an exceptional profile of properties, process for preparation thereof and use thereof
Partially extendable hair brush
Apparatus for assisting diver in application and removal of diving equipment
Portable tool chest
Enforcing method and arrangement for foldable furniture
In-vivo image display apparatus and receiving system
Medical light-source device
Device and a system for delivery of biological material
Method and apparatus for pressure infusion and temperature control of infused liquids
Apparatus and method for operating a real time large diopter range sequential wavefront sensor
Apparatus and method for operating a real time large diopter range sequential wavefront sensor
Selective filtering earplugs
Medical imaging reference devices
Graft prosthesis, material and methods
Medical devices having a coating of inorganic material
Intraocular lens (IOL) with multi optics assembly
Non-resorbable meniscus prosthesis for the human knee joint
Vertebral body replacement
Modeling and desired control of an energy-storing prosthetic knee
Orthotic strapping system
Method and apparatus for heating solutions within intravenous lines to desired temperatures during infusion
Low back pain treatment tool
Oral stimulatory device for soothing gums
Benzofurane-piperidine compounds
Bicyclo[3.2.1]octyl amide derivatives and uses of same
Inhibitors of hepatitis C virus
Inhibitors of secretion of hepatitis B virus antigens
Treatment of neurodegenerative diseases
Menstrual fluid simulant
Conjugates of GLP-1 agonists and uses thereof
Crotoxin administration for cancer treatment and pain relief
Serine protease inhibitors
Injection of collagenase in the treatment of herniated meniscus
Myostatin binding agents, nucleic acids encoding the same, and methods of treatment
Bacterial endotoxin for the prevention of metabolic disorders and bacterial infections
Chimeric RSV-F polypeptide and lentivirus or alpha-retrovirus Gag-based VLPS
Inhibition of tumor metastasis by anti-neuropilin 2 antibodies
Biodegradable PAOX polymer particle with cationic property
Skin scrubbing systems
Carrier particles for use in dry powder inhalers
Temperature controlled and pH dependent self gelling biopolymeric aqueous solution
Method of producing microcapsules
Ultra fast process for the preparation of polymer nanoparticles
NuChain NuPurpose container conditioning method and apparatus
Variable stiffness catheter assembly
Vascular access port with tubular shaped septum
Container for system for spray coating human subject
Gas pressure actuated microneedle arrays, and systems and methods relating to same
Acoustic access disconnection systems and methods
Resistive anti-obesity devices
Indwelling needle device
Reduced volume formulation of glatiramer acetate and methods of administration
Seal for a prefilled medical jet injection device
Therapeutic strategies for prevention and treatment of alzheimer's disease
Dihydroxypyrimidine carbonic acid derivatives and their use in the treatment, amelioration or prevention of a viral disease
Agent for altering the color of keratin fibers comprising a rheology modifying polymer and high levels of a fatty substance in a cream system
Exercise cell, ketosis/weight loss inducing exercise machine (KWIEM) ketosis inducing apparatus (KIA)
Golf ball and method of manufacturing a golf ball
Golf ball with aggregated layer core and method of making
Golf club putter with roller putting head
Four bar drive link system simulator
Pool table system
Game method and apparatus
Assignment template and assignment bundle in a gaming configuration and download system
Collapsible play gym
Frame structure for stage erection
Performing Operations; Transporting
Purification system
Device for bio-affinity material
Method of increasing anhydrosugars, pyroligneous fractions and esterified bio-oil
Water treatment method including powdered activated carbon recycling
Additives for inhibiting gas hydrate formation
Additives for inhibition of gas hydrate formation
Wet-type dust collector for a vacuum cleaner
Setting the quantity of cooling air for a turbine blade or vane by controlled overspray
Method of producing a magnetic recording disc
Post metal chemical-mechanical planarization cleaning process
Method for the dissolution of amorphous dithiazine
Method for removing foreign matter from a digital hydraulic pressure controller
Burner cleaning device
Method and device for grinding and polishing wooden materials and corresponding wooden parts
Method for producing ceramic articles
Unit for treating blanks of hollow bodies with radiation, provided with a radiation-containment airlock
Process for producing electrically conductive bonds between solar cells
Phosphosiloxane resins, and curable silicone compositions, free-standing films, and laminates comprising the phosphosiloxane resins
Resin molded article and display device
Fibrous product with a rastered embossing and method for producing same
Method of detaching plates
Lignocellulose materials having good mechanical properties
Nonaqueous ink composition for ink jet and method of manufacturing ink comprising the same
Inkjet ink, pigment dispersion, image forming method, inkjet recording apparatus, ink cartridge, and print
Liquid ejection head and image forming apparatus including the liquid ejection head
Inkjet print head and method of manufacturing the same
Light beam scanning device that performs high-accuracy light amount control, method of controlling the device, storage medium, and image forming apparatus
Inkjet recording apparatus
Ink smear measurement in an imaging apparatus
Colour laser marking of articles and security documents
Decolorizing device and decolorization condition setting method
Method for creating a customized children's storybook with fingerprint art using fingerprint-ready image templates
Heavy duty vehicle multi hitch and alignment system
Gyroscopic system in vehicle suspension
Gas sensor heating device insulation
One-piece seat bottom chassis
Roof panel to side-pillar hydroformed reinforcement for vehicles
Illumination system and lamp utilizing directionalized LEDs
Restraint device for a vehicle interior
Foldable stroller and frame assembly
Transport cart
Marker buoy
