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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Process and device for cutting sausage
Tooth whitening compositions and delivery systems therefor
Chewing gum and confectionery compositions containing a stain removing complex, and methods of making and using the same
Liquid-filled chewing gum composition
Chocolate products and ingredients and methods for producing novel oil-in-water suspensions
Brassiere construction
Light attachment
Foldable host unit case for a computer with joint mechanisms
Frame structure for a foldable chair
Infant positioning seat insert
Instrumentation and methods for use in implanting a cervical disc replacement device
Method and apparatus for early diagnosis of Alzheimer's using non-invasive eye tomography by terahertz
Elongated intra-lumenal medical device
Capacitance-type pressure sensor and heart beat / respiration measuring device using the same
Absorbent article
Tissue augmentation device
Medical devices including composites
Low profile stent-graft attachment
Stretchable anti-buckling coiled-sheet stent
Composite limb guard
Apparatus for treating venous insufficiency
Vehicle conversion assembly and method of converting a vehicle
Adjuvant viral particle
Stimulating neutrophil function to treat inflammatory bowel disease
Compositions and methods for detecting cancer and for inhibiting metastasis
IL-32 monoclonal antibodies and uses thereof
Feeder layer and serum independent embryonic stem cells
Medical device with modified marker band
Low profile adaptor for use with a medical catheter
Contact and penetration depth sensor for a needle assembly
System and method for high pressure delivery of gas-supersaturated fluids
Stretching device
Dynamic isokinetic exercise apparatus
Apparatus for cooling trampolines
Articulating batting tee
Gold putting training apparatus and method
Method for adding qualifier to casino games
Board game
Method and apparatus for automated configuration of gaming machine operating parameters
Performing Operations; Transporting
Filter unit, filter device and filtration process for fluids
Apparatus for processing perfluorocarbon
Modular and reconfigurable multi-stage microreactor cartridge apparatus
Cell for generating disinfection water and system using the same
Microfluidic device having microchips
Sheet conveyance roller and sheet processing apparatus with RFID unit embedded in the rotational member
Method of applying photocatalysts to thermoplastic surfaces
Method of liquid crystal alignment for a flexible LCD with micro-grooves
Rotating tool having an electric data carrier
Flashlight casing containing retractable tools
Production method of rolled optical film having coating layer, rolled optical film, polarizing plate and liquid crystal display
Systems for providing a labeling region on a vehicular body panel
Apparatus for producing multi-layer film
Method for producing a pellet from a fiber-filled resin composition and injection-molded products thereof
Method for manufacturing a foil decorated molding
Catheter with a transparent shaft
Method for manufacturing a hollow fiber composite component and intermediate products for the manufacture
Process of manufacturing optical waveguide and connection structure of optical devices
Producing method of pneumatic tire
Roofing membrane
Radiation curable composition
Component for a vehicle interior having a soft-feel touch
Honeycomb structure
Cellular cushioned material
Assembly for forming a ceramic arc discharge vessel and method of manufacture
Method of thermal adherend release and apparatus for thermal adherend release
Metal-treated particles for remediation
Method of joining surfaces
Durable metallized self-adhesive laminates
Printing apparatus
Liquid discharge recording head and liquid discharge recording head cartridge including the same
Wiper blade member for ink jet recording head, ink jet recording apparatus having wiper blade and ink jet recording method
Maintenance device used for cleaning a print head of an ink cartridge
Replaceable ink stick guides and supports
Recording apparatus
System and method of trimming a bound document
Ball-point pen
Omni-directional wheel design for construction cost reduction
Drive away axle assembly
Energy-absorbing trailer hitch receiver
Power supply apparatus for sliding door
Central pillar and ducting for automotive vehicle
Head rest device
Small utility vehicle
Adjustable shelving system for vehicles
Vehicle occupant restraint system including an airbag
Extended fill inflation apparatus
Automatic gearbox with infinitely-variable ratio
Harness protecting structure for vehicular horn
Retractable air deflection apparatus for reduction of vehicular air drag
Offset track
Variable-sized molded product tray denesting apparatus
Sheet conveying apparatus and image forming apparatus
Sheet feeding/conveying method and sheet feeding/conveying apparatus
Automatic sheet feeding apparatus and recording apparatus
Sheet feeding apparatus and image forming apparatus
Image reading and recording apparatus
Drum for conveying a sheet
