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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Non-clumping animal litter granules
Pore structures for reduced pressure aerosolization
Tool container
Indoor-outdoor equipment enclosure and method for assembling the same
Makeup mirror unit
Modular expandable display case
Tray apparatus for refrigerator
Biosignal intensity measuring method, bedding state judging method, and bedding state monitoring device
Device and method for simultaneously delivering beneficial agents to both cervical and vaginal lumen sides of a vagina
Resuscitation kit system and method and pre-use protocols for a sedation and analgesia system
Enhanced reel strip and method for assembling same
Method of playing wagering games
Performing Operations; Transporting
Quality evaluation apparatus for fruits and vegetables
Multiple outlet rolling mill
Apparatus and method for making a communication cable support structure
Impact reduction apparatus for stretch draw dies
Device for discharging molten metal from a container
Device for discharging molten metal from a container
Drill/driver chuck
Adjustable exhaust assembly for pneumatic fasteners
System for populating a circuit board with semiconductor chips
Method of manufacturing a rotating apparatus disk
Ink proofer arrangement including light source for curing ink
Ink jet printer
Ink jet print apparatus and ink jet print method
Liquid discharge apparatus and inkjet recording apparatus
Ink jet recording apparatus
Height-adjusting device for automobile seat
Headlamp for vehicle
Vehicle headlamp
Bumper beam and a vehicle with such a beam
Airbag and airbag device
Dual chamber airbag
Cargo platform with foldable walls
Brake device for chain saw
Integrated motor vehicle cowl vent and seal
Cowl top cover
Saddle-ride type vehicle
Snow vehicle
Method and apparatus for handling mooring lines
Method for mounting a heavy equipment on a ship's hull
Continuous motion packaging system
Lift van system
Quantitative dosing of small amounts of liquids
Folding box with fold-down attachment flap
Modular electronic device case for use with tablet-shaped electronic devices
Automated paper stack conditioning
Sheet feeder having a drive for the synchronized feeding of sheets to a sheet-processing machine
Wearable skin treatment device
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method for producing a pi-electron conjugated compound
Fixed Constructions
Fluid delivery system
Spaced sheathing roofing system and method of installing same
Device and method for interconnecting framing components
Apparatus for pivotably mounting an electrical enclosure
Sunshade tent
Tent with a repositionable floor
Children's play area sunshade canopy
Connector and webbing arrangement
Electronic token and lock core
Overmold frame for handcuff
Bottom hole assembly
Two-cone drill bit with enhanced stability
Method for determining drilling malfunction by correlation of drilling operating parameters and drilling response parameters
Side entry apparatus and method
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Adjusting device
Valve timing control device and control method for internal combustion engine
Cover for tightly sealing a device
Control system for hydrogen addition internal combustion engine
Combustion type power tool having buffer piece
Valve adjusting device
Method for detecting liquefied fuel in canister purge line of vehicle
Control valve with pressure compensation for a fuel injector comprising a pressure intensifier
Propeller shaft bearing
Valve for a hydraulic drive apparatus
Connecting mechanism
Fitting and pipe section for jetted bath heaters
Fluorescent volume light source
Projector light source and projection type image display device using the same
Heat exchanging system of ventilating device
Can-annular turbine combustors comprising swirler assembly and base plate arrangements, and combinations
Carrier system for products to be cooked in a baking oven
Steam-heating apparatus
Steam-heating apparatus
Absorption refrigerating machine
HVAC system for truck sleepers
Heat pipe
Studfinder and laser line layout tool
Jet printing ink and method of ink jet printing
Temperature threshold circuit with hysteresis
Load bearing device including overload indicator
Force-sensing bearing
Method and measuring configuration for measuring backlash at an axial joint
Apparatus and method for accurate, real-time measurement of pipeline gas
Precursor of MgB2 superconducting wire, and method for producing the same
Optical scanner having a balanced mirrored spinner
Whole fiber switched p-cycles
Semiconductor device, method of manufacturing the device, and liquid crystal display
Sub-second annealing lithography techniques
Buffer structure and office machine
Surface emitting laser element and atomic oscillator
Semiconductor switch circuit
System for synchronization and management of system activities with locally installed applications
Social network exploration systems and methods
Intelligence marketplace system and method
Method and apparatus for client capable of accessing broadcasting network and internet network to receive application
Method and apparatus for real-time sharing of multimedia content between wireless devices
Determining a path for network traffic between nodes in a parallel computer
Channelized audio watermarks
Method and apparatus for relaying communication between universal plug and play device and remote user interface client
Medical imaging installation and operating method for reading stored signals to reconstruct a three-dimensional image of a subject
User interface with proximity sensing
Touch-sensing substrate, display panel, and patterned light-shielding layer
Information processing apparatus, information processing system, display control method, and display control program
Printer server, printer control method, and storage medium that stores a certificate group which permits printer creation and printing to avoid a risk of spoofing
System and method for caching mobile services database objects
Cloud computing secure data storage
Distributing UI control events from a single event producer across multiple systems event consumers
Selection of AFP objects in print data by use of stacks
Marking a deposit item
Trigger mechanism for hand held devices
Information processing device, information processing method, and program
Authentication system and authentication method
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and image processing program
Simulating three-dimensional views using planes of content
Mesh animation
Method and apparatus for processing media file for augmented reality service
Signalling apparatus and sensor apparatus
Automated system for preventing vehicle bunching
Automobile emergency vehicle warning display system
Self-exploration therapeutic assembly and method
Computer based system for training workers