Levelling system
Lifting device for RC cars
Electromagnetic lifter for moving horizontal-axis coils and the like
Quantum nanostructures, compositions thereof, and methods of making and using same
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Metal amidoborane compositions and processes for their preparation
Concurrent solid and melt state grafting of coagents for making long chain branched polypropylene via direct reactive extrusion process
Photo-responsive layer and layer assembly
Salt water chlorinator
Wastewater treatment unit
Glass composition and optical device
Glass substrate and method for manufacturing same
Disposable adobe tableware and methods for making same
Process for producing carbon fillers having covalently bonded amino groups
Method for synthesising bis[3-(N,N-dialkylamino)propyl]ethers
Method for producing urethanes composed of mono and di-functional aromatic amines
Process for the conversion of synthesis gas to oxygenates containing C2+ alcohols
Methods for improving higher alcohol yields from syngas by altering flow regimes within a reactor
Process for preparing sulfates and/or sulfonates in a micro-reaction system
Oxidation of hydrocarbons
Selective catalytic hydrogenation of alkynes to corresponding alkenes
Process for synthesizing phenylacetic acid by carbonylation of toluene
Method for preparing dicaffeoylquinic acids and use thereof in combating aphids
Substituted 1,2-azaborine heterocycles
Azide substituted naphthylene or rylene imide derivatives and their use as reagents in click-reactions
O-cyclopropylcyclohexyl-carboxanilides and their use as fungicides
Pyrrolysine analogs
Epothilone derivatives
Methods and systems for the formation of cyclic carbonates
Process for preparing N-substituted 1H-pyrazole-5-carbonylchloride compounds
Iminosugars and their applications
Oligo- and polyfurans, preparation and uses thereof
Substituted pyridazines having herbicidal action
Pyrrolopyridines useful as inhibitors of protein kinase
4-substituted-cyclohexylamino-4-piperidinyl-acetamide antagonists of CCR2
Spiroindoline compound, and medicinal agent comprising same
Electrolyte formulations
Stannyl derivatives of naphthalene diimides and related compositions and methods
Monohydroxy cyclic phosphonate substantially free of polyhydroxy phosphonate, process for making same and flame retardant flexible polyurethane foam obtained therefrom
Infectious clones of torque teno virus
Enhancement of the immune response using CD36-binding domain
Purification of proteins using preparative reverse phase chromatography (RPC)
Highly-functional mutant of humanized anti-EGFR antibody variable region
Humanized anti-beta-amyloid antibodies
Lipopeptide compounds and their use
Process for the modification of polymers, in particular polymer nanoparticles
Modified polymer compositions
Terpolymer blends and their use as pressure-sensitive adhesives
Thermoplastic resin with high thermal conductivity
Low halogen content disulfide washed polyarylene sulfide
Epoxy resin composition and semiconductor device
Resin composition for extrusion coating, and layered film and method for producing the same
Resin particle and resin dispersion
Image forming apparatus and recording liquid
Solid marking composition
Low interfacial tension surfactants for petroleum applications
Process for improved combustion of fuel solids
Process to produce biofuels via organic phase thermal hydrocatalytic treatment of biomass
Method for producing hydrocarbons
Systems and methods for making a middle distillate product and lower olefins from a hydrocarbon feedstock
Diesel oil composition
Fire safety closure system for candle holders
Cleaning liquid
Reversibly binding resin for algal harvest and concentration
Expression cassettes for endosperm-specific expression in plants
Polymer based polynucleotide transfection agents
Method for purifying urate oxidase tetramers and octamers
Protein-enclosed carbon nanotube film, and sensor and power-generating device each equipped with the carbon nanotube film as electrode
Method for producing xylitol from lignocellulosic hydrolysates without detoxification
Enhancing endotoxin detection
Method and apparatus for conducting an assay
Determination of copy number differences by amplification
Methods and means for typing a sample comprising colorectal cancer cells
Film formation apparatus, film formation method, manufacturing apparatus, and method for manufacturing light-emitting device
Screening for solid forms by ultrasound crystallization and cocrystallization using ultrasound
Textiles; Paper
Fluorinated surfactants
Fixed Constructions
Concrete decorative inlay process
Excavator thumb assembly
Child safety door latch
Lock unit comprising two pawls and position detection means
Underground mining apparatus
Adhesive package and use thereof with an anchoring element
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
System for sealing the piston of rotary piston machines
Gas turbine vane with improved cooling
Turbine blade with integrated serpentine and axial tip cooling circuits
Wave-driven power generation system
Wind turbine
Time variant droop based inertial control method for wind generator
Synchronized hydraulic power module
Multipurpose gravity air compressor
Soft-start hermetic compressor
Motor pump unit
Electronically commutated DC motor for a liquid pump
Blower enclosure
Captive securing means for a screw
Rolling element bearing
Mass balancing unit
Controller for varying gear ratios in transmission system
Differential case assembly with drive ring gear
Bite-in type pipe connection structure
Fitting system for a hydraulic tuning cable
Vacuum heat insulating material and refrigerator
Flashlight including battery type indicator
LED display unit with solar panels and LED display device including same
Optical semiconductor based illuminating apparatus
Telescopic luminaire
Flat panel light with clear potting material
Wire-clasping light-emitting diode lights
LED light guide, LED light source module and direct-type LED TV
Display member and display device
Vehicle lighting device
Heat exchanger pressure test shield
Arrow vane apparatus and method
Method of manufacturing device, and substrate