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Room temperature synthesis of GaN nanopowder
Fertilizer production from fossil fuel with minimal carbon dioxide emission
Methods of synthesis of isotopically enriched borohydride and methods of synthesis of isotopically enriched boranes
Dry clay powder for asphalt sealer and novel asphalt sealer
Method for the preparation of a carminic acid lake
Mixtures of reactive dyes and their use
Refrigerant compositions
Compositions and processes for reducing NO.sub.x emissions during fluid catalytic cracking
Method of combustion
Method and device for adjusting the sediment content of a drink
Method and system for producing metallic iron nuggets
Rolling member and producing method thereof
Manufacturing process for perpendicular magnetic recording medium
Chemical vapor deposition reactor having multiple inlets
Apparatus and method for removing coating film
Method of wet cleaning a surface, especially of a material of the silicon-germanium type
Textiles; Paper
Suction box and dehydrator with pressurization and forming machine using thereof
Fixed Constructions
Tire deflation device
Handrail or top rail, post and panel assembly and connector therefor
Column block system
Control system
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Serpentine flow circuit with tip section cooling channels
Large tapered rotor blade with near wall cooling
Two-stage rotary compressor
Air compressor having a controller for a variable speed motor and a compressed air tank
Internal gear pump
Locking nut, bolt and clip systems and assemblies
Furniture and joint systems
Hub unit mounting structure
Variable clearance packing ring arrangement
Fluid control valve
Pinch faucet
Positioning member of device assembly
Adapter for light bulbs equipped with volatile active dispenser and light emitting diodes
Emergency under-lighting systems for vehicles
Piezoelectric lighter with increased security
Multi-gas cooker, with a rotary valve provided with interchangeable regulating means
Cooling apparatus and method for controlling the same
Ventilated window for indoor air quality improvement in buildings
Temperature sensor and method of manufacturing the same
Thermal analysis system and method of drying the same
Magnetic devices
Tracer-containing compositions
Analytical test element and method for blood analyses
Leak judgment method, and computer-readable recording medium with recorded leak-judgment-executable program
Method for measuring by means of chemical sensor, and chemical sensor type measuring apparatus
Gel electroelution and sample separation devices and associated processes
System for automatically storing and reprocessing patient samples in an automatic clinical analyzer
Backlight module and light guide plate thereof
Fiber optic splice housing and integral dry mate connector system
Connection device with a cable gland having housing parts enabling relative movement therebetween
Stable titanium spectacle frames for telemicroscopes and surgical telescopes
Ophthalmic lens including photochromic material
Camera module
Method and apparatus to increase the contrast ratio of the image produced by a LCoS based light engine
Phase calibration for attenuating phase-shift masks
Method of fabricating periodic domain inversion structure
Method of making an address plate
Electrophotographic photoreceptor, method of producing the same, process cartridge, and image-forming apparatus
Electrophotographic photoreceptor, method of producing the same, process cartridge, and image-forming apparatus
Imaging member
Imaging members
Mechanical oscillator system
Perpendicular magnetic recording medium for high density recording and manufacturing of the same
Sensitized photochemical switching for cholesteric liquid crystal displays
Method of manufacturing fluorescent lamps by securing leads within the lamp's eyelets without exerting external tension to the leads
Non-aqueous secondary battery and its control method
Secondary battery module
Fuel cell electrode, membrane-electrode assembly, and fuel cell system
Electrochemical cell with reduced height fillport
Fuel processing method and system
Cable connector
Electrical connector assembly with heat dissipating device
Electrical connection device and connector
Safety plug socket
Waterproof tightening structure for a signal connector
Mounting apparatus for expansion card
Lever-type connector and a connector assembly
Lever-type connector and method of operating it
Connection device
Socket with bolt
Connector holding clamp and connector retaining structure
Connector device
Electrical connector assembly
USB connector
Cable strain reliever
Electroluminescent display device, method for manufacturing the same, and electronic equipment
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Methods for determining risk of developing alzheimer's disease by detecting mutations in the presenilin 1 (PS-1) gene
Cryoprotective solutions comprising DMSO, PG, 2,3-butanediol,raffinose and PVP
Methods for photodecontamination of pathogens in blood
Rodent control