Computing method and system with detached sensor in a network environment
Foldable flight simulator
Clip-on price channel
Occupancy sign for bathroom stall
Cascode driver circuit
Generating alternative versions of image content using histograms
Method and apparatus for reducing interference and mobile terminal
Musical modification effects
Electric violin
Audio device, and methods for designing and making the audio devices
Wideband speech parameterization for high quality synthesis, transformation and quantization
Sound recognition method and system
Automated collaborative annotation of converged web conference objects
Data detector for detecting data in presence of control signals
System with magnetically stable states and method for asserting magnetically stable state
Memory with word line access control
Gated-feedback sense amplifier for single-ended local bit-line memories
Method of manufacturing nuclear fuel elements and a container for implementing such a method
Conductive polymer for solid electrolyte capacitor
Electrode and/or capacitor formation
Keyswitch having a slidable translation mechanism
Switch device
Electric contactor with flywheel drive and method of switching an electric contactor on and/or off
Polarity independent switching device for carrying and disconnecting direct current
Photocathode high-frequency electron-gun cavity apparatus
Vacuum encapsulated, high temperature diamond amplified cathode capsule and method for making same
Flexible active matrix display
Insulating layer for planarization and definition of the active region of a nanowire device
Method for manufacturing photoelectric converter
Device and method for forming sharp extension region with controllable junction depth and lateral overlap
High percentage silicon germanium alloy fin formation
High work function, manufacturable top electrode
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Method for polishing both sides of a semiconductor wafer
Plasma densification of dielectrics for improved dielectric loss tangent
Methods of removing gate cap layers in CMOS applications
Surface preparation with remote plasma
Patterning multiple, dense features in a semiconductor device using a memorization layer
Integrated circuits having improved high-K dielectric layers and methods for fabrication of same
Forming alternative material fins with reduced defect density by performing an implantation/anneal defect generation process
Method to etch cu/Ta/TaN selectively using dilute aqueous Hf/hCl solution
Processes and structures for IC fabrication
Automatic capacitance tuning for robust middle of the line contact and silicide applications
Film thickness metrology
Method to control depth profiles of dopants using a remote plasma source
Integrated circuits with metal-titanium oxide contacts and fabrication methods
Method to improve fine Cu line reliability in an integrated circuit device
Forming cross-coupled line segments
High-K dielectric structure for deep trench isolation
Semiconductor package
Semiconductor device
Integrated circuit package and method of making the same
Programmable fuse structure and methods of forming
Semiconductor device having a nanotube layer and method for forming
Semiconductor device
Replacement gate FinFET structures with high mobility channel
Performance enhancement in transistors by providing an embedded strain-inducing semiconductor material on the basis of a seed layer
Method of making integrated circuit embedded with non-volatile programmable memory having variable coupling
Display substrates, methods of manufacturing the same and display devices including the same
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor structures with pair(s) of vertical field effect transistors, each pair having a shared source/drain region and methods of forming the structures
Formation of a high aspect ratio trench in a semiconductor substrate and a bipolar semiconductor device having a high aspect ratio trench isolation region
Lateral double-diffused metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor (LDMOSFET) with a below source isolation region and a method of forming the LDMOSFET
Suspended body field effect transistor
Fast switching diodes and methods of manufacturing those diodes
Embedded memory device having MIM capacitor formed in excavated structure
Silicon thin film solar cell
Low voltage photodetectors
Photodetection device
Coaxial drive tracking system for use with photovoltaic systems
Composite substrates of silicon and ceramic
GaN based light emitting devices utilizing dispersion bragg reflection layer
Method for producing an optoelectronic semiconductor component
Stress relief for array-based electronic devices
Light emitting diode having photonic crystal structure and method of fabricating the same
Light-emitting element, light-emitting device, electronic device, and lighting device
Method for separating light-emitting diode from a substrate
Tunneling magnetoresistance sensor
Semiconductor device with conductive pillar unit between shield and silicon substrate
Capacitors including inner and outer electrodes
Method for measuring offset of sub-pixel in OLED manufacturing process
Low profile battery module and improved thermal interface
Liquid electrolyte for lithium accumulator, containing a ternary mixture of non-aqueous organic solvents
Air cathode for air batteries and air battery
Rechargeable battery for replacing dry battery and its structural component and corresponding battery compartment
Rechargeable battery
Noise suppression structure
Adaptive antenna module
Multi-band antenna
Substrate mounted flexible circuit board connector
Joint connector and joint terminal
Splice box
Fastening device of plug-socket combination
Connection plug for portable device
Methods for converting incandescent lighting products to fluorescent lighting products
Holdout devices and cover assemblies and methods incorporating the same
Laser light source
Multi-function wire stripping hand tool and kit and method for using the same
Switching power supply device and control circuit thereof
Use pairs of transformers to increase transmission line voltage
Electronic device with automatic positioning function
Wireless power receiver for increased charging efficiency
High-efficiency, low-power power supply circuit
Flat power coil for wireless charging applications
Permanent magnet rotor and electric motor incorporating the rotor
Dynamoelectric machine having air/liquid cooling
DC-DC buck circuit
High voltage switching linear amplifier and method therefor
Power supply circuit
Micro-inverter quick mount and trunk cable
Protection module for RF-amplifier
Amplifier apparatus with controlled negative output impedance
High-speed level shifter with voltage swing protection
Prediction based digital control for fractional-N PLLs
Digital to-analog-conversion circuit and data driver for display device
Current amplifier circuit, integrator, and ad converter