Magnetic sensing device for fasteners
Shape measurement using microchip based fringe projection
Light source apparatus and image pickup apparatus using the same
Multiband spatial heterodyne spectrometer and associated methods
Digital signal processing method and device of fiber-optic gyroscope, and fiber-optic gyroscope
Optical decoder and multi-functional printer using the same
Plurality of scales that communicate with each other and indicate which scale has the lightest load attached thereto
Detection system for high-resolution gamma radiation spectroscopy with neutron time-of-flight filtering
Check-tile for colour measurement instruments
Evanescent wave absorption based devices
Nonwoven-based chemi-capacitive or chemi-resistive gas sensor
Fiducial systems for mammography
Selective detector for carbon monoxide
Device for measuring battery voltage and related monitoring device
Method for assaying hydrocarbons
Defocused optical rotation measurement apparatus, optical rotation measurement method and defocused optical fiber system
Immunochromatographic strip disc for multiplexed detection and detection method using the same
Test-use individual substrate, probe, and semiconductor wafer testing apparatus
Apparatus for testing a semiconductor device and method of testing a semiconductor device
Scheduling QOS flows in broadband wireless communication systems
Test circuit for bipolar junction transistor
Optimization of variable coherence integration for the location of weak signals
Radar apparatus and method of detecting target object
Apparatus and method for writing and reading samples of a signal to and from a memory
Determining the quality of a seismic inversion
Electrical routing
Light source device, method of assembling light source device, optical scanning device, and image forming apparatus
Motion control systems and methods for biosensor scanning
Optical scanning device and image forming apparatus
Motion axis control and method for biosensor scanning
Screen magnification system
Optical element, method of forming optical element, optical element array, display device, and electronic apparatus
Optical body with fresnel-rendering of complex topographical surface
Fresnel lens
Method of producing a diffractive optic element and the resulting element
Optical device
Lens and LED unit using the lens and display using the LED unit
Display substrate and method of manufacturing the same
Compact narrow bandwidth tunable source
Rotatable mounting system for a projection system
Optical apparatus and projection apparatus
On-product projection for digital merchandizing
Front projection screen with high contrast
Methods involving color-aware retargeting of individual decomposed patterns when designing masks to be used in multiple patterning processes
Battery charging to extend battery life and improve efficiency
Light emitter driving device and lighting appliance therewith
Detachable pivoting chassis for electronic devices
Display device
Ruggedized computer assembly having internal fan
Method and apparatus for decreasing leakage power consumption in power gated memories
Apparatus and method for automatic enablement of a rear-face entry in a mobile device
Capacitive sensing device comprising cross-shaped sensing elements
Multi-monitor system and multi-monitor controlling method
Touch panel and method of producing the same
User interface system
User interface system
User interface system
Information processing apparatus, method of controlling the same, and storage medium
Method and system for halftoning using energy minimization
Bitmap rotation mechanism
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus connectable to a portable storage medium, method of controlling the same, and storage medium
Media roll management
Mobile Printing device
Data processing device, data processing system, and data processing method for identifying data from both licensed and unlicensed devices
Methods and systems for monitoring and alerting body temperature
Dendritic electronic circuits for RFID
Safe weapon container for securely releasing a defense weapon
Electronic equipment and image forming apparatus
Device and method for conditionally transmitting data
Entry/exit control system and method using shared codes combined with user personal information
System and method for home automation and security
Method for detecting a wheel of a vehicle
Technologies for aiding in music composition
Training system for cardiac computed tomography angiography
Liquid crystal display apparatus with row counter electrodes and driving method therefor
Liquid crystal display device with influences of offset voltages reduced
Display panel with alternating sub-pixel electrodes
Augmented reality apparatus
Controller and graphics assemblies in multi-screen display systems
Embedding ARGB data in a RGB stream
Generating tones by combining sound materials
Heat assisted magnetic recording head gimbal assembly and hard disk drive using same
Optical disc device and controlling method thereof
Library apparatus, cartridge, and hand mechanism
Rotating device
Data recording medium and method for generating a reference clock signal
Semiconductor memory device
Multi-level cell (MLC) update with protected mode capability
Single-port read multiple-port write storage device using single-port memory cells
1T1b and 2T2b flash-based, data-oriented EEPROM design
Memory having self-timed edge-detection write tracking
Field programmable read-only memory device
Semiconductor device on which wafer-level burn-in test is performed and manufacturing method thereof
Negative active material for rechargeable lithium battery, method of preparing same and rechargeable lithium battery including same
Sputtering target, transparent conductive film and transparent electrode
Methods of preparing carbonaceous material
Induction device
Heat exchanger system for dry-type transformers
Electrolyte system
Slide switch
Vacuum encapsulated hermetically sealed diamond amplified cathode capsule and method for making same
Lighting system, electrode device and light source
Tilt-imaging scanning electron microscope
In situ cleaning device for lithographic apparatus
