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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Marker mapping and resistance gene associations in soybean
Soybean variety XB39A08
Protein kinase C iota
Pyrazolyl-substituted heterocycles and their use as phytosanitary products
Indolone compounds useful to treat cognitive impairment
Inhibitors of acyl glucosaminyl inositol amidase and methods of use
Fused heteroaryl derivatives for use as P38 kinase inhibitors
Substituted phenylacetic acids
5-oxo-5,8-dihydro-pyrido-pyrimidine as inhibitors of c-fms kinase
Pyrrolo[3,2-B]pyridine derivatives and processes for the preparation thereof
Process of making crystalline aripiprazole
Methods of enhancing functioning of the large intestine
PEGylated TNF-.alpha. variant proteins
Growth/differentiation factor of the TGF-.beta. family
Recombinant lubricin molecules and uses thereof
Molecular determinants of myeloma bone disease and uses thereof
Method for making heteromultimeric polypeptides
Sanitizing apparatus for writing utensils
Benzimidazoles and analogs thereof as antivirals
Performing Operations; Transporting
Catalyst for oxidation of alkane, process for preparing thereof and process for producing unsaturated oxygen-containing compound
Chemically-resistant shelter coatings
Laser crystallization apparatus and crystallization method
Image transfer apparatus
Light source module, optical unit array and pattern writing apparatus
Thermal printing apparatus and printing methods thereof
Laser beam scanning device, image forming apparatus, and laser beam detecting method by the laser beam scanning device
Image forming apparatus and image forming method
Method for manufacturing recording media, method for manufacturing production plate used when manufacturing recording media, apparatus for manufacturing recording media, and apparatus for manufacturing production plate used when manufacturing recording media
Inks for use on optical recording media
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Radical trap in fluoridation of iodonium salt
Process for preparing branched chain hydrocarbons
Palladium-catalyzed coupling of aryl halides with alkynes
Processes for preparing ethylamines
Epoxyketone-based immunoproteasome inhibitors
Process for preparing dialkyl thiodiglycolates
Process for preparing cyclohexanone and cyclohexanol
Process for producing 5-iodo-2-methylbenzoic acid
Radiosynthesis of acid chlorides
Dihydrogen phosphate salt of a prostaglandin D2 receptor antagonist
Thiophene and furan compounds
Cannabinoid receptor ligands
PEG-functional nucleic acid conjugate
Nucleic acid and corresponding protein entitled 161P5C5 useful in treatment and detection of cancer
Enhancing recombinant hemoglobin production by co-expression with alpha hemoglobin stabilizing protein
Non-sticky water-based conformal coating material
Substituted aminosiloxanes and polymeric products
Method of selecting polyolefins based on rheological properties
pH sensitive macromer based copolymer and a process for the preparation thereof
Oligomeric lactide macromer based copolymer and a process for the preparation thereof
Method and device for crystallising plastic granules with a tendency to conglutinate, particularly PET and PU granules
Composition based on silicone oils that can be crosslinked into elastomers for the impregnation treatment of fibrous materials
Multi-functional (meth) acrylate compound, photocurable resin composition and article
Polymer additives with improved permanence and surface affinity
Method for producing a natural rubber master batch and a synthetic isoprene rubber batch using biodegraded rubber powder, using rubber powder and a filling agent, or using biodegraded rubber powder and a filling agent
Electrolyte membrane of siloxane-based polymer and solid polymer fuel cell utilizing the same
Nanonylon composites prepared by chain extension reactive extrusion
Modified asphalt binders and asphalt paving compositions
Polyester molding for use with a casing
Chromatography kit, examination container, and method for manufacturing the same
Labeled probe bound object, method for producing the same and method for using the same
Methods for determining the presence of staphylococcal enterotoxin A gene in a sample
Process for immobilization of protein catalysts, product, and use
Tumor suppressor gene
PUFA polyketide synthase systems and uses thereof
Cultured cartilage/bone cells/tissue, method of generating same and uses thereof
Methods of expressing gram-negative glycosaminoglycan synthase genes in gram-positive hosts
Process of preparing a biodegradable polymer using an enzyme catalyst and a biodegradable polymer prepared through the process
Method and kit for detecting a target protein using a DNA aptamer
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Portable generator housing
Bottle eject mechanism
Apparatus and method for manufacturing semiconductor devices
Aircraft spiraling mechanism with jet assistance--D
Method for synchronizing the operation of multiple devices for generating three dimensional surface models of moving objects
Apparatus and method for the detection of molecules
Sensor, multichannel sensor, sensing apparatus, and sensing method
Helicopter brown-out landing
Range finder
System and method for measuring forces
Light source error detection apparatus and method
Light emitting apparatus and method for inspecting same
Particle image analyzing apparatus
Detection and analysis of optical sensing probes
Method and apparatus for detecting defects
X-ray computed tomography apparatus with light beam-controlled x-ray source
Method for checking for leakage from tubular batteries
Liquid expansion thermometer and microcalorimeter
Immunosubtraction method
Compositions and methods of their use for improving the condition and appearance of skin
Method and device for measuring with synchronous detection and correlated sampling
Systems and methods for PLL linearity measurement, PLL output duty cycle measurement and duty cycle correction
Short detection circuit
Testing high frequency signals on a trace
Method for controlling link connections in a communication system and corresponding communication system
Power supply stabilizing circuit, an electronic device and a test apparatus
Circuit testing apparatus for testing a device under test
Test apparatus, system, and method with a magnetic feature
Illumination source for millimeter wave imaging
Soldier/ground vehicle passive ranging system utilizing compact spatiotemporal processor
Positioning apparatus, control method of positioning apparatus, control program for positioning apparatus, and computer-readable recording medium having control program for positioning apparatus recorded therein
Radiation detecting apparatus and method for manufacturing the same
Radiation imaging apparatus and radiation imaging system
Slowness-frequency projection display and animation
Method and device for complex permittivity measurements as a function of frequency
Method to determine an acquisition sequence in an imaging method for generation of 2D slice images
MRI apparatus
Magnetic resonance system with radio-frequency shield with frequency-dependent shielding effect
Electromagnetic survey system with multiple sources
Maximal-aperture reflecting objective
Microelectromechanical system having a dielectric movable membrane and a mirror
Interferometric optical display system with broadband characteristics
Method of manufacturing oscillator device, and optical deflector and optical instrument having oscillator device
Mirror device
Electronically controlled stage lighting system
Optical system
Lens system and optical apparatus
High aperture-ratio top-reflective AM-iMod displays
Optical modulator
Foamed resin sheet and liquid crystal display
Display system on reflective interaction guided by a light source
Exterior reflective mirror element for a vehicle rearview mirror assembly
Image stabilization unit, image stabilization device, and imaging apparatus
Method of setting focus condition at time of exposure, apparatus for setting focus condition at time of exposure, program, and computer readable recording medium
Exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
Platform for stereoscopic image acquisition
Photographing apparatus and initialization method thereof
Image forming apparatus employing an electrophotographic method
Method and device for controlling the circulation speed of an endless belt and arrangement for generation of a braking force on an endless belt
Roller spacing apparatus and image forming device having the same
Transfer-fixing unit and image forming apparatus for enhanced image quality
Developing cartridge and image forming apparatus having the same
Developer transporting amount controlling member, developing apparatus, imaging apparatus, and method for exchanging developing unit
Device for measuring concentration of toner in liquid developer, image forming apparatus provided therewith, and method for measuring toner concentration
User-friendly imaging cartridge
Method of recording an exposure pattern in a recording layer of a holographic mask, method of forming an exposure pattern in a photosensitive material film, method of manufacturing a semiconductor device and method of manufacturing an electro-optic device
Servomotor controller
Circuit having EMI and current leakage to ground control circuit
Monolithic miniature voltage converter with very low input voltage
Electronic device with support legs
