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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Irrigation system and method
Spiral garden
Method and system of preventing plastic out-gassing in plant tunnels
Housing for animal feedstuff
System and method for continuous vermiculture cycle
Snagless bladed fishing lure
Fishing rod reel foot and reel seat
Anti-jam finger protective device
Hat accessory
Mechanical module for a vehicle key, and method for making same
Multiple pocketbooks in one with primary pocketbook and accessory attaching and detaching system and method
Portable suitcase tabletop system
Hair brush systems
Trolling motor rigging station
Parallel straightedge drafting board
Portable assembly-type flat bench
Compliant tool holder
Merchandise display stand with locking shelves
Bocce ball game caddy
Folding-type shelf holder
Curtain system
Flushable urinary device and method for directing urine into a commode from a standing user
Basin for pedicure spa apparatus
Apparatus for cleaning golf clubs
Mobile robot system having a plurality of exchangeable work modules and method of controlling the same
Crevice tool for vacuum cleaners
Vacuum cleaner nozzle
Analyte measuring device
Visceral fat measuring apparatus, visceral fat measuring method, program, and recording medium
Forearm and hand positioning device
Implantable microstimulators and methods for unidirectional propagation of action potentials
Soft chest protector
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method of sorting particulate matter
Bitumen froth storage and separation using an improved froth tank
Air cannon
Washing apparatus with adjustable water spraying head
Method for coating a filter medium of a sand control screen assembly
Screen cloth for vibrating or stationary screens
Electromechanical apparatus system and methods for dispensing or purging fluids
In situ formation of threads throughout bore of sleeve inserted into substrate hole
Apparatus and method of forming reclosable containers
Hydrodynamic tool, a hydraulic pump and a mechanism for transforming a rotary motion into an oscillating translation motion for such a tool
Solder ball printing apparatus and solder ball printing method
Orbital motion attachment with counterweight for angle die grinder
Substrate processing system, carrying device, and coating device
Pliers for C-shaped lock rings
Front action sealing tool
One handed quick release locking pliers
Cutting apparatus
Waste compactor
Pre-fixing a laminating material on a component surface
Printing press and method for positioning cylinders therein
Method and apparatus for recording digital data on image-receiving medium
Tool and method for tire traction device installation
External tire pressure sensing device and sealable venting member thereof
Motion control apparatus for vehicle
Ridden vehicle with integrated fuel tank
System for measuring a distance between two points and method utilizing this system
Shift light system and method
Systems and methods for direct current system digital carried message conveyance
Power chair carrier system
Landing gear control system for trailers
Ground effect load transportation
Driving-power control device for vehicle
Running gear for a rail vehicle
Modular changeover parts cart
Electric power steering apparatus
Bulb seal
Food and beverage caddy for a motorcycle
Flexing leaning post and components for modifying leaning posts to flex
Method and apparatus for altering and or minimizing underwater noise
Wall-mounted valve
Method and a device for the manufacture of a stiffening structure for an aircraft fuselage segment, and also a stiffening structure
Structural assembly for an aircraft
Singular value decomposition-based method for optimal estimation of turbofan engine thrust and other unmeasurable parameters
Life-saving vehicle
Proximity sensor valve and lock system using same
Hinge sealing element and an assembly including said element
Nacelle with a variable nozzle section
Sanitary guard for oral care composition dispenser
Dispensing container
Apparatus for fastening and carrying bottles
Detachable handle for a drinking device
Holder for portable electronic device
No-spill tackle, tool or utility box
Safety shield for fuel gas tank
Desiccating container
Over pressure release valve
Container for the management of pharmacy prescriptions, cares and services
Cellular shield case with twistable cover
Transport tanker reinforcement
Dispenser with variable-volume storage chamber, one-way valve, and manually-depressible actuator
Apparatus for counting deposit beverage containers
Conveying device for conveying containers
Armored face conveyor
System and method for loading and/or unloading trays
Mandrel cupping assembly
Sheet conveyor and image forming apparatus incorporating same
Image forming apparatus with setting unit for setting current values for motor
Feeding apparatus
Feeding apparatus
Fishing line management system
Sheet conveying apparatus and image forming apparatus
Input feeder device for an apparatus for processing paper documents, particularly bank cheques
Failsafe system for raising and lowering at least one object
Dispensing container
Vacuum bottle stopper for wine and method
Dental mixing device having an auto-aligning tip mixing tip
Mobile feeding and changing table
Textiles; Paper
Guide means having tolerance compensation for sewing decorative elements
Sewing machine feed mechanism
Dryer and method for controlling of the same
Fixed Constructions
Telescopic tower assembly and method
Method for producing a double-layer or triple-layer sound-absorbing panel and corresponding sound-absorbing panel
Devices, systems, and methods for exterior flooring
Elevated floor and ceiling slab formwork system
Tower with exterior cable support and a modular base
Prefabricated temporary house addition
Electronic device with hinge structure
Kit for motorized closure assembly
Roller blind cassette and roller blind system
Apparatus for raising and lowering covering member of window covering
Scalloped landing ring
Blowout container
Varying pore size in a well screen
Method and system for flow assurance management in subsea single production flowline
Perforating gun drop sub
System and method for enhanced wellbore perforations
Scissor stack assembly
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Clutch shaft, actuator, camshaft adjustment transmission and camshaft controller
Method and mechanism to confirm engine timing
Turbocharged engine with exhaust gas recycling
Cooled pilot fuel lance
Method and device for damping thermoacoustic oscillations, in particular in a gas turbine
Method and system for engine control
Injection element
Laser ignition device
Compressed air energy storage system utilizing two-phase flow to facilitate heat exchange
Hydraulic suspension damper
Acoustically actuated flow valve assembly including a plurality of reed valves
Implementing pre-treatment of water cooling hoses to increase reliability
Clamping apparatus for stopping a tube
Gasifier having a slag breaker and method of operating the same
Radiant gas burner unit
Vertical ice maker with microchannel evaporator
Method and apparatus for stripping and feeding cartridges
Tactical maintenance curtain
Chemiluminescent shotgun tracer insert with decelerator
Object figuring device
Detection apparatus and toner detection apparatus using the same
Navigation device with power saving mechanism and method thereof
Enhanced inertial system performance
Map display system and method
Vehicle position detecting system and method
Pressure measurement using a MEMS device
Device and method for positioning a target volume in radiation therapy apparatus
Infrared sensor comprising tunnel junction for measuring the deformation of a membrane
Use of a coordination complex or compound for the measurement of temperature
Thermal protection element for a pressure sensor
External tire pressure sensing device
High-flow dual-channel differential mobility analyzer
Optical element, sensor device, manufacturing method of optical element, detection element, target substance measuring device and detection method
System and method for measuring a harvest quality parameter on a harvesting device
Correction of x-ray images
Acceleration measuring apparatus
Methods for propagating a non sinusoidal signal without distortion in dispersive lossy media