Back-contact for thin film solar cells optimized for light trapping for ultrathin absorbers
Method for manufacturing light emitting diode package
Printed substrate manufacturing equipment and manufacturing method
Method and apparatus for manufacturing organic EL device
Planar multiferroic/magnetostrictive nanostructures as memory elements, two-stage logic gates and four-state logic elements for information processing
Precision IC resistor fabrication
High efficiency gas dissociation in inductively coupled plasma reactor with improved uniformity
Methods of forming gate structures for reduced leakage
Method for fabricating complementary tunneling field effect transistor based on standard CMOS IC process
IMS (injection molded solder) with two resist layers forming solder bumps on substrates
Method of polishing copper wiring surfaces in ultra large scale integrated circuits
Modified via bottom for BEOL via efuse
Semiconductor device comprising metallization layers of reduced interlayer capacitance by reducing the amount of etch stop materials
System and method for forming aluminum fuse for compatibility with copper BEOL interconnect scheme
Optical communication device
TFT-Pin array substrate and assembly structure for flat-panel X-ray detector
Light emitting diode with multiple quantum well structure
Light emitting device
Display unit and method of manufacturing the same, electronic apparatus, illumination unit, and light-emitting device and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device and a method for fabricating the same
Laterally diffused metal oxide semiconductor (LDMOS) device with overlapping wells
Flourine-stabilized interface
Field effect transistor, method for producing the same, and electronic device
Semiconductor device with low on resistance
Semiconductor device and semiconductor device manufacturing method
Method for manufacturing semiconductor memory device and semiconductor memory device
Lateral junction field-effect transistor
On-chip capacitors in combination with CMOS devices on extremely thin semiconductor on insulator (ETSOI) substrates
Composite film for superstrate solar cell having conductive film and electroconductive reflective film formed by applying composition containing metal nanoparticles and comprising air pores of preset diameter in contact surface
Dye-sensitized solar cell
Back-contact photovoltaic cell comprising a thin lamina having a superstrate receiver element
Solar power camouflage
Photovoltaic (PV) enhancement films or protective covers for enhancing solar cell efficiences
Open-circuit voltage control system
Selective emitter solar cells formed by a hybrid diffusion and ion implantation process
Semiconductor light emitting device, semiconductor light emitting apparatus, and method for manufacturing semiconductor light emitting device
Light source based on simultaneous two-photon emission
Method for manufacturing LED package
Semiconductor light emitting device and method for manufacturing the same
Light emitting device with spherical back mirror
Light-emitting device
Light-emitting element and light-emitting device
Rechargeable battery
Battery storage tray
Battery pack assembly
Lithium ion secondary battery including an elastic member arranged inside an electrode assembly and method for producing the same
Secondary battery including waveform boundary section
Battery manufacturing method and battery
Method and system for providing a flow through battery cell and uses thereof
Fuel reforming apparatus, and fuel cell system including same
Manufacturing of fuel cell membrane electrode assemblies incorporating photocurable cationic crosslinkable resin gasket
Microbial fuel cell aerator
Reduced size bias tee
Exterior antenna structure of mobile terminal
Waveguide structure, high frequency module including waveguide structure, and radar apparatus
Smart antenna
Portable electronic device and connecting port thereof
Coaxial connector
Wiring harness and a method for producing the same, and a method for connecting insulated wires
System for manipulating and optically targeting micro objects
Power supply apparatus
Semiconductor chip and semiconductor device including the same
Distributed DC energy storage for supplying an intermittent subsea load
Three-dimensional glasses and system for wireless power transmission
Nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery apparatus and method for charging anode of the same
Portable electronic device chargeable via at least one speaker port
Direct-current motor armature, direct-current motor, and method for winding coil around armature of direct-current motor
Outer rotor-type motor
High efficiency low torque ripple multi-phase permanent magnet machine
Linear drive motor with improved bearing system
Spindle motor
Switched reluctance motor
DC chopper and DC chopping method for doubly fed induction generator system
Resolver/digital converter
Systems and methods for braking an electric motor
Programmable CMOS-based nonlinear function synthesizer
Method of generating and providing a password to a handheld electronic device
Hybrid phase-locked loops
Pulse width modulator with two-way integrator
Time sequence circuit for power supply unit
Signal processor
Channel quality estimation
Communication apparatus, communication system, and communication method
Wireless electronic device with a decoder and associated methods
Optimization of data processors with irregular patterns
Multi-term demapping for multi-channel wireless communication
System and methods for scalable processing of received radio frequency beamform signal
Method and apparatus for scrambling sequence generation in a communication system
Method for enhancing the reliability of the continuity of the communications operated from a 4G mobile terminal linked to an IP interconnection network
System and method for high speed peer-to-peer connectivity between wireless devices
Systems and methods of data transmission and management
Signaling to application lack of requested bandwidth
Method and apparatus for scheduling transmissions in spatial division multiple access network systems