Method and system for controlling an interleaver
Mobile device having SIM card, base station connected thereto, and battery management method thereof
Node and method for the management of a user equipment time offset measurement
Apparatus and method for embedding components in small-form-factor, system-on-packages
System-level adaptive minimization of interference in multi-function radios
Data conversion apparatus, recording apparatus including the data conversion apparatus, and data conversion method
Managing alternate site switching in an optical communication system
Device for measurement of the profile of very short duration single pulses
Post-transient gain control of optical amplifiers
Network system and topology map generating method
System and method for dual speed passive optical networks
Cordless charging apparatus
Apparatus, system and method of transmit power control for wireless communication
Multimode wireless systems and methods
Method and apparatus for processing feedback in a wireless communication system
Method and apparatus at the physical and link layer for mobile communications
Demand-based multimedia broadcast multicast service management
Multi-waveform and wireless very high throughput radio system
APN-AMBR authorization in GPRS mobile network
Transmitter and receiver for transceiving optical signals
Method of allocating upstream bandwidth resource and method of transmitting upstream data in orthogonal frequency division multiple access-open optical subscriber network
Wireless communication device and control method thereof
Digital pre-distortion transmitter and method for controlling the same
Blind transport format detection depending on the conditions of reception of the signal
Method and apparatus for cancelling interference
Dynamic HARQ buffer management
Method for managing network and for providing service QoS
Systems and methods for self-optimization in wireless base stations by detection of interference at the edge of a received radio frequency band
System and method for improving transport protocol performance in communication networks having lossy links
Methods and systems for performing dynamic spectrum arbitrage based on eNodeB transition states
Method and apparatus for a terminal to select a cell in a heterogeneous network
Network and user behavior based time-shifted mobile data transmission
Methods systems, and devices for robustness improvement in a mobile ad hoc network using reputation-based routing
Method and apparatus to manage per flow state
Radio communication system and receiving apparatus
Frequency offset estimation in communication devices
Protecting end point devices
Systems and methods for processing information by a network device
Securely associating an application with a well-known entity
Wirelessly accessing broadband services using intelligent cards
System, method and apparatus of video processing and applications
Alternative network address port translation
Method and system for providing diverse multiple carrier aggregation
Method, apparatus and system of transferring data between elements of a cable communication device
Method of tracing and of resurgence of pseudonymized streams on communication networks, and method of sending informative streams able to secure the data traffic and its addressees
Apparatus and method for skein hashing
Mobile communication system, communication control method, and radio base station
Location model updating apparatus and position estimating method
System and method for previewing calls in communications systems
Security feature negotiation between network and user terminal
Method for activating a SIM card and obtaining balance in real-time
Method for presenting information when conducting distributed transactions and structure for implementing same
Character analysis engine in mobile computing device for facilitating interactive voice response operations
Visual images processed on portions of folded substrate
Simplified transmission method for a stream of signals between a transmitter and an electronic device
Three dimensional (3D) image generation using electromechanical display elements
Method for transmitting video signals from an application on a server over an IP network to a client device
Information processing apparatus and method, and recording media
Method for real time distribution of dealership generated data and media originating from a retail environment
Method and apparatus for transmitting/receiving content by interconnecting internet protocol television with home network
Sealed, waterproof digital electronic camera system and method of fabricating same
Digital television and digital television system
Virtualized greeter systems and methods
PTZ video visibility detection method based on luminance characteristic
Playback device, television receiver, apparatus selection method, program and recording medium
Crowd sourced, content aware smarter television systems
Client-server based interactive guide with server recording
Method and system for displaying a coverage area of a camera in a data center
Moving picture encoder and encoding method
Communication efficiency
Your music for eternity systems
Bracket with sound boxes for a tablet electronic device
External sound systems with integral flat panel loudspeakers for portable electronic devices
Interpolation circuit for interpolating a first and a second microphone signal
Child cell phone apparatus and method
Initiator-conditioned fine timing measurement service request
Aggregated appliance in a mobile data network
Performing measurements in wireless communications using multiple carriers
Wireless communication device and method for handover in wireless communication networks
Enhanced slow associated control channel (ESACCH)
Inter radio access technology (IRAT) threshold adjustment
Method and system for enhanced transmission in mobile communication networks
Using sensor data to provide information for proximally-relevant group communications
Radio station, routing method and radio communication system
Power efficient network searching
Method and arrangement for supporting radio resource management
Method for attaching a user terminal to a base station of a network
Location assistance in a paired device
Initiating an emergency mode
Method of controlling mobile terminal apparatus and mobile terminal apparatus
Apparatus and method for controlling whether to provide location information in broadband wireless access system
Dynamic assignment of cell broadcast message identifiers
Overhead-free provisioning of roaming WiFi networks
Systems and methods for optimization of synchronization message transmission intervals in a peer-to-peer network
Method and apparatus for generating/parsing resource allocation indication message
System and method to shorten the time taken to improve inter-cell interference mitigation performance using adaptive fractional frequency reuse