Method for measuring speed of conductor slipping through capacitive sensor
Probe apparatus, probing method, and storage medium
Semiconductor device and semiconductor device module
Employing parallel processing for routing calls
Method and apparatus to switch data flows using parallel switch fabrics
Device power supply extension circuit, test system including the same and method of testing semiconductor devices
System for testing a flat panel display device and method thereof
System and use concerning under water eddy current measurements on components for nuclear reactors
Detection and ranging appartus and detection and ranging method
Robust low-frequency spread-spectrum navigation system
Near field electromagnetic calibration system
Method and device for magnetic resonance imaging on the basis of a partially parallel acquisition (PPA)
Fixed-focus lens
Infrared zoom lens and infrared camera
Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus equipped with same
Microlithographic reduction projection catadioptric objective
Stiction mitigation with integrated mech micro-cantilevers through vertical stress gradient control
Interferometric modulator array with integrated MEMS electrical switches
Device for homogenizing light
Optical system for transforming numerical aperture
Optical element and optical apparatus
Compact apparatus for reading from and/or writing to holographic storage media
Methods for accessing a fiber within a fiber optic cable to splice thereto and tools for use with the same
Optical sensor
Lens module
Imaging module with high resolution and compact size
Systems and methods for minimizing scattered light in multi-SLM maskless lithography
Integral-type liquid crystal panel with image sensor function
Liquid crystal display device and fabricating method thereof using three mask process
Display device having ultraviolet ray transmitting small holes included in a wiring electrode disposed in the peripheral region of the display but not where a seal member is disposed
Display with variable reflectivity
Liquid crystal display
Liquid crystal display device having a light source disposed on a lateral side of a light guide plate
Display device with wide and narrow viewing angle modes
Image capturing apparatus and method for out-of-focus determination and correction
Autofocus system
Image stabilizer, lens barrel and imager apparatus
Apparatus for moving curved-surface mirror, exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
Imaging apparatus and control method therefor
Imaging apparatus, control method of imaging apparatus, and computer program
Printing system, job processing method, and storage medium
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus using toner including an external additive at an additive burial rate of not less than 40 percent
Image forming apparatus, an image forming method and an image detecting method
Image forming apparatus with toner supplying roller
Image forming apparatus having transfer belt and cleaning arrangement
System and method for varying transfer pressure applied by a transfer roller in a printer
Heating apparatus and fixing apparatus
Fixing device, image forming apparatus and method for controlling fixing device
Fixing belt, fixing device and image forming apparatus
Image fixing device having carbon lamp and reflector
System and method for cooling a roller having multiple heating zones
Watch information content distribution processing system, information distribution apparatus, information distribution system, hand held terminal device, information recording medium, and information processing method
Television receiver and system including the same
System and a method for an automatic parking meter
Process parameter estimation in controlling emission of a non-particulate pollutant into the air
Trainer for robotic vehicle
Method and apparatus for positioning a feeder needle, and feeder
Apparatus, system and method for sensing to locate persons in a building in the event of a disaster
Method for controlling a motor vehicle drivetrain system
Internal power-supply circuit
Foot stabilizer for a bike pedal
Method and apparatus for user-activity-based dynamic power management and policy creation for mobile platforms
Method and apparatus for using dynamic workload characteristics to control CPU frequency and voltage scaling
Data processing apparatus, control method thereof, and image processing apparatus
Implementation-efficient multiple-counter value hardware performance counter
Device remote monitor/recovery system
Storage apparatus and method for controlling the same
Multi-component system
Methods and systems for advanced spaceport information management
Device, system, and method for optimized concurrent error detection
Machine instruction level race condition detection
Double degraded array protection in an integrated network attached storage device
Supporting un-buffered memory modules on a platform configured for registered memory modules
Method and apparatus for managing data in a hybrid drive system
Distributed FIFO
Overflow per segment
Memory apparatus, cache control method, and cache control program
Method and arrangement for processing a file
Memory module having buffer and memory ranks addressable by respective selection signal
Methods and apparatus for archiving digital data
System architecture for implementing virtual disk service equipment
Semiconductor memory device, semiconductor integrated circuit system using the same, and control method of semiconductor memory device
Computer method for handling private process state in a stacking file system
Method and system for hardware based program flow monitor for embedded software
Data security for digital data storage
Computer system having an expansion device for virtualizing a migration source logical unit
System for supporting partial cache line read operations to a memory module to reduce read data traffic on a memory channel
Semiconductor memory apparatus
Providing a set aside mechanism for posted interrupt transactions
Information processing apparatus and method, and television signal receiving apparatus and method
Dynamic printer driver user interface generation
Method and system for controlling information of logical division in a storage controller
Data transmitting device and data transmitting method
Livelock resolution
Image forming apparatus, image forming method and recording medium having program recorded thereon
InfiniBand layer 4 router and methods for implementing same in an InfiniBand based external storage device
Transferring selected open browser tabs from a host computer to a client computer
Consumer electronics control (CEC) line enhancement method for HDMI network that selects a transfer rate from a plurality of transfer rates
Enterprise identity orchestration server
Apparatus for providing service in response to user request and method therefor
Messaging and service system for mobile computer
System and method for analyzing data traffic
Storage medium and downloading method
User interface provisioning
Interface for configuring internet communications on a zSeries computer
Service and maintenance solutions for programmable and/or reconfigurable modules included in communication network nodes
System and method of processing streaming XML data
Report generation with integrated quality management
Computer knowledge representation format, system, methods, and applications
Search engine system using snapshot function of storage system
Method and system for providing message publishing on a dynamic page builder on the internet
Knowledge system method and appparatus
Methods and apparatus for context adaptation of speech-to-speech translation systems
Device, method, and computer program product for outputting storage location of verification-target character string
Integration of annotations to dynamic data sets
Exception ordering in contention management to support speculative sequential semantics
Method for automatically managing disk fragmentation
Method and apparatus for characterizing signals
Methodology for image fidelity verification
Structures including integrated circuits for reducing electromigration effect
Structure for partitioned dummy fill shapes for reduced mask bias with alternating phase shift masks
Method for interlayer and yield based optical proximity correction