Method of providing timing information for synchronizing MMT packet stream in MMT hybrid delivery service and method of synchronizing MMT packet stream in MMT hybrid delivery service
Repetition coding for a wireless system
Method and system for device communication in a wireless video area network
Multi-service transport apparatus with switch for integrated transport networks
Fixed latency priority classifier for network data
Digital transmitter
Complementary signal mixing
Method and apparatus for efficiently implementing the advanced encryption standard
Enciphering apparatus and method, deciphering apparatus and method as well as information processing apparatus and method
Network connection method and apparatus of a mobile station
Systems and methods for requesting a communication
Communication networks in which an application server and multiple directory numbers are used to provide internet protocol like features to time division multiplexed phone lines
Half-duplex speakerphone echo canceler
Determining scan priority of documents
Scalar quantization using bit-stealing for video processing
System and process for transforming two-dimensional images into three-dimensional images
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program
Circuit and method for processing an input signal
Portable terminal with rotatable axial flip unit and dual lens arrangement
Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus
Method of compression of images using a natural mode and a graphics mode
Auxiliary focusing system and focusing method
Imaging device and electronic apparatus
Object-based audio-visual terminal and bitstream structure
Solid-state imaging element having image signal overflow path
Apparatus and method of reduced reference frame search in video encoding
Crib mobile and surveillance system
Sample-image acquisition apparatus, sample-image acquisition method and sample-image acquisition program
Systems and methods for locating faults in a power system
Device for localizing acoustic sources and/or measuring their intensities
Electronic device and method for locating WIFI devices adjacent to the electronic device
Method and apparatus for scanning existing networks in TVWS
Base station, mobile station, and mapping method of subcarriers
Intelligent delivery agent for short message distribution center
Cognitive WiFi radio network
Wireless communication apparatus using an estimate of the amount-of-phase rotation using pilot signals
Techniques for autonomous wireless network infrastructure assisted location resolution
Distributed wireless online access system
Terminal for controlling uplink transmission power and an uplink transmission power control method in a wireless communication system
Techniques to update a wireless communication channel estimation
Method and apparatus for synchronizing resources for coordinated network deployment
Mobile terminal and controlling method thereof
Dimming control device, dimming control method and lighting apparatus provided with dimming control device
Inductively-heated applicator system
Operating unit for an electrical device
Wiring substrate and electronic device
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Agricultural assembly having changeable tools
Warning device and method
Means for controlling a driven soil working machine on the basis of information derived from a map
Plastics horseshoe
Surround system pest control
Bottle, in particular for perfume, with slidable cover element for the product dispenser part
Laptop carrying case
Mechanical arrangement for promoting portable computer's adaptability to application
Drinking container and holder for same
Height adjustable glide device
Document support
Workplace apparatus including mounting bracket
Sliding track assembly for drawer
Food storage apparatus with partition frame partitioning front opening into a plurality of access openings
Seating unit including novel back construction
Lumber spinal alignment seat
Coffee blending apparatus
Hanger assembly
Garment display assembly
Box-like container with an interpenetrating structure and process for the realization thereof
Folding hanger for hats
Method and apparatus for supporting an elongate structure
Pan removal ramp
Cooking stove
Kitchen device with safety interlock
Book-shaped device for holding a cuisine-specific collection of herbs and spices and business method for providing cuisine-specific herbs and spices
Tissue dispenser
Fluid conditioning system
Ball-and-socket joint connection
Vision testing apparatus
Electro-optic binocular indirect ophthalmoscope
Prophylactic systems for dental instruments and methods for using the same
Contra-angle dental handpiece
Dental matrix with lateral illumination ports
Method and apparatus for designing an orthodontic apparatus to provide tooth movement
Selection of orthodontic appliances
Bone implant
Tamper evident packaging
Face mask for diver
Method for preparing an injectable preparation and device for implementing same
Medicine supply apparatus
Medicine supply apparatus
Formulation and devices for monitoring the efficacy of the delivery of aerosols
Anaesthetic machine
Apparatus for acoustically determining position of an endotracheal tube
Respiratory humidification system
Protective cover for air filter and for conduit connecting air filter to breathing mask
Compositions of matter for stopping fires, explosions and oxidations of materials and build up of electrostatic charges
Temporary hold-up device for snowboard support
Collapsible, game card holding means
Stamp collecting board game
Board game for guessing information about a topic area
Game table with table body overlaid on and connected with table frame
Emergency stopping system for child's powered recreational vehicle
Wind sock with dihedral wings
Performing Operations; Transporting
Wing tapping plate for spin-on filters
Method and bypass filter apparatus for an internal combustion engine
Water treatment installation
Agitator for a horizontal polymerization reactor having contiguous paddle stations with paddles and sub-stations with sub-station paddles
Flaker mill having high efficiency drive
Vocal dispensing device
Dispensing device with conical socketing fixing ring