UWB coexistence scheme
Radio spectrum trading
Method and apparatus for cooperative multifunctional communication in a wireless communication system
Using individual cluster-level power regulation circuits to extend LED light life
Driver circuit and driving method for LED lighting device
Control system for active window glass managing the colour of the light in a building
Quickly-mounted capacitor
Packaging of integrated circuits with carbon nano-tube arrays to enhance heat dissipation through a thermal interface
Printed circuit board and package substrate having additional conductive pathway space
Power semiconductor module
Printed circuit board
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Dirt grading implement
Tine assembly for a cultivator
Cat litter box apparatus
Dried citrus peel use in commercial poultry litter
Pet carrier
Rotating tether for securing an animal
Reticulated fish aggregation apparatus
Fish safe screened water diversion apparatus
Aquarium having a powerless air pumping device
Fiber optic light assembly for fishing rod and bulb therefor
Multi-carrier pheromone carrying substrate dispenser, apparatus distribution system
Device for attaching to a tree and stabilizing a bowman attached thereto who is hunting game
Adjustable tree stand
Trailer mounted, retractable elevated hunting stand
Dough feeding unit
Aligned food processing system
Controlled burn smoking device
Automated peeler
Processing food or fodder
Fan-assisted ashtray
Decorative fabric
PVC cap packaging insert
Slider device, packages, and methods
Structure of a tube rack with telescoping function
Portable removable carrying case organizer
Hairdressing comb
Device for retaining nail clippings in a nail clipper
Apparatus for dispensing a porous carrier
Application device
Pouch container insert for a cosmetic package and package made with the same
Hair ornament retaining implements and method
Single use toothpaste dispensing devices and disposible toothbrush kit utilizing the same
Apparatus and method for producing brushware by injection molding
Two-piece chair and table set
Table leg wire management apparatus
Removable edge system for a work surface
Keyboard support tray with releasable wedge lock
Portable collapsible picnic table apparatus
Mounting structure for a door of a corner cabinet
Filing cabinet having vertically extensible drawers
Support for casks
Chair adjustable to different heights and angles
Spring units
Ergonomic chair
Outdoor furniture construction
Chair construction
Chair seat
Adjustable armrest for attachment to an armchair
Beach chair with integral audio player
Plush bottle holder
Infant feeding device
Inclined merchandising display track device
Pusher mechanism for a merchandising display shelf
Display and storage receptacle for compact disc cases
Bottle rack
Container dispenser for merchandiser
Automatic valved bottle cap for use with liquid containers
Device for use in measuring, storing, dispensing and recording consumption of liquid
Safety device for opening a pressure cooker with lug-bayonet type closure
Pasta machine
Charcoal tray and cooking rack for dual fuel barbeque grill
Portable toast warmer
Skillet with interchangeable perforated bottom plates
Device for washing and drying foods, for example vegetables
Hand blender
Food mixer with screw-threaded impeller
Blender clutch
Container having virucidal, bacterial, and/or germicidal properties
Wet wipe container with flexible orifice
Pedicure sander having shock-absorbing unit
Method for improving optic perceptive faculty by modifying the retinal image
System and method for eye screening
Receiver structure of stethoscope
Dosing feeder for liquids
Device for mixing two pasty substances, particularly for mixing a dental impression substance with catalyst substance
Method and device for pulling on a limb a tubular compressive orthotic device such as a stocking, tights or sock made of knitted elastic textile material
Method of and apparatus for separating discrete elements from pre-perforated web for placement on product web moving at different speed
Delivery system for snoring treatment implant and method
Snoring treatment implant and method
Permanent snoring implant
Spermicidal lubricated polyurethane condoms
Wheelchair restraining system with remotely-controlled restraining belts
Device for supporting an individual requiring assistance
Portable pill crushing device
Bone marrow kit
Dual-canister inhaler having a spacer and easy to operate lever mechanism
Breathing circuit having improved water vapor removal
Automatic control method for supplying anaesthetic to a low flow-type closed circuit
Optical pressure monitoring system
Self-elongating oxygen hose for stowable aviation crew oxygen mask
Building fire extinguishing system
Golf ball dispensing apparatus
High precision ball launch system
Blade for an ice skate
Adjustable truck assembly for skateboards with retainer
Wheel assembly for roller skate
Binding mechanism for a touring snowboard
Step-in snowboard binding
Method and apparatus for playing blackjack with a three card poker wager ("21+3/4")
Electroluminescent apparatus for illuminating a portable electronic or computing device
Casino game
Method and apparatus for playing a card game including a mortgaging option
Board game with pegs and dice
Game of chance and skill, method of play, game components, and game board
Spatial game toy
Folding picture puzzle with decoding lenses and encoded images
Amusement rides and methods
Model railroad crossing gate
Axial-mode linear wind-turbine
Decorative balloon holder
Illuminated emergency signaling device and flying balloon
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method and device for temperature reduction of exhaust gas by making use of thermal water
Sulfonic acid group-containing polyvinyl alcohol, solid polymer electrolyte, composite polymer membrane, method for producing the same and electrode
Flowable material container and mixing mat
Blending tool with an enlarged collision surface for increased blend intensity and method of blending toners
Method and device for increasing the pressure or enthalpy of a fluid flowing at supersonic speed
In-tank mixing system and associated radial impeller
Rotary mill having releasable wedge-lock tool insert holding system
Grinding roller and method for the manufacture thereof
Compact spray valve
Mail processing machine drop box and method
Circulating mailing item container in a sorting device
RFID reader and communications apparatus, and delivery article sorting method and system using RFID reader and communications apparatus
Wrapped foam swab
Wafer edge cleaning method and apparatus
Megasonic bath
Portable cleaning apparatus for gas distribution tube
Street sewer passive clean-out system
Apparatus and method for holding down bottles in a high pressure wash
Method for separating metallic from waste printed circuit boards, and dry distillation apparatus used for waste treatment