Computer with display panel mounted thereon
Assembling structure for electronic module
System and method of preventing damage to metal traces of flexible printed circuits
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and printer driver
Resistive touch screen measurement system
Data communication apparatus and method of controlling same
Observing a state of a digital signal and capturing the digital signal
Personal identification apparatus using measured tactile pressure
Information processing apparatus, control method thereof, and program
Semiconductor laser drive control device
Locking system, game machine, and device management system
Image coding apparatus and its control method, and computer program and computer readable storage medium
Method and apparatus for angular-resolved spectroscopic lithography characterization
Image recording apparatus, and abnormal recording element determination method
Facial recognition system and method
System for selecting a keyframe to represent a video
Processing of coded data according to user preference
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
Image processing based on local noise statistics
Viewpoint-invariant image matching and generation of three-dimensional models from two-dimensional imagery
Generation of image database for multifeatured objects
Method and system for efficiently evaluating and drawing NURBS surfaces for 3D graphics
Automatic process counter
Multiple frequency detection system
Thin flexible radio frequency identification tags and subsystems thereof
Sensor apparatus
Electronic swimmer monitoring system
Method for driving plasma display panel
Plasma display apparatus and driving method thereof
Plasma display
Plasma display panel driving device and method
Semi-permanent electronic paper
Driving liquid crystal materials using low voltages
Matrix type display device and display method thereof
Texture-based packing, such as for packing 8-bit pixels into two bits
Multi-dimensional texture mapping apparatus, method and program
Synthesis of advecting texture using adaptive regeneration
System for and method of motion and force synchronization with time delay reduction in multi-user shared virtual environments
Virtual device buffer for embedded device
Display controller which outputs a grayscale clock signal
Musical instrument
Electronic drum and its drum head
Percussion instrument and electronic percussion instrument
Selectively tunable percussion instrument
Novelty noise making device
Music sound generator
Optical transducer system for monitoring movable parts, optical modulator and musical instrument using the same
Music system for transmitting enciphered music data, music data source and music producer incorporated therein
Damper for information storage device
Integrated battery powered hard disk drive
Magnetic disc unit with gap between magnetic disc and shroud
Hard disk drive assembly, mounting structure for hard disk drive, and mobile phone adopting the mounting structure
Disk clock system with up-sampler to generate frequency offset
Centrifugal machine
Servo patterns for self-assembled island arrays
Dibit extraction
Anti-parallel magnetization layers in the free layers and magnetization layers of a differential sensor read head
HGA rotational micro-actuator including an s-shaped frame and method of making thereof
Methods calculating RRO and RRO compensation value in HDD
Optical pickup actuator and optical recording and/or reproducing apparatus
Optical disk device and tilt correction method thereof
Systems and methods for optical media modification
Output voltage adjusting method for laser power monitoring
Optical disk, optical disk recording method, and optical disk recording apparatus
Recording medium having data structure for managing reproduction of data streams recorded thereon and recording and reproducing methods and apparatuses
Recording medium having data structure for managing reproduction of data streams recorded thereon and recording and reproducing methods and apparatuses
Optical information recording medium and stamper
Information recording carrier and method of reproducing the same
Information recording carrier and method of reproducing the same
Asymmetric four-transistor SRAM cell
MRAM cell using multiple axes magnetization and method of operation
Multi-bit-per-cell flash memory device with non-bijective mapping
Method and apparatus for programming multi level cell flash memory device
Information processing apparatus, memory unit erroneous write preventing method, and information processing system
Neural network model for instruments that store and retrieve sequential information
Visual latching indicator arrangement for an electrical bushing and terminator
Multipolar cable for transmitting energy and/or signals, method and apparatus for the production thereof
Liquid dispensing system having a modular cord set
Array of independently-addressable resistors, and method for production thereof
Rotational MEMS device having piezo-resistor sensor
Inverter transformer having bobbin with protected terminal pins
Operating device for an electrical appliance and method for operating an electrical appliance
Enclosure for electrical receptacle
Trigger circuit for an electromagnetic actuator
Electromechanical latching relay and method of operating same
Actuating the contacts of an interrupting chamber in opposite directions via an insulating tube
Electron source, image display apparatus, image reproducing apparatus, wiring board, and electronic device
Laser irradiated hollow cylinder serving as a lens for ion beams
Plasma display panel which is capable of minimizing a gap between a seal layer and a ultra violet ray/silicon desiccant layer and manufacturing method of the same
Charged particle beam apparatus
Aperture design for improving critical dimension accuracy and electron beam lithography throughput
Lighting mechanism having a supplementary space formed within a crimped part
Method of manufacturing bonded substrate stack
Ball-mounting method for coplanarity improvement in large package
Three-dimensional flash memory cell
Semiconductor substrate and manufacturing method for the same
Method of fabricating a semiconductor device
Semiconductor device, manufacturing method of semiconductor device, manufacturing equipment of semiconductor device, light emitting diode head, and image forming apparatus
Hydrogen treatment to improve photoresist adhesion and rework consistency
Sequential tantalum-nitride deposition
Electrical fuse structure and method
Integrated circuit with depletion mode JFET
Nonvolatile memory device and method of fabricating the same
SON MOSFET using a beam structure and method for fabricating thereof
Semiconductor memory device and method of production
Method of fabricating thin film transistor having multilayer structure and active matrix display device including the thin film transistor
Method and apparatus for reducing stresses applied to bonded interconnects between substrates
Real-time parameter tuning using wafer thickness
Method of fabricating semiconductor device
Method and system for yield and productivity improvements in semiconductor processing
Semiconductor device having in-chip critical dimension and focus patterns
Mixed signal integrated circuit with improved isolation
Methods of producing semiconductor devices including multiple stress films in interface area
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor fabrication processes
BiCMOS device and method of manufacturing a biCMOS device
MEMS packaging with improved reaction to temperature changes
Stacked semiconductor package
Inverted lead frame in substrate
Microcap wafer bonding apparatus
Systems and methods for aligning wafers or substrates
Semiconductor device and fabrication method of same
Wafer-level package having test terminal
Scalable process and structure of JFET for small and decreasing line widths
Pad structure to prompt excellent bondability for low-k intermetal dielectric layers
Semiconductor device
Multi-layer structures for parameter measurement
Method of designing semiconductor integrated circuit device and semiconductor integrated circuit device
Semiconductor device and junction termination structure
Semiconductor integrated circuit for voltage detection
Integrated memory cell array
Integrated circuit having a memory cell array and method of forming an integrated circuit
Sensor device, sensor system and methods for manufacturing them
Non-contact pumping of light emitters via non-radiative energy transfer
Ferroelectric memory device
CMOS image sensor and method for fabricating the same
Electroluminescent materials and devices
Tuneable ferroelectric delay line having mirror image conductors
Multi-band antenna
Compact diversity antenna arrangement
Antenna device
Slot type antenna with integrated amplifiers
Reflective layer
Power supply system providing two output voltages
Spontaneous/stimulated light emitting .mu.-cavity device
Semiconductor laser
Host unit case of a computer capable of being set up easily with detachable plate-shaped parts
Electrical junction box to be mounted on motor vehicle
Protection circuit for intrinsically safe electro-magnetic actuators and a protection circuit for intrinsically safe energy supply systems
Dual voltage wye-connected H-bridge converter topology for powering a high-speed electric motor
7-level wye-connected H-bridge converter topology for powering a high-speed electric motor
Rechargeable battery, and apparatus and method of charging the same