Method and apparatus for calculating wiring capacitance, and computer product
Systems and methods for determining drop distance and speed of moving sportsmen involved in board sports
Method and device for controlling heat engine torque saturation in an infinitely variable transmission with electric speed selector
Atomic layer deposition apparatus
Method, device, computer system and computer program product for controlling a material flow
Process of geometrical characterisation of structures and device for implementing said process
Profile characterization
Smart card enabled secure computing environment system
Multimedia print driver dialog interfaces
Operation monitor system, semiconductor apparatus, and information collection apparatus
Device receiving unit that performs a determination based on data exchange which interfacing device takes precedence when a plurality of interfacing devices are simultaneously connected
Method and system for controlling a personalized video recorder with a set-top box
Direct navigation of two-dimensional control using a three-dimensional pointing device
Modeless interaction with GUI widget applications
Image reading apparatus and image processing method therefor, image formation apparatus, image processing system and printing time shortening method therefor
Method and multi-function machine having capability of generating and printing thumbnails corresponding to scanned documents
System and method for developing a configuration for a combination of two or more printshops
Command interpretation using rewritable command registers
Printer having Bi-level operational modes
Information processing system, content output apparatus, and method and program of controlling an information processing apparatus by a content output apparatus
Optimization model for processing hierarchical data in stream systems
Maintaining correct transaction results when transaction management configurations change
Systems and apparatuses for seamless integration of user, contextual, and socially aware search utilizing layered approach
Data synchronization method for an application database available on multiple wirelessly connected platforms
System and method for automatic terminology discovery
Systems and methods for modularizing data flows
Information search and retrieval system
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program for the same
Data parsing with annotated patterns
Information managing system, information managing method, and information managing program for managing various items of information of objects to be retrieved
Particle data computing apparatus, and particle data computing method
Conditional branch instruction capable of testing a plurality of indicators in a predicate register
Preferential dispatching of computer program instructions
Portable equipment and virtual reality method for optimisation of a visual inspection and expert appraisal of a structure particularly in civil engineering
Generating and tuning an allocation of transportation resources
Script application framework
Delta compression using multiple pointers
Software development environment with design specification validation tool
Computer method and apparatus for collapsing programming metamodels
System and method of identification of dangling pointers
Method, system, and program product for modeling processes
Method for generating adaptive usage environment descriptor of digital item
Mobile application morphing system and method
Data migration between versions of software
Constraint solver to code based test data generation for improving software reliability and security
Thread to thread communication
Remote performance monitor in a virtual data center complex
Method and apparatus for facilitating recognition of an open event window during operation of guest software in a virtual machine environment
Discrete event system and method for simulating global product development
Marker means for determining direction and zoom of a means for viewing
Printing system with power saving mode
Light emitting device including position determining member having a height that determines a distance between a focusing lens array and an image carrier
Magnetic ink character reading apparatus and method of controlling the same
Constructing basis functions using sensor wavelength dependence
Method for editing multi-channel images
Method and system for the presentation of blood vessel structures and identified pathologies
Medical image acquisition error detection
Three-dimensional (3D) modeling of coronary arteries
Clinical trial data processing system
Systems and methods for improving image quality using digital signal processing techniques
System and method for identifying and labeling fields of text associated with scanned business documents
Methods and apparatuses for extending dynamic handwriting recognition to recognize static handwritten and machine generated text
Media publishing system with methodology for parameterized rendering of image regions of interest
Image processing apparatus and image processing method for parallel decompression of image files
Image pickup apparatus with function of rate conversion processing and control method therefor
Image processing apparatus and image processing method for removing a noise generated by scanning a foreign object from image data obtained by scanning an original document
Systems and methods for deblurring data corrupted by shift variant blurring
Image conversion device, image conversion method, and recording medium
Systems and methods for enhanced coding gain
System and method for hybrid conservation of fossil fuel
Method for remote medical consultation and care
Method for providing web-based delivery of medical service requests
System and method for automatically providing personalized notices concerning financial products and/or services
Purchasing, redemption, and settlement systems and methods wherein a buyer takes possession at a retailer of a product purchased using a communication network
Method for acquiring and linking a plurality of fields from a plurality of data sources into a data supply chain of linked fields
Method of preventing fraud
Efficient inventory and information management
System and method for providing secure retirement benefits via a conversion process
Stored, temporary alteration of business logic
Smart secure storage
System and method for assessing risks of a software solution for a customer
Methods and systems for the securitization of certificates of deposit
Systems and methods for risk triggering values
Data processing apparatus and parameter generating apparatus applied to surround system
Evaluation of self-intersecting vector graphics objects via planar map profiles
Object customization and presentation system
Image data display apparatus
Method and apparatus for three-dimensional graphics, and computer product
Monitoring and alarming system and method
Wireless sensing device and wireless network sensing system
Methods and systems of determining physical characteristics associated with objects tagged with RFID tags
Electronic apparatus and computer-readable medium containing program for implementing control method thereof
System and method of monitoring modules of printing machines utilizing RFID tags
Method and system of attaching a RFID tag to an object
Devices for testing the operability of electronic circuitry
Method, apparatus, and program product for revealing redacted information
Plasma display panel
Semiconductor device, display device and electronic device equipped with the semiconductor device
Output buffer of a source driver in a liquid crystal display having a high slew rate and a method of controlling the output buffer
Liquid crystal display device
DC-DC converter with temperature compensation circuit
Data federation system, and control method and control program thereof
Electronic conference control device, electronic conference assistance method, storage medium, and computer data signal
Item data management over a data network for physical items in the control of a user
Three-dimensional display apparatus
Distance measuring device
Image navigation in a mobile station
Continuous click apparatus of mobile communication terminal and method for executing the same
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