Monitoring and controlling system with connectorless quick-change components
Process for preparing the end of a pipe for drawing over a mandrel
Gutter outlet tube, stamping dies and method
Negative-angle forming die
Loose lamination die with rotating blanking station
Segmented pipe-bending die
Guiding and stacking system for sheet metal parts
Apparatus for manufacturing can lid
Vertical compression bending machine
Carry through monitor
Rocker arm and method of manufacturing rocker arm body
Method and apparatus for improving internal quality of continuously cast steel sections
Die casting machine
Casting furnace with centrally located heating element for producing directionally solidified castings
Vacuum induction melting system
Methods and apparatus for forming solder balls
Method for influencing the behavior of swarf flow on tool surfaces
Plunge router drilling and panel sizing guides
Tool tip and tool body assembly
Method for cutting at least one workpiece section which may have been produced in an extrusion press
Cordless chop saw
Process and device for securing teeth to blanks
Controlled attenuation capillary
Ultrasonic welding apparatus
Process for manufacturing optical surfaces and shaping machine for carrying out this process
Protection device for the driving and guiding means of a mobile element of a machine tool against projections of cuttings
Support device with floating pins bag
Compression stop and coupling wrench
Ratchet structure of a screwdriver
Torque tool assembly
Switch device of socket wrench extension
Conduit reamer tool assembly
Clutch mechanism for use in rotary tools having screw-driving and drill modes
Apparatus and method for securing a work object
Delay-interruption connector for pneumatic tool
Fuel cell adapter system for combustion tools
Pneumatic percussion power tool with pneumatic returning spring
Work bench with an extendable foot step assembly
Toolbox with dual tool-receiving grooves and display in both sides thereof
Tool storage apparatus and method
Apparatus for grasping a load from above or from the side, in particular for use in a manipulator
Adaptable hybrid module die board
Pumping device for lubrication of saw chain
Mold apparatus used during semiconductor device fabrication
Air passage switching door
Receiving device for at least one shaft supported in sealing fashion in a housing
Dispensing consumable liquids
Insertion of liners into host tubulars by fluid injection
Tire retreading plant
Process for producing thermoplastic resin granules
Geomembrane and method of manufacture
Laminating device with laminate edge cutting unit
Method for measuring engraving cups
Computer-to-plate by ink jet
Computer-to-plate by ink jet
Chemical imaging of a lithographic printing plate
Printing cylinder
Device for metering and equalizing an ink layer on the surface of a printing machine roller
Banding reduction in incremental printing, by spacing-apart of swath edges and randomly selected print-medium advance
Method and apparatus for processing recording media having embedded information
Method and apparatus for single pass two-color ink jet point of sale (POS) printing
Recording paper cutter and printer therewith
Printer method for reducing effect of paper feed errors
Media cartridge and image recording apparatus with detachably mountable media cartridge
Adjustment of printing position deviation
Media leading edge sensor
Variable image printing using inkjet printer
Choosing print passes and speed based on required number of drops for each swath
Wavefrom prevents ink droplets from coalescing
Printhead as well as printing apparatus comprising such printhead
Ink jet printer and ink jet printing method
Liquid discharging method and liquid discharging head
Micromechanically produced nozzle for producing reproducible droplets
Printer orifice plate with mutually planarized ink flow barriers
Inkjet head having plural ink supply channels between ink chambers and each pressure chamber
Method of treating a substrate employing a ballistic aerosol marking apparatus
Piezoelectric element, process for producing the piezoelectric element, and head for ink-jet printer using the piezoelectric element
Carrier for fluid ejection device
Narrow ink jet printhead
Ink jet printer with cleaning mechanism using laminated polyimide structure and method cleaning an ink jet printer
Method and apparatus for priming a printhead
Periodic ejection of printing fluid to service orifices of an inkjet printer
Bubble generator for an ink jet print cartridge
Ink-jet cartridge
Ink delivery system for acoustic ink printing applications
Combination ink jet pen and optical scanner head and methods of improving print quality
Method of manufacturing an ink jet print cartridge and ink jet print cartridge manufactured using the same
Variable positioning of a printhead
Image forming apparatus
Multiple orientation image forming device and carriage for use with same
Method and apparatus for printing on rigid panels and other contoured or textured surfaces
Printing method for a packaging, the packaging, and printing system thereof
Method for multi-color printing
Time-temperature indicators activated with direct thermal printing and methods for their production
Ink jet printing method
Tamper-evident form
Presentation display devices with holders
Illuminating device
Rim of a vehicle wheel for tubeless pneumatic tires with an emergency running support surface formed on the radially outer carcass surface of the rim
Bearing unit for wheel and manufacturing method thereof
Bicycle hub with tight connection ratchet and detachable freewheel
Rubber composition for tire sidewalls
Wear indicator for vehicle tires
Tire bead without bead cord
Device to prevent full collapse of a pneumatic tire on vehicles and large aircraft
Tire having tread including orientation of grooves changing across entire tread width
Antistatic tire
Device for receiving and securing a ball
Device for receiving and securing a ball
Tandem mobile robot system
Torsion suspension system
Suspended axle of the articulated-connection type for industrial vehicles
6.times.2 suspension control for automatic traction control
Method of filling a pressurized medium chamber of a level control system from a pressurized medium store
Twist-beam axle for motor vehicles
Bearing for a stabilizer of a wheel suspension for motor vehicles and method of making same
Wheel axle mounting structure for golf cart
Car window and sunscreen assembly
Winding mechanism for a sun screen
Rear gate door for vehicle
Folding roof for a convertible
Device for influencing an air flow
Automobile fuel filler port structure
Power take-off unit with gearset
Four-wheel drive vehicle power train
Constant speed controlling device and method
Crawler carrier having an engine, a hydraulic pump and a heat exchanger positioned in a lateral direction
Power transmission system of an automobile