Method and apparatus to maximize stored energy in UltraCapacitor Systems
Rotary electric machine and electric wheelchair mounted with rotary electric machine
Metal-graphite brush
Self-regulating permanent magnet device
Electric power generating system
Surface acoustic wave oscillator and method of varying frequency thereof
Angle estimation for modulated signal
Timing extraction circuit for use in optical receiver that uses clock of frequency equal to one half of data transmission rate, and duty cycle deviation handling circuit for use in optical transmitter and receiver
Method and system for estimating frequency offsets
Current limit circuit for compensating for output load mismatch of an RF power amplifier
Active baluns
Delay inversely proportional to temperature timer circuit
Radio quality estimation system, base station, mobile station, and radio quality estimation method
Wireless device having a hardware accelerator to support equalization processing
Boundary acoustic wave device
Distribution and synchronization of a divided clock signal
Phase shift circuit with lower intrinsic delay
Duty detection circuit
Clock generator
AC coupling bandwidth switch
DLL circuit and semiconductor device having the same
Locked loop system
Systems and methods for synthesis of a signal
Method of mapping a traditional touchtone keypad on a handheld electronic device and associated apparatus
Character conversion methods and systems
Agile clock mechanism and method for ultrawide bandwidth communications system
Clock signal controlling device
Joint demodulation filter for co-channel interference reduction and related methods
Network searching in a mobile communication terminal
Methods for using broadcast media content information and related broadcast media receivers/playback devices
Communication quality controller and a communication quality control method
Phase-change optical recording media and optical recording-reproducing apparatus
Semiconductor optical amplifier with lateral and distributed gain stabilisation
Optical amplifier
Method and system for noise floor calibration and receive signal strength detection
Space-time trellis code for orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM)
Method and apparatus for optimizing signal processing
Satellite ground control system using communication satellite
Method and apparatus for a dual-mode radio in a wireless communication system
Method and system for transmission control protocol (TCP) traffic smoothing
System and method for enhancing capacity for a wireless communication system
Pre-processing and packetizing data in accordance with telecommunication protocol
Frame alteration logic for network processors
Integrating digital watermarks in multimedia content
Apparatus and method for estimating frequency offset in orthogonal frequency division multiplexing system
OFDM signal transmitting method and transmitter and receiver thereof
Method and apparatus for monitoring transmission quality
Packet forwarding apparatus
Media proxy able to detect blocking
Live content switching method, source device, and sink device
Method and apparatus for priority-provisioned arbitration scheduling for a switch fabric
Application specified steering policy implementation
Overhead replication for SONET signals
Method and apparatus for intermediation between service providers and services users
Private dialing plan for voice on a packet-based network
Call release in a communication network
Interworking apparatus and method for accepting IP in WCDMA system
Credit based flow control in an asymmetric channel environment
Mobile communication method, mobile communication system, session control device and originating terminal
Method and an associated device for setting up a transfer of data between two communications devices
Techniques for performing gain and phase correction in a complex radio frequency receiver
Modulator with controlled transmission bandwidth, and a corresponding method for controlling the transmission bandwidth
Efficient joint detection
Half-duplex terminal for displaying holding time and communication method therefor
Method and device for synchronizing a mobile radio receiver with a base station involving parallel verification
Methods for selecting a subsequence of video frames from a sequence of video frames
Ternary and multi-value digital signal scramblers, descramblers and sequence generators
System for generating pseudorandom sequences
Efficient code constructions via cryptographic assumptions
Low voltage sensing and control of battery referenced transistors in subscriber loop applications
Ubiquitous connectivity and control system for remote locations
Text brochure and media system and method
Apparatus for capturing, converting and transmitting a visual image signal via a digital transmission system
Scanner having a driving device for stable driving movement of an image sensor carriage
Image forming apparatus, image forming method and printing apparatus
Image processing and display apparatus and method for tone resolution expansion of digital images
Photoelectric conversion apparatus and photoelectric conversion system having the apparatus
Low power DVD playback in a portable computing system
Aspect ratio enhancement
Lighting control apparatus
Electronic still camera having a sealing member for optically isolating an image pickup element
Operating button device for portable apparatus
User guiding apparatus and an image capturing system, method and program for using same
Method and system for deblurring an image based on motion tracking
Method and apparatus for producing frame accurate position data in a PTZ dome camera with open loop control
Moving image generating apparatus, moving image generating method, and program
Multiple-TV display channel setting method and module
Broadcast receiving apparatus and control method thereof
Magnetic recording/reproduction apparatus
Self-contained panoramic or spherical imaging device
Method for displaying three-dimensional image, method for capturing three-dimensional image, and three-dimensional display apparatus
Information processing apparatus
Video recorder to be connected to a digital video camcorder via IEEE 1394 serial bus
Buffering data packets according to multiple flow control schemes
Lay-in tile speaker system
Mobile care engine system
Method and telecommunication system for appointing frequency assignment mode and/or broadcast/multicast service assignment ration for providing broadcast/multicast service
Mobile node, mobile agent and network system
Light emitting element driving circuit
Automotive high intensity discharge ballast
Radiation imaging apparatus and method of controlling the same
Multilayer wiring board and fabricating method of the same
Adaptive dock for use with personal media players
Detachable assembly
Frame for mounting data storage device
Heat dissipating apparatus with heat pipe
Electronic device, package having the same, and electronic apparatus
Storage controller
Heat dissipation device and a method for manufacturing the same
Clip for heat sink
Heat dissipation device for memory module cards
Shielding device
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Inbred corn line GSC2
Soybean cultivar 61623474
Embryonic germ cells, method for making same, and using the cells to produce a chimeric porcine
Polymers with anti-microbial properties
Compositions containing perfume
Methods of blocking ethylene response in plants using cyclopropene derivatives
Substituted aminosalicyclic acid amides with fungicidal effect and intermediate products for production thereof
Imidic acid derivatives and their use as pesticides
Fungicide mixtures
N-sulphonyl and N-sulphinyl amino acid amides as microbicides
N-sulphonyl and N-sulphinyl amino acid derivatives as microbicides
Aminophenol derivatives with fungicidal property
1,2,3-Thiadiazole derivatives or salts thereof and agrohorticultural disease controller and method for using the same
Herbicidal composition
Diabetes remedies
Method for inhibiting cyclooxygenase and inflammation using cherry bioflavonoids
Elemental enteral formula
Radiant heater element for use in grill and the like
Non-slip bandage
Disposable articles having biodegradable nonwovens with improved fluid management properties
Article dispenser
Prevention and treatment of migraine, cluster and other recurrent headaches using leukotriene antagonist drugs
Method and composition for treating irritable bowel syndrome using low doses of opioid receptor antagonists
Triazineone compounds for treating diseases due to Sarcocystis, Neospora and Toxoplasma
Inhibitors of metazoan parasite proteases
Nitrone derivatives
Benzamide therapeutics for the treatment of inflammatory bowel disease
Use of metformin to counteract weight gain associated with valproate and other psychotropic medications
Composition for treating cough induced by angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors
Mixtures derived from grains of Eugenia Jambolana Lamarck preparation and use of said mixtures and some of their constituents as medicaments
Methods for treating physiological conditions associated with the use, or sequelae of use, of cocaine or other psychomotors stimulants
Method for inhibiting inflammation
Protein kinase inhibitor
Cyano containing oxamic acids and derivatives as thyroid receptor ligands
N, N-disubstituted amides that inhibit the binding of integrins to their receptors
Use of pramipexole in the treatment of restless legs syndrome