Safened pesticidal resin composition for controlling soil borne pests and process for the preparation thereof
Tuber planting system comprising chitin or chitosan
Method for controlling dreissena species
Dough punch and method of use
Multilayered, biaxially-oriented food casing comprising two oxygen-barrier layers
Treatment of meat
Refrigeration-shelf-stable ultra-pasteurized or pasteurized infant formula
Compositions useful in preparing unified food serving products
Process for preparing food products containing cocoa polyphenols
Method of producing a chocolate hollow body
Process for preparing chocolate coating and confectionary products containing same
Environmentally friendly chewing gum bases including polyhydroxyalkanoates
Method and apparatus for controlling the blending of drinks
Modified milk growth factor
Method for heating or cooling product containers
Delayed release flavorant compositions
Herbal mixture for treating nasal congestion
Process for making flurbiprofen lozenges
Female sexual dysfunction treatment
Dry mix formulation for bisphosphonic acids
Long acting injectable parasiticidal composition and the process for its preparation
Method of cryopreservation of blood vessels by vitrification
Method for flushing blood cells using gelatin
Method for the production and purification of adenoviral vectors
Anti-cyanovirin antibody with an internal image of gp120, a method of use thereof, and a method of using a cyanovirin to induce an immune response to gp120
Proteinic drug delivery system using membrane mimetics
Staphylococcus aureus antigen
Hepatitis A virus culture process
Equine herpesvirus glycoproteins
Pharmaceutical composition of herpes simplex virus typ-1 (HSV-1) glycoproteins
Lubricating composition for hands and skin
Biodegradable delivery systems of biologically active substances
Tocopherol compositions for delivery of biologically active agents
Locally administrable, biodegradable and sustained-release pharmaceutical composition for periodontitis and process for preparation thereof
Suppository containing an antidementia medicament
Oily composition with increased stability and process for producing the same
Method for producing liposomes with increased percent of compound encapsulated
Preparation of microparticles having a selected release profile
Tablet dosage form of clavulanic acid and amoxycillin comprising a trehalose excipient
Pharmaceutical composition comprising bupropion hydrochloride and fumaric acid
Method for preparing a pharmaceutical composition with modified release of the active principle, comprising a matrix
Gum acacia substituted soft gelatin capsules
Analgesic immediate and controlled release pharmaceutical composition
Device for the transdermal delivery of diclofenac
Storage wrap material
Method of purifying and removing viruses
Magnetically oriented tissue-equivalent and biopolymer tubes
Bioremediation of xenobiotics including methyl tert-butyl ether
Performing Operations; Transporting
Device for purifying gases, such as air in particular, or liquids, such as water in particular, and method for use with the device
Method for manufacturing an agglomerate
Apparatus and method of improving particle surface
Process for the production of coated particles
Monolithic polymer composition having an absorbing material
Systems and methods for rapid blot screening
Method and equipment for powder spray coating
Method for manufacturing magnetic recording medium
Method of coating a substrate wherein the flow rate of the coating solution is changed
Method of forming porous film and material for porous film
Method and device for surface sizing of soft pieces with porous surface
Sheet of glass with colored band and groove pattern to simulate a multipane structure
Method for monitoring polishing pad used in chemical-mechanical planarization process
Endpoint detection by chemical reaction and light scattering
Hardened wood flooring product
Carbon fiber ball and a process for manufacturing the same
Methods and apparatus for injection molding and injection blow molding multi-layer articles, and the articles made thereby
Biaxially oriented polyester film with high oxygen barrier, its use, and process for its production
Beta titanium-composite laminate
High barrier closure liner with oxygen absorbing capabilities
Thermoplastic laminate film
Polymeric waterproofing membrane
Container with recycled plastic
Partially impregnated lignocellulosic materials
Opaque polymeric films and processes for making the same
Composites of fluropolymers with thermally non-adherent non-fluoropolymers
Directly imageable waterless planographic printing plate
Thermal transfer element and process for forming organic electroluminescent devices
Waterfast ink receptive material
Water insoluble absorbent coating materials
Support for lithographic printing plate
Emblem for embroidery stitching to a substrate and method
Closure for vacuum-sealed containers with resealable pressure release
Microscopic tube devices and method of manufacture