Process and device for mounting a sub-assembly comprising at least one coating product spray, on a mobile part of a robot
Caulking gun
Vibratory screen separator
Reject apparatus for use with slitter mechanism
Apparatus and method for casting a metal article
Apparatus for forming a pour hole and main sprue in an investment mold for lost wax casting
Method of sealing using a riser sleeve
Universal bit adapter
Tool-free collet tightener
Process for reworking circuit boards
Jet solder feeding device and soldering method
Welding clamp
Modular motion stages utilizing interconnecting elements
Template holder, target lens shape measuring device having the holder, and eyeglass lens processing apparatus having the device
Fuel injector for internal combustion engines and method for making same
Grinding device
Surface functionalized diamond crystals and methods for producing same
Workholder apparatus
Staple remover
Multipurpose stapler
Quick coupler assembly
Vending and storage device for tools
System for fixing and guiding a bearing on a frame
Manual rolling concrete mixing device
Hopper assembly for a cement truck
Saw extension
Isothermal core molding platen
Pressure transmitters for use in the production of composite components
Flexible cube-corner retroreflective sheeting
Plastic bottle and method of producing the same
Resin molding machine
Composite part for an automobile
Composite molded snowboard with metal edges
Injector nozzle and method
Peel assembly for a printer
Reinforced reclosable package seals
Device for feeding sheets to a sheet-processing machine
Endless transport belt for receiving the ink, not ejected for printing purposes, of an inkjet printer
Z-fold print media handling system
Method and apparatus for processing recording media having embedded information
Output tray for printing device
Apparatus for using nanoparticles for printing images
Ink droplet ejecting method and apparatus
Method and system for compensating for skew in an ink jet printer
Magnetic drive systems and methods for a micromachined fluid ejector
Ink jet head and ink jet printer
Liquid ejecting method and liquid ejecting head
Ink jet drop ejection architecture for improved damping and process yield
Ink jet recording head
Ink-jet printer head and manufacturing method thereof
Carrier positioning for wide-array inkjet printhead assembly
Print head arrangement
Ink jet station assembly
Method and apparatus for cleaning/maintaining of an AIP type printhead
Self-cleaning ink jet printer using ultrasonics and method of assembling same
Diaphragm pump having an integral pressure plate
Ink cartridge
Ink tank structure
Ink jet recording apparatus
Printer having one or more print cartridges installed during manufacture
Ink jet printing system
On demand printer apparatus and method with integrated UV curing
Label printer/applicator with adjustable, floating print head
Ink tank with improved handling, tank holder for installation of such ink tank, ink jet cartridge, and ink jet recording apparatus
Optical ink drop detection apparatus and method for monitoring operation of an ink jet printhead
Fluid supply mechanism
Printer with plural mode integral module for document handling print output and print duplex inversion
Reciprocating tray for sheet finisher
Methods of folding outserts
Adhesive transaction receipts
Printed publication having integrated bookmarks and method of manufacturing same
Binding assembly
Quick change wheel system for a camera dolly
Stackable roller carriage having swingably mounted wheels
Tow line connector
Pneumatic trailer system
Structure of suspension mounting portion and assembling method thereof
Vibration protected tailgate structure for automobile
Coupling apparatus of roof ventilator
Vibroisolating device for absorbing vibration of radiator
Method of and device for operating a vacuum accumulator of an internal combustion engine, provided for servo function
Vehicle having a turbine engine and a flywheel powered by liquid nitrogen
Engine/vehicle speed control for direct injection spark ignition engine applications
Motor mount insert and method of forming same
Front-and-rear wheel drive vehicle
Transmission for a steerable drive wheel of a forklift
Seat slide device for vehicles
Seat, in particular car seat
Cup holder having a vertically oriented drawer
Detachable ramp carrying system for moving containers
Device for transporting basket products
Pickup truck bed portable tie-down apparatus
Anchorage assembly
Toolbox mounting bracket for a pickup truck
Collapsible storage compartment with universal attachment system for trucks of all sizes
Lighting arrangement for motor vehicles
Passenger lighting system for mass transit vehicle
Behind panel mount, directional lighting bracket
Illuminated activator for an internal vehicle trunk release mechanism
Automobile safety mirrors to eliminate blind spot
Assembly for adjustably mounting vehicle external mirror
Vehicle safety device for the protection of the feet of an occupant
Cargo area divider for motor vehicles
Gas bag side impact protection device
Airbag device
Sustainer for a vehicle roof rail
Cylinder apparatus for a brake fluid pressure control system
Electrically controlled decentralized control system in a vehicle
Method of controlling the travel behavior of a vehicle
Device for displaying the active state of a braking system in motor vehicles
Brake control system for a vehicle
Steering device for vehicles
Snow sled
Collapsible domestic cart
Baby stroller harness for joggers
Locking mechanism for tilt steering column
Shaft depressor for a slap yoke in a steering assembly
Steering column assembly
Fender apparatus
Vehicle with large planar composite panels
Power steering apparatus
Bicycling training device
Shock absorber for cycle and methodology incorporating the same
Motorcycle saddlebag mounting system
Scooter type motorcycle
Motorcycle provided with a steering hub
Bicycle trailer
Bicycle brake device
Bicycle disc brake assembly
Swivel connection
Brake assembly
Landing gear
Control surface for an aircraft
Actuator system for aerospace controls and functions
Aircraft auxiliary air intake with ram and flush opening door
Method and device for dynamic control of an object along a path