Anthracycline derivatives
NK-1 receptor antagonists for the treatment of cancer
5-substituted picolinic acid compounds and their method of use
Use of 5-substituted pyridine and hexahydroquinoline-3 carboxylic acid derivatives for treating diseases of the central nervous system
5,6,7,8 tetrahydroindolizines derivatives
Sexual dysfunction in females
Method of using (2-imidazolin-2-ylamino) quinoxoalines in treating neural injury
Nitrogen-containing heterocyclic compounds, their production and use
2-amino-5,6-dichloro-3,4-dihydroquinazoline, its method of making and using and pharmaceutical compositions thereof
Use of amino acid precursors for the treatment of addictions
Aryldiamine derivatives useful as antibacterial agents
Tricyclic pyrido vasopressin agonists
Topical medicament for treating skin ulcers
Cyclodextrin cladribine formulations
Liquid eye drop composition
Pharmaceutical compositions containing cyclosporine and a carrier comprising at least an ester of .alpha.-glycerophosphoric acid
Agents for promoting bone formation
Method for modulating inflammatory response comprising administering morphogen
Therapeutic agent and method for feline AIDS virus infections and feline atopic dermatitis
Enhancement of return to independent living status with a growth hormone secretagogue
Fibronectin peptides-based extracellular matrix for wound healing
Viral treatment
Immunomodulatory oligonucleotides
Methods and compositions using terfenadine metabolites in combination with leukotriene inhibitors
Benzamide potassium channel inhibitors
Procedure to block the replication of reverse transcriptase dependent viruses by the use of inhibitors of deoxynucleotides synthesis
3'-azido-2',3'-dideoxyuridine administration to treat HIV and related test protocol
Pharmaceutical preparation containing nimesulide for oral administration
Treatment of conditions and disease
Dendritic polypeptides
Polypeptide variants
Labelled peptide compounds
Mechanically strong and transparent or translucent composites made using zirconium oxide nanoparticles
Liquid personal cleansing compositions which contain soluble oils and soluble synthetic surfactants
Polyaromatic heterocyclic compounds and pharmaceutical compositions comprised thereof
Hair growth stimulants
Microstrip antenna and method of forming same
Small molecule carbamate or urea hair growth compositions and uses
Stable pharmaceutical compositions including ascorbic acid and methods of using same
Shampoo compositions
Long-acting galenical formulation for GRF peptides
Poly (vinylamine)-based superabsorbent gels and method of manufacturing the same
Superabsorbent fibre or nonwoven material, a method for its manufacture, and an absorbent article comprising the superabsorbent fibre or nonwoven material
Drip annunciator
User interactive display for batting cage with pitch height indicator lamps and strike zone
Performing Operations; Transporting
Modular ceramic electrochemical apparatus and method of manufacture therefore
Photocatalyst and method of making
Acid-base polymer blends and their application in membrane processes
Chemical dispersant for oil spills (LAW898)
Drilling fluid concentrates
On-line early warning detection system of runaway initiation using chaos theory techniques
Decomposition apparatus of organic compound, decomposition method thereof, excimer UV lamp and excimer emission apparatus
Centrifugal method and apparatus for devolatilizing polymers
Method and apparatus for cleaning a vacuum line in a CVD system
Method of manufacturing modified particles
HMX compositions and processes for their preparation
Coated object and process for producing the same
Process for preparing carbonaceous material carrying ultrafinely dispersed metal
Process for the selective preparation of acetic acid using a molybdenum and palladium based catalytic oxide
Process for activating halogenated catalysts, catalysts obtained by this process, and use of these catalysts in acid catalyst processes
Aqueous epoxidation process using modified titanium zeolite
Ethylene polymerization catalyst and catalyst system
Bridged "tethered" metallocenes
Process for preparing aromatic olefins by using palladaphosphacyclobutanes as catalysts
Bimetal supported catalyst based on platinum or silver, its manufacturing process and its use for electrochemical cells
Ethylene polymer resins for blow molding applications
Four electrical contact testing machine for miniature inductors and process of using
Microwave plasma processing method
Plasma cutter with integrated air compressor
Snap together PCMCIA cards with laser tack welded seams
Power supply apparatus for arc-utilizing machine
Output choke for D.C. welder and method of using same
X-Y positioner based on X axis motions
Method of planarizing the upper surface of a semiconductor wafer
Mobile camera-space manipulation
Powder coating composition comprising unsaturated polyesters and uses thereof
Elastic fibers
Cyanate ester based thermoset compositions
Thermoplastic printing resin film containing calcium carbonate having a particular oil absorption
Method of making honeycomb panel structures
Adhesive composition for hot bonding and a bonding process enabling its use
Film distinguished in coriona resistant characteristic and insulated wires, coils and motors comprising the film as an insulation material
Complexing agent for thermal color proofing
Thermal transfer image receiving sheet and method of manufacturing same
Thermal transfer sheet
Device fitted on vehicles for monitoring tyre pressure
Power supply unit for a pressure-sensing device that is concealed by a tire of a vehicle wheel
Electromotive actuator
Variable drive with protection against jamming for movable parts
Charging lid opening and closing device for electric vehicle
High-power low-RPM DC motor
Control method and system for electric rotary machine
Child car seat heating surface
Auxiliary signal to indicate a U-turn
Turn signal switch device
Emergency auto visual communication system
Method and an apparatus for monitoring a seated person
Antitheft system for a motor vehicle
System and method for determining true ground speed in a locomotive
Communication based vehicle positioning reference system
Vehicle presence detection system
Rotary position sensor/transducer employing rotor having color filtering
Controller for automobile
Electrical power-assisted steering systems
Location signalling apparatus
De-ice and anti-ice system and method for aircraft surfaces
Laser crosslink satellite attitude determination system and method
Solar sail for power generation
Electrostatic discharge for solar cell
Liner film for bulk container and container liner
Document feeding component and method of manufacture thereof
Method of fabrication of an infrared radiation detector and infrared detector device
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Process for producing phosphorous acid
Tellurite glasses and optical components
Composition for cleaning and etching electronic display and substrate
Phenol/formaldehyde and polyacrylic acid co-binder and low emissions process for making the same
Dielectric composition for plasma display panel
Highly toughened alumina sintered bodies and their manufacturing process
Non-caustic cleaning composition comprising peroxygen compound and specific silicate and method of making the same in free-flowing, particulate form
Hydrogenation of organic compounds with the use of the NEMCA effect
Acylation method for an aromatic compound
1, 2-bis(dialkylphosphino) benzene derivates having optical activites, process for producing same, and rhodium metal complexes containing same as ligands
Template for solution phase synthesis of combination libraries
Production of difluoromethane
Halogenating agent and process for halogenating hydroxyl group
Alkylation by controlling olefin ratios
Tricyclic polyhydroxylic tyrosine kinase inhibitors
Crosslinkers based on dibenzalacetone derivatives
Gem-dihydropolyfluoroalkanes and monohydropolyfluoroalkenes, processes for their production, and use of gem-dihydropolyfluoroalkanes in cleaning compositions
Process for the continuous preparation of hydroxyalkylamides
Process for the preparation of benzothiazolone compounds
Ordered polyacetylenes and process for the preparation thereof
Dichloro tetraflouro-{2,2}-paracyclopane, a process for manufacturing thereof and poly-.alpha., .alpha.-difluoro-chloro-para-xylylene film prepared therefrom
Process for preparing biaryl compounds
Method of producing aminocyanoacetamide
Matrix metalloproteinase inhibitors
Hypoglycemic and hypolipidemic compounds
Bis (benzimidazole) derivatives serving as potassium blocking agents
Selective sulphonation of the primary alcohol of a diol containing both primary and secondary alcohols
Method of producing isobutylene glycol
Lithium tertiary alkoxides
Polyisocyanate compound, process for producing the same and optical materials using the same
Hydrogenation of polyenes to monoenes
Method for production of maleic anhydride
Method of producing aromatic carboxylic acids by oxidizing alkyl aromatic hydrocarbons or partially oxidized intermediates thereof
Crystallization in a plate heat exchanger
Process for separating and purifying alkali metal salts of hydroxynaphthalenecarboxylic acids
5,6-dihydronaphthalenyl derivatives having retinoid-like activity
Tertiary alkyl ester preparation
Partially saponified triglycerides, their methods of manufacture and use as polymer additives
Method for inhibiting hydrate formation