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Carbonaceous particles and carbonaceous fibers both coated with boron nitride, and lithium secondary cells produced by using the same as negative active material
Wire for wire saw apparatus
Ceramic composite material and its manufacturing method, and heat resistant member using thereof
Junction between wires employing oxide superconductors and joining method therefor
Carbon bodies resistant to deterioration by oxidizing gases
DNA encoding a hybrid heterodimeric protein
Photographic element, compound, and process
Fermentative preparation process for and crystal forms of cytostatics
Situ and in vitro hybridization method and buffer
Target-dependent reactions using structure-bridging oligonucleotides
Method for separating biological substances by using photoresist
Methods and compositions for impairing multiplication of HIV-1
Vectors comprising SAR elements
HCV NS3 protein fragments having helicase activity and improved solubility
Nucleotide sequences derived from the genome of retroviruses of the HIV-1, HIV-2, and SIV type, and their uses in particular for the amplification of the genomes of these retroviruses and for the in vitro diagnosis of the diseases due to these viruses
MurF of Streptococcus pneumoniae
Gene regulating aureobasidin sensitivity
Enhanced expression of human platelet-derived growth factor in Pichia pastoris
Method of screening for compounds that bind P2x receptor
Prostate tumor polynucleotide compositions and methods of detection thereof
Molecules of the TNF receptor superfamily and uses therefor
Cytokine designated lerk-6
Nucleic acids encoding ataxin-2 binding proteins
Nucleic acids encoding truncated forms of inhibitory kappa B protein
Binding proteins for phosphoinositides, GRP1 or general receptor 1 for phophoinositide
Isolated nucleic acid molecules which encode TAGE molecules, and uses thereof
Human protein kinase and kinase inhibitors
Method for the quantitative measurement of human acute phase serum amyloid A protein; recombinant protein; specific antibody
Recombinant expression of proteins from secretory cell lines
Substrates for human cytomegalovirus protease
Strains of streptomyces producing endothelin antagonistic peptides
Extraction process and use of yellow mustard gum
Olefinic resin and electrophotographic toner prepared therefrom
Crosslinkable binder for charge transport layer of a photoconductor
Photosensitive ceramic compositions containing polycarbonate polymers
Materials for inducing alignment in liquid crystals and liquid crystal displays
Pattern-forming process using photosensitive resin composition
Surface treated barium sulfate and method of preparing the same
Rust preventive composition
Pressure sensitive adhesive for decorative films with removable and repositionable properties
Gasket with corrosion inhibitor
Method for determination of amine-based additives in drilling fluid filtrates
Organic photochromic compositions and method for fabrication of polymer waveguides
Diagnostic membrane containing fatty acid sarcosinate surfactant for testing oral fluid
Cell scraper device having blade on handles with pivotal joints
Nutrient plant formulation with microbial strains
Phage display for detergent enzyme activity
Nucleic acid enzymes for cleaving DNA
Nucleic acid based inhibition of CD40
Expression systems for preparation of polypeptides in prokaryotic cells
Expression control sequences
Transcriptional regulatory sequence of carcinoembryonic antigen for expression targeting
Use of oligonucleotide telomerase inhibitors to reduce telomere length
Methods for the selective expansion of lymphocytes by in vitro cultivation
Parthenogenic oocyte activation
Immortalized adult human colon epithelial cell line
Method for the stimulation of T cells having a desired antigen specificity
Enrichment of dendritic cells from blood
Recombinant materials and methods for production of limonene hydroxylases
Expression system for anaerobic gene expression in higher plants
.omega.-3 fatty acid desaturase
Type II restriction endonuclease, HpyCH4IV, obtainable from Helicobacter pylori CH4 and a process for producing the same
Apoptosis-inducing protein and gene encoding the same
Histidine kinase, 636 HK, of staphylococcus aureus
Amino-terminal deblocking enzyme
Catalytically-active gelatinase mutant
Yeast Pichia ciferrii
Method for preparing polynucleotide sequences and uses thereof
Method for the production of sialylated oligosaccharides
Inhibition of picornavirus genome replication by interference with VPg-nucleotidylylation and elongation
Genus and species-specific identification of Legionella
Facile method for identifying regulated promoters
Malignant human cell transformation detection method
Method for HLA typing
Method for detecting a hybridized nucleic acid molecule
Diagnostic assay for cancer
DNA sequencing by mass spectrometry
Method of forming adherent metal components on a polyimide substrate
Superalloy component with abrasive grit-free coating
Method for making high refractive index (HRI) film by adjusting the flow rate of a vaporized material
Production of a refractory metal by chemical vapor deposition of a bilayer-stacked tungsten metal