System for evaluating the geometry of articles transported by a conveyor
Hot-fillable wide-mouth grip jar
Stud and ride for use on matrix trays
Hanger label
Card package assembly and method of making same
Partially secured four flange zipper strip for transverse direction
Dispensing cap having serum trap
Tote box with corner enhancers and multiple piece top rail
Collapsible corrugated plastic box
Container having an improved hinge
Paperboard can with an integrated paperboard lid having a hinge on the lid
Plug packaging device for disc-shaped items and related materials and method for packaging such discs and material
Cooler cover
Promotional media carrier
Replacement part matching method and system
Vented container with handles and embossment
Carton with integral discrete compartment
Fold up insulated beverage holder having a lid
Child-resistant product package
Utility-power operated pressurized spray can
Above ground storage tank for holding combustible material and supporting equipment thereon
Swivel mounted container holding device
Belt drive for a belt conveyor
Mounting bracket for generating linear impelling pulses from a rotary vibrator mounted thereon
Belt conveyer idler support frame
Fluted conveyor belt cleaner scraper blade
In-line stacker machine for stacking cookies
Cargo-turning conveyor
Method and apparatus for establishing proper gas flow for unloading materials
Unloading chute and aeration system for a particulate material storage bin
Paper feed device and an image forming apparatus having the paper feed device
Device for measuring the height of a sheet pile by using a reflectively operating radiation detector
Device in winding of a web
Apparatus for transporting continuous elongate material webs
Method and apparatus for horizontal stacking and batching of sheet products
Switching mechanism
Lifting sucker and method of operating a lifting sucker
Automatic paper feeding system
Method of controlling strand guide position during package buildup
Device and method for storing slack fiber
Retractable fiber slack storage device
Communication device for elevator control system
Starting drive control for elevator
Escalator roller degradation monitor device
Information distribution system for use in an elevator
Hoist ring assembly
Vehicle mounted lifting apparatus and method
Tilt control device for forklift
Hygienic beverage machine
Cold beverage refill system
Earthquake-proof support structure for a bottled beverage holder and dispenser
Dispense head assembly
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Lubricating resin composition seal rings
Ink jet printing method using a pigmented ink composition
Method of feeding sintering material by use of magnetic forces
Liquid delivery system
Textiles; Paper
High pressure chamber door seal with leak detection system
Medical packaging fabric with improved bacteria barrier
Fixed Constructions
Powered roller screed
Method for asphalt compaction and compaction apparatus
Sheet piling-supported modular wall system
Manhole restraining system for venting out explosive gases in a manhole
Institutional flush valve operating system
Supporting structure
Slab plumbing system
Assembly for an air conditioner cabinet
Solid rod fencing
Post driver having adjustable legs
Reversible mortise lock
Electric lock for a motor vehicle door
Latching device
Drill bit with selectively-aggressive gage pads
Profiled element for rotary drilling equipment and drill rod comprising at least one profiled portion
Telescoping tool
Drilling rig, pipe and support apparatus
Flow actuated shut-off valve
Method and apparatus for all multilateral well entry
Disconnect tool
Water pressure system
Apparatus and method for hydraulically actuating a downhole device from a remote location
Electrical surface activated downhole circulating sub
Chemical actuation of downhole tools
Apparatus and method for establishing branch wells from a parent well
Integrated transmitter surveying while boring entrenching powering device for the continuation of a guided bore hole
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Reciprocating mechanism and engine including the same
Articulated vane rotary internal combustion machine
Rotary piston internal combustion engine
Shroud leakage flow discouragers
Jet engine booster structure
Tappet assembly with a ceramic wear pad
Method and apparatus for reducing wear in an internal combustion engine
Cover fastenable on a container connection
Controlling device for hydraulically operated cooling fan
Injection pressure controlling method of gasoline direct injection engine
Direct-fuel-injection-type spark-ignition internal combustion engine and method of controlling the internal combustion engine
Automatic, pressure responsive air intake valve for internal combustion engine
Method and apparatus for controlling an internal combustion engine with a mechanically driven supercharger
Adjustable accessory mounting system for automobile motor
Direct lever overhead valve system
Method for regenerating an activated carbon filter loaded with hydrocarbons
Engine control apparatus
Method of checking a capacitive actuator
Engine combustion controller
Common-rail fuel-injection system
Throttle control apparatus for internal combustion engine
Carburetor for two-stroke engine
Valve apparatus and method for injecting nitrous oxide into a combustion engine
Suction apparatus for use in internal combustion engine
High injection rate, decreased injection duration diesel engine fuel system
Pressure regulating valve for a storage-type fuel injection system for internal combustion engines
Radial piston pump for supplying a high fuel pressure
Variable displacement compressor with capacity control mechanism
Dual-direction pump for a bike
Multiport metering pump
Scroll machine with ported orbiting scroll member
Rotary pump with immersed rotor
Barrel pump
Frequency and current control for fluid machinery
Fan blade
Dowel fastener and method for securely attaching items to an edge of a composite board
Electrically insulated threaded fastener anchor
Bolt and a nut locking mechanism
Handle grommet assembly
Dual load path spherical bearing and a method of coupling along a dual load path
Spherical clevis assembly
Bellows seal
Thrust dynamic pressure bearing with varying depth grooves
Twin clutch rear axle torque distributing system
Friction-band brake
Brake lining mounting, especially for rail vehicles
Shim structure for sound dampening brake squeal noise
Electromechanically actuatable disk brake
Brake system and a method for assembling thereof
Liquid-sealed vibration insulator and method for producing same
Fluid-filled vibration damping device having actuator and method of manufacturing the same
Oil pump
Sealing structure
Cylinder head gasket
Poppet valve shaping for quick valve opening
Valve with valve body which is non-linearly movable relative to a valve seat
Integral threaded assembly of two metal tubes
Joining/connector piece for corrugated pipes
Cable bundling and support device
Pipe connections
Quick connect retainer having tolerance for wide band of male tube dimensions
Large hole sealing member and template
Pipe in pipe assembly
Versatile portable apparatus for supporting cameras, spotting scopes and other supportable devices
Protection plug
Projecting lamp
Light fixture having a quick connect light shade
Light fixture
High output radial dispersing lamp using a solid state light source
Recessed downlight wall wash reflector assembly and method
Luminaire with central reflector surrounded by light transmitting and spreading optical sheet having structured surface
Efficient fiberoptic directional lighting system
Combustion assembly for a furnace and method of use
Pre-vaporizing and pre-mixing burner for liquid fuels
Mobile cooking device
Oven rack system having cutout area and insert rack
Kitchen ventilator with internal damper
Cooking range and control assembly and burner therefor
Energy-saving occupancy-controlled heating ventilating and air-conditioning systems for timing and cycling energy within different rooms of buildings having central power units
Device for heating with solar energy
Fin-tube heat exchanger with vortex generator
Low pressure electrically operated pneumatic paintball gun
Method and apparatus providing an interface between an aircraft and a precision-guided missile
Submarine bow dome acoustic sensor assembly
Method for fiber optic temperature measurement and fiber optic temperature sensor
IC socket and contact pins for IC socket
Electrically coupling an avionics line replaceable unit with an avionics test station
Right angle viewing inspection device and method
Retroreflective articles having polymer multilayer reflective coatings
Retroreflective sheeting containing a validation image and methods of making the same
Optical fiber splicing mechanism, optical fiber structure, and optical fiber splicing method
Multifiber ferrule defining alignment holes having a tapered lead-in portion
Pluggable optical transceiver module having a high speed serial data connector (HSSDC)
Bidirectional optical semiconductor apparatus
Cable deployment system and method of using same
Barrier mechanism
Watertight equipment cover
Quantity-of-light adjusting device and optical apparatus having the same
Focal-plane shutter for camera
Wristwatch with capacitive coupling
Arrangement for the interchange of data between a rigid or semi-rigid data medium and a data interchange device
Card processing method
POS system, an optical reader, and an information processing system
Identification system for personal property
Coin-discriminator voucher anti-counterfeiting method and apparatus
Coin hopper coin feeder mechanism
Coin carrying device
Twin-shaft swinging type coin-identifying/receiving device
Security unit for a paper currency receiving system for vending machine or the like
Rapid automatized naming method and apparatus
Tape drive ejection assembly
Magnetic tape cartridge
Compact disk holder with labels
Wall switch and lamp assembly
Method and apparatus for processing wafers
Packaging method
Method of manufacturing electronic component
Heat sink
Method and apparatus for improving the thermal performance of heat sinks
Method of manufacturing for CMOS image sensor
Structure of electrical terminals for establishing electrical contact between a battery pack and an electrical device
ZIF type socket
Method and apparatus for a pin clamp
Connector frame for a high density electrical connector
Socket for removably mounting electronic parts having a plurality of conductive terminals such as BGA packages
Elastomeric connector and associated method of manufacture
Low crosstalk communication connector
High density electrical connector
Electrical connector effectively protecting and precisely positioning terminals therein
Twist-lock connector for electrical plug and socket
Arrangement for preventing mismating of connectors having different numbers of terminals
Modular jack with deflectable plug-blocking member
Connector with malfitting prevention device
Method and device for detecting the presence of a patch cord connector in a telecommunications patch system
Stacked electrical connector for use with a filter insert
On-board unit receiving connector positioning structure
Electrical connector for connecting an integrated circuit to a printed circuit board
Adapter for connector
Personal computer to home audio adapter
Plug connector
Flexible printed circuit board crimp terminal and crimping structure for core therewith
Wearable electronics conductive garment strap and system
Cable connector assembly
Cable management apparatus for an outlet box
Controlled distribution terminal block
Cord rewinder device and horizontally-mounted electrical cord rewinder device for a vacuum cleaner
Power outlet for divided channel raceway
Method and apparatus for inhibiting tangling of cables
Flashlight charger and rechargeable battery
Changeable flyer
Systems and methods for storing, delivering, and managing messages
Display holder
Sound enhancing speaking cabinet for a removable speaker assembly
Self-cleaning cerumen guard for a hearing device
Electrical connector having triad contact groups arranged in an alternating inverted sequence
Standoff assembly and method for supporting an electrical component
I/O adapter card mounting plate
Stiffened relay rack
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