Process to prepare .epsilon.-caprolactam
Process for the preparation of lauryllactam by photonitrosation of cyclododecane and beckmann rearrangement in the presence of methanesulphonic acid
Hemoregulatory compounds
Arylacetamides and their use as medicaments
Benzimidazole compounds as bradykinin antagonists
Pyrido[2,3-b]indolizine derivatives and aza analogues thereof: CRF1 specific ligands
Substituted pyridines useful as modulators of acetylcholine receptors
Fused isoquinolines as dopamine receptor ligands
Process for producing alicyclic hydrazine derivatives, tetra-hydropyridazine and hexahydropyridazine
Heterocyclic compounds and their use
Process for the preparation of a triazolinone herbicide
Process for manufacture of in vivo stain composition
Triazole derivative or salt thereof, preparation process thereof and pharmaceutical containing said compound as an effective ingredient
Taxoids, their preparation and pharmaceutical compositions containing them
Method of using substituted tetracyclic tetrahydrofuran derivatives
Production of maleic anhydride
Method for preparing optionally substituted benzofuranones
Process for preparing 5-lipoxygenase inhibitors
Production of amide derivatives and intermediate compounds therefor
Allosteric adenosine receptor modulators
Cycloalkylaminomethylpyrrolidine derivatives
Tacrine derivatives for treating Alzheimer's disease
Efficient process for the preparation of [S-(R,S)]-N-[1,3-benzodioxol-5-yl)butyl]-3,3-diethyl-2[4-[4-methyl-1-piper azinyl)carbonyl]phenoxy]-4-oxo-1-azetidine carboxamide, a human leukocyte elastase inhibitor
Substituted 4-(1H-benzimidazol-2-yl)[1,4]diazepanes useful for the treatment of allergic disease
Method for producing 1,3-di-substituted 2-nitroguanidines
Non-peptide bombesin receptor antagonists
3(2H)-pyridazinone derivatives and pharmaceutical compositions containing these compounds
Substituted cycloalkyl-4-Oxonicotinic carboxamides; gaba brain receptor ligands
Heterocyclic derivatives and their use as antithrombotic agents
Oxazolidinone derivatives and their use as antibacterial agents
Lactams as selective factor Xa inhibitors
Process for synthesizing carbapenem intermediates
Process for the production of metalloporphyrin-metal complex conjugates
Process for the isolation of galanthamine
Pyrazolopyrimidine and pyrazolines and process for preparation thereof
High yield method for stereoselective acylation of tertiary alcohols
Highly lipophilic camptothecin derivatives
Process for preparing triazole antimycotic compounds
Method of stabilizing hydrocarbylaluminoxanes
Process for the preparation of mixtures of organosilicon oligosulfanes containing a high proportion of organosilicon disulfanes
Mixture of organosilanepolysulphanes and a process for the production of rubber compounds containing these mixtures
Process for preparing aluminum salts of dialkylphosphinic acids and diphosphinic acids
Derivatives of 2-(2-oxo-ethylidene)-imidazolidin-4-one, and compositions and methods for inhibiting abnormal cell growth comprising said derivatives
Phosphorus containing cytisine derivatives
Phosphonate nucleotide compound
Solution and solid-phase formation of glycosidic linkages
6-O-aklyl erythromycin B oxime
Process for preparing antiviral 2-phosponate nucleotide analogs
Aminooxy-modified oligonucleotide synthetic intermediates
Solid phase nucleic acid labeling by transamination
Process for preparing 16 .alpha.-methyl-steroids
Method of detecting cytomegalovirus (CMV)
Fusion proteins
Oral immunization with transgenic plants
Maize RS324 promoter and methods for use thereof
Abscisic acid responsive element-binding transcription factors
Green fluorescent proteins and blue fluorescent proteins
Particle-mediated bombardment of DNA sequences into tissue to induce an immune response
DNA encoding human monocyte-macrophage apolipoprotein B receptor gene and protein
Apt-sensitive potassium channel gene-defective animals
Characterization and detection of sequences associated with autoimmune diseases
Calcium-binding protein
ETS2 repressor factor (ERF)
Nucleic acid molecules encoding Bap-1 proteins
Compositions and methods for regulation of steroidogenesis
Mouse model for congestive heart failure
Non-human animal having a functionally disrupted SLP-76 gene
Methods for treating nervous system pathophysiologies using glial growth factors
Purification of alpha-1 proteinase inhibitor
Immunosorbents with developed binding efficiency and method of manufacture
Alatrofloxacin parenteral compositions
Dipeptide derivatives
Lipopeptides from actinoplanes sp. with pharmacological action, process for their production and the use thereof
Cyclic semi-random peptide libraries
Process for production of saline-solution soluble xanthan gum
Rubber composition for solid golf ball and solid golf ball
Components and catalysts for the polymerization of olefins
Mixed transition metal catalyst systems for olefin polymerization
Production of polyethylene having impact resistance
Process for making polyolefins
Method for production of cross-linked polymer
Processes that produce polymers
Photochromic curable composition
Polymer latex for ultraviolet absorbtion on fabric
Aqueous dispersion of carboxylic acid functionalized poly(meth)acrylate
Pigment composition and colored photosensitive composition
Method for making polymer-coated pigment particles using initiator-treated pigments
Living cationic polymers prepared from silyl-functional aromatic initiators
Method for producing hydroxyl-terminated (meth) acrylic polymer
Crosslinkable compositions
Adhesive resin composition and adhesive film
Curable composition comprising epoxidized natural oils
Process for making pen/pet blends and transparent articles therefrom
Electrophotographic photoconductor and aromatic polycarbonate resin for use therein
Method for obtaining polytetramethylene ether glycols with narrow molar-mass distribution
Process for producing polyamides from aminonitriles
Method for production of water-soluble conducting polyaniline
Organopolysiloxanes with dye residues
Polysiloxanes containing carbonate groups and modified with linear polyesters and their use as additives in coatings
Nylon 6 chip and production of nylon 6 yarn and film and of further industrial articles from nylon 6
Solid polymer dispersions and method for their preparation
Process for compounding metal salts in elastomers
Olefin copolymer shrink film
Use of metal salts of ricinoleic acid in producing polyurethane
"Latex foam"
Compositions containing free radical capping additives and uses therefor
Metal filled concentrate
Compounding process for achieving uniform, fine particle size dispersion of curing agents with minimal use of solvents
Ion sensitive polymeric materials
Stabiliser combinations for chlorine-containing polymers
4-hydroxyquinoline-3-carboxylic acid derivatives as light stabilizers
Non-fogging plasticizer and its use in resinous compositions
Anti-static resin composition containing fluorinated phosphonium sulfonates
Tintable water-based coating composition
Compressible silicone composition
Resin Additive
Silicone elastomers
Thermoplastic resin composition
Aqueous dispersions of non-gelled polymeric compositions having designated amounts of reactive groups
Products useful as roof shingles and a process for making such products
Flame-resistant thermoplastic moulding materials with improved processing behavior
Polyacetal composition with improved toughness
Biphenyl epoxy resin, naphthalene-containing phenolic resin and accelerator triphenylphosphine/p-benzoquinone
UV-hardenable and thermally hardenable epoxy resins for underfilling electrical and electronic components
Modified emulsion of polycarbonate resin and process for production thereof
Fluid concentrates of modified mineral acid salts
Petroleum hydrocarbon in water colloidal dispersion
Disazo dyes
Polylactone having amino groups, a process for the preparation thereof, a compound having amino group, a composition for coatings, a composition for printing inks
Hopper car anti-bridging method and coating
Coating material
Use of alkoxylated surfactants and aluminum chlorohydrate to improve brine-based drilling fluids
Gelling composition for wellbore service fluids
Cracking catalyst with high magnetic susceptibility
Process for the purification of a diolefin hydrocarbon stream from a naphtha steam cracker
Lubricant composition
Operating fluid for lifetime lubricated internal combustion engines
Magnetic recording device
Waterborne lubricant for the cold plastic working of metals
Post chemical-mechanical planarization (CMP) cleaning composition
Biodegradable fabric softening compositions based on a combination of pentaerythritol esters, bentonite and a polyphosphonate compound
Cost effective stain and soil removal aqueous heavy duty liquid laundry detergent compositions
Liquid detergent composition
Glass cleaning compositions containing blooming perfume
Stable alkaline emulsion cleaners
Dishwasher product in tablet form
Solvent based sprayable gel
Endotoxin reduction in nucleic acid purification
Maize DNA ligase I orthologue and uses thereof
Alteration of hemicellulose concentration in plants
Plant expressing 2-acyltransferase
Angiotensin converting enzyme homolog and therapeutic and diagnostic uses therfor
ACC synthase genes from pineapple
Method of using hydrogen gas in sputter deposition of aluminum-containing films and aluminum-containing films derived therefrom
Process for preparing superconducting thin film formed of oxide superconductor material