Method of fabricating in-situ doped rough polycrystalline silicon using a single wafer reactor
Method for deposition of a conformal layer on a substrate
Chemical vapor deposition velocity control apparatus
Method of plasma processing a substrate placed on a substrate table
Deposition of coatings using an atmospheric pressure plasma jet
Method of manufacturing a poly-crystalline silicon film
Selective substrate metallization
Process for stabilizing strip in a plant for coating strip material
Stainless steel coated with intermetallic compound and process for producing the same
Thermal spray powder of dicalcium silicate and coating thereof and manufacture thereof
High tensile strength electrodeposited copper foil
Composite multilayer bearing material
Method for producing abrasive tips for gas turbine blades
Fixed Constructions
Composite structural components for outdoor use
Replaceable wear member
Soundabsorbing element and procedure for manufacture of this element and use of this element
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Synthesis and use of heterogeneous polymer gels
Process for producing two-ply friction material
Electrochemical etching method for silicon substrate having PN junction
Cell fixative and preparation composition, kit and method
Photomask, and process and apparatus for determining condition of photomask
Method and device for the continuous measurement and control of the composition of a wetting-agent solution for offset printing
Systems and methods for standardizing herbal extracts utilizing absorption studies
Analysis element and method for preparing the same
Methods for monitoring the status of assays and immunoassays
Hybrid one-step immunochromatographic device and method of use
Method for the simultaneous determination of biomolecular interactions by means of plasmon resonance and fluoresence detection
Non-instrumented assay with quantitative and qualitative results
Compounds labeled with cyanate or thiocyanate metal complexes for detection by infrared spectroscopy
Method of diagnosing or categorizing disorders from biochemical profiles
Blood methemoglobin analysis
Immunochromatography-assisted device
Use of annexins as a lupus anticoagulant control or standard in clotting tests
Method for quantitating cholesterol present in low density lipoproteins
Lipophilic, functionalized nanocrystals and their use for fluorescence labeling of membranes
Electrochromic unit
Method for producing a set of exposed photographic colour negatives and the use of said set of negatives in a method for calibrating a developing and a printing machine system for making photographic colour prints
Silver halide photographic material
Internal latent image-type direct positive silver halide photographic emulsion and color diffusion transfer light-sensitive material using the same
Protective overcoat comprising polyvinyl alcohol for photographic elements
Color photographic silver halide material
Silver halide color photographic lightsensitive material
Preparation of photopolymeric letterpress printing plates
E-beam double exposure method for manufacturing ASPM mask with chrome border
Pattern-transfer methods and masks
Method of forming reticle from larger size reticle information
Optical proximity correction (OPC) method for improving lithography process window
Manufacturing method for color proofing elements
Resistive sheet patterning process and product thereof
Image forming method and image forming device using same
Methods of detecting and correcting color plane mis-registration on an intermediate transfer belt
Toner composition for developing electrostatic latent image
Imaging members
Temporary image receptor and means for chemical modification of release surfaces on a temporary image receptor
Color toner and manufacturing method thereof and image forming method using the color toner
Heat-fixable developer for electrophotography
Toner containing specific alkyl carboxylic acid with fine particles externally added
Carrier coating processes
Carrier composition and processes thereof
Multi-track wafer processing method
Computerized method of identifying and locating resonating, self-hybridizing nucleic acid elements
Non-bipolar fuel cell stack configuration
Rigid disc substrate comprising a central hard core substrate with a hard, thermally and mechanically matched overlying smoothing layer and method for making the same
Magnetic recording disk
Magnetic recording medium
Multi-layer magnetic recording medium, method and system of manufacture
Optical recording medium and manufacturing method thereof
Optical recording medium
Method of manufacturing a master optical disk
Magnetostatic wave device
Chip electronic part
Method of manufacturing a photodiode in a solid-state device
Method of producing a bismuth layer structured ferroelectric thin film
Semiconductor processing method of making a hemispherical grain (HSG) polysilicon layer
Electronic device having perovskite-type oxide film, production thereof, and ferroelectric capacitor
Method for improving the sidewall stoichiometry of thin film capacitors