Control device for hybrid vehicles
Manual guide vehicle and method for supplying power thereto
Reducing inrush current when transformer in electric vehicle is connected to power
Permanent magnet eddy brake with flux-steering poles
Vehicle control system and method
Automated fold and tumble vehicle seat assembly
End of line seat function and motion tester
Child's sleep collar
Seat structure for vehicle
Vehicle seat frame
Headrest of adjustable height for a motor-vehicle seat
Integrated light and grab rail assembly
Semi-trailer loading ramp for transporting ATVs
Vehicular mounted lift
Motorcycle loading, unloading, storage apparatus
Compact equipment securing apparatus
Locking ratchet for a lashing mechanism
Adjustable cargo gate system
Automotive lamp closeout and method of constructing same
Driver rearview mirror
Camera built into a motor vehicle
Damped crash attenuator
Deformation member
Taper and flare energy absorption system
Autonomous emergency braking system
Four-wheeled utility vehicle
Restraint belt
Air bag, method of manufacture and system therefor
Vehicle part with an airbag device and method for producing a vehicle part of this type
Modular roof and headliner assembly
Webbing retractor
Seat belt spooling device
Trailer platform
Article-positioning board
Vehicle storage box assembly
Locking device for ladders
Bicycle-carrier device for motor vehicles
Synchronous braking system
Pressure control valve
Vehicle steerability and driving stability while braking in a curve
Speed sensor retaining and assembly
Drive system for transport system of the dual-mode type
Bogie for use with a monorail car
Flexible coupling for a self-propelled camera dolly
Cement hopper car hatch anti-accumulator
Center beam car with depressed cargo-carrying area
Method and device for controlling a train
Shoveling hand cart apparatus
Safe folding device for a foldable stroller
Combined shopping cart stroller
Shock-absorbing steering assembly
Steering and ground speed control mechanism of a dual-path hydrostatic drive system
Crawler motion control system
Front unit assembly of an automotive vehicle, comprising an improved components-fastening device, and vehicle equipped with such an assembly
Crossmember for a vehicle instrument panel and a method of making same
Unitary cross member and body mount support bracket for a vehicle body and frame assembly
Hydroform structural reinforcement system
Small-sized vehicle
Arrangement and method for fastening a flat component at a vehicle
Steering apparatus for automobile
Electric power steering assist mechanism
Method and device for stabilizing a vehicle
Elastic endless crawler
Steering apparatus for vehicle
Vehicle equipped with turning mechanism
Bicycle supportive wheel mounting structure
Multi-shell bicycle saddle
Vehicle body frame structure
Bicycle head set positioning device
All terrain vehicle
Rotary shift selecting apparatus for vehicle
Electric device with cord retainer for bicycle
Underwater pipe-laying
High capacity nonconcentric structural connectors and method of use
Adjustable sponson for watercraft
Led assembly
Adjustable foot brace system
Outboard motor caddy and stand
Personal watercraft and off-power steering system for a personal watercraft
Mobile partition device for separating classes in a passenger compartment such as in an airliner
Centrifugal sleeping section for a space craft
Reaction wheel desaturation apparatus
Apparatus for determining attitude of artificial satellite
Underway replenishment system for space vehicles
Arrangement for recovering spacecraft
Cigarette pack and process and apparatus for producing the same
Packaging apparatus and method
Labeling device
Pallet with securing mechanism for wheeled items
Tamper resistant bottle cap and neck
Stackable hinged container lid having detents
Fluid discharge reducing beverage closure
Floral container
Article-embedded folding container and method for producing same
Convertible packaging system
Fold-in-half shipping/display box
Carton for food products and carton blank for such a carton
Flexible CD carrying and storage device
Reversible child resistant cap and combination of a container and a reversible child resistant cap
Reclosable container with removable backing card
Child resistant closure
Case for golf ball
Packaging for a bottle
Absorbent/adsorbent pads
For aerosol and pumpspray containers which can be locked into a non-operative position
Envelope assembly having print protective panel
Bulk material transport system
Article guide for an apparatus for controlling the flow of articles
Zero-back-pressure conveyor with inverted roller belt loop
Radius conveyor belt with structure for the prevention of pinched fingers
Conveyor frame with removable wear strips
Conveyor pulley with quick-change features
Low tension dual helical conveyor system
Conveying apparatus
Method and apparatus for replacing pallet cars on a traveling grate machine
Conveyor roller with tapered sleeve assembly
Rollers and track for gravity fed shelving apparatus
Conveyor escapement
Article conveyance having line and/or spacing adjustment
Intermediate discharge for an enclosed roller belt conveyor assembly
Belt conveyor transition with vacuum stabilization
Powder and granular material supply system for closed system
Assembly and method for stacking, conveying and lifting lids
Container transfer terminal system and method
Apparatus and method for controlled feeding of particulate material
Manually positioned wheel chocking apparatus
Non-planar single sheet separator wall and apparatus
Aligning device for document feeder
Rack and pinion adjustment mechanism
Portable wire spool caddy
Wire dispensing device
Paper feeder apparatus for use with image forming apparatus
Method and apparatus for winding a continuously advancing yarn
Emergency lighting in elevator cars with phosphorescent materials
Underneath view paneling for escalators and moving walkways
Lift boat
Mobile crane with a releasable coupling connecting the substructure to the superstructure
Winch mount
Elevating platform assembly
Fuel dispenser architecture having server
Above ground overfill valve
Apparatus and method for minimizing vapor loss
Microvalve with pressure equalization
Projection system and mirror elements for improved contrast ratio in spatial light modulators
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method of manufacturing bonded assembly
Ink set for ink-jet recording
Solid sealant with environmentally preferable corrosion resistance
Recovery method of compact disc
Method for setting shape and working stress, and working environment of steel member
Free wheeling lock assembly
Modular gas panel closet for a semiconductor wafer processing platform
Apparatus for depositing low dielectric constant oxide film
Textiles; Paper
Composite prepreg material form with improved resistance to core crush and porosity
Cutting device for elongated materials
Headgear frame apparatus