Computer input device for automatically scrolling
Silencer device for a fluid line and heating unit having a silencer device
Transmitter and receiver for speech coding and decoding by using additional bit allocation method
Disfluency detection for a speech-to-speech translation system using phrase-level machine translation with weighted finite state transducers
Ultra high track density adaptive head core track pitch control
Selecting highest reliability sync mark in a sync mark window of a spiral servo track crossing
Magnetic disk apparatus and magnetic disk access controlling method
Magnetoresistive head and a manufacturing method thereof
Transducers for perpendicular recording with write pole tip angled toward media
Magnetoresistive head and magnetic storage apparatus
Disk drive and arm coil support assembly
Hard disk drive (HDD), method improving read hit ration in HDD, and medium recording computer program performing method
Optical pickup
Optical disk apparatus with approximate focus control of laser beam
Information-recording apparatus, information-recording method, program storage medium and program
Resilient data storage on optical media
Holographic storage and reproduction system and method with servo
Optical information recording medium
Resistance memory element and method of manufacturing the same, and semiconductor memory device
Memory device with multiple capacitor types
Energy adjusted write pulses in phase-change memory cells
Semiconductor memory device and operating method thereof
Error correction in memory devices
Method and device for error analysis of optical disc
Semiconductor memory device and test method thereof
Transformer core and its manufacturing method
Monolithic ceramic capacitor
High yield, high density on-chip capacitor design
Electrostatic actuator
Method of manufacturing packages
Configurable clock network for programmable logic device
Reflection-type bandpass filter
Mobile wireless communications device including a folded monopole multi-band antenna and related methods
Glass antenna for vehicle
Multiple element antenna assembly
Sleep optimization for mobile devices in a wireless network
Modular mounting and input/output
Forward converter transformer saturation prevention
Synchronous rectifier control circuit with deadtime adjustment to prevent crossover conduction
Metal-oxide-semiconductor circuit designs and methods for operating same
ESD protection structure
Single-stage power factor correction circuit
Method and apparatus for conditional response to a fault condition in a switching power supply
Ring oscillators
Driver device, physical quantity measuring device, and electronic instrument
Combining signal-interference-ratio (SIR) estimates for improved SIR estimation
Differential amplifier circuit, operational amplifier circuit, light-receiving amplifier circuit using the same, function selection circuit, and light-receiving circuit using the same
Differential amplification circuit
Delay line regulation using high-frequency micro-regulators
Impedance conversion in data communication
Reconfigurable logic cell made up of double-gate MOSFET transistors
Methods and circuitry for reconfigurable SEU/SET tolerance
Input and output circuit apparatus
Multivalued logic circuit
Power regulator circuitry for programmable logic device memory elements
Low power high slew non-linear amplifier for use in clock generation circuitry for noisy environments
Edge-missing detector structure
Self refresh oscillator and oscillation signal generation method of the same
Image processing method, semiconductor device for detecting physical quantity distribution, and electronic apparatus
D-A converter and D-A converting method
Low-complexity and low-power-consumption turbo decoder with variable scaling factor
Error correcting apparatus and error correcting method
Viterbi decoding apparatus and Viterbi decoding method
Apparatus, method, and computer program product providing improved uplink pilot transmission schemes
Spread spectrum receiver for restoring received symbols with a symbol detection window adjusted in optimal and a method therefor
Method of canceling noise contained in received signal
Keypad for a slider type portable mobile communications device
Laser drivers for closed path optical cables
Optical FM source based on intra-cavity phase and amplitude modulation in lasers
Optical receiver and optical reception method compatible with differential quadrature phase shift keying
Optical receiver, optical receiving apparatus using the optical receiver and optical receiving method thereof
Self clock generation structure for low power local clock buffering decoder
Method for user-aided network performance and connection quality reporting
Common field bus for data and energy transfer
Multiple-input multiple-output multicarrier communication system with joint transmitter and receiver adaptive beamforming for enhanced signal-to-noise ratio
Receiver hardware reduction for spatially independent signals and associated methods
Multi-antenna communication method and multi-antenna communicaton apparatus
Upstream adaptive modulation in a communications system
Packet communicating apparatus
Methods and computer programs for localizing broadcast content
Method and system for delivering contextual content to a mobile device
Communication session management system and a stream concentrator including such a system
Carrier search methods and apparatus
Wavelength superimposing device, manufacturing method therefor, and WDM network system
Method for transmitting packets in a wireless communication system and an apparatus using the same
Method and device for data transmission between two components moving relative to one another
Signal processing apparatus and method, recording medium and program
Native composite-field AES encryption/decryption accelerator circuit
Methods and systems for performing channels estimation in a wireless communication system
Method and apparatus for frequency domain compensation of DC offset in an orthogonal frequency division multiplexing system
Method for receiving data and communication device
Methods and systems that use information about a frame of video data to make a decision about sending the frame
Host device interfacing with a point of deployment (POD) and a method of processing broadcast data
Subscriber line accommodation device and packet filtering method
Method for processing LMP packets, LMP packet processing unit and LMP packet processing node
Method and system for dynamic gateway selection in an IP telephony network
Distinguishing between protocol packets in a wireless communication system
Method and apparatus for extended addressing in a fiber channel arbitrated loop
System and method for routing table computation and analysis
System and method for managing pre-emption of quality of service (QoS) allocations in a network
Method and system for network based call-pickup
Connections of nodes on different networks
Transmitting device, receiving device and method for establishing a wireless communication link
Distortion compensating apparatus and power amplifier apparatus
Multi-channel timing recovery system
FSK demodulator, FM demodulator, and related method with a build-in band-pass filter
Correction circuit for improving performance in a channel decoder
Interference canceling matched filter (ICMF) and related methods
FSK signal modulator for producing a binary FSK signal
Spectrum-sensing algorithms and methods
Method for securely creating an endorsement certificate in an insecure environment
Packet communication system
High-speed serial data signal interface architectures for programmable logic devices
Simple universal hash for plaintext aware encryption
Information processing apparatus, printing apparatus and printing system including thereof apparatuses
Digital signing method, digital signing apparatus, portable information processing apparatus, digital signing system, and recording medium
System and method for utilizing audit information for challenge/response during a password reset process
User position utilization system
Information processing apparatus
Simultaneous operation of a photographing device equipped communication apparatus
Methods, systems and computer program products for inventory reconciliation
Method and system for communication confirmation warning