Process for chemical vapor deposition layer production on a semiconductor surface with absorbing protective gasses
Method for circuitizing through-holes by photo-activated seeding
Pickling/activation solution for the pretreatment of aluminum-steel composites prior to dip tinning
Heating furnace and manufacturing method therefor
Textiles; Paper
Anti-microbial enhanced knit fabric
Reversible fabric for use in military environments and method of making same
Sparkle linen spray
Flow-resistant material additions to double-seam on machine-seamable fabrics
Fixed Constructions
Enhanced paint for microwave/millimeter wave radiometric detection applications and method of road marker detection
Barrier operator system
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Controller with an actuator of controllable length and device for transmitting the deflection of an actuator
Wave energy converter
Fan with magnetic blades
Magnetic bearing
Push pull type control cable
Device for limiting shaft whirl
Sound damping armature assembly for an electromagnetic coupling
Gas discharge lamp, in particular for a motor-vehicle headlight
Cooking appliance
Baking oven for coated parts
Method and system for protecting optoelectronic search and tracking equipment from an illumination
Position measurement apparatus using wire waveguide in shock resistant suspension
Surveying instrument
Tuning-fork vibratory gyro
Rotation angular sensor with metal-injection molded magnet holder
Semiconductor gamma-ray camera and medical imaging system
Circuit for acquisition of the capacitance or capacitance change of a capacitive circuit element or component
Premounted angle measuring device having fixation element
Focus-type encode device
Fluid level sensor
Electronic scale
Balance with a mechanical coupling area for a calibration weight
Electronic balance
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Preparation of transmission electron microscope samples
Pipe testing apparatus and method using electrical or electromagnetic pulses transmitted into the pipe
Gas sensor
Portable night vision goggle haze and transmissivity measurement device
Bio-particle fluorescence detector
Method and apparatus for monitoring physical integrity of a wall in a vessel
Gas sensor with ceramic heater
Natural killer cell-specific antigen and antibodies that identify the same
Systematic polypeptide evolution by reverse translation
Coagulation controls for prothrombin time (PT) and activated partial thromboplastin time (APTT) assays
Sensor devices comprising field-structured composites
Socket test probe and method of making
Method for testing integrated circuit components of a multi-component card
Test fixture for testing backplanes or populated circuit boards
Inspection adapter board for printed board, method for inspecting printed board, and method and apparatus for producing information for fabricating the inspection adapter board
High probability capture of slow trigger rate acquisitions in a digital oscilloscope with variable intensity rasterization
Phase and frequency detector with high resolution
Phase comparator circuit for high speed signals in delay locked loop circuit
Impedance-to-voltage converter and converting method
Time interval measurement system incorporating a linear ramp generation circuit
Prober and electric evaluation method of semiconductor device
Relayless voltage measurement in automatic test equipment
Integrated circuit tester with compensation for leakage current
Constructive module of an electronic telecommunications equipment, with an interface towards a testing and diagnosing system
Method and apparatus for storage of test results within an integrated circuit
Measuring circuit for a system of electrical modules connected in series
Voltage indicator for indicating that the voltage of a battery passes a given value
Arrangement and a method relating to exchange of digital information between devices comprising electric circuitry
System for automatically indicating that battery should be replaced and method thereof
Magnetic sensor apparatus
Magnetic detector for detecting movement of a magnetic member
Method of controlling magnetic characteristics of magnetoresistive effect element and of magnetic head with the element, magnetic head device with magnetoresistive effect element, and magnetic disk unit with the device
Integrated miniaturized device for processing and NMR detection of liquid phase samples
System and method for contraband detection using nuclear quadrupole resonance
Temperature monitoring method, temperature monitoring apparatus and magnetic resonance apparatus
Reliable position location in memory limited environment
Cylindrical monopulse
AOA estimation and polarization induced phase correction using a conformal array of titled antenna elements
Method of locating a fixed terminal using a constellation of satellites
Method of automatically determining the position of vehicles
Satellite signal receiver with position extrapolation filter
Pulse radio-localization system
Imaging detector for universal nuclear medicine imager
Voltage supply for a sensor
Direct radiographic imaging panel having a dielectric layer with an adjusted time constant
Simultaneous acquisition of transmitted counts and emitted counts for a gamma camera
Method of processing autoradiography image
Spect system with reduced radius detectors
Semiconductor radiation detector with downconversion element
Methods and systems for locating buried fiber optic cables
Enhancement of tone transmission over cable sheaths for cable location
Scanning optical device having a rotatable adjustable holder
Method and apparatus for 3-dimensional motion picture display
Mask and method for forming dynamic random access memory (DRAM) contacts
Microdischarge lamp and array
Method and apparatus for adjustably supporting a light source for use in photolithography
Lens system for photodetectors
Electronic speed control circuit
Power generating system
Control device for stepper motor, control method for the same, and timing device
Installation for operating at least one seat module
Circuit configuration for generating an internal supply voltage
Internal voltage generator
Power source supplying circuit and method comprising a constant-voltage control arrangement
Circuitry for maintaining a substantially constant sense current to load current ratio through an electrical load driving device
Low critical voltage current mirrors
Early voltage and beta compensation circuit for a current mirror
Current mirror for preventing an extreme voltage and lock-up
Current mirror circuit
Method and an auxiliary circuit for preventing the triggering of a parasitic transistor in an output stage of an electronic circuit
Voltage controlled generator for semiconductor devices
Molded case circuit breaker with current flow indicating handle mechanism
Active joystick with optical positions sensor
Synchronous integrated clock circuit
Operation timing controllable system
Integrated circuit device
System and method for providing master and slave phase-aligned clocks
Web-based DCE management
Mobile web
Systems and method for controlling a presentation using physical objects
System and method for permitting three-dimensional navigation through a virtual reality environment using camera-based gesture inputs
Window splitter bar system
Method and apparatus for displaying attributes of a computer work station on a graphical user interface
Graphical interface method, apparatus and application for creating and modifying a multiple-value text list
Low noise circuit board for trackpoint pointing device
Mouse buttons designed for improved availability
Apparatus in a computer system for pliant ergonomic pointing device
On-screen user interface for a video adapter circuit
Image display system
Automatic clock switching
Method and apparatus for improved concurrent video graphic processing
Method and circuit for compensating the non-linearity of capacitors
Surface acoustic wave functional device
Inventory system using articles with RFID tags
Antenna, module and imager, such as for a barcode reader
Reader and/or writer apparatus, power feeding system, and communication system
IC card with antenna
Calibration system for an imaging apparatus and method
Software utility for creating and editing a multidimensional oil-well log graphics presentation
Apparatus for collaborative computing
Method and system for rendering brush strokes with multiple nibs
Volatility plot and volatility alert for display of time series data
Method and system for image templates
Image transformation processing which applies realistic perspective conversion to a planar image
Method for time based shadow rendering
Method and system for controlling multimedia streams using dynamic prototypes
System and method for interactive rendering of three dimensional objects
Content independent data compression method and system
MMX optimized data packing methodology for zero run length and variable length entropy encoding
Object carriers for an object control and tracking system
Electro-optical sensor circuitry
Action analyzing/recording system
Remote keyless entry rolling code storage method
Electronic parking meter
Distributed earcon local area network
Fire detector
Child monitoring device adapted for use with an electronic surveillance system
Alarms for monitoring operation of sensors in a fire-suppression system
Fire alarming system
Early fire detection using temperature and smoke sensing
Apparatus and method for synchronizing visual/audible alarm units in an alarm system
Metering system
Key mover
Vehicle classifying apparatus and a toll system
Smart pedestrian push-button actuator for signalized intersections
Fiber optic display system with enhanced light efficiency
Electron-beam generating apparatus, image display apparatus having the same, and method of driving thereof
Plasma display apparatus
Plasma display device and method for driving the same
Timing control circuit of AC type plasma display panel system
Display device with thin film transistor (TFT) and organic semiconductor film in a luminescent element
Device and method for driving liquid crystal display apparatus
Method and apparatus for loosely synchronizing closed free running raster displays
Method and device for preventing the jumping phenomenon of an OSD display region on a monitor screen
Graphics system with multiported pixel buffers for accelerated pixel processing
Musical keyboards playing new kinds of music
Modular electric guitar
Key actuation systems for keyboard instruments
Method and apparatus for producing a music program
Electronic musical instrument
Keyboard musical instrument equipped with partially repaireable change-over mechanism for changing hammer stopper
Stringed instrument having a hidden tremolo
Nosepiece having an integrated faceplate window for phased-array acoustic transducers
Method and means for invertibly mapping binary sequences into rate 2/3 (1,K) run-length-limited coded sequences with maximum transition density constraints
Asymmetry measuring apparatus and method
Amplifier gain control method using conditional updating
Recording medium handling apparatus
Integrated position sensor for a disk drive microacuator
Memory device
Semiconductor memory device
Micro vacuum tube with cap seal
X-ROM semiconductor memory device
Circuit for generating backbias voltage corresponding to frequency and method thereof for use in semiconductor memory device
Main amplifier
Capacitive precharging and discharging network for converting N bit input into M bit output
Scanning near-field optical microscope
Local area network cabling arrangement
Quick bottom connection for a transformer bushing
Multifilament composite BSCCO oxide superconductor
Oxide-superconducting coil and a method for manufacturing the same
Pressure switch
Rotary encoder
Safety switch
Structure of keyswitch
Low melting point element fusion apparatus and circuit breaker including the same
Mounting structure for a relay arranged on a printed circuit board
Movable contact assembly for an electrical contactor
Circuit interrupter with a magnetically-induced automatic trip assembly implementing a spring clamp
Fuse element having parallel strips
Boxer linkage for double throw safety switches
Gas discharge display
Full color surface discharge type plasma display device
Apparatus and method for generating plasma in a plasma display panel
Three electrodes face discharge type color plasma panel
Magnetic system, particularly for ECR sources, for producing closed surfaces of equimodule B of form dimensions
Color cathode ray tube having adjustment magnet assembly at the neck portion of the tube
Color cathode ray tube with astigmatism correction system
Alignment of asymmetric apertured grids for electron gun assembly
Laser cathode ray tube (laser-CRT) and method of manufacturing the same
Multi-compartment getter-containing flat-panel device
Self stabilizing non-thermionic source for flat panel CRT displays
Device with an alteration means for the conversion of an image
Particle beam apparatus
Method and system for operating a variable aperture in an ion implanter
Electrostatic lens
Method for reducing aliasing effects in scanning beam microscopy
Methods and apparatus for improving resolution and reducing noise in an image detector for an electron microscope
Charged-particle-beam exposure methods with beam parallelism detection and correction
Electrode for plasma processes and method for a manufacture and use thereof
Device for producing plasma
Method for mass calibration
Quadrupole mass analyzer and method of operation in RF only mode to reduce background signal
Low pressure mercury vapor discharge lamp with mercury-releasing metal substrate and method of making the same
Metal halide lamp with aluminum gradated stacked plugs
Electrodeless gas discharge lamp having flat induction coil and dual gas envelopes
Process for preparing phosphor pattern, phosphor pattern prepared the same and back plate for plasma display panel
Method and apparatus for detection position deviation of electron gun
Method of forming a perovskite structure semiconductor capacitor
Planarization using plasma oxidized amorphous silicon
Method for in-situ removing photoresist material
Oxide etch process with high selectivity to nitride suitable for use on surfaces of uneven topography
Semiconductor processing method of reducing an etch rate of one portion of a doped material relative to another portion, and methods of forming openings
Rapid thermal etch and rapid thermal oxidation
Semiconductor processing methods utilizing boron and nitrogen, and semiconductor wafers comprising boron and nitrogen
Method of growing group III nitride semiconductor crystal layer and semiconductor device incorporating group III nitride semiconductor crystal layer
Method of manufacturing the floating gate of split-gate flash memory
MOSFET with suppressed gate-edge fringing field effect
Method of fabricating semiconductor device
Method of forming amorphous conducting diffusion barriers
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device capable of effectively carrying out hydrogen passivation
Low temperature rinse of etching agents
H2 diffusion barrier formation by nitrogen incorporation in oxide layer
Deep sub-micron metal etch with in-situ hard mask etch
High dielectric constant gate dielectric with an overlying tantalum gate conductor formed on a sidewall surface of a sacrificial structure
Method for fabrication of a low resistivity MOSFET gate with thick metal on polysilicon
Method of fabricating an integrated circuit of logic and memory using damascene gate structure
Integrated circuit having low voltage and high voltage devices on a common semiconductor substrate
High-voltage semiconductor device with trench structure
Double-diffused MOS transistor and method of fabricating the same
Semiconductor device having SOI-MOSFET
Flip chip with integrated flux and underfill
Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
Integrated process flow to improve the electrical isolation within self aligned contact structure
Method of forming wire line
Method for preparing a semiconductor device
Quantum conductive recrystallization barrier layers
Semiconductor circuit device having triple-well structure in semiconductor substrate, method of fabricating the same, and mask device for fabrication of the same
Vertical transistor having top and bottom surface isolation
Method for reducing recess for the formation of local interconnect and or plug trench fill for etchback process
Electrochemical cobalt silicide liner for metal contact fills and damascene processes
Elimination of copper line damages for damascene process
Method for forming CU-thin film
Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
Method for forming contact
Low-resistance salicide fill for trench capacitors
Structure for isolating a junction from an adjacent isolation structure
Semiconductor device comprising capacitor and method of fabricating the same
Semiconductor device having contact hole and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor element with thermally nitrided film on high resistance film and method of manufacturing the same
Integrated electrical circuit having at least one memory cell and method for fabricating it
Complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) device comprising thin-film transistors arranged on a glass substrate
Flexible hermetic sealing
Semiconductor package with improved cross talk and grounding, and method of manufacturing same
Plastic mold type semiconductor device
Leadframes with selective palladium plating
Tape automated bonding method and bonded structure
Integrated circuit package providing bond wire clearance over intervening conductive regions
Multi-layer circuit board
Mechanically-stabilized area-array device package
Inductance device
Manufacturing multiple layered structures of large scale integrated semiconductor devices
Multistage coupling semiconductor carrier, semiconductor device using the semiconductor carrier
Inline ground-signal-ground (GSG) RF tester
Inductor including bonding wires
Integrated circuit comprising means for high frequency signal transmission
Solder ball grid array for connecting multiple millimeter wave assemblies
Driver IC
Photoreceptor array for linear optical flow measurement
Microstructure including a circuit integrated in a substrate on one surface of which is arranged a flat coil
Integrated semiconductor circuit with protection structure for protecting against electrostatic discharge
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and process for manufacturing the same
Amorphous barrier layer in a ferroelectric memory cell
Self-aligned contact process in semiconductor fabrication and device therefrom
Ferroelectric based memory devices utilizing low Curie point ferroelectrics and encapsulation
Photo receptor with reduced noise
Uncooled far infrared thermal imaging system
Method of forming a complementary active pixel sensor cell
Vertical diode structures with low series resistance
Dielectric device, dielectric memory and method of fabricating the same
VDMOS transistor protected against over-voltages between source and gate
MOSgated trench type power semiconductor with silicon carbide substrate and increased gate breakdown voltage and reduced on-resistance
CCD type solid state image pickup device having double-structured charge transfer electrodes
Field effect transistor
Semiconductor light-receiving device having sloped groove in light receiving surface
Photoconductive switch with multiple layers
Optical sensor
Nitride semiconductor light emitting device having a silver p-contact
Strain engineered and impurity controlled III-V nitride semiconductor films and optoelectronic devices
Piezoelectric or similar transducer device with an oscillating circuit excitable by a control circuit
Extended-range xyz linear piezo-mechanical scanner for scanning-probe and surface force applications
Drive apparatus
Piezoelectric rotary electrical energy generator
Piezoelectric thin film component, injet type recording head and inkjet printer using this (piezoelectric thin film component), and method of manufacturing piezoelectric thin film component
Phase-locked circuit device using a single-electron tunneling junction element and method of fabricating the same
Slot line band reject filter
Ball grid array R-C network with high density
Quadrature hybrid RF combining system
Dish antenna heating assembly
Thermally insulated satellite reflector assembly with non-embedded heater assembly
Submarine antenna assembly for deployment through ice layer
Satellite dish mounting arm
Radio communication device
Antenna positioner control system
Remotely adjustable mesh deployable reflectors
Radio wave absorbing panel
Dielectric lens, dielectric lens antenna including the same, and wireless device using the same
Dual-polarized antenna system
Communication employing triply-polarized transmissions
Scanning lens antenna
Miniature skewed beam horn antenna
Antenna with variable geometry
Adaptive antenna array system calibration
Integrated microelectromechanical phase shifting reflect array antenna
Micro-strip patch antenna for transceiver
Multifrequency inverted F-type antenna
Automatic antenna device for multiband mobile communication terminal
Printed circuit board-configured dipole array having matched impedance-coupled microstrip feed and parasitic elements for reducing sidelobes
Duplex connector
Cable terminating connectors
Shield connection system and connector using the same
Discharge tube having switching spark gap
Spark plug with lower operating temperature
Adjustable cover for outdoor electrical substations
Apparatus for isolating and reinforcing bend corners of flexible cable
Wedge-tite cable clamp
Cable entry device
Mounting device
Adjustable electrical divider
Circuit to connect battery to load only in presence of a load of acceptable magnitude
Transformer configuration
Integrated reciprocating engine generator set and turbogenerator system and method
Charge and discharge control circuit and apparatus for secondary battery
Method and system for battery isolation during shipment
Adaptive multiple battery charging apparatus
System and method for maintenance charging of battery cells
Controller for DC-DC converter
Fault detection in a motor vehicle charging system
Apparatus and method for charging an energy storage source
Method for producing a multipole electric motor, and a multipole electric motor
Reluctance motor electric machine
Switched reluctance motor having substantially continuous torque and reduced torque ripple
Axial gap motor with radially movable magnets to increase speed capablity
Mechanical constraint for tapered end turns of a generator rotor
Compact cylindrical radial gap type motor
Long-stroke voice coil linear actuator
High speed electric motors
Boosting active filter system and controller for boosting active filter
Switching power supply for lowered distribution system disturbance
Boost converter, method of converting power and power supply employing the same
Power supply apparatus and method of controlling power supply circuit
Ballasts with tapped inductor arrangements for igniting and powering high intensity discharge lamps
Motor driving apparatus including a modularized current control circuit and method of controlling the same
Control device for induction motor
Circuit and method for sensorless brushless direct current (BLDC) motor
Method and apparatus for driving a stepping motor
Device for the voltage adjustment in a slow-running alternator
Oscillator with automatic gain control
Multiple band voltage controlled oscillator using impedance scaling
Dual band VCO with improved phase noise
Circuit and method for I/Q modulation with independent, high efficiency amplitude modulation
Predistorter having an automatic gain control circuit and method therefor
Predistortion circuit for linearization of signals
Temperature and process compensating circuit and controller for an RF power amplifier
Cmos class ab operational amplifier operating from a single 1.5v cell
Semiconductor circuit
Adaptive operational amplifier offset voltage trimming system
DC offset compensation circuit for a signal amplifier
Analog signal amplifier circuit using a differential pair of MOSFETs (insulated-gate field effect transistors) in an input stage
VCO-mixer structure
Filter having minimized cut-off frequency variations
Active filter circuit
Gyrator with loop amplifiers connected to inductive elements
Surface acoustic wave device comprising langasite single crystal substrate
Piezoelectric vibrator
Multi-band voltage controlled oscillator in which unnecessary circuit parasitics can be avoided
Circuit and method for controlling the slew rate of the output of a driver in a push-pull configuration
Method and device for diving an integrated power output stage
Transmission gate circuit
High-speed CMOS multiplexer
Multi-function controlled impedance output driver
Dual threshold digital receiver with large noise margin
Output buffer circuit for semiconductor device
Five volt tolerant output driver
Input structure for I/O device
Input circuit protection
Output circuit for digital integrated circuit devices
Semiconductor integrated circuit capable of realizing logic functions
Driver circuit for high speed data
Input circuit for decreased phase lag
Integrated circuit device
Current source switch circuit
Pulse generator provided with a duty-factor limiting function
Synchronous delay circuit system
Differential signal detection circuit
Apparatus and method for a coincident rising edge detection circuit
DLL circuit
XOR differential phase detector with transconductance circuit as output charge pump
Integrated circuit with adjustable delay unit
Delay locking using multiple control signals
Method and apparatus for phase shifting a controlled oscillator and applications thereof
Oscillator stability monitoring and compensation system
Method and electronic circuitry for providing a stable digital to analog converter analog output in integrated circuit digital to analog converter applications
Analog to digital conversion system that enables high-level signal excursions without clipping
Two-stage pipelined recycling analog-to-digital converter (ADC)
Analog-to-digital converter with level converter and level recognition unit and correction memory
Automatic laser shutdown method and apparatus in optical transmission system
Method and apparatus for increased system capacity using antenna beamforming
Information transfer via power line carrier
Time-walking prevention in a digital switching implementation for clock selection
State variable-based table-driven modulation signal generation
Circuit arrangement for regenerating an input signal containing digital data sequences
Interrupt modulation method and apparatus
Scanner and method of controlling same
Single-pass color quantization for graphic images
Photodiode array having a controllable dumping circuitry
Active pixel sensor with current mode readout
Parallel mode on-screen display system
Interactive sporting-event monitoring system
Television graphical user interface having variable channel changer icons
Automatic magnetic field compensator for a CRT
Base station with slave antenna for determining the position of a mobile subscriber in a CDMA cellular telephone system
Portable ground thawing panel system
Electric heating sheet and method of making the same
Lattice structure based LED array for illumination
Photoelectric lamp control with timer adjustable by light blockage
Starter circuit with a safety switch
Supply circuit for discharge lamps with overvoltage protection
Self-oscillating resonant converter with passive filter regulator
Discharge lamp lighting device
HID ballast with hot restart circuit
Circuit arrangement and method for operating at least one high-pressure discharge lamp
Printed circuit board with a multilayer integral thin-film metal resistor and method therefor
Anisotropic conductive film
Receptor pad structure for chip carriers
Speed control device of cooling fans and method of control thereof
Circuit board component shielding enclosure and assembly having opposing covers interfitted with upper and lower portions of enclosure
Enclosure design having an integrated system of retention, electromagnetic interference containment and structural load distribution
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