Measuring system
Process for presetting a calender and calender for implementing the process
Fixed Constructions
Floor covering removal apparatus
Scaffolding for bridges and other structures
Aluminum shadow box fence
Movable blade for material moving machines
Stabilization system for soil slopes
Adjustable height utility access device
Automatically operated shovel and stone crushing system comprising the same
Motor grader vehicle control arrangement
Light signaling device for floors
Undercarriage for mobile ladders and platforms
Mounting fixture for hollow fence posts
Pole connector for flexible structure
Automatic clasping device for a cabinet door
Overmolded key including an ornamental element and method of making same
Lock with a center gap sidebar
Blocking device for a cylinder lock
Motor vehicle opening-leaf handle including improved means for immobilizing an external element
Lock, in particular for motor vehicle doors
Automobile releasable locking latch assembly
Actuator handle mechanism
Notebook computer lock
Deadbolt thumbturn assembly
Locking cylinder and housing
Wind-resistant window sash lock
Anti-tamper device
Apparatus for manufacturing a flexible curtain
Sectional drive system
Electropolishing method for oil field tubular goods and drill pipe
Semi-submersible, mobile drilling vessel with storage shaft for tubular drilling equipment
Hydraulically actuated valve
Methods and apparatus for forming metal casings in well bores
Subsurface safety valve lock out and communication tool and method for use of the same
Device and method for trenchless replacement of underground pipe
Method and apparatus for cleaning wellbore casing
Apparatus for completing a subterranean well and method of using same
Perforating gun
Shaped recesses in explosive carrier housings that provide for improved explosive performance
Borehole pressure gauge
Method and apparatus for determining drilling paths to directional targets
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Valve drive mechanism for engine
Valve timing adjusting apparatus for internal combustion engine
Camshaft timing device for internal combustion engines
Control unit for adjusting the angle of rotation of a camshaft
Camless engine with crankshaft position feedback
Coolant and/or lubricant transport device
Fan shroud with snap-on coolant bottle
Automotive radiator flush system and methods of use
Water-cooled V-type engine with two cylinders
Engine control system and method of controlling an internal combustion engine having a mandatory engine warm-up period
Cooling arrangement for all terrain vehicle
Engine cooling and noise suppression system
Two-stroke engine
Control system for controlling variable valve type internal combustion engine
Suction device for internal combustion engine
Manually guided implement
Method for providing and maintaining catalytically active surface internal combustion engine
Gas metering System
Method and apparatus for operating a throttle plate motor driving a throttle plate having opposing return springs
Method for operating an internal combustion engine, especially of a motor vehicle
Feed forward method for canister purge compensation within engine air/fuel ratio control systems having fuel vapor recovery
Cylinder head assembly comprising a holder for the attachments of units
Sliding members and piston for internal combustion engine
Carburetor with fuel enrichment
Canister structure installed in an automobile
Diagnosis apparatus for fuel vapor purge system
Valve apparatus and method for injecting nitrous oxide into a combustion engine
Integration of air separation membrane and coalescing filter for use on an inlet air system of an engine
Hot water type first idle control device
Intake system for an internal combustion engine
Fuel hose and method for manufacturing fuel hose
Radial piston pump
Method for operating a diesel engine with a pump-line-nozzle injection system
Fuel injector needle lower guide disk
Modular fuel injector having interchangeable armature assemblies and having a terminal connector interconnecting an electromagnetic actuator with an electrical terminal
Modular fuel injector having a low mass, high efficiency electromagnetic actuator and having a lift set sleeve
Modular fuel injector having an integral or interchangeable inlet tube and having a lift set sleeve
Adjustable anti-bounce armature disk
Filter for pressure regulator
Spring driven apparatus
Compressor having an oil collection groove
Valve apparatus for hermetic compressor
Device for monitoring the integrity of a diaphragm
Gas friction pump
Turbo fluid machinery and dry gas seal used for the machinery
Oil supplying apparatus and method of controlling the same
Hydraulic control valve for agricultural implements
Precision servo control system for a pneumatic actuator
Hydraulic cylinder cushion device
Self-regulating microfluidic device and method of using the same
Apparatus for inducing forces by fluid injection
Flash tube device
Reinforcing member for interfitting channels
Means for linearly connecting two non-circular pipes
Anchor with an expansible sleeve having a compressible portion
Fastener of high prevailing torque, pulling force, and stripping torque
Wedge anchor
Holding device for pipes and a method of making and using same
Controlled penetration peg method and apparatus
Touchdown bearing assembly with actuator ring assembly
Linear motion guiding apparatus
Externally pressurized gas bearing spindle assembly
Fluid dynamic bearing assembly
Vehicle wheel drive disconnect system permitting free wheeling of the wheel on a vehicle drive axle
Clutch drum
Clutch disk arrangement for a multi-disk clutch
Multiple-clutch device
Rotation Transfer Device
Wheel hub device for a bicycle
Brake disc with hat section having ribs that support a friction ring without bonding
Drum brake device
Supporting element for instruments or speakers
Interlocking vehicle body mount
Method of damping vibration, active hydraulic anti-vibration mount and vehicle including such a mount
Fluid-filled vibration damping device
Vibration-proof device
Liquid filled vibration isolation device
Method and apparatus for operating a vibration isolation system having electronic and pneumatic control systems
Multi speed power take off
Differential gear casing for a motor vehicle
Snap-together filter system for transmission oil pan and method of manufacture
Control unit for a motor vehicle
Shift linkage for a marine drive unit
Low load seal
Slide ring seal
Shaft bearing-seal assembly penetrating the wall of a pressure vessel
Shift lever boot
Combination air vent/probe port and method of constructing same
Manifold for valve assembly
High grip pipe connection and gasket
Constant tension clamping device for flanged connections
Computer mouse cable holder
Tubing connector with integrated crimp ring and reaming tool for use therewith
Coupling for fluid pipes
Fluid coupling and method of use
Insulation system for shafts through which hot gases flow
Pivot mounting assembly
Apparatus and process for supplying gas
Lamp bulb with stretchable lamp beads therein
Miniature flashlight
Adjustable support and method of modifying a flourescent light fixture
Structure rapid assembly/disassembly lamp shade
Tool-less entry landscape fixture
Spotlight adaptor
Lamp cover
Flashlight with rotatable lamp head
Optical element for deflecting light beams and method of production
Lighting device
Illuminating device
Fiber optic replicant lamp
Illuminating apparatus including a plurality of light sources that generate primary color light components
LCD display with multi-color illumination means
Exfoliated magnetite removal system and controllable force cooling for boilers
Modular performance indicator for a humidifier
Continuous treatment apparatus
Indirect evaporative cooling apparatus
Heat exchanger tube block with multichamber flat tubes
Heat exchanger made of an aluminum alloy
Double heat exchanger with condenser and radiator
Module-type heat exchanger and method of manufacturing the same
Electric firing controller for lacquer bullet gun
Toy projectile launcher
Safety device for firearms
Exterior armor for use on bottom of helicopter
Rifle-launched non-lethal cargo dispenser
Enhanced performance insensitive penetrator warhead
Firearm cartridge and case-less chamber
Ammunition with a shell whose wall consists of combustible or consumable wound body
Angular rate sensor
Power line sag monitor
Attitude indicator device
Mass flow sensor
Coriolis flowmeter having bi-metallic process connections
Temperature sensing probe assembly for fluid meter
Apparatus for measuring a fluid level
Portable bin full indicator
Acoustic inspection method for hard disks, acoustic inspection system for hard disks, and program memory medium
Method and system for sensing optical fiber temperature
Force sensor
High pressure piezoresistive transducer suitable for use in hostile environments and method for making the same
Wheel balancer system with improved matching capabilities
Isolation arrangement for system under test
Method and apparatus for detecting timing belt damage using link-coupled feedback
Leak test fixture
Plumbing flood control system
Vertical height impact testing apparatus
Human portable preconcentrator system
Single riser/single capillary viscometer using mass detection or column height detection
Curing characteristics measuring apparatus and measuring method
Electrode tensile test method and apparatus, substrate/probe support device for electrode tensile test, and electrode-probe bonding device for electrode tensile test
Thermal analysis assembly with distributed resistance and integral flange for mounting various cooling devices
Apparatus and method for ultrasonic stress measurement using the critically refracted longitudinal (Lcr) ultrasonic technique
Wheel inspection system
Tension measurement apparatus for pogo pin
Process for evaluating life of article subjected to thermal cycles based on comparison of strain rates measured under evaluating conditions and actual service conditions
Water quality measuring apparatus with a sensing wafer clamped between two o-rings
Method and measuring apparatus for measuring freeness
Laser scanning system employing light collection surfaces having optical axes disposed off the bragg angle of the holographic optical elements of the holographic scanning disc thereof
Optical element suitable for projection display apparatus
Hermetically sealed diffraction optical element and production method thereof
Metallic building element for optoelectronics
Adaptor for an optical cable terminal
Optical assembly
Arrangement consisting of a photodiode and an optical fiber
Tunable mechanical temperature compensator
Eyeglass frame assembly
Colored contact lens having very natural appearance
Adjustable-height stand
Cooling device for liquid crystal projectors
Light source device and projector using the light source device
Multiplexed motion picture camera
Wafer positioning device with storage capability
Pressure regulator
Electronic pedal assembly and method for providing a tuneable hysteresis force
System for reading barcode symbols
Cable assembly connector
Substrate for exposure, readout method and apparatus for the substrate, exposure apparatus, and method for producing semiconductor devices using the exposure apparatus
Method for joining wiring boards and manufacturing data carrier and device for mounting electronic component modules
Apparatus for reading permanently structured magnetic records
IC card, a method of controlling update of data, a method of controlling restoration of data or messages, and a computer product
Scanning apparatus
Roller counter for articles with tubular frames
Self-service system
Electronic transaction system including a fingerprint identification encoding
Apparatus for controlling the rental and sale of age-controlled merchandise and for controlling access to age-controlled services
Cap stop divider for vending machine storage compartments
Newspaper vending machine
Hot food vending machines
Business model algorithm
Cash processing system for automatically performing cash handling with limited operator handling of cash
Roadway curve advisory speed determination
Apparatus and method for retrieving data cartridge information external to a media storage system
Enclosure holding data carrier
Rosette with release tab for holding disc shaped elements
Semiconductor memory device
Microcantilever sensor
Apparatus and method for inspecting spring hold down bolts of an upper tie plate
Checkerboard shear volume reduction system
Ring-shaped high-density plasma source and method
Facility for treating objects in a process tank
Elongated rib for cassette and substrate cassette
Punched adhesive tape for semiconductor, method of manufacturing lead frame with the adhesive tape, lead frame with the adhesive tape, and semiconductor device comprising the lead frame
Apparatus for making a four-sided electrical contact
Wire sensors for tang termination in dynamo-electric machine manufacturing systems
Semiconductor laser module
Spark plug for internal combustion engines and manufacturing method thereof
Switchgear cabinet with an air-conditioning device
Protective cable cover for welding torches
Cable duct coupler
Inter-cluster data transfer system and data transfer method
Device having a motor and having a controllable intermediate transmission gear for driving a plurality of drive wheels of the device
Communication control device for realizing uniform service providing environment
Optical component and projector using the same
Component placement
Electronic parts-feeding tray feeder and electronic parts-feeding method
Chassis with repositionable plates
Pivot mounting bracket with toolless fastener for a server rack
Thermal interface material on a mesh carrier
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