Method and apparatus for selectively providing messages in telecommunications systems
Telephone exchange apparatus, telephone exchange system, and accounting method
System and method for provisioning telephony services
Telephone call screening and routing device and related method
Porting a directory number for a duration of time
Echo suppressor
Image reading apparatus
Image processing to perform error diffusion with dots formed based color component values and their sum relative to a threshold
Print control program, print control apparatus, and print control method
Image output device, color correction method, and computer readable medium storing program for color correction
Quantization matrix for still and moving picture coding
Electronic device having device side terminal portion for contact with battery
Imaging block and imaging apparatus
Imaging device and driving method thereof
System and method for synchronizing a strobe in video image capturing
Method of testing and installing a home automation remote control unit
EPG data
Receiving apparatus
Recording apparatus and control method thereof
Reproducing apparatus and reproducing method
Information processing device and method, recording medium, and program
Signal processing device, housing rack, and connector
Method and apparatus for improved increased bit-depth display from a transform decoder by retaining additional inverse transform bits
System and method for establishing a local chat session
Method for controlling authorization to an object and a computer program product for the authorization control
Mobile terminal, resource allocation manager, and communication control method
Wireless channel determination/selection method and access point device
Radio transmission apparatus and method of inserting guard interval
Distributed synchronization method and system
Intelligent delivery agent for short message distribution center
Mobile communication system, extension transmission/reception server, extension transmission/reception controller, base station, radio network controller, mobile station and communication method
Subsurface connection methods for subsurface heaters
Controller, in particular for motor vehicle transmissions
Methods for controlling wafer curvature
Mobile quick-keying device
Disk array apparatus
Module and mounted structure using the same
Arrangement for placing a frequency converter in a cabinet
Heat dissipation structure
Information equipment
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Heat disinfection of seeds
Tomato harvester with improved devices for feeding cut plants to the shaker
Offset auger feed for a combine clean grain elevator
Controlled delivery compositions and processes for treating organisms in a column of water on land
Phosphate composition and its utilization
Herbal chinese joint complex
Apparatus and method for food microbial intervention and pasteurization
Microflora compositions for use in the production of uncooked stinky tofu (chaw-tofu)
Method of making a milk calcium composition
Liquid beverage concentrate
Food material containing antioxidant ingredient derived from citrus fruits
Chewing gum product including a hydrophilic gum base and method of producing
Methods and compositions for enhancing palatability of pet food
Cloning and expression of phytase from aspergillus
Oral care compositions comprising chlorite and methods
Method for treating hypercholesterolemia, hyperlipidemia, and atherosclerosis
Method for continuous manufacture of multi-colored and/or multi-flavored food product
Device and method for concealing bodily protrusions
Tissue remodeling apparatus containing cooling fluid
Light selective sport garments
Fastener tape material, bag utilizing fastener tape material, and method of manufacture thereof
Depilation system with a depilation device and a cooling device with a thermally insulating envelope
Reflected light glare minimization for athletic contest
Suspended Christmas tree
Cyclone collector for a vacuum cleaner having a flow guide
Device for protecting a cover on a probe
Apparatus and method for forming thin-walled elastic components from an elastomeric material
Tongue depressor and throat viewing assembly
Corneum puncture needle
Method of use of an improved specimen retrieval bag
Illuminated saphenous vein retractor
Surgical connector systems and methods of use
Expandable myocardial implant
Aneurysm liner
Ligation clip and clip applier
Hybrid stone retrieval device
Clot retrieval device
Methods and devices for occluding the ascending aorta and maintaining circulation of oxygenated blood in the patient when the patient's heart is arrested
Cover for plate for mandibular osteosynthesis
Method and apparatus for applying thermal energy to tissue asymetrically
Ablating arrangement
Bipolar electrosurgical scissors
Selective laser-induced heating of biological tissue
Bioabsorable markers for use in biopsy procedures
Method and apparatus for temporarily immobilizing a local area of tissue
Method and apparatus for monitoring fetal status data
Method and apparatus for distributed software architecture for medical diagnostic systems
Respiration monitoring system based on sensed physiological parameters
Portable hearing threshold tester
Real-time display of ultrasound in slow motion
Method and apparatus for multiple angle compound flow imaging
Non-stretching wound dressing and method for making same
Bandage for the ankle joint
Absorbent article with high stiffness
Sanitary pad
Shaped skin attachment means for a faecal collector
Implant holder
Method of treatment for premature rupture of membranes in pregnancy (PROM)
Apparatus and methods for placement and repositioning of intraluminal prostheses
Endoluminal stents and their manufacture
Stents with temporary retaining bands
Methods and apparatus for measuring valve annuluses during heart valve-replacement surgery
Stented bioprosthetic heart valve
Bioabsorbable, layered composite material for guided bone tissue regeneration
Bone hemi-lumbar interbody spinal implant having an asymmetrical leading end and method of installation thereof
Prosthetic ankle and walking system
Ankle and foot therapeutic device
Pad for use with a continent ostomy port
Method and apparatus for cutting an oblong corneal flap
Infant care apparatus with protective sound and light
Sexual aid device
Vibrator appliance particularly useful for dialysis
Tooth pastes
Artemisia judaica fractionation method
Treating depression with alcohol extracts of tobacco
Tablet comprising a delayed release coating
Method for treating acne
Method of treating HIV infection with transdermal gel containing mammalian liver extract
Methods and compounds for the treatment of immunologically-mediated diseases using mycobacterium vaccae
Ocular treatment using cyclosporin-A derivatives
Method of treatment for feline leukemia virus infections
Pressurized container having an aerosolized pharmaceutical composition
Mixed micellar drug deliver system and method of preparation
Gene therapy for pulmonary edema using adenovirus vectors encoding Na,K-ATPase
Method for treating a catecholamine secretion
Immunotherapy of epithelial tumors using intralesional injection of antigens that induce a delayed type hypersensitivity reaction
Method of treating cancer with a tumor cell line having modified cytokine expression
Antibodies to meningococcal polysaccharide conjugate vaccines
Attenuated Pasteurella piscicida vaccine for fish
Tolerogenic fragments of natural allergens
Pharmaceutical preparations of glutathione and methods of administration thereof
Targeted polymerized liposome diagnostic and treatment agents
Method of reducing staining of stannous in dentifrice compositions
Composition for the treatment of halitosis
Cosmetic stick composition
Mixtures of volatile linear siloxanes
Method of styling hair with hair spray compositions containing carboxylated polyurethane resins
Autophobic hair spray composition comprising film forming resin, propellant, and autophobic hair spray additive
Shampoo compositions
Solubilized cosmetic composition with a pharmaceutical or cosmetic agent, a methacrylate copolymer and a cyclodextrin
Cultured plant cell gums for food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and industrial applications
Hollow porous ceramic carrier for embedding in patient for sustained medicament release and method of preparation thereof
Methods for treating ovarian cancer, poly (phosphoester) compositions, and biodegradable articles for same
Rapidly disintegrating methylcellulose tablets
Process for producing coated solid dosage forms
Effervescent drug delivery system for oral administration
Double capsule for the administration of active principles in multiple therapies
Lid latching mechanism for sterilization container
Gels and multilayer surface structures from boronic acid containing polymers
Soft tissue closure systems
Disinfectant distribution system for heating and cooling ducts
Vacuum dosing device
Microporous hollow fiber blood oxygenator
Headache treatment and method
Devices for treating circadian rhythm disorders using LED's
Catheter for uniform delivery of medication
Nested tubing sections and method for making
Catheter coupling
Selected drug delivery profiles using competing ions
Radioisotope bandage for reducing scar tissue formation
Biocidal locks
Afterloader apparatus
Transdermal ultrasonic device and method
Variable resistance exercise machine
Weightlifting device and method
Convertible exercise apparatus with body supporting element
Fold-out treadmill
Three-piece wound golf ball
Golf club head formed of a head case and a ball-striking plate doubly fused with the head case
Golf putter
Golf club grip assist device
Baseball pitching aid
Putter training apparatus
Swinging structure for a mechanical animal
Toy motorcycle configurable as a hovercycle
Magnetic steering assembly for a toy vehicle
Roll-up halfpipe for miniature toy skateboard
Finger puppet with a transparent window and tummy cavity
Reconfigurable toy cycle
Performing Operations; Transporting
Stormwater treatment apparatus
Arrangement in a separator
Dual filter with flow mixer
Plant for the vacuum distillation of a liquid product
High temperature dust collector
Solid powder trapping system
Filter arrangement; sealing system; and methods
Air filtration system
Multi-chambered air/oil separator
Gas purification apparatus
Electrode self-cleaning mechanism for electro-kinetic air transporter-conditioner devices
Gas separation devices
System for exhaust gas purification
Enhancing filtration yields in tangential flow filtration
Combined supported liquid membrane/strip dispersion process for the removal and recovery of metals
Method of dispersing fibers in electromagnetic-attenuating coating materials
Electrospraying for mass fabrication of chips and libraries
Method for producing micro-carrier and test method by using said micro-carrier
Processes for reacting gaseous reactants containing solid particles
Remediation material and remediation process for sediments
Adsorbents and adsorptive separation process
Preparation of zeolite-bound FAU structure type zeolite and use thereof
Sorbent compositions
Consolidated amorphous carbon materials, their manufacture and use
Nitrogen oxide storage material and nitrogen oxide storing catalyst prepared therefrom
Apparatus and method for reducing carbon monoxide concentration and catalyst for selectively oxidizing carbon monoxide
NU-85 zeolite catalyst and a process for improving the pour point of feeds containing paraffins
System for the ion exchange purification of hydroxylamine
Apparatus for measuring a migration ability of ameboidally mobile cells
Device for handling specimens
Method of manufacturing a device for assay of liquid sample
Redrawn capillary imaging reservoir
Support bridge for preventing centrifugal forces from collapsing a container placed in a centrifuge rotor
Ball and socket closure for specimen collection container incorporating a dimple locking mechanism
Microsample tube with reduced dead volume and barcode capability
Magnetic decontamination device and method
Centrifugal unbalance detection system
Apparatus for forming coating film
Optimized versatile coating hopper
Painting apparatus and method
Simulated fireplace made from a compressible material
Fume hood with airflow control system
Micro-environment reactor for processing a workpiece
In situ immobilization within density variant bodies of water
Metal injection molding
Alloy of AuZn AuCu or ZnCu
Process for producing sintered product
Process and device for the fine machining of the toothed gears of a gearbox
Method for practicing a feedback controlled laser induced surface modification
Laser stripping improvement by modified gas composition
Method for generating continuous stream of liquid metal droplets
Welded sheet metal component
Low-melting potassium fluoroaluminate
Process for manufacturing pipes
Machine tool with improved tool changer means
Method and apparatus for planarizing microelectronic substrates and conditioning planarizing media
Zone textured magnetic recording media and methods for their production
Abrasive machine
Combined CMP and wafer cleaning apparatus and associated methods
Method for determining a polishing recipe based upon the measured pre-polish thickness of a process layer
Methods for predicting polishing parameters of polishing pads, and methods and machines for planarizing microelectronic substrate assemblies in mechanical or chemical-mechanical planarization
Apparatus and method for chemical mechanical polishing
High pressure cleaning
High quality optically polished aluminum mirror and process for producing
Apparatus for polishing workpiece
Drive system for a carrier head support structure
Grit blast nozzle for surface preparation of tube
Polishing pad conditioning device with cutting elements
Method for laminating woody fiberboard
Method for producing a ceramic part with an internal structure
Method of manufacturing structure by using biodegradable mold
Vulcanizing method and vulcanizing apparatus of tire
Method of multi-layer injection molding
Jig for producing pellicle and method for producing pellicle using the same
Viscosity stabilization of radiation-curable filled compositions
V-ribbed belt and method for fabricating the same
Tubular composite containers having folded unsupported film liners
Method of making integrated label products
Laminator for corrugated paperboard sheets
Fiber-reinforced plastic pipe
Turbine shaft and method for producing a turbine shaft
Composite hanger and label incorporating the same
Solventless primers which are hardenable by radiation
Gas-impermeable elastic membrane and hydropnematic accumulator equipped with this measure
Biodegradable card base
Low density structures having radar absorbing characteristics
Method of making a composite fabric for coverstock having separate liquid pervious and impervious regions
Coating structure
Easy-to-tear safety adhesive tape
Method of manufacturing a rotogravure printing medium
Method of fabricating a 3-dimensional tool master
Apparatus for manufacturing three dimensional parts using an inert gas
Direct write imaging medium
Recording sheet for ink jet printer
Method for producing permanent drawings and markings on plastic tiles or tiles made of polycarbonate
Transfer sheet for adhesive layer and use thereof
Coated multi-filament reinforcing carbon yarn
Side visor with ventilation function for car
Monobloc hollow shaft
Method of ratio control for a CVT in a manual mode
Method for establishing a defined active relationship between the operation of the accelerator pedal and the resulting braking torque of a vehicle
Rear derailleur of a bicycle
Jet propulsion boat
Inflatable transom seal and techniques for assembling such seal in a stern drive
Marine stern drive two-speed transmission
Outboard engine with resonance-avoiding exhaust housing
Dual electric motor stern drive with forward thruster control
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Mass synthesis method of high purity carbon nanotubes vertically aligned over large-size substrate using thermal chemical vapor deposition
Method for making molecular sieves and novel molecular sieve compositions
On-site generation of ultra-high-purity buffered-HF and ammonium fluoride
Ferroelectric element and process for producing the same
High-density acicular hematite particles, non-magnetic undercoat layer and magnetic recording medium
Water quality improver
Method and apparatus for controlling water system fouling
Device for thickening liquids or sludges
Reductive heat exchange water and heat exchange system using such water
Biodegradation of ethers using fatty acid enhanced microbes
Microorganisms, microbial symbionts, their culture methods, and methods for treating manganese-containing water using them
Method and composition for inhibiting biological fouling in an irrigation system
Optical member with layer having a coating geometry and composition that enhance cleaning properties
Methods and compositions for cementing pipe strings in well bores
Solid agglomerate for components used for construction, decoration and/or novelty items
Reduced degradation of metal oxide ceramic due to diffusion of a mobile specie therefrom
Method for forming insulated products and building products formed in accordance therewith
Building material
Electrostatically applicable coating powder and processes therefor
Biological digestion of animal carcasses
Integrated system and method for purifying water, producing pulp and paper and improving soil quality
Compositions and processes useful for treatment of macerated foodstuff waste products especially useful in conjunction with a garbage disposal apparatus
Poly(butadiene)poly(lactone) thermoplastic block polymers, methods of making, and uncured high energy compositions containing same as binders
Method and apparatus for total energy fuel conversion systems
Sulfonylimide compounds
Process for separating by distillation pure (meth)acrylic acid from mixtures
Selected polymeric furanone magenta colorants
Tocotrienols and geranylgeraniol from Bixa orellana byproducts
Aortic-specific enhancer sequence and uses thereof
Synthesis of polynucleotides having random sequences
Bacillus strain and antibiotic screening method
Compositions and methods for the prevention and treatment of M. tuberculosis infection
Isolation and expression of DNA sequence encoding the five subunits of Bordetella pertussis toxin
Interaction between cyclin D1 and steroid receptor coactivators and users thereof in assays
TIE ligand homologue antibody
Compositions of highly-purified natural mixtures of type I interferon derived from leukocytes and methods
Tumor-associated antigen
Methods and compositions relating to CD39-like polypeptides and nucleic acids
Receptors for fibroblast growth factors
Gene product over expressed in cancer cells
Apoptosis marker antibodies and methods of use
Melanocortin receptor ligands and methods of using same
Radiation-curable weather-resistant compositions comprising carbonate (meth) acrylates
Aqueous lacquer packaged in an aerosol device and including at least one silicone graft polymer for treating keratinous materials, and uses thereof
Coatings based on fluoropolyethers
Silicon containing multi-arm star polymers
Method for producing flexible PVC
Methods of making blend compositions of an unmodified poly vinyl alcohol and a thermoplastic elastomer
Weatherable compositions useful as coatings, method, and articles coated therewith
Composition for image receiving layer and polymer film having the image receiving layer formed therefrom
Melamine resin foam
Biodegradable plastic molded article
Particle having an attached halide group and methods of making the same
Thermoplastic blends with improved adhesion and thermal stability
Curable resin composition
Metal complex pigments
Coating compositions containing non-aqueous dispersed polymer, a silane functional acrylic polymer and a triazine
Method of CMP of polysilicon
Method of treating an aluminum surface to improve adhesion
Cross-linked polyolefin foam
Organic light-emitting diode with terbium complex
Stabilizer composition
Use of CsOH in a dielectric CMP slurry
Blended polyol ester lubricants for refrigerant heat transfer fluids
Mercury removal in petroleum crude using H2S/C
Refinery process including membrane separation
Two-zone molten metal hydrogen-rich and carbon monoxide-rich gas generation process
Method of and apparatus for fluidized-bed gasification and melt combustion
Biodegradable ether dry cleaning solvent
Alkaline lipolytic enzyme
Method for transferring biological material
Plasmids originating in ammonia oxidizing bacteria and use of the same
Transcriptional regulatory region
Riboflavin synthase genes and enzymes and methods of use
Helper viruses for the preparation of recombinant viral vectors
Recombinant DNA and methods for producing thermostable enzymes
HAS2 splicing variant HOEFC11: a target in chronic renal failure, inflammatory diseases and myocardial ischemia
Phosphodiesterase 10
Pullulanase variants and methods for preparing such variants with predetermined properties
Human prostate-associated protease
Method for producing L-phenylalanine
Electrochemical and photochemical electrodes and their use
Test media and quantitative or qualitative method for identification and differentiation of biological materials in a test sample
Method for isolating inhibitors of protease activity
Methods for identifying herbicidal agents that inhibit D1 protease
Reagent for assay of amylase isozyme activity
Enzyme composition for use as a clinical diagnostic reagent
Cancer detection probes
Methods for detection of a target nucleic acid using a probe comprising secondary structure
Method of quantitating dsDNA
Extended dynamic range assays
Method for densifying aluminum and iron briquettes and adding to steel
Modular solvent extraction plant
Resin-in-pulp method for recovery of nickel and cobalt
Bottom pour electroslag refining systems and methods
Powder-metallurgically produced composite material and method for its production
Soft magnetic alloy
Aluminum alloy composition and method of manufacture
Method of producing superplastic alloys and superplastic alloys produced by the method
Alternate steps of IMP and sputtering process to improve sidewall coverage
Linear magnetron arc evaporation or sputtering source
UHV horizontal hot wall cluster CVD/growth design
Organometallic compound mixtures in chemical vapor deposition
Processing insert, and production of same
Ferroelectric thin-film device and method for producing the same
Method of cleaning and conditioning plasma reaction chamber
Plasma processing method
Deposited-film forming process and deposited-film forming apparatus
Formation of conductive rugged silicon
Starting cathodes made of copper band for copper electrolysis and a method for the production thereof
Real time control device for electroformation, plating and deplating processes
Process for coating three-dimensional electrically conductive substrates
Anodic electrophoretic coating method
Method and device for regulating the concentration of substances in electrolytes
Electro deposition chemistry
Method for improvement of planarity of electroplated copper
Electric field directed construction of diodes using free-standing three-dimensional components
Method of producing a polycrystalline silicon rod
Methods of producing doped semiconductors
Process for producing nitrogen-doped semiconductor wafers
Strontium doping of molten silicon for use in crystal growing process
Method for forming an epitaxial silicon-germanium layer
Method for producing porous diamond
Crystal growth and annealing for minimized residual stress
Textiles; Paper
Method of forming a treated fiber and a treated fiber formed therefrom
Printed flocked pile fabric and method for making same
Rolls to fold, cut, or advance segments in folding apparatus
Batch cooking with black liquor pretreatment
Method for making high bulk wet-pressed tissue
Method of manufacturing a press fabric by spirally attaching a top laminate layer with a heat-activated adhesive
Fixed Constructions
Adjustable drain apparatus
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method for fabricating carbon-carbon articles
Housing-free maintenance unit
Torque-transmitting linear rolling bearing
Universal joint
Constant velocity fixed joint with control element
Hydraulic control system for pressure control of a CVT variator with limp home mode
Direct computer controlled electro hydraulic device for multi-speed transmission friction element control
Hydraulic control device of automatic transmission
Safety tips for police batons
Method for attaching a micromechanical sensor in a housing and sensor assembly
Medical device for fluid collection and method to fill multiple specimen tubes
Substrate removal as a functional of sonic analysis
Control particles for cell counting and instrument linearity
Method and system for determining analyte activity
Hydrophilic polyurethane-coated chloride-selective electrodes
Sensor element
Calibration method using a stable and safe redox standard solution
Method of determining component concentrations in three-component mixture and method of continuous production of hydrogen fluoride using the method
Determination of white blood cell differential and reticulocyte counts
(Bio)chemical reagent solid phases, process for their production and their applications
Integrated optic waveguide immunosensor
Device for delivery of multiple liquid sample streams to a mass spectrometer
Elisa serodiagnosis of pig pleuropneumoniae serotype 2
Fluorescence polarization--based diagnostic assay for equine infectious anemia virus
Methods for detection and evaluation of bladder cancer
Reagents and methods useful for detecting diseases of the prostate
Hair analysis method
Method of testing electromigration lifetime
Spin-valve type thin film element and its manufacturing method
Ultrasound imaging method and apparatus based on pulse compression technique using modified golay codes
Method of forming intermediate structures in porous substrates in which electrical and optical microdevices are fabricated and intermediate structures formed by the same
Biomolecular synthesis of quantum dot composites
Photothermographic image recording element
Precipitation of high chloride content silver halide emulsions
Heat-developable photographic material
Thermally developable imaging materials containing surface barrier layer
High contrast visually adaptive radiographic film and imaging assembly for orthopedic imaging
Concentrated fixing solution and method for processing silver halide photographic material using the same
Photographic black-and-white reversal first developer
Color photographic element exhibiting increased red speed
Packaged color photographic film comprising a blocked phenylenediamine developing agent and a method for processing the film
Color photographic element containing speed improving compound in combination with reflecting material
Oxide structure having a finely calibrated thickness
Method of making decorative panels
Method for creating thinner resist coating that also has fewer pinholes
Nested overlay measurement target
Rinse composition
Protective corona coating compositions and processes thereof
Toner cartridge seal assembly
Photoreceptor with adjustable charge generation section
Electrophotographic photoconductors comprising polyaryl ethers
Reactive compatibilization of polymeric components such as siloxane polymers with toner resins
Yellow toner
Plasma etch method for forming patterned layer with enhanced critical dimension (CD) control
Interactive gaming machine and method with customized game screen presentation
Method of forming thin film pattern and pole portion of thin film magnetic head
Textured surface and method
High permeability metal glassy alloy for high frequencies
Linear drive system for use in a plasma processing system
Heater for processing chamber
Plasma processing apparatus
Method for patterning high density field emitter tips
Dry etching apparatus and its manufacturing method
Method of reducing water spotting and oxide growth on a semiconductor structure
Method of fabricating a field emission device on the sidewalls of holes formed in an insulator layer
Integration of silicon-rich material in the self-aligned via approach of dual damascene interconnects
Manufacturing method for semiconductor device having a multilayer interconnect
Simplified graded LDD transistor using controlled polysilicon gate profile
Method for making flash memory with UV opaque passivation layer
Method for forming a self-aligned silicide layer
Method of fabricating improved copper metallization including forming and removing passivation layer before forming capping film
Method for decreasing CHC degradation
Increased polish removal rate of dielectric layers using fixed abrasive pads
Process for achieving full global planarization during CMP of damascene semiconductor structures
Spacer etch method for semiconductor device
Method of manufacturing a multi-layered ceramic substrate
Method of making a support circuit with a tapered through-hole for a semiconductor chip assembly
Method of producing multilayer circuit board
Method of forming a tungsten plug in a hole
Reducing CMP scratch, dishing and erosion by post CMP etch back method for low-k materials
Method for making a semiconductor device having a carbon doped oxide insulating layer
Chemical-mechanical polishing of semiconductors
Method of forming high-stability metallic contacts in an integrated circuit with one or more metallized layers
Semiconductor memory device and manufacturing method of the same
Electronic device, method of manufacturing the same, and apparatus for manufacturing the same
Graded/stepped silicide process to improve MOS transistor
Method of increasing the depth of lightly doping in a high voltage device
Method to remove copper contamination by using downstream oxygen and chelating agent plasma
Method of bonding ball grid array package to circuit board without causing package collapse
Method for autoaligning overlapped lines of a conductive material in integrated electronic circuits
Method of manufacturing semiconductor memory device including various contact studs
Semiconductor chip assembly with ball bond connection joint
Pad alignment for AlCu pad for copper process
Optoelectronic packaging submount arrangement providing 90 degree electrical conductor turns and method of forming thereof
Semiconductor chip assembly with simultaneously electroplated contact terminal and connection joint
Interlevel dielectric thickness monitor for complex semiconductor chips
Pillar process for copper interconnect scheme
Method for manufacturing semiconductor devices
Via RC improvement for copper damascene and beyond technology
Methods of providing an interlevel dielectric layer intermediate different elevation conductive metal layers in the fabrication of integrated circuitry
Interconnect structure with gas dielectric compatible with unlanded vias
Method of fabricating dual damascene structure using a hard mask
Method for reducing thermal budget in node contact application
Method of forming complementary type conductive regions on a substrate
Memory cell having a vertical transistor with buried source/drain and dual gates
Bit line landing pad and borderless contact on bit line stud with etch stop layer and manufacturing method thereof
Method for fabricating a semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor read-only memory device and method of fabricating the same
Embedded DRAM on silicon-on-insulator substrate
Semiconductor device having a built-in heat sink and process of manufacturing same
Method of forming dual damascene structure
Junction leakage monitor for MOSFETs with silicide contacts
CMOS integrated circuit architecture incorporating deep implanted emitter region to form auxiliary bipolar transistor
Strapping via for interconnecting integrated circuit structures
Process for manufacturing nonvolatile memory cells with dimensional control of the floating gate regions
Method of fabrication of a no-field MOS transistor
Thin-film two-terminal elements, method of production thereof, liquid crystal display
Process for fabrication of an all-epitaxial-oxide transistor
Sulfate additives for nonaqueous electrolyte rechargeable cells
Sulfite additives for nonaqueous electrolyte rechargeable cells
Load responsive air door for an electrochemical cell
Battery element containing efficiency improving additives
Manganese-rich quaternary metal oxide materials as cathodes for lithium-ion and lithium-ion polymer batteries
Lithium secondary battery
Fuel cell with gas diffusion layer flow passage
Method for preventing compressor from freezing in automobile fuel cell system
Mist evaporation system for fuel cell hydration
Composite gas distribution structure for fuel cell
Fuel cell with fluid distribution layer having intergral sealing capability
Microstrip phase shifters
Connector systems
Medical connector system and method of use
Resilient electrical contact for large conductors
Optical semiconductor device having active layer and carrier recombination layer different from each other
Multilayer combined rigid/flex printed circuit board containing flexible soldermask
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