Method for forming a self-aligned BJT emitter contact
Methods of forming three-dimensional capacitor structures including ozone tetraethylorthosilicate undoped silicate
Methods for forming capacitor structures including etching pits
Process for integrating hemispherical grain silicon and a nitride-oxide capacitor dielectric layer for a dynamic random access memory capacitor structure
Method for forming a capacitor having selective hemispherical grained polysilicon
Implant N2 into a pad oxide film to mask the active region and grow field oxide without Si3N4 film
Method of dual damascene etching
Method for forming quantum dot in semiconductor device and a semiconductor device resulting therefrom
Semiconductor light emitting device and method of manufacturing the same
Method for making thin film semiconductor
Method for making thin film semiconductor
Method of forming gate electrode in semiconductor device
Printing sublithographic images using a shadow mandrel and off-axis exposure
Method for making planarized polycide
Microelectronic assemblies with multiple leads
Methods for making semiconductor devices by low temperature direct bonding
Method of manufacturing an insulated gate type semiconductor device having a U-shaped groove
Device performance by employing an improved method for forming halo implants
Channel formation after source and drain regions are formed
Fabrication method for gate spacer
Method for forming salicide layers
Split gate flash cell with extremely small cell size
Apparatus and method fabricating buried and flat metal features
Method of production an underfill of a bumped or raised die using a barrier adjacent to the sidewall of a semiconductor device
Method to evaluate hemisperical grain (HSG) polysilicon surface
Optical color tracer identifier in metal paste that bleed to greensheet
Low-profile microelectronic package
Method for forming residue free etched silicon layer
Method of etching thermally grown oxide substantially selectively relative to deposited oxide
Method for fabrication of silicon on insulator substrates
Shallow trench isolation (STI) method with reproducible alignment registration
Formation of shallow trench isolation (STI)
High density trench fill due to new spacer fill method including isotropically etching silicon nitride spacers
Forming retrograde channel profile and shallow LLDD/S-D extensions using nitrogen implants
Integrated circuit having independently formed array and peripheral isolation dielectrics
High yield semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
Fabrication method of gate electrode having dual gate insulating film
Method of forming a CMOS sensor
Method of forming an image sensor cell and a CMOS logic circuit device
Method for coupling to semiconductor device in an integrated circuit having edge-defined, sub-lithographic conductors
Method to form a mask ROM device with coding after source and drain implantation
Method of fabricating a mask ROM
Process for the manufacturing of an electrically programmable non-volatile memory device
Method for fabricating flash memory
Integrated circuit and method of manufacture for avoiding damage by electrostatic charge
SOI device and method of isolation thereof
Method for fabricating CMOS device
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Method to improve cell performance in split gate flash EEPROM
Die positioning in integrated circuit packaging
Warp-resistent ultra-thin integrated circuit package fabrication method
Method of assembly stress protection
Heat-conductive and pressure-sensitive adhesive sheets and method for fixing electronic parts to heat-radiating members with the use of the same
Process for fabricating electronic devices having a thermally conductive substrate
Method of fabricating and testing an embedded semiconductor device
Radiation hardened semiconductor memory
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method for the same, basic cell library and manufacturing method for the same, and mask
Method for stabilizing SOI semiconductor device and SOI semiconductor device
Method for manufacturing thin-film transistors
Fabrication of solid-state imaging device having no transfer error of the signal charge from vertical horizontal charge-transfer section
Method of manufacturing photosensitive semiconductor device
Organic electroluminescent device with improved reliability
Organic electroluminescence device material and organic electroluminescence device using the same
Protective coating for separators for electrochemical cells
Method for making valve-regulated lead acid battery with vacuum draw down
Electrochemical cells with carbon nanofibers and electroactive sulfur compounds
Magnetized current collectors combined with magnetic shielding means
Polymer electrolyte fuel cell
Fuel cell apparatus
Method for fabrication of wavelength selective electro-optic grating for DFB/DBR lasers
Battery compartment cap having an improved contact
Via fill compositions for direct attach of devices and methods for applying same
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew